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Volume 118 | Issue 1 | Spring 2022

IN THIS ISSUE Dennis Pendley: Exceptional and Non-Traditional | Risk Management Update | IFC Members

Inside the Quarterly Volume 118 | Issue 1 | Spring 2022



Exceptional and Non-Traditional Dennis Pendley, an undergraduate member and the current “E” for the President’s Cup-winning San Antonio Chapter, falls under the classification of being a non-traditional student. And while his story likely stands in stark contrast to many of his peers, his involvement, experiences, and leadership are unparalleled.



Saint Rocco’s Treats At just 20 years old, Kaleb Rush of the Temple Colony is already a business owner and entrepreneur, co-founding Saint Rocco’s Treats, a high-quality, chemical-free dog treat company producing limited ingredient recipes while making philanthropic contributions to local dog rescues.

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Relations On January 3, 2022, Delta Chi hired Ross Dickneite as the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Relations, a significant and strategic move for the Fraternity in advance of the 2027 Strategic Plan. Delta Chi aims to make alumni engagement and relations a bigger priority than before.


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Top-22 Accomplishments Entering 2022 t goes without saying that the last few years have been unusual. Despite the difficulties caused by the global pandemic, I still believe that the need for friendship, justice, character, and a sound education are in demand now as much as ever in our history.


and colonies raised money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

It feels like we have been on a roller coaster and I for one am ready for some stability. As such, I reflect on the sources of pride we have experienced despite COVID-19.

6. Risk Management Assessment We maintained the 2018-2019 level for the last three years and reinstituted the discounts and premiums calculator after pausing it during the height of COVID.

As I have conversations with Delta Chis of all ages, I often challenge them with a simple question. “What have you done for Delta Chi today?” As a collective group, the last academic year is pretty impressive. As your “AA”, here are 22 facts I’m proud of entering 2022. 1. Recruitment Rebound Following declines in the fall 2020 and spring 2021, our recruitment numbers have rebounded to near pre-pandemic levels in 2019. 2. Snapchat Dollars and Deployment A pilot program was conducted with 16 chapters with an investment of $50 a chapter and generated 166,232 overall views and 2,228 potential new members submitting information. From talking with chapters that received the ad, the average ad resulted in 4-5 members attending recruitment events and 2-3 members joining their respective chapters. 3. Awards Applications Increased We experienced an increase in the number of award applications to a record-high level which included summaries of how our chapters adapted to provide services during times of social distancing. This included a record number of composite awards, including the President’s Cups. 4. V Foundation Dollars Despite the pandemic, our chapters deployed new methods of raising funds to combat cancer through activities such as the Fraternity’s Bracket Challenge and a variety of online activities. Last year’s numbers were just below pre-pandemic amounts. Since 2006, Delta Chi has raised a total of $1,991,261.95. From 2020-21, we raised $169,114.07. In 2021, 62.5% of Delta Chi chapters

5. Corrective Action Decrease Since 2017, we have maintained a steady decrease in corrective action with 95% of Delta Chi chapters and colonies in good standing.

7. IFC Officers Delta Chi is proud to have 47 members from 28 chapters and colonies represented on their local interfraternity councils. This includes eight members serving as IFC President. 8. Virtual “A”s’ Academy 2021 was the first time the “A”s’ Academy was held virtually and it was the most attended since the program started in 2006. Similarly, the 2022 academy was equally successful. 9. Grand Opening of the Fraternity’s Headquarters This is only the second building our fraternity has owned in 130 years and contains a number of diverse spaces such as an educational museum. 10. First Virtual Emerging Leaders Academy The third Emerging Leaders Academy was our most well attended due in large part to its virtual format, which allowed for greater accessibility. Nearly 50 members registered for the interactive leadership experience. 11. New Website This was the first refresh of the Fraternity’s website in nearly a

decade and focused on consolidating information, simplifying navigation, and enhancing the user experience. 12. New Chapters We welcomed new chapters at UNC Chapel Hill, San Diego State, and West Virginia University. 13. New Colonies New colonies were started at Temple, Texas, Quinnipiac, and Colorado-Boulder. 14 Alumni Chapters The San Antonio Alumni Chapter was chartered on September 28, 2021, bringing the Fraternity to 35 alumni chapters. 15. Changes in Staff Following some significant reductions in staff during the pandemic, the following individuals were hired to provide services to chapters as we collectively rebound from the pandemic: Alex Hart, Director of Field Operations, Sig Tau; Kassi Ward, Director of Field Operations, Phi Mu; Ross Dickneite, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Central Missouri ’19; Jessica Robinson, Membership & Accounting Manager, Delta Zeta; Emily Ringham, Fraternity & Foundation Coordinator; Marcos Martinez, Recruitment & Growth Coordinator, Kent State ’21; Manny Macias, Coordinator of Field Operations, San Bernardino ’18; Carson Mack, Coordinator of Field Operations, Kappa Delta; Taylor Anzivino, Leadership Consultant, Eastern Washington ’21; and Nathan Bothwell, Leadership Consultant, Kansas State ’21. 16. New Strategic Plan for the Fraternity (SI 3.0) Building on the success of the previous two strategic plans, work picked back up on the creation of the Fraternity’s third strategic plan with details to be shared at the 2022 St. Louis International Convention. 17. Delta Chi Educational Foundation The DCEF raised more discretionary funds than any year in recent memory despite the pandemic and its many challenges. 18. Barrister Capital Corporation The National Housing Corporation managed and owned more properties in 2021 the any other year in its history.

19. Social Media Engagement Across the spectrum of social media platforms, we have seen an increase in the number of individuals who are engaging with stories about the Fraternity. 20. New Members of the Board of Regents Cody Schrock is the Regent for Region I and Greg Caufman is the Regent for Region IX. We’re excited to see what these new Regents bring to these positions. 21. Major Chapter Anniversaries Wisconsin – 100 years; Central Missouri – 50 years; Gannon – 50 years; Georgia Tech – 30 years; West Chester – 25 years; Hamilton – 10 years; Wilmington – 10 years; USP – 10 years. 22. First DE&I Position Statement Since our founding in 1890, the Delta Chi Fraternity strives to create a culture of action where all members promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education. These values cannot be exemplified without the Fraternity actively practicing inclusive excellence at all levels of operation. We believe that the dignity and worth of all members is paramount to the fraternal experience. We affirm that our bond is strengthened by fostering an environment that welcomes, supports, and elevates members of differing races, colors, creeds or religious identity, national origin, age, marital status, ability, citizenship, or sexual orientation. We believe that the lived experience of our member’s matter. The Fraternity will not tolerate or condone hateful or discriminatory behavior by any member, Associate Member, employee, volunteer, or entity acting in our name. This list could go on and on. When we stop to reflect on what we accomplished in 2021, we should truly celebrate these successes. However, 2021 is now history and our focus shifts to making 2022 more successful. Before going to bed tonight, ask yourself, “What have I done for Delta Chi today?” If the answer is nothing, stay up a bit longer and take some action that moves the Fraternity in a positive direction.

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ften lauded for the role it plays in providing friendship, a sense of community, and higher levels of academic and social involvement for first-year students, Greek life is a flourishing part of many campus communities across North America. The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and partner organizations have produced studies that outline the great advantages to joining a Greek organization and the immense role it plays in enhancing the collegiate experience.

And while no mistake can be made concerning the importance of fraternity and the benefits it provides in social acclimation and engagement, the aforementioned studies and general understanding of Greek life often operate under the assumption that membership is intended for “traditional students,” or rather, those in the age range of 18-24 who have a dependent status for financial aid. As has been regularly demonstrated throughout its history, the Bond of Delta Chi is far reaching and truly exists as the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. Family members and friends have taken the Oath as alumni initiates, joining Delta Chi after their undergraduate years were already behind them. And while this bolsters an already robust and impressive alumni network, there’s an oft-forgotten but never undervalued path to membership that falls outside the scope of most organizational studies and recruitment practices. That is, the “non-traditional student”; a generally agreed upon term that refers to those who are independent, beyond the 18-24 age range, or work full time. Dennis Pendley, an undergraduate member and the current “E” for the President’s Cup-winning San Antonio Chapter, falls under the classification of non-traditional. And while his story likely stands in stark contrast to many of his peers, his involvement, experiences, and leadership are unparalleled. At 53 years old, Pendley balances the priorities of his personal life while being a student, employee, store manager, and member of Delta Chi, Student Veterans of America, National Society of Leadership and Success, Silver Liners Mentorship, the Student Government Association, Tau Sigma National Honor Society, and American Legion Riders. He was the Director for Post 2 in San Antonio of the American Legion Riders, a veteran organization that provides needed assistance for those in turmoil. “I don’t know why, but it seems like the more pressure I have, the better I do,” Pendley said of his involvement. “If I keep myself busy, I can always accomplish things.” Featured in an article in The Mesquite in December 2021, Pendley is the manager of The General’s Store, a supplemental food provider to those in need from the Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMUSA) community. A four-year Navy veteran, he’s pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in entrepreneurship, set to graduate in December 2022. And while he’s faced his own set of challenges in his personal life, Pendley has continued to make sacrifices


Delta Chi Quarterly

Dennis Pendley San Antonio Chapter with his time to help others in need. “I’m a very social person. I like being around people. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, I would have been more involved. The older I get, the more I enjoy talking to people and sharing my knowledge where I can.” Hailing from small town origins and a service-oriented family, Pendley was born in Kerrville, Texas, growing up in the small town of Leakey. He graduated with a class of 25 people in 1986. His father served in the Air

Force as a firefighter during the Korean War and spent over 33 years working for the Texas Highway Department. He established the Volunteer Fire Department of Leakey and also served as the town’s mayor for 15 years. His mother was a special education teacher and a diagnostician for testing special education children. She serves as treasurer of the Leakey Volunteer Fire Department and is the town’s current mayor. His brother was a police officer for 15 years in Universal City. Growing up in hill country, Pendley embraced the difficult terrain as an avid rider of his 10-speed bike. He played football and ran track in high school, going to regionals in both sports during his senior year. He worked as a carpenter’s assistant during the summer and moved to San Antonio to work for Sherman Electronics upon graduation until joining the Navy in 1991. “Desert Storm was going on, and watching the news, I felt like I needed to do something. Most of my family had a military background, as well as a lot of people in my hometown. Growing up, hearing about what they did, intrigued me.” Answering the call to service, Pendley became an aviation technician and was an E-4 third class petty officer when he got out of the Navy. “I felt the need to make a difference. I’ve always liked military aircraft. Working at an electronics store got me interested in learning more about electronics on aircraft. It was part of my request for joining the military – to be able to work on avionics.” Pendley initially looked at joining the Air Force, following in his father’s footsteps. The Navy offered a better opportunity to work on aircraft however, as he’d go on to carry a top-secret security clearance while working on the P3 Orion, an anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft, while getting additional opportunities to work on the F/A 18 combat jet, the C-130 military transport, and the Marines Cobra helicopter avionics. Following his military service, Pendley faced a litany of challenges that impeded his initial pursuit of higher education. “I had originally started going to college when I realized that my GI Bill eligibility was about to run out. I had back surgery, so I went to school to keep from getting bored or depressed while not working.” When his GI Bill, a military benefit that helps pay for college, ran out, Pendley focused on his family and received a new job offer from The United States Automobile Association (USAA). He had to forego pursuing a degree to focus on working. He sustained a neck in jury in his occupation which impeded his ability to continue working. During this time, his wife received a cancer diagnosis and began receiving

chemotherapy treatments. While standing by to support his wife, Pendley saw an opportunity to capitalize on the downtime during his wife’s treatments. He signed up for online classes, and after completing just four courses, he earned his associate’s degree. “She still had to do treatments, so I decided to keep going and pursued my bachelor’s degree at TAMUSA. When I went to community college, I spent 95% of my classes online. I realized when I graduated that I didn’t know a single person from college. I wanted to be more involved at the University and meeting some of the Greek life members got me interested.” Pendley was originally pursuing membership in another fraternal organization, but his recruitment was interrupted by the pandemic. He went without being contacted afterward which led to him considering other options. “I watch people. Looking at people in classes, organizations I was in, and the personalities of the young men in the Fraternity, I realized I was more of a fit in Delta Chi than the other fraternity. During the time being home because of the pandemic, I contacted Juan Espinoza and told him of my interest. It was history from there.” Since joining the San Antonio Chapter in September 2020, Pendley has been part of a service and philanthropy-oriented group of dedicated members that was recognized by Delta Chi’s International Headquarters with the Community Impact Award, Award of Excellence, and the esteemed President’s Cup in August 2021. “I would say receiving the President’s Cup has been the most memorable moment for me. Being a part of such a great fraternity has made me proud to play a role in such a great organization.” The San Antonio Chapter has been recognized at the local level with numerous awards, including the Student Organization of the Year for the second year in-a-row, Student Organization Member of the Year, Fundraiser of the Year, Living Your Ritual Award, and Mentor of the Year Award, as presented by TAMUSA. Undoubtedly, it’s been the Chapter’s ability to recruit values-driven men of action that keeps their success going. Pendley is, undoubtedly, a key part of that success. In his alumni relations role, Pendley is vital in maintaining relationships with members post-graduation and utilizing their experience and involvement to help the Chapter. He encourages others who have followed a non-traditional route to consider fraternity as part of their collegiate experience. “Even if you don’t know someone, having that network can get you in the door. It can help you meet someone that can improve your situation. Strive for what you want. Make a difference. Don’t just stand by and complain – be that person you want or hope to be.” Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Kaleb Rush Temple ’23 Follow @SaintRoccosTreats


Delta Chi Quarterly


n spring 2021, the Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters (IHQ) staff began expansion operations at Temple University, returning to the prestigious researchbased institution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the first time since 1992. The Fraternity welcomed the first initiated class of the Temple Colony on April 25, 2021, which was followed by immediate drive, dedication, and success from one of Delta Chi’s newest expansions. The Colony, which boasts nearly 70 members currently, has already demonstrated its commitment to service and philanthropy, serving as “buddies” for the Camden County NJ Miracle League, raising philanthropic dollars for the V Foundation for Cancer Research through its Sponge-aBrother event, and more. And at the root of its success has been its ability to recruit men of high character who share the values of Delta Chi while actively working to better themselves, their community, and their campus.

One of the members working behind the scenes and contributing to the Colony’s rapid start has been Kaleb Rush, Temple ’23. Rush serves as the Colony’s Recruitment Chair and was named the Brother of the Month in August 2021, due in large part to his steep time commitment to facilitating recruitment efforts. Rush, a native of Perkasie, Pennsylvania, has a unique story and background rooted in values that is undoubtedly part of his success.

“With our free time, (we) noticed a void in the dog treat market that we believed we could fill,” Rush said. “We spent months developing our treats, our website, our branding, and business plan.” Prided on its five ingredient recipes and transparency, Saint Rocco’s Treats are available for order online, through its social media channels, and at over 28 retailers in the Perkasie area. Their love of dogs stems from their family’s history and has helped elevate their success as a new business. “Our grandfather worked as a butcher and to reduce waste, he would create and sell dog chews from the trim of the butcher process. This led to my father creating a private manufacturing company that produced meat-based dog treats in huge volume to large domestic brands. Their experiences and knowledge granted my brother and I an understanding of the processes used to create various dog treats and the unique insights needed to create the next wave of innovation in the dog treat/food industry.”

Did You Know? Saint Rocco, otherwise known as Saint Roch, is the patron saint of dogs and lived from around 1295 to 1327 in France, Spain, and Italy. Testimony suggests he healed many bubonic plague victims and miraculously recovered from the disease himself through the loving care of a dog who helped him and brought him food.

At just 20 years old, Rush is already a business owner and entrepreneur. A supply chainmajor, he and his brother Kolby are co-founders of Saint Rocco’s Treats, a high-quality, chemical-free dog treat company producing limited ingredient recipes with human grade quality food. The duo’s mission, “To put dogs first,” was constructed following consultation with experts in the industry leveraging more than 20 years of experience. Aside from producing delicious, hassle-free treats, the company prides itself on giving back. For every pound of treats sold, they donate $1 to local dog rescues, ensuring its impact goes well beyond satisfying appetites. Founded in May 2020, the company took form when both Kaleb and Kolby lost their internship opportunities following the onset of COVID-19.

While an impressive and admirable business on its own merits and mission, the impact Saint Rocco’s Treats has had from a philanthropic standpoint is significant and lends itself to the valuesdriven person Rush is.

“The best part has to be the impact that comes from Saint Rocco’s Treats - receiving phone calls, emails, and messages on social media expressing the love, help, and happiness our products and services bring to each individual customer. Our philanthropy as a company to donate to non-profit and rescue organizations also gives me this same uplifting feeling. I have always wanted to do something in my life that helps others and the creation of Saint Rocco’s has been that vehicle for me thus far. This is what drives my brother and I and makes Saint Rocco’s Treats so special.” Rush’s high-character hails from the morals instilled in him at a young age. During his youth, Rush loved sports, skiing, and developing friendships. He was involved in church, youth groups, sports camps, and travel sports. A family-oriented person, he

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


spent a lot of quality time with his brother, sister, and parents. Upon initially attending Temple University, Rush didn’t initially consider Greek life. “That all changed when I heard of the opportunity to become a Founding Father for a new fraternity on campus called Delta Chi. Being an entrepreneur, self-starter, and believing that a Temple fraternity could be built better, it immediately sparked my interest. The core values of Delta Chi resonated with me and the opportunity to create a new and improved fraternity environment excited me.” Rush and the members of the Temple Colony have truly built a better fraternity, raising additional philanthropic dollars for the Miracle League, collecting cans as part of a fall/Thanksgiving food drive with Leaders of Tomorrow, picking up trash during a block clean up near campus, donating money to help fight cystic fibrosis, and making diversity and inclusion an important part of its composition. All of this has led to a rich and rewarding experience for the Colony, which boasts regular brotherhood events and has made it a lucrative organization at Temple. “My favorite Delta Chi experience to date has to be our first-ever recruitment event. This was special to me because I was the acting recruitment chair. My job was to plan and execute the entirety of the recruitment week and recruit all of the potential new members. This was the first time we had the chance to share with the community who we were, what Delta Chi is really about, and ultimately grow the presence of Delta Chi in our community. This turned out to be an amazing week overall where we had a great showing and were able to give out our firstever bids as a fraternity.” With the incredible work the Colony has completed and the philanthropic dollars raised, Rush can also take pride in the fact that Saint Rocco’s Treats has already donated over $1,000 to Phoenix Assistance Dogs, a Reading, Pennsylvania-based rescue program that trains dogs to become service dogs for people with disabilities, allowing them to lead a more independent life. By contributing to this community-based initiative, Rush’s commitment to bettering his community is amplified, further demonstrating his commitment to values and the values of Delta Chi. Yet, after all he’s accomplished as a young professional, Delta Chi member, student, and entrepreneur, Rush remains humble in his journey and the work still to be done. “I don’t think I am in the current space to give others advice as I continue to learn and grow as a young man. What I have learned and will forever stick with me is that whatever you are doing in life, whether it be as an entrepreneur, artist, student, teacher … don’t overthink what you are trying to do. Believe in yourself, ideas, or dreams, and hit the ground running. Take it one step at a time, do something that makes you uncomfortable, and learn as you grow. From my own experience, you will make more progress than you ever dreamed, leading to more opportunities than you would ever expect.”


Delta Chi Quarterly


Delta Chi’s Risk Management Update is published annually in the Spring edition of the Quarterly.

Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Policy of The Delta Chi Fraternity includes the provisions that follow, and all members are expected to comply. Compliance to the following will likely result in a safer fraternity experience. If any chapter, colony, or member chooses not to comply with these policies, the Fraternity may impose sanctions per Delta Chi Law, the By-Laws, Article V, Section 4, 2(h).

Alcohol and Drugs 1.

The presence, consumption and use of any alcohol product containing more than 15% alcohol by volume (ABV) is prohibited at any chapter facility or chapter event, except when served by a licensed and insured third party vendor. The presence, possession, or consumption of an alcohol product at or below 15% ABV at a chapter facility or chapter event shall follow all of the provisions of this Policy and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city, and institution of higher learning.


No alcoholic beverages shall be purchased through or with chapter funds nor shall the purchase of the same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of or on behalf of the chapter/ colony or members of the chapter/colony. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common source(s) of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.


No chapter, colony, or member(s) at an event that would be associated with the chapter or colony to a reasonable observer may provide alcohol to other member(s) or guests. Alcohol consumed at chapter or colony events must be legally acquired by the individual for individual consumption and must follow all provisions of this policy.


SOCIAL EVENTS, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of the chapter or colony, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, are prohibited regardless of the occasion and includes, but is not limited to family and friends of members. Any event with alcohol present that can or will be associated with the chapter or colony to a reasonable observer requires a guest list prepared twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the event and submitted to the Chapter “F” and Social Chairman and must comply with either the Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) or Third-Party Vendor Guidelines as set forth in the Social Event Planning Guide.


No members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any person under the legal drinking age.


The possession, sale or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES while on chapter premises or during a chapter or colony event or at any event that would be associated with the chapter or colony to a reasonable observer.


No chapter shall co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor or any commercial establishment with alcohol, at which alcohol is given away, sold, or otherwise provided to those present. This includes any event held in, at or on the property of a tavern as defined above for purposes of fundraising. However, a chapter may rent or use a room or area in a tavern as defined above for a closed event held within the provisions of this policy, including the use of a third-party vendor and guest list. An event at which alcohol is present could be conducted or co-sponsored with a charitable organization if the event is held within the provisions of the organization and college or university policy.


No chapter shall co-sponsor, co-finance, or attend or participate in a function at which alcohol is purchased or provided by any of the host chapters, groups, or organizations, or individual(s).

9. lcohol or any illegal substance shall be prohibited during any recruitment or rush activities. No recruitment or rush activities associated shall be held at or in conjunction with a tavern or alcohol distributor as defined in this policy. 10. No chapter, colony, member or associate member shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in “drinking games.” The definition of drinking games includes but is not limited to “beer pong,” “beer die,” “power hours,” “flip cup,” “kings corner,” or any other activity involving the consumption of alcohol which involves duress or encouragement related to the consumption of alcohol.


Delta Chi Quarterly

11. No alcohol may be consumed by participants during or within twelve (12) hours before or after any associate member activity, event, or after the ritual of the fraternity by any Associate Member or any member participating in any such activity or event. This includes but is not limited to activities associated with “bid night,” “big brother – little brother” events or activities, “family” events or activities, traditions, ceremonies, initiation. 12. No chapter or colony shall permit the use of “family” drinks or “family” gifts that violate the Risk Management Policies of the Fraternity related to alcohol. This applies to the “Big, Little” relationship, family names or the use of Fraternity Trademarks in the perpetuation of alcohol as an identifier and/or tradition once a member and associate member are introduced to this relationship.

Hazing No chapter, colony, member, associate member, or alumnus shall conduct, participate in, or condone hazing activities. Knowledge of hazing and failure to take timely and appropriate action is condoning hazing. Permission or approval, whether expressed or implied, by a person being hazed is not a defense. Hazing is defined as: “Any action taken, or situation created to cause or reasonably cause mental or physical discomfort or harm, intimidation, harassment, or embarrassment for the purpose of gaining or continuing membership of any kind in the Fraternity. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: forced or implied consumption of alcohol or drugs, confining individuals to a space for any period of time, subjecting individuals to excessively loud environments to disorient or make uncomfortable, calisthenics as a means of punishment, depriving of sleep or displacing someone from their normal sleep schedule or location, forced or implied sexual activity, lineups of any kind for the purpose of questioning/quizzing or demeaning, threats of any kind including withholding initiation into the Fraternity, wearing of similar attire which separates by membership status, personal servitude or running errands of any kind with or without reimbursement, required carrying of certain items, restriction of communication, and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution or applicable state law.”

Sexual Abuse And Harassment 1. The Delta Chi Fraternity does not tolerate or condone sexual harassment, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or sexual violence as defined by Delta Chi Law. This is to include any actions, activities, or events, whether on chapter or colony premises or an off-site location which are demeaning to a person. 2. No chapter/colony shall hire, use, or allow the use of strippers, erotic dancers, sex workers, or similar at a chapter or colony event or an event a reasonable observer would associate with the chapter or colony. 3. No chapter/colony or member shall engage in or tolerate retaliation against any person lodging any allegation or reporting any alleged conduct against the chapter or colony or any individual associated with the chapter or colony.

Fire, Health And Safety 1. All chapter facilities shall meet all local fire and health codes and standards.

2. All chapters shall post, within common areas, emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and will have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room. 3. All chapters shall comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company or municipal authorities. 4. FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES. No firearms or ammunition, including air-powered weapons, or explosive or incendiary devices, including fireworks, shall be possessed, stored, or used in any chapter facility or at any chapter sponsored event, except as authorized by law enforcement officers. 5. Candles will not be used in chapter facilities or individual rooms except under controlled circum- stances such as initiations. 6. No swimming pools, hot tubs, slip and slides or other similar water related activities shall be installed or used at any chapter facility or chapter sponsored event, except that a swimming pool or hot tub that exists at a chapter facility prior to August 1, 2018, may continue to be used.

Gambling Gambling or games of chance in any form whatsoever shall not be permitted in any chapter facility or at any chapter event except as permitted by all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city, and institution of higher education.

Education 1. Each chapter and colony shall annually instruct its students and alumni in its risk management policies and practices of both the Fraternity and higher education institution. The undergraduates and key volunteers will receive a copy of the Fraternity’s risk management policy annually and copy of the policy will be accessible on the Fraternity’s website. Each chapter/colony is expected to submit a signed copy of these policies, signed by 80% of the members following the first chapter/colony meeting of each fall semester/quarter. 2. Each chapter and colony are expected to attend/participate in a total of 50%, or five (5), whichever is less, prevention education opportunities provided by the fraternity on a yearly basis. Attending is defined as two or more members of the chapter/colony leadership, or 30% of all chapter/colony members. Attendance will be confirmed by submission of opportunities attended by the chapter/colony. Failure to meet this expectation may result in sanctions per Delta Chi Law, the By-Laws, Article V, Section 4, 2(h). 3. Annually, the Fraternity will deliver educational content on topics related to risk management. Each chapter and colony is expected to send the following officers/chairmen, at minimum, to the corresponding topic of education: • Hazing Prevention (“F” - Risk Manager/Sergeant in Arms, Associate Member Counselor) • Alcohol and Substance Use (“A” - President, “B” - Vice President) • Social Event Planning (Social Chairman, “E” - Alumni Relations Officer) • Sexual Misconduct Prevention (“C” - Secretary, “D” - Treasurer” 4. Each chapter and colony is expected to fully adopt and use the 4-week, 6-week, or 8-week Associate Member Program, written and designed by the Fraternity. The program can be accessed, including all digital presentations, participant workbooks, and facilitator guides on the fraternity’s website. If the chapter or colony wishes to facilitate an associate member activity that is not included in the Associate Member Program as adopted, a detailed plan of the activity is expected to be submitted to the chapter or colony Alumni Board of Trustees for review and approval.

Accountability Each chapter and colony is expected to maintain and utilize a Judicial or Standards Board which exists to hold members accountable to the expectations of membership in the Fraternity. The Judicial Board is chaired by the “F” - Risk Manager/Sergeant in Arms and is expected to consist of a minimum of three (3) additional members. The Judicial/Standards board is expected to attend the Judicial Board Training, delivered by the Fraternity on a yearly basis, or review the recorded training, and utilize all resources provided by the Fraternity.

Notification Chapters and colonies are expected to notify the International Headquarters within twenty-four (24) hours of becoming aware of the following: 1. Any injury to a member or guest that occurred as a result of a fraternityrelated activity or an event a reasonable observer could associate with the Fraternity. 2. Allegations of sexual assault, abuse, harassment, or misconduct connected with a member or guest 3. Any inquiries by authorities or legal counsel regarding an incident related to the chapter/colony.

Good Samaritan Policy 1. INDIVIDUAL: If a member assists another person in obtaining immediate and appropriate medical care related to the use or consumption of alcohol, drugs, or to another medical emergency, then that member, as well as those who are assisted, will not be subject to individual disciplinary action by the Fraternity with respect to the incident. This is the case even if the member who is assisting was a contributing factor to the emergency, so long as the member did not intentionally cause any physical injury. To be eligible for the benefit of this policy the member must fully and truthfully cooperate with any Fraternity investigation regarding the incident. An individual may benefit from this policy more than once, though repeated use of the policy may receive stricter scrutiny. 2. CHAPTER/COLONY: A chapter that seeks immediate and appropriate medical assistance for a person in need related to the use or consumption of alcohol, drugs, or to another medical emergency, may be eligible for mitigation of the level of corrective action imposed for violations of Delta Chi law and this Risk Management Policy. To be eligible for this potential mitigation, the chapter and its leadership must fully and truthfully cooperate with any Fraternity investigation regarding the incident. A chapter may benefit from this policy more than once, though repeated use of the policy may receive stricter scrutiny.

We must recognize the importance of the safety of our brothers and guests, risk management, and prevention. We must continue to set our expectations in alignment with the Risk Management Policies of Delta Chi and hold ourselves and individuals accountable to their actions. Accountability begins with shared expectations, which are found in the Risk Management Policies, the Basic Expectations of Delta Chi, and our Ritual. Our dedication to providing a safe and formative experience in Delta Chi must continue.

Chapters on Corrective Action for Violation of the Risk Management Policy March 1, 2022 Chapter








Bowling Green




Chapel Hill











Northern Arizona




Northern Colorado


Hard Alcohol








West Virginia





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Engagement and Relations

On January 3, 2022, the Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters announced the hiring of Ross Dickneite, Central Missouri ’19, as the Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Relations. This hiring marked a significant and strategic move for the Fraternity with the anticipation the newly created role will help the organization accomplish the 2027 Strategic Plan, set to be announced later this year. Delta Chi aims to make alumni engagement and relations a bigger priority than it ever has in its history. The hiring marks the first time in nearly two years the Fraternity has a dedicated staff member overseeing alumni relations. While similar to the previous role, Dickneite will seek to amplify engagement and relations by highlighting graduating seniors and their accomplishments while helping them transition to becoming involved young alumni, creating more opportunities for alumni to volunteer and be engaged, cultivating new alumni chapters while providing resources to current ones, garnering alumni assistance for expansions, providing mentorship and professional networking opportunities, and serving as a liaison for communications between supporting organizations for the Fraternity, such as the Educational Foundation and Barrister Capital. “The Executive Director’s vision for Delta Chi is to continue finding ways to incorporate and involve alumni in the undergraduate experience and lifelong endeavors outside of chapter-specific volunteers, while living our values and helping to make the 2027 Strategic Plan a success for our fraternity,” Dickneite said. Well versed in the continued Delta Chi experience post-graduation, Dickneite comes to staff following service to the Central Missouri Chapter as the Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) President. Having served as the “A”, “C”, “E”, AMC, and Recruitment Chair during his time as a collegiate member, Dickneite’s alumni involvement began from simple roots – he was asked.


Delta Chi Quarterly

“What led me to being involved as an alumnus was receiving a call from the ABT President at the time asking me if I was interested in getting involved. That’s all it took … sometimes the biggest thing when it comes to volunteer roles is the willingness to ask. I intend to form relationships, reach more brothers, and ask for help. There is a place for everyone and a need for assisting collegiate members with having the best college experience possible.” Dickneite faced a unique set of challenges as the ABT President, aiming to maintain involvement and support during COVID-19. He, along with others serving on the ABT, navigated the challenges while successfully holding multiple alumni events celebrating the Chapter’s 50-year anniversary in conjunction with the University’s homecoming festivities. Additionally, he assisted with the continued success of the Fallen Brothers’ Fund, which provides support to children of members who passed away too soon in the form of a scholarship, supporting them in their post-secondary educational efforts. It was through initiatives like these that Dickneite cultivated a thorough understanding of the value of alumni engagement. “Volunteering can be easy and you feel better when you do it. A group of individuals giving only a few hours of their time can enact positive change in an entire community … the Delta Chi Fraternity is successful due in large part to the assistance of its volunteers. When you volunteer your time and talents in an alumni support role with Delta Chi, whether it’s service as a “BB”, ABT member, Housing Corporation member, or a role planning an alumni event, you are helping to further the values of Delta Chi. You’re also setting a great example for other members in recognizing the colossal impact you can have with just a few hours of your time.” If you have questions about what opportunities are available as a volunteer, what the time allotments could be, or simply want to introduce yourself, please feel free to reach out by emailing

Ross Dickneite Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Relations

Have you taken the Oath of Reaffirmation? Take part in an alumni ceremony! “ The fraternity man never graduates. He receives his diploma and leaves his alma mater for the larger affairs of the world, but as long as his chapter stands, he is as much a part and parcel of it as in his undergraduate days. His success is theirs and their success is his. He belongs to the family for life.” -Peter Schermerhorn Johnson, Founder of Delta Chi The alumni ceremony is the next step towards full understanding of the values of Delta Chi. Only with alumni support can we guarantee future generations the opportunity to be Delta Chi brothers. Alumni ceremonies are held at Regional Leadership Conferences, the International Convention, and by alumni chapters. If you’re looking to host an alumni ceremony, contact the International Headquarters to get your ceremony supplies ($33.00 per person). “ The next 2027 Strategic Plan will help better align the work of the Fraternity by identifying and leveraging the nexus between undergraduate needs, both operationally and professionally, and the continued desire and need for alumni to be involved and engaged. There are so many areas of the Fraternity experience that can be impacted by our great volunteers serving today and those who will serve in the future. Delta Chi is an alumni volunteer-driven organization, from collegiate and alumni chapters to the Board of Regents, and we must increase the levels of new and returning volunteers to meet the needs of our members as they prepare for life after college while they are students.” ~ Jerod Breit, Executive Director For more information, contact or


Serving on Their Campus IFC Delta Chi is proud to recognize several of our members for their service to their local Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC). These members have gone above the call to action with their chapters to dedicate their time and skills to improving their fraternity and sorority community.

We look forward to their continued dedication to advancing Greek life.

respective chapters or colonies as well as on their campuses.

An IFC exists where there are two or more NIC member (or nonmember) fraternities on a campus. The Council’s purpose is to advance fraternity on campus and provide interfraternal leadership to the entire community. The NIC provides direct support, resources, and service to IFC officers, representatives, advisors, and alumni to further the health and success of local fraternity communities.

Chris Guzman

Augusta, Director of Information

Reece Thompson

Jacksonville State, IFC President

Parker Chance

Augusta, Treasurer

Christopher Tejarina

Kingsville, IFC Judiary Review Board

Tj Allen

Augusta, Director of Programming

Chancellor Coughlin

Lake Forest, Vice President

Anthony Puleo

Bryant, IFC President

Josh Levin

Lake Forest, IFC Secretary

Jaden Seroussi

Bryant, VP of Public Relations

Nathan Dean

Lehigh, VP of Philanthropy

Parker Davis

Colorado State, IFC President

Andrew Magana

Little Rock, IFC President

Daniel Bernstein

Cornell, VP of Member & Alumni Development

Jordan Flores

Massachusetts, VP of Public Relations

Jack Cerrito

Delaware, VP of Academics & New Member Education

Anthony Nasca

Miami University, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Thomas Murphy

Denison, Treasurer

Wesley Chammbles

Mississippi State, Director of communicatoin

Nick Formacola

East Stroudsburg, IFC President

Cole Stringer

Missouri, VP of Brotherhood & Inclusion

Pablo Vega

East Stroudsburg, VP of Public Relations / Risk Mgmt

Thom Molen

Missouri, IFC President

Dylan Krohe

Edwardsville, VP of Community Outreach

Rett Corely

Missouri State, VP of Administration

Hunter Tucker

Edwardsville, VP of Recruitment & Retention

Alex Prior

Montclair, Treasurer

Caron Ramos

Edwardsville, IFC President

Parker Christiansen

Omaha, IFC President

Dominic MacArthur

Gannon, VP of Risk Management and Judicial Affairs

Ocean El Dakhakhni

Oregon State, IFC Judiary Review Board

Luke MacKenzie

Gannon , VP of Development and Programming

Aditya Palekar

Rutgers, VP of Marketing

Erik Maurice

Georgia Southern, VP of Inclusive Excellence

Colin Beddingfield

Spring Hill, Social Media

Coleman Thompson

Georgia Tech, Vice President of Communications

Enrique Canales

Texas Tech, VP New Member Education

Sam Wombough

Georgia Tech, Co-Director of Finance

John Rodriguez

Tri-State, IFC Risk Management Chair

Ryan Zahringer

Hofstra, VP of Community Relations

Faraaz Hasta

UC Riverside, IFC President

Aidan Pajeau

Huntsville, Secretary

Jared Rubino

Virginia Tech, VP of Administration

Jonathan Crowe

Jacksonville State, VP of Finance

Max Servais

Whitewater, IFC President

Their involvement includes recruitment, philanthropy, finances, and executive roles. Their leadership has been demonstrated in their

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Delta Chi Loyal Donors Totals as of February 2022

Voting Member $200-$499 Frank W Aaron, Jr Louis Abare Wedge B Abels Craig D Abolt Ronald M Abramson David M Ackerman Hans Acquistapace John Michael Acton James D Adams Jeffrey D Adams O Conway Adams Anthony M Adessa Douglas H Adolph George T Affleck Michael Affuso William John Agurkis Donald C Ahnger Robert Holman Akins Shahmeer Khurram Alam Robert T Alati Michael Albani Terence B Albright John Richard Aldape Charles A Alexander Frank Alexander Blair D Algie Daniel E Alleger William C Allem Dr A Dale Allen Richard R Allen Sean David Allen Harland Almquist Edward Richard Alo Eugene J Ambrogi John William Ames David K Amick Arthur H Amon James W Anderlik Neill W Andersen Paul J Anderson William B Anderson Robert Andress Charlie Angevine Bruce W Angus Donald M Angus Donald M Angus James E Anthony Ryan M Anthony B B Anundsen John L Aram Robert Archibald James G Armbruster Alan S Armstrong Daniel Slade Armstrong Gene L Armstrong Robert Armstrong William H Arnold Mike Aronoff Michael J Arrillaga David M Arrington Mark Alexander Arroyo Frederick J Arthur Michael H Ashby Maxwell Ashcraft Christian S Ashlock William C Ashman Merle E Atkins Thomas C Atkins Glenn D Atkinson William T Atteberry Ari August Mark D Auletta James H Avrett David D Awrey Lawrence Awwad Wayne A Ax Albert L Ayars Herbert F Baas Scott A Babinowich Robert H Bacchus John T Bachmann Charles P Baerman Roger B Bagley Willis R Bailard Dick C Bailey Ernest W Bain Robert P Baird Madison M Baker Robert S Baker William F Baker Donald K Ball Donald H Ballew Richard F Balzac Aaron A Banach Eustace H Bane Larry B Banghart Robert O Banker B James Banks Christopher D Barber


Stewart D Barger Peter Paul Barizon James T Barker Paul S Barnett Lawrence F Barouch Colin James Barr George C Bartle Benjamin Bartlett J Randolph Bartlett Howard E Barton R Gray Barton Steven E Barton Edward T Bartram Keith E Barze

Mark A Blowers Jason O Blume David F Blunt Lee P Bluske Donald G Bockin Jeffrey P Bodine Raymond L Boehm Ronald W Bogener Paul Bohlman Timothy Bohl Robert H Bohna Harold C Bold William H Bold Harry L Bolton

Martin A Brungard Brad R Bruns Todd J Bryan John E Bubala Norman F Buck R Allen Buckhalt Gregory J Budweg Victor P Buell Ryan M Bujeker Howard L Bull Bret Bullard Mark A Bulot Jack P Burch Charles P Burckle

Vincent F Casalaina Gerald Norton Case C Edwin Casey Robert L Casey Christopher A Cashdollar Michael Steven Casinelli Thomas T Caspary George F Cassill Jerel L Causey Ryan Michael Ceciliani Joseph J Chai William Chamberlain Doyle P Chambers Arthur Chandler

Edward A Colman Eugene P Columbus Thomas M Colwell Robert A Compton Gerald F Conaty George W Cone Lyndon C Conlon Kelly Conrad Patrick E Constantine Michael E Conway Byron D Cook David L Cook Dean L Cook Farrell E Cook

We would like to send a very special thank you to our brothers and friends everywhere for their generosity to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. Their impact on Delta Chi has been substantial and long-lasting. Included are donors who have achieved a Lifetime Giving Level with their steadfast support. Phillip Joseph Basciano Ralph F Batch Bill A Bates George C Batsakis Gregory Henry Baum Justin Bays Aldis L Beard William M Bechtol George W Beck Darrell L Becker David N Beckham Charles L Beckley Connor Pittman Beech Joseph A Beechie John E Beesley Joseph L Beesley Tommie T Begay Trent Behr Michael J Beiriger Patrick M Bell William K Bell Kenneth K Bellaire Victor Bench James M Benedict Ernest L Bennett Russell C Bennett Robert D Berg Charles S Berger Gregory F Berger William E Bergman Casey Warren Berner Gary D Bernhardt Shawn L Bernheisel W Burke Bero Alan C Bertelsen Harlo P Beschenbossel Joseph Richard Betro, II Mark F Betz Richard E Beyer Mark I Beynon Anthony Bianchina Harry J Bichsel Stephen M Bickerton Todd L Biegler Elmer O Bierbaum Philipp W Binzel E Mulford Birdsall Stephen Birkeland John M Biscotti Bruce B Bjorseth Jason D Black John A Black Michael Black Thomas Harris Black W Roy Blakely Jerome T Blakley Rollie N Blancett William R Bland Brice A Blank Frank J Blaser Val G Blaugh Lon Blauvelt Karl V Bledsoe Col Guy M Blencoe Daniel J Bliss Andrew G Block Timothy J Block

Delta Chi Quarterly

A Kenneth Bonanno Gregory J Bonavita Sergio J Bonilla Nick Borgers James Aaron Boring Richard J Bornhofen Caywood J Borror Neil W Bosmajian Donald August Boss Robert E Boulter Lewis R Bouma Mark A Bourdo Richard J Bowers Michael B Bowman Ronald R Boyle Gordon Neil Braam Robert B Braamse Daniel R Braatz Clarence V Brabb Brian H Brabbs John Alan Braden Franklin E Bradley Mark L Bradley Leland S Brake Newton G Brand Douglas H Brandon Robert F Brandon William L Brandt Harley H Brant John H Brashear F Kenneth Brasted Austin Scott Braswell Paul L Brattain Conrad W Brazzale Chris G Breissinger J David Brensinger Thomas F Bresnehen Peter C Brewer Julian Brewster Coco C Brice John W Bricker Raymond Brickey Richard D Bridgman Alfred S Briggs Mark Edward Brink Jr James M Brinker William C Britton David M Broadhead Leroy W Brockbank E Gene Brockman Gilbert H Brockmeyer Jared A Broderick Joseph Alois Broderick Justin K Broderick Roger William Brodt Olin C Brooks Paul H Brosche Robert Brosius David W Brown Douglas Michael Brown Frederick Brown Capt George B Brown Joshua W Brown Paul R Brown Richard John Brown Ronald W Brown Roger A Broyhill

David A Burdette Edward F Burdin Michael F Burg John M Burgett Timothy M Burke Richard M Burkhart Keith E Burkholder Thomas M Burleson Ingalls D Burnett Thomas E Burney, MD Donald T Burns John R Burns Robert Earl Busby Gregory J Busch Craig A Buschbom Ryan A Bushey Joseph J Butkovich John W Butler Marshall Butler Robert A Butler Robert B Butler Wesley H Butler Bruce D Buttrum John Robert Byers Benjamin R Byington Grady H Byram James Warren Cain Jeffrey R Cairns John J Cali Rev James P Callahan Theodore Cambern Collins Cameron II Charles Camillo Jesse Campanaro Jon R Campbell Morrison Campbell Robert D Campbell William Campbell Paul John Campisi Burcin E Can Todd A Cano John G Canyock John F Carey Nino J Caridi Benjamin A Carkey Michael A Carlin Carl G Carlson Eugene L Carlson Jack Allan Carlson Scott Carlson Walter K Carlson Loran V Carlton Clay M Carnathan John Adrian Carney Kent H Carpenter Robert R Carpenter James G Carr Stanton M Carr Michael J Carroll Russell B Carson Frank C Carter George C Carter Jason Carter John Andrew Carter Stephen E Carter William S Carter Lawrence V Caruso

John A Chandler Kenneth N Chantry James E Chapdelaine Charles E Chapman Jeff and Jan Chapman Jeffrey A Chapman Joshua David Chapman Kerrigan Chapman Robert H Chappell Laurence I Chase Edward Chavez Jr Cordell Wayne Chavis Norbert V Chehak Ying-Ting Chen William Ray Cheney David Cheng Cote Colton Chase Chenowith William J Chesnut Joseph M Chiczewski Mark G Childers William L Childs Lynn S Chinn Gary H Chipman Stephen D Chittenden Daniel R Christians Robert M Christie Elliott Y Chun John Andrew Chura Joseph M Cincotta Irvin L Cirks Marcin A Citak Frederick W Clack Alex Clark Clinton F Clark Edmund L Clark George D Clark J Thomas Clark Leigh H Clark Norman E Clark Robert F Clark Horace B Clarke James K Clay Richard F Cleary Jeffrey B Clemons Howard Clerf James E Cleveland David L Coake David McGill Coats Charles M Cobb Peter L Coble Robert E Cochran Bobby Cockerille Joseph E Cockrell Quinn M Coco James Junior Coen Dale F Coerver Robert R Coghlan Joel A Cohen Bruce T Colasanti Mitchel D Colburn George L Coleman Robert L Colesar Meredith Colket Grant S Collet Vincent J Colletti Rodney E Colley Norman Collins

Peter D Cook George H Cooley William M Coombs Michael J Cooney Ronald L Coons William D Cooper L Jeremy Cooperstein Daniel Louis Coorsh Gary Copeland Stephen D Copper Timothy E Corcoran, PhD Frank J Cordero Jordan W Cork Steven W Cornwall Christian G Cornwell Richard D Corona Maurizio Corrado Arthur J Corston Anthony W Cossa Thomas N Costa O Dean Couch Daniel G Courtney Sheldon M Covell Gregory J Cowan Kenneth R Cowen Donald James Cowie Christopher J Cox Gregory N Cox Timothy B Cox Kevin S Coyne Joseph W Crabtree James G Craig Larry Edwin Craig Steven Craig Gail L Cramer Samuel Keith Cramer C David Crandall Douglas G Crandall James K Crane Edward B Craney E Donald Crapps John A Cravens James Darwin Crawford, III Jon F Crawford Daniel R Creato James W Crecelius Benjamin E Creech Philip B Crispell Dennis R Crook Dean L Cross Keith R Crow John R Crowell Brendan Corbett Csaposs Jordan B Cullifer Charles E Cullum Ronald B Cummings Daniel P Cunningham Newton W Cunningham Tom Curran Tim Curran Robert L Currell Rev John E Currey Kevin Todd Cypert Clark Cypher Brian Czornyj Christopher J D Alo Louis R D’Agrosa

Kevin H Dahlin Bruce W Daker Robert J Dalby Bruce R Dales M Lester Dalton Thomas H Daly Thomas Dangerfield G Richard Danielson N Clifton Darby III Joe B Daudelin Dennis R Davies Chad W Davis Curtis B Davis Ivan W Davis Mark E Davis R Drew Davis James A Dawson Kevin J Dawson Kelly Eugene Day Scott T Day Thomas A Day Henry W de Koning Frank J De Santis Brandon J DeBoer Dwight Evan DeCarme Michael P Dellos Justin D DeLockery David C DeMarco James A Demaree Michael D Demboski James Paul Demchak Andrew D Demorotski Christopher M Demorotski Conrad G Demro Robert W Denecke Douglas R Deniston Dustin A Dennis John P Denny John A DePalma James Brad DePriest Christopher E DeSantis David R Desaulnier Michael A Deseno Vince F Desmond Brian K Devaney Michael B Devine Damien DeVirgilio James B DeVries Jean V DeWeese Jeffrey Dickerson David F Dickey Harlan E Diehr Evan Gregory Dietsch Robert F Dill Peter J Dillon Eric B Dills Charles D Dimmock Thomas J Dingell Harry J Dinken Bill Dinkmeyer Kevin L Dioquino Andrew M Dipsia Howard M Dirks Thomas A Ditri Darwin D Dittmar R Vernon Divers Sean Patrick Dixon David L Dobie John Monaco Dobleman Brandon L Docken Graham D Dockery George T Dodd Gary L Dodge Sven H Dodington John R Dohse Terry L Dolar Harold C Donley John M Donnan David J Donnelly Ronald A Dorsey Terry A Dortch James E Dougherty Jesse Lee Dougherty James F Doughty Jeoffrey J Douglas Robert H Doumas Richard B Dow Raymond A Down Connor Doyle Jack T Doyle Chris Draper Donald W Drasheff Allan E Dreeland Bobby Ray Drew John H Drew Verne H Drews Mark A Drinan Sherman S Drury Kenneth G Dry Jesse Edward Duane John W DuBois Mitchell Stephen Duckworth Gregory J Dudley John Allen Duenow James Duffy

Nathaniel John Dumm Rex V Duncan Larry Lee Dunlap Charles H Dunmon Gerald A Dunn Harold W Dunn Robert C Dunn Sean C Dunn Marcus N Dunning Enrique Duran John F Durr Wilbert A Dutter Mark E Duval Charles Joseph Duvall Bill Dwyer C Fred Dye Robert Dyk Charles F Dykhouse Everett M Dyson William F Earl Fred J Early Timothy R Easterling James A Eaton John B Ebbesmeyer Frank E Eckert James C Eckert Douglas A Edwards Jacob Lee Edwards Jerry Lee Edwards Robert M Edwards J Chris Edwardsen Ian J Ehrenberg Carl F Eiben Daniel Steven Eichner Einar Karl Einarsson Lee M Ekstrom David M Eldridge Alan Arthur Elkins William W Elliot Robert W Elliott William Pollard Elliott, Jr Alfred W Ellis James N Ellis Thomas D Ellis Jerald E Elrod James Elterman David G Emerich Anthony L Emery John T Emhardt Jon F Emmert Patrick W Emmett Peter C Emmons Keith W EnEarl John C Ensweiler Richard W Erickson Leonard Erion Byron H Erstad, III Frank J Erstad Neil A Eshelman Robert J Estrada, Jr Charles E Evans Joseph Eveland Lawrence N Eveleth William S Evens Vincent A Evola Adam Bishop Ezell Jon C Faber Steven H Factor Robert S Faiks Will Fair Forrest A Fairall Ian Seth Falik R Eric Falk Robert E Falk Michael Roy Falley Matthew R Fankhauser John F Faron Boyce F Farrar Robert C Farrar, Jr Brian A Farrell Edward C Farrell George E Farrell William H Farrell I Donald Farrington John J Farris Henry L Faulk Brad K Fayette Joseph F Fazi Robert Hollis Fear Joseph C Feathers J Brett Featherston Howard B Feldman Eric R Felix Henry W Felix Ann, Luke, Austin and Alan Fender Matthew K Fendley Tim Fennell Ronald C Fernandes John Edward Ferree Mark A Fetsko William K Feustel Laurence E Feyh Eugene W Fichter Bradley William Fiedler Cortland D Field Ashley F Fields Robert C Fields Matthew J Findlay Richard E Fingerle Scott A Finke Philip L Fioravante Craig D Fischer Dennis H Fisher James R Fisher James W Fisher Matthew J Fisher Robert L Fitzner Marshall H Fitzpatrick Henry C Fixott Andrew C Fleischer

William M Flener Jason M Fleury Paul F Floyd John C Flynn Philip J Fokas James H Foley Walter T Foley Henry R Folgate Albert C Foreman W Chandler Forman Graydon R Forrer Charles R Forsen Steven Adam Forsythe David F Foster David E Foster Robert R Fothergill UW Oshkosh Foundation Dennis D Fowler Joseph B Fowler Richard W Fowler, ARM Gary N Fox W Greg Fox Howard J Frame Richard J Frank Ronald B Franklin Anton W Fraps Hume C Frayer Ryan K Frazee Scott R Frederick Todd M Frederick Charles A Freed David Jay Freeman Mark Freeman Paul R Freeman Steven J Freeman James C Freiberg Robert M French Andrew W Frevert III Harold A Frey Harold Jacob Frey Timothy M Friedlieb Eric J Frisch Kenneth M Fritts Peter J Froehlich David S Fugitt John F Furlong Larry D Gable Edward J Gaffney John Z Gage Michael Henry Gage Travis Lance Gaines William Roger Gaito Matthew Joseph Galbo John M Galbraith Kevin M Gale J W Sidney Gallagher James B Gallagher Terry Gallagher Richard K Gamlin George E Gandrau Christopher A Gardner Leo M Gardner James P Gareau Mark David Garland Ollie L Garmon Edward S Garner Robert T Garrett John H Gaskill Donald E Gates Peter Gegick G Hugo Gehrls Frank H Geis Max C Geise Roy F Geisler Ryan Carl Genard William Anthony George Austin J Gerber Dennis J Gerle George R Getty James R Geyer Andrew F Giacini Richard E Gibbons Christopher L Gibbs Ronald A Gibbs Robert G Gibson Raymond H Giesecke James R Giles Robert B Gillespie Tom R Gilliam Scott M Gipson Mark A Giustino Roger H Glick Marc A Godman Logan Riley Goede William R Goerges Ronald B Goerler Douglas A Goldberg Robert M Golden Robert B Golen Reginald M Golla Robert W Goltermann James Gomiela Daniel Gonchar Buster Goode Jesse E Goodrich Barry G Goodwin Timothy J Goodwin Robert E Gordon Tod D Gordon William B Gordon William F Gorton Brian K Gorum Paul A Goryl Richard Gottesman Hilton P Gottschalk Neiman Gougerchian Charles N Graham Rorick L Graham L G Gramling Scott P Granger Leslie S Granow

Jordan Grant Theno F Graves Adam A Gray Donald Gray John E Gray Michael E Gray Richard E Gray Scott Gray Edward B Greef William J Green Travis Victor Greene John T Greer Kenneth J Gregory Ross A Gregson Norman A Greig Douglas J Grierson Russell L Griffin Christopher J Griffith Michael M Grindell Rodman E Griscom James Wilson Grissom Douglas Preston Groat Paul K Grosse Matt P Grosshans Lance B Grosz Glenn C Grow Michael C Gruber Edgar A Grunwald Matthew C Guercio Rittik Guha Jan Eric Gustafson G James Gustat George H Gustat Samuel S Guy Eric I Haaga David P Haas Mark W Haas George Haberfelde Robert C Haberstroh George A Hablitzel T Morris Hackney Randall K Hadley Walter D Hadley Michael J Haggerty Verne L Hahneman Eric Michael Haiar Jerry Lee Haines Alan D Haisley J Leonard Halderman Mark R Halfon Howard J Hall Lawrence B Hall Matt Hall Sterling G Hall M Donald Hambly Thomas B Hamler William G Hamlin Lloyd G Hammel Guy E Hancock Jerry L Haney Keith M Haney Edward E Hannah Roy Dahl Hansen Tyler Jacob Hansen David A Hanson Erik Hanson Raymond W Hanson Brian C Harbert Larry K Hardin Eugene J Harding Kenn E Harding Perry C Harding Wilbur W Harding Dale Vincent Hardt James H Hardy Alexander H Hargis Andrew J Hargitt Jack M Harlos Merlin Mott Harlow Raymond O Harmon Glenn E Harper Jason W Harper Ken A Harper Max Harper Stanley H Harper Richard W Harral Wayne Harrell James R Harrington Barry F Harris Joseph B Harris Randal G Harris Scott M Harrison Claude Hart James M Hartley Walter M Hartung Leif C Hartwig John F Haskell Kevin Haslauer Chad E Hatfield Nobuo Hatta R Larry Hawkins Roger K Hawkins Gerald M Hay Phillip R Hayden Curtis I Hayes J O Hayhurst Douglas M Haynes Ralph D Haynes Tyler Boyd Hays William F Hays Harry W Hayward Gordon M Hazlett Lawrence L Hearn John W Heaton William P Hedderich Wesley E Hedgepeth Scott R Hedin Tom Keith Heilman Scott J Heinrich Herbert P Heldt Timothy James Helms

John J Helton George T Henderson J H Henderson Wesley W Hendricks John K Henkhaus Richard M Hennessy Charles E Henning Jackson Lee Henry Michael T Henry Richard Harold Henry Junior D Hensley John D Hentges Jack L Herring Thomas R Herriott Eugene M Hershey Samuel Hersperger George H Hewell Creighton G Heyl Herbert W Heyse William G Hibbs Robert Lee Hickman Robert G Hicks Donald A Higgerson Jacob S Higginbotham Grove L Higgins James M Higgins Jack Duane Hiles David E Hill David A Hill Gary G Hill Ralph Estel Hill Thomas E Hill George C Hiller Hylas A Hilliard E Wayne Hilton Mark S Hines Leo J Hirner Charles J Hitch William L Hjorth Anthony Ho Victor Y Ho Laurance R Hoagland John H Hobbs Thomas M Hobson Charles C Hocker Jack C Hodgkins Robert W Hodgkins Robert A Hoff Col Aldon M Hoffman David L Hoffman Steven J Hogan John H Hogeland John T Hogle Timothy R Holcombe Daric A Holdaway J Mark Holder Darrell J Holman Donald C Holmes Todd C Holmes Bruce R Holoubek Douglas Holsclaw Harold M Holshoy Phillip W Holstrom John P Hooning John S Hope Wm Kuster Hopewell Braden Hopkins Charles D Hopkins Leigh E Hopkins Erwin R Horash John R Horwedel Donald W Housend Clarence E Houston David G Howard R Kelvin Howard Robert C Howard Benjamin F Howell Dennis A Hoyt Philip N Hruskovich Wesley D Hrynchuk David C Hubbard Steven J Huber James W Huberty Stephen G Hudak Daniel W Huebner Ronald D Huff Charles S Huffman Kenneth R Hughes Robert C Hughes Sheldon W Hughes Lyle K Huhn Arne J Huhta Scott A Hukriede Harold J Hunt Richard M Hunt Russel J Hunt Robert V Hunter Gordon C Hurlbert Thomas E Hurst Adlai A Hurt Merwin L Hutchins Robert E Hutchinson Edward K Imbert Michael G Indjeian Benjamin C Isaacson Boyd B Jackson Brian Jackson Joe D Jackson Robert A Jackson Donald A Jacobson Robert D Jacobson John R Jaeger Thomas C Jaeger Daniel E James William A James James J Jamieson Daniel Ryan Janowski Arthur Jansen Colin J Jasper Jack M Jaworski Robert J Jeffrey

John Garth Jenkins John P Jennings Thomas J Jensen Robert Curt Jenson Edward P Jepsen Martin L Jervis L George Jewett Ricardo L Jimenez James Thomas Job Thomas G Joffe Richard C St John William L Johncox Clarence N Johndreau Kenneth R Johns Thomas L Johns Andrew W Johnson Darwin Lee Johnson Douglas A Johnson Forrest W Johnson Iden A Johnson John C Johnson Kevin C Johnson Michael E Johnson Robert E Johnson Stephen B Johnson Steven E Johnson Warren D Johnson Charles E Johnston Charles N Johnston Spencer K Johnston Elliott J Jonas Christopher Michael Jones Jason Gordon Jones Jeremy Jones Joseph C Jones Richard D Jones Scott R Jones Robert Crane Jordan Joseph T Joseph Craig M Joy Terence W Judkins Frederick H Juergens David A Junkmann Joseph Jurkowski James F Kagie Robert A Kahn Todd J Kaiser Steven Kalianov Anthony John Kamel Chris Kanan Alex G Kantsios Robert T Kapheim Richard A Kapp Todd Andrew Karazim George R Kaschak Dan Wilbert Kaspar Andrew M Katch Daniel Justin Kator Jonathan Edward Katz Martin D Kaufman Justin A Kazak Peter J Keane Henry F Keaton David A Keber Sheldon F Keenan Patrick E Keeter Arthur Keith Irwin N Kellen Kevin R Kelley David C Kellogg Howard L Kellogg Harold Dean Kelly Harold P Kelly Richard C Kelly Steele A Kelly Lawrence M Kemmer Frederick J Kemmerling Robert D Kemner John R Kennedy John Andreas Kerber Ronald E Kern Rowland E Kerr Evan W Kervin Andrew J Kerwood Thomas R Ketteman Bruce C Kibby Ward L Kiester James M Kilgore Se-Bom Kim Douglas S King Hiram King Robert B King Scott A King Scott King Timothy B King William E King Robert A Kingery James H Kinney Robert H Kinsey Simon Kinsman Alistair S Kirk Brian Leigh Kirk James H Kirkland Kirklin & Company J Mark Kirkpatrick Matthew Ryan Kissh Dean C Kitts Howard F Kizer Alfred W Klaber Frederick W Klag Henry Klatt John J Klein Robert E Klein Robert B Klein Byron L Klepinger Kenneth V Klestinec Ivan C Kline Richard H Kline David R Klotz Darrel E Knaus Geoffrey C Knierim

John Harold Knoll Paul W Knoop Harry W Knox Emerson W Knyrim Johnathan C Koelsch Michael C Koelsch Michael P Koelsch Thomas C Koelsch John A Koepke Norman H Koerner Edward G Kohler David J Kolander Jake Lee Kolenberg Robert Konigsfeld William J Koves Michael D Kozlik Cornelius A Krapels Winston W Kratz Richard L Kraybill Peter J Krebs David B Kresge Ryan S Kriesch J Donald Kroeker Roy R Krueger Richard J Kruger Andre Krumholz Daniel J Kruse Richard C Kruyer Quinten Gregory Krzysko Harry W Kuberg Wynton Kun Gary M Kunz James Ade Kurfess Matthias W Kusch Michael H Kuzyk Steven J La Corte Robert M Lackey John Cooper Ladd Paul L Ladd James A LaDu Daryl F LaFiura Herbert W Laird G Frederick Lambert James N Lamhofer Jonathan Downey Lamp Stephen C Landau Daniel T Lane Larry C Lang Ethan Langford Steven D Langlais James C Lanshe James L Lapington John P Larger Richard H Lark Michael D Larkin Owen D Larrison Jonathan B Larson Frank C LaRue Ted W Lasiewicz William R Lathrop Paul C Laubenstein Robert R Lawrence Douglas J Learmont Jeffrey A Ledger Aaron M Lee Alec R Lee Michael Ellis Leeper Gerald H LeFevre Ross B Lehman Philip A Leinbach Dwayne E Leininger Daniel R Leonard Edward M Leonard John K Leonard Eugene S Leonardson David W Lepic Kenneth R Lepley Reginald E Lester Benjamin D LeVeque Marc S Levitt Don W Levy Jake Levy David Russell Lewis Edwin W Lewis Frank W Lewis Isaac E Lewis Michael E Lewis Robert J Lewis Marvin P Liberto Gary S Liberty James Lichtenstein James B Ligon Earl R Lind Michael A Lindberg Timothy J Lindgren Donald L Lindsey Jay H Lindsey Bruce E Lindstrom Jeffrey D Line William Lingenberg James C Link Eric D Linkov Hobart M Little Mitchell S Litvak Brent M Lium David H Lively Melvin W Locke Kevin J Lockwood Raymond Loehner James A Logan Lewis E Lohmann Jacob L Lonc Clarence W Long Jimmy D Long Robert W Long Rodney L Long Steven Scott Long Brian C Lorentz Robert E Lorenzini Donald Ray Love J Edward Lowery

Samuel Allen Lowery Bryce Loyd Arthur H Lucia Robert W Ludwig Owen F Luecke George Luhrs Carl M Lund Joseph P Lutes William S Lutz John D Lyall Kent A Lynch Drake Ma Robert B MacAskill George L MacCurdy Donald MacDonald Matthew R Mack Kevin E Madura Dan Magnetta Michael G Magri Jeffrey S Main Brian R Maisch Erin Manca Sophie Mangan Daniel Ross Mangels Ralph G Manies Vincent S Maniscalco Robert David Mann Joseph M Mano Daniel P Mantey Joshua Dean Maples Peter B March Joseph J Marchese George Marholin Nicholas Datne Marinello Greg J Markey Richard L Markham James H Markin David H Marks Earl Matthew Marks Aaron D Markworth David W Marose Christopher L Marshall Christopher Marshall David W Marshall James E Marshall Michael Marsman Charles L Martin Donald B Martin Edward A Martin Gary A Martin Gerald M Martin Mark S Martin Philip G Martin Robert U Martin Samuel C Martin John Martinelli Chuck M Martinez Robert Wallace Martinez Peter A Martinson Philip A Martinson Claire C Marvin Philip Masaitis John K Mason Michael E Massie Homer N Mastorakos Robert S Matheny, Jr Cmdr Donald Mathiowetz Joseph R Matters Richard B Matteson Robert C Mattix Paul Seton Matvey Charles H Mauldin Neil L Maxwell Gary H Mayer Dr J O Maynes Jr Matthew S Mazur Michael S Mazzotta David W McAlister Daniel M McAuliffe Robert L McBride Ryan D McCaffery Gregory H McCahan Fred L McCain Leslie D McCallum Brian McCann James D McCauley Michael M McCleary Michael B McClellan Thomas L McClelland Charles M McClintock Robert R McCloskey David B McCobin Carl G McCollum Daniel J McCormack John F McCormick James W McCracken James D McCredie Michael J McCrery George S McCulloch Ernest J McCullough Alvin C McDaniel Raymund G McDermott Hugh R McDonald Larry K McElwain Thomas S McEwan Logan Shayne McEwen C Lynn McFadden Edward T McFadden Eugene H McFaddin Elden McFarland Scott T McFarland William T McGarry Patrick McGilly Shawn P McGinley William L McGinnis Patrick T McGovern E B Mike McGreal James P McGregor John D McGregor Cameron John McGuire Kevin McGuire

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Hubert L McIntyre William P McKee Mark E McKinney James W McKinstry Jeffrey S McLam David E McMillan James E McMillen T Ryan McMurtrey Harold K McNally Thomas B McNally Robert J McTeague Christopher J McTee Eric M Means Michael Edwards Mecredy Jonathan Humberto Medina Kenneth L Medina J Ingram Medley Daniel R Meek Gordon E Meek Kenneth D Meeker J Robert Meeks Bruce C Mehollin Donald G Meiners Matthew W Meiners Joseph E Melican Matt Melott Bradley A Mendenhall Sean A Mentel Rafael L Mercado Rawiri J Merito Norman Mero James M Merrell Donovan Merry Jason A Mesiarik Richard T Metcalf Alfred C Metz William K Metz John Warren Meyer Joseph Charles Meyer Lawrence Mikkelsen Michael L Milbrandt Davis Benjamin Millard Dwight C Millard Bruce R Miller Donald A Miller George F Miller James M Miller Jo Zach Miller John E Miller Kerry N Miller Leo E Miller Mark W Miller Noah M Miller Richard H Miller Richard P Miller Roger Ellis Miller Scott E Miller Davis Mills Douglas W Mills Jerry J Mills Mark A Mills Richard A Miner David R Minikel Charles R Mitchell H Hugh Mitchell William R Mitchell Eddie L Mizell Brian D Mockler Jonathan M Moerschel Phillip Daniel Moffat Thomas S Moffatt Andrew James Moncrieff Rocky J Monte Victor Alexander Monteith Steven M Monti Joseph T Moody Max Moody Bruce E Moore Charles J Moore Douglas J Moore Jimmy Neel Moore Leland C Moore Nathan James Moore James R Moorhead William T Moran James H Morehouse Michael V Morelius Robert C Morey John P Morgan Leslie V Morgan James F Moriarty Blake G Morris Robert Morris Bayard H Morrison Cameron A Morrison Jeffrey R Morrow Richard Jay Moser Robert L Moser Norman M Moses Walter L Moss John T Motley Christian K Moussalli John C Movold George B Mowad Michael S Mowrer Douglas B Mueller Lynn E Mueller Richard W Mueller James K Mugg John O Mullen Robert F Mulvany William L Murakami Kevin M Murphy John H Murray Robert M Murrell Paul T Myers Robert E Myers William E Myers John H Myhre Paul D Nagrant Sunjay K Nair


Brent Nakano Steven P Naldi Alexander N Nall Louis R Navarro Todd E Needham Roger B Nelsen David C Nelson Donald J Nelson James D Nelson Lance S Nelson Richard W Nelson James R Nesper Steven R Nessa Michael J New William W Nichol Jeffrey C Nicholas Gerald P Nichols Herman D Nichols Jonathan C Nichols Walter H Nichols Raymond L Nicholson Ivan F Nicodemus Ernest T Nicotera Arthur S Nippes Eric James Nixon Leslie H Noble William J Nolechek Raymond C Nordquist Donald A Norrell Brett A Norris H Thomas Norris Manuel L Nunez Jason D Nussbaum Robert A Nutter Ronald E Nutter Steven C Nyholm Gerald L O’Donnell Timothy D O’Hara Kimbrough W O’Haver William H O’Keeffe Robert J O’Leary Charles S O’Lessker Brian A Oftedahl Robert F Ogden Gregory L Ohl Robert S Ohling Allen R Ohlinger Carlos C Ojeda Alan J Okamura Mark D Oleksa Charles S Olsen Eric James Olson Norman L Olson Thomas L Olson Thomas Roy Olson James Louis Orr Carlos Ortiz Thomas W Osbern George E Osborne John R Osborne Frank G Sesso Osburn Derk R Osenberg William T Osolin William Robert Otten Charles D Otto Andrew M Ouimet Bradley L Overby Thomas R Overly Curtis L Overstreet Robert M Pace Michael J Pacuta Harold D Paddock Kenneth A Padgham William T Page Jon Palmer Leslie L Palmer Brett J Palmiero John D Panelli Michael J Panetta Alan G Pankratz Otis L Parchman Paul F Pardonner Sadev S Parikh Joseph M Paris Michael E Parish James C Park James Ernest Parker Robert M Parker Madison Earle Parsons Jubal R Parten Antonio Pastor Jonathan Michael Pate Lawrence A Patrick William E Patterson Peter J Pauc William Lee Paul Clements E Pausa Michael L Pease Roger A Pelc Parker Pengilly Roger W Penner Elliot I Penofsky Carl A Penske Jason C Pepe David N Peppers James S Pepple Eugene G Pereboom Clarence H Perisho Jonathan A Perkins Joel A Perlmutter Albert E Petermann Homer E Peters David J Petersen Hans L Peterson Leon D Peterson Nels Peterson Ross L Peterson Charles J Petredis Joseph J Petric Jeffrey Ralph Peyton Gene F Pfeiffer

Delta Chi Quarterly

Mark A Pfeiler Ritchie Siandy Phan C Harold Phillips Charles R Phillips Eric Nathaniel Phillips Sean Gregory Phillips Brian C Phipps John E Piehl Cooper M Pierce Stanley I Pinel Kenneth W Piper James L Piro Claude J Pirtle Donald C Pitts Darold E Plate Larry J Pleimann Bruce E Ploshay Robert E Plunkett Timothy A Poe Percy A Poehler David N Pohlman E John Pole Jack B Pomfret George A Ponsford Jackson Barker Pool Arthur B Poole Thomas A Portante James C Porter Scott A Porter William D Posey Gary E Poskin Christian John Posner David C Postlewaite Kevin J Poupis Marc S Povell Andrew K Powell Harry K Powell James M Powell Francis J Premozic Matthew A Prentis Kenneth R Prentiss Raymond Prettyman Douglas N Price George W Price Frank Henry Prohaska Mark A Propp David T Proulx W Bud Pruitt Joseph A Puleo Frederick M Pulve Enrique Pumar Michael M Pusich Jeffrey J Putnam John C Putney Eric L Quee Adam Richard Quigley Clement H Quinn Thomas H Quinn Patrick J Rabideau Nicholas A Rachowicz Geoffrey K Racy Robert V Radwick Jose Ignacio Rael Donald W Raibley George E Rambow III Lorenzo Orlando Ramirez Mariano H Ramirez James W Rand John Stephen Rapiel Norman Rappe Paul F Rardin Alan F Rauh Andrew C Ray Steven M Ray Mark V Raynard James Benny Reaves Richard A Reck Fred W Redeker Lowell E Redelings Gerald Don Reed Howard G Reed David H Rees Earl D Reese Glenn E Reese Wilbur E Reeves Neal Reichelt Henry S Reinke Randall L Reisinger Ronald V Reiter Adam M Reitz Gilbert P Remey Robert E Rengo Thomas P Restelli David A Rewers Claude P Reynolds Donald I Reynolds Samuel D Reynolds Stephen B Rhode Gilbert A Rhodes Howard S Rice T Raymond Rice Jack W Richards Robert L Richards Donald Richardson Trevor A Richman Allan G Richtmyer Edmund S Rider Van E Riggs Michael W Riley Joseph T Ritchey Fred D Ritter Jonathan Andrew Rivera-Pierola Ethan Samuel Rives James Alan Robbins Daniel P Roberts Donald B Roberts Mark A Roberts Ricky L Roberts Thomas C Roberts William H Roberts

Edwin L Robinson F Duke Robinson John B Robinson W Kenneth Robinson Robert G Rodell Manuel Rodrigues Ji Young Roe Ernest O Roehl James P Roesch Jack Charles Roesslein Richard A Roh Zachary David Rolfe Nathan Daniel Rolling Kent D Rollins William E Rollins Roger R Romaker Joseph Romeo Frank J Ronchetti Kent A Roper Joseph A Rosati James A Rosby Terrance J Rosenberger Kellen M Rosenfelder Harold John Ross Jason D Ross Steven D Ross Sean D Rossiter Albert Rostenbach Derek E Rotha Royce B Rotton James T Rowe John Edward Rowe Jon F Rowley Brian Roy John D Rozich R Douglas Rozman John Rozsa Mark B Rubin Frederick R Rude Richard Ruden Wayne H Ruihley Erik Lee Ruiz William R Ruminer Samuel Rund Dana R Runnion Christopher D Russell Christopher Kurtis Russell Thomas A Rutledge Andrew W Rutt Scott G Ruzycki Marvin R Ryals Patrick C Ryan William George Ryczek IV John C Ryon Larry D Sacks Glenn Everett Saha Charles W Salanski Robert V Sallada Kyle T Salzberger Alexander E Sampson Clinton A Sampson Robert William Sandberg III Bradley Thomas Saribekian Michael E Sarow William Lee Sartoris Harold J Sauer Byron T Sauls Bradley J Saunders Willie M Saunders Paul W Savage John C Savchuk Paul C Saviski Z Peter Sawicki Christopher R Scanlan David C Scarsone Lynn Ernest Schade Albert C Schafer Louis W Schatz George E Schau Mark J Scheiper Robert C Schiffner Alfred F Schlicker William H Schmidt Michael Anthony Schmitt Eliah J Schmoeger Richard D Schneider Otto Schnellbacher Zachary J Schonfield Nolan B Schoo John A Schorzman Gregory R Schreiber Randall W Schreiber Matthew Harrison Schreiner Steven W Schroeder Robert D Schuchart R Richard Schuler H John Schuster Steven S Schuyler Richard E Schwab Donald K Schwartz Jesse Alexander Schwartz Kenneth A Schwartz Philip Schweiger James G Schwendig Raymond N Scott Thomas F Scully Preston Hamilton Seaberg Wilkin H Seacord Robert W Secontine John K Seeberger James M Segrest Michael E Seitz Bruce R Seligman David L Sellers Richard W Sellers Joseph T Semler Michael Kenneth Sentman Andrew Serpa Delos E Servoss William C Settle

David V Seyer Terry L Shamblin Donald H Shaner William R Sharp Charles R Sheaffer James A Shealy Clifford E Shedd Joseph S Sheffo Jerry Hoyt Sheller Tom Shellhammer Wade T Shelton Robert S Shepard Robert T Sheppard Ben P Shields Philip M Short Stephen E Shrock Jeffrey B Shull Christopher J Siciliano Harvey B Siegelman Keith F Siegmann Michael J Sieracki Phillip M Sigler Kabir Singh Sikand Michael S Silver Gary Lee Silverman Kenneth R Simon Doyle W Simonsen Robert R Simpson Thomas D Simpson Richard M Sis Howard J Skidmore Alvin E Skoog George E Skye Andrew C Slipher John H Sloan Neil Richard Slocum Aubrey C Smelley B M Smiland Andrew Joseph Smith Bennett L Smith Corey Smith Cornelius C Smith Craig D Smith Gary F Smith George T Smith Glenn A Smith James A Smith Kenneth N Smith Larry D Smith Matthew L Smith Merle Smith Michael Smith Michael E Smith Michael S Smith Nicholas C Smith Paul B Smith Ralph D Smith Ralph F Smith Robert F Smith Troy G Smith William M Smith Howard W Smoyer Richard P Smurawski James Wilcox Snyder Robert P Snyder Marcelino Sola Charles R Sorber William W Sorn William L Southworth Frank A Spadini David E Sparling J Scott Spector Donald E Speer Anthony J Spena Richard J Spence Mason A Spencer Aaron J Spicker James F Spierling Warren J Spooner Thomas A Sprenger Stephen H Spurr Ryan C Stahl Thomas A Stahlheber Joshua J Staph Bradley A Stearns Walter E Stebing Donald H Stechmann, USN Rt Robert E Steele Wycliffe E Steele David J Stefani Andrew R Stefanick Erick B Steffens Robert E Stegemiller Dennis G Stehlik Robert C Steiger Nathan D Steinberg Wilbur G Steinbright Henry W Steinkamp Arthur F Steinmetz Corey Michael Stemm Marc Stempka Charles R Stenshoel James V Stepanich Richard W Stephens Scott P Stephenson Donald W Sterling Carl L Stevens Scott A Stevens B Lyman Stewart Paul N Stewart Alan J Stitzer Elmer M Stoddard Harold L Stoller Addison W Stone Clayton J Stone Lance P Stoner John Charles Stotz Charles E Stough David M Stout Patrick J Strackhouse

Robert W Strain Henry S Strand Eric V Strandberg William B Strange Richard J Strasma Charles W Stratton J Vanderbilt Straub Eric A Strausser Edward Strickland James H Strobridge Bob Stump Robert L Stupack Jeffrey B Sturgis Brian Ross Sullivan Gerald J Sullivan Benny Z Sun Anthony Patrick Sutton Leo R Svoboda Clarence M Swain John R Swander, Sr James H Swann Jacob Swanson J Crosby Swartz William L Swartz David R Swift Scott M Swimley Eryk Szymanski Ronald Lee Taff James R Tague Joel D Tantzer Richard P Tarantino Jess E Tarr David A Tate Douglas L Tate Paul B Taubman Frank Tavera L H Teasley David L Temko E Ross Terhune Gilbert Oliver Terlicher John Cobb Terral Marvin W Teutsch Jeremy E Thiesen P Stuart Tholan D Mickey Thomas Jeffrey A Thomas John H Thomas Nathaniel Thomas Robert C Thomas Nick T Thomopoulos Alton F Thompson Benjamin C Thompson Gordon Thompson James C Thompson Joseph A Thompson William R Thompson William M Thompson William S Thompson Steven A Thorne David H Thornhill Jack C Thornton, Jr William H Thurber Larry N Tibbetts Harry S Tice Thomas D Tichenor Robert L Tillson Sherman A Timmins Brent A Tingle Tom Tipton John W Tobin Michael E Tolassi Michael J Tompkins William H Toohey Neal S Tostenson Lt Richard L Townsend Thomas W Tracy Chris J Traicoff Michael A Trantow Robert C Trapani Richard S Traver Jason C Trawick Thomas W Treneman Piers Trickett John Rudolph Troike Johnny E Trotter Paul F Truair, II Victor M Trujillo William M Tschudy William R Tubbs Dr William C Tucker Ray A Tully Michael J Tumolo Spencer R Turer Robert A Turk John A Turkopp Kris E Turnbull Christian M Turner Ransom B Turner Rob R Turner John L Tuttle Charles F Tuxhorn Christopher J Tyler Herbert A Tyler Thomas E Tyson Howard J Udell David E Umbenhower Robert L Urbance Steven M Urrutia Justin R Valen John Ladd Valerius Kevin Joseph Van De Steene Louis E Van Gorder Billy J Van Meter Peter J Van Pelt Peter Van Steeden Randall D Vanderlinde Russell J Vara Louis A Vargha Dylan Michael Vazzano David P Veiga Robert G Vendl

Morris J Vennewitz Theodore Pace Vergis Richard S Vermut Richard J Vicory Edward G Vierheilig Nicholas D Vincent Douglas N Vinnes Gary W Visteen Christopher L Vitalos Tony Vlastelica Don Duane Vogler Peter A Vogt James J Volanti Alexis von Goertz Robert D Von Tress Kerry J Vonderheide Donald R Vonnahme Jerry C Vucovich Frank N Vydra John Robert Wagner Travis C Waid Charles A Waite Cody Robert Waits Eugene V Walby Kyle J Waletich Nolan D Walker George Blake Wallace Lewis C Wallbridge Peter J Walley David A Walsh Frank L Walsh Michael P Walsh Charles W Walter Howard J Walter Jeffrey S Walter Stephen B Walter Bayard H Walters Chad A Walters Gary Burt Walters John J Walton Richard M Ward Richard E Ward David M Warner Jonathan B Warr John M Warren Robert J Warren William G Wash Frank C Washburn Earl T Watkins John E Watkins Troy W Watson Ty M Watson Francis E Watts Harry R Watts William M Waymire Michael P Weaver Jonathan C Weed George F Weikert Robert L Weiner Brian Weinfeld James N Weisberg Paul R Welke Dalton C Wells William S Wells Marshall S Wenrich Robert G Werderitsch Paul H Wessel John R Westbrook Thomas M Westermeyer Donald J Westphal Michael Wetherell David A Wettstone William M Weymouth James L Wheeler Michael B Wheeler Jack M Whetstone Barry B Whipple Edward A White Gene J White Ian C White Rev John D White Laurence M White Paul G White W John White Clifford D Whitehead Delbert V Whitenack Robert C Whitener Bruce A Whitner Nevin E Whitt Roger E Whitty D Scott Whitworth Jason K WhitWorth Calvin Ray Whorton Adam J Whyte Robert Wickersham Wallace W Wicks Egmont O Widman Edward C Wieland Craig A Wignall Brian D Wilger Randall H Wilhelm Tim Wilke Don A Wilkinson Clifford Williams David D Williams Garry M Williams Gary J Williams Martin B Williams Michael W Williams Peter V Williams Todd E Williams Warren L Williams Joe H Williamson Richard H Willis Russell V Willis Clarence Willison Edwin L Willson Cromie L Wilson Daryl D Wilson Erwin N Wilson Mark T Wilson

Terry Wayne Wilson Frederick L Wilt David R Wimer Glen E Wimmer Robert R Winders Kevin C Wineinger Charles Dee Wineland III Anthony Mikael Winkler David E Winton James T Winton Charley H Wise Luther M Wissinger Robert J Wissler Scott W Wojciechowski Sheldon Jay Wolberg Bruce P Wold George R Wolf Wilbur L Wolf Ian Daniel Wolff Andrew T Wong Craig R Wonson Dennis L Wood Douglas B Wood Ervin L Wood Escar Gene Wood James B Wood William R Wood Wm Trueman Wood Donald M Woodard William D Woodburn Christian B Woods James R Woods Joseph A Woods H Glenn Woody William H Woolf Randall J Wostratzky Robert C Wright Danny D Wyatt Randy D Yelton David Willard York Edward L York Coh L Yoshizaki E Leslie Young James D Young John J Young Ralph John Young Marc J Zaccaria G Robert Zechman Stephen A Zee James J Zehentbauer Charles S Zellner Casey J Zenner William P Zeranski Robert F Zielinski James H Zimmerman Miles Zimmerman Stanley Zimostrad Paul H Zink K Spencer Zinn Richard H Zucca Anthony C Zugay Ryan K ZumMallen Nicholas E Anderson Chase W Armer Richard P Arnell Pamela H Ator Donald Alvin Babb Arthur W Bean Chad D Becker Michael D Benton Albert J Berdis Thomas C Black John A Booth Albert L Boyd Ronald Brand Brian M Brown Ward H Bumpus Adrian Viola Burke Ryan R Burwell Keiran A Butterfield Reuben T Carlson Michael Carona Alexander Charleston Larry D Christian Reginald E Clevett Steven T Cloyd Larry Coates Christopher R Conklin Warren C Conover Pierce T Cox Jeremy Ryan Crown Reginald F Curtis Grant A Dail Nick Riffin Damus Gerald E Dannheim C M de Jong Jonathan L Dehring R Jeffrey Downe Gregory A Drensky Brian E Dunloy Charles W Eakins Charles J Eddinger John Steven Elliott Michael A Evans Joseph O Flora Harry Allgauer Foundation Imolean D Frazer Alfred H Funke R Douglas Galbreth James D Garrett Whiting Gas & Oil Ivan J Gautier Jeffrey R Gerard Michael J Giesecke Edwin W Giesler Paul N Giuliano A William Goede Martin E Grant Harry D Gundersen Warren G Harding Robert E Hawkins

Matthew Daniel Hemmerly Alexander M Horowitz Scott V Hugunin Joe Ireland J Donovan Jacobs Gerad A Johnson G Andy Johnson Shawn R Johnson Harold W Jordan Richard M Joslin Christopher M Kane Matthew W Kenton James A Kenyon Mary Elizabeth Kessler Andrew J Kirkwood Peter Kroner Steven E Kruper Aaron Davis Kwan Mary Lynn Lane Charles R Larkin Keith Myron Lausch David J Levine Jonathan D Linkov John M Lohbauer Dale R Lunn Kevin Monroe Madden Zac Mahlum Timothy Malacrida Arthur H Marlin Sean David McCann Ralph B McClintock Robert D McCrum Justin M McNeil Ted Moncure Phillip B Moore F Bernard Morrill James J Mulholland Ian Murphy Michael B Murphy Jonathan Stephen Neville Ann Nicholson Wright Gregory J Nicosia Jr Brandon Conner Nothnagel Kyle Kristopher Pearcy Thomas R Pierce Michael Pollock Jonathan H Rastegar Joseph T Ritchey Jr James E Robertson Maria Rodriguez Kimberly Sands David H Scarborough Adam P Schmidt Barry Schrager George M Seymour William C Sharples James P Sheahan Mark Smith Mark A Snider Kenneth W Sooter Mitchell Soso Victor R Spina Peter D Stegner Russell L Stephens Kyle I Stephenson Bradley Stone Sterling Waldemar Stopkey Jay R Syverson Paul M Tannen Robert Earl Tarr Jason M Thomas Bryan C Thomason Will Jacob Tomlin Guy W Trampe Guy A Trerotola Garrett E Truax John Turano Christopher M Walters John C Wardell Shaun M Wardle Kole T Weber William R Weis Matthew J Weishaar Nicco Alec Wesch Jeffery M White Douglas and Judith Whiting Sherry Wilcher Fred D Williams Herbert B Yu Roderic R Zalunardo

Cornerstone Club $500-$999 DDon G Abel Drew C Achterhof John R Adamec Robert J Adams Michael H Agnello James P Aiello John J Albert Philip M Aldape Trice S Alford Thomas P Algeo Gerald Estle Allen James M Anderson Jay R Anderson Jon B Anderson Karl G Anderson L Harold Anderson Efrain Andrews Shad L Andrews Jonathan E Ansbacher John McQueen Apple Timothy L Arcaro

Kirk P Arnett Frank A Ascoli Chad M Ashby Lloyd W Aubry William W Austin Joseph T Aveni John G Babbitt Charles W Babcock David V Bacehowski Herbert Saul Badal Matthew C Bagnall Owen P Bailitz Harold H Balser Ralph P Balzac Jason Ryan Bamburg Michael A Banks Robert G Barnhardt Todd A Barnum Thomas J Bath John William Battles Ronald C Baughman Ronald H Baumler James Oscar Baxter Paul F Bazan Paul C Beardslee Brian D Beecher James D Beeler Dennis W Beemon Lester E Beesley Carlos H Bejines Paul Strattan Bell Scott M Benedict Paul G Benedum Eric J Bennett Kyle M Bennett Allen B Benshoff Ralph W Bentle Gerald E Benton William Berchtold Alexander W Berger Raymond C Bevan Lawrence R Bidwell, PhD Bernard F Biegel Gene E Bigham Jules B Billard Wayne Earl Binkley John Alan Bishop David C Bizar Robert J Black James M Blackwood Robert D Blakley Douglas Roy Bleggi Gale Blosser Thomas F Blumenfeld Joseph W Blunk Craighton T Boates Everett N Boggs Corbin E Bolinger Mitchell A Bollinger William P Bonds Jack E Booth Larry Borcherding Francis J Boucher Darrell M Bowman James P Bowman John G Bowman John Schuyler Boyd Carlo Bracci, Sr John W Bradley Clyde A Brady William J Brady Harold M Braggans Mark E Brandon Robert J Brandstatter Edward J Breeze John M Brennan James D Brenner Eual Bayne Bridges James S Briggs Alan Richard Brill Richard S Brockway Donald C Brodie Thomas D Browand Mark F Brower Alex Joseph Brown Joy Earl Brown L Clark Bryan Stephen M Bryan Dennis A Bucalo Ronald Paul Bugbee Gerald C Bulkeley John Christopher Burcham Vernon D Burklund Michael S Burney Robert B Burns Sherman K Burns G Gordon Burroughs William S Burtness John Douglas Bush Frank P Bustamante James A Butkus David N Butner James A Buttram Edward T Byrd Robert W Byren Stephen P Byrne Stephen C Cagle Jimmie D Cain James A Cammack Salvatore Campagna John B Campbell R Paul Campbell Dominic R Caputo Richard T Carlin Donald A Carlson Bradford S Carpenter Ralph E Carpenter David J Carr Arnold Bruce Carson Caleb B Case Ralph Ellis Cash

Mark L Casner Lloyd C Cassidy Daniel S Catalano Albert J Catroppa Philip M Caughran Mark J Cecchi John M Cecere W Craig Chamberlin Richard L Chan William J Chapel John S Chaperon Robert W Chapin Bryant Chapter David S Chellgren Gary A Chessman Richard D Childress Fred M Chreist Owen C Christensen Clair Christianson Donald D Christoffersen Daniel J Chrzczonowski Richard John Chura John G Churchill Zeny R Cieslikowski Douglas W Clark Gregory B Clark Randall D Clark James M Cleary David W Clithero Brian C Closs Timothy J Clough Max E Coats Benjamin G Cochran Brian E Code Gary R Coffey Jeffrey H Coffin Steven R Cohn Connie K Coker Eric Collins W Towne Collins Brad P Colwell Stephen E Condrey Richard A Conroy Walter H Conser John Edward Cooper Gregory D Cotton Francis D Coulthard Michael E Covey John L Cowan Richard A Cowell Roy A Cowell Jasper H Cox Leonard J Cox Timothy D Cox Jay E Coy Robert M Craig Tyler Craig William M Crampton Kenneth C Crandall Ray T Crane Wayne T Craney James H Cravens James W Creasman Lyle M Cressey Glenn E Crippen George W Crowl William B Crust Richard F Curtin Michael A Curtis Paul A Curtis Vito D’Aiuto Mark L D’Valentine David C Dahlgren Mario V Damiano John W Daniel Chris Davidson Daniel W Davis David G Davis Forrest Lee Davis Geoffrey M Day Daniel James Dean Mick Dean Edward Deeb Philip G Degen Louis J DelJuidice Charles O Dennis Melvin Carl Dennis Dennis D Depew Henry A Deutsch Michael K Dichiser Charles A Dieman John B Dineen Mark E Dingle Jeffrey E Disend Richard L Diviney Aaron Michael Dixon Buddy R Dixon Theresa Dombrowski John Domercq Jr Herschel L Donaldson William L Doyle, Jr Eugene Frederick Dramm Michael K Dresback Candy Driscoll Lynn Richard Dueser Thomas E Duggar Frank Dunlap Cloyd T Dunn Frank John Durzo Charles M East Henry C Easterling Floyd S Eberts Ryan T Edgar L Orville Edlund Richard L Edwards Richard O Egan Carl Eggert James Hugh Elliott Greg E Ellner Clarence E Engel Jeremy R Erling

Dennis Ertzbischoff Anthony J Esposito Greg F Esterman David B Evans Andre Ezis George A Faber Stanley C Fagre Stephen E Falconer Thomas M Farrelly Chad N Farthing Dennis Randal Faust R Jeffrey Fear Gregory M Feduik Richard S Felhaber Geo R Fellows Clayton C Fenton Dwayne C Fielder Bradford E Fike Carl Robert Fiora Wesley F Fisher John W Fitzharris, Jr Neil F Fitzpatrick Richard S Fixott Brian E Flaherty Gregory W Fletcher Wallace J Flores Ryan Walter Foley Joseph E Follmer John G Ford Gary W Fordham Andrew J Forman Myrl E Forth Kevin B Fosse John Scott Foster Dan Michael Fox Kirk Franceschini Jeffrey W Frankenburg Ben Franklin Benjamin Franklin Harry C Frankmann Millard L Fretland Peter Freyer Robert G Frost Homer S Fry Thomas E Fuqua Jo Ann Galisky Robert M Galloway Monroe Galt Michael Henry Garcia-Jordan Jason C Gardner A Rod Garges Theodore Garrison Jonathan K Garvey James M Gehrke Richard L Genovese Alan G George Dietrich Gerber John R Giesecke Douglas Gillespie Richard I Gillespie Ronald M Gilliard Jeffrey C Gilmer H Richard Ginsberg Jonathan S Ginsberg William E Gittler James B Glass Michael A Gnagi Kenneth E Gobble Christopher D Golden Christopher J Golfes Jonathan R Gonnet Scott A Goodwin Stephen L Gore Joseph R Goulet Donald K Graham Brad Grambo Dane R Grams Hubert R Granger, III William F Grauch Lawrence S Graven Christopher J Gray David E Greaves Noel L Greenlee Seth R Greenspan Warren R Gregory Walter J Grieser Thomas D Griffin William Griffiths Herbert E Grimes John B Groh James W Growney Roy G Grube Mitchell A Gruber Leslie H Gumbiner Christopher S Gunzel Delph A Gustitus John C Haas Thomas E Habart Doyle C Haberly Donald V Haemmerlein Matthew A Hagemann Paul L Haines James C Hajduk Hugh D Hale David W Hall Jess L Hall Richard E Hall Robert J Hamlin Alexander M Hamling, MD Marian C Hammert Wade Lee Hampton James E Hanna Thomas A Hansen Douglas M Harding C Bruce Hardy Marcel Leonard Hardy Brandon M Hargrove Christopher W Harnack E Thomas Harnish Douglas J Harper

David F Harrell Michael R Harris Ralph W Harris John H Harrison Everett A Hart David W Hartman Ronald A Hartmann Richard N Harvey James F Hastings Homer Ralph Hatch Timothy Paul Hauenstein Phillip L Hazlett Larry C Heaton, II David Merrill Heck J Michael Hegarty Garth E Heidel Peter B Henderson Samuel R Henderson T Drew Hendrix R Peers Henes Richard J Henke Charles P Henness James C Henry Robert S Henson David S Herdlinger Don C Hershey Kenneth E Heugel Bruce A Hewetson J Robert Hicks Bruce R Hiday Ronald C Higgins C Edward Hightower Christopher J Hildebrandt Jonathan D Hile Edward J Hill John P Hillebrandt Thomas J Hine Anthony R Hipp Joseph F Hodge James R Hoefener Robert E Hoerter William R Hoff Caius M Hoffman Harry E Hoffman Gordon W Hogle Barton M Hoglund Nicholas J Hohenberger John C Holke Richard C Holland George O Holman Raymond C Holmer Carl W Holmes George R Hooper John Thomas Hoover Ronald D Hopper Vaughn A Hormann Roger A Hosfeld James H Houston, Jr James E Houston Richard R Hover Richard A Howarth Sage A Howell Robert A Hoyt Byron Carl Hubanks Robert K Hubbard, III James F Huber Charles E Hughes Charles L Hughes Kurtis W Huisman Raymond J Hull Lt Col Richard Humes John A Iacocca Osmer C Ingalls Dudley S Ingraham Marc S Irizarry Burl J Jackson Dennis A Jackson John M Jacobs Jerry Jacobson Christopher Janusz Stuart P Jeffares Robert M Jeffcott Robert G Jefferds Chris D Jensen Michael G Johnson Michael G Johnson, Jr M Andrew Johnson Noel L Johnson Shannon C Johnson Steve R Johnson Howard E Johnston Jimmy K Jones John Paul Jones Larry D Jones Vern Cleo Jones Robert C Jordan Timothy M Joyce Eugene D Juba Floyd J Juday Robert G Judd Carey E Jue Bernard J Jumbeck George E Justice Robert S Justice Ely L Kahwaty Gregg A Kaminsky John Harold Kanter Alex Kaufman B W Kearney Frederick H Kela Andrew T Kelley Craig L Kelley John J Kelly David B Kennamer H Fred Kennedy Stephen Forrest Kennedy Thomas A Kennedy Clifton T Kent Mark D Kenworthy George W Keyes Ray Kimball

Karl W King Paul Wilson King Dean S Kingman William D Kinsaul Jeffrey D Kirby Lewis D Kirgis Jeffrey M Klaiman William H Klein Frederick J Klemeyer Douglas B Klenke Jack M Klosterman, Jr Robert V Kluge Paul E Knapp Stephen F Knight Robert J Knowlton Aaron W Koch John P Koepke Joseph M Kolar David A Kolodziej William E Korbus J Michael Kral Dennis J Krautkramer Howard S Kravitz Larry R Krehbiel Bruce N Kriebel Daniel E Kubiak Scott E Lacey Clyde F Lacy Gregg D Lammi Robert J Lamphere John Allen Landrum Stephen K Landry Larry B Langford Edward S Langholz Dr Robert N Larimer Keith G LaRose Elmer H Larson John L Larson Terry L Larson Lee Laux Steven G LaVoie Gregory C Lawton Ronald Fetter Lay Alfred F Leatherman O J LeBaron Frank A Ledgerwood Charles R Lee Michael E Lee Soong Yup J Lee Robert H Leebody Michael E Leech Steven M Lemm Edmund B Lennig Richard L Lepper Mark F Leppert Philip H LeRoy Michael C Less Thaddeus J Lewandowski Clifford C Lewis Gary Allen Lewis Howard P Lewis Kenneth O Lewis William J Lewis Robert Carl Liden Harold J Lind Michael S Lindahl Stephen D Linder Paul D Linderman, Jr Paul E Lindow William D Lindquist Thomas M Lindsey Alan F Lippman Curtis W Little Sun Robert T Littlejohn Charles F Lockhart Stephen Loeffler Daniel Loftus Joseph R Loggins E John Lonn James S LoPrete Clifford S Losen Fred L Lotter Rodney M Love Scott M Lovett Bruce A Loyd Richard C Lucas William G Luckey Kurt E Lutterman David B Lyman David Kent Lyman Robert R Lynch Mary Obear MacDougall Thomas Macina Alexander R MacMillan Daniel J Mages Michael T Mahan Elbert J Maloney Gregory K Man Ben F Mancuso Richard S Manley Charles R Mann Marcus R Mann Dennis Eugene Marquardt Walter P Marschall John V Marstrell Kevin B Martin Oliver H Martin Robert Martin Victor R Mattox Philip P Maxwell Jeffrey B McAdoo William H McCahan Rogers C McCauley Anthony S McClain H Paul McCorkle Donald H McCuaig Mark A McCullough Michael P McCullough Cameron Kilmer McCully John Richard McDonald Lee McDonald

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Bryon L McDougall Randall McGee Rob R McGregor Ben G McGuire J Ian McKay Robert E McKelvey Brian J McLaughlin Thomas A McLelland Fred B McLemore Ryan M McQueeney Jay B Meacham Ryan P Meagher Gary H Mears Kyle L Medlin Robert Meinershagen Coleman R Menyhert Roscoe E Menz Robert L Mersch Timothy C Metcalf William L Meuleman Steven E Meyer Walter F Meyers Daniel D Mezydlo Christopher M Middleton Edmund J Mihalski Christopher D Miller Gerald W Miller Henry Fred Miller Leon W Miller Roger B Miller Daniel C Mills G A Mills George Hunter Mitchell Lewis E Mitchell Robert F Mitchell Charles H Moellenberg Joel P Monger Daniel Monks John D Montgomery Marty W Montgomery Arthur D Moore James H Moore Paul Eugene Moore Richard W Moore William L Moore John T Moran George E Moredock Philip R Morris Johnny Mack Morrow Scott B Morrow Larry Dean Moss Gregory A Moyer James R Moyer Thomas P Mullaney Charles L Murphree Max Ray Murphy Walter R Naas John B Nairn Christopher A Nardo C Richard Nash Donald W Naught John C Neely James A Nelson George J Neumayer Sherill S Newton Delmer M Nicholls John W Nichols Michael R Nichols Philip B Nichols David Earl Nielsen Paul H Niemann Bryan E Niezgoda Michael Nikonchuk William Lyle Nolan Col Richard A Norton John A Novak Robert J Novelli, II James R Novitsky Michael Novotny Robert T O’Brien William N O’Brien John P O’Reilly Nick G Oakley Brian D Oetjen Heather Ogilvy Hutchinson Myron L Olson John K Olsson Jonathan William Onorato David S Orlofsky Donald C Osborn Gage N Osthoff Gerald W Oursler Gifford R Pace Ronald R Pacini Fred H Page Ray Eugene Page David S Paladino Robert M Pallas Michael R Papciak Walter W Papciak John Z Pare’ Robert G Parker Scott Parker Paul G Parry Howard A Partch, AIAE Edward Pascavage Ian R Patrick Donald A Payne Peter Bradford Peard Charles M Pearre James A Pearson William M Peek Eugene K Pembroke James T Pennington Jonathan P Perret Donald L Peters Douglas L Peters Charles L Peterson Wiley K Peterson William W Peterson Donald C Petite


Thomas J Petitto Mario Petruzzelli Donald Roy Pettit Carl W Petzold Paul J Phillips Mark A Pickens James M Pickle Daniel G Pilling Albert T Pitman James D Platt Peter Polites Richard A Pollard Jerry D Pontius Miller J Poppleton Richard W Post Joel S Poythress Rodney A Prall Michael A Prestash Lloyd L Prevett Burroughs H Price James D Price Marcus E Price David E Prieto Michael A Provencher Thomas J Provencher Julian K Ptomey Francis J Puleo Joe Winford Pyle Ellsworth Quinlan Courtney B Ramsay Howard L Randall Hans Leonhard Raum Michael J Rearick Daniel J Recker, Jr Peter R Redding James T Reilly John J Reilly Theodore R Resnik Charles T Richards Matthew R Richardson Mark V Rickabaugh William A Riddle Matthew B Ridgway Douglas M Riley Edward L Ripley Robert A Rissell Albert J Ristimaki Alan L Ritter James R Roach Jeff T Roberts Roy Lee Roberts David W Robertson John F Robertson Neil A Robertson Timothy S Robinson Jose F Rodas Donald Edward Rodda Joseph E Roe Douglas Rohde James H Rohrer Terry R Rombalski Gary A Romero Alan H Rook Michael E Roos Glenn J Rose David Rosenfeld Allen D Roth Emanuel L Rouvelas Gerald H Rowe Kevin J Rowe Robert M Rowett Timothy R Rudeen Brian D Runkle Stephen W Rupe Charles F Ryan John J Rydlewicz Michael V Sadlowski Connor K Salm Erich J Sanchack Arthur R Sandberg Ronald T Sandow Milton L Sandy R Harrison Sanford Alexander P Santini J Bradley Sargent Ryan L Sboray John R Scatterday Jim A Schaffner Jerome R Schechter Cleo A Schemp Andrew L Schmidt Donald Schnedeker Eric M Schneider Frank T Schnorrenberg Jack Schofield Jonathan M Schofield Walter Scholl Cody R Schrock Thomas R Schuck Russell L Schuetz William H Schulte Richard R Schultz David C Schulz Philip W Schumacher Leroy J Schurmeier George H Schwary C J Scott Richard J Scott William J Scott Donald E Scriven Howard S Seibert John D Seidel Eldon E Senner Theodore Seyfarth Samuel Shapiro James M Shaw Robert L Shedd J Ross Sherohman Jeremy D Shiliga Wallace T Shinkle Courtney E Shipley

Delta Chi Quarterly

Robert L Shofstall Henry M Shook Maurice Shulman Richard W Shumar Paul D Siebert John T Siefert Steven M Simerka Robert P Simon Gordon Simpson James A Simpson John W Slade Randall R Slater Robert C Sleight Christopher EW Smith Eric M Smith Geary M Smith Joel R Smith Paul E Smith Randy J Smith Robert C Smith, Jr Ronald E Smith Stephen L Smith Richard E Smoot Ronald H Snow Russell C Sobelman Sidney L Soldwish Eric Sonnich Melinda Sopher Donald R Sorensen Bryan D Sorge Arthur S Spangler Richard A Sperling Salvatore Spinola Vance G Sprague Mark R Stahl Noah Lee Stallworth C Alan Stanfield Mark T Stanley James R Starr John T Stasny Paul H Stearns James C Steffan Michael D Stehlik Mark D Stephany Donald F Sternard John Gardner Stevenson Francis M Stewart George E Stewart William C Stewart Robert D Still Carl J Stock Jason F Stokes James A Stolfi Kevin R Stonner Donald M Stookey Donald B Stoughton Edward J Strasma William C Strohm Jay R Sturm Walter Sturm John C Sullivan William J Summerville Robert H Suter William A Suter Philip G Sutton Paul J Swanson Scott R Sward Herbert P Swartz Douglas A Swift Alvaro Tafur Walter C Taggart Douglas J Tapp Gregory D Taylor M Haluk Taysi James R Theaker Paul J Thoma Howard P Thomas Jay D Thomas Karam John Thomas Steven W Thomas William L Thomas Clayton R Thompson Jack A Thoner Eric Edward Thoreson Robert D Thornburg David G Tibma Howard Tillson Lawrence T Tingen Troy M Tossy Norman F Tower Nicholas G Trial John C Trussell Joseph A Tufigno David T Tumbry Daniel R Turner David Wade Turner Timothy C Ulrich Robert Scott Van Zant, PhD Manoj R Varma Michael Velgouse, Jr John G Vescova Philip P Vineyard Ivo Vissers Edward P Vrtis Patrick L Wachendorf Andrew P Wachter Gordon P Wagner Richard L Wagner Christopher F Waite John G Walker Stephen J Walker Webster U Walker Donald S Walter Wilbur L Walter John D Wanvig Stephen J Ward Edwin E Warner Otis S Warr Fred H Warren James E Warren Phil L Waterman

Robert Lee Wathen Richard D Watson Alan B Watts Brian D Waxler Charles M Webber Thomas D Webber Gregory Paul Weeks James Richard Wein Gen James S Welch Robert Lewis Weldon Anthony Wellenreiter Irving L Wells Frederic K Welts J Richard Wenker Ellwood V Werry, PE Carl L Westin Rick Westphal James E Wheat William E Wheeler Alexander P Wheelock Auburn Wherley Edward J White James M White Kenneth S White William L White Gregory A Williams Grover Wilson R Kim Wilson Richard A Wilson Wilbur Wilson William D Wilson Henry F Winchester Jackson E Winters John T Wintler Michael J Wirtz Jack N Wismer Carl F Woessner Walter R Woirol Benjamin C Wold John Paul Wollam Richard L Wood Timothy M Woodbury Chris Woodruff-Jackson Donald C Woodward Timothy D Woodward Geoffrey D S Wright Thomas Z Wright Wendell S Wright Robert J Wynne James Henry Wysong Alvin I Yamashiro Hassell E Yates James F Yeager Timothy A Yochum B Joe Youngblood Harold P Younger Eugene J Zander Gust C Zarnas Kevin W Zeller William Zeus Ludwig Ziegelmair Richard H Zimmerman Steven T Zimmerman Emory W Zimmers Alan S Zuberbuehler Walter H Zukof Alex Zurita Robert S Allen Kenneth R Anderson Steven D Ankeny Richard A Barber Claud O Boothman Jodi Bukowski Flemming & Colleen Christensen Matthew Doland Clark Gary M Cole John W Croswell Clark E Daves Milan J Dotlich Sally Duenow John Edward Eckel Mark W Haney John M Hawley Jason R Heaton Scott M Hines Stephanie Hippo Robert H Hollenbeck John E Hudelson Jeffrey S Jones Yun S Kim Justin Kloos Scott A Kvammen Kathryn Lambacher Peter Larson Kenneth H Law Craig A Lickley T J Lindsley Stacy Lloyd IV Mark J Maier Perry A Martinson Donald Mathews David P Maxey Connor McPherson Arthur Neis Gregory J Nelli Thomas Mark O’Flynn Richard F Parrish Mark D Powell Fred Reinders Edward P Rich John W Rodican III Jonathan M L Schlueter Michael A Shamblin Robert C Snyder Edward N Sullivan Ronald B Surmacz Brandon Sweeney Karl Traeger Kenneth S Tramel Alois W Uek

Glenn A Usery Richard J Van Stell David L Westol Joseph Thomas Willingham

Founder’s Circle $1,000$2,499 Douglas H Abel Roger E Abernathy Alex A Accetta Steven R Ackerson Craig H Adams Steven L Adams Ronald L Adolphi Calvin K Agger Anthony W Albano Thomas A Aldrich Samuel J Alexander James Wylie Almand Mark G Alteri Robert L Amstadter, MD Martin R Anastasio Charles F Anderson James A Anderson Gary S Andrasko Sid Edward Anton John M Ashley Vernon E Askew Jennifer Ator Bob Austin Jon P Bachelder James John Baggatta, Jr Edgar S Bagley John M Bailitz D Glenn Baird William M Baldwin Jon W Ball Michael S Barclay Charles Thomas Barkman Miles E Barnett Morris Barnett James R Bartlett Basil T Bauch Robert S Bayers Glen J Beams Robert A Beardsley John C Beck Albert B Becker David B Becker Garth D Becker George D Bedell Ronald S Beerman Jeffrey C Bell Robert F Benbow Robert L Bence David L Bennett James A Bennett Richard W Bennett Robert B Bennett Robert F Bennett Newell F Bentley III Douglas R Berg Jeffrey M Berger Kenneth A Bergman Stephen J Bernstein Jeffrey K Betzoldt Christopher J Beukenkamp Joseph L Bevirt Vernon F Beyer Stephen M Bianchi John Biggers Jimi Bingham Steven J Bizzell Alex Black Christopher T Black Gerald W Blackburn John Andrew Bland Joshua C Block Charles H Blunt Arlie R Bobo Lowren A Bock Donn Anton Bodine Jeffrey S Boehm Jeffrey A Bond Louis Bonilla Dustin C Boothe Gary L Borkowski Phillip E Born William G Boyer Robert Lee Branch Michael G Braun James M Bright, Jr Alan H Brightman Robert E Brockie Thomas G Brown Chad A Brue J Royce Bryant Joel H Bryden Richard H Buchanan Gary S Buck Walter Scott Buffham John P Burkell Gleim S Burkhart Donald M Burney Jeffrey E Burt Joseph F Busta Milan G Busta John R Byers Jeff Cain Gregory P Calosso Trevor Cangelosi

Brian E Capps Edward G Capps Todd G Caraway Charles E Carlin C Larry Carmichael Thomas W Carneal John M Carpenter Timothy J Carper Daren J Carstens Kenneth J Cartwright Gary W Caulkins Paul G Cavalli Alexander Chan Ed S Charles Richard I Chenoweth George I Chesley Wayne A Christ Arthur C Christman Matthew J Claflin David M Clapper William K Clark Ralph T Cleage Keith J Cleary J Lee Clements William M Clements Gordon L Clemmons W Patrick Cobb Robert J Cochran Thomas E Code Ethan Colbert Charles M Cole Leland Dean Cole Zachary A Cole John E Coleman Brian A Collins J Ferrell Colton Carter M Comaford Everett L Comings Frederick Connally Mary Connor John C Conroy Linda S Cook Albert A Coppola Steven A Corbett Michael R Cormier Rhes H Cornelius Christopher J Costas Kevin M Costner David R Courant John Cousley Jeffrey A Cove Gordon L Cox Paul A Cox O R Cram Michael J Cripe E Bryant Crutchfield Clark H Cummins Daniel E Curriden Parnell S Curry Michael Cusack Joseph Cybak Anthony R D’Ambrosio Horace D’Angelo William Y Dabney Mark S Dabran Robert W Dade D Drew Dalgetty Drew Dallet John F Daniels Robert Ellis Davis Owen R Davison Michael R Davy P Russell Day D Dick De Line Joseph M De Nardi Gary M Dean David L DeBari Patrick J Dehnart Roderic E Deines J Scott DeLee David C Demme Paul W Deppert John Edward Derwort Stephen M Desens Christopher J Desmond Gary Jon Deys Christopher J Diak David M Dickens Stanley B Dickson William R Diefenbach Col Arthur H Dietz James M Dinneen William A Dittmore Scott Dixon Walter B Dobbs James K Dobey Christopher J Domke James Frederick Donahue Andrew J Douglas Keith M Douglass Kenneth E Dover Dana L Dow John E Dramm Rodman C Drews Donald H Driemeier Alan F Drinkard Russell H Driscoll Jack C Dryden Edwin W Dulaney Becket Campbell Duncan Cabe T Duncan John T Dunn Charles P Durante J Dixon Earley James D Eason Hon John Edward Eberle Quinn E Eddins Robert E Edgerly Matthew S Ehrhart Richard A Eimers Allan Eisenwinter

Rich P Ellingsworth Harold H Elliott Howard O Emorey Donald E Enright Gary Gene Eskew Joshua Patrick Evans Neil E Fackler Roland A Fagre David Richard Farmer Byron Lee Farrell Walter J Farrell Dale J Faubert David Mark Feder William M Feldman F Mitchell Fender III B Fiske Field Mark Andrew Fifer Joseph P Finan Piero Fioravanti Timothy M Fish Connie Neil Fisher Timothy E Fitzsimmons Lindsay Fleck George M Flynn Ronald W Force Robert R Frame Jason D Frampton Justin D Francis Steven P Freitas James E Friestad James P Fuger Donald D Fuqua Tom S Gable David R Gallagher Michael A Gamble Delphin A Gantt Ronald D Garrison Russell E Geiger Brian A George Harold M Gibbons Tommy R Giddings Aaron M Gilbert Michael Paul Gilkenson David A Gillespie Michael T Gilley Andrew C Gilligan Sam Lou Ginn Donald Ray Glancy David R Gleason Ralph L Godshalk Steven D Goldstein James L Gollaher Tommy L Goodwin Thomas E Gordon Raymond E Gotshall Charles W Goudie Joseph F Gradisher Jean E Graham-Gilliat Tyson N Graves Derrick Steven Gray J Nick Gray Zane M Gray Michael Lee Greedy Thomas Gregorovich G William Gregory Raymond K Grindel Stephen M Grosman Stephen C Grushetsky Kirke Grutzmacher Michael A Guerino Aaron J Gunn David S Gunzel Craig M Gustin Glenn J Guth Robert S Gwiasda Thomas W Halupnik Divante A Hamilton Walter S Hammert D Kent Hamrick Thomas D Haney Robert A Hanley Brian M Hansen George K Hansen T Lyle Harlor William E Harlor Rodney Harris Thomas L Hart Henry W Hartsfield Tommy R Hastings R P Hatch Steven E Haught Joseph C Hawkins William F Hayes Michael J Hebert Randall B Heemer Jonathan Heiland Kenneth W Heist John R Helter II Hamilton B Henderson Douglas J Henry Robert L Hertel John W Hess Jason W Hetherington Timothy K Heuer Wayland Ray Hicks Marc S Hildebrant David L Hill Donald E Hill John M Hill Maurice J Hill William G Hillier Thomas D Hillmer Frank C Hinds Norman P Hines Edward H Hirsch Richard P Hise Harold Hitchins John E Hoadley James R Hodgson James E Hoffheins Stephen M Hogan

Thomas M Holden James M Holland Jack T Hollenback Shaun Chester Hollenbeck Jr Harry Parl Holman James W Holman Julian R Holmes William D Holmes Robert E Holzgrafe John W Horch Lester K Horn Clifford L Hornsby Max L Hoskins Kenneth Housholder Carl Howard William Howard Marvin E Howell Harold J Hughes Robert L Hull Arthur F Humphrey Charles C Humphries David R Hunt Wallace S Hutcheon Phillip M Hutchinson Paul W Hutchison Melvin J Huxtable Marc G Hynes Chris S Ikehara Ned Irish E Edward Isaac John D Isaacs Hiroshi Itoh Martina Jackovich Roger L James William R Janowski Frank Jantac Paul G Jasper Daniel L Jeakins Andrew O Jensen Stephen C Johansen Frederick B Johns Gregory C Johnson Matthew C Johnson Peter Shaw Johnson R Keith Johnson Scott E Johnson Michael C Johnston Luther Columbus Joyner Clark G Jue Terence P Kahn John A Kahoun William C Kallander Thomas J Kane, Jr John P Kedzierski George C Kelchner Thomas E Kelleher Bertram F Kelly David Frederick Kent Sean F Kilfoil Kap Soo Kim William C King Jeff Kingsbury David Emery Kinnan Kenneth R Klutzke Stephen F Knapp Earl L Knauss William C Knoblauch Robert L Knox August J Koebbe David C Koelsch B G Adam Koltz William J Kooistra Christopher S Kopech Douglas W Korn Kevin J Kostoff David C Krane Franklin B Krauss Brandon L Krugman Jason E Krzyzanowski Armin A Kuhlman Thomas S Kuntz Nadeem A Kureshi Craig J LaCava David W LaCour Michael D Lafever Brian Lafond Thomas P Lambe Warren H Lampert Roger Lee Larson Wayne A Lavendusky James Stuart Lawder William E Lawder Joseph J M Lease Alfred L Leavitt Peter John Leets Dean A Lefebvre Christopher W Leibman Scott H Leigh Leon L Lemaire Eugene J Leone Frederick Wayne Leonhardt Glen B Lerch Richard J Lintner Peter W Livingston Daniel C Lluch Kevin M LoCicero John Henry Locklin Daniel J Loewy Randall G Loftis Horace H Look Mark J Luginbill Raymond W Luken John R Lushbaugh Richard A Lutes Mark T Luttier Hei Tsun Ma James M Mabbutt Robert A Magnusson George M Maher Robert F Mallon

B Robert Malouf Charles T Manatt Rowland R Manatt Leonard M Manning Sr Raymond E Manning Suraj Maraboyina Michael D Marino Daniel J Mariotti Richard Mariscal William D Marshall Gerald J Martin Michael A Martinez David W Matthews William E Mattinson Donald S Maurer John M Mauro Jamison S Maxwell Ronald J May Newman E McAllister Earl E McCann John E McCarragher Richard H McCarty Matthew L McCloskey Charles W McConnell Kenneth R McCune John E McDaniels Michael B McFarland Brent L McGill George L McGinness Bernard T McGivern Jerry L McGriff C Wade McGuffey Arthur B McIntyre Paul D McKinnis Michael J McLain Douglas O McLemore Daniel Joseph McTague Joseph G Meredith Kevin G Mess Joseph D Messerman George Meyer Daniel A Mica David R Mica John R Miller William C Miller William C Miller Michael L Mitchell Ronald J Mix Kenneth J Moll Paul A Monaco Louis C Mone, PhD Ramiro A Montufar Larry Gene Moore Maurice L Moore Darrell E Morgan Guy C Morin George L Morrow Robert Lamar Mouch Wm H Mountain Jack Muntz Robert P Muratore Andrew S Nachamie Charles R Naeser John R Nalley Michael A Nangano Henry T Nazdrowicz Thomas Shannon Neal Henry H Neel Verna Nelli-Herman Dolph F Nelson Kenneth W Nelson Martin O Nelson Richard E Nelson Thomas E Nelson Gregory P Ness Dale J Neuman John C Nevin, Jr Marc Alan Nichols Jerry D Nininger John E Noble Phillip L Noe Evan G Nolan Jon L Norris Robert L Novak Gregory A O’Berry Harold W O’Connor Harry W O’Connor Kevin M O’Neill Fanning T Oakley James H Obear James D Olson Richard A Olsson Richard C Oppelt Alexis V Oreta Timothy E Ovel J Tommy Overcash Matthew H Paine Connor W Patman Randy L Patterson Jonathan C Paugh William C Paye William K Peairs Conrad F Pearson Harvey J Pearson Arthur J A Peltier John Ray Perry Joseph A Perry Evan R Peters Vincent R Petrecca Kurt S Petry Gregory A Philiotis Jeffrey E Philiph Wilbur L Pickering Joseph C Pickett Matthew E Pierce James H Plummer Herbert R Pohl Bennett D Polack John J Polakowski Cary F Poole Wayne H Potter

F Verne Powell George M Powell Richard B Preu John H Price Paul J Prutzman Brendan K Puthoff Karl Bonawit Putnam M Kevin Queen Charles E Racine Gordon Rains Myron E Ranney Charles Edward Ray Jacob Reck Fred E Reese Jerrold H Rehmar Richard C Reilly William E Reimer Jack Mel Rider Chris Riley Michael D Rimer Paul Risinger Andrew Allen Ritter John C Rivers George S Robbins Burton W Roberts Christopher W Roberts John F Roberts Malcolm W Robertson Stephen J Robinson Allen Roes Derek S Roh Edward M Roob Daniel C Roskom Homer R Ross Michael E Ross Lynn G Rowells Thomas W Rymer Arthur W Sackrison Scott J Saldana John J Sampanes John W Sauer John H Schaefer Scott A Schaefer John G Schanner Gregory S Scherrer Michael R Schiavoni Russell S Schindehette Gary N Schmedding Peter F Schmidt Frederick E Schmitt Larry M Schneider Irvin W Schoeninger Thomas A Schonauer Allan Schwager Richard G Schweikhardt Christopher Robin Scott G Walter Scott George L Seaton David A Sed Mark M Seman J Dean Semon Don A Seufert Donald W Shaffer William R Shelton Justin P Sherman Bruce H Shields Richard T Shiflett Jack W Shirley Daniel C Shoemaker Jan P Shoemaker Robin D Shoop Mack D Short Duncan J Silver Stephen H Simonds Robin D Sipes Norman James Sitar D Stephen Slack John M Smaha Laurence D Smetana Charles Ray Smith Dennis E Smith Frederick C Smith Gregory E Smith Jeffrey S Smith Kenneth O Smith Laurence A Smith Todd P Smith Guy H Snowden Aaron A Snyder Alan Howard Snyder Edward A Soens Eric W Southard Robert T Sparrow Emil R Spees Stephen B Spencer Michael A Spica Frank L Spittle Todd W St Clair Fred C Stalder John W Stanfield Stephen T Stazel Jeremy E Steelberg Grant S Steenrod Keith J Steiner Rodney L Steven Paul R Stevens Richard C Stevens Thomas L Stevens Michael A Stollmeyer Charles W Stopp Scott B Stotlemeyer, PE Edward A Streed Donald L Stripling Richard J Studer LTC Robert M Stump Rudolph H Stuppnig George C Sturgeon James P Sturm Thomas R Sulentic Philip J Sullivan Aditya Suresh

Arthur W Sutton Parker F Sutton Charles R Sweeney Jeffrey S Tamasi Joseph G Temple Robert N Tenczar Brent A Terwilliger Roland H Tesene Jeffrey D Thompson Dan T Thomson Thomas E Thornton, PhD John P Thurmon Paul H Tingleff John H Tinker Mark E Tlapak Douglas Payne Todd Joseph M Toolis John G Toomer Robert J Topolski Ronald T Topping Kenneth D Tracy James E Trautman Domenick P Treschitta C S Trosper Scott R Turer Keith Leon Turley Alan J Udell Ralph E Ulrich Alex Umanetz Barry A Umbs Julia Valder Philip Cornelis van der Made Alexander M Vance John T Vance Paul C Varsanik, Jr Roger A Vasconcells George J Vernau Matthew S Vick Michael D Vickrey Father Anthony Vinson, OSB Angelos J Vlahakis David Vogel Richard J Voigt Robert D Vollhaber G Scott Volling Frank Voris Harold N Voss Kevin A Vought Nicholson G Wade Henry E Wahl Frank J Waite Robert D Walters Donald J Ward Robert L Ward David T Warford Glenn R Watson Matthew Vincent Weaver Orrin Favre Webb Richard Bryan Webb Geoffrey E Webster William A Weeks James Palmer Welch James Donald Wells Dean C Werst David M Wertz Jon D Wertz Arthur H Weston Olin A Wetzel Robert C Wheeler Douglas E Whitley William G Whitney James M Wilcher Christian Andrew Wilder IV Drew Wilkinson H Dale Willey Kirt A Williams James A Wilson Nick Lynn Wilson Ralph O Wilson Thomas E Wilson K Dale Wingo David D Wisdom Donald E Womack Norman K Womer Dennis T Woodling Thomas M Woodruff Andrew William Woolley Charles Wright Jerold E Wright John D Wright Theodore V Wright Claesen D Wyckoff Merton S Yerger Alan L Yoder David F Zak Frank W Zak Adam Zax Ben A Zelazny Kenneth H Ziegenbusch Ryan K Zinn Duke W Zinser Stephen J Zsolcsak Stephen J Zvanya Philip H Zwergel Jeffrey H Albright Timothy P Arenberg John D Armstrong Garrett N Brown Harry Reece Brown Michael Burkell Phil Busick Robert D Campbell Loren A Deer John J Deering Duncan W Edwards James Erwin Egger Charles M Evans Ernest Ferguson Justin R Foreman Daniel R Frattin Jack Grossman

Albert F Hastings Stanley Isaac Fred L Jessup Billy B Johnston Edward A Kangas Michael E Kasamis Ken and Mary Keller Christopher M Kilroy Adam Eugene Kotlinski Russell C MacFall Brian W Martin Steven McPherson Clifton E Mowrer Rene C Owczarski Arthur J Preller David Ruedrich MD Charles D Rutt John Samore Robert D Schabacker Farrington T Schaeffer Nathaniel K Smith John D Steiner Steven Edward Tambon Jeffrey S Topley Russell J Turney Christian A Wargo Brian T Webster Timothy A Wehr Melville B Wier Silas T Wild Russell K Williams Jonathan D Wilson Jeffrey Wolcowitz Michael Woodard Steven M Yager

Kimball’s Club $2,500$4,999 Daniel J Adams Phil H Alday, Jr James R Alexander Brian J Alexy James W Allman, III Marc Richard Amons Stephen F Anderson Douglas A Arenberg Kenneth A Aschom Larry P Audlehelm Dennis A Ault Steve H Austin Navy F Banvard Justin A Bartlett C Edward Beavers James T Bedsole Hugh E Behny Stephen E Behr Kevin R Bell Carl Richard Benson Nathan T Bibus Stephen D Blank Jr Paul M Bohannon Jeffrey T Boone Mark R Borelli Kenneth H Brink Phillip A Brooks Kenneth A Buel Austin Bullock William P Bunyan Timothy Wilson Buttigieg John F Caperton David R Carlson Daniel R Carrigan Robert M Caruso Ryan P Cash Robert G Cass Gregory M Cazel Robert Clarke Ronald D Clayton Kelvin R Cole Gary Robert Coleman Jefferson Coleman David S Conklin Ruben Javier Conn Frederick H Connell James H Conway Robin E Cook Arthur Ray Cooper Doyle E Cooper John G Copeland Michael T Corlew Stephan Cossack Richard Cossack Jeremy B Coullard James A Cox John C Cox Christopher S Crawford James F Crawford Donald S Cromwell Jacob R Cross Keith R Cryderman Dennis K Cuffel Marc E Czapla Kenneth C Dahms Leslie J Davidson J Reed Davis Steven G Davis John M Dean Daniel J DeCicco Richard B DeGraff Anthony L Deley Joseph A DeMarco James Walker Demby

David R Dent Gerald D Denton, II Daniel W Di Santo Berardino J DiBernardi Michael M Dickerson Matthew T Dorney Carl Eugene Dorris David S Doty Christopher J Douville N Wayne Dwight Robert J Eason Robert K Edds Barry A Eller David On-Pong Eng James E English Sherwood L Fawcett James V Ferrara Dennis Lee Fielder Stanley W Fletchall Martin E Flynn James R Gaebe John Miller Galvin James T Garrett, Jr James M Garvey John C Garvey, Sr Charles O Geerhart David P Geiselhart Alexander J Gentile Scott S Gibson David T Goberville Brian D Godsy Mark C Goebel Max Goecker Thomas G Golaszewski Steven H Goldberg Scott E Golden Roberto F Gonzalez Michael E Graff J Daniel Graham Austin David Green Evan H Gull Russell J P Gunther Warren E Hadley Warren K Haeberle John M Hale Kent A Hanway Brian R Harless David L Harlor Brian C Heeren Mark P Herberger Milton W Herchenrider Lawrence R Herkimer Grant T Herrin Paul C Hoeffer Andrew Robert McCarthy Hoeft Richard E Hoff Charlie Hong Paul Dean Horn Henry R Hosman Benjamin A Howard Brett Hulst Richard D Hunt John E Hurt David B Jenks Arnaldo Jimenez Bobby Joe Johnson R Charlton Johnson Brian D Jones Robert E Jones, III Ronald W Jones Gregory A Juceam Daniel M Karnuta Guilford C Kater Maurice J Keesey Kevin J Kell Charles R Kelley Michael S Kennedy Dwight H Kensil Nikolaus J Kern Robert L Kessler S Matthew Killingsworth Michael J Kinkelaar John R Kirkpatrick Herbert G Klein Josh C Klein Eric W Koelsch Richard R Kruger Jarret T Kwiatek Robert P LaBouy Andrew M Lancaster Donald H Landis Mark E Landstrom Eric M Larson James F Leach Timothy J Leahy Eric J Leigh Joseph K Leinbach Steven F Levin Jeffrey I Lewis Mitchell Jared Licht John A Lindemann Gregory E Lindsay Edward A Loseman Charles Lu Christopher Allen Luders Donald E Lukens Stuart K Lyngaas Jonathan S Lyons Charles W MacGregor George E Mack Argelio A Maldonado Robert C Manning Christopher P Marois Von E Mason Michael Joseph Maurer James G McComb Steven R McCowan Ronald D McCoy Jeffery R McDurmont William M McGough

Richard N McKaig Warren H McLeod Timothy W McMurtrey James W McNamee Claude McNorton John H McPherson, Jr Kenneth L Merrick Bryant A Meyers Scott M Miller Vernon R Miller William R Monroe David M Moore Jonathan D Moore T J Moore Donald E Moors David J Morehead Kevin K Morrison Michael Kevin Morrissey Timothy P Murkett Eugene W Murray James M Murray Harold C Myers Michael D Nadler Russell K Nash David E Nelson Eric W Nelson Herbert Wayne Norton Roy T Norton Roland W Oberholtzer Gregory Y Otten Arthur M Oustalet Taylor R Owens Kori Dominic Padron D P Paiste Arloe W Paul C Don Paulsell Kevin F Peranio William C Peterson Ronald Wayne Phillips, II Joseph C Piff Stanley K Pinkham William Alan Pinto Daniel S Porter Lawrence R Poundstone Robert K Poyer Richard P Prior Charles P Rahe Jeffrey M Rakestraw Aniruddha Rao Ryan P Rawski Scott A Reed Michael E Regan Mark T Reilly Christopher K Roberson Easton R Roberts Tom A Rockwell William Paul Ross Clifford P Ruemmler Phillip Russell Jon M Russo Jack Lee Ryals Rajiv Saigal John Samore Glenn A Sarigumba George E Schau David W Schimming John R Schroeder Clyde N Sedgwick Brian M Seelinger Michael E Senn Brendan S Shields-Shimizu Eric G Sickels Charles William Sides Mark D Sluss Aaron J Smith Andrew B Smith Zane B Smith Stuart D Snook Terry D Snook Daniel W Snyder Steven D Soden John F Spangler Laura Spiczka David M Steinberg Dennis E Stephens Edward M Stinnett Michael P Stockton Michael G Stout Ronald G Stowers Daryl John Strahan Paul Strombeck Richard F Suhrheinrich Darren W Talbert David J Tarr Robert D Telep Larry S Tessler Todd R Tetzlaff Charles N Teyssier David M Tharp Stephen E Thiems James W Thokey Joseph M Thompson Robert W Thrailkill Jay S Trost Richard L Tully M J van Loben Sels Jon E Vice Gary R Vieira Charles R Wade Christopher Craig Walsh Keith A Waltz Arthur K Warlow John R Warner Michael J Welsh John R Whitaker John P White Milton A Whitley Stantley Williams Theodore B Winkler Kenneth J Winter William Hunter Wojohn

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


Matthew J Wolniewicz John D Woodward David B Wright Tod A Anton Steven P Bossart Eric J Broadie C Clayton Chandler, Jr Chi H Chung John Clark William V Eaton Adrian Gottschalk Elaine Harlow Roman D Hluszczyk Kevin P Jones Mark A Law William John Mork Sarosh P Olpadwala Ralph L Pernice Daniel J Pierce Theodore A Pilas Brandon E Smith Samuel A Thornton Charles Timberlake Matthew R Trammel Gilbert H Werntz, III

Sir Edward Coke Club $5,000$7,499 Mark A Abolt Albin C Ahlberg Harry G Allgauer Robert E Anderson J T Arenberg John T Arens Jordan Gregory Avery Kirk Monroe Avery Shaun K Black Michael C Blaha Paul Edward Braun John C Brogan Kevin R Camp Van A Campbell Gordon R Caplan Craig A Carp Thomas L Carroll, III Alvaro J Castillo Charles A Champ Richard G Chenoweth Thomas H Chisholm Mohamad Salim Choueiki Oliver L Christman Robert S Clingan Gerald A Danes Ivan W Davis Christopher J Degnen Charles C DeLong Joseph P DiGiacomo, II John D Dorner David W Drews James M Duggan Hewitt Dupont John A Edenfield Zachary S Elliott Kevin M Emery Prentiss E Feagles Mark Fitzgerald Travis W Freeman Joseph A Friedman Peter A Fromm J David Gates David R Gault Richard H Geiger Paul J Giacomuzzi Solon B Gilmore William A Glaser Thomas W Glasgow Carl H Goltermann James G Graham Frank Granat Frank L Graves Enrique M Guzman Ronald F Hacker Richard A Haggard, PhD Jeffrey W Hainline David F Hale Brandon R Handy Michael T Harvey John C Hedderich David Hewson Thomas E Hogan O Charles Honig George L Hopkins Michael Claire Horn Luther William Hoy William E Humphrey Allen P Iftiger Craig W Johnson Gordon L Jones


Robert E Kaiser Boyd D Kelly Alvin B Kessler Don C Killingsworth Edward Kirklin Neal E Kitchell Peter P Korch Donald F Kruse Jock K Kubica David Lambacher Keith B Lawder David S Levine Albert H Leyerle Kenneth M Lies Ivan L Lind Gregory M Loeber Brian D Love Brandon D Luders David E MacNellis Michael E Majestic Christopher D Mansueti Charles Marshall Raymond A Mathews Roger K McAlister Timothy J McCarty Carl L McCauley R Douglas Meckes Dennis L Miendersma Harold A Missimer Max Edward Mohler Thomas O Monroe Anthony C Moreno Armand Mouw Joseph E Moye Geoffrey C Murray Wayne G Nelson Larry K Nothnagel William L Odell James D Page Donald W Petit Kevin B Pitchford Mark W Putney Timothy S Riedling Milton J Rose Gavin M Ryan Joseph D Samberg John B Schmidt Richard A Schoenherr John H Schulte, III Edward G Schussler Samuel Segoviano-Medina Stephen P Selfridge Mahmood U Sheikh Steven G Shockley Bryce A Sides Kevin H Simmons Jason E Sisk Ralph W Smith William R Snapp Kenneth M Snyder Eugene E Stephens Eric D Stice David M Stopp James F Storey W Dean Sweet Tyron F Tanner Thaddeus A Tatum, III Daniel K Thompson Zachary S Tribble Dennis G Tyson Gerald Unks Charles B Valder Thomas F Viola Glen D Vondrick Kenneth A Walker Steven T Weir Glenn A Weiss Steve D Westfall Earl F Westmoreland Scott Joseph Whittle Dennis E Wiese Mark T Williams Elliott R J Wood Jeffrey L Woods Michael S Yim Luther M Young James L Zock Michael Zung James S Alex Jr David R Bentley Jerod L Breit Michael V Geary, CAE Joan Mansueti Michael E OBrien, Jr Matthew G Rolland Jesse A Uhlorn Elizabeth C Washburn William A Williams

Delta Chi Quarterly

Tie of Brotherhood $7,500$9,999 William B Baker James Alan Bannan Kevin J Beardsley Alan T Bermensolo Smith D Boyd J Jeffrey Broderick Kevin R Caffrey Gregory G Caufman Scott G Christensen Brian M Crawford Craig B Crawford Frank S Dean Arthur G Elliott Geoffrey L Farmer John M Gioffredi Anthony C Goczalk Ankur V Goel Matthew A Gorney Robert L Griffin Stephen D Henson Jeffrey S Hornyak Christopher W Johnson Robert F Klein S Weslee Knapp William C Leasure Michael T Looney Brian Frederick Luders Richard S Marsho Edward F McCallum Joseph C Neirinck W Jerry Perkins Francis L Plumly Michael Jack Pucin Stephen L Russell Marcus A Salinas Kenneth L Shepard E Michael Stanford John F Tate Neil E Tucker David M Tuomala Trent J Unterbrink Edwin S Vandenburg Jason Michael Walker Andrew Robert Williamson Eric V Woodworth Justin C Donnelly Mark P Schramka

Order of the Shield $10,000$14,999 Bruce A Adams, Jr Mark D Alley Warren W Ament Clyde H Andrews Jimmy D Andrews James J Ascher Mitchell M Asmar, Jr Stephen Earl Baird Philip L Barbour Matthew T Barnes Brent R Blandino Boyd Wayne Boehlje Michael K Boudreau Carl R Brehmer Marquez L Brown David S Carpenter Douglas A Chananie Roger C Clapp, Jr Lawrence Clarkson Chauncey W W Cook Timothy J Curtin Ratheen C Damle Andrew L Dooley James F Dykes, Jr John Hale Eggertsen David J Entzminger Dale E Espich Larry F Ferguson Charles J Foretich Andrew Alan Garfrerick Larry W Gies Michael J Gitzendanner Glenn T Gnirrep Steve & Valerie Goldstein William L Henley Jason M Holmes Douglas S Holsclaw Daniel R Hughes Henry M Jackson

Jeffrey T Jochims Patrick W Jue Joseph A Kaufman Alan Lee Knaus Matthew D Kreider Richard K LaGore Leland A Lahr Peter S Lane John T Levinson Shane P Long Lyle A Lynn Jamie L Mahne Paul R Majchrzak Dennis J Maroney Ronald J Martin Matthew S Mason Joseph J Matt, III John Mazur John Lewis Melvin Julie E Mitchell Frank John Morrey Joseph F Murphy Richard B Noel Paul L Picciani Mark A Powell Paul W Reisz Robert G Riddett Donald A Rist Phillip A Ruppel Kendall C Russell Michael G Saez Edward W Schmitt Jeffrey A Schoenherr Mark G Sexton Corey C Shigematsu L Elliot Shubert Stephen W Smith Robert G Stakenas, PhD Joseph Lawrence Stevens John L Stinson Thomas M Stovall Donald D Sweeney Eugene Thompson Jimmie J Underwood Frank K Voris Matthew Christopher Waples Keenan B Weiss Jeffrey L Welles Paul P Whitman Howard J Wiarda, PhD Stephen W Wicks Eric R Woolfitt Charles L Zergiebel Stuart M Zolot Kenneth M Beasley Phillip J Carroll Marc & Friends Charitable Trust Charles A Cheatham BOD Cruise Industry Lance M Gjerstad Thomas S Horowitz Robert W Manuel Keith R Shriver

Leges $15,000$24,999 Howard S Baulch Fred R Brooks Jason N Butler John M Cazel Robert Cheng Brad Cole Carlton Conrad Sean W Conrad Joseph J DeFazio, II Daniel R Deville Earl Hazen Drew Benjamin D Dundas Thomas E Edmunds Donald T Farley John Daniel Farris Anthony R Field Raymond D Galbreth, Sr Stacey W Goff G Martin Hall John W Hatmaker, Jr PE Steven L Henslee Louis Mark Hoerrner John W Holmes John A Jenkins, PhD Joseph V Joyce John T Kattenberg Richard F Kauders William A Kennedy Scott T Klinefelter Michael G Koziel Duncan J Kretovich Joseph R Lane Brian P LoCicero Jeffrey W Long

Charles A Mancuso Kenneth T McCoig Michael J Moskos Alan P Niemann Barry J Peters Drew M Reavis Lorin L Reed Kenneth R Reeder James W Richhart James P Sheahan John M Shelby Mark A Siebert Keith B Snook Marc A Solondz Kenneth J Sousa Norman E Strasma L Eugene Tanner Jordan G Teramo Robert A Wilson, ASID Barry Charles Wood, Esq Michael V Woolbright William F Yull, III John K Corson Jane Sackrison George S and Marcella S Graves Trust

Order of the Scimitar $25,000$34,999 Deryl R Baker, Jr Carl A Benson Peter M Bix Brian D Blankenship Raymond F Borelli John Warren Broad Eric C Christel Travis J Covey, Esq Richard W delaGuardia Bobby L Dewrell David R Edwards The Bartlett Family Gregory L Gammon John C Hamlin H Keith Hellems, Jr Gregory J Kaiser, PhD James M Kennedy Eric L Kerstetter Herbert E Koenig, Jr Paul Young Lin Daniel C Maher Richard W Maizel Charles B McGuire Michael J Moriarty Richard H Paulsen Patrick J Phelan Matthew G Prohaska Thomas D Raad Andre J Roques Jonathan K Sattler Ronald W Scafe G R Steven Sparling Donald K Thorp Waldemar D Tiedemann Ryan E VanBuren Steven S Wymer Sean McDuffy

Hand and Key Club $35,000$49,999 Jonathan E Beinke Paul W Bohlman Francis R Bradley, III Robert E Cole, MD Earl Cook John Lars Elfervig Howard K Gandelot, Jr Joe Gerdes Andrew R Haggerty John M Hairston Gregory F Hauser James P Hunter Victor T Johnson Lane Homer Kendig Seth A Klarman Marcus G Monk Edward J Park Joel F Plotkin Bill Tallman J Donald Turk Marsh W White

W Dean Wilkerson William F Merlin

Marlet Club $50,000$74,999 Timothy A Crown Philip H Flick Gregory A Heckman Donald G Isett Monte L Johnson Donald E LaPlante LaVon P Linn James M Marascio Jon Mellen John L Mica Aaron A Otto George A Preussel Ronald S Thomas John G Tunila Francis L Zwickey

The Knight Errant $75,000$99,999 Forrest E Hoglund

New Founder $100,000$249,999 Patrick J Alderdice Rod Arnold Michael L Carroll James D Dodson Joseph Lacchia Estate Ralph J Fabozzi David G Falconer Robert D Hendershot Gene A Johnson Joseph F Lacchia E Duane Meyer George W Obear Spence Price Lyle E Sprinkle Miles C Washburn Patrick F Weber Chad M Wolett Fei Phil Yang John S Ziegler, Jr David C Cloutier Edward Fusco, Jr Bernhard C Shaffer William B Vollbracht

2nd Degree New Founder $250,000$499,999 Lee P Berlin Fredrick B Hammert Thomas M Maroldy David K Weber

3rd Degree New Founder $500,000$999,000 Clayton T Roberts

4th Degree New Founder $1,000,000+ Steven R Michels Roy R Payne, Jr


These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.

Those Who Have Passed Alabama

Georgia Southern

John C. Barnes ’60

Robert M. Barrow, PhD ’68, June 30, 2018 John C. Dijkstra ’21, November 28, 2021



Steven M. Myers ’65

Arizona State Robert Gomez, AIA ’60, September 27, 2020

Auburn Christopher C. Harrison ’18, January 1, 2022

Oshkosh David J. Kuck ’73, October 28, 2021 Bradley J. Thompson ’05, November 19, 2021

Ronald L. Wichern ’59, November 14, 2021


David S. Rossate ’61, November 30, 2021

Iowa State

Penn State Dr. Sherman A. Timmins ’61, August 11, 2017 Leigh E. Hopkins ’65, December 1, 2020 John W. Ronemus ’63, August 2021


Donald D. Johnson ’50, October 29, 2021

James P. Welch ’51, November 28, 2021



Robert J. Gregory ’60, February 21, 2017

Howard D. Willey ’63, August 2020 Dr. Alan S. Armstrong ’52, August 2, 2021 Roderic E. Deines, LUTCF ’58, January 14, 2022

Central Missouri

Long Beach

Southern California

Bradley Slusher ’76, March 4, 2022 Joseph M. Messina ’17, March 6, 2022

Kenneth L. Shepard ’77, March 16, 2022

James N. Lamhofer ’50, January 14, 2022


Southern Illinois

Ball State

Cornell Dr. Donald T. Farley, Jr. ’55, May 13, 2018 Jack C. Liang ’69, March 18, 2021 Richard F. Kauders ’69, November 17, 2021

William F. Nahory ’52 Thomas M. Bowman AIA, NCARB ’55, December 21, 2021

Blaine C. Muscat ’96, December 8, 2021


Michigan State

Richard F. Cruce ’50 Gerald A. Hanweck ’64, December 6, 2021

William B. Diedrich ’54


Mississippi State

Dr. Ronald E. Wolf ’59, November 5, 2020 Peter W. Steelman ’86, July 30, 2021

Northern Iowa

John C. Leffingwell ’60, December 16, 2020


Dr. Robert D. Hebert ’64, May 31, 2016

William P. Glade, Jr. PhD ’50, May 2, 2021

Brian D. Smith ’93, December 9, 2021

Truman State

Floyd C. Russell ’53, June 19, 2019

Ohio State

James D. Ridgeway ’89, December 5, 2021

Florida State

Oklahoma State


Robert E. Hoerter ’63, November 16, 2021

Peter Polites ’59, September 28, 2021

Wayne State Robert W. Tanke ’63 Stephen W. Whitlock ’67, December 5, 2019

Arthur P. Kraft ’54, October 27, 2021


Important Milestones Behrend


Brother Eamon Balouch ’15 placed 4th out of 100 competitors in the Pittsburgh Pinball League, one of the largest competitive pinball leagues in the world. He finished 4th out of 32 in Division A competition and was one of the highest placing individuals overall.

Brother Kumar Kurapati ’17, the ABT Vice President of Fraternal Affairs for the Kingsville Chapter, became a first-time homeowner on January 28, 2022.


Brother Jeffrey B. McAdoo ’00 married to Lindsey Paine on December 26, 2021.

Eastern Illinois

Born to Brother Christopher Spraberry ’10, a son, Lennox Elijah, on December 2, 2021.


Brother Jack Rebolledo ’94 was promoted to Colonel in the Army Reserves on July 1, 2021.

Georgia Southern Born to Brother James A. Boring ’10 and wife Nicole, a son, Cameron James, on September 9, 2021. Born to Brother Steven E. Haught ’12 and wife Brittany, a daughter, Parker Leigh, on November 17, 2021.

2020 after serving as Commanding Officer of Farragut Technical Analysis Center since June 2018.

New Mexico State


Brother Justin Franklin ’06 married to Maria Southard on January 22, 2022.

Brother Brian L. Kirk ’12 married to Ashley Elizabeth Whiteside on December 4, 2021.

Southeast Missouri

Montevallo Brother Danny L. Noles ’84 will be completing a 40-year career in the United States Navy in November 2022. Captain Noles was named the Office of Naval Intelligence Chief of Staff in June

Born to Brother Benjamin J. Merriman ’13 and wife Amanda, a son, Patrick, on August 14, 2021.

Western Carolina Born to Brother Benjamin L. Sheehan ’08, a daughter, Mackenzie Anne, on January 11, 2022.

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education



International Convention TO THE MEN OF THE DELTA CHI FRATERNITY, alumni members, alumni chapters, student members, and Associate Members of undergraduate chapters and colonies.

AS THE FIFTY-THIRD “AA”, I do hereby proclaim that the sixty-second International Convention will convene at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch in the city of St. Louis in the state of Missouri at six in the evening, Wednesday the twenty-seventh of July, two thousand twenty-two. Said Convention shall continue through scheduled adjournment on the thirty-first day of July.

THE BOARD OF REGENTS IS HEREBY CALLED INTO SESSION starting at nine o’clock in the morning, Tuesday the twenty-sixth of July, two thousand twenty-two at the same location.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Delta Chi Fraternity to be affixed.

DONE AT THE CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS, the first day of March in the year two thousand twenty-two and in the one hundred thirty-second year since the founding of The Delta Chi Fraternity.

By the “AA”

Attested by the “CC”

Aaron Otto Kansas State 1998

Tom Carroll Hayward 1998

For more information and to register for the 62nd International Convention, please visit today!

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