The Denizen of Anguilla

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Since 1989 Jewelry with a sense of place, exclusive to Anguilla UNFORGETTABLE TRAVEL MEMORIES DENIZEN

Ø Sense of place Ø Exclusivity to Anguilla Ø Customizable Ø Map & symbol cutouts, coordinates Ø Cross-category: jewelry & souvenir Ø Universal appeal: unisex & timeless Ø Purchased by tourists & locals DENIZEN

Anguilla map & dolphins DENIZEN


Premium & closuresluxury simple, double or triple chains, with a positive map charmJet-setterLong-haul World tour

All charms can be mounted with a chain

Lexington Premium Collection

Lexington Interchangeable bracelet

EARRINGS: chandelier & studs Available in 18-14kt white/yellow/rose Gold, Sterling silver, & Stainless steel

18.2206° N, 63.0686° W - AnguillaSextan by DENIZEN

Custom engraved coordinates out maps & destination names Customized with your destination name View Sextan Collection:

Sextan by DENIZEN For women

For menSextan by DENIZEN

Ø NAUTILINK Nautical alphabet charms



Four Seasons Resort, Anguilla

ü For customer sampling ü Maintains display visual appeal SAMPLINGPOUCH

PROMO BRACELETS / NECKLACES Free for crew & shop staff to model

GIFT BOXES Sliding packaging Inner pouch Porthole packaging Shrink-wrapped Steel line Charm bracelet for premium lines View all packaging:

Wooden box & LED light GIFT BOXES14kt Gold

18kt Goldfor luxury lines Lacquer box & leather

2018 PRICE: 1,600$ DISC DISPLAY on counter tops Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

Single tower: 145 x 40 x 40 cm shopsGift

kiosks Oro del Sol St Martin Diamond Genesis St Barth JEWELERS

kiosks Single tower cm: 145 x 40 x 402018 PRICE: 1,600$ Illuminated Tower showcases Royal Jewels, Turks & Caicos

Ø Advantages for retailers ü PROVEN CONCEPT SINCE 1989. RETAILED AT 6,000 SHOPS. ü NO JAW-DROPPING MOQ (as long as our concept is respected for brand image). ü GENEROUS MARGIN well above industry standards tiered with larger quantities ü LARGE SPECTRUM OF RETAIL PRICE POINTS to match your store median (ranging $35 -$3500 based on selected collection and metal line (steel - silver - gold) ü YOUR FIRST ORDER IS ALWAYS FREE ON US*, credited back to you for its full value, with your 1st reorder (conditions apply). ü YOUR MERCHANDISING IS ALWAYS FREE ON US*, credited back to you for its full value with your your 1st reorder (conditions apply). ü If , unheard of in more than 30 years of business, sales are not satisfactory for you, we will take back your entire order. Ask for more details. ü Each destination enjoys a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE DESIGN never sold in a different country.

Ø Advantages for retailers ü UP TO 60% FINANCING CO-OP ADVERTISING PROGRAM to offset your ad budget. Rules apply. ü EMPLOYEE INCENTIVE PROGRAMS (if your policy permits such). ü PROMOTIONAL BRACELETS FOR YOUR STRORE SALES STAFF to wear as inspiring models for your customers. ü INTERNATIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY for each DENIZEN piece. ü NO COMPETING SALE OR DISCOUNT: we protect your margins by controlling our market. DENIZEN is never sold to discounters or under-priced on our website. ü FREE SHIPPING when your order is placed before the expiration date of your quotation (10 days) ü 10% REBATE ON NET MERCHANDISE* when your order is paid in full at time of order, as opposed to split payments (initial deposit then balance). ü CROSS-CATEGORY PRODUCT: a souvenir and jewelry for the same shelf space *All sums are credited back in merchandise.

Phone: USA Toll free (844) DEN IZEN International sales: +852 5592 8535 All Logos, trademarks, texts, photographs and designs are property of DENIZEN™ Bracelet Co. ©1989 2022 All rights reserved. DF @denizenbracelet Denizen Bracelet