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Downtown happy hour every Wednesday from May - August



Every Wednesday. Every Week. 4pm to 7pm. 400 Olive...An Urban Grille 314.554.7098 400 Olive Street

Big Daddy’s 314.621.6700 118 Morgan Street

Hilton St. Louis 314.436.0002 400 Olive Street

Lola 314.621.7277 500 N. 14th Street

Over/Under 314.621.8881 911 Washington Avenue

Westin St. Louis 314.552.5850 811 Spruce Street

Prime 1000 314.241.1000 1000 Washington Avenue

Blondie’s Coffee and Wine Bar 314.241.6100 1301 Washington Avenue

Lucas Park Grille 314.241.7770 1234 Washington Avenue

Rosalita’s Cantina 314.621.2700 1235 Washington Avenue

Copia 314.241.9463 1122 Washington Avenue

Mahogany Grille at the Omni 314.436.2355 1019 Pine Street

Sheraton St Louis City Center Columns Lounge 314.231.5007 400 South 14th St.

Crowne Plaza St. Louis Downtown 314.621.8200 200 North 4th Street

Mosaic Modern Fusion Cuisine 314.621.6001 1001 Washington Avenue

Sundecker’s Bar & Grill 314.241.5915 900 N 1st Street

Flannery’s 314.241.8885 1324 Washington Avenue

Nara Cafe & Hookah Lounge 314.588.0051 1326 Washington Avenue

Tin Can Tavern & Grille 314.241.9330 1909 Locust Street Promotional Partners and Media Sponsors

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Editor's Chaos What happening DELUXIANS? Well another month down and what a month it was. We are over here grinding it out learning how to deal with these new distribution demands -but I this is what growth is all about. I truly appreiciate you continuing to support us. Dont forget we now have interactive apps on IPHONE/Android platforms. Never miss an issue again This month we were able to grab The Ultimate Hustler Nick Cannon and capture a piece of his complex yet satisfying life. How could anone be stressed while married to Mariah Carey?! That guy is #winning with #tigerblood What else is going on... uh... Rodney King... RIP but that is a sad situation -- I’m not even getting into all of that. Thats almost as bad as the THUG Battle royal between DRAKE and CHRIS BROWN #note to self “stay off media take out” --lol But any way keep feeding us with your submissions and ideas as you are what helps this magazine grow. We really appreciate YOU and what YOU bring to the magazine... never fall into the norm #occupydelux

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.! .. g n i r i p s n I . g Giving. Cookin Giving. Cooking. Inspiring. Living Sweet is a fresh new show on where your Hosts Jana M. Gamble and Aminah Williams are “Tastefully Giving Back to our Community!” Living Sweet promotes individuals, organizations, and businesses that are Giving Back and also has a cooking segment on every show where you can see some special dishes and learn new recipes! The show is filled with Giving, Food, Music, Spoken Word and of course a whole lot of fun!!


636 577 1800


Owners: Jana M Gamble & Aminah Williams | Keep Living Sweet!!!

Drunken Fish on the Landing is the ultimate sushi hotspot on the riverfront. From over 50 signature cocktails and some of STL’s tastiest sushi, the Drunken Fish is the place to see and be seen.

Miso on Meramac is the premier multilevel sushi and pan-Asian restaurant/ lounge located in the heart of downtown Clayton. Voted as having the Best Sushi and DJ’s in Clayton, Miso definitely delivers with the eats AND the beats.



Michelle Van Der Water story:leneia o’hara

Look out, Single Ladies! There’s a new kid in town, and she is taking names in a BIG way! Michelle Van Der Water joins the cast of BET’s “Single Ladies” for season two, and brings added high-society dimension to the classy cast. Michelle has fit right in as the fresh face on the set of “Single Ladies.” “Yes, L Raye and the girls are so nice to work with,” says Michelle. “Everyone seems to get along great and we have such a fun time. L Raye is hilarious; she’s always cracking me up! Denise is a very beautiful person and Charity is great to watch. That girl has killer legs!” Michelle plays the glamorous Taylor Tilman, the new girlfriend of Malcolm and old friend of Raquel. Taylor oozes with the glamorous appeal that kept us watching in season one. “Taylor is a high society socialite who’s trying to secure her future with Malcolm and his empire. She dreams of being a power couple with him, having kids that will run the town and will seemingly stop at nothing to get what she wants,” Michelle divulges. “But underneath at all, I think she is a very insecure person who needs to build these walls to protect her. She acts like a bitch to get

the upper hand on Keisha, but knowing that Malcolm will never be able to break his tie to her, she is very jealous of their relationship. It’s always fun to play a character so unashamedly over the top! Taylor is very different from me, but I think I would love to act like her if I wasn’t so afraid of the consequences!” Michelle laughs. “She loves to dress like she’s on the runway at every occasion,” Michelle dishes. And the ladies of “Single Ladies” can definitely dress! With the loss of “Sex in the City” on the airwaves, “Single Ladies” has become our go-to for the dirty style indulgences we must have. “My favorite outfit was a chocolate silk Gucci jumpsuit. Absolutely beautiful and so comfy! I wanted to just wear it bed.” says Michelle. Michelle looks familiar to us for a plethora of reasons; she was the face of Sheva Alomar, the lead character in Resident Evil 5. She has also previously been seen in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Melrose Place,” and in UPN’s “One on One.” We’re looking forward to a juicy season two of “Single Ladies!”


jeff small

Poised for success DM Who is Jeff as a whole? Who is behind the face on the television screen? JS “I am a man who likes to enjoy every moment as if it was my last. I like to try new things, visit new places, and I enjoy great conversation and good music. I have a very serious side where I get involved with issues that impact the black community in particular where our youth are concerned. I also like my personal time to just relax and throw on some jeans and a t-shirt with a drink in my hand. I can also say anyone who knows me will say that I love being a local celebrity but I have never let it go to my head and never will.” DM Is there anyone special in your life? If not are you dating and what are you looking for in a partner? JS “I do have a special someone and at this point in my life I am very happy and fulfilled. My relationships have always been very private to me. I think I am one of the attached types that believe the less people know about who you are seeing; the less they will feel its ok to be in your business. DM What is your favorite hobby? JS “I love reading, traveling, listening to live music and watching my favorite shows on TV like the first 48 or dateline or forensic files. I honestly don’t watch a lot of TV but when I do it’s rarely the reality shows and almost always something on A&E or the biography channel.” DM Do you ever get out into the night life? If so where? JS “I used to do the club scene on a much to regular basis but I grew to dislike the path that I was headed in those days. Now I prefer to keep my night life fun to a minimum. I don’t have a favorite spot but I am known to invite a small group of friends to a new place I’ve read about or heard about through others. You can catch me on just about any patio with live music and good food. My goal these days is to avoid any spots where there is a likely chance I will end up on the news instead of reporting the news. No more nights at a club where it ends in a fight or someone getting seriously hurt.”

DM What is your favorite drink? JS “I am a vodka man 100%. I don’t have any formal skills as a bartender but I am very creative and am known to whip up a nice cocktail. I can appreciate a nice martini or a margarita as well.” DM If you were going out on a first date what is a must do/ restaurant you must go eat? Why? JS “I have several good spots that would easily make a good first impression but Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill might get my number one spot. It’s the kind of place where the minute you hit the door. You are treated like the only person in the restaurant. The staff pulls out your chairs and takes your coat and gives you the kind of treatment that a classy man or woman deserves. Also the food sets the tone along with a stiff drink made just the way you like it. From that kind of experience, the rest is up to you to make the night special.” DM What are your future plans? JS “I am leaving KSDK after 9 years and 2 Emmy Awards and I am currently looking in several different directions for what’s next. I am still interested in doing more television whether it is in St. Louis or on national news which has always been a dream. I would like to do some acting or modeling as well as doing voice-over work for commercials. I could also see myself as the spokesperson for a company or organization that I am passionate about. I believe the sky is the limit and I am about to make my resume work for me.” DM What is something about you that you feel your viewers should know about you? JS “I want people to know that I am proud to say I am from the St. Louis community even though I was born and raised not far away in Alton, Illinois. I am a very proud and active graduate of Cardinal Ritter high school. I also am so glad to say that I graduated from Jackson State University, a historically black university. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and I take every opportunity to try and give back in any way I can. I also want people to know that I have made it a point to do my job on TV in a way that represents black men in a positive light.” story: ashley broyles DELUX-MAG.COM | 17

D lifestylefashion

czar ice bar Offering high-end vodka and fine sushi, Czar Ice Bar is an upscale lounge/restaurant that caters to a sophisticated clientele’. Czar boasts over 300 vodkas and the area’s finest sushi from Master Sushi Chef, Saito Saito. Czar Ice Bar is Atlanta’s destination for vodka lovers and the sushi aficionado. Czar features Atlanta’s only ice bar which is 27’ long and 4” thick. Experiencing a varietal of vodkas is a central theme with our vodka flights, arranged by region, price, distillate, and flavor. Flights are served in an ice block. Czar features 14 fresh vodka infusions. Czar has also embraced technology to perfect these infusions utilizing a 14,000 rpm centrifuge to further the flavoring and clarification. Chef Saito possesses an innate ability to create sushi delicacies designed to stimulate the sushi-lover palate. His food presentations are literally works-of-art. Patrons can dine on the patio or the lounge, which offers a choice of European seating where guests can dine with other patrons, further enhancing the conversation and ambiance. Menus will be presented utilizing touch-pads. Czar Ice Bar is open 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Lunch 11-3, Dinner M-Th, 5-10; Fri/Sat, 5-11




the summer re a u q s t e k c po

As you might have noticed, we've spent the past couple months trying to make the summer pocket square happen. (Think: bold, vibrant, sometimesasymmetrical prints of dancing flamingos'or dancing steps, even). And with this new crop of summery silk from Aussie tailor P. Johnson, we can officially say this is happening. Tuck one into your breast pocket and wear it like a badge of dapper festiveness. Our job here is done.


ATLANTA'S IMPROVING RACE RELATIONS A Cou ntry Clu b fo r Raci n g Really Fast Cars Good news: it’s now legal to drive 120 mph in the state of Georgia. However, there’re some slight stipulations. 1. You need to be in Dawsonville. 2. You need a special membership. 3. You have to wear a collared shirt. Allow us to explain... Presenting Atlanta Motorsports Park, a handsomely appointed country club that’s replaced their private golf course with a Formula 1–caliber racetrack, accepting memberships now. So, this place: brand-new. The racetrack: ready to go. The club: still under a bit of construction. While you wait, the four things you’ll absolutely need to know...


you haven’t checked Pinterest yet, well, you should. Not necessarily because you like the stuff going on there, but because the site managed to go viral after we thought we had seen it all in social networks, so they did something right.

First of all what is Pinterest? It’s a social networking and social publishing site based on photos. Something like Tumblr meets Flickr. 20 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 6

THE CLUBHOUSE Here’s what your dues will get you (besides a pit crew): pool access, tennis court access, fitness room access and entry into a biometric-fingerprintprotected lounge for post-race cigars/deep conversations about torque. THE CARS For now, take whatever in your garage has the most horsepower and the most air bags. But that’s only for now, because soon they’ll have a stable full of foreign-made rides for member use. We suggest anything with a prancing stallion on the hood. THE TRACK It’s a two-mile amalgamation of some of the most famous straightaways and hairpin turns from around the world. The Nürburgring “Carousel.” The Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Spaghetti Junction (allegedly). THE GO-KART TRACK Yup, they’ll have one of these, too. Ideal for a third date. Or a 14th birthday party.

The idea is that each user has a theme board where he can pin stuff he likes from around the web, and everything is represented through images. The visual appeal of the site is what seems to have triggered its immense growth (it’s the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique visitors per month). To register for Pinterest, new users must receive an invitation from a friend already registered on Pinterest or request an invitation directly from the Pinterest website. The registration process currently requires users to link



Yes, it’s that time again. It’s time to get those fall winter wardrobe staples. Consider lining your wardrobe with staple pieces that will last beyond Christmas dinner. Don’t believe the hype. Each season has the trendy atrocities that will fade faster than the orangey fake bake. Get those staple pieces in neutrals, and accessorize in bold colors & fabrics to keep in interesting. These Delux Pick pieces will harness staying power for seasons to come:

Cocktails with the Out-of-Towners: Bespoke Brown Jacket with Rich Accessories. Brown Windowpane Jacket: Gucci: $1,099. Light Blue Custom Dress Shirt: Drake’s Bespoke: $140. Allen Edmonds Wide Basic Dress Belt: Brown: $100. Allen Edmonds 5th Avenue Shoe:Brown: $325. Plaid Pattern Tie: Burberry: $85. their Pinterest account to their Facebook or Twitter account. Users choosing to log in via Facebook must be using (or opt in to) Facebook’s “Timeline” format.

Why should you care? First and foremost because the people who created the site got many things right to make it such a hit, so there’s a lot to learn there. Even if you are not planning to launch a social network anytime

soon you can still use Pinterest to promote your sites, to expand your network and even to make some money directly with it. In fact there are some people claiming to be making over $1000 daily from Pinterest already. Sure, many are spammers, like this one, but I suspect there are many white hat people taking benefit from the phenomenon as well, so check it out. BESURE TO FOLLOW DELUXMAGAZINE ON PINTREST! #SHAMELESSPLUG




Roberts Place Lofts

If your urban lifestyle craves something bold, unique, and truly luxurious, the well-appointed loft spaces at Roberts Place Lofts are certainly worth the once-over. With the Roberts Place Lofts, you will enjoy the distinction of a renovated historic site and a lofty space with the convenience and creature comforts of apartment style living. Vaulted sky-lit ceilings, the open and airy floor plans, and eco-friendly appliances are just a few of the remarkable amenities you’ll find at Roberts Place Lofts. The gated, upscale locale offers a complimentary Fitness Center, 24-Hour Surveillance, Infinity Pool, Hard Wood Floors, Free Parking, a fully sky-lit Community Room, and Half Basketball Court. Location, location, location! St. Louis City residents will salivate at the Upper West End location of the Roberts Place Lofts, a contemporary residence in betwixt the Central West End and the famed Delmar Loop. The renovated school house is moments from St. Louis’ Central West End, filled with boutiques, gourmet dining, and trendy bars and clubs. More shopping and eating is readily available with a more bohemian vibe right down to the Delmar Loop. Walk or bike the Forest Park trails or enjoy the St. Louis Art Museum, History Museum, and St. Louis Zoo, all within minutes from The Roberts Place Lofts. Do you want to be an individual? Stand out from your neighbors? Dread the idea of a “white box” space? The Roberts Place Lofts is your place. This gated loft community offers 72 unique spaces and floor plans for your choosing pleasure. The development project was a renovation of a large historic school; each unit is dramatically different from its neighbors resulting in 72 very different floor plans. Nine of these units are in the shop building with walk-out decks, and seven more have mezzanines overlooking the main living area. To schedule your tour of this prestigious community, call (314) 367-7431.

22 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 5

story: leneia O’hara


Russian artist Rinat Shingareev‘s Facebook page proudly proclaims he’s the “best artist alive.” I know, I know, you’ve heard that before. Rinat may or may not be the best, especially when legends like Ron English, Banksy and Kehinde Wiley are still well, alive and very productive. But the 25-year old artist, is on to something very extraordinary. The world according to Rinat is bright, rich and filled with visual references to the biggest memes and artists in pop music and culture. Politics and Music collide as Rinat renders Lil’ B as a martyred Jesus smiling as the American Flag flutters in the background, GaGa in the nude, a tearful George Bush, all in a striking realistic oil technique. Take a closer look at Rinat’s work and read our interview below. DELUX: Where are you from? Where are you based? Rinat Shingareev: I’m from Russia, but for 10 years I have lived and worked in Italy. I’ve never stood still and a lot of traveling. New places, cultures and people have also influenced my art. DELUX: You’ve painted GaGa, Madonna, Lil’ B and Nicki Minaj to name a few, music is an obvious influence in your work. What are you listening to in your studio these days?


RS: It was a very successful experiment! In the Academy I studied fashion and design and for a long time and planned to be engaged by fashion design. I recently released a small line of t-shirts and caps with my work, which sold for a few days. I still get messages from people who want to buy my t-shirts. This is a great way to go beyond the painting and present my art outside of the galleries, the Internet and books, but a simple image on clothing. Now I’m very busy with other projects, but in future I will continue to develop this idea. DELUX: How important is achieving realism to your work ? RS: Achieving realism is not the main purpose of my work, but bright and rich colors, various transitions and a large amount of detail help me to tell more in detail my personage and to transfer the basic idea. DELUX: A lot of your work borrows heavily from pop culture. Why do you feel it important to highlight these references? RS: I believe that the basis of Pop Art will always be actual, only the tendencies will change. I consider myself a Pop Art successor and try to develop as the classical ideas and introduce new elements. DELUX: What’s next for you?

RS: Music has always played a big role for me and is the main source of inspiration. I was educated with Breakbeats, Jungle and Hip-Hop. Sometimes I like to listen to classical compositions. Next was the era of Trance and Progressive House. I remained a fan while the genre did not evolve. It was a time of night clubs and festivals. Now in my studio I listen to hip-hop, Dub Techno and Deep House. Right now I’m playing the new Ski Beatz album. DELUX: You’ve been called pop-successor, how important is Andy Warhol and his legacy to pop art to you and your work?

RS: I have a lot of ideas that I would like to realize. At the moment I’m work on my solo exhibition. It will be very big and very special event. Also, I will continue my experiments in fashion design, photography and video. DELUX: Is there anything else you’d like to mention? RS: I’d like to underscore that I have nothing but respect to the personalities in my paintings, and that I do not render political beliefs through my work.

RS: At the Art Academy I learned a lot of material and was very impressed with Pop artists, even my thesis has been devoted them. I’m especially close to art and the philosophy of Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. Andy Warhol was a genius and advanced for his time. His vision of the things and ideas were revolutionary, that forever changed the art. DELUX: You’ve begun to translate your art to t-shirts and hats. What signaled this idea? DELUX-MAG.COM | 23

24 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7



26 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 6


ou're only as good as your last project..

the original flyguy antoino fargas


2 years in the business…and Huggy Bear is still the man! “That’s pretty special to be remembered for that [laughs].”

Talking about his character from the 1970s television series “Starsky & Hutch”, Antonio Fargas, 66, has earned the right to his triple OG icon status. “I embrace my legacy, having done that almost 40 years ago. Those people that have survived the entertainment industry can still past those legacies on. I embrace Huggy Bear as one of my best friends [laughs].” He is currently working on the stage play by Pulitzer Prize-winner August Wilson, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, about race and the exploitation of Black recording artists by white producers in the music industry. “I play the band leader, Cutler. He’s Ma Rainey’s right hand man in the band that she records and plays with. It’s set in Chicago in 1927 – it’s about the drama that happens during the recording session, and the white-dominated and controlled recording industry.” His newfound appreciation for theatre is a longtime coming from his Blaxploitation days. “St. Louis is becoming my 2nd theatre home. St. Louis has such a great history in musical history and cultural history, and even sports history [laughs].” “There were fewer opportunities back in 1962 when I first started at age 14. There was really no industry for [Blacks]. I’m trying to keep

my shoulders strong for young people today to stand on. All these young cats in the business today, like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, say thank you to me by giving me opportunities on their shows. That shows me that I’m still relevant.” And Huggy Bear is most definitely still relevant! “When I meet someone who says ‘I’ve been watching you for years and you’re still here and you look pretty good’, that tells me that maybe I’ve done something and maybe I’ve contributed something to the planet – and that makes me smile. Money comes and awards come if you do your job right.” And his job is still a work in progress. “I have a number of possibilities that I want to do – direct and produce, and I also teach a class entitled ‘Surviving Life through Acting’.” Find out more about his class and upcoming projects at www. The best is yet to come. “You’re only as good as your last project...”

Office of Minority Health

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Margaret Donnelly Department Director

Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon Governor

The Missouri Office of Minority • Monitors the programs in the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for their impact on improving health equity for African American, Hispanic American, Alaskan/ Native American and Asian/Pacific Islander American populations. • Advises the director of the Department of Health and Senior Services on health matters that affect health equity for all Minorities.

The Office of Minority Health is responsible for: • Participating in the health education, design and implementation of cultural sensitivity and competent awareness programs that reduce the incidence of disease in minority populations and increases knowledge of available resources. • Analyzing federal and state legislation for its impact on the health status of minorities.

• Developing programs that can attract other public and private funds.

• Assisting in the design of evidence-based programs and evaluations targeted specifically toward improving the health status and promoting health equity for all Missourians. • Providing necessary health information, data, and staff resources to the Missouri Minority Health Regional Alliances and minority communities.

• Collaboration with community and professional organizations, community health centers, universities and colleges, and federal, state and local public health agencies.

The Office of Minority Health supports: • Six regional minority health alliances (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Eastern, and Central). • Community-based organizations and activities. • Senior services outreach. • Education and capacity building seminars and trainings. • Faith-based communities and initiatives. • Technical and advisory assistance related to minority health issues.

Joseph Palm, Chief Office of Minority Health P.O. Box 570 Jefferson City, MO 65102 (800) 877-3180 28 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER Services are provided on a nondiscriminatory basis.


Rappers, film stars and former hockey players dabble in the booze-making business. Celebrities leverage their personalities to do everything from produce movies to sell clothing, but did you know that a few of them actually own their own brands of booze? From reality TV stars to favorite actors from the "80s"check out the list below to see what celebs will get you tipsy. 1. Dan Aykroyd’s Chrystal Head Vodka Ever seen that bottle of vodka at your local liquor store that is shaped like a skull? Well, it turns out that a certain Ghostbuster is behind this spooky sauce. Aykroyd launched Crystal Head using glacial spring water from his native home of Canada. While most people are probably buying it for the unique container, the sauce inside isn’t half bad either. 2. P. Diddy’s CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka Maybe you like a little hip hop with your vodka cocktail. Rapper P. Diddy also has his own label, dubbed CÎROC. You may know it from the ads that prominently feature Diddy himself. This vodka stands out from others because it is made from grapes, rather than the typical grain or potatoes. 3. Bruce Willis’ Sobieski Vodka When the Die Hard star gets his drink on, he probably reaches for this rye-based vodka. It’s for the budget-conscious drinker, too. This best seller in Poland actually delivers in the flavor department. Although Willis is not the spirit’s sole owner, he lays claim to a portion of the company and also acts as its spokesperson. As you may have guessed, celebs owning vodka brands is a trend, since they are easy to make but require a lot of marketing success to break through.

4. Murphy Lee & Kyjuan’s Freaky Moscato Freaky Muscato awakens the nose with beautiful aromas of fresh crushed California grapes - giving the drinker a sense of nostalgia. Freaky friends who are present at the time become excited about what lies ahead. The youthful gold tinges secretly whisper to all the lips in the room - describing the vibrant spectrum of flavour. Please remember to serve chilled, enjoy the journey and never freak and drive! 5. Ron Jeremy’s Ron de Jeremy Rum Bet you didn’t think you’d seen the face of this infamous star staring back at you in the liquor store aisle. Those familiar with Jeremy’s work know why the spirit cheekily bills itself as “The Adult Rum.”

6. Wayne Gretzky Estates Wines In addition to being one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky is also respected as a wine maker with a large estate in Ontario, Canada. He makes dozens of labels, using many different grape varieties. If you find one you like, be sure to shout, “Goal!” after your first sip. 7. Marilyn Manson’s Absinthe The goth rocker surprised the spirits world when he released Mansinthe, an Absinthe label that has been lauded for it’s complex flavors. Not for novice drinkers, the stuff is heavy on the herbs, anise and alcohol content. Like his music, you might want to approach this one with caution.

DAME DASH HARLEMS FALLEN HERO From beingexiled from the roc, the rachel roy breakup, $3 mil in tax debt, the closing of dd172 gallery, and now the curren$y lawsuit... dame dash continues to grind


amon Dash has hit rock bottom. The former rap mogul that once identified his net worth at “roughly $50 million” is beyond broke as evidenced by the multiple lawsuits and failed businesses that have been exposed to the public eye. The shocking developments have been highlighted by the recent, March 24, 2009 divorce filings masterminded by estranged wife Rachel Roy. The rapid collapse of “Big Pimpin’” was precipitated by Dame’s outrageous rift with rap mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Indeed, Damon Dash, 37, has come a long way from poppin’ bottles of Cristal at the Roc-A-Fella Records video set, peddling Rocawear clothes, moving ProKeds footwear, and pitching crates of Armadale topshelf vodka into Manhattan’s divorce and bankruptcy courts.

Dame Dash owes $2+ million in back taxes to the State of New York, is undergoing foreclosure upon two New York City condominiums carrying monthly mortgages of $80,000, is being sued by multiple law firms and landlords as a deadbeat, and must deal with the abject embarrassment of the repossession of his Chevrolet Tahoe for failure to remit the $714.99 monthly payment. The former mogul is flat broke - 2 short years after his grandstanding 2006 New York Magazine piece detailing a whimsically pompous lifestyle of 1,300 different pairs of shoes, a $400,000 Maybach, butlers, cooks, multiple personal assistants, and onceworn articles of clothing that have been boxed up for donation. Dash had cordoned off the entire top level of his home for said wardrobe - refusing to even wear his own socks twice before distributing hoards of garments to the less fortunate. Says Dash: “That way, somebody gets to own basically new stuff and I get to be fly.” The Damon Dash saga has been marred with ill timed ventures into hip hop clothing lines such as State Property prison-like wear, kids gym shoes featuring fruity aroma themed soles, and a stable of rappers including Kanye West, Memphis Bleek, and Young Gunz that jumped ship - pledging allegiance to Jay after the Damon Dash / Shawn Carter alliance dissolved. Of course, fashionista Rachel Roy has proceeded to serve Dash with divorce papers after the former mogul helped launch her own eponymous collection of women’s clothing. Roy’s divorce suit, filed in March 2009 is seeking “non monetary relief” from Dash. The couple married in Mexico in 2005 after

forging a relationship together while Rachel Roy worked as a stylist at Rocawear. Roy, of Indian, and Dutch descent has mothered two of Mr. Dash’s four children. The beautiful woman is equally notable per her graceful looks, style, and designer label as she is recognized as “the wife of Damon Dash.” Rachel Roy’s filing marks the third wellpublicized fractured relationship of this tragic hero. The other two being the untimely, unfortunate death of romantic interest Aaliyah and the bitter power struggle pitting Damon Dash against Jay-Z that turned these two long time confidantes into adversaries. Is Jay-Z to Blame for the Demise of Damon Dash? No. Def Jam bought out Roc-A-Fella’s Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Damon Dash, and silent partner Kareem “Biggs” Burke 50% interest for $10 million in 2004. The dealings occurred shortly prior to Jigga buying out Dash’s RocA-Wear clothing stake for $20 million in 2005. The pair, along with silent partner Kareem Burke had built Roc-A-Fella Records from a fledgeling 1996 label selling compact discs out of the trunks of automobiles into a sweeping empire that was to dominate rap into the new millennium. Damon Dash is now on the outside looking in. Reportedly, Jay-Z offered to dismiss the entire caboodle for the rights to his classic Reasonable Doubt masters, alone. However, Damon Dash stubbornly refused the deal and Mr. Carter was henceforth named as President and CEO of the Def Jam rap monopoly that now owned Roc-A-Fella outright - ousting both Dash and Biggs. The swift moves were precipitated by years of infighting behind the scenes dealing with marketing strategies and the promotion of

cont. pg 46

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Evelyn Lozada

is exactly the bitch you think she is. And that’s a good thing. Since season one of Vh1’s Basketball Wives, the curvy and candid ex-girlfriend of Antoine Walker has been depicted as a money-grubbing mean girl. But while the Bronx bombshell may come across brash, beneath the reality-show veneer is, dare we say, a sweet and forthcoming woman While there’s usually more brawlin’ than ballin’ on the show, we’ve all become engrossed in the tangled webs these women weave. The drama involves a hostile and seemingly physical feud between Evelyn and former BFF Jennifer Williams, a friendship that seemed rock solid. But judging from leaked stories and bitter back and forth on Twitter, the pair’s bond has gone through a Titanic-esque collapse. A small tiff last season—stemming from an interview where Jennifer called Evelyn’s fiancé Chad Ochocinco a fame whore—has only grown bigger. Most recently, in a Sister 2 Sister interview, Jen accused Evelyn of being jealous of her friendships with fellow reality vixens Mashonda and Nene Leakes, a statement that had Evelyn fuming. Theatrics and ’bow-throwing aside, Basketball Wives has yielded plenty of moneymaking ventures for Evelyn, including a customized t-shirt line (most of them bearing her signature phrase: “You’re a Non-Muthaf***kin’ Factor, Bitch”), a makeup line aptly named “E” by Evelyn Lozada and her first novel, Inner Circle, hitting shelves June 5 via Cash Money Content. —Clover Hope

DELUX MAGAZINE: You’ve said you try going into filming and not come across mean. Has that worked out this season so far? Evelyn Lozada: From Season 1, they called me and Jennifer mean and evil. If me being mean is me being honest and real… Maybe my delivery is not always what everybody wants. Everybody has their own way of dealing with things. But if me being honest and blunt is being mean, then that’s fine. Girl, none of that stuff bothers me. When you sign on to do a reality show, life is no longer private and everyone is judging it. DM: Does it seem like you’re judged more than, say, an actress or singer? Does this type of fame feel different? EL: Absolutely. I think reality is so much harder because you’re being yourself [laughs]. Actresses, they’re acting to be someone else. For you to be on a reality show and really show your day-to-day and how you are, I don’t know how many people can do that. And then have the world have an opinion about everything you’re doing. Your reality is not always positive. DM: I always wonder why reality shows that have returning casts don’t address the fame that comes with being on the show, on the actual show. When you’re filming in public, does the crowd acknowledge you guys? EL: Definitely. I remember filming recently with Shaunie and we’re walking and talking, and you have those people that are yelling from across the street [laughs]. It was very different first season—you did have people that were curious as to what you were filming, like, “Who are these girls?” But now we have a fan base. We always have security on set to make sure no one’s crazy and jumping in, ’cause we’ve had those moments [laughs]. DM: What’s your main storyline this season? EL: It’s a little bit of everything. Obviously, my personal life is something people are interested in. My business ventures, the book, and my store [Dulce], my makeup line—that’s obviously talked about on the show. And the drama I’m having with certain cast members; that’s obviously going to be

number one because that’s what people are really interested in. DM: That would be Jennifer. There’s a lot I’ve already read about. You did an interview with Necole Bitchie recently to kind of explain it. But is there— EL: Can I just say something? I didn’t mean to cut you off, but I’ll say this: I don’t do a lot of interviews… I’m not on every radio station. I just don’t have the energy. It’s so draining filming. So when I did the Necole Bitchie interview, it’s because there was an interview that [Jennifer] had done prior. There’ve been several interviews that she has done. And I stay quiet because I’m just like, “Whatever, she’s just doing another interview.” She’s like on a media tour. But I felt like this time I needed to say something It really made me angry that she’s saying that this is why we’re having issues, when it’s clear, especially on Season 4, what the issue is. I don’t understand. If you know what the issue is, because it’s been talked about time in and time out, how you would go and do this fake interview where you’re basically lying and throwing these two innocent people [Mashonda and Nene] into something that shouldn’t even be involved? That was why I did that Necole Bitchie interview: to really clear up that I don’t have an issue with the two ladies that she mentioned. DM: And then there was news on TMZ about your assistant and Jen getting into a fight. EL: When the show airs and the story fully comes out, you will see what happened. Nia is not only my friend. Nia was friends with Jennifer for eight years. That’s where the media got this all wrong. TMZ went back and corrected that. Nia and Jennifer had major history, so whatever was said in the police report is false. But when the show airs, you will see how everything plays out. Nia is not just my assistant. Trust me when I tell you. Her and Jennifer have major history. They were friends. DM: What is it she’s saying in these interviews that’s getting to you? EL: The reason I did the Necole Bitchie interview is because she made a comment

saying that I’m jealous of her friendship with Nene and Mashonda. Me and Nene have spoken on the phone before; we’re cool. I could care less who you hang out with. And the other issue I can’t really touch on because that’s something that talked about on the show, but it’s something else publicly that was talked about that pissed me off as well. DM: Do you think you and Jennifer would still be friends if it weren’t for all the interviews and things said on Twitter? EL: I mean, the outside things, the social network, Twitter, that’s not what affected my friendship with her. It’s her commenting on different things. I’m not saying Jennifer can’t do interviews. It’s what she puts out there is what I have issues with. DM: Do you regret anything you tweeted about her contacts and her wanting to be a white girl? EL: No, I don’t. I would be lying if I said I did feel bad. That’s me… And she does have contacts [laughs]. I don’t feel bad at all. And my thing is, when I love you and I’m a loyal friend, I love you ’til the end. I’m there for you. But at the same time, when you’re on that other side, you’re on that other side and there’s no in-between for me. Maybe that’s something I need to work on, but I can’t be a partial friend to you. I’m either all in, or I’m not your friend at all. DM: It seems like the show has gradually evolved into women just confronting each other about things that they’ve said. Doesn’t that feel like high school? EL: No, because I think that whenever there’s an issue going on, it’s like “We’re all gonna sit down and have this discussion.” But you have so many different personalities that a bomb is bound to explode. It doesn’t feel like high school. It’s part of what makes the show work. If we were all great friends and we all got along and we were all going to church together and baking cakes, I don’t think anyone would be interested.





by patrizia pepe

The Collection that you know and love by the name of Only 4 Stylish Girls, will be getting a new name from Spring Summer 2012, and that name is Loiza. The new Loiza collection is all about colour, its number one defining feature. Colour as storyteller, as the central theme, but also as a habit breaker and new style maker. Vivid new colours like crystal blue, curry, paprika, and sea green blend and contrast with warm neutral shades like sand, pink, beige, and lavender in a whirlwind of colour, energy, euphoria and iridescence. The construction of each item is done with the same pep, the super light and breezy fabrics caressing and cushioning the angular cuts. The leitmotiv is the art of origami, featuring the same minimal linearity and attention to detail. A stylized swan becomes an exquisite, lucky-charm accessory of ineffably understated style and appeal, a decorative detail on belts, necklaces and bracelets. In the leather part of the collection, which includes eco, nappa and suede, mix fabrics alternate and combine with Ramage leaf-flower prints. Leather is also used as a detail on dresses and tops, or added as a micro-sequin-like decoration. Cotton is the dominant cloth used in the casual pieces, embellished 36 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

with flourishes of glamour, like jewel brooches. Special occasion wear features micro-pique, matt satin and macramé, with superlight weaves and a mix of linen inserts for carefree summer wear. Clever contrasting returns in the juxtaposition of Tricot-knit sheath dresses and soft, sexy draping. Soft-fitting openwork jacket. The diamantéembellished jersey comes alive with leaf/flower “ramage” prints, and picture postcards depict fluo landscapes on the t-shirts. The denim is ultra light and free-flowing. Indigo wash with shadoweffect coating, distressed wash jeans that are both skinny and palazzo pants. Leather twists through chains and buckles in the accessories: pochettes, maxi bags, shoppers, hobo bags and clutches. The evening collection has been extended and made even more exquisite, whilst maintaining the versatility needed to mix and match with the daywear range. Silk, creponne chiffon, embroidered washed satin, printed georgette, shiny jersey and ultralight MicroModal. Jewel detailing teamed with prints, colour all-over sequins and lace, add the final touches to a multi-faceted collection, just like the colours of your mind.


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(dame cont. #33 ) various Roc-A-Fella artists hostile to Jay-Z -particularly Cameron “Camron” Giles and his Diplomat clique. The rapid disintegration of Roc-A-Fella Records was exacerbated by Beanie Sigel’s jail time to serve his sentence per attempted murder charges which rocked the Philadelphia State Property contingent of Beans, Freeway, and Young Gunz; Camron’s blatant animosity towards Jay-Z that fractured the Diplomat group; and producer Kanye West breaking ranks from Dash to remain largely in the fold with Shawn Carter. Jay-Z retired from rap, relinquished his Def Jam Presidency in 2007, and re-emerged with his well-received American Gangster LP that both promulgated a void in leadership and further added to the confusion. Still, Shawn Carter is a Forbes listed nine-figure entertainment mogul, while Damon Dash is now flat broke. Of course, the developments were eerily foreshadowed by Damon Dash’s very own 2003 Death of a Dynasty film release. Indeed, business is business as Jay-Z emphatically proclaimed on wax per Kanye West’s Diamonds are Forever track: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” Seems like Damon Dash isn’t going down without a fight. On Tuesday, the music mogul’s legal team released a statement to XXL magazine addressing the lawsuit filed by former collaborator Curren$y. The New Orleans spitter is suing Dame for $1.5 million, claiming the former Roc-A-Fella CEO was selling Curren$y’s music without permission. Dash and his team, however, are claiming the rapper openly promoted his Muscle Car Chronicles album that was released on Dame’s DD172 label in February. “My client’s initial reaction to the lawsuit was that of surprise, particularly in light of Curren$y’s numerous statements that the Muscle Car Chronicles would be released by BluRoc,” Dash’s lawyers said in the statement referencing BluRoc, another company the mogul owns. “On March 15, 2012, the plaintiffs appeared in Federal Court to argue for a preliminary injunction seeking to enjoin my client from the continued distribution of Muscle Car Chronicles.” The story first broke on TMZ, which reported that the suit centered on a pair of 2010 Curren$y albums released by Dame. But according to the statement issued by Dash’s lawyers, it is the release of Muscle Car Chronicles that is in contention. The album came out after Curren$y had signed with Warner Bros. at the top of 2011. Oh did I mention Dame just recently vacated DD172. The saga continues. 42 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

Model: Justice King Agency: Posche Models - Miami Wardrobe Style - Antonio Martez Photographer - Antonio Martez Studio - White Space Studio - MiamI


SIMPLY STYLISH If anything can be determined from a brief glance at European fashions for men, it’s that simplicity reigns supreme. Effortless polish is achieved with ease, due mainly to the construction of the clothing, the materials used and the preference for classic colors. While the uncomplicated approach almost always renders a stylish outfit, this shouldn’t be mistaken for being boring. European men will add a small personal touch to their ensembles, lending a sense of individuality to even the most simple, unassuming getup. A pop of color does the trick, as does an accessory of choice. Embracing a trend is one way to add variety to the mix; many designers, such as Giorgio Armani, take chances from season to season by reshaping classic pieces in an effort to shake things up a bit. This is just another way to make the most of the European sense of style - pair the timeless with the time-sensitive for a remarkably fashionforward look.

44 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

DEFINING EUROPEAN MALE FASHION Attempting to actually define Europe’s male fashion traditions would be nearly impossible, but it’s safe to say that clean silhouettes and attention to detail largely dictate the styles. The materials and embellishments are as crucial as the fit and structure, and every piece - from swimming trunks to sport coats - exemplifies a strong recognition of the male form. In other words, a harmonious fit is a crucial element of European fashion. While baggy pants, loosefitting khakis, oversize T-shirts and the like may be the norm in America, those clothes are relatively unseen in Europe. The preference for even the most basic items - button down shirts, trousers and jackets, for example - is streamlined and sleek, and most tend to show off the figure in some way.

Shirts are obviously available in various styles and made with many different materials, but in general they are slimly cut, with darts in the back creating a closer proximity to the body. This tailored shape is often favored for its easy sophistication and ability to wear well with everything from jeans to classic trousers.

Trousers may appear different on the runway from season to season, but the classic European style is typically characterized by a shorter length that ends right at the ankle. This allows the shoes to be visible while keeping the socks concealed. As with shirts, the cut is usually lean and quite streamlined, a style that equates well with the typical European figure.

Coats pull together a man’s outfit like nothing else. Traditional European outerwear is an iconic look that seems to serve as a reference point for European style in general, and rightfully so - nothing is quite as elegant as a fine coat with an impeccable cut. Thick wool styles are winter essentials, while trench coats are perfect for dressing up or down during the spring. Sport coats are staples, worn in neutral hues for any occasion - even the most casual.


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BEACHCULTURE story: leneia o’hara

Long, hot days. Cool drinks. Vacation. It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy! From flip flops to big, beachy hats to shade your eyes from the sun, the accessory is key. And with all that accessorizing bling happening, don’t forget the basic accessories of summer living. 1. SUNSCREEN! We think that Caucasians are the usual suspects of skin cancer. But everyone, regardless of skin color, can fall prey to it. Unfortunately, people of color are diagnosed with skin cancer at later stages. These delays mean that skin cancers are often advanced and potentially fatal, whereas most skin cancers are curable if caught and treated in a timely manner. Tragically, this is what happened to legendary reggae musician Bob Marley: What was dismissed as a soccer injury under his toenail turned out to be an aggressive form of melanoma that ultimately caused his death at 36. Mr. Marley’s story reminds us why both medical providers and the public need to be educated about skin cancer and skin of color. 2. LIPSCREEN! Shield those lovely lips as well, with an SPF 15 (or higher) based emollient. And don’t forget to reapply after all that fun summer action! 3. WATER! Feeling a headache come on? Don’t reach for the ibuprofen just yet: grab a

quick glass of water! The rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 120 pounds, you’ll need to get an average of 60 ounces daily, which is about 8 8-ounce cups of water. This summer, remember that it’s essential to increase water intake with excessive sweating and exercise, especially on those hot, sunny days. If you’re an avid drinker of caffeinated beverages, drink up the H2O! Those drinks dehydrate the body quick. 4. YOUR COOL! And I don’t mean your swag; that’s a year-round need! Heat-related deaths and illness are preventable, yet many people succumb to extreme heat each year. Take proper steps to lower your risk for heatrelated illness. When possible, avoid outdoor activities during midday, when the sun’s rays are strongest. Cover up with clothing and a wide-brimmed hat to protect exposed skin. Seek shade! 5. YOUR COMMON SENSE! Be savvy. In 2006, males were three times more likely than females to die from unintentional drowning in the United States. Alcohol use is involved in up to half of adolescent and adult deaths associated with water recreation. Learn how to swim!

panama city The beach is absolutely beautiful. If you visit in February there is no spring break crowd yet, and no “snowbirds” who drive in from Canada, Michigan and other cold, snowy places. Here are a few things that are fun and not so fun. Check locate times and dates, some businesses operate on a reduced schedule during the off-season. First, Visit shell island then the two main piers in Downtown Panama City. Pier Park complete and open in 2009. Second, you can do the Jet ski dolphin tours : rent a pontoon boat from a small business in the St. Andrews State park. Great Time! Spend half the day wandering around the inlet and on Shell Island. Be aware, Shell Island is a deserted island with little or no facilities or anything. Just sand, shells, and wildlife. A great place to escape the hustle and buslte of the city life.


bikini bottom For the wild, crazy, and fun at heart. Need something for that topless sunbathing? Well here you go... this summers sexiest bottoms...asses included needed.





1 Paul Smith $45 2 Heidi Kline $139 3 Ted Baker Erio Cream $35 4 Carve Designs Bali $15 5 Dorthy Perkins Maldive Green $12 6 Nadie Bikini Bottom $40 7 Sparkle Mirelle Bikini Bottom $55 8 Volcom Junior’s Be Bold $33 9 Horncastle Bikini Bottom $25 10 Heidi Kline Koh Samui Ring Bottom $131 11 Plumstone Bikini Pant $39 12 Pendril Bikini Pant $39 13 Lindley Bikini Pant $39 14 Milly Barbados aqua poppy-print bikini bottoms $99 15 Catherine Klein Rope Bottom $125 16 Marie Meili DAIKIRI - Bikini Bottoms $10 17 Charlotte Rouse Shiny Metallic $15 18 Marie Meili PURPLE STORY $7 19 Bikini Bar Bikini Bottoms $27 20 Bikini Bar Bikini Bottoms - multicoloured $23 48 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

Eden Rock- St. Barts

get outta here

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page --St Augustine.

Our hectic lifestyles are catching up with us at record speed. In the United States, we work. We work. And then, we work some more. Many of us are working second and third jobs in addition to our 9 to 5. According to a 2008 ranking by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the U.S. is ranked above the OECD average of 32 nations, coming at No. 9, with 1,797 hours worked on average each year. All work and no play makes for unwanted stress and tension. We need a vacation! Mike Schellhase, owner of Travelhaus St. Louis, offers Delux readers a few tips on travel. With this wealth of travel intel, a vacation plan should be easy. Do yourself (and your co-workers!) a favor and get outta town! 1. Why use a travel planner or agent versus do-it-yourself travel planning? Where should I start? Travel Agents have the experience to match the right destination and the right hotel with the travelers wishes. We can offer a personal touch through our contacts at the resorts, helping to make sure every aspect of your trip is taken care of. We also will be there should you encounter any problems. Travel agents have traveled to many of the destination which our customers are seeking, thus we have the personal experience and knowledge to assist the clients in making the proper decision for their vacation. 2. How far in advance should someone begin planning with their agent for vacation? Airfare prices are usually available 330 days prior to travel. The earlier you book, the longer you will have to make payments on your trip. Also, if you buy insurance and the prices goes down, you will get the lower price. If you are traveling over a holiday or spring break Travel Haus of St. Louis suggests to our clients to book 9-11 months in advance securing the flights, hotel and type of room they prefer. 3. Where are great destinations for families? Couples? Individual travel? St. Louis offers non-stop charters to Cancun/Riviera Maya, Jamaica, and Punta Cana. These are great options for easy travel. Families like beach resorts with lots of pools and options to keep the children busy. Couples and Honeymooners also prefer beach destinations but they want a nice quiet romantic getaway to offer them the peace and tranquility they don’t get to experience in their busy lives. Travel Haus also recommends that couples travel to adults only all inclusive resorts where most of your expenses are paid in advance and you don’t have to worry about children running amuck on the property.

4. How easy can a travel agency make it for an average-income family to vacation annually? As easy as a phone call or an email away. Vacations are one of the necessities of family life. If you can’t afford to go to an exotic island, try driving to another city and experience their cuisine and arts. With planning in advance Travel Haus of St. Louis can assist each of our clients with payment plans that fit into almost every family's budget. 5. What are other uses for a travel agency outside of travel for leisure? Travel agents TRAVEL. They love to experience new things. With a travel agent's experience, the traveler gains that sense of security when traveling to a foreign destination. We can assist with making arrangements for spa appointments, tee times at the golf course, dinner recommendations, have your room decorated for your honeymoon or anniversary... the list is almost endless. 6. Why should EVERYONE vacation? It is important to take time away and relax. EVERYONE needs that take time off to clear your thoughts and completely unwind. We believe that if married you should always vacation together, plus one vacation for him and one for her and if there are children then there must be another one for the family. Vacations are experiences that last a lifetime, the memories which are created will bond the spouses and families forever. 7. What are your favorite travel deals right now? From St. Louis there are great options to Cancun & Riviera Maya, with nonstop flights that get you in the destination in under 3 hours, great resorts for honeymooners, couples, families and singles. There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from and over 200 different excursions to experience while in the destination. 8. What are your favorite destinations? Places you haven't been, but plan to go? The Caribbean is my favorite place. It really doesn’t matter which island. I enjoy spending time on the beach and playing in the pool with my children. Any resort which is a 5 star all inclusive. My family has been talking about traveling to Europe - in particular England, Paris & Ireland.

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11231 Concord Village Avenue St. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 842-7313

e s o r r e b m a get the look: We love Amber Rose! From Louis Vuitton to New York Fashion Week, this stunning beauty is always rocking the hottest pieces. Amber launched an online clothing boutique via eBay this week featuring some incredible couture pieces and great labels. Her accessories are ridiculous, including Louboutin, Balenciaga and YSL shoes; Chanel, Sergio Tacchini Brown, Marc Jacobs and Tiffany sunglasses. AND – get this – FREE shipping! What?! Here’s your chance to be outfitted like the newly engaged Amber Rose: visit her EBay boutique at: FYI: Proceeds from this sale go to charity, so get your shopping on!! story: leneia o’hara

50 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

Like, oh my gawsh! Bring on the prep! The docksiders you knew once upon a time are back to show your other kickers who’s the CEO. Forget about the plain ‘ol brown drab boat shoes of yesteryear. The boat shoes circa 2012 come in bright colors, pinstripes, colorblocking, interesting textures like snakeskin and even metallics. They're here to save your wardrobe from a serious shoe failure. Here are Delux picks that will keep you looking fresh for the summer:

















1 Frye “quincy boat shoe” $125 2 Sebago Dockside $99 3 Bally $395 4 Steve Madden $115 5 Sebago Leather $120 6 cole Hann $140 7 Quoddy Topsiders $255 8 Gucci $330 9 Sperry Topsiders $75 10 Polo Ralph Lauren $131 11 Timberland $69 12 Sebago Spinnakers Leather Boat shoes $89 13 Docker Sailboat Soe $79 14 Ecco Men’s Androw Boat Shoes $149 15 Clarks Deck Siders $90 16 Fossil Bruno Canvas Boat Shoe $69

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NOW ENROLLING DAY SCHOOL June 26 , August 7, September 18 October 30 and December 11

NIGHT SCHOOL August 6 and October 29

TO APPLY Visit our website to apply online. Scholarships and financial aid available to those who qualify. 30 Maryland Plaza, Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63108



Available only at Paul Mitchell The School St. Louis

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a DELUX Guide of where to eat + play + drink

atlantic station

Atlantic Station, which is a 128 acre mixed-used development was once a former steel mill, this brownfield site opened in 2005, it is now one of the most vibrant places within Atlanta. The 138-acre Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA places residences, office towers and retail establishments within walking distance of each 56 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

other in an environmentally-friendly setting. A visionary approach to urban planning, this reclaimed steel mill has become a vibrant piece of Atlanta and boasts amenities that make other developers green with envy! With a pet park with fire hydrants, bicycle lanes lining 17th Street and the 17th Street Bridge for cyclists, and a free shuttle to the nearby MARTA Arts Center station, there’s more than meets the eye. Atlantic Station’s retail/ entertainment district opened in October 2005. It counts a number of well-known names among its tenants, including Dillard’s, Banana Republic, IKEA, Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, Gap, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Ann Taylor and Victoria’s Secret. Atlantic Station in Atlanta is also home to a variety of fine restaurants and casual eateries offering everything from pizza to sushi to strip steaks. In February 2006, Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA celebrated the

opening of its first hotel: the TWELVE Hotel and Residences, a high-tech boutique hotel offering one- and two-bedroom suites. Swanky!

Atlantic Station Contact Information 171 17th Street - Suite 1650 Atlanta, GA 30363 (404) 876-2616 General Info: (404) 888-4900 Fax: (404) 876-8628 E-mail: Visit the Website:


EAT+PLAY+socialize | Atlanta 'S atlantic station |

bottles up?

Han The Barteder | Napoli need e say more? Visit napoli and see what Han is the man.

STRIP AT ATLANTIC STATION Strip Steaks and Sushi is located at Atlantic Station. Strip is Atlanta’s place to be when you are craving both style and substance. This multilevel steak house with lively bars and patios on each level takes on a new meaning in the world of steak houses. Strip allows diners the option of enjoying a great steak in a super hip environment. The in-house DJ plays the hottest tunes nightly; guests are welcome to step out on to the dance area at any time. Also enjoy the open air rooftop deck on level 3. Meet your friends after work at STRIP to see and be seen at Atlanta’s hottest place to MEAT, DRINK and EAT! 245 18th St NW #5100, Atlanta, GA 30363

Joyce Vincent | Amnesia Favorite Pour: Grey Goose L’Orange Cosmopolitan. Specialty: “Red Bottomz”shot Secret: My vixen alterego comes out to play whenever I’m behind the bar. I’m actually quite shy and nerdy in real life.

Afton Moore | NARA

LOBBY BAR + BISTRO Located in the hip Zip code of Atlantic Station in one of the most stylish boutique hotels in the city, Lobby is a hip, yet semi-casual modern American bistro. It offers a selection of fish, chicken, meat and pasta dishes for dinner, as well as an assortment of wood-fired pizzas all day long. Great for an extended lunch with friends or dinner after hitting the shops in the Station. Don’t be surprised if you see a celebrity or two just a couple of tables away. It’s become a popular destination for music and film stars. 361 17th St. Atlanta, GA 30363 404-961-7370

Favorite Pour: Rumchata Specialty: “Chocolate Wasted” drink it as a shot or w/ ice as a drink. Its Patron XO Cafe with Rumchata. Secret: Can’t tell cuz then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore [;)]


EAT+PLAY+socialize | clayton • midtown • downtown • cwe • the grove |

clayton Araka – Market-fresh cuisine and bold American flavors. Featuring live music on the patio ALL summer long, check for the lineup. - 314.725.6777


bar napoli Claytonian favorite for quick power lunch and people watching. Classic Italian with a few yummy twists. - 314.863.5731

AREA 14 This discreet sushi and cocktail lounge is the dark and mysterious stepsister of Clayton’s Tani Bistro. Adjacent to Tani, Area 14 is unmarked other than its street number -- 14 South Bemiston -- and an open door leading down a long, black hallway. Behind the next set of doors, patrons find a sleek, intimate space illuminated by a minimalist geisha motif, mirrors and white leather lounge furniture. Beer selection and pricing are reasonable, but the emphasis is on $8-$9 crafted cocktails, such as the Plum Saketini.

coastal Exciting menu combination of coastal influences from low country and creole inspired items, to New England favorites, and West Coast specialties. - 314.932.7377


Apromising 9,000-square-foot venue featuring live music and entertainment is just what the doctor ordered. The Coliseum on Washington Avenue offers something for everyone, the Las Vages-esqe music lounge will house some of the most diverse entertainment this city has seen in years. From the plush VIP seating the huge indoor waterfall to the swanky bathrooms. The Coliseum is more than just a music venue it is a lifestyle changer. 2619 Washington Ave., Downtown, 314.531.2864. 58 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

Owner of The City Ultra Lounge, HUSH, and his newest venture J. Spains (which is a late night chicken and waffle house). If you are ever on Washington Ave downtown St. Louis besure to stop by 1917 Washington Ave... make sure your dress is appropriate becasue Big Chuck and Mom dont play that.

diablitos cantina Mexican Street Vendor themed restaurant with stunning plates, scrumptious dining, and some of the best cocktails we’ve tasted! - 314.644.4430 Hamburger Mary's Classic Americana, burgers, and FRIED TWINKIES! Features multiple levels and an outdoor patio, fun nightly entertainment, and awesome service. - 314.533.MARY Triumph Vroom vroom! A chic, urbanite dream in Midtown. Great spot for lunch and for nights at the Fox. - 314.446.1801

the coliseum


FRED & HARRY | EXO Saint Louis’ First Friday super heros and the owners of EXO in midtown. This dynamic duo has their hand in keeping the busines professional live in St. Louis. Besure to be fly when stopping by. This is definitely for the grown and sexy.

central west end/ the grove chi Japanese sushi sake martini bar & Restaurant with great happy hour and after happy hour drink specials. - 314.367.2209

herbie's vintage 72 Herbie’s Vintage 72 serves up a combination of classics and new American cuisine, incorporating new signature dishes traditional fare. - 314.769.9595 salt High accolades from local foodies, their culinary philosophy is sustainable, fresh, farm-totable and DELICIOUS! A little secret: They have a theatre seating about 30 for your private event. - 314. 932. 5787

DJ KUT | MR Worldwide The Myth. The Legend. Dj Kut is one of the if not THE premier DJ in St. Louis. As did Lebron, DJ Kut took his talents to NYC --the mecca of hiphop -- added more tricks to his aresenal and now has come back to St. Louis in rare form. Check him out on Facebook to see where he will be this weekend.




Tavonda Palmer | ST LOUIS Eat: Drunken Fish Play: Any Vaporz Joint Drink: Moscato Your can find me @: SOHO Restaurant & Lounge

Cavalli Reese | ST LOUIS Eat: Baileys Range Play: SoHo Lounge Drink: Ciroc Peach mixed with Moscato You can find me @: Pepper Lounge

SOHO | RESTAURANT + LOUNGE The Grove’s newest hot spot is bringing you all the hip and sophistication of the posh New York neighborhood while merging the Southern Hospitality STL is known for – SoHo Restaurant + Lounge is the result. Mixing the elements of a full-service restaurant, with contemporary southern favorites like shrimp and grits, chicken wings, and catfish, along with the excitement and animation of a trendy, chic nightspot, SoHo Restaurant + Lounge promises to provide you with an experience like no other. The multi-level establishment features a bar, a dining area and lounge area on the main level. The second level also features a bar and lounge area, and also houses private areas for special events and large parties. SoHo also has a rooftop! Among the very few rooftop spots in STL, SoHo’s rooftop experience is complete with chill relaxation and a dope view of the energetic Manchester Ave. Open till 10p on Wed and 1:30a Thu-Sat (open at 5p, kitchen open 12a Thu-Sat, DJ spins Thu-Sat night), SoHo Restaurant + Lounge is your destination for quality, distinction, and kick-assness!

Cherie Campbell | JETSETTER Eat: Drunken Fish Play: SOHO LOUNGE Drink: Strawberry Margarita no salt Favorite Velvet Rope: ALL OF THEM


EAT+PLAY+socialize |buckhead • decatur • emory • midtown |

BUCKHEAD 10 DEGREES SOUTH Atlanta’s first South African restaurant. Hearty specialties include boerewors sausages, bobotie, grilled whole kingklip fish and rack of lamb., 261 19th St NW, 404.815.8990 $$

stg trattoria Enjoy Buckhead’s newest hidden gem of a restaurant without having to travel to Italy. It’s STG Trattoria located in the back of the new shopping center adjacent to The St. Regis Hotel (West Paces Ferry Road and East Andrews). This new restaurant comes to us by Brian Lewis—owner of the trendy and popular BOCADO in the getter-more-hip-everyday Westside—is called STG Trattoria and it takes everything great about getting authentic Naplesstyle pizza (and more) without making it so darn complicated.

Aria Chef Gerry Klaskala presents modernized versions of American comfort food (braised beef short ribs, slow-roasted duck, etc.) in a lovely, romantic setting. 490 E. Paces Ferry Rd. 404.233.7673 $$$$ fogo de chao Atlanta’s first churrascaria offers slow-roasted meats and sides prepared and served by Brazilian “gauchos”. Fixed-Price menu with unlimited portions. 3101 Piedmont Rd. NE, 404.844.4810 $$$

decatur/emory float away cafe Inventive restaurant from culinary duo Clifford Harrison and Anne Quatrano. Country French and Italian cuisine grown at the couple’s farm in Cartersville. www.starprovisions. com 1123 Zonolite Rd., 404.892.1414 $$$ LEON'S FULL SERVICE A delightful eatery in the Cresent featuring delicious globally-inspired cuisine. Lunch Tue-Fri; dinner Mon-Sat 131 Carondelet Plaza, 314.725.6777 $$ NO. 246 Menu highlights include whole roasted fish, Ken’s wild mushroom pizza pie, spaghetti with Georgia white shrimp, and charcuterie and cheese plates. No reservations. 129 East Ponce de Leon Ave., 678.399.8246 $$


canoe Tucked away along the banks of the Chattahoochee River, yet conveniently located in Vinings in Atlanta, lies one of the country’s most acclaimed fine dining restaurants and expanded outdoor bar. One of the most acclaimed restaurants in Atlanta including a James Beard Foundation award. You’ll love the American/fusion cuisine, staff, Wine Spectator Award of Excellence wine list and setting. Canoe, 4199 Paces Ferry Road, NW, Atlanta, Ga. Lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. 60 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7


allunvia An upscale restaurant, featuring many of the city’s most beautiful women. This is not just an all men’s entertainment club, but now has a gourmet steak/seafood restaurant, to make a complete evening of entertainment. $$$$ ecco Ecco is a seasonally inspired European restaurant in the heart of midtown Atlanta. Call 404.347.9555 for reservations, directions and more information. $$$ stk atlanta Definitely a trendy spot- cool bar, pretty people and great decor. Has the NY vibe. The bar is a nice afterwork spot to meet people and mix and mingle. $$$$

carlton Morton Tell us about your career. “I own The Couture Firm. Our media division, the largest entity, specializing in social media marketing and branding. The philanthropic side, launched Krewe of Couture, honoring successful high school students. I also work with Cynthia Bailey at The Bailey Agency School of Fashion. Cynthia was one of the first to truly support my vision and help enhance my journey to success.” Are you dating? “I am dating my goals, mingling with my dreams and it works out fine. I know one day I will marry my destiny and we will not get a divorce.” What’s your favorite ATL hot spot? “Bar One, I like places that have great food, drinks, music, decor, and vibes.” What’s your favorite drink? “Bar One’s “Mr. Couture”, a mixture of strawberries, vodka, and a secret ingredient.” What is one thing you must have when you are traveling? “My iPhone, I can conduct business, stay in contact with people I love, and the list goes on.”


EAT+PLAY+socialize | atlanta ga | INTRODUCING The compound lounge

compound Lounge + Bar | atlanta georgia Atlanta clubs are famous for celebrity sightings, great live music and a rock star vibe. Step into the limelight or kick back at the best Atlanta lounges while sipping on specialty martinis and/or listening to smooth jazz. Compound is Atlanta’s hottest and largest destination featuring three experiences in one club. Every Saturday, enjoy multiple dance floors, full bars and VIP areas as the DJ’s spins top 40 hits, reggae and more. Known as Atlanta’s celebrity hangout, come see your favorite celebrity as they party at Compound.



Lfrost: as cold as ever

story: seven l maxwell photo: Tony Curtis


ho said Saint Louis Aint HIPHOP? According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary; St. Louis dancer/choreographer, singer/ songwriter, L. Frost, is just that. As for the top 10 things in the 80’s, Hip-Hop is listed as number one and L. Frost’s picture is plastered across the page as the representative of not just the music, but entire Hip-Hop culture—especially dance. But L. Frost didn’t just get selected to be the poster-boy for an entire culture without fully submerging himself within it; he worked diligently to perfect his ever-evolving craft and is clearly reaping from the fruits of his labor. It wasn’t until Frost was in high school that he discovered his passion for dance. “I was really that kid who stood by the wall a lot,” Frost stated. “I didn’t really hit the dance floor too much until I saw my first Ginuwine video, which was like ‘Pony’ or ‘Ain’t None of Your Friends’ Business’ and I thought it was pretty dope that a guy could move smooth like that and still be masculine.” After a talent show, where Frost incorporated a routine inspired by Ginuwine; dancer/choreographer, Mack Daddy approached young Frost with the opportunity of a lifetime—a chance to not only meet, but go on tour with his idol—Ginuwine. From there, Frost continued to study under the industry’s best choreographers where he attended a workshop hosted by legendary choreographer, Darrin Henson, who willingly took him under his wing and taught him lessons in which he continues to incorporate into his career. Since then, Frost adopted the moniker, Kid Flash, which reflects his alter-ego and together the two personalities personify performance perfection as he’s transitioned from dancer/choreographer to singer/ songwriter. With hits such as “Light it up” and “Beast”, Frost is gearing up with entertainment’s elite producers such as: Jaylien— who’s also credited as Akon’s producer; Wyshmaster, who also works as the director of production and program development at Nelly’s Ex’treme Institute; and former Trackboyz producer, Jo Copo, of Noize City Ent. With interest continuing to spark interest in the rising star, corporations are also taking notice. As an ambassador of luxury footwear brand, Greedy Genius; the billboard for Reebok’s Times Square campaign; the poster-boy for dance movie, Step Up 3D; the icon for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew’s Blueprint Cru; and the face

of Paper Jamz Pro Star Microphone Package; Frost even has McDonald’s loving him. With his cap designed for New Era—exclusively sold in St. Louis-founded company, Headz n Threadz—Frost has perpetually placed himself in a position for progress. After nearly a decade of dedication to his craft, Frost continues to catapult to the top of his game. Sharing the stage with artists such as Chris Brown, Usher, Ginuwine, and Justin Timberlake constantly reignited the fire inside of Frost. Continually recreating himself while remaining true to his core beliefs; L. Frost is well on his way to superstardom—determined to make those around him proud. Link up with him on the social networks at: Twitter: @MrLFrost Facebook: Ryu Frost YouTube: LFrost MySpace: LFrostMusic

64 | DELUX Magazine


veryone has their share of dirty little secrets. Mine… well, to some it’s intriguing—while others…well, let’s just say they’re not so flattered, but let’s not focus on them. For those of you who are intrigued by my dark side, I’ll let you in on my sexy little secret…. I’m a professional escort. So why choose this open forum as a confessional? Well, what better way to open the dialogue on a topic that’s real and relevant in today’s society? With the advances in today’s technology, everything is on display—even us working girls. But we’re not your stereotypical hookers. You won’t find us parading around back alleys and street corners at any point in the day—or night for that matter. We’re not offering sex for money—that’s not us. We’re not strung out, nor do we have a pimp who takes our money in exchange for protection. We have a much more complicated and sophisticated system that ensures the safety of us and our clients. I’m elite in the circle of escorts and I remain in high demand because my time is so limited. I’m not always available at a client’s every call—thus elevating his level of desire. Remember, powerful men desire control and will pay anything to have it. I am in total control, and I submit only to the desires of my choice. I am forever travelling to biggest events across the globe and always in the presence of the most powerful people on the planet. I’m paid so my client is the envy of those stuffy suits who settled down with


their pretentious wives who stand right beside them as we casually converse with the crowd. I must remain well-versed in areas that expand beyond the boundaries of pop culture; so if all you can talk about are reality shows and celebrity gossip, keep your day job where that messiness is appreciated. In this business, everything is elevated—even your intelligence. Armed with an extensive client list, my dance card is always full. If I’m not being chauffeured to the finest restaurants or the most exclusive events, I’m not interested. I have been pampered by a premium list of professionals who have paid to cater to my every need—all so I can stroke their… ego. For my clients it’s not all about sex. It’s about fantasy. It’s about illusion. It’s about luxury. It’s about power. With that power, comes a price. By day I am the ultimate professional—one of the most alluring executives in town. Introduced into this life by a desire to live comfortably at all costs, so with the fall of this economy, a girl has to protect her own interests. I want to delve deeper into the inner workings of this lifestyle, you know, exposing the truths and dispelling the myths, but that’ll take more space than allotted on these pages. I may share more in the next issue. That is, if you’re interested… Let us know via twitter: #DeluxConfessions


We think a Groom’s Fashion Try-On is only fitting. TM

Try your wedding attire on for size, for free. That’s the Savvi difference.

Save $250

on your wedding tuxedoS including

Free groom’S rental! Minimum group order necessary. See store for details.

12 Convenient Locations 800.Tuxedo.4

Voted Best Formalwear Specialist in St. Louis

66 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

©2012 Savvi Formalwear




n urban bake and chop shop is what you can call it – but the preferred name is Crushed Red.

Clayton’s newest restaurant, appropriately titled Crushed Red, is taking chopped salads to a whole new level.


red 68 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

Offering made-to-order salads and pizzas, crafted with the freshest ingredients available in the metropolitan area, Crushed Red specializes in offering a fast, casual, and healthy eating experience intertwined with the sophistication of an upscale, authentic eatery. The vast menu offers custom-crafted, individual pizzas, all made with whole grain dough and organic tomato sauce. Pizzas range from the Steakhouse, which features parmesan cream, roasted sirloin steak, red onion, roma tomato, gorgonzola, rosemary and mozzarella, to the Shrimp and Artichoke, which features basil pesto, roasted shrimp,

artichoke, roma tomato, fresh basil and parmesan, all cooked to perfection in a 700 degree stone-fired oven, expediting the cooking process. Their chopped-to-order salads, including the Hail Caesar and the Welcome Back Cobber, are diced to perfection, assuring that each ingredient is tasted in each and every bite. Also featuring appetizers (shareables) and soups, as well as craft beers and wines, Crushed Red is reasonably priced with pizzas ranging from $6 to $8.50, and salads ranging from mini ($4.75) to large, enough for 2-4 people ($9).

Crushed Red 8007 Maryland Ave Clayton, MO 63105 314.725.8007

caprese SALAD


summer heat

Great food + warm weath er + co ld d ri n ks + great fri en ds = N o brai n er! Si m ple flavo rs, fresh m eats an d th e job is don e story: leneia o’hare Give your meat & veggies some extra love before it hits the heat! Marinades, brines, and rubs are essential for the serious grill master. If you seek unforgettable flavor and mouthwatering texture, get fired up and get to prepping!

Marinades Marinades are flavor-infusing liquids in which the meats are soaked for several hours. The marinades make it juicy, but if you’re looking to tenderize a tougher cut of meat, add some tenderizer. Always marinate in the refrigerator. If you’re basting with the marinade liquid from the raw meat soak, do not apply it during the last five minutes of grilling.

Brines Brines are the deliciously salty solutions aiding lean meats in holding their moisture so they

stay juicy and tender during grilling. Poultry and pork are popular brining proteins, because they’re prone to dry out. Soak meats in a large container; enough to submerge the meat completely without allowing it to float in the solution. Store brined meat in the refrigerator. Before grilling, rinse brined meat to remove excess salt and dry it with paper towels.

Rubs Rubs are delicate mixtures of seasonings rubbed on meats before grilling to add additional flavor. The best rubs enhance the flavor of the meat without domineering. There are two kinds of rubs: Wet Rubs and Dry Rubs. When oil or another wet substance is added into the spice mix, it is known as a wet rub. The added moisture helps the rub adhere to the meat.

aprese salad is light, refreshing, beautiful, and easy. What more can you ask for from a meal? You can serve it as a side with your entree or as the main course. Here is what you do. Gather your homegrown, market, grocery store tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella. I prefer to use the mozzarella pearls rather than the big chunk simply because it turns out prettier with cherry tomatoes. Chop all of your tomatoes up until Then do the same with your cheese and basil. Tip: I use scissors to snip my herbs. I find that it goes faster and doesn’t bruise the leaves. Okay, now that everything is all choppy and happy, you are ready to make your dressing. Mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper together in a small bowl. Amounts are up to you. Next, place all of your chopped goodness in a bowl and drizzle on your dressing. Mix gently and serve! You can make this in the morning and serve later in the day if you like a colder more combined taste. With a side of crusty bread and a glass of white wine this makes for one fantastically fresh and lovely meal. It’s also a very simple and surprisingly different salad to bring to a gathering. Enjoy! DELUX-MAG.COM | 69

Pasta Aficionado:

The Masterful Works of Chef Fabrizio Schenardi Pasta, Refined: The Art & Science of An Exquisite Dish


aaah, pasta! Most of us grew up eating it. It was an easy, tasty family dinner when we were kids. As young adults, we could make it at home, fancy it up a bit with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese or a homemade sauce and call it a romantic dinner-for-two. Even now we by our dried noodles from the grocery, boil them until al dente, and slather them in sauce. And we like it … no, we love it! Enter Fabrizio Schenardi, executive chef at Cielo at The Four Seasons Hotel, St. Louis. With each inspired dish, he’s changing the way we think about pasta.

Cielo. In the kitchen at Cielo, Chef’s pasta dishes have their own identity. To start, each noodle has its specific recipe. For example, Chef’s ravioli are made in a style referred to sfogliavelo, and are delicate pillows of goodness that simply melt in your mouth. The dough is different as he makes it without semolina (a veritable pasta staple) and uses water and white wine to bind the dry ingredients.

Hailing from Rivoli, Italy, Chef Schenardi trained professionally for both pastry and kitchen at the Istituto Alberghiero Ravizza near Torino. In addition to gaining worldwide experience, he has held prestigious positions in the kitchens of Essex House in New York and the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Perhaps the most important education he received was in his grandmothers’ kitchens, located in Piedmont and Liguria.

On the other hand, his pappardelle – gorgeous, flat noodles – are made with a mix of semolina and white flour. They are heartier than the ravioli and deliver an entirely different pasta experience. Chef also applies a customized kneeding protocol to each of his pastas. According to Chef, “How the dough is handled will have a direct effect on its outcome.” His kitchen staff is trained on how to kneed properly each kind of dough to achieve the optimal outcome. The result is heaven.

At his grandmothers’ counters he learned that pasta can be vastly different depending on the ingredients. He developed a deep appreciation for local ingredients as he embodied their post-war mantra: Save what you have, and eat what you have. The heart and soul of his grandmothers’ kitchens is what Chef serves with every pasta dish at

Because Chef believes in sustainability and sourcing as much locally as he possibly can, his pasta dishes are an ever-changing display of the region’s and season’s bounty. In the summer months, expect to find interesting ingredients, such as squash blossoms, and specially selected seafood that must meet exceptional standards. In the autumn, Chef

70 | DELUX Magazine V3 Issue 7

loves to find ways to incorporate fresh chestnuts and truffles. Winter allows him to create what I call “comfort” pasta (which includes gnocchi), dressed with braised meats, nuts, and heavier sauces. When spring rolls around, and the earth is coming alive again, Chef uses pairs many more fresh vegetables and meats with his pasta. Regardless of when you visit Cielo, the Chef Schenardi’s pasta is not to be missed. Your not-so-young-adult idea of a romantic dinner-for-two will be forever transformed. The perfection of Chef’s pasta will leave you wanting more and plotting your return trip before you get to dessert. The exquisite ambiance, the breathtaking the view of The Arch, and the deft and exacting service will leave you feeling relaxed and engaged with your dinner date. It’s an evening like only the Four Seasons Hotel, St. Louis can deliver! Cielo Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel, St. Louis 999 N. Second Street St. Louis, MO 63102 For reservations, call 314-881-5759 Amy Burdge writes Eat It, St. Louis!, a blog dedicated to the pure love of food, the artistry and passion of those who create it and the sheer experience it provides. You can find the blog at, and follow her on twitter at @DeliciousSTL.


05.27.2012 TEESE 2012 @ THE PAGEANT photos courtesty of Teddy Blackett



05.12.2012 LIVE LOVE FASHION @ FOUR SEASONS photos courtesty of Lawrence Bryant

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April 20, 2012 Westone presents blu light special @ golfclubhouse


every friday at the loft

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R&B/ Pop singer Keri Hilson is rallying women on her eagerly awaited sophomore album No Boys Allowed set to release December 21st on Interscope/Zone 4/Mosley Music Group. As the follow up to her RIAA GOLD certified d ­ ebut album In A Perfect World… the Grammy nominated singer and new face of AVON will perform her newest single “Pretty Girl Rock” (produced by Ne-Yo) on Vh1 Divas Salute The Troops, 84th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NBC’s The Today Show and Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno amongst other national TV shows. An ode to self confidence, the video for the single was shot by famed director Joseph Kahn (U2/Gwen Stefani) and has everyone from Perez Hilton to Billboard Magazine ecstatic about Keri’s tribute to women like Janet Jackson, Diana Ross and TLC that have rocked throughout the ages. Additionally, the video for her debut single “Breaking Point” (produced by Timbaland) has hit #1 on BET 106 & Park while becoming the #1 added record to Urban Radio after recently performing the song on BET’s Black Girls Rock. Recently seen at The American Music Awards, the songwriter also graces the current covers of both Vibe Magazine and Jones Magazine. Executive produced by super producers Timbaland and Polow Da Don, the new album features appearances by Kanye West, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, J-Cole and additional musical contributions by Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Danja, Ne-Yo, John Legend, Boi-1da, Stargate, Jerry Wonder and Chuck Harmony. The album encompasses the past two years in Keri’s life as she’s gone from a hit songwriter responsible for hits by Britney Spears, Pussy Cat Dolls, Mary J. Blige, and Usher to a Grammy nominated singer with #1 songs under her own belt. Representing a myriad of sounds, the Timbaland–produced “Breaking Point” is a bluesy call to arms; the kind of song a woman listens to as she musters up the courage and conviction to leave a no-good relationship. Whilst on the other side of the spectrum, the raw and infectious “The Way You Love Me” feat. Rick Ross, produced by Polow Da Don is a club-thumping message to female empowerment. But that’s not to say Hilson’s music doesn’t speak to the fellas, “I write from a female perspective, but I’m also telling men what women are really thinking and feeling about them.” “Keri’s intense focus on No Boys Allowed has been inspiring to both Timbaland and I, in and out of the studio. This will definitely be one of the best albums of 2010/2011,” says Polow Da Don, Co-Executive Producer of the album and Zone 4 President. No Boys Allowed is a deeply personal project designed to bring women to their feet. The provocative title, is not what you may think, says Hilson. “It’s not about excluding men. It’s more about women understanding that there comes a time in your life when you want a man. A real man. A grown up. Not a boy. And that’s not a bad thing.”


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DELUX Magazine V.3 Issue 7  

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