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Volume 117 | Issue 4 | Winter 2021



The Story of Brother Matthew Jaffe

IN THIS ISSUE 125,000th Initiate | Week of Service | Campus Scene Photo by Sgt. Isaiah Campbell, U.S. Marine Corps

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Volume 117 | Issue 4 | Winter 2021



125,000th Initiate

Recently we reflected as a brotherhood on Founders’ Day and Week of Service; a series of events that demonstrate the pride we have in the group of men that established our organization. In that same celebratory vein, our brotherhood reached a new milestone this fall, as Delta Chi celebrated the 125,000th initiated brother.


Week of Service

Delta Chi observes the International Week of Service each year during the week leading up to Founders’ Day. More than ever, our mission to advance justice within our communities through giving back is needed. For the first time in two years, many chapters and colonies were unimpeded in their service efforts due in large part to the loosening of COVID-related safety standards.


A Point of Pride: Matthew Jaffe

Brother Matthew Jaffe, Maryland ’16, rose to viral fame following the circulation of a photo that depicted him holding an infant child in the midst of chaos in Kabul, Afghanistan. Brother Jaffe and his fellow Marines were part of an unprecedented evacuation operation that saved the lives of more than 120,000 people.


Letter from the “AA”

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We Lose Too Many Brothers It’s Up to Us to Stop it s my time as Delta Chi’s International attempts. I didn’t understand then A President has fewer tomorrows than that many suffer from a serious state yesterdays, there are a few lessons of depression or shame that causes I learned during my service on the Board of Regents since 2003 that I hope to share with our members.

I am often asked what it’s like to serve as “AA”. It is an honor of a lifetime that I share with 52 past “AA”s over the last 130 years and more than 125,000 members. You have the chance to see the very best of our fraternity – and, unfortunately, the worst. One the worst is when a member of our fraternity attempts to, or does, take his own life. We don’t hear about this often, but we experience undergraduate loss every year with an unknown number of alumni suffering the same outcome. In contrast, I know of many cases where brothers who were in need of support either reached out for assistance or other brothers stepped forward on their own to intervene when they observed a situation that concerned them. College is a difficult time for many. It is a period when individuals are struggling to figure out who they are, what they want to do, their role as adults in their family or community, overcoming financial challenges, and grappling with how they have been treated based on their race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Many of these challenges continue as members transition into alumni. As we all know, suicide is permanent and the loss of one life is one too many. In college, I worked in an emergency room processing admissions for three years. One of the most saddening situations I saw all too often were victims of suicide

significant pain. I know this now because I have struggled with depression on a few occasions during my time in Delta Chi. Fortunately, I had many brothers check in to make sure I was doing okay. I am grateful these fraternity relationships were built on such a strong foundation and many of these brothers did not stop with their concern when I initially blew off their supportive inquiries. Please know that none of our brothers should ever feel alone. You are loved. You have many brothers who care deeply about you. You are a Delta Chi. To those of you who have suffered from depression or have thoughts of harming yourself, PLEASE talk to a professional. There’s never shame in needing a little help. The Campus Assistance Program (CAP) is available 24/7 and is available at no-cost to our members and Associate Members. This is a strictly confidential resource. If nothing else, please reach out. I am only a phone call away, 571-235-2183. If you are a brother who is concerned about the mental well-being of a fellow member, please check in with them, share resources available on campus or through Delta Chi, and talk with an alumni advisor or campus official to share your concerns/seek available and/ or free resources. If you see something, say something. When in this situation, I remind myself that I would rather live with momentary awkwardness of starting the conversation versus saying nothing and a harmful outcome taking place. When we pull back all the titles or badges in Delta Chi, we are a social organization based on relationships; we’re a family. While I’m proud to see the number of chapters who have created a mental health or mental wellness chair in their chapter to share resources with members, we must all be part of the solution. Outside of these positions, we should all aim to support and assist our brothers. Remember that the loss of any life is too many. It’s up to us to stop it.



866-237-4241 Or Online at: CAPLIFE.HMSANET.COM Username: deltachi Password: myresource


Delta Chi Quarterly

Aaron Otto, “AA” International President Kansas State ’98

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Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Delta Chi Initiates 125,000th Member 131

By Jerod Breit

years ago, 11 men assembled to plan and execute an idea. That idea, at the time, was more focused on what we (Delta Chi) were going to call ourselves, what we would label our letters as, and how we would structure the group to meet the needs of the day. While we hope they thought about the future, we know they were not thinking about social media, the iPhone, or COVID-19. But over the years, we wonder if they knew of Delta Chi’s eventual grandeur or had an inclination that we’d grow into the organization we are today. Recently we reflected as a brotherhood on Founders’ Day and Week of Service; a series of events that demonstrate the pride we have in the group of men that established our organization. In that same celebratory vein, our brotherhood reached a new milestone this fall, as Delta Chi celebrated the 125,000th initiated brother; Brother Mohammed Hani Ghosheh, South Dakota State ’22 (right). Born and raised in Jordan, Brother Ghosheh moved to the United States in 2018 to attend South Dakota State University and is a Political Science major with a double minor in Legal Studies and Psychology. Ghosheh’s parents both were already in the United States and living in Brookings, South Dakota. His father works for the 4

Delta Chi Quarterly

University as a Professor of Plant Science. “I moved to SDSU because I knew it would be easier to acclimate, being my first time in the United States,” Ghosheh said. While joining a Greek organization is common for new students looking to immerse in a social environment, it was far from the initially anticipated route for Ghosheh. “It never crossed my mind to join a Fraternity. Every time I thought about fraternities, I thought it would be like how I had seen in the movies.”

“I am proud to be this milestone because Delta Chi made me who I am today.”

A mutual connection eventually led Ghosheh to experiencing his first night with the SDSU Chapter, where he attended a bonfire and spent the night sitting around the fire, talking with the members. He didn’t anticipate the camaraderie through such a simple event, admitting it changed his view about fraternities. This led him to attending another event, then another, and another. “Recruitment was more than one event

for me. The chapter had game nights, went to TED talks, and then had discussions about what they heard. I remember one event I wanted to go to - a haunted trail - and I got to know everyone on a deeper level and liked spending time with them.”

about the grandeur of the Fraternity, it’s important to recognize each of the 124,999 people that came before Brother Gosheh. But, to be the 125,000th member is a remarkable milestone and an honor not lost on him.

Ghosheh admits he thinks Delta Chi is different from other fraternities, noting “I feel like our Fraternity is a lot more accepting than the other ones … There is no discrimination or anything and I still don’t see any of that. I am part of the group and when we get new members, I try to send the same message. I felt like a part of the group from the moment I accepted.”

“I was surprised (about being the 125,000th), honestly I have no words. I don’t know what to say. I am proud to be this milestone because Delta Chi made me who I am today. I have seen a lot of improvements in my life and I can attribute that to who I met because of the Fraternity. I am proud to be a Delta Chi, I am happy, and that’s the real response I have; I am happy because of Delta Chi”.

When asked about advice for others looking at joining Greek life, Ghosheh encourages patience.

To his brothers in the South Dakota Chapter, Ghosheh said, “Thank you; thank you for being who you are and not faking it. Thank you for being genuine people who tell me when I am right and when I am wrong; who have been themselves and I never felt judged. I genuinely thank them for that. I felt like I belonged somewhere and it is mainly because of how they treated me that very first night. I just want to thank them for being themselves.”

“Don’t rush it; keep your options open and find the one that you are choosing for yourself and if you feel like you are a part of the group, then choose based on that. It took me some time because I didn’t know what to expect.” It’s no surprise that Ghosheh chose the South Dakota State Chapter. The Chapter has always stood out from peer organizations on campus, as it is brotherhood, not substance, that binds them. “We rarely have parties that are centered around drinking. We have game nights, campfires, going to lectures and clubs and filling their entire hall and listening together as a brotherhood event. We do dodgeball every Friday … drinking is not what I think about when I think about Delta Chi. Other fraternities may spend their Friday night drinking, but we would rather all go together to a movie and spend that time together as friends.” “Honestly to me, brotherhood means being a part of something. When I joined Delta Chi, I didn’t know anyone on campus and just knew a few people from class. I didn’t branch out or get out of my high school shell. But when I joined Delta Chi, I felt like I was supported and could support others. I could be myself and I could be who I wanted to be with my goals and then improve my goals. Brotherhood is what made that possible. I didn’t have someone to turn to when I needed help or just something to do during the week but with Delta Chi, I have that and I greatly enjoy that.” Every member of Delta Chi has his own story. It is these stories that make up the foundation of our brotherhood. When thinking

“I don’t know if you can tell but I am extremely shy. Before two years ago, I was a complete introvert and did not go out much. If you are shy and you want to join a fraternity, pick up a flyer and if you feel like you can shine or feel comfortable, go. I wasn’t really comfortable in a speech setting … but felt very comfortable at bonfires and having one on one conversations.” When Brother Ghosheh graduates, he wants to stay connected and sees how other alumni at the Chapter strive to keep connected through communication and attending events. “If I am nearby or can go, I am going to go to things because I like spending time with them.” After 131 years and 125,000 brothers, one thing is certain; our founders would be proud of the words Brother Mohammed Hani Ghosheh expressed about being a Fraternity man, the Delta Chi experience, and role it played in changing him. The fall 2021 semester has seen pre-pandemic recruitment numbers despite the decline in enrollment and, specifically, the decline in male enrollment. Expansion projects are going well and work on next semester’s expansions are underway. We continue to grow our organization and this 131-year-old idea that has brought more joy to more people than one could possibly have imagined at founding. Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



n important part of the Fraternity experience is helping others. The abilities and partnerships cultivated through membership in Delta Chi assist in developing leaders, creating a lasting impact, and strengthening the bonds of friendship. We, as an organization, believe service is an integral part of the fraternity experience. As such, Delta Chi observes the International Week of Service each year during the week leading up to Founders’ Day. More than ever, our mission to advance justice within our communities through giving back is needed. For the first time in two years, many chapters and colonies were unimpeded in their service efforts due in large part to the loosening of COVID-related safety standards. Consistent with the values of Delta Chi, our members continued to demonstrate friendship, character, justice, and education in their service events, utilizing a plethora of opportunities to give back to their respective communities.



Delta Chi... Making a Difference! @deltachifraternity



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Temple Colony

In their second year of commitment to this particular service initiative, the EmbryRiddle Chapter again participated in Week of Service through a biannual roadside cleanup as part of Adopt-a-Highway, a partnership for litter-free highways in Florida. Members of the chapter collaborated with four potential new members to clean up part of the Daytona Beach community. Their efforts drew the attention of the Daytona Beach City Council and the Mayor of Daytona Beach, Derrick Henry. As such, they were presented with a proclamation on October 21, 2021 for their many community service hours and keeping the roads litter-free.

The Fredonia Chapter of Delta Chi spent three days providing their services to the Greystone Nature Preserve in Fredonia, New York. The Preserve is an experiential environmental education teaching facility spanning 75 acres and offers a variety of trails, fields, overlook spots, ponds, woods, and more. The Chapter assisted with several tasks, including the removal of invasive species, ancillary garden activities, harvesting crops, and reassembling wood piles. All of the vigorous work was aimed at helping the Preserve in advance of the pending winter. “We believe it is important to lend a helping hand because the community has been so supportive of our endeavors in fundraising and philanthropy,” Dylan Serrano, chapter “A”, said. “We just want to give back the support we have received and continue to be an organization that people of our community are proud of.”

One of the best examples of a return to in-person service that simply cannot be paralleled in a socially-distanced world was the work put in by undergraduate members of the Temple Colony. More than 25 members teamed up with the Camden County New Jersey Miracle League (CCNJML) to serve as “buddies” at Build Jake’s Place, a nationally ranked, award-winning, all-inclusive playground located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The CCNJML is a league providing people with disabilities a chance to play baseball. Miracle League Buddies, lovingly dubbed “Angels in the Outfield” by CCNJML, are volunteers that assist with a litany of aspects related to operations. They assist with the setup and breakdown of fields and league equipment, assist players in fielding and batting, and ensure safety at all times. More importantly, they become friends to those participating in CCNJML and help create lasting memories and bonds that run well beyond the limitation of a single game.

Tarleton Members of the Tarleton Chapter of Delta Chi took part in the Tarleton RoundUp, a student-led day of service that allows students to say “Thank you” to communities that Tarleton has learning centers within. In its 23rd year, the service initiative allows for events such as yard work, window washing, and more. Prior to COVID-19, the event saw participation from more than 1,500 student volunteers. This year, the Chapter was tasked with doing yard work including shrub trimming, flowerbed clean outs, and planting flowers. The chapter also completed household tasks that included spraying for wasps and cleaning windows. This particular initiative assisted the elderly who are unable to do the tasks themselves. The chapter members were positively impacted by grace and appreciation of those who benefitted from their service, or as the Chapter put it, “It just feels good to do good for others.” This year, the Chapter expressed appreciation for being prayed over by their round-up host which was a, “Very powerful and moving moment for us all.”

Whitewater Eight years ago, the Whitewater Chapter created a partnership through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) Adopt-a-Highway program to care for a two-mile stretch of road just outside of the city. The WisDOT’s program is the official coordination system for generous volunteer efforts that remove trash, recyclables, and litter from roughly 11,800 miles of state, federal, and interstate highways. The Whitewater Chapter commits to returning to their stretch of road monthly for regular cleanup and removal of debris. Their Week of Service effort took place following recruitment, giving an opportunity to Associate Members to socialize with members and contribute to their community. Over 20 members came out to the cleanup, including nearly every Associate Member. Over two hours, the Chapter filled eight trash bags of debris.

Mississippi State Sometimes critical service needs manifest for those who cannot speak up or say they need help. For members of the Mississippi State Chapter, this came in the form of assisting the pets at the West Point-Clay County Animal Shelter (WPCCAS) in West Point, Mississippi. The WPCCAS is a shelter that provides temporary housing and care for stray, unwanted, and ownerrelinquished animals including dogs and cats in Clay County. They offer an array of wide-ranging services based on animal needs. 18 members of the Chapter helped the shelter through a litany of service projects, including redoing and fixing some of the landscaping on the property, feeding animals, and taking several of the dogs for walks while also providing playtime.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education




Brother Matthew Jaffe, Maryland ’16


t was in August 2020 that the United States Marine Corps published a photo to social media that depicted a marine, fully clad in his Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU), sitting down and cradling an infant amidst the rugged setting of a battered Kabul, Afghanistan. With service rifles laying nearby, a gritty landscape, and an aura of war emanating from the right, the depiction of the calm, welcoming and pleasant smile of the serviceman seems to defy the stoicism and undeniable sentinel portraiture we’ve come to associate with Marines. The barrier created by the ending wall of the building he’s sat against demonstrates a separation of two very different feelings; compassion, empathy, and safety on the left – chaos on the right. For some, the photo comes as a shock to the senses; there’s an oft-depicted apathy present with those fighting on the front line. But for others, its affirmation of what they’ve known all along; our servicemen and women are limitless in their impact. Every photograph has a story and as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” What never gets established is what those words are. The meaning and importance of a photo will vary considerably from one person to the next. And for all those who saw this beautiful and unlikely moment captured, the sentiments vary considerably. Perhaps a thousand words would not be nearly enough to portray what this photograph was worth. This one, in all of its unassuming glory, was seemingly limitless. And sitting there, unaware of the grandeur of the moment, was a Delta Chi who humbly refuted his magnificence by explaining he was simply ‘doing his job.’ 8

Delta Chi Quarterly

That man, who is of the highest character, was Matthew Jaffe, Maryland ’16. Brother Jaffe was born in New York City and was raised there until he was 18. His parents and sister still reside in Manhattan. An avid sports enthusiast and athlete growing up, he was a Cleveland sports fan and enjoyed playing baseball and football. He’d go on to study criminology at the University of Maryland, where he chose to enroll due to the insistence of those around him. “I was actually babysitting for a woman who went there and she insisted that I applied there because her experience was so wonderful,” Jaffe said. “I asked a few people I knew from my high school who went there and they said it was an amazing place. I decided to go there instead of the other schools I applied to.” Continuing to follow the guidance of those he trusted, Jaffe took an interest in Greek life upon enrollment. “Everyone said it was definitely the way to go in college… the friendships made as well as the connections for later in life would be very rewarding.” Delta Chi had been a chapter on campus since 1990. Maryland currently has nearly 30 fraternities on its campus, making the selection of Delta Chi all the more significant. When looking back on his time at Delta Chi, he remembers his initiation night fondly.

“ At the time the photo was taken, we were at the North Gate of (the Kabul Airport). We were doing raotations of different locations on the interior part of the entry point. I was going on my rest cycle and I noticed two Marines holding babies; one was Sgt. Nicole Gee, who days later lost her life serving our country. I asked whose babies they were and they said they were left at the gate, and that baffled me. I shouldn’t have been surprised given the chaos that was taking place at that time.”

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


“I would say (my favorite moment) was when we finished (the Associate Member process) and had our ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial. It was great how they related it to brotherhood and military service and (it) was incredibly inspiring.” Brother Jaffe enlisted in the Marine Corps during his senior year of college. Within a few days of completing his degree, he was off to boot camp, beginning a six-year enlistment. His desire to serve stemmed from one of the most critical moments in U.S. history, and is a call to action only a handful could answer. “I always was drawn to serve our country after 9/11. Growing up in NYC, I can still remember everything that happened that day and I will never forget what happened to our nation. I had a few friends who were veterans and I knew I wanted to walk in their footsteps and be in the infantry.” Following bootcamp, Jaffe was sent to the School of Infantry (SOI), the second stage of initial military training for enlisted Marines. He trained as an 0331, or machine gunner, at SOI and was responsible for the tactical employment of several weapon systems. “I was made to be an expert on the M249 (SAW), M240B, M2, and Mk 19. I have deployed three times where I was in charge of maintaining and using all these weapon systems.” In February 2021, Jaffe, a sergeant, deployed with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), stationed out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He and his unit initially landed in Western Europe and the Mediterranean Sea before eventually moving to Kuwait to assist the Department of State with a Non-combatant Evacuation Operation.


Delta Chi Quarterly

looking to flee from the Taliban’s takeover of the country. It is the same airport in which 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghans were killed, and scores more wounded, following two suicide bombings. Woken up in the middle of the night with orders to move, Jaffe and his fellow Marines packed their belongings and were in Kabul by the evening. “We didn’t know our immediate assignment other than to help with whatever tasks came down. We didn’t have just one job – we were the only marines there at the time and were doing any job that came our way.” As he describes it, the conditions were calm when he initially arrived. Things changed rapidly, however, as within just two days, chaos ensued. The Marines were tasked with holding security locations formerly held by the Afghan Army, in addition to helping citizens and other duties as they came along. Of the utmost significance was accomplishing the primary objective for which they were deployed. “The most important thing that we accomplished was getting over 120,000 people out of that country. It was the largest evacuation of its kind the world has ever seen. The men and women I served alongside did phenomenal work and should be proud of what they were able to accomplish.” The operation, while successful, did not come without sacrifice. “The hardest part of being there was losing so many of our own. No matter if you knew those who died or not, it still hurts a tremendous amount. They’re still Americans, still Marines, sailors, and soldiers. They still have families that will never be the same with their absence.” Of the 13 service members killed in the terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport, 10 were Marines. President Joe Biden, when addressing the nation about the attack, called the fallen service members, “The spine of America, the best the country has to offer.”

“We went there waiting for the call to go into Afghanistan to assist with the evacuation of the airport.”

The diligence, ability, and sacrifice of our armed services, and especially our Marines, is no mistake. The sacrifices made by those serving our nation go far beyond the dangers faced in combat. And similarly, the sacrifices are made long before.

That airport was the Hamid Karzai International Airport, the only known point of escape for thousands of gathering Afghans

“What goes unnoticed is probably the long hours and hard work that so many put in, that allow us to be the finest fighting force

the world has ever seen. There are no sick days, no quitting; only performing. In no other job is there this culture of must do and no excuses. It’s humbling and something that sets you up for success in the real world.” The Marines are, indeed, the finest fighting force in the world. But as mentioned, they have a demonstrated ability to fulfill the needs of any job at any time. When Jaffe was catapult into the expeditious spotlight of Internet and media-cultivated fame, it wasn’t recognition for his primary responsibilities that caught the attention of so many; it was his compassion. “At the time the photo was taken, we were at the North Gate of (the Kabul Airport). We were doing rotations of different locations on the interior part of the entry point. I was going on my rest cycle and I noticed two Marines holding babies; one was Sgt. Nicole Gee, who days later lost her life serving our country. I asked whose babies they were and they said they were left at the gate, and that baffled me. I shouldn’t have been surprised given the chaos that was taking place at that time.” It’s Jaffe’s ability to shift gears, ignore the chaos, and be something else entirely in that moment that makes his next actions so remarkable. “One of the other Marines stood up with the baby and it began to cry. I told her it was because the baby was staring into the sun and she sat down with the baby in the shade. The baby noticed me and took a liking to me. (The Marine) had to go to a different location and asked if I would watch after the baby since she had to leave. I took the baby and sat down with it for roughly half an hour.” At the time, Sgt. Jaffe didn’t know a picture was being taken. He didn’t find out about the photo until the next day. Eventually, he handed the baby off and worked to find the parents of the child. An officer came and escorted the baby to the hospital, where it was cared for until, remarkably, it was reunited with its father. Because of the actions of the Marines, including Sgt. Jaffe, the baby lived and is back at home.

some humility and do something that was good for the soul. I’m not looking for fame or praise, I was just doing my job and doing what I felt was right. We’re all people at the end of the day.” When it was over, Jaffe had been in Kabul for a little less than three weeks. He’s since returned to Camp Lejeune where the 1st

Battalion, 8th Marines are based; a battalion of approximately 1,000 Marines and sailors. He’ll stay there until the end of his enlistment in April 2022, where he will EAS (End of Active Service). Upon the completion of his enlistment, Jaffe plans to return to school. “I’m currently applying to MBA programs with a specialization in supply chain management. I plan to go into the supply chain/logistics field upon the completion of my service. I am planning to stay in North Carolina for the foreseeable future and will be looking for jobs in that field in February 2022.” Brother Jaffe’s story is, simply, a remarkable one. Nearly six years and three deployments after his initial enlistment, he has, without a doubt, made a significant impact on countless others. Yet, in reflection, he doesn’t pride himself on the things he’s done or rest on the laurels of his accomplishments. Rather, it’s the resonance his oversight has had that he looks fondly upon. Like any great Delta Chi, he’s more concerned with those coming after him, rather than himself. “The greatest accomplishment of my military service has been training and leading … it’s a great feeling to watch your juniors grow up before you and excel. When you receive them, they don’t know much of anything and through your training, they begin to grasp the job and hopefully become better than you.”

In the days that followed, the photo of Jaffe sitting with the baby circulated on social media. News Sgt. Nicole Gee outlets and websites began reporting KIA August 28, 2021 on the photo, aiming to identify the Marine involved. After his name We call on members of Delta Chi to be men was reported, countless messages of action, embody our core values, and abide by the 11 Basic swarmed Jaffe’s inbox through Facebook. In a short time, he Expectations of the Fraternity. Brother Jaffe is all of these was being praised for doing only what he knew was the right things and more. There will never be enough ways for us to thing to do at the time. He put out a statement to acknowledge bestow our thanks upon those serving in our armed services. the wave of inquiries, selflessly mitigating the significance of The same goes for Jaffe and his fellow Marines. All we can do is what he’d done. admire the character, appreciate the journey, and be proud to “I’m just a Marine, same as the men and women I serve. share the Bond of Delta Chi. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, Besides, doing a job to try and help people and protect people, then Brother Jaffe’s is worth at least this much; friendship, it’s pretty grim out here and sad. I had an opportunity to show character, justice, and education. In the Bond.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Campus Scene Adelphi – Filip Konieczny This year, the brothers of the Adelphi Chapter have been active in fundraising for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. In the beginning of the semester, the annual Dogs of Delta Chi event took place on Adelphi’s campus. Brothers brought their beloved dogs to share with students while collecting donations for a raffle. The dogs enticed many students to take pictures with them and brothers as well as send donations to the V Foundation. Later in the semester, the brothers were inspired to create Dare-a-Chi, where brothers performed categorized levels of dares for various dollar amounts. These dares included ice cold bucket soaking, pie in the face, and many more fun dares. The day was filled with lots of laughter and smiles as dares were completed and over $400 were raised in just one day.

Alabama – Jackson Drury The Chapter at the University of Alabama kicked off the semester with plans to initiate an Associate Member class of roughly 50 young men. We retained strong numbers from last year and the new class has only added to that to build a strong chapter size. As campus has seen less restrictions, we have been able to host events at the house. Of such was a Founders’ Day cookout which we hosted at our house. Almost all brothers were able to attend and enjoy some good food while increasing brotherhood. We have a parents’ weekend coming up where we hope to meet many of the brothers’ parents and show them that Delta Chi here is a great group of men. In addition to brotherhood, we have philanthropy events planned next semester in addition to what we have accomplished this semester. One of our brothers has raised a lot of awareness for Greek Gives, an organization on campus that deliver foods from Greek houses to those in need in the area. Along with this, we assisted Sigma Alpha Mu in getting donations for the Tuscaloosa SAFE center. We are pleased with how this semester has gone and hope that we continue with this throughout the next.

Alberta – Mitch Girling

Atlanta Area Alumni – Jon Sattler The Brothers of the Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter (AAAC) are coming off a very busy summer. We continue to hold our monthly “Brothers Night Out” on the second Wednesday of each month. The brothers purchased and donated a freezer to the Midtown Assistance Center in Atlanta along with over $800 worth of food to assist low-income working families. We sponsored holes and participated in the Delta Chi Scholarship Golf Classic and the Children’s Health Care of Atlanta Golf Tournament. The AAAC also contributed a $500 sponsorship to the “Stop the Hazing Fly High Max 5K” and participated in the race with brothers from the Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, North Georgia chapters. A number of the brothers of the AAAC continue to support our local undergraduate chapters by serving on their ABT boards and housing corporations and we look forward to adding more events and philanthropic endeavors next year.

The Alberta Chapter recruited nine Associate Members this fall semester, with plans to acquire a similar class in the winter. The pandemic provided many challenges in our province, with ongoing and frequent lockdowns. However, the Chapter remained resilient by offering safe alternatives to the fraternity experience. We boast a chapter size of nearly 25 members (on-par with the campus average). The gentlemen of Delta Chi Alberta worked hard to compete in a Delta Gamma philanthropy event this semester, coming in third-place in the contest (the other two teams being combination teams between a sorority and fraternity with 70+ team members each). Our annual Movember campaign begins this month and we are hoping to beat last year’s amount raised of $1,100. We have also paired with a local organization that provides support to the homeless community in Edmonton to run a clothing drive in November. Overall, all is well with the gents of Delta Chi north of the border.

Anchorage – Austin Pahel The fall 2021 semester gave the Anchorage Colony a chance to gain some footing with the ability to conduct in-person events. The Colony had a successful recruitment, allowing it to double in size. The brothers, new and current, are finding solace in the interactions with others including a much welcomed and appreciated visit from an alumnus of Delta Chi. From sporting events, cookouts, game nights, all the way to Wednesday wing nights and studying, the brothers are building bonds and having fun. The Colony looks forward to continuing to grow and show strength as we come out of the pandemic.

Appalachian State – Timothy Kammire With school life and Greek life being completely disrupted by the pandemic, our chapter was determined to turn it around this fall. Before the school year started, we were planning philanthropy events here Boone, North Carolina. On October 7th, we held a percentage night at a local pizza parlor. This was a very successful event and a percentage of the funds raised went toward Hurricane Ida relief. On October 19th, our chapter got together for a street clean-up where we adopted a street in Boone and picked up trash and debris. We are planning several philanthropy events for the winter season as it approaches and are looking forward to the future of our chapter.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Auburn – Daniel O’Hanian Our Associate Members participated in Delta Gamma’s annual philanthropy event “Anchor Splash” where they competed against other fraternities in a series of competitions, including a relay race, splash contest, and a coordinated dance. All money raised went towards Service for Sight, which supports the blind or visually impaired. We also were competitive in intramural sports as we placed second in flag football and beach volleyball.

Augusta – Chase Hudson The brothers’ effort from the Augusta Chapter this past fall has been outstanding. Starting off, we pinned eight Associate Members. For fundraising, we held our “Clippers for Cancer” event, where our initial goal was to raise $750. We ended up shooting past that and raised $2,196 instead. We also held a car wash fundraiser and raised over $700 collectively. We held our alumni barbecue at our new chapter house with alumni members. Our alumni chapter took time out of their lives to host an Augusta Leadership Conference for our chapter. We held a Chi-Chella concert with live band performances and had over 300 people attending. This year, the Augusta Chapter is hosting our 8th annual Jimmy Jog. This is the first chance we have had to hold our annual event since the start of COVID restrictions. The brothers of the Augusta Chapter are excited for what the future holds.

Behrend – Michal Bosek With the three remaining members left in the Chapter after the pandemic ravaged the fraternity and sorority life community, many thought it would fall, but something different occurred. The Behrend Chapter made its mark once again on campus. The active members participated in a task known as “Welcome Week” created by the University. This allowed the actives to move new students into their dorms as well as connect with them and introduce them to the Fraternity. The Chapter was able to climb its way back to five members and many more showed interests in joining next semester (Penn State University rules state that first semester freshmen are not allowed to join Greek life) as a result of welcome week. The Chapter is committed to growing and restoring itself the former glory it once had on campus. The actives are giving it their all and the results are slowly showing from their hard work. It’s a slow process, but the process will be rewarding in the end.

Bryant – Benson Raso

Clemson – Ben Axelsen

Over recent months, the Bryant Chapter has seen both repeated and new success. Our chapter retained one of the highest cumulative GPAs among all Greek organizations and welcomed an Associate Member class of seven outstanding men. Our Associate Members exemplify the values of Delta Chi through friendship, character, justice, and, most importantly, education. We’ve been very engaged on campus through our annual philanthropy golf tournament and multiple campus fundraising events. The golf tournament was the largest one yet in its three-year history, making us optimistic about our upcoming schedule of fundraising and charity. Participation has been one of our proudest aspects, as we have helped other fraternities and sororities in their charitable endeavors. Recently, Bryant had its alumni weekend celebration and we had over 30 alumni members make an appearance to enjoy quality time with undergraduate members as well as meeting the new Associate Members. It was our most attended alumni weekend to date. All in all, the achievements our chapter accomplished have been nothing short of wonderful and will hopefully continue into the spring semester.

This semester has been very successful for the Clemson Chapter. We welcomed a new class of outstanding Associate Members to our roster and could not be prouder of our recruitment chair. Our chapter has stayed active by participating in several philanthropic events ranging from racing in high heels to burrito making. Our philanthropy chair, Arjun Kamesh, also deserves a round of applause for organizing and fundraising for Delta Chiathalon, a multi-day sports event open to all organizations on Clemson’s campus. Between donations from the Chapter and every organization who signed up, we were able to raise around $4,200 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Unfortunately, the actual event had to be postponed due to weather, but we are still proud of the money raised and are excited to get out on the field and compete. Members Ben Axelsen and Zach Gamber founded the Clemson Pickleball Association, the first of its kind on campus, in a way to stay in shape and enjoy a fun game.

Cal Poly – Cole Korchek The Cal Poly Chapter kicked off the school year with the pinning of 34 Associate Members, the biggest recruitment class in our recent history. As our process continues, we plan to shape these young men into responsible gentlemen. Our fall philanthropy event, Carving for Cancer, was a great success. With nine sororities participating, we raised over $3,600 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We plan to commence the fall quarter with a celebration of Founder’s Weekend and hope to have many alumni present.

Case Western Reserve – Antonio Torres For many of us, the fall semester was the first time we could have in-person programming since COVID kept us at home. For the Chapter, this meant we could recruit like pre-pandemic times, eat together at Kintaro (a chapter-renowned all-you-can-eat sushi and hotpot restaurant), and even go paintballing together. These things have made for a very exciting first semester back from the pandemic. Additionally, this was the first semester we were able to use our new “D-Chi Develops” values-based membership development program which, much like the rest of our semester, was the result of a summer’s hard work by our executive board and chairs. Our return to campus this semester was immediately greeted with plenty of fun recruitment activities to continue building the Chapter. Our first “D-Chi week” was spent doing different brotherhood and recruitment activities such as a grill-out, a game night, and a weekend camping trip to Nimisila Campground. The next two weeks of recruitment had events scattered throughout such as a grill-n-chill event, a pizza and games night, and a dodgeball event. Our chapter’s membership development program has four major areas of focus that may seem familiar: developing character, assisting in the acquisition of a sound education, leadership, and advancing justice. The program we’ve developed has enough programming to provide the Chapter with membership development resources throughout their Delta Chi membership, including things like career development, networking and LinkedIn, time management, servant leadership, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Chapel Hill – Aidan Spelbring At UNC, we are very excited about having our charter request approved by the Board of Regents before the fall semester started. We are thrilled to have the approval from the Regents, as we have worked very hard for this, having spent hours on the paperwork and building a solid foundation for the future of Delta Chi at UNC-Chapel Hill. A special thank you to Liam Bendezu, Divante Hamilton, and Gene Dorris for their specific devotion and commitment to the chartering process. We are grateful to begin to focus on other things, such as making our recruitment seasons as fruitful as possible. In December, we are excited to host our charting banquet and to welcome Delta Chis across the world to our chapter and to meet our fine group of young men. A special thank you to Aidan Spelbring for both leading our chartering initiative and planning our banquet. In this recruitment, we were able to welcome nine young men that portray Delta Chi’s core values in everything they do. We are very excited to have such a stellar group join our fraternity and help us grow as we continue to establish a legacy at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Colorado – Michael Noack The Colorado Chapter is back again. Colonizing has been both fun and stressful, but everyone must start somewhere. Initiation is coming up and the brotherhood that we’ve built seems to be headed in the right direction. From causal bowling nights at CU to excursions to Denver haunted houses, we’ve been building brotherhood with both fun and frights. In addition, we’ve also had the opportunity to form relationships with other Greek organizations including other Delta Chi chapters. A few of our Associate Members journeyed down to the Denver Chapter to participate in their Founders’ Day event and see how another chapter operates. We had a wonderful time with good food and cheer as we watched the sun set behind the mountains on their campuses’ amazing rooftop terrace. We have also been working on presenting to sororities as well as getting to know the brothers in other fraternities within the CUIFC (this is the on-campus interfraternity council as there is also one off campus). Lastly, we had our first philanthropy event; a simple social media bingo and we hope to grow from there. A long road lies ahead of us but we feel ready to take up the challenge from securing a charter to getting a house one day. The Colorado Chapter will forge ahead.

Colorado State – Andrew Moore Our current “A” was just elected IFC president for the upcoming calendar year. We had a very successful recruitment for our colony with seven Associate Members and plenty of contacts for next semester. We had a great homecoming week, as we partnered with Chi Omega and Sigma Pi, coming in third place overall. We plan to have a semi-formal event with Chi Omega in November. The colony just recently had a tremendous brotherhood retreat that promoted friendship between all members and especially between the initiated and Associate Members. We are very excited to be moving forward and regaining the progress lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe great things are to come and we will continue to push forward.

Creighton – Connor Harder The Creighton Colony had a busy semester and had many positive highlights. We started off by competing in the annual “Lip Sync” competition at Creighton. We danced and lip sang against all the fraternities and sororities on campus, with the year

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


2004 as the theme. We choreographed a phenomenal dance and while we did not end up winning, we still had a great time competing and cheering our brothers on. We also had a great time at our poker night brotherhood event earlier in the semester, playing many card games and bonding with brothers. We supported athletics together including our top-25 volleyball team and the soccer teams and had many events to support fellow students while bonding and creating a better brotherhood. We also recruited and initiated our Beta class of the Creighton Colony and welcomed them to the Fraternity. We made massive strides towards applying for our charter and are only a couple of requirements away from submitting our first application. Most importantly, we created a culture of giving back and helping our Omaha community. We did a service event every Saturday this semester to serve Omaha and surrounding communities. We worked with inCOMMON, Habitat for Humanity, City of Omaha Parks and Recreation, and Open Door Mission. We accomplished a lot at Creighton and will continue to work to make our community and ourselves better and build the brotherhood that we want to have here in the future.

Rafael Ortega, threw a ball to one of our PNMs that was able to catch the ball. Overall, the health of the Duquesne Chapter is great and in competent hands for the days to come. Our newest pledge class, Beta Mu, is up to the task. They are a great group of guys who are full of ambition and drive. I’m sure next year, when one of them possibly takes over as “E”, the Chapter will be running just as smooth, or perhaps better, than it is now!

Eastern Illinois – Isaac Navarro This semester, we are still having to live with the uncertainties of the pandemic but we are thankful for the distribution of several vaccines that have helped us mitigate the severity of the virus and continue to get back to a more normal oncampus experience. Because of this, it has allowed us to host more recruitment events outdoors and enabled us to have better success as a fraternity when it comes to recruiting. This semester, we did several recruitment events, ranging from an ice cream social, bowling, yard games, and a video game tournament. From our efforts as a chapter, we were able to pin four Associate Members this semester so far. Additionally, we held our annual pelt-a-chi philanthropy to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. From this event, we raised a total of $119. We are proud to announce that one of our alumni, Jeff Rice ’86, received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Eastern Illinois University Alumni Association. Currently serving as chief financial officer for ABBM/Align Risk Solutions and with more than 30 years of experience as a certified public accountant in senior management positions, he was also a colonel in the U.S. Air Force/Illinois Air National Guard for 39 years. We congratulate brother Jeff on this honor as well as thank him for his service to our country.

Delaware – Owen McDermott This fall, the Delaware Chapter returned to in-person operations. One of the best things about being back in person is our “BB”, Matthew Rolland, was finally able to meet our brothers whom we had recruited and initiated virtually. The brothers went to the FTK tailgate with our B+ Hero and we had over 30 brothers go and support him, who was beyond happy to see his brothers for the first time since COVID began. Recruitment was back in-person this fall, which led to the Chapter having over 200 potential new members come out for recruitment. We are happy to announce we gained 16 Associate Members. On October 13th, the brothers hosted a Hollywood-themed trivia night with the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. The event raised $428, which was divided between the V Foundation for Cancer Research, Girls on the Run, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Following an incident which occurred on the campus of the University of Delaware, the Chapter released a statement condemning the actions of the horrific incident. Additionally, the chapter offered its full support for women on our campus who are victims of sexual assault or domestic violence.

Denison – Colson Stutz Over the course of the semester, we had many great experiences as a chapter, bringing us closer as brothers. One campus event that we believe was very successful was hosting one of our student bands at our outdoor space. After talking with many brothers about the semester so far, almost all agreed that this concert was the most memorable night so far. Live music was a major aspect that we felt our campus missed out on last year due to the pandemic, and our student band, The Cuties, did an incredible job of giving that back to Denison’s students. Playing a mix of classics and today’s tunes, The Cuties had the crowd dancing all night long. Working with Denison made it very easy to plan and set up this event and we were very happy to be able to host events at our outdoor space again. Live music is an art form that really brings people together, brothers and students alike, and the ability to host events such as this was a very special moment for everyone in our chapter. The Cuties put on a great performance and made it a special and memorable night for all.

Eastern Washington – Cameron Zamora Our chapter had an excellent fall quarter. As COVID-19 restrictions have eased, we have been able to enjoy the long-missed benefits of face-to-face lectures as well as in-person recruitment events and social gatherings at our chapter house. These benefits, as well as a renewed focus on recruitment, have yielded a 12-man Associate Member class this quarter, as well as many more bids signed. In addition to an influx of Associate Members, our chapter is thankful for the opportunity provided by our homecoming game to connect with our alumni in-person for the first time in two years. We would like to thank all our alumni for their support during these events, and to Todd Waters for his donation of a new grill to assist in our tailgate. It has been an interesting two years since BCC helped our chapter acquire our house, with many ups and downs. We hope to keep our momentum gained from this quarter going throughout the year.

Denver – Zachary Norton-Nunez This year, the Denver Chapter had an outstanding rush cycle as we were able to welcome in 14 new Associate Members to our chapter. One hit event that we were able to put together was going to the Colorado Rockies game, where some brothers were even able to meet up with one of the players. We continued aiding the community by returning once again to the Springbrooke Retirement Home, a favorite spot for our chapter, and helped with cleaning the building and repainting some of the rooms. Finally, we had our Founders’ Day event at the University of Denver’s newest building, the community commons, and had the pleasure of meeting some of the new members of Delta Chi’s Colorado Colony.

Duquesne – Spencer Williams Over the past semester, the Duquesne Chapter has been busy hosting educational and brotherhood events. Among these was an alumni relations/brotherhood event at PNC Park where members watched the Pirates take on the Chicago Cubs. While the game did not go as planned, the event ran flawlessly. The Chapter was able to pay for 50 undergraduate and alumni members as well as 15 potential new members (PNMs) to go to the game. The highlight of the game was when the Pirates center fielder, Brian Reynolds, threw a ball up to our section and brother McGrail was able to catch it. The next inning, the Chicago Cubs center fielder,


Delta Chi Quarterly

Edwardsville – E.J. Howard After the completion of our virtual semesters, the brothers of Delta Chi at Edwardsville were eager to for an in-person semester and we have been busy. With the return to campus, Delta Chi has grown exponentially in brotherhood, members, and our presence on campus. In terms of brotherhood and membership, we are grateful to grow our chapter to 50+ members. The Lambda Class consisted of 17 Associate Members. We were fortunate to initiate four more members into the Brotherhood, by way of the honorary alumni initiation. We are forever grateful for the growth of the brotherhood. We have two members, Hunter Tucker and Caton Ramos, on the SIUE Interfraternity Council. Our contributions to the V Foundation

for Cancer Research were exceptional, with representation on and off-campus. We acquired a standing profit share with several local businesses in the area to further our presence in the community and combat the negative stigma associated with Greek life from taking root. Seeing positive representations of fraternity and sorority members is key to achieving this. We were able to raise over $5,000 for cancer research. One of our events, “Puppies, Pies, and Delta Chis”, was in collaboration with Partner for Pets. Through this event, four animals were able to find new homes. We implemented a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair position - one of the many exciting ideas we are looking forward to. One thing for certain is, the brothers at Edwardsville are in full-go mode and are ready to see and experience new and better things for this chapter.

Embry-Riddle – Noah Lozado Coming out of the restrictions due to the pandemic, this semester has been an excellent one for our chapter. In honor of the heroic work of the firefighters and police officers who lost their lives during 9/11, our chapter made a memorial for them and to mourn the lives lost during that tragic event. We thank them for their service to our country. This semester saw a successful recruitment process ran by brother Andrew Jenkins. Recruitment week saw the addition of a new event - go kart racing. The brothers and potential new members had a good time while socializing and getting to know each other. Thanks to brother Jenkins’ great work, we currently have 22 Associate Members who show great potential to be brothers of our fraternity and show great interest in what we do. Shortly following our recruitment process, we received a visit from the “AA”, Aaron Otto, who presented us a certificate of achievement for our operations and performance during the 2020-2021 school year. During his visit, he shared with us his wisdom and experience from being a brother of the Fraternity. Our chapter and Alpha Xi Delta Sorority held a kickball social together. With our Associate Member process ending in the next two to three weeks, we are looking forward to initiation. Our chapter looks forward to future successes and achievements. I wish you all good health and success.

Joshua Rosner became our chapter’s ambassador and looks forward to pushing our chapter to new heights when it comes to raising money. Finally, Brother Andrew Kistner was promoted to a captain position in Fundraising and Organizational Development. We are so proud of these men for getting involved with a great cause. Brother Andrew Taramykin was able to advocate for Gainesville and other college towns before the Florida House Redistricting Committee. One of the pillars of our brotherhood is advancing justice and Brother Taramykin was able to exemplify this in our state capital. We are proud of all of our brothers who continue to work to promote justice in their individual communities. A huge thank you to all of our alumni donors this semester. We raised over $7,000 for our chapter and we’re proud to have one of the most supportive alumni networks you can find.

Fredonia – Sean Bedford The Delta Chi Brothers of the Fredonia Chapter have been working diligently this fall semester on campus and off-campus events. This semester, we welcomed the Beta Sigma class. This is the first class in two years that has not experienced a COVID semester. The school lifted the restrictions and this class was able to experience what we love about this chapter. They are a group of very intelligent and dedicated young men and their passion for the Chapter and each other is truly admirable. We visited Greystone Nature Preserve a number of times throughout September and October as a part of our community service. Greystone Nature Preserve is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve 72 acres of Chautauqua County, removing invasive species and planting native trees and shrubs while nurturing native animal species. Amidst the services, the men did a variety of tasks including invasive species removal, garden maintenance, harvesting crops, raking dead grass, moving mulch, clearing brush, and planting maple saplings. Our Chapter also took a weekend to clean tombstones at the Forest Hill Cemetery. We used D2-biological cleaner and soft bristle brushes to keep the integrity of the tombstones intact in addition to cleaning up the surrounding areas of each site. We have also been planning our philanthropy event “Dare-a-DChi” to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research that will be held this coming November. We also held a Krispy Kreme Donut sale on campus to raise money for our chapter So far, we have had a wonderful semester and brothers’ morale is at an all-time high.

Gannon – Luke MacKenzie

Florida – Andrew Neclerio After much uncertainty last year, Delta Chi was happy to experience a normal recruitment season this fall. Following much preparation and planning, fall recruitment went off without any issues. The Florida Chapter welcomed 15 new members into our brotherhood. Each member of the Alpha Gamma class has proven himself to be exceptionally qualified to become a member of our storied chapter. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things they achieve for the rest of their lives as brothers of Delta Chi. We were able to participate in many of the things we took for granted before last year, as tailgates were in full swing this semester. The brothers of Delta Chi were more than happy to pair up with the sisters of Alpha Phi, Phi Mu, and Sigma Kappa during the tailgate season. Many members followed the Gators to Louisiana for their game against the LSU Tigers. A fun-filled weekend was able to overshadow an unfortunate Gators loss. Nonetheless, this semester was filled with so many events that the brothers had missed last year, and the semesters to follow should be just as exciting. This semester, we continued our work with Keep Alachua County Beautiful and cleaned the streets of Gainesville. We are proud of all the brothers who gave their time to serve the community. We continued work with Dance Marathon, the largest student-run philanthropy event on campus. This semester, four of our brothers got actively involved in Dance Marathon. Brother Jacob Veeder was accepted into the Emerging Leaders Program and hopes to gain a captain spot next year. Brother

This semester, our chapter has been very successful in many ways including giving back to our community through service and joining together with our Delta Chi brother-chapter at Penn State Behrend with our joint “BB” as well. On September 18th, Gannon hosted its annual GIVE Day, where many groups within Gannon’s community volunteer and give back through service in Erie. Our brothers volunteered with Our West Bayfront and we gutted and cleaned out a house that the University was going to flip into student/faculty housing. All of our brothers helped and did our share to show the community what we stand for at Gannon, and most importantly, at Delta Chi. Another successful event was Founders’ Day on October 13th. As a chapter, along with our brother-chapter from Penn State Behrend, were able to go out to dinner. I was very glad we were able to come together as chapters to celebrate our national founding date. For the rest of the semester, we strive to be successful in our chapter and our community. We are also looking forward to an upcoming reunion in the spring to celebrate our chapter’s 50th anniversary that we unfortunately could not host last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Past members and graduates of our chapter will be receiving invitations for this celebration within the coming months. Lastly, I would like to thank our “BB”, Mr. Bill Williams, for always making sure we are successful and guidance throughout our chapter duties.

Georgia Southern – Zachary Cowan This fall semester, we watched our chapter grow in numbers and involvement. We added 12 gentlemen to the Chapter and we look forward to seeing them grow into great leaders. We participated in Alpha Omicron Pi’s Alpha Male, where we got second-place overall and helped raised over $30,000 for Juvenile Arthritis. We also took part in Chi Omega’s Wish Week and Zeta Tau Alpha’s Big Man on Campus; we helped raise money and awareness for The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and breast cancer awareness. We are on-track right now to raise over $1,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research thanks to our philanthropy chair Bryce Correll. We look forward to continuing the growth we have seen recently. This was a very successful semester for everyone in the Chapter and we are excited to see what the spring has in store for us. Hail Southern!

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


George Mason – Sam Dobens This semester has been one of the worst in our chapter’s history as we have gone through immense tragedy. Our beloved brother, Guido Mancini, suddenly and unexpectedly took his own life. The whole chapter was left speechless by the news and left wondering what we could have done to prevent it. In the worst way possible, we learned the true importance of mental health in our chapter and in our community. There is so much today in ways of promoting the importance of mental health, yet too many of us skip right over the video or the Instagram story. We urge you, if you are struggling with these issues, know that it’s okay to not be okay. It does not make you any less of a person, man, or Delta Chi to reach out for help. Even in good times, reach out to your brothers that may be struggling and let them know you care for them. Tragedies like ours are felt by a handful of chapters every year; we want our story to be known so none of our fellow Delta Chis feel the pain we have this semester. Tell your brothers you love them and give them a hug because it’s impossible to know what tomorrow holds.

took time to talk with our school administration to ensure that our return to campus is a positive one and to have access to school funds for bigger projects down the line. For Founders’ Week, our chapter hosted a pig roast and pasta feed for brothers, local alumni, friends, and family. Our chapter also hosted a successful Red and Buff week in which we had multiple events on campus raising money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We took time to connect with IHQ and alumni to ensure that we continue to run our chapter the right way. Although we are going through a period of regrowth post-pandemic, we are confident in knowing that we are starting on a solid foundation.

High Point – Cameron Warner The High Point University had a successful end to the spring semester and ended with eight of our brothers on the Dean’s list. So far, this semester has been equally, if not more, exciting. The past few months have been packed with activities and events ranging from educating a new class of AMs to multiple lucrative philanthropy and fundraising efforts. Recruitment was a great time and we ended up with nine excellent men that are slated to be initiated Friday, November 5. On September 11, a number of our men climbed 110 flights of stairs in honor of the fallen members of the FDNY, NYPD, and the countless innocent victims. We have continued our service contribution to the First Harvest Food Bank here in High Point and have partnered with multiple sororities and campus organizations to execute various events. Just over the past week, we hosted a pumpkin painting effort and ended up selling out on both occasions and raising over $500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. In other news, our exec board has been diligently working on chartering efforts and we are getting closer every day. Voting for leadership positions is coming up soon and we look forward to seeing the new guard take over and bring our colony the success we know is possible.

Hobart – Markus von Huene COVID-19 has definitely been an obstacle that has brought the Hobart Chapter brotherhood closer than ever before, which opened new doors for bonding experiences. We allocated money for the Boys and Girls club of Geneva, raising close to $1,000 through donations of brothers, friends, family and fellow students. Additionally, we have plans to continue our annual philanthropy event with another on campus organization, Girl Up. We’re reintroducing social gatherings on campus, which has allowed new and old brothers alike to foster relationships with students, faculty, and the Hobart and William Smith administration. This has paved the way for the Hobart Chapter to further our connection with campus as we look forward to growing our chapter in the coming months.

Huntsville – Ian Smitherman

Georgia Tech – Aidan Albers This semester, the Georgia Tech Chapter had another successful fall recruitment with 18 Associate Members joining our brotherhood. the new members have found their place in the Chapter well, participating in homecoming and intramural competitions as well as getting involved in organizations across campus. The Chapter held our 11th annual Pig Roast over parent’s weekend in early October, raising over $2,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We look forward to growing our partnership with the local winter shelter to give back to Atlanta in the coming months. Lastly, the Chapter would like to congratulate our five graduating brothers this semester and wish them success in their professional endeavors.

This semester, the Huntsville Chapter started strong with back-to-back President’s Cups on both the IHQ and university level. During recruitment, we were able to obtain an Associate Member class of 28 and so far, we have a 100% retention rate. As a chapter, we have raised over $4,200 dollars towards our philanthropy goal. The Chapter also raised close to $15,000 dollars toward the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. Our newly elected “BB”, Josh yates, is about to begin his term and the Chapter could not be more thrilled to have him at our side. We have also been doing pretty well in intramurals, coming in second place in football and third place in softball. We have had a great semester thus far and have a lot more to accomplish before the time is up.

Illinois – David Wolf The fall 2021 semester is underway and the Illinois Chapter hit the ground running. Whether it is the Illinois Business Consulting organization or the Squirrel Watching Club, the brothers continue to be involved on campus, looking to spread positivity this semester after attending Zoom university amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. This school year brings hope to all students as classes resume inperson and campus fully reopened, improving students’ academic and social life experiences. The Illinois Chapter reincarnated the annual homecoming tailgate this fall after it did not happen last year. This event brought together alumni and undergraduate members to celebrate the Illini Pride. Regarding academics, the Illinois Chapter improved from fall 2020, raising the spring 2021 house GPA to the top-60% of all fraternities at the University of Illinois. We plan to host a bubble soccer philanthropy event with the goal of raising $2,500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Our “A”, Will Drake, and the Recruitment Chairmen took a big step during fall recruitment with 31 Associate Members following our four-week recruitment process. This goal gives us hope that the Illinois Chapter will only expand as the recruitment classes get bigger. Overall, the fall semester has been successful and the men from the Illinois Chapter continue to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist each other in the acquisition of a sound education. If you are looking to stay up to date on the most recent Delta Chi Illinois news, please follow us on Instagram @DeltaChiUIUC.

Iowa State – Dustin Dallman Hayward – Ryan Elazegui The Hayward Chapter of Delta Chi is excited to be back on campus. Our commitment to brotherhood remains as strong as ever and we have focused our efforts on our community. Our chapter hosted and attended multiple events on campus which helped us reestablish relationships with other organizations. We


Delta Chi Quarterly

This fall semester has been filled with changes. Iowa State University is back to full in-person classes and campus is back to that new post-pandemic normal. Our chapter is currently navigating through some pretty exciting changes; the largest being the fact that we are a housed fraternity on campus. We moved into our new home at 203 Ash Ave this August with help from the members who were in Ames and all the great alumni that came to help clean up the place. The

house has already been put to great use through alumni parking at home football games. We also had an alumni event to thank Doug Troxel for his extraordinary help in acquiring the house. We also had a visit from our “AA”, Aaron Otto, to see the Chapter and our new house. The house seems to have only brought our brotherhood closer. We just had our Big/Little ceremony with our fall recruitment class and we all experienced a full homecoming week full of tournaments and a pretty exciting win from the ISU football team who took down #8 Oklahoma State. We also have a lot planned for the future, like our pumpkin smashing social with AGD and our semi-formal that is coming up in the next few weeks.

Kent State – Michael Rudbart With it being towards the end of COVID restrictions on campus, we were able to host brotherhood events, recruitment events, and an alumni event. Since we were unable to host any alumni events during COVID, we decided we needed to have one this semester. We hosted a homecoming tailgate where we continued a longliving tradition of roasting a pig with all of the alumni at Dix Stadium. Some alumni brought their entire family and everyone had a great time.

Kettering-A – Thomas Vengachuvattil During our semester, we elected a new E-board and looked towards the next term with new ideas. With the new E-board, we promised to look more at the Chapter’s mental health due to the pandemic and build a stronger relationship with our alumni. Mental health has been a huge concern following COVID-19 and we wanted to make sure our members know that they are in good hands and can always rely on their brothers for moral support. We are also making new ideas in order to connect more with our alumni. For example, we already planned our semi-formal to be on March 19th. A concern from many alumni is that they were not able to come to events because they didn’t have time to fit our events into their schedule. For the upcoming year, we are going to try our best to tell them about events as early as possible so that they can fit them into their busy schedules. This semester, with our 18 members, we recruited eight gentlemen fit for our chapter and we are excited to make them into Associate Members.

Kettering-B – Quinn Peterson Johnstown – Jacob Hoover The brothers at Johnstown have kept busy this semester. As things are starting to get back to normal following COVID policies, we found ourselves becoming more involved with activities around campus. This year, we successfully hosted our 49th annual homecoming pig roast, in which we hosted an incredible number of visitors and alumni. We were proud to have one of our own brothers crowned homecoming king. This semester also marked another successful year of volunteering around the Johnstown area. We helped out on several days at the local Slavic festival hosted by the city and also helped organize and run an amateur hockey league tournament. The future is looking bright for our chapter, and as always, we hope to become more involved in any way we can.

Kansas – Jack Lischer The Kansas Chapter had a fantastic and successful fall semester. To start the year, brothers volunteered at the Veterans Voyage KC 5k and 10k. On September 11th, we organized our annual 9/11 tribute, where brothers put out 2,977 flags on the front lawn, one for each person lost during the attack. This past award cycle, our chapter received the President’s Cup, the Award of Excellence, and Excellence with Distinction in all four core competency categories including promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting the acquisition of a sound education. Our previous treasurer and current vice president, Mason Shaw, also received the Chapter Luminary Award. On October 23rd, our chapter hosted a successful Kimball scholarship meeting with guest speakers Travis Goff, University of Kansas Athletic Director, and Jason Booker, Deputy Athletics Director, who were both Delta Chi’s at KU in the early 2000s. Some other events we hosted this semester included a family weekend, dad’s weekend, and a formal at the Lake of the Ozarks. Most recently, we had a successful initiation in which we initiated 25 Associate Members, bringing our total number of active members to 91 brothers! Some upcoming philanthropy events our chapter will be hosting include “Dunk-a-DChi” event with a dunk tank, volunteering at our basketball stadium, Allen Fieldhouse, by cleaning up after basketball games, and sending our annual online philanthropy email where friends, family, and alumni can donate directly to the V Foundation for Cancer Research using GoFundMe. Overall, we have had a phenomenal semester and are looking forward to another one in the spring and celebrating our 100-year anniversary this upcoming academic year.

Kansas State – Sam Wolkey This past spring, Delta Chi at Kansas State moved into our new house at 801 Moro Street. The new property has already served us in so many ways including a great recruitment tool, a place for brotherhood events, and even an outdoor chapter meeting spot. We are so grateful for our generous and dedicated alumni who made this possible. Our brothers exceeded our community service goal of 10 hours per member by hitting the 12-hour mark. We are also pleased to announce we achieved our highest average GPA in chapter history with a 3.54 last semester. This placed us second on campus out of 22 fraternities. We look to continue our excellence in education in the semesters to come. In late July, we hosted our first in-person alumni event in over 18 months with an alumni happy hour in Kansas City. Over 60 alumni from 1972-2021 and undergraduates attended as we announced awards and sang happy birthday to our chapter president. The fall semester has been a huge success so far. From hosting dads’ weekend, making it to the playoffs in soccer, and reconnecting with other K-State fraternities and sororities on campus, we are excited to finish the semester strong and look forward to seeing our brothers at Convention next summer.

Throughout fall 2021, our Kettering-B Chapter has been dedicated to bouncing back after the COVID-19 pandemic. While this situation has affected the overall recruitment on our campus across all fraternities, we are happy to say that not only have we been staying active, but we have been finding new and alternative ways to safely engage with the student body and incoming freshmen. This recruitment term, our primary goal was to reconnect with the campus during our first full term back on campus since the pandemic began. Knowing that we need to make an impact, we brought back some of our most popular events such as Laser Combat. This event consists of bringing in a Kettering alumnus-run company that created military style laser combat gear for an intense and exciting experience. In addition, we implemented our newest event, our Root Beer Kegger. Our identity on campus is intrinsically linked with the fact that we are a dry house and that has been a major draw for many of the current brothers as well as a large number of freshmen hesitant about going Greek. For this, we worked with a local microbrewery who produce their own root beer to order a large keg and additionally barbequed a large portion of pork and burgers. We were able to draw in 30 to 40 individuals over the course of our two-hour runtime, bringing in one of the largest turnouts that the houses have seen on campus for a dry event. Outside of recruitment, we are pleased to say that we have three promising AMs set to be initiated in the coming weeks. They have showed immense drive and commitment towards the Chapter, as well as an interest in the Fraternity’s history and values, making us proud to call them Associate Members of our chapter. As for our chapter’s involvement on campus, we brought back one of our most popular philanthropy events yet along with a brand-new event to increase involvement with the chapters on campus, along with the general student body. For Philanthropy, we brought back our Dress-a-Chi event, where we take volunteers from our brothers to be progressively dressed up in a specific outfit as money is donated in their name. As more money is donated, the brothers will have their costumes evolve and will be wearing them whenever on campus for the week the event lasts. As for our newest event, we have started hosting bi-weekly dry social events, inviting over portions of the Greek houses on campus, along with the general student body, for movies, games, and general conversation spread throughout our house. So far, two of these have occurred and have been widely successful, garnering a healthy flow of guests throughout their evenings and have successfully spread our reputation on campus and has helped us to plan and obtain a number of additional mixer events with sororities and fraternities on campus. While the times may prove difficult for general fraternity life, our chapter has been, and will continue to remain, dedicated to staying active and involved on campus, upholding our values, pursuing excellence, and building our brotherhood with men of integrity

Kingsville – Keshawn Paul The Kingsville Chapter has been exceptionally active on campus when we needed exposure the most. This entails our involvement in the Organization Fair, Meet the Greeks, and Javelina Camp to name a few. We accumulated 19 Associate Members with events including capture the flag, informational night, kickball, Javelina Camp (freshman camp), and our timing with recruitment events. With speedy and efficient programming, we were able to start events as soon as possible, giving us the edge over other fraternities. To improve scholastic efforts, the Chapter established bi-weekly study halls. In order to increase chapter and community presence, brothers set up Delta Chi flags at local businesses to show mutual support. Our Founders’ Day event was a success with over 75 people, where we conducted the Big Brother reveal, along with the newly elected ABT taking their oath of office. The Chapter made a non-alcoholic drink at a local business “The Vibe”, named after Martlet Madness, with both watermelon and pina-colada flavoring. The Chapter’s tireless efforts were showcased by the Delta Chi awards, being awarded six individual awards, including two officer awards, a Meritorious Service Award, and two chapter awards. The election slate is currently underway as the Chapter begins to see who is interested in a lettered-officer role.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


The Chapter represented Delta Chi during our Javelina homecoming week where Francisco Guerrero ran for Homecoming King. At Fall Carnival, we raised $786 promoting a local business. Trunk-or-Treat was led by our Associate Members who exemplify Delta Chi standards and our second annual Dye-A-Chi fundraiser raised $970, which has been donated to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Lehigh – Joseph DiRenzo Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2020-2021 school year, the Lehigh Chapter of Delta Chi was able to recruit a strong Associate Member class of 19. As we knew we had to remain committed to the tradition of excellence that Delta Chi upholds, the 2021-2022 school year would present even more opportunities to explore our brotherhood and philanthropic interests alike. Last year, we felt the direct impact that a cancer diagnosis could have when one of our senior brothers was diagnosed with testicular cancer. To stand in solidarity with our brother’s courageous fight, we generated nearly $14,000 for the Testicular Cancer Foundation. This year, we are excited to participate in Hawkathon, which benefits the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Delta Fries and a 3v3 basketball tournament, generating funds to be donated to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. While we recognize the importance of maintaining our philanthropic efforts, we felt it equally important that we emphasize education in both our brothers and in the community. Through a concerted effort from our scholarship and philanthropy chairs, our new scholarship plan provides incentives to active members to succeed academically and also to tutor regularly at our local middle school. We look forward to continuing to contribute positively to our Lehigh community throughout this semester and the ones to follow.

LSU – Ethan Miller The fall 2021 semester has been a great start to our academic year. We began the year with a fantastic recruitment leading to a great Associate Member class. The new Alpha Kappa class is filled with fantastic guys who will benefit our chapter for years to come. We held initiation recently with a total of 37 Associate Members. We also held a few events this semester including semi-formal, an alumni event at a venue on campus, and a few exchanges. We also have some great events coming up including our Steve Aoki concert at Fred’s, brotherhood paintball, and a philanthropy event. So far, we have had a great fall and plan to keep it going into the spring of 2022. Geaux Tigers!

Marquette – Arek Alexanian This semester was back to in-person recruitment events after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Due to low interest in Greek life this semester, the turnout was low with only three new members. Sign-ups for next semester have increased and we should have a normal sized class this coming semester. We are again able to be in-person for our chapter meetings opposed to last year’s virtual meeting sessions. We finally were able to host our first registered social event in three years. For Halloween, we decorated our basement in spooky decorations and hosted the event for the brothers and their guests. The night included a costume contest, limbo contest, and dancing. Our chapter entered the Marquette intramural basketball season this semester and are 2-1 so far.

Little Rock – Turner Hudson We had an amazing semester with even more exciting things planned for the future. This semester, we had the great pleasure of hosting the second annual alumni weekend. We also worked very hard to maintain the highest GPA out of all of the fraternities on campus for the 10th semester in-a-row. We did multiple philanthropy events this semester to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research and are on track to meet our donation goal. We are excited for what the spring holds with life becoming more and more normal. Go Trojans!

Livingston – Alex Dollar The Livingston Chapter was honored to have “AA” Aaron Otto visit us at the beginning of the year. He presented us with Core Competency awards for Excellence in developing character, promoting friendship, advancing justice, and Achievement in assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. During Delta Chi’s Week of Service, we held events on campus to raise money. The events consisted of a coin drive, cornhole tournament, Pie-a-Chi, and a Halloween costume contest. We raised around $250 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Homecoming was our next big project. After a lot of hard work from the initiate and Associate Members, we placed first in serendipity (talent show) and placed second for the best float. Homecoming made our bond with each other even stronger. The next big project we had was the “Walk a-thon,” where initiate and Associate Members walked from Demopolis to Livingston, which is 28 miles. We raised a total of $2,000+ for V Foundation.

Long Beach – John Bouabsi This semester was the first time we were able to host in-person events since the pandemic began. This fall, we really took time as a chapter to rebrand and rebuild. We welcomed in an Associate Member class of 15 men who are all currently still in the AM process and will be initiated in the coming weeks. We were able to host our philanthropy week for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Some of our events throughout the week included a Raising Cane’s fundraiser, pie-a-dchi event held on campus, and our Chi Ball sporting event. Throughout the week, we were able to raise over $1,200 to donate to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Throughout the semester, we made it a priority to connect more with our alumni. We were able to plan an event with our alumni and enjoyed a ball game at Angel’s Stadium versus the Athletics. As we move forward, we look to holding elections for our next executive board and to a winter retreat. Good times are ahead! BPRP.

Louisiana Tech – Dylan Odom The Louisiana Tech Chapter started the year off strong with recruitment, welcoming in 39 Associate Members, almost doubling our chapter’s size. Before school started, we raised over $500 dollars for the V Foundation with our annual jambalaya event. We have already amassed 400+ hours of community service by volunteering with other campus organizations to help move in the incoming freshman, as well as pairing up with the sororities on campus to throw a joint Trunk-or-Treat for local schools in our town. Following our state’s COVID guidelines, we organized an online raffle, raising over $5,000 for our chapter. We also had four members nominated for Louisiana Tech’s Homecoming Court, and our vice president was honored to be one of the 12 candidates selected. During homecoming, we raised $2,000 for our chapter and had an overwhelming return of alumni to our annual alumni banquet. We are excited for our events in the near future such as Family Day, our annual alumni crawfish boil, and many more. All of this couldn’t have been done without our alumni’s continued support to reach the goals we set as a chapter for this year.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Miami – Nolan Helline The Miami Chapter had a productive and positive semester. We implemented a new philanthropy event, the Jacob Butze 5k run, to honor our brother Jacob Butze who passed away last December following a hard-fought battle with leukemia. We also created a relationship with a new club on campus, MENtal Health, which focuses on men’s health and well-being. They are offering retreats once a semester for our brothers with the intent of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to enjoy each other’s company.

Michigan – Jackson Mackey The Michigan Chapter had a very productive semester. Fall recruitment was very successful and we added 26 more Associate Members. Lots of alumni have visited throughout the semester and it’s great being able to see them again. A bunch of the brothers also participated in the Mud Bowl, raising money to support the Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The event was a great success and our chapter was very lucky to be granted this amazing philanthropic opportunity. We continue to support “Go Blue, Wear Pink,” raising lots of money for breast cancer research and spreading awareness throughout the University. This year, lots of the brothers hold executive board positions within the club and we’re very proud of that. We are about to appoint a new scholarship chair to strengthen brotherhood academics and we are also adding a member development chair who’s going to give brief education pitches at chapter meetings to keep brothers fresh on their Delta Chi knowledge. Overall, our chapter has made the most of the opportunities so far and is excited for the near future to see what more we can accomplish.

Minnesota – Mark Self The Minnesota Chapter of Delta Chi has been very busy this fall with all of the excitement of returning to campus and finally signing off of the virtual world. We started the semester with formal recruitment, successfully adding seven Associate Members. In addition to recruitment, many brothers have come to enjoy all of the traditional activities that have returned to campus, the first being a sold-out Gopher Game Day as we started the season hosting Ohio State, the fourth-ranked team in the country at the time. It was great to see the campus busy with people wearing maroon and gold and having alumni stop by the chapter house ahead of the game. Each homecoming week, our chapter takes pride in our ability to compete in a variety of Greek events. We took first-place in our pairing with Alpha Chi Omega with the theme “Blades of Goldy.” Another great success for the Minnesota Chapter was our “Pelt-a-Chi” philanthropy event in support of the V Foundation

for Cancer Research. On Thursday, October 21st, active members stood out in the cold as people launched water, color-filled balloons at members along University Avenue. The cold and pain were worth it as we successfully raised $500. In the coming months, we will be working hard to finish up strong academically and prepare to elect a new executive board.

Missouri – Chris Staley This past semester has shown great growth and achievement at the Missouri Chapter. At the end of the school year, we finished top-10 in grades out of all Greek organizations at Mizzou. We hope to initiate 30 Associate Members in our next fall class and we are confident that they are superb men who embody the values of a Delta Chi. Our whole chapter worked tirelessly on Mizzou’s competitive homecoming and with the help of the women of Alpha Delta Pi, we were able to take first-place overall. Despite these joys, our campus was rocked when multiple fraternities were accused of hazing and sexual assault, suspending fraternity activities on campus. We took this time to reflect more on our leadership through serious discussions and have taken pride in how we teach our AMs and lead by example, continuing our strong presence on campus. We hope to continue to succeed for the rest of the school year and many years to come.

group was young again. Brotherhood, fellowship and love emitted from every pore that weekend. Stories grew bigger each time they were retold. The laughing and smiles were amazing to see. There were even a couple of tears shed. We vowed to get together again and can hardly wait until that day happens!

Omaha – Flopateer Habib This semester, the Omaha Chapter was able to thrive under new guidelines set forth by our university regarding the pandemic. The return to mostly normal operations provided our chapter with the chance to resume engaging and exciting programming. This recruitment season, our chapter recruited 18 incredible men who have successfully completed the Associate Member process and were initiated on October 30th. This semester, we were excited to bring back an annual fundraiser for our local philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. Dunk-a-Delta is an annual dunk tank philanthropic event we hold. This year, with the effort of our philanthropy chair, Bryan Carver, we were able to double our earnings from before COVID! We also held several events with other Greek organizations on campus. This semester, our social chair, Jadon Bester, organized an event at our local pumpkin patch with the ladies of Alpha Xi Delta. In addition to the philanthropy mentioned earlier, we are also partnered with our university’s Dance Marathon. This organization raises money and awareness for the Children’s Hospital. Recently, we had several brother’s attend a Trunk-or-Treat event to volunteer with several children from the local Children’s Hospital. Overall, our chapter has had an extremely successful semester and we are very excited for the rest of the year!

Pittsburgh – Matt Feinberg With our brothers eager and excited to get back to in-person programming, our chapter, brotherhood, and philanthropic efforts remain stronger than ever. Our chapter stands tall with nearly 80 active brothers and our fall 2021 Alpha Nu class consisting of 18 Associate Members that will develop into future leaders for years to come. We have brought back our annual “Pie-A-Thon” that generated thousands of dollars to support our philanthropy efforts for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Pittsburgh is back and better than ever coming out of our COVID-19 semesters and we are eager to keep our momentum rolling into 2022.

Missouri State – Cody Corbin The Missouri State Chapter is having another successful semester. This fall, we recruited 30 Associate Members with a 100% retention rate. It is a very promising group of men that have already started to make positive contributions to the Chapter. We held multiple philanthropy events and raised more money than any other in recent years. We also won homecoming this year, which is a huge deal for our chapter. We have continued to improve our campus relations and strengthen the image of our chapter. We have seen great success in all of our social events this year and remain one of the top fraternities on campus. Our continued success is a direct result of effective planning and organization. I am proud to say that each semester we continue to grow stronger.

Rutgers – Andrew Zhong Our chapter is currently experiencing a very successful semester. Rutgers University returned to in-person classes, which allowed our chapter to recruit a very strong class of Associate Members. We are excited to welcome 15 AMs and have enjoyed watching them learn more about our brotherhood over the past few weeks. We reconnected with many of our alumni. Our annual homecoming tailgate was a success and the alumni themselves are doing a great job staying in touch with each other and with our current brotherhood. We had successful philanthropy and community service events this semester and established stronger relationships around campus. Our chapter had the pleasure of partnering with RU4Kids and the Embrace Kids Foundation to connect with Andrew, a 7-year-old battling cancer. He is doing great and our chapter has found it extremely rewarding to spend time with him. We’re looking forward to riding the momentum we have from this semester into the spring and continuing to contribute to our community.

Spring Hill – Matthew Benton

Montclair State University – Dominic Ciocca The Montclair State Chapter was excited to return to campus this semester after remote operations due to COVID-19. With in- person classes and activities happening, the brothers of Delta Chi have been hosting great events and getting involved throughout campus. We had homecoming in-person where current brothers and alumni came together to be welcomed back to campus. During homecoming, we and other Greek organizations participated in a dance showcase where Delta Chi took first place. The brothers have also been doing great events for philanthropy, such as hosting an event where brothers were dunked into a dunk tank, which was a lot of fun and raised money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We are all excited to be back and can’t wait for what the rest of the academic year has to offer.

Northern Colorado – Michael Meyers From October 8-10, 2021, more than 65 alumni from classes in the early 1990s and 2000s flew in from dozens of cities around the country to meet up for a weekend of brotherhood and memory making. Our alumnae friends from Alpha Phi, Alpha Sigma, Delta Zeta and Sigma Kappa joined as well. It was a wonderful weekend of reliving old memories, making new ones, and sharing old traditions with the undergraduate members while learning some new traditions. Over the weekend, the group raised their voices high and sang arguably the loudest renditions of the Bond Song ever voiced at UNC. For a couple of days, our alumni

The Spring Hill Chapter had an extremely productive semester. Our collective brotherhood and community efforts thrived. Through our recruitment process, we were able to increase our membership by 14%. Our alumni involvement dramatically increased through cookouts, ceremonies, and various alumni events. Our Earth Ball philanthropy event was very successful with abundant Greek life turnout and we raised over $1,100 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We had a successful event to help our recruitment process for the spring, which was a very popular school event. We were able to strengthen brotherhood through retreats and grill outs. Our implementation of study nights was a vital part in our intentional effort to encourage strong academic performance. Our Greek life involvement was very successful through raising money for various organizations and placing in charity competitions. All of these efforts led to us developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education for not just the brothers of Delta Chi Fraternity, but for the entire campus of Spring Hill College and the entire Mobile, Alabama community.

Tarleton – Hatcher Heavyside The fall semester has been great for the Tarleton State Chapter. With most classes going back to in-person, we are very pleased that our members have stayed committed to the brotherhood no matter what. One of our chapter goals was to continue to find ways for our alumni to be more involved. This semester, we had a great turnout of alumni at Tarleton’s homecoming week. We had a wonderful alumnus that came out and cooked great food for us all. It was great meeting and catching up with everyone. For community service, the Chapter participated in the Texan Round Up, where we helped the city of Stephenville pick up trash, plant flowers, and much more. This semester, two groups of brothers got very lucky with an amazing Round Up site. After completing our hard work, we were blessed with prayer by an amazing woman. The city clean-up allowed us to help the community and work with other organizations to achieve a common goal. With times returning to normal, we are continuing to live out the core values and expectations of Delta Chi.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Temple – Mark Tepedino

Tri-State – Zachary Turner

After rounding up 37 founding fathers to help get the ball rolling, we participated in our first recruitment week, gathering up an amazing group of 19 Associate Members. Our first education program went fantastic all thanks to our AMC Connor Dougherty, who really helped our Associate Members learn about Delta Chi. Another first that we had this year was our first two philanthropy events with the V Foundation for Cancer Research and the Miracle League of New Jersey. For the V Foundation, we held a “Sponge-a-Brother” event where people donated to throw soap-covered sponges at us out on campus. This event was a boatload of fun and very successful as we raised a total of $1,375, which was unbelievable for our very first event. A few weeks later, a group of brothers went to visit the Miracle League in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, which is a foundation that gives people with disabilities a chance to play America’s favorite pastime, baseball. The brothers went to just help the people there enjoy their time playing baseball. They got to serve as “buddies”, aiding the people who needed help, playing catch with them, and just helping them enjoy their day. The Miracle League is a place we will definitely be returning to, and we are very happy that the first time was so rewarding. As our semester comes to a close, we have had a fundraising event that helped us raise $800+ for our colony. It was a simple dare fundraiser where brothers volunteered to complete dares based on how much money we raised in total. This semester has been an absolute joyride for all of us. A lot of things have been accomplished. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and we are excited to keep moving forward.

The Tri-State Chapter was one of the few chapters to receive the Delta Chi President’s Cup. One of the huge accomplishments that we achieved last year was our livestream philanthropy event. With COVID-19 restrictions in effect, we were unable to do a lot of our usual events that we had done in previous years. We had to think of how we could achieve our donation goal in a different way. During quarantine, we discovered one thing; we were all addicted to playing video games. We decided to make the thing that we loved to do into an event. We had several brothers pick some of their favorite video games and took turns playing for a couple hours. During those hours, people watching could make donations to give us challenges or dares that we had to do on camera. It was a huge success, as we exceeded our original goal for donations that we wanted for the event. It was a great time for all the Tri-State Delta Chi brothers and is certainly an event that we plan to do again in the upcoming spring semester.

Texas – TJ Drefs Delta Chi is just getting started at the University of Texas! Our current executive board is working hard to increase membership, brotherhood, and establish a foundation for Delta Chi on campus. This semester, we hosted recruitment events, got busy on the ultimate frisbee field, and promoted the Delta Chi experience on campus. We are very proud of our social media presence and are starting to really make connections with potential new members. Our goals for next semester include becoming a fully recognized student organization on campus, increasing membership by 50%, and creating a stronger presence while living Delta Chi’s values. We might be a small founding father class but we are excited for the next few semesters and to keep building on our foundation here at UT.

Truman State – John Marx The Truman State Chapter saw great prosperity this past semester. At the end of the summer, we won the National Interfraternity Council’s Chapter Award of Distinction. This reflected the hard work that we have been putting in all year. At the start of the fall, we were awarded the President’s Cup, our second-consecutive nod. We are all very proud of our consistent efforts to succeed in everything that we do. We also are excited to welcome 11 Associate Members to the Fraternity. We continue to add strong numbers and progress as a chapter. Finally, homecoming week was a blast for us. Throughout the week, we were paired with Alpha Gamma Delta as our homecoming partner. We raised over $1,400 dollars for the Forest Lake Area Trail System (FLATS) organization from our individual philanthropy events and $2,900 overall as a group. Our lip sync team placed second overall. We placed third as a group for the entire homecoming competition. Lots of alumni came up that weekend to meet some of the newer guys and catch up with the Chapter.

UNLV – Mitchell Cabral

Texas Tech – Jace Isaeff The Texas Tech Chapter has excelled this year in many ways. The Chapter held its first annual volleyball tournament and fundraiser for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, raising $2,000. We were proud to join with Centennial Elementary, where 35 of our brothers ran game booths and handed out prizes during their annual Halloween Fall Festival. The Chapter is excited to continue to volunteer our time with Centennial Elementary after such a successful event. The Chapter held our annual alumni weekend that saw many new and old alumni in attendance and raised a generous number of donations for the Chapter and lodge renovations. We also hosted our annual parents’ weekend events with more than 150 members and parents in attendance. The Chapter held its yearly brother retreat at Palo Duro Canyon with more than 70% of active brothers attending and 100% of Associate Members attending. After a very successful recruitment, we were proud to initiate 25 Associate Members into the Brotherhood in late October.

Towson – Ryan Quinn Like many other chapters, the Towson Colony was excited to finally be back on campus this fall. Though our colony excelled during online classes by earning the highest average GPA among all Towson fraternities this past spring semester, the brothers were eager to return to attending in-person classes and regain the ability to host in-person events. The Towson Colony started off the fall semester strong by hosting a successful recruitment week, pinning two Associate Members. Our events ranged from bouncing around at Skyzone to hosting watch parties for the Baltimore Ravens. Aside from recruitment, the Delta Chi Towson Tigers have been very active in university-hosted Greek activities and contributing to the philanthropies of our fellow Towson Greek life. We are continuing to grow our brand and forge connections with other campus communities. Many of our members are also active outside the Fraternity and work on exciting projects for good causes, such as participating in marathons for charities in Baltimore and Towson. Finally, we look forward to growing our brotherhood and the rest of the events we have planned for this semester.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Our chapter at UNLV has been smooth-sailing as we adjusted to being back to campus following COVID-19. We successfully converted back to having our Sunday chapter meetings in-person and being able to hold/attend more events than we did in the past two years. We were able to team up with Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi for Homecoming, had a Halloween social event with the ladies of Alpha Phi Gamma, and participated in Alpha Xi Delta’s philanthropy. We would also like to announce that our chapter will be hosting our philanthropy next spring. We were able to successfully welcome 12 Associate Members and are hoping we can help them reach their full potential as gentlemen of Delta Chi. Our brotherhood became stronger since we reunited again and are all on campus. We have also had multiple open alumni events to help reconnect with those who graduated recently and those who came down to Las Vegas. Our newsletters have also improved so we can keep members informed on social events, intramural sports, birthdays, school events, etc. We made great financial strides and are proud of the stability we’ve created within the Chapter.

USP – Zachary Moyer A successful start of the semester was curated by our brothers of the USP chapter, shedding the slough brought on by the restrictions of the pandemic. We were able to appreciate the success of our local history by celebrating our 10-year anniversary as a chapter. While we were unable to celebrate such an occasion in-person just yet, we are looking forward to our banquet to celebrate such a momentous occasion with our prestigious alumni. On another note, we are pleased with the progress that our two Associate Members of our Alpha Eta class have made thus far and are exhilarated by their potential and the prospect they will bring our chapter. In addition, brothers have taken the time and effort to support our community with various events including our local park clean-ups, assisting with our university’s Trunk-or-Treat, and organizing philanthropy events such as our “Splatter it for Jimmy V”. That single event generated more donations for the V Foundation for Cancer Research than any other event in the past few semesters. The bonds of brotherhood have also been further strengthened with our weekly dinners and brotherhood events such as karaoke, game nights, and athletic tournaments. Likewise, our chapter has strengthened not only its bonds but also its academics, assisting with an increase in our GPA to 3.45 despite the initial challenges faced transitioning from the pandemic. We are lucky to have such a close brotherhood and cannot wait for the future prospects that our chapter will manufacture. Born Proud, Raised Proud.

Virginia Tech – Zach Behl After having the honor of receiving our second President’s Cup since our inception in 2018, the Virginia Tech Chapter took full advantage of campus operations returning to normal. The semester started off with our anticipated chartering celebration in late August. Thank you to the IHQ representatives who made the trip to Blacksburg, delivered our charter, and celebrated with the Chapter on this very special night. We had our best formal recruitment season since fall 2019 and the Chapter worked diligently to recruit men of action that strived to do fraternity right. All events were held in-person for a two-week period and featured events including poker, bowling, yard games, and a cookout to engage PNMs. We successfully recruited 20 Associate Members who will be initiated in mid-November after they complete our six-week AM Program. During our homecoming week, the fall alumni weekend was held over a two-day period in mid-October. The weekend featured an alumni tailgate that included a catered cookout and yard games, various activities (golfing, hiking, and kickball) with an array of prizes, and a catered chapter lunch to round out the event. The Fraternity is bringing back our Race for the Cure philanthropy in early November to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Participating organizations will have the chance to take part in our Amazing Race event filled with clues, mini games, and checkpoint challenges across campus. Our brothers continue to actively help out the community through completing 11 hours of service. Packing food for children facing food insecurity through Micah’s Backpack and partnering with the service sorority Omega Phi Alpha in a door-to-door canned food drive are two of the numerous service opportunities that are offered. As another semester comes to a close, our drive for excellence and enthusiasm for the future has only grown.

West Chester – Nick Dobslaw Our chapter has been enjoying new opportunities and efforts made possible with the return of in-person and on-campus operation. We pinned five Associate Members through our formal recruitment process who exhibit the values and behavior of a Delta Chi. These Associate Members have been successful in their education process so far and the numerous events we’ve held this semester. Besides the enjoyable events of recruitment week, our brothers have bonded over football, bowling, and other brotherhood events. We’ve also been able to make a larger impact on campus by networking with new students and other organizations. This allowed us to hold several social and philanthropy events. These fun times aren’t possible without the efforts and work being put in by our chapter, our executive board, and chairmen. We’ve had numerous fundraising events that have proven successful, such as our grilled cheese sales, that raised over $150 each night. We’ve also been able to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research through philanthropy events like Pie-A-Chi, which raised over $200 in two hours. Our chapter has also accomplished many community service hours through Adopt-a-Block trash pickups and volunteer work at the Maryland 5-Star Horse and Equestrian Showcase. The West Chester Chapter is proud of the progress we’ve made so far as we look forward to the rest of the semester.

West Virginia – Tyler Rodriguez During the fall semester, we went from a colony to a chapter and moved to our very own fraternity house. We hosted philanthropy events for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We have also participated in other organization’s philanthropy events including Delta Gamma’s “Anchor Bowl” football game, Alpha Omicrons Pi’s “Kick-out Arthritis” soccer game, Pi Beta Phi’s “Phield Day”, and more. To start the semester, we had brothers volunteer to help move in freshman and since then have participated in a number of community service events. We also have had mixers with other Greek organizations and hosted a parent’s weekend.

the sought-after Interfraternity Soccer Championship. Now that we are slowly emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are similarly taking pride in the little things—meals together, helping mentor each other in academics, chapter meetings, and more. Overall, the brothers of Delta Chi at William & Mary are proud of our accomplishments this semester and are looking with anticipation toward those yet to come.

Wilmington – Alan Calderon The brothers of the Wilmington Chapter have endured a lot this past year, from constant changes in local COVID regulations to the addition of new fraternities on campus. We have stayed strong nevertheless, keeping consistent numbers and look forward to the spring semester and a large Associate Member class to lock down housing for our chapter. This summer, the Chapter celebrated our 10-year anniversary with dozens of alumni coming for a large banquet-style celebration. We are in the midst of a culture change in the Chapter, one that will keep our heads up and focus on acquiring new members and continuing philanthropy. This past year, we had two very successful Delta Chi car washes, which raised over $1,000 each, along with community service events recognized by the school and city of Wilmington. It’s wonderful to know that our brothers are all united on the path to excellence.

Wisconsin – Noah Adelman The brothers at Wisconsin remained dedicated to improving the Chapter in every way possible. After being recognized for many awards last year, the Chapter once again was honored for its work. The Wisconsin Chapter was awarded Core Competency Awards: Excellence with Distinction in Advancing Justice and Assisting in the Acquisition of a Sound Education, the Raymond D. Galbreth Certificate of Achievement, Award of Achievement for Developing Character, and Award of Excellence for Promoting Friendship. The Chapter was also given two individual awards - brothers Jack Gwertzman and Noah Adelman were awarded Chapter Luminary and “E” Key Awards, respectively. We recently pinned 17 Associate Members, continuing the recent growth seen by the Chapter. Despite growing in size, we retained the highest GPA out of all IFC fraternities, boasting a 3.66. When the brothers are not studying, they can be seen volunteering at food pantries or raising money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The Chapter raised over $1,000 in the previous two semesters. We will soon be welcoming parents and alumni to Madison for a weekend filled with fun and are looking forward to a fantastic finish to an already great semester.

Whitewater – Maxwell Servais William & Mary – Kyle Kauffman William & Mary’s Chapter of Delta Chi experienced a wonderful fall 2021 semester. We are proud to say we extended bids to the largest cohort of Associate Members in recent memory—19 kind, driven, well-rounded young men who recently bonded on a mountain hiking trip. Expanding upon our record of community service for the Jamestown Settlement, the brothers of Delta Chi also helped to set up and facilitate Family Frights, a community Halloween event. Additionally, several of the brothers participated in William & Mary’s Tribethon soccer tournament to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s fight against pediatric illnesses. After a dominant season, Delta Chi’s team won

We have been hard at work since getting back to “normal”, post-COVID. This semester, we hosted tons of events and fundraisers. We started the semester on a good note, recruiting 15 Associate Members that are currently enrolled in the process and doing very well. We held a Founders’ Day gala and golf outing for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, raising over $6,000. Through the outing gala, we brought undergraduate and alumni together in one place to share the lifelong brotherhood of Delta Chi. We hosted several volunteer opportunities including cleaning up our adopted highway just outside town. Over the past week, the Chapter actively participated in Whitewater’s homecoming, which included multiple events such as tug-of-war, a talent show, and a city-wide parade. Currently, our chapter house is undergoing renovations and a complete siding replacement. Along with all of these great achievements, our chapter won every composite award plus an award of excellence from IHQ. Here at UW-Whitewater, we strive to be better every day!

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Those Who Have Passed These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. Alabama Garrett W.J. Walker ’19, November 9, 2021

Colorado Allen Spurgeon ’08

American Anthony Luciani ’95 John J. Regan ’93, October 6, 2021

Connecticut James G. Rooney ’70 William H. Zeliff, Jr. ’59, October 18, 2021

Appalachian State Lester L. Schmidt ’89 Harold E. Reese ’91 Tony L. King ’86, June 15, 2021 Bradford K. Brown ’86, June 26, 2021

Cornell Paul C. Goundry ’46 Robert H. Kooh ’49

Arizona William E. Davis ’48 Michael P. Green ’67 Daniel A. Tylutki ’01 Christopher L. Evenson ’72, July 30, 2021 Arizona State Alan M. Halter ’06 Brian J. Gallagher ’15, September 10, 2021 Auburn Hugh J. Williams ’56, March 6, 2014 Kenneth D. Wingo ’59, September 28, 2021 Birmingham Steven McClard ’75 Bowling Green Russell T. Prokes ’04 Cal Poly Jeffrey M. Abels ’74 California Univ-PA Robert T. Betters ’79 Central Missouri Dean Nelson ’94 Coastal Carolina Clark A. Cato ’11

As part of Delta Chi’s ongoing partnership with PCI for the Delta Chi Oral History Project, we were made aware of several unreported members who moved on to the higher court. Many of these records are lacking official dates of passing. We appreciate your understanding for the volume of records and partial information.Tell your brothers you love them and give them a hug because it’s impossible to know what tomorrow holds.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Creighton Paul T. Witt ’72 Michael D. Kozlik ’75 Steven D. Samuels ’81 DePauw T. Lyle Harlor ’48 Gregory M. Palmer ’84 East Texas Lloyd E. Moseley ’76 Eastern Illinois John P. Moscatello ’87, December 23, 2017 Eastern Michigan Robert J. Gonas ’71 Embry-Riddle Robert S. Nagy ’73 Florida Arthur W. Gardner ’45 Omar K. Lightfoot, Jr. ’51 Richard H. Quackenbush ’74 Larry R. Crowley ’85

Fullerton Marc A. Pascual ’95 Gannon Andrew J. Grabiec ’74 W. David Knight ’80 George Mason Guido Mancini ’22, October 23, 2021

Georgia Southern Cecil H. Garrell ’70, June 8, 2019 Gorham State Michael S. Cuskelly ’79 Everett A. Davis ’69, October 31, 2019

Hayward Reynaldo G. Chairez, Jr. ’10 Hobart Charles J. Durland ’52 Clayton J. Anderson ’77 James R. Mills ’97

Hunstville Brian L. Benson ’82 Bruce L. Dambman ’82 Idaho Marlow K. Ellis ’50 Thomas A. Sheffield ’93 George A. Schaff ’98 Richard F. Gulley ’63, October 14, 2021 Illinois Benjamin H. Earhart ’46 Herbert A. Hoover ’51 Robert W. Long ’51 William Arenberg ’52 Peter A. Sesterhen ’83 William A. Testory ’83 Illinois State David J. Graham ’75 Joseph C. Jung ’76 Iowa John A. Smith ’52 Terry A. Slatton ’76 Johnstown Carl B. Witwer ’79 Kansas Robert F. Bennett ’49 James F. Hurley ’50 CDR Richard E. White, USN ’51 James B. Flood ’73

Kent State Aaron L. Curtiss ’00, October 6, 2021 Kentucky Jack C. Crawford, Jr. ’50 James P. Downs ’52 Kettering-A Edgar W. Pequignot ’10 Lehigh William B. Pennebaker, Jr. ’57, Sept. 8, 2021 Livingston John W. Brislin ’71 Long Beach Marc J. Friedman ’84 LSU John B. Dunlap ’85

Marquette Frank J. Musbach ’86 Memphis Randall E. Doyle ’97, September 17, 2021

Miami Daniel R. Kramer ’48 Richard Petticrew ’51 John E. Krugman ’71 Michigan State John J. Hewitt, Jr. PhD ’47 Milwaukee Robert W. Kallio ’73 Minnesota Harold P. Basinger ’53 Robert I. Palmer ’70 Mississippi State Michael A. Anderson ’97, October 11, 2021 Missouri Western Edward A. Cordonier ’77 Montevallo Jeffrey G. Gray ’76 Paul McAleer ’01

Northeastern David W. Wasserman ’80, March 2021 Northern Arizona Jose M. Guerra ’71 Northern Iowa Donald P. Sherman ’71 Northern Michigan John B. Stevens ’92

Ohio State William K. Fell ’44 Donald C. Richardson ’48 Richard J. Premec ’83 Philip J. Grushetsky ’89 Neal S. Tostenson ’56, February 11, 2014

Oklahoma Jodene Cornelson ’50 Tyler A. Alvarado ’07, August 29, 2020

Troy State Stanley M. Hall ’71 Longin Soverow ’71 Jack E. Rinehart ’77 Ronald K. Culver ’92

Oklahoma State Miles D. Blevin ’85 Dwight D. Lewish ’87 Eldon T. Wheeless ’88 Ralph W. Rucker ’93

UCLA Rex H. Shudde PhD ’52 Union Charles H. Roberts ’72

Oshkosh Steven G. Denis ’77

Valdosta Tally M. Wisenbaker ’99

Pittsburgh Daniel L. Hemmerly ’09

Virginia Commonwealth Jesse P. Throckmorton ’91

Purdue Christopher J. Cox ’94

Washington Elvind G. Lange, Jr. ’50 Craig D. Hancock ’71 Donald K. Davis ’65, March 31, 2021 Richard A. Wood ’72, August 26, 2021

Radford John K. Myers ’98 Sacramento Ronald Pelegrini ’88 Stephen W. McGirr ’93

S.M.U. George E. Owens, Jr. ’72, June 30, 2020 Southeast Missouri Charles D. Michie ’77 David S. Meyer ’84 David C. Landwehr ’88 Craig A. Scobey ’81, September 24, 2021 Southern California John R. Doty ’51 Jamie W. Christian ’92

Washington State Paul J. Allison ’48 V. Lennie Husa ’50

West Georgia Jonathan M. Tate ’06 Western Michigan Chris L. Mortimore ’71, August 30, 2021 West Virginia Tech David W. Pittsenbarger ’86 John M. Kolasa ’89 Dana G. Campbell II ’85, August 7, 2021

Windsor Kenneth M. Hodgkinson ’94

Tri-State Dennis K. Anderson ’72 Edward F. Flavin ’73 William C. Shenberger ’84

Youngstown Mark E. Furney ’74


Important Milestones Duquesne

Born to Brother Stephen Hudak ’11, a son, George Raymond, on September 22, 2021.


Brother Kirk Fogg ’81 returned to the CW’s revamped version of the early 90’s actionadventure game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, serving as a contestant mentor during a four-episode arc that premiered November 7, 2021. Fogg was the show’s original host beginning in 1993.


Brother Alexander Castro, Jr. ’17 received an award recognizing him as the youngest alumni donor inducted into the Javelina Society. His planned gift will create a scholarship to award a recipient that is a Greek life member or a student wishing to pursue undergraduate research in the S.T.E.A.M. division. The scholarship was named the Oloba-Fuentes Scholarship after two students and personal friends that passed away in a tragic car accident.


Brother Max Brawer ’17 was promoted to Global Manager of Protective Intelligence at Coinbase in September 2020. He’s responsible for the global development and scale of the protective intelligence program and its principle focus areas; geopolitical intelligence, threat investigations, and risk management. Coinbase is a global cryptocurrency exchange. Brother Brawer was featured as an alumni spotlight by the University of Michigan’s LSA Program in International & Comparative Studies in November 2021.


Brother Michael P. Rocha ’13 was ordained a Catholic priest on Saturday, May 19, 2019 for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, California. Brother Daniel P. Engels ’15 married to Hilary Williams on August 31, 2019 in Burlingame, California.


Brother Kevin E. Montano ’19 improved to 2-0 in his professional boxing career, defeating Jose Delgado in the main event on October 8, 2021. Brother Montano signed to Split-T Boxing, a boxing management team based out of New York, New York, on August 4, 2021. Montano, a lightweight amateur star, was the second-ranked lightweight in USA Boxing and is a three-time California State Champion.

Spring Hill

Brother Jacob Morris ’19 became a firsttime homeowner, purchasing a property in Mobile, Alabama. Brother Morris is a manager and director at Bay Area Performing Arts, a company dedicated to education in children’s development of the arts and the complete workings of the theatre.

Brother Jonathan I. Orozco ’15 married to Emily Nicole Bromann on September 3, 2021 in Ramona, California.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Has Your “A” Registered? The 2022 “A”s’ Academy at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana is quickly approaching This one-of-a-kind opportunity for our undergraduate leaders provides curriculum focused on leadership development and goal setting. Registration closes December 17, 2021.

JANUARY 14-17, 2022

If you missed the deadline, contact: Paul Bierman: as soon as possible to make sure your chapter/colony is represented.


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