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“What drives me?” Is it food, breathing and movement? Is it thoughts? Is it feelings? Or is it all of them together? If so, what makes me tick? These are the questions that life coach Gabi Ganser addresses in seminars that she runs together with Elke Vogt-Ohly in exclusive settings. A journey to find the real you.

GABI GANSER Gabi Ganser’s CV is shaped by her early sporting successes, including third place in the giant slalom at the German National Championships and a great many transalpine and mountain bike tours. She used this experience in her training to become a life coach, and in the years following she helped children and adults pursue their careers to become professional athletes. Her many years of experience as a cook and her study of western and eastern dietetics form the foundation of her Ganser-Methode®. Gabi Ganser is a medically qualified nutritional consultation, a sports coach, a prevention trainer, and a coach and consultant for top managers, professional athletes, politicians and companies. In DELUXE she talks about the seminars she is running in autumn 2016 with her colleague Elke Vogt-Ohly. Gabi Gansers Lebenslauf ist geprägt von ihren frühen sportlichen Erfolgen u. a. als Drittplatzierte bei der Deutschen Meisterschaft im Riesenslalom sowie zahlreichen Transalpund Mountainbike-Touren. Diese Erfahrungen nimmt sie mit in ihre Ausbildung zum MentalCoach, in den folgenden Jahren begleitet sie Kinder wie Erwachsene durch deren Laufbahn zum Profisportler. Ihre langjährige Erfahrung im Kochhandwerk und das Studium der westlichen und östlichen Ernährungslehren bilden die Basis für die Ganser-Methode®. Gabi Ganser ist medizinisch geprüfte Ernährungsberaterin, Sporttrainerin mit P-Lizenz, Präventionstrainerin, Coach und Beraterin für Top-Manager, Leistungssportler, Politiker und Firmen. In DELUXE spricht sie über ihre Seminare im Herbst 2016, die sie gemeinsam mit Kollegin Elke Vogt-Ohly umsetzt.


y own experience in the competitive sport of Alpine skiing drew my attention increasingly to the causal links between the energy-generating and the cognitive, emotive and physiological planes available to us. My fascination with these mechanisms of action as a source of strength lies behind the philosophy of the Ganser-Methode® as a systematic process model for resilience and vitality. “The external persona of an individual can only be heard and taken seriously if the inner persona of that individual listens to themself, accepts what they are hearing and projects this to the outside world.” (G.G.) As my own passion for delicious food and drink is reflected in the dynamics of TCM, its philosophy forms yet another pillar of the Ganser-Methode®. According to TCM, nutrition gives us 70% and breathing 25% of the essential, dynamic and energy-giving sources we need. Its philosophy holds that the body must create everything from these resources so it can “think”, “feel” and “move” – and enable personal goals to be reached. This is why nutrition, in its widest sense, plays a central part in the GanserMethode®. Personal statements gained from individuals are the only way we can see clearly what each of us really needs.


Here, we are not speaking about a ‘diet’ or a performance-based training programme, or even rational ‘brain training’, but how this novel concept can help us to achieve vitality and joy more easily and help us to appreciate life more. With much effort we can deduce what robs us of our energy and what energises us, and how these influence or increase our individual potential energy. And of course in raising these questions we identify personal values and strengths, and develop visions and goals, which is what my colleague Elke Vogt-Ohly specialises in. You learn how to focus on your goals, to utilise the power of your thoughts and finally to get rid of any internal blockages. We all need a stable footing to cope with the sensory overload we receive every day. All the personal mechanisms of action and strength in our daily lives, both private and professional, inevitably promote the causal interaction of the cognitive, emotive and physiological planes. The aim of the Ganser Method® is to concentrate this energy and deploy it where it is required the most – for the individuals themselves. Our particular objective is to develop strategies for our clients that they can use in their everyday lives, that are easily implemented and that lead to long-term success. Motivation, strength and vitality are the undisputed assets necessary for a good quality of life. TEXT: GABI GANSER

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