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Thomas’s Island RecommendaTIons Sitting in the small beach bar in Cala Sa Nau eating grilled fish and looking out over the beautiful bay Eating at Es Mollet in Portixol Riding a mountain or racing bike with Markus Hess of Easy Tours or one of the guides from Club Robinson

Regeneration The main occupation of Thomas hillenbrand, the German ceo of ds Technology Gmbh, is marketing the Xstraw®, the company’s patented new drug delivery system, to the pharmaceutical sector. In march he took a short holiday at Robinson club cala serena in santanyi, where he relaxed with friends on daily cycling tours. delUXe asked him for his tips on what to do and see on the Island.

Herr Hillenbrand, your company is in the process of launching two patented new pharmaceutical products. What is so special about your XStraw®? 50% of all patients who take regular medication have problems swallowing tablets and capsules. So they crush the tablets and open up the capsules. This means the drugs are absorbed by the stomach, which can alter how they are supposed to work. It is a situation that was crying out for alternative methods of taking drugs to be developed and this is precisely where the XStraw® comes in. How does the XStraw® work? At the pharmacy, instead of receiving a box of tablets or capsules, patients are given a packet of drinking straws filled with the correct dose of medicine. To take the drug, the XStraw® is sim-


ply placed into a drink of the patient’s choice and as they suck it up through the straw the medicine is ingested in a simple and pleasant way. Children from the age of three are able to use the XStraw®. How does the drug get into the XStraw®? Specially formulated pellets are used. The system also works for food supplements, like vitamins and minerals. Which sectors does DS Technology operate in? To start with we are encouraging pharmaceutical companies to change the form in which their drugs are administered in favour of the XStraw®. We advise them on the technology required for the production of the pellets, and for filling and then packaging the end product. Secondly we coordinate all the individual dis-

ciplines so that our customers can get their product onto the market quickly and operate there with maximum reliability. As our business is in licence fees and royalties, our highly specialised control department then checks what is delivered where, in what quantities, and filled with what drugs. We are also involved with other new innovative products. We recently acquired the patent for a new method of manufacturing and packaging surgical sutures. Do you have any tips for cycle training in Mallorca? In March we spent a week at a training camp in Mallorca as preparation for the coming cycling season. The beautiful Club Robinson is the perfect location for this with its wealth of cycling-related amenities. Good guides, the right food, professional sports equipment, spa... and most important for me, fast Wi-Fi. I had to do some work while I was there, so I cycled until 2pm and then spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with emails and telephone conferences. Thank you very much for talking to us. TRanslaTIon celIa moody

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