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Delta Chi Builds Value with Values

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2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009

How often do we knowingly or unknowingly credit Delta Chi for something we have learned or experienced? I understand that all of our collective experiences are different. Perhaps that is what makes Delta Chi what it is: an organization open for each and every member to incorporate his own personal values as well as those of our Preamble and Ritual into our daily lives in different ways. “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” This quote by Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, rings true on so many levels. We hear about values - shared values, core values - and use these terms fairly loosely. Have you ever tried to write your own values down on a piece of paper? It is not an easy task. For those you can actually write down, can you pinpoint where they came from? Even tougher! Do values change? Does Delta Chi have the ability to positively or negatively influence our values? Do we arrive at Delta Chi with one set of values and leave with another? I believe we do. Delta Chi has four ceremonies, beginning with the Associate Member Ceremony, which sets the stage for the obligations of the associate member to the fraternity as well as the responsibility of the fraternity to the associate member. Next is our sacred Ritual, which is used as our initiation ceremony but takes us far beyond just that. We have also added two newer ceremonies, both written and adopted over 100 years after Delta Chi was founded. These are our Alumni Ceremony and Memorial Ceremony, I believe that all of these are underused, yet so powerful that I want to challenge this organization to change this. Let’s start with the non-secret Associate Member Ceremony, which is seldom performed in public. Since this is an undergraduate ceremony, I challenge all of our chapters to take this vital ceremony and make it a big deal. Conduct it on campus and invite the faculty and administration, parents, student leaders, fellow Greeks, potential members, and friends. Ask the Greek advisor, dean or a campus administrator to say a few words. Serve some food. Make it a big deal and show everyone how proud we are of Delta Chi and that we want to have them join us in welcoming our new members. Let them hear about our commitments to each other, the school and the community. Let us all be accountable to one another instead of only ourselves. I guarantee a rich and rewarding experience that will pay huge dividends. I have read, observed or performed our ritual more times than I could possibly count, and each time it has a different meaning to me. One of our most memorable experiences as Delta Chi brothers is initiation day. I can picture my initiation as if it were yesterday. I had no idea what to expect, but I was filled with anticipation as that day drew near. I didn’t fear the unknown, because I trusted every single one of the one hundred brothers who were there for me alongside my pledge brothers. They had upheld the promises that were made to me the day I received my pin six weeks earlier. Members were held accountable for their actions. Did I know what I was going through or had committed to or remember

what the chapter had committed to me when I was going through it? Absolutely not. Did I feel it though? Yes I did. I have to imagine it is the reason I have stayed committed to this fraternity and offered my help any way I could. There is a classic and powerful article written by Edward King, a Sigma Chi, titled, “The Secret Thoughts of a Ritual.” I highly recommend reading this awesome story about ritual. It ends, “Basically I am a road map to help a person along his journey of life and assist him in his communion with his fellow travelers. Who am I? Your ritual. What am I? A system of values. What am I for? My purpose is not to make you just a better fraternity man, but more importantly, a better human being.” (Ed King received our John J. Kuhn Award at our 2006 Convention, and his article may be read on our website.) Our Alumni Ceremony, adopted in 1992, goes about preparing most of us for what comes after our collegiate experience. It is a powerful ceremony and is secret to non-members. We have just a few years as undergraduate members but spend the rest of our lives as alumni members with so much opportunity to impact Delta Chi in many ways. It is an amazing feeling to perform or observe this ceremony as young recent graduates to brothers in their eighties who experience it for the first time. It evokes so many emotions from the past yet looks ahead to the future. I will leave it at that and hope this will entice you to see what it is all about! Our Memorial Ceremony is a thoughtful tribute whether performed graveside, at the funeral home, place of worship or even a chapter meeting to help members and family honor their memory. It is an open ceremony for all who wish to participate. I invite you to experience our Delta Chi ceremonies. Undergraduates, I challenge you to invite your alumni back for initiation and to help coordinate with your ABT the Alumni Ceremony. Alumni, I challenge you to seek out the invitation to attend the Associate Member Ceremony, the Ritual and go through the Alumni ceremony if you have not already done so. This is an intriguing challenge and I suspect the results would be personally enlightening. How much of who we are today and how we live our lives is represented by our experiences? Are we living up to the values and ideals of Delta Chi? Delta Chi provides us the path in numerous ways, and if we accept the challenges and stick to our principles, we will continue to build value with our values. With 130 chapters and colonies, nine upcoming regional conferences and Convention in New Orleans in August of 2010, there are many opportunities to experience these ceremonies. (The dates may be found at

In the Bond,

Tom Horowitz “AA” Michigan State ’87 Life Loyal


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Please submit your donations to the V Foundation with a cover letter stating which Chapter/Colony you are from. If you do not include a letter, you may not receive credit for your donation. If you have questions, please contact Zac Cole, Director of Marketing and Special Projects ( Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009 3


2008-09 Chapter Award Winners PRESIDENT’S CUP Red Division Cal Poly Georgia Tech Pittsburgh

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AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Red Division Cal Poly Georgia Tech Idaho Kansas Pittsburgh South Florida

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Alberta Cal Poly Central Missouri Cincinnati Duquesne Embry-Riddle Florida Georgia Tech

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James Madison New Haven Pittsburgh South Florida Southern California Tri-State Truman State

OUTSTANDING HOUSE CORPORATION Cortland DePauw Florida Georgia Tech Idaho Iowa Kansas

Kettering-A Kettering-B Pittsburgh Southern California Tri-State Truman State

OUTSTANDING INTRAMURAL SPORTS PROGRAM Abracadabra Arizona Arizona State Bowling Green Cal Poly Central Missouri Coastal Carolina Cornell Cortland Duquesne Florida Idaho

James Madison Louisiana Tech Maryland Marshall Michigan State New Haven Oregon State South Florida Southeast Missouri Southern California Truman State Virginia Commonwealth

OUTSTANDING RECRUITMENT Arizona Arizona State Cal Poly Central Missouri Connecticut Cornell Cortland Duquesne Georgia Tech Idaho

Indiana James Madison Kansas Kettering-A Lake Forest Pittsburgh South Florida Tri-State Virginia Commonwealth Windsor

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ALUMNI CHAPTER AWARDS Chicago Cup Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter Outstanding Alumni Chapter Communication Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter Outstanding Website Design Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter Outstanding Member Recruitment and Retention Los Angeles Area Alumni Chapter

OUTSTANDING “BB” Klayton Roark, Arizona State Trent Unterbrink, Bowling Green Greg Biesemeyer, Central Missouri John Stamey, Coastal Carolina Ryan Barone, Connecticut Adam Fetterly, Cortland Ron Surmacz, Duquesne Fred Jessup, Idaho Larry Audlehelm, Iowa Kevin Pitchford, James Madison

Seventy-four chapters and colonies participated in Delta Chi’s 2008 – 2009 Awards Program. Delta Chi staff members reviewed each award application and selected the recipients based on the quality of the application and the previous year’s accomplishments. Chapters and colonies must also have had no outstanding accounts receivable with the Fraternity. Award recipients were announced online through the Fraternity’s YouTube channel in two different videos. Delta Chi Leadership Consultants and various support alumni presented each Chapter and Colony with their awards during August and September.


OUTSTANDING “BB” (CONTINUED) Douglas Adolph, Lake Forest Miles Nevin, Long Beach Charles Cheatham, Louisiana Tech Greg Grimes, Missouri State Paul Giuliano, Michigan Shawn Roof, New Haven John Bland, North Alabama Patrick Weber, Oklahoma Jeremiah Bishop, Oregon State Tim Corcoran, Pittsburgh David Bender, Rutgers John Holke, Southern California Steven Ankeny, Tri-State Mark Lowry, Truman State Jeff Gerard, Windsor

OUTSTANDING FACULTY ADVISOR Ron Surmacz, Duquesne Erin Weber, Ferris State John Denny, Florida Terry Casey, Jacksonville State Thaddeus Herron, James Madison Mark Gellis, Kettering-A Doug Amyx, Louisiana Tech Thomas Lane, Missouri State Scott Infanger, North Alabama Bruce Skinner, Southeast Missouri Meredith Wells, Truman State Aimee Hourigan, Wilmington

OUTSTANDING GREEK PROFESSIONAL AWARD Amie Jackson, IFC Advisor University of Maryland, College Park

MARGE LEE OUTSTANDING “C” AWARD Marcus Erlandson, Alberta Justin Bhandari, Florida Kyle Clements, George Mason Brian Wilcox, Idaho Chapter Tyler Lyon, Iowa Joseph Farrell, James Madison Michael Lepkowski, Kettering-B Chase Cook, Lake Forest Mark Kichar, New Haven Nathan Panzlau, Michigan Travis Tietze, Oklahoma Ian Wolff, Pittsburgh Michael Kruse, Tri-State Kevin Lee, Tri-State Kyle Volle, Washburn Chapter John Morgan, William & Mary

“E” KEY AWARD Matthew Richardson, Duquesne Kyle Irwin, Idaho Alexander Ruff, Iowa Robert Gaunt, Pittsburgh Eric Hardwick, Tri-State Kevin Andert, Truman State

The North-American Interfraternity Conference Centennial Year! In April, within view of the Pentagon, the Joint Services Color Guard of the Military District of Washington opened the centennial meeting of the North-American Interfraternity Conference House of Delegates. To acknowledge the growth of the fraternal movement, and to recognize that the 73 NIC member fraternities represent both national and international organizations, the executive directors and guests present sang both the Canadian and American national anthems. With the House of Delegates session launched, so was a year-long centennial celebration that will highlight interfraternalism, brotherhood and collaboration across the continent. The National Interfraternity Conference was founded at the University Club of NYC on November 27, 1909 by delegates of 26 fraternities. At the NIC’s 75th anniversary, one dinner speaker noted that in 1909, “The climate was such that the countries, the fraternities and the people were ready for change.” And in the 100 years since fraternities agreed there was value in collaboration, the fraternal movement has indeed changed – as have the countries, the individual fraternity systems, and the people involved.

trade organizations have developed, reflecting how the fraternity world and the country have developed. The National Pan-Hellenic Council Inc. represents nine fraternities and sororities with predominantly AfricanAmerican membership; and the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations has a membership base of 23 fraternities and sororities. The industry continues to evolve with the development and growth of the National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association (NAPA) and the National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC). Combined, the 12,000 fraternity and sorority chapters on more than 800 campuses in the U.S. and Canada have membership of more than nine million, with 750,000 of those being today’s undergraduate members and the world’s future leaders.

Today there are 127 inter/national fraternities and sororities, and 73 fraternities hold membership in the NIC. In the 100 years since the NIC’s founding, two additional important

2009 - 2010 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009 5



Patrick Alderdice Ball State alumnus Patrick Alderdice, Class of 1992, has been awarded the 2009 North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) Alumni Award of Distinction. He was honored for his dedication Life Loyal to the fraternal movement as a committed volunteer and dedicated professional at the NIC annual meeting in Arlington, VA.

advocacy, collaboration, and education, the NIC works to ensure that fraternities can operate in an environment conducive to their success. The excitement for Alderdice did not begin there, however. The Alumni Award of Distinction was preceeded with another honor at the Phi Kappa Psi Grand Arch Council earlier this year. Alderdice was the winner of the Ralph D. Daniel Award for Interfraternal Excellence. (photo with Dud Daniel courtesy of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity)

The Ralph D. Daniel Award is given out every The Alumni Award of Distinction is presented two years and is awarded to an individual who annually to recognize a fraternity man who has influenced both Phi Kappa Psi and the has given specifically of his time, talents, and Interfraternal World. service to the betterment of the fraternity. Ralph “Dud” Daniel (known as “Mr. Phi Psi”) The service can be given at the local, regional served Phi Kappa Psi or national level. Other Fraternity for over 25 years receipients for 2009 were Dr. as its second Executive Myles Brand, Alpha Epsilon “ I was surprised and honored to Director from 1956 - 1979 Pi; and General Richard get the call from the NIC informing before stepping into the Myers, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. me that I was receiving the role of Executive Director Award of Distinction, especially In the words of one of his when they let me know I was in Emeritus. The award was nominators, “Patrick’s the same company as General first given out in 2002 service to Delta Chi and to Meyers, former chairman of the and has had three prior the Greek community began Joint Chief of Staff, and Myles recipients: George Spasyk, with his initiation almost 20 Brand, president of the NCAA. I Lambda Chi Alpha; Howard years ago. Those who meet am proud to be nominated for the Alter, Theta Chi; and Dave Brother Alderdice are met award by Delta Chi for something Westol, Theta Chi. with his high energy and his that has added so much to my life. Fraternities and Sororities Patrick has graciously given true love of the fraternity are valued partners in higher his time to Phi Kappa Psi by community. He is the education, and we are making a presenting three times at the epitome of ‘fraternity spirit.’” difference. American Leadership Another nominator says of Academy and presenting It has been a privilege to represent Patrick said, “He continues twice at the Woodrow Delta Chi on the Fraternity and to go above and beyond to Wilson Leadership Sorority Political Action Committee, support and advance the School. He has also served which is the largest political action interfraternal movement committee in support of higher Phi Kappa Psi at the Chapter through his active role in education. I am truly passionate level, giving recruitment the Fraternity and Sorority about making college more presentations to Chapter Political Action Committee affordable and improving the members. and his lobbying efforts on quality of collegiate housing. We Patrick served as Chapter Capitol Hill each April. He need to continue telling our story “A” and “BB” and is a former has chosen to support the on Capitol Hill so that others will staff member (’92 - ’95) for movement on the national, have a positive experience like we have had.” the Delta Chi Fraternity. regional and local fronts, ~ Patrick Alderdice He currently serves as always encouraging others to the President and CEO of do the same.” Pennington & Co.; a full Founded in 1909, the NIC is service fundraising, consulting and public the trade association representing international relations firm assisting fraternities and sororities and national men’s fraternities. Through all across North America. 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009

Alumni Award of Distinction

Ralph D. Daniel Award

PAC Board of Directors

“I had the pleasure of working with Patrick in his capacity as chapter advisor to The Delta Chi Fraternity at The University of Kansas. Patrick worked tirelessly with the undergraduate men to help them improve their chapter membership numbers. He also assisted with the fundraising efforts, which resulted in a multimillion-dollar renovation to the structure. Patrick not only helped to boost the position of Delta Chi on KU’s campus but also helped to renew a sense of pride that had been missing in the chapter. I also have had the opportunity to know Patrick though his professional work as President of Pennington & Company. Simply put, Patrick has a vested interest in Greek Life, and it is reflected both in his volunteer work and in his professional career.” ~ William R. Nelson, Ph.D. Associate Director, University Life Centers Director, Office of Student Life The University of Iowa “Delta Chi is truly honored to be able to call Patrick, “Brother!” On top of being “A” of his Chapter, he served on Delta Chi’s staff for three years, including a stint as Director of Chapter Development and one as Director of Chapter Services. He has also served as the “BB” of the Kansas Chapter for almost nine years. His involvement has extended beyond Delta Chi to the interfraternity world. He has personally helped raise over $175 million to build or renovate fraternity housing across North America. He has raised significant money and devoted countless hours to help support the effort to pass the Collegiate Housing Infrastructure Act and, through his company, has been a major donor to the Interfraternity Risk Management College. Through his very public efforts, Patrick has brought honor to Delta Chi since he has made it clear to all who meet him that he is proud to be a Delta Chi.” ~ Raymond Galbreth Executive Director The Delta Ch Fraternity, Inc.


award for the sixth year in a row and took home the honor for highest Greek GPA on campus. The chapter had a Teaching Excellence Awards night, and a scholarship was also developed to honor the deceased son of alumnus Jason Gladue. We look forward to the challenges of the next year.

also excelled in community service spring semester . We participated in the university-held “Devils in Disguise,” where we spent a day assisting a home for troubled teens. We also assisted the university in the Caesar Chavez Day of Service. We won first place in both the Kappa Delta and Delta Gamma philanthropies while also winning Greek Week. We even placed third during Delta Zeta’s philanthropy while the majority of our brothers were away at RLC. We are in the middle of obtaining a new house for our chapter. We are extremely grateful for the past year, and we hope for many to come.

BOWLING GREEN Delta Chi brothers and Alpha Delta Pi sisters celebrate the Delta Chi World Cup championship.

This spring was a very successful rush, as we were actively recruiting prospective members on campus, which eventually led to a positive influx of new members. On April 24, the chapter oversaw the initiation of 14 new members, which was the chapter’s largest spring class of new initiates.

Chapter brothers accepting several awards.


On March 4, the chapter had its first successful philanthropy. The Delta Chi World Cup was a soccer tournament where various fraternities and sororities competed and donated to support cancer research through the Jimmy V Foundation. Eight sororities and four fraternities competed, resulting in the chapter donating more than $800 to The Jimmy V Foundation.

Brothers at Dance Marathon.

The chapter has made efforts to undergo housing improvements to be made over the summer in the kitchen and on the deck in the front of the house. The chapter has maintained its outstanding scholastic achievement, holding the third highestGPA amongst active IFC fraternities at UC Berkeley.

ALABAMA The spring semester was a time of great growth and activity for the Alabama Chapter. Along with initiating five new student members, one of whom is a legacy, the Chapter also conducted a successful alumni initiation ceremony involving Brother James Parker. Parker had to leave the Chapter prior to initiation in 1947 and was finally able to realize his dream of more than 60 years. We also saw ongoing campus involvement, including the end of Mike Dodson’s term as Vice President for External Affairs and the beginning of Clay Benson’s term as Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences in the Student Government Association. One brother was inducted into Order of Omega and received an Order of Omega Most Outstanding Junior Award, and Delta Chi also became involved with Omicron Delta Kappa and Mortar Board as well as receiving another member of the Jason’s Men’s Honor Society. This year’s Indian Party was a huge success, during which a record number of potential new members and alumni joined the Chapter to experience the vitality of the Alabama Chapter, and, as with every year, the brothers enjoyed an exciting formal in New Orleans. The Chapter heads into s ummer with overwhelming optimism for both our recruitment as well as the future of the Chapter throughout the Fall semester.

ALBERTA We started the semester strong, having initiated seven new members in the winter term. The enthusiasm brought by these new members was infectious. As a result, we entered retreat with ambitious goals in mind for recruitment and left energized. The White Carnation Ball was well planned and executed, and that meant a good time was had by all who attended. We won the coveted Greek God and Goddess

A number of the brothers enjoying our annual Delta Chi Date Auction.

With the close of one of our best semesters yet, we dedicated the idea to ourselves that though we are not perfect, we will always strive to pass excellence and become a model fraternity among the other fraternities on campus. We welcomed four new brothers this semester, won second place in our Greek Week field games and were the first fraternity in our community to sponsor a tee-ball team named, most fittingly, the “Gators.” We hosted our Delta Chi Golf Invitational complete with Delta Chi ball markers, golf balls and a set of wedge clubs for the winning team. Finally, we’re proud to announce our annual Delta Chi Date Auction brought The Jimmy V Foundation an additional $750 for cancer research. Overall this spring semester not only reinvigorated a worn foundation, it has proven to be a milestone for our Chapter and for the many years to come.

ARIZONA Over the summer months, our house improved its welfare plan by integrating a fire-sprinkler system, asbestos removal and security camera installation. The fire-sprinkler system will bring our house up to the newly-enacted fire code. This system will also ensure the house is still standing for many years to come. The asbestos removal and security camera installation will further our house’s safety and wellbeing by providing a rewind button, in the event of a theft situation. We hope these improvements will allow for a great upcoming semester!

ARIZONA STATE In the fall we had our Delta Chi X-Games Philanthropy, which generated more than $1,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation. We took a trip to Los Angeles for a taping of The Price is Right and one of our brothers appeared in a November showing. The Price is Right donated $500 to the Jimmy V Foundation on our behalf for attending the showing and participating. Rush this year was a great success, which allowed us to initiate 39 men into the bond. We

Two current brothers, our “BB” and House Director were inducted into Order of Omega. During Greek week we introduced a new philanthropy called Rock Beats Cancer, which was a rock-paper-scissors competition. It was a huge success for The Jimmy V Foundation and our chapter. Brother Chris Schiazza was “beheaded” as one of our school mascots this year. This was the fourth straight year we had a brother represent our mascot.

CAL POLY We did a great job and had a lot of fun during Greek Week 2009 where, paired up with the lovely ladies of Sigma Kappa and, as a team, took second place overall. The highlight of the week was winning lip sync, the most coveted of all the events...check it out on YouTube. This quarter was no slouch for philanthropy either. Daniel Ferras did a great job setting Cal Poly’s Jimmy V up numerous events, includFundraising Event. ing: our many Saturdays spent at the dog pound and a raffle at every meeting where members who chose to participate donated money toward the raffle in hopes of winning half of the pot. The remainder of the money is split in half, going to the house and to The Jimmy V Foundation. Furthermore, this was the inaugural year of the Delta Chi Olympics. Sororities participated in various Olympic-style events. We also put together, “Battle for the Cure,” an event in which DJs battled it out under the roof of Downtown Brew. Not only did we raise money for a good cause, but we helped promote local DJs in the area. We dominated intramurals once again by taking home the championship in basketball and taking 4th place overall! The Chapter is very proud to have received several awards through the campus’ Standards of Excellence program and becoming the 3rd largest fraternity on campus with over 90 men. Our 20th anniversary will take place the weekend of October 9. There is much in store for this Anniversary. To all the alumni of Delta Chi at Cal Poly SLO (and to others who may live close and would

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009 7

CAMPUS SCENE like to attend), this weekend’s for you! But by all means, bring your families too.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN The CMU chapter of Delta Chi had a very successful semester recruiting seven new brothers into the chapter. The chapter also had its annual golf outing – the “Kimball Classic” – and raised nearly $1,000 for the chapter. The CMU chapter headed into the summer with a strong bank account and is doing two fundraisers with NASCAR in June and August. Newly elected “A”, Andy Anzures, hopes the chapter has a great summer and looks toward a promising semester in the fall.

campaign and get their names out there. Holding these kinds of positions within the whole school means a great deal for all of us. I know they will do well and I wish them the best of luck.” Finally, the Chapter also had a very successful alumni weekend. We had 23 alumni attend, and it was amazing to see alumni and active members of the Fraternity come together to share our common bond as members of The Delta Chi Fraternity.


The chapter is very proud to have two of our recent alumni living in Ansan, South Korea, where they are teaching conversational English to grades 1-7. They help with grammar and sentence structure to ensure students understand the language. There are 13 Korean teachers along with 7 foreign teachers who are from the United States and Canada, two of whom are our proud alumni.


CHICO The Chico State Chapter is finally back on the road to success. Our annual Alumni Weekend was one of the best Chico has ever seen. With the help of Alumnus Anthony Ursino, we had activities throughout the weekend. Our house is looking better than ever after major renovations. We even have had the opportunity to convert our basement (which was built by brothers in the early days of the chapter including our House Corporation President Ben Zelazny) into a comfortable study/sitting area. Next semester we are planning a yearlong commitment to join with the Sigma Kappa Sorority in an alcohol awareness campaign for the university. We want to give special thanks to our House Corporation for all of the hard work it has put in the last few months to help us rebuild and get back on track to becoming what we were at one time.

CINCINNATI COLONY The Cincinnati Colony has been steadily growing and has continued a tradition of high campus involvement. We recently helped the Greek community raise $38,000 during Greek Week for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. We also participated in Relay For Life with our annual water balloon toss event and earned $1,500 for cancer research. Greek Brother’s place in ten person pyramid during Week also marked the Greek Games. first time Delta Chi placed during Greek Games. In addition, we made strides toward our $2,000 goal for The Jimmy V Foundation with our 80s night, and we look forward to contributing even more this coming fall.

Duquesne’s 15-year Founder’s Day Celebration.

On April 16, 1994, the Duquesne Chapter was given its Charter. This past April, the Chapter turned 15 years old. Since our founding, the Chapter has received two International President’s Cups, several University President’s Cups and other awards in Greek Week, Intramurals and the University’s Carnival Show. On April 18, the Chapter had a Founders’ Day Celebration at the Sheraton Hotel in Station Square on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Former “BB” of the Chapter and former “AA” Bill Williams spoke at the event, along with Retiring “AA” and the First Lady of Delta Chi, Mrs. Lorrie Bossart. The event included an Alumni Ceremony, reception, dinner, a Jimmy V presentation and more. During the Jimmy V presentation and State of the Chapter by the “A,” it was announced that the Duquesne Chapter raised more than $4,000 for The Jimmy V Foundation, doubling its pledge of $2,000 at the 2008 Convention in just one year. The brothers were very proud of their efforts and were commended by their distinguished guests. The Chapter sponsored several events during their “Founders’ Week” including an alumni Pirates baseball game at PNC Park, ritual exemplification, an informal dinner, the formal dinner and a memorial mass and ceremony for our fallen brothers at the University Chapel. The Chapter looks forward to more successful years at Duquesne.

8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009



Fredonia Chapter winning Greek Week.

CORTLAND During the spring semester, we initiated 13 new members into the bond. This is very exciting because it is our second largest class to date. In regards to community service, the brothers of the Cortland Chapter attended numerous blood drives, a spring fling carnival, and a basketball tournament that raised money to support cancer research. Also, many of our brothers attended a benefit dinner hosted by Delta Phi Epsilon. The dinner was used to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis, and brother Matt Friedson gave a speech about the struggles of cystic fibrosis in order to help raise money for research. The event was a great accomplishment and helped raise $2,500. Our chapter has also become a much bigger part of the campus community. Brothers Jesse Campanaro and Aaron Batchelder recently became Student Government Association President and Vice President respectively. “BB” Adam Fetterly had the following to say about the two, “This comes from the hard work that they have done to

Chapter brothers gather for a photo.

The Florida Chapter is very proud to announce our new AM class of 42 members! This is a very big time for the chapter after all of the hard work that we have put in throughout the summer. Besides doing a few large renovation projects throughout the house, we hosted numerous rush barbecues and events to prepare for rush week. Over the course of the week we had events ranging from VIP night with a limo outside the house to a more casual night with burritos and a live band. We also have a lot of plans for Associate Member programming including “Adopt-an-Alumnus”, where pledges get paired up with an alumnus and share the details of their pledge process, classes and future plans. If you would like to get involved in one of the most exciting times since the Florida Chapter’s re-colonization please contact Antonio Renda at floridadeltachie@yahoo. com or (908)399-3995.

Brother Matthew Leggett and Brother Brandon Long with their class in South Korea.

The East Carolina Chapter won the Greek Week competition with the lovely ladies of Kappa Delta. Throughout the weeklong series of events, the team won the torch relay, volleyball competition, most spirited team and Big Man on Campus competition. The team also raised more than $150 for various charities throughout the week. The chapter also had a fundraiser during ECU’s annual Barefoot on the Mall concert. We teamed up with the Pitt County Animal Shelter to raise funds for abused animals. The fundraiser was a success, and the PCAS raised more money than any event they hosted so far this year.

We initiated five new members into our brotherhood. Our chapter is also being given an award for Community Service presented by the SUNY Fredonia Administration. We are being recognized for logging more hours and attending more events than any other organization on campus. Our most recent event was the “Buffalo Kids News Day.” We were able to raise more than $200 selling newspapers in a little over an hour and a half. That was twice the amount of any other organization...and in half the time. In Intramurals, we finished first in softball, second in floor hockey and third in basketball. In the Greek community, our chapter won Greek Week for the third straight year. We took first in six of the eight events while placing in the other two. We expect this success to carry over into next semester.

FULLERTON The fall 2008 and spring 2009 semesters were great for the Chapter. Over the past two semesters the Chapter has shown great progress in its recruitment abilities. Led by Vice President Dario Coralic, Javier Mariscol and the rest of the active members, the

CAMPUS SCENE Chapter had some of the best recruitment numbers in Delta Chi. With these combined efforts, the Chapter broke the spring recruitment record for recruitment, over all other fraternities still active at Cal State Fullerton. Delta Chi Fullerton also had great success in the annual Greek Week games. The chapter placed a respectable third place in sports, theme and spirit, while placing first along with the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi and Zeta Tau Alpha in the lip sync competition. Many of the judges and the crowd said it was the best-executed performance of lip sync ever performed during the Greek Week competition. The Chapter continues to grow in number with 22 new initiates. Since fall of 2008, the Chapter has tripled in size from only 20 active members to 64 with the newly initiated spring class. Through hard work, the brothers of Fullerton have brought their house up from the shadows and into the light of a new era in Delta Chi Fullerton history.

and spring semesters. Lastly, through hard work and perseverance, we were able to reach our greatest goal, and we received our Charter on April 18, 2009. It was an emotional and exciting night for all brothers and guests in attendance, as we received words of wisdom from Mr. Tom Horowitz and Mr. Ray Galbreth. George Mason Delta Chi continues to strive for excellence as we begin a new part of our journey as Delta Chi.

HOBART The Illinois State chapter at its spring semi-formal.

GANNON Looking back, the spring 2009 semester was a tremendous success for the chapter. Our community involvement, along with our GPA and Philanthropy service, was held to a whole new standard. Every current brother completed more than 20 community service hours and also contributed countless philanthropy involvement. On top of that, we had great alumni presence throughout the year but showing tremendously in this spring semester. Their presence was definitely shown in our famous alumni event, now known locally as the “Bagger Stagger.” This event alone helped raise more than $6,000, and all went toward a $10,000 endowment for the Anton E. Rauch, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. There were more than 160 alumni at the event. We have many new ideas going into the fall 2009 semester and plan to bring back alumni from previous years and keep that involvement consistent. We have dates planned for different mixers and also brotherhood events. Also we have a few philanthropy events for a fall weekend, such as a Tramp-O-Thon, The Bagger 5K Trot/Walk, and to end the weekend, we have three local bands coming. All proceeds will go toward the Anton E. Rauch, Jr. Memorial Scholarship and the Jimmy V. Foundation. It should be a fun and a very eventful few days.


Brothers gather during the Chartering Banquet after receiving the Chartering Proclamation.

The school year was marked by hard work, improvements and accomplishments in many aspects. We continue to succeed in academics, philanthropy and athletics. Our chapter GPA stands higher than the all-Greek average as well as the all-men’s average. We also had our second-annual golf tournament – The Delta Chi Classic – where we raised $1,200 for The V Foundation. We are continuing our goal of making this a cherished tradition. We volunteered with Devotion to Children, which is an organization in Northern Virginia that provides access to high-quality educational and childcare programs for children aged six and under from economically disadvantaged families. Athletics continue to improve as well, as we made every playoff this fall


Hobart Delta Chi posing at the Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser, at which the fraternity raised over $1,000.

HOFSTRA The Chapter at Hofstra University has survived the infamous post-chartering year. The Chapter came out strong in the fall to take first place in Homecoming and second place in the Sinterklaas festival. In between, we participated in charities and expanded brothers into other clubs and non-Greek organizations on campus to become integrated in the student community (such as Student Government and Danceworks). For the spring semester we purchased 1,000 trees in the rain forest of Nicaragua in an effort to stop deforestation and organized our annual Rock The Mic show for The V Foundation, which was once again a success. We concluded the semester with the annual Greek Week competition in which we took a close second place. This summer we planned more events and are looking to hit the fall semester hard and enthusiastically.

HUNTSVILLE The beginning of the spring 2009 semester at The University of Alabama in Huntsville welcomed 16 newly-initiated members from the fall 2008Associate Member class. Diving head first into positions such as Intramurals, Fundraising, Social, Philanthropy and IFC delegates, the chapter greeted fresh leadership in all aspects of chapter business. Greek Week, an annual campus-wide event sponsored by the Greek community, occupied the first week in April. To kick off the week, IFC challenged all the Greeks to see who could “bleed” most for their campus by hosting a blood drive in the University Center. The Greek Olympiad was the next day, beginning in the early afternoon. Games such as three-legged races, egg carries,Gladiator-style Q-tip battles, tricycle races and Tug-of-War dominated the arena in front of Fraternity and Sorority housing. The last night, IFC sponsored a barbeque dinner and award ceremony on top of the University’s new parking deck. Delta Chi was presented with the Best Party of the Year for the Knight Errant party in the fall semester, as well as multiple prizes earned through participating in the Greek games. The White Carnation Formal proved to be a success on the evening of April 17. Held at the Beville Convention Center and catered by the hotel, brothers and alumni enjoyed an evening of fine dining, fun music and an elegant award ceremony. We look forward to the 2009 Founders’ Day formal scheduled for Saturday evening, October 10th. Potential hosts for the celebration include the Huntsville Country Club or the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

This past April, one of our members was elected student body president, making him the fourth Delta Chi to hold this campus-wide position in the past six years. The following week, one of our members ran for town council, coming in fourth place and garnering close to 25 percent of the total vote. In the same month, our philanthropy chair organized the 3-on-3 for Jimmy V basketball tournament. In its first year, the event attracted the attention of numerous sororities, raised more than $200 for The V Foundation and solidified its place as an annual philanthropic event for our chapter. From hoops to house improvements, our chapter is busy making much needed renovations to 602 S. Fell. Thanks to our alumni, we are currently installing a new patio and building a shed for our backyard. Our chapter concluded the semester with a strong, third place finish in Greek Week and a first place finish in the week’s Iron Chef competition.

KENNESAW STATE COLONY This semester, we had a very successful recruitment, bringing in new talent and determination, which is very important at this juncture as we work toward chartering. Also, we participated in several philanthropy events. First, five of our brothers and associates shaved their heads for Greeks Go Bald, a campus-wide event that raised $25,000 in support of aid and research for children with cancer. Also, our colony finished its “Help Delta Chi Keep Tabs On Cancer” project, which focused on recycling aluminum cans and can tabs in order to raise money for The Jimmy V Foundation.

KETTERING A The brothers of the Kettering-A chapter are currently on their work term until July when they will return to campus to greet a new incoming class of freshmen. The brothers are working hard in preparation for recruitment, starting to plan events now rather than later, and discussing ideas among themselves using our chapter forums. The chapter will be returning to campus with a size well above the campus average and is hoping to reclaim the top spot among the fraternities grade-wise as well. The chapter had a very successful recruitment term in the winter, initiating nine new members, and already has three more men planned on being initiated in the summer.

LAKE FOREST Our main all campus event was our 11th Annual Date Auction organized in collaboration with the AKA Sorority. Each year the event is more successful, and this semester we managed to raise close to $3,000. That is almost $2 for every Lake Forest College student. The chapter has focused on strengthening the bond with its alumni. We have elected a very competent and involved ABT, led by President Goran Bauk, and have organized alumni events. Our first alumni event, the Alumni Panel, took place on February 25th. The purpose of the event was to connect associate members, members and alumni to share

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009 9

CAMPUS SCENE stories and experiences related to the Fraternity and beyond. We had the great pleasure of hosting Mr. J.P. Jones from the class of ’53 and learned about the Fraternity’s history. On April 11th we hosted two events, the Second Annual Alumni BBQ and the White Carnation Ball. Great alumni relations led to good things for the chapter. The ABT President and the chapter “E” organized a fundraiser in order to improve the fraternity lounge. We raised a total of $1,250 and replaced the old carpet with flooring and new carpet and managed to paint the walls. The chapter is very grateful to the brothers who made this possible. The semester is ending successfully for the chapter, and one main reason is bringing 13 new members into the bond of Delta Chi. The new members show great potential and will be the leaders of the fraternity in the years to come.

Brothers at the Spring Alumni BBQ.

LEHIGH COLONY The spring semester at Lehigh was both a very busy and successful period for the founding father class of the re-established colony. With the help of strong alumni support from the old chapter and an impressive showing at the initial presentation to university officials, Delta Chi was chosen as one of two groups in an expansion of non-residential fraternities at Lehigh. Since February, new members and alumni have been hard at work on basic colony operations, campus involvement and chartering efforts.

Certain standards had to be met before one received an invitation to join this elite group. First, the individual had to possess a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, and second, the individual had to be involved in campus life at UWA. Currently, the Livingston Colony boasts the highest GPA among all Greek fraternities on campus with a GPA near 3.5. These eight men hold offices in the Student Government Association, play for coach Bobby Wallace’s Tiger Football Team, sing in the University Choir, and together they have raised hundreds of dollars for the American Society and The Make-a-Wish Foundation. Once the invitations were given out, a pinning ceremony took place at the Alfa Research Center on the north end of UWA’s campus. The sororities have been very supportive. Phi Mu was present for the pinning ceremony that made the men associate members of Delta Chi. From this point, the gentlemen began to have weekly meetings, selected officers, created a working budget, established by-laws and organized their calendars to attend and participate in as many UWA and community events as possible, including the local Coffee House . Because student members are the only ones who are allowed to initiate and grant membership to individuals, the Colony of eight men had to travel to another university that hosted a Delta Chi chapter of active student members. After much consideration and careful planning, the Troy Chapter of Delta Chi at Troy University was selected to initiate the Livingston Colony. On April 3, in a small country chapel, history turned a page in the lives of Tyler Guin, Stuart Gwin, Bobby Edwards, Kirstan Cunningham, David Moore, Le Anthony Walker, Stephen Cupit, and Justin Davis. On this day they were initiated as Founding Fathers of the Livingston Colony, forever changing the face of the Greek system and reshaping a way of life at The University of West Alabama.

The new members participated in Greek Week and had a very successful showing. Delta Chi outmatched many of Lehigh’s other chapters in events throughout the week. A philanthropy event was held, selling bracelets for The V Foundation, and the Colony aided in a community service event on April 25th where brothers participated in a park clean-up. Overall the semester was a great triumph on the path toward re-chartering. This was due in large part to the enduring support of loyal alumni and the guidance and support of the Colony’s Leadership Consultant, Kyle Waletich, and “BB” Chad Davis. The Lehigh colony has high hopes and great ambition for the near future.

LIVINGSTON COLONY April 3rd culminated a semester of hard work, exciting moments and shear determination found in eight University of West Alabama men. This date is insignificant to most who read this and many will find it to be a forgettable day, but for those few, April 3 is forever embedded into memory. In January, the Delta Chi Alumni Association met with two representatives from the International Headquarters of Delta Chi. More than 60 UWA alumni men gathered at Austin’s Steak House for the meeting that would set the course for a new era at UWA and for Delta Chi. Adam Jones was the fraternity consultant who presented the plan and procedures for the months ahead. The alumni found this direction to be very positive and overwhelmingly threw their support to the Colony. Recruitment was priority number one. Word quickly spread there was a new opportunity in town, an opportunity that was not for everyone.

10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009

MANKATO Spring semester was a hectic, yet fulfilling one. We helped the local Boy Scouts council in its annual food drive by collecting food from the campus community. We raised $1,500 for our chapter funds by building docks in the lakes of Minnesota. Our commitment to academic success was recognized when we were awarded the Pillar of Excellence For Scholarship at the annual Greek week. We had a great time with our alumni during our annual golf tournament and rounded off the year with a wellattended formal. We welcome two new members and say goodbye to our two most experienced members, brothers Frederick Boyle and Mitch Lund, who have exemplified the qualities that a Delta Chi man possesses.


The newly chartered brothers of Marshall.

The spring semester was very busy and eventful for the chapter. In late January we received word that our chartering application had been approved by the Board of Reagents. We didn’t have time to celebrate, however, because we immediately started planning for our chartering banquet. The banquet was a success and was well-attended. It had the largest alumni turnout of any event this year, and it was a good opportunity to show our parents what Delta Chi is about. In April, Marshall held its annual Greek Week competition. Although we had a rough start, the chapter came back from 5th place to win the competition, and we came in a close second for the Chapter of Excellence award from IFC. We have also continued to recruit well this semester. Seven bids were extended, and five of those men were initiated into the bond of Delta Chi. All of them show great potential for the chapter’s future.

MASSACHUSETTS COLONY Founding Fathers of the Livingston Chapter.

LONG BEACH Greek Week was a huge success for our chapter this year. We were paired up with Alpha Phi Sorority and Kappa Sigma Fraternity. With three of the strongest houses on campus working together, “Team Purple” was a major contender to win Greek Week! Greek Sing, an annual dance competition, started Greek Week off with a bang. More than $11,000 was raised in admission tickets and donations for Camp Heartland. Our performance went really well, but even though President Alexander thought our choreography was among the best, the judges awarded us fourth place. For the smaller events during Greek Week, we blew out the competition. Our attendance at the stereotype awareness speaker was incredible. At the blood drive and the study hours we had the most participation, which scored us major points. At the Greek Games, we won first and second place in every single event. The Legends restaurant fundraiser and the canned food drive went great as well. In addition to the daily events, a continuous competition to collect the most pennies was an easy win because we collected more than $150 worth of pennies.

Brothers at the White Ribbon Campaign.

The UMass Colony just completed its first spring semester. We were the Greek Week Football Champions, had a Jimmy V for Cancer Research BBQ and attended the White Ribbon Campaign. We also had our first formal, which was a huge success. In addition, we raised $600 for Relay for Life and participated in UDance, which raises money for Baystate Children’s Hospital. We are all very excited to be a part of such an amazing organization.

MICHIGAN STATE This spring, our chapter participated in Greek Week involving the whole Greek community, hosted a

CAMPUS SCENE successful Father/Son and Alumni golf outing, invited the mothers of Delta Chi brothers over for Mom’s Day, had our Spring Formal in Dearborn and succeeded in many intramural activities throughout the campus. We also initiated 11 new brothers who will carry on the tradition of Delta Chi for years to come.

Our final event of the year was the active versus alumni softball game in which the newer brothers along with all active brothers will be able to interact with alumni from all over the country.


During Greek Week, we were paired with the Kappa Delta Sorority and competed in many fundraising events. Our team took 3rd place in Relay for Life, raising over $20,000; 3rd place in Songfest; and 5th place overall for the week. Our Annual Father/Son and Alumni golf outing was a huge success yet again. The outing took place on April 18th, as we hosted more than 100 alumni and brothers for great golf and outstanding weather. During the next week, all brothers and dates attended our Spring Formal in Dearborn, MI. Formal is always a great time for the whole house to attend an event and have a great time...especially with graduating seniors. Our Annual Mom’s Day was the following Sunday, April 26th. More than 25 moms and their active sons went out for a nice lunch and returned to the chapter house for gifts and games. Delta Chi mothers look forward to this spring event every year. We had targets on our back this spring as we tried to defend our Intramural Softball Championship from a year ago. Unfortunately, we came up short by a game, losing our first contest of the year in the semi-finals. Pride for Delta Chi is at an all-time high at MSU, after initiating the largest spring class on campus with 11 great men. Our total for the year is 29 new members, which gives us confidence going into next year’s recruitment. We hope to continue what has been an excellent semester and year as a whole at Delta Chi.

Delta Chi brothers voted Best Fraternity of NAU 2009.

In the fall, we initiated 21 new members, who will all be vital assets to the active chapter. Homecoming had a big alumni turnout last year and will hopefully continue for the years to follow. The spring semester started off with the annual Best of NAU competition, in which the Delta Chi Chapter was voted Best Fraternity of NAU 2009! The Summer Alumni Golf Tournament was a success, and we can’t wait for our Bi-annual Alumni Weekend in the spring. The last weekend brought about 100 alumni to Flagstaff to support the Chapter. As for next year, we are in the process of establishing an annual fundraiser of the Jimmy V Foundation. Hopefully with this fundraiser put into action, we can focus on our NAU Field Day event, where the elementary schools of Flagstaff get to have a show and tell with Law Enforcement and Emergency Services. This NAU Field Day will be our annual philanthropy event.


three philanthropies over the last two semesters (Belly Buster’s Burrito Eating Contest, Pumpkin Carving Competition, and Pie a Pi Phi event) and have contributed over 300 hours of Community service through events such as a Thanksgiving Day Basket and Centre County Youth Services Borough activities. In the sports realm, we finished second in Intramural Softball, third in Intramural Football, and were last semester’s champions in IM Basketball. In coordination with the IFC and sororities, we had an amazing performance in Greek Sing 2008 with our Gamma Phi Beta partners, we placed high in Homecoming as partners with Kappa Alpha Theta with a beautiful float mimicking the boat from Pirates of the Caribbean, and finally decorated the outside as well as inside of the house for the Holiday Lights Tour Weeklong with Alpha Phi. Delta Chi placed 3rd in THON for the first time ever, helping to raise $136,000 for the four diamonds fund. We also had a member on the IFC board this past semester. Finally, to keep our relations tight and to provide recognition when deserved, we held a dinner for Mr. Steve Spencer to recognize his “BB” Emeritus award, with our Greek Advisor, Dr. Roy Baker, and our Chapter Advisor, Terry Reid, all in attendance.

Chapter brothers pose for a photo on graduation day.


Spring Philanthropy Beach Party. Group of brothers before spring formal.

NEW HAVEN We had two successful blood drives this semester. The purpose of these blood drives is to increase our public relations both on campus and in the community. We have been very busy with socials and other community service events such as the MS Walk, Jessica Santos Walk, Breast Cancer Walk, AIDS Walk, our annual Jimmy V 3 v 3 basketball tournament and Relay for Life. We hosted an ice-skating social with Phi Sigma Sigma, which was enjoyable. We were able to co-sponsor our annual Jimmy V 3 v 3 basketball tournament. We had 16 teams and numerous raffles sponsored by the New York Islanders, Rangers and the New York Mets. Our event was very successful, and we made more than $1,000 that will go directly to The Jimmy V foundation. The New Haven Chapter initiated three new brothers. Brothers Adrian Winiarskyj, Justin Kosabutski and Steve Lea are very happy to be a part of our brotherhood. All three have very good ideas and will be an asset to the continuation of the New Haven Chapter. Congratulations, brothers!

In the past year, we initiated 16 new brothers, in addition to four current spring quarter AMs. This wraps up three consecutive years of solid recruitment and leaves us with a solid base for next year. There is currently a lot of energy and optimism in the Chapter right now as it looks to finish the year strong with several events. Most notably, the brothers are currently hard at work organizing a philanthropy beach party to raise money for The Jimmy V Foundation. This undertaking is the first campus-wide philanthropy event that the chapter has hosted, and it has taken strong efforts from all the brothers in the house. We are also looking forward to the end the year Spring formal. Overall, the chapter looks to finish the year strong academically and socially, and hopes to carry our current energy and passion into next school year.

PENN STATE The past fall and spring semesters for us, have been of rebirth and outreach. New projects that have been taken on by the active brotherhood are new landscaping done to the front yard as well as side areas, a new paint job for the second and third floor hallways, and the addition of the new banister in the foyer. In addition to the physical labor of the brotherhood, we have also been very active in the community service and philanthropic areas. We held

We experienced another fantastic semester in regards to philanthropic involvement. Despite below average involvement from the other fraternities on campus, we managed to raise the same amount of money as last year for the American Red Cross. We were also fortunate enough to have the funds to participate in 85-90 percent of the philanthropies sponsored by other houses. Just like every year, the Chapter participated in “Boiler Blast.” Boiler Blast is a one day, community service project that is aimed to clean up the West Lafayette area and help less fortunate citizens of the community who may not have the means to fix up their yards, houses, etc. The Chapter is also excited to announce the considerable increase of the house GPA. Over the course of a year, our GPA went from a 2.7 to a 3.01 (out of 4.00). The Fraternity Men’s average results will be out very soon, and our impressive GPA will almost surely usher us well into the top 10 slots for the fraternity grade point average at Purdue University. Fortunately, this semester looks like it will boost that number once again as the Chapter GPA will continue to increase. Last semester, we initiated 24 brothers, and this semester we look to initiate an additional 16 brothers, bringing our total to 40 new brothers. We had 10 graduates at the end of the fall semester and seven this semester. The Delta Chi Purdue Chapter is continuing its run as the largest Delta Chi Chapter in the nation, as well as the largest fraternity on Purdue’s campus.

RUTGERS This past year has been another great one for us here at Rutgers. Brother Chris Keating spent the year serving as the Student Body President. In the fall, we welcomed 15 new members and this spring we added five great gentlemen to our chapter. Brothers

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009 11

CAMPUS SCENE Michael Keating and Daniel Kallas both were elected to the IFC board. In the Keller Intramural League, Brothers Pete Sim, Reggie Perez, Chris Vidas and Andrew Gonzalez performed exceptionally, helping us rank in the upper tier throughout the campus. One of our biggest events of the year was having 15 of our brothers participate in Rutgers’ 11th annual Dance Marathon, which raised a record $323,979, with our contribution being upward of $5,000 and ranking 11th in all student organizations. Intrafraternally, we joined up with the other chapters on campus that end or start with Chi for the first ChiFest, which was a success in helping Greek relations.


The chapter had the pleasure of actively participating in every sorority philanthropy that has occurred in the past academic year. Brothers formed teams that raised money for several prominent charities (the official charities of the various USC sororities) and won the top honor at Sigma Delta Tau’s Camp Sig Delt philanthropy week. The chapter showed particular unity and motivation in its efforts to raise money for Relay For Life, which is part of the American Cancer Society. For 24 hours, brothers ran or walked laps around the Cromwell Field track to symbolize the continual struggle to find treatment to fight cancer. The chapter has been recognized as the Greek organization that raised the most money for the charity. The chapter was also distinguished with the “Most Spirited Team” award by the Relay For Life organization.

ground breaking for a new chapter house, to be constructed throughout 2009 and open in January 2010. The turnout was great and it was very exciting to have so many alumni back to see the Chapter’s progress and plans for the future house. With the recent growth of campus and the Chapter, the House Corporation is finally culminating decades of saving and planning with a new house to support the Chapter’s success. At the Alumni Weekend Banquet, Regent Mark Shramka was able to present the first ever Faculty Advisor Emeritus Award to Rich Kruger after he served the Chapter for more than 40 years before retiring from Tri-State University. Currently, he remains active through the House Corporation and planning for the new house.

The chapter looks forward to meeting alumni at the annual Founders’ Day Dinner on Monday, October 12, and at Homecoming on Saturday, November 14, when the Trojans take on the Stanford Cardinal.

Most recently, the Office of Student Life presented the first Trine President’s Cup. This year the cup went to our chapter, for outstanding success and dedication to the university and the local community. A recent alumnus was awarded the “Greek Pillar Award” for dedication to the Greek system and our chapter. Our newest Faculty Advisor was awarded for a clean sweep of the Awards Banquet!



Brothers of the Chapter ended a productive academic and social year with the annual Spring Formal at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chapter brothers gather for a photo at their awards presentation.

After participating in Greek Week, we are proud to be named the overall champions, placing first in Greek Sing and achieving platinum level...well exceeding the competition. During the week the chapter raised $2,135.50, donated 2,118 cans and had more than 35 blood donors, maxing out every point category possible. Two members from the chapter were recognized at the end of the week with two prestigious awards. Brother Daniel Janowski was awarded the Outstanding Chapter President award, and Brother Ross Deveroux was awarded the Unsung Hero award for his community service efforts. This is a very big step for the chapter and its presence in the Southeast Greek community since, in any recent memory, Delta Chi has never taken the title of overall Greek week champs. We plan to continue on with all of this momentum and further establish ourselves as an outstanding Greek chapter here at Southeast.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Over the course of the school year, the Southern California Chapter saw significant growth and improvement in the areas of chapter house renovation, member recruitment and community service. The beginning of the school year was marked with the completion of numerous chapter house renovations. Beautiful hardwood flooring, along with half-wall paneling, was installed in the front and dining room, a large Delta Chi coat of arms was painted on the side of the house, and the interior of the chapter house was repainted. The bar and the trophy case were also completely renovated. The long-unused conference room was converted into a sleek, clean study room, furnished and equipped to better aid brothers in their scholarly endeavors. The Chapter had the opportunity to showcase the new improvements to parents and alumni at the annual Parents’ Weekend Brunch in the fall. The school year also saw the addition of 19 new members to the Fraternity. The newest group of young men have taken great strides toward fulfilling the expectations of a Delta Chi and have shown particular promise in their active and eager participation in philanthropic events on campus and in the community.

12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009

Brothers at our annual D-Chi Cup Broomball Tournament.

Our second annual D-Chi Cup Broomball Tournament raised more than $550 for the Jimmy V Foundation. Twenty-five teams signed up to make this our most successful philanthropy ever. We had a great presence in other philanthropies, such as Alpha Chi Omega’s Frisbee Fling and AEPi’s Wiffle and Waffles. Community service has also been a significant part of the semester, including the blood drive we co-hosted with the American Red Cross and our participation in Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. We sent 15 brothers to RLC and were by far the largest contingent present. The AM class we initiated this semester has already impressed us by embracing leadership and embodying all the qualities of successful Delta Chis. Our outgoing seniors have expressed interest in joining our ABT to enhance our alumni relations. Going forward, we hope to further use our alumni to build our chapter.


Regent Aaron Otto presenting the President’s Cup to the Chapter.

UNLV The Chapter is very proud of the brothers who graduated and are moving into the “real world.” We wish them all the best. This semester is one in which we have excelled in intramurals. The Chapter made deep runs in the playoffs in basketball, softball and kickball. We hope to continue our success next year. We had our first Knight’s Carnival to raise money for The Jimmy V Foundation. We invited local elementary school students and children from The Boys & Girls Club to attend. The sororities on campus set up carnival games for the children. We also rented two bounce castles and a cotton candy machine. The biggest hit of the day was the dunk tank. It was a dollar to dunk your favorite brother. The event raised about $700. A few of our alumni have been recognized on the local music scene. Their band Rhyme N Rhythm has been written about on numerous occasions in the local newspapers. All of the joy they have brought the Chapter was turned to sadness earlier this year with the passing of Brother Edward Bush. Brother Bush will be greatly missed by the Chapter and will always be in our prayers.

USP COLONY This year we successfully raised more than $200 for both the Jimmy V foundation and Youth Education Advocates in a benefit concert cosponsored by the Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity.

Brothers during iweek activities.

In the spring the Chapter celebrated its 40th Chartering Anniversary which was capstoned with

We received Greek Community Award, Adviser Julie Carney received Adviser of the Year, Brother Haun received the Washburn Scholarship for Region IX and Brother Howard won Greek Man of the Year. Overall, our colony received third place in Greek Week events.

XX CAMPUS SCENE service and philanthropy and was given the Rising Star Award, which is awarded to the fraternity with the highest overall scores for the year according to judges in the Student Activity and Greek Life office. It is the second year in a row the chapter had the highest score of all fraternities at Washburn.

up at the campus-wide Greek Awards on April 9th, winning Excellence in Service and Support of Others, Excellence in Risk Management, the Inter-Fraternalism Award and the Chapter Achievement Award for Progress.


USIP Welcoming Brother Adnan Kizim from University of Pittsburgh.

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH We participated in intramural athletics for the spring, which included basketball, dodge ball and softball. We won the championships in all three of the intramural sports our chapter participated in. We also participated in a hotdog eating contest philanthropy, which our chapter’s team came in first and won $250 for The V. Foundation. We also participated in our campus’ Greek Week and placed third overall for that entire week. Homecoming also happened this semester. The college and all Greek organizations had a tailgate before the Homecoming basketball game. Many of the alumni came to support and meet many of the current undergraduate brothers they had not met before.

WASHBURN We wrapped up the spring semester with successful socials, fundraising efforts and an award-winning night at the Greek Awards Banquet. One year after receiving our charter, we continue to establish traditions never before seen on campus. In May we hosted the first Deltiki party at Washburn and rented out a local bar for an end-of-the-year party. The month before our chapter raised money for the Jimmy V. Foundation by hosting the second annual Earthball tournament, and by helping a local church with fundraising for the second consecutive year. More than $400 was raised for Delta Chi’s international philanthropy in less than one month. Male and female teams competed in a bracket-style tournament, pushing a six-foot inflatable “Earthball” across goal lines to score points and advance to the next round. Delta Chi members served as referees and coaches as Kappa Alpha Theta won the female division, and members of the Washburn basketball team won on the men’s side. The chapter added to its Jimmy V donation by helping a church set up a 5K fun run. Members worked different stations at the event, serving water and helping with registration. At both events, members wore letters to help promote Delta Chi while serving others in the community. As the semester came to a close, Delta Chi was recognized more than any other chapter on campus for efforts in Homecoming, academics, leadership and a variety of other areas. The suspense from October’s Homecoming competitions finally ended in April, as our chapter was announced as the 2008-09 overall point champions. We received a 5-foot tall trophy given to the Homecoming champions each year and several smaller awards for individual events, including: best float, best Homecoming banner and best top hat decorations. The awards did not end there. With two Campus Activity Board directors, three Washburn Review writers, five student government senators and the president of the American Medical Student Association, Delta Chi was once again a lock to be recognized for outstanding leadership. Our fall semester grades were the most-improved at Washburn, and the highest overall for the second consecutive time in the fall. The chapter was also recognized as the best on campus for community

The school year was a busy one for the Chapter. In the fall, our chapter turned 100 years old. The Centennial Celebration was a smashing success and the Washington Chapter was honored to play host to many esteemed guests, such as “AA” Tom Horrowitz and Executive Director Ray Galbreth. Brothers from all decades were on hand to celebrate the momentous occasion and the night was truly one to remember! The fall quarter also had other achievements for the active brothers of the Washington Chapter. Our flag football team made it deep into playoffs and was the last fraternity standing in the semifinals. We also excelled in philanthropies and service. The Chapter won Alpha Chi Omega’s “Oktoberfest” Philanthropy and Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Spring Fling” Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. We also placed in Alpha Gamma Delta’s “Mr. Greek.” Our candidate for Mr. Greek, Kevin Shimota, raised more than $2,000 for the Treehouse Foundation for Foster Kids and took third place overall in the competition. Nearly 30 fraternities competed in each of the philanthropies that Delta Chi won. The Chapter excelled academically this year. We saw our overall GPA rise by 0.2 to 3.29. We also saw our Greek ranking go from 17th in grades to seventh over the course of the year. Delta Chi is currently seventh in grades out of 31 fraternities on campus! Physically, the Chapter house has seen many improvements over the course of the year. The House Corporation recently allocated $20,000 for improvements to the chapter house. Our entire first floor has been overhauled. The walls have been painted, doors replaced, windows replaced, blinds installed and bathrooms redone. The physical chapter house has never looked better and improvements continue to be made. The marked upgrade in the facility has manifested itself in the participation and achievement of members.

WEST GEORGIA We had a great spring semester, which included a Mother and Son Day, Alumni Day, Pie-A-Delta Chi and the annual Cook Out for Cancer with the ladies of Delta Delta Delta. All the mothers in attendance enjoyed themselves. The alumni were impressed by our involvement and the differences we have made on campus. We raised more than $500 for The Jimmy V. Foundation through our Pie-A-Delta-Chi and Cook Out for Cancer events. Plans are being made for our brotherhood retreat this summer and a recruitment workshop. We look forward to moving into our new fraternity house this fall on Greek row.

Alumni and graduating Seniors gather with ABT President.


First Place Turtle Tug Winners.

The Wilmington Colony recently won the first Delta Zeta Turtle Tug Tug-O-War Competition for charity. The competition included both Greek and non-Greek groups competing for the grand prize of the Turtle Tug Trophy and a monetary prize all while helping the DZ Kids Camp Charity. We were able to come out of our division with great ease and faced the new fraternity on campus, Pi KappaAlpha. It seemed as if this was setting up for a colossal battle. Once the pulling began, both sides dug deep down and wanted to win. After the first minute, it was dead even with neither side advancing much. It was during the second minute when the Delta Chi boys rallied and began to advance. We eventually won the tug-o-war against them and faced up with another fraternity in the final. We cruised to the victory and celebrated our trophy. This was a huge boost for our colony!

WILLIAM & MARY The last three months have been a very exciting time for our growing chapter. Earlier this semester, the fraternity participated in a Housing Partnerships program, building and restoring houses in the Williamsburg area. Brothers also chose to help the mentally challenged by serving as chaperones and station managers for the annual campus-run ARC Carnival. Several alumni returned to participate in the Alumni Golf Scramble at the Tradition Golf Club in Kiskiack and Alumni Ceremony in the historic Wren building. We hope to make the golf outing a yearly tradition. In addition, the chapter cleaned

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009 13



elected to the NIC Board.

Hayward Alumnus met with the President of El Salvador, Elias Antonio Saca Gonzalez.

JIM ELLIS, MA, CPP, PSP, New Haven, ’92 was named to Security Director News magazine’s 2009 “20 Under 40” list; a feature that recognizes the security industry’s current and future leaders.

ROBERT SNYDER, DePauw ’08 wrote a recollection of an event that happened during Christmas-time at DePauw that has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: College Campus Chronicles. It was released in April 2009.

FRANK W. LEWIS, Southern California ’59 has published four books with more to come. Visit to locate all of his titles.

JAY STEPHEN WHITNEY, DePauw ’74 has published the book titled Historic Photos of Ronald Reagan.

LEONARD FAZIO, Iowa ’75 and Stratus Building Solutions has awarded a new Master Franchise in Des Moines, IA.

Delta Chi brothers pose for a photo at the

POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE DINNER (From left to right): Ray Galbreth, Missouri ’69; Delta Chi Executive Director; Chuck Mancuso, Florida State ’84; Past “AA”, member NIC Board; John Mica, Florida ’67; Congressman (R - FL); Patrick Alderdice, Ball State ’92; President & CEO for Pennington & Co.; Tom Horowitz, Michigan State ’87; Current “AA”; Matthew Killingsworth, Kansas State ’02; former Director of Chapter Services for Delta Chi.

For the past few years, fraternity and sorority leaders have been working together to build a positive presence in Washington that helps improve the fraternal experience we offer to our members. A logical extension of those efforts is the Fraternity and Sorority PAC, which seeks to provide financial aid to the campaigns of federal office candidates (House, Senate, and President) who support the objectives of fraternity life. Formed on March 1, 2005, the FSPAC allows Greeks to work together to visibly support opportunities to improve the experience we provide for our student members. Today, the FSPAC is the largest PAC focused solely on higher education issues. It has made contributions to a bipartisan slate of more than 100 candidates in the first four years of operations and more than 90% of those candidates have won their elections. In 2006, the FSPAC helped support the election of three sorority women in their first runs for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

DELTA CHIS AT WAR. WE SALUTE YOU! Per Raymond F. Borelli (Illinois ’58), Life Loyal Member, Delta Chi currently has over 190 brothers at war.* Here is a list of brothers who we have not yet mentioned in the Quarterly: Daniel Adams, Army Nat. Guard, New Haven ’08 Brent Armour, Army, Southeast Missouri ’03 Nathaniel Arnold, Kansas State ’02 Diego Arriola, Rowan ’09 CPT James Atwood, Army, Alabama ’95 Chris Babcock, Army, Ohio State ’88 LT Matthew Bagnall, Navy, Northern Arizona ’90 LT Nicholas Bajema, Army, Arizona ’05 Joshua Baker, Army Nat. Guard, Cent. Missouri ’05 Justin Baker, Army, Kent State ’07 MAJ Hans Bakken, Army, Iowa ’90 Matt Barnes, Navy, Georgia Tech ’02 James Benninger, Duquesne ’06 CPT Brent Blandino, Air Force, Embry Riddle ’03 Tony Bonilla, Marine, Corpus Christi ’09 Timothy Boots, CALUPA ’05 William Brabazon, Southern Cal ’80 Justin Broderick, Illinois State Alumnus Mark Bromwich, Northern Iowa ’98 MAJ Mike Brown, Air Force, Mississippi State ’97 CPT Matthew Bruno, Air Force, Gannon ’95 CPT Russell Buckhalt, Army, Florida ’01 Stuart Byrd, Army Med, North Carolina State ’93 John Cahill, Kent State ’02 Tilmon Cantrell, Army, Northwest Missiouri ’00 Jonathan Carroll, LA Tech ’09 Gordon Castleberry, LA Tech ’97 Manuel Cavazos III, Corpus Christi ’09 Vincent Cesaro, Marquette ’00 Charles Chambers, Georgia Tech Alumnus Mike Chesmore, Iowa ’94 Keith Chew, East Stroudsburg ’07 MAJ Marc Cloutier, American ’95 Father Patrick Michael Cooney, Purdue ’81 CPT Tom Cudahy, Army, Southern Caliornia ’04 ENS Trent D’Aiuto, Navy, Oregon State ’09 Brent Dale, Army, Western Illinois ’04

Richard Day, Air Force, Washington State ’96 David Denbek, Army, Texas Tech ’94 Chaplain Peter Dietz, Navy, Lehigh ’88 CPT Charles Dobson, Navy, Mississippi State ’00 Timothy Doherty, North Carolina State ’92 COL John Dunlap III, LSU ’86 Dan Fall, Army, Denison ’03 Patrick Farragher, Ohio State ’03 Pedro Feliciano, Texas Alumnus SGT Joel Fields, Army, Lindwood ’05 Adam Fodge, Army, Oregon State ’04 Jay Foley, New Haven ’11 LTC Vince Freeman, Army, Oklahoma ’86 CPT Brad Gannaway, Montevallo ’00 Delphin Gantt, Air National Guard, Embry Riddle ’94 SGT Joshua Garlick, Army, CALUPA ’02 Steven Giddens, South Florida ’06 Josstin Gogue, South Florida ’07 Jason Graffi, Missouri State ’06 Stephan Halkowycz,New Haven ’11 CPT Brandon Handy, Air Force, Embry Riddle ’02 Kevin Haney, Oklahoma ’85 CPT Evans Hanson, Southern Caliornia ’00 ENS Cory Hardy, Navy, Oregon State ’08 Alan Hargreaves, NW Missouri ’03 Raleigh Harris, Marquette ’99 Matthew Henrich, Cincinnati ’10 Paul Andrew Herrick, Appalachian State ’06 Pilot James Hood, West Point, Oklahoma ’86 Nicholas Hudak, Marine Corp, Slippery Rock ’10 Charles Ilioff, New Haven ’04 Shawn Johnson, Army, Johnstown ’08 Dwight Kellicut, Army, Iowa ’87 CPT Jashua Kessler, Army MP, American ’99 Edward Ketcham, Indiana ’85 MAJ Justin Knox, Navy, Colorado ’95 Ronald Koss, Army, Behrend ’03

14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Summer/Fall 2009

Michael Labeda, Southern Cal ’02 CPT Charles Larson, Iowa ’03 CPT Parick Launey, Army, Mississippi State ’98 Darren Ledet, LSU ’89 2LT Marc Levitt, Army, Florida ’08 LT Stephen Lucking, Elmhurst ’99 MAJ Joseph Ludvigson, Army, American ’96 Joseph Maier, Army, Louisville ’89 Spencer Maltagliati, Army, New Haven ’09 LTC Leonard Manning, Augusta ’81 George Marinkovich, CALUPA ’06 James Martinez, Army, Eastern Illinios ’86 Matthew Mason, Northwest Missouri ’98 ENS Matt Maupin, Navy, Oregon State ’09 Carl McBurnett, Air Force, Embry Riddle ’02 Ronald McCoy, Augusta ’84 Fred Minnick, Oklahoma State ’01 Benjamin Monk, Army, Calupa ’06 Luis Moreno ,Texas A&M ’08 Joshua Nettinga, Long Beach ’03 KIA Joseph Nurre, Sacremento ’05 Duane Oftedahl, Mankato Dallas Perrin, Corpus Christi ’08 Harry Pezold, Army, LSU ’88 Ronny Pigg, Corpus Christi ’10 1LT Craig Poririer, Air Force, Michigan ’07 Jason Prather, Army, Mississippi State ’00 George Preussel, Marine, Alabama ’09 CPT Michael Provencher, Army, Mississippi State ’03 LT Michael Provencher, Mississippi State ’03 CPT Jack Rebolledo, Eastern Illinios ’94 Matt Reid, Army, Oregon State ’04 2LT Guy Reynolds, Army, Oregon State ’07 Donald Ritscher, California University ’11 SPT Jeremy Robinson, Army, Tarleton ’11 Shawn Roof, New Haven ’00 Donald Sankot, Northern Iowa ’01

CPT Mark Scherbring, Army, Northern Iowa ’00 Ryan Scott, Army, Colorado ’07 Army Pretson Settle, Army, Auburn ’06 Joshua Shallenberger, Army, CALUPA ’09 Robert Sheahan, Army, Missouri Alumnus Colonel James Sheanan, Missouri ’79 Brain Slagle, Army, Southern Caliornia ’97 Nate Smith, Embry Riddle ’01 Chris Smither, Marine Corp, Kansas State ’08 Richard Sohler, Oregan State ’06 David Szymke, N Iowa ’00 Chad Tatur, Minnesota ’08 CPT Jason Tebedo, Army, Western Michigan ’04 Ray Templin, Oklahoma ’87 Paul Thienprayoon, Air Force, Georgia Tech ’03 Eric Toff, Rowan ’11 Wesley Trousdale, Alabama ’05 Mike Vickrey, Oklahoma ’88 LCPL Jonathan Vu, Marine Corp, Corpus Christi William Walker, Ohio State ’99 Paul Welke, Canadian, Alberta ’02 MC1 Jason Winn, Navy, Lindwood ’01 CPT Jeremy Witte, Tarleton ’02 Craig Wonson, Conneticut ’92 SPC(P) Jay Young, CENTCOM, Lindwood ’01 MAJ John Van Huffel, Air Force, Kent State ’93

If anyone knows of a brother at war, please send his name and email address to: Raymond F. Borelli, *This is not a complete list of the Delta Chi men at war. As we receive updates, we include names of men who have not been published in previous editions of the Quarterly.

KEEPING IN TOUCH AUGUSTA Spasko Popducev ’01, married to Kimber Brooks on February 14, 2009.

Doug Galbreth ‘04, married to Sarah Schlipf on July 10, 2009.


Born to Brother and Mrs. David Wimmer ’05, a daughter, Eleanora Rose, on June 15, 2009.



Nick Pirro ’09, married to Maria Fernandez on July 25th, 2009.

Charles T. Squires ’05, married to Wennie Yuk on August 23, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Drew Dallet ’93, a daughter, Piper, on July 29, 2009.




Born to Brother and Mrs. Andrew Kelley ’95, a son, Michael Joseph, on May 15, 2009.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Beardsley ’01, a son, Lucas Gabriel, on June 11, 2009.

Jason Klein ’05, married to Stephanie Gresko on September 5, 2009.



Joe Strecker ’07, married to Theresa Goldberg on November 8, 2008.

DEPAUW Aaron Ellis ’01, married to Kelli Anthony on March 28, 2009.

EMBRY-RIDDLE Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Harless ’98, a daughter, Carly Noelle, on June 24, 2009.

IDAHO Ron Jones ’85, is the first Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP) in the State of Alaska. Carl Rudeen ’01, married to Tenille Rieth on August 1, 2009.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Mike Barrett ’94, a daughter, Brenna Leana Laurene, on July 16, 2009.

LSU Grant Herrin ’07, elected to Regent of Region 3 of Delta Chi.

MINNESOTA Born to Brother and Mrs. Eric Williamson ’98, a son, Noah Matthew Ian, on December 5, 2008. Christopher Beltmann ’00, married to Catherine Wood on May 16, 2009. Born to Brother and Mrs. Matthew Johnson ’01, a daughter, Avery Grace, on May 19, 2009.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Dan Engh ’02, a daughter, Erin Nichole, on June 18, 2009.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Jim Kunik ’88, a son, Caleb Joshua, on June 1, 2009.

Born To Brother and Mrs. Tom O’Hearn ’04, a daughter, Alexandria Rose, on July 3, 2009.

Robert Waltz ’99, married to Lara Lister on September 12, 2009.

NORTHERN ILLINOIS Born to Brother and Mrs. Jay Goldberg ’02, a son, Max Grant, on May 27, 2009. Josh Milostan ’03, married to Dee Doyle on September 8, 2009.

Born to Brother and Mrs. John Anderson ’94, a son, Cayden Lames on June 25th, 2009.

WESTERN MICHIGAN Born to Brother and Mrs. Joe Polasek ’03, a daughter, Josephine Vita, on July 28th, 2009. Jacob Lonc ’07, married to Jessica Everett on May 23, 2009.


Cameron Patterson ’08, married to Alecia Lepretre on June 6, 2009.

Daniel Black ’03, married to Grace Essley on June 13, 2009.

R. Austin Scott ’08, married to Rachel Punke on July 11, 2009.

OHIO STATE Shaun Pressly ’03, married to Sarah Apgar on June 20, 2009.

OKLAHOMA Born to Brother and Mrs. Scott L. Keniley ’89, a son, Conner Emmet, on April 28th, 2009.

PITTSBURGH Alex Hamling ’05, has finished his residency in pediatrics in Cincinnati and will now begin working at the Univ of Washington Seattle Children’s Hospital Program.

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FAREWELL & PARTING These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. ALABAMA



Gilbert Rhodes ’43, January 15, 2009

Roland Fagre ’43, October 17, 2007

Charles Ray Smith ’44, February 2007



Dr. George Tiller ’63, May 31, 2009

Dr. Edward Snyder ’39, January 4, 2008


AUBURN Howard “Ken” Lauruhn ’71, July 3, 2009

Joseph C. Hicks ’97, November 12, 2000


Herb Klein ’40, July 2, 2009 Delta Chi of the Year in 1991 and served as the first White House director of communications under President Nixon)


Gerald V. MacDonald ’60, April 15, 2009

Robert Marino ’51, April 2, 2009

Arthur Sackrison ’51, August 8, 2007



Joseph A. Tufigno ’50, July 26, 2008

H. Richard Ginsberg ’53, May 30, 2008



Alan Schmidt ’50, January, 2008

Richard Watson ’49, December 21, 2008




Robert L. Currell ’52, May 20, 2009

Thomas C. Hughes ’54, February 4, 2009

Richard Henry Jones ’59, July 31, 2009


INDIANA Douglas L. Tate ’81, April 15, 2009

James Eason ’84, September 14, 2007

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