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Delta Sigma Phi Introduces The Journey, Travels to Honduras Q&A: Two Delta Sigs Share Their Experiences


ay brought a once-in-a-lifetime experience to 12 Delta Sigs. For the first time in Delta Sigma Phi history, the Fraternity offered a serviceimmersion trip (in partnership with the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values) called The Journey. The trip was exclusively targeted toward our undergraduate members.

Ty Murphy

South Dakota School of Mines ‘11

Q: What was the most important thing you learned? A: The most prominent revelation that I had on The Journey was the fact that materialism will not, and cannot, bring you happiness. True happiness— happiness that is not short-lived—is only found in appreciating and blessing everything that comes your way.

The inaugural Journey trip took our members to Honduras to immerse themselves in another culture. They also had the opportunity to give back by building a house for a deserving Honduran. Thanks to your generosity, Delta Sigma Phi was able to offer this amazing experience to our undergraduates.

Devin Stein

Utah State ‘12 Q: What was different about The Journey? A: While I was expecting the usual Delta Sig leadership training, The Journey turned out to be an eye-opening cultural immersion experience that has definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things. Q: What did you learn about privilege? A: I learned to appreciate the privileges I have more. It’s common to hear about how lucky we are to live in the place we do, but its an eye-opening experience to step out of the privileges we have to see life without the same opportunities we’re given. Q: What did you learn about the power and importance of community? A: Community is a powerful thing because it gives support to individuals without needing to ask. The entire community came together to see Pastor [who the house was built for] off to a better life, and seeing that kind of deep appreciation for mankind in general is something beautiful and not seen nearly enough in the States. continued on page 2

continued from page 1 MURPHY Q: What was the most challenging part of the trip? A: The most challenging part of the trip was stepping out of my comfort zone and fully immersing myself in the Honduran culture. Once I began speaking with the people, eating the food, and taking full advantage of the new experience, I was awarded with a rich, new perspective. Q: How are you applying lessons you learned from The Journey in everyday life? A: I have begun paying attention to when I feel like I am lacking something in my life, like money for example, and immediately nipping it in the bud and remembering just how blessed I truly am. Q: What did you learn about the power and importance of community? A: During The Journey, we got to see how powerful we are as a group focused on a single task. During the dedication of the home, the entire community came out to join us. It was refreshing to see such love for a fellow man. Q: What did you learn about privilege? A: I learned that privilege is simply a matter of perspective. In Honduras, people felt privileged if they had basic needs like food, water and roof over their heads. Here in the States, we tend to focus on more materialistic ideals.

Thanks to our donors! Delta Sigma Phi Foundation Hosts Thank-a-thon

Over half of the Delta Sigma Phi Headquarters’ staff participated in the inaugural donor thank-a-thon in July. Although we cannot reach each and every donor in one day, we want you to know that your generosity does not go unnoticed. Each school year, we are able to afford unique opportunities for our undergraduate members thanks solely to you, our donors. If you don’t think each dollar matters, take a look at the infographic on Page 3 to see how far each dollar goes.


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STEIN Q: What did you learn about the power and importance of community? A: Probably the easiest way to apply what I’ve learned in Honduras is to encourage both myself and others to step back and appreciate the things we have, and to think about life as something we have full control over. We’re blessed to have the opportunities to do endless numbers of things in this country, and to not appreciate that is to not live life to the fullest. Q: What was the most challenging part of the trip? A: Trying to communicate with the natives. We were lucky enough to have [locals] translate for the rest of the group, but the language barrier definitely posed an issue at times.

Your Gifts at Work: What Does Your Donation Mean for Delta Sig?

Delta Sigma Phi is making progress toward Vision 2025 of becoming America’s Leading Fraternity, and we are getting there through the generous financial support of the Delta Sigma Phi Foundation’s donors. Are you wondering where your dollars are going and how they are being put to good use? Check out the wonderful opportunities that you are offering our members!

Workbooks for one student Presidents’ Academy 35


Ropes course for one student Leadership Institute 50


Tuition for one student Regional Leadership Academy 100


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Tuition for one student Bruce J. Loewenberg Summit 550


McKee Scholarship Sets Record Congratulations to the astounding 100 Delta Sigma Phi undergraduates and graduate students who were named recipients of the 2014 McKee Scholarship. This year, $150,000 in scholarships was given to deserving members of our Fraternity. Delta Sigma Phi Foundation would like to extend a special thank you to our donors for allowing us to award the largest amount of McKee scholarships (both in quanity and amount) to date for 2014. Donors like you make things like the McKee Scholarship, Presidents’ Academy and the Leadership Institute possible. The McKee Scholarship was first awarded in 2009 and was made available thanks to the generosity of the late Hensel McKee, Washington ‘30, and his wife Jeanette McKee. The scholarship is available to undergraduate members and alumni members who are pursuing graduate degrees. To be considered for the McKee Scholarship, members need a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 grade scale, in addition to being an initiated member of Delta Sigma Phi in good standing.

Past McKee Dollar Amounts Awarded • Awarded in 2014: $150,000 • Awarded in 2013: $102,352 • Awarded in 2012: $55,849 • Awarded in 2011: $79,000

Sponsorship for one student The Journey

• Awarded in 2010: $28,000



• Awarded in 2009: $20,000 | The Pearl


1331 N. Delaware Street Indianapolis, IN 46202


Thank You... I wanted to take the time to write this letter to thank Delta Sig for selecting me as a McKee Scholarship recipient. I also wanted to thank the donors who have made the scholarship possible for young Delta Sigs working to accomplish this huge milestone [furthering our education] in our lives. I am the first of my family to attend college, and I will be the first of my family to graduate. I am studying computer science with a minor in mathematics at Boise State University, and this upcoming fall semester will be my last, as I graduate in December. Having to add an extra semester onto my college career left me facing a financial burden that I was not initially prepared for; however, the McKee Scholarship I received was the last piece to ensure my financial security for this semester. By awarding me the McKee Scholarship, I am one step closer to accomplishing one of my major life goals as well as continuing my pursuit to becoming The Better Man. For this, I cannot thank those who are involved enough. Thank you all for making it possible for me to take the final steps in achieving this milestone. YITBOS to the brothers both past and present for repaying the debt and giving our men such opportunities. Sincerely,

Stephen Porter 04

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Stephen porter Boise State ‘11

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