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Vodka at its Purus Purus Vodka is made from 100% organic wheat and pristine water from the Italian Alps. It is column distilled five times and filtered for a distinctively clean, smooth velvety finish.

Purus Vodka - Refined Spirit

Purus Vodka has received Highest Recommendation from Wine Enthusiast magazine’s Top 50 Spirits of 2010, adding to our growing collection of accolades.


PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY © 2011 Purus® Organic Wheat Vodka, 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof), Imported from Italy. St. Louis, MO



french & creole inspired eats hand crafted drinks funk & soul driven beats


5OO n. 14th street . downtown . saint louis . 314.621.7277 . /loftylola . @lolastl

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Copia 314.241.9463 1122 Washington Avenue

The Dubliner 314.421.4300 1025 Washington Avenue

Hilton St. Louis 314.436.0002 400 Olive Street

Jade 314.425.2900 910 Olive Street

Jive & Wail 314.781.7000 1227 Washington Avenue

Lucas Park Grille 314.241.7770 1234 Washington Avenue

Martini’s Lounge 314.241.9500 200 South 4th Street

Mosaic 314.621.6001 1001 Washington Avenue

Ozzie’s Restauraunt 314.241.0100

Rosalita’s Cantina 314.621.2700 1235 Washington Avenue

Shula’s 314.241.7267 411 N. 8th Street

1511 Washington Avenue

Flannery’s 314.241.8885 1324 Washington Avenue

Grand Hall Bar 314.802.6200 One St. Louis Union Station

Hard Rock Cafe 314.621.7625 450 St. Louis Union Station

Landry’s 314.231.4040 350 St. Louis Union Station

Lola 314.621.7277 500 N. 14th Street

Nara Cafe & Hookah Lounge

314.588.0051 1326 Washington Avenue

Over/Under 314.621.8881 911 Washington Avenue

TGI Friday’s 314.241.8443

Westin St. Louis 314.552.5850 811 Spruce Street

529 Chestnut Street

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Mother Nature strikes again but

How aware are you of the need

twitter saved the day. Lola’s, Chris

for organ and tissue donors? This

Henson turns twitter into a packed

organization strives to enhance the


lives of recipients and their families.




Fellow Missourian shares what its like

Chef Bobby Tessler creates gourmet

to be a bad girl.

Wings made anyway you want ‘em!




Enter the lives of retired football

We could all use more financial

players Orlando Pace and roland

stability and education about our


banking needs. PNC is giving this gift to the St. Louis community.

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SHOP LOCAL Looking for somewhere new to shop,

Open for more than 3 decades, this

eat, have a drink, or just hang out…

is a hidden gem located near the

check out our favorite local picks!

Botanical Gardens.

Tell’em Delux sent ya!




With the start of school around

From the Loop to South Grand,

the corner, Delux has broken

eateries to tattoo shops – we’ve got

down the details of local St. Louis

your latest destinations laid out for






A journey through the African

Check the the pics from St. Louis’

American imprint left on the world.

hottest events filled with St. Louisians

Superbowl Champion roland Williams sits down with DELUX writers and talks about new ventures, life, charity, and keeping it all balanced. pg 38





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Editor’s Chaos

ST LOUIS -- We are making it happen. 3 months 3 issues. I must say this monthly process is a little more demanding but we enjoy the challege. Hope everyone enjoyed last issue its was unique in its own way. This issue seemed to be a little more “grown up” but thats a good thing... Our new friends Roland Williams and Orlando Pace take the feature this month and we learn that they arent just football players but also a force in the community for our youth. Flip through -- then read through and check out how LOLA used twitter to secure a rain out show as well as how Tech reigns Supreme... (Brooklyn loves The Force!!) Anyway Im not long going to ramble on.... tell us what you think See you next month!!



krispy who? The Botanical Garden Hidden Gem 1904 S. Vandeventer Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 314-776-9975 Hours: Mon.-Fri., 4 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Sat.-Sun., 4 a.m.-3 p.m Cuisine: Doughnuts and Baked Goods Meals Served: Breakfast Price Range: $ (Under $9) World’s Fair Doughnuts is as synonymous with St. Louis as the Arch. Open for more than 31 years, it’s a small town donut shop just as it should be, with a huge glass case of gleaming goodness from glazed and cake doughnuts to fried pies and apple fritters. You simply can’t eat just one—and for only 50 cents each, it’s easy to splurge and indulge in a dozen, or two. This is my favorite doughnut shop of all time. Every time I go there it feels like I traveled back to the 1920s.

They have the same people working there probably since it opened many, many decades ago. They still use the same cash register from 1910. They don’t accept credit cards so bring cash money. If you get an x amount of doughnuts they do the math right on the bag with the goods. Businesses are just not run like this anymore. They truly believe in what they are selling. Not like walking into some chain food place and having to deal with a kid who clearly hates the job and feels irritated anytime you try to ask a question that requires cranial effort. Sorry, I’m blabbering now. Anyway, they have a great selection of sugary concoctions that will please the wallet of your favorite dentist. Brush, brush, brush after devouring these treats.

Contributors Talancia Pea Talancia Pea is a Louisiana native on a mission to make a place for herself in Saint Louis’ magazine industry. She is a sustainable fashion and style blogger for with work published in several local magazines and newspapers. In her free time she enjoys volunteering, going to outdoor concerts and spending time with her family.

Ryan Little Born in East St. Louis, Ryan’s talents have only aided him to the top of the Marketing scene for several years. You can only describe so many things that a man can do in his lifetime through words. But it takes a lifetime to be the man you want to be. I always strive for the best and work the hardest I can to make my mark. Needless to say, if you need it I CAN DO IT.

4142 Martin Luther King St Louis MO 63113 | 314-531-5223




PJ MORTON The LOLA Impromtu Fed By Twitter by Tiffany Nashville


ourth of July weekend brings to mind the aroma of chicken on the grill, relaxing in the sun with family and friends, and Fair St. Louis with its outstanding FREE musical acts underneath the Arch. Well this year, Mother Nature has been in full effect; bringing with her morethan-usual bipolar weather to St. Louis. From tornadoes to thunderstorms to temps way above or even drastically below average temperatures… one can’t tell from day to day what the weather will do. Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 was no exception. Set to perform pre-fireworks were Maroon 5 and opening act PJ Morton.


was very excited because I’ve seen PJ Morton, son of pastors Bishop Paul S. Morton and Dr. Debra B. Morton and author of “Why Can’t I Sing About Love?”, in concert once before. I must say I’d been patiently awaiting his return to St. Louis ever since. While tweeting during the heavy storm on eve of the 4th, I saw his show was canceled. Talk about disappointed!! My entire evening plans had been canceled seeing as after the cancelation of PJ came that of Maroon 5 and even the fireworks. The torrential rain

stopped before these events were set to take place, but I understand the powers that be must err on the side of caution.


hanks to the help of local musical-enthusiasts, a new concert was set up within hours! I was able to keep up with tweets from Urban/Pop/Christian artist Jai, Post-Dispatch music/nightlife reporter Kevin C. Johnson, and events planner Vanita Applebum. While some fans tweeted multiple options from Exo to someone’s basement, a venue was found that could support PJ’s 6-piece band immediately! It just so happened to be one of my favorite eateries and live music spots, Lola at Washington and 14th. I believe many thought they’d catch a glimpse of Adam Levine who tweeted PJ asking permission to sing Heavy, but he was a no-show (not that I was expecting him). However, PJ held it down on his own and I’m sure he made new fans on the Lola main stage singing his top hits from his musical career!


ersonally, I really appreciate an artist who is serious about his craft, enjoys interacting with fans, and loves performing positive music. PJ Morton could have hung out with band mates in his hotel room or found a lowkey event in the city of St. Louis to attend…but instead he gave the fans what they want! We traveled with him on a musical journey through “Blah Blah Blah”, “Don’t Ever Leave”, “The One”, and a jam he sings with Tweet, “Love You More” (in which he brought Tiffany Elle on stage to blow). I look forward to the next concert from PJ Morton because he has yet to give anything less than his best!


ou can find more information on PJ Morton’s music and tour dates via twitter @PJMORTON or on his fan page on Facebook.

ADIOS! TO THE FLYINGSAUCER The saucer-shaped structure formally home to Del Taco officially closed its doors Thursday, June 30 to area residents and Martians alike. Local residents and college students will have to get their late-night taco fix elsewhere. Words By: Kristyn Potter


ocated at 212 South Grand Boulevard, the building, famously known for its obscure architecture, has a good deal of history behind it. In the 1960’s, the building was home to a Phillips 66 gas station and along with three nearby buildings made up ‘Council Plaza’- constructed for a senior citizen housing development plan. All four buildings were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.


urrent drama over the building surrounds Board Bill #118- a proposed bill that would provide tax abatement to redevelop the property and potentially fund a buildings demolition; however, any developer wishing to demolish historical property would still need to get approval from the Preservation Board. From the “Save St. Louis Del Taco” Facebook page to an area rally last week, St. Louisans are more than vocal on their perspective of demolishing the building and are hoping to gain support from the Landmarks Association of St. Louis for its preservation.


he buildings’ owner is looking into finding a new tenant, but wishes to demolish it if no one steps up to save the “saucer”. Members of the Facebook page are suggesting ‘In-N-Out burger’, a California staple, or perhaps ‘Ted Drewes’, a St. Louis favorite. Only time will tell what happens to this building that many have enjoyed for decades on end.



DELUX U. EDITION St. Louis University’s John Cook Business School ranked in US News as Top 25 in America


SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY 3500 LINDELL BLVD | ST. LOUIS MO Writers: Tiffany S. Nashville & Philip Blanks

Finishing high school is a must in today’s economy, but its almostimpossible to find a stable job that one thoroughly enjoys, with benefits and enough money to do more than just pay the bills. This is where having a college degree comes in handy. According to an MSNBCarticle, “Even if an employee has years of experience and a proven track record, they may hit the no-highereducation glass ceiling. Workers over 18 with a bachelor’s degree earn nearly double what their counterparts make with only a high school education earn, Census Bureau data shows.” Yes, college can be expensive, but it can also pay off in the end. Our DELUX writers have researched and give you the rundown of the topuniversities in the area. Lindenwood University, St. Louis University,Webster University, Harris-Stowe University, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Washington University each have something different to offer as far as their educational programs, financial assistance, and extra-curricular activities. One of these schools might fit your budget, schedule, and even your personality.

22 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

Saint Louis University, located in the infamous Grand Art District, is one of the best schools in America. Founded in 1818, the Catholic/Jesuit affiliated school has students from all 50 states and over 70 different countries. SLU even has a campus in Madrid, Spain! With close to 100 undergraduate degrees and 50 graduate degrees, SLU offers a vast array of programs to choose from. Their School of Medicine expels some of the top physicians in the area. They also offer a Pre-Law program to help prepare you for some of the top law schools in the country. Among its graduates are Freeman Bosley, Jr., first African American mayor of St. Louis, August Busch IV, former President and CEO of the Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., and William Lacey Clay, Sr., U.S. Congressman representing Missouri from 1969-2001. You may also remember how Larry Hughes started at St. Louis University before being drafted to the NBA during his freshman year to Philadelphia 76ers. The best of the best attend SLU!



LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY Lindenwood University, founded in 1827, is located in St. Charles, MO – about a 30-minute drive from downtown. More popular for their Teaching/Education programs, Lindenwood offers over 120 degree programs, both graduate and undergraduate. With campuses located in Belleville, North County, South County, Westport, and St. Louis City [to name a few], Lindenwood strives in convenience. They even offer an evening program specifically for working adults. Aside from academics, these Lions/Lady Lions have eased their way into the NCAA division for athletics with 48 varsity teams, including Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and Track & Field. They’ve won 43 National Championships in the past 10 years. As far as tuition, the full-time undergraduate tuition rate for 2011-12 is $13,650 [12-18 credit hours] and $6,825 for grads [9-15 credit hours]. But don’t worry – Lindenwood offers numerous scholarships based upon various qualifications, so don’t be scared!

WEBSTER UNIVERSITY Webster University is one of the most cultural-driven schools in St. Louis. With campuses all over the world, you have the opportunity learn a different culture while obtaining your degree. They are also known for their comprehensive online education program, in which they offer over 25 online degree and certificate programs. Webster offers cultural organizations and clubs for its students, including the African Student Association [no you don’t have to be from Africa], the Chinese Student Association [again, no you don’t have to be from China], and the Japanese Student Association. Tuition is around $22,000 a year for undergrads . Harris Stowe University is a HBCU at it finest, and now I see why. HSSU is one of the oldest HBCUs in the country! HSSU offers 14 Bachelor of Science degree programs, ranging from biology to hospitality and tourism management. In addition to the BS programs, they even offer general education studies for those who still haven’t figured out what they want to be when we grow up. Harris Stowe’s mission in a nutshell is to address the higher education needs of the St. Louis region and also offers other academic opportunities. Harris Stowe has student driven activities, so students are able to receive a well rounded college experience all while the school remains: affordable, accessible, and last but not least, diverse. 24 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY You cannot mention the city of St. Louis without mentioning the world-renowned Washington University In St. Louis. WASHU is one of the most prestigious universities, not only in St. Louis, but also throughout the nation. WASHU is known for its programs dealing with medicine and business. Students come from around the world to receive the top education given at Washington University. At every great school there is a wonderful staff behind it. The majority of staff members are decorated with doctorate or other professional degrees in their fields. Many have received recognition from many sources ranging from the Pulitzer to the National Academy of Sciences. But back to the students since you can’t have school without them. Just last fall WASHU received about 25000 freshman applicants and only a little over 1600 were accepted.

WASHU has over 200 student organizations to choose from. The organizations vary from clubs to special interest groups and they also have 19 athletic teams that are apart of the University Athletic Association (UAA). The WASHU Bears have competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. In addition to the activities, the students and the staff are distinguished by their research and creative projects. Twentythree Noble Laureates have been

associated university. Located in the heart of the city, stop by and see why Washington University is classified among the best.



UNIVERSITY MISSOURI-ST LOUIS University of Missouri St. Louis should be on your list if you’re looking for a place to continue your education; why you might ask? They rank 9th nationally and are 1st in the Midwest region for Universities that offer 15 or fewer doctoral programs. Not only are the highly ranked, they also projected for their 2010-2011 school year that their students will receive over $135 million in financial aid from the school and other

various sources. Who couldn’t use some extra school cash? School is more than education, right? Well they also have an athletic department with 11 sports to choose from; the cherry on top is they offer sports scholarships to students but retaining a grade point average of a 3.0.




ESSENTIALS By: Kristyn Potter & Tiffany S Nashville

Apple has done it again! The iPad and iPad 2 have more features than any tablet claiming to be its competition. The most recent member of the Apple family, iPad 2, has two cameras for FaceTime and even HD video recording.

Both versions outperform many products in stores today. You can purchase apps to stay up-to-date with your class notes, keep up with your daily schedule and social calendar, and browse the latest gossip news stories.

The battery life is up to 10 hours. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous version. But don’t consider iPad [1] to be extinct. It can now be found for lower prices all over the web.

If you’re a techie, this just may be the best toy you ever purchased!

#1 iPad APPLE Going back to school doesn’t have to be a killjoy with these popular tech devices .


26 | DELUX Magazine JULY 2011

THE REST OF THEM IN HERE... You still want this stuff though





A backpack with 4 Watts of power? Yes, its possible to sunbathe while charging your phone. An hour of sunbathing gives you 3 hours of phone talk time. Most devices are compatible with the Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack.

Apple just released its newest operating system, OS X Lion and with a $100 app credit at the App Store this is definitely the route you should take for your computing (and gaming) needs.

A great app for keeping track of the grades needed in your assignments and tests. You only have to enter the desired grade your are aiming for and the app will calculate the rest.

This cell speaks for itself. Only iPhone has the Retina display, the highest-resolution screen on a phone. Only iPhone has iPod and iTunes built in. And the fact that all your friends have one means you need one too!








Red Bull isn’t just a drink getting you through those long study nights. Their website provides a newsletter with updates on the Red Bull world, an online shop, and features on athletes and teams.

Why oh why wouldn’t you want your own personal refrigerator next to your dorm room bed? Everyone gets the munchies while doing homework. This way you have snacks at arm’s length.

The Corsair Flash Drive should be every student and young professional’s go-to device for storing important data, 20-page papers, and your entire music collection. It can be dropped into a lake, and still retain all of your data

According to Dr. Dre, most headphones can’t handle the bass, details, and dynamics producers work so hard to perfect. These headphones give you that freshout-the-studio quality to suit your music needs .








Shelly Rae grew up in O’Fallon, MO. After high school, like most graduates, her next step was college. She went to St. Charles Community College and took up nursing, but soon found out that nursing was not her forte. “I took up nursing and realized it was not my passion because I couldn’t handle death.” Shortly thereafter, she moved into the city, became a bartender and has been here ever since. “There is something magical about this city. I’ve lived all over, from Jefferson to right off of Washington.” She was drawn to the city, by the culture, the art, and the different sights that you cannot find anywhere else like The Arch and Union Station, which are unique to our city. Shelly enjoys just walking around and appreciating the different cites in St. Louis. Some of her other favorite places to go in the city include Rehab Bar and Grill and Club Amnesia. Shelly describes herself as “honest, even when you don’t want me to be. And I’m respectful. I’m one of the most loving people in the world, strong willed, hard headed, and pretty much amazing.” She wants people to know that being a “Bad Girl” is not a negative thing. “It’s not about who can yell the loudest, it’s about standing up for what you believe in and being comfortable with who you are as a person. And being a *itch only when necessary.” Get ready for this new season of Bad Girls Club to be completely different from any of the previous seasons. “The girls are just different than before, it’s a new place, and we got to do things that the past seasons haven’t been able to do. I’m very thankful that I was on this season and not any of the other ones.” Please don’t be fooled with the glitz and glamour surrounded around being on reality show. This Bad Girl says that nothing about her has changed and is she is satisfied with who she is and knows what she wants out of life. So make sure you tune into Oxygen and support Missouri’s own, Shelly Rae, on the latest season of the “Bad Girls Club.”

#THEDELUXSIX The DELUX staff has varying interests and likes to have a good time!

Here we’re showcasing a few things we enjoy from the latin feel of Zumba dancing andthe loungeatmosphere of Exo to new ways to recycle unused items and the plethora of wines at Stone Hill Winery. If you’re bored or you think the STL area (and beyond) has little to offer, check out a few our options.


Since the grand opening in September 2008, Exo has consistently provided reasonably priced food and drinks. At times, different music is played on the first and second level, offering a variety of music for your listening pleasure. This two-level venue is capable of comfortably opening its doors to a few hundred guests with the help of its large outdoor patio. The patio provides ample, plush seating for the warm summer nights. Indoors there are lavish couches, ottomans,

and bar stools, accompanied by brick walls and floor-to-ceiling windows with delicate curtains that enhance the modern, loft-like style. The décor consists of earth-tones, hardwood flooring, and swank paintings, which add to this upscale environment. Whether joining friends for happy hour, supporting fundraising events, or simply club-hopping for a night of excitement…enter the doors of Exo!!


Upcycling is a timeless practice which dates back to when our grandmothers sewed together patches of fabric to create beautiful quilts and used old newspapers to wrap Christmas presents. William McDonough and Michael Braungart, authors of Cradle to Cradle, coined the term “upcycling” and defined it as creating new and useful products from things you may consider trash. Self-taught designer, Samantha Miller’s love

for upcycling began after she purchased a vibrant, multi-colored wallet made from candy wrappers. She was inspired by its inventive style and decided to open her business, Everything….S.A.M. (Save All Materials). Miller creates one-of-akind upcycled handbags and accessories from recycled aluminum pulltabs from soda cans, preconsumer (misprinted or defected) candy wrappers and seat belts, just to name a few of the showcased materials. “I believe you’ve reached

a new level of ingenuity and style when you can take a used product that served its initial purpose and transform it into something completely different and fashionworthy. Together we can be a huge force in teaching the next generation to respect the planet and its’ resources by upcycling materials,” said Miller. Start upcycling your used items into something eco-friendly and chic, or what I like to call “ecochic” today. Check out for helpful tips and tricks.


Its success lies in the fact that it’s fun. Based on four essential dance rhythms; styles ranging from samba to hip-hop, Zumba makes people forget they’re exercising. Zumba facilitates the mind-body connection through an hour-long interval training class, combining vigorous aerobics with slow-resistance exercises. Participants burn between 500-1,000 calories while sculpting and toning major muscles. It also relieves stress and strengthens the core. Between music and dancing, Zumba isn’t the average workout: it’s a party.


XL Urban Media is a universe of music, videos, and current events found in a stylish realm of the blogosphere. People can find out what’s hot (and what’s not) and stay up on the latest trends by reading reviews.


Not just a clothing co., but an entity that allows shoppers to collect quality products. Built on a desire to please the external community, Iamme, has been designing for several years. Now, on the cusp of broadening their market value, they have decided to focus solely on the collector in each individual.


Nestled among the rolling hillsides of the Missouri River, in a countryside reminiscent of Germany’s Rhine Valley, is the little town of Hermann. Perched prominently on one of these hills, with a commanding view of the village, is Stone Hill Winery. Established in 1847, Stone Hill grew to be the second largest winery in the United States. The wines were world-renowned, winning gold medals in eight’s fairs, including Vienna in 1873 and Philadelphia in 1876. By the turn of the century, the winery was shipping 1,250,000 gallons of wine per year. Choose from Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling, and Dessert wines. Go to for more information.

The only difference is that this Perimeter Game is not played on the court but in your local market. You see, when you are trying to lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight it is always important to base your eating habits around more whole foods rather than the processed ones. So what does this Perimeter Game have to do with this tip? Well, if you look at the layout of your neighborhood grocery store they all tend to follow a pattern. If you look down the aisles of the store you will see all of the processed junk with the nice pretty pictures on the packages. Yes these pictures look great,

but if you were to look at the ingredients in these packages you would be amazed at how much junk is in them.

M.B.A, CPT, MS-Health Education Candidate



Even though Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant may have perfected it... we all possess the power to have this skill. No I am not talking about 360 dunks and a sweet jumper- I am talking about our ability to develop our “Perimeter Game”.

This is why we want to stay on the “perimeter” of the store... because that is where you will find your whole and/ or non-processed foods. You will find your fruits, veggies, meats and dairies all along the perimeter of the JOHN LEWISstore. So next time you go to the grocery store, think about displaying your new talent and play your “PERIMETER GAME.” www.RawFit.TV


NOBESITY: Empowering Conscious Evolution Through Nutrition, Fitness and Self-Mastery | 305.320.3260

32 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011



Take a journey through trials and triumphs while exploring nearly 500 years of African American contributions to the economic, political, cultural, and spiritual development of the United States. words by Tiffany S. Nashville

America I AM: The African American


Africans left their imprint on the world; that’s undeniable! African resourcefulness helped create a new culture. Sixteen million were forced to travel from Africa to the Americas and nearly four million died along the way.

“Tavis Smiley presents America I AM: The African American Imprint” celebrates how African Americans have shaped American 34 | DELUX Magazine JULY 2011

economics, politics, culture, and spirituality. Designed to unite and educate people of all races, ages, and religious backgrounds, the exhibition showcases several hundred artifacts and replicas dating all the way back to the 1700s. Among those were items made by slaves including furniture, hand-woven blankets, and even silverware. Also featured are Negro League baseball memorabilia, personal items belonging to Shirley Chilsom, Malcolm X, Alex Haley, Etta James, and many more, as well as items that help tell the story of those who were enslaved.

For history buffs and those interested in learning more about the African and African American culture, past and present, this exhibit is a must!! I was definitely inspired and moved by the story of those who took a stand for what they knew was right even though it cost many their lives. Tickets range from free to no more than $8 and the exhibit will be in St. Louis until September 25, 2011. |w Missouri History Museum – Forest Park

ROLANDWILLIAMS &ORLANDOPACE fusing football +entertainment + education By: Tiffany S. Nashville Photos: Lawrence Bryant

Partnering edgy and innovative styles to the postgame world, retired NFL players Orlando Pace and Roland Williams make a good team. They have a good balance to their friendship. Orlando is reserved and doesn’t say as much, but has more swag and fashion sense. By his side is Roland, more outgoing but is okay with not being the fashionable type; he’d prefer to keep it simple. Roland speaks highly of Orlando saying he’s smart, funny, and witty. Using his smarts, Orlando sought advice for life after retirement, and asked Roland about getting into broadcasting. One conversation lead to another and the idea for hosting their own show was born. Roland shared, “We’ve known each other since 1998, won a Super Bowl together [with the Rams], and spent a lot of time together while working next to each other. Literally. We were six inches apart most of the time.” So they’ve had ample time to get to know one another. The O & Ro Show derived from an idea to work in broadcasting together, but they plan to put a spin on it and make it unique from all other shows. Together, their plan is to make Sunday a diverse party to represent the wide range of football fans. “We believe football is an artistic expression of energy that deserves a fresh face,” states Roland Williams. Lumière Place’s Stadium Sports Bar, Grill, & Lounge is just the venue to make this happen. The atmosphere is breathtaking from the brick columns painted in a stylish gold tone to the plush, leather couches and love seats among the main seating area. This upscale, yet comfortable restaurant serves delicious, reasonably priced food (which I took pleasure in a couple times after my first visit) and no matter where you sit, you have an excellent view of the plethora of televisions on varying sports networks. Roland admits, “Lumière Place is our

36 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

largest supporting sponsor. During a reception held in the Stadium this past June, I was blown away. It’s my new ‘hot spot’,” he adds. Orlando and Roland want to showcase each of their strengths and redefine the way sports is talked about post-game. For example, women make up 45% of buying power for the NFL. This is a HUGE percentage. However, no one caters to this vastly growing group. The O & Ro Show will. Orlando states, “We just want to be able to interact with everyone in the crowd and have a good time.” This includes all sports fans, no matter their gender or racial differences. The show will be broadcast on 590 THEFAN and Fox Sports Net Midwest But, better than that, you can come down to the Stadium in Lumière Place EVERY Sunday, watch the game, and enjoy a live post-game show afterwards. They plan to have raffles and will even give out door prizes for those in attendance from spas to cruises! The show will highlight the diversity of sports. “We’ll touch on the female perspective and we’ll represent all racial aspects of football; something for everybody,” according to Roland. Both Orlando and Roland enjoy their time spent with family and friends in laidback atmospheres, but sometimes you want more! “In my opinion, there are not enough fun outlets in St. Louis. Lumière Place has done a great job saying they want to be a place where we can all have fun. Plus [in my opinion] the Stadium is the best sports bar in St. Louis,” Roland declares. The focus of course will be on the game, but “Its like one of those plates your granny would be really happy about. You got ya protein, and your different greens, your bread, and a drink on the side; a well rounded meal and the entrée is Football,” he adds.


Youth Lifeline America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that harnesses the powerful influence of arts, entertainment, sports, celebrity athletes, entertainers and business professionals to teach youth valuable life skills necessary to become more productive individuals. Founded in 1999 by 8-Year NFL Veteran, Super Bowl Champion, and sports analyst Roland Williams, Youth Lifeline America takes pride in providing a superior standard of quantifiably effective, entertaining and educational programs for youth across the nation. We encourage you to learn more about our organization and join the team!

“We use sports entertainment and art as a catalyst to captivate young people and empower them with life skills and connect them back to existing charities that are doing great work that need exposure or need access to the youth.”

It’s not just about football with these guys. Roland’s charity, Youth Lifeline America, is one of his biggest passions. Orlando’s passion is working with the youth in the community as well and he assists Roland whenever possible in addition to his own charities. Our interview had to be quick because Orlando was rushing out to a football camp with local youth in the St. Louis area. Regarding Youth Lifeline America, Roland makes it known that in retirement his calling is to make a difference in life for others. “We use sports entertainment and art as a catalyst to captivate young people and empower them with life skills and connect them back to existing charities that are doing great work that need exposure or need access to the youth.”

This show will be a platform for other charities. When you come to the O & Ro show we want to make it so you never know what you’re going to get.” This event is open for everyone, any age, AND it’s free of charge! Let me add, parking at Lumière Place is free as well! Just be the first few hundred to show up, and you’ll get in to see the live show. Fans of the game can expect lots of surprises, twists, and turns. Each week will be something special! In regards to the ever-so-popular discussions about the lockout, Roland simply says, “C’mon guy’s, work together don’t be greedy!” Orlando and Roland need the National Football League to quickly get it together in order to help their vision come to fruition.

While leaving the interview, I read a Roland’s charity, along with McDonalds, billboard for the Stadium that said, recently held a football and life skills “We’ve changed the game.” And the O camp for young boys who otherwise may & Ro show is helping the Stadium live not have had an outlet from their home up to that statement! Be sure to follow life. Roland and those who support his Lumiere Place on twitter @LumierePlace, Youth Lifeline America organization are Roland Williams @champion_notes, and showing that they believe children can Orlando Pace @OrlandPace76. have a positive future. “Without having people to believe in your vision, you This is an event that is sure to keep you have nothing. Lumière, McDonalds, and entertaining and its one you don’t want now Delux have been part of spreading to miss! the word. You know the saying about a tree falling in the forest…does anyone hear it? Well we want to be heard.

Location: Staduim | Lumiere Casino

#76 #86

“We just want to be able to interact with everyone...� Future Hall Of Famer, #76 Orlando Pace


The Larry Hughes Foundation is creating an awareness of the need for organ and tissue donors. This charity strives to enhance the lives of organ transplant recipients and organ donor families. By Tiffany S Nashville Photo: Lawrence Bryant

This non-profit organization started due to the financial hardships Larry’s mother went through with a child who had a heart condition. The Larry Hughes Foundation provides families with the tools that will enhance their quality of life while assisting the youth dealing with illnesses related to organ transplants. “Our family wanted to help people who were experiencing the same thing as us,” states his mother and co-founder, Vanessa Hughes. According to, there have been advances in medical technology and donations. But the demand for organ, eye, and tissue donation still vastly exceeds the number of donors. Their research produced the following statistics: • More than 100,000 men, women and children currently need life-saving organ transplants. • Every 10 minutes another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list. • An average of 18 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant. • In 2009, there were 8,021 deceased organ donors and 6,610 living organ donors resulting in 28,465 organ transplants. • 90% of Americans say they support donation, but only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor. The Larry Hughes Foundation holds events surrounding the awareness of donating organs and tissue. Behind the events is Kim Moses, the Executive Assistant of The Larry Hughes Family Foundation. Her family was assisted by the foundation. Her brother, Courtney, was a liver transplant recipient who loss his life in 2006. The foundation assisted her family with burial expenses. She helps coordinate events and ensures everything runs smoothly. Among the events are casino fundraiser nights and donor drives (in which people are able to sign up to be a donor). Through the grants provided to families with children who have received a transplant or are waiting to receive one for the necessary resources and support, families in need are given an opportunity to dream big and reach for higher goals. One action set forth by Larry, Vanessa, and Kim is to work with other organizations in the community to maximize the need of promoting health, education, and the awareness for the need of organ and tissue donations among all communities striving to make

Above photo: Kim Moses, Larry Hughes, Vanessa Hughes

a difference. The foundation depends on the support from the community; both private and corporate donors are appreciated. To date The Larry Hughes Foundation has supported over 50 families, donating over $40,000 in grants designated to families with children in need of organs. In addition to that, The Larry Hughes Random Acts of Kindness, which is a part of foundation, has donated through random acts such as their Turkey Give-Away at Thanksgiving, coats for the winter, community gasoline givea-ways, and just recently a bike-give-a-way to promote healthy active families in the community. Though charity work is Larry’s main passion, he’s got his hand in other projects as well. “I’m working on opening a women’s fitness center in Atlanta and I’m part owner of a nightclub in New York,” he says. His focus beyond all the above is raising his family and enjoying time with his children. His love for family shines through in his desire to help others in their time of need.


Local organization, I.L.W.A.S. (If Life Was A Sound) is striving to make an impact in St. Louis one nonprofit at a time. Local organization, I.L.W.A.S. (If Life Was A Sound) is striving to make an impact in St. Louis one nonprofit at a time. Founded a year and a half ago by Lamar Harris and Will Henton, the organization aims to “provide an ever-growing outlet for domestic and international artistic enlightenment that serves as a platform for community concerns and awareness.” “[Initially] the goal was to help people,” Harris said. “We wanted to be a platform for community concerns … and promote awareness for people doing good things in the community.” The organization bases itself primarily in networking with not-for-profit organizations, volunteering, and hosting workshops. I.L.W.A.S. strategically hosts educational events and networks with the demographic that are associated with that particular event, partnering with local organizations, including 100 Black Women, the Alzheimer’s Association, Urban Strategy, and Almost Home. “Every connection we get, we link it with another not-for-profit,” Harris said on the networking component of the organization.

The musical aspect of the organization involves workshops and live performances with keynote presentations on the music industry and avenues that are offered, technology workshops in area underdeveloped schools, as well as events that focus on a variety of genres. I.L.W.A.S. has an upcoming event on September 17, 2011 at J. Bucks in Clayton, supporting the Alzheimer’s Association. This semiformal event is tailored to all ages and demographics, features liveentertainment, and is free to the public. The goal for the event is to provide literature, raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association, and get people signed up for the walk. In five years the guys hope to see the organization grow “piece by piece” and continue to find ways to help others. They briefly mentioned a secret project underway that will be benefiting St. Louis Public Schools, but beyond overzealous and ambiguous comments, we couldn’t get the full details of the project. For more information, visit www.

The Grandel Theatre 3610 Grandel Square St. Louis, MO 63103 314-534-3810



A restored 1920s garage is home to the newly opened Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (UCBC) in Midtown Alley. Co-founders Florian Kuplent and David Wolfe hope their “Beer Diverergency” philosophy, a combination of Revolution (American craft) and Reverence (European traditional) series, distinguishes UCBC from their brewing competition. Kuplent, UCBC’s brewmaster, explained that their craft beers are derived from Germanic roots of rich lagers and malt varieties. Beer imbibers can sample them all with small food pairings in a Bavarian-inspired taste room and outdoor biergarten or pick some up at a local retail outlet.



4243 Manchester Avenue Saint Louis, MO 63110

3145 S. Grand Blvd. | St. Louis, MO 63118 | 314-664-8585

If you’re looking for somewhere to kick it with friends, drinks, and live entertainment, The Gramophone is your place. With a mix of eclectic, eccentric, and diverse artists and DJs to hit the stage, The Gramophone has something for everyone. They offer a weekly open mic night for up-and-coming local artists, as well as acts to include Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Indie, Brass, Funk, and Americana. They also have some laugh-your-ass-off comedy. Head to their website,, to check out the upcoming acts and to fill out their online booking form for you and/or your band or group to be featured in a show.

44 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

(314) 531-5700 Open Wed-Sat 8pm-1:30am

Located in the heart of South Grand, Mangia Italiano has been the “Pasta Empire” for over 28 years here in St. Louis. With a fresh pasta shop, restaurant, and bar all-in-one, Mangia sets the standard high. They offer several types of pastas, pizzas, and sandwiches, reasonably priced from $6-$18. Their fresh, made-to-order pasta includes over 15 varieties, available in over 10 flavors – including egg, whole wheat, and sundried tomato. The bar offers over 120 types of wines and beers, 10 of which are brewed right here in the city, including Urban Chestnut, Six Row, and Schlafly. Mangia also has live entertainment 7 days a week, including live bands, reggae, DJs, and an open mic night.


Sexy Buddha Boutique is located in the Delmar Loop and was opened by Mekat, who had a vision to create and provide a store that specialized in beautiful things for beautiful people from all over the world, that are one of a kind. Sexy Buddha was not created for the “basic Becky”. It was created for the ladies that are divas on the outside and within. The store is filled with one of a kind pieces that are hand picked and created by designers from St. Louis all the way to Milan. You are guaranteed to find that piece that is unique to you and your personality. Tues- Sat 11-7, Sun 12-6. 6265 Delmar Blvd, 63130 314.727.1250


The vision of Byrd Style is to help make St. Louis a Fashion and Art destination by offering a unique social shopping experience. Boutique owner, Julie says the “focus is not simply selling clothes; it’s providing a lifestyle based on an exceptional shopping environment focused on Fashion, Music, Art and People.” Julie plans to continue the success at Byrd while adding cutting edge, fashion forward apparel and accessories that her clientele is comfortable in and can’t find in the St. Louis area. Julie is excited to get back to her roots and welcomes everyone to come and enjoy Byrd Style Lounge! | 8117 Maryland Ave | Clayton, MO 63105 314-721-0766


Do not be confused or disheartened by the name, because everything served at The Mud House is anything BUT dirt, more like downright delicious. The Mud House formally known as the “Mississippi Mud House” is known around town for serving up some of the best coffee, breakfast, and brunch in town. When you look around the Mud House you will feel right at home. The decor reminds you of your totally hipster BFF’s pad; a place where you can relax and update your twitter or Tumblr and even study while enjoying a nice cup of Joe. Let’s say you want some coffee and a bite to eat, no worries the Mud House has got you covered. 2101 Cherokee St . Monday - Friday | 7:00am - 5:30pm. Saturday and Sunday | 8:00am - 6pm. PHONE : 314.776.6599 DELUX-MAG.COM AUGUST 2011 | 45

< Taste at its purus RED RAIN 1 1/2 oz. PURUS Organic Vodka 3 oz. acai berry & mango juice 1 oz. cranberry juice Splash of orange juice Pour all ingredients over ice in a double rocks glass..

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The Downtown St. Louis Partnership is hosting Parties on the Plaza in the Old Post Office Plaza. Parties on the Plaza is a free outdoor concert, with food and beverages provided by downtown St. Louis restaurants. JAKE AUSTIN & THE CITY LIMITS 5PM-8PM



LOLA Presents:


< Aug

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LouFest 2011

August 27 : 12 p.m. - 10 p.m. August 28 : 12p.m.-10p.m. <<The Roots TvOnTheRadio >>


JUNGLEFEVER Words: Darryl Frierson



INTERATIAL DATING IS becoming more and more a part of our society. People are finding love in a colors, races, and creeds American Society is becoming closer to Tiger Woods identification as Cablasian. In most parts of the country it is not as big of a deal to see a couple who two different racial identities in the park having an intimate lunch. If you aren’t comfortable in seeing this dynamic then you might need to grab a time machine and set the dial to around 1956 because these are the times we live in. I do not have ANY problem with interracial dating (even a few of my girlfriends have been of a biracial background) because if a person is able to find love it shouldn’t matter who they are. But, I do have a problem with someone believing that dating someone of another race is the answer to their relationship woes. It’s great you found love and everything but why the need to go forth dissing just because you are in a relationship with some one of a different race. Particularly in the black community we have this underlying sentiment that throughout our culture that “white” is always right. This

can be seen permeated in some black women/men who have decided to date someone of another race. They conclude that just because the person is of another race (particularly white) that they are in a better situation or have a better man/woman. I will chalk up this idea into the “post slave mentality” category. Just because someone dates outside of their race does not guarantee the idea that they will have happiness. The relationship game is risky on any level. The people with this ignorant mentality will make comments such as these: Black women are just too sassy and attitudes and Asian women don’t give me all that mouth Black men do not know how to be gentleman and treat a woman. White men are more of the traditional knight shining armor. Black women all get overweight and don’t keep up their beauty like white women do.

Black Men are all in jail or on the down low. Hispanic men are “real” men who take care of their homes and their woman. You can add a multitude of other quasi reasons people warrant their interracial dating. One of the things you don’t hear from theses misguided people is anything about…LOVE. A person can have a laundry list of demands like a terrorist in a hostage situation. But, when a person has this ideal totally handcuffed to a social template regardless of race they are just setting themselves up for failure. LOVE is the one of the central components of a relationship working. Yes, a person can have this entire social template they want but at the end of the day if you don’t have LOVE at the base of the tree it will sour regardless of the person’s race. In Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever he presented the concept of how sometimes people of different races can think that interracial dating itself can solve their relationship woes. Spike Lee was able to deliver the idea that our own personal issues are the cause of the problem not the race of the person. It made the viewer really dissect the difference between LOVE and just running away from oneself.

One of the saddest things I have seen is the proliferation of people championing interracial dating at the expense of dissing black women and black men in a public forum. There are some great websites that embrace the love and happiness from interracial relationships but then there are some that are just places to public bash the black man or black woman. But, do a quit google search and you will see some of the ridiculous websites out there. We would be remised to not recognize how some people act as if dating a white person is a badge of honor or trophy in an equestrian event. I will say this from the male perspective and I mean this with the utmost honesty. And this is something I have said on many occasions: Men in general of any race, creed, or color “aint sh**”. What I mean by that is that we are have the same intrinsic want and you can guess what that is… “THE NONCIE”. I don’t care what color he is the majority of what a man does is for a woman. Every man has different ways of going about it and what his overall life goal is but I bet you one thing…it involves “noncie”. I have friends from all backgrounds and we may have differences in culture, beliefs, politics, and sports affiliations but one thing that stays consistent

among all of us is the desire for noncie. With that being said if you feel all black men are dogs and don’t want to settle down I can show you the white men, Asian men, and Hispanic men who don’t want to settle down either but they just play their game with another set of rules. I’m sure women can say the same thing among each other. There are bad seeds in every race in the dating pool. Every relationship no matter what color they are is hard work.

we can begin to fix our tattered relationships.

When it comes to not only interracial dating but dating as a whole we have to start to look deep in ourselves to see our personal underlying issues instead of blaming the other person (or group of people). If we did a lot more of introspective thought about our relationships we will ALL see how much we are all full of sh**. When we are able to quit blaming a race or sex for the relationship problems and realize our own personal issues

“BLACK MEN ARE ALL IN JAIL OR ON THE DOWN LOW... White men are more of the traditional knight shining armor...“


Supreme please? And by the way I am not talking about the pizza. The Supreme I am referring to is Tech Supreme, a music producer who calls St. Louis and North Jersey his home. Growing up in a home filled with music, he was always surrounded by it and developed a love for it at young age. Tech did not realize until he moved to St. Louis that this was more than a love, it was his life calling. When you come into contact with this creative producer, don’t take his confidence in his abilities as arrogance—or maybe you should. I’ll leave that decision up to you. Q: For anyone who doesn’t know, who is Tech Supreme?

A: A 23 year old—Let me stop lying! I’m from St. Louis, and that’s pretty much it. I’m an engineer, a graphic designer, created a couple songs that did really well locally, and yeah, I’m kinda the force behind Tef Poe, a lil’ bit that is. And I work with The Force, and that’s about it. Q: You mentioned The Force, what made you want to work with them? A: The Force is more like family to me. I’ve been rocking with them ever since I started… so it was a no brainer. No one had to say, “Hey you wanna be in The Force?” It was something that was organic; it just happened. We stick together, feed off of each other’s energy, create opportunities for each other, and provide a unified front.

50 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

Q: There is a misconception that artists trying to make it in the industry have to leave St. Louis. What are your thoughts? A: Name somebody who left St. Louis, went to a different city, became popular, and then maybe people would have an argument. I mean of course the labels aren’t here and the A&R’s aren’t here, but that doesn’t mean you have to move there. I know people who have moved there and are doing absolutely nothing. It depends on your talent level, determination, and perseverance. I’d really rather work to build up my home than to go to another city, and you know, try with a million other people who are trying. I’d rather do it from here and make my home better, and not try to make it another New York City but try to make St. Louis a good place for music. I think that’s what we’ve (The Force) done. We’ve increased the knowledge base and increased the presence of hip-hop in St. Louis. Not many people can pack out a show here. But now the climate is better for music in St. Louis. I mean now you have more talent coming out and making money. You don’t have to leave to get what you want out of music. Q: Congratulations on winning Producer of the year in ’07. What other milestones have happened in your career to let you know that you’re on the right track?

Words: Onyi Kokelu Photo: Lawrence Bryant A: I made of list of things I want to accomplish and receiving that award was one of them. Another milestone I would have to say would be the Lupe Fiasco show at “Live on the Levy” in 2009. Just seeing 30,000 people rocking to my music was incredible. Another milestone would be the radio play. Doing hip-hop you don’t expect it; especially in St. Louis because it’s a southern driven market. But we’ve had consistent radio play with “Show Stealers” by Tef Poe. Those are accomplishments to me. That makes me feel good. Having a fan base and having strangers come up to me. Every time a stranger comes up to me and asks, “Aren’t you Tech? I love your music!” That is a milestone for me. Q: So what does the future hold for Tech Supreme? A: Tech Supreme is going to get some national placements and is going to make this city proud. He’s going to keep working with Tef Poe. Tef Poe is going to become national. Rockwell Knuckles will become national as well. The Force will become bigger than what is now. Theresa Payne is going to be national. We are going to take what we are all doing and put it on a national level, one way or another. We are going to break the stereotype that surrounds St. Louis music in other cities. That’s what the goal is: to continue to make good music and put it on a national level and then one day make it international.

young fly and saved Willie Moore Jr talks life, his new found music, and his Turning Point. Words by: Tiffany Nashville

Photography: Lawrence Bryant

Willie “P Dub” Moore is young, fly, and living for the Lord. He’s moving to the next level. “Your body is meant to change and grow but unfortunately, in the spiritual walk, some of us have trouble changing.” During his listening party in July, Willie opened up about real life situations while sharing his latest album, The Turning Point. He’s not singing about “fire shot up in my bones” nor hymnals like the elders sing. Rather this album reflects on the real world. Willie shared the reasons he wrote several of the songs on his latest album and why they’re so close to his heart. “The glory

of the Lord was shining on me, hence the song Mississippi Shine. While working with David Banner on this track, he reminded me to ‘Stay true to your vision.’” Willie keeps this in mind when ministering music to fans through an untraditional gospel beats which people may mistake for rap or hip-hop songs. Along with help from Alice Prince, who has worked with other entertainers including Lil’ Wayne, and Kacey Seals, his project manager, Willie is ready to release Kingdom Music to the hearers and doers of the Word. “[My style is] what rock and roll was to blues, and what neo soul was to soul. It’s the Word of

God applied to real life situations.” P Dub is sensitive about his music because he’s speaking about his life and how he’s changed. It’s very personal for him. He’s come from “Sex in the Daytime” with Tank (which has an obvious meaning) to “Find Rest” in which he sings about the realization of needing the Lord in his life and finding rest in His Word. He adds, “Christianity doesn’t mean don’t talk about touchy subjects. We can be the ones to change someone’s life. We serve a God who doesn’t sleep and in Him you can find rest.”

One day he heard a voice say, “Your way or My way.” Shook and momentarily confused, he soon realized he had a calling to follow. He lost a few so-called friends along the way but that’s the risk people take when changing their lives and doing what’s right for their personal Christian journey. “When called by the Lord to do something, say yes to that assignment even when you don’t understand it,” says his cohort in the Young, Fly, and Saved movement and “brotha from another motha”, D. Stone. During his turnover from R&B to contemporary gospel, Willie has collaborated with numerous people who share his love for God and music like J.R., Jai, Bizzle, David Banner, Ced the Entertainer, and Canton Jones; many of whom can be found on the latest album. The support for positive artists who rap and sing with substance in mind is ever so present and strong. After listening to several songs on the album, hearing how the song came about, and watching a few of his music videos, we each walked away with our own personal copy of the new album and full bellies (compliments of caterer Ronell). The God Over Money Tour is coming to a city near you. Check out for more information and to hear Willie “P Dub” Moore’s music.


low of 80˚ tonight? I’ll drink to that!

This “late night, chilling on the patio, sipping a drink” kinda weather that we’ve been having will have you cruising around town looking for the perfect patio chill spot – well not so much cruising because gas is a b*tch right now. But to help alleviate that problem, head downtown to the infamous Washington Ave. You could literally walk for blocks and find many outdoor spots, new and old, to chill and have cocktails with the homies or kick it with your girls.


The weather has been ridiculously warm this summer, but on those nights with a cool breeze, it’s a must that you take advantage of it. WA SHI N G TON AVENUE | O NE OF SAINT LO U I S ’ M AJ OR PAT I O S C E N E S BY PHILIP BLANKS

One of the most popular places on Washington is Nara Café and Hookah Lounge, near Washington & 14th. If hookah is your thing, this is the place to be any given night of the week since they’re open till 3am. Maybe you’re in the mood for Margaritas? Check out the newly opened Rosalita’s Cantina at 1235 Washington Ave. With the bar and patio open till midnight Sun-Wed and 3am Thurs – Sat, you can easily pregame here. If you’re feeling yourself a bit, you need to head across the street to Lucas Park Grille. This trendy upscale restaurant offers small and large plates and over 300 different wine varieties. They offer outdoor seating in a covered patio area on the side. Open till 1:30am Sun-Wed and 3am Thurs-Sat [DJ spinning all night], you could easily kick it here all night. With many other places to choose from, like Rue13, Flannery’s Pub, Mango, Sidebar, Mosaic, Over/Under and the Dubliner [whew], you can find at least one patio to kick it on for the night.

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isteners call him eclectic and energetic with a style of music that has no boundaries. He captivates his audience with R&B, Blues, and Jazz, and has the same lasting effect when he performs the sounds of “Smooth Jazz” in venues inside and outside of the St. Louis area. This artist is no secret to the Metro East. Marvin F. Cockrell is creating a paradigm shift in the jazz arena. He is bringing a new era to the world of jazz. Marvin’s music is hot, powerful, full of energy, yet smooth, and truly epitomizes what original smooth jazz should be. His original compositions are sensuous, with a deep spirit of emotion. It is pleasure for the listener that is seeking more than business as usual in the jazz arena. CD’s available on Performing at Bistro in August NOW PLAYING

Annual Smooth Jazz Concert @The Bistro in St. Louis Fermata Entertainment Presents Marvin F. Cockrell and Focus “Red Hot Smooth Jazz” Saturday, August 20, 2011 7:00 P.M.

Jeffery Campell Platform Booties


Epiphany OF THE SOUL

Sacred Heart Open Back Royal Purple Ginger Jumper available at Epiphany Boutique, 3431 Locust St. STL, MO. 63103 314.249.5384. Earrings & Booties (Model’s own)

Sacred Heart Leo Romper available at Epiphany Boutique, 3431 Locust St. STL, MO. 63103 314.249.5384. Gold Hoops and Beaded Chain Necklace also available at Epiphany Boutique. Watch & Belt (Model’s own)

UnderStar Black Destressed Sweater and Gold Hoops available at Epiphany Boutique, 3431 Locust St. STL, MO. 63103 314.249.5384. Black and Gold Swimwear underneath available at

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Juanita Place

Juanita Place redefines the STL music scene with their Soulternative sound. Blending the elements of Alternative, Rock N Roll, R&B, and Jazz, the 4-man band known by the name Juanita Place has set the standard high for independent artists alike. Words by: Philip Blanks Soulternative can be defined as mix of rhythm and blues vocals and funk components, along with the signature elements of jazz, including improvisations, instrumentals, and brass techniques, infused with electrifying rock and alternative rhythms. Another definition of Soulternative can simply be Juanita Place. “Jaunita Place was the first place there was a practice” lead singer/songwriter BJ Rice says of the group’s name. “We started off laughing at it [laughs], but basically it’s where we developed our sound and became a band.” The 4-man band known as Juanita [wan-EAT-a] Place uses influences among the likes of the Isley Brothers and Mint Condition while maintaining their own originality. The lead guitarist, Jason Warren, is coined as the group “weirdo”. “He’s like a musical genius [laughs]” says the group’s drummer, Shontez Jones. Warren, influenced by Ronald Isley and Jimmy Hendrix, is responsible for the energizing, invigorating solos from his electric guitar, while Jones integrates the group’s sound with his intricate percussions. “Carter Beauford was the reason I wanted to play the drums,” says Jones of his influence, the Dave Matthews Band.

Newcomer and youngin’ Kyle Jeffery, who at 24, continues to challenge the band with fresh new ideas. Designated as the group’s bass player, Jeffery has a knack for learning an instrument in a few weeks. “I play the piano, drums, violin, banjo, mandolin, ukulele [PAUSE], electric and acoustic guitar and bass. I’m missing something [laughs]”. Their sound is high off of electric energy and palpitating percussions, on top of smooth R&B vocals and jazz inspired grooves. “We started off as a jazz band and kept that element as our sound. We now have elements of alternative rock and vocals based on soul” says Rice. Their 15-track LP, Her Hero, released independently last year [available in Vintage Vinyl and on iTunes] features the funky percussion number “Soul Superhero”, which has soulful guitar riffs and harmonious melodies. Jeffery is shooting the music video later this summer. Follow them on Twitter @juanitaplace and Facebook, and online at, and stay tuned for new music to come. Juanita Place is a force to be reckoned with.

St. Louis offers many unique, affordable, and plain ol’ fun places to eat, shop, and hang out. The eclectic areas between South Grand and the Delmar Loop, to the prestigious areas of the CWE & Lafayette Square , Saint Louis small business owners provide locals and tourists alike a safe and hip option for laidback weekends in the Lou.


delux | destination

“S a i n t L o u i s – A F l avo r A l l I ts O w n !”

62 | DELUX Magazine JULY 2011

Mom’s diner


Computers r us

Mom’s Soul Food Kitchen, in St. Louis, Missouri, puts the “soul” back into food! the yummiest comfort food imaginable.

Professional Detail Carwash Offering mobile and pick up services. Your Exteriior/interior cleaning specialist. Reference available 314-261-8505 |

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Chicken…most of us could eat this feathered animal everyday and if we’re talking wings, who can eat just one? Bobby Tessler, of St. Louis Wing Co., is using his creativity to put a spin on the way we eat wings. by: Onyi Kokelu Photo: Lawrence Bryant


outhside native, Bobby Tessler, is not your average chef. At 16 he worked as a dishwasher and heavily admired the cooks. He wanted to do what they did: create food. After completing culinary school in Kentucky, Tessler returned to St. Louis and served as executive chef at Remy’s Kitchen in Clayton and also at Wildflower in the CWE. After ten years of working for others, he decided it was time to open his own place.


essler only uses the best ingredients for his delicious wings. “Every sauce that we have on the menu is made in our kitchen with fresh ingredients and herbs.” He stresses that to be a chef you have to be creative. You also have to be willing to try new things and understand food. “There are certain flavors that just don’t mix. You know, just like there are certain people who just don’t get along. There are flavors that don’t go well together. It’s 64 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

all about trial and error; and if it doesn’t work, move on to the next.”


here are many different flavors to choose from. My favorite is the “Coconut Curry” and “Thai Sweet Chili.” For those you who have that inner daredevil, you have to enter into the “Ghost Chili Contest” and eat wings made from peppers that are so hot you can’t touch it with bare hands. Winners receive a survival T-Shirt, gift certificate, and their picture on the “Wall of Flame.” Lastly, do not be surprised if you see this talented chef cruising by doing a wheelie on his Honda Motorcycle, BMX, or even skateboarding down the street. Who said a chef has to be extreme only in the kitchen?

GrILLED GrEEK SALAD χωριάτικη The straight forward recipe takes your “normal” Greek salad to the next level, adding greater depth in flavor to the lettuce and that subtle unbeatable grilling char to the salad. Preheat your grill and set-up for direct grilling. Wash lettuce, dry with a paper towel, and place on a platter. Lightly drizzle olive oil, salt, and pepper all sides of the lettuces. Place lettuce pieces over direct heat on the grill. Cook each side until each side of lettuce is lightly charred. Remove from grill and set aside. Roughly chop up the lettuce pieces, toss with lemon juice, and place on a serving platter. Top with olives, cherries, onion and top off with the crumbled feta cheese. Sprinkle with olive oil and you’re ready to serve.

• 1 small head of romaine lettuce (halved) • 1 head radicchio (quartered) • 1 endive (halved) • Olive oil • Salt and Pepper • Juice of 1/2 of a lemon • 10 Kalamata olives (halved) • Large handful of cherry tomatoes (halved) • 2 oz feta cheese (crumbled) • 1/4 of a red onion (thinly sliced)

GRILLED GREEK SALAD WINEOPTIONS Sancerre is a fruity, acidic white wine made in the Loire Valley of northern France from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. (For the record red and rosé Sancerres do exist, but when people say Sancerre, they usually think white.) White Sancerre can be a flavorfest, tasting of citrus fruits, gooseberries, gunflint, herbs, and smoke. It is known as a food friendly wine. Suggested food pairings include Asiago Cheese, Sardines, Sea Bass, Sushi and Sushami (light fish), and Fettucine Alfredo.


delux painting the town red

The block party @ 15th & Washington PNC Bank, Delux Magazine, purus vodka and April’s Angels (founded by April Simpson of Fox 2 News) presented “THE BLOCK PARTY” on July 16; celebrating health & community awareness at Washington Ave & Fifteenth Street. Playing a mixture of TOP 40, old school, and cover tunes. 1 Downtown Party | 2DJs | 3 live Bands | All 4 Charity July 16th, 2011 Downtown St. Louis – DELUX Cares: Block Party celebrating Health & Community Awareness. The non for profit DELUX Cares: Block Party was a 4 hour event filled with live music, food and drinks, and celebrity appearances in a family friendly environment. This block party was a fun opportunity to create awareness and preventative measures to promote a healthy & safe lifestyle in our community.


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JUNE 2011



Photo by: Lawrence Bryant

For What It’s Worth: an ExchangE With tasha Pettis-Bonds


ashaPettis-Bonds understands the value of education. As Vice President of Retail Management of PNC Bank at Page and Grand, she’s fluent in the language of finance. And she’s committed to sharing this language communitywide: she partners with businesses and organizations to create financially literate citizens. Ms. Pettis-Bonds gave Delux magazine her perspective on the importance of financial literacy.


think [financial literacy] is very important, especially when you have a city like St. Louis that’s stack ranked amongst the unbanked across the country. It’s played a key role for us trying to change that outlook. That’s one of the charges we took on when we opened [the PNC Page & Grand] location. We knew we had to do a lot of outreach around financial literacy. We had to gain the citizens’ trust and educate them on what banking looks like. Once we started gaining their trust, and they understood why a bank was building in the neighborhood--what’s in it for the bank and what’s in it for them--we started to do a lot of education around the banking

words by: yolanda riley

products and services.”


ducation makes a big difference. I’m learning is it’s not necessarily just a “city of St. Louis” thing; it’s nationwide. When I look at the city of St. Louis, it’s not just the city that needs a level of financial literacy education. It’s the counties, the rural areas…we have to include everyone on this mission to truly get it right. You have personal education you need to do,

and you have business education too. You have a lot of businesses wondering why they aren’t able to receive loans at this time. We have to really define what this scope looks like for them; hold their hand; and guide them through the steps. We make sure they take accountability of bank requirements, follow through with the next steps to acquire loans and the different programs that comes with them.”


inancial literacy is key. It’s something that I didn’t have as a child. All I knew when I was growing up is my parents paid their bills on time. You just paid your bills on time because your parents did. So we’re trying to be a difference maker there. To delve into the community and get a true understanding of what [financial illiteracy] looks like, we had to witness it firsthand. We do financial literacy for children, young adults, senior citizens… professionals and non-professionals… There’s no “one” person that financial literacy is geared towards. You can find a professor who is in debt because of student loans, or a mom who is in debt because she’s a single mother who’s been on section 8 for so long and mishandles the little funds she gets. Those people need the same level of understanding around money management, and that’s what we do: we teach.”


or more information about free financial education classes, call 314-371-4255.


70 | DELUX Magazine AUGUST 2011

DELUX August 2011  

Lifestyle. Fashion. Music. Art

DELUX August 2011  

Lifestyle. Fashion. Music. Art