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Volume 119 | Issue 1 | Summer 2023

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Volume 119 | Issue 1 | Summer 2023



Dale Carnegie

partnership between Delta A Chi and Dale Carnegie Training has empowered 109 scholars to become confident, capable leaders through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Beyond the classroom, the program has enhanced communication, fostered unity, and equipped these young leaders with lifelong skills.

19 Phired Up Partnership

Delta Chi embarked on a path of transformation, partnering with the acclaimed organization Phired Up to redefine its approach to recruitment, membership development, and overall excellence. Through this collaboration, Delta Chi chapters have gained access to a powerful suite of tools and resources, from ChapterBuilder to Dynamic Recruitment Certifications, Advisor Classroom, in-person training, and more.

22 DCEF Donors

Delta Chi’s enduring strength and vitality owe much to the unwavering support of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation donors. These dedicated brothers and friends have made a profound impact on Delta Chi’s lifelong mission.

DEPARTMENTS 2 From the Executive Director & CEO


Delta Chi Moments of Impact Life is measured by moments, and my life has been filled with moments related to Delta Chi. My older brother introduced me to my first Delta Chi moment and did so when he joined the Central Missouri Chapter in the fall of 1992. A significant Delta Chi moment followed as my brother and father welcomed me into the fold when I was initiated in the fall of 1996. Since then, I’ve cherished countless Delta Chi moments - from being elected chapter “A” to serving on staff in the early 2000s, from standing beside numerous brothers on their wedding days to finding solace in times of grief. I’ve rejoiced in the achievements of my chapter brothers, had Delta Chis as my groomsmen, celebrated the birth of my son (with hopes of him becoming a future Delta Chi), and most recently, I’ve been entrusted with the honor of serving as the 11th Executive Director. Delta Chi has been an undeniable force in shaping my life, as I’m sure it has for countless alumni. This Fraternity has provided me with the defining moments in life where I’ve learned, grown, made amends, found healing, and worked to leave the world better for future

generations. My paramount focus during my service to Delta Chi will be to ensure that the opportunities for transformative moments remain readily available to our young men. Our undergraduate brothers require support and guidance like never before, especially in a world undergoing rapid change. Our promise of a brotherhood of a lifetime can serve as their cornerstone if we stand ready to offer them programs, services, and support from both the International Fraternity and local advisors. Delta Chi’s moments of impact are rooted in the incredible experiences we create. The Fraternity is diligently working to establish innovative initiatives and programs designed to enrich the membership experience. Partnerships with Dale Carnegie, our new Membership Experience Survey with Dyad Strategies, the Mentorship Network, and more, are all geared towards setting our brothers on a path for personal development and success post-graduation. We have invested in, and are forging partnerships with, industry experts to ensure our members can seize their moments to become not only better brothers but also better men.

20 Delta Chi Bracket Challenge

I am extremely honored to embrace this Delta Chi moment and I look forward to serving Delta Chi each day.


In the Bond,


Campus Scene

Expansion Update

27 Keeping in Touch Farewell and Parting

Karl Grindel Executive Director & CEO Central Missouri ’01


Delta Chi Quarterly


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Delta Chi Quarterly

n the world of Greek life, fraternities are often seen as a home away from home, a place where friendships and camaraderie are cultivated. But the true essence of a fraternity extends beyond the bonds of brotherhood. At Delta Chi, it’s about personal growth, leadership, character development, and connection to the values that have been deeply embedded in the mission of the Fraternity since its founding.


EMPOWERING TOMORROW'S LEADERS For Delta Chi, the Fraternity’s commitment to developing “Men of Action” is not just a tagline; it’s a way of life. As a Fraternity founded on principles of promoting friendship, advancing justice, developing character, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education, Delta Chi continually seeks innovative ways to invest in its members’ growth, ensuring they become not only better Delta Chis but better people. The result? A transformative program that has the power to shape the leaders of tomorrow: the Delta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholars Program. The story begins with a convergence of excellence, a partnership between Delta Chi and the globally renowned Dale Carnegie Training. The motivation behind this collaboration was simple but profound - to provide every Delta Chi member with an opportunity to grow through the same coaching that Fortune 500 companies invest in. Dale Carnegie, with a century of experience and a track record in developing leaders, was the ideal partner to realize this vision. The initiative would not only offer Delta Chi members an edge in college but also equip them with skills they’d carry far beyond their academic years. Delta Chi is proud to be the premier fraternal partner of Dale Carnegie Training. With its inaugural class throughout spring 2023, the Delta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholars Program stands as a testament to the Fraternity’s commitment to providing a values-based and resume-driven membership experience. But it’s more than that; it’s a beacon of the kind of leaders Delta Chi aspires to nurture. How were the scholars chosen? Through the belief in an important principle: leaders are not born; they are made. Each active chapter was expected to appoint or elect a chapter scholar to participate in the program. With 109 scholars representing their chapters, regions,

and the International Fraternity, the program took flight. To be a Delta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholar, one had to be in good standing with their chapter and institution, currently initiated, and a committed undergraduate member of Delta Chi. The aspiration to grow as a leader and the willingness to attend the Spring 2023 Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) and their corresponding cohort was essential. The foundation was set, and the transformation could begin. The program was no ordinary leadership course. For the participants, it was an eight-week journey filled with self-discovery, empowerment, and, above all, the transformation of young men into leaders with

TRANSFORMING BROTHERHOOD THROUGH SELFIMPROVEMENT AND EMPOWERMENT the ability to inspire change. Dale Carnegie Scholar, Nico Picciano (Virginia Tech), described the Dale Carnegie course as “ a course to enhance your life skills, because throughout these eight weeks, we’ve been talking about leadership, dealing with stress, dealing with others, working in a team setting, and throughout life. Those are all sorts of skills that we’re going to have to learn one way or another and can do through experience, which has a lot of ups and downs.” After the first in-person session at RLCs, participants dove into seven virtual workshops led by Dale Carnegie’s expert trainers, covering a diverse range of topics. From interpersonal competence to the power of storytelling, the program provided practical skills that could be applied to everyday life. It was not a theoretical exercise but a real-life transformation, with concrete takeaways that could be immediately employed in personal, academic, and fraternal pursuits. Many participants found the program’s emphasis on stepping out of their comfort zones to be a profound lesson. Brendan Han from the Miami Chapter said “based on my experience from this program, I recommend you throw yourself into situations that you may not feel comfortable with at first because stepping out of your comfort zone can show you who you really are and what you can really do.” Building self-confidence was a recurrent theme, a transformative change experienced by numerous participants. “I really stepped out of my comfort zone, and I learned a lot of skills that helped me Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


to be more confident around people,” mentioned Matthew McCoy (Rutgers), another scholar. Jack O’Donnell, the West Chester Chapter’s Dale Carnegie scholar secured an internship using the skills he gained through the Dale Carnegie Scholars program, he stated “because of this experience, I learned how to get my ideas clear and concise. Based on my experience, I definitely recommend getting your points organized which will benefit you to get a job or even just become a better speaker.” Beyond personal development, the program provided participants with tools to strengthen relationships. Communication skills were improved, allowing the scholars to articulate their thoughts clearly, not only in personal interactions but also in academic and professional contexts. For Casey Hays (Missouri), the program’s value extended to enhancing connections within his chapter. “I’ve been using a lot of the skills I’ve learned in this course... using these skills to communicate with my brothers just in the chapter on a daily basis,” he shared. “Everything we’ve learned throughout this entire program has been amazing and it’s going to be key to my success in the future.” Leadership and engagement were skills instilled in the scholars. They learned to actively engage with their peers, driving productive outcomes in their chapters. They also developed the ability to encourage others to make the right decisions, fostering unity and camaraderie among fellow Delta Chis. The impact of the Delta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholars Program extended beyond the classroom and fraternity activities. It had a profound effect on the participants’ personal lives. Andrew Lambird (Eastern Washington) shared his goal: “This is something that I want to continue to work on and grow with for not only myself and my relationships but also with my fraternity.” Participants learned how to deal with stress effectively, gaining essential tools for managing the challenges they faced in both academic and fraternal realms. Benjamin Hayes from the Lehigh Chapter elaborated about how the course helped with his test-taking abilities, “I went in thinking I could ace each exam. This helped me relax my nerves...” At the program’s pinnacle is the recognition of excellence, with the election of premier scholars known as the Highest Achievement Award winners. These Highest Achievement Award winners are chosen through peer voting, symbolizing their embodiment of the Dale Carnegie principles, significant personal development, careful preparation, and leadership within the class. Scholars received a plaque and special recognition during the virtual celebration for those that completed the program in June 2023. Of the 61 scholars who completed the full eight-week Dale Carnegie Scholars Program, four Highest Achievement Award winners were celebrated for their outstanding success throughout the program: Andrew Lambird (Eastern Washington), Gil Wertnz IV (Clemson ’23), Dylan MacLaren (Long Beach), and Matthew Muller (Kettering-B). All four of our inaugural Highest Award of Achievement winners demonstrated the essence of Dale Carnegie’s teachings through lived experience. These scholars provide inspiration and motivation for their fellow Delta Chis to be men of action as they lived the Fraternity’s values while investing in their futures. Highest Award of Achievement winner Dylan MacLaren from the Long Beach chapter said “I’ve had such an amazing experience. I never expected to get as much as I did out of this program. If I could do it again, I would.” In addition to the Highest Award of Achievement winners, all of the Dale Carnegie Scholars had an opportunity to reflect on the program’s impact and Delta Chi is proud to recognize the profound 6

Delta Chi Quarterly

transformation on its members. “This experience has really fueled me for next semester,” shared Peter Marbach (Kingsville), illustrating the program’s ability to invigorate its participants. Tyler Theis from the Southeast Missouri State Chapter remarked, “I want to use what I’ve learned for rush, but this is definitely something I’ll be able to use for the rest of my life.” Kyle Clement from the South Dakota State chapter exclaimed, “I feel like I’m going to apply this forever. This education is something I could use for the rest of my life in working in Civil Air Patrol, working with the rest of my aviation career, working as a flight instructor, and my everyday interactions with friends, colleagues, and even my family.” Representing the Behrend Chapter, Scholar Noah Esper stated “the biggest benefit for me that I got from this program was learning to kind of not be held back by all the things that could go wrong in social situations, building up that social confidence. I think I’ve learned to have a little more confidence and take more risks.” At the conclusion of the Dale Carnegie Scholars program, 61 scholars who participated in all eight, three-hour sessions received a Dale Carnegie Course Certification, the very certificate Warren Buffett, world-renown business and philanthropic tycoon, proudly hangs on his office wall. “In my office, you will not see the degree that I got from the University of Nebraska. You will not see the master’s degree I got from Columbia University. But you will see the award certificate I got from the Dale Carnegie Course,” Buffett said in the HBO documentary, Becoming Warren Buffett. In addition, scholars received an official Dale Carnegie Scholars lapel pin, certificate from the Delta Chi International Fraternity, access to the official LinkedIn Badge from Dale Carnegie, and access to the University of Central Missouri to retrieve their course transcript to receive their three college credits for completing the course toward their undergraduate degrees. The partnership between Delta Chi and Dale Carnegie is a testament to the Fraternity’s belief in providing great and lifelong advantages to its members. The program equips Delta Chi’s members to excel not just academically but in all facets of life. As Karl Grindel, Delta Chi’s Executive Director & CEO, emphasized, “The future is bright for Delta Chi, and the leaders forged through the Dale Carnegie Scholars Program are at the helm, guided by a commitment to selfimprovement and a dedication to leaving an indelible mark on the world.” Delta Chi Dale Carnegie scholars will continue to build on the legacy of brotherhood, leadership, and character for the Fraternity for years to come. As Lambird (Eastern Washington) aptly put it, “this is something that I want to continue to work on and grow with for not only myself and my relationships but also with my Fraternity.” For Delta Chi and the entire fraternal community, the partnership with Dale Carnegie and the success of the program are not just accomplishments; they represent the commitment to fostering a generation of leaders who, through self-improvement, can make a profound difference in our world. It’s about creating a promising tomorrow for Delta Chi and for society as a whole. The impact of these empowered scholars is set to extend far beyond the Fraternity’s physical bounds, shaping the world for the better. In the heart of every leader, there is a desire to make a difference. With the Delta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholars Program, that desire is not only kindled but also fueled, ensuring that our future leaders have the skills, the confidence, and the vision to lead with impact and purpose. As the program continues to empower Delta Chi’s members, it is evident that this partnership will continue to shine as a beacon of leadership, personal development, and brotherhood. The future is bright, and it’s a future led by the Delta Chi Dale Carnegie Scholars tomorrow’s transformational leaders.

CONGRATULATIONS SCHOLARS Congratulations to the inaugural Dale Carnegie Scholars graduating class who completed the full Dale Carnegie Course throughout the spring 2023 term. These Delta Chis rose to the challenge to invest in themselves as their Fraternity invested in them. As Dale Carnegie once said “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” We cannot wait to see what these amazing leaders do next for the world and for Delta Chi.

Ethan Acker North Georgia

Daniel Anilao Hayward

Ian Berger Penn State

Hayden Best San Antonio

Sam Bevil Kansas

Marcello Borrani Chapel Hill

Matthew Brophy Adelphi

Russell Burns William & Mary

Caleb Buter Colorado

Zachary Cheun Edwardsville

Kyle Clement South Dakota State

Jacob Coleman Riverside

Nicholas Diana Oregon State

Eric Eismeier Crieghton

Noah Esper Behrend

Connor Frey Iowa State

Alex Gonzalo Augusta

Liam Greene Fredonia

Haig Hagopian Marquette

Ben Halley Missouri

Brendan Han Miami

Benjamin Hayes Lehigh

Casey Hays Missouri

Jack Hernandez Quinnipiac

Tyler Hudson High Point

Alex Hughes Truman State

Adam Humphries Whitewater

Cade Kaufman Northern Arizona

Connor Kava Wilmington ’23

Jack Kelly Wisconsin

Andrew Lambird Eastern Washington

Grant Lincoln Appalachian State

Dylan MacLaren Long Beach

Alex Manev Kettering-A

Peter Marbach Kingsville

Matthew McCoy Rutgers

Landon Menees Kansas State

Matthew Muller Kettering-B ’23

Chris Nemeth Syracuse

Jack O’ Donnell West Chester

Nico Picciano Virginia Tech

Robert Pittman Kennesaw

Gio Puga Chico

Ryan Reynolds Florida State

Jacob Saunders Central Missouri

Will Scialla Rowan

Samy Sharif Omaha

Hunter Shoup Valdosta

Albert Sirvent San Diego

Parker Stevenson Temple

Jack Sullentrup Missouri State

Ben Sweetman Arizona

Tyler Theis SE Missouri State

Matthew Truesdell Northern Colorado

Jamison Tubridy Embry-Riddle

Michael Vallet LSU

Gil Werntz Clemson

Damon Whitford Alberta

Allan Williams East Stroudsburg

Daniel Wood Georgia Tech

Andrew Woram Bryant

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Campus Scene Adelphi – Mario Mannarino The Adelphi Chapter of Delta Chi had a very productive spring semester. These past few months, the brothers were hard at work coordinating philanthropy, fundraising, and other social events to keep the Adelphi Chapter thriving. On top of all that was our success with recruitment. In the spring ’23 semester alone, we initiated a class of eight dedicated gentlemen that nearly doubled the size of our chapter. Being such a small chapter, recruitment was one of our top priorities, and we are thrilled that our hard work has paid off in such a big way. Returning to philanthropy/fundraising, we have also had great success in those areas. Throughout the course of last semester, we held a total of four fundraising events and two philanthropy events, some in collaboration with other Greek organizations on campus. These events included a car smash, a bake-off with Delta Phi Epsilon, and “Delta Destress” with the AU Psych Club. In total, we raised over $1,000 for philanthropy and fundraising. We are greatly satisfied with our efforts during the spring semester and, as always, we look forward to an even more productive and successful fall semester.

Alabama – Ethan Abbott This spring semester was a tremendous success for the Alabama Chapter. Throughout spring ’23, we raised a total of $7,000 for charity. Over $5,400 came from our V For Valentine’s event held annually on Valentine’s Day at Rounders. Throughout the semester, we also held multiple philanthropy events including various cookouts and “Ballin’ for Bernstein”. In other news, alumnus Jacob Eigner, Associate Member class ’12, was a recipient of the 18 under 31 award, given to the 18 most successful alumni under the age of 31 from Alabama, awarded by the National Alumni Association. Our members have also flourished in involvement, and we are proud of our members who have recently been inducted into various organizations around campus. Brothers John McLendon and Mike Giambelluca were inducted into the Order of Omega, with John McLendon also joining the Jasons. Additionally, Riley Jordan and Christian Ladner were selected as SGA Senators, John McLendon became the SGA Attorney General, Ethan Abbott was named the SGA Lobby Board Director, Isaiah Valentin was selected as the SGA Director of Veteran and Military Affairs, and Matt Savas was inducted into Capstone Men and Women. This semester our campus involvement has increased tremendously, and we are excited to see what the future holds. We have started recruiting early again and our recruitment chairs Grant Howell and Landon Reed have been working tirelessly to recruit our next Associate Member class with members who exemplify the true qualities of a Delta Chi man. Many of our members have internships over the summer at companies including Tranzact, Southwestern Advantage, and Blackstone Building Group. Throughout the spring 2023 semester, the chapter saw impressive growth in all aspects, and we are excited to continue working and see what the future holds.

Appalachian State – Jacob Denton This spring semester, the Appalachian State Chapter was fortunate to welcome three new members into our brotherhood, resulting in a total of 24 newly initiated members for the entire school year! In February, our chapter sent eight members to Daytona Beach for this year’s Regional Leadership Conference at Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University. Each year, our members continue to bring back valuable and useful information that progress our chapter in the right direction. Our community service efforts included a street cleanup, bridge repair at our local Humane Society, as well as continuous volunteering at our local library. Lastly, our chapter would like to congratulate Oscar Joyner, Vince Williams, Blaine Kimrey, Walker Beard, and Jackson Smallridge on graduating this May.

Arizona – Troy Cornell The University of Arizona Chapter of Delta Chi has made tremendous strides this year to ensure continued growth for the future. The continued support and loyalty of our members, new and old, brought our chapter closer than ever. Also, we recently initiated our Beta class, whose commitment to our


Delta Chi Quarterly

values and mission has made us immensely proud. Due to the hard work of our president Will Brock, our housing board, and Delta Chi HQ, and the patience of our general members, we have managed to secure an amazing chapter house for next semester. We have given up many opportunities to have events to save the funds needed to establish a more long-term foundation at this new property. We offer a sincere thank you to Delta Chi HQ, our housing board, and all the alumni and parents who have supported us this past year. We are excited to show you what we have planned for next semester!

Augusta – Christopher Barwick The Augusta Chapter is tremendously proud of our achievements during the spring semester. We welcomed two great men into our chapter and are proud to call them our brothers. We also held our bi-annual Alumni BBQ this spring and had one of the best turnouts with alumni from the 80s and 90s coming out and having a good time with all the brothers. The Augusta Chapter raised $1,200 and counting for the Jimmy V Foundation, with our staple event being “Clippers for Cancer”. We also raised over $1,700 for our chapter, with our main event being our annual Date Night Auction. Multiple brothers were nominated for leadership awards. Brother TJ Allen won Fraternity Man of The Year, Brother Garrett Hachem won Graduating Student Leader, and Brother Mehul Mehra, an alumnus enrolled at The Medical College of Georgia, won Student Leader of The Year. Our chapter had a great semester, and our morale is stronger than ever.

Behrend – Vitesh Sharma The Behrend Chapter has been progressing well with recruitment numbers, we have achieved an 85% increase in membership since the fall of 2022. We had the 2nd largest Associate Member class last semester, and we hope to recruit an even larger class this fall. Jeremy Tucciarelli has done a phenomenal job in picking up the roles and responsibilities of being the new “A” of the Fraternity. The brothers have been engaged in several on-campus activities and clubs. We now have a majority of the IFC executive board at Behrend, with 4 brothers holding officer positions. The IFC President is Michal Bosek, who is also our retiring chapter “A”; Vice President of Member Health is Jeremy Tucciarelli, who is also our current chapter “A”; Xander Robertshaw is Vice President of Finance and the current chapter “C”, and Noah Esper is Vice President of Diversity who is also our current “D”. Our chapter would like to congratulate Jason Booth, President of the BUN Housing Corporation, on the birth of his child. We would also like to thank our wonderful ABT for being so active and participating in the affairs of our chapter.

Bryant – Alex Palermo Bryant Delta Chi had many events and activities that helped us continue our presence on campus. In the spring, we took part in a community service event in which we helped clean up a local hiking trail loved by our community. Moving forward, our recruitment chair, Kirk, hosted some great events for some potential new members including a Super Bowl watch party and a barbeque. In total, for the fall and spring semesters, we were able to initiate

15 new brothers. Lastly, Bryant Delta Chi celebrated our graduating seniors with a senior send-off, celebrating another class of alumni who will guide us for years to come.

Cal Poly – Calan Brown The last few months have been filled with continued success for the Delta Chi Chapter here at Cal Poly. With over 30 new members joining our brotherhood this school year, our chapter has continued to see remarkable growth. It would be difficult to touch on all our achievements this year, but perhaps the most astounding is the honors we received at the Delta Chi Region 2 conference. We received every award at the banquet that followed the conclusion of the conference. These awards include Outstanding Brotherhood, Campus Leadership, Outstanding Service, Academic Excellence, and the Regional Cup award.

chapter donated over $1,200 to the Jimmy V Foundation by hosting several vintage clothing markets. We also began engagement with several community service organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Ronald McDonald House, and TABLE. Under our new leadership team, we are excited to lead this new group of men and hit our goal of 50 active brothers!

Colorado – Caleb Buter Last semester at CU Boulder, The Colorado Provisional Chapter paired with Alpha Phi during Greek Week to assist in the cleanup of an area around campus that is culturally significant to Boulder. We were also able to participate in a great service event with a local foundation called There with Care. Lastly, we held an excellent brotherhood retreat where we planned for the future of our chapter.

Case Western – Mason Kung This semester we added one new member to our ranks. Welcome Andrew Xue, freshman! One of our goals this semester was to ensure that we were as active as possible. We held brotherhood events weekly and participated in activities such as Ice Fest in downtown Cleveland where we got to check out some of the amazing ice sculptures. We also went bowling, and some of us became quite adept at utilizing the gutters. This year for RLC we headed over to our OSU Chapter for our regional RLC. This served as a great opportunity for some quick bonding and connecting with our other fellow Delta Chi branches. For our big getaway, we spent the weekend at Niagara Falls enjoying the beautiful scenery. For many of us, it was our first time visiting the falls. The trip was very eventful, and by the end, we all felt like we had grown a little closer. Lastly, we had a very successful service event at Medwish, where brothers helped sort important medical supplies.

Colorado State – Ben Jarrett We had a very productive and eventful spring here at the Colorado State Chapter. This semester, as recruitment goes, we initiated 4 new members, resulting in one of the best spring recruitment seasons in recent years. Our members served the community in several ways, including volunteer work for the Special Olympics. In total, we also had 250+ hours of community service this semester. At the beginning of March, we had several of our members attend the Region IV leadership conference at the University of Missouri. Our members came back with improved leadership skills and learned many other helpful things related to their role to bring back to our chapter. Our chapter also won an FSL award right before spring break for the most chapter pride during the national ritual celebration week. Everyone in our chapter is looking forward to the next semester as we continue to grow in the upcoming future.

Cornell – Eric Hoyt The Cornell Chapter had a great spring semester. The recruitment team did a great job, bringing 18 new members to our chapter. Once again, we held our annual parent’s weekend, showing the parents the brotherhood and chapter house our members hold dear. This semester we also held an exciting philanthropy event, “Roll on The Knoll”, a concert that shared the proceeds of ticket sales with the Jimmy V Foundation. We thank Vice President Ben Polson ’23 for planning this incredible event. The Cornell Chapter is looking forward to fall recruitment as well as the opportunity for our newest brothers to step into leadership roles.

Creighton – Andrew Gronstal

Chapel Hill – Graham Williams The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Chapter had an extremely eventful and successful 2022-2023 academic year! Our brotherhood, currently at its historically greatest number of active brothers, was recently awarded the title of “IFC Chapter of the Year”. Although the involvement, academics, and brotherhood of our chapter flourished; the peak of our success centered around our philanthropic and community contributions. Our

Creighton University’s Delta Chi Provisional Chapter has been rolling this semester! Our Associate Member class consisted of 13 students, who were all initiated on Friday, April 21st. We participated in multiple service, philanthropic, and social events over the course of the semester. Service events included volunteering at Open Door Mission, a local homeless shelter in Omaha, as well as a joint event with the Delta Zeta Sorority at Creighton University. At this event, we created a large amount of tie blankets for My Very Own Blanket, an organization that provides support for foster children. For our philanthropy efforts, our chapter participated in Dance Marathon events for our Miracle Child, Cade. Social events this semester included a date party at The Exchange in the Capitol District of Omaha. To wrap up the semester, our brothers traveled to Iowa City, Iowa for our Spring Formal. Our brotherhood has continued to thrive and we plan on growing our numbers even more in the upcoming fall semester.

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Denison – McClellen Smith The Denison Chapter had a great spring semester! One of the fondest memories was our Parents’ Weekend. Before the pandemic, our chapter held an annual Parents’ Weekend during the spring term. This tradition was nearly lost due to post-covid restrictions, but brothers Charlie Gray and Colson Stutz put in the work to bring back this beloved event. In early April, all the brothers were encouraged to invite their parents to a weekend of socializing and fun. The parents’ weekend event consisted of lawn games, grilling, and music at our outdoor lodge space on campus. The event was a massive success and it was fantastic meeting everyone’s families.

Denver – Creighton Laub This spring, the Denver Chapter began receiving more campus-wide recognition thanks to all the hard work from our brothers. First, we had an outstanding recruitment cycle, welcoming over eight new Associate Members into our chapter. The chapter also did well in the annual “Big Man” charity event which allowed us to help receive more exposure on campus. Delta Chi’s recognition at Denver University was certainly well deserved. It has taken lots of perseverance and hard work from our brothers to grow our chapter to this point. Currently, we are looking forward to our big charity golf tournament on May 26th as we expect it to be one of our largest events of the year. We had the pleasure of staying a night in Golden, Colorado, celebrating all our accomplishments up to this point. Lastly, we have been conducting service projects quite frequently and are looking forward to our next one on May 20th involving Habitat for Humanity in Arvada, Colorado.

Duquesne – Rocco Caprara The Duquesne University Chapter has continued its tradition of brotherhood and service, organizing community engagement events as well as events to raise funds for the Jimmy V Foundation. During the last semester, our chapter participated in a community clean-up event in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood. We also organized an event titled, “Dunk a DChi”, where brothers successfully raised around $400 in donations to the Jimmy V Foundation. Furthermore, our chapter participated in a Zeta Tau Alpha philanthropy fundraiser, titled “Dodge for a Cause”, and prevailed victorious over teams representing other fraternities and organizations on campus. Our chapter continued to strive for academic excellence, achieving a group GPA of 3.4, the highest of any fraternity at Duquesne. Brotherhood was emphasized as we successfully recruited 8 new members. We also organized a brotherhood event at PNC Park, where brothers cheered on the Pirates as they dominated the Reds. As the largest fraternity on campus, with 57 members, we watched proudly as 18 of our brothers graduated with various degrees. Looking back on our 29th year at Duquesne, we take pride in the things we have accomplished together thus far, and we look forward to the things we have planned for the future.

Eastern Washington – Cameron Zamora The Eastern Washington University Chapter has made significant strides in terms of scholarship, brotherhood, philanthropy, and community service over the last two semesters. We are thrilled to announce that we raised our chapter GPA average by 0.5 from last year, and our chapter president received the Pillar of Success Award from our University in recognition of his Academic Success. We have been able to continue growing our chapter, gaining a total of 7 new members as well as 5 new associate members this year. Additionally, our chapter is proud to announce that we raised $350 for the Jimmy V Foundation during the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge. Lastly, our member Andy Lambird organized a trail cleanup on the Turnbull trail in Cheney, WA, and the brothers cleaned a 4-mile stretch of the trail. The Eastern Washington University Chapter is excited for another amazing semester.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Edwardsville – Austin Morton Our chapter had a packed schedule this spring, as our brothers attended many of the events happening around campus including Alpha Xi Delta’s “Xingo”, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Greeks Gone Geek”, and Epsilon Sigma Alpha’s “St. Jude Dude”. We also hosted a canned food drive, in which all the items we collected were donated to an on-campus food pantry. We ended up filling more than two 55-gallon rubber bins with the items we collected. While we were making efforts toward building bonds within our campus and community, we were also working on the ones within our chapter. This meant holding each other accountable and asking one another for help if needed. Even though our brothers worked so hard, we had our time to decompress with mixers, brotherhood events, and formals. Overall, we have been making great accomplishments and progress as a chapter, and we are eager to show more of what we can achieve.

Eastern Illinois – Elijah Erck This year, something special happened at the EIU Chapter of Delta Chi. With the pandemic considered officially over, more students returning to their normal on-campus lives, and a desire for new beginnings stirring within the brotherhood, things began to change for the EIU Chapter. This year, I have seen the brothers go above and beyond to re-establish Delta Chi’s influence on the EIU campus. Brothers Harrison Cornell and Peter Martinosivic have been integral in our chapter’s efforts. Brother Martynozivic served as treasurer while helping me with the responsibilities of risk management in the fall of 2022. Peter took the position of risk management for the 2023 spring semester, his last at EIU before going to start his full-time military career. The sacrifices Brother Martynozivic made for our chapter inspired many of our members to step up and lead the chapter. Brother Cornell has had a profound impact on the chapter through his efforts as scholarship chair, helping secure first place in the Airband competition, and being an outstanding role model for the rest of the chapter. His moral integrity and purpose of character are, and forever will be, a perfect fit for our lifelong bond of brotherhood. Thank you both, you will be missed more than you know. Here is to success and happiness in all your future endeavors. With the combined efforts of all our brothers we were able to do many fun events this semester in addition to our regular events. We hosted the White Carnation Ball, set up EQ in coordination with the ABT committee, and hosted RLC thanks to the efforts of Brother Gordon.

Embry-Riddle – Noah Lozado Coming into the Spring 2023 term, we aimed to improve our chapter’s performance in all aspects. Some of the changes we made include an increased focus on academics and philanthropy. At the beginning of the semester, we set a new academic plan in place which included higher GPA requirements for both new members and active brothers, and increased study hours at our house. Through this plan, we managed to see great improvements in academics and an overall higher chapter GPA. Academic achievement is what matters most to us, and we are seeing continued success in that area. Another big change was increasing our involvement in the Daytona Beach community. In coordination with the city commissioner, two roadside cleanups were organized by our philanthropy chair, Matthew Gorenstein, on a one-mile stretch of road in front of our house. These events allowed brothers to get together and not only help make our community a better place but also encourage a mindset of respect towards our environment. Our chapter also participated in a beach cleanup with the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority on a stretch of beach next to Sun Splash Park. With all this in mind, we look forward to future successes and will continue to uphold the values of Delta Chi.

Florida – Jackson Matyczyk The Florida Chapter is proud to share that we welcomed 21 new members this academic year, and we are even more excited for them to take leadership roles within the chapter and on campus in the future. Our chapter is ecstatic to have been represented during this year’s Region VIII leadership conference at the Embry-Riddle Chapter in Daytona Beach, Florida. We were able to send eight brothers and accepted awards for Brotherhood, Leadership, Philanthropy, Most Outstanding Chapter Member, and Most Improved Chapter in Region VIII! I also want to congratulate John L. Mica (FL ’67) for being awarded the Region VIII Alumni Service Award. The Florida Chapter is extremely grateful for everything John has done for our chapter and Delta Chi. This year we raised over $3,300 during the 2023 Delta Chi Bracket Challenge for the Jimmy V Foundation, taking third place overall. We are excited to get back to campus in the fall and look forward to a semester filled with involvement and brotherhood.

semester we became debt free! Our chapter is also proud to announce that we raised $4,256 for Nami of Erie, supporting men’s mental health. We also participated in the Jimmy V Bracket Challenge, raising over $100 for the Jimmy V Foundation. Lastly, the brothers took part in Gannon University’s Give Day, helping plant trees with a local organization, Our West Bayfront.

George Mason – Addison Klein Last semester was an amazing experience for our chapter. First, we were thrilled to welcome our newest associate member class, Alpha Theta. We created a new philanthropy event, Egg-A-DChi, which earned over $400 in less than 6 hours. We also did our usual fundraising events like Pie-A-DChi for Jimmy-V Week. The chapter has been focusing on trying to improve the culture of the chapter by hosting more brotherhood events than in years past. The executive board has also been working to teach professional and leadership skills to our newest members to prepare them for leadership positions both within the chapter and outside of it. We are doing this by encouraging our younger members to take up committee positions. Our members are also encouraged to attend philanthropy events hosted by other organizations on campus to help us establish more connections in the Greek life community.

Georgia Southern – Mitchell McKeon The brothers and alumni of the Georgia Southern Chapter came together last semester and raised around $1,000 for our philanthropy. We implemented a new event where once a month an alumni will visit and talk about their experiences as a Delta Chi, and it has been a huge hit so far. We have also kept alumni updated with newsletters including information about our events and new members.

Florida State – Caedon Parrish The Florida State Chapter had a well-rounded spring semester, as we initiated 18 new members into our brotherhood and sustained an active presence across multiple campus organizations and philanthropies. We were among the top fundraising organizations for several campus philanthropies, raising over $12,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Dance Marathon, and more than $2,300 for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. We raised more than $4,300 for Line Dance at FSU, which supports foundations including The Collegiate Veterans Association and the Unconquered Scholars Program, and almost $11,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital during a joint fundraiser with Tri Delta sorority. We have raised over $5,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, and are not finished adding all our contributions. To support the V Foundation and to bring awareness to the cause, we held our First Annual Jimmy V Volleyball Classic. The turnout was incredible, and we anticipate our next event to be even more successful. In addition to our own charitable events, we competed in several different sorority competitions winning Alpha Delta Pi’s “Pi’s and Powderpuffs,” Alpha Chi Omega’s “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” and Pi Beta Phi’s “Arrow Spike.” These three victories include donations to the V Foundation from each sorority ranging from $250-$500. FSU Delta Chi cannot wait for next semester and for even greater achievements!

Georgia Tech – John Currier The Georgia Tech Delta Chi Chapter started off last semester well with an impressive spring recruitment that led to 11 new brothers! We hosted our Casino Night philanthropy event for the first time since the pandemic and made over $1,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation. Throughout the semester, the brothers participated in weekly community service events, resulting in a total of 600 hours of community service. We also took part in Georgia Tech’s Greek Week events and intramural sports leagues. Our chapter also hosted its inaugural Parents’ Weekend, which was a huge hit, with the main event being the crawfish boil. Finally, the Georgia Tech Chapter would like to congratulate our 15 graduating brothers.

High Point - Dalton Vaughn

Gannon – Dakota Franklin The Gannon Chapter of Delta Chi had a very successful year and reached a lot of our goals. We started the semester off by swearing in our new executive board, these new executive board members are motivated to get things done and ensure our chapter’s continued success. The Gannon Chapter has been working hard to pay off our debts, and I am happy to say that this

Our chapter experienced multiple outstanding achievements last semester. We had a successful recruitment in January, and are excited to welcome 10 new brothers, bringing us to a total of 72 active members. In February, we had the privilege of hosting the Region IX Regional Leadership Conference, where our brothers received valuable instruction on the skills necessary to sustain our chapter’s exceptional growth. We are also excited to announce our approval for chartering! We plan to celebrate this major milestone in our chapter’s development with our chartering banquet on September 16. Our chapter also succeeded in its philanthropy and community service efforts, raising over $1,000 for the V Foundation, and completing over 400 hours of community service. As the school year ended, we were proud to celebrate the achievements of 20 graduating members, our largest graduating class yet. These members have made significant contributions to our chapter and will continue to make positive impacts in their future endeavors.

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Huntsville – Daniel Halley The Huntsville Chapter has been working diligently to enhance its philanthropic endeavors and fraternal relationships. The chapter’s philanthropy chair, Owen Huff, orchestrated two highly successful events, a car smash, and “Battle of the Bands”, to support the Safe Families for Children Foundation as well as the Jimmy V Foundation. Moreover, we have fostered deeper fraternal connections not only within our chapter but also with other chapters. Our efforts include initiating the University of Tennessee Knoxville Chapter and hosting the Livingston Chapter before their semiformal. Within our chapter, our brotherhood chair, Aidan Lay, also further solidified brotherly bonds by organizing a lock-in, a camping trip, and holding a chapter meeting on the beaches of Gulf Shores during our spring break. With these activities, we have strengthened our relationships and furthered our commitment to brotherhood. We look forward to returning in the fall with renewed energy.

Illinois – Christopher Stefani The spring semester was an eventful one for sure. Brothers Danny Juszko and Tommy Lawless started off the semester by renovating one of our bathrooms that had not seen renovations in years. Fundraising was also a focal point, and we held two fundraisers throughout the semester. The first was a Mom’s Weekend basket auction, put on by brothers Jack Vulich and Jack Lundy, amassing over $4,000. The second was a full house fundraiser organized by Josh Steinfink that collected over $6,500. These proceeds will be going towards refurbishing the flooring on our second floor of the chapter house. Recruitment was successful last semester, and we recently initiated four new members, bringing our class of 2026 to 33 total members. On campus, many brothers have gotten involved with organizations such as the Investment Banking Academy and Illinois Business Consulting. This involvement on campus has led to brothers getting internships at many notable companies like Tesla, John Deere, SpaceX, Perella Weinberg Partners, Houlihan Lokey, and Baird. Overall, we are hoping to carry this momentum to the fall semester, which will be our chapter’s 100-year anniversary.

Iowa State – Trenton Pitlik As the 2023 school year comes to a close, our brothers can look back on this semester and feel that we have made great improvements in our chapter. We were paired with Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity for Greek Week and built a better relationship with both. Also, we hosted our annual Delta Chi Cheese Guys philanthropy event and had an amazing turnout. We were thrilled when our efforts were recognized with an award for Outstanding Philanthropy at Delta Chi’s Region 4 Regional Leadership Conference. The end of the semester also marked the end of the second year we have lived at 203 Ash Ave. Having this house has improved the relationship of brothers in our chapter and has given us a staple location to meet and hold our events. We have also put a larger emphasis on community service, and are hosting multiple service events per semester going forward. Currently, our brothers are planning a major event to celebrate our 100-year anniversary on campus at Iowa State this Fall!

Johnstown – Keegan Shannon This year marked a significant milestone for our chapter, as we celebrated our 50th anniversary. This milestone was commemorated with a grand banquet, where current members and alumni came together to revel in the occasion. The Pennsylvania General Assembly also acknowledged the momentous achievement, adding to the fervor of the festivities. In addition to the anniversary celebration, our chapter held the highly-anticipated annual Pig Roast, which is deeply entrenched in our traditions and is cherished by both our members and alumni. Furthermore, we are proud to have welcomed six new members to our brotherhood last semester, bolstering our bond and strengthening our shared values.

Kansas – Kyle Leathers On April 4-6th, we hosted our Mom’s Weekend, which consisted of fun activities and our annual Mom’s Weekend auction. Our auction consisted of KU memorabilia, gift cards, KU basketball tickets, as well as Delta Chi apparel and accessories. We are proud to say that we raised over $20,000 from the auction! After the auction, we headed over to the Double Tree to hear our seniors give their senior speeches and have a mother-son dance to end the night. On April 23rd, we hosted a philanthropy event called “Desserts with DChi”, where we sold cupcakes and cookies to raise money for the


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Jimmy V Foundation. We were able to raise over $500 to further cancer research. As the semester ended, our Mom’s Club provided us with dinner from all sorts of restaurants during finals week. We are very thankful that the Mom’s Club helped us out while our members studied hard to finish the semester strong!

Kansas State – Matthew Long Delta Chi continues to thrive at Kansas State. Our chapter ranked in the top 4 highest GPAs in the fall and spring semesters, averaging a 3.44 chapter GPA. We also shattered our growth goals this year with the most successful recruitment our chapter has seen since 2018-2019. This February, we continued to break records at our Mom’s Day auction when we raised $8,500 for student scholarships. We also had new furniture and a custom Delta Chi conference room table delivered thanks to donations from our alumni. On campus, our IFC recognized us as one of the top chapters with the Advancing Chapter Award. Given to the chapter that works diligently to improve culture, increase its positive presence on campus, and prove its mission and purpose. It is a great time to be a Delta Chi at Kansas State and we are excited to continue our push for excellence in Manhattan!

Kennesaw – Nathaniel Shanks At Kennesaw State, we hit the ground running in 2023! We have had numerous mixers with sororities, building our presence even more with Greek life at KSU. We also had a highly successful alumni outreach event at Dry County Brewing Company, with a golf event planned for the summer and a tailgate in the fall. We have recruited four new amazing brothers so far and are predicting a large associate member class in the fall. Our chapter also strengthened our brotherhood with eight brotherhood events and two date nights. Overall, a great start to the year. We cannot wait to see what we have waiting for us in the fall.

Kent State – Damian Augenstein So far, this year has been filled with growth for the Kent State Delta Chi Chapter, as we have doubled in size since the spring of 2022. We have become more active in on-campus events and we have participated in many other Greek organizations’ philanthropies. While establishing our presence on Kent State’s campus, we also made a point to connect more with our Alumni and families. On April 22nd, we had over 50 people, including alumni and family members, come out to play kickball and enjoy some amazing burgers. We ended this semester with our annual car smash, with proceeds benefiting the Jimmy V Foundation!

Kettering-A – William Bolton During the last term, our brothers worked hard to accomplish several goals. Our first goal was to bring our numbers up. To achieve this goal, we focused on our recruitment efforts. As a result, we were able to reach double our member number in bids returned. Due to the increased focus on growth, we have also reached our second goal of increasing campus engagement. We now have 60% percent of our members holding leadership positions in various clubs or activities on campus and we plan to keep increasing that number. Our third goal was to raise more money for Jimmy V than in previous years. We succeeded, and raised $5,285.69 through our bi-annual head shave event!

Kettering-B – Matthew Muller This term, Kettering-B was delighted to welcome seven new associate members, who are enthusiastic to learn about and contribute to Delta Chi through our chapter! We are also looking forward to the results of our “Greek Heat” fundraiser for charity, in which volunteers from every Greek organization on campus eat hotter and hotter wings made with the sauces from the internet series, Hot Ones. We have worked with our IFC in order to incorporate this event as the header event for Greek Week! We have also started an initiative at our chapter to be healthier in every facet, and so we have been putting a heavy focus on staying active, mental health awareness, and nutrition. So far, so good!

Kingsville – Justin Cappadona The Kingsville Chapter made an enormous impact last semester. Once recruitment was over and four new associate members were welcomed, our chapter focused on community service and raising money for the Jimmy

V. Foundation. In February, we had our first community service event, helping the Kingsville Knights of Columbus by serving tables and setting up decorations at their community Valentine’s Dance. Later that month we hosted a Pie a Chi event, where all proceeds went towards the Jimmy V. Foundation. In March, we fundraised through our annual Spring Fling event and a chocolate-covered strawberry sale. Our Bracket Challenge ended in April and raised almost $1,000 for the Jimmy V. Foundation. Additional funds were raised for the foundation through a gift card raffle hosted by our brothers. Our chapter also participated in Walk a Mile, where men and women march in heels to join the fight against sexual assault. We hosted several events to spend time with our alumni and parents, including a BBQ cookout and a crawfish boil. All our hard work last semester paid off, as the University awarded our chapter the President’s Award, ranking Delta Chi as the number 1 organization on campus!

Lake Forest – Matthew Carey The Delta Chi Lake Forest College Chapter had a very successful academic year, welcoming many new brothers, who now account for 38% of our total members. Our chapter hosted a Bone Marrow registry for the Gift of Life Foundation and raised over $3,000 for the Jimmy-V Foundation during the Bracket Challenge. We have been very involved on our campus, participating in events with other organizations on campus, such as Alpha Phi and Relay for Life. Many of our brothers became members of other organizations on campus, including identity groups, student government, and athletic teams. We hope to see continued success and growth in the upcoming academic year.

Louisiana State – Nick Raia The Louisiana State Chapter had an outstanding spring semester! LSU Delta Chi raised over $5,000 for philanthropic causes with donations going towards brothers’ families in need, the local Baton Rouge community, and the Jimmy V Foundation. In February, a group of our top freshman leaders attended the LSU Greek Life Empower Retreat. Among LSU fraternities, Delta Chi sent the most men. Brothers left the retreat feeling inspired and equipped with valuable leadership skills as they learned the importance of service and unity. Mardi Gras was a resounding success for the chapter and provided all of our brothers, a majority of whom come from out-of-state and have never experienced Mardi Gras, a great experience. Our spring Parents and Alumni Weekend consisted of an event at the Revelry of Baton Rouge and an LSU baseball tailgate. The weekend was a wonderful accomplishment as it helped bond our brothers and their parents with alumni. We were thrilled to host RLC for Region III, where the chapter was recognized for Outstanding Philanthropy and Most Improved Chapter. The spring semester came to a close with our annual formal in Austin, Texas. The LSU Chapter is looking forward to another successful fall recruitment, as last fall resulted in a record-breaking class of forty-six qualified young men. GEAUX TIGERS!

Marquette – Donovan Ahern Last semester was incredibly successful for the Marquette Chapter. Most importantly, our chapter was awarded the Marquette Fraternity of the Year due to the culmination of the following achievements. First, we shattered our recruitment expectations in the spring. The minimum number of Associate Members expected of us was 12 with our goal number being 16, this semester we initiated 23 new AMs blowing these figures out of the water. On a community service level, the chapter participated in 2 different philanthropy events, one of which was a competition between all fraternities and sororities in which our chapter won. This event raised $5,000 for a local charity, and we were awarded $500 to go towards the Jimmy V Foundation for winning. On the academic side, the chapter achieved an average GPA of 3.4 and we were honored to have a brother recognized as the Engineering Valedictorian. Overall, these accomplishments resulted in one of the most successful semesters in the Marquette Chapter’s history, positioning us for an exciting and promising future.

Lehigh – Banks Grumieaux We began this semester by welcoming our newest associate member class of 21 truly driven first-year students, the second-largest AM class within our chapter. Our chapter is also proud to announce that we raised our cumulative GPA by 0.16 points. We finished the spring semester with a 3.54, the highest GPA out of all fraternities at Lehigh. This year, we raised a total of $22,000 through philanthropy events. Our most successful philanthropy event raised $15,149 for Lymphoma research. Sean Hazard ’26 was recognized for creating the top overall bracket during the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge. During the Bracket Challenge, our chapter raised a total of $1,560 for the V Foundation. This year our chapter performed exceptionally in our club and intramural sports. We won the intramural soccer championship twice, won the intramural flag football championship, lost in the championship game of the intramural basketball league, and beat plenty of our rivals in club lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Overall, this year was great for our chapter, and I can confidently say on behalf of all brothers that we are greatly looking forward to getting back together next year.

Long Beach – Derek Banuelos The Long Beach Chapter had a very eventful spring semester. We welcomed 13 new members into our brotherhood and connected with our alumni with a Broomball event. During our philanthropy week, the brothers raised $2,512.29 for the V Foundation. Our chapter ranked first place in Alpha Phi’s philanthropy competition, and several of the brothers received individual awards. Brother Saul Viramontes won Crescent Man for Gamma Phi Beta, Brother Matthew Zaravia won Colby for Sigma Kappa, and Brother Garret Novak won Anchorman for Delta Gamma. Overall, the last semester was a success as chapter funds increased, relations with our alumni flourished, our campus involvement was up, and our brothers worked together.

Miami – Aiden Scott This semester, we as a fraternity have been incredibly active and impactful on campus and in the community. With over 400 hours of service, we have demonstrated a strong commitment to giving back and making a positive difference. This kind of dedication to service is not only admirable but also serves as an excellent example for others to follow. Our active membership of over 110 members is a testament to the inclusive and supportive environment we have created. The average GPA of 3.43 is evidence that we value academic success and recognize the importance of balancing academic achievement with social and personal growth. The brotherhood events that we have organized have been hugely successful in bringing everyone even closer together. The strong sense of community that we have fostered is evident in the way that members support and encourage each other in all aspects of life. Our campus involvement and presence are also noteworthy. Our active participation in campus events and initiatives has made a significant impact on the campus community, and our strong presence is a testament to our commitment to making a positive difference.

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Minnesota – Nicholas Ballweg

events, most notably winning the Delta Gamma sorority’s “Anchor Splash” philanthropy swim event for the second year in a row. In March, the Missouri Chapter hosted the “Region IV Leadership Conference,” and welcomed over 200 undergraduate and alumni brothers from sixteen universities. This was a huge honor to us and we were amped to host such great chapters! In April, we participated in Greek Week with the members of Sigma Sigma Sigma. The Mizzou Fraternity and Sorority community worked together to raise $62,253 for our beneficiaries, 36,000 cans for local food shelters, and 2,550 units of blood for the American Red Cross! To end the spring semester, the Missouri Chapter organized our annual “Jimmy V Week’’ which had events like “Pie-a-D-Chi,” a car wash, and the first Jimmy V Gala since 2019. The final event was the “Jimmy V Festival’’ which featured a performance from Missouri Chapter alumnus Tyler Filmore. Our chapter ended up raising over $40,000 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research! We would like to thank our twenty-nine seniors for their leadership, and we congratulate them on graduation! ITB!

Last semester we had a lot of success in philanthropy, growing our campus involvement, and building stronger relationships within our community of brothers, alumni, family, and friends. A highlight of our semester was our Founders Day event on April 8th. It was an open house-style event, and our alumni association catered food and drinks for everyone. Everyone had a great time seeing old friends or meeting new ones, and our alumni scholarship committee awarded over $6,000 in scholarships to various active members. Congratulations to Will Szot for winning the largest scholarship, and Sean Beaulieu for being voted as Luminary. Another highlight of the semester was the third annual Kimball Classic, a philanthropy golf tournament that we held on April 23rd. It was a scramble format, with teams consisting of actives, alumni, family, and friends. Just under 70 people were able to participate, and we were able to raise over $2,500 for the Jimmy V Foundation. We are looking forward to a great summv er, with recruitment in August and September being our current focus as we wrap up the year.

Mississippi State – Gavin Myers Over the past year, the Mississippi State Chapter had countless accomplishments. First off, our chapter won the Ritter Award for Greek Collaboration for our community service event with the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega. In addition to the Ritter Award, five members of our chapter attended the RLC in Daytona Beach, Florida, and brought home a total of five awards. Zac LeBlanc (’24) received the Outstanding Chapter Member award, and Chris Strohm (’84) received the Outstanding Chapter Advisor award. Our chapter also received the Achievement in Leadership, Achievement in Brotherhood, and Achievement in Philanthropy awards. Speaking of philanthropy, Mississippi State Delta Chi has been involved in several events throughout the year. These include the annual Delta Chi haunted house, two raffles for Jimmy V, participation in the Jimmy V March Madness Bracket Challenge, and fundraisers held in partnership with local restaurants such as Chipotle and Starkville Nutrition. Our brothers raised an impressive total of $5,440 for the Jimmy V Foundation, highlighting their passion for giving back to those in need. The commitment of our brothers to community service was also evident in their efforts to support a local food pantry. We held two separate canned food drives, donating over 1000 cans to the community. Additionally, Delta Chi Mississippi State teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and volunteered on two occasions to help organize and clean out their local warehouse. On the social side, our chapter had a year filled with exciting events, including DJ parties, date parties, and a Spring Formal in New Orleans. Our Spring Formal was a highlight of the year, providing our members with a chance to bond and make unforgettable memories. Overall, our chapter had a highly successful year filled with impressive achievements in various areas.

Missouri State – Jack Sullentrup The Missouri State Chapter is proud to announce that we gained five new associate members during the spring semester, with an impressive 100% bid acceptance rate. In February, nine of our members attended the Region IV Leadership Conference, where we were presented with awards for outstanding recruitment and philanthropy. We supported the Jimmy V Foundation by holding two grilled cheese events and a car wash. This semester we held many social and community-based events with other fraternities and sororities, growing our campus and Greek community relations. Our chapter even won Missouri State’s Greek Jam Dance! The White Carnation alumni banquet was a huge success. The event not only raised money for our chapter, but it also gave our alumni and active members a chance to connect with each other. Effective planning, leadership, and communication have allowed us to remain a top fraternity on campus. We have already started planning for the fall semester, early preparation will allow us to continue to grow our brotherhood and chapter.

Montclair - Connor Furst This spring was a great one for our chapter. We successfully initiated 15 strong and determined associate members, with some of them already running for E-board positions for the next academic year. This brings us to a total of 54 active members. For philanthropy, we hosted our Annual White Carnation Queen and raised $3,500 for Jimmy V. For the entire year we raised about $5,000 for the V Foundation. We also saw easy championship victories in our intramural basketball, hockey, and football leagues.

North Alabama – Brock Stapleton

Missouri – Thom Molen This spring was a busy yet successful semester. We were fortunate enough to welcome eight members from our Beta Omega class to our brotherhood. They are a few but mighty crew that exemplifies all that a Delta Chi man needs to be. Throughout the year, we participated in several philanthropy


Delta Chi Quarterly

During the last semester, the North Alabama Chapter has focused on the growth of both the chapter and our bonds of brotherhood. We strengthened our brotherhood by catering our events to serve our community. At the same time, our chapter saw unprecedented growth, as we nearly doubled in size over the last year. We reclaimed a foothold on campus that we had lost during the pandemic. The chapter as a whole spent much of its time preparing for upcoming intramural games in the fall. The trial run of our team came in the form of our annual alumni softball game and I am more than pleased to say that we won for the first time in five years. Overall, we feel extremely well prepared and are eagerly looking forward to the fall semester and for the opportunity to welcome more brothers into the fraternity.

for food distribution efforts. Additionally, we hosted a financial literacy workshop in partnership with the university’s career center and Mutual of Omaha. The workshop provided valuable networking and career-building opportunities for our members. Other community events our chapter took place in included various park and city clean-ups in order to better the world we live in and contribute to a good cause. Academically, our chapter has continued to excel with an average GPA of 3.41 for the semester. We implemented a study group program that has been successful in helping our members stay focused and achieve their academic goals, along with the addition of a chapter-wide scholarship bank. Overall, our chapter has had a successful semester and we are excited to continue building on these accomplishments in the coming year. We look forward to sharing more updates in the next Campus Scene submission.

Northern Illinois – Luke Tranel This spring semester was very eventful for the Northern Illinois Chapter. A lot of time and effort was put into training for the university’s annual tug-of-war competition, “Tugs”. As a result, our chapter placed the highest it ever has in its history. Along with this, our members were able to take home first-place trophies from Delta Gamma’s “anchor splash” week and Alpha Sigma Alpha’s “Do it to the Crowd” philanthropy dance competition. IFC executive board elections also took place in the spring. Our chapter had multiple members chosen for positions on this new board, with our head recruitment chair, Alex Hoopes, becoming the new Vice President of IFC. To end the semester, our chapter worked with the university to put on a formal at the end of April for our brothers for the first time in many years. Moving forward, our chapter is excited to see what we can do in the fall as we continue to advance.

Oregon State – Benjamin Dillard Delta Chi Oregon State has had many successes since last fall. In our most recent spring recruitment period, the Oregon State Chapter was happy to introduce 6 new members, resulting in a total of 14 members recruited this year. Our outreach and involvement in the Greek life community here at Oregon State has been especially notable recently. We placed 2nd in the Tri Delta Philanthropy, which included a Basketball tournament. Additionally, last fall we achieved first place in the IFC philanthropy contest as well as first place in the winter term Greek Week contest, which had us teamed with three other Greek houses to compete in various challenges against other fraternity and sorority teams.

North Georgia – Alec Genovese Greetings from the University of North Georgia Chapter! We are excited to share our recent campus scene update, showcasing our chapter’s dedication to philanthropy, social events, and alumni engagement. Our 27 active brothers have been busy organizing several successful events. Poker nights have become a popular bonding activity, bringing our brothers together for friendly competition and camaraderie. The annual Super Bowl party was a hit, with members and guests gathering to celebrate the big game and strengthen our brotherhood. The highlight of this semester was the campus-approved “Car Smash” event, held before finals to relieve stress and raise funds for the Jimmy V Foundation. This philanthropic endeavor demonstrated our commitment to giving back, as participants donated for a minute of time at the car, ultimately benefiting cancer research. Lastly, we hosted a memorable alumni dinner at Taco Mac, reconnecting with our esteemed alumni and expressing gratitude for their continued support. This event not only fostered strong relationships but also allowed our active members to gain valuable insights from those who came before them. We are proud of our chapter’s accomplishments and look forward to continued growth and success at the University of North Georgia.

Ohio State – Jonas Yu The Ohio State Chapter has continued its efforts to build up its image and perform a soft reset, re-examining some core elements that allow each Delta Chi chapter to be its own, unique experience. These efforts yielded great successes and finally began to pay off with the largest Associate Member class in the last several years; increasing the size from the previous semester by over 700%. The chapter is growing, both in membership and brotherhood, and is continuing to provide opportunities for brothers to become better leaders and better men, committed to our values of friendship, character, justice, and education.

Pittsburgh – Keegan Shannon This year marked a significant milestone for our chapter as we celebrated our 50th anniversary. The occasion was commemorated with a grand banquet hosted by the brothers, where current members and alumni came together to revel in the occasion. The Pennsylvania General Assembly also acknowledged the momentous achievement, adding to the fervor of the festivities. In addition to the anniversary celebration, our chapter held the highlyanticipated annual Pig Roast, which is deeply entrenched in our traditions and is cherished by both our members and alumni. Furthermore, we are proud to have welcomed six new members to our brotherhood last semester, bolstering our bond and strengthening our shared values.

Omaha – Gavin Shea Our chapter at the University of Omaha at Nebraska had a busy, yet rewarding semester. We kicked off the semester with a successful recruitment week, welcoming 9 new members to our brotherhood. Our new members have been actively participating in chapter events and are already making valuable contributions to our community. In terms of philanthropy, we organized a university-wide charity event to raise money for the local Ronald McDonald House. The event was a great success, with a large turnout from both the campus community and local residents. We were able to raise over $57,000 as a university for the hospital and support an important cause. Our chapter has also been active in campus and community events. We participated in a volunteer event at a local food bank, providing support

Quinnipiac – Ryan Fennelly This spring, the Quinnipiac Chapter continued to grow, as we recently initiated 7 new brothers into our chapter. Accountability took a huge step forward this semester with our new Executive Board. Thanks to their

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leadership we saw a significant improvement of our overall status on campus. We are the top fraternity right now through accreditation standards with the university. We held our first annual Jimmy V 3v3 Basketball tournament, and our chapter’s Delta Chi Bracket Challenge fundraiser raised over $1,200 for the V Foundation. We took a huge step this semester and are very close to being chartered and becoming a chapter. We are hoping to charter at the end of next semester and continue our growth as a chapter.

Dunk-A-DCHI. Brothers and alumni got the chance to connect at our formal in Las Vegas. We also watched SDSU make it to the final four this year! Our intramural teams, social media team and merchandise team all had their best semesters, winning games, providing good social media content and amazing looking shirts, respectively. Although we are still looking for a chapter house, we still had a very successful semester, and hopefully that momentum will lead into next year.

Rhode Island – Fernando Kerrigan-Mock This semester has been an incredible one for the Delta Chi Rhode Island Chapter, as we have accomplished so much together and made a real impact on campus. We are excited to share our achievements and give a shout-out to our dedicated brothers who have stepped up as leaders. First off, we could not be prouder of Brother Tim Hariman for being named the Emerging Leader for 2022-2023. Tim’s hard work and enthusiasm have truly made a difference in our chapter, and we know he is going to continue making us proud as a leader in the coming year. We had a blast during Greek Week 2022-2023, where we not only had a great time participating in various events and activities but also managed to secure an impressive 3rd place overall. Our efforts contributed to the important cause of fundraising for Greek life, and we are proud to have made a difference while strengthening our bonds with fellow organizations on campus. Last but not least, our chapter was thrilled to receive the Public Relations Award for 2022-2023. This recognition means a lot to us, as it highlights our commitment to maintaining a positive image and fostering strong connections within the campus community and beyond. We are incredibly grateful for this semester’s achievements and are looking forward to continuing our pursuit of excellence in all aspects of fraternity life.

Southeast Missouri State – Mark Grogan

Our chapter has achieved great things in the past two quarters, and we are very proud of our accomplishments. We have been growing steadily, with 9 new members initiated during the winter quarter and another 9 new associate members recruited in the spring. This brings our total membership to 68 members and 9 associate members. In addition to our growth, our chapter has also been involved in various philanthropic activities, including Gphi Moonball, AEPI Kickball, and DG Anchorsplash. We were successful in fundraising for the organization End Overdose, and we have an exciting event coming up - Martlet Madness, a basketball tournament to benefit the Jimmy V Foundation. We are excited to continue our pattern of growth in the future and to make a positive impact in our community.

The Southeast Missouri Chapter is experiencing exciting and objectively healthy growth and cultural changes. We have surpassed our year-to-date recruitment goal and were recognized at this year’s RLC for doing so. Our chapter initiated eleven members in the fall and three members in the spring, making us one of the only fraternities actively gaining membership at SEMO. Our academic planning and accountability surpass that of all IFC fraternities at SEMO, boasting a 3.6 cumulative GPA. This places us second among all Greek organizations on Southeast’s campus and first among all fraternities. Our chapter hosted a successful alumni golf tournament this spring, raising $4,000 and strengthening bonds between active members and alumni. As an active part of the Cape Girardeau community, we hosted a community service event on February 19th with the Delta Delta Delta sorority at a local animal shelter. Lastly, our chapter raised $1,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation during our philanthropy week, with additional donations expected from the alumni golf tournament and our annual Jimmy V sand volleyball tournament. We are proud of our growth, community involvement, and philanthropic efforts this year.

Rowan – Joe Donohue

Syracuse – Jacob King

Riverside – Michael Vido

After gaining provisional chapter status in December, the Rowan Chapter is proud to say that we have added over 30 new founding fathers to our chapter. Our brothers have done numerous service activities across South Jersey, including volunteering for an annual Christmas food drive at St. Vincent DePaul Society. With the help of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, we set up a Sandwich Food Pantry donation at The Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, New Jersey. We also were lucky enough to participate in multiple sororities’ philanthropy events and raised hundreds of dollars for their individual philanthropies. We participated in and had a great time in intramural sports, with a great performance in the basketball and spring softball league. Our brothers are looking forward to the fall and the beginning of our second semester as a provisional chapter. We cannot wait to see what the future holds and look forward to the new year.

The Syracuse Chapter has seen many ups this semester. We welcomed our new Associate Member class, the Alpha Phis, into our chapter. With an AM class of 11, this is the biggest AM class in our chapter since the Alpha Rhos with 8 members. We also had our semesterly Alumni barbeque, where alumni got to meet our new members and exchange stories and experiences.

Rutgers – Matthew McCoy Last semester we had a decent turnout of alumni and shared some valuable experiences. We had a Dad’s Day event where we invited our alumni who showed up and met some of the dads. We all recalled college memories and learned valuable life lessons from the older guys. We are starting to make this a yearly event. We had another beach trip with a group of brothers that graduated in the spring of 2020 and 2021. It was a great day to reconnect with our alumni and strengthen our connections.

San Diego - Quentin Johnson Last semester might have been one of our best semesters back on campus. We hosted RLC, which, besides a few hiccups, went smoothly. It was fun hosting, meeting and learning from all the other chapters. We took home a few awards, such as Chapter of the Year and Alumni of the Year. Philanthropy went well with our events of March Madness bracket tournament and our


Delta Chi Quarterly

Tarleton State – Cole Taylor This year has been a big one! Our biggest highlight was bringing in 13 new brothers. Along with this, our former president Tanner Taylor was accepted to the University of Alabama to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. We have had a number of successful tailgates, socials, and brotherhood events. This year at RLC, we received the Brotherhood of the Year Award for the second year in a row, and a few weeks later Cole Taylor, our current “E”, was recognized as Greek Person of the Year for Tarleton State University! We look forward to the summer when the current “A”, Hatcher Heavyside, and “D”,

Will Blansett will serve as Tarleton Transition Mentors during our Freshman Orientation Camps as well as our Alumni Golf Tournament on July 22nd at Canyon West in Weatherford, Texas. Information and registration for the golf tournament can be found on our website and social media!

Temple – Parker Stevenson This past semester in the newly chartered Temple University Chapter, we hosted “Don’t Give Up” Week, organized a Dare Fundraiser, and participated in numerous community service events. On top of all that, we had a successful spring recruitment with 14 newly initiated brothers, smashing our goal of 8 AMs. For our “Don’t Give Up” Week, our chapter’s philanthropy chair organized 4 different events that included Sponge a Brother, Pie-a-Chi, Ice a Brother, and a cookout where brothers made calzones and sold them to raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation. Overall, our brothers raised $463 for cancer research! Our next boast-worthy event this semester was our Dare Fundraiser where we had different activities that brothers volunteered for once we hit a certain point in our fundraising. Some activities included a pie to the face, an ice bucket on their head, and an egg cracked over a brother’s head. We raised a whopping $400 dollars for our chapter and of course, we hope to top this number next fall! Lastly, our chapter loves to give back to the community through different events. Some events this semester that we have been trying to keep consistent every semester are Cradles to Crayons, where brothers created cards for children going back to school in the fall as well as cleaning donated shoes for those who need a nice, comfortable pair of shoes and cannot afford them. In addition, we did community street cleanups with other organizations at Temple to make sure the streets of Philadelphia stay as clean as can be for the Philadelphia residents that live next door to all of us messy college students.

Texas Tech – Desmond Roldan It brings me great pleasure to announce that our chapter raised a staggering $5,955 last semester and emerged victorious in the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge. This is a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about the philanthropic spirit and dedication of our members toward a worthy cause. All proceeds went to the V Foundation, an organization that funds research for cancer and advocates for those affected by the disease, making this accomplishment even more meaningful. Our chapter’s unwavering commitment to supporting this noble cause has not gone unnoticed, and we are proud to have made a significant contribution to cancer research. We hope to continue this legacy of generosity and altruism in the future. Not only did we raise this amount for the Bracket Challenge but we also raised an additional $2,400 for the V Foundation with “Rave to Save”, a philanthropic social event. I am also thrilled to report that our chapter was awarded the prestigious Regent’s Cup and the Campus Leadership Award at the recent Regional Leadership Conference hosted by the LSU Chapter. This is a testament to the tireless efforts and unwavering commitment of our members toward excellence in all facets of leadership, including community service, campus involvement, and organizational growth. The Regent’s Cup recognizes the most outstanding chapter in the region, while the Campus Leadership Award honors the chapter that best exemplifies leadership on campus. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our chapter’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence in all our endeavors. We are proud to have brought this honor to our institution and are grateful for the support of our brothers, advisors, and alumni.I am delighted to share the exciting news that our lodge has undergone significant renovations this year, including the addition of a brand-new sports court and media room, complete with an impressive 85-inch TV. The lodge’s bathrooms have also been revamped, providing our members with a more comfortable and modern experience. In addition, the executive office has been updated to enhance our chapter’s operations and facilitate smoother communication among the leadership team. Furthermore, the upstairs area has been renovated to create a more functional and inviting space for our members to study, socialize, and relax. These renovations reflect our chapter’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for our members and will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of our organization. The recently concluded Parents’ Weekend for this spring semester was a great success, with an impressive turnout of over 25 parents in attendance. The weekend itinerary included a tour of the lodge and a presentation, which took place on Saturday the 15th, ending with a delightful dinner at the prestigious Funky Door later that evening. Additionally, on both Friday and Saturday, a group of parents experienced nightlife in Lubbock. We raised over $500 this Parents’ Weekend!”

Tennessee – Walker Frankhouse The Tennessee Chapter had a highly successful semester, marked by numerous accomplishments and milestones. The chapter successfully initiated 15 members into its founding class, laying a strong foundation for the growth and development of the chapter in the years to come. Furthermore, the Tennessee Chapter has cemented its reputation as a beacon of academic excellence, boasting the highest GPA of all IFC fraternities at the University of Tennessee, with an impressive 3.55 GPA. The Tennessee Chapter’s steadfast dedication to academic excellence is truly remarkable and bodes well for its continued growth and success in the future.

Tri-State – Jacob Myers The Tri-State Chapter has made great strides in our first full year back to normalcy after years of pandemic restrictions. We have continued traditions that were started during those years such as our annual charity livestream to raise money for Jimmy V. We have also revived older traditions by bringing back events such as Casino Night, paintball outings, and an event partnered with the Sorority sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau, “Burning Chi.” Our chapter would also like to congratulate our 12 graduating seniors. We thank them for their commitment to our values and the betterment of our chapter.

Truman State – Ethan Nguyen Coming off 2022, 2021, and 2020 Presidents Cups, as well as the 2022 and 2021 NIC Awards of Distinction, the Truman State Chapter has continued to excel in every facet. Bidding and initiating 22 new members this year, Truman State sits at 53 members, the largest fraternity on campus. The chapter has continued to maintain excellent academics, achieving a 3.59 average GPA.

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Philanthropic efforts have netted over $3,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation, as well as a further $6,000 for other groups as a result of collaborative efforts with other FSL organizations. Truman State Delta Chi also celebrated its 45th anniversary by hosting an event attended by our brothers and many of our alumni. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the chapter receiving university awards for Excellence in Risk Management, Outstanding Community Relations, Brotherhood of the Year, Academic Excellence, IFC President of the year, and the prestigious IFC Chapter of the Year award, sweeping every possible Truman State IFC award. Overall, Truman State Delta Chi continues to exemplify what it means to be a fraternity man and strives to set an example in the wider Delta Chi community.

USP – Holden Andrewcavage The USP Chapter has been working diligently toward the institutional merger with Saint Joseph’s University, and the progress made so far is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. This merger presents exciting new opportunities for the USP Chapter and sets the stage for unprecedented growth in the future. As the merger process continues, the USP Chapter is looking forward to the many benefits that will come with this new partnership. With the resources and expertise of Saint Joseph’s University at our disposal, we can take advantage of new opportunities for research, outreach, and community engagement. The merger will also allow us to expand our network and strengthen our connections within the broader academic community. Of course, any major institutional merger comes with its own set of challenges, and the USP Chapter is committed to addressing these issues head-on. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition, and we are confident that we can overcome any obstacles that may arise. Overall, the USP Chapter is thrilled for the future and excited to see what opportunities lie ahead. The institutional merger with Saint Joseph’s University is a major step forward for our organization, and we are committed to making the most of this exciting new chapter in our history.

William & Mary – Russell Burns Spring 2023 was the perfect other half to one of the most exciting years in the William & Mary Chapter’s history. It began with the news that our chapter GPA ranked 3rd among Greek Organizations on campus (1st among chapters with more than 45 members); shortly thereafter, we received the award for the highest cumulative GPA at RLC Region IX. Two brothers were also recently awarded two of three available Interfraternity Council scholarships for academic excellence. Last semester, we wanted to continue our unprecedented community service efforts from F ’22, ultimately ending the school year with 1014.75 total hours (counting independent efforts). Our brothers honed in on that “community” element of the service this semester quite well by participating in an HFH house build an hour away as well as a joint park cleanup with Chi Omega as part of our Homecoming Courting activities. We also held a serenade for Chi Omega, after which we gifted them giant letters that our brothers designed, sawed, painted, and wired with LEDs. Midway through the semester, we brought back a pre-COVID tradition: Spring Alumni Weekend. We welcomed over 40 alumni back into Williamsburg, treating them to a concert performed by our chapter’s band, Halcyon Lane. We ended the semester by initiating 13 Associate Members into the brotherhood of a lifetime. To celebrate, as well as to ease everybody before finals, we began our Dad’s Weekend festivities the next day. We also held a philanthropic Spikeball tournament and grill off, earning $900 and bringing the year-end total raised for the Jimmy V Foundation to $3,692. Finally, we would like to extend the best of luck to the 11 seniors who graduated this spring, and we look forward to seeing them continue to excel as they begin their careers.

Villanova – Luke Hurst Last semester, Villanova Delta Chi worked hard to continue the momentum of previous semesters. Our previous “A”, Kunj Patel, received Villanova’s IFC Council Leader of the Year Award for his work last fall in leading us as we started our colony at Villanova. We held our annual philanthropy event, “Delta Chi Dog Days”, where we partnered with Brandywine Valley SPCA to help raise money for their no-kill animal shelter. We raised $1,056 for Brandywine Valley, and we also worked with other organizations including Cradle to Crayons and Food Recovery Network. We are proud to say we added 29 new brothers to our chapter, bringing our roster to 89.

Virginia Tech – Ian Trainor We wanted to start the semester off hot and that is exactly what we did. With record lows for Virginia Tech’s IFC accepted bids average, our chapter beat the average and initiated 13 brothers. Getting higher than the accepted bid average for IFC boosted our confidence as a chapter and kept that drive and determination alive throughout our philanthropy week. For our philanthropy week, Anthony Tran and Damon McCarthy set up an itinerary that consisted of a concert, a driving range, “Pie-A-Chi,” a petting zoo, and plenty of percentage nights. All of these events combined raised roughly $14,000 for the V Foundation! Not to mention, at the FSL Banquet, our chapter was awarded the “Fraternity Chapter on the Rise Award”. Overall, this semester was about our drive and determination, and we followed through with those themes and are ready to keep that going into next semester.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Wisconsin – Nathan Holland This spring, the Wisconsin Chapter partnered with Slow Food UW, a local nonprofit that provides sustainably sourced food to those in need. We have also seen an expansion of our philanthropy program. Our “Polar Plunge” event, hosted in partnership with the Polar Plunge Club here on campus, was particularly successful, both in terms of fundraising and as a unique bonding experience for our brothers. Furthermore, several of our members are now chairmen on a local board called the Men’s Coalition Against Sexual Violence (MASV). This organization discusses and implements FSL-wide policies aimed at reducing sexual violence in Greek life. While maintaining our active involvement in the community, we also remained a GPA leader among fraternities at UW and were one of only two that exceeded the campus average. Despite large growth in recent years, we continue to strive towards the same values as our founders.

Whitewater - Matthew McCormack With the goal of another President’s Cup in mind, the brothers of the Whitewater chapter really showed out in all aspects this year. With all sorts of events like our annual Buy-A-DChi, which raised over $1,300 for our chapter, we started off the year strong. Along with this, our chapter diversified our involvement by thoroughly increasing our numbers around campus. This was done by joining and creating successful organizations that help our brothers take the next step in life. Our E-Board got the opportunity to attend RLC where we brought back critical information for the success of our chapter which we began to implement immediately. One big thing we pushed for this year is increasing our relations on campus and in the Greek community. We certainly accomplished that by having creative socials and evolving ourselves in campus activities. Finally, we closed the semester with a bang by raising over $3,100 for the Jimmy V Foundation with our annual golf outing. Overall, the brothers of Whitewater had an incredibly successful semester.

Let’s Grow!

Delta Chi Fraternity’s Transformative Partnership with Phired Up In 2023, Delta Chi took a bold step towards ensuring that our chapters continue to thrive and excel. The secret behind our increasing success? A groundbreaking partnership with Phired Up, a leading organization specializing in fraternity and sorority recruitment and growth. We sat down with Delta Chi’s Director of Field Operations & Growth, Alex Hart, to explore this groundbreaking collaboration, which promises to redefine Delta Chi’s recruitment, membership development, and overall excellence.

Could you tell us how the partnership between Delta Chi and Phired Up came about? The partnership between Delta Chi and Phired Up was forged with a vision to enhance our Fraternity’s overall growth and development. Recognizing the need for innovative recruitment strategies, we sought out a trusted ally in the Greek life community. Phired Up’s reputation for pioneering recruitment solutions made them the perfect partner to elevate our chapters’ experiences.

Can you elaborate on the key components of this partnership? Absolutely! Our partnership with Phired Up is comprehensive, and it encompasses various aspects to empower Delta Chi. Some of the key components include: • ChapterBuilder Access: All our chapters have access to ChapterBuilder Standard accounts, and our start-up projects benefit from ChapterBuilder Pro accounts. This tool streamlines our recruitment efforts and helps us engage potential members effectively. ChapterBuilder is a game changer and also gives our members experience using a CRM, a skill most employers are looking for in the business world. • Dynamic Recruitment Certifications: These certifications keep our members and new recruits up-to-date with the latest recruitment strategies, ensuring that we maintain a competitive edge. Every Delta Chi should become a certified recruiter, not just to up their chapter’s recruitment game, but to also boost their resumes with some crucial professional skills. • Advisor Classroom: The Advisor Classroom is a resource we have been missing in our recruitment toolkit. Now, our advisors have access to recruitment content and tangible resources that help them guide our members and chapters to recruitment success.

• In-Person Training: Phired Up provides inperson training and coaching providing a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and networking at our in-person programs. • Chapter Coaching Community: Phired Up is working with 15-20 Delta Chi chapters annually to level-up their recruitment efforts. This coaching is in addition to the support Delta Chi provides all our chapters through our chapter coaches. With this extra-layer of support, these chapters receive dedicated target-chapter coaching that includes ChapterBuilder accountability and monthly coaching calls. • Quarterly Staff Consulting Touchpoints: These touchpoints help identify underperforming chapters and allocate support resources effectively. • ChapterBuilder HQ Dashboard: This dashboard offers an unparalleled level of insight into our chapters’ recruitment activities, allowing us to make informed decisions and help our chapters at the HQ level. Instead of waiting for recruitment results to be entered into our database, our chapter coaches can support our chapters’ recruitment efforts real-time. • Growth Summit and Start-Up Bootcamp: Attendance at these events equips our staff and new chapter start-up teams with valuable insights and strategies.

How has this partnership positively impacted Delta Chi chapters and members so far? The impact has been profound. Our chapters are experiencing enhanced recruitment success, greater member engagement, and improved overall performance. With the tools and resources provided through this partnership, we’ve been able to adapt to changing recruitment landscapes and ensure that our Fraternity remains strong and vibrant.

Could you share a specific success story or example of how Phired Up has made a difference for a Delta Chi chapter? One of our chapters had been struggling with recruitment for several years. With Phired Up’s guidance and the resources provided through the partnership, they implemented a targeted recruitment strategy. Within a year, their membership grew by 30%, and they reported higher levels of member satisfaction and involvement. It’s a testament to the transformative power of this collaboration.

Delta Chi Director of Field Operations & Growth

Alex Hart How do you see the partnership between Delta Chi and Phired Up shaping the future of Greek life? This partnership represents a paradigm shift in the way fraternities approach recruitment and growth. By leveraging technology, data-driven insights, and innovative strategies, we’re not only ensuring the sustainability of Delta Chi but also setting a standard for excellence within the industry. We hope this partnership serves as an inspiration for other organizations to invest in their future and continue to provide exceptional experiences for their members.

Let’s Get Phired Up Delta Chi’s partnership with Phired Up is a testament to the Fraternity’s commitment to excellence and future growth. By embracing cutting-edge recruitment strategies and providing chapters with invaluable resources, Delta Chi is ensuring that we remain a beacon of fraternity for years to come. At Delta Chi, recruitment isn’t something we do once a year, it’s something we do dynamically, year-round. Our growth system is just as pivotal as the ritual that bonds the brotherhood together. As the Phired Up and Delta Chi partnership evolves, it’s clear that we are not just adapting to change, but leading the way in redefining fraternity success.

Phired Up is on a mission to create the future of fraternity and sorority life by transforming the way people join. We provide Education, Technology, and Strategy Solutions to help fraternities and sororities with marketing, recruitment, pre-intake, and retention. We believe the best way to create healthier, safer, and more inclusive fraternities and sororities is to transform the joining process. Phired Up serves all councils, chapters, and umbrella organizations. We are committed to serving 100% of fraternities and sororities. Our technology and education work together to help headquarters, campuses, councils, and chapters implement a holistic growth system that drives results.

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BRACKET – CHALLENGE – Over $37,700 Raised for Cancer Research - Our Most Successful Year Yet


very year, as the frenzy of March Madness sweeps across the nation, the Delta Chi International Fraternity takes the excitement to a whole new level with its anticipated philanthropic event—the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge (DXBC). Since spring 2021, Delta Chi has been slam-dunking its fundraising goals for the V Foundation for Cancer Research through the annual International philanthropy event. This year, Delta Chi outperformed our goal of $33,000 and brought in a total of $37,783.68 for the V Foundation making it the most successful Bracket Challenge yet. Combining the thrill of college basketball with a noble cause, this collaboration has added a deeper purpose to the tournament, creating a powerful platform for raising funds and awareness in the fight against cancer. In 2006, recognizing the potential to embrace an International philanthropic initiative, the Fraternity forged a partnership with the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Founded by the late Jim Valvano, the V Foundation has dedicated itself to funding groundbreaking cancer research projects and honoring Valvano’s commitment to never giving up in the face of adversity. By joining creative forces with the V Foundation in 2019, the Delta Chi Fraternity sought to channel the energy and enthusiasm surrounding the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Basketball Tournament (March Madness). Due to the pandemic, the Bracket Challenge officially launched in January 2021, providing a coast-to-coast philanthropic opportunity for our chapters, members, and friends of the Fraternity. This partnership allows participants in the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge to make a difference beyond the basketball court, supporting the ongoing battle against cancer and contributing to potentially life-saving research. The Delta Chi Bracket Challenge operates as a virtual philanthropic competition, inviting all participants to test their skills in predicting the outcomes of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament while raising funds for the V Foundation. The tournament’s structure follows the standard bracket format, where participants strive to accurately predict the winners of each game throughout the tournament, including the Final Four and the championship game. The spring 2023 Delta Chi Bracket Challenge launched in January at Delta Chi’s “A”s’ Academy held in Woodcreek, Texas. Kickstarting their participation in the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge, members and friends of the Fraternity came together throughout the spring to create a team or individual fundraising page through the Delta Chi V Foundation donor drive platform. Participants donated a minimum of $10 which not only contributed to the DXBC event but also granted them access to complete an ESPN tournament bracket.


Delta Chi Quarterly

In an effort to extend the reach of their fundraising endeavors, participants were encouraged to recruit friends, family, and fellow members to join the contest. Each new recruit was asked to make a $10 donation per bracket submitted, further bolstering the collective impact of the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge. By leveraging their network and community, Delta Chi members maximized their fundraising potential while fostering a sense of unity and friendly competition. As the 2023 Bracket Challenge demonstrated fierce efforts, participants competed for a place within the coveted Bracket Challenge champion community. This year’s DXBC featured a range of criteria for determining winners and distributing prizes. The chapter that raised the most money through the challenge earned the prestigious Bracket Challenge Trophy, acknowledging their outstanding fundraising efforts and commitment to the cause. This year’s winner, Texas Tech University, raised $5,995. Landon Fuquay, Texas Tech 2023 Chapter “A” spearheaded the chapter’s run for the Bracket Challenge Trophy. “The exec board and I rallied around the whole organization to get a win for Texas Tech,” said Fuquay. “We are such a large chapter and we have a lot of potential. This was a great opportunity to get some recognition and come together for a common goal.” On an individual level, a special prize awaited the member who raised the highest amount of money through the Bracket Challenge. This dedicated individual received two tickets and two nights of lodging for the highly anticipated 2023 Jimmy V Classic in Madison Square Garden—an annual basketball game held each December and organized by ESPN specifically designed to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. This prize not only recognized the individual’s fundraising prowess but also provided them with a memorable experience. This year’s top fundraiser, Jack Watkins (Florida ’24), raised $1,630. Watkins stated, “This experience with the bracket challenge has been a wonderful and friendly competition that I feel helps brothers nationally interact with each other. Since coming back to campus, this has been my chapter’s first time participating- which makes me even more honored to have won this award. I’m proud of how far we have come as a chapter and I am glad to have connected with other chapters across the nation, all for the sake of pursuing victory over cancer.” Another individual award went to the participant who emerged as the overall bracket winner, or had the closest number of correct matchup selections compared to the actual tournament results. This individual also received two tickets to the 2023 Jimmy V Classic, along with two nights of lodging, providing an opportunity

Top-10 Teams Texas Tech Chapter Alabama Chapter Florida Chapter Miami Chapter Connecticut Area Alumni Chapter

$5,955 $4,612 $3,320 $2,746 $2,625

LSU Chapter Lehigh Chapter Clemson Chapter Denver Chapter East Stroudsburg Chapter

$2,040 $1,560 $1,500 $1,345 $1,306

Top Fundraiser Jack Watkins, Florida ’24 $1,630 DXBC Champion Sean Hazard, Lehigh ’26 to witness the thrilling basketball action while supporting the cause they championed. Winning the overall bracket title for 2023 is Sean Hazard (Lehigh ’26). “I’m super excited about winning. Madison Square Garden is awesome, and the Jimmy V Classic is such a cool event,” said Hazard. “My bracket really came down to the wire. I remember looking and there was another member with the same points, but we had different winners selected. So, it was really exciting to have something to route for and something to watch throughout the tournament. Overall, this is for a great cause… and competition with other chapters around the country makes others want to participate and stay involved.” Amidst the 2023 winners, Delta Chi has a special honorable mention for the Connecticut Area Alumni Chapter, raising $2,625 for the DXBC this year. Alumni have contributed to the Bracket Challenge in the past, but this year marked the first alumni chapter to consistently appear in the top fundraising chapters for the Bracket Challenge week-over-week. The Connecticut Alumni Chapter typically makes significant contributions to the V Foundation before the International Convention, but Mark Fitzgerald (Connecticut ’79), Connecticut Area Alumni Chapter “A”, initiated the idea for alumni to donate through the Bracket Challenge as a “more fun way to get people involved.” The Connecticut Area Alumni Chapter sparked the idea through a University of Connecticut watch party in early spring where 22 alumni chapter members came together to cheer on the Huskies. “We sensed that UConn might do OK in the NCAA tournament and thought we could raise some money and reach even more alumni in the Connecticut area,” said Fitzgerald. “With the help of Alumni Chapter “C”, Rick Bourdeau (Connecticut ’86), we are very proud of what we did, and it got a lot of buzz.” With 62 teams, 40+ donors, and over $37,700 raised, the 2023 Delta Chi Bracket Challenge went beyond the realm of predicting basketball outcomes—it served as a powerful platform to make a difference. With each passing year, new champions rise to the occasion, leaving their mark on the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge legacy. The tournament embodies the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, philanthropy, and shared passion that make Delta Chi a truly exceptional Fraternity. As the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge and the V Foundation partnership continues to flourish, the future holds immense promise. The Fraternity’s dedication to philanthropy and the V Foundation’s unwavering commitment to cancer research create a symbiotic relationship that fosters hope, unity, and progress. In the years to come, the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge will serve as a powerful catalyst, inspiring individuals to participate, donate, and spread awareness about the vital work being done in the field of cancer research. Together, Delta Chi and the V Foundation are making a difference, creating a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of the basketball court.

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded by ESPN and legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano with one goal in mind: to achieve Victory Over Cancer®. Since its formation in 1993, the V Foundation has awarded more than $260 million in cancer research grants nationwide and has grown to become one of the premier supporters of cutting-edge cancer research. Due to generous donors, the Foundation has an endowment that covers administrative expenses. This means that not one single cent of your donation goes to operating expenses. Period. T he V Foundation for Cancer Research 14600 Weston Parkway Cary, NC 27513 (919)380-9505

The Delta Chi International Fraternity extends heartfelt gratitude to all the teams, participants, and generous donors who made the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge a resounding success. Your invaluable contributions hold immense significance and will undoubtedly play a vital role in advancing the fight for a cure. With the impact we have made this year, we eagerly anticipate the excitement of next year’s Bracket Challenge. Stay tuned and be ready for an unforgettable experience! To learn more about the Delta Chi Bracket Challenge and our partnership with the V Foundation for Cancer Research, please visit Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



Delta Chi Loyal Donors Totals as of May 2023

Cornerstone Club $500-$999 Don G. Abel Drew C. Achterhof Robert J. Adams Michael H. Agnello James P. Aiello John J. Albert Philip M. Aldape Trice S. Alford Thomas P. Algeo Gerald E. Allen Robert S Allen Karl G. Anderson James M. Anderson Jay R. Anderson Jon B. Anderson Kenneth R. Anderson L. Harold Anderson Efrain Andrews Shad L. Andrews Steven D. Ankeny Jonathan E. Ansbacher John M. Apple Timothy L. Arcaro Kirk P. Arnett Frank A. Ascoli Chad M. Ashby Lloyd W. Aubry William W. Austin Joseph T. Aveni Blaine Ayers John G. Babbitt Charles W. Babcock Herbert S. Badal Matthew C. Bagnall Owen P. Bailitz Harold H. Balser Ralph P. Balzac Jason R. Bamburg Michael A. Banks Richard A. Barber Robert G. Barnhardt Todd A. Barnum Thomas J. Bath John W. Battles Ronald C. Baughman Ronald H. Baumler James O. Baxter Paul F. Bazan Paul C. Beardslee Brian D. Beecher James D. Beeler Dennis W. Beemon Lester E. Beesley Carlos H. Bejines Paul S. Bell Paul G Benedum Eric J. Bennett Kyle M. Bennett Allen B. Benshoff Ralph W. Bentle Gerald E. Benton William Berchtold Alexander W. Berger Raymond C. Bevan Lawrence R. Bidwell, PhD Bernard F. Biegel Gene E. Bigham Jules B. Billard Wayne E. Binkley John A. Bishop David C. Bizar Robert J. Black James M. Blackwood Robert D. Blakley Douglas R. Bleggi Gale Blosser Thomas F. Blumenfeld Joseph W. Blunk Lee P Bluske Craighton T. Boates Corbin E. Bolinger Mitchell A. Bollinger William P. Bonds Jack E Booth Claud O. Boothman Larry Borcherding Francis J. Boucher Darrell M. Bowman James P. Bowman John G. Bowman John S. Boyd Carlo Bracci, Sr. William J. Brady Clyde A. Brady Harold M. Braggans Mark E. Brandon Robert J. Brandstatter Edward J. Breeze James D. Brenner


Eual B. Bridges James S. Briggs Alan R. Brill Richard S. Brockway Donald C. Brodie Thomas D. Browand Mark F. Brower Joy E. Brown Alex J. Brown L. Clark Bryan Stephen M. Bryan Dennis A. Bucalo Ronald P. Bugbee Jodi Bukowski

Max E. Coats Benjamin G. Cochran Brian E. Code Gary R. Coffey Jeffrey H. Coffin Steven R. Cohn Connie K. Coker Gary M. Cole Eric Collins W. Towne Collins Brad P. Colwell Stephen E. Condrey Richard A. Conroy Walter H. Conser

Lynn R. Dueser Thomas E. Duggar Frank Dunlap Cloyd T. Dunn Frank J. Durzo Charles M. East Henry C. Easterling Floyd S. Eberts John E. Eckel Ryan T. Edgar L Orville Edlund Richard L. Edwards Richard O. Egan Carl Eggert

Richard I. Gillespie Ronald M. Gilliard H. Richard Ginsberg Jonathan S. Ginsberg William E. Gittler James B. Glass Kenneth E. Gobble Christopher D. Golden Christopher J. Golfes Jonathan R. Gonnet Scott A. Goodwin Stephen L. Gore Joseph R. Goulet Donald K. Graham

Samuel R. Henderson T. Drew Hendrix R. Peers Henes Richard J. Henke Charles P. Henness James C. Henry Robert S. Henson David S. Herdlinger Don C. Hershey Kenneth E. Heugel Bruce A. Hewetson J. Robert Hicks Bruce R. Hiday Ronald C. Higgins

Delta Chi continues to be a strong and thriving organization due in great part to the generosity of Delta Chi Educational Foundation donors. Thank you to our brothers and friends who have made an impact on the lifelong endeavor of Delta Chi. Included are donors who have achieved a Lifetime Giving Level with their unwavering support. Gerald C. Bulkeley John C. Burcham Vernon D. Burklund Michael S. Burney Robert B. Burns Sherman K. Burns G. Gordon Burroughs William S. Burtness John D. Bush Frank P. Bustamante James A. Butkus David N. Butner James A. Buttram Edward T. Byrd Robert W. Byren Stephen C. Cagle Jimmie D. Cain James A. Cammack Salvatore Campagna John B. Campbell R. Paul Campbell Dominic R. Caputo Richard T. Carlin Donald A. Carlson Bradford S. Carpenter Ralph E. Carpenter David J. Carr Arnold B. Carson Caleb B. Case Ralph E. Cash Mark L. Casner Lloyd C. Cassidy Daniel S. Catalano Albert J. Catroppa Philip M. Caughran Mark J. Cecchi John M. Cecere W. Craig Chamberlin Charles Y. Chambers William J. Chapel John S. Chaperon Robert W. Chapin Bryant Chapter David S. Chellgren Gary A. Chessman Fred M. Chreist Flemming & Colleen Christensen Owen C. Christensen Clair Christianson Donald D. Christoffersen Daniel J. Chrzczonowski Richard J. Chura John G. Churchill Zeny R. Cieslikowski Randall D. Clark Douglas W. Clark Gregory B. Clark Matthew D. Clark James M. Cleary Jeffrey B. Clemons David W. Clithero Brian C. Closs Timothy J. Clough

Delta Chi Quarterly

John E. Cooper Gregory D. Cotton Francis D. Coulthard John L. Cowan Richard A. Cowell Roy A. Cowell Jasper H. Cox Timothy D. Cox Jay E. Coy Robert M. Craig Tyler Craig Robert A. Cramer William M. Crampton Kenneth C. Crandall Ray T. Crane Wayne T. Craney James H. Cravens James W. Creasman Lyle M. Cressey Glenn E. Crippen John W. Croswell George W. Crowl William B. Crust Richard F. Curtin Michael A. Curtis Paul A. Curtis Vito D’Aiuto Mark L. D’Valentine David C. Dahlgren Mario V. Damiano John W. Daniel Clark E. Daves Chris Davidson Col. Forrest L. Davis Daniel W. Davis David G. Davis Geoffrey M. Day Daniel J. Dean Mick Dean Edward Deeb Philip G. Degen Louis J. DelJuidice Charles O. Dennis Melvin C. Dennis John P. Denny Dennis D. Depew Henry A. Deutsch Michael K. Dichiser Charles A. Dieman John B. Dineen Mark E. Dingle Jeffrey E. Disend Richard L. Diviney Aaron M. Dixon Buddy R. Dixon Theresa Dombrowski John Domercq, Jr. Herschel L. Donaldson Milan J. Dotlich William L. Doyle, Jr. Eugene F. Dramm Michael K. Dresback Candy Driscoll Sally Duenow

James H. Elliott Greg E. Ellner Clarence E. Engel Jeremy R. Erling Dennis Ertzbischoff Anthony J. Esposito Greg F. Esterman David B. Evans Andre Ezis George A. Faber Stanley C. Fagre Stephen E. Falconer Thomas M. Farrelly Chad N. Farthing Dennis R. Faust R. Jeffrey Fear Gregory M. Feduik Richard S. Felhaber Geo R. Fellows Clayton C. Fenton Dwayne C. Fielder Bradford E. Fike Carl R. Fiora Wesley F. Fisher John W. Fitzharris, Jr. Neil F. Fitzpatrick Richard S. Fixott Brian E. Flaherty Gregory W. Fletcher Wallace J. Flores Ryan W. Foley Joseph E. Follmer R. Evan Follmer John G. Ford Gary W. Fordham Andrew J. Forman Steven A. Forsythe Myrl E. Forth Kevin B. Fosse John S. Foster Dan M. Fox Kirk Franceschini Jeffrey W. Frankenburg Ben Franklin Benjamin Franklin Harry C. Frankmann Millard L. Fretland Peter Freyer Robert G. Frost Homer S. Fry Thomas E. Fuqua Jo Ann Galisky Robert M. Galloway Monroe Galt Michael H. Garcia-Jordan Jason C. Gardner A. Rod Garges Theodore Garrison Jonathan K. Garvey James M. Gehrke Richard L. Genovese Alan G. George Dietrich Gerber John R. Giesecke

Brad Grambo Dane R. Grams William F. Grauch Lawrence S. Graven Christopher J. Gray David E. Greaves Noel L. Greenlee Seth R. Greenspan Warren R. Gregory Walter J. Grieser Thomas D. Griffin William Griffiths Herbert E. Grimes John B. Groh James W. Growney Roy G. Grube Mitchell A. Gruber Leslie H. Gumbiner Christopher S. Gunzel Delph A. Gustitus John C. Haas Thomas E. Habart Doyle C. Haberly Donald V. Haemmerlein Matthew A Hagemann Paul L. Haines James C. Hajduk Hugh D. Hale David W. Hall Jess L. Hall Richard E. Hall Robert J. Hamlin Alexander M. Hamling, MD Marian C. Hammert Wade L. Hampton Mark W. Haney James E. Hanna Thomas A. Hansen Brian C. Harbert Douglas M. Harding C. Bruce Hardy Marcel L. Hardy Brandon M. Hargrove Christopher W. Harnack E. Thomas Harnish Douglas J. Harper Michael R. Harris Ralph W. Harris John H. Harrison Everett A. Hart David W. Hartman Ronald A. Hartmann Richard N. Harvey James F. Hastings Homer R. Hatch John M. Hawley Phillip L. Hazlett Larry C. Heaton, II Jason R. Heaton David M. Heck Wesley E. Hedgepeth J. Michael Hegarty Garth E. Heidel Peter B. Henderson

C. Edward Hightower Christopher J. Hildebrandt Jonathan D. Hile Edward J. Hill John P. Hillebrandt Barry R. Hillmyer Thomas J. Hine Scott M. Hines Anthony R. Hipp Stephanie Hippo Joseph F. Hodge James R. Hoefener Robert E. Hoerter William R. Hoff Harry E. Hoffman Caius M. Hoffman Gordon W. Hogle Barton M. Hoglund Nicholas J. Hohenberger John C. Holke Richard C. Holland Robert H. Hollenbeck George O. Holman Raymond C. Holmer Carl W. Holmes George R. Hooper John T. Hoover Ronald D. Hopper Vaughn A. Hormann Roger A. Hosfeld James E. Houston James H. Houston, Jr. Richard R. Hover Richard A. Howarth Sage A. Howell Robert A. Hoyt Byron C. Hubanks Robert K. Hubbard, III James F. Huber John E. Hudelson Charles E. Hughes Charles L. Hughes Keith W. Hughes Kurtis W. Huisman Raymond J. Hull Lt. Col. Richard Humes Harold J. Hunt John A. Iacocca Osmer C. Ingalls Dudley S. Ingraham Marc S. Irizarry Burl J. Jackson Dennis A. Jackson John M. Jacobs Jerry Jacobson Claudia Jansenius Christopher Janusz Stuart P. Jeffares Robert M. Jeffcott Robert G. Jefferds Chris D. Jensen Robert C. Jenson Michael G. Johnson, Jr. Noel L. Johnson

Michael G. Johnson M. Andrew Johnson Shannon C. Johnson Stephen B. Johnson Steve R. Johnson Howard E. Johnston Jeffrey S. Jones Jimmy K. Jones John P. Jones Larry D. Jones Vern C. Jones Robert C. Jordan Timothy M. Joyce Eugene D. Juba Floyd J. Juday Robert G. Judd Carey E. Jue Bernard J. Jumbeck George E. Justice Robert S. Justice Ely L. Kahwaty Gregg A. Kaminsky John H. Kanter Alex Kaufman Bernard W. Kearney Frederick H. Kela Craig L. Kelley Andrew T. Kelley John J. Kelly David B. Kennamer H. Fred Kennedy John R. Kennedy Stephen F. Kennedy Thomas A. Kennedy Clifton T. Kent Mark D. Kenworthy George W. Keyes Yun S. Kim Ray Kimball Karl W. King Paul W. King Dean S. Kingman William D. Kinsaul Jeffrey D. Kirby Lewis D. Kirgis Jeffrey M. Klaiman William H. Klein Frederick J. Klemeyer Douglas B. Klenke Justin Kloos Jack M. Klosterman, Jr. Robert V. Kluge Paul E. Knapp Stephen F. Knight Robert J. Knowlton Aaron W. Koch John P. Koepke Joseph M. Kolar David A. Kolodziej William E. Korbus J. Michael Kral Dennis J. Krautkramer Howard S. Kravitz Larry R. Krehbiel Bruce N. Kriebel Daniel E. Kubiak Scott A. Kvammen Scott E. Lacey Clyde F. Lacy Kathryn Lambacher Gregg D. Lammi Robert J. Lamphere John A. Landrum Stephen K. Landry Larry B. Langford Edward S. Langholz Dr. Robert N. Larimer Keith G. LaRose Elmer H. Larson John L. Larson Peter Larson Terry L. Larson Lee Laux Steven G. LaVoie Kenneth H. Law Gregory C. Lawton Ronald F. Lay Alfred F. Leatherman O J LeBaron Frank A. Ledgerwood Charles R. Lee Michael E. Lee Robert H. Leebody Michael E. Leech Steven M. Lemm Edmund B Lennig Richard L. Lepper Mark F. Leppert Philip H. LeRoy Michael C. Less Robert R. Levins Thaddeus J Lewandowski Kenneth O. Lewis Howard P. Lewis Clifford C. Lewis Gary A. Lewis

William J. Lewis Craig A. Lickley Robert C. Liden Harold J. Lind Michael S. Lindahl Stephen D. Linder Paul D. Linderman, Jr. Paul E. Lindow William D. Lindquist Thomas M. Lindsey T. J. Lindsley Alan F. Lippman Curtis W. Little Sun Robert T. Littlejohn Stacy Lloyd, IV Charles F. Lockhart Stephen Loeffler Daniel Loftus Joseph R. Loggins E. John Lonn James S. LoPrete Brian C. Lorentz Clifford S. Losen Fred L. Lotter Rodney M. Love Scott M. Lovett Bruce A. Loyd Richard C. Lucas William G. Luckey Kurt E. Lutterman David B. Lyman David K. Lyman Robert R. Lynch Mary O. MacDougall Thomas Macina Alexander R. MacMillan Kevin M. Madden Daniel J. Mages Michael T. Mahan Mark J. Maier Elbert J. Maloney Gregory K. Man Ben F. Mancuso Richard S. Manley Charles R. Mann Marcus R. Mann Robert H. Margesson Dennis E. Marquardt Walter P. Marschall John V. Marstrell Kevin B. Martin Oliver H. Martin Robert Martin Perry A. Martinson Donald Mathews Cmdr Donald Mathiowetz Victor R. Mattox David P. Maxey Philip P. Maxwell Jeffrey B. McAdoo William H. McCahan Rogers C. McCauley Anthony S. McClain H. Paul McCorkle Donald H. McCuaig Mark A. McCullough Michael P. McCullough Cameron K. McCully John R. McDonald Lee McDonald Bryon L. McDougall Randall McGee Rob R. McGregor Ben G. McGuire J. Ian McKay Robert E. McKelvey Brian J. McLaughlin Thomas A. McLelland Fred B. McLemore Connor McPherson Ryan M. McQueeney Jay B. Meacham Ryan P. Meagher Gary H. Mears Kyle L. Medlin Robert Meinershagen Coleman R. Menyhert Roscoe E. Menz Robert L. Mersch Timothy C. Metcalf William L. Meuleman Walter F. Meyers Daniel D. Mezydlo Christopher M. Middleton Edmund J. Mihalski Christopher D. Miller Gerald W. Miller Henry F. Miller Leon W. Miller Daniel C. Mills G A Mills Robert F. Mitchell George H. Mitchell Lewis E. Mitchell Charles H. Moellenberg Joel P. Monger Daniel Monks John D. Montgomery Marty W. Montgomery Arthur D. Moore James H. Moore Paul E. Moore Richard W. Moore John T. Moran George E. Moredock Philip R. Morris Johnny M.Morrow Scott B. Morrow Norman M. Moses Larry D. Moss Gregory A. Moyer

James R. Moyer Charles L. Murphree Max R. Murphy Walter R. Naas John B. Nairn Christopher A. Nardo C. Richard Nash Donald W. Naught John C. Neely Arthur Neis Gregory J. Nelli James A. Nelson George J. Neumayer Sherill S. Newton Delmer M. Nicholls John W. Nichols Michael R. Nichols Philip B. Nichols David E. Nielsen Paul H. Niemann Bryan E. Niezgoda Michael Nikonchuk William L. Nolan Col. Richard A. Norton John A. Novak Robert J. Novelli, II James R. Novitsky Michael Novotny Robert T. O’Brien William N. O’Brien John P. O’Reilly Nick G. Oakley Brian D. Oetjen Thomas M. O’Flynn Heather Ogilvy Hutchinson Myron L. Olson John K. Olsson Jonathan W. Onorato David S. Orlofsky Donald C. Osborn Gage N. Osthoff Gerald W. Oursler Ronald R. Pacini Fred H. Page Ray E. Page David S. Paladino Robert M. Pallas Brett J. Palmiero Michael R. Papciak Walter W. Papciak John Z. Pare’ Robert G. Parker Scott Parker Richard F. Parrish Paul G. Parry Howard A. Partch, AIAE Edward Pascavage Ian R. Patrick Donald A. Payne Peter B. Peard Charles M. Pearre James A. Pearson Tyler Pearson William M. Peek Eugene K. Pembroke James T. Pennington Jonathan P. Perret Donald L. Peters Douglas L. Peters Charles L Peterson Wiley K. Peterson William W. Peterson Donald C. Petite Thomas J. Petitto Mario Petruzzelli Donald R. Pettit Carl W. Petzold Paul J. Phillips Mark A. Pickens James M. Pickle Daniel G. Pilling Albert T. Pitman James D. Platt Peter Polites Richard A. Pollard Miller J. Poppleton Scott A. Porter Richard W. Post Mark D. Powell Joel S. Poythress Michael A. Prestash Lloyd L. Prevett Burroughs H. Price James D. Price Marcus E. Price David E. Prieto Michael A. Provencher Thomas J. Provencher Julian K. Ptomey Francis J. Puleo Joe W.Pyle Ellsworth Quinlan Courtney B. Ramsay Howard L. Randall Hans L. Raum Michael J. Rearick Peter R. Redding James T. Reilly John J. Reilly Fred Reinders Theodore R. Resnik Edward P. Rich Charles T. Richards Matthew R. Richardson Mark V. Rickabaugh William A. Riddle Matthew B. Ridgway Douglas M. Riley Edward L. Ripley Robert A. Rissell Albert J. Ristimaki

Alan L. Ritter James R. Roach Jeff T. Roberts Roy L. Roberts David W. Robertson John F. Robertson Neil A. Robertson Timothy S. Robinson Jose F. Rodas Donald E. Rodda John W. Rodican III Joseph E. Roe Douglas Rohde James H. Rohrer Terry R. Rombalski Gary A. Romero Alan H. Rook Glenn J. Rose David Rosenfeld Allen D. Roth Emanuel L. Rouvelas Gerald H. Rowe Kevin J. Rowe Robert M. Rowett Timothy R. Rudeen Brian D. Runkle Stephen W. Rupe Charles F. Ryan John J. Rydlewicz Michael V. Sadlowski Connor K. Salm Erich J. Sanchack Arthur R. Sandberg Ronald T. Sandow Milton L. Sandy R. Harrison Sanford Alexander P. Santini J. Bradley Sargent Ryan L. Sboray John R. Scatterday Jim A. Schaffner Jerome R. Schechter Cleo A. Schemp Jonathan M. L. Schlueter Andrew L. Schmidt Donald Schnedeker Eric M. Schneider Frank T. Schnorrenberg Jack Schofield Jonathan M. Schofield Walter Scholl Cody R. Schrock Thomas R. Schuck Russell L. Schuetz William H. Schulte Richard R. Schultz David C. Schulz Philip W Schumacher Leroy J. Schurmeier George H. Schwary C J Scott Richard J. Scott William J. Scott Donald E. Scriven Howard S. Seibert John D. Seidel Eldon E. Senner Michael A. Shamblin Samuel Shapiro James M. Shaw Robert L. Shedd J. Ross Sherohman Jeremy D. Shiliga Wallace T. Shinkle Courtney E. Shipley Robert L. Shofstall Henry M. Shook Maurice Shulman Richard W. Shumar Paul D. Siebert John T. Siefert Steven M. Simerka Robert P. Simon Gordon Simpson James A. Simpson John W. Slade Randall R. Slater Robert C. Sleight Robert C. Smith, Jr. Christopher E. W. Smith Eric M. Smith Geary M. Smith Joel R. Smith Paul E. Smith Randy J. Smith Ronald E. Smith Stephen L. Smith Richard E. Smoot Ronald H. Snow Robert C. Snyder Russell C. Sobelman Sidney L. Soldwish Eric Sonnich Melinda Sopher Donald R. Sorensen Bryan D. Sorge Arthur S. Spangler Richard A. Sperling Salvatore Spinola Vance G. Sprague Mark R. Stahl Noah L. Stallworth C. Alan Stanfield James R. Starr John T. Stasny Paul H. Stearns James C. Steffan Michael D. Stehlik Marc Stempka Mark D. Stephany Donald F. Sternard

John G. Stevenson, Jr. William C. Stewart Francis M. Stewart George E. Stewart Robert D. Still Carl J. Stock Jason F. Stokes James A. Stolfi Kevin R. Stonner Donald M. Stookey Donald B. Stoughton Robert W. Strain Edward J Strasma William C. Strohm Jay R. Sturm Walter Sturm Edward N. Sullivan John C. Sullivan William J. Summerville Ronald B. Surmacz Robert H. Suter William A. Suter Philip G. Sutton John R. Swander, Sr. Paul J. Swanson Scott R. Sward Herbert P. Swartz Douglas A. Swift Alvaro Tafur Walter C. Taggart Douglas J. Tapp Gregory D. Taylor M. Haluk Taysi James R. Theaker Paul J. Thoma Jay D. Thomas Karam J. Thomas Steven W. Thomas William L. Thomas Clayton R. Thompson Jack A. Thoner Eric E. Thoreson Robert D. Thornburg David G. Tibma Howard Tillson Lawrence T. Tingen Troy M. Tossy Norman F. Tower Karl Traeger Kenneth S. Tramel Robert C. Trapani Nicholas G. Trial John C Trussell Joseph A. Tufigno David T. Tumbry Daniel R. Turner David W. Turner Alois W. Uek Glenn A. Usery Richard J. Van Stell R. Scott Van Zant, PhD Manoj R. Varma Michael Velgouse, Jr. Philip P. Vineyard Ivo Vissers Edward P. Vrtis Patrick L. Wachendorf Andrew P. Wachter Gordon P Wagner Richard L. Wagner Christopher F. Waite Webster U. Walker John G. Walker Stephen J. Walker Donald S. Walter Wilbur L. Walter John D. Wanvig Stephen J. Ward Edwin E. Warner Jonathan B. Warr Otis S. Warr James E. Warren Fred H. Warren Phil L. Waterman Robert L. Wathen Richard D. Watson Brian D. Waxler Thomas D. Webber Charles M. Webber Gregory P. Weeks James R. Wein Gen. James S. Welch Robert L. Weldon Anthony Wellenreiter Irving L. Wells Frederic K. Welts J. Richard Wenker Ellwood V. Werry, PE Carl L. Westin David L. Westol Rick Westphal James E. Wheat William E. Wheeler Alexander P. Wheelock Edward J. White William L. White James M. White Kenneth S. White Roger E. Whitty Gregory A. Williams Joseph T. Willingham Grover Wilson R. Kim Wilson Richard A. Wilson Wilbur Wilson William D. Wilson Henry F. Winchester Jackson E. Winters John T. Wintler Michael J. Wirtz Jack N. Wismer

Carl F. Woessner Walter R. Woirol Benjamin C. Wold John P. Wollam Richard L. Wood Timothy M. Woodbury Chris Woodruff-Jackson Donald C. Woodward Timothy D. Woodward Geoffrey D. S. Wright Thomas Z. Wright Wendell S. Wright Robert J. Wynne James H. Wysong Alvin I. Yamashiro Hassell E. Yates James F. Yeager Timothy A. Yochum B Joe Youngblood Harold P. Younger Eugene J. Zander Gust C. Zarnas Kevin W. Zeller William Zeus Ludwig Ziegelmair Richard H. Zimmerman Steven T. Zimmerman Emory W. Zimmers Alan S. Zuberbuehler Walter H. Zukof Alex Zurita

Founder’s Circle $1,000 $2,499 Founder’s Circle ($1,000 - $2,499) Douglas H. Abel Roger E. Abernathy Alex A. Accetta Steven R. Ackerson John R. Adamec Craig H. Adams Steven L. Adams Ronald L. Adolphi Calvin K. Agger Anthony W. Albano Jeffrey H. Albright Thomas A. Aldrich Samuel J. Alexander James W. Almand Felix J. Alonso Mark G. Alteri Robert L. Amstadter, MD Martin R. Anastasio Charles F. Anderson James A. Anderson Gary S. Andrasko Sid Edward Anton John D. Armstrong John M. Ashley Vernon E. Askew Jennifer Ator Bob Austin David V. Bacehowski Jon P. Bachelder Edgar S. Bagley John M. Bailitz D. Glenn Baird William M. Baldwin Jon W. Ball Michael S. Barclay Charles T. Barkman Morris Barnett Miles E. Barnett James R. Bartlett Basil T. Bauch Robert S. Bayers Glen J. Beams Robert A. Beardsley John C. Beck Albert B. Becker David B. Becker Garth D. Becker George D. Bedell Ronald S. Beerman Trent Behr Jeffrey C. Bell Robert F. Benbow Robert L. Bence Scott M. Benedict David L. Bennett James A. Bennett Richard W. Bennett Robert B. Bennett Robert F. Bennett Douglas R. Berg Jeffrey M. Berger Kenneth A. Bergman Jeffrey K. Betzoldt Christopher J. Beukenkamp Joseph L. Bevirt Vernon F. Beyer Stephen M. Bianchi John Biggers Jimi Bingham Steven J. Bizzell Alex Black Christopher T. Black Gerald W. Blackburn John A. Bland Joshua C. Block

Charles H. Blunt Arlie R. Bobo Lowren A. Bock Donn A. Bodine Jeffrey S. Boehm Everett N. Boggs Jeffrey A. Bond Louis Bonilla Dustin C. Boothe James A. Boring Gary L. Borkowski Phillip E. Born William G. Boyer John W. Bradley Robert L. Branch Michael G. Braun John M. Brennan James M. Bright, Jr. Alan H. Brightman Robert E. Brockie Garrett N. Brown Harry R. Brown Thomas G. Brown Chad A. Brue J. Royce Bryant Joel H. Bryden Richard H. Buchanan Gary S. Buck Walter S. Buffham Austin Bullock John P. Burkell Michael Burkell Gleim S. Burkhart Donald M. Burney Jeffrey E. Burt Phil Busick Joseph F. Busta Milan G. Busta John R. Byers Stephen P. Byrne Jeff Cain Robert D. Campbell Trevor Cangelosi Brian E. Capps Edward G. Capps Todd G. Caraway Charles E. Carlin C. Larry Carmichael Thomas W. Carneal John M. Carpenter Timothy J. Carper Daren J. Carstens Kenneth J. Cartwright Brian Caulfield Gary W. Caulkins Paul G. Cavalli Alexander Chan Peter C. Chandler Ed S Charles Richard I. Chenoweth George I. Chesley Richard D. Childress Wayne A. Christ Arthur C. Christman Alex Cidado Matthew J. Claflin David M. Clapper William K. Clark Ralph T Cleage Keith J. Cleary J. Lee Clements William M. Clements Gordon L. Clemmons Robert J. Cochran Thomas E. Code Ethan Colbert Charles M. Cole Leland D. Cole John E. Coleman Brian A. Collins J. Ferrell Colton Carter M. Comaford Everett L. Comings Frederick Connally John C. Conroy Linda S. Cook Albert A. Coppola Steven A. Corbett Michael R. Cormier Rhes H. Cornelius Christopher J. Costas Kevin M. Costner David R. Courant John Cousley Jeffrey A. Cove Michael E. Covey Gordon L. Cox Leonard J Cox Paul A. Cox O R Cram Michael J. Cripe E. Bryant Crutchfield Clark H. Cummins Daniel E. Curriden Parnell S. Curry Michael Cusack Joseph Cybak Anthony R. D’Ambrosio Horace D’Angelo William Y. Dabney Mark S. Dabran Robert W. Dade D. Drew Dalgetty Drew M. Dallet John F. Daniels Robert E. Davis Owen R. Davison Michael R. Davy P. Russell Day D. Dick De Line Joseph M. De Nardi

Gary M. Dean David L. DeBari Loren A. Deer John J. Deering Patrick J. Dehnart Roderic E. Deines J. Scott DeLee David C. Demme Paul W. Deppert John E. Derwort Stephen M. Desens Christopher J. Desmond Gary J. Deys Christopher J. Diak David M. Dickens Stanley B. Dickson William R. Diefenbach Col. Arthur H. Dietz James M. Dinneen William A. Dittmore Scott Dixon Walter B. Dobbs James K. Dobey Andrew J. Douglas Keith M. Douglass Kenneth E. Dover Dana L. Dow John E. Dramm Rodman C. Drews Donald H. Driemeier Alan F. Drinkard Russell H. Driscoll Jack C. Dryden Edwin W. Dulaney Becket C. Duncan Cabe T. Duncan John T. Dunn Charles P. Durante J. Dixon Earley James D. Eason Hon John E. Eberle Quinn E. Eddins Robert E. Edgerly Duncan W. Edwards James E. Egger Matthew S. Ehrhart Richard A. Eimers Allan Eisenwinter Rich P. Ellingsworth Harold H Elliott Howard O. Emorey Donald E. Enright Gary G. Eskew Charles M. Evans Joshua P. Evans Neil E. Fackler Roland A. Fagre David R. Farmer Byron L. Farrell Walter J. Farrell Dale J. Faubert David M. Feder William M. Feldman Ernest Ferguson B. Fiske Field Mark A. Fifer Joseph P. Finan Piero Fioravanti Timothy M. Fish Connie N. Fisher Timothy E. Fitzsimmons Lindsay Fleck George M. Flynn Ronald W Force Justin R. Foreman Jason E. Fox Robert R Frame Jason D. Frampton Justin D. Francis Steven P. Freitas James E. Friestad James P. Fuger Donald D. Fuqua Tom S. Gable David R. Gallagher Michael A. Gamble Delphin A. Gantt Ronald D. Garrison Russell E. Geiger Brian A. George Harold M. Gibbons Tommy R. Giddings Aaron M. Gilbert Michael P. Gilkenson David A. Gillespie Douglas Gillespie Michael T. Gilley Andrew C. Gilligan Jeffrey C. Gilmer Sammie L. Ginn Donald R. Glancy David R. Gleason Michael A. Gnagi Ralph L. Godshalk Steven D. Goldstein James L. Gollaher Tommy L. Goodwin Thomas E. Gordon Raymond E. Gotshall Joseph F. Gradisher Jean E. Graham-Gilliat Tyson N. Graves Derrick S. Gray J. Nick Gray Zane M. Gray Michael L. Greedy Thomas Gregorovich G. William Gregory Raymond K. Grindel Stephen M. Grosman Jack Grossman

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Stephen C. Grushetsky Kirke Grutzmacher Michael A. Guerino Aaron J. Gunn David S. Gunzel Craig M. Gustin Glenn J. Guth Robert S. Gwiasda Thomas W. Halupnik Divante A. Hamilton Walter S. Hammert D. Kent Hamrick Thomas D. Haney Robert A. Hanley Brian M. Hansen George K Hansen T. Lyle Harlor William E. Harlor Glenn E. Harper David F. Harrell Rodney Harris Thomas L. Hart Henry W. Hartsfield Albert F. Hastings Tommy R. Hastings R P Hatch Timothy P. Hauenstein Joseph C. Hawkins William F Hayes Michael J. Hebert Randall B. Heemer Jonathan Heiland Kenneth W. Heist Timothy J. Helms, Jr. John R. Helter II Hamilton B. Henderson Douglas J. Henry Robert L. Hertel John W. Hess Jason W. Hetherington Timothy K. Heuer Wayland R. Hicks Marc S. Hildebrant David L. Hill Donald E. Hill John M. Hill Maurice J. Hill William G. Hillier Thomas D. Hillmer Frank C. Hinds Norman P. Hines Edward H. Hirsch Richard P. Hise Harold Hitchins John E. Hoadley James R. Hodgson James E. Hoffheins Stephen M. Hogan Thomas M. Holden James M. Holland Jack T. Hollenback Shaun C. Hollenbeck, Jr. Harry P. Holman James W. Holman Julian R. Holmes William D. Holmes Robert E. Holzgrafe John W. Horch Lester K. Horn Clifford L. Hornsby Max L. Hoskins Kenneth Housholder Carl Howard William Howard Marvin E. Howell Harold J. Hughes Robert L. Hull Arthur F. Humphrey Charles C. Humphries David R. Hunt Wallace S. Hutcheon Phillip M. Hutchinson Paul W. Hutchison Melvin J. Huxtable Marc G. Hynes Chris S. Ikehara Ned Irish E. Edward Isaac Stanley Isaac John D. Isaacs Hiroshi Itoh Martina Jackovich Roger L. James William R. Janowski Frank Jantac Paul G. Jasper Daniel L. Jeakins Andrew O. Jensen Fred L. Jessup Stephen C. Johansen Frederick B Johns Gregory C. Johnson Matthew C. Johnson Peter S. Johnson R. Keith Johnson Scott E. Johnson Billy B. Johnston Michael C. Johnston Luther C. Joyner, III Clark G. Jue Terence P. Kahn John A. Kahoun William C. Kallander Thomas J. Kane, Jr. Edward A. Kangas Michael E. Kasamis John P. Kedzierski George C. Kelchner Thomas E. Kelleher Ken and Mary Keller Bertram F. Kelly


Hon. David F. Kent Sean F. Kilfoil Kap S. Kim William C. King Jeff Kingsbury David E. Kinnan Kenneth R. Klutzke Stephen F. Knapp Earl L. Knauss William C. Knoblauch Robert L. Knox August J. Koebbe David C. Koelsch B. G. Adam Koltz William J. Kooistra Christopher S. Kopech Douglas W. Korn Kevin J. Kostoff Adam E. Kotlinski David C. Krane Franklin B. Krauss Brandon L. Krugman Armin A. Kuhlman Thomas S. Kuntz Nadeem A. Kureshi Craig J. LaCava David W. LaCour Brian Lafond Thomas P. Lambe Warren H. Lampert Roger L. Larson Wayne A. Lavendusky James S. Lawder William E. Lawder Joseph J. M. Lease Alfred L. Leavitt Soong Yup J. Lee Peter J. Leets Dean A. Lefebvre Christopher W. Leibman Scott H. Leigh Leon L. Lemaire Eugene J. Leone Frederick W. Leonhardt Glen B. Lerch Richard J. Lintner Peter W. Livingston Daniel C. Lluch Kevin M. LoCicero John H. Locklin Daniel J. Loewy Randall G. Loftis Horace H. Look Mark J. Luginbill Raymond W. Luken John R. Lushbaugh Richard A. Lutes Mark T. Luttier Terry H. T. Ma James M. Mabbutt Russell C. MacFall Robert A. Magnusson George M. Maher Robert F. Mallon B. Robert Malouf Charles T. Manatt Rowland R. Manatt Leonard M. Manning Sr Raymond E. Manning Suraj Maraboyina Michael D. Marino Daniel J. Mariotti Richard Mariscal William D. Marshall Brian W. Martin Gerald J. Martin Michael A. Martinez David W. Matthews William E. Mattinson Donald S. Maurer John M. Mauro Ronald J. May Newman E. McAllister Earl E. McCann John E. McCarragher Richard H. McCarty Matthew L. McCloskey Charles W. McConnell Kenneth R. McCune John E. McDaniels Michael B. McFarland Brent L. McGill George L. McGinness Bernard T. McGivern Jerry L. McGriff C. Wade McGuffey Arthur B. McIntyre Paul D. McKinnis Michael J. McLain Douglas O. McLemore Steven McPherson Daniel Joseph McTague Joseph G. Meredith Kevin G. Mess Joseph D. Messerman George Meyer Steven E. Meyer Daniel A. Mica David R. Mica Davis B. Millard William C. Miller John R. Miller Roger B. Miller William C. Miller Michael L. Mitchell Ronald J. Mix Kenneth J. Moll Paul A. Monaco Louis C. Mone, PhD Ramiro A. Montufar Larry G. Moore

Delta Chi Quarterly

Maurice L. Moore Darrell E. Morgan Guy C. Morin George L. Morrow Robert L. Mouch Wm H Mountain, Jr. Clifton E. Mowrer Thomas P. Mullaney Jack Muntz Robert P. Muratore Andrew S. Nachamie Charles R. Naeser John R. Nalley Michael A. Nangano Henry T. Nazdrowicz Thomas S. Neal Henry H. Neel Verna Nelli-Herman Richard E. Nelson Dolph F. Nelson Martin O. Nelson Kenneth W. Nelson Thomas E. Nelson Gregory P. Ness Dale J. Neuman John C. Nevin, Jr. Marc A. Nichols Jerry D. Nininger John E. Noble Phillip L. Noe Evan G. Nolan Jon L. Norris Robert L. Novak Gregory A. O’Berry Harold W. O’Connor Harry W. O’Connor Kevin M. O’Neill Fanning T. Oakley James H. Obear James D. Olson Richard A. Olsson Richard C. Oppelt Alexis V. Oreta Timothy E. Ovel J. Tommy Overcash Rene C. Owczarski Matthew H. Paine Connor W. Patman Randy L. Patterson Jonathan C. Paugh William C. Paye William K. Peairs Conrad F. Pearson Harvey J Pearson Arthur J. A. Peltier John R. Perry Joseph A. Perry Evan R. Peters Vincent R. Petrecca Kurt S. Petry Gregory A. Philiotis Jeffrey E. Philiph Wilbur L. Pickering Joseph C. Pickett Matthew E. Pierce James H. Plummer Herbert R. Pohl Bennett D. Polack John J. Polakowski Jerry D. Pontius Cary F. Poole Wayne H. Potter F. Verne Powell George M. Powell Rodney A. Prall Arthur J. Preller Richard B. Preu John H. Price Paul J. Prutzman Brendan K. Puthoff Karl B. Putnam M. Kevin Queen Charles E. Racine Gordon Rains Myron E. Ranney Charles E. Ray Jacob Reck Daniel J. Recker, Jr. Fred E. Reese Jerrold H. Rehmar Charles B. Reichenbach Richard C. Reilly William E. Reimer Jack M. Rider Chris Riley Michael D. Rimer Paul Risinger Andrew A. Ritter John C. Rivers George S. Robbins Burton W. Roberts Christopher W. Roberts John F. Roberts Malcolm W. Robertson Stephen J. Robinson Allen Roes Derek S. Roh Edward M. Roob Michael E. Roos Daniel C. Roskom Homer R. Ross Michael E. Ross Lynn G. Rowells David Ruedrich, MD Charles D. Rutt Thomas W. Rymer Arthur W. Sackrison Scott J. Saldana John Samore John J. Sampanes John W. Sauer

Robert D. Schabacker John H. Schaefer Scott A. Schaefer Farrington T. Schaeffer John G. Schanner Gregory S. Scherrer Michael R. Schiavoni Russell S. Schindehette Gary N. Schmedding Peter F. Schmidt Frederick E. Schmitt Larry M. Schneider Irvin W. Schoeninger Thomas A. Schonauer Allan Schwager Richard G. Schweikhardt Christopher R. Scott G. Walter Scott George L. Seaton David A. Sed Mark M. Seman J. Dean Semon Don A. Seufert Theodore Seyfarth Donald W. Shaffer William R. Shelton Bruce H. Shields Richard T. Shiflett Jack W. Shirley Daniel C. Shoemaker Jan P. Shoemaker Robin D. Shoop Mack D. Short Duncan J. Silver Stephen H. Simonds Robin D. Sipes Norman J. Sitar D. Stephen Slack John M. Smaha Laurence D. Smetana Frederick C. Smith Charles R. Smith Dennis E. Smith Gregory E. Smith Jeffrey S. Smith Kenneth O. Smith Laurence A. Smith Todd P. Smith Guy H. Snowden Alan H. Snyder, Jr. Aaron A. Snyder Edward A. Soens Eric W. Southard Robert T. Sparrow Emil R. Spees Stephen B. Spencer Michael A. Spica Frank L. Spittle Fred C. Stalder John W. Stanfield Mark T. Stanley Stephen T. Stazel Jeremy E. Steelberg John D. Steiner Keith J. Steiner Rodney L. Steven Paul R. Stevens Richard C. Stevens Thomas L. Stevens Michael P. Stockton Michael A. Stollmeyer Charles W. Stopp Scott B. Stotlemeyer, PE Edward A. Streed Donald L. Stripling Richard J. Studer LTC Robert M. Stump Rudolph H. Stuppnig George C. Sturgeon James P. Sturm Thomas R. Sulentic Philip J. Sullivan Arthur W. Sutton Parker F. Sutton Charles R Sweeney Jeffrey S. Tamasi Steven E. Tambon Joseph G. Temple Robert N. Tenczar Brent A. Terwilliger Roland H. Tesene Jeffrey D. Thompson Dan T. Thomson Thomas E. Thornton, PhD John P. Thurmon Paul H. Tingleff John H. Tinker Mark E. Tlapak Douglas P. Todd Joseph M. Toolis John G. Toomer Jeffrey S. Topley Robert J. Topolski Ronald T. Topping Kenneth D. Tracy James E. Trautman Domenick P. Treschitta C S Trosper Scott R. Turer Keith L. Turley Russell J. Turney Alan J. Udell Ralph E. Ulrich Timothy C. Ulrich Alex Umanetz Barry A. Umbs Julia Valder Philip C. van der Made Alexander M. Vance John T. Vance Paul C. Varsanik, Jr.

Roger A. Vasconcells George J. Vernau John G. Vescova Matthew S. Vick Michael D. Vickrey Father Anthony J. Vinson, OSB Angelos J. Vlahakis David Vogel Richard J. Voigt Robert D. Vollhaber G. Scott Volling Frank Voris Harold N. Voss Kevin A. Vought Nicholson G. Wade Henry E. Wahl Frank J. Waite Robert D. Walters Donald J. Ward Robert L. Ward David T. Warford Christian A. Wargo Glenn R. Watson Alan B. Watts Matthew V. Weaver Orrin F. Webb Geoffrey E. Webster Brian T. Webster William A. Weeks Timothy A. Wehr James P. Welch James D. Wells Dean C. Werst David M. Wertz Arthur H. Weston Olin A. Wetzel Robert C Wheeler Douglas E. Whitley William G. Whitney Melville B. Wier James M. Wilcher Silas T. Wild Christian A. Wilder, IV Drew Wilkinson H. Dale Willey Russell K. Williams Kirt A. Williams Justin C. Wills Ralph O. Wilson James A. Wilson Jonathan D. Wilson Nick L. Wilson Thomas E. Wilson K. Dale Wingo David D. Wisdom Jeffrey Wolcowitz Donald E. Womack Norman K. Womer Charles R. Woodard Michael Woodard Thomas M. Woodruff Charles Wright Jerold E. Wright John D. Wright Theodore V. Wright Claesen D. Wyckoff Steven M. Yager Merton S. Yerger Alan L. Yoder Frank W. Zak David F. Zak Adam Zax Ben A. Zelazny Kenneth H Ziegenbusch Ryan K. Zinn Duke W. Zinser Stephen J. Zsolcsak Stephen J. Zvanya Philip H. Zwergel

Kimball’s Club $2,500 $4,999 Kimball’s Club ($2,500 $4,999) Daniel J. Adams Phil H. Alday, Jr. James R. Alexander Brian J. Alexy James W. Allman, III Marc R. Amons Stephen F. Anderson Tod A. Anton Douglas A. Arenberg Timothy P. Arenberg Kenneth A. Aschom Larry P. Audlehelm Dennis A. Ault Steve H. Austin James J. Baggatta, Jr. Navy F. Banvard Justin A. Bartlett C. Edward Beavers James T. Bedsole Hugh E. Behny Stephen E. Behr Kevin R. Bell Carl R. Benson Newell F. Bentley III Stephen J. Bernstein Nathan T. Bibus Paul M. Bohannon

Jeffrey T Boone Mark R. Borelli Steven P. Bossart Kenneth H. Brink Eric J. Broadie Phillip A. Brooks Kenneth A. Buel William P. Bunyan Timothy W. Buttigieg Gregory P. Calosso John F. Caperton David R. Carlson Daniel R. Carrigan Robert M. Caruso Ryan P. Cash Robert G. Cass Alvaro J. Castillo Gregory M. Cazel C. Clayton Chandler, Jr. Chi H. Chung John Clark Robert Clarke Ronald D. Clayton W. Patrick Cobb Kelvin R. Cole Zachary A. Cole Gary R. Coleman Jefferson Coleman David S. Conklin Ruben J. Conn Mary Connor James H. Conway Robin E. Cook Arthur R. Cooper John G. Copeland Michael T. Corlew Stephan R. Cossack Jeremy B. Coullard John C. Cox James A. Cox Christopher S. Crawford James F. Crawford Donald S. Cromwell Jacob R. Cross Keith R. Cryderman Dennis K. Cuffel Marc E. Czapla Kenneth C. Dahms Leslie J. Davidson J. Reed Davis Steven G. Davis John M. Dean Daniel J. DeCicco Richard B. DeGraff Anthony L. Deley Joseph A. DeMarco James W. Demby David R. Dent Gerald D. Denton, II Daniel W. Di Santo Berardino J. DiBernardi Michael M. Dickerson Christopher J. Domke James F. Donahue C. Eugene Dorris David S. Doty Christopher J. Douville N. Wayne Dwight Robert J. Eason William V. Eaton Barry A. Eller David On-Pong Eng James E. English Sherwood L. Fawcett F. Mitchell Fender III James V. Ferrara Dennis L. Fielder Stanley W. Fletchall Martin E. Flynn Daniel R. Frattin James R Gaebe John M. Galvin James T. Garrett, Jr. John C. Garvey, Sr. James M. Garvey David P. Geiselhart Alexander J. Gentile Scott S. Gibson Mark C. Goebel Max Goecker Thomas G. Golaszewski Steven H. Goldberg Scott E. Golden Roberto F. Gonzalez Adrian Gottschalk Charles W. Goudie Michael E. Graff J. Daniel Graham Austin D. Green Evan H. Gull Russell J. P. Gunther Warren E. Hadley Warren K Haeberle John M. Hale Kent A. Hanway Brian R. Harless David L. Harlor Elaine Harlow Steven E. Haught Brian C. Heeren Mark P. Herberger Milton W. Herchenrider Lawrence R. Herkimer Grant T. Herrin Paul C. Hoeffer Andrew R. M. Hoeft Richard E. Hoff Charlie Hong Paul D. Horn Henry R. Hosman Benjamin A. Howard

Brett Hulst Adrian R. Hunt Richard D. Hunt John E. Hurt David B. Jenks Arnaldo Jimenez Bobby J. Johnson R. Charlton Johnson Robert E. Jones, III Brian D. Jones Kevin P. Jones Ronald W. Jones Gregory A. Juceam Daniel M. Karnuta Guilford C. Kater Maurice J. Keesey Kevin J. Kell Charles R. Kelley Michael S. Kennedy Dwight H. Kensil Nikolaus J. Kern Robert L. Kessler S. Matthew Killingsworth Christopher M. Kilroy Michael J. Kinkelaar Herbert G. Klein Josh C. Klein Eric W. Koelsch Richard R. Kruger Jason E. Krzyzanowski Jarret T. Kwiatek Robert P. LaBouy Michael D. Lafever Andrew M. Lancaster Donald H. Landis Mark E. Landstrom Eric M. Larson Mark A. Law James F. Leach Timothy J. Leahy Eric J. Leigh Joseph K. Leinbach Steven F. Levin Jeffrey I. Lewis John A. Lindemann Gregory E. Lindsay Edward A. Loseman Charles Lu Christopher A. Luders Donald E. Lukens Stuart K. Lyngaas Jonathan S. Lyons Charles W. MacGregor George E. Mack Argelio A. Maldonado Robert C. Manning Christopher P. Marois Von E. Mason Michael J. Maurer Jamison S. Maxwell James G. McComb Steven R. McCowan Ronald D. McCoy Jeffery R. McDurmont William M. McGough Timothy W. McMurtrey Claude McNorton John H. McPherson, Jr. Kenneth L. Merrick Bryant A. Meyers Vernon R. Miller William R Monroe T. J. Moore David M. Moore Jonathan D. Moore Donald E. Moors David J. Morehead William J. Mork Kevin K. Morrison Michael K. Morrissey Timothy P. Murkett Eugene W. Murray James M. Murray Harold C. Myers Michael D. Nadler Russell K. Nash David E. Nelson Eric W. Nelson Herbert W. Norton Roy T. Norton Roland W. Oberholtzer Sarosh P. Olpadwala Gregory Y. Otten Arthur M. Oustalet Taylor R. Owens Gifford R. Pace Kori D. Padron D P Paiste Arloe W. Paul C. Don Paulsell Kevin F. Peranio Ralph L. Pernice William C. Peterson Daniel J. Pierce Joseph C. Piff Stanley K. Pinkham William A. Pinto Daniel S. Porter Lawrence R. Poundstone Robert K. Poyer Richard P. Prior Charles P. Rahe Jeffrey M. Rakestraw Ryan P. Rawski Scott A. Reed Michael E. Regan Mark T. Reilly Christopher K. Roberson Easton R. Roberts Tom A. Rockwell William P. Ross

Clifford P. Ruemmler Phillip Russell Jon M. Russo Jack L. Ryals Rajiv Saigal John Samore Bradley T. Saribekian Glenn A. Sarigumba George E. Schau David W. Schimming John R. Schroeder Clyde N. Sedgwick Brian M. Seelinger Michael E. Senn Justin P. Sherman Eric G. Sickels Charles W. Sides Aaron J. Smith Andrew B. Smith Brandon E. Smith Nathaniel K. Smith Zane B. Smith Stuart D. Snook Terry D. Snook Daniel W. Snyder Steven D Soden John F. Spangler Laura Spiczka Todd W. St Clair Grant S. Steenrod David M. Steinberg Dennis E. Stephens Edward M. Stinnett Michael G. Stout Ronald G. Stowers Daryl J. Strahan Paul Strombeck Richard F. Suhrheinrich Darren W. Talbert David J. Tarr Robert D. Telep Larry S. Tessler Todd R. Tetzlaff Charles N. Teyssier David M. Tharp Stephen E. Thiems James W. Thokey Joseph M. Thompson Samuel A. Thornton Robert W. Thrailkill Charles Timberlake Matthew R. Trammel Jay S. Trost Richard L. Tully M J van Loben Sels Jon E. Vice Gary R. Vieira Glen D. Vondrick Charles R. Wade Christopher C. Walsh Keith A. Waltz Arthur K. Warlow John R. Warner Richard B. Webb Michael J. Welsh Gilbert H. Werntz, III Jon D. Wertz Auburn Wherley John R. Whitaker John P. White Milton A. Whitley Stantley Williams Theodore B. Winkler Kenneth J. Winter W. Hunter Wojohn Matthew J. Wolniewicz Dennis T. Woodling John D. Woodward Andrew W. Woolley David B. Wright

Sir Edward Coke Club $5,000 $7,499 Sir Edward Coke Club ($5,000 - $7,499) Mark A. Abolt Albin C. Ahlberg James S. Alex, Jr. Harry G. Allgauer Robert E. Anderson J T Arenberg, Jr. John T. Arens Jordan G. Avery Kirk M. Avery David R. Bentley Shaun K. Black Michael C. Blaha Stephen D. Blank Jr. Paul E. Braun Jerod L. Breit J. Jeffrey Broderick John C. Brogan Kevin R. Caffrey Kevin R. Camp Van A Campbell Gordon R. Caplan Thomas L. Carroll, III Charles A. Champ Richard G. Chenoweth Thomas H. Chisholm Mohamad S. Choueiki Oliver L. Christman

Robert S. Clingan Frederick H. Connell Doyle E. Cooper Gerald A Danes Ivan W. Davis Christopher J. Degnen Charles C. DeLong Joseph P. DiGiacomo, II John D. Dorner Matthew T. Dorney David W. Drews James M. Duggan Hewitt Dupont Robert K. Edds John A. Edenfield Zachary S. Elliott Prentiss E. Feagles Mark Fitzgerald Travis W. Freeman Joseph A. Friedman Peter A. Fromm Michael V. Geary, CAE Charles O. Geerhart Richard H Geiger Paul J. Giacomuzzi Solon B. Gilmore Thomas W Glasgow David T. Goberville Brian D. Godsy Carl H. Goltermann James G. Graham Frank Granat, Jr. Hubert R. Granger, III Frank L. Graves Enrique M. Guzman Ronald F. Hacker Richard A. Haggard, PhD Jeffrey W. Hainline David F. Hale Brandon R. Handy John C. Hedderich David Hewson Roman D. Hluszczyk Thomas E. Hogan O Charles Honig Michael C. Horn Luther W. Hoy William E. Humphrey Allen P. Iftiger Craig W. Johnson Gordon L. Jones Robert E. Kaiser Boyd D. Kelly Alvin B. Kessler Don C. Killingsworth Edward Kirklin John R. Kirkpatrick Neal E. Kitchell Peter P. Korch Donald F. Kruse Jock K. Kubica David Lambacher Keith B. Lawder David S. Levine Albert H. Leyerle Mitchell J. Licht Kenneth M. Lies Ivan L. Lind Gregory M. Loeber Brian D. Love Brandon D. Luders David E. MacNellis Michael E. Majestic Christopher D. Mansueti Joan Mansueti Charles Marshall Raymond A. Mathews Roger K. McAlister Timothy J. McCarty Carl L. McCauley Richard N. McKaig James W. McNamee R. Douglas Meckes Dennis L. Miendersma Scott M. Miller Harold A. Missimer Max E. Mohler Thomas O. Monroe Anthony C. Moreno Armand Mouw Joseph E. Moye Geoffrey C. Murray Wayne G. Nelson Michael E. OBrien, Jr. William L. Odell James D. Page Donald W. Petit Ronald Wayne Phillips, II Theodore A. Pilas Kevin B. Pitchford Mark W. Putney Timothy S. Riedling Matthew G. Rolland Milton J. Rose Gavin M. Ryan Joseph D. Samberg John B. Schmidt Richard A. Schoenherr John H. Schulte, III Edward G. Schussler Samuel Segoviano-Medina Stephen P. Selfridge Mahmood U. Sheikh Bryce A. Sides Kevin H. Simmons Mark D. Sluss Ralph W. Smith William R. Snapp Kenneth M Snyder Eugene E. Stephens Eric D. Stice

David M. Stopp James F. Storey W. Dean Sweet Tyron F. Tanner Thaddeus A. Tatum, III Howard P. Thomas Daniel K. Thompson Zachary S. Tribble David M. Tuomala Jesse A. Uhlorn Gerald Unks Charles B. Valder Kenneth A. Walker Elizabeth C. Washburn Steven T. Weir Glenn A. Weiss Steve D Westfall Earl F. Westmoreland Scott J. Whittle Dennis E. Wiese Mark T. Williams William A. Williams Elliott R. J. Wood Jeffrey L. Woods Eric V. Woodworth Michael S. Yim Luther M. Young James L. Zock Michael Zung

Tie of Brotherhood $7,500$9,999 Tie of Brotherhood ($7,500 $9,999) William B. Baker James Alan Bannan Kevin J. Beardsley Alan T Bermensolo Smith D. Boyd Douglas A. Chananie Scott G. Christensen Brian M. Crawford Craig B. Crawford Frank S. Dean Arthur G. Elliott Kevin M. Emery Geoffrey L. Farmer J. David Gates David R. Gault John M. Gioffredi Michael J. Gitzendanner William A. Glaser Anthony C. Goczalk Ankur V. Goel Matthew A. Gorney Robert L. Griffin Michael T. Harvey Stephen D. Henson George L. Hopkins Jeffrey S. Hornyak Christopher W. Johnson Robert F. Klein William C. Leasure Michael T Looney Brian Frederick Luders Richard S. Marsho Edward F. McCallum Warren H. McLeod Joseph C. Neirinck Larry K. Nothnagel W. Jerry Perkins Francis L. Plumly Michael Jack Pucin Aniruddha Rao Stephen L. Russell Mark P. Schramka Kenneth L. Shepard Steven G. Shockley Jason E. Sisk E. Michael Stanford Aditya Suresh John F. Tate Neil E. Tucker Thomas F. Viola Andrew Robert Williamson Eric R. Woolfitt

Order of the Shield $10,000$14,999 Bruce A. Adams, Jr. Mark D. Alley Warren W. Ament Clyde H. Andrews Jimmy D. Andrews James J. Ascher Mitchell M. Asmar, Jr. Stephen E. Baird Philip L. Barbour Matthew T. Barnes Brent R. Blandino Boyd W. Boehlje Michael K. Boudreau Carl R. Brehmer Marquez L. Brown

David S. Carpenter Phillip J. Carroll Gregory G. Caufman Marc & Friends Charitable Trust Charles A. Cheatham Roger C. Clapp, Jr. Lawrence Clarkson Chauncey W W Cook BOD Cruise Industry Timothy J. Curtin Ratheen C. Damle Justin C. Donnelly Andrew L. Dooley James F. Dykes, Jr. John H. Eggertsen David J. Entzminger Dale E. Espich Larry F. Ferguson Charles J. Foretich Andrew A. Garfrerick Larry W Gies Lance M. Gjerstad Glenn T. Gnirrep Steve & Valerie Goldstein William L. Henley Jason M. Holmes Douglas S Holsclaw Thomas S. Horowitz Daniel R. Hughes Henry M Jackson Jeffrey T. Jochims Patrick W. Jue Joseph A. Kaufman S. Weslee Knapp Alan L. Knaus Matthew D. Kreider Richard K. LaGore Leland A. Lahr John T. Levinson Shane P. Long Lyle A. Lynn Jamie L. Mahne Paul R. Majchrzak Robert W. Manuel Dennis J. Maroney Ronald J. Martin Matthew S. Mason Joseph J. Matt, III John Mazur John L. Melvin Julie E. Mitchell Frank John Morrey Joseph F. Murphy Richard B. Noel Paul L. Picciani Mark A. Powell Paul W. Reisz Robert G Riddett Donald A. Rist Phillip A. Ruppel Kendall C. Russell Michael G. Saez Marcus A. Salinas Edward W. Schmitt Jeffrey A. Schoenherr Corey C. Shigematsu Keith R. Shriver L. Elliot Shubert Stephen W. Smith Robert G. Stakenas, PhD John L. Stinson Thomas M. Stovall Donald D. Sweeney Eugene Thompson Jimmie J. Underwood Trent J. Unterbrink Edwin S. Vandenburg Matthew C. Waples Keenan B. Weiss Jeffrey L. Welles Paul P. Whitman Howard J. Wiarda, Ph.D. Stephen W. Wicks Charles L. Zergiebel Stuart M. Zolot

Leges $15,000$24,999 Howard S. Baulch Kenneth M. Beasley Fred R. Brooks Craig A. Carp John M. Cazel Robert Cheng Brad Cole Carlton Conrad John K. Corson Joseph J. DeFazio, II Daniel R. Deville Earl Hazen Drew Benjamin D. Dundas Thomas E. Edmunds Donald T. Farley John D. Farris Raymond D. Galbreth, Sr. Stacey W. Goff G. Martin Hall John W. Hatmaker, Jr. PE Steven L. Henslee Louis M.Hoerrner John W. Holmes John A. Jenkins, PhD Joseph V. Joyce John T. Kattenberg

Richard F. Kauders William A. Kennedy Eric L. Kerstetter Scott T. Klinefelter Michael G. Koziel Duncan J. Kretovich Peter S. Lane Jeffrey W. Long Kenneth T. McCoig Michael J. Moskos Alan P. Niemann Barry J. Peters Thomas D. Raad Drew M. Reavis Lorin L. Reed James W. Richhart Jane Sackrison Mark G. Sexton James P. Sheahan John M. Shelby Brendan S. Shields-Shimizu Mark A. Siebert Keith B. Snook Marc A. Solondz Kenneth J. Sousa Joseph L. Stevens Norman E. Strasma L. Eugene Tanner Jordan G. Teramo George S. and Marcella S. Graves Trust Frank K. Voris Robert A. Wilson, ASID Barry C. Wood, Esq. Michael V. Woolbright

Order of the Scimitar $25,000$34,999 Deryl R. Baker, Jr. Carl A. Benson Brian D. Blankenship Raymond F. Borelli John Warren Broad Jason N. Butler Eric C. Christel Sean W. Conrad Travis J. Covey, Esq. Richard W. delaGuardia Bobby L. Dewrell Anthony R. Field Gregory L. Gammon John C. Hamlin H. Keith Hellems, Jr. Gregory J. Kaiser, PhD James M. Kennedy Herbert E. Koenig, Jr. Joseph R. Lane Paul Young Lin Brian P. LoCicero Daniel C. Maher Richard W. Maizel Sean McDuffy Charles B. McGuire William F. Merlin Michael J. Moriarty Patrick J. Phelan Matthew G. Prohaska Kenneth R. Reeder Andre J. Roques Jonathan K. Sattler Ronald W. Scafe G. R. Steven Sparling Donald K. Thorp Waldemar D. Tiedemann Ryan E. VanBuren Steven S. Wymer William F. Yull, III

Hand and Key Club $35,000$49,999 Jonathan E. Beinke Peter M. Bix Paul W. Bohlman Francis R. Bradley, III Robert E. Cole, MD Earl Cook David R. Edwards John Lars Elfervig Howard K. Gandelot, Jr. Joe Gerdes Andrew R. Haggerty Gregory F. Hauser Victor T. Johnson Lane Homer Kendig Marcus G. Monk Edward J. Park Richard H. Paulsen Joel F. Plotkin J. Donald Turk Jason Michael Walker Marsh W. White W. Dean Wilkerson

Marlet Club $50,000$74,999 Timothy A. Crown Philip H. Flick John M. Hairston Gregory A. Heckman James P. Hunter Donald G. Isett Seth A. Klarman LaVon P. Linn Charles A. Mancuso Jon Mellen John L. Mica Aaron A. Otto George A. Preussel Bill Tallman Ronald S. Thomas John G. Tunila Francis L. Zwickey

The Knight Errant $75,000$99,999 Forrest E. Hoglund Monte L. Johnson Donald E. LaPlante James M. Marascio

New Founder $100,000$249,999 Patrick J. Alderdice Rod Arnold Michael L. Carroll David C. Cloutier James D. Dodson Ralph J. Fabozzi David G. Falconer Robert D. Hendershot Gene A. Johnson Joseph F. Lacchia E. Duane Meyer George W. Obear Spence Price Bernhard C. Shaffer Lyle E. Sprinkle William B. Vollbracht Miles C. Washburn Patrick F. Weber Chad M. Wolett Fei Phil Yang

2nd Degree New Founder $250,000$499,999 Lee P. Berlin Edward Fusco, Jr. Fredrick B. Hammert Thomas M. Maroldy David K. Weber John S. Ziegler, Jr.

3rd Degree New Founder $500,000$999,000 Clayton T. Roberts

4th Degree New Founder $1,000,000+ Roy R. Payne, Jr. Steven R. Michels

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For more information on the expansion projects, please contact Alex Hart, Director of Field Operations, at

New Provisional Chapters In spring 2023, Delta Chi Fraternity set its sights on a new chapter at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Seventeen fresh faces were welcomed into the Fraternity, marking the inception of an exciting journey that promises to bring a significant impact to the Tennessee Greek life scene.

and over 6,000 students, is ripe for expansion, making Delta Chi’s arrival an exciting prospect.

Delta Chi’s expansion to the University of Tennessee adds a new dimension to the Greek community. By engaging with the SPRING 2023 diverse co-curricular opportunities on campus and connecting with a multitude The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with over 25,000 undergraduate students, of student organizations, Delta Chi not only stands as the flagship campus of the state school. strengthens its own legacy but also enriches the vibrant Offering a vast array of academic programs and actively student life at the University of Tennessee. The 17 new promoting volunteerism, it’s a fertile ground for personal members now proudly represent the Fraternity on campus, and academic growth. The Tennessee sorority and poised to contribute positively and make a lasting impact fraternity community, encompassing 46 organizations within the University community.

In the fall of 2023, the Delta Chi a dynamic academic environment that is International Fraternity is set to make paralleled by a vibrant fraternity and sorority a triumphant return to Coastal Carolina life community, with over 1,200 members University (CCU). This eagerly anticipated spread across 20 fraternal organizations. rejoining of the CCU community follows a Delta Chi will be the eighth Interfraternity decade of progress, bridging the gap since Council chapter on campus, enriching this FALL 2023 their initial expansion in 2004, which led already thriving Greek community. to chartering in 2005. During their earlier Delta Chi’s return to CCU is underpinned by presence on campus, the Fraternity had the intentional growth initiatives, demonstrating privilege of initiating nearly 200 members, leaving behind a commitment to fostering a strong, positive presence on a rich legacy and countless memories. campus. By renewing our collaboration with the institution Coastal Carolina University, nestled in the picturesque and the CCU Interfraternity Council, Delta Chi is ready locale of Conway, South Carolina, is a comprehensive public to exemplify the true spirit of fraternity life and become liberal arts institution. It is home to a diverse student body, a robust partner within the fraternity and sorority life boasting an enrollment of over 10,000 students. CCU offers community at Coastal Carolina University.

Exciting news is on the horizon as the Delta Chi International Fraternity officially announces that it will soon call the University of South Carolina (USC) home for the first time. This monumental development will see Delta Chi joining the vibrant USC community during the spring 2024 semester, marking the start of an eagerly awaited chapter in the Fraternity’s storied history.

strong emphasis on community service and a commitment to building healthier, more educated communities in South Carolina and beyond, USC’s values align closely with Delta Chi’s own principles.

The University of South Carolina will become the third active Delta Chi chapter in the state of South Carolina. This expansion not only speaks to the fraternity’s commitment to growth but also underscores the burgeoning interest and enthusiasm for Delta Chi’s values and traditions within the state. The University of South Carolina, situated in the capital city of Columbia, is a prestigious institution that draws a diverse student body of over 27,000 undergraduates. With a 26

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As Delta Chi becomes an integral part of USC’s fraternity and sorority community, the Fraternity looks forward to engaging with a student body that places a premium on academic excellence, community service, and leadership development. The spring 2024 expansion promises to be a new chapter in Delta Chi’s history, full of promise, and potential.


To stay updated on Delta Chi’s journey at USC, follow the chapter on Instagram: Delta Chi – South Carolina. Alumni interested in supporting this new chapter can contact Nolan Spaenhower, Coordinator of Volunteer Engagement.


These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.

Those Who Have Passed Abracadabra Oleg D. Sherby ’47, November 9, 2015 Auburn Thomas R. Paxton ’51, November 8, 2016 Ball State Larry J. DeWitt ’85, September 9, 2016 David Dixon ’72, July 22, 2020 Bradley R. Ludlow ’86, February 10, 2017 Daniel A. Neeb, RA ’81, February 10, 2018 Casey L. Ritchie ’85, April 20, 2019 Christopher D. Elbert ’87, May 2, 2019 Keith E. Burkholder ’60, January 17, 2022 Behrend Colten D. Brown ’18, January 6, 2021 Bryant Mark Pezza ’91, April 8, 2023 Central Missouri John R. Meyer ’61, February 26, 2021 Columbus Richard D. Hampton ’81, October 19, 2021 Everett E. Miller ’83, June 28, 2023

Florida Dean W. Gross ’85, November 23, 2022 Armand Mouw ’49, January 11, 2020 Charles S. Weaver ’53, September 3, 2017 Fullerton William M. Martens ’89, December 25, 2022 Ronald A. Metcalf ’74, September 27, 2023 Jamison P. Reed ’79, March 18, 2023 Gannon Michael J. Doka ’74, July 7, 2019 Peter T. Farrelly Jr.. ’75, April 6, 2018 Terry L. Linsted ’73, May 15, 2022 William P. Lyons Sr. ’71, April 7, 2019 Mark V. Zierenberg ’70, October 6, 2016 Georgetown Paul H. Bordwell Jr. ’44, December 24, 2015 Hobart Robert J. Jenkins ’74, December 16, 2022 Huntsville Jeffrey Rakestraw ’92, November 6, 2021

Connecticut Harry T. Jensen ’61, November 11, 2022 George I. Turley ’66, March 2, 2023

Idaho H. Fred Kennedy ’60, August 10, 2023 Norman E. Luke ’62, December 4, 2022

Cornell Harry T. Jensen ’61, November 11, 2022 William Shoenthal ’59, May 16, 2023

Illinois Dr. Stephen Birkeland ’53, April 24, 2022 Justin R. Boeker ’40, January 1, 2023 Harry E. Clem ’68, Apri 1, 2023 John D. Drish ’41, February 24, 1977 Raymond W. Luken ’50, December 12, 2022 Patrick J. Sheehan ’60, January 6, 2023

Davis William K. Omura ’10, June 14, 2023 DePauw William F. Edington ’43, October 21, 2019 Richard K. Finfgeld ’53, December 1, 2020 Robert D. Kercher ’43, February 8, 2015 East Stroudsburg Xander Felix ’21, November 12, 2022 Embry-Riddle Wayne C. Aseltine ’72, January 27, 2023 David J. Farley ’98, February 20, 2019 Larry F. Ferguson III ’75, April 29, 2019 Joseph B. Jones ’96, December 17, 2009 Franklin H. Mapstone PE ’73, Nov. 3, 2002

Illinois State Bruce M. Weissman ’73, June 21, 2022 Indiana Jeffrey S. Allman ’94, November 12, 2022 Lt. Ralph W. Bentle ’36, November 17, 2015 Warren S. Hall ’54, August 11, 2023 Iowa Kenneth A. Bergman ’51, January 24, 2023 Roger D. Herrmann ’62, December 20, 2022

Iowa State Gregory A. Danielson ’82, July 27, 2023 Edward M. Debakey ’50, October 7, 2018 Paul M. Cagley ’50, January 25, 2015 George H. Fellows ’44, November 9, 2018 James W. Hancock ’57, July 17, 2013 Hampton S. Hill ’58, June 4, 2022 Arthur K. Lovrien ’50, May 1, 2019 John D. Lundberg ’65, June 27, 2023 Donald E. Mann ’50, August 28, 2015 Harry Paul ’42, September 9, 2010 Donald W. Seibold ’46, April 22, 2019 Lyle E. Shoot ’52, June 9, 2012 Stanley Swandahl ’39, April 2, 1993 James M. Rankin ’44, April 11, 2006 David L. Richards ’93, July 22, 2023 James M. Roberts ’36, August 2, 2007 Robert G. Weber ’50, December 27, 2012 Jacksonville State Shawn R. Keel ’08, March 15, 2023 Kansas Tyler W. Anderson ’09, May 13, 2023 Gary C. Stubbs ’64, November 25, 2022 Ryan Ritter ’09, July 8, 2023 Lehigh Eugene D. Juba, ’54, April 19, 2023 Livingston Donald R. Pugh, ’70, August 6, 2023 Miami Fredrick E. Lewis ’62, Earl J. Peters, USAF (Ret.) ’41, Mar. 23, 2008 Michigan Willard Splittstoesser II ’69 , January 4, 2023 Michigan State Robert E. Hoisington ’57, December 31, 2015 Mark S. Martin ’76, February 7, 2023 Thomas O. Monroe ’47, July 20, 2014

Northern Arizona Michael Luis DuFrain II ’91, February 18, 2023 David W. Hoffman ’86, June 9, 2023 Northern Illinois Richard F. Urbinati ’97, April 18, 2020 Northern Iowa Thomas L. Nelson ’71, April 14, 2023 Oklahoma State Gerald S. Bilyeu ’67, December 4, 2022 Robert W. Dickinson ’56, November 4, 2021 Robert W. Fisher ’70, July 11, 2023 Oregon State William L. Fliedner Jr. ’39, Sept. 15, 2009 Oregon State Warren W. Aney ’58, June 1, 2023 John R. Gentry ’51, February 7, 2018 Penn State Elmer A. Schmitzer ’48, July 4, 2022 Addison Gerbracht ’40, December 19, 2001 Purdue Paul W. King ’62, August 11, 2023 Rollins Joseph A. Friedman ’49, July 11, 2022 Southern Methodist University (SMU) Walter L. Barbare Jr.. ’75, December 4, 2003 James K. Jackson ’63, July 14, 2020 Southern California Henry M Silvestre ’87, July 15, 2023 Texas Joseph Coleman ’11, March 31, 2012 Truman State (Northeast Missouri State) John D. Fipps, ’85, December 29, 2022 Boyd Lee March ’80, April 8, 2023 Union College Robert W. Kelly ’52, September 11, 2021

Mississippi State Rev. Jimmie D. Cain Jr.. ’88, Sept.r 29, 2022

Washington State Charles F. Keltch ’61, September 20, 2022

Missouri Thomas E. Thornton ’52, December 10, 2022

Wilmington Charles W.S. Tyson ’10, November 23, 2017


Important Milestones Arizona State Brother Brandon Grone ’08 was promoted to Managing Consultant at Guidehouse. Ball State Brother Korey Klaves ’96 started a new position as Assistant General Counsel at Transformco. Central Missouri Born to Brother Ross Dickneite ’19 and wife Kristen, a son, Oliver Alexander, on July 21, 2023. Brother Jared Gernetzke ’19 passed the Missouri Bar Exam. Connecticut Brother Greg Ellner ’82 was elected County Legislator for Putnam County, NY.

Florida Brother Rhett Hierlmeier ’00 now serves as the Director of Staff at HQ United States Air Force, A3 Operations. Georgia Tech Brother Daniel DeCicco ’01 received the Distinguished Alumni Award for his service to the United States Navy. His personal decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), Air Medal, Joint Service Commendation and Achievement Medals, and various joint unit and campaign awards. Johnstown Born to Brother David Harris ’16, a son, David Theo Harris, on December 1, 2022. Kansas State Born to Brother Nathaniel L. Watson ’18 and wife Makenzie, a son, Boone, in Nov. 2022.

Born to Brother Cody E. Postlewait ’19 and wife Alex, a son, Brooks Ellis, on Nov. 4, 2022. Marshall Brother Michael Messinger ’11 now serves as the Vice President of Technology for HEPACO. Maryland Brother Matthew Jaffe ’16 started a new position as the Supply Chain Business Office Manager at Ally. Massachusetts Brother Andrew Schofield ’20 was promoted to Product Manager at Greenworks Tools. Minnesota Brother Joseph Meyer ’06 was appointed Administrative Law Judge for the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings.

North Alabama Brother Timothy LeVan ’15 was promoted to Postmaster for the Lacey’s Spring, AL Post Office. Purdue Brother Kyle Potter ’16 started a new position as Director of Preconstruction & Design at Thompson Thrift. Western Carolina Brother Bryan Thomason ’07 was selected as the next principal of Towns County High School in Hiawassee, Georgia. Windsor Brother Ahmed Murtaza ’17 married to Laneisha Jackson on December 17, 2022.

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