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Economic Empowerment By: Kendra Pete

With the influx of targeted marketing from big retailers and e-commerce sites, local businesses (also known as small businesses) find themselves fighting for the American dollar. They are growing exponentially, but the rate at which they are growing trumps the rate at which Americans are spending towards them. So, what is the purpose of supporting local businesses? How would conscious efforts to support local businesses affect the economy? Well for one: Local businesses fight off unemployment. Unemployment by far is one of Americans’ worst nightmares, but by supporting local businesses, you can help keep their doors open and the paychecks rolling for their employees. According to the Small Business Administration, small firms accounted for 63 percent of the new jobs created between 1993 and mid-2013 (or 14.3 million of the 22.9 million net new jobs). Since the end of the recession (from mid-2009 to mid-2013), small firms accounted for 60 percent of the net new jobs. Secondly: Your money goes back into your community. The American Independent Business Alliance conducted a study, which proved that on average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses was recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores. One reason why is because small 4 November | December 2015

businesses acquire a significant amount of their resources from other local businesses within the community. Besides these two reasons, local businesses keep your community unique. Think about it. How many tourists or visiting family members do you know that say “I can’t leave until I eat at XYZ”? If only restaurant chains existed across the world, one part of the traveling experience would be taken away. Yet, local businesses are not the only ones needing community support. Black-owned businesses may be in more dire need of support than any other type of business. These businesses are often stereotyped as having low quality services or products with poor customer service and an overall negative portrayal within their communities. However, these businesses are rapidly adding jobs and offering innovative services within their neighborhoods. They are even cutting down on black crime amongst the youth. The University of Delaware sociologist, Karen Parker, used a decade’s worth of data from the U.S. Census (1990-2000) to monitor the increase of black-owned businesses and then compared it to data concerning black youth crime. Her results proved that crime reduced as the number of businesses grew. So, how does a relationship like this form? Well, just like small businesses, black-owned businesses bring a wealth of job opportunities for the community. The difference

between the two is that majority of the black business owners are not simply viewed as local business owners within their communities. They serve as pillars of hope and as role models for the black youth. Supporting black-owned businesses also allows the black community to control where money is spent and dispersed. African-Americans are comfortable with spending their dollars with European-based companies; however, those companies have little to no interest in building or investing within urban communities in order to boost the economy. Black business owners usually incorporate revitalizing their communities as a part of their mission. So, supporting blackowned businesses is the difference between spending money to create wealth within their own neighborhoods and spending money to continue to live in economic depression. In conclusion, local businesses may not bring in the biggest bucks for the U.S. economy and black-owned businesses may not receive much spotlight, but each brings in a good portion of wealth, resources and positive influence within their local economy.


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POWER100 Delux is back for its final publication of 2015. Boy! Did this year fly by. Thanks for your continuos support through out the year we really appreciate every single one of you. I would like to introduce you to our “kinda-new” Editor-InChief Nikki Smith. She has been doing a great job with growing our content and adding a lot of great substance articles and opportunities. We have such a great team over here-- there’s no way I would be able to do any of this without any of them. The new “FASHION SQUAD” has been doing an amazing job with keeping DELUX on point with all the lastest styles and fads. Big Ups to Letitia McPherson- Young, Psyche Southwell, Cameo D. Phillips , Drake Tyler, and Londen Underwood. The social media/entertainment guru behind the new social media footprint Dewarren Smith has been amazing. Photography from Allan B Thompson, Arthur Smith, and Lawrence Bryant has been nothing but spectacular. And all the wonderful writers who always may these crazy deadlines I give them-- bless yall hearts-lol. Oliver Sparton, Hannah Sundermeyer, April Whittington, LE Tiffany Shawn, Kendra Pete, Sylvia Woods, Seven L. Maxwell, Ebonie Young, Caprice Foster, Briana Brooks, Shadress Burks, Ashley Kane, and Tendai Morris thanks for your dedication! Thank you to my good friend Vanessa Cooksey! Such an amzing individual with a heart of gold! Its an honor to met such an amazing person. You look amazing on the cover! Wells Fargo Im sure love having you part of the team!

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Im kinda rambling, but Im just so excited about this POWER edition. From what Im hearing everyone is estatic about this event. Here at DELUX we have always tried to bring the biggest and the best to our city. So, with The Power 100 we plan on doing just that... bring St. Louis most Powerful 100 individuals together in one room, at the same time, for one night. We We want to celebrate the city’s most inspiring and influential African American Millennials. DELUX recognizes those who lead, inspire, innovate and demonstrate through their individual talents, the very best in St. Louis. Join us for a night of celebration passed Hor’doeurves, tasty libations and beautiful people. Enjoy the company of likeminded individuals who all share the same common goal -- BE THE BEST. DELUX Magazine looks forward to seeing you November 8th at Lumiere Theatre from 5pm-9pm.

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concrete audio n1

“Voted The Worlds Best Tequila” Age: Two years (Twice as long as the industry norm) Color: Rich amber Aroma: Roasted agave with woody notes and hints of peach and cherry Taste: Luxuriously soft and rich with hints of vanilla, caramel, coconut and maple (Anejo, Tequila Avion Available at all fine retailers)

‘black•ish by: Dewarren Smith

Whether if you are Black or White I think that this is a comedy the whole family will enjoy. The show now is in its 2nd season and stars Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburn. All three with various acting accolades in the past have come together as the Johnson Family. Anderson stars as Andre “Dre” and Tracee as Rainbow “Bo” Johnson. The show protrays their comedic struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while raising their kids in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood. The first episode of this new season dealt with the N-word and the social acceptability to say it. Jack the couples youngest son played by Miles Brown. Decided for a school talent show to rapper the song “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. The problem being he didn’t do the radio version and blurted out the N-Word that is present. This gets him sent home from school facing possible expulsion due to a zero tolerance policy his mother had a hand in.

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The Concrete Audio N1 Loudspeaker Pair is a passive floor-standing loudspeaker designed for a completely natural sound reproduction without any loss of quality. The housing of the N1 is cast with a single pour, with all sides closed. To maintain complete audio integrity, Concrete Audio dispensed with bass reflex tuning, achieving outstanding low bass with an extremely low distortion factor and precision at very high levels. The high-end drivers, built into their systems, are characterized by absolute accuracy, speed and fidelity, while the signal path is equipped with a very small number of selected components. Concrete Audio uses a 6dB filter, fitted with copper foil coils and silver-gold capacitors of very high quality. The result is a largely lossfree signal path with a very direct control of the linearly coordinated and selected pairs of precision-drivers. Combined with high-strength concrete housings, they’ve produced the ultimate in sleek, impeccable loudspeaker systems.

Dre starts to have conversations at the school, home and work about the true sentiment behind the word to him. At the meeting to decide Jack’s fate Dre stated the others have gotten away with and have even been rewarded for saying it repeatedly. Dre concluded, “This whole country has been schizophrenic about what to call black people for two centuries. And the last person who should be held accountable is an eight-year-old boy who doesn’t have an ounce of hate in his heart.” Kenya Barris is the brains behind Black’ish. He’s written or produced numbers shows like: Girlfriends, Are We There Yet and the Game. This show has heart, it’s funny and has a cast of terrific costars. Black-ish airs on the ABC Network on Wednesday Nights!

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Bittercube Bitters are developed and created in Milwaukee. Bittercube literally crafts these specialty bitters by hand, peeling hundreds of pounds of citrus, weighing dozens of spices, and decorticating vanilla beans, among other time consuming tasks. Bittercube Bitters do not use any extracts or oils, but only raw, fresh ingredients and taking anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on the variety. Bittercube has grown from humble beginnings, starting with creating one-off gallon jars, and growing to now producing batches in large maceration barrels. But, their commitment to the hand-crafting process has stayed the same.

Tropical Cocktails to Warm Up Your Winter By Caprice Foster

Close your eyes. Imagine you’ve been transported to a tiki hut right on a Hawaiian beach, looking out on the ocean, feeling the warm sun and cool breeze gently touch your skin, while drinking a fruity rum-filled cocktail garnished with all the trimmings. Open your eyes. In case you’re disappointed about not being on that beach, don’t fret. There’s an enchanting place right here in St. Louis that will make you feel like you’ve gone to Hawaii, without the 9 hour flight. Equipped with string lights and tiki torches, Taha’a Twisted Tiki (TTT) offers guests a fun experience with fruity cocktails that will definitely warm things up this winter! Located in the heart of the Grove, TTT officially opened its doors in January 2014, and transitioned under new ownership in January 2015. With 14 years of industry experience, TTT’s General Manager Julia Mager has been serving in this role for the past year. When asked “why have a tiki bar in St. Louis,” Mager elaborated that TTT gives guests a chance to experience something different. “[TTT] gives customers the awesome chance to leave St. Louis for a minute while never leaving the city,” Mager said. When it comes to tiki drinks, Taha’a Twisted Tiki offers both classic tiki cocktails and its own exclusive signature tiki drinks, which are served in fun, quirky cups. “Tiki cocktails have a lot of rum, and this gives us the chance to expose people to rum drinks when they’re not rum drinkers,” Mager said. She went on to say, “we make our drinks fun, delicious, and strong!”

SONGSTRESS:MAI LEE One of our favorite songstresses, Mai Lee has been very busy lately. Hottest song on the web? Check. Hottest song on radio? Check. Pay homage to the queen of R&B Mary J. Blige? Check. She’s just about covered all the bases when it comes to hitting the market hard. The aforementioned song which has landed a spot on Hot 104.1’s rotation and doing very well on Youtube with over 74k views so far in a very short amount of time. She is definitely What’s Hot Now material!

One of Taha’a Twisted Tiki’s most popular drinks is also its strongest drink, The Zombie, which features 11 ingredients and is set on fire! Other popular drinks are the Dead Man’s Chest, which contains fruity rum, blue Curacao, pineapple juice, and Sprite, and the Pain Killer, which is made with spiced rum, coconut cream, orange and pineapple juices, and has a light dusting of nutmeg on top. TTT also has a full bar and a selection of draught and bottled beers. And the designated driver in your group can also get a fun and fruity non-alcoholic beverage so they’re not left out of the fun! Taha’a Twisted Tiki also features a food menu that offers small, but delicious food options to compliment the drinks. Some of their best selling dishes include the wings, nachos with homemade queso and pico de gallo, fried coconut shrimp, and Taha’a Rangoon with sweet chili sauce. Taha’a Twisted Tiki also offers monthly events such as the “Freaky Tiki Variety Show” and a Limbo/Hula Contest, and weekly salsa dancing every Sunday night. Happy hour specials are offered Wednesday through Friday. For current details on events and promotions, guests should refer to TTT’s Facebook page. Taha’a Twisted Tiki is open Wednesday through Sunday and is located at 4199 Manchester Ave in St. Louis, Missouri.

money matters


“Show me the money!” is a famous quote from Tom Cruise’s character in the 1996 comedy, Jerry Maguire, as he discusses a business deal with his client, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr). Let’s talk money. It seemed simple enough for Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character to ask for some more money, but according to a recent survey from Robert Half, a financial recruitment company, a little more than half of Americans actually plan on putting it into action. The reality of the situation all comes down to fear. Fear of intimidation, fear of rejection, fear of failure and the list continues. Most Americans don’t even know where to begin when it comes to negotiating finances, but the first step is confidence. We’re not talking about being overly confident that it soars through the roof, but just enough confidence to show your employer that your worthy of that salary raise. Confidence is key, but not the only factor to take into consideration. You should also make sure that you are qualified and have done your research. Research the qualifications for the raise and note the market salary is for your position. What’s the general median? What other salaries are people in your position making?

Coming into a meeting or an interview with a precise number can not only be powerful, but it also lets your employer know that you have done your research and have come prepared. Don’t lowball yourself, especially if you know you have the qualifications and expertise that makes you worthy of the raise. Showing your employer what you are capable of and what you can and will do for the company can be powerful, let them know your worth. Amber Branch, Inside Sales Representative at IBM, recently went through the process of salary negotiation and knows first hand what the power of knowing your self worth can do. “People will only do what you allow them to do. When I asked for my salary, I asked for something completely out of the range of what I knew they were going to give me, but it set the tone that I knew my worth. I ended up getting total compensation higher than what I had asked. They have it. They have the money, but because nobody is asking for it they don’t have a problem not giving it to you,” says Branch. Branch also advocates entering a meeting with confidence by stating, “when I walked into the interview, I walked in like I was the CEO. Walk in like you know yourself, like you know something, because you do.” Body language is a silent tool that most people forget about and one of the first things that flies out the window in difficult situations, but

it’s important to be attentive to what type of body language you are giving off. Keep an open body frame with steady eye contact and try not to fidget. Also pay attention to how you are speaking. Sound authoritative, but not demanding, keeping in mind to speak slowly and clearly. If you need to practice with a friend or family member beforehand, do so. It is also beneficial to think about what is important to you. Is it more vacation time? Is it a better health care plan? Most people believe that they can only talk money in salary negotiations but that is not the case. There are other options. If you don’t get your desired number do not be too discouraged. Think about the other things that matter to you. Consider the non-cash perks or potential benefit packages and work on negotiating those. Do not get discouraged if your first negotiation does not turn out in your favor. This is just another reason to know your self worth. The experience should give you more drive to come back swinging in the next round. You don’t know your potential until you tap into it. Just go for it!


800 N. Third St. | St. Louis, MO 63102 | 314-657-4444

rance john • JOHN LEWIS • KIM BURKE

rance john Words by: Ashley Kane Photo by: Lawrence Bryant

Rance John embodies the meaning of dedication and determination. WIth everything he’s been through, how can someone continue to renew themselves and be better than they were yesterday. John’s passion and love for his gift has propelled him to accomplish amazing things! Rance John is a professional groomer, entrepreneur and definitely delivers style #goals. Rance John’s Style & Barbering shop is located on the south side of St. Louis. He’s had many fruitful shops, enjoys teaching and has even developed his own line of razors: John said, “there’s more to the story”. Rance was born in Chicago and moved to St. Louis, Missouri by the age of 12. John said “I grew up with great values, but seeing my mother struggle made me want to do better”. At the age of 15, he was cutting his own hair; there was instant chemistry. Rance John had wonderful support from many members of his family and friends. Everyone from his sister messing up his hair, and him then deciding to cut his own, to his brother-in-law speaking life into him on the way to school. Rance said “my cousin, the bus driver, she would encourage me to keep going”. When Rance was in high school, he met a man named Lee Moss and was instantly inspired by Moss’s haircuts. One day John was standing with his landlord outside on Cherokee Street. Rance looked up and realized it would be the perfect spot for his style hub, aka barber/salon shop. John said “he took a risk, he gave me a chance”. At the ripe age of twenty-three Rance John had a space, a suite all his own. Life had come with accomplishments but had also come with heartache. Rance’s mother and brother had both passed. John said “they gave pieces of motivation to me, I could have easily made other decisions”. Focus. When you are faced with temptation, faced with moral indecision, focus is your only option for progression. “It’s easy to get things, harder to keep them” said Rance. He had lost everything, went through a divorce, lost his business and his property. “At that point I knew I had to re-invent myself”, he said. Luckily Rance had a close friend, Brandon Dixon, who he would brainstorm ideas with. They had come up with an upscale barbering shop with complete services that takes the experience to another level. Rance fell in love

with traditional razor barbering and began to hone his skills. In 2006, he re-opened Rance John’s Style & Barbering. He used social media to grow his following organically. Schools started calling for him for motivational speaking and educational training. One of John’s passions is teaching, so he thrived with clipper cutting classes and even developed the Show Me Barbers Battle. Social media has been a key to Rance’s rewarding career. John started the Rance John Back to School Cuts for Kids foundation to give children a “fresh start and feel good on the first day of school”, he said. It’s an awe-inspiring event with support from Grace Hill who provides screenings and supplies, the St. Louis Public Library who assists families with obtaining library cards, and the St. Louis Fire Department comes out too. Rance John also heads up the Cut Out Homelessness campaign where Rance’s team gives a mini-makeover to someone who’s ready for that next step; someone who is ready to be helped. Over the years John said “I’ve developed a love and passion for helping people, new challenges”. Rance said “it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s part of progress”. But what motivates him to pick himself up after defeat, to risk it all on another shop? Rance said, “If I did it once, I can do it again. I have to leave something for my three kids; I learned I had to man up to my misjudgments and learn from them”. Words spoken like a man of his word, a true king in a day when words can be taken for granted. He’s someone who turns his shoulds into musts. Rance John’s social media presence is quite a treat for the eyes. His Facebook & Instagram is filled with fresh fades, razor cuts, custom designs, clean beards of clients every age and different ethnicities. Rance John is a lover of business, who is hungry to tackle new things and new projects. He aspires to open a school in the near future. He loves to make people look good, loves to train and educate people and is creating his own line of straight razors. You can visit Rance and his team in south St. Louis, you can catch him at and on Instagram and Facebook @RanceJohn





KIM BURKE BY: Nikki Smith

Photo by: Arthur Smith

If you’ve ever come across someone whose life goal is to help others reach theirs, one word that can be used without hesitation to describe them is inspirational. Kim Burke has accomplished some phenomenal goals in such a short amount of time, including starting her own brand as a life coach and authoring and self-publishing her first book, all in just one year. She is considered the epitome of what can happen when you set goals for yourself and work hard to accomplish them. While working in a prominent role at a financial institution, Kim had an epiphany that she wasn’t walking in her purpose and soon became unfulfilled in her role. One year later she started a series of growth workshops, known collectively with the dba of QKE 4 Growth, under the coaching company Queen Kim Enterprises, LLC. This professional coaching company has a mission to inspire people to become goal achievers and provide personal coaching to people ready to get to the next level. Living a lifetime of leadership and the accolades to prove it, Kim is a noted advocate for personal growth. She believes that you can lead from where you are no matter what your role is. Through her personal experiences of overcoming obstacles as a teen girl, she walked by faith and persevered to define her personal greatness. With many life experiences to share with a crowd and the enthusiasm and passion to deliver it, Kim has not only established herself as a phenomenal speaker, she’s an emerging writer. Titled after one of her growth workshops; The

Code to Greatness: A Goal Setting Cycle That Will Help You Achieve Any Goal is the go-to personal development tool to utilize to achieve your life goals. Kim’s goal with this self-published body of work is to encourage readers to transform from “goal setters” to “goal getters” by using the CODE cycle: Clarity, Options, Discipline, and Execution. “I knew I always wanted to be writer, but I never I would become a self-published author. I had a goal of finishing my book on December 31, 2014. I finished on December 25th.” It is without a doubt that if anyone can educate you on reaching your personal and professional goals, she can. A wife of a fellow entrepreneur, Kim spends even her “free” time being a servant to the community through several professional development organizations. She has also received many accolades for her work including: 2015 St. Louis American Young Leader of the Year, 2014 Urban League Young Professionals Central Region Member of the Year, 2014 Regional Business Council Young Professionals Network– Leadership 100 Cohort, and the 2014 John Maxwell Team Master Mind Cohort award. An exceptional young woman who considers herself to be quirky and an avid lover of shoes, Kim Burke is not only an example of what can happen when you begin to walk in your purpose, but truly serves as an inspiration to us all.



john lewis Words by: Sylvia Woods A vegan is a lifestyle change not a diet. Dietary vegans refrain from consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animalderived substances; basically an entirely plant-based diet. According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet tend to display lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, less chance of getting colon and prostate cancer, and a decreased rate of Ischemic Heart Disease. John Lewis, nationally certified fitness trainer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur by way of his own company Bad Ass Vegan helps us understand the importance of making healthier choices. Who’s bad? John Lewis that’s who! And you can be a Bad Ass Vegan too! Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, John Lewis spent the better part of his youth right here in St. Louis, Missouri. After freshman year, weighing 315 pounds, John knew he headed in the wrong direction. He began eliminating junk food, fast food and continued his streak of athletic excellence throughout his high school and college years. He attended McCluer Senior High and Harris Stowe State College. John graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and then later went on to pursue his MBA from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a strong emphasis in entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship program at Nova Southeastern University was unique. The program was modeled after H. Wayne Huizenga, former owner of the Miami Dolphins and billionaire entrepreneur. John mirrors Huizenga’s strategies and techniques to entrepreneurship. He learned about business life and culture, earned his master’s in business and founded his own company, Bad Ass Vegan. For the past 11 years, John has been in the health and fitness industry. He is highly passionate about not only his own health and fitness, but that of others as well. John has a holistic approach to making the decision to adapt a healthy lifestyle. He believes everybody controls their own destiny; no one else. John says, “We are in full control of our own destiny. We control how to get out of any situation we’re in. This frame of thought applies to our health, careers or job status. We have to grind out and do things to help ourselves. Processed foods and junk foods control our lives and we need to get a grip and protect our temples.” John desires to show people through his own example that they too can control their lives and hold themselves accountable and only then will we gain control.

With that, let’s explore exactly what a Bad Ass Vegan is. Research shows that a lot of diseases are associated with animal intake. Most cases of food poisoning (up to 80%), are due to infected meat. Acknowledging that fact is the 1st step to being a Bad Ass Vegan, which is a foundation whose mission is to prevent obesity through education, physical activity and plant based nutrition. Looking to cut your grocery bill in half? A vegan lifestyle is cost effective and will save you hundreds of dollars a year! John says, “I don’t want people to think vegans are sitting around hugging trees and smelling like tofu! We just understand that the information we’ve been educated on about certain food is not 100% accurate. People think when you go vegan you die. Well, I’ve not heard of anybody dying from eating fruits and vegetables. Vegan is not the end to all of happiness. The foods our body intakes reveals on the outside.” John, 38 years old says most people thinks he’s 28. A vegan lifestyle should also include exercise. John works out every day and plays basketball regularly. Vegan is fun! John sells apparel on his website. With a reputation of being honest and outspoken, he has no problem telling all us to Eat Your Phuckin Vegetables! John’s favorite bean is the black bean and his favorite meal is called a beautiful mess; rice, quinoa, guacamole, and cayenne pepper topped with grilled onion. John Lewis has appeared in multiple television shows, music videos and fitness magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Mens Fitness, Fitness Rx, Exercise for Men, Planet Muscle, etc. as well as Maxim and Sports Illustrated. You can also see him featured in the P90X Television ads. Visit the website for your bad ass gear, bad ass food and so much more! Bad Ass Vegan’s protein shakes are packed tight with 20g Non-GMO Protein, 6g Dietary Fiber, No Cholesterol, Zero Trans Fat, Dairy & Soy Free, Gluten Free, Whole Food Complex, Vitamins & Minerals, Omega 3, Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes. Protein shakes come in four flavors; chocolate, vanilla, chai and wildberry. Go to the website and get you some! Follow Bad Ass Vegan for upcoming events! IG - @badassvegan Twitter - @badassvegan Facebook – bad ass vegan YouTube – bad ass vegan DELUX MAGAZINE



How Long Do Negative Items Stay on Your Credit Report? The items on your credit report are called tradelines. They can either be positive or negative Positive tradelines help your credit score andnegative tradelines lower your credit score. You must manage your credit in the same manner you manage your finances. Periodically you want to conduct a financial health check, with the review of your credit being part of it. Most negative items remain on your credit report for 7 years from the date of first delinquency, but there are exceptions:

David R. Noble Community Development & CRA Officer Midland States Bank

Delinquencies (30 - 180 days late) remain for 7 years from the date of the

Bankruptcy- Chapters 7, 11, and 12 remain for 10 years from the filing

initial missed payment.

date. Chapter 13 remains 7 years from the filing date. Accounts included in bankruptcy remain 7 years from the date they were reported as included in the

Collection Accounts remain on your credit report for 7 years from the date of


the initial missed payment that led to the collection (the original delinquency date). When a collection account is paid in full, it will be

Judgments (child support, civil & small claims) remain on your report for 7

marked “paid collection� on the credit report.

years from the date the judgment is filed.

Charged Off remain for 7 years from the date of the initial missed payment that

Tax Liens - (city, county, state, and federal) Unpaid tax liens remain 15

led to the charge off (the original delinquency date), even if payments are later

years from the filing date. Paid tax liens remain 7 years from the paid date of

made on the charged-off account.

the lien.

Closed accounts are accounts that are no longer available for further use.

Inquiries remain on your credit report for 2 years, with those in the last 6

Closed accounts may or may not have a zero balance. Closed accounts with

months usually given the most consideration.

delinquencies remain 7 years from the date they are reported closed, whether closed by the creditor or by the consumer. Positive closed accounts remain at

Positive Accounts remain indefinitely and paid positive accounts remain 10

least 10 years.

years. The most important thing for you as a consumer is to know your credit and the

Lost credit card - If there are no delinquencies, credit cards that are

laws that affect it. There is a proper way to dispute errors on your report that

reported lost will continue to be listed for 2 years from the date the card

you as an individual can do on your own. Be sure to analyze your credit report

is reported lost. Delinquent payments that occurred before the card was lost

and target for removal the inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable items.

are reported for seven years.

Great Strength. More Heart. Midland States Bank and Heartland Bank, two 125+ year old community banks, have come together as one. Bringing our banks together allows us to offer more products, more convenient services, more locations, and more possibilities for the future. At Midland, the words “Great Strength. More Heart.” aren’t just a slogan. We are committed to using our experience, our financial strength and our highly trained banking professionals to make a lasting impact in the lives of our customers, and in our communities. One example of this commitment is Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship’s partnership with Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory High School to form the first urban CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program, a highly successful program that prepares high school juniors and seniors to become entrepreneurs who contribute to their community’s economic growth through real world, real life experiences. We look forward to the opportunity to serve the families and businesses of the St. Louis region with Great Strength and More Heart, by providing resources, products and services tailored to each community’s unique needs. New location: 8021 W. Florissant Ave in Jennings, MO 63136

Great Strength. More Heart.


Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.



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Thinking Inside the Box Subscription Boxes are a Great Gift for Others and for Yourself By: Caprice Foster


ver the last few years, the industry and popularity of subscription boxes have steadily climbed. Subscription boxes are described as packages full of retail products and samples that are mailed to consumers on a reoccurring basis (usually monthly). The boxes typically range in price from $10 to $100, and cater to specific needs and interests.

Subscription boxes are a fantastic way for consumers to try new products that they may not otherwise know about. They are also a great gift idea for important people in your life. Many of these subscription companies offer a 3-month gift subscription that you can give to someone. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like receiving packages in the mail with new things that they will love? From food to hair products, and pet products to makeup, there is truly a subscription box that everyone can enjoy. Here is a list of some fantastic subscription boxes that you might enjoy, and may also be great gift ideas for your loved ones. FOR THE MAKEUP ARTIST IN YOUR LIFE: IPSY Created by YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan, Ipsy offers subscribers a monthly “glam bag” filled with makeup samples (some even full-sized) for the monthly price of $10. For more information please refer to FOR THE HAIR CARE EXPERT IN YOUR LIFE: CURLBOX For the monthly price of $20, CurlBox offers subscribers 5-7 hair products, featuring popular brands like Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture. For details, go to FOR THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE: DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB Dollar Shave Club features three options with stainless steel blades for shavers; $1 (+ $2 shipping and handling), $6 (free shipping), and $9 (free shipping). Each option comes with a handle and replacement blade cartridges. Customers have the option of monthly or bi-monthly subscriptions. For more information, go to

FOR THE NEW PARENT IN YOUR LIFE: BLUUM Starting at $19 per month, Bluum offers boxes tailored with items for your child based on their age, gender, and developmental stage, from pregnancy to preschool. For details, go to FOR THE FITNESS BUFF IN YOUR LIFE: BULU BOX Bulu Box gives subscribers 4-5 samples of nutrition supplements, vitamins, and weight loss products every month. There are two types of Bulu Boxes, Original and Weight Loss, which are tailored to suit customers’ needs. For information, go to FOR THE PET LOVER IN YOUR LIFE: BARKBOX AND MEOWBOX Cat- and dog-owners will enjoy Meowbox and Barbox, which contain toys and treats that our four-legged friends will love! Go to www. and

FOR THE COOK IN YOUR LIFE: HELLOFRESH Every week, HelloFresh subscribers receive a box full of fresh ingredients and quick, easy recipes at their homes, with meat and vegetarian options. Prices vary for meals for 2 or 4 people. For details, go to



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beauty tips

Steps to a Flawless Highlight & Contour

The idea of pulling off a flawless, natural-looking Highlight & Contour on your own may seem complicated, but celebrity makeup artist Carta Works shows us how to simplify and sculpt our own “beat” at home in five simple steps! Always begin with a clean, moisturized and primed face and neck…. Complete your brow and eyeshadow routine before you begin applying any additional makeup. This helps tremendously because if there is any eyeshadow fallout, you can easily wipe away the spillage without worry that it will destroy your work. Apply foundation to your entire face and neck using a foundation brush, avoiding the under-eye area as much as possible. Be sure to distribute your foundation evenly. Pro Tip: Use a damp Beauty Blender sponge in a patting motion for further blending and to ensure a flawless finish! STEP 1: Now it’s time to begin your highlights. When you highlight, you’re simply illuminating the areas of your face that you want to stand out. Paying close attention to your particular features, apply a shimmer-free concealer, or cream foundation, that is 1 – 2 shades lighter than your skin complexion, to the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, in a large triangularshape under the eyes into the upper cheeks, down the center of your chin, and on the “cupid’s bow” above your top lip. Feel free to use a foundation/ concealer brush or your fingers to apply. Apply your highlights in light, buildable layers for refined coverage and use your Beauty Blender to blend. Pro Tip: “Bake” in your highlights by applying a light finishing powder (such as Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder in Banana) after your first blend and allow to sit for several minutes before blending again. STEP 2: When beginning the contour process, it’s important to remember that we contour the areas on our face that we want to recede or draw less attention to. For this step you want to use either a cream foundation, contour palette (cream or powder will do) or contour stick that is 1 – 2 shades darker than your skin’s complexion. Apply your product to the hollow of your cheekbones (from the ear region to the corner of your mouth), down the sides of the nose, underneath your chin, within the depth of your temples, and along your hairline. Pro Tip: Using a flat contour brush or a contour stick will help to make this step incredibly easy. STEP 3: Once you have your contour lines in place, gently pat and blend your highlight and contour areas together using your damp Beauty Blender sponge. The goal is to blur the edges of the highlight and contour colors into each other for a seamless finish. Pro Tip: Blend! Blend! Blend! – This is your most important step… Blend your contour lines up instead of down so that your color blends

into the highlighted areas rather than away. You should be adding dimension with each step you make. For instance, blend the contour lines on your nose into the brow, and the shaded area on your forehead into the hairline. This will help you achieve a more natural look. STEP 4: Take a step back and double-check that you have blended your highlight and contour areas seamlessly. If not, repeat Step 4 now... Once you are satisfied with your work, you can begin applying a small amount of bronzer to the balls of your cheeks and then lightly extend upwards towards your cheekbone. Follow up your bronzer application by using a large powder brush to apply blush right over your bronzer. This will help to accentuate your cheeks while also adding a soft, dewy glow to your complexion. Pro Tip: Don’t use too much blush. Use just enough to add warmth. STEP 5: Now it’s time for your finishing touches! To finish your look, carefully apply your eyeliner, mascara, additional lashes if needed, lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss. Pro Tip: Waiting to apply your eyeliner at the end of your makeup application allows your eyeshadow time to set in place, which helps your eyeliner to stay on better and less apt to smudge (unless that’s the look you’re going for!). How do you look?!... Don’t fret if you don’t get it exactly right on your first try. Practice makes beautiful! When done correctly, a well-blended highlight and contour can accentuate your features and even make you appear slimmer! This pro technique will easily become the star in your regular home beauty routine as well as when you’re looking to add more glam to your look. Written by April Whittington, LE Licensed Esthetician and Owner of Skin by April IG: @SkinByApril

Model: Alanah Cimone Makeup Artist: Carta Works Photography: Arthur Smith Dress: Sydney Smotherson DELUX MAGAZINE


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o you decided to go “Natural”. At first everything was going great! You were pumped. You’ve watched all of the You Tube Videos and bought all types of products. You are now familiar with much of the lingo. You can see yourself trying all of the cute styles and rocking your natural hair! However 6 months into this journey you just don’t feel like this is for you anymore. All of the negative comments about Natural Hair run through your mind. It seems like all of the jokes, posts with Celie from the Color Purple, Buckwheat, Don King and Fredrick Douglas resemble you. Not to mention the people that stroll by casually with the Natural Disasters aka their attempt to go natural, and you think to yourself ....... Do I look like that? You seem to be doing more work to your hair only to be unhappy with the results. Needless to say getting a relaxer starts to look better and better to you. I have met many women who have gone natural and have fallen off of the wagon so to speak only to regret they went back to relaxer and started over again kicking themselves. In this article I will give you some options for when you feel like giving up. 1.

The first step in going natural is to PROPERLY identify YOUR texture category. This step is extremely crucial because there is nothing more stressful than chasing after a beauty that is not within your grasp. Once you understand how your texture category works you will be able to fall in love with your hair texture which will open your eyes to your very own beauty.


Search for natural style pictures that resemble you. Example, face shape, skin tone for color ideas and hair texture. Finding a picture online can be as simple as going on Google images and typing in for example; big chop on round face or medium afro on oval face with texture and you will see literally hundreds of pictures.


Don’t get hooked on one style. When it comes to natural hair please understand that your style will change as your hair grows out. You have to be willing to change right along with your hair lengths. Again Google Images and Pintrest are very helpful in giving new ideas on styles for every length.


When you feel yourself getting bored. Change it up!!! Find a go to style. If braids or sew in’s are your thing then be sure they are not too tight to cause tension alopecia. Stay away from Glue!! Putting your hair away for a while allows you to get over a hump. Remember your hair grows every day and when you take your hair down rest assured your hair will be longer than it was when you put it away. Change your color! Remember, there are three things that make us fall in love with natural styles; Color, Shape, and Texture.


Find a Stylist who is not afraid of natural hair. Many women have given up not because they hate being natural but because they feel like their stylist does not like working with natural hair and they don’t want to be a burden. While the natural community is growing everyday so are the mind sets of the professional stylists who understand natural hair and want to assist you in your journey.

If you want to go natural and stay natural then surround yourself with people that will support you. Please feel free to email me with any questions or just for an intervention (smile) For more Tips from The Hair Whisperer Tendai visit: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or




POWER METHODS: 5 Techniques for Self Improvement By: Ebonie Young

elf improvement is a journey and each journey is unique. It does not happen overnight but that is the beauty of it. Of course it is natural to make strides toward your future with hopes of owning a billion dollar business and being retired in ten years, but it is also key to remember that these accomplishments take time and come with experience. In a world where convenience is prized and immediate results are ideal, self improvement is one of the few things in this day and age that cannot be rushed and is ultimately never ending. During your personal quest you will adopt a variety of principles that will govern how you decide to live your life and treat others. Here are a few techniques to add to your bag of Building Blocks for Self Improvement: OWN YOUR TRUTH Who are you socially, economically, emotionally, and spiritually? What are your passions? These are vital questions as it is essential to get to know YOU before introducing yourself to anyone else. Of course current you and twenty years from now you will be two different people and that is quite alright. Self awareness exudes confidence and maturity. To own your truth and its ever changing nature is the epitome of self growth. MAP OUT YOUR VISION Writing out your goals is an age old technique. Although it may seem like a dated idea, it is actually a really good one. Try remixing the technique by writing out your goals, collecting positive sayings and inspiring photos from old magazines and gluing them onto an eye catching background. Post the project in a space where it can serve as a constant reminder that your dreams exist and that they are one step closer to becoming a reality. An important part of personal evolution is

24 November | December 2015

understanding that processes are essential to a journey. CIC (COLLABORATE INSTEAD OF COMPETE) You were raised to be smarter, sharper and faster than your classmates. Congratulations! Now, understand that was kindergarten and that this is the adult world. Fact: Mastering your strengths and collaborating with others who are strong in different areas is twice as efficient as pretending to be a superhero. Learn how to partner with your coworkers and use one another as resources to get to the job done and the both of you to the next level. Everyone wants to be the star, so why not help one another shine? PAY IT FORWARD Be open to sharing your knowledge and experiences with others. You never know who needed to hear what you had to say. This form of sharing can stem from activities such as volunteering in the community or even sharing positive information with a stranger on the street. Paying it forward is an act of selflessness. Grasping this concept is detrimental as learning to care for others is a result of improving oneself. STABILIZE THE PRIZE The economy has been rocky for the past decade and it has been difficult for working families to earn decent rages let alone save a consistent amount of income for a “rainy day�. Stabilize the Prize represents the ability to keep home life stable. Rather it be by pursuing secondary education, learning a trade to bring in additional income or becoming a budget guru to ration what is currently earned, it is vital to establish a savings. Remember coins make dollars and dollars buy homes. Altering ones mindset to understand financial responsibility is a huge step in the self-empowerment journey.

Naturally Perfect Candle Company

Naturally Perfect Candle Company has evolved to create handmade candles made of the best soy wax from various suppliers in the United States, skin-safe fragrances from local (St. Louis) vendors and adorned with hand painted calligraphy designs. Since our inception, we have also added handcrafted incense and home decor pieces. Naturally Perfect Candle Company continues to improve its craftsmanship, variety of handmade soy candle designs and overall presentation to farmer's markets and vending shows around the St. Louis area. I'd love to share my handmade crafts with you! | 314-642-6722



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P O W E R 1 0 0 D I S T I N G U I S H E D H O N O R E E AWA R D R E C I P I E N T

Vanessa Foster-Cooksey A Passion for Philanthropy and a Drive for Success. Senior Vice President and Head of Community Affairs for Wells Fargo Advisors LLC Words by Caprice Foster Photography by AG Photography Styled by: Letitia McPherson- Young MUA: Drake Tyler




hether it’s making a positive impact in the community or achieving success in business, Vanessa Foster-Cooksey traces her accomplishments back to one important first step: being present. “It’s about listening, observing what’s happening in the moment and understanding where others are coming from,” said the senior vice president and head of community affairs for St. Louis based brokerage firm Wells Fargo Advisors. “Each day, I try to commit to being present for my team, for the business leaders we support and for our community partners.” Foster-Cooksey’s path to leading community affairs for one of the largest U.S. brokerage firms noted for its respected reputation and commitment to philanthropy is paved with lessons and successes at some of the country’s most recognized brands. In 2013, she joined Wells Fargo Advisors, after serving as senior director of community affairs for Anheuser-Busch InBev. She has also held marketing, communications and government relations roles with SuperValu Inc., the Cartoon Network and the Mayor’s office in Atlanta. “Marketing and communications are complimentary disciplines that are both about storytelling and understanding people’s needs” – areas, she said, that have fascinated her since her high school days in Dallas and her college days at the University of Texas-Austin, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in radio-TV-film. Philanthropic work adds another layer of personal satisfaction, giving her the ability to personally connect with people and utilize her problem solving skills. “Philanthropy is not just something I do for employment,” she said. “I am just wired to be helpful to people.” Being helpful extends to her life at home, where she lives with her husband, Antonio, four-year-old son, Andrew, and her mom, Beverley. She loves to cook and host family and friends at her home. Foster-Cooksey leads a local team that works with Wells Fargo’s businesses in St. Louis and across the country. In 2014, Wells Fargo donated $281.2 million to 17,000 nonprofit organizations in every state in the country. Those community investments included $71.6 million to almost 7900 schools and educational programs, and $116 million in grants to nonprofits focused on community development, including workforce development, financial literacy, affordable housing, foreclosure prevention and counseling. Wells Fargo has also been the United States’ top corporate donor to United Way for the last six years. In 2014, the company was named as one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by CR (Corporate Responsibility) Magazine. “Giving is part of our culture and who we are as a firm – that’s what makes philanthropy more appealing here than at other organizations I’ve worked for,” said FosterCooksey. “We do a lot with education and arts and culture organizations. It is really rewarding that we can have a tangible impact in the community and to be a part of a company that gives to local and national organizations.” As Wells Fargo prepared for its annual meeting in St. Louis this past April, the company invited community partners to attend, further exemplifying the team’s commitment to partnership. “We listen to our community partners’ needs,” Foster-Cooksey said. “This helps us better understand how to make our giving more effective and measureable. We give our time and talent, not just money, to build the capacity of the organization so they can do great work.”

28 November | December 2015

A typical day at work for Vanessa Foster-Cooksey starts at 6 a.m. with planning the day’s activities on her white board. She then touches base with her team. “I have a great team who love this work. My job as a leader is to clear roadblocks, to lead, to develop, and to coach.” This means being present for her team and ensuring WFA Community Affairs provides the best counsel to our business leaders as it relates to things happening in the community.” “We maintain really good relationships with our community partners so that when something happens we are aware and prepared to respond. We show up and are present, we don’t just sit in our offices.” She went on to say “especially since Ferguson, we want to make meaningful and sustainable investments that are important in our region.”

diverse backgrounds hold corporate positions in community affairs. While Wells Fargo Advisors has a number of minorities serving in executive roles, locally, she’d like to see more diversity in the broader financial services industry. “The work of financial advisors is life changing,” she said. “I wish more diverse millenials would consider a career in our industry. Being a financial advisor is a great career opportunity -- to help people succeed financially and make a great living is very powerful work.”

Her team also is responsible for helping team members to volunteer and for working with other local corporations on civic initiatives. “We want to encourage and demonstrate collective impact and innovation in the community to make St. Louis stronger and better,” she said.

“Community work takes a long time to see substantial and systemic change, and working with people and helping people live a better life takes a long time,” she said. “Don’t get discouraged when you’re not seeing people getting better after the first try.”

Last year, one-third of the Wells Fargo Advisors’ employees in Missouri volunteered nearly 50,000 hours to 1,353 nonprofits across the state. Nationwide, Wells Fargo team members volunteered 1.74 million hours throughout the country last year.

Similarly, she says, it’s important not to make assumptions about people or become complacent with successes.

Recently, Wells Fargo Advisors launched a college planning and savings program with five local charter schools in St. Louis. Through this program, Wells Fargo Advisors hosts family financial education nights, where the families of students are given personal finance support and hands-on education on ways to budget and save money for their children’s college education. Through the program, savers receive matching funds up to $250 from WFA. Saving is one thing Foster-Cooksey says she wished had started earlier. “I started working in 1994, and if I had saved a little more money than what I saved, I’d be a great investor by now. When you’re young, you don’t realize how important it is to save and invest your money,” she said. “Please save your money! Put away money for your retirement, for your family and to continue your education.”

While a career in community affairs aligns with Foster-Cooksey’s personality and interests, she admits that sometimes she needs to find motivation from within.

“When you’ve done something for a long time you can get complacent. It’s important to keep paying attention to give people more value. It’s always worth trying to give a little more,” she shared.

“Each day, I try to commit to being present for my team, for the business leaders we support and for our community partners.”

One way to avoid complacency is to keep learning, she said, particularly if you want to pursue an executive-level career. “It’s not good to rely on one skill,” she said. “Having a breadth and depth of knowledge is important for the company and industry that you’re in because leadership requires collaboration and making meaningful connections with people.” The second thing she emphasized is that there is no shortcut to success and that you have to do the heavy-lifting, paying attention to the details of your role now in order to see the bigger picture down the road. “Sometimes we want to microwave or short circuit the process, the lessons you don’t get now will showup later,” she stated.

Foster-Cooksey, endeavors to exceed expectations and goals in all things, including team member engagement and fundraising activities overseen by her team. By the end of 2015, the firm will have completed four campuswide, team member donation drives. This spring, employees collected 24,000 cans for Food Outreach – surpassing the 16,000 can goal set by the company. Employees beat their goal again this summer, during a school supply drive to benefit the region’s public schools. The donation goal for this drive was to provide supplies for 1,500 students; however they raised enough school supplies to help nearly 5,000 students! WFA team members also donated professional business attire to students at Harris Stowe State University to wear to job interviews, and baby clothing for the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. This winter, Foster-Cooksey’s team will oversee a toy drive during the holiday season. In addition to these projects, WFA has organized close to 300 volunteer projects involving local nonprofit organizations.

With a smile and positive energy that fills the room and a wealth of success and knowledge under her belt, Vanessa Foster-Cooksey indicated that there are two things that make it easy for her to go to work every day. “The first thing is the people that I work with. The culture of caring at WFA is very strong. Among my peers, senior leaders, at all levels there’s a comradery that’s very special.” She stated that “having the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual and as a team,” is second thing that she finds most rewarding. “I keep a great African proverb on my whiteboard, ‘If we want to go fast, go alone…If you want to go far, go together,’” she said.

“The work we do here is pretty impactful,” Foster-Cooksey said.

Vanessa Foster-Cooksey is a woman who leads her team members to not only help their local communities, but also leverages her company’s resources to encourage people in the community to enrich their own lives. It has been said that our goal as people is to not only do well, but also to do good. Vanessa Foster-Cooksey has achieved that mission with flying colors.

Diversity and inclusion is the other area where she feels the company is making an impact. “Wells Fargo is a company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk in saying that diversity and inclusion is a core vale,” she said, “I am thankful that I get to focus on being a leader and don’t have to focus on defending my race or gender.”

With so many people, activities, and functions involved with the dayto-day operations that take place at major corporations, we sometimes forget the individuals who are behind the scenes making big changes that not only impact their shareholders’ bottom line, but also the community that they serve.

Throughout her career, Foster-Cooksey has seen women and people of



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fashion with The St. Louis Rams Photography by: Lawrence Bryant Automobiles provided by: Mercedes-Benz STL






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rodney MCLEOD

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coverage than Sprint, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, and Boost

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coverage than Sprint, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, and Boost

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38 November | December 2015

Basic, Smart and Pro plans: Monthly plan price includes taxes, applicable fees and unlimited domestic talk, text and data. Unlimited plans include 2.5 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB of high speed data access, depending on your plan. Use exceeding this high speed access allowance will result in reduced access speeds of a maximum 128 Kbps for the rest of your monthly plan cycle. Auto Pay: Sign up for Auto Pay on a Basic, Smart or Pro plan and save $5 on your monthly bill. Appears as $5 account credit each month at the end of your billing cycle for as long as you stay on Auto Pay. Sign up using your smartphone app or online. Auto Pay savings cannot be combined with Group Save. Restrictions Apply. See Auto Pay terms and conditions at 4G LTE coverage not available everywhere. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. See Advocate for details or visit Š 2015 Cricket Wireless LLC. All rights reserved.

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e want to let you in on a not so little secret. There’s a dark secret in St. Louis and six days a week it reveals itself; Monday-Saturday from 2pm to 7pm on 100.3 The Beat! The thing about secrets is no matter who has one and no matter how big or small it is, we want to know all about it. We caught up with Osei The Dark Secret and he tells all in our interview, alive and in living color!

of our image. We need the necessary tools to be overall contributors to our families and our communities. Barak Obama is a living example of the Black male in the family and Black men crave examples of men in positive leadership roles. Diplomacy is the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. We can’t police ourselves because we don’t trust each other. We all need each other to survive. We have to understand how to handle each other. There is opportunity in St. Louis. My vision is to change our culture perceptions through music and community service. Black culture is strong and we’ve had great contributions to society. Missouri was the last State to free slaves. It’s symbolic and interesting in terms of the mindset that has grown out of that. We in the media have to get more involved and connect with people and see how great of an opportunity it can be. We are the people’s voice.”

Osei Kweku, iHeart Media Inc.’s newest on-air personality/host is bringing the dark to light on 100.3 The Beat! When asked, “What is the dark secret?” Osei responded, “I’m African. I am the dark secret. I’m not from this region and people are usually surprised by my background.” Osei remembers a time in history when being dark was not as cool as it is now. Well we all know, those days are over! Long gone are the days when you needed to look like R&B singers El Debarge, AL B. Sure and Christopher Williams to make a mark! Skin the color of deep mahogany, broad shoulders, a sculpted frame, a robust voice and a smile bright as mornings first sun, only scratches the surface of who Osei Kweku, the noble one truly is. With the recent events in Ferguson and a keen awareness of what the people need, through the airwaves, Osei promises to inform, uplift and empower St. Louisans and expose the rich culture of this city.


Osei Kweku

Osei’s segment on 100.3 The Beat! is different in that selections are tailored to the people in St. Louis with hit after hit of throwbacks, hiphop and R&B. Influenced by long time American radio D.J. Donnie Simpson and Ryan Seacrest, Osei’s musical interest spans far and wide. You’d be surprised to find in his personal music collection the likes of the band Fleetwood Mac and The Police both out of London and other artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre. As a radio D.J., Osei suggests to aspiring D.J.’s to, “Open your minds to the business, figure out what your personality is and apply that to the music. Being great is about understanding what about you makes you great at what you do.”

Osei is diverse and multitalented. Born in Ontario, Canada, Osei didn’t speak English as his family IHEART RADIO’S DARK SECRET is from Ghana, West Africa. He learned the English language, went By Sylvia Woods to college and in Washington, D.C. is where he began his career on In his leisure time, Osei likes to a commercial level. His dream workout, trail run, travel, cook and was to do more with multimedia listen to music. What’s next for “The like television, film and production. Osei was heavily involved with music as Dark Secret”? Keep your eyes peeled for the group Mullage, a dirty South hip hop an executive. He believes music has historical connections and that there is and contemporary R&B duo from Atlanta produced by Osei “The Dark Secret” a musical soundtrack to every major incident that happened to Blacks in the Kweku. The group’s name is a combination of the words “musical collage.” community. These soundtracks are fused with love, pain, healing and hope. For example, Dr. Dre’s Chronic Album was released in December 1992. That same Osei plans to connect with St. Louisans by giving the people what they need. year, hate crimes against Blacks hit a record high. A county panel found an 11% Good music takes a hold of us, squeezes us tightly and never lets us go. What increase to 736 incidents and says the figure might have been higher if all riotis St. Louis without the Gateway Arch, Imo’s Pizza and chop suey joints on every related instances had been included. African-Americans were the most frequent corner? All of it is “So St. Louis” and we hold that same sentiment for Black radio. targets, report finds (source: me-14067_1_crimes-hate-eugene-mornell). “Music moves and motivates the Empowerment means being fully aware of our past so we can move forward in masses. Through music, we are all empowered in some way and it is that logic the future. Here’s to our revived relationship with Black radio. that is the driving force of the man behind the music,” says Osei. Want to know more? Osei’s plight has a new age renaissance perspective when it comes to Black culture. Motivated by global incidents of the killing of unarmed Black males; Trayvon Martin, 2012 in Florida, Dontrell Hamilton, 2014 of Milwaukee, Eric Garner, 2014 of New York, John Crawford, 2014 of Ohio and Mike Brown, 2014 of Ferguson, Missouri, amongst countless others; Osei contends that these deaths are contributed to how Black males are perceived as a whole in the media. When asked, “What do the people need?” Osei responded, “Urban radio stations need to be more responsive to the needs of the community. We’re not that in control

Tune in live to 100.3 The Beat! Monday-Saturday 2pm-7pm Instagram @ OseiTheDarkSecret Twitter: @oseithedarksecret Facebook: @ OseiKwekuOseiTheDarkSecret



FOR THE LOVE OF “POWER” Words by: Oliver Sparton The hit STARZ series Power, created by Courtney Kemp Agboh and executive produced by 50 Cent, wrapped up season 2 with an explosive season finale that left fans wanting more and anticipating the return of season 3. Although the wait will be longer than some fans want, you will be happy to know that Tommy (Joseph Sikora),the show’s “anything goes” favorite character, confirmed a fan tweet that Season 3 of the STARZ favorite has begun filming as of October for a summer 2016 return. The fan Roland Hayes, who is a native of Baltimore, Maryland but resides in St. Louis, Missouri, states that the show offers a realistic look inside the world of a gangster who just wants to get out — without just showing the negative sides of that world. Power hit on all cylinders when it returned for its second season. Omari Hardwick’s “Ghost” St. Patrick, a New York drug kingpin who’d like to turn legit, has become one of the most compelling characters on television, and his business partner, Tommy, remains a perfect match along with the villain Kanan (Curtis Jackson). Throw a couple of great women into Ghost’s life — his wife, Tasha (Naturi Naughton), and his recently resurfaced lifelong flame Angela (Lela Loren) — and you have drama that’s hard not to keep watching. This is probably because it’s on a premium network like Starz, so Power doesn’t have to worry about toning down the content to satisfy the FCC. We already saw that the show isn’t holding anything back in its first season and while the explicit language is the most obvious benefit of the lack of censorship, the series can afford to feel a bit more like real life for that reason and more. Especially when handling subject matter as grim as New York City’s drug trade it’s nice to know they won’t have to sugarcoat any following seasons either. Any television show lives and dies by setting the right tone. Power is a very serious drama offering very few comedic moments. It’s gritty and unapologetic in how characters are treated and their motivations. Anyone who watches a healthy amount of television understands the difference between free local broadcast and premium movie channels. Having Starz as a home, Power enjoys a level of freedom in line with other networks like HBO and Showtime. This means gratuitous violence, nudity and every curse word and racial epithet possible. The show has become a stable of our culture by adding a level of class and romance to the world of crime, attracting male and female viewers of all demographics and it doesn’t seem like its slowing down anytime soon.

40 November | December 2015

THE DELUX HOLIDAY STYLE GUIDE: WHAT TO WEAR TO EVERY PARTY THIS SEASON Champagne toasts. Mistletoe magic. Savory foods. Party season is upon us. And, your style? This year, you have free rein to embellish, embellish a lot actually. Give your safe little black dress a break and reach for standout separates like a silk wrap blouse in winter white, a figure-flattering miniskirt in deep emerald, or a dramatically draped trench coat in vibrant red. Don’t want to blow your budget? Dress up wardrobe staples, like an everyday pair of jeans, with plush faux fur accents. Looking for an easy way to switch up your style? Experiment with a new silhouette like the season’s must-have cape. Want to distinguish yourself in the sea of sequins? Embrace extravagant shine by donning opulent and artful sequin designs. These styles will take you from dinner to the tree to the ball drop. Written by Psyche Southwell Lead stylist: Letitia Mcpherson, Fashion Editor Styling assistants: Cameo McCottrell-Phillips, Psyche Southwell, Londen Underwood Models: Lindsey Owens, Ema Remtula Hair: The Hair Whisperer Tendai and Jaz Makeup: Drake Tyler Photographer: AG Photography



Faux fur trim sweater coat available at Bebe St. Louis Galleria, 314 862 8400. Jeans, 2 B Continued, available at Honey’s Child Boutique. Jewelry and shoes, stylist’s own.

Striped faux fur vest, long-sleeve tee, and distressed jeans available at Bebe St. Louis Galleria, 314 862 8400. Shoes, model’s own. Earrings, stylist’s own.

Mesh top, sequin top, and sequin skirt available at Honey’s Child Boutique. Shoes, stylist’s own. Earrings, stylist’st own.

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Trench coat and faux leather corset leggings available at Bebe St. Louis Galleria, 314 862 8400. Shoes, model’s own. Earrings, stylist’s own.

Mixed faux fur vest, silk wrap bodysuit, and miniskirt available at Bebe St. Louis Galleria, 314 862 8400. Shoes, model’s own. Earrings, stylist’s own. Black cape dress and earrings available at Honey’s Child Boutique. Bangle and shoes, stylist’s own.



P O W E R 1 0 0 L I F E T I M E AC H I E V E M E N T AWA R D R E C I P I E N T

DONALD M. SUGGS Words by: Seven L. Maxwell

Photography by: Lawrence Bryant


rowing up in a working class community in the urban dwellings of East Chicago, Indiana, one would imagine a young boy would grow up to be a factory worker like most of the men around him, but not Donald Suggs. He grew up to be an oral surgeon, among other things. Dr. Suggs and his two siblings were raised in a household where his father and his now, 102 year-old mother were very aspirational. Although they only obtained a 3rd and 8th grade education, his intellectually curious father and mother—a devout Pentecostal woman—were very grounded in their quest for knowledge and a brighter future for their children. Dr. Suggs was received a scholarship to Indiana University where he maneuvered through the middleclass students, using his intelligence to pass his courses, but relying on his street savvy upstart to stand out in the crowd. Inspired by a dentist in his community, Dr. Suggs went on to dental school and graduated with an opportunity to go to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania or to move to New York to become an oral surgeon. Attracted to the opportunity to work with African American instructorDr. Suggs elected to study at Homer G. Phillips Hospital, which led him to St. Louis. “I decided to come to St. Louis and at that time, St. Louis probably had a half million people. Around Homer Phillips Hospital at that time was very vibrant.” Dr. Suggs continued, “There were all these guys—about 50 young men—who were about my age who’d come from all over the country. St. Louis was pretty hip. Plus, the music was good and I liked the shoes they wore. Brothers were hip. I liked St. Louis”. From there Dr. Suggs went on to become the Chief of Oral Surgery at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware, and although he accomplished major feats while away, opportunities led him back to St. Louis where he would continue to establish himself and his family. As he grew to establish himself in the community that collects museum-quality art, Dr. Suggs went on to expand his social circle to include the intellectual, art community. Working from his galleries in New York and Chicago, he continued progressing toward his passion and purpose as

he evaluated other opportunities as they were presented. When the opportunity to take over the St. Louis American was presented, Dr. Suggs didn’t hesitate to invest in the opportunity to learn the publishing business. With no experience, Dr. Suggs went through a series of trial and error to bring the St. Louis American to level of excellence present today. Growing the publication from about 6000 printed weekly, to over 70,000—with 80 distribution locations—Dr. Suggs and his team worked hard to improve the standing business model to increase readership and community involvement. “The American is the best black newspaper in the country overall. We have a larger penetration of the market, the quality of the writing, the quality of the copier, the quality of the design, it’s all better than Atlanta, and Dallas, and Houston, and LA, and New York, and Chicago, and Philadelphia.” Dr. Suggs continues, “This is pretty well done— which means, we can do good stuff in St. Louis. It’s up to each person. We can put out first rate work in second-tier places.” St. Louis is not L.A. St. Louis is not New York, it doesn’t mean you can’t do first-rate work here. It doesn’t mean you can’t do good work.” As an elder and a model of success, Dr. Suggs often enjoys taking the time to enlighten the younger generation on his views on business and the community. “I’ve always had a passion for education. I have believed these things will lead to success for people: You must be willing to work hard. Every job I’ve ever had, I was willing to work hard. You need to have a love of learning. And you have to have a strong connection to your family. You have to be anchored in some way or something you believe in strongly—in church, your family, or something like that that comes first for you,” Dr. Suggs advises. For Dr. Suggs, The St. Louis American isn’t about increasing his income, it’s about connecting with the African American community and helping to highlight the advancements while raising awareness regarding opportunities for improvement as a whole. “For me this isn’t about giving back, it’s about paying what I owe.”


Words by: Shadress Denise

Photo by: KGII

The Raw Side of Beauty


onfidence is a fragile emotion. Self-esteem is the hidden secret that is often exposed unexpectedly. Despite all of that, we all have a purpose. From day one, we were all uniquely made. Gifts and talents were instilled inside each of us. Whether big or small, all of us were placed here to do something special; to make a difference. At some point during our time here, we are compelled to give back to the universe what it gave us. After overcoming Cancer and given a second chance at life, Sherri Thomas decided to be a part of giving back to the universe. Who knew a couple brief moments of embarrassment and a chance encounter at chemotherapy would lead to her starting the House of Raw Elegance. Starting out as a home based business; House of Raw Elegance eventually grew into a full salon. As I walk through the doors, the cozy feeling immediately welcomes me. I am greeted by Thomas as she gives me a tour of the place she has designed to help her clients feel beautiful again. We arrive in her private room where she conducts private consultations to make her clients feel more comfortable as she begins their reconstruction journey. As my curiosity is peaked, Thomas shows me samples of the wigs she is making for a client. The light-weight wig is sewn together on top of a medical cap, designed to fit each person perfectly. For most women experiencing chemotherapy finding a wig that caters to their physical needs as well as emotional is a hard find. For Thomas’ clients, the finished product contains the magic touch needed to help boost their confidence once again. As we continued to chat, Thomas’ told 46 November | December 2015

me how she was not new to the hair business. Being a licensed cosmetologist for over ten years while doing hair on the side; Thomas spent most of her career in Corporate America. All of that changed when her health took a turn for the worst. Today, Thomas uses her knowledge and experiences to help other women feel beautiful again. Our conversation transitioned to other services she offers her clients. Not only catering to Cancer patients, Thomas also extends her services to women who suffer from alopecia. In conjunction with her wig making service, Thomas offers women the opportunity to obtain hair replacements. [50% of women regardless of their ethnicity suffer from hair loss problems – Thomas] The countless pictures I scrolled through left me in awe as the transformations were quite remarkable. Women of different races were seeking the same thing. The hairstyles were lush and flowed beautifully as the authenticity of each strand could easily sway the human eye. Thanks to Thomas; women who may have suffered from balding or other hair loss problems are now given the chance to have healthy, beautiful hair. It seems as if all it took was one feature in the Post-Dispatch and her wigs became a phenomenon. Taking St. Louis by storm, Thomas has dove head first into this untapped market. I listened attentively as she spoke about the stigma that surrounded women, their hair and the social expectation society has when it comes to that particular topic. Remnants of her personal experiences seeped through as she mentioned the stereotypes that come along with

wearing your hair a certain type of way. All of these were motivators for her to push forward with her purpose. As she equips herself with the knowledge needed to offer her clients quality service, Thomas teaches others along the way. In addition to House of Raw Elegance, Thomas also owns Raw Barbershop and Raw Extensions (ran by her daughter) an online hair site. As a licensed trichologist and instructor, she is steadily building her empire and expanding one service at a time. Coming soon, Thomas will be looking to offer her clients laser treatments at an affordable cost. To her, helping women feel confident and beautiful should not come with a hefty price tag. In keeping up with tradition, Thomas continues to donate two wigs a year to Cancer patients through her Save a Life foundation. Now being a cancer survivor for a few years, Thomas is focused on branding herself and the services she offers her clients. While her sights are set on be globally known; personal and quality service is at the forefront of her expansion. With growth in sight, her future will be full of teaching others the skills she has acquired while continuing to make women feel beautiful again. House of Raw Elegance 2995 Patterson Road St. Louis, Mo 63031 Website:


Curated by: Mrs. Darcell Butler & Crew 321

When asked, - Hey, what would you do with your super powers? ... They responded.... & WE should listen. Tarajee - I want to use my power to help people with special needs. Victor - I want to use my power to take care of poor people. Willa - I want to use my power to help people in trouble. Mikayla - I want to use my power to help animals all over the world. August - I want to use my power to help homeless people. Linden - I want to use my power to help everyone treat each other the same. Derrick - I want to use my power to help animals that are going extinct. Josie - I want to use my power to make everybody healthy. Jakayli - I want to use my power to help my family. Bennett - I want to use my power to help people survive. Elise - I want to use my power to help my friends. Zion - I want to use my power to show the world what it has never seen before. Donald - I want to use my power to help people that are not able to take care of their kids. Henry - I want to use my power to make life more fun for everyone.

Alden - I want to use my power to help children with cancer. Kameron - I want to use my power to take care of my school. Sawyer - I want to use my power to help the world stop littering. Desmond - I want to use my power to help “The Crew of 321.� Cedric - I want to use my power to help the geckos of the US. Maya - I want to use my power to help the world create world peace. C.J. - I want to use my power to take care of the needs of others. Selah - I want to use my power to create a safe transportation program for children that must walk a long way to school. Wes - I want to use my power to stop people from hurting each other. Harper - I want to use my power to protect trees. M.J. - I want to use my power to help people come to school on time. Madison - I want to use my power to help the city of St. Louis. Marissa - I want to use my power to stop gun violence in St. Louis. Isabella - I want to use my power to protect the rainforest.

Courtney - I want to use my power to help people get a job. Julian - I want to use my power to clean up the ocean. Thiago - I want to use my power to help a sports team with a missing player. Sam - I want to use my power to help sea snakes. DELUX MAGAZINE


Great leaders inspire our communities

In every community, there are people who can inspire others to work for positive change. True leaders know how to forge a consensus and create a lasting legacy of success. Delux Power 100, it's an honor to recognize you. Š 2015 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. 121949 10/15





his phrase is an age-old concept to healing but it is very new to many people. It not only applies to having a “good” diet, but it also refers to the habits of eating. When discussing healing with patients, I enjoy exploring your concept of health. It is refreshing to hear of the many ways to which we approach a healthful diet. The biggest question that I am asked is, “are you a vegetarian?” My answer is no. I believe in all things in moderation. Now, do I consume meat on daily basis? No. I do find that patients who over-consume meat will often have higher levels of inflammation. Inflammation shows up in the body as pain, stiffness, skin irritation, fatigue and congestion and can affect your quality of sleep, mood and metabolism. There are ways of consuming meat that can maintain health. The first is to not over-consume meat. Now, to be able to reduce the amount weekly, you have to first start with the amount of meat eaten in one day. You over-consume by having more than one serving of meat per day. Ideally, if you have sausage for breakfast, you would not eat a burger for lunch and chicken for dinner. In addition to inflammation from red meat, it is also the saturated (bad) fats and the exposure to hormones. If you choose beef, you want to ensure that the cow has eaten grass in its lifetime, and even then, it is still not meant to eat daily. Beef is also harder on your digestion. All foods are broken down in the small intestines after, first, passing through the stomach. The time spent in the stomach can increase with heavier meals that contain meat. Once food enters the intestinal tract, it then moves into the colon for elimination. The longer food works to move through your system, the slower your digestion works to break down newly introduced foods. The purpose is not to discuss the negative attributes of beef but more importantly to consider our choices. Food has an emotional component and for many the thought of being told NOT to eat something, triggers an emotional response. We hold on to our views of nutrition because they are wrapped in emotional memories. We associate positive experiences, family gatherings and even emotional struggles, with food. The lack of food can stimulate the same emotional response of the joy of consuming food. We are immediately satisfied and temporarily soothed by eating. We then hold on to our beliefs about food and choices due to these attached emotions. The choice is yours. When considering what and when to eat, you must rule out the emotional component first. Am I eating because I am stressed? Am I eating because I now have the money to buy more expensive foods? Am I eating because I am bored? Am I eating because I am hungry? Those questions are key to long-term healing with food. Using food as your medicine, is about knowing when to make the best choice. If you are experiencing low energy, sleep disturbances, pain, headaches or congestion, then first consider, “is my diet contributing to this?” Am I eating too many inflammatory foods? I started out with discussing beef because it is very inflammatory and linked to many illnesses including cardiovascular disease and cancer*. Th ere are a few other culprits that immediately drain us of our health when over-consumed; those include sugar (soda and candies), dairy (milk, cheese and ice cream) and excessive breads/pasta. Making food choices are more about choosing these foods in moderation as opposed to having them in daily. Consuming dairy daily can create congestion and increase mucus in the body due to the protein, casein. Mucus and congestion are signs of inflammation. If you choose them sporadically, once or twice per week, you can reduce the chronic increase of inflammation. When ruling out foods that could be problematic for you, please remember that your digestion is always different from the next person’s. Secondly, you are not avoiding foods, but more focused on increasing healing, protective foods such as fresh, green, leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, etc.), fresh fruits and healthy grains (such as quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.). If we create more positive emotional experiences with eating healthy, cleansing foods, then the choice for health becomes an easier one. Happy Healing! *Sinha, R; Cross, A; et. al. Meat Intake and Mortality: A Prospective Study of Over Half a Million People. ARCH INTERN MED/VOL 169 (NO. 6), MAR 23, 2009 DELUX MAGAZINE



It’s that time of the year again where holiday office festivities are about to be in full gear. There are usually two types of people when it comes to holiday festivities— those that dread getting together and mingling with people that they do not know, and those that prioritize their holiday festivities tour based on food selection and how long the open bar is open. I believe there is more to holiday office festivities than food comas and hangovers — they can be networking goldmines. As an aspiring entrepreneur or corporate associate, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to network and grow within the business. Use these tips to help turn your holiday office festivity into great networking that results in new contacts and business opportunities. 1. Go in with a positive attitude Don’t go to an office event with a negative attitude. It will be obvious to everyone around you that you don’t want to be there if you have a miserable look on your face. Nobody wants to associate with a party pooper, so smile and have a good time. 2. Arrive with goals in mind When you attend a networking event you should have a goal in mind. For example, you might want to establish three connections that can develop into business relationships. Do the same with holiday office festivities. Go in with a goal and work the crowd until you meet and exceed your initial expectations. 3. Dress the part and participate Themed holiday festivities are very popular. There is a good chance that you will be invited to an ugly-sweater or a themed-dress event. You will stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t participate, and nobody is going to want to hang around the fun police. 4. Break away from your crew It never fails — at every holiday festivity there are always cliques of people that know each other. They are either friends or co-workers and they will stay in the corner the entire time talking amongst themselves. You aren’t going

50 November | December 2015

to network and meet new people staying in your comfort zone, so break out of your bubble and meet new people. Introduce yourself, shake hands and socialize. 5. Don’t be a human business-card dispenser Yes, you should have a lot of business cards. No, you shouldn’t hand them out like candy to anyone willing to take one. Have them in your pocket ready, so when someone asks, “Do you have a card on you?” — you can quickly put one in their hand. Keep them tucked away until someone requests one. 6. Leverage acquaintances for more effective introductions If there is a particular individual that you want to be introduced to connect with someone that knows them and get a proper introduction. Any time a mutual acquaintance makes an introduction it is less awkward and the ice is immediately broken. 7. Know your alcohol limits Having a few drinks at holiday festivities is fine, but Jägerbomb until you can’t stand up could crush your credibility. Don’t be “that guy” at the festivities. You want people to remember you because you made a great impression, not for your ability to make a tequila bottle disappear. 8. Say “thank you” when leaving and also send a follow-up email Holiday- festivity hosts’ spend a lot of time and money to put on these events, but the majority of guests arrive only to eat, drink, mingle and then leave without even thanking the host. Use this as an opportunity to stand out and make a new connection. Personally thank the host when it is time for you to leave and then also send them a quick email the following day thanking them.

eat. drink. socialize.

open it. The term Non-Vintage is also used for this style of wine as it is a blend of several years or vintages that make the wine very consistent no matter what the weather brings. Vintage Champagne on the other hand, comes from one specific year and is typically only from the best years when Mother Nature has been kind. Champagne’s weather can be cold, damp and challenging with only certain years getting enough sun to bring out the grapes true flavors and aromas. And last but again certainly not least is Prestige or Tete de Cuvee, this is the epitome of excellence, they are the finest wines made with only the best grapes and juice. In the region of Champagne hand harvesting, which is very labor intensive, is mandatory. These special wines may or may not be a single vintage and usually spend much more time aging in the cellar before release. Prestige wines from the different houses are Dom Perignon of Moet and Chandon, La Grande Dame of Veuve Cliquot, and Cristal from Roederer. There is also Clos de Mesnil from Krug, Fleur de Champagne from Perrier Jouet, and the new Blanc de Noirs from Armand de Brignac. Regarding Cristal, the House of Louis-Roederer is still the largest independent family owned Champagne producer in the world. This Prestige wine is aged a minimum of 6 years in the cellar before release, is always from one of the best years or vintages and is usually a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is a wonderful choice, in my humble opinion.


by: Lori “ShotBerry” Butler, CSW, WSET level II and Champage location specialist The chill in the air lets us know that the holidays are just around the corner. This time of year seems to come fast and furious. There is so much to do and so much to look forward to like parties and special events with lots of glitz and sparkle! This is also the time of year when we splurge a little and make sure we have on hand the King of Sparkle, Champagne. It’s oh so good and just makes everything better! The perfect bubbly can be quite expensive so when shopping, there are several different categories to be aware of so that you buy what you like. The most popular categories that you will see are: Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Vintage, House or Non-Vintage, and last but certainly not least, Prestige. Blanc de Blanc is a white sparkling wine made 100% from Chardonnay grapes. They usually are a bit lighter and have very nice flavor, aroma and concentration. Blanc de Noirs is also a white sparkling however it is made only from the red grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Remember that a red grape can always make a white wine but a white grape can never make a red wine. The skins of the grapes are removed before processing which is why the wine is white in color. This wine will be a bit more powerful on the palate, it’s a different flavor profile so be aware before you buy, but you might also really enjoy the change.

So now that you have splurged on an amazing bottle of Champagne for the holidays, what is the best way to open and enjoy? Champagne should be chilled to around 40 – 45 degrees before opening so that the bubbles will be quite small. Even though the glass bottle is thicker than a regular bottle and is quite sturdy it’s best to reduce the pressure to make it easier and safer to open. Champagne’s bottle pressure is 60-90 pounds per inch, it’s the equivalent of a tire blowing out if you open at room temp. Once the bottle has been chilled, tilt the bottle away from you and twist the wire cage 6 times until it’s released. Keep the cage on, your hand firmly gripped around the cork and with your other hand take hold of the bottom of the bottle. Twist both ends slowly in opposite directions and the cork will start to loosen. Keep twisting until you hear a soft sigh or a kiss, you are ready to remove the cork. Champagne is best enjoyed in flutes or glasses that are more narrow at the base as this keeps the bubbles in motion for a steady column of beads. As you pour yourself a glass, let me say “Cheers to you” and wish you a wonderful holiday season! I hope we both have some Cristal under the tree!

Shop Local:

Randall’s Wine & Spirits 1910 S Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104

Next is House, the term House is used in the region of Champagne to mean producer. When you have a House Champagne is represents the style of that producer, you become familiar with it and know what to expect every time you DELUX MAGAZINE


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Wedding Guide

Photographer Allen B. @AllenBwithAg Our Wedding IG is @AgWeddingphotos

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CAKES BY NETTE 1130 N Florissant, Ferguson, 314-562-7193 www.cakebynettecom

DIVINE EVENTS 11425 Dorsett Rd #202, Maryland Heights, 314-805-3587

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Daphanie Pointer Supplier Diversity Manager Monsanto Company

Keithen Stallings University Relations - Outreach Monsanto Company

The people of Monsanto congratulate our colleagues Daphanie Pointer and Keithen Stallings on being named to the inaugural DELUX POWER 100. Thank you for your dedication to our company and your leadership in the St. Louis community. Monsanto is proud to support the DELUX POWER 100 and celebrate the city’s most inspiring and influential African American Millennials. Discover more about Monsanto at

Monsanto is an equal opportunity employer, we value a diverse combination of ideas, perspectives and cultures. EEO Employer Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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ALL IN: THE KITCHEN SINK Words by: Shandress Denise Photos by: Arthur Smith

Ever remember hearing someone say, “I put everything, but the kitchen sink in it when they were cooking?” Well that’s exactly the saying that lead head cook/ owner Anthony Ellerson to name his restaurant; The Kitchen Sink. Influenced by his father and the quality time they spent while in the kitchen; Ellerson picked up his knack for cooking. His desire for being an entrepreneur came from working in kitchens and seeing how he and the other staff were being mistreated and improperly paid. With his first location on Debaliviere (thanks to help from his family); Ellerson decided it was time to take his dream to the next level. Nestled in a historic building on Union; the Kitchen Sink’s second location was my dinner destination. As a frequent diner in the CWE, I had never even heard of the restaurant. So naturally, I had to stop by and give it a try. I didn’t have a taste for anything in particular….. so I figured why not. Upon walking through the doors, the atmosphere is inviting. The yellow painted walls; floor to ceiling patio windows, open bar and wood columns instantly reminded me of a parlor room hidden in an old house. The southern feel creates a warm feeling as the food aromas lure you in. When speaking with Ellerson that was the exact feeling he was hoping to grasp. As I walked to my seat, I was impressed by the look and more than ready to dive into the menu I had been stalking online earlier. Atmosphere: Check! After I was seated and tucked into the corner, my eyes were going 80mph across the menu. Breakfast options, sandwiches, burgers and even entrees….. what do I choose? The menu was definitely powerpacked with a variety of different options. Honestly, I hate going to dinner with no idea of what I want to eat. Why is that you ask? Well simply because I end up ordering way more than I should only to find out I don’t want any of it (crazy huh?). I flipped the menu back and forth four or five times before I gave up and decided to just ask the waitress for suggestions (she was SO friendly by the way). I guessed she could sense my indecisiveness, so she 66 November | December 2015

rolled up her sleeves and dived right in with the favorites. Her suggestions included The Phat Albert (a huge burger…..ehhh pass), 4 Horseman (sounds interesting), The Kitchen Sink (shrimp & grits – I eat this everywhere!), and The Mighty Mo. Not only was I curious about the dishes, my interest was now peaked about the origin of the menu names….so of course I asked (LOL). [“As I was writing my menu, I realized everybody had the same thing so I wanted to do it with a twist. I figured when most people dine out sometimes it actually their first time trying that dish, so my menu names are from people I know personally to keep people intrigued.”-Ellerson] Now we arrive at the conundrum. Everything sounded so delicious! With the American & Creole mix, I was still undecided. I requested a few more minutes from my waitress. Time was ticking and my taste buds were not cooperating. I finally decided to take a chance and go with “The Mighty Mo.” A platter compiled with jambalaya; blackened chicken, grilled andouille sausage, blackened shrimp, crab cake and corn fritters were on the way. My taste buds had finally come alive! Menu: Check! With not much time between placing my order my food had finally arrived. At first glance, I was a little disappointed. Why you ask? Well we all know we eat with our eyes first. So needless to say the presentation threw me off base. I wasn’t expecting it to come out like a five-star restaurant, but I definitely wasn’t expecting a replica of my dinner plate at home. Once I got passed the presentation, I dove right in. My first forkful was a scoop of jambalaya. It had a spicy kick that alerted my senses and taste palettes. The perfectly cooked rice was laced with all the necessary flavors a Creole jambalaya should have……so far so good. Next on my plate was the crab cake. I’d have to say it was just okay to me. Seeing I am a huge seafood person, my expectations of crab cakes are pretty high. They weren’t the worst I’d ever had, however they weren’t my top five either. As I moved

throughout my dish, I regret to say the blackened chicken disappointed me. The enticing aroma that grabbed hold of me when it was first placed in front of me fell flat with the taste. On the up side, I will say it had plenty of flavor, but it lacked the moistness chicken should always encompass. I went on to sample the rest of the platter: the corn fritters (very tasty), blackened shrimp (succulent and flavorful) and the delicious andouille sausage that solidifies any creole dish. Food: Check! While my dining experience continued……I heard the laughter of other patrons as they mingled with fellow patrons, as well as, the friendly and attentive staff. Interactions like this are the reasons why Ellerson loves the restaurant industry. “A family environment” he calls it as he continues to grow and create jobs. Sadly, my evening at the Kitchen Sink came to a close as my waitress returned to clean off my table and make sure I didn’t need or want anything else. Of course, we know no dining experience is complete without paying the bill. Once my bill arrived, I was satisfied with the fact I was full and only for $16 bucks! Though other dishes were less costly, I’d say this was definitely a bargain. Service & Prices: Check! Overall, I had some favorites and not so favorites about my dish. The service and atmosphere was great and I am definitely curious about other menu items. As Ellerson expands his locations, the option of carry out or dine in are available. So if you do decide to go, be sure to take a chance and try the IDK dish. You never know what may come out of The Kitchen Sink. The Kitchen Sink 255 Union Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63136 Sunday – Saturday | 11am – 10pm Be sure to check out the newest downtown location opening soon at the corner of 6th & Lucas!


1 17 lb. turkey Table spoon salt 1 ½ teaspoons pepper Teaspoon marjoram Teaspoon thyme 8 cups turkey or chicken stock 1 cup water 1 stick of butter 1 cup of diced celery 1 cup of diced carrots 1 cup diced onions 1 clove of garlic chopped fine ¾ cup of flour Equipment - kitchen string - instant read thermometer – cheese cloth – fine mesh sieve- fat separator METHOD ROASTING Rinse turkey inside and out and pat dry. Mix seasoning and lightly cover outside of turkey and season the cavity. Make sure to tie the drum sticks of the turkey and place the wings under the body. Set turkey in a pan with carrots, onion, garlic, and celery and add two cups of water. Place turkey on the bottom rack in the oven and set temperature at 400 degrees and cook for 30 minutes. Reduce temperature to 325 degrees and cook for 3 hours covered with foil. The last half hour un cover the turkey so it can brown. Check temperature with thermometer close to leg and it should read 175 – 180 degrees and should be done. Gravy Pour DELUX MAGAZINE


Nostalgic Night By: Sylvia Woods

Nostalgia tugs at our inner desire to feel something real; a former place and time, a yearning for that which was meant to be forgotten. It brings to life our former selves. Nestled right here in the Lou,witha50’sswinganda21stcenturysensationarenightclubswithaestheticallypleasingattire, dancing,comedy,theatre,drinksandfood. Siponsignaturewines,cozyupbyoutdoorfirepitsand marvel at timeless decors popping with appeal that never gets old. Lights, camera, sexy! Copia Restaurant and Wine Garden located at 1122 Washington is the perfect place to go if you’re in need of plenty. With an abundance of food, multiple wine cellars, an outdoor wine garden with fire breathing pits and top shelf wine priced for the frugal, owner Amer Hawatmeh describes Copia as a sexy atmosphere where feeding is intimacy. Ola style couture dresses displayed as artistry compliments 20,000 square feet of this gorgeous venue. With Copia, bigger is definitely better! Lunch, happy hour and dinner is all day everyday with drink specials, live bands and performances by the burlesque band Jumpin’ Jupiter! Visit the website at Follow Copia on FB @copiastl Speaking of the burlesque band Jumpin’ Jupiter, on the weekend, grab your muse and head to The Boom Boom Room at 500 N.14th Street. Multi-faceted, this room oozes vintage! When the lights go out the music starts and the entertainment begins. Featuring “The Peepholes of Paris” and performed by the cast of Jumpin Jupiter, get lost in the dinner show which includes a decadent 4 course meal. Did you think you were done? Get ready for an all-nighter! From 10pm-1am, join the cast on the dance floor while the D.J. spins your favorite 40 tracks. The Boom Boom Room grand opening weekend is October 23 and anybody who’s somebody will be there! Visit the website at Follow The Boom Boom Room on FB @BoomBoomRoomSTL

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Troy’s Jazz Gallery located at 4519 Olive @ Taylor is the place to be when nothing but jazz will do. Partake in signature martinis, wines, champagnes, mimosa’s and liqueured beans named after famous jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Earl Himes, Fats Waller and Wayman Tisdale. Tap your feet, bob your head and snap your fingers to live jazz musicians, vocalists, R&B soul artists and spoken word artists. Troy’s has a light food menu so eating before you jazz it out is recommended. This place is all kinds of jazzy! Visit the website at Follow Troy’s Jazz Gallery on FB @TroysJazzGallery Step inside the only nightclub in St. Louis that is password protected. Tell the guy at the alley entrance of this underground lounge the password and enter for a reduced cover. If The Thaxton Speakeasy sounds exclusive that’s because it is! Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9pm—1:30 a.m. sop up the sounds of live bands. If you really want to swing, Thursday’s feature Miss Jubilee, a band with an exciting blend of authentic hot jazz, swing, rhythm & blues spanning the 1920’s – 1950’s. Come with your dancing shoes on, your mind open and be amazed by three floors of energy and elegance in a historic art deco building. Psst… the weekly password can be found on the website’s home page but you didn’t hear that from us! Visit the website at Follow The Thaxton Speakeasy on FB @Thaxton.Speakeasy Follow The Thaxton Speakeasy on IG @thethaxtonstl




Rams All Community Team Gives Back BY: Tiffany White

Community outreach is embedded into the culture of the St. Louis Rams as the team recognizes their unique ability to make a difference in St. Louis and beyond. With sincerity and compassion, each member of the club pursues a variety of charitable efforts that create memories and a momentary escape for those undergoing unimaginable life challenges. A noteworthy example is the “Rams All Community Team” charitable ticket donation program, which is comprised of nearly 40 players, executives and alumni who purchase season tickets for local charities and school groups to attend Rams’ home games. All Community Team members are featured on banners that encircle the field at the Edward Jones Dome and represent a symbol of pride for the team and the recipients who get to experience the thrill of an NFL game, often for the first time. In this edition of Delux, we highlight six All Community Team members that have powered forward to enhance the lives of others through their involvement in the community: KENNY BRITT, WIDE RECEIVER YEARS WITH THE RAMS: 2 Ticket Donation Group: Britt’s Bombers Community Highlight: During the 2014 season, Britt was one of five Rams that donated a portion of their salaries and distributed basic needs items with the St. Louis Urban League to Ferguson and North St. Louis County residents impacted by civil unrest in the area. Since joining the team in 2014, Britt has also participated in Taste of the NFL, the Coach Fisher & Friends Celebrity Softball Game, and local hospital visits.

Rams Fuel Up to Play 60 ambassador.

“Our job is to focus on football -- we don’t really get a chance to focus on the outside world. We have short days and short weeks to get ready for games. But now and then we get a great chance to get out here in the community and see the people and it’s exciting.”

JAMES LAURINAITIS, LINEBACKER YEARS WITH THE RAMS: 7 Ticket Donation Group: 55’s Faithful Community Highlight: For the sixth consecutive season, Laurinaitis was the host for the 20th annual “Night of Wishes,” where Rams players and cheerleaders raise money to grant wishes of children battling life-threatening diseases in partnership with Make-A-Wish Missouri. Much like he does on the field, Laurinaitis led the team to raise money for Make-A-Wish through a live auction and tip collection competition between the players. The money raised this year will grant more than 50 wishes for children, and since Laurinaitis has been the host, the Rams and Make-A-Wish have granted more than 150 wishes with the money raised through the annual event.

CORY HARKEY, TIGHT END Years with the Rams: 4 Ticket Donation Group: Harkey’s Hustlers Community Highlight: Earlier this summer, Harkey was a featured guest at the inaugural Joe Buck Celebrity Squares game show to benefit KidSmart, a St. Louis charity whose mission is to ensure students have the basic tools for learning. Harkey has also volunteered his time to benefit organizations such as St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Missouri and the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

“I would say that why I give is a combination between my faith and my upbringing. My dad worked at a facility for adults with disabilities. I grew up going to work with him, seeing his giving heart and helping people around him. Showing that you care and that you put in the effort to improve others’ lives goes a long way. To help, not only helps them, but it helps God balance you out as a human as well. Being charitable is good for the soul.”

“The All Community Team Ticket Program is such a great cause. I feel our team does a really good job of staying involved in the community and that’s really what this program is all about; giving tickets to people who can’t afford it and helping them out and then they’re coming to support us at the same time.”

“The Make-A-Wish Night of Wishes is one of my favorite things to do here. Make-A-Wish is an awesome organization. I’ve been a part of it since college. Being able to grant wishes to kids and letting them get experiences, whether it’s a trip to Disney World or (Disney) Land, or somewhere else, it just makes total sense to me. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

JOHNNY HEKKER, PUNTER Years with the Rams: 4 Ticket Donation Group: Hekker’s Hooligans Community Highlight: Having grown up around people with disabilities, Hekker’s greatest passion is helping people with special needs. Since joining the Rams, he has attended the Special Olympics Illinois Summer Games in Bloomington, Ill. and served as the honorary chair for the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Illinois and led a Rams team into the lake on Plunge Day. Hekker also encourages youth to lead healthier lives as the

ROBERT QUINN, DEFENSIVE END YEARS WITH THE RAMS: 5 Ticket Donation Group Name: The Mighty Quinns Community Highlight: In 2014, Quinn spent eight days visiting a multitude of African villages, where he fitted children with hearing aids and helped administer hearing tests to children in partnership with Pros Strike for Africa and the Starkey Foundation. Back home in St. Louis, the two-time Pro Bowler hosts “Big Plays Little Wishes” with teammates William Hayes and Chris Long. During the holiday event the trio teams up with Big Brothers

Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri and treats children to a shopping spree. “Africa was definitely a surreal experience for me. You step on the ground wherever you go to in Africa, and it hits you in a special way. Just from simple things like having clean water and turning on a faucet instead of having to go to a river. It made you really appreciate what you have, and look at life differently.” GREG ROBINSON, OFFENSIVE LINEMAN YEARS WITH THE RAMS: 2 Ticket Donation Group: Greg’s Great Gang Community Highlight: Robinson has been very active with St. Louis area youth. Throughout the 2014 season and into the offseason, Robinson hosted local groups such as Gene Slay’s Boys’ Club of St. Louis, Marygrove and Kingdom House, for a day of arcade games, pizza and fun at Dave and Buster’s. The second-year pro has also participated in community events such as the United Way Kickoff for Charity Luncheon and last season, he helped host 4,000 underprivileged children at the Edward Jones Dome for the team’s annual Motion for Kids Holiday Party. “It’s great making time to interact with the kids. Anything that I do for the community is a great opportunity to give back. It’s a great feeling knowing how much the kids love it.” The following players are members of the 2015 All Community Team: Tavon Austin, Akeem Ayers, Stedman Bailey, Mark Barron, Daren Bates, Kenny Britt, Michael Brockers, Jamon Brown, Jared Cook, Aaron Donald, Nick Fairley, Nick Foles, Todd Gurley, Corey Harkey, William Hayes, Johnny Hekker, Janoris Jenkins, Lamarcus Joyner, Case Keenum, Lance Kendricks, James Laurinaitis, Chris Long, Tre Mason, T.J. McDonald, Rodney McLeod, Jake McQuaide, Alec Ogletree, Brian Quick, Robert Quinn, Greg Robinson, Rodger Saffold, Eugene Sims, and Greg Zuerlein. Head Coach Jeff Fisher, General Manager Les Snead, Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President of Football Operations Kevin Demoff and former Rams great Isaac Bruce also participate in the program.

MARTELL VANGAURD SERIES The House of Martell, currently celebrating 300 years of crafting fine Cognacs, is banding together with award-winning musicians The Roots to debut The Vanguard Series, a collection of collaborative events. An ideal partnership, Martell and The Roots share a unique bond through their commitment to excellence and achievement, shaping their shared success over the years. The Vanguard Series is a platform to celebrate this success, while experiencing the exceptional Martell portfolio.

photos by Mena Darre



20th Anniversary million man march Inspired and led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, more than a million Black men gathered in Washington, D.C. to declare their right to justice to atone for their failure as men and to accept responsibility as the family head. “Justice Or Else”was the poignant and powerful theme as Minister Farrakhan convenes the 20th anniversary gathering October 10, 2015 in the Nation’s Capitol.

photos byLawrence Bryant

72 November | December 2015



who’s got next

Words by: Hannah Sundermyer Photo by Arthur Smith

DERRICK WALKER A college graduate as of December 2014, Derrick Walker has already achieved a tremendous amount of success within the St. Louis community. Talking to him on the phone, he seemed much wiser beyond his years and his sense of maturity and selfawareness radiated from his words. Serving as a positive figure for the lives of many St. Louis inner city youth, he employs his passion for helping others on a daily basis. Walker says the motivation behind his community involvement stems from a childhood in North St. Louis. “I see so many kids, even family members that believe there’s no other way besides negativity to live in the neighborhood. So I try to be a role model, a big brother, someone you can talk to or vent to,” Walker said. “They can see there is a way to be successful. There’s a way to give things that they want, without getting involved in the negativity that gong on in the inner city. I will do anything I can to help,” Walker said. Walker’s extensive volunteering experience ranges from his involvement with 100 Black Men of America, spending time at the juvenile center, organizing youth summits, donating clothing to shelters, and being a musician at his church for over seven years. His day starts seemingly normal, with time spent at the gym and then heading into his work, where he is a Project Coordinator on the Anheuser Busch account at a marketing agency called “Group360 Worldwide.” However after his 8-5 day, he tries to spend what remaining time he has left involving some form of mentoring. His leadership abilities are very evident, as he serves as motivator for children and teens alike. He is also very much involved in the lives of young professionals. An active member of The 10th , Walker works with other men in the working world to throw brunches and turn the meals into big networking events. As the namesake assumes, originally starting with ten leaders, the group has grown to 13 young, successful professionals. Keeping each other in tune, “through these brunches we gain friends and shake hands with a lot of young people like ourselves” Walker said. When looking towards the future, Walker has big dreams for his impact in the community and his passion for mentoring. Within the next five years, he would love to start an organization for inner city and less fortunate youth, revolving around sports involvement and volunteering. The kids involved in his program would not only have study hours but also have the opportunity to give back to their own community as well. “I want this organization to be appealing to kids in sports. I want to help them go from elementary to college through this program,” Walker said.

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