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Christian louboutin’s new naillacquer By: Leneia Weston-O’Hara

Louboutin is making a huge splash for his entree into the fierce beauty world. The Rouge Louboutin classic red nail lacquer will be the first product to roll out under the Christian Louboutin Beauté brand. It’s a revolutionary moment for Louboutin, who first painted the sole of a shoe with red nail polish back in 1992. Now, “I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago,” he says to Women’s Wear Daily. The nail polish collection will be categorized into three color families; Pop, Nude, and Noir. All will don the signature spikey tops resembling the CL stiletto heels. There will be 30 shades in the initial collection, and according to Louboutin, two new shades will be added annually. Truly, the packaging is a work of art. The bottle is 8 inches tall and designed with the Ballerina ULTIMA as its muse; the tallest heel Louboutin ever created.

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The line, priced at $50 per bottle, makes the brand more expensive than both Chanel and Tom Ford, at $27 and $32, respectively. Luxury products, by design, are not intended to appeal to the masses. Obvs. For those who routinely drop $1,000+ on a single pair of Louboutin’s, a $50 nail polish to coordinate the look only makes branding sense. The ever-popular Louboutin manicure has become a mainstay in manicure choice over the past few years. Hailing from London, the signature polish style involves painting the underside of the nail red to mimic the iconic look of the shoe. Adele rocked the look at the Grammy’s, and the world went bananas. “If I do beauty, I have to do it my way,” the designer told WWD. “The idea is definitely not to put my name on a new product.”

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Christian Louboutin Beauté Rouge Louboutin, $50, available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Christian Louboutin.


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delux magazine no. 32


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Black in St. Louis: Yet Another Experience Delux has experienced some recent growth, and we decided to move into a new office in downtown St. Louis. I was more than excited to begin making calls to some of the ads I perused online. I know downtown. I was one of the originals on Washington in an Art Loft. The Homeless used to “borrow” my dinner after I worked 12 hour shifts at the Mayfair Hotel front desk. Bravely walking home alone after midnight, sometimes the walks were awesome, and other times, I didn’t get to eat dinner. It’s cool, though. I guess they were hungrier than I was. I’m all caught up on the caloric intake now. To me, the choice to be downtown was simple. Keith wanted something downtown as well. I suggested a couple of other amazing St. Louis neighborhoods. Cherokee Street. Morganford. Old North St. Louis by Crown Candy. There were some great spaces. But for some reason, downtown resonated with us. One place in particular caught my attention because I used to live across the street. So I called the number Keith gave me, and in my usual bright and effervescently annoying tone, I say, “HI! I’m calling about the office space. We love it! I saw the pictures online!” I went on to tell the building owner the name of my business: Delux Magazine. He says: “Yeah, I know who you all are. I saw your request for information online, and I didn’t call you back. I don’t want to do business with you people. I’ve seen you promoting night life events, and most of those club owners are thugs and felons. I’m against all the 3am liquor licenses, and I don’t want to have anything to do with you people. But call XXXX. He’s across the street. He’ll rent to anyone.”

EDITOR’S NOTES: heavy heart This issue began with an experience, which is posted to the left. When it occurred, we had no idea the coming weeks would spiral out of control in St. Louis. Lesley McSpadden, as a mother, I am broken with you. My heart aches for you. I pray for you constantly, and wish you rest and peace. And hope. St. Louis community: We lost a brother. An artist. A soul. A human. Life. Although there is currently peace in the streets, there is no peace in my heart. Every feasible word has been spoken, and nothing will make me feel “better.” I’ve been forever changed. I sit in the epicenter of this storm. I’m a multi-ethnic person, and though a majority of my life and experiences are viewed with a black woman’s filter, I would never ignore who I fully am, and I am equally hurt by racism in all it’s forms. Unfortunately, for sensitive people, “delicate flowers,” we actually feel little beestings when certain words are used. I had a heavy heart when Mike Brown lost his life, and those who were grieving were prodded and called monkey’s. I had a heavy heart when my friend was driving through Riverview and was accosted by rioters who called her a “white b!*@#,” and broke the rear view mirror off her car. I had a heavy heart the first time I heard my three year old daughter tell me that I look “wipe.” And she pointed at my arm, and compared it to her caramely sweet fat stub. I hate she noticed. Because I don’t. Where did she get it? We are all humans, having a singular, yet collective human experience. Our minds posess a universe, and yet we are not the universe. We are but a speck of stardust. I love, and I will keep loving, until all the pain goes away. This is my hope. WE LOVE. Love. Love. Love each other. And if someone doesn’t love you, love them ANYWAY. It’s the only way we will change the world. Be the change. Much Love to all. Warmly, Leneia Weston - O’Hara

To say it felt like ‘a slap in the face’ would be a vast understatement. In the city we love, support, rep all over the country with a positive brand… in our own city… we’re shut down. I felt like a social pariah. “THOSE PEOPLE” were the ones who built up Washington Ave. “THOSE PEOPLE” made Washington the place to go. They brought the cool. His attitude and behavior is nothing new, though. The entire country was built on the backs of slaves. Who am I to think this antiquated Civil-Warloving town would have actually progressed into 2014? Where is my brain? I can only tell you where my chin was: on the floor. Took all of an hour to pick it up. I called Keith. He was the usual calm, cool Keith. I was the usual raving lunatic. (Passionate? Yes. We’ll go with passionate.) None the less… We’re moving to Washington Avenue, and our “PEOPLE” are welcome to come do business with us. I’m looking for another block party circa Delux of 2009 on Washington Ave. I’m calling out our friends who are thugs and businessmen, entrepreneurs and felons... all of us here for a HUMAN experience, ready to love thy neighbor and not judge people based on the color of their skin, but on their ability to have a GOOD TIME! XOXO, B!

We’ll see you on the Ave!



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St. Louis’ own custom shoe artist, Molly M. Collier, has been commissioned to design two pairs of one-of-a kind shoes for Pam Swynford De Beaufort’s character on the final season of HBO’s True Blood. The exact episode has yet to be revealed, but True Blood’s character Pam will be strutting in the custom painted platforms. “Give a Girl the Right Shoes, and She Can Conquer the World,” is the mantra for the talented Ms. Collier of Studio M. Ms.Collier is a St. Louisbased artist with a passion for fashion who is making a name for herself one stiletto at a time. The concept is simple, but the result is stunning: Studio M takes a woman’s own pumps or wedges to the next level by hand-painting and detailing them, thus creating a custom look and feel unique to each person. “There are few things in life that can make a woman feel as sexy and empowered as the right shoe… those are the types of shoes I create,” says Collier. She has designed for hot celebs such as British Pop Star Neon Hitch, Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Cynthia Bailey from Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Lizzy Hale from Halestorm, Robbie Merrill from Godsmack, and recording artist Justina. The demand for these custom beauties will only grow. Ms. Collier has also designed for such well-known and reputable footwear companies as Bakers, Luichiny Fashion Footwear, Vogue Footwear, & Bronx-Diba. When asked how far she wants to take her work, Ms. Collier simply replies, “To the moon!”

Artsy Soho loft. Although its façade is a muted glass and cement structure, the hotel’s minimal-chic common areas are a prelude to the modern guestrooms. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the second-floor lobby with natural light, and fashionable lounge chairs, iron chandeliers with globe-encased Edison bulbs, and a curated playlist make for a stylish midday seating area. Peppered throughout are wooden garden boxes — from the entryway to the outdoor The Garden by David Burke — and artwork highlighting Soho’s creative history, including Sarah Frost’s wall mural of repurposed computer keys. Near Chinatown and Tribeca, The James is a great jumping off point at the southwest corner of Soho for exploring the best of lower Manhattan. Start the night with an Afternoon Delight (St. Germain elderflower liquor, Bison Grass vodka, rosé wine, a splash of soda) at the Treehouse Bar or take it up to JIMMY’s happening rooftop bar for a mixed elixir and 360-degree views. Broadway is one of the city’s main catwalks and also Soho’s chief retail artery; snag such designer tags as Lacoste, Armani Exchange and Topshop, or venture along the cobblestone side streets for Versace on Mercer, Liebeskind Berlin on Lafayette and Alexander Wang on Grand. Afterward, mull over some ceviche at La Esquina’s hidden brasserie, a sushi box at Blue Ribbon or the steak frites at French brasserie Balthazar (if the price tag is too hot for your wallet, snag a complimentary morning Balthazar pastry in the hotel’s lobby). DELUX MAGAZINE



Nini Robinson of Daichi Antonio is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought after fashion designers in Saint Louis. With several successfully sold out fashion shows, over 21,000 Social Media fans and a vastly growing international clientele, Ms. Robinson is definitely reveling in her success. In only five short years, Ms. Robinson has gone from designing and sewing as a hobby to working her business full time around the clock. Nini and I grabbed some coffee and crumpets at the local bistro Blondie’s on Washington Ave, to chit chat about her budding success and what she has in store for the future. Delux: Tell me a little bit about Daichi Antonio, what is the inspiration behind it, what made you decide to start designing? DA: Well, it actually started with my playing around with fabric. I used to hand sew. So I never felt like it would go anywhere besides just sewing for myself. But once I got a machine, everything was different. I made a dress and wore it and everyone went crazy! After a week, I quit my job. The inspiration behind the look

is that I like sexy clothing that is still classy and tasteful. It is not showing too much, but shows just enough. I also like architecture and sculpted things. I can be outside and see something random and I can turn it into an outfit. And of course, inspiration behind the name was my son. His name is Daichi Antonio. Delux: So where did you get your training? Where did you learn to design and sew? DA: I am 100% self-taught. I took a class when I was a sophomore in High School one semester, I made a pillow – but other than that, I taught myself everything. There was an older lady that used to make me shirts. She showed me how to use my machine. I couldn’t get the bobbin for nothing. I kept calling her because it was jamming up. She taught me how to do my tension. It was cool from there. Delux: What’s one of your most memorable moments as a designer? DA: My best experience was a prom dress that I made for a very busty client. She had been to the prom three years in a row and all she wanted was a strapless dress. Everyone that had made her dress ended up having to put clear straps on it. She worked with some really good designers too! But she asked me to do it and I did it. It fit her perfectly! She even text me later that night to tell me she had won best dressed at prom! I felt good. She went to some very skilled people, it was an awesome feeling. Delux: what can we expect from Daichi Antonio in the near future? What do you have in store for your new fall collection? DA: For this fall and winter I am in love with mohair and cow skin, for men, women and children. I am looking forward to creating some new stuff to see what it’s going to look like. When I look back on some of my past collections, I am really motivated about the future. I don’t want to be in the same place next year. My motivation is my growth. I look back and say ‘I made that? I’m getting better!” The older I get the better I get. I want to get into more details. I look at designers like Balmain and I love all the details. Custom is also very big right now, so more custom pieces and lots more detail. Delux: How do you view the fashion scene in St. Louis? DA: The fashion scene in St. Louis is a lot of what it sees. There’s not a lot of trendsetters in St. Louis. So as long as something is popping, we can make it work here in St. Louis. But the fashion scene is very up-to-date in comparison to other places I’ve travelled. I really appreciate my city, we just don’t get a lot of exposure. Delux: What advice do you have to new designers entering the industry? DA: I feel like designing should not be a competitive field. The biggest thing is don’t make it competitive. This is not a competitive field, there’s room for all of us. We are all creative. Keep it original. There’s a lot of designers that are just doing it for the money, not because they want to design. If you’re just going to copy someone’s designs, just call yourself a seamstress, don’t consider yourself a designer. A lot of people are making it competitive and it’s not. Just be original.






the Renaissance man m



l i



onds. Marlin Bonds. There is no other. A St. Louis native, Marlin is a solid triple threat of production, songwriting, and performance. We originally wanted to interview Marlin about his successful career in the music industry working with heavy hitters like Swizz Beats on “Money in the Bank,” and developing artists. We chose to share his thoughts on the tragedy in our hometown, and the loss of Mike Brown. Marlin brings to light some great ideology, and we couldn’t miss an opportunity to let his voice be heard at this moment in our collective history. In Marlin’s words:

#Ferguson: It has definitely affected me. I’m a

native of the area, St. Louis, but that area LITERALLY. I guess I’m deeply saddened at the way we lost a teenager. I’m saddened by the ways in which people view it; it’s showing the disparity between one race, and another race. Black people will instinctively lean towards the cop being guilty, and other races and other people who have a better experience with cops will lean toward the perspective that it’s almost impossible for the police to just do this. It shows the differences in the experiences, and in my experiences of being harassed by cops. I don’t think it’s far-fetched that the cop made a mistake, and that he killed the young man, but that’s because THIS is MY experience. I don’t know what happened. What I’m hoping is that this case is tried honestly. I do think there was an error made by the cop, and I think there should be an honest trial. My experience leans me toward the fact there was excessive force used in the situation. Just sitting in my seat; my perspective, my opinion… I hope justice is served - especially for the family. I know they want to resolve this as quickly as possible. This situation brings us to where we can all agree: when you don’t want to kill someone there are other options present in your mind. When you’re looking






for a reason, there becomes a reason. To me, the value of the kid’s life isn’t there. In their minds, they are looking for a reason. In their minds, the first option is to shoot and kill someone. I try to put myself in their shoes looking at a young man making a mistake, and consider their perspective. But I think to myself, “They’re fully armed. They are in control. They have the upper hand.” And they chose to shoot to kill. To me, it’s the value of this kid’s life. Here is where the outrage comes from, and what makes it so scary: The people that have all the power and the evidence are the ones who control what we know and when we know it. The way the information has been released from the police chief, it creates suspicion. I’m happy they’re conducting a Federal investigation. I’m hoping that makes it difficult to hide things. All reasonable people want is a fair trial. I’m not justifying black on black crime. However, if we just look at America in general, when someone does something to an AMERICAN citizen, or another country does something to AMERICA, we respond in violence. We retaliate. Retaliation is a national concept we have all come to understand as a country. I’m not justifying it, but in a reasonable person’s mind, I do believe I understand that if you do something to me or my family, in general, someone is going to retaliate. It’s based on a national concept that we go back and forth. There are potentially 5, 6, 7 deaths in a weekend. Sometimes it’s senseless and for the wrong reasons or for reasons not everyone will understand... but they happen. Most people want to call black people animals, and diss, and point the finger on those crimes, when other races - consider Sandy Hook Elementary, for example - that commit more senseless crimes.

I’m making this point for those who want to judge black people and do the name calling... I am saying every race has flaws. Every race has people who do bad things. I don’t like people casting judgment on any GROUP. It really bothers me when people don’t have the depth or the wisdom to view a situation fully. I don’t like the casting of judgment without empathy. We’re only about 50 years out from nationwide desegregation, where there was no equal opportunity for blacks. One generation is not enough time. But we’re making progress; we’re doing better, and moving forward. There are more black graduates from college, and think it’s only 50 years! My parents were born into an unfair system. If people think about that, people wouldn’t be so hasty to judge given the circumstances, we’re getting it together. We all know someone mentoring a young black child. We are building it. We’re getting it together, and in a very short time. Empathy is at the front of our minds. Judgment is a lack of wisdom. Anyone who has felt injustice from cops - no one wants to justify - but at least have the depth to say, “They’re fighting back in the best way they feel that they know how.” And again, it’s not a justification. If you judge that, you’re so far removed from that environment, and you’ve lost your depth and wisdom to empathize. Consider lastly: the fact that Mike Brown does not look like an average criminal to us. When you live in a community where you don’t see many black people, any black person is going to look dangerous. It doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, it means you are so far removed from the community that you cast a judgment. The only way anyone can look at this, and literally have no way to empathize, speaks to how far they are from the situation.




Words by DeWarren Smith

THE ONLY WAY IS UP for rap music’s newest sensation K Camp. Born Kris Campbell in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he and his family moved to Atlanta. At an early age, the young artist found his voice as a rapper. It was 2009 when K Camp released his first song: “All Night,” which gained popularity in the ‘A’ as a party anthem. After a setback or two, Camp continued on his KCampaign and eventually released his 2012 mixtape Fan4Life and yield his 1st hits, “All the Way Down” and “Show Money.” Then, in late 2013, backed by the assistance of the industries elite like 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, and DJ Drama, Camp’s In Due Time hit very high on the charts. His star continues to rise. In fact, if you turn on your radio or turn up in the club tonight, it’s guaranteed you will hear Camp droppin’ bars on your favorite songs’ remix, or on something he has allowed to leak from his vault of music. True to form, his current mixtape K.I.S.S. 2, which dropped on Feb 2014, has released song after song. It seems very likely Camp will be a mainstay in the rap game, and he has his eyes set on running the show. In Due Time, Camp!

Delux: What can fans expect from your first major album? K: Great music overall, big features you may not expect. In Due Time x’s 10 Delux: Who would you describe as being K Camp’s target audience and fan base? K: My target audience would be college girls, the college scene, and the teens! My teen fan base has been growing really crazy lately! Delux: Will you release any more songs prior to the album? K: I’m the leak KING! I stay leaking records, so there ain’t no telling. Delux: Can you tell us who’s with you in the studio working on the album - artist or production? The same people team I have been working with since we started this whole campaign. The same producers I rock with who you hear the on the tape I dropped. The same folks. We are going to reach out to talk to the top producers and artists. We stick to the blueprint where we started.

Delux: You have been active and all over doing all kinds of show dates, but what has been your favorite city to party and perform in so far? K: I would have to say St. Louis now. St. Louis showed a lot of love. I’m surprised. Delux: Who have been your musical influences thus far? What has been the most influential album? Is there anybody out there keeping you on your toes in the music game right now? K: Old like Biggie, Pac, Snoop, Hot Boys, and Wayne. As far as albums: everybody says they were a big fan of The Carter II but I really tuned into Carter III. Wayne killed that and really inspired me. Then I heard that Drake, ya feel me? All that just played a part in my career. I’m a fan of lot of artist but there ain’t nobody out here putting any pressure on me. I’m just tryna make sure that I’m felt. Delux: Do you have a personal motto that you are living by currently? K: Only Way is Up!

Delux: How is K Camp going to change the game? K: Honestly, man I ain’t really got an answer to that. I just do me man. I just make the music that I love to make. I get in the booth and tell my story, and hopefully everybody can relate to it and feel it… soon. I just try to kill every track I touch. Really, that’s my goal. I’m not trying to cut nobody any slack. They slept on me for too long now I got my fans. Delux: Atlanta has been the Mecca for hip hop music for a while now. Do you feel Atlanta will continue to be the Mecca for artists to emerge? K: As far as the new, I believe we can hold it down. Thug, Migos, Que, Rich Homie… everybody out here doing their thing. I believe we can hold it down. Delux: I talked to your people at Interscope and they told me that album may drop in the 1st quarter. Is there a release date? K: We are just in that creative mode right now. We just creating. We don’t have a date.

Delux: Last week you dropped “I Don’t.” What was the motivation for that? K: I just felt like talking some sh*t in the booth real quick. Talking about what was going on at the moment. I was going to save it but I said eff it and put it on my SoundCloud and everybody was f*cking with it. I record every day I got too much material. Delux: That’s the best way to be, especially if that’s your lifestyle. It is true: the fans feel it and they recognize it. K: That’s all I want. Delux: What would be the goal for K Camp 5 years from now? K: On top! Delux: What would be on top for you? K: Being able to provide for my family. Do what I want. Be at that point where I run the show. Slick runnin’ the show now, but music wise, business wise, everything man.

You can follow K Camp on Twitter and IG at @ KCamp427 Download his latest project In Due Time on Itunes


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10 Beliefs of Top Sales Producers A while back, I read an article on Tom Black, author of “The Boxcar Millionaire.” He shared his list of personal beliefs that he’s observed in top salespeople, and not surprisingly, “Having the right attitude,” is crucial to being a Top Sales Producer. (T.S.P.) Here are ten (not in chronological order) of his edited beliefs with my personal experience / explanation included! 1. Top Sales Producers believe that people are as happy as they want to be. T.S.P.’s have very positive attitudes, and can usually bring out that same spirit in others. We believe that you chose to either think positive or negative thoughts. 2. Top Sales Producers are persistent even in the face of disappointment. T.S.P.’s realize that every sales call won’t result in a close, but they have takeaways like, “Did I get a referral? Did I get a second meeting scheduled?” We don’t have Wins and Losses - we have Wins and Learns! 3. Top Sales Producers constantly improve learning new knowledge and skills. T.S.P.’s are always, always looking for an edge, buying books, attending seminars and webinars. American companies last year spent $7.1 Billion dollars on sales training alone. EVERYDAY seek to learn something NEW. 4. Top Sales Producers think BIG even when dealing with the small-minded. T.S.P.’s are always looking for the next BIG close, meeting or opportunity. We always surround ourselves with other positive thinking people. We believe in ourselves even when those closest to us can’t see or share our VISION! 5. Top Sales Producers are truly committed to being of service to others. T.S.P.’s have a “What have I done for YOU lately?” attitude. We are always looking for ways to pay it forward. When we make service to others a part of our daily routine, our relationships and ultimately our sales will increase. 6. Top Sales Producers are willing to leave their comfort zones. T.S.P.’s are risk takers, period. We know that: to get what you never had, you have to do what you have never done. This may be the most difficult belief for most to embrace and achieve.

By: Keith Sales Pro

7. Top Sales Producers are consummate professional and behave accordingly. T.S.P.’s know that the selling profession is a 24/7 LIFESTYLE! We are always out selling, or we are getting out sold! 8. Top Sales Producers accept change as a part of life willingly and completely. T.S.P.’s expect that something will go wrong, so we anticipate all scenarios going into a meeting or presentation. We are always extremely flexible. 9. Top Sales Producers make decisions quickly and then take immediate action. T.S.P.’s are not procrastinators. We know that time is money. OUR money. Our motto is: It happens today or it happens tonight! 10. Top Sales Producers take full responsibility for performance. T.S.P.’s will NEVER point the finger at someone else on team. “If it is to be it is up to me.” That’s how we stay sharp and focused on our GOALS! Please remember, it CAN happen, it WILL happen and TOGETHER we can MAKE it HAPPEN! Follow KeithSalesPro on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram @KeithSalesPro or visit www.KeithSalesPro.Com

Blending in with the crowd is so boring!


Morning body wash onto my loofah and fell in love!" Ginger A. New York

"I poured the Hello Good Morning body wash onto my loofah and fell in love!" Ginger A. New York

g just like the body wash and left my skin glowing!" Marina M. New Mexico

"This scrub smells amazing just like the body wash and left my skin glowing!" Marina M. New Mexico

ost for words the scent is amazing and the body wash is heavenly. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin" Cynthia H. Florida

"Oh my goodness! I am lost for words the scent is amazing and the body wash is heavenly. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin" Cynthia H. Florida

o happy with the results and no eczema flare ups" Carrissa W. California

y scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My husband loves it on me!" Allison V. Pennsylvania

y scented delightful body scrub is amazing. We can't get enough of this stuff, the results were great. Mhe Magazine Team Georgia


“My skin has been so happy with the results and no eczema flare ups" Carrissa W. California

NATURAL SKINCARE LINE "This body scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My husband loves it on me!" Allison V. Pennsylvania

THAT IS BOLD YET SEXY. "This deliciously scented delightful body scrub is amazing. We can't get enough of this stuff, the results were great. Mhe Magazine Team Georgia

Morning body wash onto my loofah and fell in love!" Ginger A. New York

"I poured the Hello Good Morning body wash onto my loofah and fell in love!" Ginger A. New York

g just like the body wash and left my skin glowing!" Marina M. New Mexico

"This scrub smells amazing just like the body wash and left my skin glowing!" Marina M. New Mexico

ost for words the scent is amazing and the body wash is heavenly. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin" Cynthia H. Florida

"Oh my goodness! I am lost for words the scent is amazing and the body wash is heavenly. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin" Cynthia H. Florida

o happy with the results and no eczema flare ups" Carrissa W. California

y scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My husband loves it on me!" Allison V. Pennsylvania

y scented delightful body scrub is amazing. We can't get enough of this stuff, the results were great. Mhe Magazine Team Georgia


NO HARD TO PRONOUNCE “My skin has been so happy with the results and no eczema flare ups" Carrissa W. California

WORDS FOR INGREDIENTS, "This body scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My husband loves it on me!" Allison V. Pennsylvania

"This deliciously scented delightful body scrub is amazing. We can't get enough of this stuff, the results were great. Mhe Magazine Team Georgia


Morning body wash onto my loofah and fell in love!" Ginger A. New York

"I poured the Hello Good Morning body wash onto my loofah and fell in love!" Ginger A. New York

g just like the body wash and left my skin glowing!" Marina M. New Mexico

"This scrub smells amazing just like the body wash and left my skin glowing!" Marina M. New Mexico

ost for words the scent is amazing and the body wash is heavenly. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin" Cynthia H. Florida

"Oh my goodness! I am lost for words the scent is amazing and the body wash is heavenly. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin" Cynthia H. Florida

o happy with the results and no eczema flare ups" Carrissa W. California

“My skin has been so happy with the results and no eczema flare ups" Carrissa W. California

y scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My husband loves it on me!" Allison V. Pennsylvania

"This body scrub is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My husband loves it on me!" Allison V. Pennsylvania

y scented delightful body scrub is amazing. We can't get enough of this stuff, the results were great. Mhe Magazine Team Georgia

"This deliciously scented delightful body scrub is amazing. We can't get enough of this stuff, the results were great. Mhe Magazine Team Georgia


LUXE IN THE LOU Known for creating show stopping, glamorous jewelry, Yolanda Newson of Yoro Creations is definitely giving fashionistas plenty to obsess over. Statement necklaces, oversized charm bracelets and crowns are just a few pieces that are making waves this fall. The RAW Artist of the year was recently featured on the runway during Missouri Style Week and have made several television appearances this year. She’s also been featured in numerous magazines and television programs. Yoro Creations is gaudy, it’s over-the-top and we’re obsessed! Written & Styled By Letitia McPherson-Young

Wardrobe Stylist – Letitia McPherson-Young Hair and Make Up – Willena Vaughn, Phenomenal Phaces Clothing Courtesy - Tatyanna Boutique, Taubman Prestige Outlet, Chesterfield, MO 636-489-3806 Jewelry Courtesy - Yoro Creations, St. Louis, MO



Brittish Williams is striking. Not only is she beautiful, she is incredibly sharp and ambitious. Her ever-growing fan base from the popular franchise Basketball Wives LA has helped grow her entrepreneurial empire, and she’s hinting at MORE to come! We see her multifaceted personality on the show, and we love how human she is. In all the drama, she emerges unscathed, tough, and ready to swing a second season in the viper pit of BBWLA. The lovely St. Louis native is making a name for herself, and building her kingdom one shoe at a time! Go Brittish!

the person’s situation. The first thing we did was a prom give away. We paid for dresses and shoes and accessories and nails and hair. We went all out for dream proms. is my website. I did a contest on my website and girls applied. They had to write an essay about why they were a diamond in the rough. I was so touched reading those essays. I cried. I never realized how truly blessed I was or what kind of influence I have on other girls until I was on national television.

Being on reality TV:

Photo by: AG Photography

People’s perception of the show is interesting because people always think I’m mean. They say, “Oh, she’s mean!” They think that Draya and Malaysia and all of them are so nice, but in reality, they’re nice on television, but in real life they’re mean. So I always laugh. I think it’s funny, because I’m the sweetest person ever. If you know me, you know I’m crazy and I’m funny… and I do have an anger problem sometimes, but I’m the sweetest person ever. It’s just so interesting how other people perceive you when they watch you on television.

About Lorenzo Gordon:

We have been together 3 years July 24th. We are both from St. Louis. He went to Vashon High School, and I went to Clayton High School. We met at White Castle downtown at like 2 o’clock in the morning 3 years ago. I’m planning the wedding now. I’d like to get married in December, and in Miami. I want a South Beach wedding in the winter. We’re doing a White Diamonds theme. My aunt passed away a couple of years ago, and she really wanted me to get married. I’m going to do the theme in memory of her because her favorite perfume was White Diamonds. Everything is going to be white diamonds with crystals and pink everywhere!

Love of Labels Boutique:

I started Love of Labels about a year and a half ago: I was in Turkey, and Lorenzo was playing there for the season. I was thinking it would be cool if I took pieces from there and brought them here, and planned to sell them as a one of a kind piece. The one of a kind clothing, shoes, and accessories just turned into a whole situation and became my own line. It was my baby, and it grew so fast. I had to get some help. We’re over $730,000 in sales in just a year and a half! It’s kind of crazy. I was really blessed to do something that I really love, and blessed to have the opportunity to speak to girls through fashion. Women understand fashion. If we hate you, but you have on a nice pair of shoes, we say, “I hate her, but I love her shoes!” Women always have a common ground, and that’s fashion.

Her Foundation:

Diamonds in the Rough is the name of my foundation. We do women’s empowerment, and helping women and younger girls. I started the foundation because I feel like we’re all diamonds. When you buy a diamond, they have to dig it up out of the ground, and cut and shape, and buff and polish it so that it can be sold to the world. Every girl has a piece of them that’s their diamond: if it’s how articulate you are, or how you dress or present yourself. Everyone has the shining quality that they’re working on and that makes us all a diamond in the rough. I’m a diamond in the rough, and I want to bring us together to help us in different categories to be our best selves and become more polished no matter

I was talking to my stylist about how I dress, and I was like, “I AM A FASHION GURU! It’s what I do!” On television, if I’m in my house, I’m in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Why would I be in 6 inch heels strutting around the house if it’s supposed to be reality? So I realized after the season, people really don’t want reality. They look at us like we are these Barbie dolls, and we’re just made up and look like that all the time. Like I lay in the bed with my husband at night with a full face of makeup, or I wake up in the morning and someone is there dressing me and making me all up. But that’s not my life. I work hard. Lorenzo’s on break, and he should be sleeping, but I’m up early working hard!

Dealing with the mean girl who called her “the chubby one” and losing weight:

I look bigger to myself on TV. When someone says something that is when the audience starts to believe it. I didn’t really lose that much weight. It’s all perception, and what you see on TV. In real life, it was only about 10 pounds, but it made a big difference in the way it looked on TV and in pictures. I’ll probably drop another 10 pounds before the season, but I don’t want to lose a bunch of weight. I’m not overweight. Being healthy and not overweight is good for you period. I like my curves, and I like being real. All the other girls have had work done. I haven’t had my boobs done, my butt done … none of that. Not my lips injected, not my nose reconstructed… none of that has to be

done. Again, it’s where society looks at us like we should all look a certain way. I remember Malaysia saying my boobs are saggy. I’m a 34C. They’re small. They’re not fake. They’re going to have natural sag to them. I was like, “What are you talking about? Something is wrong with you! Remember what you looked like your first season? You looked terrible. You all looked terrible.” It was just crazy. Honestly, once you see yourself on television, you do go back and change things. It’s so different when you just watch yourself. I’m always going to want to lose 15 pounds, just like every other girl.

On doing MORE reality TV:

I am going to do another season. I will be on the 4th season of Basketball Wives! You’ll get to see me planning my wedding, and working on my other business ventures, and see us interact with the girls because now I don’t know where we are. I speak to Jackie all the time, but I don’t speak to the other girls all the time. I want America to grow with me. That’s important to me. I want them to be able to watch me and enjoy watching me grow and watch my transformation and see me change and grow with me.

About the home town St. Louis, MO:

Growing up in St. Louis is a hard market. St. Louis has really taught me a lot. If you can get people to love you here, they will love you anywhere. We don’t care about celebrities. We don’t get star struck here. I was actually shot in the arm. I was driving down the street and was grazed by a bullet in my arm heading to my dad’s house. My mom lived in the County and my dad lived in the city, so I used to have to go back and forth and understand both worlds, and having the best of both worlds. That was kind of hard for me. My two favorite St. Louis restaurants are Crown Candy and Pepe’s Apartment 2. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to Crown Candy every other Sunday, and it was my favorite growing up. Now, it’s Pepe’s Apartment 2. They turned a house into a restaurant. They have chandeliers, and crystals... it reminds me of a restaurant in Paris. And Pepe is so nice! It’s wonderful and low key. Just try it. You will love it. They serve Italian food. I get the Airline Chicken. The Alfredo is good. Everything is good. I love the Central West End. I love Scape, Drunken Fish, and Ivy Hill Boutique that’s there. Lorenzo loves the Fro Yo there, and sometimes we like to sit out there and have a cigar from Brennan’s. It’s a great vibe. We like it out there.


When news of Bill Cosby performing in St. Louis hit our radar, there was an immediate knee-jerk reaction that we MUST see him. We weren’t alone. Lumiere Place ‘Cosby Night’ sold out two shows in the expansive Four Seasons Ballroom. At 77 years old, his well-honed craft is still unparalleled. He’s untouchable. No one begins to compare to his level of complexity in story building and comedic timing. The set of stories he weaves bring poignant reminders that we are moving so quickly through this existence that taking time to stop and laugh at situations that seem unlaughable are the key to never-ending youth. He has a way of making you laugh in a funny-cause-it’s-true way. We felt immersed in his family culture, and felt like we really know him and his wife Camille. He exudes familial charm. Yes, someone in your family will be in charge of funeral arranging. No, you do not want it to be you. His clever quips and fast wit will make you stop and say, “Wait, did I just hear that right?” And his FACES! The iconic facial expressions! The room was well set for capturing his essence. Perfect. He is THE legend, and we were so lucky to have him in our presence for a few short moments to experience his wisdom. We were able to hear what he wasn’t saying. With Mr. Cosby, reading between the lines tells another tale. Do not miss a beat, because every word is perfectly placed. He was so warm and cozy. The evening was very much like sitting in his living room and listening to him tell funny stories. “Ten years, 13 comedy specials, an unprecedented 6 consecutive Grammy awards during this time (1965-1970) … Bill Cosby didn’t set the bar, he is the bar,” says Matt Kleinschmidt of The Laugh Button. Cosby’s career is in its fifth decade. He started out performing stand-up comedy in small clubs in Greenwich Village in New York. He went on to win three best actor Emmy Awards for his role as an undercover CIA Agent Alexander Scott. Mr. Cosby also received Kennedy Center Honors in 1998, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002. He is also a recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, which is awarded to performers who use comedy to influence American society.

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FALL BOOTIE CALL Curated & Written by Letitia McPherson-Young

Shoes were an undeniable show stopper at the Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week. But one trend that took precedence is the resurgence and revamping of the bootie. From colorful ankle boots like Pierre Hardy’s Kiss Leather bootie, to the Laurence Dacade Meteorite sequins combat boots, this fancy collection of footwear is rich in color, texture, edgy graphics and detail. So say so long to the boring, basic, black boot and fall in love with these luxurious selections.

Pierre Hardy Kiss Leather Bootie Available at Neiman Marcus

Christian Louboutin Ziggy

Charlotte Olympia Available at Neiman Marcus

Gucci Eline Bootie Available at Neiman Marcus

Christian Louboutin Mandolina Laster Cut Bootie Available at Neiman Marcus

Valentino Polka Dot Ankle Boot Available at Neiman Marcus






Written by Orrin Carter



Last night I had phenomenal sex with a woman who is absolutely and completely out of my league. As I laid in bed completely satisfied with myself, she rolls over and gives me “the look.” You know what “the look” is. She then proceeds to say, “I was talking to my friend about you and I told her my boyfriend does that,” as she continued to talk about something and someone who went somewhere… My brain hit the brakes. I replayed what she just said to me. I stopped her and said, “Boyfriend? Who is your boyfriend?” She then says, as if I already knew, “DUH!! You are. Who else would it be?” At the risk of getting kicked out her apartment at this recent update to my dating life I don’t say anything.

I think to myself, “Boyfriend? How the hell did I become her boyfriend?” Then I realize what I’ve done, she was so beautiful. So completely out of my league that I broke every rule I had to hook up with her. Guys, if you don’t already know, there are rules to keeping your friends with benefits package intact. If you don’t know: Here are the 4 rules you MUST follow in order to keep from making my mistake. READ CAREFULLY. THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL MAN CODE, SO BURN AFTER READING.

I’ve learned to treat “friends with benefits” relationships the same way I would treat a gremlin.

RULE 1 - Never get your gremlin wet. As in: NEVER let her take a shower at your place.

Fellas, this is a chain reaction which, to the untrained eye, is almost undetectable. If she thinks she can shower at your place, it means she thinks she can always take showers at your place. If she can always take showers at your place, it means she will leave things at your place. If she leaves things at your place, she is marking her territory. And if she is marking her territory, the takeover has begun.

RULE 2 - Keep your gremlin away from sunlight. As in: NEVER take her out during the day.

Question: do you know who goes out during the day? Only two groups of people do so. Couples on an outing (which you are trying to avoid) and single women which you can’t get if you have a smothering Sally on your arm. All activity between the two of you should be “AT NIGHT.” Movies - yes

Drive inn - yes

Dimly lit dessert lounge - yes

See what they have in common? Don’t give her a reason to think it’s a date. Couples go on dates. FWB’s do not.

RULE 3 - Never feed your gremlin after midnight.

As in: NEVER let her spend the night, and NEVER have breakfast with her.

Guys, you know it’s the same story; a night of great sex and you do the mandatory 5 minutes of cuddling and then she rolls over tucking into her “I’m turning in for the night” position. You think: ”One time can’t hurt. It’s no big deal.” But if it repeatedly happens, breaking this particular rule can lead you to break rules 1 & 2. And if you’re asking, “If she’s already spent the night, she might as well get breakfast with me right?” Wrong!!!!!! See rule number 2 compadre.

RULE 4 - Avoid too much interaction with your gremlin. As in: NEVER talk to her more than twice a week.

Fellas, an old school Mac once told me, “Conversation rules the nation.” If the phrase holds any weight, conversation leads to interest, and if you are anything like me, being able to hold a woman’s interest and making her laugh are the keys to her heart. Not her bedroom. (In most cases!) The more a woman can talk to you and feel comfortable with you, the more she can see you in a different light. And that different light can lead down to the “define what we are” road. You want her to remember only two things about you: your name and the way you “put it down.” Nothing more and nothing less. After all is said and done, relationships are great. But if you’re anything like me, sometimes you just want raw passion without the flowers, candy, nagging, and expectations. If you are able to find a friend, (with benefits) stay on this strict regimen and everything will be fine. Crap. My girlfriend is calling me to go take out the trash, so I gotta go fellas. – Orrin Carter


Autumn Glow

Maintain your healthy summer glow through the crisp fall with these must-have beauty finds Curated by: Angela Renee, MUA

COLOR Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

Makeup Forever HD Foundation



Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush #76 Frivole

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray


Mac Mineralized Global Glow

Nars Translucent Crystal Loose Powder


#deluxSelfie ...and the winners are: OMGPORSCHELOL







As the fall season approaches, gear up to keep up all your hard summer work. We know the holiday season and the winter can make it easy to fall off the fitness wagon. Here are some ways to maintain and not gain during the seasonal change. Own who you are! These tips are written to help guide you to a path of healthier living. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, BABY!

Written by: Anika Porter

1. YOU You deserve to be healthy, happy, and holistic to continue to be the great and powerful person in your future. You have to invest in your healthy today.

2. YOU ARE SUPER So you should eat super foods that help fight cancer, curb your appetite, and fight fat.


The more organized your life is, the easier it will be to become healthy. Organize relationships, your home, and your work life. Create balance and order in your life.



Manage your emotions and pace yourself through life. Do not give your power to your emotions, your food, or to other people. If you balance your emotions, you balance what goes in your mouth.

One of the keys to success is what you bring into your kitchen. Plan and prepare meals on Sunday. Prepackage meals in Tupperware and pack snacks in Ziploc bags, and cook for Monday through Thursday. Have a menu for 7 days, including the healthy restaurants you will go to for dinner.




10 Tips to Maintain

Not Gain This Fall Written by Anika Porter




Develop healthy relationships with fitness friends, and synchronize your fitness schedules. Work out together a few days of the week.


Schedule time for training, mark your calendar, and set alarms. Keep this appointment with yourself no matter what. Show up and maximize 60 minutes with yourself.




Set up a place in your home for cardio, treadmill, jump rope, resistance training, dumbbells and a mat for stretching and core exercises.



Purchase clothes that are appropriate for cold temperatures. Invest in your cold weather gear.




Prepare mentally to train – cold is not negative. Exercise your mind – embrace cold temperature mentally. Continue outdoor activities – walking, biking, jogging, and playing with your kids on the playground.

Who Are You, Part 1 By: Karen Banks, M.Ed., PLPC, Therapist & Owner of Trinity Wellness, LLC

see again. Take a moment to stop and feel. Are you sad, angry, or maybe even relieved? Are you feeling anxious about losing something of value to you? Did you make the right choice? Now take a look at your remaining 10 values and take 5 more away. Did you lose your family or choose money over power? Is higher education really more important to you than family time? Is your job balled up on the floor? The remaining 5 values are your core values.


hen asked the existential question, “Who are you,” how do you respond? How do you know who you are? What is important to you? What makes you unique? Answering these questions is a way to start discovering your true self. In this first of a set of three articles focused on finding and living your true self, we will talk about finding your values. It can be hard, if not impossible, to express who you are without stating some of your values or beliefs. Values can be defined as your ideals, what is important to you, your principles or standards of behavior. Some typical examples of personal values include:

family, faith, fun, money, success, education, justice, honesty. A fun, albeit uncomfortable, exercise to determine your core values is to get a few sticky notes, 15-20 should work, and write one value one each. It can be one word or anything that is important to you. A piece of paper torn or cut into 20 pieces will work as well. If you are stumped trying to figure out what values to list, visit my blog at www.trinitywellstl.blogspot. com for the list or search online. Once you have your values laid out in front of you, take 10 and throw them away. You can either look at them and make choices, or you can close your eyes and randomly select 10 to never

Who cares?! Why is it important to know who you are and what your values include? Values essentially make the rules that you live by. If you do not know what your values are, how are you living? You might not be living authentically or maybe you are just wandering through life. When, not if, you find yourself faced with a challenge, your values help you decide how to respond and overcome. They are what helps us figure out whether to go through, around, or avoid our issues.

exercise, feel free to reach out via email at Visit my blog athttp://trinitywellstl. and follow me on Twitter @TrinityWellSTL for more mental health and wellness tips. Karen Banks, M.Ed., PLPC Trinity Wellness, LLC Counseling and Coaching for individuals, couples, adolescents, and families. Website: Blog: Follow us on Twitter: @TrinityWellSTL (314) 569-9990 Our mission: At Trinity Wellness, LLC, our mission is to help clients realize and manage the power they hold within themselves. We strive to help clients manage their mental, physical, and spiritual lives so they may live the full and balanced life they desire. We accomplish this

I hope that this article will help you start or continue on the path to selfdiscovery. Stay tuned for the following two parts of this article focused on self-improvement and discovering yourself. If you are in need of a personal consultation or would like to share your thoughts about this

mission by providing counseling, life coaching, and an array of comprehensive wellness services customized for each individual. Our clients are not given advice to follow, they are empowered and educated to become happy, healthy, and successful individuals.

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$50 minimum deposit to open a checking or savings account. Mobile Internet data and text message charges may apply. Please contact your mobile service provider for details. Subject to Internet banking terms and conditions. Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC

Zeus jupiters

HOT 5IVE Ear candy for your jamming pleasure

Out on a limb - teena Marie Spirits in a material world - sting & the police. Baby I’m a Starr - prince. Earth song. - MJ Lord knows - 2 PAC



Delux: We have to know: What prompted you to change your stage name? We’re huge Ruka Puff fans! ZJ: Basically, my stage name was changed because over time I had a life change, a health change and ultimately my music changed... so during that transition, I thought it would only be fair to give my fans a new name to represent that I’ve become. Delux: What will happen to Ruka Puff? So many years of building a persona!! Will he emerge again, or is he gone? ZJ: I will always be Ruka Puff at heart, as Ruka has gotten me very far. It’s who I am. It’s just that I’ve grown up, evolved, but Zeus Jupiter will never forget about Ruka Puff. Delux: Tell us about your creative process with this album. Who were your creative influences? ZJ: The struggle. Most of the records came from a very emotional place; some even came from a dark place. Each time we would come up with a 32


concept for a record, it was based on how we actually felt at the time. If we wanted an emotional record, we made that. If we wanted a party record and were in that space, that’s what we made. Delux: Did you have a “muse?” See what we did there? ZJ: Haha! To ask a guy named Zeus about his Muse.... remember in Greek Mythology Zeus has many muses… Zeus and Mnemosyne (memory personified in Greek Mythology) gave birth to many muses. So yes, I tap into many muses when making my records. Delux: What was it like working with Mark Williams? Talk us through a little bit of how you met, what made you two decide to work together, and how this project came to fruition. ZJ: It was divine intervention meeting Tarboy, because we only went in the beginning to buy a track from him... but it was meant to be. As we met, I played some songs for him that I was working on which were outside of the traditional hip hop lane, and it was in the same creative space he was


in. He is one the most talented producers I’ve ever met. He was able to unlock the cages of the beast that was inside of me. He was the first person to tell me that it was ok to put out the “genre-less music” and that people would love it. When you look at hit records, record deals, and his track record for getting artists to the next level, Tarboy is one of the best as far as St Louis music is concerned. Delux: “Do Angels Bleed” is incredible. Did you write the lyrics? What is the story behind this piece? ZJ: When I wrote that record, I wanted people to take their own scenario of the record, which is why I never put the song out, I just released the video. I wanted people to see the visual. But for me, the record has 2 different sides in my mind as I wrote it: a. The people we praise as heroes and icons are just like me and you, and they have strengths and weakness, as they are human... But in our everyday life, sometimes we fail to see that. A pro athlete will have a bad night, Kobe and Jordan have had bad games, A singer may miss a note... it happens... b. The second side of the record was a story... how I could treat a woman like an angel and place her on a pedestal, and she could still break my heart. It’s actually a love song posed differently. Delux: The “Light it Up” video has some great imagery. Who did you work with on the video concept? I love the vigilante feel of it! ZJ: The video put together by my team at Beast Ent (Tarboy and Dre Whitt.) Dre loves current events and news stories. So we always sit around in the studio between sessions and we often talk about world events, and the video (the vigilante feel) was based on what a lot of people are feeling these days. Corruption, greed, the gap between the rich and poor and people getting tired of it. So we got together with Carl Nelson, Matthew Scott, and Marlon Jackson, and they made it happen. Delux: We understand you want to transcend all musical genres and be free from the confines of a “box.” What led you to this place? Are you ditching hip-hop? What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop now that you’re looking *in* instead of *out?* (Or do you feel like you’re still looking out?) ZJ: What made me come to this realization was obvious to me: music should have NEVER been put in a box. Music is music. Music is based on life... music is based on emotion... We ALL have that in common, all people, and I wanted music that related to all people. So I didn’t want to be in that box. People who have followed my career always knew that I did things outside of the box, so it’s always been my approach artistically. I couldn’t ditch hip hop if I wanted to. I’m a hip hop baby, and I love the culture, but I also don’t want to be placed into a box of what hip hop, or what music is. I just want the freedom to be able to create whatever I feel. I think there are pros and cons in the hip hop game: PRO- a lot of young black millionaires. It’s made a lot of people rich. A lot of families are eating from hip hop. It gave us our Jay Z’s and Master P’s and Diddy’s, and a platform to generational wealth and more control from the artist. CON- We just need more originality. We need to strive to be different. Now there is a lot of copy-cat going on. People doing things just to get a dollar. When is started in hip hop, the worst thing you could do was to be like someone else..... Now it’s all about chasing the dollar instead of creating the best most different product out there. Delux: Who are some of your stylistic influences now that you’re transcending into other genres of music? For instance: the Zac Brown Band is working with Dave Grohl now. Very non-traditional pairing, but it is beautiful music. ZJ: I’ve always been a fan of many genres of music. The benefit of being an 80’s baby is that we grew up on all different types of music, and not just

hip hop. We always had The Fat Boys and Run DMC, with Aerosmith, and Michael Jackson, George Michael and Boy George. So blending and doing music in multiple genres feels pretty natural to me. I’ve always made this type of music, it’s just the first time it’s been combined in a nationally released project for public consumption. Some of my favorite bands outside of hip hop that that I have always liked are Journey, Bob Marley & the Wailers, James Brown, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails... and a lot of different things... I just listen and take in what I like… if I like it and its dope, I go look for more from that artist. Delux: Today’s music seems to be all about the collab. Who do you see yourself working with in the future? Anyone you’d geek out about? ZJ: The interesting thing about this project is that there aren’t many collaborations. When you are in that transitional space, you spend a lot of time alone until you can show yourself clearly as an artist before other artists can feed off your energy and work together. But the collabs that I have on the album are the people who saw what I was doing and embraced it. I have several artists on my list to work with... I like Jay Z, Imagine Dragons, I think Cee Lo and I could come up with some creative magic, Rico Love, Miley would be dope, and I am a big fan of Dr. Luke as a producer, I would love to work with him... Pharrell is a master at what he does.... Kanye West would be a dream as sonically he gets it... he just does... he can make music with any kind of sounds. I think that he and Tarboy have in common. I also love bands. I would love to do a live show with the 1500 or nothing band. I’ve been following them for a while. Delux: What are your goals for the next few years? Ultimately, what do you wish to accomplish? ZJ: I want to be able to travel the world with my music, and be able to motivate and inspire people with the music, and God willing, be one of the biggest artists in the world. And be able to keep making these songs that I’ve been making. I’m in a great place musically. St Louis is a great city for music and culture and I just want to make St Louis Proud of me. Delux: What have been some of your biggest challenges with your career? Do you have sage advice for anyone starting out in the industry? ZJ: Challenges are the story of my life. Nothing comes easy. I’ve had to learn how to learn to slow down and let things play out sometimes. Patience vs. Moving Faster Advice: Follow your dreams, be yourself, be original, and be confident in that. Sounds cliché but some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. If you are being 100 % authentic, you can never lose. Authenticity doesn’t have an expiration date. Fads do. Delux: What is a celebrity’s role or responsibility—if any—for being a vehicle for social change? ZJ: I think it’s up to the individual artists. We are just as influential as preachers, but without taking away from our creative freedom, we still have to make sure we are being conscious of what we put out in the world and images we display. A celeb is still a human being; flawed like we all are. So we can’t place unreasonable expectations on them either. But where would we be if celebs didn’t use their star power for social change, like during the Civil Rights era? So we definitely need it. Delux: Name 2 songs you’d like to see covered and remixed / reinvented ZJ: Amitionz of a Rider 2 Pac & Baby I’m a Star (Prince from Purple Rain)


Anna Mcnair Tells Delux: Perfect Style Boutique was originally founded in 2011. After a short hiatus of moving to Texas, I’ve come back to Kansas City with a new level of servicing simply branding the


boutique as Perfect Style.

I am so excited to add men’s fashion to my Style collection.

INSPIRATION: I have always loved creating something new and branding it with that distinct reason


why it should be chosen over the rest. People just so happen to be the Perfect specimen for this passion. Being able to offer someone style that exudes confidence when they walk into a room rather it be a job interview, exclusive gala, or simply a night out on the town with their head held high in confidence feeling new and at their best is

I have always admired Oprah Winfrey and the legacy she has set forward. Her brand is limitless and she never forgets to give back. Lucky for me, I also found those attributes on a more personal level with my business mentor, Candi Sweeney. She’s always just a phone call away. However, there’s no one that means more in my life than my twin soul, my mother Wonder Wyatt!

my ultimate goal. LABELS: I carry many levels to men’s and women’s fashion. Some labels would be very familiar to high end or boutique shoppers as well as some lines that enable me to offer “the look for less.” The brands I am most proud to carry are downstairs in the collection where we house exclusive labels and designers that will only be showcased at Perfect Style in Kansas City. Some of those labels include L.Bowe Collection, Hair Candy Treats, The Squad, DIEM, Control Sector and many more. I would like to offer more designers the opportunity to showcase their brands in this platform.

MANTRA: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” -Edith Head

ICONS: Fashion is what you are given and style is what you make of it. Kim Kardashian and Emily B are both high on my list of women with a great sense of Style and how they brand their fashion.


Ink Master

About the Ink Gallery: The Ink Gallery is a custom tattoo gallery and fine art studio. All inks used are pure powder pigments, and all prep and all after care products used are organic. Inspiration for Art: The need to have the space to tattoo my clientele as well as paint commissioned paintings in the same space, and have a custom, private feel for my clientele and other artists that may work in The Ink Gallery. Any artist working here is a fine artist as well, so I wanted it to be a space that allowed the artists to have creative energy in whatever media we were working on, whether it is skin or canvas. Fulfillment Comes: When I finish the tattoo and the look on their face when it lights up, it is the best part of the day! That truly makes my day! When someone is so proud of the work that I have put on their body, it’s a huge honor and pleasure to make my clients happy. Trending & Favorites: Right now, I think people who generally wouldn’t have gotten tattooed a decade a so ago is a crazy trend itself. Most of all, we see the trend of more geometric patterns, and more and more realistic tattoos. My personal favorite trend now is people beginning to realize that their skin is priceless as a canvas, so they are researching their artists more and more before they even sit with someone. Growth in the artistic genre of body ink in the next 5 years: I definitely see a change in tattoo and art education. Tattooing is changing drastically to have more serious artists becoming more prevalent, and less saturated with unqualified artists who do not know what they are doing technically and artistically. Heroes: Some of my personal business heroes include my mentor Anna Funk - an amazing woman I studied under when I worked at Skin Deep Tattoo, Waikiki, shop she owns and manages. She also runs several shops in Philadelphia including No Ka Oi. Some additional heroes include Tony Olivas, owner of Sacred Heart in Atlanta, Big Jaz in Germany, and Al Fliction New York City. All of these people have been great mentors through the years. The list goes on, but I am very grateful for those specific artists because they all contributed to the tattoo artist which I am today. I also admire the art and tattoo styles of artists Bob Tyrrell’s realistic black and grey, and Gifford Kasen’s biomechanical. Words to Live By: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou Style Icon: A blend of Dorothy Dandridge and Nicki Minaj with a dash of Coco Chanel every day! Ha ha!




All Pro Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe has taken a jumpstart into his future and passion of being a father by releasing a young boys clothing line. Lbowe, pronounced “elbow” is derived from the first letter of the middle name given to both Dwayne and his son, Lorenzo and their last name Bowe. The importance of an “elbow” is the connection of 2 body parts which correlates to the connection between the father and son. With this, Lbowe Collection was created. A lifestyle brand catering to boys sizes 2t to 12. On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, Lbowe Collection became available to the public to purchase various styles of clothing. These unique, stylish, trendy items are part of the collection Mr. Bowe has been diligently working on, side by side with his off season workouts. Mr. Bowe has put a lot of thought and effort into “Lbowe Collection” and is proud to say that it’s made in the USA. After realizing the need of trendy clothing for kids, Dwayne Bowe and his team have a mission to build a strong, viable position in young boys apparel. Lbowe Collection will be promoted during the football season through social media, give aways, contests and various marketing strategies to help gain brand awareness. Lbowe Collection will showcase a wide range of shirts and distressed denim jeans, something that sports fans, fashonistas, moms and dads will not want to miss out on. The days of not finding stylish clothes for your son are over. The Collection will focus on pieces that will reflect our tagline, “A Product Of My Dad, Now I Can Match His Style.” Lbowe Collection will give you the looks for boys, size 2t-12 that you’ve been waiting to see. For information about Lbowe Collection, contact Theresa Caldwell at 305-582-0667 or visit the website at

When the five founders, Keith Griffin, Kyle Griffin, Brian Shields, Michael Winfield, and Lawrence “LB” Bryant all came together, they combined their skills and networks to collectively create one of the coolest publications in the city. With limited experience and understanding of the publishing industry, the Delux team faithfully fought through trials and tribulations to defy doubters who didn’t believe in the power of five brilliant young creative forces who came together for a common cause.








elux began as an idea inspired by the creative insight of creative director, Michael Winfield—more popular under the name Brooklyn Kingsborough—identified a niche market in St. Louis. Perhaps an adult magazine was in the making, perhaps not. Either way, there was a void in the local publishing community and a new magazine could be the way to inspire the creative culture of the city. “I had friends who had magazines and websites, and they were adult orientated. I thought the concept was good, but design-wise, we could do something better. I didn’t realize— at the time—that adult entertainment wasn’t the best thing that would work in our region,” Brooklyn reflects. “It might have worked, but we did what we did in the community, so when we’d tell people we’re starting a magazine, they’d be like, ‘Oh! That’s going to be the voice of the city.’ We’d look at each other like, ‘oh,’” original editorial director, Brian Shields, recalls. Publisher, Keith Griffin added, “The city actually created the magazine. When we were putting it out there, we weren’t giving all the details and the next thing you know, it turned into this lifestyle brand. It’s crazy.” Armed with absolutely no journalism or publishing experience, the five fellas embarked on a risky journey to create a magazine that catered to the affluent urban audience often overlooked in cities across the country. At a time where magazine sales were at an all-time low, Keith stepped out on faith and the core crew focused on pooling their resources to assemble a talented team that could help bring the vision into fruition. The picture he painted ignited interest of amazing people who worked together to build the Delux brand. Talent including photographer, Demond Meek; artist and graphic designer, Jenn Carter; sales and marketing director, Terran Freeman; and writers, Tiffany S. Nashville and Seven L. Maxwell were instrumental in the development of the aesthetics and editorials, which fused together to lay the solid foundation needed to offer a premium publication for the city to celebrate. “That first issue, we were just trying to figure it out. We didn’t know about paper texture. We didn’t know about weight. The printers were like, ‘It’s 80 pound paper vs. 60 pound.’” Keith continues, “I was like, ‘I don’t know what any of that means. Just send me something nice, the size of Jet Magazine....’” “But we didn’t want it to be stapled,” LB added as everyone unanimously agreed. “We were Delux, we had to be the best!” Keith exclaimed. “Everything that came with Delux—including the branding—was really a mixture of all five of us. There was no one boss. The magazine had something that we all brought to the table. It was always about everyone’s opinion. Even when it came down to the small stuff like the website. Everything was always a team effort. I think that’s what made us successful.” “That’s probably the only reason the publication survived. Outside of us just pooling our resources, we were a group of dudes who enjoyed kicking it with each other.” Brian added. “The thing about Delux is it’s just cool. We didn’t have the experience in journalism. We just did what we wanted to do and hoped people would like it. They ended up liking it because it was cool.” Brian continued, “We’re some cool cats and we do cool shit. We’re artists, we’re clothing makers, we throw parties, we run magazines. Delux has always been cool. So if you’re cool and you get a copy of the magazine, you’ll appreciate it. We try to make it for those who appreciate it. We don’t want to force people to like it.”

Kyle Griffin 42


Michael “Brooklyn” Winfield

“When we first started we thought we would diversify St. Louis. We thought we’d be the Delmar Loop of publications; everybody’s going to want to read us. Unfortunately, that’s not how the cookie crumbles,” says Keith. “We tried to diversify. Our first cover had SLIM and Joe Edwards on the cover trying to show a unified, diverse St. Louis. Hopefully one day we’ll get to that. But that business model didn’t work. “We had to stay true to who we were and cater to the affluent trendsetters and tastemakers of our generation. We couldn’t try to be something we’re not. We were more focused on looking at our editorial concepts than saying, we’re 80% Black and 20% White. We were trying to make it 50/50 and it wasn’t working. It was more work than it was fun.” “One day hopefully, the world will get there, but you don’t see many magazines that try to cater to everyone. They find their demographic and niche. I think that’s what we needed to do. We got better and better with each issue, but at first it was just a wild pitch,” Brian noted about the magazine’s evolution into the publication it is today. The success of Delux did not come without its share of hard times. Sure, the city supported the quality of the publication, but they also questioned the tangible copies. Everyone wanted to put the publication in their hands, but the limited run of each issue lead to speculation that they weren’t being printed. Sales were in a slump, and like all budding businesses, early supporters were looking for free advertisement. “The support was there until we started asking for money,” Keith adds, “When we first started, there were a lot of donated ads. That’s just how it goes. You have to show people you have a quality product. You have to show the consistency. “Then it was time to put that media kit together and say, ‘I gave you the last three issues for free, I need you to pay XYZ to get in there’, and that’s when the problem starts.” Keith added. Favors and freebies always lead to failure in business, and since Keith assumed the financial responsibility to keep the publication afloat, he put everything behind his brand and continued to push the publication. “The major problem of the publication in the past, present, and future is trying to educate on why advertising is important. We have to educate our Black business owners about what advertising is. They’re quick to pull their advertising budget when things are going wrong, but when things are wrong, that’s when it’s time to put money in their advertising. Advertising is their visibility.” He continues, “Just because you have Facebook and you have 500 followers doesn’t mean you have the same social platform Delux gets.” He had all but given up on his dream to see Delux make it to the next level. Even as the founders started to branch out and focus on their individual goals, Keith studied more aspects of the industry—learning areas that included graphic design, photography, and online publishing—so his obstacles did not overcome his drive to succeed. Just when he’s about ready to give up, he’d find away to revitalize the publication. While maintaining the integrity of each issue and ensuring it’s availability to the international audience, Delux developed an iPad app that kept the consumers connected. This transition helped to open the magazine to more readers that span beyond the boundaries set by simply printing the publication. With each issue averaging about 149,000 views, and averaging nearly 5000 print copies bi-monthly to distribution points that include retail locations, Delux Magazine has expanded its reach to markets



Keith Griffin II

that include Atlanta, Kansas City, and St. Louis—but it doesn’t stop there. “The major thing that’s going to drop in the Fall/Winter is Delux TV. We actually have a station that will be online and on television,” Keith reveals. “It will be localized for St. Louis’s art, lifestyle, and music scene. It will be an extension of Delux Magazine.” With the magazine’s distribution reaching record audiences and the magazine’s appeal to both local and national advertisers, the Delux team took a moment to reflect on their journey. In an emotional moment, Keith opened up stating, “Everything is self-taught. We didn’t take extra classes. We didn’t have mentors. It was just trial and error. I’m so proud of these guys. They hung around when there was no money. They were there. They pushed through, and they persevered. If I fell short, they always stepped up and took the lead. “They’ve been to the bottom with me, and I am pleased to know Delux helped to elevate them to various levels of their own careers. LB is still with the magazine, but he’s also grown into shooting billboards, concerts, and major artists like Jay Z. Brooklyn gets his art out everywhere. Bryan moved out of state and launched own publication and started marketing large-scale events. Kyle has his clothing line, Millionheir Clothing. The fact that they have grown so much makes me so proud of them.” “Looking back, one thing we all did was played our role, but at the end of the day, Keith funded everything. I was kind of the liaison between the creative side, sales, and Keith. I battled on both fronts,” Brian reflects. “There were times when I was frustrated with him, but I didn’t understand a lot of the things he did until I started my own magazine. I don’t think I had enough appreciation for the things he did until I stepped out on my own. When I stepped out, I’d call him for advice. “I went to the school of hard knocks, and that was Delux Magazine. I learned a lot. I learned how to work with people, I learned how to be an executive, and I learned how to play my role. I’m still learning. At the end of the day, if it didn’t work, we were all hurt because we were all in it, we’re all brothers, but financially, we weren’t hurting. He assumed all the risks of launching this publication. “We all learned what we learned and got the confidence and the knowledge to step out on our own and start these other businesses. As each of us stepped out, we maintained the support of our brothers. We provided a platform, and once everyone branched out to make that next step on their own, the magazine was still there to support it. I can call any of them at any time, and that’s how you know it’s real.” “Everyone has to grow. You can’t be stuck in one spot. You must evolve.” Brooklyn adds. “He wanted us to grow. He placed us in our positions at Delux to help us to grow. I don’t think he wanted us to be the same person. I think he wanted everyone to evolve and do what needed to be done,” Kyle reflected. “But I think at the same time, he wanted everyone to catch up with him,” LB jokes. “At the end of the day it’s all worth it,” Keith closed. It’s been over five years since the inaugural issue of Delux Magazine hit the hands of the trendsetters of the St. Louis community. Since its inception, Delux has been an ever-evolving voice for the affluent urban communities that have embraced the message that was created for the mainstream minority. Although each member of the team has branched off into focused aspects of their own careers, each of them remains connected through the brand they built together—forever bound together as a band of brothers. Together the things they’ve accomplished have surpassed the limits of their imagination. Their struggles and success tell their unique story, and together they’re working to expand their brands while forever supporting each other through it all.

Brian Shields

Lawrence “LB� Bryant

Follow the fellas on social media: Brooklyn: Instagram: @brklynstl Twitter: @brklynstl Brian: instagram: @urbanlegend81 twitter: @bigshotbrian LB: Instagram: @Lbphototography1 Twitter: @lbphoto1 Kyle: instagram: @millionheirclo twitter: @millionheir_ceo Keith: Instagram: @deluxmagazine or @mr_avion Twitter: @Deluxmagazine

s ’ r e d e l h e u M

y r o t S

Launched in 2011, Muehleder is a contemporary women’s ready-to-wear line proudly based and manufactured in New York City. With each season, Muehleder designs for three female muses, the posh-princess, the bold-rebel, and the mysterious-vixen. Our clothes are long lasting, both in terms of quality of the garment and through the timeless design that makes you wear and love a Muehleder piece for many years to come. We’re not much a trend conscience brand. We create style that lasts and we stay true to our design philosophy. Muehleder unites classic style with flawless shapes. Our style is feminine yet edgy, in the sense that it plays on the seductive side of a women. The end result is an audacious yet sophisticated brand that caters to all alter egos, while maintaining wear-ability and elegance. With high profile clients such as Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, singer and actress Adrienne Bailon, recording artists Tamar Braxton, Jessica Sanchez, K. Michelle , and Tony Nominated Actress Condola Rashaad, Muehleder has gradually transcended

from the brand to watch to the brand everybody wants.



Photographer: Kevin Risher (@krishphotos) Model: Kelsey Adams (@koolkelsey) Stylist: Marcus Blassingame (@tsdagency) Makeup: Motiqua Hall (@motiquahallmua) Hair: Kahree S. Spence (@kahhspence) Dresses: Muehleder (@shopmuehleder) Shoes: Je’taime shoes (@jetaimeshoess) Pink Purse/Green Cuff: L’impasse (@limpassenyc)




La vraie affaire:

La Patisserie Chouquette Par Simone Faure

A Peanut Free, Gluten Free Friendly French Bakery 1626 Tower Grove Avenue, St Louis Mo, 63110 314-932-7935 HOURS: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm

There are moments in life which require celebratory madness. When you pop the Veuve Clicquot and wave aside anything which could hinder the sheer ecstasy of the perfect moment. The element of perfection; of luxury; the substance from which dreams are made… that thing. The je ne sais quoi in the tangibility of happiness. Maybe it’s the God particle. Perhaps God particle is a hyperbole. But taking a bite out of a pastry from La Patisserie Choquette will make one question all that is earthly and heavenly, and brings us to a succinct point of realization: YES. There is actually heaven on earth. Go. Everything about La Patisserie is decadence and perfection. From the ambiance created by the warm and friendly staff, to the carefully curated French décor and casual elegance of it all. It is wonderful. It is the essence of a French patisserie right here in the sweet spot of the city of St. Louis. We are incredibly lucky to have Simone Faure’s hands and artistry in our fair city. A chef of her caliber is available to create your perfect 50th birthday cake or simply cure your craving for Earl Gray tea macarons. Take advantage. Go. Might we suggest an afternoon of high tea? Afternoon tea service is offered on Saturdays at 11am, 1 pm, and 3 pm by reservation only. You can enjoy an assortment of sweet and savory selections and choose from a variety of hand selected loose leaf teas from England, France, Israel and India. Check out their website, and give them a call. You will not regret taking time from your busy schedule to stop the world and melt with cake at La Patisserie Chouquette. Isn’t life supposed to be full of phenomenal experiences? Go.

WHERE. Unearthed are the hip, sexy, and often under-appreciated venues in the Gateway City. Our insiders guide takes you to places to see and be seen. Entertainment options are surging. Get out and experience St. Louis like the tastemaker you are. Come see us! DELUX MAGAZINE


LifeStyle Parktown Audi » Parktown Audi has been

in business and at the same location for over 35 years! In fact, Parktown was the first Porsche and Audi Franchised Dealer in the St. Louis area. They have continued to be the industry leader for Porsche and Audi maintaining the highest level of integrity and customer service that one can find in the automotive industry.


» Solomon Thurman and Pat Smith-Thurman are no strangers to the art world. Thet previously held a downtown studio/gallery on Locust for more than 10 years. Painting for more than 35 years, Artist Solomon is also a researcher and teacher 419 North 10th St. 63101


» All customized facial treatments begin with a skin analysis by our licensed esthetic professionals. Spa wraps are provided for your comfort during your service. 437 S Kirkwood Rd 314-966-0655


» CENTRO is a retail and commercial showroom located in the Central West End of St. Louis, Missouri. Surrounded by boutiques, fine restaurants, and some of the country’s early architecture, Centro indeed is a gathering place for friends, customers, designers, and passers-by.



» Baileys’ Chocolate Bar features a full bar with over two dozen Chocolate Martini’s, 90 beers, as well as spirits, wine, champagne and amazing Hot Chocolates. 1915 PARK ST. LOUIS, MO 63104 314.241.8100


» New American restaurant overseen by five-time

James Beard Award nominee Gerard Craft. Save room for dessert. 7734 Forsyth Blvd Clayton, MO 63105 314.773.7755


» Good Ole St. Louis BBQ at its best. Voted DELUX 2013 “BEST SMOKED WINGS”. Now serving 2 locations 1300 Cass Ave 8642 Natural Bridge

Evangeline’s Bistro & Music House

» Creole and Cajun cuisine and a Sunday Swing Jazz Brunch you shouldn’t miss! 512 North Euclid Avenue St. Louis, MO 63108 314.367.3644



» Honey’s Child Boutique 1927 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103 (314) 875-



» 9739 Manchester Rd St. Louis, MO 63122 (314) 918-0575 Rung is to bolster the confidence of professional women in the business world by offering professional attire at affordable prices in a boutique atmosphere that provides a fun and uplifting experience. With a significant portion of the profits going to support the work of the Women’s Foundation of

St. Louis’ first and only contemporary, indie and international designer boutique exclusively for women size 12 & up.s.

Greater St. Louis, Rung brings professional fashion full circle.

East + West Mens Boutique

» 205 N. Kirkwood Rd. Kirkwood, MO 63122 (314) 835-1419 New mens boutique in downtown Kirkwood in St. Louis, MO. East + West specializes in casual apparel, footwear, apothecary, and accessories for the modern man. Our goal is to bring unique, quality, and authentic products to St. Louis. 54


Music + Poets DEMO


» The Demo’s intimate capacity coupled with

» The Coliseum brings a host of

its state of the art sound system, intelligent

entertainment options to Wash Ave. An

light show and video capability, provides

homage, of sorts, to the original St. Louis Coliseum, which was located across the street until the early 1950s, the new venue is a hot spot not only for live music, but for live events of all types—from comedians and fashion shows to seminars and product launches. 2619 Washington Ave. - St. Louis, MO 63103


concert goers with a big room experience in a

» You won’t find a sign for Upstairs.

comfortable, dance/party friendly environment.

know. Directly above Mekong on the corner of Grand

The Demo is ground zero for all type of

and Hartford, The Upstairs Lounge is the go-to place for

progressive music- including rock, punk, indie,

inexpensive drinks, dancing and local DJs spinning every

hip-hop, EDM, garage, funk, and soul, but don’t

night of the week. The unpretentious atmosphere and

be surprised when anything from afrobeat to

diverse crowd is the true alternative to the St. Louis club

folk shows up on the schedule!

scene. If you’re into that kind of thing...

4191 Manchester Ave - St Louis, MO 63110

3131 South Grand Boulevard - St Louis, MO 63118


You just kind of


» The Marquee Restaurant & Lounge in upscale midtown hosts the hottest events and

» The Coliseum brings a host of entertainment options to Wash

sexiest St. Louisans. Begin your evening with

Ave. An homage, of sorts, to the original St. Louis Coliseum, which

a well-executed dinner and keep your seat

was located across the street until the early 1950s, the new

for an evening of perfectly prepared drinks in

venue is a hot spot not only for live music, but for live events of

cozy, private booths.

all types—from comedians and fashion shows to seminars and

1911 LOCUST AVE • 314-436-8889

product launches. 2619 Washington Ave. - St. Louis, MO 63103



» SoHo in The Grove merges contemporary comfort food in the full-

service restaurant with a bustling and diverse nightlife experience. The sophisticated vibe bears credence to a tastemaker’s crowd. 4229 Manchester Ave, St Louis, MO 63110 (314) 932-5554

» Elmo’s Love Lounge is a friendly place where mature adults can eat, drink, and enjoy the peaceful setting around beautiful bartenders with the vibe of Love 7828 Olive Blvd - University City


dance saint louis » Dance St. Louis 20142015 season kicks off with pure excitement/

November 7-8 The Dance Theater of Harlem will hold stage to witness the first


» Jazz at the Bistro is the

FOX THEATER» The story of

best way to experience great music in one of

how Barry Gordy started the unprecedent

the top venues in the

MOTOWN Records empire, along with the

country as the kick off

spearheading the careers of Diana Ross,

their 20th seasono with

Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, and

a completely revitalized

many more. The show kicks off November

venue. Grand Openinf

18-30th. St. Louis MO

scheduled for Oct 3rd

African-American ballet company . This will be an event you won’t want to miss. 3547 Olive Blvd ste 301 • 314-534-6622 •

St. Louis Symphony at Powell Hall <<<You have to hear it live! 718 N. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103 314-5341700

with Wynton Marsalis.


» October 29th- November 16th come witness the story of A KID LIKE JAKE at The Repertory of St. Louis. Come enjoy live entertainemtn first hand. 130 Edgar Rd Stl, MO

3536 Washington Ave St. Louis MO 63103 314-289-4030

HANDS UP DONT SHOOT As protesters and politicians demanded removal of County Prosecutor Bob McCullough from the case of Darren Wilson, that familiar smirk was on his face. That same arrogant tone and confident demeanor filled the lens of cameras around the world. The time to remove Bob McCulloch had passed and the latent clamor of citizens and clergy alike could be smugly disregarded. And disregard he has. Just four days before 18 year old, unarmed Michael Brown was gunned down on a street in Canfield Green, the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri handed McCulloch his post. Less the 12% of registered voters actually went to the polls that day. As a result, McCulloch won handily in the Primary Election over one of the few prosecuting attorneys to ever even oppose him. Despite a strong showing by Attorney Leslie Broadnax, it wasn’t enough to overcome the voter apathy of North County. It’s that apathy that empowers police across the country to gun down Black boys. It’s the failure to prosecute that gives them the license to kill. Prosecution of officers, or the lack there of, is a policy established by those we let into office. Chant all we want, it’s the vote that counts.

# Fergus o n: T H E T RU T H For years Blacks were lynched, shot and brutally beaten for even attempting to cast a vote. Laws were enacted, vigilante groups formed and government officials did what they could to assure that no Negroes decided an election. Polls taxes and random tests were created and doors were closed. Yet despite the many who died to secure our right to vote, the right to decide who will make laws and policies that govern our everyday lives, we now throw the right aside like a worthless rag. Despite the obvious value that spawned the vigilante efforts of racist whites, far too few bother to try. While our ancestors faced ropes, guns and beatings, today we run at even the slightest chance of rain. There is no question the killing of Michael Brown ripped a scab off a festering wound; no doubt the world has taken notice of the abysmal treatment of African Americans. And now that the gaping wound lies in full view of the world, it’s time to vindicate Brown’s death with more than a mere conviction. While we clamor for indictment, we’re missing the larger power to change. The power to engage in the political process and make the laws ourselves. We missed the opportunity to remove Bob McCulloch just four days before Michael Brown was killed. Clamoring now means nothing. When the time came for our voices to be heard we were out buying weaves and rims, out drinking beers with the boys and out doing anything but going to the polls. Those who failed to exercise that right, the right to vote out a man who zealously prosecutes Blacks for minor crimes while partnering with one who berated in court even the teenage victims of his client’s sex trafficking crimes, are as much to blame for the death of Michael Brown as is the officer who shot him down.

Airing Our Dirty Laundry Several generations ago even the wealthy hung out their laundry to dry. Driers simply didn’t exist. Ropes strung from one point to the other graced yards across the American landscape where anything from house dresses to bras hung in full view. Today the term is often used when public comments are made about matters that most people keep in the family. It’s that silence, however, that keeps the wounds from healing. As a people we are broken, broken in a different way than those suffering from the diseases of hatred, ignorance, racism and greed. Suffering most often because of that very fact. Racial hatred is alive and well and Blacks walk as the wounded dead. There’s no question that police brutality exists. Only those blinded by the comforts of privilege can ignore the excessive stops and frisks, the grossly disproportionate number of prosecutions, convictions and sentences of African Americans. It’s difficult to pretend that banks have not nickeled and dimed us with excessive and often unjustified fees. It’s impossible to disregard the predatory lending, absentee landlords, payday loan companies, and insurance misdeeds. But somewhere along the line we have to embrace our power to change, not just ourselves but how we are treated. We have to use our faith not just as a means of laying down our burdens but of taking up the sword. For generations we’ve known we have to be ten times better to be considered at all. Yet we are. Even in the midst of oppression, discrimination, covert segregation and judicial abuse, many African Americans have risen to the top, creating fortune 500 companies, heading corporations, teaching in major institutions and topping the charts. We’ve become media moguls and dominate sports. We’ve invented a plethora of inventions and taught the medical world how to cure. We’ve taken our natural beauty and crowned it with grace, we bolster our men as towers of strength and genius whose natural prowess has wrought fear among many. Our women have loved, fought, nursed and persevered, raising men and women alike who have transcended obstacles only hatred could build. Yet, there are those we left behind. Those whose

deep color and kinkier hair create additional barriers that place targets on their backs. There are our brothers and sisters who didn’t have the church, the teacher or the mother sitting at home or climbing the corporate scales. They didn’t have a father who set the rules, wore a suit or even came around. There are our brothers and sisters, brilliant in every way, whose diamonds lost their luster in the abrasive world of trauma, neglect, poverty, and racism and police abuse. Our brothers and sisters who bought the lies that they weren’t as good, as beautiful as worthy or as bright. They learned to hate, not only each other but even themselves. They shoot, kill and ingest their own drugs. They self-medicate on cheap wine and slowly die on heroin and crack. They’re not just forgotten in America, they’ve become the new source of slave labor, delivering themselves up on platters. We can’t ignore their self-sabotage. The decision to ignore traffic laws and simultaneously stash drugs. We can’t ignore their petty thefts that subject them to more time in jail than Wall Street criminals will ever see. We can’t ignore that they choose to carry guns and add years to their time; that they shoot and kill themselves. We can’t ignore that they add bulls eyes on their backs with their pants on the ground and erratically drive with music beckoning stops. At some point, we have to not only expect more but reach back to pull them up. We can’t just deride their dress and never look them in the eye. We can’t hide their mental illness that spawns even more. And yet we also can’t ignore the sheer ignorance of prison. Of answering the cries for help with concrete walls and cold, steel bars. We can’t just respond to those most impacted by years of oppression with a knee jerk reaction of jail. There’s a price to be paid. It’s a price far higher than the $72 billion dollars spent each year to imprison them. It’s a price that cost society the loss of our brilliant and talented Black men, women and children. It’s a price that has robbed us of a culture of self-respect, dignity and hard work and replaced it with self-hatred, welfare checks and lunch. There’s never a free lunch and the price that we pay is high. It’s mind boggling to see a civil and progressive country perpetuate a criminal justice system that has grown eight fold in thirty years. It’s

inconceivable that, when it’s time to vote, we allow politicians to remain in office despite our Black men, and increasingly our women being snatched by the tens of thousands from our homes and away from our children, and forced to work for less than a dollar a day. Most often the victims of crime, African Americans buy into the notion of “you do the time you do the crime”. We ignore the systematic process of criminalizing Black behaviors like pants on the ground, the systemic denial of economic opportunity and the perpetuation of an educational system that spawns primarily workers and creates masses dependent on free food, drugs and checks. We turn over our sons, daughters, father and mothers into a system of neo-slavery and go on about our daily lives lamenting their dreads, their clothing and their speech. Like the good Negro who gladly assisted his Master, we partake of the spoils of a wretched system and blindly feed our own to the wolves. Private prisons or not, the prison industrial complex snatches as many Black men, women and children off the streets of America as the Portuguese stole from Africa. They create laws that we dutifully accept as right and shake our head when June Bug’s sent away. We must do better. As pointed out in a recent article by Pierre Blaine, Address the Institutionalization of Racism (the Killing of Michael Brown) Michael Brown is an example of one who navigated the hurdles of oppression and historical stratification to finish high school and go on to college. He set site on a trade that would elevate him from the very conditions that set a city on fire. While others attempt to taint his character it’s our responsibility to shape the image of Michael Brown and likewise define our youth. It’s our responsibility to protect them from the predators that hunt to kill and create the change we want to see. Dr. Christi M. Griffin Founder and President The Ethics Project Copyright by Dr. Christi M. Griffin 2014 ©


Sara Stokes from MTV’s hit reality show with P. Diddy Making the Band’s “Da Band” is poised for a sensational comeback. Between filming a hot new action film, television and plays, and oh! Yeah! Singing! This beautiful soul finds time for being a fantastic mother and giving back to her community. The sultry songbird has become the spokesperson for ‘Diva Half Marathon and 5k Series,’ at, and recently finished a run for the group. Sweet Sara found a little bit of time for us at Delux, and caught us up on all things Sara Stokes and what to expect soon!

Delux: So we hear you’re working on a movie right now? SS: Yes, We’re filming out in DC. It’s called “Façade,” and it’s pretty much like a Set It Off type of vibe. I’m out here doing action stuff, and robbing banks and all types of crazy stuff. It’s directed by Alexander King. You’re going to get to see a real ‘wild child’ side of me. I’m excited about it. Delux: Tell us a little bit about the character you play in “The Façade” SS: Well, I’m in a group of girls that are crazy, and sexy, and they want that money. We are just running around causing havoc! Delux: Awesome! Sounds like my kind of movie! Walk me through your movie career. I know you’ve done some cool things. SS: Most people remember me from Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story I did with Kenya Moore, and I did 8 Mile, and YaDaDa Movie. I’m a true drama queen, so it works for me. Delux: Do you have any more plans for TV? SS: I’m definitely going to be doing a reality show. Oh, and a stage play in Flint Michigan, called… I am my husband’s mistress. Delux: Girl, you have a lot going on! SS: Girl, I’m running marathons and everything now, it’s crazy! Delux: Dirty! I love it! So a race for equality! That’s dope. What other kinds of philanthropy do you do? SS: I’m always doing philanthropy. Helping. I just feel like “That could have been me.” Ya know? Everyone goes through struggles. Nothing makes me better than anyone else, I definitely help whenever and however I can. I love giving back 58

to the community. I feel like we shouldn’t judge anybody. I don’t want to be judged either because I’m not perfect, so I just don’t judge. Everyone has different walks of life. I’m like the spokesperson for that. I led the way. And wherever I can help out, I do. So the ‘Mud Race for Equality,’ ‘Run Like a Diva,’ yeah, I just do what I can. I’m doing a Christmas show in December with John Legend and I’ll be opening up for him, and it’s a fundraiser for Children’s hospital. It will be televised in Chicago. Definitely giving back to the community. I don’t know what it is about feeling other people’s pain, I just do, and when I can help, I will. Delux: If there’s one thing in the world you could fix today: like you had one superpower was healing the world of ONE thing, what would you fix? There’s so much to fix, it’s hard to choose. What really gets me is when I see children hurting. So I think if I could fix anything, I’d fix children hurting. Every child would have their mother and their father, and just have a good home. Not to mention not starving, and no disease… I would fix that. Something about a child, and seeing pain in their eyes when you see things they’re going through… it’s just not fair. Delux: Did all the marathon running win you the opportunity to be the spokesperson for Voss Water? Definitely. And the water is really clean, tastes really smooth, and has electrolytes in it, so it’s really good and good for you. Delux: You have some music coming


out! We’re very excited to hear about that! You have a new single? SS: Yeah, I’m working with James Worthy. He’s producing a single called “Sneak Peak,” and it’s upbeat with a club vibe. It’s definitely an anthem for women. Look for it October 11! We’ll have a little party, and go all out for it. “Day 26” will come through, and it will be crazy. They’ll be performing. “Da Band,” will come through as well. There will be a lot of surprises. Delux: Tell us about YOU, and how you’re doing. How’s the family? SS: My children are doing fabulous. My son is doing orientation at Michigan State right now. My 18 year old son, yes, and I’m really proud of him. It’s crazy. My daughter Gabby is playing basketball, and is super talented. And my daughter “Eva the Diva” will be coming out with her album soon. She models, and she acts. There’s a lot of talent in my family. You’ll be able to see that pretty soon on my reality show! My life is all over, so I HAVE to have it on a reality show! People will be like, “Oh my goodness!” It’s where I came from in the first place, so I figured, why not come back out on one? Delux: Do you keep up with any of the other members of Da Band? How are they doing? SS: I talk to everyone, and pretty much daily. Everyone is doing their own thing. It’s been some years, now, so everyone is kind of grown up. Actually, we’ll end up getting together again. And maybe on a song, or whatever. You just never know. That’s like my second family, so it’s all love with them.

Delux: Your skin is pretty perfect in pictures. Do you REALLY look like that in real life? What do you do to make it so perfect? I want that secret! SS: I’m crazy about my skin. I do facial exercises, I use apricot scrub. I’d say to not use too many harsh chemicals on your face. It aggravates it. I use dove soap, apricot scrub, and an Oil of Olay moisturizer. Nothing expensive and definitely simple. But definitely use an SPF. You have to stay out of the sun as much as you can, because it can cause so much damage to your skin. Everyone’s skin is different. But definitely stick to a regimented care system. Nothing too harsh. I could talk about skin all day! I do have my esthetics license! I did go to school, and pass state boards. I’m very excited about that. One day, I’ll have a skin care line, and makeup line. Delux: Any final thoughts? SS: Just want to say “Thanks” for my fans - my extended family - who say they can’t wait for me to come back out there, and who are looking out for me and supporting me with their kind words. No matter what has gone on with me, or my struggles in the media, they are definitely out there supporting, and I appreciate that. Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/sara.stokes.330 Twitter: @Sara_Stokes Instagram: Sara_Stokes


delux TRAVEL

begins each with an introductory foot treatment that combines essential oils and natural herbs. Auriga’s signature treatments, called “Tapping into the Rhythm,” are based on the lunar cycles and changing seasons. The spa designer, the world acclaimed Sylvia Sepielli, has drawn heavily on the local natural healing culture, curanderismo. Auriga is truly a special place and unique in its conception from other Mexican luxury spas.

Contact Information:

CAPELLA PEDREGAL Camino del Mar 1, Fraccionamiento El Pedregal, 23455 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Phone:+52 624 163 4300

CABO San Lucus

Majestic in aura, Capella Pedregal astounds the eye with its breathtaking location and luminous design. Come, experience perfection in one of Mexico’s preeminent destinations.

Situated on a secluded parcel of land on the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, the hotel has been a destination for celebrities and VIPs alike. Its unique location offers peaceful solitude due to the limited access through a 300-meter long private tunnel, Dos Mares. The more lively Cabo San Lucas is only a short five-minute walk for those who feel the need to venture out of seclusion. The history of this majestic site stems from the same need for escape that visitors to the Capella Pedregal often feel. In the early 1970s, Manual Diaz Rivera left Mexico City to discover this untouched land near the small fishing village of Cabo. After purchasing the land in 1974, architect and family patriarch Don Manuel developed the 360acre site into one of Mexico’s preeminent neighborhoods, Pedregal de Cabo. Thirty years later, Don Manual’s oldest grandson took the lead to develop the last

untouched site that would become Capella Pedregal in 2009. Capella’s design features the charming Spanish architecture that is emblematic of Mexico’s romance. Contrasted with the pueblo architecture are modern embellishments that give a sleek feel to the setting. Central to the resort is a grand pool that saunters through the main deck area mimicking a lazy stream. The pool is built up from the sand, so loungers have an uninhibited view of the stunning coastline. Capella’s unique location at the meeting point of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez offers visitors frequent opportunities to see humpback whales off the coast. The hotel is built around its picturesque ocean setting with guestrooms and hotel amenities facing the water. There’s hardly a place on the resort without a magnificent view. Because of the dry climate of the Baja Coast, Capella enjoys ideal weather almost year round. The resort has come to expect its typical pattern of 300 days of sunshine annually so much so that it offers a Rain Free Vacation Guarantee. Guests receive a complimentary night for a future stay at Capella in the event of

rain during their visit. A relatively small resort, Capella offers 96 guestrooms that are as comfortable as they are aesthetically stunning. Rooms feature Spanish charms coupled with all the modern conveniences. Each room includes custom furnishings, a cozy fireplace, a central computer system for room preferences, wireless internet, and a LCD television. Amenities unique to Capella include telescopes for stargazing, complimentary binoculars for whale watching, and an infinity plunge pool on a private terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The renowned Auriga Spa blends a uniquely Bajan vision combined with the fascinating tradition of Mexican folk healing. While offering an array of treatments, Auriga


St. Louis draws record numbers for World Naked Bike Ride


espite record high temperatures last, this year’s 7th annual World Naked Bike Ride in St. Louis drew record-shattering crowds, with an estimated 2,500 cyclists participating in various stages of dress and undress as part of an international event to protest oil dependency, raise awareness of cyclist rights and vulnerability on the road, and advocate positive body image. And while the ride itself attracted huge participants, the event’s pre-and-post ride party in the Grove saw over 6,000 visitors who came out to eat, drink, dance and take in the festivities along Manchester Avenue! This year’s ride marks St. Louis as the third largest World Naked Bike Ride of 70 participating cities, following Portland and Philadelphia, and for the first time, surpasses attendance of Chicago’s ride. “While the first 6 years for the WNBR were great, we took the ride to a whole new level this year,” ride organizer Tatyana Telnikova said. “The overwhelming support by our riders, spectators, partner organizations and businesses, and business districts has grown the ride tremendously.” Dozens of businesses and residents hosted watching parties along the route to cheer on the ride, including an official cheer station in Soulard. The ride draws participants from throughout the region, including Nashville, Chicago, Springfield, Kansas City and more. “The ride is putting St. Louis on the map as a bike friendly, environmentally and globally conscious, creative and inclusive city,” said Telnikova. This year’s 12 mile route was led by off-duty SLMPD working for The City’s Finest, adding to the safety and flow of ride. The route included several popular St. Louis commercial districts, including South Grand, Cherokee, Soulard, Benton Park, Downtown, Washington Ave, Midtown and the Grove. There was a WNBR van trailing the riders, to pick up cyclists experiencing fatigue or mechanical problems. No major incidents or arrests were reported.



Over 20 organizations and businesses participated in the event, including New Belgium Beer, The Grove Community Improvement District, HandleBar, Spoked Couriers, Atomic Cowboy, Just John’s, O’Shay’s, The Gramophone Sandwich and Bottle Shop, Great Rivers Greenway, Citizens for Modern Transit, Randy’s Recycled Cycles, STL-Style, Family Care Health Center, Planned Parenthood, Aventura Apartments, Mangrove Redevelopment, IFC Films, The City’s Finest, Riverfront Times, and more. To get involved or for more information about WNBR St. Louis, visit http://www., visit, or email to get on their mailing list.


In a concerted effort to rebrand itself from Missouri Fashion Week to Missouri Style Week, creators Cillah Hall and Kristie Lee pulled out all of the stops to make this the one of the most successful fashion productions in the state. Held in the heart of St. Louis Grand Center, the Moto Museum was transformed into the glamorous hub for vendor shopping, live entertainment, delectable refreshments and high fashion. The colossal audience was treated each night, August 20-23, to audacious opening acts and runway shows featuring some of the hottest designers from St. Louis to Puerto Rico! Some of the runway highlights included RAW Artist of the Year Yoro Creations, Famed Accessory Designer Stevie Boi, whose pieces have been worn by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, and our hometown pride Shan Keith, finalist on Lifetime Televisionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Project Runway: Under the Gunn. Photos are courtesy of The Photo Chic Photography

the Lounge 28 Party at Stadium Sports Bar & Grill Photos are courtesy of Red Razor Media

[Who Got Next?] i n t r o d u c i n g :


Words by: Leneia Weston | Photo by: Lawrence Bryant

What made you decide to become a DJ? My love for partying/dancing at an early age made me want to be a DJ. When I started high school my older brother’s friends used to spin at all the parties, and when they left for college there was no one left to DJ. So out of necessity, to keep the parties going, I started collecting records & saving up for equipment. I was always the kid in the center of the dance floor getting the party started so I felt like an authority! I knew what records to play & all the breaks in the records that got everybody hype. “Who better than me to control the crowd?” I thought. What was the defining moment of your career? I’ve had a few defining moments, but the biggest moment was my first appearance as guest DJ on BET 106 & Park. There have been plenty of big events with celebrities & I’ve been on TV previously but this was the first time I felt like “Momma I made it!” LOL! I was so proud to tell my family & to have them all tune in & watch. Another defining moment was the first time I was booked overseas. I played at a big event in London & it symbolized the beginning of my big dream to travel the world deejaying everywhere! What is the best advice you can give to young women today looking to be a DJ? For anybody looking to become a DJ the most important thing is to do it for the love! Not for money or fame although that may come later. To be a great DJ you must be selfless… It’s all about creating moments for others to enjoy. You must be patient because it takes a lot of practice & dedication before you become any good. But perhaps most important you must be a student to the game. You should love it before you ever touch a set of turntables. Never bite anyone’s style: but it’s important to see what the greats are doing. It will inspire you & give you the fuel you need to develop your own style. Specific advice for young women is: don’t be discouraged by a male dominated music industry. There are more advantages to being a female DJ than there are disadvantages. For starters, there so many more male DJ’s, so use that as an edge. So many events look specifically for female DJ’s. Don’t make the mistake of trying to play a masculine set to “prove” yourself. But above all else - be good at it!! There are plenty of female “DJ’s” that get booked because of their look or because they model or sing. But not all of them can actually DJ well. So for a female DJ who studies her craft and becomes really good, you will have a big advantage over the ladies that are just doing it to look cute. Who are some of your personal music icons? My music icons are the greats that I grew up on; Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye. Those guys made timeless classics and they sang & performed from their heart. They not only had immense talent, but they had passion for what they do. I grew up in the 80’s, so Hip Hop runs through my blood. Artists like Run DMC, Big daddy Kane, & EPMD were heavy influences as well. Moving into the 90’s, (the golden era) my favorite artists were Biggie, SuperCat, Mary J. Blige, Wu- Tang, and Jay-Z. On the DJ tip, my biggest influences were Kid Capri, DJ Scratch & D-Nice.

Every now and then there is an entertainer with a REAL story! A background of inevitable struggle and authentic adversity. Bursting into the music industry with his smash hit “Bomb Bomb” featuring Ace Hood of Cash Money Records, singer D Lux is establishing himself amongst his musical peers but his start in life, almost over before it even began, is one of heartbreaking struggle and emotional hardship.


Singing at age 3, most parents would have marveled at the adorable sound but D Lux did his singing amongst the many foster homes he was shipped in and out of until he was 18. Taken away from his mother at birth, he would grew up without the normalcy of a stable family and the relationships of his biological parents. With every reason to be discouraged, he was more determined than ever and now, at the age of 25, he is a recording artist that is closer to his dream than most would ever

had imagined! Catching up with D Lux before his Kansas City show, he was pumped up and full of energy. As he measured his marks during sound check, his voice filled the room with soulful melodies and high octave precision. It was no doubt that he was a talented singer and that he had been working on his craft for quite some time. There were no visible nerves, no vocal challenges and his mind seemed to be focused on charming the ladies and providing a soundtrack that would set the mood for the fellas to get the lady of their choice. When asked about performing, D Lux said “I love performing and hope that the people continue to love me and enjoy my music.” In this Milwaukee native’s new mixtape, No Filters, hosted by DJ Khalid, D Lux says, “You will be entertained. My sounds are a mix of all my musical influences and

you will be able to hear that in my unique sound.” His current single, “Bomb Bomb”, is currently in rotation and circulating major city radio airwaves and Sirius Radio. It even made the spin of DJ Envy in the wildly popular New York morning show on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club which includes influential radio personalities Angela Yee and Charlemagne the God. With rigorous workout regimens to maintain his hot body physique and his goal to be what he calls, “The singing LL {Cool J}” D Lux sang one more ballet in sound check before heading out with his entourage to finish his workout and get ready for his show. D Lux’s single, “Bomb Bomb” featuring Ace Hood is available on iTunes and his official website is



@tequilaavion @tequilaavion



Profile for DELUX Magazine

DELUX MAGAZINE 5 Year Anniversary Edition  

When the five founders, Keith Griffin, Kyle Griffin, Brian Shields, Michael Winfield, and Lawrence “LB” Bryant all came together, they combi...

DELUX MAGAZINE 5 Year Anniversary Edition  

When the five founders, Keith Griffin, Kyle Griffin, Brian Shields, Michael Winfield, and Lawrence “LB” Bryant all came together, they combi...