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(Esperanza Spalding) Radio Music Society As a follow up to her best selling “Chamber Music Society,” which reached no. 1 on Billboard’s contemporary Jazz charts, and won her the honor of being the first jazz artist to ever receive the GRAMMY for best new artist, Esperanza Spalding’s “Radio Music Society” is geared towards bringing the jazz aficionado and the non-jazz listener together on common ground. An intriguing blend of old school talent, youth, passion and endless drive, Esperanza Spalding is still one of the leading lights of modern jazz and soul.

Toi Box Couture was started in early 2013. Its owner who’s real name is Toi, has always had an eye for fashion. When she was a little girl, she told her parents that one day she will open up a store called Toi Box, not knowing what she would actually sell. Many years later, she became an independent single mom who loved retail, but couldn’t afford to shop for clothes as much due to bills. So she decided to teach herself how to sew, to keep her and her son Jayden “fly”. People caught on to it, & began to ask her to make things for them. Through the power of social networks, Toi has accomplished a lot in just a year’s time. From a sold out 1st Fashion Show held at The Thaxton in downtown St.Louis , to now being featured in the Delux Magazine , Toi is making a lot of power moves in her hometown. She designs custom apparel for ALL. From custom casual to custom elegance, she masters them all. Her ultimate goal is to design more on a couture level, for both women & men. Some of Toi’s future goals are to branch outside of St.Louis by doing fashion shows in other states, get celebrities in her line, & open multiple boutiques worldwide. This is only the beginning. You never know what you’ll find in the Toi Box..... Come Play

Retro to Modern Living Room Furniture The industrial design experts at Retro Modern Design collect international and

Scandanavian 20th century design to sell to fans of mid century design. From tables to chairs to sofas, you can peruse this sale to create your own curation of furniture for your modern mid century home.



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KC SOLE: THE SNEAKFEST March 29th is getting closer and closer! If you still need a ticket for KCSneakFest14 our presale tickets are still available HERE for a limited time! KCSneakFest14, held March 29th, 2014 at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Mo, is Kansas City’s first and only sneaker expo showcasing the greatest in Midwest sneakers, clothing, art, and more! KCSneakFest will feature booths from Escapist Skateboarding, Nostalgia Clothing Co, 23Penny, Evolved Footwear, 199x, Jumpman Bostic, and many many more! All are welcome to attend and buy, sell and trade their kicks at KCSneakFest, so make sure you’ve got your tickets ready! ANNOUNCEMENT: Please bring gently used shoes of all sizes to dontate to KCSole’s 2nd #SoleDrive at KCSneakFest benefiting those less fortunate in the Kansas City area!

INTRODUCING: KRIS KELLI With a strong fan base growing in Jamaica and overseas, the buxom beauty won the hearts of new fans in the U.S. with the 2012 release of her hit single “Me & You,” featuring label mate Gorilla Zoe. The record, which pays homage to Method Man and Mary J. Blige using a sample of the Hip-Hop classic “All I Need,” quickly became one of the most requested tunes on Atlanta’s V-103.3 FM and introduced her powerhouse vocals to the masses. Later that year, the budding star put out her first EP titled “Sell Off” hosted by DJ Kash (V-103 Atlanta), making her mark in the industry as one to watch. Her hit singles “HomeRun” and “Action” showcased her musical range and talents, garnering even more fans along the way. Never one to rush the creative process, Kris Kelli took time to grow as an artist and showed a deeper, more versatile perspective of her life in her next project titled “Warrior.” She released the mixtape in March 2013 to rave reviews after the single “Warrior” became a liberating anthem among her “Team Warrior” fan base and hit the radio soon after. “Team Warrior is a movement and we’re all in this together. A Warrior is someone who goes hard everyday despite trials and tribulations. This means a lot to me and the mixtape has received a crazy response from my fans. They promote it every day,” says Kris Kelli. Her remix of Young Scooter’s “Columbia” has created quite the buzz, becoming a fan favorite almost overnight. The Caribbean beauty plans to release music videos for two hot singles and her personal favorites “Like A Drum” and “I Got Your Man,” and is slated to embark on a multi-city tour this summer.

THINK ART Th-Ink Art boasts a proprietary canvas printing process that creates art with stunningly vibrancy. These prints re-imagine street art techniques and Iconic masterworks to create pieces that beg you to take a moment out of your day to stop and reflect.

(Andy Allo) Superconductor Prince has a long tradition of taking young women under his wing and pushing them into the spotlight but Andy Allo is the genuine article and worthy of respect in her own right. The Cameroon native’s sophomore release, Superconductor features performances by other members of Prince’s New Power Generation but it is when Allo lets herself really settle into a groove that she transcends being just another one of Prince’s disciples and really sets herself apart. It’s those moments where Superconductor really becomes electric.

GET SOME COINS The people behind Coin have a passion for building products that simplify, improve and fit seamlessly into your life. We believe that even a minor change in thinking can reap big rewards. At Coin we know there is plenty to worry about, too much clutter and not enough time. For some it’s a fact of life. For us it’s inspiring. The Coin team is comprised of consumer electronics experts, designers, software engineers and a former NASA engineer to boot. Something we mention at parties all the time. We believe Coin is a substantial improvement on how you interact with, and use, cards that have a magnetic stripe. Whenever you use a card we want to be there. Or whenever you’re having a good time. Or flying in a helicopter.

Gaard Tractor Messenger Bag By Jason Utgaard Handmade from recycled tractor tire inner tubes, this messenger bag offers more than your average commuter bag. This water resistant bag has plenty of interior space and a mesh zipper pocket to store smaller valuables. The seat belt strap is extremely durable and easily adjustable. This bag isn’t just convenient for you, it’s great for the planet, and it’s durable construction is prepared to keep up with all of your adventures.




Hebru Brantley Hebru Brantley, a Bronzeville-native living and working in Chicago, explores personal and cultural memory in his art. Taking themes from his 1980’s upbringing, Brantley uses a creative process akin to free-form journaling, using a variety of surfaces and media including wood, spray paint, coffee and tea. His work delves into political and social issues with a conscious focus on playful insight and the optimism and possibilities of youth. Brantley draws influence from an array of pop culture icons, comic book heroes, Japanese anime and the bold aesthetics of street art pioneers Jean Michel Basquiat, Kaws and Keith Haring. Brantley’s recent focus is to share energetic narratives— moments of reality from his life and the lives of his peers, mixed with fantastical fiction— to create a fragmented environment of make believe. Spray paint is often at the forefront of these mixed-media illustrations, working in part to de-contextualize the levity of cartoon imagery, and bring a critical edge into the white cube. From this, Brantley has developed his own unique style and identifies as an Afro-Futurist.

Recognized nationally for public works and solo shows in Chicago, Hebru Brantley has exhibited in San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. He was most recently the winner of the Redbull Curates Chicago contest, and will exhibit at Scope art fair in December 2012. Brantley has been commissioned by Skyy Vodka, Nike and Tyra Banks. He created the Lollapalooza poster for the 25th anniversary of the festival in 2011, and is exhibited regularly by Tim Yarger Gallery in Beverly Hills and Kasia Kay Art Projects in Chicago. Two of Brantley’s paintings are currently featured at the American Embassy in Stockholm through 2013. Brantley earned a B.A. in Film from Clark Atlanta University, and has a background in design and media illustration.




D’JUAN LOVE The sizzlin’ side of business Words by Lonita Cook Photo: Garon Young


dvocacy is sexy. Community building is cool. Entrepreneurship excites and brings bodies closer together, working in rhythm toward an explosion of economic bliss.

But in this cultural and political climate building Black businesses, an awareness of Black producer & consumerism and a love for Blackness itself can feel a bit risqué. Community advocate, marketing and IT specialist and founder of -- a website directory devoted solely to Black owned businesses -- Djuan Love knows the provocative side of Black enterprising and consciousness-constructing as well as the lonely, taboo side. Blackness, though mainstream, just is not popular. Love recalls the simple spark igniting the philosophy which led to his entrepreneurial pursuits. A college buddy opened his eyes to how anemic support for Black owned businesses can be and how the lack of support is tied to misinformation about our American social, cultural and economic past. The historic icon that transformed Love’s view into vision is Marcus Garvey. “Few people know about Marcus Garvey. I certainly didn’t until college. No one had ever told me about all the incredible things he accomplished before that,” Love explains. Marcus Garvey was known as a great orator and businessman. But many fail to recognize his legacy as one of our forefathers employing the idea of a Black business network. Djuan Love takes that concept and runs with it, updating it for an online generation. “The people who support the “buy black” movement are older because they know how it was. I want to resurrect that mentality [of] supporting Black businesses. I want to make it cool, but not preachy.” Coming from Tennessee, Love arrived in Kansas City searching for styling products for his waist long locks and Afrikan soap for his deeply toffee skin, but was unable to find them. He input “afrocentric businesses” into a search engine and found nothing. He visited physical locations and still found nothing. Instead of lamenting who and what didn’t support him he saw the absence as an opportunity to recreate that “Garvey” concept, thus was born. “The number one reason there’s crime is because of the economic status. If we had money, more money in our community, there would be no reason to rob people. “Another issue is lack of producers, but tons of consumers who buy from other people. We have to convince our consumers to support what we already have in order to build more.”



For the wandering consumer, Love personally verifies the legitimacy of each business featured on his site. Each business does exactly what it advertises. For the wandering producer, is a place to receive marketing, marketing tips, a google map, photos, multiple categories and a Premium Package includes being featured on the front page. Every Wednesday he also highlights a business on the kcblackbusiness Facebook page. Since many aren’t necessarily convinced by words on the page, Love will soon incorporate documercials into the site for premium members. Though social media is the best way right now to get the word out, Love applies that old school code and hosts monthly face to face networking meetings. These events occur every fourth Thursday at one of the businesses on his site. This way the event doubles as a networking meeting and a “cash mob”. A event welcomes a speaker to share wisdoms based on their expertise i.e. customer service or diversity. Business owners participate in networking games like business bingo, business card raffles and shameless self-promotions. Each event costs $5, in exchange for free advertising, a dinner menu and supporting the community through supporting Black innovation. Race is only an issue for Love because we as Americans have inherited the social dynamics of race. His heart is open to and for everyone. That includes Black people, even in an era when it is second nature to demean all things stemming from Black development -- from sagging pants to mothers who cry for their fallen children. “I work for Black people because I don’t see a whole lot of people working for Black people like we might see for others cultures.” But in doing so, Love believes his efforts are for the greater good of all. This is a growing passion that deepens as the concept matures. “Since July 4500 people have visited this website. By the end of 2014, I want to have every black owned business on my website. I would like to be the main source to visit. I want to be the Google for Black owned businesses.” Hospitality and service to the community, going door to door and meeting the needs of his fellow Kansas Citians, oh, and a little Love, is how he plans to meet that goal. “I can’t leave Kansas City until I make a difference. When people look at my life I want them to think ‘that man built awareness’. I want people to know that this guy really lived for what he believed.” Now aint that sizzlin’.



[Money Matters]

TALKING TO KIDS & TEENS ABOUT MONEY “Can we go to an ATM and get some?” This is the challenge facing parents in America today. With the prevalence of online banking, children no longer see their parents balancing a checkbook, recording transactions in a ledger, or doing a simple task like visiting the inside of a bank. All this consumer-driven convenience may be a good thing, but it can eliminate daily opportunities for parents to be personal finance teachers.

SO, WHAT ARE PARENTS TO DO? 1) Start early. The earlier parents start conversations with kids about money, the better. Begin by explaining to toddlers why Mom and Dad go to work every day. Explain that they work hard at their jobs so their family has money for their house or apartment, food, car, and toys. Allowances for older children can work if regular payouts are truly the result of children accomplishing their tasks. 2) Extras as Rewards. Parents love to shower their kids with toys and gifts simply because they can. But reserving extras as rewards for good behavior and recognition for hard work plants the seed that money and the things it can buy are the result of a positive action. 3)

Practice Saving. Kids and teens who want something special—like a treasured cell phone--can be encouraged to make a plan to earn and save the money to pay for it. Incentives such as parents chipping in a percentage of the total cost can be a good way to encourage the goal and the plan to achieve it.

4) 5)

Spending Plan. Learning how to build a spending plan or budget is a vital skill for teenagers and adults alike. Playing games or doing an exercise at a store can be helpful—and fun. If a teenage girl loves to shop, assign her a task to buy a complete ensemble outfit for herself on a set budget. It will help her to prioritize items that are essential and to find creative ways to accomplish her goal with a set amount. It also will help educate her about sales tax and hidden charges.


Financial realities. Giving teens an appreciation for what things actually cost is crucial. Cell phones cost more than just the price of the phone. There are often monthly usage charges for calls and texts. Billing children for even a portion of the monthly costs teaches them the true price of the things they have.


Plastic Primer. While under their roofs, parents should encourage their children to only purchase things they have saved up for and can pay for in full. But as they reach the age of college and beyond, it’s important for parents to have conversations with their children about the dangers of credit use, especially interest charges, and the negative impact on their credit score if credit cards are not used properly.


The Truth about Taxes. Taxes will assuredly be a part of your children’s lives—not only filing them once they get their first job—but also paying them. Point out the line items on their paystubs between their gross and net income. Parents can show their children their mortgage statement and explain the portion they pay in property tax.


Charity = Caring. It may be hard to convince a teenager working a job or doing chores for spending money to appreciate charitable giving. But seeing parents giving and witnessing the satisfaction it brings, as well as the real help it offers, can underline that giving often its own reward.


Keep Talking. Encourage your kids to come to you about money questions and keep the lines of communication open. Mistakes your kids make—like overdrawing an account or not paying back a debt—are opportunities for them to learn and grow.

Banking basics. Many banks have student checking accounts. Parents may consider opening one with their kids and enabling them to manage it. Maintaining an account—including regular balancing—will teach kids that money needs to be managed at all times so that it doesn’t manage them.

As a financial institution, Fifth Third Bank has witnessed first-hand the challenges facing Americans who have not had personal finance education. That’s why the Bank has made itself available to present financial education workshops at your place of work, schools, special events, and in partnership with community organizations. To learn more about how Fifth Third Bank can provide Financial Empowerment for you and/or your organization, call the Fifth Third Bank Financial Empowerment Hotline at 314-889-3333.

could a checking account join in the fight against cancer? We’ll give $150 to you and $150 to Stand Up To Cancer® when you open a new checking account with direct deposit and make three online bill payments.

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Member FDIC. Offer available to new consumer checking customers only, excluding Private Bank, opening an account by March 31, 2014. $50 minimum deposit required to open all accounts. New account, three online bill payments and direct deposit required within 90 days of account opening to obtain bonus. Bonus will be deposited into your new account within 6 weeks of completing requirements. Monthly fees and certain restrictions may apply. Fifth Third Enhanced Checking is an interest bearing checking account and all balances earn 0.05% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in all markets. Fifth Third Preferred Checking is an interest bearing account and all balances earn 0.24% APY in IL, IN, KY, OH, 0.38% APY in FL and TN, 0.40% APY in MO, 0.46% APY in NC, 0.60% in GA. APY accurate as of 1/2/14. Rates may change after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings. One offer per account per household. Not valid with any other offer. The Curious Bank is a registered trademark of Fifth Third Bancorp. Stand Up To Cancer is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. DELUX MAGAZINE 19

THE TOURIST Model: Idia Stylist: Valencia Jackson Make up: MeaganRanee Hair: MeaganRanee Designer: Antiques by Angela Lewis Photographer: David Hall Assistants: Latrice Brown, Tianna Correa










International supplier of virgin and remy hair extensions: peruvian, cambodian, italian, russian, european, malaysian, chinese, and of course the standard indian and brazialian-With established trading relations since 2006.


John Paul Mitchell Systems National Educator, Licensed Instructor, Hair and Lash Extension Specialist, Business Consultant/Coach, and State Board Tutor


2815 LOCUST ST ST. LOUIS MO 63103 E-mail: BOOKME@212SALON.NET Web: www.212SALON.NET



How to Love Your Natural Hair Words By Noyek

There’s tons of articles out there that tell you how to style your natural hair, how to care for your natural hair and even how to grow your natural hair. Well what about understanding and loving your natural hair? It may seem a little far-fetched considering the fact that your hair is effortlessly attached to your scalp and doesn’t necessarily require actual bonding time, right? Actually it does and it’s good for you as well. I get a lot of questions concerning my natural hair. The basics of course, “How do you care for it?”, “What products do you use?”, etc. One question in particular sticks out the most… “How do you deal with it?”. Just like a garden, your hair has to be tended. It has to be nurtured and cared for. Of course, you can choose to “slap it in a ponytail” and keep moving, but your ill-kept mannerism will always show through. The way you feel and view your hair will show through in the health of your hair. So, whether you are stuck on the decision to begin or not begin your natural hair journey or if you have already, remember just that; it is a journey. Follow these three steps and you will find yourself exactly where you want to be and you will know exactly how to deal with your hair. 1) Set a hair goal. We all see the beautiful pictures on Pinterest and the countless number of Instagram accounts that boast beautiful, healthy natural hair and the first thing that we say is, “I want my hair to look like that!” Well, you have already completed the first step. You have established a goal to work towards. Save the image, screenshot it or whatever it takes to keep that image available and serve as a reminder of exactly what you are working towards.

therapeutic oils such as peppermint or lemongrass for an added aroma therapy session. 3) Celebrate your success. Remember that goal from step one? One of the best ways to stay motivated is to celebrate your small successes along the way that help makes up your larger success. Break the larger goal down into smaller goals if needed to make this a little easier. Follow those easy steps and there will no longer be a need for the question “How do you deal with your hair?” You’ll already have the answers to that. To read more articles on hair & beauty, hair style ideas, upcoming hair events and more, visit www. To read more about the author, visit and

2) Nourish your hair. Keep in mind that just like any other goal you have to spend time on it to accomplish it. Well, personally I found that my most intimate and bonding moments with my hair has been when I’m shampooing it. Why is that so? Mainly because of my choice of shampoo. Pick out a gentle cleanser that you can feel cleansing your hair, one you can feel working. If you want a full experience, choose a cleanser with DELUX MAGAZINE




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Often when celebrities such as Oprah or Russell Simmons sit down to tell about their success, it seems hard to relate because they are such big names, even though many movers and shakers started out as ordinary people. Lessons Learned will put a spotlight on people who are just like you. The people here will share their stories and successes as well as what didn’t work for them. Hopefully these stories will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Photo: McArthur Photography

Dr. Jennifer McCleary, DC is a Chiropractic Physician and owner of Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic. Triad first opened its doors in 2006 and has two offices located in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. McCleary works with people of all ages and has a passion for helping athletes. “At Triad our philosophy is to treat the person not simply their parts. The closer you move towards health and wellness the further you move from sickness and disease.”

Tell us about your business: People often assume chiropractors just adjust their backs but it is much more than that. Chiropractors are medical professionals who do not use drugs or surgery but instead seek to encourage the body to heal itself. I get to know my patients and build a relationship with them in order to provide a comprehensive wellness plan. I use manual adjustments, acupuncture, nutrition, fitness recommendations, and/or stress management techniques to assist your body in maintaining health. Additionally, as a sports chiropractor I often work with athletic teams and individuals on biomechanics, exercise physiology, and preventing or treating sports related injuries. How did you choose St. Louis?: Once I graduated from Logan, I chose to stay in the area because St. Louis embraced me. I realized it is a great city to start a business and there are many resources for living. St. Louis is also less expensive than other major cities. I focused on growing my network here and it has paid off. What books inspired you?: That is a difficult question because there are so many to choose from. I got a lot from The E-Myth by Michael Gerber and Leadership 101 by John Maxwell. My favorite part in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey talks about your personal mission statement and I often find myself referring to several chapters in the book. Mastery by George Leonard and How to Become CEO by Jeffery Fox have also been invaluable resources. Tell us about your biggest success: I was asked to work at the Olympic Training Center relatively early in my career. I took the opportunity and enjoyed working with athletes at the top of their game. I used the experience to refine my focus and make changes in my own career to continue to achieve success. Tell us about your biggest regret: I demand excellence from people. I sometimes worry if that high expectation or my own delivery of excellence was misinterpreted as criticism. How do you avoid burnout?: I try to break things down in tiers or levels instead of always looking at the big picture. I rely on my business plan as the template and focus on some of the small moving parts. I get regular chiropractic adjustments and I take care of my health. I practice what I preach! I also rely on my support system and surround myself with positive people. Any final words for our readers?: Have a solid foundation and set benchmarks so you know when you are on the right path. Make sure to stop and reflect and be open to adapting as your business grows. Once the doors open for business, you have to know what you are doing; that is not the time to hone your skills. Whether you have thought about a career as a chiropractor or desire to be a small business owner, Dr. McCleary’s Lessons Learned could be the impetus you need to make a move TODAY. Please stop by the office for a chiropractic adjustment or visit the website for more information.

Jennifer L. McCleary, DC, CSCS Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Triad Sports & Family Chiropractic, LLC Creve Coeur, MO: (314) 993-2424 Central West End (St. Louis), MO: (314) 534-1566 DELUX MAGAZINE


got SHAVE?

A BARBERSHOP FOR THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMEN Rahman Hunter has been cutting hair since the tender age of 14. Due to his desire to always wanting to be “fresh,” he grabbed a mirror and a pair of clippers and began perfecting his craft one day at a time. After seeing his sister and fellow companions enter the hair industry, he figured he would give it a shot and fell in love with the business-a business he one day hoped to make his mark in. A few years later, he entered Leonard’s Barber College in St. Louis and became a licensed barber then gained valuable experience by working with barbers at Christopher’s Barbershop and his sister at Da Rootz Salon. Fast-forwarding a decade and a half, and you see Mr. Hunter’s dream of opening his own barbershop right in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri has come to life with his beautiful wife along side him for support. “SHAVE,” which stands for “show how a vision evolves” was coined as the name to promote positivity within the community while encouraging individuals to believe in their dreams even when they become faint. When asked how the shop embodies the phrase, Hunter responded, “I always had a vision… it’s been in my head for years, and it basically manifested itself right before my eyes while I was putting the shop together.” He went on to say, “When I got out of barber school, I kind of set a timeline for myself. It didn’t happen as soon as I wanted it to because I guess I got comfortable working with my sister for years, but it was just one of those times for it…and [I] just did it.”

Once you walk through the doors of SHAVE, you automatically know this shop is a familiar place yet offers a unique style of service. It encompasses a very neo-classical and vintage feel that forces you to relax and enjoy the environment filled with laughter, board games and a whole lot of discussion. Since there are no televisions in sight, everyone is able to engage in face-to-face conversations just like the good ole days. One cannot help but compare it to the “always funny never a dull moment” shop in the film “Barbershop” featuring Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer. Though, it may not be on the big screen, it is definitely worth the visit. From their hot towel shaves to quality cuts, you are bound to leave a happy customer. You will gain the experience of a lifetime and a haircut so stylish, it will be the talk of the town.

SHAVE BARBERSHOP 323 De Baliviere Avenue Saint Louis, MO 63112 314.36SHAVE (74283) Hours of Operations : Tuesday-Thursday 8:30am - 6:30pm Friday - Saturday 7:30am - 6:30pm

What is the REAL difference between Reasons and Results? ...only ONE of them can be taken to the Bank! At BRP, we specialize in the enhancement of human performance in order to maximize earning potential and business growth. When it comes to succeeding in business there is one common belief. That belief expresses the clear difference between reasons and results. Successful leadership, business operations, promotions, sales, advantages and more are created and sustained by far more than task completion.  Have you ever felt as if you or your company stayed busy, but simply did not manifest the tangible increases you expected or desired in your bottom line?  Maybe you wanted more training for yourself or your company, however, the associated expense as well as the length of time needed to invest in additional degrees and certifications was simply not available?  Ever wished there was a way to accelerate the process of realizing your full potential or that of your organization in a measurable way? BRP Enterprises has the resources and expertise to enhance human potential resulting in increased effectiveness individually and collectively.

Individual and organizational transformation does NOT have to take years.

The only question is …how soon do you want to begin the transformation? When would NOW be a good time to call 913-747-4650?

Ask for Alicia, mention this ad for a Complimentary Coaching Session! Or contact us by email at:

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Jennifer H. Fisher

Attorney & Counselor at Law 3920 Lindell Blvd. Suite 200 Saint Louis, Missouri 63108 (314) 645-9500


DELUX our mission is to provide pragmatic information to our readers on the latest trends and newest developments in our community. Therefore, we decided to ask a distinguished local attorney to share her insights on what she sees as the hot button legal issues facing our readers in 2014. QUESTION #1: WHAT SIGNIFICANCE DOES THE GIDEON-WAINWRIGHT CASE HAVE ON OUR LEGAL SYSTEM? Gideon v. Wainwright is a landmark case in United States Supreme Court history. In it the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that state courts are required under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to provide counsel in criminal cases to represent defendants who are unable to afford to pay their own attorneys.

“People deserve an opportunity to consult with competent counsel. Often times people are forced to take a plea or wrongfully make a decision without proper legal advice. We need to utilize the legal resources in our community. Lack of financesdo not have to be a detriment. Need to seek legal advice on the front end of the issue.” QUESTION #2: WHAT ARE THE LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS OF THE AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT? “It is too complicated for the average consumer. It is imperative that people gather information and resources prior to making a decision. Healthcare is also an economic issue. No insurance for some means higher cost for the middle class.” QUESTION #3: WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE TO BE ONE OF THE MAIN ISSUES IMPACTING OUR COMMUNITY? “Economic disparity and inequality. The Middle Class is shrinking due to unemployment, lower wages and fewer career choices. As a result consumers are settling cases with insurance companies and forfeiting coverage for any....??? Their rights?” “When an accident occurs, don’t say anything, don’t sign anything. In most cases there is no consultation fee for Personal Injury and Workman’s Comp.” QUESTION #4: SHOULD WE PAY PHOTOCAM TICKETS? It depends on which municipality issues the ticket? If you receive a notice stating you’re on the court docket or they issue a FTA (Failure to Appear), you need to take care of it right away



Attorney Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer H. Fisher was educated in St. Louis, Missouri public schools and matriculated to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Political Science and Business Administration. In 1984 she obtained her Juris Doctorate from St. Louis University School of Law and obtained her license to practice law in the State of Missouri. During her twenty-eight years in the practice of law she has served as an Assistant Missouri Attorney General, Assistant St. Louis City Counselor and outside counsel to such companies as Resolution Trust Company, St. Louis Board of Education, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Credit Corporation, Shell Oil Company and State Farm Insurance Companies. She is a member of the Missouri Bar, Women’s Lawyer’s Association and Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association. Her present areas of concentration include real estate law and development, business law and development, estate matters and personal injury. In addition, she has served as a municipal judge for more than eight years. She currently serves in the Cities of Berkeley, Missouri and Moline Acres, Missouri.


do ministers and reality tv mix? Words by: Gerren Keith Gaynor

Before the Oxygen network’s Preachers of LA even officially aired on national television, it was met with strong opposition from the Christian community. The reality show, which followed the lives of prominent California ministers (mostly African-American) and their wives, was the first of its kind and was instantly condemned as a mockery to the Black church community for what appeared to be a glorification of money and materialism. One of the show trailer’s most poignant line is, “You see my Bentley, and you see my glory, but you don’t know my story.” Immediately after the show’s first episode premiered, world-renowned celebrity preacher, Bishop T.D. Jakes, too, ridiculed the show. “I know you been watching that junk on TV,” Jakes said to the thousands of members at his church, The Potter’s House, in Dallas, Texas. “I want to tell you right now, not one dime of what you’re sowing right now will buy my suit. You did not buy what I got. I had it when I came here. You know I had it when I came here. The devil is a lie! I have sold enough books and produced enough movies. I don’t need your offering to pay for this little slimy suit. So I rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.” It seems as though Preachers of LA, and more recently Bravo TV’s latest reality show Thicker Than Water, which also chronicles the life of a Black minister (Ben Tankard) and his family, unnerved the Christian community for resurrecting a belief that has long plagued the Black church: that its ministers are greedy, money-hungry opportunists who care more about pushing a BMW convertible than saving people’s souls. Not to cast a big dark cloud of generalizations on the entire litany of Black churches across the country, but if you were to step foot inside many of them you would sadly find ostentatious pastors wearing bling-out chains around their necks and diamond rings on their fingers while preaching to their congregations about trusting God to deliver them from their financial drought. When you see the leader of a church, and his family, comfortably enjoying luxuries that the majority of his members do not, it makes you take a double take at the moral compass of these so called leaders.



With that backdrop, it’s not surprising that some members or leaders of the Black church would find gripe with seeing their own on national television, possibly validating longstanding beliefs about the church’s greed and corruption. But in understanding that not all preachers are out to bamboozle God’s people, you would think that Jakes and other opponents of Preachers of LA would have given the show a chance before casting their proverbial stones of judgment though anyone who understands the formula of reality TV knows that producers would try their best to stir the pot and oversaturate the show with more drama than the actually deeds of the church. But is it wrong for ministers to be on reality TV? While there isn’t exactly a chapter in the bible that instructs preachers on what to do when approached to do a reality show, it’s important that any leader in the church, whether a gospel singer (i.e. Mary Mary) or a minister, thinks long and good about the kinds of images they’re projecting to the public, and whether or not it truly benefits their mission as messengers of the Gospel. Getting paid to be on TV as a minister isn’t a sin, but it can surely be a character assassination if one does not play his or her cards right. Surprisingly, with the exception of one minor blow up in the first couple of episodes between gospel singer Deitrick Haddon and Bishop Clarence McClendon, the cast of Preachers of LA, which also includes Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Jay Haizlip and Pastor Wayne Chaney, managed to represent the church with dignity. Contrary to popular belief, Preachers of LA was not about big-time pastors living the good life (though there were remnants of it) as much as it was about leaders of the church being quite vulnerable about their not-so-perfect lives and the everyday hurdles they encounter, just like any other human being. Sometimes putting a face to these mega-church pastors around the country, who are often seen as untouchables, in many ways humanizes them. Though the cast managed to avoid the pitfalls many other reality star hopefuls often make, it doesn’t exactly mean that reality television should or will become a burgeoning trend among pastors. However, it’s surely interesting to see where it all will go.



THE CELEBRITY WorkOut with Olympic Medal Hepathelete Hyleas Fountain

Hyleas Fountain is the only female athlete, next to Jackie Joyner Kersee to win an Olympic medal as a hepathelete. She has a passion for fitness and sports and wants to inspire others to live healthier lifestyles. Check out her at home workout regimen: I recommend this 3 times a week to start Start with a 2min warm-up jogging (outside or in place) Be sure to stretch your muscles Next do 50 jumping jacks (2 repetitions) Rest for 1 min Then begin with a front lunge (10 each leg, 2 repetitions) Rest for 2min Then do a back lunge (10 each leg, 2 repetitions) Rest for 1 min

-Rocket jumps (touch your toes, then jump in the air, 10 each, 2 repetitions) Rest for 2 minutes Then do Mountain Climbers (15 each side, 2 repetitions) Take a 1min break -Finish this workout with In and outs (hands on ground in push up position. With feet jump in jump out, 10 each and 2 repetitions) Cool down with a 1 or 2 min jog and Stretch Performing this routine daily is perfect for those who work from home, don’t get to the gym often, or just want to work out from the comfort of their own home. If you have not worked out in a while you may be sore after. I encourage you to keep pushing. Happy Training!

MAKE IT PLAIN Words by: Karen Banks, M.Ed., Therapist & Owner of Trinity Wellness, LLC.

Happy New Year! The beginning of a new year is always a great time. It is a chance to start fresh, try new things, and continue to grow. Many Americans make resolutions they aspire to keep in an effort for self-improvement. Most of those same people will find themselves unable to keep those promises they made within a few short weeks. If you are already off track this new year, don’t beat yourself up. Get up, brush the dust off, and move on. Look at it this way: at least you know what doesn’t work. Now try to focus on making things work out for you. Before embarking on making changes, take an assessment of where you currently stand, and your end goal. If the change is drastic, set mid points along your path. Check in on your progress and make small changes to help you stay focused on your long-term goal. You might even find that you need to take a step back in order to move several steps forward. Your path is very specific to your life so don’t try to follow what someone else did; it may not work for you. Breaking your goals down into SMART goals is the best way I have learned to increase your chances of success. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. There are a myriad of books and articles about SMART or SMARTER goals so I won’t bore you with details but make sure to make all of your resolutions and goals SMARTER! Sometimes simple is better. Instead of a busy vision board, make a short list of the things that will have your attention this year. A simple page of a few keywords might be all it takes to remind yourself to stay on track. Don’t paste a picture up of a size 2 supermodel as your goal weight. Simply say: EXERCISE or EAT HEALTHY. Those simple reminders should be enough of a trigger to stay on track without what could become a negative reminder of how far you still have left to go. Making resolutions and goals is a great tool for selfimprovement. The trick is to make them reasonable, plain, and simple to improve your chances for success. Aim for long-term changes rather than immediate results and go easy on yourself when veering off track. Best of luck in keeping up with your 2014 goals. Don’t forget to email me at info@ with your questions and dilemmas and I will answer them here. Visit my blog at follow me on Twitter @TrinityWellSTL for more mental health and wellness tips.






PETER THOMAS words by: Kendra Pete photo: Jam X

Peter Thomas, husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, is often looked at as one of the “sterner” personalities on Bravo’s hit reality show. His opinionated and fearless attitude has caused him to bump heads with some and step on the toes of others, but that does not keep this loving husband and ambitious entrepreneur from striving for greatness. He prides himself in his confidence and ability to achieve any tasks he sets forth, and his long list of credentials verifies his mean hustle. For the past 30 years, Peter has made his mark in the entertainment industry from owning some of the hottest clubs in the south to pioneering the largest urban conference in the country. One of his earlier accomplishments include serving as the owner and operator of Club Manhattan in Miami from 1986 to 1990 then briefly owning the 5th Street Nightclub-the first black-owned club in South Beach. The Jamaican-born but Brooklyn-raised Atlanta resident then brought his talents to London in 1991 where he served as President of Rush Management U.K., becoming the liaison for American hip-hop artists such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre to tour internationally. In 1993, Peter joined forces with Def Jam label company to create the country’s largest hip-hop conference, “How Can I Be Down,” which provided industry outsiders an opportunity to connect with the industry’s top businessmen and women and recruit promising talent to the urban entertainment and lifestyle circles.



He mentioned that the “reincarnation” of the former conference is resurfacing as the “Lifestyle Branding Conference” scheduled to launch May 2014. “It’s like a 2015 version of ‘How Can I Be Down.’…I’m marketing it to all the black universities in the south to let these kids know about the digital platform. We [have to] educate our kids that [are] coming out of college about this digital era and how they can master it and have a future,” said Thomas. It is this keen, futuristic vision that has allotted Peter such a prosperous past and promising future. When asked what he believed was his greatest lesson learned from the entertainment industry, he responded, “You can achieve anything you want to achieve if you walk towards it, and don’t quit.” He discourages others from hoping for success and instead earning it by simply putting forth great effort, or in his words, “go and get it”-an attitude he has encompassed since birth. Peter knows all too well about great effort being that it took nine months to launch his recent restaurant venture, bar ONE, due to financial woes. Yet, he sees these “obstacles” only as windows of opportunity to surpass his own perception of his capability to thrive and flourish in a once economically stricken area. His vision for the bar ONE brand was birthed out of his passion for people. He described the lounge as an “ extremely sexy in a soulful way” space that he created for “like-minded, AfricanAmericans and others” to gather comfortably and “exchange favors in all sense-from work to play” over the finest beverages and cuisine in Hotlanta. His plans to open a new location in Charlotte, North Carolina by the end of February will bring even more flavor to the southern social scene that he so strategically generated years ago.

physical design as well-believe it or not. The socialite exclaimed that interior design is another one of his passions that he naturally does well. “I like gutting out a room and just completely freaking it...I have extremely expensive taste, but I can do cheap also,” said Thomas. In addition to his long list of achievements previously mentioned, Thomas is an author as well-as if starting the largest urban conference in the country and “spicening” the adult nightlife in Atlanta was not enough. “Carry On Baggage” was co-authored with his lovely wife and released July 2013. In their book, the ageless couple takes readers on their bumpy ride from a seemingly never-ending “cat-and-mouse” chase to a beautiful marriage filled with love but typical marital issues such as finances and hectic work schedules. The book dually depicts their thoughts and emotions in the beginning phases of their courting which spanned over a course of 20 years. Peter expresses his initial thoughts when seeing the young, glamorous model back in 1988 at Nell’s Supper Club then paints the picture of “the moment she stretched her long arms in the airport,” in which he knew she would be his wife. The two also speak about their late-night “pillow” talks and their first face-to-face encounter, which left both at a lost for words but filled with fantasies of a happy ending with each other. Cynthia and Peter manage to love with the same passion and twinkle in their eyes as they did when they first began their love journey two decades ago. To see the couple showcase the “black love” that has been often misconstrued or completely omitted from television screens, tune into season 6 of Real Housewives of Atlanta airing on Bravo, Sundays at 7 p.m. central time.

He is not only responsible for the conceptual design of the bar ONE brand; he disclosed that he assisted with the




RAN CARTHON QA: Fashion + Style Connisuer Words by: Keith Griffin II Photo: Lawrence Bryant

We sat down with former Florida Gator and Indianapolis Colt Running Back --Ran Carthon now Director of Pro Personnel for The St. Louis Rams. His role at The Rams is evaluating talent and scouting the Rams’ upcoming opponents. But when Ran is not in his BLUE & GOLD is enjoys life’s simple pleasures. FASHION and STYLE. D: Describe your personal style... R: My style is based off of comfort. Comfort first then what’s fashionable. What to you is the essence of men’s style? To me, the essence of men’s style is finding what fits your personality. A look that when people see it, they know that it’s you. What was the first item of clothing you ever bought for yourself? The first thing I can ever remember buying for myself with my own money (birthday money) was a pair of Nike Huarache’s when I was in 6th or 7th grade. Any fashion teenage faux-pas you’d rather forget...? Growing up in Key West, FL, during my teen years we wore board shorts and t-shirts with the reef sandals. That’s cool for vacation, but this was our everyday look. Tell us about the oldest item in your wardrobe I still have a pair of slacks from 2001. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, clothing-wise? The most expensive clothing item I own is a custom suit. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Roughly, I own about 40-50 pairs of shoes. Favorite brand of jeans? My favorite brand of jeans are Seven jeans. This Spring/Summer you’re mainly wearing... This Spring I’ll most likley be in golf shorts and Polo’s. This Summer you can find me in golf shorts again and custom t-shirts with funny logo’s and sayings. What fragrance do you wear? D&G Light Blue. My wife and kids most recently bought me the new Jay Z cologne so I’ll be wearing that as well. Who has the best fashion in The Rams Organization? The best fashion sense that’s not a player would have to be Frank Bush (LB Coach) or Dennard Wilson (Asst Coach). Frank has the grown man swag and Dennard is more fashion forward.




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i am king words by: Kendra Pete photo: David Hall

MEET CEDRIC KING. AZAD Watch NY is the premiere line of watches for the fashionable generation. Whether it is for a casual outing or a formal occasion, AZAD watches are the perfect accent to any outfit, and Cedric King can attest to the fact. As the head of sales and marketing and one of the faces of AZAD Watch NYC, Cedric King values the brand beyond the stylish interface; it is the beauty of chose that bonds him to the brand. “I am a brand ambassador because I believe in the brand, and I support ‘Team AZAD’ to the fullest… the word ‘AZAD’ means freedom. Azad Watch NYC is unique because we give you the ‘freedom’ to choose,” said King. King’s marketing efforts span across multiple arenas. Whether it is simply wearing AZAD to enhance his fashion statement or building brand awareness through social media, AZAD Watch NYC is hardly ever left out of his daily life. When asked how he incorporates the watches within his personal style, he responded, “I myself am a “fashionista”, and I love to color coordinate my watches with my gear- from red to green to purple…not to mention I match my glasses with my wardrobe and watches! I just love the brand and I try my best to show that off with my style.” It is that debonair style that has allotted AZAD watches to grow and raise brand awareness tremendously over the years; moreover, it is through the keen marketing efforts of the AZAD family that have placed the watches on the wrists of many notable public figures, musicians and actors such as Donald Trump, Lil Wayne and Hayden Panettiere. “My future plans with Azad Watch NYC is to continue to help grow the brand and do whatever is needed to [finally] make Azad Watch NYC the next big thing,” said King. AZAD is only one wave in King’s pool of ambition; he plans to form a high-end luxury concierge services that caters to celebrities and entertainers providing them with exclusive jets, watches, cars, hotels, real estate and much more-what he describes as a “one stop shop.” With a multitude of opportunities on his plate, King’s optimistic attitude keeps him in the forefront. As far as for what this year may hold, he replied, “2014 is the year of Azad Watch NYC and for the King Cedric.”



mixes life as personal assistant with entrepreneurial ambitions

Words by: Sydne R. Hayman

Carlton Morton, the trusted personal assistant to model and Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey, is more than what you see on the screen. The fashion lover and Opelousas, Louisiana-born model made the move to Atlanta after he outgrew the city of New Orleans. From there he jumpstarted his career and entrepreneurial goals. Carlton was introduced to Cynthia through a mutual friend at a premiere for Sex and the City 2 in 2009 and was instantly intrigued. “When I first met her, I was just like, ‘She’s so stunning,’” he says. “It was like a ‘love at first sight’ kind of thing.” Carlton told Cynthia that he was interested in working for her in some capacity and soon landed the job as personal assistant. His daily duties tie closely into Cynthia’s brand of working with developing models at the Bailey Agency School of Fashion. “A typical day can be anything from social media management to running errands, to helping to plan events, to working at the Bailey Agency School of Fashion,” Carlton says. “She’s usually traveling with her husband so I’m usually working at the agency.” The opportunities that the job presents are some of the most rewarding aspects as personal assistant. But time management and learning to balance life between business and personal life took a while for Carlton. “It takes about a good year,” he says. “If you’re going to be a personal assistant, you have to go through a whole year with that person. Different seasons bring different things.” Being associated with such a high profile show in the Real Housewives franchise can bring its fair share of haters and negativity. Other’s opinions of Carlton don’t concern him as much as their opinion of Cynthia. “I definitely clap back,” Carlton says. “My social media personality is that: A personality. It is separate from Carlton ‘the business Carlton.’” One misconception of personal assistants is that they have no life of their own, but Carlton assures that isn’t the case. “It’s just that we are constantly on call,” he says. “If Cynthia calls me right now, I have to figure out how to make sure she’s taken care of.” The amount of flexibility he has with his job still allows him to do what he enjoys in his free time, including spending time with friends or getting out of the city of Atlanta. Carlton’s current project is creating his own charity, LoveF² (Love, Food and Fashion), which will provide food and clothing to homeless and underprivileged families in the Atlanta area and eventually in his hometown. Publishing a book and launching a fashion line are other undertakings of Carlton’s. In 10 years, he sees himself as a successful businessman who is mobile in the entertainment industry and active in humanitarian and charity work. “I hopefully see myself kicked back on a yacht checking my bank account statement by the hour,” he jokes. For anyone interested in following a path similar to Carlton’s, “you have to keep God first,” he advises. “You have to know exactly what you want to do and stick to it. Know your brand.” Carlton trains potential personal assistants through webinars, where the registrants are then added to a list of people who are searching for personal assistants. Anyone interested can register for the next webinar at




“Create your own sense of style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable by others” – Orson Wells

DARIUS CHAPMAN Words by: Sarah Bryant Photo: McArthur Photography

As a Manufacture Tax Manager with the St. Louis City License Collector’s Office, Darius Chapman regularly wears a suit to work. If you happen to catch him on any given day that’s what you’ll see him in. Even if he didn’t have to wear one regularly, he says he still would. He doesn’t have a favorite one, but the three piece suits are his top pick, specifically the classic with a 6-button vest and vented lapel. Growing up in the church, Darius Chapman saw style through the eyes of many at a young age. From colorful suits to fancy hats, the fashion was in wide array. Chapman says that growing up in the church is where his original passion for style began. In his eyes, “style tells the story of who you are.” As far as favorite stores are concerned, you won’t find Darius’ style in the windows of Express, Brooks Brothers, or even a local boutique. Darius is a fan of thrift shopping, and enjoys pulling from different styles, color palettes, and eras to make what is his own personal style, which he says is more “classic”. While his favorite thrift store is Salvation Army, he does pull inspiration from Christian Dior and Zagna as some of his favorite designers. Chapman usually buys shirts and accessories from conventional stores, but says that a good suit with great bones and good stitching is a great find at a thrift store. He also has a great relationship with his tailor, to make his key finds really ‘suit’ him. One of his favorite finds is a Levi’s suit. Though they don’t have a suit line anymore, Levi used to make some quality suits tailored for an athletic build, according to Chapman. Those finds may be few and far between, but when they are there, it is a quality piece for your closet. Chapman also enjoys finding inspiration from around the globe, “America’s style is cool, but I like to go global to find inspiration because in America we can kind of be cookie cutter where in other parts of the world they are more elaborate with color and things of that nature.” His suits are classic, but he enjoys a good pop of color in his ties, pocket squares, and shirts. As a final piece of advice for Chapman, “A suit is an investment, know your brand, know your body shape, and what looks good on you. Not only in suits but in sweaters and other things. You need to understand that so you can put your best foot forward.” DELUX MAGAZINE


JOEY THOMAS THE PROVISIONS OF HAIR Words by Lonita Cook Photo: Garon Young

The year is 2008 and Missouri’s 64130 zip code is one of the most dangerous areas in the state. Crime is at an all-time high and faith at a staggering low. Instead of deserting his home, Joseph Thomas takes God’s hand and against the expectations of disillusioned investors, disheartened neighbors and even the cynical, yet thirsty community it serves, opens Joey’sCuts Barber Salon. Another barbershop. Who needs another barbershop? Even with a recession, stiff competition in the hair industry and a magnitudinous social and cultural history to live up to – both as a salon and member of the community -- Joey’sCuts acts, not only as a refuge for men to discuss the discourse of their day, a haven for brothers to bond or sanctuary to receive the

flyest shave, but Joey’sCuts serves as a civic agreement. In exchange for setup in your ward, Joey’sCuts promises to transform your children, invest in your future, serve your needs and make you laugh. It is from this promise that Joey’sCuts success arises and the eyes of the nation look to a faltering however metamorphosing Missouri. Raised in the 64130 blocks himself, Thomas has been barbering for nearly 20 years. He launched Joey’sCuts on Indiana despite losing a financial investor three days prior to the grand opening and despite warnings from loved ones about the horrors of the ‘hood. This was the heritage from which he sprang and he vowed not to turn his back on it. The initial challenge was to get involved and earn the trust of his neighbors.


But it was an easier obstacle to overcome than he imagined. “I think that at the end of the day real recognize real. What you see is what you get and I love people,” Thomas says about his advancements. “It’s about the type of people that surround me. Their shine bounces off of me and shines onto others.” Thomas credits his achievement to God, his team and his supporters above trendy trims and fabulous fades. In 2010 Joey’sCuts was honored with the Steve Harvey Hoodie Awards, now The Neighborhood Awards, which recognizes the types of businesses that have long been a staple in the communal evolution of Black people, entrepreneurism and philosophy like churches, schools and, yes, barbershops. But Thomas would not have been able to do it alone. A requisite of being on his team is community involvement. That is the way to maintain community trust and progression. “I’m reachable. I’m right here with ya’ll. I don’t feel like I’m above or below anybody. I say hi to people, shake their hands, I ask for their help and be their help when they need it.”

opening his own restaurant, but Thomas wouldn’t let him stop there. “As the years progressed Joey sat me down and asked me where I really want to go with working with the culinary arts,” Jayaun reflects. “I thought I just wanted to own my own restaurant, but Joey asked me if I had ever thought about nutrition.” The beauty industry is rooted in physical splendor, yet leaves little time for its agents to take proper care of themselves. Jayaun, with the guidance of his mentor, has a new goal…to bring nutrition awareness to the stylists, engineers and artists of the beauty business. Along with career goals Jayaun is most proud of the relationship he has with Joey. “[Joey] used to pay me. We got real close. When he had ideas for the future he would let me know and I was always one of the first to know. “That meant a lot to me because it made me feel important. You know, my father wasn’t there. At first it was like I was [Joey’s] nephew and I called him my uncle, but after a while he was my father and I felt like his son.” Thomas shares the sentiment admitting that when Jayaun acknowledged he was more than a mentor to him, but was a father, that moment proved to be one of the proudest of his career. Mentoring is a staple of the Joey’sCuts growing franchise, one that includes businesses, charitable organizations, outreach events and the very community that now adores him.

No one needs assistance more than socially malnourished youth and Thomas uses Joey’sCuts, and now his new location 180V in the historical 18th and Vine Jazz district, to reach into their lives.

The Know Joey? Foundation is known for its goodwill during the holiday season with Turkey Tuesdays and Fresh Cut Fresh Start, an annual event that ensures children who need haircuts and school supplies receive them for the beginning of the school year.

One of many success stories is a young man, Jayaun. Seventeen and on his way to the prestigious Cordon Blue culinary school in January 2014, Thomas’ influence and the influence of his businesses and charitable organizations have shaped Jayaun’s journey and directed him to his authentic self.

Traditionally, the idea is to get out of the hood in order to make it, but Thomas exemplifies an attitude of making it by bringing his community with him. As he ascends, so must the environment around him. He brings us with him.

“Working with Joey has changed my life in a lot of ways,” says Jayaun. “When I was eight years old he took me into his shop. He didn’t even know me. My mother introduced me to him because they went to high school together. “The Grooming for Success camp really changed my life. I was thinking I would be a basketball player, but that wasn’t really what I wanted to do.”

“I want what I’m doing now to stay alive,” Thomas says when asked about the legacy he hopes to leave through his efforts. He sacrifices his life for others so they can get ahead and realize their full potential. “I want them to say, ‘Here’s a guy who loved his neighborhood so much that he took money out of his own pocket to make sure a stranger, not a friend, but even a stranger would have a better day.’” From customer service to community service, through kinship and unity better is exactly what Joey’sCuts and 180V have given this Kansas City society. Hope is what hair has provided.

Jayaun, like many young men in the urban core, thought he coveted a career in basketball or even Rap music, but as his dreams were tailored to him he discovered he truly wants to explore the culinary arts. He first dreamed of

THANK YOU TO JOSEPH THOMAS AND THE JOEY’SCUTS TEAM: Tamela Ross, Loc’tician LaDonna Adams, his mother, shop manager at both locations and president of Know Joey? Foundation Qiana Bass, stylist at JoeyCuts Russell, new barber at JoeyCuts Damon, barber at JoeyCuts Gregg, barber at JoeyCuts Markus, barber at JoeyCuts Barber Salon Kevin, barber at 180V Barber Salon

Bianca, stylist at 180V Brittany, stylist at 180V DiDi, stylist at 180V Ronica, Board Member Know Joey? Foundation Gary, Board Member Know Joey? Foundation Stanley, Board Member Know Joey Christian, Board Member Kevin Mac, Board Member



AUSTIN PETTIS Photography: Lawrence Bryant Creative Direction: Dez Lyons Wardobe Stylist: Dez Lyons Clothing: Moris Fashion | 10Denza Model:Austin Pettis, St. Louis Rams Wide Out

Navy Hybrid blazer (Moris Fashion) - $435.00 Plaid button down (Moris Fashion) - $159.00 Jeans (10Denza) - $189.00 DELUX MAGAZINE


black leather motorcycle jacket (10Denza) - $545.00 black zip front sweater (10Denza) - $287.00 black jeans (Moris Fashion) - $188.00

Black zip front sweater (10Denza) - $287.00 Black jeans (Moris Fashion) - $188.00 Grey Peacoat (Moris Fashion) - $265.00

Plaid blazer (10Denza) - $499.00 Wool sweater (10Denza) - $119.00 Plaid button down (10Denza) - $149.00 Jeans (Moris Fashion) - $168.00 Ambiance: The Four Seasons St. Louis

Words by: Brittney Holiday Photography: Jam-X Stylist: Mr. Bradshaw | MUA: Amber Avery



Being one of many black male actors in Hollywood DB Woodside climbs his way to the top with his hard work and dedication. His depth and diverse roles play a major part in his success. When he is on the set no matter what character he portrays he transforms in front of us. Woodside keeps us on our toes and wondering what’s next. .. “There is a lot of us who don’t get the chance to do that anymore, their too focused on not being themselves, however I disappear into the skin, I turn into another man.”- DB Woodside thoughtfully adds after carefully answering the question everyone wants to know.” How is he able to be so versatile and involved when on the set?” Some may know him as Melvin from the Temptation mini –series, the Chief of Staff from the series 24, or as Malcolm from the VH1 series Single Ladies, but one thing one can recognize for sure is his sheer dedication and commitment to his career. His characteristics and values are what distinguish DB from the rest. “The first thing that I think about when I walk on set is, everything isn’t about me.” Born and raised in a small town on the east coast DB carries the values of a humble hard-working man. “The way I grew up I had to learn to always put my best foot forward, work hard, be humble and most of all, stay focused. My town was a “blue collard town”. “So with that work ethic instilled in me I try to carry those same values and characteristics. I can’t stress enough how important that is in Hollywood.” DB expresses that although he is an actor, it is still a job where he tries to always to his best. Woodside also went on to mention that when he chooses roles he has to think about the content and message that they deliver. He admits that at first whatever came his way he would take it because he was hungry for the opportunity. But now that he has had more experience and opportunity he has become more selective. “I have a four year old daughter now, so family values are definitely something to consider when I am picking and choosing what roles I am playing.” He admits that he likes to play complex roles, which are a bit more challenging. “I grow from those experiences and I can apply them to whatever opportunity that I have next.”

on different series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Parenthood, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and the list goes on. “I have seen my share, trust me.” While recalling his prior roles, DB reflects on his involvement in the 24 series, “The 24 series was one of the best experiences of my life! It was one of my favorite shows. I enjoyed playing my role, it was so diverse and it paved a way to many other opportunities. I had the best time when I did that series.” However, while looking back DB admits that during that series he was taking on a lot of responsibilities and that it was extremely stressful. DB, for the first time reveals his previous struggle. “I wasn’t ready to take on everything that came with the role, and I had a very, very bad drug problem. The year I became President in the series, it was at its worst.” DB also mentioned that he was very fortunate to overcome that dark chapter in his life. “I feel so great now. I have lots to be thankful for.”

“...“The first

thing that I think about when I walk on set is, everything isn’t about me.”...”

DB explains that many actors don’t have that “go-getter” work ethic; they believe that things should be easy or just handed to them. . As he laughs he says, “I can go on all day about that, don’t let me get on my soapbox!” Because he is such a diverse actor; DB has been exposed to many different actors in Hollywood. He made several appearances



Taking the time to fill us in on his most recent role as Malcolm in Single Ladies DB expresses that he enjoys playing his new character. “I love playing Malcolm, he is so misunderstood. There is NOTHING SHADY about Malcolm.” Woodside states with emphasis. DB believes that many of the lady viewers don’t see the good side of his sexy, caring, mysterious character. No one can deny that the set is steamy when Malcolm and Keisha (LisaRaye) interact. “I am very thankful that LisaRaye and I have such a great chemistry on the set. When you work with some actors you have to put it in God’s hands, but with LisaRaye, it is definitely easier than others. At the end of the day you just hope that people like your work.” DB portrays Malcolm so well that he keeps his viewers’ wondering if there is there a little bit of Malcolm in him. “It’s all my character; I think that Malcolm means well, he just tries to make sure things go right but he does so by any means. So he comes off as a shady person, but he really is a good guy. What really differentiates Malcolm’s character and I, is that Malcolm comes from a broken home; on the other hand, I

have been blessed with a wonderful upbringing. In that light we are very different.” Refusing to let all the juicy information about the VH1 series out, Woodside says “I don’t want to give away the good parts.” Expect for DB to bring more heat to the already steamy series. Woodside reveals that on the set there was definitely some tension when Stacy Dash was on the show. “I really do not know what happened with Stacey Dash, I don’t know if it was a collective decision or if she was booted, but I do know that it really isn’t any of my business. I am going to just stay in my lane.” Woodside wishes Stacey the best. “She is definitely a talented actress but, I am relieved that the tension is gone.” Simply put, DB prefers a stress-free and friendly work environment. While on the topic of Single Ladies,

Woodside revealed that he was “off the market”. “I am a single dad, yes, but; I have found someone. She is amazing and I am very happy. So yes I do have someone.” Sorry Ladies. The news isn’t surprising. Woodside has so much more ahead of him, yet he has accomplished so much. He takes the characters that he is given and brings them to life. He is a dynamic actor and he continues to keep his viewers wondering what he is going to do next. Contrary to what Woodside says he has a very busy year ahead of him. Woodside is looking forward to continue working with the cast on Single Ladies. He also is looking forward to another role in a murder mystery later on this year. “I am really excited about this role because a lot of black male actors in Hollywood don’t get the opportunity to grasp a role like this one. It is a very hard role to land; it’s unique. I must say that I am excited to sink my teeth into this one.”

DB also talks about his beautiful four year old daughter. “I am a single dad so I’m just looking forward to taking time out to spend with my beautiful daughter, she is amazing and I am blessed.” Woodside admits that he has strong values to uphold. Coming from a solid family background, as well as having such an amazing rise to where he is now, he is content and determined to stay focused. Spending time with his daughter is his main focus this year. Being tight with family is very important to DB as well as his background. With that being said DB can only hope for more success. “What you believe in and where you come from can shape who you are. I just try to do my best and hope that my work is enjoyed.



THE PORT Photographer: TouchĂŠ Harvey of TouchĂŠ Studios Wardrobe for all: Niesha K. Make up Julia: Moni Pradia Hair on Julia: Bobbi Model: Julia Goolia Hair for Model Krystal: Sederia Bradford Make up for Model Krystal: Ashley Couture Model: Krystal Ervin Hair for Model Asia: Sederia Bradford Make up for Model Asia: Gorgeous McPeters Model: Asia Wilson





[Taste] Do brunch often, and do it well:

MoKabe’s Coffeehouse words by: Leneia Ohara

photos: Omar Ohara

Heading to a late Sunday morning brunch is a deliciously peaceful end to the weekend, and a relaxing way to bring in the Mondays. Brunching is all about creating the perfect marriage of ambiance, service, and comfort food with a great group of good friends. Of course, spiked brunch beverages provide a luscious opportunity to drink libations before 5pm, and tops the “reasons to Brunch” list. In South City St. Louis, there is a fantastic restaurant at the corner of Arsenal and Grand: MoKabe’s Coffeehouse. After trying nearly everything on the brunch buffet, it is decidedly flawless. The execution of each dish is consistent from visit to visit. There is certainly something available for every picky gluten-free-vegan-lacto-ovo-vegetarian-pescetarian in your life, so group dining is friendly. And they don’t skimp on the bacon! The buffet menu seems to ever so slightly vary from Sunday to Sunday, but in general contains: Cheesy Quiche, Mac & Cheese, Brioche French Toast and a Stuffed French Toast with delectable sweet cream cheese filling, the Scrambled Curry Tofu (shockingly delicious for this carnivore), Vegetarian Biscuits & Gravy, Vegan Sausage, BACON!, Juices, Pastries, and Desserts. (Last week there was Gooey Butter Cake!) It is rather perfect, and for a reasonable $15 per guest, it is well worth a frequent visit. It includes juices and coffee! Of the listed items on the staple menu, the Mac & Cheese is supreme. The decadent, umami creaminess is just nonsensically delicious. Please note: it’s capitalized. As a mac ‘n cheese connoisseur, most restaurants fall flat on their faces with this tried and true comfort food staple. The essence is unmistakably soulful. Someone is COOKIN’ in that kitchen! The ambiance is relaxed and light. A fantastic band plays at the entrance, and they jam out a perfect blend of fun and solace to the ears. The music is most importantly not obnoxious - as some live music in smaller venues tends to overpower the airwaves. It is well-balanced, and the band is dope. It’s jazzy. Reminiscent of Squirrel Nut Zippers, they breeze peacefully through bouncy tunes and make you smile. If social responsibility is important when you choose to give your business to locally owned and operated businesses, keep in mind that MoKabe’s is the poster child of good neighbors and kind people. The owner and staff are well known throughout the community for altruistic actions which come straight from the heart. Feel warm and fuzzy inside when you support businesses like MoKabe’s, which give back to the people in their neighborhood. It is precisely what our community needs. Next time you need a casual, relaxed, and home-hitting brunch experience, head to MoKabe’s. MOKABE’S COFFEEHOUSE 3606 Arsenal St, St Louis, MO (314) 865-2009 MON — SAT 8 AM -12 AM SUNDAY 8AM - 12AM Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Sunday Brunch Buffet






Photos courtesy of Lawrence Bryant

KENDAL LANGFORD, DT Along with Brockers talents and dedication he is also very active in the community and never forgot about his family, fans, and his Christian walk with God. He is always striving to get better in what ever he sets out to do in life. He is outgoing with a loud roar of a laugh that can captivate any room that he’s in. His loving personality won over the likes of his teammates, his friends and any one who ever comes in contact with him. After hard work, dedication and persistence Brockers is ready to dive into the second season as the rams starting defensive tackle.

MICHAEL BROCKERS, DT In his spare time Kendall enjoys spending time with his wife Cristin, son Kaden and daughter Kylie. He also enjoys giving back to the community. Especially his hometown. He has partnered with his high school and donated new gym equipment to the the athletic department. He has also given away Thanksgiving dinners to families in need. Langford has held football camps for youth in Miami among many other charitable contributions. Upon retiring from the NFL Langford would like to join the FBI or CIA. As the son of a police detective, Langford has always had knowledge of law enforcement. He says: “If I hadn’t been drafted to the NFL, I would be working for the FBI, CIA, DEA or doing SWAT.” This has always been a passion of his and he got the chance to visit the FBI headquarters in Quantico, VA this past offseason to see what it’s really like to be an agent.

DARYL RICHARDSON, RB Richardson’s main focus and dedication has been directed towards his team and performance on the football field, he has not forgotten his obligation to the fans, his family, the community, and God. It is not uncommon for Richardson to be the first person in the training room or the last person to leave, he is consistently found signing autographs for fans after games, is never hesitant to attend community service events, always has time for his family, and gives God the credit for everything. His contagious smile and fun loving personality has earned the admiration and respect of his teammates, Rams staff, and the community. With a strong work ethic, humble heart, loving spirit, and an appreciation for life, Richardson is ready to head into his second season, ready to serve as the team’s starting running back. Apparel (shirt/hat) Bracelet








KC’s BRGR Kitchen + Bar



Hand-crafted cocktails, succulent nosh, jazz, and funk-driven late night grooves are only a compliment to the true nature of what makes our city so wonderful.

There’s no shortage of creativity, flair or flavor at the only restaurant in Memphis serving Jamaican and Southern cuisine to the masses. Founded by owners Tony Hall and Vicki Newsom, this top-rated eatery offers authentic Jamaican foods like pigeon peas and salt fish as well as sorrel—a sweet beverage made with hibiscus, ginger and sugar cane. Get a fill on the small plates and don’t forget to try their yummy desserts.


500 N 14TH Street St. Louis, MO 63103 (314) 621-7277



Chocolate lovers, sugar addicts and sweet treat fanatics will adore The Chocolate Bar. This dessert spot has something for every confection craving and has been featured in documentaries and on the Food Network. With an extensive menu and seemingly endless options, patrons can choose from gourmet bars, fresh fruit, dipped cookies, pizza, popcorn, ice cream, coffee and even something for pets! 1835 W. Alabama Houston, TX 77098 (713) 520-8599




630 Madison Ave Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 748-5422


Eat, drink and be merry...then play some darts and shoot some pool in a high-tech, 16,000 square foot sports-viewing playground for adults. This spacious bar has more than 40 TVs playing all kinds of sports from NFL to UFC including Pay-Per-View as well as food and, of course, spirits. Things to eat range from your standard bar

appetizers to full on entrees like roast beef and mashed potatoes or lasagna. This is the place to be for big games, big screens and big get a fix for a classic ‘cue craving and try a couple new things too. Try indulging in some BBQ nachos. 600 NW Englewood Rd. Kansas City, MO 64118 (816) 455-9900


Known best for their fried chicken, this wellloved local spot is housed in a log cabin that was originally built way back in 1829. The restaurant itself was established in 1933 and celebrates its 80th year anniversary this year by continuing to assert their necessity and longevity in the community with their great food. Stop by for gizzards, livers, beef, pork and, of course, their famous pan-fried chicken. 5410 NE Oakridge Rd. Kansas City, MO 64119 (816) 454-9600

Lunc h Hours

Monday–Friday 11am-2pm 2617 Washington Avenue Saint Louis, Missouri 63103

Dinner Service Wednesday 5pm -10pm Thursday 5pm -12am Friday 5pm -1:30am Saturday 5pm -1:30am

Live M usic

Wed-Friday 7pm-9pm Find us on facebook Follow us on twitter @theRusticGoat

314. 371 . 4031 DELUX MAGAZINE


Know of a special place to eat + play + socialize? Let us know... email your favorite destination to



Terry and Carla Felumb opened their specialty clothing store for both men and women more than 35 years ago and have cemented their reputation in the Midwest as a great place to shop for specialty clothing and accessories. Thanks to their carefully selected collections each season and a staff of dedicated stylists including some who have worked there for more than 10 years, they have continued to draw both new and loyal customers to their store for their updated take on the classic looks. 9831 Clayton Rd. St Louis, MO 63124 (314) 692-2003

bowties to button downs, this store promises the finest in comfort, quality and effortless style. You can even build your own custom watch at their Watch Bar. Now, that’s nice. 1009-A Marietta St. NW Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 892-0302




It’s all about fashion at founder Jeffrey Kalinsky’s flagship store nestled in Phipps Plaza where people can count on being able to find the latest in contemporary, cutting-edge apparel, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. The thriving trend hub has been open since 1990 and continues to stay relevant by providing consumers with updated seasonal picks and lavish pieces by high-end fashion designers like Miu Miu, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Prada. 3500 PEACHTREE RD. NE ATLANTA, GA 30326 (404) 237-9000



Got designer jewelry on the brain? Take a trip to the 21,000 square-foot building in Creve Coeur that has been known since 1981 for its high-quality diamonds, rings, earrings, necklaces and watches. This prominent St. Louis jeweler is one of the biggest in the country and has large scale manufacturing and repair service on site as well as in-house custom designed jewelry. 12460 Olive Blvd. St Louis, MO 63141 (314) 878-6203


Tweeds credits itself as more than just a men’s shop and rightly so with their outstanding collections of neckwear, watches, shoes, apparel, grooming products and more. They’ve got all your fashion needs covered from boat shoes to oxfords and 72



Located right on Peachtree Street in the heart of Atlanta’s arts and business district, this leading arts museum has received loads of praise for its extensive 13,000 piece collection of classic and contemporary art works. Art lovers can get their fix here with pieces ranging from paintings to photography to decorative art and beyond. Another cool thing? This site is one of the only major museums in Northern American with a curatorial department that focus primarily on collecting folk and self-taught art. 1280 Peachtree St. NE Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 733-4400



Known for their quality, high-end shaving products and barber services, The Art of Shaving became the first shop of its kind back in 1966 and has been offering unparalleled assistance for the man in need of some good grooming ever since. With kits, gifts and sets with a range of options on brushes, razors, creams, gels, oils and soaps, there’s a lot to choose from to clean up that 5 o’clock shadow and transform any old joe into a million dollar man. 1429 St Louis Galleria St Louis, MO 63117 (314) 862-1045



Good-looking, contemporary men’s clothing isn’t too hard to find in St. Louis thanks to founders Brian Smith and Michael Pagel who derived the name of their shop from the phrase Mos Moris which means the will, the inclination or the drive as it relates to custom. Guys can choose from top designer labels including John Varvatos and Thomas Dean or have custom garments designed. 226 N Euclid Ave. St Louis, MO 63108 (314) 361-6800



Splendor is the name of the game at this toprated luxury hotel located in Buckhead, just a few miles outside of Atlanta. Depending on the room, dwellers may encounter all-white marble bathrooms, handcrafted chandeliers and majestic mahogany desks for travelers who still need to get some work done. The spa and 40,000 square foot pool are an excellent way to relax before indulging in an evening glass of complimentary champagne or going to dine in the on-site restaurant. 88 W. Paces Ferry Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 563-7900


Elegance is the name of the game at this chic, modern and intentionally-designed luxury hotel located in the heart of Kansas City’s shopping district at Country Club Plaza. Hotel Sorella boasts a rooftop pool, exquisite fine dining and over 100 rooms with custom-designed beds and goose-down pillows including an exclusive Presidential Suite with an oversized tub. Go ahead and treat yourself to the comfort of extravagance. 901 W 48th St. Kansas City, MO 64112 (816) 753-8800







KING magine a woman, a strong, African American woman, a mother, an actress, and mentor who defies societal boundaries placed on black actresses in Hollywood everyday. She strives to inspire young girls to believe their dreams and embody their visions to fulfill their purpose in life. She marches to the beat of her own drum and does not allow anyone to dictate the path she travels. If she were transformed into a real life character, who would she be? None other than Regina King.

Ms. King has starred in numerous films including Jerry Maguire, Mighty Joe Young, Ray, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, and This Christmas. In addition to feature films, she plays two significant roles in the comedic television series The Boondocks as the voices of both Huey and Riley Freeman. “I look for projects that interest me, that help me to stretch my muscles,” King said when explaining why she chose this project. King also shared that producers looked for Huey’s voice for a year before she stepped in and asked to do the role, though she initially started as just the voice for Riley. “I just enjoy doing voiceover work. You don’t have to get up early in the morning. You don’t have to go to the makeup trailer,” said King when speaking of the perks of being Huey and Riley. Her continuous passion for learning and growing are two of the characteristics she credits for guiding her acting career to where it is today. “I hope that I never feel like I know everything,” said King. It is that attitude that has earned King respect and admiration in the industry. Yet, when asked about her life aspirations as a little girl, she shared that a dentist and flight attendant were the two occupations she wished to have, but acting seem to have chosen her early on. Though we have grown to love her for her impeccable acting skills, this wellestablished, always funny, and poised woman will disclose a hidden talent in the near future. For the past two years, she has taken her talents behind the camera where she co-produced and directed her first film alongside her sister, which is scheduled to air on BET and Netflix later this year. “It was exciting. Once again, another opportunity to learn new things and to really exercise new muscles,” said King. Outside of her career, she enjoys fitness, catching up on her favorite reality shows, and being extremely involved in her son’s life. “I ran track in high school…[but] outside of school, I play a lot of racquetball and swim…I don’t do it so much because you know the hair is always a big thing…but I love the water. I wish that the hair was not a situation,” she said. King’s off-screen personality is just as witty as her onscreen one and one of her obsessions is floral arrangements. “I like flower arranging for birthdays and holidays…it was kind of [accidental]…I absolutely love flowers, and one of my friends told me about the flower mart, so I went down there and I was like ‘Oh my God, this is like Disneyland’,” said King. She does not necessarily label herself as a “florist,” but she knows that her arrangements could compete with the best.

Words: Kendra Pete

Photo: Jam-X

Stylist: Mr. Bradshaw | MUA: Amber Avery

reality television, Black Ink Crew, is her guiltiest pleasure. “It’s like watching a train wreck, so you tune in the next week…and part of me is like ‘Oh my God…what are you doing?’” joked King. Despite a lengthy record of films, shows, and various awards, she boasts her “dearest accomplishment” thus far is her son. “I would like to say that is my greatest accomplishment, but ask me again in 15 years [she laughs],” said King. One way she connects with her son is through their love for music. “He exudes music. He expresses music [in] every way…he knows how to dance his behind off…you’d be surprised if you’d see this young man’s library of music…it’s bananas…now he introduces me to music,” said King. Besides her fascination with his musical talents, she admires his innate ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone; something she definitely believes he acquired from his father. “It will be a silent room…if there’s no real conversation for me, I am fine…[it’s like] ‘we ain’t got to talk,’” she joked. “But they’ll know how to find conversation without it seeming like they’re trying to make conversation.” In her spare time, the proud mother of one served as a cheerleading coach where she mentored young girls for four years before recently putting down the pom-poms due to her hectic work schedule. “I definitely felt like I made a difference…just being another person that’s available for them to talk to. And for some of them, the only person that was available to talk to,” said King. Her greatest fear for young, African American girls is them losing themselves in a twisted and unrealistic society that chains African American women to seemingly irrefutable stereotypes. “There’s so much put on who we are on the exterior, or how we’re supposed to act because this is what society is accepting, or this is what men like. And when black women objectify themselves, surviving that is much tougher than when a white woman does-not saying that it’s easy or ok for a white woman,” said King. She went on to say, “It’s just harder to be a young woman today…and it’s unfortunate.” Yet, King’s desire to inspire fuels her. One of her most recent projects proves that. Her role in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, The Gabby Douglas Story, where she will be playing Gabby’s mother, Natalie Hawkins, tells the story of the young Olympic gold medalist that presented the world with a different view of African American women. It describes the story of a young girl whose dedication and determination beat all odds and the story of a mother who went through great lengths to allow her daughter’s vision to prosper. King described the experience as a great and fruitful one that she enjoyed and also exclaimed that viewers will learn more than expected. “They’ll probably learn more about her mother and her mother’s sacrifices…I talked to her mother a lot-as much as I could…I spoke with [her] for hours and hours before shooting,” said King. Viewers can expect to see the inspiring story air February 1st in honor of Black History Month on the Lifetime network.

She also admitted her love for “the nighttime soap opera”, Scandal, which allows her to support good friends Kerry Washington and Columbus Short, and be amongst the thousands of viewers left in shock each episode. However, perhaps her fascination with one of VH1’s newer additions to











EYE CANDY REBIRTH W/ KAURRUECHE photos courtesy of BFreePaparazzi




DR. PAUL JARROD FRANK Founder and Director of The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center

GETTING RID OF “THE BRA BULDGE” Cultivating a sophisticated clientele, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Cosmetic Dermatologist, is world renowned for his expertise in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. An authority on age prevention vs. antiaging procedures, he uses the latest and greatest techniques in laser resurfacing, fat reduction, hair removal and more. Throughout his career, Dr. Frank has lectured extensively and authored several articles pertaining to cosmetic surgery in both professional and consumer literature. Additionally, he has been featured in several beauty and fashion magazines as a skin expert and has been appeared on various shows including Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, CBS Morning Show and Good Morning America. His book, TURNING BACK THE CLOCK WITHOUT LOSING TIME: A Complete Guide to Quick and Easy Cosmetic Rejuvenation, was published by Random House and has become the doctor’s first “bible” for the consumer. Academically, Dr. Frank continues his ongoing research in dermatologic surgery as an investigator and consultant for numerous aesthetic technology and skin care companies. He currently serves as Global Brand Endorser and Product Developer for GoodSkin Labs, by Estée Lauder Companies. Dr. Frank is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon, a Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology, and a fellow of both the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. He is also on the Board of Directors of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. He trained in Internal Medicine at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and completed his Dermatology residency at NYU Langone Medical Center where he is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor and director of a cosmetic surgical clinic for training dermatologists. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank resides in Manhattan. 80


Women are spending hours at the gym, cycling and boot camp classes in hopes of tightening and toning areas that are most noticeable – stomach, legs, and butt. Unfortunately, there’s one stubborn area that many women have trouble reaching – the unwanted fat around their bra area – commonly referred to as “bra bulge.” Cosmetic Dermatologist and Director of the 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center in NYC, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, offers quick and painless non-invasive fat removal treatments to combat this frustrating problem. Dr. Frank has included a few procedures below for those who hit the gym but still can’t get rid of their bra bulge: Liposonix – Ultrasound technology, the same technology used on expecting mothers, is carefully regulated to target and dissolve fat cells, while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue unharmed. Without the need for a surgical extraction, the body will naturally metabolize and process the destroyed fat cells, leaving a slimmer, tighter result in the bra area. After about an hour of treatment and no recovery period necessary, patients are free to return to their daily activities. SmartLipo – This procedure is precise enough to target even sensitive areas and remove unwanted fat while leaving surrounding tissue and blood vessels largely untouched. It targets and breaks up fatty tissues before extraction. Tiny incisions are made in the target area, and the small laser probes, about the size of a Q tip, are inserted. The procedure generally takes about 45 minutes to a few hours. Vaser – This is efficient at targeting only unwanted fat, and allows more precision in body sculpting, while minimizing the trauma to the rest of the body. Tiny incisions are made in the target area, and small probes are used to transmit the ultrasound technology, dissolving fat cells while leaving blood vessels and other tissues unharmed.





eality stars often face much adversity for their opinions and actions on reality shows. Some welcome the adversity with ‘I don’t care’ attitudes while others tend to stay in a state of apology. However, all members can say this new form of fame drastically affects their lives.

The VH1 hit reality series, Hollywood Exes, sheds insight on the lives of women who were once married to iconic celebrities but now are headed down different walks of life. Sheree Fletcher, former wife of actor, Will Smith, chatted with DELUX magazine to describe her experience on the show as well as how her life is so much more than being an ex-wife. The breakout star is a woman of many hats-empowering motivational speaker, straightforward businesswoman, dedicated mother and supportive wife that really gets down in the kitchen. A flourishing skin care line and online boutique are just the preface to what this budding entrepreneur has in store for the world. Her life has brought upon many titles all of which she embraces whole-heartedly, but for today, she is simply Mrs. Sheree Elizabeth Fletcher.

Delux: You guys just wrapped up Season 2 of Hollywood Exes, the show has been getting great feedback and received a warm welcome from the reality-tv lovers. I would love to know more about your experience on the show and your relationship with the other cast members? The experience has really been amazing! We have a lot of fun together, [and] we have a lot in common; there’s a bond. We’re really a sisterhood. It’s a support system. We really want to see each other succeed…and we have great relationships outside of the show. Delux: What doors has the show opened for you that may not have opened as quickly if you had not been on the show? I think it just gives you visibility on a grand scale… one of my heart’s desires is to minister to women. I just have a passion to help other women, and it’s opened those doors a lot quicker…in terms of I get a lot of speaking offers, which is great because that is something that I want to do. Delux: So, naturally, when you have a group of friends, everyone kind of plays a role in the friendship. There’s the party-goer, party-pooper, the social butterfly, and the mother of the bunch just to name a few. What do you think your role or character is on the show? I think I’m the mother. I’m the mom; I’ve been called the ‘Mother Hen.’ So, I’m the voice of reason you know. I’m the one that the girls come to when they need some direction, some advice or…I’ll speak out on a situation and say ‘Hey, wait a second. Did you look at like this versus looking at it like that?’ Delux: How do you think your role on the show relates to women whose lives are a little less luxurious or glamorized than yours? You know, I think we’re all very relatable because like the issues that you see on the show, for

example, this season, Mayte had the unfortunate experience of losing two children…she wants so badly to be a mom, so she ended up adopting. That’s something that touches a lot of women …there are a lot of women that can relate to that issue. We have issues with our children not doing what they’re supposed to do, not going to school…these are issues that touch women, and it doesn’t matter what you’re economic status is. It doesn’t matter where you live- these are real issues that affect us all. Delux: Have you ever experienced getting that audience feedback from some of the fans of the show saying ‘Hey Sheree, I really related to you guys on the show this week. I really feel for Mayte. I’ve experienced something very similar’ like maybe on your Twitter page or other social media sites? Yes…you get a lot of that where the women are very, very grateful…that we have the courage to put ourselves on the frontline because that’s what it is when you do a reality show. They’re grateful that we keep it classy; they’re grateful that we do want to support one another…It’s a positive show, so I think people are pleasantly refreshed and surprised by our show, and we have a lot of support and a lot of love. Delux: Do you think being as transparent as you guys are on the show takes a toll on you guys like maybe you feel like ‘Man, maybe I shouldn’t have showed that on air because now, they may not support my decisions anymore or just disagree with something I do?’ Yea…that comes with the territory …what’s been my experience is that they have not taken us out of context. They keep the integrity of an issue or a situation in tact, but in reality, you can’t…you can’t see everything. They can’t show from beginning to end. So, sometimes when you see it you’re like ‘Oh, God, I wish they would’ve showed me like this’ but it kind of is what it is…it’s a learning experience for all of us…you kind of have to take some responsibility as well.

Delux: So, outside of the show, you’re quite the business lady. You have your own skincare line called ‘Whoop Ash,’ and it kind of started in your own kitchen. Tell me what inspired the idea for ‘Whoop Ash?’ It stemmed from my love for cooking…I read a book called ‘The Secret Life of Bees,’ and that got me interested in honey. So I said, ‘I can kind of make some recipes with honey maybe a barbeque sauce, maybe a caramel sauce.’ So, I’m doing my research online just trying to be inspired and get some direction in terms of different types of recipes and what I could do with honey…but recipes for skin and the body were popping up. So, I ordered a bunch of ingredients in bulk and mixed some together in a gumbo pot. I made this amazing body butter, and my initial thought was never a business for me. I gave it away, and the people that I gave it to were so supportive and Jada being one of them… She was like, ‘You don’t even understand what you have here, this is a business for you’…and one thing lead to another and here it is. Delux: Where can we get this body butter? Is it sold in retail stores or only online? It’s exclusively sold online. You can get it at, and you can get it on Delux: Which leads me to my next question. Do you rock some of the jewelry from the ShereeElizabeth website? Girl, all the time! That’s my brand, you know I have to be my own walking billboard…and I’ll tell you, all of the girls, every single one of the girls support the boutique, and they wear a lot of the pieces in the show…it’s funny [because] I’m watching and say ‘Oh there’s a ShereeElizabeth piece! There’s another ShereeElizabeth piece!’ Delux: So, what are some of your favorite pieces to wear for casual outings or very formal events?





Delux: Now, you mentioned earlier that you really love to cook, and I heard you were pretty serious in the kitchen. I also read that your mac ‘n’ cheese is so good that your family and friends call it “crack ‘n’ cheese.” Where did these excellent cooking skills derive? I love to eat. I’ve always enjoyed food! I remember getting in trouble at the dinner table because I’d be dancing and humming when I was eating…my mom would be like ‘If you don’t sit still!’…but I started to cook because I loved food and a sister was hungry! I just really developed a passion for it…I’ve been cooking since I was about 10-years-old. Delux: What is your go-to dish when you only have a few minutes to whip something up for the family?

I have amazing earrings…so, if I’m going to go to a fancy outing or formal or cocktail party then I like to have a lot of BLING!... just fabulous earrings…I’m classy with a trendy twist.

You know, I don’t even cook like that, but I can make things quick[ly]. I can do fried chicken…I usually like for food to simmer and really kind of absorb all the flavor, but if I need something quick, I would do maybe a spaghetti. I always plan my meals, so I don’t rush to make food. Delux: Well, my mom cooked, but she definitely had her ‘go-to’ meals. I remember at one point it felt like we ate hamburger helper everyday!

Delux: What would you say is your must-have accessory, the one accessory you can’t go a day without?

My mom was the same way! That’s why I learned how to cook. It was Hamburger Helper, Shake ‘n’ Bake-do they still have shake ‘n’ bake?

Well, my wedding band…that is a must, but you know what I love? It’s a brand called Tawapa, and they do all this funky body piercing jewelry, but they have a classic line. So, I buy the classic line, and they do the most beautiful…handcrafted earrings…I’ve got these big oval hoops that I love! They’re so light, and those are like a daily kind of something that I wear.

Yes, they do. I have some in the pantry actually.

Delux: Now, we’ve acknowledged the fact that you’re a TV personality and businesswoman, but we definitely can’t exclude the fact that you’re a family woman first. You’re a mother of one, and the wife of a retired NFL player turned pastor. How does your family keep you centered and at peace when the working world around you becomes extremely busy and maybe somewhat chaotic? Home is such a sanctuary-it really is. There’s just so much love and warmth in my house. My husband constantly covers me in prayer; my son covers me in prayer…we hold each other accountable. We really love each other, and we want to see one another succeed…they keep me on point. Delux: Now, your son, who is in fact your only child, is turning 21 this year. How is mom handling the fact that her baby is going to be legal in a few months? She is struggling…there is no other way to put it! It’s more of ‘my baby is growing up’ which is kind of heartbreaking. For me, it’s bittersweet…it’s not a thing where I worry about him…Trey is a very, very good, levelheaded, sensible, smart young man. So, I don’t worry about him. Delux: What do you admire most about your son considering the fact that his father and mother are big public figures, and his siblings are making big moves in the entertainment industry? He’s just good…he’s just a good human being. I told him, ‘I like you so much,’ and he was like ‘Mom!’…but [I told him] ‘I’m not supposed to like you.’ I said, ‘Trust me, a lot of people love their kids, but don’t always like them.’ He’s such a sweet soul. He’s such a good person. He’s just good, and that’s what I like most about him…that’s my baby!

Man, we would do Shake ‘n’ Bake pork chops. Let me tell you. The pork chop would be so dry that you could literally pop the middle out and eat it that way. The first time I had a juicy pork chop, I’m like ‘…this is not cooked. I can’t eat this.’ I didn’t even know pork chops could be juicy…[but] that’s not the way I cook for my family. We don’t do Hamburger Helper. We don’t do Shake ‘n’ Bake. I refuse. My mom traumatized me. Delux: So, something a lot of people may not know about you-especially if they don’t watch the show-is that just like Michelle Obama, you are a first lady as well. Your husband of six years, Terrell Fletcher, is the pastor of City of Hope International (COHI) Church in San Diego, California. How did becoming a first lady change your lifestyle of that time? Did you feel like you were way in over your head initially? Marriage changed my lifestyle, but being a first lady didn’t. I just feel like God prepped me. He prepared me to be in that position…It’s so funny because sometimes I have that feeling now…[because] prior to…I had no idea. I had no clue until I was in it and was like ‘Oh wow, this can be a lot.’ Delux: Empowering and encouraging other women is something you hold very dear to your heart and you live by your ‘WHOOP’ philosophy. Expound on that philosophy and explain why you’re so passionate about helping women? The WHOOP is Women Helping Others Obtain Power…what was made clear to me as I got a little older is the importance of having female friends. I’ve always had women in my life, but I kept women at a distance. I never had real relationships because I had been hurt by women…when I gave my life to Christ in 2000, and as I began to study the word and really start to learn who I was in Christ…he started to heal those old wounds…and I… started to realize that…we really do need one another. Delux: A lot of times, women tend to feel like we’re in competition with each other. What is your solution to knocking down that whole mindset and really just start to embrace our sisters? That’s a sign of insecurity when you’re looking at other people…I would say we have to get whole first…how are you competing with anybody? What’s yours is yours, and there’s enough to go around. My sister doesn’t take away from me; my sister enhances me. It’s just perspective…but you definitely…have to try to get to the root of those insecurities and those feelings.

Delux: What would you say is a characteristic trait he inherited from you and then one he inherited from his father? I think from me, he enjoys his alone time. That’s very much like his mom. So, his need for solitude [is what] he got from me. He got his height, thank God, from his dad because everybody in my family is 5’6 and under…and…his talent for music and the arts…I’ll give dad credit for that one.



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Imagine being on stage night after night with a high energy singer like Beyonce! For Montina Cooper, she doesn’t have too! As one third of group “Momas” backing Beyonce on her current “Mrs Carter World Tour” this talented songstress has become a “go-to girl” in an ever-changing industry. The story behind her amazing career journey, for most, is only a dream but for Cooper, it’s been reality for over 10 years backing singers like Kelly Rowland, Jamie Foxx, and Mary J. Blige. This St. Louis Native raised in Houston, Texas has become one of the industry’s “go-to girls” in the realm of artist development, maturity and advancement. Her vocals are coined to rattle souls and ignite goosebumps but she warns that it can be a tough industry. However when something is a dream, truly your dream, the desires of the heart are seen by God, in Cooper’s case, singing obviously was in her heart! Releasing a single in 2010 called “Better” it didn’t pan out the way she would have liked but we have not seen the last of her as a solo artist, so look out! In 2010, she was chosen to participate on the hit reality series “The Biggest Loser”. Although her time as a participant was short, it didn’t derail her! It wasn’t just about winning, it was about living! She had a son and a wonderful career, she had things to fight for, and she did! However, stress and life started to build up including the unexpected cancer battles her mom and husband (both survivors) had to go through. She began to feel guilty about being on the road and it began to show in her weight. In an interview with the St Louis Post dispatch she said, “I lost weight in front of the world and then picked it up in front of (Beyoncé) fans.” Now back to a healthier weight, she strives for a healthier lifestyle and staying in tune spiritually. Montina Cooper is a woman of style and with her sister Meme Coleman being one of Houston’s premier hair stylist, she stays on the cutting edge of hair trends! In the St Louis show of the Mrs. Carter World Tour, Cooper rocked a black bob with a hint of blue on the ends. It wasn’t dramatic but it was enough to represent the edgy class of style she always exudes. Over the years she has rocked naturally textured short hair, cascading curls past her shoulders, and beautiful hues of blondes. She has been on 5 big tours with Beyonce including the hot 2004 Ladies First Tour with Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott, Tamia , The Beyoncé Experience with Robin Thicke in 2007, the 2010/2011 I Am ... World Tour, the quick promotional tour for the album “4” and the most recent Mrs. Carter World Tour.

Celebrity Chef J. Maxwell

words by: Benita Brown photo: David Hall

He decided to become a chef because of his grandmother. Chef J Maxwell’s grandmother was from the south but raised him in Washington Heights, NY where he learned the value of good food. “Good food comes from the heart,” he says. “It comes from scratch and takes time to make.” This simple recipe for success influenced his career starting in hotel catering to now as a private chef to Future Hall of Famer Yankees’ pitcher CC Sabathia and owner of his chef staffing company, Jerome J. Maxwell, LLC. Chef J. Maxwell got his first big break while working in Atlanta under the celebrity chef, Ashley Clay. Before then he studied Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at Monroe College in New Rochelle, NY and worked in catering through his own business, Maximum Catering Company right after high school. However, his move to Atlanta gave him the experience to serve clients in the music industry such as music director, Hype William and artists like Ludacris, 112 and Outcast to name a few. He remembers that it was exciting to have big name clients enjoying his food. “Hype Williams said to me that this was the best thing I ever tasted.” He says that it was also a time where hip hop culture

influenced his character. “When people first see me, you wouldn’t think I dressed like a chef. I definitely break stereotypes with my look.” With 11.9% of head cooks and chefs coming from an African American background according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, he definitely stands out beyond his great cooking. With now 10 years of culinary experience under his belt, Chef J. Maxwell is planning to share his gift for others to see. His photo cookbook is in the works to be published and will showcase some of his favorite dishes. He specializes in French, Mediterranean, American and Caribbean cuisine, so the recipes should bring a non-traditional flare to typical coffee table cookbooks. Maxwell is also planning to launch his new website,, during the New Year that will feature webisodes and all things cooking. The inspiration for his work in the kitchen eventually falls back with his family. He shares his home in Harlem, NY with his wife and three sons. When reflecting on the work it took to get his continued success, Maxwell says that its all about how you treat people and networking.




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Feb/Mar 2014  
Feb/Mar 2014