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from the editor


June 1st has finally arrived – and so have we. Delux Magazine has made a crash landing in The Lou and we’re here to stay. As hard as it is, I’d like my first words to be positive and reflective of the magnitude of this inaugural issue. In my first Letter from the Editor in Chief I will stay away from controversy … or at least I will try. We are poised to become a fixture in the community; the magazine to turn to for a cosmopolitan view of the diversity of this Grand City. This is definitely not a fly by night operation. Our goal on a whole is to further diversify this city we live in.

Keith Griffin Publisher, Editor in Chief

That brings us to Joe Edwards and Slim. I would like to thank them for generously helping our first issue become a success… These two men not only exemplify success and capture the possibilities within the boundaries of STL, but also by their very stature, color, speech and style, epitomize the grandeur of diversity and those of us of all races, creeds and colors who Love the STL. Diversity rules!!!!! Tiffany Foxx, thanks for being something like the “beauty of the week”. I still owe you that warm Fiji Water…LMFAO ..Shannell thanks for being patient with us “crazy” guys… All of you were great. The Delux ideal is to present Saint Louis with a new fresh voice. We are the magazine “of the people and for the people”. Our soon to be developed podcast and website will allow interaction between the Delux family and YOU. Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter and tweet us with any new fresh ideas or opinions. Until next issue.


editor and Chief

Demetria Smith-Bryant

Keith Griffin

Director of Special Projects, Graphic Design

Excited about premiering in the launch of DELUX Magazine, Demetria welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the success of the much needed publication. Demetria is a Mississippi native who moved to St. Louis in 2001. She has been working professionally as a graphic designer since 2004. She believes being constantly surrounded by immensely talented people forces you to step your own game up to produce work that compares favorably with what else is on display. Her focus now is to put more energy in own freelance company, Studio 1027, LLC. So stay tuned. . .

Design Director

Demond Meek creative director


Jenn Carter Director of Special Projects

Demetria Bryant Fashion Director

Aisha Russel Sales & Marketing Director

Terran Freeman Director of Editorial Production

Demond Meek Photographer

Photography saved my life!

Brian Shields Writers

Seven Maxwell Brian Shields Meredith J. Cooper Jenn Carter Mary A.W.

Lawrence Bryant Photographer

Lawrence Bryant of LB Photography is a freelancer who has certainly made a statement with his debut into the photography scene. Contributing to DELUX Magazine provides another outlet to captivate and grab the attention of a much broader audience. Even with his quite demeanor his photos always speaks volumes.

Photographer At Large

Larwence Bryant Director of Promotions

Kyle A. Griffin

Renee Griffin


With her modern design style and distaste for stale graphics, Renee is a perfect fit for DELUX Magazine. Her punk rock foundation drives her rebellion against boring art, compelling her to be the best at what she does and to continuously strive for perfection. A graphic artist for over 8 years, Renee has worked for clients from local bands to giant corporations, bringing her cutting-edge style to the masses. Now, she is excited to bring that same vision to her work with DELUX Magazine.

Mike Estes Demond Meek Associate Advertising Director


3006 S Jefferson, Benton park 63118 314.881.1484

Graphic Designer, Photoshop Master, Lifesaver

Jenn Carter

graphic design, creative direction, mixed media collage artist

As with all things she believes in, Jenn has now developed a passion and commitment to this magazine. As a board member of ArtDimensions she directs the Flax Gallery, dedicated to accelerating women in the arts, as well as making art her self. Stencil and collage media intrigue her most. And an active graphic freelance client list keep her working steady around the clock.


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6 09 11

Deception WORDS: brian Shields IMAGES: LAwrence Byrant

Drop into home night club on any given night and there is no telling what you will hear blasting from the speakers. From T.I. to LMFAO, rap to techno, your odds of guessing what will be playing when you hit the door are as good as your chances of striking it rich on the roulette table in the Ameristar Casino. That’s because the music played at Home is as eclectic as the residident DJ, Deception, oh yea, this kid has swag! Deception began his DJ career in California but Hawaii is where he mastered his craft, joining the world famous Nocturnal Sound Crew and winning the international Turntable Federation World DJ Battle in 2001 and 2002. DJ deception eventually found himself in St. Louis spinning every weekend at Home. You may find him at Sugar as well as select clubs in the area introducing St. Louis to video DJing, a mix of spinning records while mixing in their corresponding videos. When asked what he would be doing if he weren’t a DJing he smiled and replied, “I would be a porn star” . I told you this kid has swag.

6 09 13


Moonrise Hotel in the Loop is St. Louis' Newest and Hottest Hotel. Moonrise is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of the Loop and owned by Joe Edwards, the Godfather of the Loop. This "Desires Hotel" has 125 rooms, some of which include Jacuzzi Suites and more. Also, here you will find the all new "Eclipse Restaurant". Eclipse specializes in 'American Cuisine with a Cosmic Twist. Stop by and check out St. Louis' new luxury boutique hotel. You'll be glad you did.

6 09 15

SXSW; He continues to make his mark in the music industry with a sound all his own, describing it as “a mixture of soul, hip-hop, electro and backpack (respect to the underground, good vibe, post 90’s); in one word, abstract.” Black Spade performed at the 2009 SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. This was his second time doing a SXSW set. 2009 brought a little side note to the recap of the festival.

Words: C. DESTINEE REIGN Image: Demond MEEK

With a name like Veto Money, one might imagine an Italian man that does something other than work a regular 9 to 5 to make ends meet. People have asked if that is his real name and playfully stated, “with a name like that, you should be a rapper.” Little did they know that the young man they were speaking to actually IS a rapper. He is a music producer too. Separating his identities, Veto Money, the rapper/emcee, is better known as Black Spade. Stoney Rock is his producer alias. In 2008, Black Spade released his first solo album, To Serve With Love (OM RECORDS). He went on to receive multiple mentions as one of the top 20 artists of 2008 (, #1 on the list for best St. Louis artist of 2008 (The Blender/STL Today) and also best local act to go national (Riverfront Times). His fan base keeps growing in both the U.S. and overseas. Having performed at music festivals such as Sonar, CMJ and

In short, Charles Hamilton was performing too. Black Spade checked out his set and realized Hamilton was rapping one of his more popular mix tape songs over a beat that he produced a few years back. Cool right? Wrong, when Black Spade tried to compliment his set and let him know that the beat was something he did a while back, Charles Hamilton not only denied that but also stated that he produced it and was singing on the hook. Besides his rap voice, Black Spade’s song voice is undoubtedly distinctive. There is no denying that this instrumental certainly had him singing on the hook. This turned into a big debate on many blogs. Google it and you will see for yourself. I had to ask Black Spade about the Charles Hamilton ‘beef’. He said, “To me there is no beef. One person lied and one person told the truth. The person that told the truth had the evidence. He caused the bashing on himself. He’s the one that could have just easily given credit. I know it’s a mix tape, but he still should of just gave credit where credit was due. So, really it’s been over.” Black Spade is working on his second album, tentatively titled “Head Nod State of Mind”. He states this album is “an array, a new chance to see what I can do on the MPC and mic. It’s more upbeat, more groovy.“ People are yearning for something fresh, something new, and something familiar yet inventive. Black Spade adds balance to the game. 6 09 17


AVD+EVAD wordS:jenn carter Image: Demond Meek

T h ese C h e r okee st r eet dewle r s have joined forces to create a live work space they've cleverly branded AVD + EVAD. The studio needed a joint name to encompass collaborations as well as individual projects. Together they share a background in film production design and theatre. Individually, Dave Burnett is pursuing a career in interior design and Amy VanDonsel is a mixed media artist. This space was an experiment in modern compact urban living. During the design process they where interested in the interactions of live verses work and private verses public


spaces. The front half is the studio/lounge area while the back half is there more functional living area. One of the major challenges was sticking to a tiny budget, while designing a space that not only works for their needs but blends all of their eclectic aesthetic interests: contemporary design, mid-century modern furniture, industrial salvage, natural elements, interesting textiles. As early settlers in the Cherokee movement, they were drawn in by urban landscapes, city limits, unique spaces, and an active neighborhood where residential properties and businesses mingle. "The involvement of long time residents and businesses combined with the recent influx of

artists, galleries, and more experimental ventures is exciting, and we feel that rather than simply giving the idea of diversity lip service, Cherokee is demonstrating truly stable co-habitation of people with different backgrounds, cultures, and interests in a successful way. We want to be part of that." They support St. Louis on an individual level by committing to living in the city limits, patronizing locally owned and independent businesses whenever possible, seeing local bands, and buying from local artists and feel a personal responsibility to change the worlds perception of St. Louis. Their hope is for this city to find its confidence before all of these amazing creative people slip away. Find Amy and Dave online at 6 09 19

FDL (Frank Distro League) Team Series colaboration with NEW ERA

Good role models are hard to come by, now more than ever. They had to travel back over two centuries to find someone who truly embodied the FRANK151 spirit. As an inventor, publisher, diplomat and ìman about town, Benjamin Franklin was the quintessential jack-of-all-trades, and the ideal spokesman for FRANK151 who has remained a pioneering force since its inception. The Frank ìFî logo is minimal but powerful, paying homage to Ben Franklin the writer and printer. Set in a classic serif font, the logo could have been peeled directly from the pages of Poor Richard’s Almanack. The ìFî logo is often accompanied by a Franklin apothegm to live by: if you would not be forgotten, As soon as you are dead and rotten, Either write things worth reading, Or do things worth the writing.


FRANK151 available @ SNKY 1330 Washington Ave.

6 09 21


coming next issue . . .


Image: Demond Meek Makeup styling: sharday Johnson

6 09 23


ASK MOcha Mocha, I am a 23 year old black male. I am still a virgin but my girlfriend of 1 year is really making me feel like its time for me to give her the business. LOL… the problem is I am very self-conscious of the size of my ****. I hear that size doesn’t matter but being I am a black man I think she may be disappointed in my length. Should I take these pills I see advertised on the tv? I even heard they have pumps I can use…Mocha you're a real woman tell me what I should do!!


Delux What’s your favorite

brand of jeans.

C Levis! M Yea, I have to go with Levi C It doesn’t matter which style as long as they are Levi. Delux Do you rock the

skinny jeans?

C Naw, that came and went. M We were the spearheads when that was still unacceptable.

Signed, Length vs Width wORDS: Brian Shields

Dear Length vs Width, Hi boo boo! So you feel like your penis may be little? Well how would you know if yours is little if no ones ever seen it?

Nesting on the Verge of becoming the “Next Big Thing”, the Cool Kids have been carving out there place in the hip hop world by doing what every other artist is claiming to do, keeping it real. The Cool Kids are not pistol blazing gangsters, or over the top millionaires and they never claimed to be. The duo, composed of Antoine “Mikey Rocks” Reed and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll, both hail from towns known for having rough inner cities, Detroit and Chicago respectively. But, the group chooses to focus on providing a voice for the culturally aware rather than glorifying ignorance. The self proclaimed sneaker heads rock a wardrobe highlighted by early to mid 90’s gear with a backpackers twist. We sat down with the Cool Kids inorder to see how their style correlates with their music, and why they choose to keep it simple in an industry where image is everything.

Every woman is built differently. Not every women wants 10 inches. I have learned in my years of dating that a woman’s vagina will shrink to the size of her partner’s penis, if she is only with that man. Do not buy pills, you are too young, do not buy any pump for your penis. Those things are scams and most likely do not even work. What you need to do is make sure your woman falls in love with you first, not your penis, because if you want it to last then you need to conquer the mind first, followed by a lot of good oral sex (meaning you eat her out and then after she cums, no matter what the size, she is going to like it!) Please do not cum too quick or jack hammer her, unless she asks for it hard and fast even though it may feel good to you). Slow down and stroke like a pro! Better yet jack off before you get started and then you can last longer. I’m rooting for you lil'man.

Delux How would you describe

your swag?

I just wear what I know looks right. I’ve been rocking the same styles I was six years old. If something is new and I like it, it’s normally because it reminds me of something I liked back in the day. Most of this new stuff does not move me.


Delux So now that you get to

travel the country, what are your favorite cities to shop in?

I defiantly get a lot of great stuff out of New York. It’s such a big city with so much stuff you are going to run into a little bit of everything, especially if you are looking for older gear that isn’t produced anymore M

Delux What are your all time

favorite pair of shoes?

C Im going to have to roll with the

all grey patent leather 11’s. If I had them on right now with this shirt it would be game over. M The Black 5’s man

C It wasn’t cool at all. We did it because all our friends were. I was around a real diverse crew of kids they were black skaters and roller blade dudes so that was the style. Delux What’s the prize

possession in your wardrobe?

C My Starter jackets M I got these Raider sweat pants. They defiantly jump to the top of the list. It’s not about price with me. I will have a pair of shoes that will cost way more than a shirt that I have but I will value the shirt more. Delux I don’t see you

rocking much Jewelry.

M It makes you look like a target. I’m not from a place where you can go around flossing like that. If you look like a mirror cats are going to look at you. C Plus it ain’t sweet out here right now. On top of that if you really wear Jewelry like that. It gets annoying. Especially if you are sweating with a chain on that’s the worst. I don’t like stuff on my wrist because I am going to take it off and loose it.

Send your questions to:


6 09 25

27 Sly like a fox and hungry like a wolf; cliché—indeed, but those statements really describe h o m e t o w n h o t t i e , Ti f f a n y Foxx’s drive and determination. Using more than just what she has to get what she wants, Foxx began this journey here in St. Louis when she was featured in Nelly’s “Country Grammar” video. From there, she saw a bigger picture and devised a plan to relocate to California, pursue her modeling career, and use her role as a video vixen as a platform to catapult her into her own music career— and it’s paying off. After being recognized for having true talent, this sexy seductress got the attention of rap veteran, Snoop Dogg and became signed to his label. “Being Snoop’s protégé put a lot of pressure on me,” Foxx states when asked about her musical affiliations with Snoop. WOrds: Seven Maxwell Interview: brooklyn Kingsboro Images: Demond Meek Makeup styling: Sharday Johnson Assistant: Megan Hensley



“For me it was a crash-course in learning how to be professional, getting use to rejection, and thickening my skin”. It was that training that helped to prepare Foxx for her transition from solo artist to a member of the all-girl group, June 5th. When asked her views on why it’s so difficult for women in the industry, Foxx replied, “Women, in general, should take some responsibility because men already feel that it’s inevitable for females to put cattiness before the check”. She continues, “You’re glorified eye-candy until you demand your respect and make people listen to you and realize, ‘damn this girl really is talented’”. Wanting to be considered as having more to offer than just a big butt and a smile, Foxx proudly sports a chain around her neck that reads, Digger. When asked to elaborate on the chain’s meaning, she simply replied, “I consider myself a goal digger—big difference.” (Sidebar. For those of you who are so infatuated with the big butt and the smile that Kanye’s “Gold Digger” started ringing in your head, re-read that last line—she said goal digger—G-O-A-L digger, not gold digger). “I go for what I want. I set my standards high and I don’t compromise that”. Now on to the part that you’re really wondering about—what she’s looking for in a man: “I use to be stuck on a chocolate man, but light-skinned brothers are definitely not out of style”. Seeking a man with the body, smile, and personality of Reggie Bush; the swagger of Jigga; and the courage, drive, and strength of Obama; Foxx has her standards set pretty high, but when she’s in a relationship, she’s in a relationship! “When I am in a relationship, I make him feel like he’s the only thing that matters. If he wants me to make it snow in June, I’ll do that. If he wants a picnic on the moon, I’ll do that. If he just wants a cold glass of Koolaid and a turkey sandwich at 4am, I’ll do that. I give him all the inspiration and motivation he needs to do the same things for me”.


6 09 29

That crazy, sexy, cool attitude has truly helped her to transcend from Midwest model, to a rising star in her own right. While proud of her accomplishments, Foxx understands the road ahead and welcomes all challenges that she may face. “My journey is like the length of the Seven Seas, and I’ve just gotten my feet wet”.

6 09 31


When Joe Edwards says “I love St. Louis,” he means it. Those who don’t know him, who don’t recognize his trademark ponytail and Hawaiianshirt look, well, they’ve likely been living in a box for the past 35 years. If nothing else, though, and he’s the first to admit it, you might know him for the work he’s done for this city—University City to be exact, Delmar Avenue to be even more precise. The Loop, for example, would not exist as it is without this man, a hearty XX-year-old St. Louis native who kind of looks like one of the Bee Gees. (He’s come a long way from his days at John Burroughs.) It all started with a small dream to open a restaurant, back in 1972, after Delmar was hip and before it was cool. It turned into a lifelong passion of revitalization that has put the Loop on the map—quite literally. “Within a week of opening Blueberry Hill, I realized that if I didn’t work on the area, Blueberry Hill wouldn’t survive,” he said. “So I started talking to other merchants and the police department, fire department, and city hall. I started the dialogue to try and save Delmar and little by little, over many, many years, it happened.” It did happen. And we have Edwards to thank for much of it. Beyond his famed eatery, he restored

Considered one of the most arrogant individuals in the city, Slim’s ego is thought to be so big that even his nickname has a nickname. Also known as Wellz Fargo, Slim of Loose Cannon Entertainment can always be spotted on the microphone at one of his many jam-packed events, keeping the party at the elevated level that has come to be expected of him. Setting the standard of St. Louis’s urban nightlife by hosting record-setting events such as his Black Party and the Blackout, Slim says that being a promoter is only the entryway in which he used to execute an even bigger plan—turning St. Louis into a place where people come to vacation while building the morale of the city, and taking over the world. Many people don’t know the other side of Slim, who offers a “St. Louis Is Mine” type of attitude to the average individual who crosses his path. Yes, he’s a popular promoter; however, he describes himself as a multi-faceted individual whose local and national success is not even at 5% of where he’s trying to be. “My personal goal was to do as my mother said, ‘Find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ ” Slim answered when asked about his past and present goals. “In America with all the things WOrds: Meredith j. Cooper

IMAGEs: Demond Meek

& Brian Shields

6 09 33

Delux: Finish this sentence: In the end, I know I did my best to...

Help create a neighborhood that helps people have fun and be themselves. 34

Feed my family, brand my name, and take over the world [laughs]. 6 09 35

Joe Edwards and Slim both have discovered their unique paths to success; however, they both are striving and reopened the historic Tivoli Theatre, created the St. Louis “Walk of Fame,” built the Pageant Building concert venue on the “wrong side” of Skinker (“young people will go into an ‘edgy’ area quicker than older people will”), opened the Pin-Up Bowl (and later the Flamingo Bowl on Washington), and that’s just naming a few of his many projects over the past 35-or-so years. Oh, and he isn’t even thinking about slowing down. “I try and build consensus before implementing a new project. I try to talk to everyone ahead of time,” he said. “A lot of times I find that if people are aware of something before and they don’t feel they’re being surprised by the new idea, if you give them good reasons why it makes sense, usually they’ll come around.” The Loop, back in 1972, was a struggling area. Now the directory (yes, Edwards even put that together) lists 140 tenants. “The Loop wasn’t always this nice. Back in the 1930's it was a high-fashion shopping district. But after WWII it started to slide, and in the 1960's it really started going down quickly until people embraced diversity,” Edwards said. “It’s not just minorities and women working in the Loop, African Americans, Asians, Whites, and women own businesses and buildings in the area. It’s diverse racially and ethnically, but it’s 36

also diverse economically and by age. You have people from all demographics interacting, which is healthy in America.” Edwards’ efforts haven’t gone unnoticed in the St. Louis community. He’s received countless awards, from receiving the key to the city to getting honorary degrees from multiple universities. “I feel that they’re honoring the Loop, not just me, because it has become one of the great streets,” he said. “As a matter of fact, it was designated by the American Planning Association in Washington, D.C., as one of the 10 great streets in America.” So what’s Edwards working on now? For one, he’s building the boutique Moonrise Hotel, on Delmar, naturally. And let’s not forget the Loop Trolley Co. Edwards plans to construct a trolley system to link U-City with Forest Park and the Metrolink. So, he’s not only reviving history, but also embracing the future, creating a sustainable mode of public transportation at what seems to be the perfect time. “The area was built up around the trolley and it’s such a wonderfully clean, environmentally friendly form of transportation, and it’s just fun to ride on.”

to create diverse entertainment options while on their personal crusades to make St. Louis a destination location. going on around us—a recession, depression, and a war—people will still always want to have a good time; with that being said, I’ll never be out of a job”. From throwing parties at the clubhouse of his mother’s apartment complex, to hosting All-Star Weekend events, Slim lists the opportunity to host parties in Denver for the 2005 NBA All-Star Weekend his opportunity to represent St. Louis on a national level. His plan far exceeds local fame and prestige for himself. Slim has plans in the works to create a straight to DVD movie that showcases St. Louis. “The movie, St. Louis Is Mine is a story of me, coming to age and making it out. It’s starring me and co-starring the whole city as the supporting cast,” he proudly boasts. “Atlanta has ATL. New Orleans has I’m Bout It, and even New York has Belly. The void here in St. Louis is that we haven’t shown the world the city as a whole. People have been talking about St. Louis for years, but they’ve never seen anything. I want to bring a visual of the city to the world,” he smiles. “Nelly and the Lunatics made a way for people to see us. They made

us stand out on the music scene. Now I want to make people come”. When asked about tying his current success to his future plans, Slim confidently replies, “I have to get the people of the city to buy into whatever is going on. Whatever happens, the city as a whole has to get ready, and they won’t be ready for that until they’re ready for me”. As accomplished entrepreneurs, Joe Edwards and Slim both have discovered their unique paths to success. With nothing but a sight of what the city was offering, neither complained about St. Louis’s problems; instead they put their all into cultivating a dream into prosperous business ventures that will inspire future generations. They’ve both set their sights to elevated levels as they continue to share their vision with an excited city who anxiously awaits the opportunity to reap the benefits of their next project. With both Joe Edwards and Slim the differences are plenty, but one thing remains the same: they are still striving to continue to create diverse entertainment options while on their personal crusades to make St. Louis a destination location. 6 09 37


tshirt. Blood,sweat and tears. belt, B.B. Simon brian

shirt, 10 DEEP jeans,True Religion belt, B.B. Simon, models own keith

shades, Louis Vuitto tshirt, True Love False Idols watch, gshock jeans, FiveFour brooklyn

Long sleeve woven, Fabric by BlackBurn

Kyle Griffin Brian Sheilds KEIth Griffin Brooklyn Kingboro Images: Demond Meek

short sleeve shirt, Gold Spun, watch, models own..


short sleeve plaid woven, Another Cheap Shirt v neck tshirt, GAP jeans, True Religion

6 09 41

long sleeve woven, Fabric by BlackBurn jeans, Rivet de Cruรง all brands are available @ I AM 7700 Delmar Blvd 314.726.222

Kyle: tshirt, Another Enemy

tshirt... Another Enemy..

TECH by Seven L. Maxwell

The Intercultural Phenomenon

In recent years, pop-culture enthusiasts, trendsetters, hipsters, geeks, husbands and housewives have all seemed to redirect their focus from traditional media—offering periodic updates—to blogs which provide instant gratification; no matter what piques their interests.

diaries to an online obsession, with frequent followers eagerly anticipating the next post on their favorite site which offers the latest in political views, opinions, dance crazes, or celebrity gossip—which, by the way, has been loading slower with the increased amount of ads that seem to appear more often. After being coined What’s the big deal Why? Because t h i s “ w e b l o g ” intercultural around December of p h e n o m e n o n 1997 and shortened a l l o w s advertisers to “blog” shortly to place product thereafter, the idea of ads and campaigns allowing individuals directly to their web space to share targeted audience their online diaries with increased increased from a small sample to an exposure, considering that the more exponential explosion—as did the sites popular blogs bring millions of and software that allow individuals to readers to the site—several times continue on their quest. Today, there per day. are hundreds of millions of blogs available, and with the mainstream With the YouTube boom, everyone— boost of micro-blogging sites such as from President Obama to prisoners Twitter (, everyone’s performing a choreographed version an instant blogger. of Thriller in the Philippines—has an equal opportunity to become an So, what’s the big deal about blogging? online celebrity. All that’s necessary Well, let’s just say that blogging allows is a few followers who don’t care one the opportunity to share whatever whether you’re an expert or an they want with whomever will listen. idiot in the infinite space that is the Blogs have blown up from just digital blogosphere.




Apple Macbooks are stylish and attractive. But what if your Apple Macbook had its own bling. Computer Choppers have made this dream an expensive reality. This laptop model includes a full 24-karat gold plated case. They’ve even gone so far to color-match the keyboard, then re-engrave the letters for a seamless, professional design. But the most expensive part of this design is the Apple Logo. It has been filled with diamonds.


Autobots and Decepticons aren’t walking the earth, but Korean company Parkoz Hardware definitely had some fun designing the Transformer cell phone. It’s still a concept design and there’s no word on when or if it will ever be mass-produced, but isn’t it nice to know things like this are being worked on? Add an artificial intelligence chip and a little more machinery and you’ve got yourself your very own mini-robot of mass destruction. Your IPhone will whimper in terror.

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fresh design





6 09 45

TRA VEL Where to stay


We allwantIt The Essentials to Life, Health, and Happiness

Health and happiness is one of the things that next to love, is truly human, that knows no race, age, weight, socioeconomic status, career, culture or community.

Eden Rock, Heaven on a Rock

Out of a crashing, volcanic explosion, came St-Barts, the jewel of the Caribbean. 25 square kilometers of land, 22 beautiful beaches, many luxurious boutiques, hundreds of traditional Creole houses and secret gardens for your dreams of evasion. Happiness,calm,luxurious,warm. St. Barts will welcome you. St. Barts will charm you with its patchwork of landscapes and the diversity of proposed pleasures. Whether you feel like a lizard, simply lying in the sun, like a busy little ant running around the island, or like a safari photographer, the range of activities will certainly satisfy you. A little more discreet but very efficient is the warm welcome, the wide smile and the serenity. Your stay will leave you with the exquisite souvenir of balmy tropical evenings swayed by the local biguine music, f l a v o r e d w i t h v a n i l l a a n d p e p p e r e d w i t h Caribbean spices. Lazy days, sporty days, the sea is the king, the excellent restaurants, the refinement of the hotels... everything you need to spend a good vacation.


And we all need it. In fact, our health and happiness are directly linked and where it falls on our priority list will determine how much of it we will have. Unfortunately, when we are young our health is something we take for granted and will often take a back seat to late nights, long days, all the wrong foods, and hustle, hustle, and more hustle! We think of being healthy as a natural process that happens on its own, but in fact with out maintaining the different stressors in our life, which may be mental, physical or chemical, sickness and disease is only a matter of time. I think Oprah Winfery said it best when she said, “it sometimes takes a

malfunction to appreciate what functions”.

Or in other words, we are simple surviving not thriving!

Don’t worry there is still some ways we can be fit and fabulous, a little bit naughty but nourished, and straight but sexy. Health and “wellness” is a way of life not a buzzword. So to reach true wellness, we have to simply look at the four essentials for health: food, water, oxygen, and nerve impulses. Just think about it. All four of these factors are essential to life. If any one of these areas is completely eliminated we will simply perish, but what happens is most of us are walking around living with diminished health because we are not allowing our bodies to experience these factors in an “optimal way”.

Things such as seeking natural food and beverages that were provided by God for consumption, breathing deeply and exercising to oxygenate our tissues and organs to capacity, and keeping the spine and nervous system maintained for optimal brain body communication are examples of a wellness lifestyle. On your personal journey towards wellness if you keep these areas a priority and you will increase of potential for longevity, health and happiness ten fold. Dr Jennifer McCleary is a nationally board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Acupuncturist with a private practice in the St. Louis area.

6 09 47


 Mail payments at least seven days before due  Pay more than the minimum balance  Read every credit card statement. Call to question discrepancies  Avoid using more


than 30% of your available balance

Even with 0% interest credit card, you’ll find that such introductory offers balloon to as much as double digit interest rates within weeks. Payments arriving even minutes after the due date, (often at 12:01 p.m. of your due date) and you’ll pay late fees that range from $29 to $39. A balance close to your credit limit can be pushed over by the late fee itself. Once that occurs, an over the limit fee of as much as $49 will be charged, interest will accrue on the fee and the fee itself will multiply each month until all regular monthly payments and 48

If you’re one of the few people who read your credit card statement, you may have noticed an increase in your interest rate. This increase is usually attributed to a Universal Default clause that appears in almost all credit card disclosure statements. Credit card companies routinely review credit reports looking for signs of trouble. Once a late payment is detected on any outstanding loan, the Universal Default clause allows them to increase your rate. In reality, that clause is superfluous. Almost all credit card disclosures grant the credit card company the right to increase your interest rate at

maybe and relax a little while I waited.’” And that’s how the Efficacy concept was born. “By keeping one eye on creating the ultimate client experience and the other on providing top-shelf detailing and auto spa services, we’ve been able to offer people something truly unique.”

 Ask for any fee to be waived or interest to be reduced  Use credit cards only when needed

BY Christi Fingal Griffin

outstanding fees have been paid.


 Avoid closing out a credit card even when paid in full

After more than twenty years as a bankruptcy attorney, it never ceased to amaze me the number of people who emerged from bankruptcy with one question in mind; how do I get a credit card?

T h e u n que n c h able thirst for credit cards is not reserved for those at the steps of bankruptcy. There’s a widespread misconception that credit cards add income to your bottom line. The opposite it true.



minimizing the cost of credit cards

any time, for any reason. The manner in which you use your credit card and the balance you maintain plays significantly in your credit score. Fail to use your credit card and the score is decreased, use more than 30% of the available balance and your score suffers as well. That score in turn has an impact on the interest rate you pay when financing a car or house. Higher interest rates translate to higher costs. Christi Fingal Griffin practiced bankruptcy law for 23 years and is currently the author of 21 Days to Joy. No information provided herein is intended as legal advice. Any legal questions should be directed to an attorney licensed to practice law in your state


If you’ve driven through Maplewood lately, you’ve probably noticed the pastel blue building with the large enigmatic ‘e’ looking out to Big Bend Ave. And you probably also couldn’t help but notice several cars out front looking like they’d been washed in the fountain of youth itself. “We pride ourselves on giving our customers and their cars the best clean money can buy,” says Jason Wilson, the owner and CEO of Efficacy Auto Wash and Detail Spa. And with seven years already in the business detailing fleet vehicles, rentals, and trucks - Jason and his extensively trained staff have a meticulous eye for the finest details. But that’s really just half of what gives Efficacy its appeal. Jason continues, “When clients bring in their cars, they’re almost instantly in the lounge with their feet up.” And when you step into Efficacy’s client area, you’ll immediately see why. When you think of the usual car wash experience, your mind almost immediately pictures the ripped, orange polyester chairs, the stale coffee and the four-year-old issue of Road & Track. That’s nothing more than a bad memory to Efficacy’s customers, who relax in a lounge complete with complimentary wi-fi, coffee, tea and bottled water, as well as access to spa services, a cigar room, wine bar and an on-staff concierge. It’s a unique, client experience that

simply can’t be found anywhere else in St. Louis.

Still in their first few months of operation, Efficacy has been watching business grow steadily off of word-of-mouth alone as Jason fine-tuned the operation. But it’s very quickly becoming a true St. Louis success story in an economy where such a thing is an increasing rarity. Jason smiles, “I’m just giving people something they want. Sometimes that’s the fundamental thing in business that goes unchecked – find your niche. Efficacy is definitely a niche. There are some people who are fine with that $11 Ambassador Package down the road. But you’ll definitely notice the cars and drivers who came to us first.” Efficacy Auto Wash and Detail Spa is located at 2803 S Big Bend Blvd in Maplewood, just south of Manchester. Reservations are required for detailing and some other services, so call ahead to 314.875.0222or visit their website at

The idea may seem a little strange at first to some, but Jason’s plan has been well-thought-out long before receiving his MBA from Washington University. “I knew a lot of guys like myself who put a lot of attention and care into their cars,” he adds, “But, man, a lot of the time getting a detail or a good wash… it was just missing something.” He continues, “I was always getting this ‘so-so’ quality work while standing around in a dingy, convenience store-kind of spot while I waited. I kept thinking, ‘If I could just go somewhere and have… I don’t know… a cigar or a chair massage, get a glass of wine 6 09 49

Mornin's After Meal

So she's sleeping

— who is she? Oh, just the sexiest seductress you’ve ever seen in your life. After weeks of eyeing her at every upscale event in the area, you were determined to make your move—and you did. You knew you had her at “hello”; besides, how could she resist you, right? Exactly! So you laid the bait and she bit. Before you know it, you’re both in your bed, blissfully breathing as she’s lulled to sleep by the sounds of your heart beating against her back as you smell your scent on her skin. Last night was so good that you have to have an encore, but if you go out for breakfast, you’ll part ways immediately after. Keep her in by cooking something that is not only quick, but appealing to all of her senses, then work your way into round two. Whether romance is a habit, hobby, or just happens—this recipe is sure to keep her coming back for more—whoever she is. 50

recipe: renee cruz harry's restaurant & bar, executive chef

knife, cutting board spatula, tablespoon, plate, 3 small non-stick fry pans, toaster


Chavas Mexican Restaurant 925 Geyer Ave 314.241.5503

Drunken Fish 612 N 2nd St 314.241.9595

Luvy Duvy’s Café 2321 Arsenal St 314.776.5889

Mattingly Brewery 3000 S Jefferson Ave 314.881.1500

Nara Cafe & Hookah Lounge 1326 Washington Ave 314.588.0051

Park West Grille 2917 S Jefferson Ave 314.773.PARK (7275)

SLeeK 999 N 2nd St Inside Lumière Casino 314.621.9590

Smoking Joe’s BBQ 1901 Washington Ave 314.436.3876

oil, butter, eggs, bread, hashbrowns, jimmy dean sausage, strawberries, mango

in gredients

Place burners on medium heat. Put the fry pans on the burners. pan one

Add a about a teaspoon of oil to the pan that the egg is going into. pan two

Add a teaspoon of butter and oil and then the hashbrowns. Turn the heat up to med-high. pan three

In the next pan place a teaspoon of butter then the sausage one small patty, about 2 oz. Brown the sausage till very firm to the touch. Take off the heat and let rest. has hbr owns should be crisp and golden brown before flipping with the spatula. Cook for another minute before flipping over with the spatula, then let rest. The egg should be done by now so

take off the heat.

Place t he bread in the toaster. When

done butter lightly then cut into squares. Set aside.

Assemble the items. Hashbrowns first,

then bread, sausage, bread, and top with the egg.Garnish with fruit.

6 09 51

DVD KIOSK 360 Touch the future of DVD Renting

Start your own DVD/game rental kiosk business today!

exhibition of art 3 Feet or larger by local female artists

• Be your own boss • Low capital investment • Low operating expenses • Advertising capabilities • Home based part-time business • Make money while you sleep • Rental Kiosks are in high demand • Recession-proof industry Three Exhibits One Space

1214 Washington Ave 6.12 - 8.8 Thurs. - Sat. 12 - 4 PM

A Juried Exhibition at the 3rd floor gallery Solo Series presents..."Transference: the works of Todd Fischer"

ArtDimensions’ Gallery 2720 Cherokee coming this summer

877-WE-KIOSK (877-93-54675) 6 09 53


crowd at 609 in ucity

Uche and Ericka


Julian and Syretta


Kristine, ludy, richard, gena, dainelle, dana, nikkeia, ashly

sexy girls

Art, Elam, Will, TaJ

Tameka, Cee Cee

Kelly, Lydia, Crystal

Russ and Chef Keller of Sleek

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