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February 8, 2014


Remembering a member of the Denton family

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Thurman farm gets NYC love


By Thom Randall

THURMAN Ñ Nettle Meadow Farm, nationally renowned for its artisan cheeses, recently received some new media attention. New York States of Mind, a new web-based digital magazine, has published an extensive article on Nettle Meadow. The article, the first ever presented by the Manhattanbased magazine, focused on the history of Nettle Meadow Farm, the accomplishments of its owners Sheila Flanagan and Lorraine Lambiase, and their humane and ecologically sensitive practices. The article also describes their ongoing project to restore their historic barn, and reveals that Flanagan and Lambiase are talking about hosting concerts and stage productions there. The article, which can be seen at, invites people to drive up to Thurman and visit the farm and its environs. The webzineÕ s Editor-inChief said Tuesday she was pleased to discover Nettle Meadow and present it to the webzineÕ s Internet audience. Ò At, we seek to be the storytellers of the state Ñ We celebrate New YorkersÕ parallel experiences and draw connections in the unlikeliest of places,Ó Christine Murphy said. Ò We were thrilled to feature Nettle Meadow Farm Ñ and Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila FlanaganÕ s efforts to restore their ravaged barn. We are excited to see what they continue to do to breathe new life into the Adirondack region.Ó













Students take to the stage in performances PAGE 5 NEWCOMB

Members of the community enjoyed a “Make a Mix” workshop taught by Sue Therio and held at the Adirondack Community Outreach. Attendees learned to make mixes from scratch for common household and kitchen items like muffin mix, shake and bake, catsup, cream soup base, biscuit mix, taco seasoning and laundry detergent. It was an enjoyable way to learn many ideas for saving money in these challenging economic times. The workshop was dually presented by the Outreach Center and the Town of Johnsburg Library with grants from the Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region and the Pearsall Foundation. Additional workshops on various topics are planned for future dates. Check the library for schedules.

Houseal to head Adirondack Ecological Center PAGE 8 IN INDIAN LAKE

Minerva VFD&RS holds annual banquet By Mike Corey NORTH CREEK Ñ The atmosphere was comfortable, the food was excellent, and most pagers were turned off on Saturday evening, Jan. 25. The occasion? It was a gathering of the members of the Minerva Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad (MVFD&RS), who enjoyed their appreciation dinner at

the Copperfield Inn of downtown North Creek. A crowd of about 40 fire department members, family and friends turned out for this fine event, which was organized to celebrate the dedication and hard work of the volunteers who provide emergency fire protection and medical services to the communities of Minerva and surrounding towns. The evening began with a cocktail hour,

was followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner and recognition/awards ceremony, and was topped off by a terrific video which highlighted the work of the MVFD&RS volunteers, focusing on the importance of quick and effective emergency responses in and around the Minerva community. The recognitions and awards presented to the members covered not just

2013, but the previous year. They included: • Certificate of Appreciation given to each 2013 Board of Director member: Donald Clark, Michael Corey, Keith Dubay, Simon Gardner, David Marshall, and Patty Warrington. • 2012 James C. Brannon Memorial Award (Fireman of the Year): Don Clark CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Local high school teams enter home stretch PAGE 8

‘Take me back to the old ball game’

JOHNSBURG Ñ A lively history of baseball in the town of Johnsburg is the topic at Wevertown Community Center on Monday, Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. This free event is Johnsburg Historical SocietyÕ s annual Presidents Day program, a gift to the community. The 2014 title is Ò Small Towns, Big Leagues: Baseball in Johnsburg 1930 Ð 1950s.Ó A panel of speakers, hosted by Bill Bibby, will share stories and memories of AmericaÕ s favorite pastime as it evolved in the townÕ s local hamlets. Among items exhibited will be photos, gloves, spikes, scorebooks, a catcher’s outfit, and a Johnsburg Johnnies

uniform. The discussion will focus on town teams, Little League (Rotary Little League and Gore Mountain Little League), Babe Ruth Baseball, and JohnsburgÕ s connection to minor and major leagues. Information for this event has been supplied by Tim and Tom Harrington, Fred Hayes who was scouted for the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies, Phil Goodman who will show scorebooks belonging to his father Ned, centerfielder Bill Bibby, Gary McGinn, and Robert Foote of Minerva. In attendance will be JohnsburgÕ s famous major league player, Jon Matlack. For 13 years Mr. Matlack

played major league baseball, pitching for the New York Mets and then the Texas Rangers. Now retired, he lives in the Garnet Lake area. Host Bill Bibby describes the strong bonds created by playing for a committed baseball team: Ò It felt like family, like nourishment for your soul. You knew that you were part of something that meant something.Ó Refreshments served, live music provided, and lively entertainment guaranteed. - See more on this story on page 6

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February 8, 2014

A Friend of Ruff is a Friend of Mine!

Outdoor playing fields


few weeks back, I published a story titled The Outdoor Gym. The point of the story was to illustrate the numerous health and fitness benefits available through local outdoor adventures. In the article, I stated it is important to provide local youth with the understanding and knowledge of the local environment since it is a key component in shaping their character and fostering an independent understanding of natural processes. The importance of understanding and utilizing the local woods and waters is a vital component of Adirondack culture and heritage. So too are the health benefits of participation in activities such as paddle sports, skiing, hiking, climbing, hunting and fishing. When children learn to use and enjoy the land, it has value, and if they value it, they will want to protect it. I closed the story with a personal opinion, which was based on casual observations rather than extensive research claiming, Ò If ever there was a generation that needed a complete command and understanding of natural processes; this is the one. They will be the next generation of paddlers, birders, skiers, hunters and hikers. Or not!Ó They will also be the first generation of Adirondackers to face and confront the challenges presented by global climate change. I expect they will have a much more difficult row to hoe than previous generations. I close with two letters received in response to the article. The first letter comes from a former High School Physical Educator. The other was written by a standout high school athlete. Dear Mr. Hackett: I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated and agree with your recent article in the Valley News. As a former physical educator, I am appalled at how few children appreciate the outdoor activities the Adirondacks offers in abundance. Yearly, we took a group to climb one of the local peaks, even managing Cascade for a group. Although, fitting it in with all of their academic classes was a big challenge. They were enchanted to view the summit and to have challenged themselves and attained the summit. And it was always great fun to be in the wonderful outside. We also tried to include many lifetime activities in our curriculum, such as cross country skiing, cross country running, archery, tennis, swimming, and even downhill skiing. The opportunities were too few, and the off campus events numbered only once per year, but it gave them a taste and it was especially gratifying to see the excitement in students who found team sports not to their skill level or taste. I am very sad to see the children spending time in front of the computers and not enjoying the wonders of the out of doors. As you so clearly stated, being outside is healthy, relaxing, reinvigorating calming and stress reducing.Ó Mr. Hackett: I just read youÕ re article about the Outdoor Gym. I bet you spent all of your time outdoors because you werenÕ t a jock in

High School. It was different for me. I was a real three sport athlete, playing baseball, basketball and football, when I grew up. And I have a trophy case in my home full of all my awards I earned to prove it. They really were the best years of my life, no doubt at all! But I earned all of them the hard way. Besides all those trophys and the Varsity Letters, all the hits and tackles and bruises ever gave back to me is a bum leg, a few less teeth and a bad back. I played all three sports, and I was a captain in two of them. I never even had to play JV. I was a real four-year hero. But, that was forty-three years ago and most folks donÕ t remember me anymore. IÕ m pretty lame now too from all them hits and I donÕ t get around too well anymore. Sports were my life, thatÕ s all that mattered to me. Now all I do is watch them on TV. I havenÕ t thrown a baseball in years, and you know what? ItÕ s kind of sad because I used to have a really good arm like Johnny Podres. But I’m sorry I never learnt to fish or hunt, even though I see deer and turkeys on my land now a lot. I wish they could a taught me how to shoot a bow, or to fish and paddle a boat at my school because maybe I could get out more today. Keep talking and writing about this subject and maybe there are more happy kids, and fewer old guys like me that canÕ t get around no more.Ó Varsity Bass Fishing Teams: Not on The Big Lake Recently, the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau and the City of Plattsburgh announced Lake Champlain will host a total of six professional bass fishing tournaments this summer. Once again, The Big Lake has been listed as one of the Top100 bass fishing lakes in the United States by Bassmaster Magazine. This year, the Pro Bass tournament season will get underway on the Big Lake with the Bassmaster Weekend Series beginning on June 14. It is expected the Bass Tournaments will attract roughly 2,000 anglers to the Lake Champlain region. Although there will be thousands of Pro Bass anglers enjoying the bounty of the Big Lake, thereÕ s is not yet a single High School Varsity Bass Fishing Team competing on either side of the lake. The situation is the equivalent of having one of the countryÕ s most popular professional sports stadiums in your backyard, and yet none of the local schools have a chance to play there. But it doesnÕ t stop there. The same situation continues across the Park throughout the year, as an estimated 12 to 15 million visitors travel to the Adirondack region to play on the whitewaters of the mighty Hudson or the Black River. Or to backpack the Northville Placid Trail or mountain bike the old, logging roads or the recently established biking trails. Many more come to hunt and fish among the nearly 3 million acres of state Forest Preserve lakes and lands. Other paddle sports enthusiasts come from across the country to compete in the annual Adirondack Canoe Classic or to paddle historic canoe routes located throughout the heart of the park. Thousands more come to ski or snowshoe the groomed trails at ski centers or to challenge the ungroomed backcountry trails. Fortunately, there are Varsity level Nordic and Alpine Ski Teams at several local schools. Other visitors flock to the High Peaks to become ‘46ers, or to scale the soaring rock cliffs of the Cascades, Chapel Pond or PocO-Moonshine. And again, I am left to wonder, what percentage of local youth have an opportunity to pursue similar adventures in their own back yard? Joe Hackett is a guide and sportsman residing in Ray Brook. Contact him at

On rivers all across the Adirondack from North Creek to Plattsburgh and west to Old Forge, there are outstanding venues for competitive whitewater paddling as well as flatwater racing competitions. Unfortunately, not a single High School in the park sponsors a Varsity Whitewater or a Flatwater Paddling Team. Currently, Olympic Paddlers compete in both Flatwater Sprints as well as Whitewater Slalom contested in Olympic competition.


he weather is starting to break and I will be out with the dogs, bird hunting soon. Grouse season ends the end of February so I have some time left. To me, walking through the aspen and apple tree thickets and maybe even flushing a bird with my dogs, is comparable to fishing during an Ephemerella hatch of mayflies; a glorious day to be alive. By Rich Redman For Christmas, my brother sent me a couple of great books to read while the minus 20 degree weather keeps me in the house. One was Ò Grouse CoverÓ , a complete set of newsletters written by Mr. George King, the other: Ò A Passion for GrouseÓ , which is a collection of articles, written of course, about the King of Birds; the Ruffed Grouse. Mr. KingÕ s newsletter Ò Grouse CoverÓ started in October 1969. His one page, double sided newsletter was written solely by George King for grouse hunters. In his newsletters he covered season dates and bag limits by states, magazine articles, grouse photos and prints that were available, books about the bird, hunting dogs and grouse habitat management. Mr. King penned the newsletter, printed, packed letters and mailed them out with his family, Linda, Kathy and his Grouse widow, Penny. Much of the costs for this feathered publication he bore out of his own pockets when he first got started. His goal was to educate, inform and build camaraderie of fellow grouse hunters. As his mailings grew, he slowly ventured into keeping a subscriber list. In 1971 his subscribers totaled more than 3000, covering numerous states. A yearsÕ worth of Ò Grouse CoverÓ lore and tales, sold for a whopping $2.00. George KingÕ s passion for this bird carried over into starting a fraternity or society of Ruffed Grouse hunters, known as the Ancient and Honorable Order of Brush Worn Partridge Hunters, A.H.O.B.W.P.H. A parchment certificate with the A.H.O.B.W.P.H. code and the memberÕ s name was sent to every raspberry patch and thorn bush co-conspirator of the grouse cover world. These guys were known locally as the Ò Brush WornsÓ . A blue background patch with white lettering and a gold colored Ruffed Grouse patch was later designed and sent to members. Brush Worn members included all backgrounds in life, blue collar steel mill workers in PA, doctors and professional writers, including Burton Spiller, who wrote the book Grouse Feathers. Frank Woolner and H.G, Ò TapÓ Tapply who was the editor of Field and Stream magazine were also members and fellow hunting buddies. In the book: Ò A Passion for GrouseÓ , Mr. George King states, Ò Now that my grouse hunting days are over, I sometimes reflect on how wonderful it was that I discovered grouse hunting in the first place. And I feel grateful that the rich traditions have been kept alive by getting passed from one generation of hunters to the next. Once in a while, when I was hunting in a beautiful covert, I could almost feel a kinship with the weathered men of long ago who hunted places just like this. Now I am one of those old men. I like thinking that somewhere out there, some younger hunter might feel that same connection with me and with all the old timers from the other side of the hillÓ . I recently wrote to George to let him know how much I appreciated his book, his writings and his love and passion for the Ruffed Grouse and passing down tradition. A few weeks later, forgetting I even sent the letter, I received an e-mail from Peggy King. A connection was made with this man through his writings and I find myself grieving for a friend I never met or knew personally. Only recently, have I discovered this man and his passion for grouse. IÕ ll always remember these words he wrote. His advice is to take some time andÓ Soak up some WisdomÓ . Take time to sit by that tree and enjoy the moment in the woods with your dog and friends. Getting a grouse is not the only reason to hunt! I agree! I have developed a kinship for him, and all those other old timers on the other side of the hill. The world of Ruffed Grouse, Ruffy or (Bonasa umbellus), lost a true friend this past September. Mr. George King of Greensburg Pennsylvania passed away due to a long illness. Mrs. King let me know that George was cremated. His ashes will be buried alongside the grave of his favorite dog, Ò BoyÓ , an English Setter. They will be layed to rest under a 100 year old oak tree. The tradition of hunting, a hunterÕ s world, or a trout and a fly fisherman’s world is something we all need to teach the next generation. Mr. George King has set the bar for all of us. We all need to carry on the tradition and pay it forward. I will cherish my Order of Brush Worn Partridge HunterÕ s patch and some day it will be handed down to a deserving young Grouse Hunter. Thank you, Peggy. On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Trout Unlimited we will be giving a presentation on rod building at 7 p.m. at Gander Mountain. Everything from new tangled graphite to antique bamboo.



Rich Redman is a retired District Conservationist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and an avid outdoorsman. His column will appear regularly. He may be reached at rangeric@

February 8, 2014

News Enterprise - 3


Continued from page 1 • 2013 James C. Brannon Memorial Award (Fireman of the Year): Karen Wright • 2012 Dr. Michael Justice Memorial Award (Rescue Squad Member of the Year): Class Two/Rescue Squad Membership • 2013 Dr. Michael Justice Memorial Award (Rescue Squad Member of the Year): Michael Corey Appreciation plaques to all officers who served in 2013: Kerry Killon (Chief), Peter McNally (1st Assistant Chief), Greg Wright (2nd Assistant Chief), Ron Howe (3rd Assistant Chief), Karen Wright (Rescue Squad Captain), Cameron Dubay (Assistant Rescue Squad Captain), Greg Wright (President), Ricale Howe (Vice President), Debbie Palmatier (Treasurer), and Karen Wright (Secretary). It was a great evening to celebrate, relax, and socialize. The MVFD&RS would like to thank members of the Schroon Lake Rescue Squad, who volunteered their time to stand-by at the fire house with their ambulance, allowing department members to participate in this evening of celebration. A big thanks goes to Cameron Dubay for producing the most excellent video presented that evening. Thanks also to Debbie Palmatier for organizing the appreciating dinner for the department. More volunteers are needed! Please contact a member of the MVFD&RS if you have an interest in giving back to your community as a volunteer. Above: Chief Kerry Killon presents the 2012 James C. Brannon Memorial Award to Don Clark during the Minerva VFD&RS banquet last week. Photo by Sharyn Wright

Below: Chief Kerry Killon presents the 2013 James C. Brannon Memorial Award to Karen Wright during the Minerva VFD&RS banquet last week. Photo by Sharyn Wright



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News Enterprise Editorial

Denton family loses one of its own


he family here at DenÒ DonÕ s commitment to the ton Publications lost company and our customers one of its own last was never compromised. There week when our longest serving were times when Don might employee Don Drew passed not leave the facility for three away. days or more. I will always be Don died in the early mornindebted to the support and ing hours of Jan. 31 at the Horfriendship of Don Drew.Ó ace Nye Nursing Home. He During DonÕ s tenure, he witwas 77. nessed many changes and even Don was a fixture at our faced some hardships. In Nomain offices in Elizabethtown, vember of 1979, he was one of where he was known for being Don Drew poses with former the Ò eight in the atticÓ who bethe first to arrive and the last to New York State Gov. George Pa- came trapped in the rising waleave. Sixteen or even 18 hour taki in May 2008. ters of a flood that destroyed shifts were not uncommon to Denton’s offices on Water Don. Street, prior to todayÕ s facility on High Street. He began his storied career in March of 1959 Then, in 1984, his 4 a.m. arrival at work Ñ and had at one time or another done it all here not at all uncommon for Don Ñ helped thwart from delivering newspapers to working his an arsonist in his tracks, sending him scurrying way into the position of production manager. from the building. It was later discovered that He worked through a plethora of technologithe arsonist had left several alcohol-soaked pacal advances during his four decades here, from pers in various locations throughout the buildthe age of hand setting lead type to offset printing with the intent of burning it to the ground. ing, to operating sheet-fed presses to todayÕ s Don was a lot of things to so many people modern web presses. here at Denton Publications, but he will mostly A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Don was a be remembered as a fiercely loyal friend, an inself taught man, who prided himself in acquirspiration to his co-workers and a tremendous ing the skills needed to operate new equipment family man to his wife Sylvia and his three sons that came along as the company grew and Scott, Mike and Matt. changed with the times. He then eagerly shared We here at Denton Publications owe a great that knowledge with new and existing employdebt of gratitude to Don. We would not be the ees, helping the company grow into the success company we are today without his work ethic it is today. and forward thinking, which, for decades, has Don worked under three owners, first han- kept us on the cutting edge of technology. dling offset printing duties for the founder of In a special publication we produced to comDenton Publications William Denton Sr., then, memorate our 50th year in business in 1998, later working with Bill Denton Jr. after he as- Don, then 63, had absolutely no plans to call it sumed the helm as president of the company a career. and lastly under current president and CEO Ò IÕ m just not the retiring type,Ó Don said at Dan Alexander. the time. Contacted in Florida, Bill Denton Jr. rememUnfortunately, a severe stroke a few months bered the following about Don: Ò Don was one later made the decision for him, and Don was of my boyhood friends. He joined the Denton forced to retire. Publications family shortly after he returned He remained a presence nevertheless, particfrom his tour in the Air Force. At that time the ipating in company get togethers and stopping business consisted of just the Valley News, with by weekly to reminisce and offer advice. my father, myself and Don putting the paper The company, he later said, would always be out every week.Ó a part of him. Denton lauded DonÕ s commitment to the DonÕ s legacy will live on here, every time the company and his tireless work ethic. lights are flipped on in the morning and every Ò Don was an extremely hard worker and time the rhythmic whirl of the presses can be could be found working in ‘the shop’ at almost heard emanating from the rear of the building. any time during the day or night.Ó Rest in peace Don. As the song Ò Go Rest Alexander also has fond memories of Don. High on That Mountain,Ó written and recorded Ò Don Drew was the glue that held the proby country music artist Vince Gill, says: your duction of the company together after Bill work here on earth is done. Denton, Sr. retired and right up until his unÑ Denton Publications Editorial Board timely illness in the late 90Õ s,Ó Alexander said.

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February 8, 2014


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I’ve been hacked!


est surprise was that they didnÕ t e read about it in try to max the card out knowing the newspapers their window of opportunity and hear about would be short. Although I have it on the evening news all the no way of knowing how much time. ItÕ s been just a common data about my wife and I they story line we tend to tune out, were able to obtain, my worst especially if it never hits home. days may be just ahead. The common line from evApparently, we were one of ery single person is always the the millions of recent card holdsame: I never thought it would Dan Alexander ers who had their data comprohappen to me. This is one of those Thoughts from mised during the recent Christthings that happens to higher Behind the Pressline mas shopping season. profile folks or people who are We were lucky to have caught careless with the phone connecit in time and canceled the account. Sadly, I tions and do lots of online activities with undon’t get to the post office box as regularly savory sites. as I should and even when I do, bills get set Identities and the data encompassing that aside in the home office until I have time to sit identity are stolen by cyberthieves by the mildown and deal with them. Both are bad hablions. From federal agencies to Fortune 500 its that will now be radically altered as I take companies, weÕ ve learned nothing online is these events far more personally than I have safe. When a cyberhacker can break into our governmentÕ s most secure sites, itÕ s only a in the past. In one respect, you feel somewhat helpless. Short of using cash for all purchases, matter of time until your number comes up. or subscribing to one those identity theft softWell, mine just did. As I opened by my Janware programs, I fear weÕ re not immune to beuary credit card bill, there it was sticking out ing hacked: itÕ s a crime in this day and age that like a bright red light on the statement: will continue to become more popular. YANTAIYZHENGYUANDAJIU SHANWhile the charges were removed from my DONGYANTA CHN 01/02 YUAN RENMINresponsibility,, we all end up paying the price BI 3.200.00X0.165187500 (EXCHG RATE). Shockingly, it was only for a few hundred for the losses absorbed by the credit card companies, banks and the establishments that dollars. Perhaps among my charges followed accepted these payments. The thieves will alby familiar towns like Elizabethtown, Plattsmost always be one step ahead of technology burgh, Keeseville, Jay or Ticonderoga, they and with most of these high value crimes bethought we wouldnÕ t notice. ing perpetrated from foreign countries, there Upon speaking with the credit card company, their first question was, “Do you have is little US law enforcement can do as a deteryour cards in your possession?Ó Our response rent. The best advice is awareness, make each was, Ò Why yes and weÕ ve never been to where transaction with caution, and regularly check ever that may be!Ó with your credit card company either online We were not told the location but we were told it was at a hotel and that our card was or through their automated phone system to review the charges placed on your account swiped in person by the person claiming to and take corrective action quickly should a be me. I would have to think the person uscharge not be recognized as one placed by you ing the card looked as out of place with the or other card holders in your household. name Daniel Alexander as the charge did on my statement. Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton PubliThe thieves were capable of putting our cations. He may be reached at information onto their own cards. My great-

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February 8, 2014

Letters to the editor

Don’t feed the deer

Medical marijuana can help patients

To the News Enterprise: ItÕ s 9:30 pm, itÕ s February, itÕ s dark, and youÕ re driving on State Route 28N in Minerva. YouÕ re awake and alert, and are heading home after attending a meeting or doing some much-needed shopping. All of a sudden, out of the darkness that is just outside the area illuminated by your headlights, a deer wanders/leaps/ runs directly into your path of travel. You donÕ t swerve (thereÕ s no time) and you crash directly into the deer. The deer is hurting and the front of your vehicle is wrecked. It is not a good scene. This scenario has happened way too many times in Minerva (and many other Adirondack communities) over the years. I have nailed three deer over the past 12 years. The issue is not the overall number of deer in the area Ð the issue is that too many residents feed these critters in their front, side, or back yards. The deer become accustomed to the food and the traffic whizzing by, and then trouble happens. Please, be aware that feeding deer in your yards is illegal in New York State. According to Part 189 of the regulations that implement the StateÕ s Environmental Conservation Law, no person shall feed white-tailed deer or wild moose at any time in New York State except under certain circumstances: 1) under a license or permit issued by the NYS DEC, for bona fide scientific research; 2) by planting, cultivating or harvesting crops directly associated with bona fide agricultural practices; 3) by distribution of food materials for livestock directly associated with bona fide agricultural practices; 4) by distribution of food material for legally possessed captive white-tailed deer or wild moose; and 5) by cutting of trees or brush. Why are deer- and moose-feeding regulations necessary? There are good reasons. The threat of spreading Chronic Wasting Disease to NYS deer and moose populations may be at the top of the list. This disease is fatal and is transmitted most likely from animal to animal at central feeding sites, especially where deer are close together. The nature of the disease has required quick and extraordinary actions to address the threat posed by this disease. Feeding deer in your yard is not a good idea. With deer concentrated at feeding sites, the surrounding natural habitat can also be seriously overbrowsed. Natural browse plants can be damaged so that they produce smaller quantities of browse for many years, or can die out completely. The result is a habitat that supports fewer deer, and a population that becomes dependent on artificial feeding. These deer seem to become less wary of people, pets, and road traffic. As a result, they are more likely to regularly visit feeding stations, and often in small herds. They also tend to amble across roadways in groups, making them more likely to get struck by passing vehicles. Indeed, deer are beautiful wild creatures of the woods. The key word here: wild. Please, well-meaning folks, do not feed the deer.

To the News Enterprise: I appreciate the editorial published in Denton Publications urging the public to examine the facts associated with proposals to legalize marijuana. It was interesting to read that the first efforts to establish laws against growing hemp Ñ which up until 1883 was the largest crop grown worldwide for its various uses in industry Ñ were pushed by the southern U.S. cotton lobby which wanted to curb competition. Who would have thought Ñ cotton. This editorial exhibited good research and insight as to who was and is behind such prohibition. Now, letÕ s talk about legalizing medical uses of marijuana. The next step in the fight against legalization could very well involve the drug manufacturers as you stated in the editorial. Medical use of marijuana definitely involves people’s health and our compassion as a country. Marijuana can provide relief from many chronic syndromes, including neurological conditions that have movement-disorder components. Such afflictions include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and seizure disorders, as well as symptoms endured by patients previously suffering strokes. This extensive list possibly could include more syndromes, which we wonÕ t know until bonafide research is allowed. Ingesting marijuana can also have a positive effect on people afflicted with autism, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy. So, one would wonder why drug manufacturers would be against it Ñ but the fact is, they canÕ t patent marijuana, because itÕ s not a manufactured chemical, itÕ s a naturally grown plant Ñ so not only can they not profit from manufacturing it, the medical marijuana would compete with drugs they already have on the market for these disorders, but the marijuana wouldnÕ t have the drugsÕ side effects. Back to those who are suffering with these disorders. IÕ m sure the last thing they would want to do is use medical marijuana to get “high.” Also, the beneficial elements of the plant are primarily the other natural compounds in the plant, not the psychoactive THC component. But the basic question remains, who are we to deprive them of relief and a sense of well-being? Donna Flanagan, DC Warrensburg

Mike Corey, Minerva

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Bakers Mills News


By Kjerstia Schilinski any Ò Out of TownÓ Folks have been enjoying their winter vacation at many rentals in the Bakers Mills Area. It is close to Gore Mountain

Ski Center. Super Bowl Sunday was a time to get together to enjoy the game and have lots of snacks. This is a Big Event for so many. Bill Conlon is enjoying time in Kentucky with family. Verna Bradway and Jammi Lorensen made a quick trip to North Carolina where Erwin Bradway was burned when a pipe exploded that was supposed to have been clear to cut. He spent a day or two in a burn unit. But, prayer was answered and his eye site is okay. He will stay to finish the project but the ladies are coming home. Merle Coulter called Geneva Wolfe to tell her that her son, Teddy Patton Jr had a bad fall from a ladder when working. Had to go to the hospital in Plattsburg. Dale Warrington, still in Albany Med. Hospital has been doing a wee bit better. Diana Decker is also at Albany Med. Hospital. Michelle and Pete Wood and the late John Houser have announced the engagement of their daughter, Michelle Houser to Timothy DeMagistris son of Anthony and the late Cheryl DeMagistris. An October wedding is planned. There will be a covered dish meal at the Sodom Community Church on Feb. 9 after the morning worship to celebrate the 94th birthday of Emma Parsons. Flossie Bates will be the guest speaker at the Ladies Luncheon Tea at the Sodom Church on Feb. 15 from 11:30 to 1:30. Donation is $7. Please call Jane Nevins 251-3220 or me at 932-5117. Happy Birthday to: Pam McDonald, Erwin Bradway, Fletcher Conlon Jr, Rachel Granger, Corrina Meade, Debbie T. Bacon, Alexis Lay, Adam Cleveland, Gideon Werger, Kara Bacon, Kailey Bacon, Khaleah Cleveland, Emma Parsons, Ronnie L. Grimes Enjoy each and every day.

Generosity appreciated

To the News Enterprise: Tim Green and his family would like to thank everyone for all their support for his event during his time of need. The generosity of or town is amazing. Thank you to all the businesses and individuals that donated items. Everyone who donated food and their time. Special thanks to Steve and Diane Colletti who donated and prepared the main course for the evening. EveryoneÕ s generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tim Green and Family, Minerva

ArtWorks seeks members

SARANAC LAKE Ñ Saranac Lake ArtWorks is currently seeking new members for 2014. ArtWorks is a collective made up of art galleries, other arts related organizations, and a large number of individual artists. We welcome all types of artists, musicians, performers and writers. To join or contribute to ArtWorks, contact Sandy Hildreth, Membership Chair, at 891-1388 or Alternatively, visit and click on the Ò InfoÓ link for membership information or on the Ò JoinÓ logo to go directly to an online membership form. Brochures are available at their galleries.

Curtis Lumber promotes Laramie

The Junior High Choral group, known as JPops, performed during last month’s Johnsburg Central School JPops and Pop Singer Concert. The group is directed by Mary Leach. Photo Provided

QUEENSBURY Ñ CurIn 2012, Jerry was recogtis Lumber announced the nized for his exceptional promotion of Gerald Ò Jerdesign skills by being nomiryÓ Laramie to the position nated in for Ò Best Medium of Lead Kitchen Designer, Kitchen over 150 square Adirondack Region at their feetÓ by the local chapter Queensbury, NY store. of the National Kitchen and Laramie had previously Bath Association. Like all worked at Best Kitchens in of Curtis LumberÕ s design South Glens Falls, where professionals, Jerry remains he was the senior designer on the cutting edge of deresponsible for professional sign by attending the NKand retail kitchen sales. BAÕ s premier kitchen and During his 28 year tenure, bath show KBIS. Jerry developed profesLaramieÕ s new role will Gerald “Jerry” Laramie sional and personal relahelp Curtis Lumber increase tionships throughout the its Warrensburg, Schroon North Country and was frequently referred by Lake, and Queensbury storeÕ s ability to serve his customers to family and friends. During existing and new customers, while ensuring a his current tenure at Curtis Lumber, Laramie superior customer service experience. Curtis has designed numerous kitchens and has been LumberÕ s Queensbury Kitchen and Bath showfeatured in the companyÕ s various television room is one of the areaÕ s largest and easily accommercials. cessible from exit 18 off the Northway.

Adirondack Tri-County Auxiliary news

The High School Choral group, known as the Pop Singers, performed during last month’s Johnsburg Central School JPops and Pop Singer Concert. The group is directed by Mary Leach. Photo provided

NORTH CREEK Ñ The Adirondack Tri-County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center Auxiliary made plans for 2014 at its January meeting. The auxiliary works with the nursing home to enhance the lives of its residents by raising funds to support or finance needs that are not covered elsewhere. The fundraisers for this year start off with a Phantom St. PatrickÕ s Day Ball set for March. A mailing will be done to invite people to the Ò Ball.Ó Of course, no actual ball is held. The attendees will have an opportunity to donate through the mail. The sandwich sale which had been held in February in past years will not take place. The auxiliary has found that there are not enough volunteers to do the work involved. They thank everyone who had participated in past years. Other events for the year are: Ò Tricky TrayÓ , May 2; the Flea Market, Aug. 2; the yearly picnic Aug. 19 at Minerva Lake; and the Christmas Bazaar, November 20th. The auxiliary also runs the Gift Shop at the nursing home. Volunteers open the Gift Shop on MondayÕ s, 10:30-12:00; TuesdayÕ s, 1:30-3:30; WednesdayÕ s, 10:30-12:00, and the 2nd and 4th Thursday, 10:30-12:00. The Gift Shop is open to the public. The auxiliary members help the nursing home residents throughout the year by participating in the Shoppers Service Days, joining the residents and Day Care on bus trips, providing lunch for residents on the Ò Lunch BunchÓ days and helping the Activities Department with special parties, etc. Those who are interested in joining the Adirondack Tri-County Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Auxiliary, can call President Nancy Shaw, 251-3069 or VP Deana Wood, 251-5271. The yearly dues are $3 a year. The auxiliary meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. at the Nursing Home on Ski Bowl Road in North Creek.

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Remembering local baseball

February 8, 2014

Left: Bill Bibby, former local center fielder, who will host a panel of former baseball players from the area Monday, Feb. 17. Listen to the stories and the music, examine the baseball memorabilia, and fill up on peanuts and popcorn. Above: Pictured is the North Creek American Legion Team (circa Post WWII 1940’s). Top Row (L to R), Manager John Mcardle, George Minder, Phil Hitchcock, Downing Braley, Howard Hitchcock, Earl Stewart, Walt Scultz. Bottom Row (L to R), Jim Jordan, Jimmy Yandon, Chuck Severance, Bob Foote, Joe Howard, Bill Durkin, Ned Goodman, Rudy Goodspeed. Children, Phil Brassell, in front of Jim Jordan, Billy Lackey, in front of Rudy Goodspeed. The photo was taken by Alex Proskin, a relative of Downing Braley.

February 8, 2014

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either Friday or Saturday at the Raquette Lake Tap Room or Newcomb House. Players travel by car or snowmobile to collect stamps from as many participating businesses they can get to in the time allotted. LONG LAKE — Ice Fest includes ice sculptures, food tastings and more.

Saturday, Feb 8th Ongoing Monday-Friday

LONG LAKE — Noon at the Long Lake Nutrition Site. Serving lunch to our seniors. All welcome! Call Teresa Tice at 6245221.

Every Tuesday

LONG LAKE — 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous meet in the lower level of the Wesleyan Church.

Every Wednesday

LONG LAKE — 9 a.m.-noon, Long Lake Archive building is open to the public. (518) 624-5374 6 p.m. Prayer Meeting at the Long Lake Wesleyan Church.

Every Thursday

LONG LAKE — 10 a.m. Swim bus departs from St. Henry’s Church in Long Lake for therapeutic swim in Tupper Lake. Call 624-3077 to sign-up. 5-7 p.m. Knitting and crochet circle! For more information call the CVW Long Lake Public Library at 624-3825.

Every Friday

NORTH CREEK — North Creek Railway is proud to offer a 5 hour round trip scenic lunch tour with convenient daylight ten a.m. departure and 3 p.m. return. A first class dining experience with warm comforable seating and scenic views. For more info call (518) 618 3595

Every Saturday

LONG LAKE — 6 p.m. Adult Worship Service, Student Ministry (7-12th grade) at Sullivan House, Kings Kids (3-6th) in the Lower Level at the Wesleyan Church. NORTH CREEK — North Creek Railway is proud to offer a 5 hour round trip scenic lunch tour with convenient daylight ten a.m. departure and 3 p.m. return. A first class dining experience with warm comforable seating and scenic views. For more info call (518) 618 3595

Every Sunday

NORTH CREEK — North Creek Railway is proud to offer a 5 hour round trip scenic lunch tour with convenient daylight ten a.m. departure and 3 p.m. return. A first class dining experience with warm comforable seating and scenic views. For more info call (518) 618 3595

Events: Friday, Feb 7th

LONG LAKE — Moonlighter’s Poker Rund. Play starts on

LONG LAKE — Lake Eaton Ice Fishing Derby. Long Lake Fish and Game Club will host its annual Lake Eaton Ice Fishing Derby for landlocked salmon and trout. There will be cash prizes, registration begins at 6am at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY. $25 per person. The weigh in station opens at Lake Eaton Campground that morning. LONG LAKE — Moonlighter’s Poker Rund. Play starts on either Friday or Saturday at the Raquette Lake Tap Room or Newcomb House. Players travel by car or snowmobile to collect stamps from as many participating businesses they can get to in the time allotted. LONG LAKE — Ice Fest includes ice sculptures, food tastings and more.

Saturday, Feb 15

NORTH CREEK — 7:30 p.m. Spike Wilner brings his Jazz Trio from Smalls Jazz Club in Greenwich Village, New York City to perform at Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek.

Sunday, Feb 16

NORTH CREEK — MountainView Community Church invites you to a special worship service at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek. Coffee and snacks will be available at 10:30am and after the service. Kids ages 3 thru 6th grade will have a blast worshiping with Vertical KIDZ. We also have a nursery for kids 2 and under. All are invited and we can’t wait to see you! .

Valentine’s Day

Serving Full Dinner Menu In Addition To Sweetheart Specials 4:00-9:00PM

Serving Lunch 11-4 • Dinner 4-9 Daily 518-624-4700

1245 Main St. Long Lake, New York 12847-0355


Monday, Feb 17

WEAVERTOWN — 2 p.m. “Small Towns, Big Leagues: Johnsburg Baseball 1930 to 1950s.” Panel of former baseball players hosted by Bill Bibby. Memorabilia, stories, refreshments, live music. Free. Sponsored by Johnsburg Historical Society.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

INDIAN LAKE — 3-4 p.m. Hamilton County Historian Bill Zullo will give a free power point presentation on the history of Hamilton County bars, hotels, restaurants, and stores, at the Indian Lake Restaurant & Tavern.

Friday, Feb. 21

INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Indian Lake Theater winter inspired sketch comedy performance to celebrate the week long Snocade! Come see some of your favorite locals from Forever Wild in this winter rendition of their side-splitting skits. $10 General Admission

Tuesday, Feb 25

NORTH CREEK — The North Creek Farmers’ Mkt will have their annual meeting Feb 25 in Wevertown

Saturday, March 15

Blue Mt. Lake — 6-9 p.m. at Minnowbrook Conference Center -- Join us for an exciting evening dinner and cocktail party, complete with a silent auction and musical entertainment. We have more great silent auction items this year. Each ticket will come with a complimentary beverage ticket to be enjoyed at the event. Make a whole weekend and stay the night, accommodations are available on Saturday night, including breakfast on Sunday. If you book a room, you will receive the last year’s ticket price $35/$45 non-member or $75 for a Patron. $40/$45 Non-Members Patrons $85 For more information or to make a reservation, contact the Arts Center at 518-352-7715.

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February 8, 2014

Houseal Named Director of Adirondack Ecological Center

Brian L. Houseal An avid outdoorsman, Houseal states, Ò I have had unique opportunities to live and work in some of the most remote and beautiful places in our hemisphere,Ó Houseal said. Ò The Adirondack Park, with its mix of wild lands, local communities and working farms and forests, served as the model for that work. It is a privilege to work with SUNY-ESF while also living in the Adirondacks.Ó Houseal lives in Westport, N.Y., with his wife, Katherine. They are involved in numerous professional and social organizations at local and national levels.

Alex Puzbachi fades away for a shot against Keene earlier this season.

Girls Hoops Bolton 58, Johnsburg 34

JOHNSBURG Ñ Bolton came away with a win on the road Thursday night Jan. 29th. Sarah Calzoda and Erin Courhaine both had 16 points to lead Bolton. Kaitlin Urtz and Olivia Seamans each had ten. Johnsburgs Paige Guy and Kora Millington each had 8 points in the home loss.

Minerva/Newcomb 54, Johnsburg 34

JOHNSBURGH Ñ The Minerva/Newcomb Mountaineers Makenzie Winslow led the effort in the road win with 15 points, including three 3 pointers Thursday night, Jan 30th. Astasia Myler contributed with 13 points, 8 rebounds. Nicole Rubertine also had 8 rebounds. Johnsburg was led by Makayla Denno with 13 points and Paige Guy with 11.

Indian Lake/Long Lake 43, Schroon Lake 24

SCHROON LAKE Ñ Shannon Farrell led the orange to the road win with 13 points, while

Photo by Keith Lobdell

Jazmin Piraino and Lily Dechene added nine each. The game was close throughout three quarters with the Organge leading 24-15. Indian Lake/Long Lake won the fourth quarter 19-9 however, sealing the victory. Jilianna Finnerty led the Schroon Lake wildcats on Senior Night with six points.

Boys Hoops

Schroon Lake 64, Indian Lake/Long Lake 50

Long Lake Ñ Alex Shaughnessy led the warriors to victory with 19 points Friday night. Caleb Maisonville had 18 in the road win. A 21 point second quarter helped Schroon Lake past the Orange. Tanner Stone had 12 points and Joe Maisonville 10 for the Orange who were led by Curtis Seaman who had a team high 18.

Minerva/Newcomb 54, Old Forge 36

The Mountaineers got off to a fast 14-5 first quarter start. Steven Colletti led Minerva/Newcomb with 16 points and was a force on the boards. Caleb Helms added nine. The Mountaineers led by 18 at halftime.

In brief Worship service planned

NORTH CREEK Ñ MountainView Community Church invites the public to a special worship service at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 11 a.m. Coffee and snacks will be available at 10:30 a.m. and after the service. Kids ages 3 thru sixth grade will have a blast worshiping with Vertical KIDZ. We also have a nursery for kids 2 and under. All are invited to attend.

Valentine’s Day Dinner planned

MINERVA Ñ There will be a ValentineÕ s Day Dinner Feb. 14 from 4:30-7 p.m. in the Minerva Central School Cafeteria. Take outs are available. The menu includes pasta with alfredo or marinara sauce and meatballs on the side, salad, bread and dessert served in a buffett style. The price is $7 for adults, or $6 for senior citizens. Soda and Bottled Water are $1 extra The event is sponsored by the Class of 2015. Residents are asked to bring their own containers to help save the environment.

Service time changes

NORTH CREEK Ñ The North Creek Baptist Church is now meeting for its Sunday service at 9 a.m. each week. The church is located at 93 Main St., North Creek, next to the Union Cemetery. All are welcome to join us. Call Sharon Hammond at 251-3285 with questions.


NEWCOMB Ñ Brian L. Houseal, executive director of the Adirondack Council for the past 10 years, has been named director of the Adirondack Ecological Center at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryÕ s (ESF) Newcomb campus. Houseal is a professional landscape architect and regional planner with extensive environmental experience. Ò I am looking forward to advancing the research and educational mission of the Adirondack Ecological Center,Ó Houseal said. Ò We have a world-class field station at Newcomb in the Huntington Wildlife Forest with a legacy of contributing leading-edge science to state and national policy makers. We are well-poised to continue the research on big questions such as climate change and its effects on natural ecosystems and local communities. I am very enthusiastic about assisting in the education of the next generation of environmental leaders right here in the Adirondacks.Ó Houseal received his bachelorÕ s degree from Colgate University and masterÕ s degrees in landscape architecture from ESF and regional planning from Syracuse University. Houseal previously worked on establishing national parks and biosphere reserves throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, from ChileÕ s Patagonian region to MexicoÕ s border with the United States. The Peace Corps, U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank, UNESCO and the Nature ConservancyÕ s International Program have supported his work.


February 8, 2014



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February 8, 2014







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RECLINER LIKE NEW: moving must sell, gray with mauve and blue. $19.99. call 802-459-2987

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FOUND: MAN'S RING at the Schroon Lake Central School Soccer field. Describe to claim. Could have been lost a few years ago. Call 518-532-9332. WANTED TO BUY

VIAGRA/CIALIS 100MG/20MG. 40 Pills + 4/free. Only $99.00! Save $500 Now! 1-888-796-8878

SHASTA TRAVEL TRAILER 32'x12'. Two axle. New pitched roof. Good for Office Trailer. $800.00. Call 802-265-3644.

Have fun and find a genuine connection! The next voice on the other end of the line could be the one. Call Tango 1-800-807-0818. FREE trial! HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FROM HOME. 6-8 weeks ACCREDITED. Get a diploma. Get a job.1-800264-8330 Historical Search Ross Lake and Ross Farm history, 1870-1927. Sodom. Searching history. Would like to see and copy items. -Photographs, old letters. -Ellsworth Ross, Hosea Ross. -Willard Ross, Taylor Ross. Phone Herb: 518-793-6922

Ticonderoga – Pad Factory by the River. Nice 1bdrm, 2nd floor. Incl heat, hot water, garbage removal, covered parking. 1 year lease & ref required, no pets, avail 2/1, $550/mo + $550 security. 518338-7213 Ticonderoga – Senior Housing (55+). Some subsidy avail. Smoke free. Pet friendly. New appliances. Laundry on site. FHEO. Handicapped Accessible. 518-585-1007

ABANDONED NY FARM! 5 acres State Land - $16,900, 6 acres Farmhouse - $99,900. Gorgeous So. Tier, NY hilltop location! Fields, woods, stream, pond,30 mile views! EZ owner terms! 1888-701-1864 COUNTRY BARN/5 ACRES: $29,995 Rustic "Country Barn," Well-Built & Sturdy. On 5 Wooded Acres,Meadows, Apple Orchard. Frontage on State Rte 13, Mins to Salmon River. Adjoins NYS Snowmobile Trails. Call 1-800-229-7843 Or Visit

ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES ANTIQUES WANTED Local 3rd Generation Dealer, Free Verbal Appraisals. Call Brian Bittner at (802) 272-7527 or visit Memory Lane Fort Ann Antiques Always Buying 518-499-2915 Route 4, Whitehall, NY Nicholas Auctions Whitehall, NY Buying, Selling or Consign Appraisals Done 518-499-0303 ELECTRONICS DirecTV - OVER 140 CHANNELS ONLY $29.99 a month. CALL NOW! Triple savings! $636.00 in Savings, Free upgrade to Genie & 2013 NFL Sunday ticket free!! Start saving today! 1-800-7823956 DISH TV RETAILER. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available). SAVE! Ask about SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-8264464 FINANCIAL SERVICES $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Get cash. Rates low as 1/2 %-MO. 1-800-568-8321 DIVORCE $450* No Fault or Regular Divorce. Covers children, property, etc. Only One Signature Required! *Excludes govt. fees. 1800-522-6000 Ext. 100. Baylor & Associates, Inc. Est. 1977 FIREWOOD Dependable Year Round Firewood Sales. Seasoned or green. Warren & Essex County HEAP Vendor. Other services available. Call today! 518-494-4077 Rocky Ridge Boat Storeage, LLC. Firewood $65 face cord, you pick up, delivery extra. 518-494-4788 FIREWOOD – dry face cords, 1 yr old, stored under cover, delivered to Chestertown area $110. Extra for delivery outside of Chestertown. 518-494-2321 Firewood – dry face cords, 1 yr old, stored under cover, delivered to Chestertown area, $110. Extra for delivery outside of Chestertown. 518-494-2321 FOR SALE Bunk Beds – black metal w/2 bunk bed mattresses, $270 each. Bunk bed only $170 OBO. 518668-3367 CAST IRON Propane Heater Stove, 32000 BTU, Used One Season, Excellent Condition, Payed $1200 Asking $750.00. 802-377-0117 Dewalt Rotary Laser DW077, $1200 new, asking $700. 518-5852779 Generac Automatic Service Rated Transfer Switches - all are new & include utility breaker, load shed module & installation manual. 100AMP, RTSD100A3, $450 150AMP, RTSY150A3, $550 200AMP, RTSY200A3, $650 518-494-2222 Warrensburg Iron Rite Mangle Ironing Machine, almost new w/direction booklet, $250. 518-668-4399 Late Model AIRCO Oil Furnace, exc cond, asking $1800, will negotiate. 518-543-6362 LET THERE BE LIGHT!' If God Had A Flashlight It Would Be Like This 772985-8950 Motorized Travel Chair, new batteries, exc condition, $1200. 518222-1338 Napoleon Fireplace Insert, propane, in good cond., runs well, $300. 518-615-5778

SAWMILLS from only $4897.00MAKE & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-578-1363 Ext.300N Schwinn Comp Fitness Machine $200. Ab Coaster $150. Call 518494-5005 days or 518-494-7920 evenings.

Snowblower, Troybilt 30” heavy duty 2 stage, 10HP, elec start & light. Great shape, runs exc, owners manual & original invoice, new $1525, sell $525. 518-222-9802 Sun Tec Skylte, new, 2'x4' to fit 24” rafter space. New cost $408+ tax, sell $250 OBO. 518-668-3367 T-SHIRTS CUSTOM printed. $5.50 heavyweight. "Gildan" Min. order of 36 pcs. HATS - Embroidered $6.00. Free catalog. 1-800-2422374 Berg Sportswear 40. Winslow Free Standing Pellet Stove, glass door, thermostat controlled, $1500. 518-623-2246 12pm-6pm FURNITURE LOVE SEAT ROCKER/RECLINERwith console to hold your drinks and store your remotes. Chocolate color. Just over 2 months old...too bulky for our little space. Paid $1,099.00. Asking $800.00. Call (802) 759-3305. GENERAL !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch. 1930-1980. Top Dollar paid!! Call Toll Free 1-866-433-8277 $10 Funeral Insurance - Guaranteed Acceptance - No Exam. As Low As $10/month for Final Expense – Call (888) 271-0730 now. $21 CAR INSURANCE - Instant Quote - All Credit Types Find Out If You Qualify - As Low As $21/Month. Call 1-888-250-5440 $21 Car Insurance - Instant Quote - All Credit Types - Find Out If You Qualify - As Low As $21/Month. Call (888) 287-2130 AIRLINE CAREERS begin here Get trained as FAA certified Aviation Technician. Housing and Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. Call AIM 866-453-6204 AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid for qualified students Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-686-1704 AVIATION MAINTENANCE TRAINING Financial Aid if qualified. Job Placement Assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! FAA Approved. CLASSES STARTING SOON! 1-800-292-3228 or CASH FOR CARS, Any Make or Model! Free Towing. Sell it TODAY. Instant offer: 1-800-8645784 CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-800-864-5960 CASH PAID- UP TO $25/BOX for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! 1 DAY PAYMENT & PREPAID shipping. BEST PRICES! Call 1-888-776-7771. DIRECTV $0 Start Costs! 150+ Channels $7.50/week! Free HBO/Cinemax/Showtime/Starz+HD /DVR +NFL Sunday Ticket! Call 1800-983-2690 DIRECTV, Internet, & Phone From $69.99/mo + Free 3 Months: HBO Starz SHOWTIME CINEMAX+ FREE GENIE 4 Room Upgrade + NFL SUNDAY TICKET! Limited offer. Call Now 888-248-5961 Dish TV Retailer-SAVE! Starting $19.99/month (for 12 months.) FREE Premium Movie Channels. FREE Equipment, Installation & Activation. CALL, COMPARE LOCAL DEALS! 1-800-309-1452 DIVORCE $349 - Uncontested divorce papers prepared. Includes poor person application/waives government fees, if approved. One signature required. Separation agreements available. Make Divorce Easy - 518-274-0380. FREE DIRECTV $0 Start Costs! 150+ Channels $7.50/week! Free HBO/Cinemax/Showtime/Starz! Free HD/DVR! We're Local Installers! Call 1-800-211-0681

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ADVERTISE to 10 Million Homes across the USA! Place your ad in over 140 community newspapers, with circulation totaling over 10 million homes. Contact Independent Free Papers of America IFPA at or visit our website for more information. CASH PAID- up to $28/Box for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. 1-DAY PAYMENT. 1-800371-1136 Scrap Metal & Scrap Cars. We will pick up all. Call Jerry 518-5866943 WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI 1967-1980 Z1900, KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR, KX1000MKII, A1-250, W1-650, H1-500, H2-750, S1-250, S2-350, S3-400 SUZUKI GS400, GT380, GT750, Honda CB750 (1969,1970) CASH. FREE PICKUP. 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726 WANTED WHOLE TREE WOOD CHIPPINGS The more organic matter the better. Must deliver. Will pay a reasonable price. Call or leave a message. WANTED-ASPEN LOGS AND PULPWOOD NORTHEASTERN PRODUCTS CORP (NEPCO) is buying Aspen logs and/or Pulpwood at its processing location at: 115 Sweet Road, Warrensburg, NY 12885. Log Species-100% Aspen (Popple) Log Length-8'0" Log Diameter-6" min, 24" max Logs should be clean, straight and with a minimum of center rot. Loads will be stick scaled and paid for at the time of delivery. Yard hours are M-Thu 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Fri. 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Call log buyer for current pricing! 1-800-873-8233 ext. 202 Wants to purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201 APARTMENT RENTALS 3 Apartments for rent in Ticonderoga area. Call 518-585-6705 ask for Darlene Crown Point – 2 bdrm, stove & refrig included, W/D hook-up, no pets. $450/mo. + util. 518-3043429 Moriah – 2 bdrm, 2 story, lrg kitchen, $500/mo + util. 518-5461024 North Creek Efficiency Units for working adults, all util & cable TV include, NO security, furnished laundry room, $125/wk. 518-2514460 Port Henry – 1 BDRM/1 BA, completely renovated, W/D incl, walking distance to downtown, $550/mo. 802-922-0714 PORT HENRY. 1BR and 2BR Apartments. Downtown, close to grocery store, shopping, services. $475 and $500. 802-363-3341. Retired or looking for a quiet place to live? Here is a small ground floor, 1 bdrm apt, suitable for single or couple, located in a very nice neighborhood in Ticonderoga Village, off street parking, large yard, coin operated laundry. Apt is modern w/gas fireplace & new carpet. No pets. References & lease required, $495/mo. + security deposit. 518-585-2224 or 518586-6477. RETIREMENT APARTMENTS, ALL INCLUSIVE. Meals, transportation, activities daily. Short Leases. Monthly specials! Call (877) 2104130 Ticonderoga – 1bdrm, heat/trash removal incl. Walking distance to village, sec & ref required. $550/mo. 518-586-4554 Ticonderoga – 2bdrm, upstairs. Heat, hot water, elec, garbage, snow removal, mowing incl. NO SMOKING! $750/mo. Sec & ref required. 518-570-8119 Ticonderoga – Cozy 1 Bdrm,1st Floor, hardwood floors, applicances incl, $550/mo + deposit & refs required, 802-758-3276 Ticonderoga Mt Vista Apts – 3bdrm $608 rent + util. No smokers. Rental assistance may be avail; must meet eligibility requirements. 518-584-4543 NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800-421-1220 Handicap Accessible, Equal Housing Opportunity

Ticonderoga, 1 bdrm, 1st flr, hardwood floors, applicances incl, $550/mo + deposit & ref required. 802-758-3276 Ticonderoga, 1bdrm w/off street parking, W/D hook-up, $550/mo + 1st mo + security deposit, 518-4991287 HOME RENTALS Crown Point – 5bdrm house, $650/mo, ref & deposit required. 518-597-3935 Crown Point – cute, cozy 3 bdrm/2 bath, A frame, porch, ½ acre, $83k. 518-351-5063, 860673-6119 or 917-679-4449 Lovely Single Family Home, 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. To trade, swap, sell for equal value home in area, $129,000. Located in beautiful Edgewater, FL. 518-696-2829 Moriah – 3-4 bdrm home. Breathtaking views, private, fireplace, OHW heat, 7.3 acres, covered patio, storage shed. Sec & ref required. 518-597-3270 North Hudson, beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 ½ bath on 5 acres, $1500/mo. 518-532-0391 or 518-524-3751. Sebastian, Florida Affordable custom factory constructed homes $45,900+, Friendly community, No Real Estate or State Income Taxes ,minutes to Atlantic Ocean. 772-581-0080, Limited seasonal rentals South Ticonderoga, private country home, $900/mo + util, 2 yr lease. 518-585-7907 or 518-5853300 MOBILE HOME RENTALS Crown Point – trailer on large lot, 2 bdrm/2 full bath, laundry room incl W/D, short distance to CP Bridge, lots of parking, private backyard, includes trash removal, many new renovations, avail immediately, must have good references, $600/mo. + utilities. 518321-4134 Johnsburg – 2 bdrm/2bath on corner lot, not in trailer park. No smoking/pets. MUST have ref, sec & 1st months rent. All util paid by tenant. Call 518-251-3990. Avail mid-January.

Crown Point Land – 53 Peasley Rd. Property offers 3.5 acres on Putnam Creek w/600' of road frontage, a 50' x 30' 2 story fram barn w/elec & oil heat. Zones residential. Can be converted or build new. Beautiful spot & minutes to the Northway or Ticonderoga, $65K. Purdy Realty, LLC 338-1117 Call Frank Villanova 878-4275 Cell Crown Point, 600' + on Putts Creek, 2.78 acres, 20' x 32' liveable building. Fix up or tear down & rebuild, $30K FIRM, quick sale. 518-354-7167 LITTLE FALLS NY AREA- 59.9 acres, field, woods, views 1,009 ft on NYS rt5 $59,000. 17.9 acres fields, woods, views $34,000 Owner financing CALL: 518-861-6541 NYS LAND FOR SALE 8.6 Acres/$19,995 With Financing! Beautiful Ridge Top Maple Forests With Evergreens, Wild Apple Trees, Babbling Brook & Major Deer Trails. Easy Access Off Rt 13. Minutes To Salmon River Fishing & State Game Lands. Call Now: 1-800229-7843 or email Schroon Lake – leased land w/camp in excellent cond, 50' lakefront, 48' wooden dock, asking $50K. Call for details 518-4957683 Schroon Lake Waterfront Camp on leased land. Screened porch, 32' aluminum dock + more, $37K. 518-569-6907 STONEY CREEK 50 Acres secluded easy access 1800 ft. black top frontage, mountain views, Stoney Creek, NY $89,900, no interest financing. 518-696-2829 Town of Lake George ½ acre building lot. Access to Village water. Ideal for build-out basement. $47,000. Will hold mortgage for qualified buyer, 20% down. 518668-0179 or 518-321-3347 MOBILE HOME

Johnsburg- 2bdrm/2ba on corner lot, not in trailer park. No smoking or pets. MUST have ref, sec & 1st months rent. All util paid by tenant. Avail mid-January. 518-251-3990

Mobile Home – Lake George, 2003 custom built park model, 14' x 38' w/glass enclosed porch, exc cond. Ledgeview Camp, Highway 149. Asking $65K. 518-964-137

North River – 2bdrm/2ba in trailer park. No smoking or pets. MUST have ref, security & 1st months rent. All util paid by tenant. $550/mo. 518-251-3990

MODULAR HOME 3 BDRM, 2 baths, on 1 acre of property, 2 car garage, 2 decks, $87,500. Port Henry, NY 518-962-4685

North River – 3bdrm/2bath mobile home in trailer park. No smoking/pets. MUST have ref, sec & 1st months rent. All util paid by tenant. $550/mo. 518-251-3990.

Park Model, 1986. Ledgeview Camp, Highway 149, 5 Pine Breeze Trail, $49,500. Come see, it's really neat! New in 2012: roof, siding, bedroom, deck & shed! 518-6363429 or 352-428-8767



WARM WEATHER IS YEAR ROUND In Aruba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available. Sleeps 8. $3500. Email: for more information.

Lovely Single Family Home, 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. To trade, swap, sell for equal value home in area, $129,000. Located in beautiful Edgewater, FL. 518-696-2829


Caregiver Available Experienced elder care at your home for companionship to personal needs. Mobile or non-mobile female or male. Cheerful, energetic and confidential. Immediate availablility. Current references. Call Mary Jo at 518-585-5280.

TICONDEROGA DOWNTOWN OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT, customized for your use, available March 1st, $550/mo + utilities. 518-585-9173 Days or 518-5478730 Evenings. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Port Henry Duplex Apartment Building, completely renoved, excellent rental history, some owner financing avail, $69K. 518-5468247 LAND 1947 BOY SCOUT CAMP, 5 acre lake property - $129,900. 7 new lake properties. www. 1-888-683-2626 ABANDONED FARM 5 acres- State Land -$16,900 6 acres- Farmhouse - $99,900 Gorgeous So. Tier, NY hilltop location! Fields, woods, stream, pond, 30mile views! EZ owner terms! (888) 905-8847 Brant Lake 9.1 acre building lot for sale by owner, Harris Road, $63K. 518-494-3174


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When it’s time to


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NOTICE OF FORMATION OF CIA MANAGEMENT, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect'y of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/20/2013. Office location, County of Warren. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, POB 4328, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: any lawful act. NE-1/11-2/15/20146TC-57638 ----------------------------ADIRONDACK AGGREGATE AND STONE, LLC Notice of formation of the above Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of NY (“SSNY”) on 10/4/2011. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any such process served to: Adirondack Aggregate And Stone, LLC, c/o Kevin M. Gordon, 19 Glenmar Drive, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: any lawful business purpose. NE1/11-2/15/20146TC-57647 ----------------------------

40 ACRES $155/MONTH $499 down. Immediate financing. No qualifications. No penalties. NW Nevada near Reno. Call Earl 1-949632-7066.

Lovely Single Family Home, 3 bdrm, 1 ½ bath. To trade, swap, sell for equal value home in area, $129,000. Located in beautiful Edgewater, FL. 518-696-2829


ADIRONDACK "BY OWNER" 1000+ photo listings of local real estate for sale, vacation rentals & timeshares. Owners: List with us for only $299 per year. Visit on-line or call 518-891-9919

BE ENERGY INDEPENDENT. MAXIM OUTDOOR WOOD PELLET FURNACE by Central Boiler features automatic power ignition. Heats multiple buildings. Boivin Farm Supply 802-2362389

PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE. Qualify to age 86. Fast. Easy. Few Questions. No Exam! 1-800-9383439 (x24); 1-516-938-3439, x24 REAL ESTATE

BUY-SELL-TRADE With The Classified Superstore 1-518-873-6368 Ext. 201

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF THE LODGE AT HARRISBURG LAKE, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect'y of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/20/2013. Office location, County of Warren. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 1200 Harrisburg Rd., Stony Creek, NY 12878. Purpose: any lawful act. NE-1/18-2/22/20146TC-58076 ----------------------------FULL THROTTLE SUGARING LLC, a domestic LLC, filed with the SSNY on 11/20/13. Office location: Warren County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to The LLC, 82 McDonald St., Glens Falls, NY 12801. General Purpose. NE-1/18-2/22/20146TC-58080 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF TJH T A C T I C A L TRAINING LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York SSNY On 12/13/2013 Office Location: Warren County SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom Process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 1 Sweetbriar LN, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: any lawful activity. NE-1/25-3/1/2014-

1 ACRE OF LAND at Wood Rd., West Chazy, NY, close to schools, nice location. Please call 518-4932478 for more information. 6TC-58092 York in which the ----------------------------offices of the LLC are located is Warren. NOTICE OF FORMA4. The Secretary of TION OF LIMITED State has been desigLIABILITY COMPAnated as Attorneys, NY (LLC) Name: P.C., 19 W. Notre RCiletti LLC, Articles Dame Street, Glens of Organization filed Falls, New York12801. with Secretary of State 5. The business purof New York (SSNY) pose of the LLC is to on January 14, 2014. engage in any and all Office location: business activities Warren County. permitted under the SSNY has been des- laws of the state of ignated as agent of New York. the LLC upon whom LITTLE & OCONNOR process against it may ATTORNEYS, P.C. be served. SSNY shall 19 W. Notre Dame mail a copy of process Street to: The LLC, 92 P.O. Box 898 Masters Common Glens Falls, New York North, Queensbury, 12801-0898 NY 12804. Purpose of NE-2/1-3/8/2014-6TCLLC: The business 37221agent of the purpose of the compa- LLC upon whom ny is to engage in any process may be and all business activ- served, and the ities permitted under Secretary of State the laws of the State of shall mail a copy of New York. any such process NE-2/1-3/8/2014-6TCserved against the 37215 LLC to Little & ----------------------------OConnor Attorneys, P.C., 19 W. Notre ADK2012, LLC, Arts. Dame Street, Glens of Org. filed with the Falls, New York12801. SSNY on 01/21/2014. 5. The business purOffice loc: Warren pose of the LLC is to County. SSNY has engage in any and all been designated as business activities agent upon whom permitted under the process against the laws of the state of LLC may be served. New York. SSNY shall mail LITTLE & OCONNOR process to: 17 Cherry ATTORNEYS, P.C. Street, Lake George, 19 W. Notre Dame NY 12845. Purpose: Street Any Lawful Purpose. P.O. Box 898 NE-2/1-3/8/2014-6TCGlens Falls, New York 37219 12801-0898 ----------------------------NE-2/1-3/8/2014-6TC37221 PUBLIC NOTICE ----------------------------FORMATION OF A NEW YORK LIMITED NOTICE OF FORMALIABILITY COMPA- TION NY Notice is hereby given 1. The name of the of the formation of limited liability compa- FRENCH MTN. ENVIny is PRICE HEATING RONMENTAL, LLC as & COOLING, LLC. a New York State 2. The date of filing of Limited Liability the Articles of Company (LLC). The Organization with the date of filing of the Department of State Articles of was January 2, 2014. Organization with the 3. The county in New New York State


Barbershop Mens & Boys Haircuts

PC Problem Solving Serving All of Your Computing Needs

Gregory J. Fresca

Over 30 Years’ Experience



26 Cable Access Way, Minerva, N.Y. 12851 (off 28N between Firehouse & 14th Rd.) HOURS: Wed. 10-8; Fri. 10-5 Thurs. 10-5; Sat. 10-5

Floor Care Dave Ameden

Floor Care We have all your flooring needs.

Intersection of Route 28 & 30

Indian Lake, NY 12842


Vinyl•CArpet•HArDwooD•tile lAminAte•CArpet SHAmpooing HArDwooD Floor SAnDing AnD CuStom SHowerS

(518) 648-5717 524-7213

Cell (518)

TREE SERVICES Tree Work Professional Climber w/decades of experience w/anything from difficult removals to tasteful selected pruning. Fully equpped & insured. Michael Emelianoff 518-251-3936

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BUILDING AND LOT in Moriah 1.3+ acres, paved driveway, town water and sewer. Can be used for Remote Car Starter, Ultra Brand residential and/or commercial, comes w/2 remotes, $50, ask for Asking $45,000. 518-546-3568 Linda 518-546-3463 Secretary of State was OF A NEW YORK RACE, LLC, a domesJanuary 9, 2014. The LIMITED LIABILITY tic LLC, filed with the principal office of the COMPANY SSNY on 12/31/13. LLC is located at 111 1. The name of the Office location: Sunset Trail, limited liability compaWarren County. SSNY Queensbury, New ny is DALPAT VENis designated as agent York 12804, in Warren TURES, LLC. upon whom process County. The 2. The date of filing of against the LLC may Secretary of State has the Articles of be served. SSNY shall been designated as Organization with the mail process to The the agent of the LLC Department of State LLC, 536 Bay Rd., upon whom process was January 23, Ste. 2, Queensbury, against it may be 2014. NY 12804. General served and the post 3. The county in New Purpose. office address to York in which the NE-2/08-3/15/2014which the Secretary of offices of the LLC are 6TC-37857 State shall mail a copy located is Warren. ----------------------------of any process against 4. The Secretary of the Company served State has been desigHNC HOLDINGS, upon him or her is: nated as agent of the LLC, a domestic LLC, 111 Sunset Trail, LLC upon whom filed with the SSNY on Queensbury, New process may be 12/31/13. Office locaYork 12804. The LLC served, and the tion: Warren County. has no specific date of Secretary of State SSNY is designated dissolution. The LLC shall mail a copy of as agent upon whom is organized for all any such process process against the purposes permitted served against the LLC may be served. under the laws of the LLC to Patrick SSNY shall mail State of New York. Gautier, Sr., 10 Zenas process to Stephen D. Filer: The DiFabio Drive, Queensbury, Hawkins, 28 Grand Law Firm, P.C., 4 New York 12804. View Dr., Queensbury, Automation Lane, 5. The business pur- NY 12804. General Suite 100, Albany, pose of the LLC is to Purpose. New York 12205. engage in any and all N E - 2 / 8 - 3 / 1 5 / 2 0 1 4 NE-2/1-3/8/2014-6TCbusiness activities 6TC-37859 37183 permitted under the -------------------------------------------------------laws of the state of New York. NOTICE TO BIDNOTICE OF LITTLE & OCONNOR DERS FORMATION OF ATTORNEYS, P.C. The undersigned shall R E B E C C A 19 W. Notre Dame receive sealed bids for FENAUGHTYíS SKIN Street sale and delivery to TRANSFORMATION P.O. Box 898 the County of Warren CENTER LLC Articles Glens Falls, New York as follows: of Organization filed 12801-0898 WC 13-14 - PARTS with the Secretary of N E - 2 / 8 - 3 / 1 5 / 2 0 1 4 - FOR A 2004 BLAWState of New York 6TC-37842 KNOX PF-4410 SSNY On 01/03/2014 ---------------------------TRACK PAVER Office Location: You may obtain these Warren County LJP MANAGEMENT Specifications either SSNY designated as LLC, a domestic LLC, on-line or through the agent of LLC upon filed with the SSNY on Purchasing Office. If whom Process 1/9/14. Office location: you have any interest against it may be Warren County. SSNY in these Specifications served. SSNY shall is designated as agent on-line, please follow mail process to: The upon whom process the instructions to regLLC, 375 Bay Road, against the LLC may ister on the Empire Suite 104 be served. SSNY shall State Bid System webQueensbury, NY mail process to John site, either for free or 12804 Potter & Lynn Pratt, 49 paid subscription. Go Purpose: any lawful McDonald St., Glens to http://warrencounactivitity. Falls, NY 12801. and choose NE-2/8-3/15/2014General Purpose. BIDS AND PROPOS6TC-37551 N E - 2 / 8 - 3 / 1 5 / 2 0 1 4 - ALS to access the ----------------------------6TC-37846 Empire State Bid ----------------------------System OR go directly PUBLIC NOTICE t o FOR FORMATION HARRISON TERhttp://www.EmpireStat



PARADOX HOME FOR SALE By Owner, Schroon Lake School District, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, fully renovated, 2 garages, shed, large fire place, $149,900. No owner terms. See Listing ID# 23972428.

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HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED OR SETTLED? Contact Woodford Brothers Inc, for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN. "Not applicable in Queens county"



BE ENERGY INDEPENDENT with an OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE From Central Boiler. Heat all your buildings. 25 yr. warranty available. Vermont Heating Alternatives 802-343-7900

ELECTRIC GORE ELECTRIC SERVICES Sales & Service Residential-Commercial Industrial 3239 State Rte 28 North Creek, NY 12853


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Heid’s Hodaka, Inc. Specializing in service on Polaris ATVs and Snowmobiles and BMW Motorcycles. We Service All Brands 2033 Garnet Lake Road, Johnsburg





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LADY BUG DAYCARE WARRENSBURG, NY NYS Licensed Group Day Care. Warren & Washington County Child Care Pay accepted. Majority of our kids have since grown up & no longer require our services. Current openings for children 1-13 years of age. Offering before, during, after school and summer programs. Providing a learning developmental program. Preparing children for entering pre-k and kindergarten to include activities with indoor & outdoor playtime. Employees trained in CPR & basic first aid and have been fingerprinted & background checked by the State. Upon request parent referrals are available. Please contact Owner/Operator Joanne Monroe at (518-623-4152.




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Rich’s Small Engine Repair SALES & SERVICE

We Service All Brands Interstate Battery Sales Over 20 Years Experience Snowblower Tune-Up Specials We Sharpen Chainsaw Chain Bar & Chain Combo Open 7 Days a Week 8am-5pm

22 Old River Road, North Creek, NY (518) 251-5774 46956 e n County/Register.asp?I D=1172. If you choose a free subscription, please note that you must visit the site up until the response deadline for any addenda. All further information pertaining to this bid will be available on this site. Bids which are not directly obtained from either source will be refused. Bids may be delivered to the undersigned at the Warren County Human Services Building, Warren County Purchasing Department, 3rd Floor, 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, New York, during regular business hours. Bids will be received up until Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. at which time they will be publicly opened and read. All bids must be submitted on proper bid proposal forms. Any changes to the original bid documents are grounds for immediate disqualification. Late bids by mail, courier or in person will be refused. Warren County will not accept any bid or proposal which is not delivered to Purchasing by the time indicated on the time stamp in the P u r c h a s i n g Department Office. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids. Julie A. Pacyna, Purchasing Agent Warren County Human Services Building Tel. (518) 761-6538 NE-2/8/2014-1TC37838 ----------------------------Need A Dependable Car? Check Out The Classifieds. Call 1-518-873-6368 Ext. 201


Aunt Polly’s Material Girls

Sale on Quilts

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518-582-2260 3 Hudson River Rd. at the Hudson River Bridge Newcomb, NY


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