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There are many  people that may eat the right foods but have no idea what to do when it comes to the gym. Going to the gym and working your abs is an essential part of getting that six pack that you desire. Most people will go in and do crunches for an hour every day for years. The basic fact of the matter is that you need to keep switching up your workout routine. If you keep doing the same workout you will reach a plateau where you will not get any stronger. Thankfully there are tons of workouts that you can do in order to fire up your muscle building. Some exercises that I will outline include: Planks, leg raises, hanging leg raises, hanging sit ups, and medicine ball sit ups. Planks: In order to do a plank you need to get a flat piece of ground. Once you have a space set aside you need to place your elbows on the ground and your legs out as if you were doing a push up. Your goal is to keep your back flat and straight. If you want to make it harder you should put a weight on your back. During the whole workout you should be tightening your abs. Leg Raises: To do leg raises you should lay on the ground on your back. Put your arms at your side or under your butt. You need to then raise your legs up about ten inches and then down to just touching the ground. Once your legs touch the ground you should go back up again. Hanging leg raises: In order to do hanging leg raises you need to either hang on a bar or hold yourself up on your elbows so that your legs are dangling. Once you are in position you can now raise your legs to be perpendicular to your body. This can be done by just raising your knees or even harder your feet. Hanging sit ups: In order to do a hanging sit up you need to have your legs strapped to a bar so that you are hanging like a bat. Once you get that you should do a regular sit up focusing on your abs. Medicine ball sit ups: This is an advanced workout and should be done cautiously. It requires two people one in a sit up position and one standing on their feet. The person that is standing on the other persons feet

throws a medicine ball of varying weights to the person lying down. The person on the floor catches the ball and then moves from side to side in a sit up position touching the ground. After you touch each side you take it back and do a normal sit up trying to keep your back from touching the ground but touching the ball to the ground. All of these exercises should be done until failure or 12 reps for 3 sets.

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==== ==== 5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Lose Your Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs... Find out more here... ==== ====

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