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UNFORGETTABLE TRAVEL MEMORIES DENIZEN Souvenir jewelry with a sense of place. Exclusive to your destinations Click the icon for full screen

Stainless steel Necklace Tender Tear Bracelet Pure Turkey map & crescent

Stainless steel Necklace Pure Bracelet Pure


Jewelry available with string or chain

Evil eye

Hamsa Hamsa can be added to map like here for Lebanon





36.8969° N 30.7133° E - AntalyaSextan by DENIZEN

Custom engraved coordinates out maps & destination names Customized with your destination

Sextan by DENIZEN For women

For menSextan by DENIZEN

Ø NAUTILINK Nautical alphabet charms

SierSra Infinite combination of nautical letters to compose names & words

DISC DISPLAY with a sense of place St Maarten map for reference Customizable for each

ü For customer sampling ü Maintains display visual appeal SAMPLINGPOUCH

Sliding packaging Inner pouch Charm bracelet for premium lines

Steel GIFT BOXES for souvenir lines Triangle box Folds flat Pillow box Folds flat Lightweight and easy to store View

Airport shops

Airport&pop-ups shop in shops


PROMO BRACELETS / NECKLACES Free for crew & shop staff to model

Ø Advantages for retailers ü UP TO 60% FINANCING CO-OP ADVERTISING PROGRAM to offset your ad budget. Rules apply. ü EMPLOYEE TRAINING & INCENTIVE PROGRAMS (if your policy permits). ü PROMOTIONAL BRACELETS FOR YOUR STRORE SALES STAFF to wear as inspiring models for your customers. ü INTERNATIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY for each DENIZEN piece. ü NO COMPETING SALE OR DISCOUNT: we protect your margins by controlling our market. DENIZEN is never sold to discounters or under-priced on our website. ü FREE SHIPPING when your order is placed before the expiration date of your quotation (10 days) ü 10% REBATE ON NET MERCHANDISE* when your order is paid in full at time of order, as opposed to split payments (initial deposit then balance). ü CROSS-CATEGORY PRODUCT: a souvenir and jewelry for the same shelf space *All sums are credited back in merchandise. BlackBlackenamelenamelBlackenamel

Ø Advantages for retailers ü PROVEN CONCEPT SINCE 1989. RETAILED AT 6,000 SHOPS. ü NO JAW-DROPPING MOQ (as long as our concept is respected for brand image). ü GENEROUS MARGIN well above industry standards tiered with larger quantities ü LARGE SPECTRUM OF RETAIL PRICE POINTS to match your store median (ranging $35 -$3500 based on selected collection and metal line (steel - silver - gold) ü YOUR FIRST ORDER IS ALWAYS FREE ON US*, credited back to you for its full value, with your 1st reorder (conditions apply). ü YOUR MERCHANDISING IS ALWAYS FREE ON US*, credited back to you for its full value with your your 1st reorder (conditions apply). ü If , unheard of in more than 30 years of business, sales are not satisfactory for you, we will take back your entire order. Ask for more details. ü Each destination enjoys a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE DESIGN never sold in a different country.

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