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Letter from the “AA”

Inside The Quarterly Volume 108 Number 1 Spring/Summer 2011

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Summer Break! In the previous three issues of the Quarterly, I wrote about Promoting Friendship, Developing Character, and Advancing Justice. Continuing on my journey through our Preamble, I had written a piece on our Acquisition of a Sound Education. Due to the timing of this summer issue, I opted to hold the article until the next issue, when the majority of our undergraduates were back at school from summer break. Summer break. How I miss those words! Summer break – an opportunity to recharge your batteries, make some extra money, travel, glance into your profession with an internship, spend time with family, and do whatever you want to do. Over the summer, the majority of our undergraduates leave our chapter houses, and surprisingly, many of them put Delta Chi “on hold” until they return in the fall, when bonds are renewed and their commitment is re-energized. Without regular chapter meetings and a place to congregate, fraternity experiences are a bit different during the summer. In a way, many alumni have been on “summer break” from Delta Chi after graduation as well.

This is very natural. College offered us the ability to be in one place, at one time, sharing similar experiences. We associated “campus” with “Delta Chi.” But although college introduced us to Delta Chi, friendship is what keeps us together. So, as “AA”, I request that you make an effort to end your “summer break” from Delta Chi. It is time to renew those bonds and reenergize your commitment to your fraternity brothers. On the back cover is a list of Alumni Chapters; is one near you? If not, would you be interested in starting one? Your fond memories of Delta Chi from your collegiate days should not end after leaving campus. The joy of fraternity continues if you will let it be a priority in your life once again. Email me at – I want to hear from you. Have fun!

A Look Ahead... In the next issue of the Quarterly, look for my article on Education. Writing for you has been an experience that I wished to share with the rest of the members of the Executive Committee. In this issue, please take the time to read the article by your “DD”, Miles Washburn, and in two issues, an article from your “CC”, Bill Tallman. Enjoy!

Privacy Policy Please visit to view Delta Chi’s new privacy policy which contains various “opt-out” opportunities for our members. This paper is FSC certified at the mill and is 10% post-consumer waste. Forestry Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization based in Bonn, Germany that sets global standards for responsible forestry.

2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

R.C. Damle, “AA” Texas ’01 51st “AA” Life Loyal Member

Letter from the “DD”

Calling All Alumni... I was a Delta Chi from the Massachusetts Chapter….no… wait…I still am a Delta Chi from the Massachusetts Chapter. Don’t you hate when someone says he was a Delta Chi? Does something happen after graduation that makes a brother no longer a brother? Absolutely not! In fact you will spend more time as an alumnus Delta Chi than as an undergraduate Delta Chi, so let’s make the most of it.

My first question is, have you gone through the alumni ceremony? If not, do it! All the RLCs conduct the alumni ceremony, and it is also offered at the international convention. (We will talk about that in a minute.) Many local alumni chapters also conduct it. Just contact one of them, and find out when it is being offered.

Now that I have brought up the topic of alumni chapters, are you a member of one (second question)? They are a great way to meet other alumni brothers from a variety of chapters and regions, but most importantly, the alumni chapters are a great resource to offer support to the undergraduate chapters and colonies. Many alumni chapters often have a variety of social activities that you can participate in and further your brotherhood experience. Most often they are family friendly as well. Here is my third question. Are you involved with a local chapter or colony? We currently have 129 chapters/colonies, and all of them welcome alumni support. There are so many things you as an alumnus brother of Delta Chi can do. There are multiple support roles for chapters/colonies: “BB”, ABT member, House Corporation member, mentor for an undergraduate, donor to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation, donor to The Delta Chi Fraternity or donor to the local chapter/ colony. I’m sure you can think of a few more. The role of the alumnus is vital in the future growth and success of Delta Chi.

For the fourth question, have you been to an RLC or convention lately? They are amazing experiences. Delta Chi is offering an Alumni Track Program, ATP, at the convention geared directly to you, the alumnus, and any graduating seniors who want to get involved right away. We are also creating a smaller version for the RLCs. Regions IV and IX offered them this past spring during their RLCs. These alumni track programs offer information on how communicate with undergraduates, form an alumni chapter, and much more. Now when you, the alumnus, come to an RLC, the programming is not geared just for the undergraduate. Unfortunately, every year a few chapters or colonies close. Frequently it is a result of some bad decisions being made - parties with alcohol, hazing or any number of other issues. Often these troubled chapters or colonies didn’t have the much needed alumni support to help guide them and advise them toward better decisions. On the flip side, our strongest chapters generally have a very strong alumni support base that is active and engaged in the chapter operations and activities. The relationship, which is critical, between the undergraduates and alumni is strong and very meaningful. Both communicate well with each other, and this relationship makes the chapters stronger. With over 65,000 living alumni, imagine what a difference we alumni could make with our involvement with our chapters and colonies. Often we alumni wait for the chapter or colony to contact us to get involved. Perhaps we need to take a more active role in reaching out to them. Let’s offer our time and knowledge to them. Sometimes it is hard for an undergraduate to ask for help; let’s make it easy for them by contacting them and offering to get involved. Remember when you were an undergraduate? Remember when you thought, “Where are the alumni?” Here is YOUR chance to make a difference. Show up. Go to a meeting. Volunteer your time. Help them to make good decisions with your advice and experience to back you up. YOU are a Delta Chi, and the undergraduates need your support So here is my last question for you…

What are you going to do now to get involved with Delta Chi?

miles mileswashburn, washburn,“DD” “DD” MAssachusettes ’87 MAssachusettes ’87 Life Loyal Member Life Loyal Member

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 3

“A”s’ Academy

Returns to the Holy Hill! Our Graduates

The following chapter and colony leaders are graduates of the 2011 Delta Chi “A”s’ Academy: Abracadabra, Mitchell Korey Alabama, Trent Smith Alberta, Adam Risling American, George John Appalachian State, Glen Buickerood Arizona, Steven Cox Arizona State, Aaron Smith Auburn, Timothy Helms Augusta, Alec Miller Behrend, Karl Gough Binghamton, Jonathan Klein Bryant, Blaze Cass Cal Poly, James Moody California Univ-PA, Zachary Thomas Case Western Reserve, Evan Malone Central Michigan, Connor Gallagher Central Missouri, Ethan Curtis Cincinnati, Mark Hale Clemson, Matthew Reiss Coastal Carolina, Michael Tincher Colorado State, Joe Campa Connecticut, Michael Velasquez Cornell, Sam Eisenman Corpus Christi, Patrick Garza Cortland, Michael McGovern Davis, Colin March Denison, Adam Bodary Duquesne, Charles Forrester East Carolina, Jonathan Colbert East Stroudsburg, Joe Tubioli

Eastern Illinois, Bradley Saribekian Eastern Illinois, Joe Crouch Eastern Washington, Timothy McDowell Embry-Riddle, Andrew Kirkwood Ferris State, Nick Maus Florida, Adam Wright Florida State, Ethan Rives Fredonia, Christopher Schilling Fresno State, Colby White Fullerton, Christian Garcia Gannon, Zachary Braun George Mason, Patrick Kesack Georgia Southern, Michael Garcia Georgia Tech, Hari Gopal Gorham State, Maxwell Meader Hayward, Will Maldonado Hofstra, Sam Mogavero Huntsville, Arron Jones Idaho, Brandon Cary Illinois State, Eric Strauss Indiana, Ryan Brechtl Iowa, Adam Schwartz Jacksonville State, Weslee Ward Johnstown, Brian Gindlesperger Kansas State, Jake Morrissette Kennesaw, Noah Stallworth Kettering-A, Josh Oberhaus Kettering-B, Jacob Yonker L.S.U., Jeffrey Strobel Lake Forest, Tony Valsamis

Special Thanks to... Father Anthony Vinson, OSB, Northwest Missouri ’98 for his assistance with the Archabbey tour and commencement ceremony. Dawn Kleaving, Barry Reinholz (Lay-student), and Carol Troesch of Saint Meinrad’s Office of Group Accommodations for all of their assistance throughout the entire weekend. Doug Hunter (Seminarian) for taking the official Academy photo. Saint Meinrad Food Services for their efforts in accommodating our food and beverage needs. The staff at Jack’s Coffee Shop for helping us get through those long days! R.C. Damle, Texas ’01 for the donation of the COM CDs.

4 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

Lehigh, Michael Amidon Livingston, Kirstan Cunningahm Long Beach, Andrew Hunter Louisiana Tech, Chris Yutzy Mankato, Brian Dolenc Marquette, Freddy V. Terrazas Marshall, Eli Hensel Massachusetts, Alex Cidado Michigan, Tom Bence Michigan State, Brendan Hanley Minnesota, Tim Bohl Mississippi State, Trexler Hull Missouri, Ryan Bueckendorf Missouri State, Becket Duncan Montclair, Michael Mango Montevallo, Cory Ellis New Haven, Christopher Boyle North Alabama, Marshall Hess Northern Arizona, Joseph Kamper Northern Colorado, Gregory Watkins Northern Illinois, Kazimier Chevas Northwest Missouri, Cameron Madsen Northwestern, Andrew Brugman Oklahoma, Kevin Jones Oregon State, Daniel Sampson Penn State, Justin Ritchie Pittsburgh, Kevin Cogan Radford, Joshua Waltz Rhode Island, Jeremy Mallin Rutgers, Ray Morris

Sacramento, Erik Ziegelman South Dakota State, Kameron Nelson South Florida, Alex Richardson Southeast Missouri, Michael Schmidt Southern California, Patrick Frawley Southern Illinois, Ryan Varnum Stephen F. Austin, Tom Geller Tarleton, John Garza Texas, Milan Raj Texas A&M, DJ Gerrity Texas Tech, James Sparks Tri-State, Michael Kalberg Tri-State, Eric Nixon Troy State, Jeffery McDurmont Truman State, Ian Schamburg USP, Richard Walsh Valdosta, Wesley Kostovetsky Virginia Commonwealth, Jason Ngo Washburn, Rizki Aljupri Washington, Josh Ellison Washington State, Austin Marshall West Chester, Jarod Goldian-Bowersett West Georgia, James Edwards West Virginia Tech, Michael Gibson Western Michigan, Blake Koloff Whitewater, Curt Weintraub William & Mary, Nicholas Melton Wilmington, Christopher John Windsor, Michael Gorski

Thanks to Our “A”s’ Academy Facilitators Aliya Beavers, DePauw University Dan Bureau, Indiana University Kate Carnell, University of Mount Union Tom Carroll, Sacramento State Amy Colvin, Alpha Chi Omega Chad Davis, Lehigh University Lauren Davis Wojtkun, MIT Kristin Fouts, Western Michigan University Kat Gillan, University of Alabama Michelle Guobadia, UNC Charlotte Hamilton Henderson, Northwest Missouri State University

Andy Huston, North-American Interfraternity Conference Michelle Marchand Rebholz, Lehigh University Jenna Martin Pendry, Sigma Kappa Sorority Tracy Maxwell, Dick McKaig, Ball State ’66 David Mica, Florida Petroleum Council Zach Nicolazzo, University of Arizona Amy Rosen, University of Nevada Las Vegas Dave Westol, Limberlost Consulting, Inc

Dennis Wiese, University of North Carolina at Charlotte R.J. Woodring, Indiana University

Special thanks to our lead facilitators! Jeremiah Shinn, Boise State University Noah Borton, Eastern Michigan University

“A”s’ Academy

Another weekend of leadership training for Delta Chi is in the books… Over 150 attendees, facilitators and staff set foot on the grounds of Saint Meinrad for the sixth consecutive year. Below is a collection of photos from the event!

How does Delta Chi pay for all of this? The Academy is available, free of charge, to all chapter/colony “A”s of the Delta Chi Fraternity. The Academy is made possible due in part to a grant of $71,500 from the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. This grant is funded by two generous donors, Steven Michels, Marquette ’87, and Donald LaPlante, Southern California. The Fraternity incurs the remainder of the costs... that support comes from members like you!

“ The experience was unforgettable, being able to gather with all the leaders of Delta Chi to share knowledge and network was possibly one of the best opportunities I have ever had.” ~ Marshall Hess, North Alabama “ The “A”s’ Academy challenges every participant to live the values of Delta Chi and to be the change needed to improve our fraternity.” ~ Dick McKaig, Ball State ’66 “ It was a watershed weekend because it made random strangers eaiser to talk to plus provided the confidence and advice to become a better person as well as a more efficient leader. ~ Michael T. Gibson, West Virginia Tech

What is Saint Meinrad? The Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Seminary and School of Theology is one of 11 archabbeys around the globe and continues to foster the monastic rhythm of prayer, work and lifelong learning. It is located on what is affectionately known as the “Holy Hill” and can be found on the map in St. Meinrad, IN.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 5

dave lefkow

The birth of Bacon Salt is one mixed with chance, luck, and creativity. The first round of financing ($5,000) came from Dave’s son’s win on America’s Funniest Home Videos®. With financing secured, a larger question loomed: How does one make everything taste like bacon? After many failed attempts at combining table salt and bacon drippings, Dave and Justin turned to Food Science for their answer. With their new seasoning salt, their next challenge was to find people to actually buy their product. Dave tapped into MySpace, marketing to thousands of users who had “Bacon” in their profile. They also utilized Facebook and viral videos to promote the product. Bacon Salt quickly made a name for itself, one part novelty and one part healthy alternative. In fact, Bacon Salt is vegan friendly. Since the company’s launch, J&D’s products have been featured on Oprah, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and countless websites. To launch their second product, Baconnaise, they staged a “Bacon vs. Mayonnaise” wrestling match in the basement of a Seattle bar. They recently partnered with Jones Soda to produce Bacon Soda. Today, many of the nation’s largest grocery chains, including Kroger and Walmart, carry Bacon Salt and Baconnaise. On their website, you can find other niche products, such as Bacon Ranch, Bacon Gravy, Bacon Lip Balm, and Bacon Pop [microwave popcorn]. Dave currently lives in Issaquah, WA with his wife, son and daughter.

Dave Lefkow, Iowa ’95 (right), set out with his co-worker Justin Esch to answer that question. Co-owners of J&D Foods, these IT consultants settled in Seattle to build a company around America’s most beloved meat: bacon. 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

Paul Giblin

How did you get into the journalism profession? Back at The University of Arizona, I worked for the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Once I graduated, I worked for newspapers in New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, and then Arizona again. I worked for the East Valley Tribune in metro Phoenix for 14 years. Tell us a bit about why you pursued the “Reasonable Doubt” project. Immigration really touched everything in Arizona. A lot of the debate was essentially bumper sticker slogans. There wasn’t any depth or real understanding of the issue among most people who were discussing it. Sheriff Joe Arpaio proclaimed himself as the champion of illegal immigration enforcement, but after talking to him about it, it was clear that even he didn’t know the specific results or consequences of his program. No one did. My reporting partner Ryan Gabrielson and I decided to find out. Ultimately, we just wanted to elevate the conversation in Arizona. Winning a Pulitzer is quite an honor. How’d you find out? I was covering a U.S. Senate field hearing in Phoenix at the time. I was sitting in the front row when my cell phone kept ringing over and over. Despite my efforts to silence it, Senator Joe Lieberman kept giving me dirty looks. So I snuck out into the hallway and my phone rang again. It was my buddy Mike Weiss, an old editor of mine. He said, “I guess I’ll be seeing you in New York.” When I asked him what he was talking about, he broke the news. How does one celebrate winning a Pulitzer? I had no idea how to celebrate. I just knew I wanted to throw a party – that night! I lost track of how many people I invited over. I served cheeseburgers at my house and invited a ton of people over. They all brought champagne. So we had cheeseburgers and champagne all night long. I think everyone from the newspaper industry in Phoenix came over that night. How do you display your Pulitzer? One day I was downtown walking by the Arizona Mining Museum. In the gift shop, they had some crystals on spinning, multi-colored light-up stands. I asked the gift shop attendant how much they cost and she thought I meant the

crystals. I bought two light-up stands – one for my reporting partner and one for me. It’s very Spencers’ Gifts and ’70s chic, but it’s great. So the Pulitzer, which is Tiffany crystal, spins around, shooting colored beams of light across my house. It’s a bit disco inferno, a bit alien abduction. So, what are you working on now? I work in the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan as a civilian employee. I’m based in Kabul. I travel around the country, mostly by helicopter, and write articles about the reconstruction efforts. Are you armed out there? I’m only armed with a tape recorder and a notepad. How do you see the health of the journalism industry today? Today, there’s the conflict of fact-based journalism versus opinion-based journalism. We have a lot of opinion masquerading as fact-based journalism, and that’s turning a lot of people off to journalism in general. Tell us a bit about your Delta Chi experience. I joined Delta Chi as a sophomore. A guy named Bob Gray was my roommate. We’d stay up on Wednesday nights to listen to the “Virgin Vinyl” show at midnight, which played new wave songs. We’d tape the show and then listen to the songs in our room all week long. People thought we were crazy. What’s one of your best memories from your undergraduate days? I was having breakfast one morning and Bob Gray said, “Hey, I’m going down to Rocky Point in Mexico with twelve sorority women for spring break.” Naturally, I volunteered to go with him. He told me that a Chi O named Sandy would pick us up the next morning at eight o’clock. We stayed out late that night and woke up five minutes before eight. We fell out of our bunks, ran into the showers, threw on some clothes, and dashed downstairs. A car pulled up and a pretty brunette said, “Hey, are you guys Paul and Bob?” We said, “Yes!” and we jumped into her car. I married her later on. We’ve been married now 23 years. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 7

Jason dvorkin

Jason Dvorkin, Syracuse ’04, hardly ever watches a football game on television, because he’s directing everything you NEW ENGLAND see at Gillette Stadium during New England Patriots games and New England Revolution soccer matches. Dvorkin currently serves as the Director of Event Presentation for both teams in Foxborough, Massachusetts and has almost seven years of experience and memories. He also has one Super Bowl ring.

radio and television shows along with the in-stadium audio-visual experience. Dvorkin manages everything you hear and see during a game in the stadium. He shared with us, “The average person sitting in the stands would never know how scripted each game really is. I have to be prepared to think on the fly, though. If a bad play for the Patriots happens right before a break, I can’t send the cheerleaders out there to do a routine. The challenge with any live event is that there are no second chances. I have to be very familiar with the rules of the game. Otherwise, I could end up doing something that could get the organization fined.


As a marketing major at Syracuse University, Dvorkin sought to prepare himself for a potential career in sports. After working in the Marketing Department for Syracuse Athletics, he landed a summer internship with the Patriots. Through continued communication with key individuals within the organization during his senior year, Dvorkin received a phone call about a job opening a few days after graduation. “I really created my own path,” Dvorkin recalls. After initially working in marketing, he soon learned radio production and was promoted to manage the team’s

“Ultimately, I work to make sure we’re delivering a product to the fans in the stands that is more authentic than what they can get on television. I also try to give the team that twelfth-man, or home field, advantage,” Dvorkin adds.

What advice would you give to those seeking a career with a professional sports team?

Tell us a bit about your Delta Chi experience at Syracuse!

JD: It usually helps most to try to either get an internship doing anything with sports, on campus or with a minor-league team, or to look at your experience in terms of how that would translate to a professional sports franchise. You have to learn the business side of the job, though. Whether your team is 16-0 or 0-16, you still have a job to do. Also, if the only reason you want to go into sports is because you’re a huge sports fan, you may be doing it for the wrong reasons. When your hobby becomes your job, it’s not a hobby anymore. If you can learn the “business” of sports and put aside your affinity for the team when necessary, you can be successful in this business.

JD: My girlfriend, who is now my wife, told me about these men who came to her sorority’s chapter meeting talking about the opportunity to build a new organization on our campus. She said I should meet with them, as they didn’t seem like typical “frat guys.” I was really impressed. I joined Delta Chi during my sophomore year as a Founding Father of the Colony. I liked the opportunity to build something from the ground up and leave my mark on campus. I was the first “B”; then I served as “A”, AMC, Social Chair, and Recruitment Chairman. I really enjoyed my term as AMC, as I was able to teach our newest members all that I had learned since joining.

8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2011

ohio state chartering

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, undergraduate brothers and alumni gathered to celebrate a new addition to the walls of the Ohio State Delta Chi house: a new charter. Since 2004, many men have worked to elevate the Colony’s operations to exceed the Fraternity’s chartering requirements. This spring, a new charter secures a place for over 100 years of brotherhood on Ohio State’s campus.

Erik Hail, “A”, added, “It has been an amazing journey that I will never, ever forget.” The Ohio State Chapter was originally chartered on May 30, 1902. The Chapter was re-chartered on May 12,1989. The Chapter ceased operations most recently on November 14, 2003 after losing campus recognition. A Delta Chi expansion team returned to campus the following fall to bring Delta Chi back to campus.

At the banquet, the chartering proclamation was presented by R.C. Damle, “AA”, with the assistance of Steve Bossart, Past “AA”, and Tom Horowitz, Retiring “AA”. Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70, was recognized for his induction into the Order of the White Carnation at the 2010 International Convention. Fifteen undergraduate brothers were also recognized for earning at least a 3.25 GPA during the fall quarter. Chris Heiberger, Ohio State ’88 and “BB” of the new Chapter, commented on the occasion, “To obtain your charter means that you’ve accomplished goals that lay the groundwork for the future sustainability and success of your fraternity. In a sense, it’s leaving your legacy.”

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 9

Featurettes Number of enrolled student members, plus any associate members. Does not 000 include inactive student members. Current as of 06/07/2011. Membership number listed may be inaccurate if PR forms or fees have not been turned in for members.

0.0 University reported GPA for the Fall 2010 term.

President’s Cup for the 2009 – 2010 academic year.

President’s Most Improved Trophy for the 2009-2010 academic year.




After an extensive reorganization, we’re focused on getting back on the path to success. We’ve been planning new community service projects with local associations and schools. We’ve also been planning a brotherhood trip to boost morale and bring the members together. We are confident that, by next fall, our newfound motivation will allow the Chapter to be reborn in accordance with the values of the Fraternity.



Brian Kincaid “E”

We’ve always prided ourselves on our academic performance and achievements. This year, we were once again recognized for earning the highest GPA among fraternities and sororities on campus. In addition, we had four brothers accepted into the prestigious HAAS Undergraduate School of Business. One particular brother has taken our tradition of excellence to an unprecedented level. After years of hard work, Michael Waks ’11 was accepted into Harvard Law School and will begin his legal studies there this fall. His achievement has inspired us to push ourselves further.



Thomas Milillo “C”

Arizona State


Bhavik Vashi “E”



This spring, we’ve pledged over 700 community service hours and have committed $3,000 to the V Foundation. We’re getting involved with local trash pickups and well as a community service event with St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. This spring marks our 10th anniversary since re-chartering, so we’ve been working to send commemorative postcards to our alumni.


Joseph Ritchey “E” We’re focusing on improving our operations this year. Last fall, we had an outstanding semester with our recruitment efforts, alumni relations, and active member retention. Our GPA is also on the rise. This spring, we plan to continue building our image with the addition of four associate members and more philanthropic involvement.

Idaho Responds to Tragedy Matthew Greene “E”



Recently, two Kappa Delta Sorority sisters were involved in a serious car accident that took the life of the driver, Michelle Bonasera. Andree’ Maxwell, a close friend to many of the brothers and one of the passengers, sustained significant injuries and is completing rehabilitation in Spokane, Washington. We teamed up with the women of Kappa Delta to execute a coin drive to help with the medical bills for both families. Through our efforts, Kappa Delta and Delta Chi raised over $7,500. We’re continuing our effort to raise even more funds and hope brothers will keep Michelle, Andree’, and their families in your thoughts and prayers.



Brothers at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.




Ben Dixon “E”

While one hopes that life’s many turns will always be full of enjoyment and excitement, we’ve learned that tragedy can strike at any time. The mother of one of our brothers is currently battling a life-threatening fight with cancer. We’ve dedicated our annual coin drive to her and have donated the proceeds to the V Foundation. In total, we raised over $1,000.


Adam Risling “E” Our members are currently focused on building our public image. We’ve been working to build personal relationships with our Greek Advisor and the Dean of Students. We recently made a banner that stated “Good Luck on Your Finals! From the Men of Delta Chi,” to gain exposure on campus and also improve the image of Greek organizations on campus.




Erik Payn “E”

On Saturday February 26, 2011, we celebrated our 20th anniversary in the heart of our nation’s Capital. Brothers and alumni gathered to commemorate 20 years of fraternal bonds, memories and experiences.

Appalachian State


Brothers on campus for their annual coin drive.




Alec Miller “E”

Last fall, we hosted our now-annual White Carnation Formal for our brothers and alumni. Our alumni in attendance were able to meet our six newest initiates, who have brought great potential and a fresh perspective to our Chapter.


Craig Kassek “E”

We worked hard to plan our annual Byron Cherry Invitational golf tournament, which occurred on April 30, 2011. Brother Cherry lost his life as an undergraduate in a tragic car accident. Since his passing, we’ve hosted this commemorative outing to honor his spirit, with our funds this year going to the V Foundation. Our donations came from mulligans, team fees, sponsored holes, and regular donations. 10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

Brothers and alumni at our White Carnation Formal.

Featurettes 24



Case Western Reserve Colony

Peter Gracey “E”


John Shorter “E”

We’re proud of the work our brothers are doing as involved members of our campus community. W. Andrew Peterson ’14 and Joseph Moskal ’13 have been elected to IFC positions. Moskal serves as Financial Communications Secretary and Peterson serves as Internal Communications Secretary, where he’s worked to create a “Fraternity and Sorority Life” page in The Behrend Beacon. In addition, Cody Brown ’11 serves as IFC President and has been working diligently to secure a plan for “Greek Row” housing as early as 2014 and an IFC scholarship.



Our annual “Miss Aphrodite” event was held on April 7, 2011. This event consisted of a talent show, during which one woman from each sorority competed in a number of skits and dance routines. Money was raised through ticket sales to all of Greek Life and a “Penny Wars” competition. All proceeds from the event went to the V Foundation. “Miss Aphrodite” has been one of the biggest events of the year within the Greek community, bringing everyone together for a good cause and fun night!

Bowling Green



Keith Giesler “E”

We welcomed five associate members and two alumni initiates into our brotherhood this spring. After initiation, we hosted a formal dinner downtown, which allowed for us to spend some quality time with our alumni.


On February 12th, we took a road trip to visit The University of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Chapter. As we initiated one new member, we were able to, for the first time since our founding last November, observe our Ritual and internalize its meaning. We really enjoyed meeting all of the Brothers in the Pittsburgh Chapter, and we learned a lot from them over the weekend. We’d like to thank the Chapter for such a great experience!

Eastern Washington’s Growth Fuels Success Patrick Lashway “E” 27 2.42


Sean Pabon “E”




When Kyle Waletich, Oregon State ’08, visited us as a Leadership Consultant, he challenged us to work harder towards the goal of chartering. When he asked our 11 members why we haven’t chartered yet, we sat in an awkward silence, because we didn’t know to respond. He told us, “You haven’t chartered because you haven’t decided to be a chapter yet. You haven’t decided to be great yet.” He then helped us re-evaluate our assumptions about recruitment and operations. In less than one year, we’ve grown from 11 men to almost 30 members who now do far more work than talking. We have operating committees, are working to be involved on our campus and in our community, and now have a functional ABT and House Corporation. We’ve also moved into our first house. For many of us, the progress we’ve made seemed so out of reach only one year ago. While we still have many things to work on, we’re grateful for Kyle’s help and wanted to take this opportunity to thank him. Thank you for helping us finally decide to be great!

Shaun Crimmins “E” Last fall, we planned and executed a clothing drive to help those in need of warm clothing during the cold holiday season. We made signs advertising the event on campus and utilized Facebook to reach out to over 500 students. Overall, we collected 250 articles of clothing to donate to Our Lady of Good Help, a local church. We hope this event will allow those on our campus and in our community to see that we are truly committed to philanthropy and service.

Cal Poly

103 2.82

Central Michigan


Keith Roberts “E”

We’ve been working hard in preparation for our annual Kimball Golf Outing. On April 16th, 2011, brothers and alumni teed off at 8 a.m. and golfed until about 5 p.m. It was a fun and relaxing time for those in attendance. We look forward to seeing more brothers make the trip back next year!

Central Missouri

Matt Freie “E”




Gabe Bure “E”

For the second year in a row, the Mustang Daily chose Delta Chi as the best fraternity on campus, with support of a vote of students on campus. This is indicative of our hard work at maintaining positive relationships across campus. In addition to campus involvement, several members are on the Board of Directors for their colleges, which has increased our professional image as well.

California Univ.-PA



Craig Miller “E”

This spring we’ve focused on increasing our exposure on campus. We held an event in the Student Union and played Apples to Apples, Risk, video games, and corn hole. We also hosted “Pie-A-Chi,” to benefit the V Foundation. In having more visible events on campus, we’ve met many potential new members and strengthened our relationships with other Greeks and non-Greek students.

During January and February, we volunteered our time over weekends to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Leeton, Missouri. This turned out to be a great series of brotherhood events for our men, and we logged over 100 hours of community service. We’d also like to thank all of the Chapters and alumni who attended and helped with the recent Regional Conference. Thank you for making this year’s conference a memorable, record-breaking event!

Cincinnati Colony



Benjamin Carter “E”

This winter, we teamed up with the men of Alpha Epsilon Pi and the lovely women of Kappa Alpha Theta to host a night of skating downtown in Fountain Square. With some unexpected fair weather and over 70 in attendance, the event was a great time!




Eric Luther “E”

Brothers and friends enjoy an evening of games in the Student Union.

This spring, we’re focusing our attention on giving back to our community and campus. We adopted a section of the main road through campus and have been working to keep it looking great. We paired with the women of Kappa Delta for Relay for Life and have exceeded last year’s fundraising goal tenfold already. We’re looking forward to our “Ace of Cakes” Baking Competition, where each sorority will compete to have the top cake. We intend to raffle the cakes off within our community to raise money as well. Our hope is that through these continued initiatives, we can shape the future of an involved Greek community. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 11

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Coastal Carolina


Jimmy Turnmeyer “E”

We’ve welcomed 11 men as associate members as part of our Nu class. Our intramural teams have excelled, and our softball team and basketball teams are currently first in their division. We’re planning our first annual Jimmy V Fundraising Concert for “Jimmy V Week” as well. We’ve currently completed 677 service hours and are working hard to reach our goal of 1,000 by the end of the spring. Josh McCall ’14 also won the “People’s Choice” award during Gamma Phi Beta’s “Big Man on Campus” event.


Colorado State


Chris Cook “E”

Since last spring, we’ve grown from eight men to over 20 men in the Chapter. Because of this, we received two awards, including the Recruitment Award, at our Regional Leadership Conference this spring. We hope to start a second associate member class this spring to continue our growth. Our next goal is to raise our GPA above the all-men’s average.

Brothers at their “Braveheart” brotherhood event.




Brendan Lowe “E”

This past fall, with the help of our newest members, we earned the most improved GPA among fraternities with a cumulative GPA of 2.87. Our Chapter volunteered at the Cortland Youth Bureau, JM McDonald Center, “Pumpkinfest,” and “CROP Walk.” We’re also proud to announce our first ever intramural flag football playoff game.




Kevin Bagley “E” We had a larger than expected attendance at our annual Superbowl event. This allowed for members of the Chapter to meet some of our founding fathers and other alumni, which has inspired us to do more with our time in the Chapter. Brothers pose for a picture at the Region IV RLC.




The University of Connecticut revoked recognition of the Connecticut Chapter on 3/02/2011 after a risk management incident. The Chapter has ceased operations and members no longer reside in the Greek Village. Please direct any questions regarding the current status or future of the Connecticut Chapter to Justin Sherman (




John Scrugham “E” We’ve welcomed David Brodnick ’10 as our new “BB”. As an undergraduate, David contributed in numerous ways, including serving as “B” and Social Chair, and was eager to continue his service to the Chapter. We’re looking forward to the coming months with his assistance.

Brothers at Fall ’10 Bid Night Dinner.




Henry Augustine “E”

Duquesne Gets Snagged James Lebair “E”



The Duquesne Chapter, continuing our affinity for public service, partnered with the Circle K club in hosting the first annual “I Got Snagged for Jimmy V.” This event included numerous games, raffles, and other activities promoting cancer research. “I Got Snagged for Jimmy V” brought together numerous Duquesne clubs and organizations, as well as others from the Duquesne community, to raise awareness of the V Foundation and what it stands for. With the aid of the Duquesne community, the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives declared February 12th, 2011 “Jimmy V Day” in recognition of the foundation and our philanthropy work. Together with Circle K, we raised over $3,000 towards the V Foundation for Cancer Research.




Anthony Renteria “E”

For the third year in a row, we’ve won the Philanthropy award in Region III. We expect to raise between $3,000 and $5,000 for the V Foundation through our annual “Don’t Drop the Ball” event this spring. We’ve also formed a team for Relay for Life and hope to continue our tradition of raising the most money for this event as well. We’re also looking forward to our annual “Braveheart” brotherhood event. Our Chapter recently earned the highest GPA among fraternities. Finally, we’ve created a Housing committee and are working to obtain a house within the next few semesters. 12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

For the University’s “Big Red Weekend,” we hosted a parents and alumni barbeque lunch and dinner outing. George Bodenheimer ’12, Stu Jeffers ’12, and H.B. Augustine ’12 planned the event and are directly responsible for its success. Everyone had a great time, and the weekend was a perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know one another better.




Brad Shewalter “E” The DePauw Chapter voted to cease operations on 3/06/2011. Any questions may be directed to Justin Sherman ( Chris Granger ’11 and Stefan O’Neil ’12 worked with an alumnus to recently develop a winter term course on the subject of competitive internet gaming. Kross, a nationally-ranked Starcraft 2 player, incorporated Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and other military and strategic texts to create a course covering logic, multi-tasking, strategy/improvisation, decision-making, and intellect.

East Carolina



Jordan Butler “E”

Last fall, we hosted our annual “Skate for Cancer” event, which included a charity hockey game and a raffle for items donated by 15 local sponsors. We had a great crowd for both the hockey game and open skating event. We look forward to improving the event further in the future.

Featurettes Ferris State



The Chapter voted to cease operations and surrender its charter on March 19, 2011.

108 3.18


Jesse Goodrich “E” Our Chapter’s Founding Banquet saw over 100 brothers, undergraduate and alumni, gather for an evening of celebration. This year’s speaker was Bill Tallman, “CC”, who delivered his message to those in attendance via Skype. His message was great, and it was a unique way for us to be able to connect to those unable to physically attend our gathering. Brothers at Fall ’10 Bid Night Dinner.

East Stroudsburg



Joseph Kelly “E”

This spring we started an all-Greek intramural basketball league, with all fraternities on campus participating. Our team made it to the finals. We hope the success of this tournament will allow us to plan other intramural leagues for Greeks in other sports year-round in the future.

Mankato Brother Creates Non-Profit Jared Hensch “E”



Sheka Mansaray founded 50Strong50Wise, a charitable organization to benefit school children in Sierra Leone, after realizing the need to improve education when visiting family from his country. Children were being sent home because they couldn’t afford to pay the school fees mandated by the national government. 50Strong50Wise will give local children $100, $50 to be allocated for school fees and $50 for books and school expenses. His mission is to raise $10,000, enough to send 50 children to school and possibly fund a new school building in his hometown. Mansaray is also active in the Minnesota State University Student Association and has founded Voice & Vision, an organization on campus allowing students to express themselves through performance art.

Eastern Illinois Colony


John Mica Scholarship winners, Antonio Renda ’11 and Daniel Dean ’11, pose for a picture with the Chapter’s Faculty Advisor, John Denny (center).

Florida State Colony



Joshua Laredo “E”

On February 26, 2011, we held our first Earthball philanthropy event to benefit the V Foundation. With help from the Florida Chapter, we learned the ropes of putting on this event successfully. Brothers from the Spring Hill Colony also assisted in officiating the games. We had three sororities participate, with Zeta Tau Alpha winning the first annual event.


Josh Cahill “C”

In February, six of our members attended the Regional Leadership Conference at Illinois State University. We had a great time meeting brothers from around the region and also learned new recruitment techniques. Brad Saribekian ’12 will remember the weekend for another reason: it was his initiation night. We’re excited to have Brad as a member and are looking forward to seeing him bring his skills to our Colony.




Steven Moshinksi “E”

We’ve started a weekly tailgate to support our basketball team and boost our presence on campus. Each week we invite brothers, potential new members and women from the Greek system to join us at the tailgates. So far, we’ve had the women of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Theta Phi Alpha accompany us. Next year, we hope to have a different fraternity or sorority join us each week.

Brothers and guests pose for a picture before the final basketball game.

Brothers preparing for their “Earthball” event.




Luke Reger “E”

On November 16, 2010, we hosted our second annual “Miss Delta Chi” philanthropy event. Over 180 people showed their support for the event and cause. Thirteen lovely ladies participated in talent, speech, formal wear and question-and-answer events. With everyone’s support and participation, we raised over $800 for the V Foundation.

“Miss Delta Chi” contestants pose for a picture with chapter brothers.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 13

Featurettes Fresno State Colony



Michael Rivera “E”

Georgia Tech



Brian Meier “E”

This spring, we’re working to develop our first philanthropy project to benefit the V Foundation. We’re hoping to use an event to gain some name recognition on campus and raise money for this great cause.




James Knapp “E”

We’ve welcomed twelve men to our brotherhood and are planning our White Carnation Formal. Last fall, our annual Delta Chi Lip Sync had a stellar turnout. We also hosted a hazing prevention seminar on campus. We’ve been continuing to engage ourselves in our community with events such as our Adopt-a-Highway cleanups, the “Cans for Kids” can collection, and our “Pie a Delta Chi” event to benefit the V Foundation. We’re looking forward to a flag football game against the brothers of Phi Mu Delta and have plans for a whitewater rafting trip this spring.

Not satisfied with our fall recruitment effort, we set out to learn from the experiences and advice of our alumni for the spring semester. We found an incredible amount of untapped knowledge within our alumni, and their support assisted us in recruiting 17 men this spring. This has given us a rejuvenated spirit, and we’re looking to continue this energy into our 20th anniversary.

Gorham State



Brennan Parker “E”

In February, we participated in our first annual “Freezin’ for a Reason” polar plunge to benefit Camp Sunshine, which supports children with lifethreatening diseases and their families. We raised close to $1,300, allowing us to send 12 brothers into the freezing Atlantic of Casco Bay in Portland, Maine. We look forward to continuing this event next year!

Northwestern Dances for Charity Douglas Gibson “E”



This March, we partnered with Delta Zeta to participate in this year’s Dance Marathon. Our team danced for 30 hours, non-stop, and raised $10,000 for the Children’s Heart Foundation. We wrote letters to friends and family, went caroling before the holidays, hosted a “munchies” night, and went “canning” throughout our community to raise money. Our work for this year’s Dance Marathon has yielded our largest donation in recent years.




Brothers support Camp Sunshine.

Scott Carlson “E”

We’re preparing to participate in Relay for Life, a 24-hour walk to benefit the American Cancer Society. Alexander Flores ’13 is a coordinator for the event and has organized our team for this year. Last year, we raised over $1,500, one of the largest contributions made by a student organization. Our goal is to top that this spring!





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Nathan Ginnetty “E”


Trever Kelly “E” On April 16, 2011, we hosted our 40th Anniversary at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. With over 100 in attendance, Founding Father Roger Pelc ’71 delivered the keynote speech. The night was a success, and we all look forward to seeing more faces at our 45th anniversary.

Georgia Southern

Hamilton Colony



Travis Greene “E”

This year, we’ve worked hard to grow as a Chapter. We initiated 17 men last fall and currently have ten associate members. We recently attended a high ropes course to work on our team-building and leadership skills. We’ve also been busy selling pizza for Jeffrey’s Voice, a local cause created in honor of two Delta Chi brothers. We’ve also been selling wristbands to raise awareness and funds for the V Foundation.

Four executive board officers attended the Regional Leadership Conference in New Haven, Connecticut in March. We attended workshops on financial planning, philanthropic involvement, and other topics of fraternity operations, and also met many brothers from other chapters.




Connor Barrows “E” This spring, we held our third annual “Powder Puff” football tournament, where teams from sororities and other female campus organizations competed in games of “touch” football. The event was a huge success, with all proceeds donated to the V Foundation.




Arthur Moore “E”

Over half of our brothers assisted with the “Bow Wow Fun Run” 5k race, which benefited the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Our members managed the finish line, which involved tearing tags and recording finishers both on paper and on a tape recorder.




Max Russell “E”

Brothers at a high-ropes course.

14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

We’re preparing for our second performance with the beautiful women of Kappa Delta for a musical show for families that come to visit during Mothers’ Day weekend. We’ve been practicing under the guidance of last year’s performers for this year’s “Grease”-themed musical. Last year, we received the highest raw score from judges but were disqualified due to a miscommunication. This year, we hope to redeem ourselves and bring home a victory.

Featurettes Illinois State



Sean Palmer “E”

We hosted over 200 brothers for the Regional Leadership Conference, where we spent the weekend learning ways to improve ourselves and our chapters. We received the region’s “Most Improved Chapter” award during the banquet. We’d like to welcome and offer our support to Regent-Elect Jeff Broderick, Illinois State ’81, and also thank Mark Schramka, Northwestern Alumnus, for all his efforts over the past six years.


107 3.02

Samuel Koppel “E” We recently held a retreat to focus on issues facing the Chapter and generate ideas to improve our fraternity operations. Besides these intended purposes, the retreat also renewed our sense of brotherhood. We’re looking forward to holding this retreat again in the future.

George Mason Brothers Receive Campus Awards Mark Ahlijanian “E” 15


At the 2011 Standards of Excellence for Greek Life ceremony, two of our brothers received the most prestigious awards given to individuals within the Greek community. Michael Marino ’11 received the “Greek Man of the Year” award, and Christopher Jones ’11 received the “Outstanding New Member” award. Since his initiation, Jones was elected “C” and also assumed the Brotherhood Chairman position. He continues to come up with new and innovative ideas on a consistent basis. Marino has held numerous positions: “A”, Public Relations Chairman, By-Laws Chairman, and Scholarship Chairman. On campus, Marino is the President of Order of Omega. He has worked with LEAD Scholars, Mason Ambassadors, and the Student Involvement Office. We are extremely proud of both men and offer our gratitude for their hard work and dedication to the Fraternity.




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Kansas State colony



Rhett Jones “E”

We attended the Regional Leadership Conference in February, where we sought to learn all we could from the presentations and other brothers in attendance. We left Warrensburg, Missouri with a sense of excitement and an eagerness to get to work. During the following weekend, we held our first major recruitment event, at which we played dodgeball with many high school seniors and enjoyed some sloppy joes. We’re working to follow up with those who attended in the coming weeks. Ryan Brechtl, “A,” addresses brothers at their chapter retreat.




Drew Davis “E” We’ve begun a new community service initiative. We’ll be volunteering to assist local farmers, through Local Foods Connection, in preparing the fields, planting crops, and harvesting the fields. We hope that our work will greatly benefit this local organization and our community.

James Madison



Zach Rolfe “E”

Our new officers have been working to revitalize our committees. We have welcomed 14 men as associate members this spring and look forward to continuing this trend into the fall semester. We’ve also been reconnecting with our alumni, which has helped us double our alumni contact list in only four months. We have many upcoming philanthropy, intramural, charity, and brotherhood events that we look forward to sharing in the next issue of the Quarterly.

Brothers outside their rooms at the Regional Leadership Conference.




Patrick Maloney “E”

We’ve welcomed five men as associate members and recently celebrated our one-year anniversary on April 17, 2011. We also recently hosted an alumni event and have several social and philanthropic events we’re looking forward to.




Blake Wischer “E”

On February 19, 2011, brothers and dates attended our annual Semi-Formal at the Carpathia Club. The night was filled with dancing, great food, social merriment, and our beloved rendition of the ‘Gator to the song “Taking Care of Business.”

Brothers and guests at a holiday party.




Kevin McDonald “E”

We’ve welcomed six associate members this spring and have been working to create new, exciting brotherhood events. We’ve also begun training for Greek Week and spring intramurals.

Brothers at their semi-formal.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 15

Featurettes Kettering-B






Eric Williams “E”

Cameron Janiga “E”

Last fall, we hosted our “D-Chi on the Rocks” recruitment event, where brothers brought their off-road vehicles to the Mounds Off-Road Vehicle Park in Mount Morris, Michigan. There were plenty of open seats for brothers and guests to experience some off-roading. Despite one brother sinking his 1975 International Scout in a pit of mud, the event was a huge success with many stories to tell.

We welcomed 16 men as associate members through our spring recruitment efforts, which included dinners, Lehigh basketball games, and even a bus trip to Philadelphia for cheesesteaks at Pat’s and Geno’s and a ’76ers game. We took the time during our events to have meaningful conversations with potential new members, so we could see if their values aligned with our Basic Expectations. Despite not having a house, we’re confident that, with continued attention to putting our best foot forward in regards to recruitment, we’ll continue to attract a high caliber of student to our Fraternity. Two comments were heard by countless potential new members: “I was against joining a fraternity until I got to know you guys,” and “You guys really seem to have a strong brotherhood. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Livingston Colony



Wesley Bolling “E”

We participated in Alpha Sigma Alpha’s dodgeball tournament to support breast cancer awareness. Our team of ten competed against other Greek organizations and various campus organizations. Many of our brothers have friends or family whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. Showing our support for this great cause and fun event was a no-brainer. One brother’s vehicle gets stuck in the mud at the Chapter’s recruitment event.





Michael Quibuyen “E”

James Keck “E” Our Bowling Grab-a-Date event was a huge success. Each brother picked a date to bring to a bowling party with food and drinks. At first, brothers and guests were hesitant, bowling modestly and apathetically. After a few frames though, everyone relaxed and started having a lot of fun. Many brothers shared that it was one of the most fun date parties we’ve had, and they’d definitely like to do another in the future.

Lake Forest


Long Beach



Joseph Randol “E”

On December 2, 2010, we hosted our 3rd annual “Miss Jimmy V” Beauty Pageant and Talent Show. The event was an even bigger success this year, raising $2,351 for the V Foundation. With over half of our fundraising goal met, we’re already looking forward to next year’s pageant.

This spring we created a new philanthropy event to benefit the V Foundation. Our inaugural “Del-Tiki” Dance Off was quite successful within the Greek and campus communities. In the event, teams of six competed against one another with dance routines for bragging rights and a $200 cash prize. We raised over $1,000 from ticket sales and entry fees.




Aaron Gilling “E”

After a successful recruitment effort, we’ve focused on bolstering our philanthropic contributions. We’re planning for several events, including a wheelchair basketball tournament and a Battle of the DJ’s/Bands event. We also celebrated our annual formal on April 2nd.




Wesley Jordan “E”

Over winter break, brothers attended a chapter retreat in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. We stayed three days and two nights in the Canaan Valley Lodge, where brothers skied and went snowboarding. We also used the retreat to discuss goals for the upcoming term. Our executive board then broke these goals down into action plans for each officer. The trip was both a relaxing break from school and a productive planning event for our chapter.




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Massachusetts Colony



Darrell McTague “E” Brothers after “Miss Jimmy V” with our Fraternity Mom and Ms. Delta Gamma.

Missouri Recognized for Involvement Andrew Owens “E”



During Homecoming, we hosted a tailgate and alumni barbecue adjacent to Alpha Chi Omega’s tent at the game. We had many alumni, make the trip back to Amherst. In fact, groups of alumni who lived in all three Delta Chi houses came back to share stories and reconnect with one another. Miles Washburn, “DD”, also made the trip back for Homecoming.

We’ve been recently focusing on our campus involvement and leadership. Casey Berner ’13 and Andrew Owens ’14 were selected for the Alumni Association Student Board. Ryan Johnson ’14, Jake Gordon ’14, Skylar Morris ’14, and Andrew Owens ’14 were selected for Outreach, the University’s student recruitment team. Morris was also chosen to be on the steering committee for GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol). Jazz Rucker ’11 was recently honored as a member of this year’s “Mizzou 39,” a group of 39 seniors recognized for their outstanding academic achievement, leadership and service to the University. All of these organizations are highly selective, and involvement requires multiple rounds of interviews. Our representation across student organizations continues to be a point of pride for our chapter. Brothers and alumni during Homecoming.

16 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

Featurettes Miami




Jason Ellis “E”

Austin Powell “E” We’ve welcomed 22 men this spring as associate members, our largest group in recent years. The house has new carpet, funded through donations from our members’ parents. In February, we also brought home third place at Delta Zeta’s “Puttin’ on the Hits.”


Michigan State


We’ve hosted our annual “Jimmy V” Kickball Classic, which features three divisions: Greek, Residence Halls, and independent. A great turnout made this event successful again!

Jacksonville State Coaches Little League Team Todd Garrison “E” 47 2.66 We’re looking forward to sponsoring our little league baseball team again this year, the Delta Chi “Little Reds.” In conjunction with the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department, we elect three or four brothers to coach the team. Most other brothers assist throughout the season with practices. This project allows us to bond with the kids and serve as role models for them. At the end of the season, we throw a pizza party and give trophies to the entire team. In our 11 years sponsoring a team, the “Little Reds” have taken home first place four times. We’re looking forward to continuing our Brothers pose with last year’s winning tradition this spring! 1st place team.


Last fall, we formed a team for Relay for Life and walked all day in support of finding a cure for cancer. As the only fraternity to participate in the event, we raised over $3,000 for the organization.

New Haven



Jake Belval “E”

Joseph Hale “E”




On April 16, 2011, we held our annual Actives vs. Alumni softball game at Painter Park in West Haven, Connecticut. We had a great turnout, with alumni coming from all over the Northeast to play in the game. Afterwards, we held a barbecue in the park and shared stories. We’re looking forward to next year’s softball game, which promises to be even bigger and better.

North Alabama



Casey Bedingfield “E”

We participated in “StepSing” this spring, which is a performance competition between Greek organizations on campus. Proceeds from the event supported United Way. With sold out audiences both nights, our take on the theme, “Remembering the Good Times,” involved taking classic songs and changing the lyrics to describe everyday life at the University. The competition was also a bonding experience for the brothers who dedicated their time during practices and preparations.

Northern Arizona



Nelson Johnson “E”

We’ve welcomed seven associate members this spring and have planned a canned food drive to benefit the local food banks in Flagstaff, Arizona. We brought home the 2-on-2 volleyball championship and are on our way to a basketball championship as well.


Christopher Gaffney “E” With the support of our Alumni Board of Trustees and House Corporation, we’ve been able to make several renovations to our house. We’ve replaced the hardwood floor on the main level, created an Alumni Foundation Chamber, and renovated the main level bathroom. Our goal is to continue work upstairs in the future, renovating the bedrooms as needed, to have our house furnished better than anyone on campus. We’d like to thank the numerous donations from alumni and parents who’ve made these projects possible so far!

Mississippi State



Steffan Hall “E”

This spring, we planned a brotherhood retreat in Camden, Mississippi where one of our brothers had a cabin. We spent the weekend shooting clay pigeons, grilling, and talking around a campfire. We had a great time and many of the brothers got to know one another better throughout the trip.

Missouri State



William Ulbricht “E”

We’ve begun renovations within our house. The first apartment, which previously required brothers to walk through one bedroom to access the other, will be redesigned so that all bedrooms will be accessible from the living room. The south wall of our chapter room will be removed to create a study room and bathroom for the members. We’ll also be adding shelves to display all of our trophies.




Rory Kane “E”

We’ve been actively planning our third annual Polar Bear Plunge, Quarters for Cancer, and Boating for Breast Cancer events this spring. At the Plunge, we enjoy the cold swim, because we know it benefits those less fortunate than us, and we’re grateful for those who support us with contributions.

Brothers pose for a picture outside their house.

Northern Colorado



Gregory Watkins “E”

We’ve been executing an ongoing food drive effort to benefit local Somalian immigrants in the community. We’re quickly reaching our goal of 200 cans. At the Regional Leadership Conference, we also received a Public Relations award.

Northern Illinois Colony



Nicholas Nudo “E”

Our inaugural Earthball tournament was held on April 9, 2011. Sororities formed teams to compete to push an eight-foot ball past the opposing team’s goal. We held the event at a field on campus, and we raised funds through registration fees, t-shirt sales, and sponsorships.

Northwest Missouri



Jameson Hutchins “E”

May 1, 2011 marked our 40th anniversary as a chapter. With over 900 alumni, our 40 years on campus have been filled with many memories and stories. We’re working to make sure we’ll be here another 40 years. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 17


Brothers pose for a picture outside their house.

Ohio State



John Sullivan ’11 and Alaina Pollack at “Thon.”


Tim Sampey “E”

133 2.90

Kyle Lucas “E”

See “Ohio State Chartering,” page 9

South Dakota State Hosts President’s Dinner Eric Haiar “E” 42 3.21 The President’s Dinner is an annual event, held at our house, where we invite influential members of our city and state for a barbecue in our backyard. It’s a great opportunity for our members to be able to talk with and learn from the leaders of our community. We were please to have both Lieutenant Governor candidates, several area legislators, our Student Regent, and many alumni attend.

Oklahoma Colony


We’ve been focusing our efforts this year on philanthropic involvement. Last semester, we participated in seven events, ranging from a sand volleyball tournament to lip-syncing at “Arrow Jam.” This spring, we held our own dodgeball tournament and raised over $1,100 from 38 teams within our fraternity and sorority community. We’re also working hard to repeat last year’s victory at Big Man on Campus.




Gabe Guglielmo “E” We’re hard at work planning a 5k race to benefit the V Foundation. We’ve already secured several sponsors for the event. Recently, many brothers attended an alumnus’ wedding.


Ying-Ting Chen “E”

At our Regional Leadership Conference, Preston Seaberg ’11 was named Region III’s Delta Chi of the Year for 2010. As a brother since spring of 2007, Seaberg served as “B” from 2008 to 2010 and set the bar high, completing a record number of community service hours each semester. In addition to maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout college, he has recently been accepted into medical school.

Oregon State



Brothers pose for a picture.

Anthony Goryl “E”

Last fall we participated in Delta Gamma’s “Anchor Splash” and brought home second place in the synchronized swimming event with our human boat. During the winter term, we hosted our annual Valentine’s “Sweethearts” Dance, our annual formal held at our house. Everyone’s favorite sweetheart was, of course, our house dog. We also participated in Kappa Delta’s “Mock Rock,” where we performed a choreographed dance routine for the entire Greek community.




Patrick Villa “E”

We participated in the annual Dance Marathon, a 32-hour event to raise money and awareness for the Embrace the Kids Foundation, which supports families of children with cancer and blood disorders. With eight brothers participating, we raised $3,157.18 for the event. Going beyond just Dance Marathon, we also participated in the “Heel to Heal” 5k and raised $1,000, visited Roman, our sponsored child, in the hospital and celebrated his birthday with a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Sacramento Colony



Christen Brown “E”

We held our first, soon to be annual, “Crab Feed” fundraiser. With much help from our alumni, we sold 170 tickets and raised over $3,000 to split between the Colony and the V Foundation. We worked for six months planning and promoting the event to friends on campus and our local area alumni. Nearly at capacity this year, we’re hoping to hold the event at a much larger, 600-capacity venue next year to raise even more money. We’d like to thank our Alumni Board of Trustees for their time, Brothers and guests at the Chapter’s “Sweethearts” Dance.

Penn State



David Steinfield “E”

This year we partnered with the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma for Thon 2011. We placed 7th among Greek organizations and raised $139,000. Andrew Mondell ’11, John Sullivan ’11, Joe Abesh ’11, and Adam Zaccari ’11 danced for over 46 consecutive hours to represent Delta Chi during Thon. 18 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

South Florida



Daniel Monks “E”

On March 28, 2011, we held our second annual “Lady of the Leges” philanthropy event to benefit the V Foundation. This year, we were excited to see seven of eight sororities on campus participating in the event. The event is geared towards impacting our community, with one portion involving setting up a carnival at a local elementary school. Participants and their organizations set up small booths at the carnival for the kids to

Featurettes enjoy. Every brother was in attendance during the evening event, along with many parents, local alumni, and University Faculty & Staff.


Southeast Missouri


Ross Bolinger “E”

This spring, we participated in the Southeast Dance Marathon, dancing for 12 hours and playing games with cancer patients. Michael Dowell ’11 and Ethan Bridgewater ’12 placed first in the spirit competition.


Southern California


Jordan Grant “E”

We brought home the intramural championship in kickball, capping off an immensely successful season. The team consisted of Nick Houchin ’11, Trey Block ’13, Jim Carnes ’15, Lance Carlin ’12, Nick Strozza ’15, Will Townsend ’12, Patrick Frawley ’13, and Ben Gross ’12. After finishing the regular season undefeated, the team celebrated an 18-9 victory in the finals.




Timothy Wilke “E”

On March 26, 2011, we hosted our fourth annual “D-Chi Cup” broomball tournament at the Tennity Ice Pavilion on South Campus. We’ve been working hard to surpass our previous participation record of 16 men’s and eight women’s teams at the event.

Michigan Takes a Plunge Ari Kaye “E”



On February 19, 2011, we participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run “Polar Plunge” to support the Special Olympics. Brothers gathered at The University of Michigan golf course dressed in Speedos and compression shorts to take a plunge into the icy water. Despite the Fire Department’s ruling that the pond’s ice was too thin to walk on, brothers plunged into a small pool erected with water and ice cubes. We were proud to support this event because the money we raised will benefit over 18,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Associate Member Ben Rosenthal the State of Michigan. belly flops into the freezing water.




Jacob McCay “E”

Brothers pose after winning the championship.

Southern Illinois



David Schau “E”

In our 55 years of history, we’ve had many houses and apartment complexes in which brothers have lived in. This year, we moved into a new property that will give us room to grow as a chapter and host great events. Our letters are visible from the residence hall towers, and we’re the first house students see on their way to recruitment events.


Spring Hill Colony


Alan Corder “E”

We’ve welcomed four men as associate members this spring and have maintained the best GPA on campus of any Greek organization. We’ve learned much from the Florida State Colony by assisting with their Earthball event, and we’re currently working to plan our own tournament.

On April 9, 2011, we attended our annual formal, planned this year by Elliott Schlottman. We’ve had great participation from our brothers and much support from our alumni to make this event successful.




Brian Banks “E” Our associate members last fall earned an overall 4.0 GPA for the semester. They were the top new member class academically, and the Chapter ranked fourth among fraternities academically.

Texas A&M



Reynaldo Merlos “E”

We held a golf tournament for our brothers, alumni, and parents on April 2, 2011 at the Bear Creek golf course in Houston, TX. There was a barbecue buffet at the event, which was enjoyed by all who attended.

Texas Tech



Julian Gurany “E”

Before school started, brothers took a trip to the Ruidoso Country Club in Ruidoso, New Mexico for a retreat filled with skiing, team building, and brotherhood. For us, these annual retreats help us strengthen our brotherhood and build lasting friendships with one another.

Zeta Tau Alpha team members with Team Coach Ethan Rivers ’13 and Alan Corder of the Spring Hill Colony.

Stephen F. Austin



Ricky Tharp “E”

On April 9, 2011, we hosted our second annual “Alumni vs. Actives Challenge.” The Challenge involves flag football, softball, volleyball and other sports. Following the day’s games, we host a social event for our alumni as well. Last year, the alumni won the Challenge by a narrow margin, but after nearly doubling our size, we were more competitive this year.

Brothers at their ski trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico.




Brandon Nothnagel “E” Last semester, we raised over $3,700 for the V Foundation, with much of that coming from our annual “Delta Chi Dash for Cancer” 5k race. We had over 40 brothers and 80 other runners and walkers participating in the event on Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 19

Featurettes October 16, 2010. With our months of planning, we secured sponsorships from Trine Marketing, JCorp Energy, Vestil, Circle K, and Regional Cancer Care Center. We also hosted a 50-50 raffle, a garage sale, and an Italian formal dinner to raise additional funds. We’ve also accumulated over 1,000 community service hours through events in our community.

Sigma Tau’s “Alcohol Awareness” Carnival. Two brothers have also run for Student Government and Inter-Greek Council positions.




Kyle Stopek “E”

After going through a reorganization, we’re focused on exceeding expectations and rebuilding a great fraternity experience. Our brothers are getting involved on campus to meet others and generate interest for involvement in the Fraternity. We are also hosting our 8th annual charity softball tournament, honoring Joshua Dykes ’06.

Virginia Commonwealth



Bobby Cockerille “E”

Brothers hanging out in the basement after the 5K.


Troy State


Jordan May “E”

Delta Chi moved into a new house with 12 double-occupancy bedrooms when the University opened “Fraternity Village” on campus this year. The house also has a foyer, formal chapter room, large social room, patio, and a side yard. We’d like to thank our alumni for furnishing the house with leather couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, televisions, and a 150-inch projector and sound system for the social room.


Truman State

We initiated 13 men in the fall and currently have eight associate members this spring. With a successful 20th anniversary celebration in the fall, we looked forward to a successful Homecoming weekend this spring. Great weather welcomed a strong alumni turnout for the weekend. We also held our second annual Kimball Cup sporting event, a competition between brothers and alumni. This year’s events consisted of basketball, softball and flag football. We brought home the intramural soccer championship as well. We’re working hard to plan our 5th annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament to benefit the V Foundation.


Patrick Lynch “E”

We’ve worked to improve our relationships with sororities on campus by creating a 2011 calendar. Organized by Michael Kirner ’11, the calendar featured pictures of graduating seniors, associate members, study sessions in August, and holiday-themed group pictures. We’ve heard nothing but praise for the calendar so far! We’re currently at our largest size in many years, which allows us to do more than ever before. We also received recognition at our Regional Leadership Conference for earning the highest GPA in the region.


USP Colony


Andrew Rodriguez “E”

As we grow as a colony, we’re working hard to promote Greek unity across campus. Multiple teams of brothers participated in Delta Phi Epsilon’s “In It To Win It” event, and we ran a “Dizzy Bat” carnival stand for Alpha

Pittsburgh Holds Lavaliering Ceremony Adam Cetra “E”



On February 27th, the Brothers of the Pittsburgh Chapter held a Lavalier Ceremony for Megan Neuf, the longtime girlfriend of our “B”, Greg Nicosia. Greg has always been one of our most active members, and, by extension, Megan is also around the Chapter often. She even assists with our fundraising efforts. Every week, Megan helps out with our Unlimited Pancakes Thursday, where we offer unlimited pancakes for $2 per person, along with hot chocolate for $0.25 and two for a dollar hash browns. Many of the Brothers are close friends with Megan because of her frequent involvement. The ceremony was relatively low key, and we finished off by singing “Delta Chi Sweetheart” and “The Bond Song.” We are proud to welcome Megan into a closer bond with our Chapter and to celebrate the love she shares with our brother. Greg had the following to say of the ceremony: “I’m proud to say that I am, in part, responsible for keeping a cherished Delta Chi tradition alive at our Chapter. While it appears as though I’m the second or possibly third brother of our Chapter to hold a Lavalier Ceremony, no current active member was around to witness those ceremonies. This special ceremony really allowed me to share the bond and love I feel from Delta Chi with someone who I truly love and respect and want to spend the rest of my life with. While she’ll never know our secrets and the reasons why we conduct ourselves as we do, she’ll always know that I value her as my friend and companion as much as I cherish the bonds I’ve established within Delta Chi.” 20 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

The Flag Football team poses for a picture.




Joseph Wasinger “E” We’ve been meeting potential new members during video game nights, poker tournaments, and a Super Bowl Party. We’ve been busy planning a camping trip for our brothers, alumni and new associate members.




Austin Hebert “E”

Our house is at full capacity, with 60 members, including seven seniors, living in. We’ve added a requirement for all brothers to complete at least five hours of community service each quarter and have added incentives for brothers going beyond this requirement. We’ve planned events with local food banks, for the Magnuson Park cleanup, and are looking forward to the upcoming Sun Splash philanthropy. We’ve also been planning for our alumni barbecue and golf tournament at Jackson Park Golf Course.

Washington State



Ben Zipp “E”

We’ve been selling bracelets to raise money and awareness for the V Foundation. So far, we’ve raised over $250.

West Chester



Mitchell Paulinho “E”

Throughout February, we’ve raised $393 by selling 131 shirts to benefit the Susan G. Komen fund. Each shirt is pink and says “I Heart D Chi.” Our efforts raise awareness for breast cancer and also serve as a way for more people to see “Delta Chi” on campus.

West Georgia



Andrejs Malovs “E”

We currently rank second among fraternities academically and have been approved to move into a larger on-campus house next year. We’re looking forward to new goals and accomplishments!

Featurettes West Virginia Tech




Garrett Goosman “A”



Last fall, we ranked first among fraternities academically. We’ve also recently signed leases to move onto Fraternity Village Drive next year. On March 26, 2011, we hosted our annual “Powder Puff” football tournament to raise money for the V Foundation.


We’ve been eagerly preparing for our chartering banquet, which was held on April 30, 2011. Look for a feature story on Wilmington’s Chartering Banquet in the Summer/Fall issue of the Quarterly.




Ackel Cupid “E”

Jared Johnson “E”



Michael Kanupp “E”

We’re focused on raising more money than ever before for the V Foundation. Through working home football games at Martin Field, we’ve already raised over $200. We’ve also been planning a “Quarter Mile of Quarters” event, a dunking booth event, and a “Pie-A-Chi” day.

Western Michigan



This quarter, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with many brothers and alumni gathering to share stories and reminisce about times enjoyed in Delta Chi. We have also volunteered at a local community garden on campus. We’re looking forward to our upcoming formal.

Josh Pomerenke “E”

Rhode Island Hosts “Miss URI Pageant”

We raised over $500 last semester during our “Buy-A-DChi” fundraising event, where women bid on brothers for date nights full of dinner and dancing. We’d like to thank the women of Delta Zeta, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha for their attendance and participation at the event!

Ryan Elkas “E”

William & Mary



Reid Francis “E”

We celebrated our chartering anniversary on April 2, 2011 with an afternoon barbecue and games. The event allowed for our brothers to meet our alumni. After the barbecue, we held a semi-formal dinner, featuring a slideshow and tribute to our senior brothers.

Louisiana Tech Jared Harper “E”




On March 11, 2011, we held our second annual “Miss URI” Pageant, with over 300 people in attendance and eight women competing. Jay Salafia ’12 planned most of the event and has used his connections to have our event recognized and added as a qualifier for the “Miss Rhode Island” Pageant. Proceeds from the event are split between scholarships for the winners, the Chapter, and the V Foundation. We also held a 50-50 raffle at the event, where all proceeds went to the V Foundation.


We’ve recently unveiled plans for our new chapter house. We’re confident the new facility will be competitive with top houses across the country. We would like to thank our House Corporation, Alumni Board of Trustees, the Delta Chi Housing Committee, and all of our donors involved with the project. We will be hosting a House Unveiling Ceremony in September, following the completion of construction. Our 25th anniversary will also fall during our Homecoming Banquet this October. To follow the construction of the house, go to:

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 21

Paul Giblin

Continued from p.7

Giblin, 48, travels across Afghanistan to report on the U.S. and coalition forces’ reconstruction efforts in the war‐torn country. He has written about an undercover investigation into a multi‐million‐dollar fraud case, anti-corruption efforts, terrorist attacks on reconstruction projects, programs to teach job skills to under-educated Afghan workers, and an effort to erect solar-powered streetlights in a capital city that has no electrical grid, among other topics. Before joining the Army as a civilian employee, Giblin worked for more than 24 years as a reporter, columnist, editor and bureau chief for newspapers and other news organizations in Arizona, Hawaii and New Mexico. He also was a regular contributor writing about Arizona topics for The New York Times from 2002 through 2009 and for The Dallas Morning News from 1993 through 2005. Working with a small group of associates, Giblin co‐founded the subscription‐based Arizona Guardian news service in January 2009. The Intranet news organization provides non‐partisan coverage of state government and politics, a sector that had been de‐emphasized by traditional news organizations during the current recession. The Guardian has received significant notice by journalism magazines and other publications as one of the pioneers of the emerging realm of “new media.” Giblin relinquished day‐to-day involvement with the Guardian when he went to Afghanistan. Giblin worked in various capacities with the East Valley Tribune in metro Phoenix from January 1995 through January 2009. Giblin and fellow reporter Ryan Gabrielson produced a five-day investigative series that won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting and the George Polk Award for justice reporting, among other national, regional and state awards. Giblin and Gabrielson spent six months examining Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s illegal immigration enforcement operations and their resulting assault on U.S. civil rights and their costs to county taxpayers. They reviewed thousands of pages of public records and interviewed nearly 100 law 22 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011

enforcement officers, smugglers, U.S. senators, municipal officials, crime victims, statisticians and community leaders, among others. The FBI has since started its own investigation in the sheriff’s operations. Giblin served for years as the federal affairs reporter at the Tribune and covered the state’s 2008, 2006 and 2004 U.S. Senate and House races and immigration issues among other topics. Among other highlights, he exposed a police official’s illicit drug use; uncovered improper plans to build an NFL stadium in the flight path of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, threatening flight safety; elicited a written confession from a murder suspect; documented the lives of feral paintsniffing children living under the U.S.-Mexico border; exposed racism at a public gym; and many other topics. Giblin was a frequent guest on Horizon, a Phoenix-based TV news talk show from 1998 through 2009. He also appeared as a guest on CNN, C-Span, NPR, WNYC radio and BBC radio, plus several Phoenix-area broadcast outlets, to discuss immigration, Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign and other topics. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona. He and his wife Sandra, an architect and fellow UA graduate, live in Phoenix with their son Tim. Their eldest son Casey is a freshman at UA. Giblin’s personal Web site is and he encourages anyone who would like to contact him about future jobs opportunities or anything else to write him at

Keeping in Touch Alabama Michael Elliott ’83 has been given the command of an AEGIS Class Cruiser by the US Navy. Arizona State Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Black ’94, a son, Jordan Dante, on February 17, 2011. Central Missori R. Evan Follmer ’05, married to Laura Kristen Roth on July 24, 2010. Connecticut Tim Murkett ’89, married to Cindy Chang on February 5, 2011.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Tony McClain ’00, a son, Carter Thomas, on February 26, 2011. New Mexico State Born to Brother and Mrs. Mark Tomada ’03, a son, Ryder Tristen, January 22, 2010. Ohio State Christopher Sabato ’92, married to Angela Ginn on July 2, 2010. Roy Alonso ’98, married to Stacy Fuchs on July 4, 2010. Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Gale ’98, a son, Zachary, on July 30, 2010.

Fredonia Chris Loss ’94 has been named the Vice President of Promotions of Valory Music Company.

Born to Brother and Mrs. C. Scott Noll ’98, a daughter, Macy Renae, on October 30, 2009.

Iowa Born to Brother and Mrs. Paul Tady ’04, a son, Charlie Maddox, on December 18, 2010. Pat Wood ’08, married to Chelsey Patterson on July 3, 2010. Ryan Cappaert ’09, married to Erica Kemp on June 5, 2010.

Adeel Kahn ’02, married to Laura Bender on July 23, 2010.

Kansas State Tony McClain ’00 has joined the staff of Montana Senator Jon Tester, where he will provide support in the areas of national security, veterans, foreign policy and homeland security.

Heath Bandy ’99, married to Tiffany Wiest on June 5, 2010.

Douglas Osborn ’02, married to Allison Rorris on August 7, 2010. Eric Kjellander ’04, married to Kristen Brake May 29, 2010. South Florida Brian Green ’10, married to Angela Hooper on January 1, 2011. Southern Illinois Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan Garth ’96, a son, Campbell Thomas, on December 19, 2010.

Tri-State Born to Brother and Mrs. Erik Ripley ’01, a son, Matthew, on November 19, 2010. Bernie Marucci ’08, married to Lindsay Viront on August 28, 2010. Born to Brother and Mrs. Craig Wiley ’08, a son, Aiden McKinley on November 25, 2010. Chad Nichter ’09, married to Nicole Klee on May 22, 2010. Patrick Bailey ’09, married to Allison Rodino on September 4, 2010. Adam Hough ’09, married to Laura Burns on September 18, 2010. Virginia Commonwealth Dan Keopradit ’00, married to Renee Rodler on December 4, 2010. Eric Stanely ’07, married to Amy Moses on January 1, 2011. Whitewater Reince Priebus ’94 was elected as Chairman of the Republican National Committee on January 14, 2011.

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Farewell & Parting These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. Alabama Vance “Scotty” Phillips ’66, February 7, 2011

Illinois William Bean ’60, February 14, 2011 Bill Hall ’68, January 16, 2011

Southern California Warren Snyder ’43, March 3, 2010 Dan Thomson ’51, December 7, 2010 David Thompson ’52, February 19, 2011 Donald Beach ’63, March 5, 2009

Auburn Fred Gordon ’52, December 14, 2010 James Mosley ’57, September 4, 2010 Robert Gillespie ’63, February 26, 2011

Iowa Kim Clayton ’76, July 9, 2010 Keith Starman ’90, July 20, 2010

Central Missouri Kirk Knippenberg ’83, October 31, 2010

Kansas Robert Becker ’68, February 16, 2011

Cornell William Willis ’57, February 19, 2011

Long Beach Mark Mueller ’04, February 7, 2011

Virginia Commonwealth Norman “Ray” Chewning, Jr. ’06, February 16, 2011

Florida John Canton ’52, July 16, 2010 Dennis Fielder ’66, January 22, 2011 Vinson Bailey ’70, December 17, 2010

Miami James Polewchak ’92, January 5, 2011

Washington James Durgan, September 10, 2008

Michigan State George Abbott ’46, November 14, 2007

Western Ontario Davide Melillo ’03, February 2, 2011

Gannon Rev. Monsignor Lawrence T. Speice, Faculty, January 16, 2011

Minnesota Gregory Robinson ’70, March 3, 2011 Michael Tompkins ’81, June 6, 2010

Idaho Glen Schorzman ’67, February 3, 2011 Tyson Grave ’99, January 24, 2011 Brandon Leach ’04, February 19, 2011

Rollins J.C. “Bud” Felix ’53, December 4, 2010

Union Charles Vannier ’56, March 19, 2009

Southeast Missouri Tim Rojewski ’78, February 5, 2011 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2011 23

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COLUMBUS: Pres Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70, DALLAS/FORT WORTH: Pres Michael Baird, Texas A&M ’04,

GREAT LAKES: Pres Mark Schramka, NW, GREATER WISCONSIN: Pres Alan Udell, WISC ’91, ILLINOIS: Pres Ray Mathews, IL ’76, KANSAS CITY AREA: Pres John Hess, Creighton ’75, LOS ANGELES: Pres Chuck Wade, LB ’70, MIAMA AREA: Pres Joaquin Bello, FL Int ’95, NEW HAVEN: Pres Robert Morey, New Haven ’00, NEW ORLEANS: Pres Brandon Sullivan, LSU ’07, NORTHEAST OHIO AREA: Pres Steve Bossart, Kent St ’90, RIO GRANDE AREA: Pres Andrew Haggerty, NM State ’03,

SACRAMENTO AREA: Pres John Shelby, Sac ’86, SEATTLE: Pres Robert LaBouy, WA ’66, SHREVEPORT: Pres Jacob Doyle, LATech ’04 SOUTH FLORIDA: Pres Michael Agnello, Mich St ’81, TAMPA BAY AREA: Pres Michael Shelton, FL ’98, TENNESSEE VALLEY: Pres James Johnson, HUNTS ’05, THREE RIVERS: Pres Tom Horowitz, Mich St ’87, TROY AREA: Pres Mark Kelly, Troy St ’76, TWIN CITIES AREA: Pres Matthew Johnson, Minn ’01,

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