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2008 Convention Review and Recognition • Award Winners • The V Foundation

Letter from the “AA”

It’s All About the People As I start my fifth year serving on the Board of Regents and first year as “AA”, I look forward to the challenges, successes and work ahead. I am optimistic that Delta Chi will withstand the tough economic times that we are facing. To me it’s all about the people who drive this organization and make it worth devoting our time and energy.

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2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

The past summer at the 56th Convention in Las Vegas was a special one for me as well as great fun. Being elected “AA” made good on a promise I made to myself twenty-three years ago at my first convention in Chicago as an undergraduate. I watched the leaders of our Fraternity in the front of the room and told my chapter brothers that i hoped it would be me up there one day. Fred Hammert was elected as the 42nd “AA”, Larry Audlehelm “CC” and Greg Hauser “DD”. They were the brothers who set the path for me and defined Delta Chi as more than just an undergraduate experience. It’s all about the people. I developed some very special relationships with these brothers and so many others after them over the years. Serving as a “BB” for fourteen years gave me great perspective on our Fraternity and was a truly rewarding experience. I have been lucky to know so many brothers over the years and so many consultants and staffers and of course Marge Lee. We spoke, perhaps a few times a year, exchanged some email, but every two years at Convention I just couldn’t wait to see her. Her warm greeting and smile was something special. She was recovering from surgery, and I didn’t expect to see her at the 2008 Convention. I was wrong, and she was working as hard as ever trying to get everyone registered. For so many it was the highlight of their Convention to see her. Little did we know that for most of us it would be the last time. It’s all about the people. It was truly fitting that I asked Fred Hammert to swear me in as the 50th “AA”, along with Miles Washburn, “CC”, and RC Damle, “DD”; bittersweet in that we lost Fred to cancer only a few months later. I saw Fred more in the last few years at various Delta Chi functions than I had in some time. He never let his battle stop him from serving Delta Chi. Fred was special, and so is his wife Marian for spending her time with us as well. I have been around many special people in my twenty-six years as a brother in the bond. Many have led the Fraternity in various ways. I met Steve Bossart, Kent State ’90, now the Retiring “AA”, when he was an undergraduate, and I attended his Chartering Banquet. We have been friends

ever since. He has provided Delta Chi with steady leadership, and he is one of the reasons I chose to run for the board when I did. Talk about a dedicated brother who spent eight years working for the fraternity, and about as many more years in service on the Board. Delta Chi has remained on solid ground through the capable leadership of our Executive Director, Ray Galbreth, Missouri ’69, now in his thirtieth year in that capacity. Ray built a career and helped build Delta Chi into the organization it is today. For that we owe him big thanks. He had a plan to grow the Fraternity, to make us look bigger than we were with the resources available, and have money in the bank. Our unique governance provides a recent graduate with an opportunity to serve on the Board, as well as someone like Dr. Duane Meyer, Hobart ’58, who served as Regent in the 60s and again in this decade for the past six years. He will leave the fraternity board this year at age 77 but was elected as a Director of the Educational Foundation at this past Convention. It’s all about the people. Every Executive Committee and Board member wants to leave his mark on the organization. In recent years the “A”s’ Academy was established, which is a three-day program to work with our chapter presidents. We recently partnered with Phired Up Productions to provide intensive recruitment training to our chapters and colonies. In their program, presented at this past convention as well as every Regional Leadership Conference this season, they stated, “People don’t join organizations. People join people.” This is true. We joined based on our relationships with one or two members. So, if this is how we joined Delta Chi, let us apply that same concept as alumni and be that “guy” for Delta Chi! You are never too young, never too old and it is never too late to assist your Fraternity. I hope you will accept the challenge whether it is your time, your talent or your dollars. It’s all about the people. I look forward to hearing from you during my term as “AA”. This is your Fraternity and I welcome your comments, suggestions and support. ( and please put Delta Chi in the subject line) In the Bond,

Tom Horowitz “AA”

Michigan State ’87 Life Loyal

Remembering Fred and Marge

Fred Hammert, Oklahoma ’60 Brother Hammert was initiated at his beloved Oklahoma Chapter on August 27, 1955. He attended the first of his 16 conventions at East Lansing in 1956. He was house manager, IFC representative, “C”, and “A” of his Chapter and served the Fraternity as a traveling Fieldman following his graduation. In 1982 he returned to international service by filling the unexpired term of “CC” and was elected on his own right to the position at the 1983 Convention. He was then elected as “AA” at the 1985 Convention and became the Retiring “AA” at the 1987 Convention. He was inducted into the Order of the White Carnation by unanimous acclamation of the 1998 St. Louis Convention and later became a New Founder in recognition of gifts to the Foundation totally over $100,000. In 1990, he was elected to the Foundation Board of Directors and became its Vice-President at its 1996 meeting and then its President at its 1997 meeting. He stepped down as President last summer during the Las Vegas Convention but remained on the Foundation’s Board as

a Director despite being critically ill. The Fall/Winter 1998 issue of the Quarterly was dedicated to Fred and his wife Marian for their endless devotion and generosity to Delta Chi. They attended 12 Conventions together and it will be hard to imagine a Convention without Fred and Marian in attendance together. The devotion of Fred and Marian to each other and their family is an inspiration to all who know them. Delta Chi is quite naturally an extension of Fred’s family since his blood brothers Walter and Carl are also fellow Delta Chis. Fred and Marian always made time for young people; their consideration and compassion knew no bounds. Regardless of the many demands they always found time for Delta Chi. Perhaps Fred and Marian’s daughter Lisa summed it up best, “Some men have golf, my Dad has Delta Chi.”

Our Delta Chi Mom Marge Lee was hired in September 1964 as a “part-time” worker to help get out a mailing to Delta Chi’s alumni. Through the years, Ray Galbreth often joked about how she had yet to get that mailing out. She had been the person behind the scenes who kept the Headquarters functioning. Doing the work of two people was an “average” workload for Marge. For over 40 years she kept not only the membership records of the Fraternity but the financial records as well; she was diligent, passionate, and immensely talented. She was known to thousands by name and her friendly voice on the phone. Delta Chi, especially after her husband passed away in the spring of 1979, was her life. The fieldmen were “her boys”, and she had become their “Delta Chi Mom.” She attended every convention since her first in 1979, and she dearly loved getting to meet the undergraduates and alumni with whom she so often talked to over the phone. Her office walls were full of Delta Chi memorabilia including several photos and programs from the conventions she attended. On her bulletin board are

pinned all of her nametags from the 15 conventions she attended, numerous photos of the staff, and all things “Delta Chi.” Marge had major back surgery in December 2007 and was out for a few months, and it did not look like she would be attending the Las Vegas Convention, but she rallied like the strong person she was and made it. So many people have said that it was so special to be able to have seen her in Las Vegas. It was truly great to have her there. It was hard to tell whom it meant more to, Delta Chi or her. Sadly, a month later, during the month of her 44th anniversary of joining Delta Chi’s staff and at the age of 79, she had a health setback and was gone. At the 2002 Convention Marge Lee was named First Lady Emeritus, during the 2004 Convention the Outstanding “C” Award was renamed the Marge Lee “C” Award, but most importantly Marge was a friend to Delta Chi and our Special Delta Chi Sweetheart. She was more dedicated to Delta Chi than we deserved, and we were truly blessed to have her.

“ We want to thank each and every one of you who have extended your sympathy to our family. To her Delta Chi family: Over the years it was obvious to us how much Mom’s other family meant to her, especially after coming back from convention and we would hear so many great stories about her boys. How she loved seeing everyone and catching up on their lives. Now with all the beautiful tributes we are hearing it is obvious why she was so proud of her boys, and we understand a little better what she meant to all of her Delta Chi family. We are truly honored to have shared her with you for all these years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done - not only since Mom’s unexpected passing but especially for all those years she was a part of your lives. Hopefully you can take comfort in knowing just how much a part of her life you were.” ~ From the family of Marge Lee

Donations made in Marge’s memory as of April 28th, 2009: C. Edward Beavers Steven P. Bossart Barb Lee Burkhart Michael L. Carroll Russell H. Driscoll Thomas D. Haney John R. Helter II Stephen D. Henson Monte L. Johnson Adam J. Jones

David W. LaCour James M. Marascio Richard N. McKaig Mark D. Sluss Waldemar D. Tiedemann John G. Tunila Jimmie J. Underwood Frank K. Voris Russell K. Williams Chad M. Wolett

Donations can be made in memory to: The Delta Chi Fraternity, In Memory of Marge Lee PO Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 3

Convention review

The 56th International Convention Las Vegas • July 30-August 3, 2008

VIVA LAS VEGAS! The 56th International Convention, held at The Riviera Hotel & Casino from July 30-August 3, was attended by more than 260 student members, as well as more than 250 alumni and guests from across North America. The four days of programming, legislation, brotherhood and festivities began with a highly anticipated check presentation and finished with a lofty goal and the second largest gathering of Delta Chis in history!

Wednesday, July 30 Awards and V Foundation Check Presentation Wednesday evening kicked off with Patrick Alderdice, Ball State ’92, and Paul Picciani, Connecticut ’89, rocking through nearly 300 programming and individual awards for chapters, colonies and alumni chapters (see pages 12 and 13 for a full list of awards). We were all in for a surprise when they introduced the Executive Committee, as each man appeared dressed in full Elvis costume! It was a classic start to a Vegas Convention! But the feature of the kick-off was the presentation of a check to The V Foundation for 4 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

Cancer Research, totaling the amount of money raised by the chapters and colonies of Delta Chi since the last Convention. On hand to present the check were two courageous brothers from the South Dakota State Chapter. Ben Wise and Troy Miller rode their bicycles from Brookings, South Dakota to Las Vegas, Nevada in an effort to raise awareness and money for The V Foundation. These two men logged more than 1,600 miles in less than one month and raised nearly $10,000. As the lights dimmed for the check presentation, the doors in back flew open and the two brothers on bicycles circled the room and stopped at the stage to hand off the check. They received a standing ovation for their incredible journey and commitment to Delta Chi and The V Foundation. John Leshney, Senior Vice President of Development for The V Foundation, was on hand to accept a check worth $101,963.00 from “AA” Steve Bossart. “You (Delta Chi) have great leadership in Steve (Bossart) and your staff. I have had such a great feeling in getting to know the men of Delta Chi. You have people with vision and purpose, and they are

going to help lead the way, with you on this journey, to help find the cures,” said Leshney. Leshney went on to say that due to Delta Chi’s commitment and support a V Scholar grant will be given out in Delta Chi’s name. The V Scholar grants are designed to identify, retain and further the careers of young researchers. Only 15 V Scholar grants are awarded each year throughout the U.S.

thursday, July 31 Elections and Ritual A procession of the Board of Regents, past “AA”s and members of the Order of the White Carnation began the first general session on Thursday morning. Tom Viola, New Haven ’82, called the session to order as “FF”, and the Bond Song was sung. “AA” Steve Bossart, Kent State ’90, led the Convention in the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems, as well as the recitation of the Preamble. Executive Director Ray Galbreth, Missouri ’69, recognized attendees based on the number of conventions attended. Jimmie J. “Doc” Underwood, Kansas ’51, was recognized for attending his 23rd Convention, and Fred

convention review Hammert, Oklahoma ’60, was recognized for attending the 1956 Convention. Sadly, this would be the last convention for Brother Hammert. The Convention delegates gave a standing ovation for these members’ dedication to Delta Chi. General Session I saw the following legislative items regarding Delta Chi Law pass: a change regarding the initiation of fathers; technical changes regarding the Housing Fund and Investment Advisory Committees, eligibility for membership, the single membership clause, term limits for committee members, and duties of the “BB”; a change to the definition of membership; a change in the performance of the Oath for incoming Fraternity officers; a change regarding officer emeritus positions; a change in the minimum standards; a change in the convention attendance fine; and dues increases effective August 1, 2008 for associate member dues, initiation dues, and membership dues. Following the adoption of the legislative items above, nominations were received for Executive Committee positions. Tom Horowitz, Michigan State ’87, was nominated for “AA” and Miles Washburn, Massachusetts ’87, was nominated for “CC”. The nominees for “DD” were Ratheen Damle, Texas ’01, and Mark Schramka, Northwestern Alumnus.

The Convention delegates then heard the presentation of the three men to be inducted into the Order of the White Carnation. The delegates unanimously approved the three men. Welcomed into the Order of the White Carnation were Russ Driscoll, Florida ’57, Keith Shriver, Florida ’79; and Steve Michels, Marquette ’87. General Session I came to an end with attendees patiently filing in order at the back of the room to take the Convention photo. It took lots of shots and a little digital magic, but we finally fit everyone in. After a quick lunch the delegates entered Regional Caucuses to discuss the elections of the “AA”, “CC” and “DD”. General Session II saw Tom Horowitz unanimously elected as Delta Chi’s 50th “AA” and Miles Washburn unanimously elected as “CC”. Ratheen Damle was elected as “DD”. Steve Bossart, Kent State ’90, will now assume the role of Retiring “AA”. The Convention delegates also granted Officer Emeritus status to Greg Hauser, Michigan State ’75, “AA” Emeritus; Larry Nothnagel,

Truman State ’79, “AA” Emeritus; Rich Kruger, Tri-State Faculty, Faculty Advisor Emeritus; James Sturm, Fredonia Alumnus, “BB” Emeritus; Frank Hinds, Illinois Faculty, “BB” Emeritus; Steve Spencer, Penn State ’54, “BB” Emeritus; Father Art Humphrey, Montclair Alumnus, “BB” Emeritus. After General Session II, the Convention adjourned for dinner.

Outstanding House Corporation, Humanitarian, Valor, Meritorious Service, and Distinguished Delta Chi Awards were handed out (see a complete list of recipients on page 13).

After a brief recess, the delegates witnessed the Ritual exemplification, a model rehearsal of the Fraternity’s Ritual, and called to order the third General Session of the day. During the Ritualistic Session there were some small changes made in the Ritual Manual to enhance the understanding and performance of the Ritual. Greg Hauser, Michigan State ’75, presented the Memorial Resolution in honor of those brothers who had passed away during the past biennium, and Chris Johnson, Kentucky ’77, was selected as the Convention Honoree. The Alumni Ceremony ended the long day of events.

To add a bit of the “lure of Vegas” to the convention experience, attendees enjoyed a Casino Night to raise money for The V Foundation on Friday night. The event surpassed all expectations, raising over $5,000 with nearly 250 participants. Several non-cash prizes were awarded to the winners, which enabled attendees under the age 21 to enjoy several of the traditional casino games: Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and Craps. Top prizes included two tickets to the 2009 Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans; two sets of two tickets each to see Zumanity and Blue Man Group; as well as a Suite Upgrade at the Riviera for the remainder of the Convention. As another exciting day came to a close, everyone headed out to “The Strip” for a full Vegas experience!

friday, august 1 Alumni Recognition and Educational Sessions

saturday, august 2 The Big Finish

The 7th Annual Kimball Classic golf tournament kicked off Friday morning! The tournament was played at Desert Pines Golf Club, a Pete Dye designed course. Participants had the

On Saturday morning, the educational sessions continued, and alumni volunteers and guests shared their personal and professional experiences in small breakout sessions in the day-long Advisor Track Program. This year,

opportunity to win a new driver, $10,000 Sony Gift Card or tickets to Las Vegas shows. Friday morning and afternoon, attendees could choose to attend an array of educational sminars, beginning with guest speaker Dr. Lori Hart-Ebert, who gave an insightful presentation on “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Opposite Sex” (this opening session was presented with the generous support of Pennington and Company). Other sessions included Smart Party Planning, FIPG; GIN System: How it Works; Chapter Financial Management; Powerful Public Speaking; How to Impress the Women in Your Life; AM Program; Scholarship Program Planning; From Colony to Chapter; GREEKBILL: How it Works; How to start an Alumni Chapter; How to get an ‘A’ in every Class; Proper performance of the Delta Chi Ritual; History of a Ritual; and Greek Advisor/ Headquarters Partnership. Many of Delta Chi’s outstanding alumni and volunteers were recognized during Friday’s Delta Chi Educational Foundation luncheon. The Outstanding “BB”, Outstanding ABT,

outgoing seniors were encouraged to attend the ATP, and as Steven Haught, Georgia Southern, said, “I have a much greater understanding and perspective of what our advisors go through. It really helps as an undergraduate to know how to help them.” All undergraduates participated in a half-day seminar on Dynamic Recruitment presented by Phired-Up! Productions, The Convention just wouldn’t be the same without the etiquette luncheon, “Manners Matter: A Luncheon Like No Other,” hosted by the talented Lorrie Bossart. Sessions on Warm Fuzzies, Cold Pricklies & Managing Change; Aficinado; Capital Fraternal Caucus; Leadership Consultant Recruiting; Personal Financial Management; Facilitating a Chapter Retreat; How to write a Killer Cover Letter; Smart Investing; A Business Called Fraternity; and Professional Selling- Closing the Deal wrapped up the last day of educational programming. Saturday evening brought out the second largest gathering of brothers and guests at any single Convention in history, more than 520, Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 5

Convention review for the presentation of the Fraternity’s highest awards. Steve Bossart, “AA”, welcomed all in attendance, and the Convention Chorus, led by Dr. E. Duane Meyer, Hobart ’58, then sang the United States’ and Canadian National Anthems to begin the banquet. Bossart then invited everyone to enjoy dinner. Following dinner, Ray Galbreth, with assistance from Doc Underwood, started the “Handshake Across Time,” a tradition begun by Founder Monroe Marsh Sweetland to bridge future generations of Delta Chis with the Founders through this meaningful and inspiring tradition. During the evening the Fraternity presented its highest awards, starting with the recipients of the 2007 and 2008 Outstanding Greek Life Professional awards to Mark Koepsell, Colorado State, and Dr. David Lusk, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Truman State, respectively. Dr. E. Duane Meyer, Hobart ’58, Robert Hendershot, Purdue ’72, and Patrick Weber, Oklahoma ’87, were honored as tthe Fraternity’s most recent New Founders for their individual, lifetime donations exceeding $100,000 to the Fraternity and Educational Foundation. Two undergraduate men, Christopher Marshall and Charles D. Wineland, III were thanked for their service as Convention Recorders. Ray Galbreth, on behalf of the Fraternity Executives Association (FEA), made a special presentation to Brother Richard “Dick” McKaig. Ray presented him with FEA’s Order of Fraternity Excellence Award, which is presented to a college or university administrator who has attained a level of professional accomplishment, relating to the college fraternity, that is of such excellence as to merit recognition by FEA, [his] devotion and commitment to the college fraternity is acknowledged by all. A graduate of Ball State University and a loyal member of Delta Chi Fraternity; Dick is known by his contemporaries as the “fraternal dean.” He has been involved with the Greek community at Indiana University and nationally, since his arrival on campus in 1971. Author Richard Peck, DePauw ’56, was honored as the 2007 Delta Chi of the Year recipient. Peck has written 37 novels, two of which were recipients of the Edgar Allan Poe award, and another two that were winners of the John Newberry Medal, the highest prize in children’s literature. In 2002 he was the first children’s writer to receive a national Humanities Medal in a White House Ceremony. As First Lady Laura Bush’s appointed delegate, he represented American writers at the Russian Book Festival in Moscow in 2005. Actor G.D. Spradlin, Oklahoma ’41, was honored as the 2008 Delta Chi of the Year recipient for his career success. Before he turned to acting he founded the Rogue Oil Company. Then, in 1964, his daughter Wendy took him to a father-daughter acting competition. It was there that G.D. was bitten by the acting bug. He went to Los Angeles where he was soon cast in the Jack Webb production Dragnet. Throughout the 1960’s, Mr. Spradlin appeared in numerous television programs and motion pictures and such television shows as I Spy and Gomer Pyle. Then he won the part of the corrupt Nevada senator in The Godfather Part II. It was Mr. Spradlin’s breakthrough role, 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

She received a long, standing ovation from the and it helped establish him as a confident, Convention attendees and guests. Before the authoritarian figure, which led to his portrayal site of the next Convention was announced, of many such figures in his future roles. Since then Mr. Spradlin has acted in over seventy films Peter acknowledged Matt Killingsworth, Kansas State ’02, for his challenge two years ago at and alongside such notable actors as Marlon the 2006 Convention closing banquet, which Brando, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, and Arnold became affectionately known as the “Big Schwarzenegger. Some of his most memorable Bet.” The challenge was this, for each of the roles and credits include Tora! Tora! Tora!, red Delta Chi poker chips brought to the Las Tank, North Dallas Forty, Ed Wood, The Long Vegas Convention (which were handed out in Kiss Goodnight, and Apocalypse Now. In 1999, Cleveland at the closing banquet) in person he retired from the world of acting with his last by a registered attendee from the Cleveland film Dick. Today, he is widely regarded as one of Convention, a donation would be made to the greatest Hollywood character actors. William the Delta Chi Fraternity and the Educational Jenkins of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Kevin Foundation. By the close of the 2008 Convention O’Neill of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity were the “Big Bet” had seen 48 members join Matt awarded the 2007 & 2008 John J. Kuhn Awards in his challenge and pledge a combined total for outstanding service to the interfraternal of $253.76 per chip movement. The returned. With 150 President’s Cup, attendees returning, the highest chapter the “Big Bet” raised award given by the over $38,000 for Delta Fraternity, is given in Chi and the Foundation two different divisions, Chris Johnson, Kentucky ’77 combined. Peter then the Red and the Buff. announced the site of In the Red Division Born in 1954, Johnson the 57th Convention the Cup was awarded attended the University of in 2010: New Orleans, to the chapters at: Kentucky where he became also know as the Big Georgia Tech, Kansas a founding father of the Easy. The Convention and Pittsburgh. In Kentucky Chapter. While at UK as an undergrad, will convene at the the Buff Division the he served as “A” and “C”. Marriott located at 555 Cup was awarded After graduating from Canal St. The hotel is to the chapters at: Kentucky, Chris attended located on the edge Duquesne, Louisiana law school at the University of Louisville, where of the historic French Tech, Tri-State and he helped establish the Louisville Chapter in Quarter District and is Truman State. The 1980 and served as the Chapter’s “BB” from within walking distance President’s Most October1984 to February 1987. to Jackson Square, Improved Trophy is His role in Delta Chi did not stop there. He home of St. Louis given to the chapter served as Delta Chi’s legal advisor, Regent Cathedral, the Natchez with the most notable for Region VI, “BB” for the Kentucky Colony River Boat, and just a improvement over the from September 2005 to February 2007 and its couple of blocks from past academic year House Corporation president from December Bourbon St.! and was awarded 2005 until October 2006. He also served as the to the South Florida Fraternity’s “BB”-at-large. Chris sat on the Delta The Convention came Chapter. Chi Educational Foundation as a board member to a close with Fred and also served as its legal advisor and Hammert administering Ray Galbreth, secretary. As a result, Johnson was inducted the oath of office and Executive Director, into the Order of the White Carnation in 1994. swearing in the three recognized Peter He attended many Regional Conferences and new International Lane, Georgia twelve conventions over the years and would Officers. Tom Southern ’07, drive long distances to attend initiations, Horowitz addressed as Convention especially ones of founding fathers, at a the attendees with Coordinator, for number of different chapters. his closing remarks, an exceptional job revealing that after in planning the He worked for the Attorney General’s office for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, legal advisor a survey of each Convention. Peter for the Kentucky State Police, and as Assistant region’s fundraising thanked the staff and General Counsel in the Kentucky Justice Cabinet. expectations and volunteers for helping multiple discussions make the Convention During the 2002 Convention, Chris donated with the Board of a success. He also his personal badge to be used as the official Regents, Delta Chi gave a special thanks “CC” badge. will embark on a to Marge Lee, the Chris passed away on March 8th, 2007. The new goal to raise adored Delta Chi Kentucky House of Representatives adjourned $130,000.00 for The V Office Manger who its regular session early on March 26, 2007 Foundation by the next has unselfishly in Chris’ honor. Johnson’s support and Convention! He also served the Fraternity dedication has been greatly missed throughout strongly encouraged for over 44 years the Delta Chi world. everyone to attend and attended every the 2010 Convention Convention since in New Orleans! The evening ended with 1979 (15) and is the only First Lady Emeritus; the singing of the Bond Song and the official for her guidance during preparation of the adjournment of the 56th Convention. Convention and commitment to our Fraternity.

2008 Convention Honoree

convention review

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 7

convention attendees Abracadabra Kal Shaha Kenneth Krigstein


Samuel Shuttlesworth Michael Dodson Daniel Wood



Timothy Hauenstein Ryan Baird Kyle Haeseley Andrew Kirkwood

Eastern Washington Vince Calabres


Freddie Boyle David Cottrell Mitchell Lund

Marquette Marshall

James Olah Woodrow McFann

South Dakota State

Billy Karlen Michael Kendall Benjamin Wise Timothy Goldammer Gerad Johnson

South Florida


Robert Wiggenhorn Kori Padron

Jon Goldstein Eli Tucker

Mark Arroyo Mike Brinkman Benjamin Dundas Brett Hall Bill Zeranski



Southeast Missouri

Jordan Siek William Zale


Michigan State

Arizona State


Edmond Chen

American Ryan Kim

Appalachian State Brian Bohlman


Ty Baker Fernando Flgueroo Bryce Sorem Alex Weir

Ferris State John Szewc


Michael Streed Jeremy Malnar Andrew Sanchez Gustavo Nuno


Evan Gould


George Mason


Georgia Southern

Michael Howell Steven Wheatley Daniel Fachler Logan Hinton Shayne Woodard Eric Michenfelder Clinton Howell


Bryan Muscia Aaron White

Binghampton Murray Echt Jason Diaz

Bowling Green Justin Albright Jeremy Randall


Greg Doane Evan Konstantatos

Cal Poly

Tanner Bennett Gregory Hancock

California Univ-PA Anthony Rost Samuel Silva

Central Michigan Ronald Burr Jr. David Hughes

Central Missouri

Jose Ramos Timothy Shifflett Robert Tang Steven Haught Christian Craig

Georgia Tech

Malcolm Neave James Lawder Nicholas Wellkamp


Lee Gauthier Lance Pepin


James Mayshar Tim Wright

Coastal Carolina Dan Jolies Kevin Mitchell


Jordan Gutman

Colorado State Colby Berner Vu Kohler

Connecticut Andrew Waxler


Bryan Ellerbrock

Corpus Christi Cody Hadaway Cortland Andrew Carnright Robert Connerton


Andre Lee Jake Persing


Andrew Reed Adam Gilbert Daniel Lopez


Christopher Federinko Matthew Richardson David Young

East Carolina

Hart Holloman Peter Dockmanovich

East Stroudsburg Chris Ross

Mississippi State Michael Bryant Jonathan Batton


Tyler Hansen Tyler Gray

Missouri State Daniel Pape Ryan Petersen

Montclair Paul Frye

New Haven

Brendan Csaposs


Allen Putney

Huntsville Cody Buntain


Joe Church Arthur Moore


Frank Cartwright Jonathon Schutt

Illinois State

Brian Reuhl Samuel Puckhaber



Jimmy Snyder Matthew Jorgenson



Arthur Sobczak IV Mark Hale Martin Davis III





Daniel Waslawski Marcos Bonafede Kevin Nystuen Tyler Gray

Michael Herrin Nicholas Roberts

Sam Downs Dan Uhlenbrock Anderw Baker

Charles Wineland III

Tyler Lyon James Troeger Brad Keifer

Jacksonville State Drew Furlough Drew Lindsey Edwin Vazquez Weslee Ward

James Madison

Justin DeLockery Gregory Weinapple Tony Zeinoun

Johnstown Drew Tudor


Alex Beck Michael Albani

Kansas State Nate Fowler

Kennesaw State Jeremy Merrick Blake Gilder Mark Hoerrner Travis Jennings

Kent State Michael Smith

Kettering-A Scott Duhaime Scott Thach


Nicholas Maschino Eric Streeter


Ross Servat Nick Marinello Lake Forest Noah Dion Justin Stenger

Jordan Hutchinson Samuel Cox James Walsh

North Alabama John Gifford James Sandlin Tyler Hudson

Northern Arizona Joshua Casas Michael Petrella

Northern Colorado

Chase Luedtke Nick Sterner

Northwest Missouri Tyler Uhe Corbin Coe Shawn Hornick

Daniel Janowski

Southern California

Adam Arnold Eric Van Aelstyn

Southern Illinois Peter Chudyba Kevin Scholfeld Stephen F Austin


John Gilligan Frank Dariano Eric Hammill Joseph Romeo Dylan Vazzano Justin Worst John Hartigan


Shane Brotherton


Josh Layton

Texas A&M Jason Boone Jeff Cowley Brett Day

Texas State Calvin Bowers

Texas Tech

Adam Wolfe David Ladewig


Clayton Bennett Ryan Heath Craig Wiley David Woody

Truman State Kevin Andert Nathan Atkinson Matthew Wright

Troy State

Stephen Crowell- Faulk


Josué Flamenco Marco Valera



Bruce Weaver

Ohio State

Steve Koffler Beau Bermudez

Daniel Desmond Kevin Uland Scott Plunkett Robert Munoz


David Gleason Andrew McCollum

Oregon State Brad Jansen Patrick Ostrom

Oshkosh Thong Lo


Robert Gaunt Matthew Hemmerly Michael Kaiser Daniel Thomas David Obringer


Alex Kwitny Gerald Sims Herbert Yu Michael Herbers Trevor Fenimore Bryan Colbourn Matt Sharp Frank Cinfio Nathan Welch



Clayton Freeman Joshua Maples Christopher Marshall Scott Ruthig Eric Smith Michael VanDoren John Warren Kyle Volle

Washington Zac Mahlum Antonio Bravo Lance Behringer

Washington State Kyle Barber Alex Gosseen

West Georgia Josh Saunders Daniel Estes

West Virginia Tech Thomas Cox Jeremy Chancey

Western Carolina Jason McGinnis Travis Stallings

William & Mary Paul Hickman


Derek Franklin Matt Barnett

Brendan Healy

Louisiana Tech

Seth Cooper

John Jenkins Evan Huntley Matthew Evans James Crawford, III Charles Tyson Landon Riley



Long Beach

Connor Beech John Bain Austin Thompson


Rhode Island

Steve Seery

8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

Mitchell Sokolowski

BOARD OF REGENTS Steve Bossart, Kent State ’90 Ratheen Damle, Texas ’01 Tom Horowitz, Michigan State ’87 Lucas Wunsch, Washington ’04 Mike Woolbright, Long Beach ’86 John Ziegler, Louisiana Tech ’01 Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98 Mark Schramka, Northwestern Alumnus ’99 Marquez Brown, Iowa ’01 E. Duane Meyer, Hobart ’58 Bill Tallman, Embry-Riddle ’95 Miles Washburn, Massachusetts ’87

LAW COMMITTEE Larry Nothnagel, Truman State ’79

HOUSING COMMITTEE Ken Shepard, Long Beach ’77 Mike Dichiser, Kansas State ’95

RITUAL COMMITTEE Kevin Pitchford, West Virginia Tech ’86 Brad Cole, Southern Illinois ’93 John Dorner, Illinois State ’91 Brendan Shields-Shimizu, Southern California ’07

EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Fred Hammert, Oklahoma ’60 Steven Michels, Marquette ’87 Robert Hendershot, Purdue ’72 Patrick Weber, Oklahoma ’87 Michael Carroll, Auburn ’71 Bobby Dewrell, Troy State ’95 Jim Marascio, Bryant ’93 Roy Payne, Cornell ’52 Patrick Phelan, Embry-Riddle ’72 Dr. Kenneth Sousa, Bryant Faculty Chad Wolett, Arizona State ’94

STAFF Ray Galbreth, Executive Director Karl Grindel, Asst. Executive Director Peter Lane, Convention Coordinator Director of Expansion Zac Cole, Director of Chapter Services Justin Sherman, Leadership Consultant Mitch Hulbert, Leadership Consultant Dan Catalano, Leadership Consultant Kevin Caffrey, Leadership Consultant Adam Jones, Leadership Consultant Kyle Waletich, Leadership Consultant Michael Dean, Leadership Consultant Marge Lee, Office Manager Claudia Jansenius, Clerk

alumni Patrick Alderdice, Ball State ’92 Tom Aldrich, Louisiana Tech ’92 James Alex, Jr., Oregon State ’74 John Anderson, Alberta ’04 Steven Ankeny, Tri-State ’03 Bill Barnes, Clemson ’97 Eugene Bauer, Centeral Missoui ’81 Scott Baum, Central Missouri ’79 Edward Beavers, Louisville ’85 Newell Bentley III, Kettering-B ’01 Stephen Bianchi, Northeastern ’79 Stephen Blank, East Stroudsburg ’07 Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70 Christopher Bowling, Johnstown ’83 Brian Brizendine, Texas A&M ’08 Jeffery Broderick, Illinois State ’81 Jared Broderick, Illinois State ’05 Phillip Brooks, Kettering-B ’02 Thomas Burleson, Huntsville ’02 Jason Butler, Central Missouri ’99 David Caillier, Cal Poly ’03 Nino Caridi, Hofstra ’08 Dustin Carter, Ohio State ’08 Nicholas Castronovo, Northwestern ’08 Michael Cemelli, Montclair ’07 Doug Chananie, East Carolina ’07 Charles Cheatham, Louisiana Tech ’88 David Conklin, Northwest Missouri ’88 Angad Damle, Texas ’07 Bryan DeLong, Kettering-A ’07

Daniel Desko, Duquesne ’04 Vincent DiCamillo, Duquesne ’95 Peter Dillon, Bryant ’91 Russ Driscoll, Flordia ’57 Sean Driscoll, UNLV ’07 Quinn Eddins, Marquette ’94 Paul Elder, Kettering-A ’08 Sean Ellis, Pittsburgh ’04 Charles Evans, Augusta ’88 Eric Felix, Fullerton ’07 Adam Fetterly, Cortland ’07 Mark Fitzgerald, Connecticut ’79 Jason Frampton, Duquesne ’04 Timothy Friedliob, UNLV ’07 Richard Frischer, Davis ’07 Ed Fusco, Embry-Riddle ’73 Doug Galbreth, Iowa ’04 Michael Gamble, Bryand ’03 Michael Geary, Florida ’91 Jeff Gerard, Windsor ’99 Max Goecker, Ball State ’88 Brian Goldfeder, Ohio State ’09 Matthew Gorney, Kansas State ’06 Thomas Griffin, Tri-State ’04 Gregory Grimes, Missouri State ’05 Andrew Haggerty, New mexico State ’03 Kenneth Ham, Missouri State ’07 Greg Hauser, Michigan State ’75 John Helter, Pittsburgh ’06 Hamilton Henderson, Northwest Missouri ’82 Grant Herrin, LSU ’07 Thaddeus Herron, Radford ’01 Anthony Ho, Hofstra ’08 Nick Hohenberger, Kent State ’00 Todd Holmes, Southern California ’08 Alexander Horowitz, Truman State ’06 Christopher Hsien, Davis ’07 Daniel Hunt, New Haven ’08 David Jardine, Arizona State ’05 Monte Johnson, Ohio State ’69 Matthew Juszczyk, Kettering-A ’06 Dwight Kensil, Eastern Illinois ’81 Andrew Keough, Davis ’05 Thomas Ketteman, Central Missouri ’72 Don Killingsworth, Jacksonville State ’99 Matt Killingsworth, Kansas State ’02 Chris Kilroy, Huntsville ’99 Brian King, Marshall ’07 J. Wesley Kirkbride West Georgia ’06 Jason Klein, New Haven ’05 Pete Korch, Johnstown ’84 Richard Kruger, Tri-State Faculty Michael Magri, Johsnstown ’84 Richard Maguire, Mississippi State ’04 Nick Mahaffy, South Dakota State ’08 Brian Martin, Ball State ’99 Paul Matvey, Duquesne ’06 Andrew May, Duquesne ’07 Anthony McClain, Kansas State ’00 Kenneth McCoig, Embry-Riddle ’02 Steven McCowan, Embry-Riddle ’98 Timothy McGinnis, Northwest Missouri ’07 Richard McKaig, Ball State ’66 Augie Meyer, East Stroudsburg ’08 Troy Miller, South Dakota State ’07 Tom Mullaney, Central Missouri ’96 Paul Niemann, Central Missouri ’74 Brett Norris, Kent State ’07 Justin Ochsner, South Dakota State ’06 Alex Oreta, South Florida ’07 Gage Osthoff, Colorado State ’07 Richard Peck, DePauw ’56 Barry Peters, Western Michigan ’89 Mario Petruzzelli, Florida ’52 Paul Picciani, Connecticut ’89 Bennett Polack, Alberta ’00 Patrick Rabideau, Kent State ’01 Daniel Raff, Davis ’06 Peter Redding, New Haven ’97 Klayton Roark, Arizona State ’03 Justin Roberts, Pittsburgh ’05 Jose Rodas, Maryland ’95 Matthew Rolland, Delaware ’92 Shaun Roof, New Haven ’00 Randy Rossi, Bryant Alumnus R. Doug Rozman, Connecticut ’90 Andrew Rutt, Pittsburgh ’05 Mike Sarow, Kansas State ’00 Willie Saunders, Augusta ’91

Keith Shriver, Florida ’79 Elliott Shubert, Kansas City ’66 Christopher Siciliano, Hofstra ’08 Chaz Siciliano, Hofstra ’07 Matthew Smith, Davis ’05 Donny Sobnosky, Kent State ’07 John Stamey, Clemson Alumnus Christopher Steely, Florida ’87 Paul Subbio, West Chester ’00 Ronald Surmacz, Duquesne Alumnus Douglas Swift, Ohio State ’07 Jason Thomas, Embry-Riddle ’02 Wally Tidemann, Embry-Riddle ’77 McGinnis Timothy, Northwest Missouri ’78 David Trumbore, Pittsburgh ’05 Michael Tumolo, Cortland ’07 John Tunila, Connecticut ’81 Alan Udell, Wisconsin ’91 Jimmie “Doc” Underwood, Kansas ’51 Jeff Underwood, Kansas ’80 Trent Unterbrink, Tri-State ’98 Steven Urrutia, Cal Poly ’94 Gil Werntz, Georgia Southern ’85 David Wertz, Tri-State ’03 Doug Wiedor, Pittsburgh ’05 Dustin Wiess, Kettering-A ’08 Rusty Williams, Georgia Southern ’05 Bill Williams, Gannon ’83 Richard Wilson, Kent State ’04 Andrew Wong, Davis ’05 Jason Woods, Pittsburgh ’05 Eric Woolfitt, Cal Poly ’03

ParliAmentarian Don LaPlante, Southern California Alumnus

“FF” Tom Viola, New Haven ’82

Investment Advisory Committee Carlton Getz, Kansas State ’00 Eric Kerstetter, Auburn ’00

Legal Advisor Tom Haney, Kansas State ’70

Interns Brian Detweiler Daniel Kim Mark Fifer

Guests Gillian Anderson Jennifer Ator Tricia Bohr Gregory Bossart Lorrie Bossart Andrew Cheatham Charles Cheatham Nathan Cheatham Brittany Cheatham Gary Coleman Barbara DiCamillo Karen DiCamillo Nicole Dixon Valerie Draheim Ellie Eversol Janet Galbreth Kathleen Gillan Paige Goodson Marian Hammert Barbara Haney Lori Hart-Ebert Chester Hllinger Maureen Hogan Amy Hohenberger Margaret Hollinger Bill Jenkins Shane Johnson Tanya Johnson Andrea Keller Melissa Kinghorn

Gabby Leon Joyce Martin Stephen Martin Matt Mattson Ryan Mazgay Erica McCowan Brandon Nothnagel Santu Nulliah Kevin O’Neill Matt Pardue Delga Petruzzelli Michelle Pulis Diane Radewald Erin Roof Julie Savacool Kevin Simon Stephanie Subbio Doug Swift Maryann Thomas Lesley Thompson Megan Tunila Emily Tunila Susan Tunila Stephanie Udell Karen Weber Clay Werntz Gil Werntz, Jr. Madeline Woolbright Michael Woolbright

State of the cHapters Total




% of











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Georgia Tech







Gorham State







Montclair Montevallo New Haven Northern Arizona Northern Colorado Northwest Missouri Northwestern Oregon State Oshkosh Penn State Pittsburgh Purdue Radford Rhode Island Rowan Rutgers South Dakota State South Florida Southeast Missouri Southern California Southern Illinois Stephen F. Austin Syracuse Tarleton Texas Texas A&M Texas State Texas Tech Tri-State Troy State Truman State UNLV Valdosta Virginia Commonwealth Washburn Washington Washington State West Georgia West Virginia Tech Western Michigan William & Mary




































100 100














Appalachian State














Arizona State




















104 100














Bowling Green






100 102







Cal Poly







California Univ. - PA







Central Michigan







Central Missouri




















101 100

Coastal Carolina













Colorado State
























































East Carolina














Ferris State



























135 164














Georgia Southern













Illinois State














Jacksonville State






98 100

James Madison




















Kent State













115 100




















101 100

Michigan State













Mississippi State














Missouri State







2007-08 Initiates Enrolled

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2007-08 % of Average Bills Membership* Paid†

1990 1972 1981 1959 1984 1971 1893 2003 1969 1929 1976 1927 1994 2003 1992 1999 2002 2000 1977 1910 2003 1999 2001 1988 1907 1988 1991 1983 1969 1966 1978 1996 1968 1991 2005 1908 1943 2002 1983 1955 2002

263 528 330 702 440 1098 352 934 543 1710 170 1593 216 114 214 199 130 224 550 1325 1050 132 353 318 889 377 246 532 420 776 594 287 759 260 48 1995 660 93 325 1033 48

2 0 13 20 7 0 35 5 9 14 28 47 10 28 21 38 17 24 16 16 16 0 16 3 4 10 3 19 17 0 19 13 8 0 12 20 24 0 0 13 5

12 23 11 16 9 15 16 8 3 43 21 34 19 2 7 2 26 25 8 24 16 13 12 14 0 18 14 29 13 0 28 11 14 16 0 22 22 12 6 0 5

26 28 25 34 19 30 40 21 14 86 51 109 32 40 25 34 36 48 29 59 26 20 24 10 24 39 12 48 24 27 38 27 25 29 19 36 43 31 11 33 11

86 74 100 100 119 92 100 99 92 100 101 81 100 110 41 100 110 99 100 100 100 0 100 73 58 103 100 101 100 74 100 100 53 100 100 98 99 90 107 51 100







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32 18 49 204 45 1516 19 66 39 1393 761 17 17 32

7 18 22 6 17 33 17 19 12 12 6 17 17 14

25 ** 8 3 ** ** ** 10 ** 5 7 ** ** 4

COLONIES Founded Cincinnati Corpus Christi East Stroudsburg Eastern Washington George Mason Indiana Kennesaw State Marshall North Alabama Ohio State Oklahoma Slippery Rock USIP Wilmington

Total Initiates Enrolled

2006 2007 2006 2006 2007 1925 2007 2004 2006 1902 1927 2008 2007 2006

2007-08 % of Average Bills Membership* Paid† 21 22 21 12 31 38 12 24 17 14 18 17 16 23

100 109 100 98 100 100 99 99 100 90 107 84 100 101

*Does not include associate members. Groups with over 100% reduced a debt from prior years. **Not established

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 9

convention Recognition 2007 Delta Chi Of The Year Richard Peck, DePauw ’56

As a student at DePauw University, Richard Peck spent his junior year abroad at The University of Exeter in England before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1956. Mr. Peck completed his master’s degree at Southern Illinois University in 1959 and taught junior high and high school English. He left teaching in 1971 to write his first novel, Don’t Look and It Won’t Hurt. It was his first in a long line of acclaimed and best-selling young adult novels. He has written 37 novels, two of which were recipients of the Edgar Allan Poe award, and another two of which were winners of the John Newberry Medal, the highest prize in children’s literature. Two of his recent books have been National Book Award Finalists, and four of his novels have been adapted for the screen. In 1999 DePauw awarded Mr. Peck an honorary doctorate of letters. He has also endowed a chair in creative writing at his alma mater. In 2002 he was the first children’s writer to receive a National Humanities Medal in a White House ceremony. As Mrs. Laura Bush’s appointed delegate, he represented American writers at the Russian Book Festival in Moscow in 2005.

2008 Delta Chi Of The Year G.D. Spradlin, Oklahoma ’41

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1941, Gervais Duan Spradlin began his unlikely career as an attorney working in Venezuela and then later became a successful independent oil producer, founding the Rogue Oil Company. Before he turned to acting, Mr. Spradlin was active in local politics and campaigned for John F. Kennedy in 1959. Then, in 1964, his daughter Wendy took him to a fatherdaughter acting competition. It was there that the acting bug bit G.D. Only one year after joining the Oklahoma Repertory Theatre, he went to Los Angeles where he was soon cast in the Jack Webb production Dragnet. Throughout the 1960’s, Mr. Spradlin appeared in numerous television programs and motion pictures. Then, Fred Roos, an accomplished producer, director, and casting director who had cast Mr. Spradlin in such television shows as I Spy and Gomer Pyle, recommended Spradlin for the part of the corrupt Nevada senator in The Godfather Part II. It was Mr. Spradlin’s breakthrough role, and it helped establish him as a confident, authoritarian figure, which led to his portrayal of many such figures in his future roles. Since then Mr. Spradlin has acted in over seventy films and alongside such notable actors as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some of his most memorable roles and credits include Tora! Tora! Tora!, Tank, North Dallas Forty, Ed Wood, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Apocalypse Now. In 1999, he retired from the world of acting with his last film Dick. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest Hollywood character actors.

10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

New Founder Recognition The following men were recognized at the 2008 Convention closing banquet and received the honor of being acknowledged as New Founders, an honor which is bestowed upon a member for his lifetime giving of over $100,000 to the Fraternity and Foundation. Delta Chi cannot thank these brothers enough for their generous support of Delta Chi, its members, and its programs. Thank You.

Robert D. Hendershot Purdue ’72

Roy R. Payne, Jr. Cornell ’52

Dr. E. Duane Meyer Hobart ’58

Patrick F. Weber Oklahoma ’87

George W. Obear DePauw ’30 (Posthumously)

Order of the White Carnation Delta Chi established the Order of the White Carnation in 1975 to honor those men who have displayed meritorious and inconspicuous service. Last summer candidates were presented for consideration and, by standing acclamation, the Convention inducted the following men: Russell Driscoll, Florida ’57, has served as the South Florida Chapter’s House Corporation President for the past seven years. He has also served on the Chapter’s ABT, was a Vice-Regent for Region VIII, was the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Governance Task Force, was instrumental in the renovations to the Florida Chapter house, and is always a dedicated volunteer to chapters in the State of Florida. He is the recipient of two Meritorious Service Awards and has attended several conventions and Regional Conferences. eith Shriver, the university of Florida ’79, was K a founding father of the Jacksonville Chapter and soon after transferred to the University of Florida and since has distinguished himself with almost 30 years of service to the Fraternity. He served two years on staff, has been a Vice-Regent for Region VIII, Regent for Region VIII, served the Georgia Tech Chapter as “BB” and as an ABT member, and currently serves as the “BB” for the Kennesaw Colony. He has twice been awarded the Meritorious Service Award and has attended numerous Regional Conferences, Leadership Colleges, and has attended 15 conventions. Steven R. Michels, Marquette ’87, served for over ten years as the House Corporation President for the Marquette Chapter. He is a former Secretary/Treasurer and former Vice-President for the Delta Chi Educational Foundation and current member of the Board of Directors for the Foundation. He has attended several conventions and was named a New Founder at the 2006 Convention.

convention Recognition John J. Kuhn Award

Officer Emeritus Recognition

This award, named after the former International President of The Delta Chi Fraternity and former President of the National Interfraternity Conference, John J. Kuhn, is presented to individuals who have contributed significantly to the Greek movement. The award, which is the most prestigious that Delta Chi offers, recognizes the accomplishments and the contributions of people within the Fraternity and Sorority world regardless of their affiliation.

The highest recognition that can be bestowed on an elected officer of Delta Chi is Emeritus standing. It requires a unanimous standing vote of a Convention, and this year the following men were granted such recognition:

William D. Jenkins, Phi Kappa Tau 2007 A member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, William D. Jenkins began work for his Fraternity immediately after graduation. There he worked as a member of the Phi Kappa Tau staff from 1960 to 1978. In 1992, Mr. Jenkins joined the North-American Interfraternity Council Board of Directors and would ultimately go on to serve as NIC President from 2000 to 2002. In addition to his service on the NIC, Mr. Jenkins also served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Fraternity Advisors Foundation from 1991 to 2006 and also as the Executive Vice President for the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation from 1991 to 2006. Among his many awards and recognitions are the Phi Kappa Tau Palm Award, the Borradaile Award, the Association of Fraternity Advisors Jack L. Anson Award, the NIC Foundations Seminar Lifetime Achievement Award, and the NIC Gold Medal. Kevin O’Neill, Lambda Chi Alpha - 2008 During his time as a student at Syracuse University, Kevin O’Neill was an active and involved leader on campus. A member of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Mr. O’Neill served two years as chapter president and oversaw the chapter’s growth from 19 to 80 members. He also spent two years in college as the Syracuse Orangeman mascot. After graduating, Mr. O’Neill went to work for Lambda Chi Alpha and during his five years there helped start more than a dozen new chapters nationwide and directed the fraternity’s leadership programming. After receiving his law degree and graduating in the top 10% from the College of William and Mary, Mr. O’Neill began work as an attorney and is today a partner for the Washington D.C.-based firm Patton Boggs. In addition to his successes professionally, Mr. O’Neill has remained active in the fraternal world. Since 2001 he has served as the North American Interfraternity Conference’s legislative counsel and as the Chairman of their Government Relations Committee. In 2005, Kevin co-founded and served as president of the nation’s largest bipartisan federal political action committee dedicated exclusively to the policy interests of college students and higher education.

“AA” Emeritus Greg F. Hauser, Michigan State ’75, served one term as “AA”, 1990-1992; two terms as “DD”, 1985-1990; served the NIC as its Chairman (Delta Chi’s fifth) in 1999; is a recipient of the John J. Kuhn Award for interfraternal service; was inducted into the Order of the White Carnation; has served the Fraternity as a staff member and Vice-Regent; has served on several chapters’ House Corporations and ABTs; has served as a Director of the Educational Foundation; is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Award; and regularly attends almost all events of the Fraternity, including 17 conventions. It is easy to say that Brother Hauser is by far the most decorated Delta Chi in its history. Larry K. Nothnagel, Truman State (NEMO) ’79, served one term as “AA”, 1994-1996; two terms as “CC”, 19901992 and 2000; one term as “DD”, 1992-1994; served the Northern Illinois Chapter as ABT President; served the Fraternity as a staff member and currently serves as the Chairman of the Delta Chi Law Committee; and has attended 11 conventions.

“BB” Emeritus Frank C. Hinds, Illinois Faculty, was the “BB” for the Illinois Chapter for over five years. He also served the Wyoming Chapter as “BB” for three years, on its ABT for three years, and as Faculty Advisor for two years.

Father Arthur F. Humphrey, Montclair Alumnus, was the first “BB” for the Montclair Chapter and served in that role for over nine years. He served the Chapter as House Corporation President and Faculty Advisor, and was awarded a Meritorious Service Award for his dedication to the Montclair Chapter. Stephen B. Spencer, Penn State ’54, served the Penn State Chapter for over 20 years as “BB”. He has also served the Chapter as ABT President and House Corporation President. He has attended several conventions and is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Award. Just recently he was elected again as the “BB” for the Penn State Chapter. James P. Sturm, Fredonia Alumnus, served many years as the “BB” for the Fredonia Chapter, winning six straight Outstanding “BB” Awards. He served as “BB” for the Behrend Chapter, was Vice-Regent for both Regions VII and IX, and was Regent for Region IX. He is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Award.

Faculty Advisor Emeritus Richard R. Kruger, Tri-State Faculty, is the first member to be named Faculty Advisor Emeritus. He served the Tri-State Chapter as Faculty Advisor for almost a decade and received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in its first year. He has also served the Chapter on its ABT and served as the “FF” for the 2006 Convention. He is a two-time recipient of the Meritorious Service Award and has attended several conventions. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 11

Delta Chi Loyalty Fund Donors

2007-08 Delta Chi Loyalty Fund Donors Please join the Loyal Delta Chis listed below who have stood up to be counted during the 2007-2008 school year with gifts to their Fraternity. Non Life Loyal members can renew their subscriptions to the Quarterly by donating $35 for three years or $50 for five years, or they can become Life Loyal Delta Chis by submitting a $350 ($295 for an active, student member) check for Life Loyal membership to Delta Chi Fraternity, P.O. Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244 or by going to www. and clicking on “Donate online.” Existing Life Loyal members can also see their names in this list next year by making a donation during the ’08-’09 school year. You may be wondering.... why does Delta Chi need a Loyalty Fund program? That’s easy. Delta Chi must increase its income in order to remain competitive. Our students are already doing their part. In fact, did you know that our alumni outnumber our undergraduates by 16 to one, yet undergraduates provide for more than 80% of the

Abracadabra Jon F. Crawford A lan G George . . . . . . . . . ’50 L• Lawrence Poundstone . ’34 L• Paul W. Reisz . . . . . . . . ’82 •• Larry S Tessler . . . . . . . ’60 Alabama • Brian C. Bugge . . . . . . . ’97 L•• William McGough . . . . . ’70 L• James M. Merrell . . . . . ’58 Alberta •• Paul R. Welke . . . . . . . . ’04 American • Gregory Y. Otten . . . . . . ’96 Adam B. Reiter . . . . . . . ’00 LM BRIAN SEELINGER . . . . ’98 Arizona • D. Glenn Baird . . . . . . . ’75 •• Salvatore Campagna . . . ’56 Terry A Chayra . . . . . . . ’82 LM# Geoffrey Knierim . . . . . . ’07 • Jeremy N. Lyon . . . . . . . ’01 • John R. McDonald . . . . ’55 Louis C Mone . . . . . . . . ’62

Arizona State • Carl R. Brehmer . . . . . . ’60 Albert J Catroppa . . . . . ’55 L# Joseph C. Feathers . . . . ’07 • Jason A. Hansen . . . . . . ’94 LM# Kyle Stephenson . . . . . . ’08 L CHAD WOLETT . . . . . . . ’94 Auburn L•• Mike Carroll . . . . . . . . . ’71 • Bob Dade . . . . . . . . . . . ’68 • Henry Hartsfield . . . . . . ’54 LM# Eric Kerstetter . . . . . . . . ’00 L•• Gary Monk . . . . . . . . . . ’65 • Cary Poole . . . . . . . . . . ’80 LM# Van E. Riggs . . . . . . . . . ’06 • Bradford Snuggs . . . . . ’02 K Dale Wingo . . . . . . . . ’59 Augusta LM# Charles Evans . . . . . . . . ’88 •• Leonard Manning Sr . . . ’81 LM# Willie Saunders . . . . . . . ’91 Ball State L•• Max Goecker . . . . . . . . . ’88 L• Dick McKaig . . . . . . . . . ’66 • Mark A Peterson . . . . . . ’77

Bowling Green LM# Patrick J. Dehnart . . . . . ’09 LM# Leo R. Svoboda . . . . . . ’08

Bryant Peter J. Dillon . . . . . . . . ’91 Michael A. Prestash . . . ’95 Buffalo John Horwedel . . . . . . . ’82 California Univ-PA Dino DiBernardi . . . . . . ’76 Central Michigan L Robert B Bennett . . . . . ’90 LM# Mark D. Garland . . . . . . ’08

Fraternity’s budget? Our alumni can do better. And we feel that special recognition must be given to those stepping forward to do their part. Read the box on the next page to see what a Life Loyal Membership brings you. The Fraternity needs your direct support. More importantly, our students need your support. If you join now, it will save your Fraternity the cost of sending out solicitation letters and allow that much more of your gift to go where it is needed most! Gifts to the Delta Chi Fraternity are not tax deductible.

The Delta Chi Fraternity would like to extend a special thank you to Brothers Steve Michels, Marquette ’87, and Don LaPlante, USC Faculty, for their generous support of the Fraternity’s “A”s’ Academy through their earmarked gifts to the Foundation.

Clemson •• David Steinberg . . . . . . ’92

Delaware LM# Matthew Rolland . . . . . . ’91

Colorado L CHAD BRUE . . . . . . . . . ’95 • Adam Zax . . . . . . . . . . . ’84

DePauw • Karl G Anderson . . . . . . ’51 Norman F. Buck . . . . . . ’40 David L. Harlor . . . . . . . ’78 LM# Brent Nakano . . . . . . . . ’08 LM# Samuel Rund . . . . . . . . ’08 Chris Terhune . . . . . . . . ’02 Robert D Walters . . . . . ’80

Colorado State L# Gage N. Osthoff . . . . . . ’07 Connecticut L•• Mark Fitzgerald . . . . . . . ’79 • John A Novak . . . . . . . . ’75 LM# Douglas Rozman . . . . . ’90 L JOHN TUNILA . . . . . . . . ’81

Central Missouri • Thomas Mullaney . . . . . ’96 Paul H Niemann . . . . . . ’74 Rodney A. Prall . . . . . . . ’84 Mitchell S. Schupp . . . . ’00

Cornell L• Matthew Findlay . . . . . . ’07 •• Mike Nadler . . . . . . . . . ’56 • Arthur J Preller . . . . . . . ’99 Timothy C. Sharp . . . . . ’02 L•• David K. Weber . . . . . . . ’68

Chico • Dale J. Faubert . . . . . . . ’89

Creighton Ronald A. Dorsey . . . . . ’95

Cincinnati Colony L# Jason G. Jones . . . . . . . ’08

Davis LM# Christopher D ’Alo . . . . ’07

Life Loyal Delta Chi Program Each brother supporting Delta Chi Fraternity with a $350* (one-time) contribution will be honored as a Life Loyal and will be afforded the following important benefits and privileges:

• • • • • •

Special nametag at international meetings Invitation to the Life Loyal Delta Chi reception at Convention Permanent special recognition on the Delta Chi website $100 off Convention registration Special Life Loyal lapel pin Lifetime subscription to the Quarterly

*Special price of $295 for active, student members. Please note: Gifts to the Fraternity after 9/30/08 will be recognized in the 2008-2009 Annual Report which will appear in the Fall/Winter 2009 Quarterly.

12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

L•• Geoff Murray . . . . . . . . ’87 Jason M. Thomas . . . . . ’02 L WALLY TIEDEMANN . . . ’77 Florida L•• Russ Driscoll . . . . . . . . ’57 •• Kap Soo Kim . . . . . . . . . ’57 John K. Seeberger . . . . ’81

Duquesne • Andrew Wachter . . . . . . ’00

Florida State J Corrigan Byrne . . . . . . ’93 • Robert E. Hoerter . . . . . ’63 LM# Robert Hutchinson . . . . ’94 L CHUCK MANCUSO . . . . ’84

East Carolina LM# Doug Chananie . . . . . . . ’07

Fredonia LM# Benjamin Carkey . . . . . . ’07

Eastern Illinois Colony LM# Chad M. Ashby . . . . . . . ’94 • Russell L. Griffin . . . . . . ’67 Thomas Kochevar . . . . . ’90 • Kenneth Winter . . . . . . . ’75

Fullerton LM# Michael Lee Greedy . . . ’67 •• Michael Morrissey . . . . ’82 • Richard P Prior . . . . . . . ’87

Embry-Riddle Matthew T Dorney . . . . ’97 L ED FUSCO . . . . . . . . . . . ’73 LM# Kenneth T. McCoig . . . . ’02 LM# Steven R. McCowan . . . ’98

Gannon • Joseph A. Rossi . . . . . . ’06 L•• Bill Williams . . . . . . . . . ’83 • Glen J. Ziccarelli . . . . . . ’93 Georgia LM# Jason M. Fleury . . . . . . ’00

1,000 INITIATES CLUB Washington . . . . Illinois . . . . . . . . S. California . . . . Arizona . . . . . . . . Michigan St. . . . . Florida . . . . . . . . Penn State . . . . . Cornell . . . . . . . . Kansas . . . . . . . . Purdue . . . . . . . . Iowa . . . . . . . . . . Miami . . . . . . . . .

1,995 1,963 1,325 1,916 1,883 1,764 1,712 1,673 1,672 1,593 1,538 1,518

Indiana . . . . . . . . Idaho . . . . . . . . . Ohio State . . . . . DePauw . . . . . . . Alabama . . . . . . . Auburn . . . . . . . . NW Missouri . . . Michigan . . . . . . Minnesota . . . . . S. Illinois . . . . . . W. Michigan . . . . Abracadabra . . . .

As of 6/30/08 (based on reported and paid)

1,516 1,448 1,393 1,328 1,312 1,140 1,098 1,090 1,068 1,050 1,033 1,029

Delta Chi Loyalty Fund Donors Georgia Southern L• Rusty Williams, Jr. . . . . ’05 Georgia Tech George M. Barnes . . . . . ’02 William E. Lawder . . . . . ’02 • Matthew S. Mason . . . . ’01 Glenn A Sarigumba . . . . ’96 Hobart • Gary Jon Deys . . . . . . . ’66 Robert R Lawrence . . . . ’50 LM# Robert W. Martinez . . . . ’08 L# Duane Meyer . . . . . . . . ’58 LM# Zachary Schonfield . . . . ’08 Hofstra LM# Nino J. Caridi . . . . . . . . ’08 LM# Anthony Ho . . . . . . . . . . ’08 LM# Matthew R. Kissh . . . . . ’08 Huntsville L• Brian D. Godsy . . . . . . . ’81 Idaho LM# Frank J. Erstad . . . . . . . ’08 LM# Byron Erstad, III . . . . . . ’08 L• Jess L Hall . . . . . . . . . . ’74 Matthew Kundrat . . . . . ’02 L•• John F. Tate . . . . . . . . . . ’64 Illinois L• Mark R. Borelli . . . . . . . ’81 L•• Raymond F. Borelli . . . . ’58 L• Lynn Dueser . . . . . . . . . ’63 LM# Gregory Heckman . . . . . ’84 LM# Donald K Thorp . . . . . . . ’85 L# Frank K. Voris . . . . . . . . ’61 Illinois State LM# Jared Broderick . . . . . . ’05 LM# Justin Broderick . . . . . . . . . L•• Steven F. Levin . . . . . . . ’85 Fred L Lotter . . . . . . . . . ’76 Indiana Colony LM# Harry L. Bolton . . . . . . . ’65 • Kirk F Hansen . . . . . . . . ’77 Calvin L Immel . . . . . . . ’51 L•• Max Edward Mohler . . . ’60 LM# George Rambow III . . . . ’97 LM# Manuel Rodrigues . . . . ’92 LM# Mark R. Stahl . . . . . . . . ’80 Brian R. Weyhrich . . . . . ’02 Iowa L• Ben Conrad Berg . . . . . . ’43 •• Marquez L. Brown . . . . ’01 Robert M Galloway . . . . ’41 L# Thomas Halupnik . . . . . ’70 L• John T Hogle . . . . . . . . ’47 • Alan J Okamura . . . . . . ’64 L Robin D Shoop . . . . . . . ’60 • Michael S. Silver . . . . . . ’84 L•• Todd P. Smith . . . . . . . . ’90 Iowa State L# Charles Manatt . . . . . . . ’58

Jacksonville State • Robert B Butler . . . . . . . ’82 •• David F. Hale . . . . . . . . . ’70 Benjamin M. Smith . . . . ’02 James Madison • Matthew Cunningham . . ’02 • Bradley D. Ross . . . . . . ’02 Johnstown LM• Shawn R. Johnson . . . . ’08 Kansas LM# Braden Hopkins . . . . . . ’96 LM# Matthew Kenton . . . . . . ’00 L•• Jim Underwood . . . . . . ’51 Dustin D. Volz . . . . . . . . ’07 Kansas City L# Elliot Shubert . . . . . . . . ’66 Kansas State LM TOM HANEY . . . . . . . . . ’70 L MATT KILLINGSWORTH ’02 L AARON OTTO . . . . . . . . ’98 Kent State • Dwight V Barnhart . . . . . . . L•• Steve Bossart . . . . . . . . ’90 Mitchell A Gruber . . . . . ’89 L# Darren W. Talbert . . . . . ’91 L# Michael P. Weaver . . . . . ’02 Kettering-A • Lance M. Gjerstad . . . . . ’01 LM# Mark D. Kenworthy . . . . ’00 •• Paul J. Phillips . . . . . . . ’03 Kettering-B • Rene C. Owczarski . . . . ’02 LSU • • LM# L •

Gawain Brumfield . . . . . ’93 Judd Callicoatte . . . . . . ’96 Christopher Gray . . . . . ’93 Grant T. Herrin . . . . . . . ’07 David W. LaCour . . . . . . ’91 Chad W. Moore . . . . . . . ’94

Lake Forest LM# Edward P. Vrtis . . . . . . . ’07 Lehigh Michael Henry Gage . . . ’70 • William A Glaser . . . . . . . . . Paul J. Prutzman . . . . . ’66 Long Beach LM# Carlos H. Bejines . . . . . ’93 • Quentin J. Fleming . . . . ’80 L MIKE WOOLBRIGHT . . . ’86 Louisiana Tech L•• Stephen D. Henson . . . . . . . # Gary J. Williams . . . . . . ’08

Louisville L• David M. Ackerman . . . ’91 L•• Eddy Beavers . . . . . . . . ’85

New Haven Peter Redding . . . . . . . . ’97 L•• Tom Viola . . . . . . . . . . . ’82

Mankato L# Mike Davy . . . . . . . . . . . ’01 Michael Hubbard . . . . . ’98 • John Poslusny

New Mexico State L•• Travis J. Covey . . . . . . . ’03 L• Jeff McAdoo . . . . . . . . . ’00

Marquette LM# Quinn E. Eddins . . . . . . ’94 LM# Phillip Hutchinson . . . . ’90 Maryland James P. Wallingford . . ’92 Massachusetts L MILES WASHBURN . . . ’87 Miami • Douglas F Burgher . . . . ’82 L• James Conrad . . . . . . . . ’64 LM# Jason Hetherington . . . ’02 •• James W McNamee . . . ’62 Michigan L Harold M. Gibbons . . . . ’50 H. Keith Hellems . . . . . . ’62 • John W Holmes . . . . . . ’65 LM# Todd A. Karazim . . . . . . ’08 • John T. Levinson . . . . . . ’73 L• Jeff Schoenherr . . . . . . ’91 •• Barry Charles Wood . . . ’61 Michigan State LM# Michael H. Agnello . . . . ’81 L• Ken Aschom . . . . . . . . . ’76 •• David L. Bennett . . . . . . ’82 • Stephen C. Cagle . . . . . ’82 Edward J Gaffney . . . . . ’88 L•• Greg Hauser . . . . . . . . . ’75 • Stephen L. Kerber . . . . . ’02 Minnesota Kenneth C Crandall . . . . ’71 Douglas Gillespie . . . . . ’63 • Peter W Livingston . . . . ’83 • Thomas A Lukanen . . . . ’98 L# Michael J Tompkins . . . ’81 Mississippi State •• Michael T Corlew . . . . . ’73 L John W Hatmaker . . . . . ’79 L# Michael Provencher . . . ’03 •• Earl Westmoreland . . . . ’73 Missouri L# Ray Galbreth . . . . . . . . . ’69 L Jim Sheahan . . . . . . . . . ’79

North Carolina State L Thomas Tichenor . . . . . ’96 Northern Colorado • Adam J. Jones . . . . . . . ’08 • Lon K Sears . . . . . . . . . ’89 Northern Illinois LM# Zachary A. Cole . . . . . . . ’03 Northwest Missouri L• Fr. Anthony Vinson . . . . ’98 Northwestern Jeffrey S. Austin . . . . . . ’01 LM# Kenneth K. Bellaire . . . . ’99 Jeremy S. Gabe . . . . . . ’02 LM# Benjamin Isaacson . . . . ’00 L MARK SCHRAMKA Ohio State Colony L•• Paul W. Bohlman . . . . . ’70 L•• Monte L. Johnson . . . . . ’69 Coleman Menyhert . . . . ’49 Oklahoma colony L•• Fred Hammert . . . . . . . . ’60 Oklahoma State •• Steve Austin . . . . . . . . . ’75 Duncan W. Edwards . . . ’68 L• Steven L. Henslee . . . . . ’75 • Bill Lewis . . . . . . . . . . . ’84 L# Alan P. Niemann . . . . . . ’82 • Michael S. Smith . . . . . ’70 • Don A Wilkinson . . . . . . ’70 Oregon State Scott A Akers . . . . . . . . ’87 LM• Corwin J. Hardy . . . . . . ’08 Oshkosh L MIKE MORIARTY . . . . . ’71 L# Daniel C. Roskom . . . . . ’75 Penn State Tim Arcaro . . . . . . . . . . ’86 Frank E Eckert . . . . . . . . ’49 Roy G Grube . . . . . . . . . ’57

Montclair Alan Harrison, Jr. . . . . . ’03

Purdue LM# Chris Demorotski . . . . . ’08 • Michael C Less . . . . . . . ’75 John W Sauer . . . . . . . . ’71 Jeffrey R. Shirrell . . . . . ’01 Jason R Shirrell . . . . . . ’01 John T Stasny . . . . . . . . ’57

New Hampshire LM# Mark T. Reilly . . . . . . . . ’87

Radford LM# Daniel T. Lane . . . . . . . . ’97

Missouri State LM# Mark Sluss . . . . . . . . . . ’87

Rhode Island LM# David J. Levine . . . . . . . ’08 Rutgers LM# Patrick M. Bell . . . . . . . ’08 SMU • Gordon P Wagner . . . . . ’49 San Diego LM# Gary G Hill . . . . . . . . . . ’72 South Florida LM# Timothy J. Goodwin . . . ’08 LM# Alexis V. Oreta . . . . . . . . ’06 LM# William P. Zeranski . . . . ’07 Southeast Missouri LM# Daniel R. Janowski . . . . ’09 Dan Montgomery . . . . . ’80 LM# William E. Myers . . . . . . ’92 Southern California Tod A. Anton . . . . . . . . . ’51 Richard A Eimers . . . . . ’66 LM# Paul N. Giuliano . . . . . . ’08 • Mark W. Haney . . . . . . . ’02 L# Carey E. Jue . . . . . . . . . ’84 L• Herbert G. Klein . . . . . . ’40 LM# Joseph M. Paris . . . . . . ’83 LM# Brendan Shields-Shimizu . . ’07 • Paul B Taubman . . . . . . ’95 Southern Illinois LM# Chris Barber, Jr. . . . . . . ’08 L•• Brad Cole . . . . . . . . . . . ’93 LM# Irwin N Kellen . . . . . . . . ’77 William Kiley . . . . . . . . . ’70

Tri-State LM# Steven Ankeny . . . . . . . ’03 • William Butz, Jr. . . . . . . ’01 L•• Richard R. Kruger . . . . . . . . • Oliver P. Mereau . . . . . . ’02 L# Donald L Stripling . . . . . ’70 L TRENT UNTERBRINK . . ’98 LM# Chad A. Walters . . . . . . ’02 Stephen J Zvanya . . . . . ’75 Troy State LM Henry L. Faulk . . . . . . . . ’75 Truman State LM# Ronald Higgins . . . . . . . . . . LM# William Ryczek IV . . . . . ’08 • Cary Tompkins IV . . . . . ’02 UCLA Robert L Amstadter . . . ’57 Union Edward S Langholz . . . . ’57 UNLV LM# Timothy Friedlieb . . . . . ’06 Valdosta • Terry L. Shamblin . . . . . ’78 John Woodward, Jr. . . . ’93 Virginia Tech • Michael Indjeian . . . . . . ’95 Washington William Collins . . . . . . . ’60 • Donald Holman . . . . . . . ’51 • Eric Edward Thoreson . . ’65

Stephen F. Austin LM# Danny Meek . . . . . . . . . ’06

Washington State • Richard Dawson . . . . . . ’65 • Brian Gentry . . . . . . . . . ’97 • Rorick Graham . . . . . . . ’69 Peter Krebs . . . . . . . . . . ’96

Syracuse James F Crawford . . . . . ’69

West Chester colony Gregory Black . . . . . . . . ’02

Texas L• Robert E Anderson . . . . ’68 Robert D Blakley . . . . . . ’70 L# Ratheen Damle . . . . . . . ’01 L# Frank L. Graves . . . . . . . ’55 Charles M. Pearre . . . . . ’66 L# Lorenzo Ramirez . . . . . . ’07 • James W Thokey . . . . . ’41

West Virginia Tech L Kevin Pitchford . . . . . . . ’86

Texas A&M L ROD ARNOLD . . . . . . . . ’88 Texas Tech • Steven K Herring . . . . . . ’86 Texas Western Frank L. Spittle . . . . . . . ’65

Western Carolina L# Bryan Thomason . . . . . ’07 Western Illinois • Jeremy Shiliga . . . . . . . ’99 Western Michigan L•• Jim English . . . . . . . . . . ’89 L# Barry Peters . . . . . . . . . ’89 LM# Sean Rossiter . . . . . . . . ’05 L STEVEN SPARLING . . . ’88 Whitewater Colony Matthew Curley . . . . . . . ’01 • Piero Fioravanti . . . . . . . ’92



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Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 13

2007-2008 AWARD WINNERS The Delta Chi Awards Program is designed to recognize and promote those areas that are critical to the success of the chapter. The “E” Key, the Fraternity’s oldest award, and the Marge Lee Outstanding “C” Award recognize the performance of two vital chapter officers. For the other awards, the Fraternity is divided into two divisions: Red and Buff. The Red Division contains those chapters with 15 or more fraternities on their campuses or whose Greek systems have over 30 percent of the undergraduate student body. The remaining chapters make up the Buff Division. In recognition of the chapter’s performance on campus and within the community, the Outstanding Campus Leadership, Outstanding Community Service Program, Outstanding Intramural Program, Outstanding Membership Recruitment Program, Outstanding Scholarship Program, Outstanding Financial Management, Outstanding Website, and Outstanding Ritual and Ceremonies Awards were presented. In addition, alumni chapters were recognized for outstanding performance in the following areas: Outstanding Communication Program, Outstanding Recruitment and Retention, and Outstanding Website. These awards address the important alumni programming areas of a chapter: the Outstanding Alumni Board of Trustees, Outstanding Alumni Newsletter, Outstanding “BB” Awards, Outstanding House Corporation, and Outstanding Faculty Advisor. Chapters that have shown a marked improvement in their overall operations are given the Certificate of Achievement. The “AA” selects the winner of the Most Improved Chapter from the recipients of this award. The winners of the Award of Excellence show strength across the board. In most cases they are winners of several awards. When they are not, they show above average performance in all areas with no area of weakness. From the recipients of the Award of Excellence, the “AA” selects the President’s Cup winners. There is a maximum of three Cups in each Division.

14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

President’s Cup Red Division Georgia Tech Kansas Pittsburgh

Buff Division Duquesne Louisiana Tech Tri-State Truman State

Award of Excellence Red Division Georgia Tech Idaho Kansas Pittsburgh Texas Tech

Buff Division Cortland Duquesne James Madison Louisiana Tech Tri-State Truman State

President’s Most Improved South Florida Certificates of Achievement Red Division Buff Division Michigan Illinois State South Florida Jacksonville State Southeast Missouri Outstanding ABT Alberta Davis Duquesne Embry-Riddle Georgia Tech Huntsville Indiana James Madison Kansas Kettering A

Kettering B Louisiana Tech Michigan New Haven Northwestern Purdue South Florida Southern California Tri-State Truman State

Outstanding Alumni Newsletter Cortland Kettering A DePauw Michigan State Duquesne Pittsburgh Georgia Tech Purdue Hofstra Tri-State Iowa Truman State Kansas Outstanding Campus Leadership Alberta Missouri State Cal Poly North Alabama Cornell Northwestern Duquesne Oregon State Fredonia Pittsburgh Georgia Tech Purdue Indiana South Florida Jacksonville State Southern California James Madison Tri-State Kansas Truman State Kettering A Washburn Louisiana Tech

Outstanding Community Service Cal Poly Duquesne Georgia Tech Idaho Kansas Louisiana Tech Missouri State North Alabama

Purdue Rutgers South Florida Texas Tech Tri-State Truman State Washington

Outstanding Financial Management Alberta Cortland Duquesne Embry-Riddle Georgia Tech James Madison Kansas Kettering A

Louisiana Tech Pittsburgh Rutgers Tri-State Truman State Missouri State New Haven North Alabama

Outstanding House Corporation Cortland Georgia Tech Iowa Kansas Louisiana Tech Missouri State

Tri-State Truman State Windsor Pittsburgh South Florida

Outstanding Intramurals Cal Poly Coastal Carolina Cornell Duquesne Embry-Riddle Georgia Tech Hofstra Idaho

Jacksonville State Kansas Louisiana Tech Michigan State Purdue New Haven South Florida

Outstanding Recruitment Cal Poly Coastal Carolina Cortland Duquesne Fredonia Georgia Tech Indiana James Madison

Kansas Pittsburgh Purdue South Florida Tri-State Truman State Washburn Windsor

Outstanding Ritual PROGRAM Alberta Cal Poly Duquesne Georgia Tech Huntsville James Madison

Michigan Missouri State Pittsburgh Southern California Tri-State Truman State

Outstanding Scholarship Abracadabra Cornell Cortland Duquesne Georgia Tech North Alabama

Northwestern Pittsburgh Tri-State Truman State Windsor

Outstanding Website Cal Poly Coastal Carolina Cortland Davis Georgia Tech

Hofstra Idaho James Madison Purdue Truman State

Alumni Chapter Programming Awards Outstanding Alumni Chapter Communication Cape Fear Outstanding Member Recruitment & Retention Cape Fear Outstanding Website Cape Fear Outstanding Alumni Chapter Member Miles Washburn, Cape Fear

2007-2008 AWARD WINNERS The MARGE LEE OUTSTANDING “C” AWARD Tyrell E. Baker, Arizona State Michael A. Scott, Coastal Carolina James F. Roll, Cornell Andrew S. Trager, Cortland Matthew T. McDowell, Georgia Tech Jeffrey J. Fox, Illinois State Tyler J. Lyon, Iowa Bruce H. Gemmill, James Madison Charles D. Wineland III, Michigan Samuel H. Cox, New Haven Kevin R. Kao, Northwestern Nathan J. Moore, Oregon State Joseph R. Gualtieri, Pittsburgh Andrew J. Weiss, Southeast Missouri Zane W. McDonald, Tri-State Nathan M. Atkinson, Truman State Christopher Marshall, Washburn

“E” KEY Tom Irving, SUNY Cortland Ryan Jackson, Georgia Tech Dave Meehl, New Haven Travis Gaines, Southeast Missouri Sean Matusko, Tri-State Matthew Wright, Truman State

OUTSTANDING “BB” AWARD Dr. John W. Stamey, Jr., Coastal Carolina Adam Fetterly, Cortland Andrew Wong, Davis Miles Washburn, East Carolina Patrick Phelan, Embry-Riddle Christopher Kilroy, Huntsville Larry P. Audlehelm, Iowa Charles A. Cheatham, Louisiana Tech Jose Rodas, Maryland Norbert Wroblewski, Michigan Marc Merritt, Michigan State Tom Horowitz, Pittsburgh Lou Bender, Rutgers Steven Ankeny, Tri-State Mark Lowry, Truman State Jeff Gerard, Windsor

OUTSTANDING FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Ronald Surmacz, Duquesne Thaddeus Herron, James Madison Dr. Douglas A. Amyx, Louisiana Tech Thomas Lane, Missouri State Dr. Scott Infanger, North Alabama Dr. Tim Corcoran, Pittsburgh Bruce Skinner, Southeast Missouri John P. White, Texas Tech Joseph Nedelec, Truman State Joel Bluml, Washburn

2008 Outstanding Greek Professional Award Dr. David Lusk, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Truman State University

HUMANITARIAN Award Phillip C. Berry, Louisiana Tech ’01 For selflessly donating a kidney to save the life of a young child. Matthew Crowe, Truman State ’08 For volunteerism and support of the Truman State University Campus & Northeast Missouri area charity.

Norbert C. Klimer, Huntsville ’00 For outstanding service to the Huntsville Chapter House Corporation. Leland A. Lahr, DePauw ’52 For outstanding service to the DePauw Chapter.

Distinguished Delta Chi Award

Charles A. Mancuso, Florida State ’84 For outstanding service on the Executive Committee and Alumni Awards Committee.

David Becker, DePauw ’75 For success in the Banking & Finance Industry as well as leadership in the community in the Indiana region.

Gary H. Mayer, Texas ’63 For outstanding service to the Stephen F. Austin Chapter as its “BB”.


Kevin B. Pitchford, West Virginia Tech ’86 For outstanding service to the James Madison Chapter as its “BB”.

William E. Barnes, Clemson ’97 For outstanding service to the Clemson Chapter as its ABT President. Thomas J. Bath, Kansas ’83 For outstanding service to the Kansas Chapter House Corporation. Bryan Beckmann, Truman State ’99 For outstanding service to the Truman State House Corporation. Charles A. Cheatham, Louisiana Tech ’88 For outstanding service to the Louisiana Tech Chapter as their “BB”.

Steven M. Ray, DePauw ’88 For outstanding service to the DePauw Chapter House Corporation. Michael D. Rimer, Penn State ’86 For outstanding service to the Penn State Chapter as its ABT President. Jose F. Rodas, Maryland ’95 For outstanding service to the Maryland Chapter as “BB”.

Jeffrey R. Gerard, Windsor ’99 For outstanding service to the Windsor Chapter.

Steven G. Shockley, Georgia Tech ’92 For outstanding service to the Georgia Tech Chapter.

Scott W. Gleason, New Haven ’06 For outstanding service to the New Haven Chapter.

Michael J. Tumolo, Syracuse ’07 For outstanding service to the Cortland Chapter.

Gregory Grimes, MO State ’05 For outstanding service to the Missouri State House Corporation.

Trent Unterbrink, Tri-State ’98 For outstanding service to Delta Chi as Regent for Region VI.

Michael J. Hebert, Bryant ’98 For outstanding service to the Bryant Chapter as its ABT President.

Charles Valder, Augusta ’82 For outstanding service to Delta Chi.

William E. Humphrey, Purdue ’85 For outstanding service to the Purdue Chapter House Corporation.

Jeffrey R. Williams, Windsor ’91 For outstanding service to the Windsor Chapter.

Boyd D. Kelly, Embry-Riddle ’92 For outstanding service to the Embry-Riddle Chapter.

Russell Williams, Georgia Southern ’05 For outstanding service as Director of Expansion & Colony Operations.

Eric L. Kerstetter, Auburn ’00 For outstanding service to Delta Chi as Regent for Region VIII.

Norbert B. Wroblewski, Northwestern ’06 For outstanding service to the Northwestern Chapter as its “BB”.

regional D.E.L.T.A. C.H.I. AWARDS Region Region Region Region Region Region Region Region Region


Man Hours Washington Cal Poly Louisiana Tech Kansas Purdue Bowling Green New Haven North Alabama Duquesne

Dollars Raised Washington UNLV Texas Tech Truman State Tri State Ohio State Rutgers Huntsville Penn State

Points Oregon State Arizona State Texas Tech Minnesota Tri State Bowling Green Syracuse Georgia Tech Pittsburgh

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Fall/Winter Delta Chi 2008 | Quarterly • Winter/Spring | Winter 2009 15

campus scene ABRACADABRA

on campus including Delta Gamma’s “AnchorSplash,” Kappa Alpha Theta’s “Running Scared,” and Pi Beta Phi’s “Speed Read.” The Chapter also added to its philanthropic efforts by putting on the annual “We Want Your Pants” clothing drive, which raised over 60 bags of clothing for a local men’s shelter. Also sponsored by the Chapter was “Operation Leaf,” in which we cleaned neighborhood yards of leaves. Recently the Chapter had an open house that was successful in allowing alumni to reconnect and introducing members’ parents to the chapter.

for this year’s Homecoming activities and participated in a number of events, including construction of our parade float and dinner exchanges between chapters. Our float this year resembled the theme of “There’s No Place Like Homecoming” by building a condensed version of our “Old Main” building on campus with the wicked witch’s legs and feet beneath. This year’s Homecoming marked a new era for alumni participation with over 30 alumni in attendance for the weekend’s activities. In future Homecomings, alumni participation will be strongly encouraged as they are the rock of our history.

ARIZONA STATE Brothers enjoying the game day barbecue.

The local Inter-Fraternity Council recognized the Chapter for its Outstanding Scholarship Program and awarded a grant for having the highest GPA among Greek organizations. Our GPA was well above the Greek and campus wide average. The brothers have participated in the local Adopt-A-School programs as well. Philanthropy chair Eric Abramowitz has inspired brothers to become role models and friends to the youngsters in various after-school programs at Jefferson Elementary School. Last fall also saw one of the biggest alumni dinners since rechartering. The brothers were able to reconnect with alumni we have not seen in years. The increased use of electronic communications has improved alumni attendance and interest while reducing costs.

Brothers enjoy a well-deserved rest following “Operation Leaf.”



It was a busy fall semester for the Chapter. In November, we initiated 18 outstanding gentlemen. During Homecoming at the Capstone, the Chapter participated in the house decoration contest with Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, landing a close second place finish. Many of our brothers had the opportunity to join prestigious honor societies on campus, including Cardinal Key and Order of Alpha. Along with our campus involvement, which included having the Student Government Vice-President for External Affairs, our Chapter’s intramural football and soccer teams fielded many wins on our way to the playoffs. The Chapter also had an Alumni Cookout with outstanding alumni participation and camaraderie during the Alabama vs. Auburn weekend. With a perfect football season at home, the chapter house was packed with alumni every home football weekend.


We have been busy around campus getting involved in many service projects to help the community. The projects that we have been involved in are Habitat for Humanity, where we helped build houses for those in need in the community; the Strides Breast Cancer Walk for the American Cancer Society; and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital letter writing campaign. Currently, we are organizing a casino night on campus to help raise money for The V Foundation. Players will be given tokens for their donations, and these tokens will be used in a raffle at the end of the night for prizes that have been graciously donated by the local businesses. The fall was our first semester on campus; nevertheless, we have made great strides in the Greek community and have set ourselves apart as leaders of the student body.


The 2007-2008 academic year ended strongly for the Chapter. The brothers took honors for highest GPA and outstanding campus leadership for all Greeks on campus at the annual campus Greek Formal. The Chapter carried the momentum through the summer by taking part in an old-fashioned barn painting that served as a valuable fundraising tool. The 2008-2009 academic year started with a strong recruitment effort from the Chapter, which yielded seven initiated members. The success continued with Chapter participation in all major philanthropy events by other chapters

16 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

The Chapter has been astounding through its prized motto of Gentlemen, Scholars, and Athletes in the fall semester. The Chapter has performed strong overall in intramural competition and at sororities’ philanthropy events. Delta Chi was the number one seed going into Indoor Volleyball playoffs. Our housing committee has worked diligently in finding a house for the Chapter. The support of our alumni has increased as we hosted a bowling tournament for local alumni and parents. The associate member class for the fall was the biggest in the Chapter’s history. The men who were chosen demonstrated what Delta Chi truly is. We supported the “Greek Battle Cancer” that was hosted by the IFC. Faculty, alumni, and the community of Tempe were in attendance at this event, which put a positive spotlight on the Chapter and its accomplishments. Parents Weekend was beyond belief, and it brought the new members’ parents closer to the Chapter and showed how we conduct ourselves as gentlemen.


Brothers and alumni following their football game.

On October 25th the Chapter hosted its Alumni vs. Chapter football tournament. This event was a traditional Chapter event; however, over the past few years, lack of organization prevented the event from happening. This event had the largest alumni turnout that we have seen in some timeabout 15 alumni attended. Even though it began to rain, the alumni managed to beat the Chapter 28 to 7. Following the game, alumni and brothers went back for a barbecue. David Falcone announced some past awards and gave an “A”’s report to the Chapter. Ted Schmitt and Nico Lacchini made monetary donations to the Chapter.


The Chapter had a great start this year. Many changes have taken place, including the installation of a new sprinkler system throughout the house and some help from the Moms’ Club cleaning and remodeling the house. A new crest was put up to replace the older one on our chimney, and with the help of parents the house, was given a thorough cleaning. Additionally, the brothers came up with over 800 pounds of food for the food drive. Alumni Weekend during the Arkansas vs. Auburn game was a huge success, with donations exceeding our expectations. We welcomed eight new members into the Chapter, and all have proved to be dignified young men. Overall, the Chapter is growing and maturing in brotherhood, respect, and character. We hope to continue the path that we are on and would like to thank every alumnus, parent, and brother for getting involved and helping the Chapter become a better place.


Brothers with shaved heads after their philanthropy event.

The Chapter sponsored a philanthropy event for The V Foundation and raised a total of $1,200. We voluntarily shaved our heads, as short as a #2 guard, in support of this cause and hope to continue to raise money in the future.


The fall semester marked a new beginning for the Chapter’s growth and alumni participation. We were proud to have 33 associate members adding to our already 91 active members. The associate members showed great enthusiasm and effort in becoming active members in the Chapter. They will further improve the Chapter into a superior version of what it is now. We once again participated in many university programs. We paired with Kappa Alpha Theta

Chapter members gather after their Big Brother/Little Brother dinner.

2008 marked the 25th anniversary for the Chapter. In November, we hosted the White Carnation Banquet in honor of this occasion. This event drew great support from the local alumni and was attended by Rusty Williams, Georgia Southern ’05, who presented the chapter with a 25th anniversary plaque on behalf of Delta Chi. Other fall semester events included a Halloween social with the lovely ladies of Alpha Delta Pi and a charity car wash to benefit The V Foundation. In addition, we participated in the annual “Thanksgiving Turkey Fry” by frying two turkeys and cooking up a delicious ham. This event was a collaborative effort and was co-hosted with Alpha Delta Pi and Zeta Tau Alpha. In

campus scene another encouraging trend, the fall semester also saw our chapter size grow by 50%, as we continue to experience record growth.


The fall semester was a productive and fun time for the brothers. Both undergraduates as well as all alumni enjoyed the Homecoming festivities. Our brothers held two philanthropy events, a 3-on-3 Basketball tournament as well as a Hot Dog eating contest, to support The V Foundation. Our brothers also brought home a 7-on-7 flag football intramural championship trophy with their hard fought win. Finally, the brothers celebrated another great semester with the annual Semi-Formal in Windsor, as well as Del-Tiki with Delta Zeta Sorority. With the fall semester ended, we bid farewell to two excellent brothers, but we are comforted by the excitement of an excellent recruitment class and the initiation of 14 brothers.

have a new website and Facebook page that have become the focal points of communication between the Chapter and its alumni. For more information and to reconnect, log on to or search ‘California University of PA Delta Chi’ on Facebook.


During the fall semester we held our second annual Thanksgiving Day dinner philanthropy to support The V Foundation, and we raised several hundred dollars doing so. We were ranked second best Chapter on campus for the second year in a row by our University newspaper’s yearly “Best Of” poll. We earned the number one spot two years ago and hope to accomplish this again through great public relations and involvement on campus and in the community.


The chapter house underwent major renovations before school started in the fall. The renovations included a new exterior and interior, making the house the cleanest and most functional house on campus. Alumni help has been greatly appreciated through this process, and the establishment of the local house corporation has led to better management of the house.



Brothers gather after Ritual meeting.

On October 17th we held our annual Founders Ball at the beautiful Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach, CA. With both alumni and many of our 27 newly pinned associate members in attendance, it was quite a night. With regard to the world of philanthropy, the members have been doing their part. With events like “Make-A-Difference-Day’” the American Heart Association’s “Heart Walk,” and the Saturdays spent at the local animal shelter, we have been very involved. At Kappa Alpha Theta’s inaugural “Castles for Casa,” we took home the Grand Prize of “Best All Around” for its outstanding sand castle. In addition, our philanthropy chair is working on getting sponsorships in an effort to put together an all-sorority bake-off.


The Chapter is growing an excellent reputation on campus largely through the efforts of Thomas Henry and the GAMMA program. Thomas is a founding member and president of GAMMA. GAMMA, Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol, is a student organization with the purpose of educating fraternity and sorority members on how to manage the risks associated with drinking. Thomas says, “It is unlike any other organization on campus and allows Greeks the opportunity to depict our community’s alcohol risk management strategies to the rest of the campus in a new light.” The Chapter continues to grow through the recruitment of quality young men as well. We recently initiated the Alpha Omicron pledge class with 12 members. These young men are excited to take leadership roles in the Chapter. An Alpha Omicron, Sam Case, has already stepped in to fill the role of Scholarship Chair. Recruitment Chairman Colin Southerland led the chapter to successful spring recruitment, ten associate members for the semester.


Brothers in front of the house.

Chapter and associate members gather at their Halloween brotherhood.

The Chapter continues to make headway with the goal of a total reorganizational overhaul. Over the past year, the Chapter has placed most of its efforts in two areas, alumni relations and recruitment. Using the fall 2008 semester as a testing ground for new by-laws, committee structures and recruitment initiatives, the Chapter is proud to say that it has made significant progress and is gearing up for the next phase. Alumni relations are the next key part in this overhaul. The Chapter has worked hard with local alumni to develop a very active and stable ABT and has redeveloped its House Corporation. The Chapter is seeking alumni, and we


The Chapter enjoyed an excellent semester of campus involvement and service projects, continuing the excellence that has been upheld since receiving our charter in 2005. We participated in several service events in the fall, including volunteering for the Surfrider Foundation at its annual “Chili Cook-off,” cleaning up local parks, and adopting a beach. Our intramural flag football team placed first in state play, third in regionals, and attended nationals in New Orleans. Our intramural volleyball team also placed first on campus. Homecoming 2008 was an amazing success where we hosted the ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. Our achievements over Homecoming included first place Banner and Talent Show and second place Homecoming Float and Amazing Race. Locally we raised over $500 for The V Foundation at a Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser and plan to continue our successful fundraising efforts. The Chapter initiated the Iota class of 20 members on November 15, 2008 and looks forward to them becoming leaders in our Chapter.

Brothers pose for a group picture at their inaugural “Tug-O-War” philanthropy event.

The Chapter had a very successful fall semester. We tried a new philanthropy, “Chocolate Pudding Tug-O-War.” The experimental philanthropy was a huge success. The entire campus witnessed the fun, as the event was held in the center of campus at Dow Field. We were able to get numerous sponsors: Red Bull, 1080 Energy Drinks, Vitamin Water, Dominos Pizza, Travel City, Wal-Mart, and a variety of local college businesses provided gift certificates to the runners-up. The big turnout was for Travel Cities raffle giveaway: an all expenses paid spring break trip. The tugo-war united the campus as a fun way to benefit a good cause. All proceeds went to the Chapter’s philanthropy, The V Foundation. The Foundation remains a high priority for the Chapter as one of its members, and now alumnus, Jon Mastrianni, has successfully battled cancer since he was diagnosed in 2007. Our Chapter, known for its strong alumni relations network, also held an Alumni Tailgate this fall. The ABT, headed by Mark Fitzgerald, holds the close-knit alumni together. The Chapter continues its tradition of active alumni involvement. Last spring an alumni softball game was held followed by a brunch. After the brunch the alumni gave out scholarships to brothers of high academic merit and of prominence to the Chapter. The Chapter has strong support from its alumni through the ABT. The strength that the ABT provides the Chapter has helped it to flourish at 60 members strong, with the highest number of pledges historically within its last three years.


The Chapter has made significant improvements over the last year. Most importantly, we recruited the largest associate member class on campus this spring with over 29 new men. This class, coupled with the six members from the fall semester, outrank all other fraternities by nine men. In addition, the Chapter has worked hard to defend the coveted All Sports Award for the best Fraternity Intramurals program. We are currently ranked second for this championship out of the 41 fraternities on campus. The Chapter has also sponsored several successful philanthropy events, including a basketball tournament in the fall and “Hearts For Your Hunny,” a Valentine’s Day event, in the spring. The proceeds of these events were donated to The V Foundation. Finally, our former “A,” Phillip van der Made, was elected Vice-President of Judicial Affairs for the Inter-Fraternity Council.


The Chapter continued to build upon its strong relationship with the community through the various events it has been a part of this year. Brothers have volunteered at the local J.M. McDonald Sports Complex for events like the Fitness Fair and Kids Night. Again this year our brothers helped to run activities at the community’s Pumpkin Festival and Cortland Youth Bureau’s Halloween Festival for kids. Our members also enjoyed volunteering at the local soup kitchen’s Thanksgiving Dinner. We were able to raise over $2,800 for The V Foundation through our Homecoming Queen Competition. Our brothers also comprised one of the top fundraising teams for the CROP Hunger Walk, which is trying to end hunger worldwide, and Relay for Life, which supports Cancer Research. Continued on p.20

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 17

XX risk management policy

FIPG, INC.* Risk Management Policy Revised 7/08 The Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. includes the provisions, which follow and shall apply to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS


1. The possession, sale, use or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, while on chapter premises, or during a fraternity event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or at any event an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education, and must comply with either the BYOB or Third Party Vendor Guidelines.

No chapter, colony, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Permission or approval by a person being hazed is not a defense. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside of the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution or applicable state law.”

2. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through or with chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the chapter. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common source(s) of alcoholic beverage, for example, kegs or cases, is prohibited. 3. OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by nonmembers of the fraternity, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, are prohibited. 4. No members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under legal “drinking age”). 5. The possession, sale or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES while on the chapter premises or during a fraternity event or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity is strictly prohibited. 6. No chapter may co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) at which alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present. This includes any event held in, at or on the property of a tavern as defined above for purposes of fundraising. However, a chapter may rent or use a room or area in a tavern as defined above for a closed event held within the provisions of this policy, including the use of a third party vendor and guest list. An event at which alcohol is present may be conducted or co-sponsored with a charitable organization if the event is held within the provisions of this policy.

SEXUAL ABUSE and harassment The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexist or sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions, activities or events, whether on chapter premises or off-site location which are demeaning to women or men, including but not limited to verbal harassment, sexual assault by individuals or members acting together. The employment or use of strippers, exotic dancers or similar, whether professional or amateur, at a fraternity event as defined in this policy is prohibited.

FIRE, HEALTH AND SAFETY 1. All chapter houses should meet all local fire and health codes and standards. 2. All chapters should post by common phones and in other locations, emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and should have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room. 3. All chapters should comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company or municipal authorities.

7. No chapter may co-sponsor, co-finance or attend or participate in a function at which alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organizations.

4. The possession and/or use of firearms or explosive or incendiary devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house is prohibited.

8. All recruitment or rush activities associated with any chapter will be non-alcoholic. No recruitment or rush activities associated with any chapter may be held at or in conjunction with a tavern or alcohol distributor as defined in this policy.

5. Candles should not be used in chapter houses or individual rooms except under controlled circumstances such as initiation.

9. No member or pledge, associate/new member or novice, shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in “drinking games.” The definition of drinking games includes but is not limited to the consumption of shots of alcohol, liquor or alcoholic beverages, the practice of consuming shots equating to one’s age, “beer pong”, “century club”, “dares” or any other activity involving the consumption of alcohol which involves duress or encouragement related to the consumption of alcohol.

Each fraternity shall annually instruct its students and alumni/alumnae in the Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. Additionally, all students and key volunteers shall annually receive a copy of the Risk Management Policy and a copy of the policy shall be available on the fraternity website.

10. No alcohol shall be present at any pledge/associate member/new member/novice program, activity or ritual of the chapter. This includes but is not limited to activities associated with “bid night,” “big brotherlittle brother” events or activities, / ”big sister-little sister” events or activities, “family” events or activities and initiation.



THIRD PARTY VENDOR CRITERIA THE VENDOR MUST: 1. Be properly licensed by the appropriate local and state authority. This may involve both a liquor license and a temporary license to sell on the premises where the function is to be held. 2. Be properly insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance, evidenced by a properly completed certificate of insurance prepared by the insurance provided. 3. The certificate of insurance must also show evidence that the vendor has, as a part of his/her insurance coverage, “off premises liquor liability coverage and non-owned and hired auto coverage.” 4. Named insureds included on the certificate of insurance must as a minimum include the local chapter hiring the vendor as well as the international fraternity that the local chapter is affiliated with.

18 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

chapter situations Corrective Action Levels

THIRD PARTY VENDOR CRITERIA (continued) 5. Agree in writing to cash sales only, collected by the vendor during the function. 6. Assume in writing all the responsibilities that any other purveyor of alcoholic beverages would assume in the normal course of business, including but not limited to:

a. Checking identification cards upon entry;

b. Not serving minors;

c. Not serving individuals that appear to be intoxicated;

d. Maintaining absolute control of ALL alcoholic containers present;

e. Collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of a function (no excess alcohol – opened or unopened – is to be given, sold or furnished to the chapter);

f. Removing all alcohol from the premises.

POLICY GUIDELINES According to FIPG 1. Closed parties (meaning those events with alcohol present) should have a guest list prepared at least 24 hours in advance. A ratio of two guests per member (or fire code capacity, whichever is smaller) is suggested. 2. “Non-alcoholic” keg beer is not permitted because it can contain up to .05 percent alcohol. Therefore, serving it would be a violation of our policy. According to the Delta Chi Risk Management Manual 1. At chapter social events, signs should be posted that indicate the chapter complies with and enforces the laws and policies with respect to alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances. 2. All persons present should not be allowed access to alcohol if they are intoxicated, regardless of age. 3. Alcohol should only be used as an adjunct to the event rather than its focus. 4. The use of alcohol on the premises should be stopped at least one hour before the end of the function. 5. Plenty of non-salty foods and non-alcoholic alternative beverages should be provided. 6. Adequate professional security should be provided to deal with uninvited guests and monitor any other potential problems. 7. Trained party monitors should be present to respond to situations. A ratio of one party monitor for every 20 attendees is suggested. Party monitors should agree to the following:

a. Not to consume alcohol, and remain sober for the duration of the event;

b. Make sure the party starts and ends on time and that the bar opens and closes on time;

c. Wear distinctive clothing to identify themselves at all times.

8. Buses, taxis, phone numbers, etc. should be provided for any event to promote the safe return of members and guests. 9. “Hard” liquor (alcohol rated by proof rather than percentage) should be prohibited from all parties. For “bring your own” parties, a six pack of beer (or the alcoholic equivalent), or less, per person is allowed. 10. Glass bottles of any sort should not be allowed. Restrict consumption of any beverages to cans and plastic cups.

What follows is a list of chapters that are on Corrective Action for violation of the Risk Management Policy as of March 1, 2009. That is not to say the chapters on the following list are “bad” chapters. Likewise, it is unrealistic to assume that chapters that are not on this list Chapters on Corrective are complying with Action for violation of the every policy. The bottom Risk Management Policy line of this issue is As of May 1, 2009 that members of the Fraternity are engaging Chapter Violation Level in dangerous activities American Alcohol I and taking unnecessary Auburn Alcohol II risks with their futures Clemson Alcohol I Colorado Alcohol/Hazing III and the future of Delta Connecticut Hazing II Chi, because they believe Fredonia Alcohol I this will help fill voids Michigan State Alcohol I where their needs are NW Missouri Alcohol II not being met. Whatever Radford Hazing II the case, the solution Rutgers Alcohol I remains the same. Each * Currently six (2) chapters/colonies are awaiting adjudication due and every chapter needs to alleged violations of the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy. the involvement of mature alumni who can help the Fraternity’s student members discover that there are alternatives that can meet both their long and short-term needs. Finally, each and every member of Delta Chi needs to periodically reflect on Delta Chi’s values as contained in our Preamble: Promote Friendship, Develop Character, Advance Justice, and Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education. Level 1 – Level 1 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, ordering that the Chapter cease and desist from the conduct in the future and be in accordance with the requirements of Delta Chi Law and the Risk Management Policy of the Fraternity. The Chapter shall be required to submit to the Executive Director a written statement that all prohibited conduct has been stopped. The statement shall be signed by the “A”, “BB” and such other members of the Chapter, as specified in the report, who were involved with or had supervision over the conduct in the violation. Level 2 – Level 2 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Level 1, plus the Chapter shall submit a written plan of procedures and/or activities that comply with the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy covering the activities in the violation. The plan shall be updated at least twice per year for the period of corrective action. Level 3 – Level 3 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Levels 1 and 2, plus supervision of the activities of the Chapter that were involved in the violation by a person or persons acceptable to the Executive Director. Level 4 – Level 4 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Levels 1, 2 and 3, plus the charter of the Chapter shall be suspended for the period of time of the corrective action. Chapters under Level 4 Corrective Action shall either be placed in conservatorship, as provided in Delta Chi Law, or shall operate under the direct supervision of the Executive Director. Level 5 – Level 5 Corrective Action shall require the suspension of the charter and the cessation of operation of the Chapter as it then exists. Re-establishment of the Chapter shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Board of Regents after a minimum one-year period. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 19

campus scene DAVIS

pizza sales, as well as cooking hot dogs during the University Spirit Week at one of the residence halls. On top of raising money for The V Foundation, we raised over $600 for the annual Greek Week philanthropy, which was the University Library Improvement Fund. The Chapter took action and got results, having representation on the Greek Week philanthropy and assisting in promotion of the event to the rest of the Greek community. As a whole, the Greek community raised roughly $7,100 for the fund. Also during Greek Week, we raised over 1,000 cans of food for a food shelter, along with the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta.

Chapter members at their annual Thanksgiving dinner with Brother Bixler’s flag, which he took to the summit of Mt. Everest.

The beginning of the school year brought many great events for the Chapter. This summer we welcomed back Brother Bixler from his quarter-long expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest – the first Delta Chi to ever ascend its peak. This year also marked the Chapter’s first house, across from campus. As it accommodates eleven brothers and is conveniently located on campus, we have seen a remarkable increase in brotherhood within the Chapter, and we welcomed 20 new associate members into our program this fall. We also began a new tradition on October 18th, the day we chartered. As we enter our newly achieved status, we find ourselves upholding other traditions. This December we held the second annual Toys for Tots fundraiser in conjunction with the U.S. Marine Corps and the student-run ASUCD Coffee House and nearly every Greek organization. Toy collections were conducted at both the Coffee House and the chapter house for a month and concluded with a cider and cookie social for everyone who donated. Together we collected hundreds of toys for children for the holidays. Earlier this year we participated in various philanthropic events such as the Alpha Chi Omega Chili Cook-off and the Delta Gamma Dodge ball event. With all the blessings that have come to us, we find ourselves working even harder to improve our Chapter from the outside and within.

The Chapter is also participating in the Office of Multicultural Affair’s Turkey Drive, the Knights of Columbus “StockingStuffer” Challenge, and Toys for Tots. Philanthropy has always been an integral part of the Chapter, along with community service. Numerous brothers have served the community by means of serving as coaches, teachers, and mentors. We have brothers who have gone to the Dominic Republic and low-income areas of the United States for mission work. There are brothers who volunteer their time on campus as Orientation staff and participated in Gamma Phi Beta’s “Walk Miles for Kids Smiles” and Sigma Kappa’s “Cut for the Cure” hair-cutting fund-raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness. We always have a strong showing at the Goodwill Community Outreach dances and Neighborhood Clean-Up organized through the Duquesne University Volunteers (DUV) Office. The Chapter’s love for service stands as an integral part to many of the university’s philanthropic and service-oriented efforts.


On November 8th we held the third annual rock-paperscissors tournament called “Rock Beats Cancer.” This event supports the Musella Foundation, an organization that provides brain cancer patients and their families information about research and treatment opportunities. Around 80 students participated in the event. Through the tournament and t-shirt sales, we raised over $1,000 and surpassed our total from last year.


The Colony spent the semester working diligently to receive its charter. With the help of ABT President Stephen Blank and “BB” Kevin Emery, the men sent out the first copy of the chartering petition early in the fall. Brother Blank has also volunteered to serve as ABT President at the newly established West Chester Colony. Under the direction of Philanthropy Chair Joe Tubioli we have raised $435 for The V Foundation. Community service was another area we focused on this semester. Volunteering over 300 hours, we participated in events such as the Senior Citizens Prom, the Special Olympics, the Latin-American Festival, Safe Walk, the Heart Walk community street clean up and many more. One of our biggest events of the semester was our brotherhood bowling event. Brothers gathered at a local bowling alley for an afternoon of competition and relaxation.


Brothers cleaning up Pittsburgh.

The Chapter has been working hard to meet and exceed its pledge to raise $1,000 for The V Foundation. During the Homecoming Autumn Fest celebration, the brothers made and sold halupki, a unique Croatian dish similar to stuffed cabbage. The Chapter raised $150 selling halupki and then another $100 by selling the “Don’t Ever Give Up” commemorative rubber bracelets. Brothers have been selling these bracelets on their own for The V Foundation throughout the semester. The Chapter continued its efforts of raising money for The V Foundation by holding weekly

20 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009


Over the past semester, the Chapter has been very active around campus and forming a very good name. Joseph Janusz, our past “A”, was recently elected Vice-President of Administrative Affairs for the Interfraternity Council; Sebastian Estades was in charge of Advertisement Solicitations for “Gator Growl,” the largest student run pep rally in the United States; and Michael Garrity has been actively involved in Florida Cicerones, the official guides of The University of Florida. In addition, Robert Wiggenhorn and “C” Daniel Thompson serve as Student Government’s Director of Technology and Election Commissioner; “E” Zack Smith served as the Director of Florida Blue Key’s Speakers Bureau; and all three were inducted into Order of Omega, the Greek Leadership Honor Society. Finally, we had Kori Padron serve on the Recreational Sports’ Board of Directors, and Kyle Robisch started his own organization on campus, Gator CHOMP – an organization that donates extra food to a nearby food pantry here in Gainesville. As a Chapter, we have been increasing our status on campus by scoring well in philanthropies so far. Most notably, we scored first Place in Phi Mu’s “Home Run Derby,” third Place in Delta Zeta’s “Clay Classic,” and second Place in Delta Gamma’s “Anchor Splash,” where Kevin Nardone was named “Mr. Congeniality” in the pageant portion. Finally, on February 21, 2009, the Chapter hosted “The Gathering,” an annual weekend for alumni to meet at the house and participate in a golf scramble, meet and greet with brothers, and attend a banquet Saturday night. Everything went great!

FREDONIA Brothers gather at a local bowling alley.


early days of our Chapter. Saturday included tailgating at the football stadium and our annual pig roast at a local park. This semester we are doing well in intramurals, placing second in golf, third in softball, and third in football. Overall, we are currently third for the Bunker Trophy (our campus’s fraternity intramural trophy), with basketball, hockey, and volleyball still to go.

Brothers, alumni, and associate members at the park.

This year we celebrated our ninth Homecoming on campus, and the weekend was a great success! On Friday night we hosted an alumni dinner to mingle with brothers and associate members. We enjoyed hearing stories from the

As always, our Chapter participates in many events. Alumni weekend went well with an excellent showing! The barbecue and yard games attracted many recent and older alumni. Our fall banquet was a huge success in the historic White Inn, located in downtown Fredonia, NY. Alumnus Jeffery Eggleston delivered a motivational and inspiration speech during the banquet. A scholastic award was given to brother Shane Hirt for most improved GPA. We are very proud of our fall football team that made it to championships. Brothers participated in moving in new students, a community fall sweep, and many other philanthropic events. We look forward to more alumni events and extend a thank you to those who donated!


The Chapter surprised everyone, even itself, with the latest recruitment efforts in pinning 27 associate members. With a renewed sense of strength and confidence at an all-time high, the Chapter is now focused on making its name on campus. At the tail end of the spring 2008 semester, the brothers knew that the upcoming fall was going to be a “make or break” time. With roughly 12 men who would be returning for the fall 2008 semester, and knowing that most of them would be working summer jobs and/or taking summer classes, the brothers knew that it was going to be a long summer and the perfect time to get things done. Volunteer Advisor Davey Jacobson, a former expansion consultant and member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity, sat the guys down and helped them draw out a “recruitment battle plan.” It started with establishing a recruitment committee consisting of the five most outgoing guys in the Chapter. Brother Dario Coralic, a recent initiate of the spring 2008 class, led the charge as he willingly chose to be the Recruitment Committee Chairman. Each week, every member of the committee had a specific job to do, from fundraising to public relations to meeting at least one new person and getting his name and number. Adopting the Continued on p.22

The V Foundation

$100,000 V Foundation Scholar Grant awarded in Delta Chi’s name! During the opening events of the 56th International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, Delta Chi presented The V Foundation with a check in the amount of $101,963.00. The check represented the efforts of Delta Chi chapters, colonies, and alumni in the pursuit of fulfilling the Fraternity’s pledge to donate $100,000 to The V Foundation by the 2008 Convention. Delta Chi’s efforts were a huge success, and as a result, The V Foundation named a V Foundation Scholar grant in the Fraternity’s name for 2008. What follows is a description of the grant and the recipient of the 2008 Delta Chi Scholar grant. The V Foundation for Cancer Research announced in mid-October that it had awarded the 2008 V Scholar grants and Translational grants to elite researchers across the United States. The V Scholars are the cornerstone of The V Foundation’s grant program, funding young investigators as they initiate their research. Translational grants transform basic scientific discoveries into clinical applications such as new diagnostics and treatments. The contribution of funding to these research initiatives continuously brings science steps closer to eradicating this horrible disease. The V Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board selects each V Scholar through a competitive process. The V Scholar grants are designed to identify, retain and further the careers of young investigators. This unique funding process provides the essential funds to a facility, earmarked for an individual doctor, allowing the V Scholar to decide how best to use these funds in his or her research project. “Each of the more than 50 National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Centers nominates their most outstanding new faculty member as a candidate, and the V Foundation Advisory Committee then selects the most promising 15 young investigators as V Scholars,” said Robert C. Bast, Jr., M.D., Vice President for Translational Research at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. “This is an extraordinary group who will have a major impact on cancer over the next decades.”


The Delta Chi Scholar Grant went to Sendurai Mani, Ph.D., 1998 Indian Institute of Science; The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Molecular Pathology. Mani’s research Interests include the role of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and the stem-like cells generated by EMT in cancer invasion and metastasis, and the role of FOXC2 in EMT, stem cells and cancer metastasis. Greater than 80% of all tumors are carcinomas, which are derived in epithelial tissues. During the initial stages of carcinogenesis, the cancer cells are confined to the primary site by the continued expression of epithelial cell-cell adhesion molecules and an intact basal lamina. It is known that, as carcinomas progress, a few cancer cells in the primary tumor reactivate an embryonic program, known as epithelialmesenchymal transition (EMT). Through EMT, these cells gain the mesenchymal-like traits necessary to escape these confinements and metastasize. Previously, Dr. Mani identified several key embryonic transcription factors, including Twist and FOXC2 that regulate both EMT and breast cancer metastasis. In a more recent study, he discovered that human mammary epithelial cells forced to undergo EMT have many properties of stem cells. These findings suggests that EMT not only generates cancer cells with the ability to disseminate to distant organs but also endows these cells with the stem cell properties that seem necessary for the initiation of secondary tumors following dissemination. Presently, his laboratory is interested in further delineating the role that EMT/CSCs plays during cancer metastasis as well as the role of a number of these EMT-associated transcription factors during cancer metastases. To answer these critical questions, Dr. Mani and his team are using a variety of in vitro and in vivo tumor models as well as tissue-specific, inducible, transgenic mouse models. The main goal of the research laboratory is the facilitation of the development of improved prognostic and therapeutic tools targeting cancer metastasis.



Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 21

campus scene “Dynamic Recruitment Model,” as made famous by Phired Up Productions and as one that is used at many campuses all over the country, the brothers began to overhaul their entire recruitment strategy. By August, momentum was beginning to build. During the formal recruitment period of two weeks, the men utilized recruitment tabling on campus and would follow that with hosting an event that evening at the chapter house. Brother Dario Coralic and Brother Gus Nuño, “A”, would go on campus every day with the goal of meeting as many potential new members as possible. They would average, on any given day, 41 new names and numbers of men they had met during the course of four hours. At the end of week one alone, they accumulated over 180 contacts! During the events held in the evenings, the brothers were awestruck when they realized how many potential new members showed up to their events and never left once to check out any of the other chapters. The feelings of being overwhelmed proved to be one of the more positive problems that we have had in a long time. Brother JB Bonilla, AMC, has developed a new member education program that puts an emphasis on the development of a well-rounded man, fit for college and beyond. Aside from assisting the brothers in their efforts to achieve a sound education, JB has also provided them with a list of websites that aim to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education. A few of the noteworthy sites include; Hank Nuwer’s Hazing Blog,; Study Guides and Strategies,; and


Armed with rags and paint remover over 20 brothers from the Chapter, along with the Erie Graffiti Task Force, set out in the early morning of October 26th to remove graffiti in the City of Erie. Graffiti was tagged everywhere from the sides of buildings to garages in back alleyways. Matthew Soffel said preserving the reputation of the City of Erie is why he and the rest of his Chapter were out trying to reverse the damage done by a handful of people. Vandalism is something that the Chapter will not stand for. So by going out and working diligently, the brothers hope that their actions will help send a message to the vandals that the City of Erie and Delta Chi will not put up with this sort of vandalism. However, it is only one piece to the big puzzle of preservation. Everyone needs to put forth the effort to make a place better.


We have had an excellent semester in boosting recruitment, member retention, and overall Chapter morale. This semester, we exerted all of our efforts in the beginning of the new year to boosting recruitment, and it has shown. We nearly doubled our Chapter size through our recruitment efforts this semester and exceeded the semester new member recruitment average among the rest of the IFC fraternities on campus. We also introduced a separate new member program for juniors and seniors that has also enabled recruitment rates to rise. The Chapter held its Alumni Weekend during Homecoming this year, and it was a blast. Due to the strong efforts of Micah Crosby, we saw over 30 recent and older alumni attend with their friends and families to take part in the weekend festivities. Such events included the following: on Friday night an Alumni “meet and greet” was held at a local hotel in which alumni could catch up with old friends and enjoy the company of the brothers. On Saturday, brothers and alumni tailgated before the Homecoming football game and later that night held a delicious dinner fixed by Bill Thomas ’87. Following the dinner, brothers and alumni moved over to the “Rusty Tavern,” a local club we had rented out for that night, and it was a great time to say the least. On Sunday morning before all alumni left town with their families, a Southern brunch was served to alumni and brothers at a quaint little inn located in Statesboro. The fall semester has been the foothold that the Chapter has been looking for.

22 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009


Brothers crack open crawfish and shrimp before a football game to celebrate the completion of their new kitchen and the start of a full meal plan.

To celebrate four years of the House Corporation’s fundraising efforts and the addition of a chef-prepared meal plan cooked in our newly furnished kitchen, the House Corporation and the Chapter jointly held two tailgates this fall: a country fried lunch at Homecoming with over eighty alumni attending and a separate low country broil with twenty alumni attending. Adding over $80,000 and a full-time employee to our annual budget has added a new level of both stress and excitement to our Chapter officers, but the benefits stemming from eighty brothers sharing lunch and dinner together every weekday are immeasurable and allow for more rapid integration of associate members, more bonding for brothers, and much healthier meals for house residents. The Chapter also held its first “Delta Chi Career Expo” during the 2008 Homecoming weekend. Alumni were invited back to share the trials and tribulations of their careers with an audience of undergraduates and alumni eager to hear their advice. Nine different companies and graduate schools were represented, their careers ranged from robotics to city planning to consulting, and the attendees stretched from first-year associate members to founding fathers of our Chapter. The Chapter bested thirty-three other fraternities in the 2008 IFC Homecoming competition, bringing the recent total to three first places and two second places in the past five years. The Chapter also received the Dean Dull Best Overall Fraternity Award by taking first place in leadership, scholarship, and Homecoming, while winning intramural championships in volleyball and bowling and having a total of eleven intramurals teams make it to post-season playoffs.


Over the past six months the Chapter has undergone some changes. We are back on the right track this October and sponsored a clothing drive, netting over 23 bags for the Community Assistance for the Retarded and Handicapped. In November we sponsored a canned food drive, collecting over 360 cans that we donated to “A” Street Homeless Shelter before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day we had our annual turkey bowl, and there was a great amount of participation from our chapter alumni, who they won 31 to 0.


The fall semester was a busy one for the men of the Chapter. We worked hard to recruit the strongest class of associate members possible and brought eight highly qualified men to the Chapter. In addition to time devoted to recruitment activities, the Chapter undertook an intensive house restoration project. The brothers worked together to completely repaint the parlor, and the Chapter purchased new couches, a new television, and refelted the Chapter’s billiards table to complete the project. Outside the Chapter house walls, we participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Cancer” event, raising almost $500 for cancer research while joining in a community walk at the local outlet mall. The Chapter has continued its annual participation in Hobart & William Smith’s Day of Service and has been active in the upkeep of a stretch of road through the

Adopt-a-Highway program. The Chapter was also proud to hold our first can drive, collecting over $150 worth of empty cans and donating the proceeds to a brother in significant financial need. Within the campus community, we played hard and made it into the final tournaments for intramural sports in soccer and basketball. The soccer team fought hard against its opponent up until its defeat in the finals of the tournament but retired proudly. Among fraternities on campus, the Chapter finished second in the race for the President’s Cup, despite the breadth of its efforts in philanthropic and extracurricular activities. However, we remain proud of our accomplishments and extremely happy with the great work that our Chapter continues to do.


The beginning of the fall semester the Chapter was determined not to fall into the post chartering slump that had become the bane for countless others, and so we were resolute in attacking the semester head on. Early in the first weeks of the semester Homecoming came, and the chapter secured a first place victory for the second year in a row with best overall float in the student parade. Next the Chapter hosted its first “Wing Bowl,” which was a buffalo wings eating contest that raised $400 for Soldier’s Angels, an organization that donates care packages to American Iraqi War soldiers and veterans and their families. The Chapter then marched on to another philanthropy event with a walk for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research and was able to raise $200 for that cause.


Associate members hanging out with Charger Blue, the University’s mascot.

The Chapter witnessed a landmark semester this fall. After having one of the biggest associate member classes that it has had in years, we are proud to now have sixteen new men initiated into the bond. In addition to increasing chapter size by about one third, these men are ready to do their part to make this chapter excel to new horizons. Hopefully they can raise the bar higher than our active members did this semester. The Chapter had a large hand in numerous philanthropies this semester. We helped out at a local school, Holy Family, in their fundraising efforts as well as a local Episcopal church, St. Stephens. Other philanthropic events included Toys for Tots and giving over seventy man-hours to other small events. Fundraisers included a bachelor auction, jewelry sale, and working concessions stands at Talladega Superspeedway. All of these events were quite successful in helping the Chapter with its fundraising goals. There were three major public social events held at the house. There was also a nice Founders’ Day celebration at a local country club, as well as a couple alumni poker nights that were held at the house.


In late October we held our second annual Alumni Homecoming tailgate. We had a good showing of alumni including ABT members Mark Stahl and Brian Oliger and former “A”, Jeff Chandler. All three of these men have put a lot of hard work into rebuilding our Little 500 bike team. We had three members compete in Zeta Tau Alpha’s philanthropy “Big Man On Campus.” We also participated in Dance Marathon, which raised $1,376,550.23 for the Riley Foundation. This exceeded last year’s total by more

campus scene than $300,000. Our intramural soccer team only lost one game during the regular season and made it to the final four in the playoffs.


In the fall of 2008 we initiated 16 new members into the Chapter. We overcame some adversity because there was a new recruitment system that was implemented by the University. In addition to the new recruitment system, a community service program was approved which requires every chapter to have an average of three hours of community service per member, per semester. This community service program will help the Greek community be more visible in Iowa City and within the University. We also have made immense progress on having a new philanthropy in the spring after our fall effort had to be cancelled due to the flood. One of our biggest focuses this semester is community involvement and service. All of the proceeds of the philanthropy will go towards the V Foundation.


After the installation of new hardwood floors in our foyer and living rooms, our semester was bound to be a success. Alumni and parents were impressed to see our house when we held our annual Homecoming pig roast. The Homecoming Parade was back for this year. Our Chapter tied for first in the Homecoming activities that included building a float for the parade while paired with Chi Omega and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Songfest was held this fall and our Chapter came in third place with Delta Zeta and Sigma Nu. This semester our Chapter also participated in the Greek intramural flag-football league and had our annual Tub-n-Toga date party.



Soap Box Derby team members with the 1st place trophy.

Chapter members gather for a photo.

This past summer and fall has been one of the best and most historic for our Chapter. Last May our Chapter was privileged enough to celebrate our fortieth anniversary. There was a huge turnout of many older alumni and current brothers. Then at Convention, we walked away with three awards. This has been a very busy fall for us also. We had another great Homecoming as we won the float completion for the second straight year with Zeta Tau Alpha. We also were able to repeat our largest new member class in the past five years. We added 14 new brothers to our Chapter. Our chapter went from 21 brothers to 35 brothers in just one semester. Our Chapter is looking to carry this momentum forward.


The Chapter took first place in the annual “Soap Box Derby” held to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. We held our annual LAN party with excellent attendance, as well as a new event, a root beer keg party, which proved to be a great hit with the freshmen. We had a pledge class of ten this winter. We are very happy to report that we celebrated our ten-year chartering anniversary this summer. Members and alumni alike from both sections gathered for a weekend of food, fun, and festivities. Many alumni were returning years after graduation, and it was a great pleasure to see them again. We look forward to furthering the brotherhood of a lifetime.


Over the course of this term, we have improved in many areas. Our grades rose by four percentage points last term, putting us in fifth for grades on campus. We have kick started what we hope to be an excellent philanthropy program by holding a 50/50 raffle for The V Foundation and by helping to set up for several events at the Flint Institute of Arts. We are very excited for next term and the bright future that lay before us.


Brothers celebrating a win over Acacia in “Fraternity Bowl.”

This fall has been an active and exciting time for our Chapter. This year we had another very successful Homecoming. As usual, we had our annual pig roast at Homecoming that was cooked by brothers all night. We were also very excited to have a good alumni turnout. This fall our Chapter also won, for the second year in the row, our traditional fraternity football bowl game against Acacia. This year we came out on top 13-6, and there were many stand out performances by our brothers. This fall we also continued one of our fundraising traditions of having a car smash. The car smash was a hit on campus, and we were successful in raising money.

Our fall semester was jam packed with activities and social events for both actives and alumni. Tiger Tailgating was in full swing, from Appalachian State to Ole Miss. Dan Shapiro, President of Shaw Capital, was our keynote speaker at our Founders’ Day gathering, providing great advice for the future to both our active brothers and associate members. When it came to getting creative with social events, we turned our annual Halloween party into a bus trip to Tropical Isle in New Orleans. All members and alumni present felt our Mystery Ball semi-formal was the highlight of our social calendar. During Homecoming festivities, we placed second in yard decorations with the ladies of Pi Beta Phi. Several young men were initiated this semester, adding to a legacy that has been at LSU since 1941. We are excited and ready for these new actives to leave their mark on our Chapter. We are also excited about revamping our alumni relations programming, and are planning many events for our alumni and their families to attend.


Pan-Hellenic Council sponsored a competitive Greek Week this fall. We came in third in overall points. However, we came in first in the last day of competition. The final day of competition was a test of strength, determination, and

courage known as Greek Olympics. After several grueling rounds, we beat Lambda Chi Alpha in the epic showdown known as tug-of-war. It is Lambda Chi Alpha’s first semester on campus, so this was our first direct competition with the new fraternity. We are glad we had the opportunity to show our dominance. This dominance extends to campus involvement too. Chase Cook ’11, was reelected Student Body Treasurer in a landslide election. Noah Dion ’10, finished his term as Student Government President and left office with a legacy of change that includes a new constitution, more oversight, and more direct student involvement in College governance. Homecoming Celebration has become an annual tradition every Forester looks forward to, this year was no exception. Even though the game was lost, the day was not. Over 400 people took part in the Homecoming parade and tailgating celebration. Our float may have come in fourth place, but Steve IV, our annual roasted pig, was the talk of the day. Steve IV was made possible thanks to Goran Bauk ’06, and his parents who were nice enough to wake up at 5:00am and roast the pig. Over 15 alumni made it home to help celebrate properly. The returning alumni got to meet the future of the Chapter as well as reconnect over some sugary sweet roasted pig. Alpha Phi hosted the inaugural Mud Olympics to benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports women’s cardiac care. We sponsored two teams in this muddy event. Our two teams competed rigorously with representatives from other Greek organizations as well as Student Government but failed to take top prize. All brothers offered up valiant performances even though we lost. The event was still a success, as all proceeds went to charity. The Chapter also raised $1,203 for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Brother Doug Adolph ’07, and “BB”, generously matched this amount in a donation back to the Chapter. Over all, alumni donated over $1,500 back to the Chapter in this past year alone. The Chapter wouldn’t be possible with out the generosity of its alumni who give their time, money, and expertise to keep our chapter great.


We started early the fall semester with a summer retreat where we got pumped up for recruitment and the upcoming semester. The highlights of the semester were definitely recruitment, our annual philanthropy event, Greek awards, and the alumni/dad poker tournament. We are happy to welcome the Gamma Xi associate member class into the bonds of brotherhood! They are in their first step and we are certain that we can expect great things from them in the future. Our annual inner tube water polo tournament helped raise nearly $1,000 for The V Foundation. Delta Delta Delta was the returning champion and they came through again to win first place. During Greek awards our Chapter was honored with five awards including Most Improved GPA, Best Educational Programming, and Best Family Relations. Also this semester we held our second annual Alumni/Dad poker tournament and helped raise $800 and allowed for some much-valued time to interact with our fathers. We would like to point out one new aspect about our chapter to all of our alumni….OUR NEW WEBSITE! Please take a look at and fill in your contact information including your email address. This will help us with communication between our alumni and active Chapter. Also this will be the new medium by which we send our biannual chapter newsletter.


The end of last year and the beginning of this one has been a very exciting and busy time for us. At the end of Spring Quarter 2008 we had the highest GPA of all fraternities on campus. We recently completed a large-scale annual community service project that we call Percy the Pelican. Percy the Pelican is an anti-drug coloring book that we have designed and produced. We have taken these coloring books to third graders in all ten Elementary schools in Lincoln Parish to read and color with them and teach them about the many dangers of drugs.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 23

campus scene performed well on the field too. In the 2007-08 school year the Colony finished first in intramural and second in Greek Week. This fall we can boast about a first place Derby Days win and a second place finish in intramural football. After a few years of building a foundation, the Colony is confident that we are close to obtaining our charter. The application has been reviewed and critiqued by our ABT, leadership consultants, and our Regent with positive feedback from each. Upon revision of a few areas our application should be acceptable for chartering. Our ABT has been a tremendous help in getting the application to this point. Chapter members at the 2008 Convention.


Genesis. That is the word that highlights our year so far. We published the first Chapter newsletter, “Rivets,” that was sent to all our alumni to keep them updated on Chapter activities. We also became supporters of the local Boy Scout council. Through this alliance, we enhance our commitment to connect with the local community by helping out with Cub Scout programs. We are moving out of our current house to a newer one that will continue to provide our members an environment that is safe and conducive for academic success. We raised $1,100 for The V Foundation by raffling off a hockey jersey signed by the Mavericks men’s hockey team. We had our annual retreat with our alumni that solidify our connections. We are continuing our mission to aid the development of personal and educational growth of young men by initiating five more members to our Chapter.



We started a successful new philanthropy event at the beginning of last semester. Over $4,000 was raised in less than a week for The V Foundation during our “Delta Chi Movers” event. We hope to improve upon this success by earning over $8,000 by the end of the year and continuing to hold this event for many years to come. We have developed a flexible donation plan for alumni that are looking to give back, including a red and buff plan, and common room sponsorships. We hope to strengthen alumni relations and really bring some old members back into everything that is currently going on with our Chapter. We have done very well in intramural sporting events last semester. Flag football and soccer have undoubtedly been out best sports, and we are looking to form other great teams to finish out the year. We held the first “rap battle” in College Park that turned out to be an excellent fundraising event for the Chapter. We were able to raise almost $2,000 with a sold-out performance of local rappers and talented students going head to head in an intense eight-person playoff.


also have been working on the visual aspects of our house by waving new flags, touching up our chapter sign, as well as repainting our letters surrounded by rocks on our front lawn. Indoors has been improved as well. We all helped install brand new wood paneling around the house where it was necessary, and repainting the remaining walls. New, more efficient tables are used and the fireplace mantle was remodeled, appealing to brothers young and old. Safety is also a main concern of ours, leading us to replace all our fire escape doors with new, and more effective doors. Our Chapter has always prided itself on unity within the house, which carries over to our athletic teams. We participated in both football and soccer fraternity leagues, qualifying for the playoffs in both. We lost a tough first round match in soccer and pulled off some close wins against tough opponents in football, before falling in the semifinal to the eventual champion. Our teams are stacked with young talent, making us a force for the future. Our alumni have been a frequent visitor at the house this year, with our big alumni tailgate on October 4th. We appreciate whenever alumni pay a visit, especially this year with the success of Michigan State’s football program. This year was extremely important in terms of recruitment for our Chapter, having a large amount of brothers graduating this year. We are excited for the 21 associate members who started their careers as members and to continue the legacy we have on campus. We have been doing many things socially and through the community to improve on what we already have accomplished on campus. We have had many events with sororities and have participated in the community with events such as Safe Halloween. Congratulations to the new officers and executive council members, as we will continue what we started 73 years ago on this campus. The Chapter is doing well and we feel strongly about the direction we are headed.


Brothers help prepare for winter during “Make A Difference Day.”

Fall semester certainly kept the Chapter busy. In addition to welcoming four new members into the bond, the brothers’ participated in several service, social, and athletic events. During the annual Al’s Run through downtown Milwaukee, brothers helped provide water for the race’s 15,000 participants along the five-mile course. October marked the return of the annual Alumni-Active football game, with the alumni once again triumphing over the Chapter’s active members. The chapter also participated in Make A Difference Day, helping senior citizens in southeast Wisconsin prepare their homes for winter.


Brothers and associate members after the fall pinning ceremony.

Recruitment was very successful this year. By planning and beginning recruitment efforts before the last school year ended, the Colony has drawn its largest associate member class to date. We have been active in community service as well. We have taken part in activities such as Adopt-a-Highway and volunteering at a local soup kitchen. The brothers have been involved in improving our Greek community as well. Brothers Scott Hamlin and Matt Morrison have both been elected to IFC Executive board positions. The Colony has

24 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

Brothers having another successful Broom Ball season.

In late November, the Chapter held its first bi-annual Scholarship Dinner honoring 20 brothers who worked diligently to attain at least a 3.1 GPA. The dinner featured an evening of brotherhood bonding and academic appreciation. Marquez Brown, Region VI Regent, joined us for the event. Recently, 25 brothers helped to make over 30 fleece blankets for C.S Mott Children’s Hospital in a joint philanthropic effort with the Pi Beta Phi sorority. The girls treated us to dinner at their house and honored us with a special ceremony showing their appreciation for our help and friendship. The Chapter is also looking forward to its first “Greek Challenge Polar Plunge.” The event raised money for the Michi0gan Special Olympics and features a traveling trophy for the Michigan fraternity or sorority that has the highest participation of jumpers into the freezing Huron River. With Intramural sports, we completed a successful season in Outdoor Soccer with a determined playoff run that ended in a heartbreaking loss in the championship game. We are pleased to report that the Chapter initiated ten quality men to bring our house to over 50 active brothers, a record high for Chapter membership. Lastly, the long-running Chapter newsletter, The Launch Pad, has been reinstated and distributed, reaching out to alumni around the world.


This semester has been a large success on multiple fronts for the Chapter. House improvements have been a staple for us brothers here, and this semester was no exception. We continue to work on our lawn, by laying new sod. We

The Chapter had its largest associate member class in years with ten new members in the fall semester. We also had a very successful Hot Dog Feed for our Sweetheart Week, accompanied with a Demolition Derby in which we raised $1,197 for The V Foundation. Last year we began doing Feed My Starving Children for philanthropy events. We set up a couple of events for each semester where we put together meals for starving children in Africa. We have continued these events and will continue to do it into the future. For our Chapter house, we recently purchased and new ping pong table and a new sixty-inch television for the chapter room. We continue to recruit with the hopes to follow up a successful associate member class. The one thing we are particularly proud of is our four members who were named Sweethearts for Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Phi, and Kappa Alpha Theta. We continue to improve relations with all of the chapters on campus in order to build a strong Greek community.


Brothers and friends conclude the successful “Haunted House” by posing in front of the house.

The Chapter has seen a stellar semester by bringing back an old philanthropy, our haunted house. It was very popular with the community and we were proud to bring the event back. It has been four years since we were able to host this

campus scene event due to conflicts with building codes. After working with the local fire marshal, we were able to come up with a successful plan to bring back the haunted house. The function was held over three nights, donating a grand total of $1,365 to The V Foundation. We would like to welcome retired Air Force Colonel Phil Davidson into the bond after being initiated on October 26th. We also celebrated our 45th Anniversary Reunion by welcoming alumni that have graduated and moved on. The reunion is held every five years and we had an excellent turnout with alumni support.


second in GPA, and first in recruitment. We are very excited to start our new philanthropy and get the newly initiated members involved more around campus.


MISSOURI Brothers gather during Founder’s Day.

Chapter members raising money for Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Kappa Klassic.”

The fall semester was one of achievement for the Chapter. We started the semester with nine active members. Faced with the prospect of closing, we decided to dedicate ourselves in the expansion of our Chapter’s growth and quality. By the end of the semester, we had nearly doubled our size. We participated in Homecoming and for the fourth consecutive semester our skit made finals. With our new membership, we were also able to enter a flag football team into our school’s Greek Division. We participated in two sorority philanthropies this fall. During Zeta Tau Alpha’s Rockin’ for the Ribbon we placed first in a battle of the bands competition, and in Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Kappa Klassic we placed first overall. It was a rewarding experience for our Chapter.


The Chapter initiated 11 men in the fall semester. We also raised $1,000 for The V Foundation at our annual Powderpuff Football Tournament.


Chapter members at the White Carnation Ball.

We had a great winter in 2008 starting off with our inaugural “Polar Bear Plunge” where brothers were “freezin’ for a reason” as a video camera rolled to post it on youtube. com for people that could not attend. Onlookers, consisting of faculty, teachers, and students watched in awe as our members stripped down to their knickers on a single digit December afternoon to fly down a 20 foot slip n’ slide into an ice bath of water. Of course all this was not only a good brotherhood event but also a philanthropy project as we raised over $700 for the National Cervical Cancer Coalition. The Chapter received an outstanding report from the advisor with only minor room for improvement. This report also notified us that we would continue to hold the highest GPA for a national fraternity on campus. Spring showed a new wave of motivation. By preparing, planning, and executing we have the ingredients to accomplish anything.

The fall semester began with a very successful Founders’ Day celebration at the Fort Nathan Hale Park in New Haven. This year, we stressed the family orientated atmosphere that created an amazing alumni turnout. Family and friends of brothers enjoyed a day of barbequing under the sun and the exchange of stories and antics from older brothers to younger. This unusually large turnout of alumni, from as far back as 1984, undoubtedly contributed to our immensely successful White Carnation formal in November. This event yielded one of the best turnouts in recent memory. With around 100 brothers and guests in attendance and much support from our alumni, it is safe to say that although our little Chapter is expanding, the emphasis on retaining lasting bonds and meaningful relationships has remained of the upmost importance. In other news, our semi-annual blood drive once again proved extremely helpful to the Red Cross, as we were able to greatly exceed the requests they set. In addition to helping the Red Cross, we were also able to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood and show the campus that individuals have the ability to make positive change in the world around them.


The Colony is pleased to announce that the fall semester has provided significant prosperity. Before starting the semester, we achieved a goal of owning our own house. The first event held in the house was fall recruitment. Through recruitment, we gained a total of 16 new associate members. The Colony is now two members shy of reaching a chartering requirement. Currently, our brothers are involved in over 100 organizations out of the 142 that are offered on campus. The Student Government Association is deemed to be the most prestigious organization at UNA. We are pleased to announce that Winn Brewer, a founding father, has the title of Student Government President. During the two and a half years we have been on campus we have kept close relations with alumni. We hosted our first Founders’ Day, enjoying high attendance from alumni. The week after we earned second place in Homecoming and our Colony also hosted the inaugural “Zombie Walk.” Teaming with local radio stations and businesses, we raised a significant amount of money for the American Cancer Society. We humbly accepted recognition by the University for our outstanding efforts. We realize this is only the beginning and look forward to a successful future.


Chapter members gather for a photo.

The members are honored to have initiated 21 new brothers in the fall. With their help, we will be hosting our inaugural Snow Tug-O-War Tournament that will raise money for The V Foundation. Our Chapter received awards for placing

Chapter members gather in front of the house before the annual basketball tournament.

Our 21st annual philanthropy “Fall Fall” was a huge hit. We went around the community raking the leaves in the yards of elderly people’s homes. Not only are we doing the community a service by raking leaves; we also make t-shirts to sell to people on campus. The money raised from the t-shirts is given to the charity of our choice. This year instead of giving the money to a charity we found one of our own brothers who was in need of the money. We are proud to say we have a cancer survivor among us. After taking the semester off from school to recover, our brother is facing hospital bills and we did all we could to help. This year’s “Fall Fall” was one to remember as the chapter raised nearly $2,000 to help our brother. This Chapter seems to be headed in the right direction. We are excited about the direction our newly elected “A” has us headed and expect great things from ourselves in the spring semester.


Brothers during the inaugural car bash for The V Foundation.

With a current membership of 23, we are filled with the thoughts of reestablishment and building a strong influence on campus. Paired with Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Theta, and Alpha Gamma Delta, we finished third in the Homecoming week festivities. The week began with a strong showing in Alpha Gamma Delta and Phi Gamma Delta’s ultimate Frisbee philanthropy to benefit diabetes research. We also had a strong showing in intramural football making it to the playoffs in the fraternity division. Our annual Founders’ Day celebration was held once again this year. Members and alumni from around Ohio gathered at Gresso’s restaurant to celebrate the great bond of Delta Chi. This annual celebration allows active members to interact with alumni and really help establish the bond we all share. On October 25th before our Homecoming we held our first ever “Car Smash” to raise money for The V Foundation. Before the Homecoming game, starting around noon we rolled out the car and sold hits with a sludge hammer to “Bash Penn State and Cancer.” Participation was excellent and the event was a huge success raising over $400 for The V Foundation. Delta Chis from the Penn State Chapter joined in the fun by participating in on our Homecoming BBQ that also took place on this day. Alumni and actives from both Ohio State and Penn State were around for good times and to help support the philanthropy.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 25

campus scene OREGON STATE

Members doing community service at the Special Olympics.

We came into the fall term running and were able to pick up right where we left in the spring term. Over the summer we were able to recruit 12 new men, bringing our membership up to 34! This is the largest recruitment class since reopening the chapter in 2000, showing a bright future for the Chapter. We also initiated four new brothers into full membership this term. All four men have already taken on active leadership roles within the Chapter and have been very involved so far. Our Homecoming BBQ was well attended this year and with continued alumni support our ABT has grown. Jeff Briggs was voted as this year’s “Alumnus of the Year” with his generous $2,000 donation towards bringing our fire suppression system up to code. Over the past year our Chapter’s involvement within the community has been consistently improving with all members donating over 250 hours of community service this term alone. The Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Splash philanthropy was one of the largest contributions with multiple men participating in the swimming competitions and Matt Tycksen in Mr. Anchor Splash. The Chapter also contributed many hours to the Special Olympic activities that took place in Corvallis this year. Brotherhood Secret Santa proved to be a big hit especially among the new members. Our past “C”, Nathan Moore, was elected to be the Vice-President of Regulations for IFC. His position marks the fourth consecutive year our Chapter has held an IFC position. As our Chapter continues to grow, we will be housing more and more members. The Chapter house will hold at least 27 men for the winter and spring terms. This marks the highest number of live-in members since re-chartering in 2003.


to The V Foundation. Then the Chapter held the inaugural “Delta Chi Dime Toss.” Participants tried tossing dimes into glasses that were of varying types and on a two tier table. If the participant got the dime into the glass they were aiming for then they were able to keep the glass as a prize. After two full days, we had managed to raise nearly $815. Between these first two events, the Chapter surpassed its initial goal of $800 for the semester and will continue to try and raise the bar for philanthropy. On the community service side, the Chapter has also increased its efforts. As usual the brotherhood has continued to participate in Adopta-block once a month cleaning up a local Oakland street. Also, early in the semester the Chapter held a sandwich making night for the Jubilee Soup Kitchen where we made simple lunchmeat sandwiches that were to be given to the homeless. The Chapter also participated in the “Pitt Make a Difference Day,” which is a new campus wide initiative to cooperate with the City of Pittsburgh to better the surrounding communities. The Chapter is also getting involved with Habitat for Humanity. The Chapter also held its annual Homecoming Alumni Weekend. This included a tailgate for the Pitt versus Rutgers game at Heinz Field and an alumni dinner at the local restaurant Church Brew Works. Both events were a great success with a large number of alumni attending the events. Homecoming weekend has begun to become one of the standing traditions in our young Chapter’s history. The Chapter wants to thank all of the alumni who came out and helped support the Chapter and looks forward to furthering the undergraduate-alumni bond in the future.


Coming into the fall semester one of the major goals for the Chapter was to greatly increase its contributions in philanthropy and community service. At the 2008 Convention the Chapter pledged to raise $1,600 a year for The V Foundation. Knowing this, the Chapter got started early and during freshman move-in, known as “Arrival Survival,” Rich Rosenow and Mike Walker set up a 50-50 raffle on campus. Half of the money went to a lucky winner and the other half went to The V Foundation. Over the course of a few days they were able to raise $500, of which $250 went

26 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009



The Chapter experienced another outstanding recruitment for the fall 2008 semester. We had over 160 young men come through our doors eclipsing the previous fall’s impressive number of 150. We continued to use our newly adopted motto of “Deriving Quality from Quantity.” The Chapter initiated 25 brothers in the spring. Delta Chi remains one of the largest fraternities on campus. We would like to thank the “B”, Nathan Welch, and the Director of Recruitment, Gerrit Rosenboom, for their outstanding efforts and dedication for the spring and fall 2008 recruitments. Over the summer vacation, the Chapter received some major renovations to greatly increase the Chapter’s visual appeal. The basement floor was completely redone. The renovated floor now portrays our Greek letters along with a Latin phrase that boldly states, “Our Bond is Uncommon.” The restroom facilities on the third floor were also redone in order to match the restrooms on the south end of the house.

The Chapter had a very busy and productive fall semester. Our intramural flag football teamed finished in the top eight in the school, marking the second time this has happened in the Chapter’s history. In October, we partnered with Zeta Tau Alpha and placed third in Homecoming. We also held our second annual “Legends of the Inner Temple” philanthropy event. With this event, we raised over $1,500 for The V Foundation. Also in philanthropy, we finished first place in Chi Omega’s “Spike It Up” volleyball tournament and third place in Sigma Delta Tau’s “Putting on the Hits” lip-sync contest. Topping off all of these accomplishments, we were able to initiate 24 new members, which will help propel us to even greater accolades in the future.



A dinner for Mr. Steve Spencer to recognize his “BB” Emeritus award (center).

The Chapter volunteered 392 hours of community service as well as Raised $778 for The V Foundation in an effort to give back to the community.

Our second annual “Dodge This!” dodge ball tournament, hosted with the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, was a great success, with many Greeks turning out to support our cause. In addition, we hosted the inaugural “Sing for the Cure” karaoke contest with the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha, which was an incredible event that raised money for both The V Foundation and the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For the second time in the past year, we initiated the most new members on campus, and we are very excited to have 15 new brothers ready to get involved making our Chapter even better. Our brothers continue to take on leadership positions around campus. Brother Chris Keating is the Rutgers University Student Assembly President, and brother Yan Lipovetskiy is IFC President. Our intramural teams made the playoffs in soccer and football, and for the second consecutive year we took first place in the golf tournament. Most recently, we hosted a potluck Thanksgiving dinner for the families of all our members. There were over 100 people in attendance, and all the parents were extremely proud of the progress we have made. The event was a great success, with good food and a good time had by all. With success in so many different areas of our organization, our Chapter has risen to the top tier of fraternities on campus. We cannot wait to build on our success and take our Chapter’s growth to the next level!

Members on the river during a brotherhood event.

Chapter members and alumni at Formal. The Chapter celebrating the initiation of 15 new brothers this fall.

During the fall 2008 semester, we continued to make huge strides in all aspects. We moved into a beautiful new house located on Greek Row that has made our presence felt on campus more than ever. Months of work were spent remodeling the house over the summer and they have greatly paid off. We take great pride in the appearance of the chapter house. For the first time in Chapter history, our cumulative Chapter GPA is above a 3.0, which is above the All-Greek and All-Men’s average. We are looking to improve our academic performance every semester. We raised close to $2,000 for The V Foundation the fall semester, thanks to the success of two philanthropy events that we hosted.

Homecoming this year was a great success. We were paired with the men of Sigma Tau Gamma and the women of Alpha Chi Omega and our theme was “Toy Story.” The entire Chapter put a lot of hard work into the entire week including the Talent Show, Field Day and Float. We placed second overall out of eight fraternities. A very special thank you to brother Billy Bess for hosting our annual Alumni BBQ at Capaha Park. Afterwards we came together with our dates and a few alumni for a formal dinner and dancing.


The fall 2008 semester was an eventful one for the Chapter. In November, we initiated our 16 new members. Our Chapter had a strong showing during Greek Week and

campus scene took home a first place finish. The Chapter continued its sports domination by going to the finals in intramural flag football, Delta Gamma’s “Anchor Splash” and Delta Delta Delta’s “Kick it for Cancer.” Brother Brian Gabbay was the winner in Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Kappa Kasino,” a Texas hold-em poker tournament. The Chapter house underwent major renovations during the summer and the first few weeks of the fall semester. A large coat-of-arms was painted on the exterior front wall of the Chapter house and new brass letters were placed above the front door. Inside, hardwood floors, wood paneling, a new trophy case and a 90” high-definition projector were installed in the main room and all of the common areas of the house were repainted. The conference room was remodeled with study stations, a new conference table and leather couches. The walls of the conference room will be adorned with commemorative placards listing every Chapter member since our establishment in 1910. The Chapter member’s parents had high praise for the renovations and the breakfast our new cook prepared at the Parents Weekend brunch. To show off our renovations, the Chapter also invited young alumni back for a barbecue and viewing of a USC football game on our new projector television. At the end of the semester, outgoing chapter “A”, Eric Van Aelstyn, was elected as Executive Vice-President of the IFC.


Our Chapter has seen growth in every respect during the past semester. Membership reached record numbers since our founding in 2001, and we initiated six quality men who have already proven to be great assets to the Chapter. We were also selected to initiate the Albany Colony, expanding the Fraternity’s presence in New York. The Chapter’s combined GPA of 3.4 is above the campus average. We started a new broomball tournament philanthropy called the “D-Chi Cup,” which had great reception among the fraternities and sororities on campus and promises to be a phenomenal annual event to raise money for The V Foundation. We continued to build our presence on campus through the various philanthropies we participate in. We made the championships in Alpha Xi Delta’s soccer tournament while on the same day several brothers excelled in Delta Gamma’s “Mr. Golden Anchor” talent show, and we took second place in Sigma Alpha Mu’s pancake eating contest. Although we have a fairly young alumni network, we are continuing to reach out to local and past alumni to increase their involvement with our Chapter.

27th. The 5k race leaded its participants through the beautiful streets of Angola, Indiana, and it was successful in raising over $2,600. The Chapter also helped close down Camp Arcadia for the fall. We donated 200 hours helping clean up the camp and preparing it for next year. On October 23rd we hosted our semi-annual blood drive with the Red Cross. They had a large turn out of around 75 people who donated blood. Parent’s Weekend was held on October 18th, at the Chapter house. There was a cookout and many outdoor activities for brothers and family members to enjoy. In the afternoon family and brothers were encouraged to cheer on the Trine Thunder football team. On December 6th we held “Chuck’s Belly Rub,” our winter formal. Alumni and brothers enjoyed the evening and activities. Last year members of our Chapter helped to bring Order of Omega to campus; this fall we had two more brothers who were inducted into the Order. We now have six brothers who are members of the Greek honorary. Members Anthony Steward, Sam Lowery, and Austin Aldrich were elected to three of the four executive board positions in our Student Senate. The Chapter is looking for each and every opportunity to lead our campus and Greek life in the right direction.


Since Convention in Las Vegas the Chapter has shifted its focus to philanthropy. We are well on our way to our goal of raising over $1,000 for The V Foundation by next Convention. In the fall semester we hosted a variety of events to maximize our effectiveness and give all active and associate members an opportunity to participate. In October we hosted a charity date auction with the women of Alpha Gamma Delta with all proceeds raised going to The V Foundation. This event raised over $250 in under an hour. In addition to the date auction the Chapter has also sponsored a spaghetti dinner at a local restaurant where half of the money spent will be given to The V Foundation. This is an ongoing event and has already raised over $300. In addition to raising funds for The V Foundation the Chapter has not abandoned its local philanthropic efforts. In November we hosted our fourth annual “Smile-A-Thon” to raise money for depression research. This event was coordinated with University Counseling Services and received televised coverage by a local news station.



The fall semester saw the Chapter very active on campus. During “Howdy Week” the Chapter put on a fundraiser concert for The V Foundation, and we hope to make it an annual event. In addition, the Chapter participated in Relay for Life with the local Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Chapter. The Chapter also did well in campus intramural events, with our flag football team and our soccer teams making to the final games.


The past fall semester has been an exciting one for our Chapter. We began by initiating our newest class, the Kappa class, a great group of 24 gentlemen. We also participated in the annual Homecoming festivities and placed second in the Spirit Board Competition and first in the Greek Float Build competition for the second year in a row. We had a great Alumni Weekend for the football game against the University of Texas and finished the year with our men’s volleyball team winning the Greek Black Division Championship.


This fall we were able to accomplish many of our goals. We initiated six new members and two alumni initiates. We are looking forward to increasing the size of our Chapter each and every day. The Chapter held its second annual “Delta Chi Dash” 5k run in support of The V Foundation. The race kicked off Angola’s “Fall Fest” celebration on September

The new brothers of the Chapter.

To start the fall semester, we came out of the gates running as we recruited and initiated one of the biggest classes we have ever had, which was fitting for our tenth anniversary! This helped in winning Alpha Delta Pi’s “King of the Diamond” honors, 2008 Homecoming King, second in 2008 Homecoming overall (with the help of the Delta Zeta Sorority), and the most overall philanthropic work of any fraternity or sorority on campus! The increasing support and effort each brother has put into this Chapter has helped us with philanthropies, special events, and especially intramurals! With the return of old brothers, and the initiation of new, the Chapter has now become the most diverse and well-known chapter on campus. Just as the quantity of new members is fitting for the time, so is the variety of character and style each brother brings. To celebrate these overall achievements, we had an amazing semi-formal at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino where there was a fantastic dinner, fond memories shared between new and old, and a special appearance by

former “AA”, Bill Williams. The semester came and went, but with it came a new spark in each and every brother that will carry us forward as not only members of this college and community but as brothers in the Chapter and as brothers to those around the country.


Chapter members in front of the new house.

Our Chapter has made great strides in improving our campus presence and associate member program. Another great semester of recruitment has put our chapter at 49 active brothers, which is well above the average. A great success for our Chapter was the addition of a Chapter house. Since there is no Greek housing on campus, this is a big accomplishment and a great place to display our composites as well as a good place for brothers to hang out between classes. Another aspect that is making our Chapter the most elite on campus is our intramurals sports. We have become the intramural powerhouse by winning football, softball, soccer, basketball, and dodge ball championships all in the past two semesters. A major goal of our Chapter has been to focus more on philanthropy and community service in our area. Last semester we did a joint program with the Richmond Police Department. We provided the manpower to help coach youth basketball and soccer at the local schools as well as providing referee services for various sports. Two to three brothers volunteered seven to ten hours each week, which totaled well over 110 hours for the semester. Our help was greatly appreciated by the Richmond Police Department and the community. Also, our philanthropy this semester went extremely well. We hosted our first 3-on-3basketball tournament to benefit The V Foundation. It was a great success for our first tournament and we expect to have even more success next year. The proceeds from the tournament allowed us to donate over $700 to The V Foundation. In conclusion, our Chapter was the only greek organization nominated for all five categories of organizational awards on campus; Philanthropy, New Member Education, Community Service, Risk management, and Educational Programming. We won overall best for Philanthropy, New Member Education, and Community Service awards. Overall, we have made great strides to improve in these areas and continue to make our Chapter an outstanding representation of our great organization.


The 2008-year was a “Red Letter” year for the Chapter. The first three months were all about chartering, an event that went off better than anyone dared hope. We were the only fraternity on campus to achieve the Standard of Excellence, and we had the second highest greek G.P.A. on campus (highest of any fraternity). Over the summer, our Chapter managed to send eight brothers to Convention, one of the highest of any chapter. The fall semester was much more laid back, with three socials going splendidly: a Casino Royale exchange with Kappa Alpha Theta, a barn party and a Thanksgiving dinner with the women of Zeta Tau Alpha. Zeta was also our partner for Homecoming this year; we took first in banner decorating, top hat decorating and the float competition with strong finishes in the other contests.


With the falling leaves came the rise of a bright new year for the Chapter. We kicked off the year with the celebration

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 27

campus scene of our 100th anniversary on campus. Nearly 200 alumni attended the event held at the Broadmoor Golf Club in Seattle. The “AA”, Tom Horowitz, and the Executive Director, Ray Galbreth, also attended the event; both were able to preside over the first alumni initiation ceremonies held here in quite some time. The ceremony initiated 11 alumni, a number that we hope will continue to grow over the next few years. The Chapter has also continued to find new ways to increase scholarship and climb the GPA ladder. Through the “Dollars for Scholars” program, which has seen huge improvements through the hard work of George Cassill ’57, the Chapter has been able to reward our leading academics with scholarships. We also kept up in sports, fighting our way to the semifinals in the intramural football championship. On top of all this the philanthropy program hasn’t faltered; we won the Alpha Chi Omega “Oktoberfest” philanthropy.


The fall semester saw ten active members and six associate members celebrate our 25th year of chartering.


Fall semester was a busy one for our Chapter. After a rough year we started the fall semester looking to rebuild. With a new attitude and a positive mindset we started heading in the right direction. We initiated six new members, all of whom have stepped right in to help us on our path. Everyone in the Chapter is stepping up and doing his part to succeed. We now have an active voice in the student government with one of our brothers being elected a senator. As a Chapter we had success participating in Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropy “Hoop For Halos” and Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy “Crack the Bat,” where we received second place. Going into the spring semester we had a lot to look forward to. As a Chapter we are currently working on getting the funds to build a house and have a place to call our own. Everyone in the Chapter is motivated to be the best, and that is where we are headed.


We are off to a great start on campus. Our founding father class consisted of 25 men who are willing and dedicated to making this Colony a success. Homecoming week was successful, as we displayed a stunning performance in the tug-of-war and a narrow defeat in the ten-man pyramid to Pi Kappa Alpha. Students and administration around campus are excited for our return to campus. So far, we have had numerous social activities with Sigma Sigma Sigma and Delta Zeta. We have also had a barbeque with Pi Kappa Alpha. We are getting to know everyone in the Greek Community here on campus. We have quite a dynamic recruitment plan for the upcoming year and hope that this next class is a large one. Early in the summer, the old Chapter house will be returned to the Colony. With backing from a strong ABT and House Corporation, we hope this will be not only a place to live, but also a strong recruiting tool given its fantastic location in town. We have goals set to become a Chapter soon, which we are working diligently on. We are excited to see where we can take this! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring Delta Chi back to campus.


Recently our Chapter was granted the Greek Life Chapter Achievement Award for Progress, and not without good reason. Our Chapter continues to grow exponentially as we initiated 13 brothers, our largest pledge class in years, into our ranks this fall. The new pledge class has shown tremendous initiative in hosting an associate member “Southern Consolation” party, coordinating a brotherhood week of activities around Williamsburg and serving on a committee to determine whether we should pursue oncampus housing. Meanwhile, the brothers of old have continued to make our Chapter’s presence felt throughout all aspects of campus life. Recently seven of

28 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

MEN OF DELTA CHI at WAR The Delta Chi Fraternity wants to identify brothers who are serving, or who have served, in either Iraq or Afghanistan. So far the names of well over 150 brothers have been recorded. The goal is to identify every brother.

Brothers gather for a photo during a housing meeting.

our brothers served as Orientation Aides for the incoming class of 2012 with a senior member taking on the highly selective role of Orientation Director, working directly with the Dean of Students’ Office. In addition, several brothers attended a medical service trip to Peru. One in particular has planned his own service trip to Romania this spring. In the same spirit of leadership and academia, our outgoing “A” served as President of the Health Careers Club and was inducted into the Mortar Board Honor Society. Finally, this semester was highlighted by a brotherhood retreat to Smith Mountain Lake. With a game room, deck and access to canoes the brothers convened one last time before the associate members were initiated into the Chapter.


Brother Raymond F. Borelli, “AA” Emeritus, is our point of contact for this project, which is ongoing for as long as we have nrothers at War.

If anyone knows of a brother at war, please send his name and email address to Brother Borelli at We support and admire our troops for serving our great nation and we salute you. U.S. Army

SGT Ryan Bambling Johnstown ’10

CPT Brian J. Farester Edinboro ’93

Brian McIntosh Iowa State ’04

BG Rodney Barham Columbus ’79

Sean Gustafson Minnesota ’95

SSG Corey O’Brien Ohio State ’01

SSG Thomas Beattie Johnstown ’09

1LT Alexander Hain Ohio State ’05

CPT Steven Phipps C Missouri ’00

Eric Booth Denison ’04

SPC Joshua Hawkins Mankato ’06

Jason Porter Ohio State ’04

Stuart Byrd NC State ’95

SSG Shawn Johnson Johnstown ’08

SSG Jim Power Ohio State ’09

David Clemons C Missouri ’83

SGT Douglas Johnson Johnstown ’10

CPT Patrick Westmoreland Miss State ’00

Patrick J. Dehnart Bowling Green ’09

Brandon Krapf American ’09

1LT Raymond Willson C Missouri ’01

CPT Joshua Francis S California ’02

Kyle Mahannah Northern Iowa ’03

Andrew Wong Davis ’05

LTJG Vic Allen Georgia Tech ’04

CDR Michael Lehman NW Missouri ’89

IS1 Randall McGee Lake Forest Alum

LT Daniel J. DeCicco Georgia Tech ’01

George Mayfield Corpus Christi ’09

ENS Dylan Richmond Texas A&M ’09

CPT Jason Adams Troy State ’97

Brian McDonald Miss State ’98

LT COL John Van Huffel Kent State ’03

1LT Chris Baxter Miss State ’01

Stephen Messenger W Carolina ’97

U.S. Navy

Chapter members victorious in the inaugural Greek football game.

The Chapter has been dedicated to many things, most importantly being the top fraternity on campus. Through tough times we have managed to pull through and sustain for more than 35 years. History has been made, not for the years in the past but for the future. The Ambassador Bridge, connecting Detroit to Windsor, is in the midst of expansion. Our house was bought because we were in the way. We acquired a new house a couple of blocks west of our previous location. The old house was well over 80 years old and was truly loved by all. Located at 354 Mill Street, the new house is twice the size of the old. Our alumni demonstrated themselves as savvy businessmen in addition to outstanding brothers. Months of research led to the acquisition of the house in May 2008. The house was originally a home for foster children of Sandwich Towne. It has nine bedrooms, a chapter room, new kitchen, male and female washrooms, 550 feet of fencing, and much more. It was evident that plenty of work was needed to revive the house. In the near future the house will be in a steady phase of construction. Phase one was to make the house livable and was completed by the first of September. Phase two is mostly aesthetics with the chapter room being customized. Although the house has many of the symbols and sayings from the old house, it will only be time that will truly make it a “home.” September was busy, so we accepted the house and focused on recruitment. We helped freshmen move into their dorms and held events every day during “frosh week.” We had 12 associate members for the fall, and their dedication makes us proud. We held our annual Christmas party with Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. Philanthropic events included hosting Halloween for kids from the local elementary school and Toys for Tots for the holiday season. The Chapter offers its thanks to the House Corporation and the alumni and actives who shared their resources to make the new house a reality.

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Marine Corps 1LT Douglas Galbreth Iowa ’04

Dustin Schmidt Cent Missouri ’07

Nicholas Roberts Hayward ’11

Richard Austin Scott W Michigan ’08

COL Philip C. Skuta Johnstown ’87

Canadian Military Service LCDR James Fleming Windsor ’93

PAST “AA” Fund This Annual Fund was established in 2007 by the brothers who have been “AA”. The primary purpose of the Fund is to provide a Delta Chi Challenge COIN to each undergraduate member who attends the fraternity-wide “A”s’ Academy or Leadership College(s) sponsored by Delta Chi. Each undergraduate member shall receive only one COIN, regardless of how many events he attends. At each Convention of the Fraternity the brothers who are Past “AA”s meet to decide if any other special recognition for our members or associate members should be funded. The most recent Past “AA” at the Convention chairs the meeting.



Daniel Kim, Cal Poly ’09 Daniel was recognized at the 2008 Association of Fraternity Advisors meeting as a Hank Newer Anti-Hazing Hero Award recipient. Daniel Kim has served in many leadership roles at Cal Poly, but demonstrated perhaps his strongest leadership in a role that doesn’t often have a great deal of visibility – as Associate Member Counselor. As one of only a few members who saw hazing as detrimental, he tried many different approaches to bring the practice to an end, eventually succeeding in ending the long-standing traditions in his Chapter through an impassioned speech that presented facts and the pros and cons of hazing. “I have learned that change comes gradually,” Kim said. “Especially when dealing with issues that are deeply rooted in a chapter’s history and tradition. I have had plenty of struggles of whether being involved was what I wanted, but realized that if I simply quit, there would be no one to fight for what was truly right.” Daniel has also appeared in the recent project “RESPONSE ABILITYTransforming Values Into Action.” “RESPONSE ABILITY” is a “reality”style educational video package that brings viewers to understand how group dynamics can prevent people from taking action to stop dangerous or unhealthy behaviors. And, it demonstrates skills to help people successfully intervene when they witness hazing or other dangerous, unhealthy behavior.

Michael Mills, Hobart ’96 The new book Battling Democracy’s Decline examines the history of American civic participation, explains its current decline and provides real world (personal) examples of what inspires people to action. First-time author Brother Mills (2005 Distinguished Delta Chi Award Recipient) completed a graduate thesis on inspiring youth civic engagement, worked on political campaigns, launched a non-profit organization to improve civic participation, built grassroots support for various policy issues and most recently was a public affairs executive with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., – each experience providing unique insight into why America might be raising its voter turnout but is in dire need of citizen action beyond Election Day. The historic election of Barack Obama, the state of the economy and global conflicts require an active and engaged citizenry, and this book provides the tools to ensure Americans can participate fully.

Connecticut Chapter More than 100 members of the Chapter came together on September 13th to celebrate nearly 60 years of intense pride and to watch the UConn football team thrash Virginia. Alumni, led by Mike Velgouse ’62, Jim Lodigiani ’78, Kevin Coyne ’84, Jon Russo ’89, Joe E. Cunningham ’07, and current “A” Troy Lipp ’09, along with wives, children and friends, tailgated, relived old times, and created new memories but more importantly strengthened bonds across generations. Attendees ran the gambit from Rowland Ballek ’59, a member of the first pledge class, to newly minted Associate Members. Gus Kahramanidis ’68, Tom Rock ’80, Gordie Hurlbert ’81, John Dineen ’84 and Bobbie Gentes ’08 made cameo appearances. Scores of other Delta Chis attended, creating a brilliant atmosphere at the event. Special thanks to the DCPA football committee led by John Tunila ’81, and assisted by chef Cappy Amodio ’79, Mike Victor ’79, Phil Fokas ’81, and Mark Aulletta ’89. Photo credit and thanks to Melissa Plummer.

Adam Gianella, Duquesne ’10 Brother Gianella received copyright for his book One Shot for Redemption in the fall. Adam Gianella is currently a junior at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His disciplines of study include a major in International Relations and dual minors in German and Political Science; he is also studying Arabic. Adam hopes to one day serve as a foreign diplomat or ambassador to a foreign country to help further peace throughout the world.

John Van Huffel, Kent State ’93 John “Flip” Van Huffel, Lt Col, USAF 763d ERS promoted to Lt Colonel, United States Air Force as of November 1, 2008 The promotion ceremony, conducted on 31 October (per USAF tradition) was held on the ramp at a US Air Base in Southwest Asia, in front of the RC-135 RIVET JOINT aircraft. Lt Col Van Huffel has over 3000 hours in the T-44, EC-130 and RC-135 aircraft.

Michael Ganas, Michigan ’66 Michael just released his first novel, The Girl Who Rode Dolphins, writing it primarily to honor his wife who has been afflicted with chronic myeloid leukemia for the past nine years. As you might know, bottlenose dolphins have the ability to detect illness in humans, and within the storyline he created a fantasy in which a pod of mutated albino dolphins are able to focus their supernatural energies through a girl named Destiny in order to heal people. The novel was also created to bring attention to the plight of dolphins and how they are often killed or injured by modern fishing fleets and ships’ sonar.

Jim Webb, Southern California ’67 Brother Webb (the 2002 Delta Chi of the Year recipient) is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the author of nine books, including the bestselling cultural history Born Fighting and the classic novel of the Vietnam War Fields of Fire, as well as Lost Soldiers, The Emperor’s General, and three other novels. He has most recently written a second non-fiction book entitled, A Time to Fight, Reclaiming a Fair and Just America. It presents a clear-eyed, hard-hitting plan of attack for putting government to work for the people, rather than special interests, and for restoring the country’s standing around the world. As a Marine in Vietnam, he received the nation’s second- and third-highest awards for combat heroism. He served as Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration. In January 2009, upon the retirement of Senator John Warner, Webb will become Virginia’s senior U.S. Senator. Mr. Webb sits on the Senate Committees on Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Veterans’ Affairs, and the Joint Economic Committee.

Pat Gillick, Southern California ’58 Congratulations go to Brother Pat Gillick, Southern California ’58 (and 1997 Delta Chi of the Year recipient). Brother Gillick is the retiring General Manager of the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 29

delta chi loyalty fund

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The Loyalty Fund is an important opportunity for our brothers to help ensure that Delta Chi not only remains competitive but a leader in the fraternity world. Your continued support, besides ensuring that you continue to receive your personal copy of the Quarterly, will help provide for: • “A”s’ Academy • Leadership College • Recruitment assistance • Returning to campuses with closed chapters • Expansion onto new campuses that share our values Life Loyal Lapel Pin • Updating and expanding our website • Providing on-line resources for our student members • Ensuring that we continue to publish the Delta Chi Quarterly We especially thank those of you who are already Life Loyal members and sincerely hope that you will continue to support your Fraternity’s efforts! To help, please mail your contribution to The Delta Chi Fraternity or visit us at:

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30 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009

keeping in touch Alberta Born to Brother and Mrs. Tony Kurian ’98, a son, Noah Samuel Karimpanamannil, on August 11, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Paul Welke ’04, a son, Bernard (Ben) Fraser Chrapko-Welke, on July 19, 2008.

Augusta Charles Squires ’06, married to Wennie Yuk on August 23, 2008.

Auburn John M. Amari ’03, married to Amber Prosen on May 17, 2008.

Auburn John M. Amari ’03, married to Amber Prosen on May 17, 2008.

Central missouri Clifford Grindel ’96, married to Amanda DePriest on October 4, 2008 .

Cortland Dave Bernacki ’07, married to Hilary McGreevy on August 9, 2008.

Duquesne Born to Brother and Mrs. Scott Lacey ’95, a daughter, Harper Catherine, on May 4, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Mike Polk ’00, a daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, on August 17, 2008. Mitchell Pfeiffer, M.D. ’02, married to Correna Hoak on July 28, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Ziya Hajiyev ’03, a son, Aydin Ziya, on May 31, 2008. Joseph DiRenzo ’06, married to Daniela Pietropaolo on June 21, 2008.

East Carolina Hugh S. Lanier, III ’06, married to Brooke Murray on March 8, 2008.

Lake Forest Heath E. Henry ’97, has been promoted to Lead Producer position on the Eastern SportsCenter at ESPN.

Mississippi State Charlie Foretich ’86 married to Susan I. Marshall on May 10, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Charles P. Dobson ’00, a son, Clayton Thomas, on September 10, 2008.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Ron Phillips ’94, a son, Braden Michael, on August 27, 2008.

Tim Holcombe ’73, has been elected to a City Council seat in District 1 in Madison, Al. Brother Holcombe is the marketing manager for SunDrop/7 Up Bottling Company, and currently serves on North Alabama’s ABT.

Georgia Tech

Northern Arizona


Born to Brother and Mrs. Lyle Sprinkle ’96, a daughter, Theora Christine, on May 8, 2008.

Kansas State Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeff Schutzler ’96, a daughter, Victoria Anne, on July 9, 2008.

Kettering A

Evgeniy Dudin ’99, married to Amanda Reinard on January 7, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Leonard Nieman ’02, a daughter, Alyssa Hope, on June 30, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Chris Marshall ’97, a son, Gavin Lee, on July 3, 2008.

Josh Johnson ’04, married to Sara Jane on June 28, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Paul Rakovich ’01, a son, Carson Paul, on September 9, 2008.

Northern Michigan Roger Kubitz ’95, married to Sara Kroll on September 15, 2008.

Ohio State Jason Porter ’04, married to Kellii Fultz on November 1, 2008.

Southern California Craig Timmons ’94, married to TracyAnne Smith on August 4, 2007.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeremy Ochsenbein ’97, a daughter, Quinn Ashley, on December 4, 2007.

South Florida Born to Brother and Mrs. Eric Steinbach ’00, a daughter, Loryn Skylar, on October 2, 2008.

Texas Tech Phillip J. Urrutia ’07, married to Liane Michelle Horton on September 27, 2008.

Tri State Born to Brother and Mrs. Phil Leighty ’98, a daughter, Kaitlyn Ann, on June 15, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Thad Greiner ’01, a son, Lucas Isaac, on May 11, 2008.

Western Michigan Jacob Lonc ’07, has co-founded a social networking site,, for the purpose of connecting businesses, organizations and individuals based on their specific needs in volunteer and nonprofit communities. Nate Low ’07, married to Erin Fahey on November 1, 2008.

Let us know what’s new by “Keeping in Touch” Mail your information to: The Delta Chi Fraternity, International Headquarters c/o: Keeping in Touch PO Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244-1817 or e-mail:

farewell & parting These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. APPALACHIAN STATE

Kenneth Kleinschmidt ’50, November 2, 2007



Jeffrey E. Rhodes ’92, June 21, 2008

Robert C. Hayes ’52, February 2, 2008

George A. Hablitzel ’59, October 21, 2008

Bobby F. Thomason ’10, September 19, 2008

Timothy M. Woodbury ’62, September 20, 2007

G. Richard Lupica ’76, July 20, 2008

John L. Hines, Alumnus June 29, 2007



Charles F. Auxier ’60, July 15, 2008

Kenneth R. McCune ’69, October 23, 2008

Fredrick B. Hammert ‘60,

Troy G. Godfrey ’94, September 15, 2008

Kevin O. Dulla ’94, November 3, 2007

December 14, 2008 (Brother

Burton W. Roberts ’37, June 16, 2008



Hammert served the Fraternity

Gary K. Robin ’55, July 12, 2008

as a traveling Fieldman, “CC”,

Martin Smits ’66, December 24, 2007


Robert Desmond ’93, October 16, 2008

CENTRAL MISSOURI Steven D. Weinberg ’72, September 17, 2007 Jeffery P. Drake ’76, August 26, 2008

CONNECTICUT Earl E. McCann ’58, November 6, 2008

CORNELL David H. Shepard ’45, November 24, 2007 J. Claude Forter ’50, August 26, 2007 John Nevin Isenberg ’62, July 29, 2008


Edwin W. Lewis ’59. November 9, 2007


and “AA”. He was a member of the Order of the White Carnation and a New

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Ross J. Miller ’36, December 6, 2007


Founder. He served the Delta Chi Educational

Jose I. Rael ’51, December 23, 2007


Foundation as its President for 11 years. See article on page 3.)


Gerald E. Schuh ’69, July 22, 2008



Jon K. Woodall ’55, July 11, 2008

Corbin E. Bolinger ’52, July 15, 2008

Joseph C. Valler ’03, March 8, 2008



Bryan G. Chaffee ’90, October 24, 2006

LAKE FOREST John B. Campbell ’49, May 7, 2008

Morris J. Vennewitz ’34, February 8, 2008

William K. Barefoot ’69, October 23, 2006 Ronald E. Smith ’71, 2007 Melvin L. Matchett ’76, July 31, 2008 Rudolph W. Stoeckel, Alumnus July 15, 2006

Spencer W. Chaffey ’44, October 18, 2007


Theodore B. Rimpau ’49, June 29, 2008

Donald L. Umland ’43, November 8, 2008

Dean C. Brice ’49, October 1, 2008


E. Edward Isaac ’29, December 2, 2007


Sal F. Marino ’42, November 21. 2007

Donald K. Goulais ’43, August 16, 2008

E. Thomas Harnish ’44, October 25, 2007


William R. Rogers ’48, July 18, 2007


Ray S. Jacobs ’47, March 31, 2008

Samuel E. Cross ’72, November 5, 2008

Frank E. Eckert ’49, January 4, 2008

Charles L. Riggins ’69, July 31, 2008

PENN STATE William M. Briner ’43, February 8, 2008

Fred S. Frank ’57, February 28, 2008

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter 2009 31

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CHAPTERS (114) ABRACADABRA: Univ of Calif - Berkeley - 2721 Channing Way,

Berkeley, CA 94704 ALABAMA: Univ of Alabama - Tuscaloosa - PO Box 11127, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 ALBERTA: Univ of Alberta - Box 165 SUB, Univ of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7 AMERICAN: American Univ - 4400 Mass Ave NW, Box 16, Washington, DC 20016 APPALACHIAN STATE: Appalachian St Univ - Box 9084, Boone, NC 28607 ARIZONA: U of Ariz - 1701 E 1st St, Tucson, AZ 85719 ARIZONA STATE: Arizona St Univ - Sun Devil Inv Ctr, PO Box 871301, Tempe, AZ 85287 AUBURN: Auburn U - 530 Biggio Dr, Auburn, AL 36830 AUGUSTA: Augusta State Univ - 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904 BEHREND: Behrend Col - 3316 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510 BINGHAMTON: Binghamton Univ of SUNY - 5 Main St, Binghamton, NY 13902 BOWLING GREEN: Bowling Green St Univ - 1217 E Wooster, Bowling Green, OH 43403 BRYANT: Bryant Col - Box 3289, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917 CAL POLY: Cal Polytechnic State Univ - 1327 E Foothill Blvd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 CALIFORNIA UNIV - PA: California Univ of PA - PO Box 516, California, PA 15419-0516 CENTRAL MICHIGAN: Central Michigan Univ - 1007 S Main St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858 CENTRAL MISSOURI: Univ of Central Missouri - Unit D, Fraternity Complex, Warrensburg, MO 64093 CHICO: California State Univ - Chico - 731 W 5th St, Chico, CA 95928 CLEMSON: Clemson Univ - 10174 Univ Station, Clemson, SC 29632 COASTAL CAROLINA: Coastal Carolina Univ - PO Box 261954, 100 Spadoni Prk Cir, Conway, SC 29528-6054 COLORADO: Univ of Colorado - 1135 11th St, Boulder,CO 80302 COLORADO STATE: Colorado St Univ - 321 W Myrtle St, Ft Collins, CO 80521 CONNECTICUT: Univ of Conn - PO Box 806, Storrs, CT 06268 CORNELL: Cornell Univ - 102 The Knoll, Ithaca, NY 14850 CORTLAND: State Univ College - Cortland, c/o Mike Zitelli, 15 1/2 Owego St, Cortland, NY 13045 DAVIS: Univ of California - Davis - PO Box 72432, Davis,CA 95617 DENISON: Denison Univ - PO Box 0594, Granville, OH 43023 DEPAUW: DePauw Univ - 912 S Locust St, Greencastle, IN 46135 DUQUESNE: Duquesne University - 600 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15282 EAST CAROLINA: East Carolina Univ - 109 Mendenhall Student Center,Greenville, NC 27858 EMBRY-RIDDLE: Embry-Riddle Aeron Univ-PO Box 950, Daytona Beach, FL 32115 FERRIS STATE: Ferris State Univ - 805 Campus Dr, Rankin Ctr Rm 233, Box 155, Big Rapids, MI 49307-2226 FLORIDA: Univ of Florida - 6 Fraternity Row, Gainesville, FL 32603 FREDONIA: SUNY - Fredonia - SA Office Stu Ctr - SUNY, Fredonia, NY 14063 FROSTBURG: Frostburg St Univ - Box 213 Lane Ctr, FSU Frostburg, MD 21532 FULLERTON: California State Univ - Fullerton - 2100 Associated Rd, Fullerton, CA 92631 GANNON: Gannon University - 507 Myrtle St, Erie, PA 16502 GEORGIA SOUTHERN: Georgia Southern University - 1510A Mike Anne Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458 GEORGE MASON: George Mason Univ - 4400 Univ Dr, MS 2D6, Fairfax, VA 22030 GEORGIA TECH: Georgia Institute of Tech - 170 Fifth Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313-2512 GORHAM STATE: Univ of Southern Maine - 23 Preble St, Gorham, ME 04038 HAYWARD: California St Univ - Hayward - 1491 Roosevelt Ave, Hayward, CA 94544 HOBART: Hobart College - 574 S Main, Geneva, NY 14456 HOFSTRA: Hosfstra University - 260 Stu Ctr, 200 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549-2000 HUNTSVILLE: Univ of AL - Huntsville - 510 Fraternity & Sorority Row, Huntsville, AL 35805 IDAHO: Univ of Idaho - PO Box 3076, Moscow, ID 83843 ILLINOIS: Univ of IL - 1111 S First St, Champaign, IL 61820 ILLINOIS STATE: llinois State Univ - 602 South Fell, Normal, IL 61761 INDIANA: Indiana Univ - Indiana Memorial Union, Rm 371, Bloomington, IN 47405 IOWA: Univ of Iowa - 308 Ridgeland, Iowa City, IA 52246 JACKSONVILLE STATE: Jacksonville State Univ - PO Box 3062 JSU Jacksonville, AL 36265 JAMES MADISON: James Madison Univ - MSC 3518, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

JOHNSTOWN: Univ of Pittsburgh - Johnstown - Box 0288, UPJ, Johnstown, PA 15907 KANSAS: Univ of Kansas - 1245 W Campus Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044 KENT STATE: Kent St Univ - 312 E Main, Kent, OH 44240 KETTERING A: Kettering Univ - 1700 W 3rd Ave, Flint, MI 48504 KETTERING B: Kettering Univ - 1421 W 3rd Ave, Flint, MI 48504 LSU: Louisiana State Univ - Office of Greek Affairs, 137 Johnston Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 LAKE FOREST: Lake Forest College - 555 N Sheridan Rd, Box D1, Lake Forest, IL 60045 LONG BEACH: CSU - Long Beach - 1067 Grand Ave #1 Long Beach, CA 90804 LOUISIANA TECH: LA Tech Univ - 201 Everett St, Ruston, LA 71270 MANKATO: Minnesota State Univ - Mankato - 173 CSU, Mankato, MN 56001 MARQUETTE: Marquette Univ - 845 N 16th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 MARSHALL: Marshall Univ - 1440 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25755 MARYLAND: Univ of Maryland - 6 Fraternity Row, College Park, MD 20742 MIAMI: Miami U - 131 E Withrow, Oxford, OH 45056 MICHIGAN: Univ of Michigan - 1705 Hill St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 MICHIGAN STATE: Michigan St Univ - 101 Woodmere Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 MINNESOTA: Univ of Minnesota - 1601 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 MISSISSIPPI STATE: Mississippi State Univ - Drawer GK, Mississippi State, MS 39762 MISSOURI: Univ of Missouri - PO Box 341, Columbia, MO 65201 MISSOURI STATE: Missouri St Univ, 1116 E Elm St, Springfield, MO 65806 MONTCLAIR: Montclair State Univ - Stu Ctr Box 103 SGA Off, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 MONTEVALLO: Univ of Montevallo - Drawer AC, Montevallo, Al 35115 NEW HAVEN: Univ of New Haven - PO Box 8937, New Haven, CT 06532 NORTHERN ARIZONA: Northern Arizona Univ - 318 S Humphreys, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 NORTHERN COLORADO: Univ of Nothern Colorado - 1803 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631 NORTHWEST MISSOURI: NW Missouri State Univ - 219 W Second St, Maryville, MO 64468 NORTHWESTERN: Northwestern Univ - 619 Colfax Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 OREGON STATE: Oregon State Univ - 203 NW 13th St, Corvallis, OR 97330 OSHKOSH: Univ of WI at Oshkosh - 911 Wisconsin St, Oshkosh, WI 54901 PENN STATE: Penn State Univ - 424 E Fairmount Ave, State College, PA 16801-5714 PITTSBURGH: Univ of Pittsburgh - 255 N Dithridge St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 PURDUE: Purdue Univ - 501 Russell St, West Lafayette, IN 47906 RADFORD: Radford University - 600 Second Ave, Radford, VA 24141 RHODE ISLAND: Univ of Rhode Island-34 Lwr Clg Rd, Kingston, RI 02881 ROWAN: Rowan Univ - 13 E Eben St, Glassboro, NJ 08049 RUTGERS: Rutgers Univ - 49 Mine St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE: South Dakota St Univ - 213 W Hwy 14 Bypass, Brookings, SD 57006 SOUTH FLORIDA: South Florida Univ - 4067 Greek Vlg, Tampa, FL 33620 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI: Southeast Missouri State Univ - 1000 Towers Cir, MS0040, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Univ of Southern California - 920 W 28th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Southern Illinois Univ - 606 W College, Carbondale, IL 62901 STEPHEN F AUSTIN: Stephen F Austin Univ - Stu Act Box 13021 SFA, Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3021 SYRACUSE: Syracuse Univ - 303 University Pl, 228E Schine Ctr, Syracuse, NY 13244 TARLETON: Tarleton State Univ - Box T-1557, Tarleton Station, TX 76402 TEXAS: U of Texas - 910 Poplar, Austin,TX 78705 TEXAS A&M: Texas A&M Univ - 11490 Walnut Rd, College Sta, TX 77845 TEXAS STATE: Texas State Univ - PO Box 1309, San Marcos, TX 78667 TEXAS TECH: Texas Tech Univ - 8 Greek Circle, Lubbock, TX 79416 TRI-STATE: Tri-State U - 112 S Darling, Angola, IN 46703 TROY STATE: Troy Univ - 408 Pell Ave, Troy, AL 36081 TRUMAN STATE: Truman State Univ - 904 S First St, Kirksville, MO 63501 UNLV: Univ of Nevada - Las Vegas - UNLV Box 452008, 4505 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154-2008 VALDOSTA: Valdosta State Col - PO Box 1112, Valdosta, GA 31603 VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH: VA Commonwealth Univ - c/o Omer Bokhari, 3201 Copper Mill Trace #A, Richmond, VA 23294 WASHBURN: Washburn Univ of Topeka - Off Stdnt Act, 1700 SW College Ave, Topeka, KS 66621 WASHINGTON: Univ of WA - 1819 NE 47th St, Seattle, WA 98105 WASHINGTON STATE: Washington State Univ - 800 NE Monroe St, Pullman, WA 99163

POSTMASTER - If undeliverable send notice on Form 3579 to The Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters P.O. Box 1817 Iowa City, IA 52244-1817

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WEST GEORGIA: St Univ of West Georgia - 228 Mandeville Ave, Carrollton, GA 30117 WEST VIRGINIA TECH: West Virginia Inst of Tech - 621 First Ave, Montgomery, WV 25136 WESTERN MICHIGAN: Western Michigan Univ - 1402 Fraternity Village Dr,

Kalamazoo, MI 49006

WILLIAM & MARY: College of William & Mary - c/o Jonathan DeLong, CSU 2461, PO Box 8793, Williamsburg, VA 23186 WINDSOR: Univ of Windsor - 408 Indian Rd, Windsor, ON, Canada N9C2M4

COLONIES (19) ALBANY: SUNY Albany -1400 Wash Ave, Campus Ctr 130, Albany, NY 12222

CINCINNATI: Univ of Cincinnati - Stratford Hgts, 2634 Stratford Ave,

Cincinnati, OH 45220

CORPUS CHRISTI: TX A&M Univ - Corpus Christi - Univ Ctr & Student Act, 6300 Ocean Dr, Uit 5783, Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5783 EAST STROUDSBURG: East Stroudsburg Univ - Greek Life, 200 Prospect St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 EASTERN ILLINOIS: Eastern Illinois Univ - Greek Life Office, 600 Lincoln Ave, Charlestone, IL 61920 EASTERN WASHINGTON: Eastern Washington Univ - Student Life Office, 320 Peance Union Bldg, Cheney, WA 99004-2463

HAMILTON: Hamilton College - c/o Anthony Bottini “A” 198 College Hill Rd Box 174, Clinton, NY 13323 KENNESAW: Kennesaw State Univ - 1000 Chastain Rd #0501, Stu Ctr Bldg #5, Rm 274, Bx 170, Kennesaw, GA 30144

LEHIGH: Lehigh Univ- 227-229 Warren Sq, Bethleham, PA 18015 LIVINGSTON: Univ of West Alabama - UWA Box 4100, Livingston, AL 35470 MASSACHUSETTS: Univ of Massachusetts - Box FS, 314, SU Bldg, 41

Campus Ctr Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9245

NORTH ALABAMA: Univ of N Alabama - 1 Harrison Plaza, UNA Box 5383, Florence, AL 35632 OHIO STATE: The Ohio State Univ - 191 E 15th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 OKLAHOMA: Univ of Oklahoma - PO Box 2722, Norman, OK 73070 SLIPPERY ROCK: Slippery Rock Univ-105 Univ Union,

Slippery Rock, PA 16057

USIP: Univ of Sciences in Philadelphia, Whitecar Hall Stu Actv Off, 600 S 43rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 WEST CHESTER: West Chester Univ - 218 Sykes Stu Union, 110 W Rosedale Ave, West Chester, PA 19383

WHITEWATER: Univ of WI-Whitewater, 800 W Main St, Whitewater, WI 53109

WILIMINGTON: Univ of N Carolina - Wilmington - Student Act Off, 601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

ALUMNI CHAPTERS (26) ARIZONA VALLEY: Pres Todd Nyberg-Mastrorilli, RAD ’97, BLUEGRASS: Pres Stephen Meyer, Jr, Louisville ’92,

BOSTON AREA: Pres Stephen Bianchi, NE ’79, CAPE FEAR AREA: Pres Miles Washburn, Mass ’87, CAPITAL AREA: Pres Michael Magri, John ’84, CENTRAL NEW YORK: Pres Michael Tumolo, SYR ’07, CHARLOTTE AREA: Pres Jonathan Malone, Calif U-PA ’98, COLUMBUS: Pres Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70, DALLAS/FORT WORTH: Pres John Battaglia, TX ’94,

EASTERN IOWA: Pres Karl Grindel, Cent MO ’01, GREAT LAKES: Pres Robert Little, Bow Gr ’03, GREATER WISCONSIN AREA: Pres Alan Udell, WISC ’91, ILLINOIS: Pres Ray Mathews, IL ’76, KANSAS CITY AREA: Pres John Hess, Creighton ’75, LOS ANGELES: Pres Ernest Bain, SoCal ’55, NEW HAVEN AREA: Pres Robert Morey, New Haven ’00, NEW ORLEANS AREA: Pres Brandon Sullivan, LSU ’07,

NORTHEAST OHIO AREA: Pres Steve Bossart, Kent St ’90, SACRAMENTO AREA: Pres John Shelby, Sac ’86, SEATTLE: Pres Robert LaBouy, WA ’66, SOUTH FLORIDA: Pres Michael Agnello, Mich St ’81, TAMPA BAY AREA: Pres Michael Shelton, FL ’98, TENNESSEE VALLEY: Pres T Michael Burleson, Hunts ’05, THREE RIVERS: Pres Tom Horowitz, Mich St ’87, TORONTO: Pres Elliott Chun, W Ontario ’03, TWIN CITIES AREA: Pres Matthew Johnson, Minn ’01,

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