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January 18, 2014


Smoking age should be 21

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By Seth Lang ELIZABETHTOWN Ñ Officials throughout the region are using more sand and salt on area roads this winter. An unusual number of ice storms and temperature fluctuations have many local highway departments exhausting their supplies at a rapid pace. Ò The ice storms weÕ ve had this year have demanded a significant more amount of sand and salt than normal snow storms,Ó said Westport Highway Superintendent Dennis Westover. Ò WeÕ ve already used what we did all of last year and thereÕ s still a lot of winter left.Ó The town of Moriah is facing a similar plight, according to Moriah Highway Superintendent Jamie Wilson. Ò WeÕ ve depleted most of our reserve, and still have not received a salt order we placed before Christmas,Ó Wilson said. According to the Essex County Department of Public Works Supervisor Anthony LaVigne, the cost of transportation to the county is compounding the problem. Ò Essex County has the highest cost of transportation because itÕ s the furthest distance from any of the sources,Ó LaVigne said. Ò If, in fact, there is a demand for more supply we can purchase it from a privately contracted company and there would be no additional cost because our bid is done on an annual basis,Ó LaVigne said. LaVigne pointed out that the county tries to keep at least a 30 percent reserve at all times, maintaining 9,000 10,000 yards for an estimated annual use of 6,000 yards. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Locals part of ‘shot heard around the state’ PAGE 2 NEWCOMB

Santanoni to host open house weekends Bob Lewin was the grand champion of the 2013 Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit. In 2013 Lewin raced in Long Lake, Indian Lake, and Inlet scoring overall points for the competition and walked away with a trophy for the first regional Cardboard Sledding race. Read about this year’s Cardboard Sled Race Circuit inside.


Local Business effected by APA Classification By Seth Lang NEWCOMB Ñ For local business owners Ruth and Dave Olbert the recent classification given by the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) on the Essex Chain of Lakes came as fairly pleasing news. The Olberts own Cloud-Splitter Outfitters, which offers year-round cabin and outdoor equipment rentals and access to unspoiled wilderness on the Hudson River. Ò More access means more people and

weÕ re looking into ways to expand,Ó said Dave Olbert. Ò The biggest obstacle right now is financing our expansion.“ The 6,955 acre tract of land known as the Essex Chain of Lakes, southwest of Newcomb is named for its eight lakes and ponds. It was acquired by the state and recently classified by the Adirondack Park Agency as primitive. Under the primitive classification motorboats will not be permitted. First and Pine lakes will remain open to floatplanes and access points will be strategically located in

Wild Forest, to ensure easy access to all. The agency rejected a DEC proposal to allow planes to land on the largest in the chain, Third Lake. Motor vehicles will not have access in this primitive area, but disabled people will be allowed to drive to Fifth Lake along a short Wild Forest corridor. Most local officials were hoping the chain would be classified “Wild Forest”, which would have opened access to motor vehicles, floatplanes, motorboats and snowmobiles. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Local teams compete for victories PAGE 11

Minerva Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad completes an active year By Mike Corey













MINERVA Ñ The year 2013 proved to be yet another very busy one for the Minerva Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad, which is staffed by an extremely dedicated group of community volunteers. Whether responding to someone having chest pain/difficulty breathing at 3 in the morning, quickly heading out to a chimney fire, standing-by with the ambulance for a community event, or responding to a motor vehicle accident with personal injuries, department personnel do what they do best: use their emergency medical and firefighting skills to help CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

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2 - News Enterprise

January 18, 2014

Minerva citizens participate in the shot heard around New York State By Mike Corey MINERVA Ñ Shots were heard at the Cuzzacrea home at the end of John Brannon Road in Olmstedville at noon on Saturday, Jan. 11. It was a coordinated effort, and it happened in various locations throughout New York State. One shot was fired at noon by six gun-owners at the CuzzacreasÕ in a symbolic effort to protest the NYS SAFE Act, which was passed by the state legislature and signed into law on Jan. 15, 2013. More participants were expected, but miserable weather that day kept people away from John Brannon Road. Sponsored by the Springville Field and Stream Club of Springfield, NY, all sportsmanÕ s clubs and interested individuals were urged to spread the word about Ò The Shot Heard Around New York State.Ó Both Pat and Steve Cuzzacrea are very passionate about what the SAFE (Secure Ammunition & Firearms Enforcement) Act means to them as hunters and defenders of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Pat summarized it this way: Ò ItÕ s not really about the hunting Ð itÕ s all about our second amendment rights.Ó Carol Frasier, a Minerva resident and gun owner, was upset about the new law. According to her: Ò TheyÕ re trying to take our guns away from usÓ . Steve Cuzzacrea is unhappy with how the law was proposed and passed in the first place. Ò Cuomo pushed the law through in the middle of the night without the proper procedures,Ó he said.

Pictured are, from left to right, Pat Cuzzacrea, Dolorus Smith, Steve Cuzzacrea Sr., Steve Cuzzacrea Jr., Carol Frazier and Jeff Course. Photo by Mike Corey

On Jan. 15, 2013, Gov. Andrew Cuomo used a Ò message of necessityÓ to waive the usual three-day period for passing legislation; Steve, and others, believe this effort was improper. According to the information found on the Springville Field and Stream Club Facebook

page, Ò All gun owners, hunters, and shooters will fire in a legal, safe mannerÓ as part of the effort, and thatÕ s what occurred at the CuzzacreasÕ that day. Both Steve and Pat attended the anti-SAFE Act rally at the New York State capitol on Jan. 19, 2013. They said

that 14,000 people concerned about Second Amendment rights attended that rally with them. The CuzzacreasÕ maintain very strong feelings about these rights and will continue to support the repeal of the New York State SAFE Act.

251-2612 47176

January 18, 2014

News Enterprise - 3

DEC, Camp Santanoni to host open house winter weekends By Seth Lang NEWCOMB Ñ Great Camp Santanoni is offering three Ò Open HouseÓ weekends this winter. Starting Jan. 18-20, and continuing on Feb. 15-17 and March 15-17, cross-country skiers and snowshoers can take advantage of short interpretive tours with AARCH (Adirondack Architectural Heritage) staff at the Main Lodge. This access provides visitors a wonderful 9.8-mile round trip through the great Adirondack outdoors. Ò The trip lends itself to a variety of skill levelsÓ said Susan Arena, AARCH program director. Ò On these weekends guests donÕ t have to worry about skiing the trail alone as there are always a number of people around.Ó Guests will also have rare winter access to both the gate lodge and main lodge. The ArtistÕ s Studio, a stone building near the main lodge on the shores of Newcomb Lake, will be open as a warming shelter for guests. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be available and the public is asked to bring their own cups. Also, the Adirondack Interpretive Center will provide snowshoes to lend to visitors at the Gate Lodge. The event will be hosted by DEC, AARCH and SUNY ESF as well as the town of Newcomb. Located off Route 28N in Newcomb (Essex County), Great Camp Santanoni, dates back to 1892. It is the only great camp entirely in public ownership and is a National Historic Landmark. The camp is known for some of the finest examples of local Adirondack craftsmanship and architectural detail. In its prime, the estate included more than 40 buildings in three complexes and encompassed 12,900 acres. A gatehouse at the campÕ s entrance, a farm complex, and the main camp on Newcomb Lake,

4.7 miles from the gatehouse. The massive main camp, a 15,000 square foot structure with 5,000 square feet of porches, includes 24 rooms, seven bathrooms and nine fireplaces. The main hall provides views of Newcomb Lake and surrounds a massive fieldstone fireplace open on both ends. The intricate interior trim includes birch bark wallpaper, cedar twig molding and split-log wainscoting that all remains today. Ò The nicest part about skiing into the trail is being able to get out of the elements and warm up before the trek back,Ó said Joe Hackett, Adirondack guide. Ò ItÕ s a steady, comfortable climb in and about a one-half mile decline to the main camp.Ó Guests who have never experienced Santanoni are in for a real treat; those that have will enjoy the familiar serenity of winter at the great camp. The buildings will be open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations are not required. In addition to the popular 9.8-mile round trip from the Gate Lodge to the Main Lodge, cross-country skiers and snowshoers are encouraged to take the half mile-trail that connects Camp Santanoni to the nearby Adirondack Interpretive Center Õ s 3.6-mile trail system. The Center Õ s buildings will be open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all three days of the Winter Weekends in January and February and on the Saturday and Sunday of the March Winter Weekend. Ò ESF is excited to partner with DEC, town of Newcomb and AARCH to help expand how Great Camp Santanoni is used,Ó said Paul Hai of SUNY ESFÕ s Northern Forest Institute, which manages the Adirondack Interpretive Center. Ò Newcomb is a fantastic town, rich with history, recreation and educational opportunities. Collaborations like this grow our town while increasing visitorsÕ and residentsÕ appreciation

and understanding of the Adirondacks. We are looking forward to working together on more programs and creative ideas in Newcomb.Ó While people may visit Camp Santanoni 365 days a year, the buildings are not typically open to the public during the winter months. Additional open house weekends may be considered based on the popularity and success of these three weekend events. Ò We are delighted to be part of these winter open house weekends again and look forward to welcoming skiers and snowshoers there at a very beautiful and peaceful time of year,Ó said Steven Engelhart, Executive Director of AARCH. Ò Last year, over eight days, we had more than 300 people make the ten mile round-trip outing into Santanoni and we thoroughly enjoyed providing a place to warm up and interpreting the campÕ s rich history and architecture to them.Ó

How to get there:

Northbound: From Adirondack Northway (I-87), Exit 26 at Pottersville; West on 29 (Olmstedville Road) through Olmsteadville to 28N; Northwest on 28N to Newcomb. Southbound: From Adirondack Northway (I-87), Exit 29 at North Hudson/ Newcomb; (Blue Ridge Road) West on 28N to Newcomb.

Great Camp Santanoni is offering three “Open House” weekends this winter. Pictured are cross country skiers as they depart the main camp on Newcomb Lake. Photo by Nancie Battaglia

Worship service scheduled

NORTH CREEK Ñ MountainView Community Church invites the public to a special worship service at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek on Sunday, Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. Coffee and snacks will be available at 10:30 a.m. and after the service. Kids ages 3 thru 6th grade will have a blast worshiping with Vertical KIDZ. The church also has a nursery for kids 2 and under. All are invited to the service.

Gore Mtn Seniors to meet

JOHNSBURG Ñ The Gore Mountain Seniors will hold their January meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 22 at noon at the North Creek Meal Site. The menu is cheeseburger deluxe with lettuce and tomato, roast potato, baked beans and mandarin oranges. Call 251-2711 early reserve a place. At this meeting we will vote on and install officers for 2014 and discuss activity planning.

Hamilton County is also having a problem with transportation. Ò WeÕ ve had a problem with our contractor getting salt, but havenÕ t heard anything from the Department of Transportation (DOT) in regards to a shortage of any kind,Ó said Hamilton County Highway Superintendent Tracy Eldridge. Deputy Highway Superintendent of Operations in Warren County Todd Beadnell also mentioned delivery issues in their county. Ò We received a call from the town of Ticonderoga stating theyÕ re having delivery issues with salt,Ó said Beadnell. Ò The county supply is all set, however, we have enough reserve.Ó Like Westport, officials in the Clinton County town of Peru said they also have used an exorbitant amount of sand and salt. Peru Highway Superintendent Michael Farrell said his town has already used more salt and sand than they did all of last year.

Crews fill trucks with sand at the state DOT facilities in Elizabethtown. Photo by Seth Lang


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APA classification

Ruth and Dave Olbert

Continued from page 1 Environmentalists, on the other hand, tried to make a case for “Wilderness” classification, restricting the land to foot traffic alone. Within the recent classification, The APA established a wild forest corridor to allow snowmobile passage from Indian Lake to Newcomb. The corridor is about one-tenth of a mile wide and six miles long. According to outdoor author, Phil Brown, Ò Depending on where the snowmobile trail goes, it could be split in two. In which case, the smaller chunk would become the Pine Lake

Primitive Area.Ó Ò WeÕ re really hoping the snowmobile access works out as it would attract more winter business,Ó said Dave Olbert. Part of their expansion ideas would include a garage with snowmobile rentals offering guided day trips on the local trails. Ò We have repeat customers that come and stay with us year after year because of our unique location, we hope this new access will help our business grow,Ó he said. For more information about Cloud-Splitter Outfitters, contact Dave and Ruth Olbert at (518) 582-2583 or visit online at

your friends and neighbors in times of need. Many of the department members act as both firefighters and EMS providers, having undergone cross-training opportunities when they come up; 10 volunteers are both squad and firefighter members. All Minerva department volunteers work extremely hard to make sure that the department does what it needs to do to protect the community, whether out front or in the background as officers, board members, committee members, lawnmowers, or show shovelers. The rescue squad had a total of 154 calls (no misses) in 2013, which was two calls less than the banner year of 2012. The Minerva squadÕ s new ambulance was used well and carefully throughout the year. All drivers go through a training process whereby they learn through practical means how to handle radio transmissions as well as how to drive a large vehicle in often harrowing weather conditions during fire and medical emergencies. The rescue squad is composed of volunteers from nearby communities as well as the Town of Minerva. The roster includes 28 people, including EMTs, drivers, aides, and junior members (ages 14 Ð 17). Of the EMTs, 14 are EMT-Basics, three are advanced EMT-Critical Care, and one is an advanced EMT-Paramedic. The squad also has one Certified First Responder (also a junior member). All members are needed to participate as much as they can; sometimes itÕ s hard to make the time, but whatever time folks can donate whether on the schedule or not, their support is appreciated. Whether emergency medical technician or driv-

er or other supporter, the volunteers are the heart and soul of the rescue squad. A number of members among the roster deserve a mention - those with 20 or more calls to which they responded include: Karen Wright (85), Mike Corey (74), Cameron Dubay (64), Greg Wright (56), Keith Dubay (31), Ricale Howe (31), Zach Boucher (30), Debbie Palmatier (26), Simon Gardner (24), Hayley Killon (24), and Patty Warrington (23). Thank you for your contributions of time and energy to your community. Although the rescue squad was out with numerous calls in 2013, there were also 34 fire calls, with none of these calls missed, either. This is impressive, given the limited numbers of volunteers that are available. The fire company recently gained a new firefighter, Brandon Dunbar, who just completed a 90-hour Firefighter One class. The Minerva Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad, Inc. (MVFD&RS), is always on the lookout for new volunteers and supporters. Those with an interest in helping the department as a firefighter, driver, aide, support person or emergency health care provider, should contact a member to find out more about how to help. You can check on-line at to download an application and find out more about what the MVFD&RS is all about. The department has a great mix of folks who work on an impressive diversity of activities to keep everything running smoothly Ð take the time to check it out because Minerva is your community Ð please volunteer! ON THE COVER: Members of the Minerva Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad, Inc. Photo by Mike Corey



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Ò WeÕ re using a heavier salt mixture due to the icy weather but donÕ t foresee a shortage unless the ice storms persist. We have a salt shed with plenty of reserve,Ó he said. He also stated that he placed an order for salt and received it the next day. Highway officials in another town in Clinton County also said theyÕ ve used much more in supplies than the last few years. Town of Plattsburgh Highway Superintendent Jim Woods said so far this year theyÕ ve used 623 loads of salt/sand mix to date. That compares to 479 loads in all of last year and 211 the year before. Ò Our crew has 90 hours overtime per man to date this year, which is up from last yearÕ s 50 hours per man. These ice storms have caused problems with ice build up on our back roads. However, we have plenty of reserve on hand and donÕ t foresee any problems unless winter drags on much longer than usual,Ó Woods said. Through the entire region one thing remains constant; the icy weather has caused an increase in usage on supplies, and if the weather continues, towns could be scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep their roads safe.


Sand and salt

January 18, 2014


4 - News Enterprise


January 18, 2014

News Enterprise - 5


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News Enterprise Editorial

Tobacco customers should be 21 or older


hereÕ s still time to make a pair of important New YearÕ s health resolutions. Smokers should make every effort to quit. Society should make every attempt to prevent people from starting to smoke Ñ including raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21. WeÕ ve known the dangers of smoking for years, but a milestone this month should serve to remind us smoking kills. It was 50 years ago this month a landmark U.S. Surgeon GeneralÕ s report that linked smoking with bad health was issued. It was the first time Americans were told directly smoking kills. The government has updated the report 32 times in the five decades since. Those reports, along with the work of doctors and other health professionals, have made an impact. In 1965, 42 percent of the population smoked. Today, 19 percent of Americans do, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC claims government anti-smoking efforts have saved 8 million lives. ThatÕ s wonderful progress, but work remains to be done. An estimated 43.8 million Americans still smoke and experts claim the decline in smoking has plateaued. People arenÕ t quitting anymore. Smoking remains the No. 1 cause of preventable death in the United States. It kills more people than obesity, substance abuse, infectious disease, firearms and traffic accidents, according to the CDC. About 443,000 Americans die from smoking-related illnesses every year, according to the U.S. Department of Health. Americans know smoking kills. ItÕ s becoming more and more socially unacceptable. ItÕ s expensive. ItÕ s banned in most public places. Yet millions continue to do it. Why? A combination of psychological and biological factors are to blame, according to scientists. Ò The chemicals in cigarettes work on the structures deep within a smokerÕ s brain, literally rewiring it so the habit becomes deeply ingrained,Ó Jed Rose, the director of the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation in North Carolina, said in a recent CNN report. Ò Every move a smoker makes: the lighting of the cigarette, the inhaling, all the feelings and sensations of it, the whole package becomes highly addictive.Ó Most smokers believe its easy to quit Ñ before they actually try to stop, according to scientists. Ò Ultimately, they will lose their capacity to make a free choice to smoke,Ó Rose said. Ò Then 30 years later, thatÕ s when we typically see them in our program desperately trying to quit, because now they canÕ t go a single day without (a cigarette).Ó The World Health Organization has termed tobacco a Ò gradual killer.Ó It notes many young people start to smoke believing they can stop before suffering ill effects. While itÕ s never too late to quit, quitting is often much tougher than simply recognizing the problem. Avoiding cigarettes all together is the best way to steer clear of tobacco-related addiction and illness. That means keeping them away from children and young people, which is the reason many are calling for an increase in the legal age to 21 to purchase cigarettes. New York City had already taken that action. Some New York counties Ñ Nassau and Suffolk on Long Island Ñ have raised the legal age for purchasing cigarettes to 19. New York State should follow their lead. If not, local governments should. While tobacco advertising has been banned on television and the dangers of cigarettes have become well known, temptation remains. Several studies show tobacco marketing and advertising works and increases the likelihood that youth will start smoking. In 2011, cigarette companies spent $8.37 billion on ads and promotional expenses in the United States alone, according to the CDC. That breaks down to about $23 million a day or $27 for every American per year. Tobacco use is an issue everyone should care about Ñ smokers and non-smokers. ItÕ s expensive for everyone. Smoking cost the United States more than $193 billion a year, according to the CDC, including $97 billion in lost productivity and $96 billion in direct health care expenditures. ThatÕ s an average of $4,260 per adult smoker. ItÕ s a price we all pay. Ñ

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January 18, 2014


6 - News Enterprise


It’s just business as usual I

tÕ s so hard to know who leased their report on the perand what to believe any sonal financial disclosure informore. Our political sysmation released on members of tem has played the spin card Congress and found over half of so often on the American pubthem had an average net worth lic, they may have spun themof at least $1 million. The figselves completely out of sight. ures were split evenly between Combine that with a national Democrats and Republicans. media that has a greater interOn the Senate side, the average est in Hollywood glitz, sensanetworth of a senator was $2.7 tional reporting and little to do million with the Republicans Dan Alexander with true investigative watchgaining a distinct advantage Thoughts from dogging. What we are left with worth $2.9 million on averBehind the Pressline is a completely uninformed and age while Democratic Senators confused public. were a paltry $1.7 million. All Last weekÕ s big news was all about the while looking out for our best interest our New Jersey Governor Chris Chriselected representatives seem to find time to tie (R) and what the press has declared pocket a little for themselves, leaving us to Ò Bridgegate.Ó The national media seems to question their motives when a scandal hits pull out the old Ó -gateÓ thing whenever they the wire. think theyÕ ve got a good, juicy political scanSpeaking of other simmering scandals, the dal in the making. Their ability to be creative recently released memoir by former Secretary this year, however, was likely used up when of Defense Robert Gates provides a one-sided they recently conjured up the term Ò polar look into the Obama Administration. Once vortexÓ to describe the cold spell that hit the highly praised by the President and awarded country in early-January. the Medal of Freedom, Gates claims the PresiÒ Was the purposeful closing of several dent put his own political fortunes ahead of lanes on the most traveled bridge in the US the lives of the men and women serving in our done for political reasons?Ó and Ò Did Govermilitary. Gates used the book to provide his nor Christie have any involvement?Ó are the inside perspective of the Obama Administrabig questions that will now be bantered about tionÕ s inner workings. Both sides will spin the ad nauseam until the next big news story hits. book and its conclusions everyway imaginWho can we really believe anymore? The able, but in the end, we have to ask ourselves governor has a reputation as a no-nonsense who and what can we trust? One would asleader. A man who has proven he can be a forsume Gates has little to gain at this point in his midable opponent attracting voters from all life. When the first news stories of the book spectrums, but nonetheless, heÕ s still a politibegan to leak out, my initial thought was why cian at heart and not above political posturnow and this seems inappropriate. But after ing. The governor claims to be embarrassed at listening to his interview this week on CBS, the actions of his staff and, as yet, no evidence the timing now seems appropriate based on has come forward connecting him to the clohis reasoning. sures. His apology news conference and tour Sadly, we seem to go from one hot potato last week was in stark contrast to the previous issue to another week after week and in the apologies by President Obama when scandals end, it seems nothing positive changes for the rocked his administration. The contrast was American public. Our jobless rate continues to so different it seems almost too convenient of struggle, the economy is left to limp along and an opportunity to attract the nationÕ s attention our leaders continue to play political games and demonstrate his leadership style as comwith the majority of their focus dedicated to pared to that of the President or other possible posturing for the 2014 midterm elections and contenders for the Oval Office in 2016. the 2016 presidential elections. ThatÕ s where the trust and skepticism beOne positive note did surface recently. The gins to invade oneÕ s thinking. Can we believe Administration has chosen to fire CGI Fedanything, regardless of the source, when poeral, the contractor responsible for creating litical strategy and the high office are at the the online health insurance root of the subject? Politicians will tell us until marketplace. I do hope the Administration they are blue in the face that itÕ s our best interasked for a refund of the nearly $700 million est they have at heart, but time and time again CGI wasted building the site, but since it was we learn the opposite is true. only taxpayer money I doubt the subject was Consider a smaller news story overshadever broached. owed last week when Bridgegate hit the Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publiscene. The Center for Responsive Politics recations. He may be reached at

January 18, 2014

News Enterprise - 7

JOHNSBURG LIBRARY NEWS The Town of Johnsburg Library is hosting a series of programs this spring

The pair of commercial buildings on the far right of this photo is Pereau’s Garage (left) and auto showroom (right) as seen from across Tannery Pond circa 1933. The current day Town Hall and library were developed out of the building on the right. The garage was torn down to make room for a parking area. The private residence at the far left still stands. Courtesy of Johnsburg Historical Society As North Creek developed into a bustling hamlet in the 19th and 20th centuries due to the successes of the tanneries, timber industry, the railroad, and tourism, several entrepreneurs saw the need for automobile garages. Louis Pereau and his sons Claude and Charles operated PereauÕ s Garage and an auto showroom on this location. The garage was an agent for Ford, Overland, Maxwell, and Studebaker cars and trucks and stood to the left of this building. Before being converted into the present day Town Hall, this building was the auto showroom and sold HallÕ s Quality Ice Cream. On the property to the right is where Claude PereauÕ s home stood before its conversion to a parking lot. A later photograph taken in the 1940s shows a simple building on that same property in which George Sanders operated his Quick Lunch stand offering home cooking and refreshments. By the 1950Õ s the auto showroom building was in poor shape. For a short time between its use as the showroom and the Town Hall, it functioned as a jail space. The building was converted into Town Hall between the late 1950s and 1960s. The back of the building became the front section of the library in 1996, with an addition completed in 1999.

JOHNSBURG Ñ The Friends of the Town of Johnsburg Library are hosting a jewelry making workshop with Judy Brown and Judy Monroe Jan. 23 at 3 p.m. Participants will be able to make a sterling silver pendant or earrings. This program is funded in part by the Friends of the Library so we are asking for a suggested $10 donation per person. Please call the library at 251-4343 or you can register on the Town of Johnsburg Library Facebook page. The library has received a grant from LARAC for the libraryÕ s 7th Fiber Arts Series. Anna Poulos will teach a class March 23 from 10-4 on shibori dyeing. Students will create a design on a silk scarf to take home. Sharon Eberhard will teach a beginning machine quilting class April 6 from 10-4. Participants are required to bring a portable sewing machine. A materials list will be provided in advance. Linda VanAlstyne will teach a felting class April 13 from 10-4. Students will make a small crossbody bag. Charlene Leary will teach a class where students will use fiber paints on canvas to make a wall hanging. This class will be held on April 27 from 10-4. These class are made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the NY State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NY State Legislature and administered by Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council. Eric Gelber will be teaching us how to set-up a Facebook and Skype account Jan. 25 from 12-2. Eric will return Feb. 1 for another class TBA. Does anyone have a Nook or Kindle they no longer use? Library staff is available to show people how to download books and would appreciate donated devises to offer patrons for this purpose. The library would love to know what classes you would like to see held at the library. All programs are free but space is limited so call 251-4343 to register. DonÕ t forget our ongoing programs. Preschool storyhour and crafts every Friday from 10-11. We also have a knitting circle Thursdays at 2:30. Beginners are welcome to join.

Question of the Month

“Tell about a person who is very special to you and why” Ms. Hagadorn’s first grade class Johnsburg Central School Liam McGowin - My cousins are special because they have a pool and they let me go in it! Mason Englert - My sister is special because she brings me presents and she is part of my family. Savannah Virgil - My friend Vasanti is special because she is very nice to me. Adrianna Washburn - My teacher is special because she helps me. Morgan Woodard - My mom and dad are special because I love them and they love me and they are very nice to me. Kayla Gonyo - My friend Tristin is special because she plays with

Mill Creek Musings ByJanet Nickerson


commercial about Ò the touch and feel of cotton, the fabric of our livesÓ brought to mind patchwork quilts and how our lives are a patchwork created by our many diverse experiences. Years ago women made quilts from their old dresses and their childrenÕ s clothing. When they gathered with friends to stitch quilts, they must have remembered the times when they wore the clothes. In that way their experiences remained fresh over the years. A glance at a particular patch would bring to mind a special occasion. Some quilts are sewn with simple squares. Others are structured with a specific, repeated pattern, while crazy quilts are made up of oddly shaped and colorful pieces fitted together. Nowadays few of us make quilts, and those who do probably purchase contrasting calico at the fabric store. In our busy modern world we fail to be introspective, to study the fabric of our lives, to see if there are repeated patterns. Is our life quilt a simple and straight forward design, or is it one of those crazy quilts? Perhaps this New Year is the time to take stock.

me at recess time. Autumn Smith - My friend Maggie is special because we share our things. Tristin Secor - My friend Kayla is special because she is asked me to play with her at recess time and I say Yes! Charity Lupo - My cousin lake is special because he is my favorite! His wife had a baby named Tessa and I love the baby! Eric Mason - My sister Kersten is special because she plays basketball with me. Breyen Rafferty - My friend Mason is special because we play together at recess. Vasanti Collins - My friend Savannah is special to me because she is nice. Chet Perryman - My friend Emma is special because she likes Scooby-Doo and wears glasses just like me! Maggie Selleck - My friend Autumn because we share our pencils and crayons. Mrs. McKenna’s second grade class Johnsburg Central School Mackenzie Mulligan - My Grandma Jarvis is very special to me because she always knitted me stuff to wear. Cole Sears- My grandpa is very special to me because when I go to his house he plays golf with me. Hunter Denno - My grandparents are very special to me because at night when we sleep they leave the TV on so I can watch it when I am at their house. Isabelle Waite - My parents are very special to me because they love me and take care of me all the time. Levi Neal- My parents are really special to me because they take me places that I like to go to. Lilian Monroe - My mom is special to me because she is the one who takes good care of me. Tanner Baker - My dad is special to me because he always helps me to catch animals and keeps me safe. Lainey Freebern - Dad is special to me because every morning when I get up he says Ò Good MorningÓ and gives me a hug. Nathaniel Robinson - My Mami is very special to me because she always gives me food when I want it and takes me where I need to go. Sean Bibby - My family is very special to me because they love me and they bought me an Ipod. Cadence LaVergne - My dad and Grandma Nancy are very special to me because they love me very much and that is all I need. Nathan Lorensen - My dad is special to me because he loves me and he goes fishing with me.

Erica Ovitt graduated from Sage Graduate School with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance and Health Promotion. She has a background in fitness management, personal training and group exercise, and enjoys working with sport related injuries. She lives in Warrensburg, but spends many weekends in Indian Lake, where she graduated from Indian Lake Central School, with her friends and family. She enjoys camping, hiking and spending time with her husband Drew, and dog Rocco. Erica believes that it is her job to educate patients, giving them the tools they need to be successful for lifelong health and wellness.

Central Adirondack Cardboard Sled Race Circuit to kick off LONG LAKE Ñ Bob Lewin was the grand champion of the 2013 Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit. In 2013 Lewin raced in Long Lake, Indian Lake, and Inlet scoring overall points for the competition and walked away with a trophy for the first regional Cardboard Sledding race. Lewin will have that opportunity again in 2014 with a new race added to the list. The Towns of Long Lake, Indian Lake, Old Forge Inlet, welcome Oak Mountain in speculator to the Adk Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit. Cardboard Sled Races are held in conjunction with multiple winter festivals and carnivals throughout the central Adirondacks during in the winter months. Cardboard sled racing has become so popular town organizers collabo-

rated to organize a regional competition. This year racers are invited to compete at five events to vie for the Cardboard Racing Championship of the Adirondacks. Cardboard Sled racing involves imagination, ingenuity, cardboard, tape and unpredictable wintry conditions. Racers must be prepared for heavy snow, icy tracks and the occasional winter thaw affecting the condition of courses. The race circuit is open to all ages, but there will only be one champion walking away with a trophy and bragging rights for an entire year. The Cardboard Sled Racing season kicks off Jan. 18 in Long Lake, Feb. 16 in Indian Lake, Old Forge Feb. 23 in Inlet and will wrap up on March 1 at Oak Mountain in Speculator. Racers must compete in three out of five races

to qualify for points, and racers must use the same sled regardless of condition. Points are given for placing for race time, Best Design and participation. All ages are welcome, but only one champion will be named. Home rules will apply to each individual race. Dates for the Competition • Saturday, Jan. 18, Long Lake. Mt. Sabattis. MoonlighterÕ s Winter Carnival. Registration at Noon. Race at 1 p.m. 518-624-3077 • Sunday, Feb. 16 at 1 p.m. at the Indian Lake Ski Hill during WinterFest. Redneck Cardboard & Duct Tape Sled Race. 518-648-5828 • Sunday, Feb. 16 at 3 p.m. in Old Forge at McCauley Mountain during Winter Carnival.

1-877-OLDFORGE • Saturday, Feb. 22 Inlet, Frozen Fire and Lights. Race at Fern Park at 1 p.m. 1-866-GO INLET (464-6538) • Saturday, March 1, Oak Mountain, Famous Cardboard Race Oak Mountain, Speculator, 1 p.m. 518.548.3606 No pre-registration necessary. Racers sign up the day of event. All race time starts are subject to change without notice. The circuit requires racers participate in a minimum of three out of five events to vie for the Championship of the Central Adirondacks Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit. Winner of the circuit will be announced at Oak MountainÕ s March 1 Winter Carnival event.

JOHNSBURG Ñ A romantic musical concert Ò Valentine Hit Parade III,Ó and champagne reception will be held Friday, February 14 to benefit the Adirondack Community Outreach Center (ACOC). The event begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Tannery Pond Community Center on Main Street in North Creek. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Send your check


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Romantic musical concert slated

made out to the ACOC to: PO Box 301, North Creek, NY 12853. Tom Akstens, Carolyn Bischoff, Mike Corey, Mary Leach, Jeffrey Schanzer and Bernadette Speach will be performing a potpourri of romantic tunes and a short story, which will be followed by a scintillating reception to romance the night away. All money raised from this benefit will be used by the Adirondack Community Center to support such programs and services as: • School supplies to children in the Fall • Christmas toys for children using the food pantry • The food pantry supplements food for about 20 percent of people in Johnsburg. • Our clothing center supplies clients from 20 different zip codes. As well, many local restaurants are donating a sweet, savory or wine for the reception. Email Carolyn at or call 251-3186 if you would like to perform or donate a sweet or savory or would like further information.


under the light of the full moon. • Hot chocolate, 7 p.m.: Warm up inside with some hot chocolate before calling it an evening. Registration is required for this event. Those wishing to register or obtain more information can call (518) 582-2000 or email aic@ This event was originally planned as the AICÕ s Solstice Shindig, which was postponed because of inclement weather Dec. 21.


NEWCOMB Ñ The Adirondack Interpretive Center (AIC) will bring in the new year with live music, food and outdoor adventure during its first New Year Shindig Jan. 18. The event will be held at the AIC on the Newcomb campus of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Events will include: • Nature crafts, 2 p.m.: Make crafts and bird feeders with objects from the forest. • Live music, 4 p.m.: Enjoy folk and bluegrass tunes by Frank and Frank (AICÕ s program manager, Frank Morehouse III, and his father, Frank Morehouse Jr.) • Potluck dinner, 5 p.m.: Enjoy all-you-can-eat chili and corn bread for $5. Do you have the perfect winter dish? Bring it to share and get a free dinner. • Full moon snowshoe hike, 6 p.m.: Get outside in the crisp, winter air and take a guided snowshoe hike on the AICÕ s trails

January 18, 2014



Celebrate New Year Shindig at AIC


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January 18, 2014

Friday, Jan. 17

INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Indian Lake Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Meeting ILVAC Building INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” at the Indian Lake Theater. Call, (518) 648-5950 for more information or INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Skate & Game Night at the Ski Hut in Indian Lake. A night of fun sponsored by ILCS PTSO. Skating, Board Games, Sliding, Snacks and Hot Cocoa. All kids must be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday, Jan. 18

LONG LAKE — Winter Carnival, 12 a.m., Mt. Sabattis & Geiger Arena Come take part in one of Long Lake’s most famous winter events! Prepare your sleds and compete in the downhill Cardboard Box Sled Races and don’t miss the snowmobile parade. This year’s Winter Carnival is sure to be a day filled with cold weather fun! Events include one shot basketball, fireman’s relay, men’s golf drive, and the ladies frying pan toss. Cash prizes awarded to winners. Fireworks at dusk and a bonfire burning throughout the day. Sledding and ice skating throughout the day, as are warm beverages, food, and restrooms. Call, (518) 624-3077 for more information. INDIAN LAKE — 5:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Annual Central Adirondack Ice Fishing Derby on Lake Adirondack in Indian Lake. Hourly cash prizes for largest perch and pike. Door prizes, food, raffles. $30 advanced reservation or $35 day of event. Registration and check-in starts at 5:30 a.m. at the Byron ark Building. Call, (518) 648-5828 for more information or INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” at the Indian Lake Theater. Call (518) 648-5950 or

Sunday, Jan. 19

NORTH CREEK — MountainView Community Church invites the public to a special worship service at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek on Sunday, Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. Coffee and snacks will be available at 10:30 a.m. and after the service. INDIAN LAKE — 1:30 p.m. Cabin Fever Sunday “Stump the Staff” Strange stories from the Adks at the Adirondack Museum Auditorium, Blue Mountain Lake. Bring in and artifact and see if museumologists can guess what it is. Featuring Hallie Bond, Jerry Pepper and Phil Terrie. Admission is free for museum mem-

bers, students and children; $5 for non-members. NORTH CREEK —11 a.m. MountainView Community Church invites you to a special worship service at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek. Coffee and snacks will be available at 10:30am and after the service. Kids ages 3 thru 6th grade will have a blast worshiping with Vertical KIDZ. We also have a nursery for kids 2 and under. All are invited and we can’t wait to see you!

Monday, Jan. 20

INDIAN LAKE — All Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day INDIAN LAKE — 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. Senior Citizens Bingo at Senior Citizens Meal Site Call, (518) 6485412 for more information. INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Snocade meeting at the Byron Park Building

Tuesday, Jan. 21

INDIAN LAKE — 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. North Country Crafters at Byron Park Building. Call (518) 648-5819 for more information. INDIAN LAKE — 7 - 9 p.m. Adult Volleyball at the Indian Lake Central School Gymnasium. Call, (518) 648-5024 for more information. INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. School Board Meeting at the Indian Lake Central School cafeteria. Call, (518) 648-5024

Wednesday, Jan. 22

NORTH CREEK — noon The Gore Mountain Seniors will hold their January meeting on at the North Creek Meal Site. The menu is cheeseburger deluxe with lettuce and tomato, roast potato, baked beans and mandarin oranges. Call 2512711 early reserve a place. At this meeting we will vote on and install officers for 2014 and discuss activity planning.

Thursday, Jan. 23

INDIAN LAKE — 9:30 - 11 a.m. Osteobusters at Byron Park Building INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Art House Thursday “Wadjda” at Indian Lake Theater. Call, (518) 648-5950 for more information or

Friday, Jan. 24

INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Movie “Saving Mr. Banks” at the Indian Lake Theater. Call, (518) 648-5950 for more information or

Saturday, Jan. 25

LONG LAKE — Mount Adams Hike w/ Cert. Guide Spencer Morrissey, 8 a.m., Long Lake Town Offices. Join us on an exciting snowshoe tour as we lead a trip up Mount Adams. This 4.8 mile round-trip will be over moderate to steep terrain. The route will bring you past Lake Jimmy on an easy trail before you enter a narrower trail and eventually hike a steeply to a historical Adirondack Firetower. The views are some of the best in the park, surely to leave you in awe. Snowshoes are a must, rentals available, must request them in advance. $20 per person, guide fee. Trip not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Preregistration required, call 518-624-3077. LONG LAKE — Mike Norris Fishing Derby, 6am, Registration at the Raquette Lake Fire Hall Fish for Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Perch and Salmon. Cash Prizes. Sponsored by the Raquette Lake Fish and Game Club. INDIAN LAKE — 4 - 9 P.M. There will be a 5 hr prelicensing course held at Indian Lake Central School. You will need your Drivers Permit. Register by calling (518) 648 5306

Jan. 27

INDIAN LAKE — 12:30-3 p.m. Senior Citizens Bingo at Senior Citizens Meal Site. Call, (518) 648 5412 for more information INDIAN LAKE — 7-9 p.m. Adult Volleyball at Indian Lake Central School Gymnasium. Call, (518) 648-5024 for more information

Tuesday, Jan. 28

INDIAN LAKE — 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. North Country Crafters at Byron Park Building. Call, (518) 648 5819 for more information

Wednesday, Jan. 29

INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Indian Lake/Blue Mountain Lake Fish & Game Association Meeting at Byron park Building.

Thursday, Jan. 30

INDIAN LAKE — 9:30 - 11 a.m. Osteobusters at Byron Park Building INDIAN LAKE — 4 p.m. Trade show for Contractors at Indian Lake Theater. Call, (518) 648-5950 for more information or

Friday, Jan. 31

INDIAN LAKE — 7 p.m. Movie “American Hustle” at the Indian Lake Theater. Call, (518) 648-5950 for more information

News Enterprise - 9

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January 18, 2014

Doing it outdoors, with Hope and a Prayer


ccasionally, in my zealous effort to promote getting kids outside, IÕ ve often neglected a pressing need to do the same for adults. While I canÕ t advocate Ô tossing the old folks out in the snowÕ as I have with kids, I do believe thereÕ s a real need for programming that would help to connect, or reconnect people of all generations to the treasures and pleasures of the outdoor life. Some sort of program with mountain mentors, if you will. The situation was brought to my attention when a reader commented on a recent column I had written titled, Ò Toss the Kids into the Snow.Ó He remarked,Ò This was a great article. Virtually all that you said (about kids) would work for getting adults involved in any activity, winter or otherwise. So often when people try to teach family or friends (about the outdoors) they forget how long it took them to get Ò goodÓ . Ò They wish for the newbie to be up to their level in a couple of hours, or half a day, max. Too many have been turned away from activities because of that expectation.Ó Although I truly enjoy getting children outdoors, it doubles the pleasure whenever a program involves getting out with adults, especially seniors. And it is truly unfortunate that we tend to set our expectations so high when it comes to taking greenhorn adults into the outdoors. We all started as rookies in the wilderness, there wasnÕ t any spring training. The woods can be just as threatening to an inexperienced eighty year old as they are for an enthusiastic eight or nine year old. For nature neophytes, the wilderness can be just as intimidating as Time Square would be for an experienced woodsman. ItÕ s always difficult to be comfortable when you’ re out of both your element, and your zone. IÕ ve discovered the easiest and most enjoyable method for introducing newcomers to the woods is to treat them all the same, big, little or somewhere in between. The big woods are only intimidating for those who donÕ t know how to enjoy them, and that is a problem thatÕ s easily overcome. All it really takes is some time, patience, a bit of wildwood wisdom mixed with the company of at least one

competent outdoors traveler who is willing to share his or her experience with others. IÕ ve discovered that getting out with seniors is really no different than playing with a bunch kids. The woods and waters, fresh air and sunshine bring out the same lively enjoyment and enthusiasm. We often forget todayÕ s seniors grew up during an era when the majority of recreational activities were conducted outdoors. Such outings helped to keep them young, and we should never forget the true purpose of recreation is to re-create. As a child, I learned about the outdoors while playing with friends; but I learned much more from their parents and grandparents. I was reminded of this fact when I recently discovered a dusty old box on a shelf in the basement of my parentÕ s house in Elizabethtown. Inside the wooden box was an old birch bark scroll with handwriting scrawled across it. It had been written by Geoff Carleton, a wellknown ornithologist who often allowed me to tag along on his regular birding trips into the High Peaks. As I unrolled the scroll, the delicate bark cracked and split, but the writing was still legible. It read, Prayer Of The Woods I am the heat of your hearth on a cold winter night, the friendly shade screening you from the summer sun, and my fruits are refreshing draughts quenching your thirst as you journey on. I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table, the bed on which you lie, and the timber that builds your boat. I am the handle of your hoe, the door of your homestead, the wood of your cradle, and the shell of your coffin. I am the bread of kindness and the flower of beauty. All who pass by this way, listen to my prayer: Harm me not. IÕ ve read various versions of this poem over the years, but none of them ever carried the impact it had that day. The scroll had secreted away a long time ago and hidden with it, were some of the most precious memories of my youth. Joe Hackett is a guide and sportsman residing in Ray Brook. Contact him at brookside18@adelphia. net.

The Salerno Brothers of Moriah, pictured above, will make an appearance at The Yankee Sportsman Show Jan. 17 to the 19 in Essex Junction Vermont.

Is Cabin Fever Getting to you yet?


he weather has been Southside, 60 tables $15 each very interesting so buy-sell-trade Adm $2 Midfar! Rain one day, state Arms Collectors Show then minus 20 degrees anothManager: Sandy Ackerman er, and ice, and lots of it, then Klinger 607-748-1010 1:00 PM-6 back to rain and maybe even p.m. Weekdays some snow one day, then back • April 12-13 NY Syracuse, to pouring rain, and then back Center of Progress Bldg., NY to freezing and more ice. You State Fairgrounds, 581 State canÕ t get bored when you are Fairgrounds Drive Show hours chipping ice out of the gutopen to public Sat 9-5 Sun 9-3 ters, spreading salt and sand A: $6. Under 12 free w/adult for grit, and pushing mush seniors $5, Manager: Sandy By Rich Redman out of the drive before the Ackerman Klinger 607-748next freeze, which could come 1010 1-6 p.m. Weekdays Syraat any minute. If your mind wanders to some white sand The Fly Fishing Museum in Manchester beach island off the coast of who cares, its 85 Vermont is having fly tying classes, fly fishing degrees, and youÕ re standing on the deck of a programs and even a fly fishing movie. Manboat with a fly rod in one hand and an ice cold chester is a long drive, but right about now cocktail in the other fishing for whatever, then getting out of the four walls of the cabin may we share the same dream. be good for you. This is directly from their However, the reality is that I am sitting in website; the back room looking out my window wonThe American Museum of Fly Fishing will dering if I need more tailings to put out in the host a series of four fly tying lessons designed driveway. to start from the beginning and take you If you need a road trip to thaw out, and through to some more advanced patterns. stimulate your mind, then take advantage of Each session will run from 10:30 a.m. to 12 some of the following sportsman, fishing and p.m. Bring your own kit or use one of ours. gun shows. • Jan. 11-Tying for beginners with Yoshi The Yankee Sportsman Show Jan. 17 to the Akiyama 19th in Essex Junction Vermont, will have • Jan. 18- Stoneflies with George Butts some local guys showing off there Deer hunt• Feb. 1-Fly tying with Paul Sinicki ing skills. MoriahÕ s own Salarno Brothers will • Feb. 8-Streamer work shop with Peggy be on hand to give some pointers on getting a Brenner big woods buck. Champlain Valley Expo, Es• Feb. 15- Fly tying with Kelly Bedford sex Jct., VT Fly tying classes are included with the $5 admission fee that day upon museum entrance. Confirm your spot by emailing ccole@ • Jan 17-19 NY Syracuse, New York or by calling the Museum at 802manÕ s Show, Oncenter, Friday 12-8pm, Satur- 362-3300. day 10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm, For Info • Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014 at 10 a.m. the Fly Call 888-334-2856 or 315-440-4351 or Visit the Fishing Museum is hosting the newest Eric Website: http://www.newyorksportsmenSteel movie, Ò Kiss the WaterÓ at the Village Picture Shows Cinema,263 Depot Street, • Jan. 24-26 NY Syracuse, New York SportsManchester Center, VT Tickets on sale at the manÕ s Expo, New York State Fairgrounds, For Cinema or at the Museum! Info Call 585-254-2580 x200 Fax 585-458-1511 or email Website: • Jan. 18-19 South Burlington, VT. 05430 • Jan. 25-26 NY Olean, 5th Annual Olean Knights of Columbus Hall, 2 Berard Drive Sportsman Show, Olean Good Times Plaza (NEW VENUE), 800 East State Street, $3 • Feb. 8 - 9, 2014: Barre Fish & Game Club adults, $2 students & seniors, Greater Olean Gun Show Chamber of Commerce, For Info Call 716-372• Saturday Feb. 8, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sunday 4433 or email Feb. 9, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. • Feb. 27-March 2 NY Suffern, World FishAdmission: Adults $7, Children $1 ing & Outdoor Exposition, Rockland Com• Feb. 22-23 White River Jct. VT. 05001 CT munity College, For Info Call 603-431-4315 Auto Auction BLD, 1567 RT 14, www.greenor email Website: • March 8-9 Brattleboro, VT. 05301 VFW • March 6-9 NY Hamburg/Buffalo, NY Hall, 40 Black Mtn. Road www.greenmtgunWNY Sport & Travel Show, Hamburg grounds, For Info Contact Tom at 814-725• March 22-23 Rutland, VT. 05701 Frank3856 Fax 814-725-3441 Website: www.sporlin Conference Rm @ The Howe, 1 Scale Ave • April 26-27 Middlebury, VT. 05753 American Legion Hall # 27, 1 Boardman St. • Jan. 25-26 Albany, Empire State Plaza Convention Center, 450 6Õ tables Admission • Sept. 6-7 Rutland, VT. 05701 Frank$6 seniors $5 Under 12 free w/adult Plenty of lin Conference Rm @ the Howe, 1 Scale Ave. parking Guards on duty 24 hours daily. Show Manager: Sandy Ackerman Klinger 607-748• Sept. 27-28 Chester, VT. 05143 American 1010 1-6 p.m. Weekdays SyracuseGunshow. Legion Hall # 67, 637 VT RT 103 www.greencom • Jan. 25-26, Asheville, NY Chautauqua • Nov. 29-30 White River Jct. VT. 05001 County SportsmanÕ s Show, Chautauqua Lake CT Auto Auction BLD, 1567 RT 14 www. Auction Center, 2118 Magnolia Ave, 80 Tables Sat 9-4 Sun 9-3, Adm $5 Children under 12 Make sure you take your kids or grandkids free, 716-569-6810, www.yorkpennshows. to these programs and pass on the hunting, com fishing and conservation heritage our consti• Feb. 9 Sidney, The Sidney Gun & Knife tution grants us! Show at the Elks Club 104 River Street in Sidney, NY. 50 tables, 9-3PM, admission $2 buyRich Redman is a retired District Conservationsell-trade Midstate Arms Collectors Sandy ist for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Ackerman Klinger 607-748-1010 1-6 p.m. Service and an avid outdoorsman. His column will Weekdays appear regularly. He may be reached at rangeric@ • March 2 Oneonta, Holiday Inn Rte. 23



New York Sportsman Shows

Vermont Gun Shows

New York Gun Shows

Young or old, anglers are all the same age to the fish. Photo by Joe Hackett

January 18, 2014

News Enterprise - 11

Boys basketball


Johnsburg 44, Crown Point 36

NORTH CREEK Ñ The Jaguars got off to a better start than the Panthers Tues. night Jan. 7th , leading 23 - 13 at half. Thanks to Ty Berg and Mark Cleveland that lead continued. Berg and Cleveland both had 9 points with Austin Washburn chipping in 7 to lead the Jags past the Panthers. Jaice Spring of Crown Point poured in a game high 18 points with Gabe Macey adding 12 for the Panthers.

Hardwood Logs Standing Timber Timberland Top Prices Paid!

Indian Lake/Long Lake 44, Kings School 10

INDIAN LAKE Ñ Eight different players scored Tuesday night Jan 7th for the Orange pushing them past Kings School. Henry Sandiford led the Indian Lake/Long Lake with 13 points. While Curtis Seaman put in 10 for an almost uncontested second half. Matt McKnight and Jeff Jenks led Kings School with 4 points a piece.

A. Johnson Co. Bristol, VT 05443 802-453-4884

Keene 54, Minerva/Newcomb 36


KEENE Ñ The Beavers pulled away in second half Friday Jan. 10th. Austin Brown and Colton Venner led Keene with 14 pts a piece. Trevor Moulton led the Mountaineers with 11pts while Stephen Colletti had 6 pts.

(Evenings) 47387

North Country Telephone Exchange Directory (518)

Girls basketball

Crown Point 44, Johnsburg 18

CROWN POINT Ñ Amanda Wolf stood out for Crown Point, scoring 25 points and hauling in 12 rebounds Wednesday night Jan. 8. The Panthers took a 29-10 first half lead, having all 5 starters score in the first quarter. Amber Dushane scored 5 points, grabbed 14 rebounds and played outstanding defense for the Panthers while Brittany Foote added 8 points. Kara Millington played a good game for Jaguars, scoring 8 points. EmmaLee Ellsworth added 4 points. in a game that highlighted the difficulty finding and answer for Crown Points Wolf.

Minerva/Newcomb 53, Wells 20

WELLS Ñ Makenzie Winslow and Gabrielle McNally led the Mountaineers with 12 points a piece Thursday, Jan. 9th. Danielle McNally added 8 points and Astasia Myler 7 points for Minerva/Newcomb, jumping to a 43-2 lead at half. Chelsea Simons was high score for Wells with 6 points. While Kennedy added 4 points for Wells.

Keene 61, Minverva/Newcomb 51

NEWCOMB Ñ Astasia Myler let the Mounaineers with 15 points, followed by Nicole Rubertone and Makenzie Winslow with 11 each and Gabriel McNally, 9. 46864

236.............Altona/Mooers 251.................North Creek 293.......................Saranac 297...............Rouses Point 298...................Champlain 327.................Paul Smiths 352..............Blue Mt. Lake 358...............Ft. Covington 359................Tupper Lake 483........................Malone 492.................Dannemora 493.................West Chazy 494................Chestertown 497.................Chateaugay 499.....................Whitehall 523..................Lake Placid 529...........................Moria 532..............Schroon Lake 543..........................Hague 546.......Port Henry/Moriah 547........................Putnam 561-566...........Plattsburgh 576....Keene/Keene Valley 581,583,584,587 ..............Saratoga Springs 582....................Newcomb 585................Ticonderoga 594..........Ellenburg Depot 597.................Crown Point 623...............Warrensburg 624...................Long Lake 638............Argyle/Hartford 639......................Fort Ann 642......................Granville 643.............................Peru 644............Bolton Landing 647.............Ausable Forks 648..................Indian Lake 654......................... Corinth 668...............Lake George 695................Schuylerville 735.............Lyon Mountain 746,747..........Fort Edward / Hudson Falls 743,744,745,748,761,792, 793,796,798. . . .Glens Falls 834....................Keeseville 846..........................Chazy 856.............Dickerson Ctr. 873....Elizabethtown/Lewis 891..............Saranac Lake 942......................Mineville 946..................Wilmington 962......................Westport 963...........Willsboro/Essex


247.......................Brandon 372....................Grand Isle 388...................Middlebury 425......................Charlotte 434....................Richmond 438...............West Rutland 453.......Bristol/New Haven 462......................Cornwall 475.........................Panton 482....................Hinesburg 545...................Weybridge 655......................Winooski 658....................Burlington 758........................Bridport 759.......................Addison 654,655,656,657,658,660, 860,862,863,864,865,951, 985....................Burlington 877...................Vergennes 769,871,872,878,879 ..................Essex Junction 893...........................Milton 897....................Shoreham 899......................Underhill 948..........................Orwell 888...... ..............Shelburne


12 - News Enterprise

GAIL L. COBB JAN 02, 1962 - JAN 10, 2014 Ticonderoga. Gail L. Cobb, Caughin and his wife, Priscil52, of Ticonderoga, passed la of Hoosick Falls, and away on Friday, January 10, David W. McCaughin and 2014 at her residence. his wife, Esther of Cohoes. Born in Ticonderoga, January She is also survived by one 2, 1962, she was granddaughter the daughter of and many nieces the late Kenneth and nephews. F. and Marion L. Relatives and (Powell) Mcfriends may call Caughin. Thursday, JanGail was a lifeuary 16, 2014 long Putnam and from 10 - 11 a.m. Ticonderoga resat the Wilcox & ident. She was Regan Funeral employed in Home, 11 AlFood Service at gonkin St., Silver Bay AssoTiconderoga. ciation and Great Meadow A Prayer Service will follow Correctional Facility. at 11:00 a.m., Thursday, at Gail was a loving mother and the Funeral Home. daughter. Interment will take place at a Survivors include two sons, later date at the family plot of Steven E. Cobb and Jason M the Meadow Knoll Cemetery Cobb, both of Ticonderoga; of Putnam Station. two brothers, Kenneth E. McIRA E. GRAVES, JR. MAR 09, 1956 - JAN 12, 2014 Ticonderoga. Ira E. Graves, was also pre-deceased by Jr., 57, of Ticonderoga, two sisters, Anna Yvonne passed away unexpectedly Graves and Meredith on Sunday, January 12, 2014 Frechette, and one brother, at his residence. Charles Graves. Born in TiconHe is survived deroga, March 9, by one brother, 1956, he was the John E. Graves, son of the late Ira Sr. and his wife, E. and Bessie E. Sharon of Ticon(Baker) Graves, deroga, and sevSr. eral nieces and Ira was a lifelong nephews. Ticonderoga resRelatives and ident. As a friends may call young boy, he Friday, January worked as a 17, 2014 from 10 farm hand on the - 11 a.m. at the teRiele farm in Ticonderoga. Wilcox & Regan Funeral Through the years he worked Home, 11 Algonkin St., for the Town of Ticonderoga Ticonderoga. at the Land Fill, worked at an A Funeral Service will follow apple orchard in Vermont at 11:00 a.m. at the Funeral and was a Pilot for the TiconHome. deroga Ferry. Interment will take place in His greatest enjoyment was the Spring at the family plot gardening. of the Mt. Hope Cemetery of In addition to his parents, he Ticonderoga.

ISABELLE J. "BELLE" ARMSTRONG MAY 25, 1952 - JAN 11, 2014 Crown Point. Isabelle J. er, Elsie Swinton of Crown "Belle" Armstrong, 61, of Point; one son, Gerald ArmCrown Point, passed away strong and his wife, Lori of on Saturday, January 11, Alamogordo, New Mexico; 2014, after a short illness. five siblings, Sally Kennedy Born in Ticonof Crown Point, deroga, May 25, Timothy Swin1952, she was the ton of Schroon daughter of the Lake, Randy late Gerald SwinSwinton of ton and Elsie Schroon Lake, (Gueyette) SwinBonnie Hughes ton, who surof Brant Lake, vives her, of and David SwinCrown Point. ton of South ByMrs. Armstrong ron. She is also was a lifelong survived by resident of the three grandAdirondack Region. She was daughters, Bethany, Caitlin a well known Waitress for and Samantha; and many many years in the Ticonderonieces and nephews. ga and Crown Point area. A Memorial Service will take Most recently she was emplace in the Spring. ployed by Debro's On the Arrangements are under the Way Cafe of Crown Point. direction of the Wilcox & ReIn addition to her father, Gergan Funeral Home of Ticonald Swinton, she was also pre deroga. -deceased by her husband, In lieu of flowers, please hug Kenneth J. Armstrong who someone who needs it and passed away on November donate to the American Can20, 2004. cer Society. Survivors include her mothRICHARD E. WALLINGFORD MAY 05, 1934 - JAN 07, 2014 Richard E. Wallingford ber of The Church of All Mr. Richard E. Wallingford Saints in Mineville, NY. 79, of Mineville, NY formally Richard was predeceased by of Highland Mills, NY his parents. passed away Tuesday JanSurvived by his son and uary 7, 2014 at daughter-in-law CVPH Medical Edward and LilCenter surlian Wallingford, rounded by his Daughter Judith loving family. Wallingford, He was born Grand Daughter May 5, 1934 in Josephine Ithica, NY, the Wallingford, and son of the late soon-to-be Great Albert and RegiGrand Child, na (Woods) and several Wallingford. cousins. Richard was forCalling Hours mally in the National Guard will be held Friday January and enjoyed driving, danc10, 2014 from 6 to 8 PM at ing, skating, and spending Harland Funeral Home in time with family and friends. Port Henry, NY. A Mass will Richard worked for Hudson be held Saturday January 11, Transit/ Short Line as a bus 2014 at 10 AM at St. Patrick's driver for 34 years until he Church in Port Henry, NY retired in 1997. Memorial Donations may be On June 11, 1960 he married made in Richard's memory to the love of his life Donna The Town of Moriah Ambu(Petro) Wallingford at St. lance and Fire Departments Michaels Church in Witheror any donation of your bee, NY. Richard was a memchoice.




Barbershop Mens & Boys Haircuts

PC Problem Solving Serving All of Your Computing Needs

Gregory J. Fresca

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26 Cable Access Way, Minerva, N.Y. 12851 (off 28N between Firehouse & 14th Rd.) HOURS: Wed. 10-8; Fri. 10-5 Thurs. 10-5; Sat. 10-5

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MARIA T. "MARY" LUPOLI MAR 11, 1927 - JAN 04, 2014 Maria T. "Mary" Lupoli, 86, brother-in-law, Fannie "Peeof Purling passed away SatWee" and Anthony Lupoli, urday, January 4, 2014, at St. her brother, Joseph Greco, Peter's Hospital of Albany, her sister-in-law and brothersurrounded by her loving in-law, Carmella and Lufamily. ciano Zaccarelli, Born in Brookand her nephew, lyn, March 11, Patrick Greco. 1927, she was the Survivors indaughter of the clude her five late Pasquale children, Peter and Rose (ManM. Lupoli, Jr. of frede) Greco. Leeds, Michael Mary married (Mary) Lupoli of Peter M. Lupoli Cairo, Maria on May 17, 1947, (Mike) Mario of and together Catskill, Diane they raised five (Thomas) Valenti children. They lived in of Ticonderoga, and James Ozone Park, NY for many (Johanna) Lupoli of Slingeryears before moving to Purllands. She is also survived ing in 1975. by Nancy Lupoli of Cairo; She was the Office Manager her brother-in-law, Joseph of her family business, Fa"Sonny" Lupoli of Leeds; her ther & Sons Auto Sales and sister-in-law, Fay Greco of Service of Leeds. Howard Beach; her eleven She was a communicant of grandchildren, Stacey Sacred Heart Catholic (David) Infantino, Peter (CarChurch of Cairo, NY and forrie) Lupoli III, Nicholas merly of St. Mary Gate of (Kate) Lupoli, Stephanie Heaven Catholic Church of Lupoli, Melanie (Jeff) YunOzone Park and was active gandreas, Michael Lupoli, Jr., in both churches through the Kimberly (Eric) Wiggins, years. She served as PresiKristi (James) Robbiani, dent of St. Mary Gate of Vanessa Valenti, Thomas Heaven Altar Rosary Society. Valenti, Jr. and Olivia Lupoli; her seven great-grandchilShe was an active, dedicated dren, Michael and Hannah member of the Greene CounInfantino, Grace and Ellie ty Women's League Cancer Lupoli, Jon, Joshua and Kara Patient Aide Society for more Wiggins, and another greatthan 30 years and especially grandson, due in January, looked forward to their anand many nieces, nephews, nual fundraiser luncheon, cousins, and numerous held in Hunter, NY, every friends, including her dear August. friend of many years, Flo Her greatest joy was her famPagliuca. ily and her numerous Calling hours took place in friends. She enjoyed hosting Catskill, NY. A Mass of many gatherings at her home Christian Burial was celebratand was lovingly known by ed on Wednesday, January 8, both family and friends as 2013 at 11:00 a.m. at the Sa"The General". cred Heart Catholic Church Mary perfected the craft of of Cairo, NY. The Rite of knitting and crocheting, havCommittal followed at the ing crafted hundreds of family plot of St. Patrick's beautiful sweater sets for baCemetery of Catskill bies of family and friends. Donations in Mary's memory In addition to her parents, may be made to the Greene she was pre-deceased by her County Women's League loving husband, Peter M. Cancer Patient Aide Society, Lupoli, Sr. on December 4, P.O. Box 341, Round Top, NY 1982. She was also pre-de12473. ceased by her sister and

ELECTRIC GORE ELECTRIC SERVICES Sales & Service Residential-Commercial Industrial 3239 State Rte 28 North Creek, NY 12853


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January 18, 2014

Rich’s Small Engine Repair SALES & SERVICE

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January 18, 2014

ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS Needed immediately for upcoming roles $150-$300 per day depending on job requirements. No experience, All looks needed. 1-800-561-1762 Ext A-104, for casting times/locations.

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TICONDEROGA 1 bdrm apartment, heat/trash removal included. Walking distance to village, sec. & ref. required. $500/mo. 518-586-4554

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TICONDEROGA - PAD FACTORY BY THE RIVER APARTMENTS, 2 bdrm, ground floor. Rent includes heat, garbage removal & covered parking. Available 12/1. References required, 1 year lease, no pets. $650/mo. Call 518 -338-7213. TICONDEROGA MT VISTA APTS 3 Bdrm $608 rent + utilities. No smokers. Rental assistance may be avail; must meet eligibility requirements. 518-584-4543 NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800-4211220 Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity.

HOME CROWN POINT - 3 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, large covered deck, W/D hook-up, pets OK with additional deposit, $700/mo. plus utilities. 518-585-2500. CROWN POINT - 5 bdrm house, $650/mo., references & deposit required. 518-597-3935 MORIAH - 3-4 bdrm home. Breathtaking views, very private, fireplace, OHW heat, 7.3 acres, covered patio, storage shed. Security & references required. 518597-3270. NORTH HUDSON - Beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath house on 5 acres, $1500/mo. 518-532-0391 or 518-524-3751. RIPARIUS - 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, hot water furnace and monitor heat, references, no pets, $650/ mo. 518-824-2102 SOUTH TICONDEROGA - Private country home, $900/month plus utilities, 2 year lease. 518-5857907 or 518-585-3300. TICONDEROGA 2 bdrm/1 bath efficient home, convenient to town, $695/mo. 802-758-3276.

MOBILE HOME CROWN POINT - 2bdrms, appliances included, references & deposit required, $625/mo. 518-5973935 JOHNSBURG - 2 bdrm/2 bath on corner lot, not in trailer park. No smoking or pets. MUST have references, security & 1st months rent. All utilities paid by tenant. Call 518-251-3990. Available midJanuary. NORTH RIVER - 3 bdrm/2 bath mobile home in trailer park. No smoking or pets. MUST have references, security & 1st months rent. All utilities paid by tenant. $550/mo. Call 518-251-3990.

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January 18, 2014 CROWN POINT - 600 + feet on Putts Creek, 2.78 acres, 20' x 32' livable building. Fix up or tear down and rebuild. $30,000 FIRM quick sale. 518-354-7167.

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SCHROON LAKE - Leased Land with Camp in Excellent Condition, 50' lakefront, 48' wooden dock, asking $50,000. Call for details 518-495-7683. CROWN POINT LAND - 53 Peasley Road. Property offers 3.5 acres on Putnam Creek with 600 feet of road frontage, a 50' x 30' 2 story frame barn with electricity and oil heat. Zones residential. Can be converted or build new. Beautiful spot and minutes to the Northway or Ticonderoga. $65,000. Purdy Realty LLC - 384-1117. Call Frank Villanova - 878-4275 cell NYS LAND FOR SALE: 8.6 Acres/ $19,995 With Financing! Beautiful Ridge Top Maple Forests With Evergreens, Wild Apple Trees, Babbling Brook & Major Deer Trails. Easy Access Off Rt 13. Minutes To Salmon River Fishing & State Game Lands. Call Now: 1-800-229 -7843 or email TOWN OF Lake George 1/2 acre building lot. Access to Village water. Ideal for build-out basement. $47,000. Will hold mortgage for qualified buyer, 20% down. 518668-0179 or 518-321-3347. TURNKEY FAMILY CAMP FOR SALE. Beautifully Finished Cabin on 5 Acres, Woodsand Nice Lawn, Quiet Country Road, Stocked Fishing Pond & Guest Cabin. On Snowmobile Trail. Only $69,995. Call 1-800-229-7843 or visit


COMMERCIAL PROPERTY PORT HENRY Duplex apartment building, completely renovated, excellent rental history, some owner finanancing available. $69,000. 518-546-8247.

FARM ABANDONED NY FARM! ABSOLUTE SALE! Jan 25th & 26th! 23 Tracts! 8 ac - $19,900, 15 ac - $29,900, 25 ac - $39,900. Next to State Land, stream, pond, incredible views! House, barn! Stunning country setting! Call 1888-701-1864 to register. FARM, COUNTRY BARN/5 ACRES: $29,995 Rustic "Country Barn," Well-Built & Sturdy. On 5 Wooded Acres,Meadows, Apple Orchard. Frontage on State Rte 13, Mins to Salmon River. Adjoins NYS Snowmobile Trails. Call 1-800-2297843 Or Visit

LAND 1 ACRE OF Land at Wood Rd., West Chazy, NY, close to schools, nice location. Please call 518-4932478 for more information. BRANT LAKE 9.1 acre building lot for sale by owner. Harris Road. $63,000. (518) 494-3174. STONEY CREEK 50 Acres secluded easy access 1800 ft. black top frontage, mountain views, Stoney Creek, NY 100K, no interest fianancing. 518-696-2829 FARMFARM666@YAHOO.COM

SCHROON LAKE WATERFRONT CAMP on leased Land. Screened porch, 32' aluminum dock + more. $37,900. 518-569-6907.

ACCESSORIES (2) TRAILERS (OPEN) - both excellent condition; 2010 Triton 20' Aluminum - max wgt. 7500 lbs. Asking $4900 and 1989 Bison 31' overal Gooseneck, Asking $2900. 518-546-3568. CENTURY 6’ Fiberglass Truck Cap has 3 sliding windows w/screens. Also bedliner. Fits Toyotas. Excellent condition. $1100 value, asking $500. 518-546-7913. STUDDED SNOW Tires Two new condition studded Firestone Winterforce snow tires, 215/70R 14, mounted and balanced on Ford Aerostar rims, asking $60 each. 518-585-5267 or 410-833-4686.


WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201 WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201

SCHROON LAKE - Leased Land with Camp in Excellent Condition, 50' lakefront, 48' wooden dock, asking $50,000. Call for details 518-495-7683.

DONATE A CAR HELP CHILDREN FIGHTING DIABETES. Fast, Free Towing. Call 7 days/week. Nonrunners OK. Tax Deductible. Call Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 1-800-578-0408 FOR SALE PARK MODEL - 1986 LEDGEVIEW Camp - Hwy 149 5 Pine Breeze Trail - $49,500 Come see, it's really neat!! New In 2012: roof, siding, bedroom, deck and shed! 518-636-3429 or 352-428-8767

REAL ESTATE WANTED NEW YORK LAND WANTED: SELL YOUR NEW YORK LAND, LAND & CABIN, FARM or COUNTRY PROPERTY. We have buyers! NY Land Quest Northern Division: 877 -236-1117. Southern Division: 877 -257-0617.

SINGLE-FAMILY HOME CROWN POINT - Cute, cozy, 3 bdrm/2 bath, A frame, porch, 1/2 acre, $83k. 518-351-5063, 860673-6119, 917-679-4449. MODULAR HOME 3 bdrm, 2 baths, on 1 acre of property, 2 car garage, 2 decks, $87,500. Port Henry, NY 518-962-4685 OUT OF STATE REAL ESTATE SEBASTIAN, FLORIDA Single Family Home affordable custom factory constructed homes $45,900+, Friendly community, No Real Estate or State Income Taxes. Minutes to Atlantic Ocean. 772581-0080, Limited seasonal rentals PARADOX HOME For Sale By Owner, Schroon Lake School District, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, fully renovated, 2 garages, shed, large fire place, $149,900. No owner terms. See Listing ID# 23972428.


DONATE YOUR CAR to Veterans Today! Help those in need! Your vehicle donation will help US Troops and support our Veterans! 100% tax deductible Fast Free pickup! 1-800-263-4713

AUTO WANTED CARS/TRUCKS WANTED! Top $$$$$ PAID! Running or Not, All Years, Makes, Models. Free Towing! We're Local! 7 Days/Week. Call Toll Free: 1-888-416-2330 CASH FOR CARS AND TRUCKS. Get A Top Dollar INSTANT Offer! Running or Not! 1-888-416-2208 (888) 416-2208 GET CASH TODAY for any car/ truck. I will buy your car today. Any Condition. Call 1-800-8645796 or TOP CASH FOR CARS, Any Car/ Truck, Running or Not. Call for INSTANT offer: 1-800-454-6951

BOATS ’88 BAYLINER 22’, V8, open bow, great shape, cover included, many extras. $4,000 firm. 518-942-7725 14’ ADIRONDACK Guide Boat complete w/trailer, oars, cover & cherry caned seats. Never been used. $5500 firm. 518-642-9576. 1968 LAUNCH Dyer 20’ Glamour Girl, Atomic 4 inboard engine, 30HP, very good condition. Safe, reliable, spacious, ideal camp boat. Reasonable offers considered. Located in Essex, NY. 802503-5452 1980 18 1/2 FT. Century Cuddy Cabin, 120 HP I/O, trailer, GPS depth finder, down rigger, plus. $2400 OBO. 518-963-8220 or 518 -569-0118 20’ SEA Ray Bowrider, blue, 1979, V8 M/C, 5.7L Mercruiser, galvanized trailer, mooring cover. $2,798. Sue 973-715-1201. 2005 WHITEHALL SPIRIT rowing/sailboat. Classic boat, rare find. Must sell! Asking $4500 OBO. 845-868-7711

Let’s Go Garage & Yard Sale-ing Thru The Classified Superstore

1-518-873-6368 Ext. 201

January 18, 2014 MOTORCYCLES WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE KAWASAKI 1967-1980 Z1900, KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR, KX1000MKII, A1-250, W1-650, H1 -500, H2-750, S1-250, S2-350, S3 -400 SUZUKI GS400, GT380, GT750, Honda CB750 (1969,1970) CASH. FREE PICKUP. 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726 Juggling Your Budget? Advertise Small, et Big Results! Call 518-873-6368

LEGALS News Enterprise Legal Deadline Monday @ 3:00pm Please Send Legals By EMAIL To:

SSC LLC, Authority filed with the SSNY on 10/29/2013 under a Fict. name of: SSCA LLC. Office location: Warren County. LLC formed in NJ on 08/15/2013. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 85 E. McClellan Ave. , Livingston, NJ 07039. Address required to be maintained in NJ: 85 E. McClellan Ave. Livingston NJ 07039. Cert of Formation filed with NJ Sec of State, Corp Div. 33 W. State St., 5th Fl, Trenton NJ 08608. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. NE-12/14-1/18/20146TC-52182 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF MKNKM, LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on 11/21/13. Office location: Warren County. SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: National Registered Agents, Inc. 111 Eighth Ave., NY, NY 10011. Purpose: any lawful activities. NE-12/14-1/18/20146TC-56698 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) Name: THE GARRISON LAKE GEORGE, LLC Articles of Organization filed with Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on March 11, 2013. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to: The Garrison Lake George, LLC, P.O. Box 733, Lake George, NY 12845. The purpose of the LLC is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. NE-12/14-1/18/20146TC-56696 -----------------------------

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES 1979 SOUTHWIND Motor Home 27', sleeps 6, self contained generator, air condition, micro oven, everything works. Firm $3500. 518-494-3215. 2008 KEYSTONE Cougar XLite Travel Trailer, 26', 1 slide, sleeps 6 -8, bunks, polar package, TV, many extras, one owner, mint condition. $15,000. 518-494-7796.

717 QíS FARM LLC, a domestic LLC, filed with the SSNY on 11/13/13. Office location: Warren County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to The LLC, 717 S. Johnsburg Rd., Warrensburg, NY 12885. General Purpose. NE-12/14-1/18/20146TC-56699 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (ìLLCî). Name of LLC: KMG Monitoring Service, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York (“SSNY”) on November 7, 2013. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC served upon it to Michael J. Gray, 9 Cranberry Lane, Queensbury, New York 12804. Purpose: to engage in any activity for which LLCs may be organized under the LLC Law. NE-12/14/20131/18/2014-6TC-56708 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF DYNAMIC ACTION GRAPHICS LLC Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of New York SSNY On August 13, 2013 Office Location: Warren SSNY designated as agent of LLC upon whom Process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 39 Old West Mountain Road Queensbury, NY 12804 Purpose: any lawful activity NE-12/14/131/18/2014-6TC-56713 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF JSA RENTALS, LLC. Articles of organization filed with the Secretary of State of N.Y. (SSNY) on 12/11/13. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon which process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to the LLC, 42 Woodward Avenue,

News Enterprise - 15



2005 YAMAHA Venture 600 Snowmobile, 717 miles. $4,500. 518-623-4152

1999 FORD F250 w/Fisher Minute Mount Plow, 95k original miles. Asking $5500 OBO. Blue Mt Lake. Contact Lenny 518-352-7006 or

SUVS 2003 FORD Explorer 2003 Ford Explorer, tan, 127,000 miles, loaded, power everything, A/C, remote start, new battery, alt, belts. $4500. 518-668-2970.

Warrensburg, NY 12885. Purpose: Any lawful activity. NE-12/21-1/25/20146TC-57508 ----------------------------ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION OF NORTH COUNTRY PHC LLC Under Section 203 of the Limited Liability Company Law FIRST. The name of the limited liability company is North Country PHC LLC. SECOND. The county within this state in which the limited liability company is to be located is Warren. THIRD: The secretary of state is designated as agent of the limited liability company upon whom process against it may be served. The address within or without this state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process accepted on behalf of the limited liability company served upon him or her is: c/o United States Corporation Agents, Inc., 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. FOURTH: The name and street address in this state of the registered agent upon whom and at which process against the limited liability company may be served is: United States Corporation Agents, Inc., 7014 13th Avenue, Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11228. FIFTH: The meaning of ‘North Country PHC’ is North Country Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has executed these Articles of Organization on the date below., Inc., Organizer Date: December 13, 2013 /s/ Cheyenne M o s e l e y B y : Cheyenne Moseley, Assistant Secretary LDA #0104 in Los Angeles County (expires 12/2013) 101 N. Brand Blvd., 11th Floor, Glendale, CA 91203 (323) 962-8600 ext 7625 NE-12/21-1/25/20146TC-57507 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) The name of the Limited Liability Company that was formed is: Mardon Enterprise, LLC. The Articles of

Organization were filed with the Department of State of the State of New York on December 11, 2013. The office of said Limited Liability Company is located in Warren County. The Secretary of the State of New York has been designated as agent of the Limited Liability Company upon whom process against said Company may be served and the post office address within the state to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process is: Mardon Enterprise, LLC, 582 Lake Avenue, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846. The purpose of the LLC is to engage in any and all business activities permitted under the laws of the State of New York. NE-12/21-1/25/146TC-57527 ----------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF CIA MANAGEMENT, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect'y of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/20/2013. Office location, County of Warren. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, POB 4328, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: any lawful act. NE-1/11-2/15/20146TC-57638 ----------------------------ADIRONDACK AGGREGATE AND STONE, LLC Notice of formation of the above Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). Articles of Organization filed with the Secretary of State of NY (“SSNY”) on 10/4/2011. Office location: Warren County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any such process served to: Adirondack Aggregate And Stone, LLC, c/o Kevin M. Gordon, 19 Glenmar Drive, Queensbury, NY 12804. Purpose: any lawful business purpose. NE1/11-2/15/20146TC-57647 ---------------------------NOTICE OF FORMATION OF THE LODGE AT HARRISBURG LAKE, LLC Arts. of Org. filed with the Sect'y of State of NY (SSNY) on 12/20/2013. Office

CARS 2008 CHEVROLET Impala, color mocha metallic, 58k miles, great gas mileage, like new inside & outside. $10,800. 518-668-2884

location, County of Warren. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: The LLC, 1200 Harrisburg Rd., Stony Creek, NY 12878. Purpose: any lawful act. NE-1/18-2/22/20146TC-58076 ----------------------------FULL THROTTLE SUGARING LLC, a domestic LLC, filed with the SSNY on 11/20/13. Office location: Warren County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to The LLC, 82 McDonald St., Glens Falls, NY 12801. General Purpose. NE-1/18-2/22/20146TC-58080 ----------------------------NOTICE OF ADOPTION AND ABSTRACT OF LOCAL LAW NO. 2 OF 2014 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on the 3rd day of January, 2014, the Board of Supervisors of Warren County adopted Local Law No. 2 of 2014 entitled “A Local Law Establishing the Human Resources and Civil Service Administration Department in the County of Warren and accordingly Amending Local Law No. 3 of 1971, as previously amended by Local Law No. 5 of 2012 and Repealing Local No. 5 of 2012. Local Law No. 2 of 2014 discontinues the Department of Personnel and replaces said Department with the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service Administration and establishes the powers and duties of the County Human Resources Director and Personnel Officer. A copy of said Local Law is available for inspection during regular business hours by contacting the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at the Warren County Municipal Center, 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, New York and may be viewed on the Warren County website at w w w. w a r r e n c o u n BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS JOAN SADY, CLERK NE-1/11-1/18/20142TC-57649 -----------------------------

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed bids are sought by THE TOWN OF JOHNSBURG, NY for: Three mowings of thirteen cemeteries in the Town of Johnsburg as follows: Bates, Hack, Isaac Morehouse, Jarius Wescott, Johnsburg Methodist Church, Kenwell, Mill Creek, North River, Morehouse-Dunklee, Pasco, Union, Wakely, and Wevertown; and further, that each mowing will be within two weeks of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day; and further, that the bidder is provide proof of full insurance available upon request. Information on location and size of cemeteries is available at the office of the Town Clerk, Town Hall, North Creek, NY. Sealed bids marked “Cemetery Mowing” will be received at the office of the Town Clerk, Town of Johnsburg, North Creek, New York until 12:00 p.m. (noon) February 4, 2014 and will be opened at a regular meeting of the Town Board at the W e v e r t o w n Community Center, Wevertown, New York at 7:00 p.m. on the same day. The Town Board reserves the right to refuse any or all bids. BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD OF THE TOWN OF JOHNSBURG, NEW YORK. Dated January 13, 2014 Jo A Smith, Town Clerk NE-1/18/2014-1TC58064 ----------------------------SCRAP METAL BID SEALED PROPOSALS for the removal of all shreddable metal from the Town of Johnsburg landfill for the year of 2014 will be received at the office of Jo A Smith, Town Clerk, Town of Johnsburg, P.O. Box 7, North Creek, N.Y. 12853 up to 12:00p.m. on Tuesday February 4, 2014. These bids will be publicly opened, read and considered at a regular meeting of the Town Board, to be held at the Wevertown Community Center, Wevertown, New York at 7:00 p.m. on February 4, 2014. SEALED BIDS WILL BE NOTED AS “Scrap Metal Bid”. All bids shall be submitted on a bid form

available at the Office of Jo A Smith, Town Clerk, and will require a non-collusive certificate, an Iranian Energy Sector NonInvestment Bidding Certification and a corporate resolution, if applicable. The Town Board of the Town of Johnsburg reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated: January 13, 2014 Jo A Smith, Town Clerk Town of Johnsburg NE-1/18/2014-1TC58065 -----------------------------

NOTICE OF SALE North Country Storage LLC Self Storage will sell at a public auction all the personal property stored by: Cliff Welz Units A9, C13 Sale to be held on February 8th 2014 at 10 a.m. at the premises of North Country Storage LLC, 20 Durkin Rd North Creek NY 12853. NE-1/18-1/25/20142TC-58077 -----------------------------

The undersigned shall receive sealed bids for sale and delivery to the County of Warren as follows: WC 8-14 - DRY, CANNED AND FROZEN GOODS FOR WARREN COUNTY FACILITIES You may obtain these Specifications either on-line or through the Purchasing Office. If you have any interest in these Specifications on-line, please follow the instructions to register on the Empire State Bid System website, either for free or paid subscription. Go to and choose BIDS AND PROPOSALS to access the Empire State Bid System OR go directly t o http://www.EmpireStat e n County/Register.asp?I D=1172. If you choose a free subscription, please note that you must visit the site up until the response deadline for any addenda. All further information pertaining to this bid will be available on this site. Bids which are not directly obtained from either source will be refused. Bids may be delivered to the undersigned at the Warren County Human Services Building, Warren County Purchasing Department, 3rd Floor, 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, New York, during regular business hours. Bids will be received up until Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. at which time they will be publicly opened and read. All bids must be submitted on proper bid proposal forms. Any changes to the original bid documents are grounds for immediate disqualification. Late bids by mail, courier or in person will be refused. Warren County will not accept any bid or proposal which is not delivered to Purchasing by the time indicated on the time stamp in the P u r c h a s i n g Department Office. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids. Julie A. Pacyna, Purchasing Agent Warren County Human Services Building Tel. (518) 761-6538 NE-1/18/2014-1TC58081 -----------------------------


1-518-873-6368 Ext. 201

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Town of Johnsburg Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on January 27, 2014 at the Tannery Pond Community Center, 228 Main Street, North Creek, New York 12853. SUBDIVISION APPLICATION: #SUB-072013 Herrmann – Tax Map #83.-1-47 located at 222 Durkin Road and adding it to TAX MAP # 83.-1-46 located at 250 Durkin Road, North Creek. SUBDIVISION APPLICATION: #SUB-082013 Monter – 295 Main Street – TAX Map #66.10-1-49 located at 295 Main Street, the existing parcel is 1.9 acre lot, into 2 lots – a 1.55 acre and a .35 acre Office Building. Public Hearing will commence at 7:00 p.m. Persons wishing to appear at said meeting may do so in person, by attorney, or any other means of communication. Communications will be filed with the board at that time. A Regular Meeting of the Planning Board will follow the Public Hearing. Town of Johnsburg Planning BoardJo Ann Bateman Smith, Secretary NE-1/18-1/25/20142TC-58069 -----------------------------



Let’s Go Garage & Yard Sale-ing Thru The Classified Superstore

16 - News Enterprise

January 18, 2014

20140118 newsenterprise  
20140118 newsenterprise