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57th International Convention • New Orleans • August 11-15, 2010 Photo by: Garry Bartlett

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2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009

I’ve been fascinated with advertising and marketing since I was a kid being around my Dad’s advertising agency. To this day I pay as much attention to the commercials than the actual program that is on. I don’t hang up on telemarketers; I go along for the ride. I always try to find something that might work in my own business and for Delta Chi as well. I studied marketing at Michigan State. I know the techniques and tricks but still find infomercials compelling enough to be the proud owner of the Sham Wow, Perfect Pushup, and some kind of Abs program I am not sure I ever opened. I should have taken a cue from the word “sham.” While channel surfing, I recently came across the show, “Pitchmen.” It follows the adventures of Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, two of the most famous and successful pitchmen in history, as they search for the next invention they believe they can take all the way to the big time. Many of you will think back to the original pitchman Ron Popeil and lines like, “It dices and slices and makes julienne fries!” I am amazed at the number of products out there that promise so many things. We should know better, but day after day we plunk down our hard earned dollars, only to be disappointed most of the time. It might sound odd to think of fraternity as a product or a brand but it is. I happen to think Delta Chi is one of the greatest products out on the market! Just think about its features and benefits. It has an incredible shelf life and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is so good that it still has to be marketed the good old-fashioned way. Sure we now utilize the internet, but I don’t think you will see any late night infomercials selling Greek life anytime soon! At some point we made the decision to join or buy into Delta Chi, and for many it ended as an undergraduate experience. Perhaps it was simply shelved like so many other products, but it is not like any other product. Delta Chi does not have a shelf life nor go out of style. I have not found anything in our oath that mentions a warranty expiring, so it has a lifetime guarantee! BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! It is a product that takes on different shapes and forms for each member. How much has your Delta Chi experience been worth to you so far? I hear great stories from many alumni who often give credit to Delta Chi for how it shaped them as people or made them into the leaders or success stories they are today. Our chapters are rapidly changing, as are our members. For many of us we remain true and loyal to our own chapter. As time goes by, we sometimes resign ourselves into thinking that it is no longer a chapter filled with brothers who we know or have anything in common with. We pass them off as not being the chapter we joined. Sometimes with good reason, other times, along with the passage of time, the ship rights itself rather quickly. Maybe now is the time to revisit these decisions and see how they are doing? Is it unrealistic to think your chapter could be NEW AND IMPROVED? Think about Corn Flakes…a basic cereal that has been around

a long time and needed to reinvent itself or continue to lose market share. A few years ago it began a brilliant but simple marketing campaign using the slogan, “Taste them again for the very first time.” Powerful imagery with just a few words paints a vivid picture. Perhaps we have to sell ourselves all over again and remind one another that Delta Chi is the perfect product. It is very forgiving, standing by waiting to be utilized at a moment’s notice. We need more BRAND MANAGERS. We can apply these concepts to our associate member programs, brotherhood development and for our alumni to reflect on and take action. This will allow our organization to grow, prosper and be what it truly deserves to be. Every member has the ability to have an impact whether at the local, regional or national level. It could be as simple as locating or reconnecting with brothers you have not seen in a while. That could develop into locating an alumni chapter in your area or finding out how to start one. On our website, you might find a local chapter that you had no idea was so close. You might think you have nothing to offer or that the generation gap is too wide, but focus on the skills and experiences you have now that you did not before. Could that help a colony or chapter by mentoring on leadership, sales help in recruitment, finance help for the treasurer or real estate help with house operations? If you are pressed for time, the fraternity and foundation need your financial support. How often do you give credit to Delta Chi without even thinking about it? In marketing-speak, this is the TESTIMONIAL. One of the top reasons we join Delta Chi is from meeting a brother and hearing his own testimonial. Please take some time when you get a chance and email your own personal testimonial to me or to So call now; brothers and staff are standing by! This is your CALL TO ACTION! Delta Chi is Facebooking, Tweeting, YouTubing and soon to be podcasting. We still exist as brick and mortar in Iowa City and still accept phone calls. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for helping make Delta Chi truly one of the best products and experiences out there. In these tough economic times a great product is able to endure, and so far we have, but it will take a bigger effort and I hope you will help. You will be glad you did and I guarantee it! Plan now to join us at an upcoming Regional Leadership Conference, and save the date for Convention in New Orleans, August 11-15, 2010. In the Bond,

Tom Horowitz “AA” Michigan State ’87 Life Loyal

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USCGC ALLIGATOR Connecting the strengths of the Fraternity with the importance of the United States Coast Guard. Members of Delta Chi were on hand to proudly usher into service the newest United States Coast Guard vessel at a March 9, 2009 commissioning ceremony in St. Petersburg, Florida. Delta Chi brother and Florida Congressman John L. Mica (Florida ’67) delivered the keynote address at the commissioning ceremony of the USCGC ALLIGATOR. The ALLIGATOR is an 87-foot cutter that will aid the Coast Guard in its wide array of missions in the Gulf of Mexico; including search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, homeland security, maintaining aids to navigation, and illegal drug and alien migrant interdiction. Congressman Mica represents the 7th Congressional District of Florida, which stretches from just north of Orlando to the outskirts of Jacksonville. He is the highest ranking Republican on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in the U.S. House of Representatives. This committee, the largest in the Congress, is responsible for conducting oversight of the Coast Guard and writing legislation to fund and improve policy related to the service. Mica also sits on the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Congressman Mica is also a former chairman of the Aviation Subcommittee, the Civil Service Subcommittee, and the Criminal Justice and Drug Policy Subcommittee. Congressman Mica’s wife Patricia was selected by the Coast Guard for the honor of serving as the ALLIGATOR’s sponsor. A ship’s sponsor, traditionally a female, is invited by the Coast Guard to bestow good luck on the ship and all those aboard. She also becomes an honorary member of the ship’s crew and forges a continuing relationship with the vessel. As the highest ranking Republican in the U.S. House with direct oversight of the Coast Guard, and a University of Florida Gator himself, Mica was the perfect choice to commemorate the cutter ALLIGATOR’s entry into active service. To help launch the ALLIGATOR, represent the values of Delta Chi, and draw a firm connection between the strengths of the Fraternity and the important work of the United States Coast Guard, Congressman Mica was joined by other Delta Chi brothers, University of Florida Staff and Coast Guard Personnel (See Photo). With the addition of the ALLIGATOR, the Coast Guard fleet based in St. Petersburg has grown to five vessels. Sector St. Petersburg, encompasses 540 nautical miles of coastline and includes the major ports of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Manatee on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

From left to right: Coast Guard District 7 Commander Rear Admiral Steve Branham, David Mica, Florida ’77; Former Congressman Dan Miller, Florida ’64; Congressman John Mica, Florida, ’67; Ryan Butler, Florida ’12; Major Mario Petruzzelli, Florida ’52; Jesse Lassiter, Florida ’10; UF Associate Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations Joe Hice; UF Director of Marketing Dan Williams; Russ Driscoll, Florida ’67; Young-Ki Chang, Florida ’06

After 9/11, the Coast Guard took on greater responsibility in providing homeland security, and this has contributed to a shortage of maritime patrol vessels. The addition of the ALLIGATOR to the St. Petersburg fleet will help the Coast Guard address this shortage and meet the tremendous mission demands in the Gulf. “The ALLIGATOR is a welcome addition to one of the Coast Guard’s busiest and most active commands,” said Congressman Mica. “My wife Pat and I are proud to be associated with this magnificent vessel, and excited to be joined here today by my Delta Chi brothers. “The men and women of the Coast Guard are among the finest that serve this nation. Every day, they risk their lives to protect Americans, secure our waters and borders, and uphold maritime laws,” Mica added. “Any Delta Chi knows the importance of upholding the law, and among the many new duties and missions of the ALLIGATOR and her crew, their overriding mission will be to serve the cause of justice on the high seas.” The ALLIGATOR is the fifth United States vessel commissioned with this name. The earlier ALLIGATORS include three 19th century Navy sailing vessels. The ALLIGATOR was also the name of the first submarine commissioned into the U.S. Navy. The sub was well ahead of its time, and the Navy did not commission another submarine for 40 years. The current ALLIGATOR was built by Bollinger Shipyards in Louisiana, and is crewed by one officer and ten enlisted men. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009 3

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BENpakulski delta chi’s first international federation of bodybuilders pro

The trophy case for Ben Pakulski, Western Ontario’04, got a lot heavier last fall after the hulking brother won Canada’s top body building prize at the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) Championships. Ben is no stranger to the North American bodybuilding circuit. Last year and in 2007, he placed second in the North American Championships. In 2007, he also earned second place in the Canadian Nationals. But winning the CBBF title in Laval, Quebec is Ben’s sweetest victory to date. The win secured Ben as the country’s top bodybuilder as well as awarded him an International Federation of Bodybuilders’ (IFBB) Pro card. He is the first Delta Chi to ever achieve this feat. More impressive is the fact that it only took “Big Ben” less than four years of competing at bodybuilding shows to make it this far. Since turning pro, success has followed “Big Ben.” Renowned bodybuilding magazine, Musclemag International featured him on the cover of their February issue and a launch event was held earlier this year in Toronto to celebrate the accomplishment. Shortly after the event, former Delta Chi Leadership Consultant and current Toronto Alumni Chapter “D,” Elliott Chun, sat down with Ben to chat about his recent success, the value of Delta Chi in his life and what lies ahead.

How did your bodybuilding career begin? I started training when I was about 17 years old. I took up body building to elevate my performance in sports, specifically baseball, football and hockey. Early on, I noticed my body responding very quickly and took an immediate interest. It was at this age too that I picked up my first bodybuilding magazine to learn some training techniques; I told myself that I didn’t quite want to look like the guys on the cover. It’s funny how things change and I ended up on one. Also, my parents were supportive of my decision to pursue bodybuilding and helped launch my career. In fact, it was my dad who signed me up for my first gym membership at Mack’s Gym in west Toronto, one of the “hardcore” gyms in the city. I loved the energy in that place – everyone who lifted there trained hard and I wanted to do it harder and better than everyone else.

How old were you when you competed in your first bodybuilding competition? What was it like? I was 24. Originally, I intended on competing when I was 19 as I looked and felt ready. However, I had an overlap in timing with university so I decided to put it on hold until I completed my degree. Upon graduation, I was competing within six months. Looking back, I’m glad I chose to pursue school. My first show was for a regional competition in Brantford, Ontario in ’05. Back then, I weighed in 237 lbs and won the overall heavyweight title. The feedback I received was phenomenal. Everyone there said I had a great physique, structure and a mountain of potential. I did my next show six weeks later and actually had an adverse event occur. One of good friends passed away and naturally it through off my prep. I still managed to place second and that qualified me for the provincial championships the following year.

Your career’s just beginning. What are some of your notable highlights so far? Definitely winning the 2008 Canadian Bodybuilding Championships as it fulfilled one of my career goals and earned me an IFBB card. I’d also say winning titles in Brantford and London, Ontario.

Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you. I’m in my off season and it’s basically eat, train, sleep. At this time of year, my calories are around 6,000 per day. Sleep is also important for me for the muscle’s recovery progress. My body’s not going to grow and respond the way I want it to if I don’t allow it to recover so I try to sleep eight hours each night, as well as a nap here and there. I lift heavy and hard five days per week. I typically wake up around 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning to eat my first meal. During the day, I’ll train at least twice for six hours or more, depending on how they go. In between and during the workouts, I make sure I eat. I’m consuming at least six, and sometimes up to nine meals per day. Food prep is a huge part of my day. I’m very meticulous with it and control everything I consume (with the exception of going out here and there during the off-season). I ensure I have a protein intake of about one gram per pound of my body weight in the offseason, and higher precontest. Right now, that’s 300 grams. Most people think if you workout you need to eat high protein all the time. You actually don’t need high protein in your diet unless your body is in a deprived state. People often ask me how many carbohydrates I consume, or if I follow a low carb “ketogenic” style diet, so I’ll share that I eat around 700-800 carbs daily.

Speaking of food, what’s your weekly grocery bill like? I usually average out at $300 per week. It’s usually a bit more in the offseason, around $400-500, as during this time I’m allowed to treat myself once in a while to eat out, so I go BIG! How are things on the sponsorship front? Currently, I’m in negotiations with a couple of the larger supplement companies in the industry, but always willing to entertain offers! Sponsorships play an obvious role when it comes to paying the bills. I’m selective when it comes to the sponsors I decide to form partnerships with. It has to be a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone involved has the same goals in mind! In the past, I was sponsored by Muscletech for about eight years, starting when I was 18 years old. At that time, I was their youngest sponsored bodybuilder. I’m actually presently in discussions with them as well.

4 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009

cover story

Favorite book: The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge. It’s an inspiring book about how you can wire and re-wire your brain at any point in your life. Favorite foods: Steak and sushi

Nicknames: Big Ben, Benny, Pakman Date of birth: March 18, 1981

Favorite athlete: I have too many to name just one. Basically, I favor guys who are intense, focused and successful at what they do. Favorite sports outside body building: Football and hockey

Height: 5'10"

Favorite vacation spot: Bahamas. The Gold’s Gym downtown Nassau is like coming home! Turks and Caicos is a close second.

Off-season weighT: 300 lbs. Competition weight: 260 lbs. Initiated: March 31, 2001 School and degree: Western Ontario, economics Favorite movie: The Dark Knight


Photo by: Garry Bartlett

Who are your biggest role models in the sport? There are three guys I consider my role models. The first guy that comes to mind is Lee Priest. Mack’s Gym had his poster on the wall and seeing his physique inspired me to train my body so it would look like him. It’s cool to think that one day I might be competing against him in the future, depending on his circumstances. Current Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler is someone I respect and is a great ambassador for the sport. But my biggest role model in the sport right now is Dorian Yates. I love his physique, his work ethic and attitude. Take us back to your days in university and when you first joined Delta Chi as a Founding Father with the Western Ontario Colony. What impact has Delta Chi had on you? I had a tremendous experience in university. I played on the varsity baseball team as well as stayed active with the fraternity and academics. I decided to become a Delta Chi Founding Father at Western Ontario, and that changed my life. Delta Chi allowed me to meet so many outstanding guys whom I otherwise wouldn’t have ever met. Many of these guys I consider life-long friends. I really appreciate the networking the fraternity’s allowed me to be a part of. I’ll never forget meeting brothers down at the Louisiana Tech Chapter during a football scholarship recruitment trip to Ruston, LA. They welcomed me with open arms and made me value the fraternity even more than I originally thought.

That’s terrific. Looking head, what are your ultimate goals in body building? My short term goal is to be in the top six in the Olympia in the next five years. Ultimately I want to be at the top in this sport, number one in about five to eight years. Hopefully, one day my name will be next to the words “Mr. Olympia.” Just how competitive is it to become Mr. Olympia? You’re committing your entire life to compete for Mr. Olympia. When you think about it, you’re going up against thousands of the world’s best bodybuilders to win one title. Realistically, there are about 10 people in the world that are alive who would be considered candidates for the Olympia title at any point in their lives. I’m confident that I’m one of them.

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered the pioneer of making bodybuilding mainstream and bringing it to the silver screen. Do you see yourself walking down the path of Arnold? If the opportunities arise to do what Arnold did, of course. I want to continue to bridge the gap between body building and mainstream entertainment. The way I see it, any way that I can incorporate body building in the mainstream public is better for the sport. I really want to use my relative fame to help people improve their outlook and direction in life. Anytime I can help someone take a turn for the better, I am more than willing to help. I also want to help with sick children’s hospitals around the word. I have a huge soft spot for those people that just never get a chance to live the way so many of us take for granted. What really interests me is helping people improve their wellness. Outside of my bodybuilding schedule, I set aside time for personal training, nutrition consultations and helping others prepare for bodybuilding contests. I have a number of clients who I work with in Canada as well as the U.S. The internet’s been a great tool for me to share my knowledge south of the border as I consult with a number of Americans by email. Basically, they send me their goals along with photos of themselves. I assess their information then email my recommendations, meal plans, training schedules, etc. I have a pretty deep background in science, biomechanics and nutrition from university, in addition to training certifications, so it’s fun for me to do this on the side.

Fast forward 10 years. Where do you see yourself? I envision myself as a three-time Mr. Olympia, probably getting ready to retire from the sport and make a transition into the business world. Whether it be ventures in bodybuilding, fitness and health, something like that. I’d also consider an acting career. My ongoing life goal is to impact people. I want to earn a reputation as a motivator and bring out the best in people. What advice do you have for your fellow Delta Chis? Always set goals. It’s the one thing that’s changed my life and got me to where I am today. Write your goals down and let nothing stand in your way until you achieve them. You can do anything. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009 5

campus scene ABRACADABRA In an effort to contribute to the community at large, the Chapter is having its first large-scale philanthropy event involving members from the Cal Greek community and student body. The event consisted of teams (of 10) from various sororities who competed against each other in a soccer tournament. The winning team, who will take home half of the event’s proceeds, will donate their winnings to the philanthropic organization of their choice. The other half will be donated to The V foundation. The event was sponsored by local Berkeley companies and restaurants, which provided beverages and food for the tournament’s participants. It also promoted the Abracadabra Chapter to other members of the Greek community and to students across campus.

Delta Chi Berkeley holds its first Annual World Cup Soccer Tournament

ALABAMA The Chapter is extremely proud of the progress it has made in recent years, but in no area has the Chapter been more appreciative than in the field of alumni relations. At the Homecoming celebration for the Fall 2008 football season, Brother Gary Branch and his son, also an Alabama Delta Chi alumnus, made a special presentation of the Chapter meeting records from every meeting beginning in 1927. Additionally, Brother Branch and Brother Ernie Kennamer graciously agreed to donate a safe to the Chapter house for safekeeping of the records. As for recruitment, alumni have offered an unprecedented number of names to the Chapter for both Spring and Fall 2009 classes. As of January, more than 20 gentlemen had been recommended to the Chapter, most notably by Brother Jack Whetstone and Brother Jeff Threlkeld who have sent numerous contacts our way. Also, the Chapter was proud to recruit five gentlemen in the spring, one of whom is the son of Brother Joseph Ritchey. The Chapter is also pleased to be extending its alumni relations in different ways. We made contact with Dr. Jim Parker of Virginia, and are proud to have initiated him in an early April alumni initiation. The Chapter is also proud to welcome both Brother Karl Grindel, alumnus from the Central Missouri Chapter, as well as Brother Alan McClendon, alumnus from the Alabama Chapter, to Tuscaloosa and continue to enthusiastically welcome our Brothers into the Alabama family. The Chapter wishes to recognize its outstanding Alumni Board of Trustees and House Corporation Board, both of which have been vital to our success. 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009

There is simply no better or stronger a resource for advice than those two organizations, and as such the Chapter understands how blessed we are to have such an admirable group of gentlemen assisting in our operations and growth. The University of Alabama Chapter extends a warm invitation to all Brothers, both residents and visitors, to the Tuscaloosa area, and wishes all of our Brothers the best in the coming years. If you are ever in town, please do not hesitate to stop by, as we will always be more than happy to show our Southern hospitality.

APPALACHIAN STATE We are very pleased to announce the initiation of our biggest Associate Member class in recent memory. Eighteen members of the Gamma Gamma class were initiated December 6, adding a crucial driving force for the years to come as our Chapter ages. Both old and many new relationships were continually strengthened during this past fall semester as we worked together for the greater good. No event expressed that more thoroughly than when Region V Regent Mark Schramka offered to write a check to the Jimmy V Foundation in our name. The only stipulation was that we all must shave the our heads. Although some weren’t so consenting, eventually every brother from the Chapter buzzed their heads. The humbling sacrifice from our brothers brought with it unity, and reminded us everyday that our simple act of humility had raised $1,500 for the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research.

ARIZONA On February 28, the Chapter participated in the 2009 Tucson Polar Plunge at Breakers Water Park. We sent 20 members to this philanthropic event, which annually raises money for Special Olympics Arizona. The participants spent the day with some of the athletes and joined in on the “polar plunge.” This is an event where attendees plunge into ice-cold water to raise money and awareness. This spring semester, Delta Chi Arizona took part in Spring Fling with Delta Gamma. Spring Fling is the nation’s largest student run carnival. More than 30,000 people attend the event to enjoy the food, rides and games. This year Spring Fling was a huge success; we celebrated with Delta Gamma throughout the week by hosting themed parties and attending the carnival events. We hosted our annual Father’s weekend this year at the Chapter house. About 60 Dads from all over the globe flew in to meet with their sons for the weekend’s events. Friday night we hosted dinner at the Chapter house and enjoyed the company of our patriarchs that evening. Saturday, we spent the day with our Fathers taking part in basketball, golfing and other daytime activities. That night we went out to dinner to celebrate the last night of our Fathers visit.

ARIZONA STATE In Fall 2008 the majority of our Chapter took a trip to Los Angeles as a brotherhood event to be on the Price is Right. One of our members was called up to be a contestant and won a grill for the house. We couldn’t quite win the big screen television; however, the Price is Right donated

nearly $500 to our Chapter, which we have since donated to the Jimmy V Foundation.

AUBURN The fall was a fun and fulfilling semester for our Chapter. Fall recruitment turned out very well despite the tumbling economy and we are proud to have initiated eight great men. Our brothers and parents organized a house improvement weekend to go along with the renovation of the house. During a huge football rivalry game weekend we put together a car crush philanthropy event to raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation. For the upcoming year we are working hard toward a strong and successful recruitment plan to help rebuild our membership, as well as excelling in everything we do as Brothers and as a Chapter.

BEHREND Community service is just one of the ways we can give back to our community and improve the area in which we live in. This past year we conducted cleanups on our sponsored portion of the highway to ensure a healthy atmosphere. The MLK Thanksgiving dinner is one of the largest ways we can help out. Many families cannot afford a hearty meal on Thanksgiving. With our help, the MLK center provided meals for those who are not as fortunate as we are. In 2008, we recorded 64 hours of community service and are working to top that this year with a variety of different contributions.

CAL POLY The Chapter was nominated for the prestigious North-American Fraternity Conference Award of Distinction. This nomination has greatly impacted our members and has motivated the Chapter to continue to work hard, day-in and day-out. We strive to find innovative ways of living Delta Chi values and incorporating them into our events. Participating in philanthropies, raising our Chapter’s grade point average, excelling in IFC intramural sports, recruiting high numbers and creating strong relations with our University and community. We feel honored and proud to be nominated for this award.


Central Michigan Chapter gathering

We are off and running for the spring semester. The Fraternity started the semester by ushering in a young, new and enthusiastic executive board, replacing the previous executive board consisting of mostly seniors. The Brothers are thrilled to welcome ten new Associate Members into the Brotherhood. After a successful recruitment week that started Feb. 2, the Fraternity took the young

campus scene men who truly wanted more from their college experience: social enhancement, academic achievement, networking and a sense of belonging in our Fraternity’s close bond.

CENTRAL MISSOURI Since Fall 2007 our Chapter has grown from 22 active members to 36, and is looking at having our first full house in four years by Fall 2009. This is a very exciting time to be a brother from UCM with how our recruitment is going and the motivation and excitement for Delta Chi from our active members. Our ABT is doing an outstanding job in helping us along by hosting Exec retreats and programming events for the Chapter. We are a relatively young group of brothers with high hopes for our Chapter in the years to come.

CHICO We are in the rebuilding process with our Chapter. We planned an Alumni Weekend for April 24-26. The Chapter is strong and has more support than ever from our amazing alumni. We are looking forward to countless successes in recruitment, fundraising, philanthropy and all other aspects of bringing the Chapter back to the way we know it can be.

We have been reconnecting to our alumni and have set up events such as a golf tournament at the beginning of May. We have been in a rebuilding stage for the past year working hard to boost numbers and spread the Delta Chi name. We have been hitting recruitment hard in an attempt to gain new members and grow within our community. Our latest formal was spent in Winter Park, a local ski town, in a large spacious cabin. We had a great time as every member attended the event, which truly made it a rewarding experience. During the latest semester, we have been having weekly recruitment events to gain interest in building the bonds of brotherhood. We are expecting a fairly large class for this semester and are hopeful for the future. We have made key improvements that have ultimately strengthened our Chapter internally and have been working hard to fix those internal problems. It has already begun to show as we are getting members excited for Delta Chi, reinvigorating the system to make sure that all members are proud to be a part of the Delta Chi Brotherhood.



is Cortland’s winter festival that is used to help raise money for local kids. We contributed by raising money for the local firefighters through the use of a dunk tank with below zero temperatures. We have made great strides in the Cortland community clocking in a whopping one hundred hours. Also during the spring semester, we had very prosperous Rush weeks. Events included a spaghetti dinner, chicken wing night and an intense ping-pong tournament. Earlier in the year we travelled to Ithaca for a day of paintballing. It was one of the most exciting and entertaining brotherhood events our Chapter has ever had. It is amazing to see that when Delta Chi is mentioned in the Cortland community, the first thing that comes to mind is our brotherhood and community service. Great advances have also been made in regards to the Cortland Chapter Web site. Active members, alumni and all those who are interested should visit the site at: www. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication our brothers have put forth in our relatively short time as a Chapter. It is wonderful to see that success truly can be achieved through commitment, teamwork and brotherhood. We continue to strongly bond together and we also continue to learn from not only our successes, but also our mistakes. We look forward to growth and new experiences in the many years that our Chapter has to come.

The Chapter is preparing our spring philanthropy, the Delta Chi V-olleyball tournament supporting The V Foundation. The Chapter has solicited local businesses to donate prizes, including sunglasses, sandals and swimwear for the winning team. We are expecting 64 teams of five students from the Greek community to come out to the YMCA for a day of sun, live music and volleyball. “This is an excellent opportunity for us to raise money for a good cause and work on our tans at the same time,” Philanthropy Chair Tony Morracco said. This is the first year we are having this event and look forward to making the V-olleyball tournament an annual highlight on the Greek social calendar.


Brothers and Alumni get together

There has been a vast amount of changes in the past few semesters, as we have migrated from our initial Chapter house and are now basing operations within a few different annex houses. Our Chapter has instilled goals and internal values that we are building on. We have been working closely with Greek life and other Fraternities and Sororities to establish a place for ourselves on this campus as a prominent Fraternity.

Chapter brothers gather for a photo

Our Chapter has made strides to become more involved within the campus community. Recently, eight brothers took part in the University’s annual HuskyTHON Dance Marathon for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. These eight brothers stood and danced for 18 consecutive hours, while 20 others volunteered at the event. Our Chapter was recognized with an award for top fundraising Fraternity for the event. These selfless Brothers endured a challenge that bolstered their character and made apparent their fortune. Annually, the University has a ceremony to acknowledge those who stand out within the Greek community. During the banquet, our Chapter received four of the six awards we applied for. Troy Lipp, former “A”, “E”, and rush chairman, was honored with “Outstanding Greek Senior.” Mark Fitzgerald, our Alumni Board of Trustees president, was given the accolade of “Most Outstanding Alumnus.” In addition, Ryan Barone, the Chapter’s BB, was awarded with “Best Chapter Advisor.” Finally, the Chapter received the accolade of “Most Outstanding Philanthropic Efforts.”

CORTLAND The Chapter has recently seen great success and achievements in regards to community service, rush, brotherhood and our Web site. During the spring semester we attended the annual Cortland “Chill-A-Bration” event. The “Chill-A-Bration” event

The JM McDonald Sports Complex’s annual “Chill-a-bration” carnival event

DAVIS Although Davis Delta Chi had witnessed a couple of sluggish quarters in terms of brotherhood, newly appointed brotherhood chair Ozzy Arce managed to rejuvenate bonds within the Fraternity with a revitalized brotherhood program. Most recently Brother Arce organized our Chapter’s most successful brotherhood event of the year – hosting a Super Bowl event at the Delta Chi house catered by his family’s market. The event began with a pre-kickoff football tournament between Actives and Associate Members and ended with a Super Bowl viewing in the main living room of our newly furnished house. The event not only managed to bolster brotherhood bonds among actives but also re-enlisted alumni support with many of the recently graduated alumni dropping by to meet the actives. It was by far the most successful event in terms of both attendance and brother approval. We look forward to maintaining strong bonds within the Fraternity and alumni with many future events!

EAST STROUDSBURG This semester has brought the Colony several changes. The first change was implementing Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009 7

campus scene a newly appointed E-Board consisting of Mike Kelly “A”, John Carroll “B”, Dan Eichner “C”, Chris Wygant “D”, Joe Tubioli “E”, and Joe Sorice “F”. The Colony had also acquired its second largest associate member class consisting of eight men. In addition, the Colony appointed Josh Hmelak as the new “AMC”. The Colony had also received back its first copy of the chartering packet, only to see much work is still ahead. The main goal of the Colony this semester was to have a large Associate Member class to revise and finalize our second attempt at the chartering packet. After receiving our first copy of the chartering packet back for revisions, it was clear to the members we would have to work much harder this semester to become a striving Delta Chi Chapter. Once we received the chartering packet back, the Colony organized a chartering committee to aid in making revisions to it. After the revisions were made to the chartering packet, the chartering committee emailed copies of the chartering packet to the Colony’s “BB” and ABT President for a final review before submitting it to Delta Chi. The Colony’s second attempt at becoming a Chapter was submitted February 25. Currently, we are focusing on ways to raise money for The V Foundation. On March 21, we voted to have our first coin shake at Quick Check in Rockaway, New Jersey. Also in the works is a barbecue and quad game that will be hosted on the quad that will benefit The V Foundation and promote Delta Chi positively throughout campus.


by Oklahoma “BB” Patrick Weber, and a keynote speech by William Merlin (’80). The event was a great success and we look forward to hosting it for years to come.


FULLERTON From saving lives by donating blood at local blood banks to setting high standards of class size during the usually sluggish Spring semester, the Chapter set out on a mission to not only increase Chapter size but to also increase community involvement. To do this, the brothers, led by brother and Rush Chairman Javier Mariscol, introduced themselves and Delta Chi in the Titan Walk to other undergraduates, which allowed for enough of an interest to motivate them to visit the house. We bid 27 undergraduates while the average campus Fraternity was only able to bid 10 prospects. We knew we were in a league of our own. After having an eye opening conference with Josh Orendi, CEO of Phired Up Productions, the brothers present saw that their exceptional growth is sparking attention in the national level. From the conference, the brothers understood we were not only building the foundation for a great Delta Chi Chapter, but were also building the standard of what a Fraternity has the potential of doing and becoming on the West Coast.

Florida Chapter pose with National Championship Skin.

8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009


Our main focus for the Fall ’08 semester was community service as our brothers logged a total of more than 250 hours of community service. We spent an entire day cleaning up Zoar Valley National Park in New York. We also participated in many marches on campus such as “Take Back the Night” to support the end of sexual abuse. To cap off the semester, all of the brothers participated in “Miracle on Main Street” to benefit children in need during the winter holidays. Many of us dressed up as reindeer and elves as well as one Santa. The brothers were also able to donate more than $350 in toys for the children.


On February 20-21, the Chapter had its annual Founders’ Day weekend to celebrate the 1926 founding at the University of Florida. The alumni weekend began with a meet-and-greet for alumni and the Brothers. Saturday morning, the Chapter had a wide-ranging discussion led by “A” Michael Garitty and alumnus Todd Caraway (’94). The discussion focused on recruitment, living in the house, academics, traditions and a few funny stories from the past. One of the highlights of the weekend was the return of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Allen (’50), U.S. Air Force (Ret.), for his first visit since graduation. Lieutenant Colonel Allen shared countless stories about his time at the University of Florida when it was a male-only campus as well as his service in the Air Force. The weekend culminated with the Founders’ Day Banquet with history displays, slideshows, a history reading by Russ Driscoll (’57, Order of the White Carnation), the announcement by “D” Daniel Thompson that the Chapter will host the 2010 Region VII Leadership Conference, the presentation of a National Championship skin

We look forward to the rest of the semester and will continue to strive for excellence as the Chapter of Delta Chi at GMU.

Brothers gather for a picture after the Gamma class initiation.

Hard work and commitment has continued to drive our Chapter. Since colonizing in Spring 2007, we have excelled and continued to grow. Our 27 Founding Fathers began the tradition of Delta Chi at GMU, and since then, we have initiated 30 more men into the brotherhood. Spring 2009 marked our greatest accomplishment thus far. We are proud to have reached one of our major goals, as we chartered in April 2009. Our chartering banquet was at the Waterford in Northern Virginia where we were excited to be sharing this success with everyone who attended.

AMC Pablo, “A” Cody, “C” Rob, and “D” Will ride the Delta Chi float on campus during the Pioneers’ Homecoming Day Parade.

Not too long ago, the Hayward Chapter limped by with just two active members. Our Chapter now has 11 active and four associate members with a huge recruitment push scheduled for the Spring Quarter. We have taken new strides to show our commitment to brotherhood, social responsibility, and pride in our Chapter and school. Just recently we participated in our University’s homecoming parade. The event proved to both a brotherhood-bonding event and an opportunity to put our name out for the students to recognize (and possibly become future brothers). Together we decorated a brother’s truck with Delta Chi banners, red and yellow paint, and the Delta Chi Flag. Later that night we all went to support our basketball team and our fellow brother who was running for homecoming king (and we WON BOTH!). Although we may be a small Chapter we have big ambitions, big heart, and a strong brotherhood.

HUNTSVILLE For Spring 2009, one of the topics the Chapter is most proud of is our improvement in the number of brotherhood events. Our talented and motivated brotherhood chairman, Ting Zheng, has put together an event schedule for the Spring that has greatly increased the brotherhood among the members of the Fraternity. Some of these events, such as movie night and karaoke night every other week, double as rush events and have brought numerous quality Associate Members to our organization. Some of the other events that have been planned for brothers only include spelunking, canoeing, meal nights and fishing trips. Our hat goes off to our brotherhood committee for making these events one of many reasons that we can enjoy the college and Fraternity experience with Delta Chi.

IOWA In conjunction with the renovation of our Chapter house, the Chapter is honoring a man who made a significant contribution to Delta Chi and the University of Iowa. A renovated lounge will be named the Michael New Memorial Library in honor of New who served as “A” in 1963. Michael’s involvement with Delta Chi continued after he received a B.A. in Journalism in 1964 as he served as a member of the Alumni Board of Trustees for many years. Michael is remembered by his Fraternity brothers as an honest, authentic,

campus scene thoughtful leader who cared deeply about Delta Chi. He served as President of the University of Iowa Foundation from 1998 to 2005, and under his direction the Foundation raised more than one billion dollars in the record setting “Good, Better, Best Iowa Campaign.” New died of cancer in April 2006. The library will be completed by August 2009. French doors have been installed to separate the library from other common areas on the first floor of the Chapter house. The room – which will be painted, refurnished and technologically upgraded – will provide a quiet, attractive area for members to study and meet. Current plans are to dedicate the library on October 10 following the Iowa–Michigan football game. The Michael New Library will enhance the college experience of Iowa Delta Chis and serve as an enduring tribute to a man that personified many of the qualities and values embraced by his Fraternity.

University of Iowa Alumnus Michael New


the chartering of the Kettering-A Chapter of Delta Chi. Alumni from around the state (and even country) came to celebrate this momentous, oncein-a-lifetime occasion with us. Unfortunately, our banquet did not occur as planned, but members, alumni and their families enjoyed a fun-filled day outdoors with plenty of hot dogs, baseball, volleyball and general fun. A lot of our newer members got to meet alumni that they had only heard of, and some alumni reconnected with brothers they had not seen since graduation. It was especially enjoyable for the undergraduate members to hear the exploits and lore from the alumni members. These ten years have seen a lot of ups and downs. We’ve had a Chapter size below six and a Chapter size of above twenty. We’ve gone from near bankruptcy to easily making rent and throwing multiple parties a term. We’ve gone from being just another set of letters on campus to becoming recognizable as “the Delta Chis.” We’ve begun the installation of a projector with a 12-foot screen in our house – something that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. We’ve worked hard to get where we are today – a 23-man, dry Chapter on a small campus with ten other fraternities. We have members involved in all aspects of the school, from IFC to student government to student clubs to having RAs in the dorms. We had more than 100 people at our completely dry, traditional LAN party, even with a wet party across the street. Faculty and staff have come to recognize our letters as a Greek organization they can depend on for community service, campus leadership and to be a positive force of role models on campus. We couldn’t be more proud of our members – from donating hundreds of hours a term to mentor FIRST robotics, traveling abroad to Africa to assist in bringing clean water to rural villages or working countless hours behind the scenes for a charity concert and awards ceremony during the summer term. We’ve volunteered to valet park cars to raise money for Jimmy V in the middle of the winter, and we take great pride in donating to our philanthropy.

Fraternity Bowl victors

Last semester on October 31, we played our annual Fraternity bowl against Acacia. The Fraternity bowl has been a tradition on the campus for more than 20 years. Delta Chi came away victorious, winning 21-14. We are currently preparing to win our eighth-straight Greek Week competition this spring. We also have a strong, new Associate Member class that is preparing numerous new philanthropy projects for the house.

We’ve grown to be well-recognized on campus, and we take great pride in identifying ourselves as men of Delta Chi. We’re looking forward to continuing our tradition of excellence, scholarship and justice for a long time coming.


the brainchild of last year’s Executive Board and carried to fruition by the Philanthropy Committee chaired by Justin Stenger ’10. With our new pledge to raise $5,000 by the 2010 Convention, it was important to create another philanthropic event to reach this goal. The Miss Jimmy V Pageant was supported by more than ten local and national businesses that donated products and services to help make the event a success. More than $400 of the products and services were raffled off in conjunction with the event. Twelve different women representing different student organizations competed for the title of Miss Jimmy V. The contestants were judged on their performance in five categories: question and answer, winter wear, testimonial from a friend, talent and formal wear. The talent and testimonial categories were the most creative and entertaining on the part of the participants. We raised more than $800 for The V Foundation and started a new Lake Forest tradition that will be enjoyed for years to come.


Chapter brothers gather for a photo

Our house is a full apartment complex with eight apartments, 16 bedrooms and a lower-level basement. The basement contains an esteemed Chapter common room. The Chapter room is large enough to have major events with a capacity of about 100 people and is the place of our weekly business meeting. The Chapter room has gone through many improvements and temporary additions through the years. For a sorority exchange with Sigma Kappa, we dressed like cowboys. The most recent addition has made a lasting impression on the Chapter and has remained permanent since September 2008, the most recent notoriously spectacular annual toga party Grape Stomp. It was a huge success due to the stage that harnessed thousands of grapes. It was the center of attention. Built by Brother Dustin Durant and his assistant brothers, the stage has remained in the Chapter room for quite some time. It has been refurbished with extra wood and has been painted black.



Audience watches the 1993 ESPY Speech that started the V Foundation. Ten Years on Campus

Summer 2008 marked the tenth anniversary of

We hosted the inaugural Miss Jimmy V Beauty Pageant and Talent Show on December 4, 2008 in the Mohr Student Center. The new event was

This spring, we are having our third annual Homerun Derby. Each year we have built on our success from the previous year. In the past two years we have raised thousands of dollars for the American Liver Foundation. We are very excited about holding it this year for many reasons… one being that the proceeds will be going to the Jimmy V. Foundation this year.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009 9

campus scene MARSHALL

Marshall brothers celebrate Chartering

After four-and-a-half years of hard work by many men, our Colony is finally a becoming a Chapter. On January 22, we received word that our chartering application had been approved. Unified by the news, brothers and close friends gathered at the Chapter house to celebrate. Soon however, we set our focus on the next task – our chartering banquet. Committees were quickly formed and brothers spent hours securing a location, making invitations and finalizing other aspects of the event. Once again on April 25, close friends, family and alumni came together with the brothers to celebrate the accomplishment. Dave Benton from WSAZ was a masterful emcee and Region VI Regent Marquez Brown delivered an inspiring keynote speech. Now as a Chapter, we have earned the respect of our peers in the Greek community and continue to improve upon ourselves. Our goal is to continue building an honored reputation for the Delta Chi Fraternity and become the benchmark for all other Greek organizations on campus.


Brothers prepare to jump into freezing cold water for the Polar Plunge at Whitmore Lake.

The Chapter recently volunteered at the Saline Area Recreation Center for the annual Middle School Lock-In. Brothers entertained middleschool students with a fun night of basketball and video games. The Chapter’s major event occurred on February 7, when Delta Chi traveled to Whitmore Lake to participate in the Law Enforcement Torch Run Polar Plunge to benefit the Michigan Special Olympics. The Polar Plunge event involves the very fun and wild tradition of hurling one’s body into freezing cold water in a frozen lake, all in the name of philanthropy. The Delta Chi Chapter helped publicize the event at the University of Michigan and the surrounding Ann Arbor area and successfully organized the local philanthropy into the first annual Polar Plunge Inter-Greek Challenge. Delta Chi brought 40 brothers (11 of whom 10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009

jumped) to the Plunge which attracted more than 200 people and helped raise more than $4,500. Of that total, $1,500 was contributed by Delta Chi and our Greek Week partners, Alpha Gamma Delta. Delta Chi continued to win the travelling trophy which goes to the Michigan Fraternity or sorority with the highest percentage of participation. The total Polar Plunge philanthropy, which occurs at several different frozen lakes every year, raised more than $140,000 and there are plans to bring next year’s local Plunge to the University of Michigan’s North Campus. Coming up later in the semester is Relay For Life, another exciting philanthropy for which the Chapter expects to perform well.


in total were at the dinner, making for a lively and welcoming audience for all that came.

MISSOURI Every year, the University of Missouri-Columbia puts on a campus-wide philanthropy event called Rockin’ Against Multiple Sclerosis, or RAMS. The event is one of the largest campus-wide philanthropies in the nation. The philanthropy is used to bring awareness about Multiple Sclerosis to the campus. Our Chapter competed in the event this year. Some of the events include Speakers, Cup Night (or canning), Service Day, Jail-N-Bail in the Student Union, Comedy Night and the main event, “Rock-It,” (a lip-syncing contest). Competing against several other fraternities, many with more than 100 members, our 21-member Chapter competed very well, including winning Best Banner and finishing third in Rock-It. The Chapter finished fourth out of 11 Fraternities, giving recognition to our small but up-and-coming Chapter.


Brothers after receiving Lacchia Merit Award

Every spring, we host a rewarding event known as Scholarship Dinner, which is an event that sets Delta Chi at a higher standard from other Chapters at Michigan State. We are the only Chapter on campus to reward active brothers with numerous scholarships while hosting a steak dinner. This year’s dinner took place on February 25. The first scholarship we reward is a very special scholarship for our brothers and alumni. This award is known as the Daniel Mark Castaneda Scholarship, awarded in honor and memory of Dan Castaneda, who passed away in 2005. Qualities of the recipient represent loyalty, dedication and outstanding brotherhood – they same way “Danza” represented himself as a Delta Chi. This year’s recipients were Dan Waslawski and Adam Stichter. Another scholarship given out to active members is the Lacchia Merit Award, named after Joseph Lacchia. This scholarship takes grade point average, Chapter and campus involvement, as well as living in the house into consideration. Because of the dedication of many brothers currently living in the house, this scholarship was rewarded to five brothers. These brothers were Jordan Simon, Kevin Nystuen, Matt Knill, T.J. Downey and Dan Waslawski. These gentlemen bleed red and buff, not only in the house, but also throughout the community. The final scholarship awarded at the dinner is the Stuart Jeffares Business Scholarship. This scholarship is for business majors only and is applied for through Michigan State University. This year’s recipient of the scholarship was Ryan Merritt. Scholarship dinner was a huge success yet again this year, with alumni and brothers coming together to reflect and remember. About 90 people

Montevallo Chapter gathering

We have added 5,600 square feet to our house in the last two years. This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our alumni. We would like to particularly thank Bill Jones, John Doggett, Brian Hayes, Scott Settles, Brian Doyle and the many more who helped with the house addition. We would also like to send a very special thanks to our retiring adviser OJ Carson. OJ has been with us since the founding of our Chapter in 1972 and will remain on in a minor capacity. He announced his retirement to us earlier this semester. Honestly there is nothing that we could say or do to thank him for his many years of service, but we will be honoring him at our annual alumni Pig Roast.


Brothers competing in “Step Sing” competition

Each year, our brothers compete in a campuswide competition called Step Sing to raise money for United Way. Step Sing allows recognized student organizations the opportunity to dance and sing on stage in front of a sold out audience. Each ticket sold is a contribution toward helping United Way. It is a major

campus scene local event that provides unique, yet thrilling, entertainment. Due to the talent of all the recognized student organizations on campus, our brothers worked hard at developing a quality routine. Each night for one month, our brothers dedicated two hours to design a successful show. Our Colony combined modern song melodies with our own personalized lyrics to explain Greek Life and United Way. All groups were limited to a specific theme and Delta Chi decided to perform “Let Your Greek Light Shine.” At the end of the performance, Delta Chi helped contribute more than $10,000 to the United Way. We were fortunate to win second place in the Men’s Division. Our brothers have competed in Step Sing on three separate occasions and have received awards twice. We enjoy coming together and participating in this event on a yearly basis.

NORTHERN ARIZONA We are currently planning a field day event for the local Flagstaff Elementary Schools. We will be using the fields on north campus to have kickball and tee ball games. Food and drink vendors, carnival games, a police squad car, SWAT team displays, activities with local and campus police departments and the Flagstaff Fire Department… complete with a fire engine display. This event will hopefully get the Flagstaff community involved with campus events as well as Greek life as a whole. We can’t wait to get this event started and hopefully make it our big philanthropy of the spring semester.

and students from the University came out and got a chance to show off their musical talent to the crowd at our house. The Ohio State singers and songwriters club came to the event along with members of other Greek organizations on campus to support the cause. From door admissions, the Colony raised more than $200 for Jimmy V. The event was a great success and there has been interest in having it again in the spring.

OREGON STATE Recently, our Chapter had the 2009 Delta Chi Regional Leadership Conference. The gathering brought nearly 80 Delta Chis from the region. The Conference consisted of various activities, most notably the Phired Up! presentation which had everyone totally phired up! The presentation was designed to motivate members to recruit more men more effectively. Since the presentation, we have been trying to incorporate the techniques we learned into our own way of recruitment. During the conference, our alumnus Jeremy Bishop became the Region I Regent. We are very proud of him and would like to congratulate him on his achievement.


NORTHWEST MISSOURI The Northwest Missouri Chapter is very lucky to have such a dedicated and involved “BB.” Hamilton Henderson has been with the Chapter for 20 years. Ham’s story with Delta Chi started when he came to college and looked to join a fraternity with his friends. The fraternity his friends joined wouldn’t give Ham a bid because he is African American. Delta Chi offered Ham a chance to join a Brotherhood of a Lifetime, not worrying about his appearance, but concentrating on the person he is. Delta Chi followed through with its promise of a brotherhood of lifetime. Ham has watched over and advised the Northwest Missouri Chapter the past 20 years. He has been there for the good and prominent times, but most importantly, he has never abandoned us through the challenging and difficult times. Without a doubt our Chapter would not be the same without Ham. It could be argued that the Chapter may not even exist today if it wasn’t for this man. At the 2009 Region IV Regional Leadership Conference at South Dakota State, Ham was honored for his years of service to Delta Chi. Hamilton Henderson was the first ever recipient of the Regent Emeritus Award, for not only his work at Northwest Missouri, but the difference he has made for the chapters and colonies in Region IV. Our Chapter would like everyone to know the immense gratitude we have for Ham and hope to share in the love he has given to Delta Chi.

OHIO STATE On January 22, the Colony hosted its first ever open mic night for the Jimmy V foundation. Brothers

Brothers gathered at their 2008 Christmas Dinner Date Party

We left 2008 in style by having our annual Christmas Dinner Date Party. Traditionally, this event is at the house, but attendance was so high that we needed to rent space. Everyone put a lot of effort into making the food, decorating and setting up. It resulted in a fantastic time. We entered Spring 2009 with a ton of momentum for recruitment, and it most certainly paid off. The current class is 16 men, which is more than three times as many as the average recruitment for other Greek organizations for this term. We also sponsored a dancer for the yearly Pitt Dance Marathon; helping to raise more than $50,000 for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center.


“Dodge This” event with Alpha Chi Omega

This past semester has been an eventful one for us. Delta Chi has grown to be one of the largest fraternities in numbers. However, most importantly we have done our best to raise funds for Jimmy V. In October we collaborated with Alpha Chi Omega

to host our annual “Dodge This” event. “Dodge This” was an all-day dodge ball tournament for all Greeks to compete in to raise money for Jimmy V. The event was a huge success. We raised a lot of money and helped make Greek life at Rutgers a stronger community. In late November, we hosted a karaoke night dubbed “Sing for the Cure” with Zeta Tau Alpha at our Chapter house. It was another huge success throughout the campus. We had a large contingent of Greeks who helped raise money for Jimmy V. This past semester, we were able to raise more than $2,000 for Jimmy V through our two events and other hard work. It is safe to say this next semester will be even better since plans are in the works for an all-day basketball tournament and eventually a Delta Chi field day.

SOUTH DAKOTA STATE Throughout the past eight years, our Chapter has held either the President or the Vice President positions in our Students’ Association Senate. Also, newly elected Student Body President Matt Tollefson and Vice President Michael Kendall are both members of our Chapter. To go along with that, our SA Senate consists of 12 Delta Chi members out of the 24 seats available. One of our members was in charge of planning the South Dakota State-athon, which is a one-day event that raised more than $30,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. This year, our Chapter sponsored the winner of the Mr. South Dakota State University contest. We have won the Spirit Cup competition for Homecoming week two years in a row. Our Chapter contains members holding executive positions for many different student organizations found at SDSU. We encourage members to take on leadership roles, and we ask that each member attend at least one meeting from an organization outside of Delta Chi. The next area we strive for excellence in is International Travel. One of our Chapter traditions is to send a group of brothers to Benin, Africa each summer, where they sing the bond song on the rooftop of the same hotel each year. Furthermore, a group of our brothers traveled farther north than any road will take you, into the Arctic Circle, where they left a geocache for Delta Chi. On the other side of the world, one of our brothers had an internship with the National Science Foundation, where he traveled to Antarctica and performed various research projects. One of our members traveled to Asia, where he studied the culture and the educational styles taught there. Also, one of our members has accepted an internship working with a United States embassy in Europe. Members of the South Dakota State University Chapter have been to every continent on our planet. Finally, we place emphasis on personal development, primarily through internship. One of the best things we do for personal development is the Sir Edward Coke Leadership Society. Through this organization, we invite leaders from the area to speak to us regarding various topics. Some of our speakers include the CEO and Founder of Daktronics, the mayor of Brookings, SD, the Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota, and the mayor of Sioux Falls, SD. Beyond the Sir Edward Coke Leadership Society, we use Financial Peace University to educate our members about personal finances and responsibility. We also Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009 11

campus scene worked with the Alpha Xi Delta Chapter on our campus to provide presentations for our members. This year, we have members with internships in Illinois, Washington, Minnesota, Nevada and several other states.

University and continue to enhance it each year and raise more money to support cancer research.




Tri-State Chapter Family Weekend

Monday Night “Movie Night”

This school year, we created a weekly Monday evening social event. Each week, our Chapter hosts “Movie Night” in our front yard. The Chapter sets up our 90-inch screen and HD projector outside in the warm Southern California weather. We arrange our couches around our two large fire pits and serve both cider and hot chocolate while the movie is showing. In addition, we have Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers to make s’mores over the fires. We choose from a variety of movies, typically comedies or something else lighthearted and fun. We’ve found these Monday Movie Nights to be a great way to socialize with members of sororities and our friends, as well as a relaxing way to end the first day of the week.


Chapter Members and ABT together after ABT Meeting

SYRACUSE On February 28, we had our second annual “D-Chi Cup” broomball tournament. Philanthropy Chairman Brandon Anderson and his committee members Tim Wilke and Blake Rong took the event to new heights and created the most successful philanthropy since our founding. Brothers reached out to local businesses and obtained sponsors, directed participants at the event, coached and cheered teams in the sorority division. Overall, 24 Fraternity teams and eight Sorority teams signed up and were excited to play as we raised money for the Jimmy V Foundation. With this unique event, we continue to build our presence on campus while supporting a worthy cause. Our goal is to make the D-Chi Cup an institution at Syracuse 12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009

being a new approach to the philanthropy. We were able to get sponsors of local businesses and Greek organizations come out and support the cause. We raised about $680 for the first time, and want to continue to make this event an annual tradition.

Not too long after being pinned as Associate Members of Delta Chi, the 15 Associate Members decided to plan their own philanthropy event. With a little creativity, they decided to host a “Fight Cancer by Eating Italian” dinner. The Associate Members sold tickets to the event in the prior weeks at the University Center, and then had plenty of brothers attend the event. Their main course was baked mostaccioli and had a great brownie desert donated from the sorority Alpha Sigma Tau. With several friends and fellow Greek students the event was able to raise more than $300 for the Jimmy V Foundation.

UNLV The special achievement our Chapter would like to highlight is helping to raising more than $600,000 for the Opportunity Village. Opportunity Village is a not-for-profit organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities by providing them with vocational training, employment and social recreation services that make their lives more productive and interesting. Through Opportunity Village’s programs and services, hundreds of people with disabilities are learning vocational skills and being placed in jobs throughout the community. We helped the Opportunity Village open their new campus. The event was called “You are the missing piece.” Our Brothers rode scooters around the campus giving tours. This event helped raise more than $45,000. We also helped Opportunity Village put on the fourth annual Las Vegas Great Santa Run 5K. This event saw more than 6,000 people come together to raise money for this great organization. The Great Santa Run raised over $300,000 for Opportunity Village. The final event our Brothers participated in was the Magical Forest. The Magical Forest is a wonderful experience for kids of all ages. From the moment you enter you are enchanted by the sights and sounds of the holiday season. From strolling through decorated trees and displays to photos with Santa and nightly entertainment, there is something for everyone. This is by far the biggest event the Opportunity Village puts on every year. This event also raised about $300,000 for the education of people with intellectual disabilities. We hope to continue our work with the wonderful organization in the coming months as they offer such events as the Celebrity Poker Tournament, O-Vino wine tasting and Come Together.

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH This past fall we had a new philanthropy for the Jimmy V foundation and it was a big success for

This fall, the Chapter hosted our annual formal dinner to benefit the Paris White Foundation for water safety. It was a three-course meal prepared by our cook and other men of the Chapter. Sororities and University staff were invited to attend the dinner. Following the dinner, there was a presentation that was given by the White family to raise awareness of the importance of water safety. In total we raised $3,000 this fall for the foundation and donations have been steadily growing each year we have sponsored this philanthropy.

WEST GEORGIA E-Board members brother Hoai Trinh and brother Andrew Cooper were both selected for Orientation Leader position for the Summer 2009. Brother Cooper was also elected for the Vice President of PR for IFC in the 2009-2010 school year. Brother Trinh will also be the new Vice President of the Student Government Association. We recently initiated six new brothers and three alumni members in Fall 2008. Our Father and Son Day was a huge success with 25 fathers coming to visit. We hope our Mother and Son Day will experience similar success.

WEST VIRGINIA TECH We had a 3-on-3 basketball tournament this semester for the Jimmy V Foundation. It is $10 a person with a maximum of four players to a team. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation. This is the first year that we have attempted this type of an event. We are hoping that this will grow every year.


Brothers gathering outside of 105 Indian Springs

This Fall 2009 semester will mark our Chapter’s first appearance on Fraternity Row in Unit G. Three brothers will continue to live at 105 Indian Springs but it will no longer be considered our unofficial house. The building will be shared with KA and we will have full use of the dance floor and basement. We will also be allowed to hang our letters and paint a mural on our floor. This marks the first time since our chartering that we have had official, on-campus housing.

campus scene WILMINGTON

Brothers working hard to stock the shelves at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

The Colony of the Delta Chi Fraternity has recently begun another endeavor to help in our community. We have teamed up with a local food bank called

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. This organization, located in the heart of downtown Wilmington, NC, collects and distributes nonperishable food items to the hungry and needy of Wilmington and the surrounding areas. The Brothers have begun dedicating their time and efforts on Saturday mornings to help unpack boxes, move items and stock the shelves of the food bank. The average attendance to these Saturday morning events at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard has been about 15-20 Brothers. We are continuing our efforts to ensure that each and every individual in the area without food can come to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard and receive a hot meal. Our goal for the semester is to maintain our close ties with the Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard by not only dedicating hours to help them stock shelves, but also take our own steps in collecting canned goods for their cause.

Delta chis at war. We Salute You! navy


CPT Brian Farester, Edinboro ’93 (left) with SGT Paul Gamble while regrouping after going through IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

1LT Alexander Hain, Ohio State ’05 (middle) currently serves as a Platoon leader. He is assigned to train Iraqi Army in southern Iraq.

national guard ENS Cory Hardy pictured as he operates an inline eductor, and at a recent gunshot with one of his Gunner’s Mates.

If anyone knows of a brother at war, please send his name and email address to: Brother Raymond Borelli Note: This is only a partial list of the Men at War. More will be added in the next issue.

Brian McDonald, Mississippi State ’03

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009 13

campus scene alumni Region IX Regional Leadership Conference Steve Bossart, Retiring “AA”; Congressman John Mica, Florida ’67; Tom Horowitz, “AA”; and Miles Washburn, “CC”

Omar Morales, Hayward ’98 Omar Morales (Hayward ’98) was recently chosen as the winner in the inaugural Comic Book Hero contest. The comic book was titled: “CruZader: Secret Agent of the Vatican”.

alumni, be sure to submit your accomplishments! Mail your information to: The Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters c/o: Keeping in Touch, PO Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244-1817 or e-mail:

farewell & parting These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. ARIZONA

James T Mooney ’51, December 1, 2008


Albert C Ungerer ’65, March 7, 2007


James D Bassage ’35, February 2, 2007


James E Smith ’50, July 18, 2008 Arthur F Gardner ’66, November 28, 2008 Stephen D Williams ’67, February 15, 2009


Albert C. Labriola, Alumnus, March 11. 2009



Paul H Miller ’67, December 6, 2008 James P Wesley ’50, December 15, 2008



Coe T Swift ’33, May 22, 2008 William H Schmidt ’49, December 7, 2008 Rodney L Reppe ’52, November 26, 2008

Samuel T Raynor ’53, February 15, 2008 Allan E Granger ’55, November 27, 2008 Richard H Flodin ’57, April 20, 2008


J John Battaglia ’94, December 6, 2008

TROY STATE Charles T. Meeks ’76, March 5, 2009



Charles J Sharp ’05, January 31, 2009

Dennis J Dombrowski ’83, January 2, 2009



Fredrick B Hammert ’60, December 13, 2008


Kenneth E McFarland ’54, November 23, 2008


Floyd J Lyne ’48, December 25, 2008



Paul W Williamson ’50, January 10, 2009

Craig H Pendleton ’09, November 26, 2008



Lyle A Frazier ’32, December 23, 2008 Corwin C Biehl ’42, November 22, 2008

James P Henke ’70, December 28, 2008


Olgah T Liles ’32, November 23, 2008 John D O’Steen ’72, January 30, 2009

14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2009

J Don Hartfelder ’52, January 23, 2007 Grayson D Cook ’60, October 14, 2008


John A Miller ’92, February 17, 2009

Frank Deitz ’50, November 27, 2008



Edward D. Bush ’05, January 18, 2009

WASHINGTON Don G Abel ’39, December 13, 2008 Larry L Van Dyke ’60, November 19, 2008

WASHINGTON STATE Roy W Eslick ’43, December 25, 2008

WESTERN MICHIGAN Gary H Cain ’63, October 7, 2008 Timothy R O’Donnell ’95, December 17, 2008

WHITEWATER Chad D Ludwig ’94, January 16, 2009

keeping in touch American


Berry, on December 23, 2008.

July 23, 2008.

Martin Rahmani ’07 has started his own business, Capital Petty Cabs.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Donald Mear ’98, a son, Oliver Sebastian Mear, on January 14, 2009.

Chandler Bergeron ’04, married to Kristin Ratliff on September 27, 2008.

Alexander Rinkus ’08, First job, a research associate at The CropLife Foundation.

Kansas State

Brandon Zeringue ’04, married to June Chauvin on November 7, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Shawn Nesser ’97, a son Nicolas Nesser, on October 3, 2008.

Appalachian State Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Gresehover ’02, a son, Brady Ross Gresehover, on December 5, 2008.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Matt Charvat ’99, a daughter, Lilly Elizabeth Charvat, on September 15, 2008.

Kent State

John Van Huffel Kent State `93 promoted to Lt Colonel, United States Air Force as of November 1, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Brad Snuggs ’02, a daughter, Shelby Grace Snuggs, on December 22, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Brett Norris ’07, a daughter, Aurora Norris, on January 27, 2009.

Ball State

Born to Brother and Mrs. John Melton ’00, a daughter, Noxie Ann Melton, on December 7, 2008.

Arriving home to Brother and Mrs. Patrick Alderdice ’92, a daughter, Emily Ruth Alderdice on February 19, 2009.

Cal Poly Born to Brother and Mrs Eric Booen ’04, a son, Brody “MadDog” Booen, on January 12, 2009.

Chico Arriving home to Brother and Mrs. Kyle Jones ’01, a daughter, Bryn Pauline Jones on December 9, 2008.

Depauw Russ Newton ’99, married to Lindsay Larson on September 27, 2008.

Duquesne Corey Murphy ’06, married to Cathy Rheam on December 31, 2008.

Ferris State Born to Brother and Mrs. Josh Fisher ’01, a daughter, Morgan Elizabeth on January 15, 2009.

Fullerton Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Costner ’77, a son, Hayes Logan Costner on February 12, 2009.

George Mason Patrick Quarles ’08, married to Stephanie Ng on December 27, 2008.



Born to Brother and Mrs. Christian Harter ’00, a daughter, Annika Elise Harter, on February 10, 2009. Born to Brother and Mrs. Newell Bentley ’01, a daughter, Hannah Jane Bentley, on February 26, 2009.

Lake Forest

Colin Bere ’06, married to Kyle Endress on November 8, 2008. Nico Soto ’10, married to Katy Jansson on December 19, 2008.


Born to Brother and Mrs Lee Boydstun ’95, a daughter, Rebecca Lynn Boydstun, on December 13, 2008.

Louisiana Tech

Dr. Doug Amyx, OK ’86, Faculty Advisor, was named Associate Dean at Louisiana Tech College of Business. Justin Woodman ’94, married to Amy Poindexter on December 20, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Andrew Brown ’98, a daughter, Avery Brown, on October 28, 2008. Dax Menge ’00, married to Natalee Allen on October 4, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Phillip Berry ’01, a daughter, Sydney

Patrick Kennedy ’06, married to Sarah Brinson on November 29, 2008.


Tyler Smith ’07, married to Malea Thomas on November 1,2008

Mississippi State

Andrew Ratts ’08, and Courtney were married on May 17, 2008. Brian Harris ’06 and Marita were married on August 16, 2008. Donnie Outzs ’08, and Amanda were married on November 8, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Chris Bass ’02, a son Conner Michael Bass, on September 18, 2008.

Ohio State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Nick Stepanovich ’03, a daughter, Mila Stepanovich, on November 23, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Nick Leonard ’01, a daughter, Addison, on December 19, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Mike Coley ’95, a daughter, Claudia, born August 11, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Geoffrey Webster ’70, a daughter, Abigale, August 2008.

Oklahoma State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Fred Lindeman ’99, a daughter, Allison Rae Lindeman, on February 19, 2009.


Born to Brother and Mrs Jeff Shirrell ’01, a son, Jeven Reid Shirrell, on January 6, 2009.

Southeast Missouri

Congratulation to Brother Glenn Eidman ’79, for becoming Chief of Police in Creve Coeur City on October 13, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Robert Wilson ’96, a daughter, Kate Elisabeth Wilson, on

Andrew Hendrix ’02, married to Maria Green on August 2, 2008.

Southern California Born to Brother and Mrs. Justin Kazak ’92, a daughter, Courtney Noelle Kazak, on January 29, 2009. Born to Brother and Mrs. Craig Timmons ’94, a son, Sean Allen Timmons, born on February 3, 2009.

Tarleton Born to Brother and Mrs. Clint Myrick ’96, a son, Evan Alexander Myrick, on May 15, 2008.

Texas A&M Born to Brother and Mrs Sean Hall ’99, a Son, Tristan Luther Hall, on January 16, 2009.

Tri-State Born to Brother and Mrs. Jim Eversole ’02,a son, Jaxon Blair Eversol, on January 25, 2009.

Washington State Born to Brother and Mrs David Holm ’03,a son, Jonathan David Holm, on January 21, 2009.

Western Michigan Born to Brother and Mrs. Jim Sanford ’92, a son, Andrew Robert Sanford, on February 9, 2009.

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CHAPTERS (114) ABRACADABRA: Univ of Calif - Berkeley - 2721 Channing Way,

Berkeley, CA 94704 ALABAMA: Univ of Alabama - Tuscaloosa - PO Box 11127, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 ALBERTA: Univ of Alberta - Box 165 SUB, Univ of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7 AMERICAN: American Univ - 4400 Mass Ave NW, Box 16, Washington, DC 20016 APPALACHIAN STATE: Appalachian St Univ - Box 9084, Boone, NC 28607 ARIZONA: U of Ariz - 1701 E 1st St, Tucson, AZ 85719 ARIZONA STATE: Arizona St Univ - Sun Devil Inv Ctr, PO Box 871301, Tempe, AZ 85287 AUBURN: Auburn U - 530 Biggio Dr, Auburn, AL 36830 AUGUSTA: Augusta State Univ - 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904 BEHREND: Behrend Col - 3316 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510 BINGHAMTON: Binghamton Univ of SUNY - 5 Main St, Binghamton, NY 13902 BOWLING GREEN: Bowling Green St Univ - 1217 E Wooster, Bowling Green, OH 43403 BRYANT: Bryant Col - Box 3289, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917 CAL POLY: Cal Polytechnic State Univ - 1327 E Foothill Blvd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 CALIFORNIA UNIV - PA: California Univ of PA - PO Box 516, California, PA 15419-0516 CENTRAL MICHIGAN: Central Michigan Univ - 1007 S Main St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858 CENTRAL MISSOURI: Univ of Central Missouri - Unit D, Fraternity Complex, Warrensburg, MO 64093 CHICO: California State Univ - Chico - 731 W 5th St, Chico, CA 95928 CLEMSON: Clemson Univ - 10174 Univ Station, Clemson, SC 29632 COASTAL CAROLINA: Coastal Carolina Univ - PO Box 261954, 100 Spadoni Prk Cir, Conway, SC 29528-6054 COLORADO: Univ of Colorado - 1135 11th St, Boulder,CO 80302 COLORADO STATE: Colorado St Univ - 321 W Myrtle St, Ft Collins, CO 80521 CONNECTICUT: Univ of Conn - PO Box 806, Storrs, CT 06268 CORNELL: Cornell Univ - 102 The Knoll, Ithaca, NY 14850 CORTLAND: State Univ College - Cortland, c/o Mike Zitelli, 15 1/2 Owego St, Cortland, NY 13045 DAVIS: Univ of California - Davis - PO Box 72432, Davis,CA 95617 DENISON: Denison Univ - PO Box 0594, Granville, OH 43023 DEPAUW: DePauw Univ - 912 S Locust St, Greencastle, IN 46135 DUQUESNE: Duquesne University - 600 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15282 EAST CAROLINA: East Carolina Univ - 109 Mendenhall Student Center,Greenville, NC 27858 EMBRY-RIDDLE: Embry-Riddle Aeron Univ-PO Box 950, Daytona Beach, FL 32115 FERRIS STATE: Ferris State Univ - 805 Campus Dr, Rankin Ctr Rm 233, Box 155, Big Rapids, MI 49307-2226 FLORIDA: Univ of Florida - 6 Fraternity Row, Gainesville, FL 32603 FREDONIA: SUNY - Fredonia - SA Office Stu Ctr - SUNY, Fredonia, NY 14063 FROSTBURG: Frostburg St Univ - Box 213 Lane Ctr, FSU Frostburg, MD 21532 FULLERTON: California State Univ - Fullerton - 2100 Associated Rd, Fullerton, CA 92631 GANNON: Gannon University - 507 Myrtle St, Erie, PA 16502 GEORGIA SOUTHERN: Georgia Southern University - 1510A Mike Anne Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458 GEORGE MASON: George Mason Univ - 4400 Univ Dr, MS 2D6, Fairfax, VA 22030 GEORGIA TECH: Georgia Institute of Tech - 170 Fifth Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313-2512 GORHAM STATE: Univ of Southern Maine - 23 Preble St, Gorham, ME 04038 HAYWARD: California St Univ - Hayward - 1491 Roosevelt Ave, Hayward, CA 94544 HOBART: Hobart College - 574 S Main, Geneva, NY 14456 HOFSTRA: Hosfstra University - 260 Stu Ctr, 200 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549-2000 HUNTSVILLE: Univ of AL - Huntsville - 510 Fraternity & Sorority Row, Huntsville, AL 35805 IDAHO: Univ of Idaho - PO Box 3076, Moscow, ID 83843 ILLINOIS: Univ of IL - 1111 S First St, Champaign, IL 61820 ILLINOIS STATE: llinois State Univ - 602 South Fell, Normal, IL 61761 INDIANA: Indiana Univ - Indiana Memorial Union, Rm 371, Bloomington, IN 47405 IOWA: Univ of Iowa - 308 Ridgeland, Iowa City, IA 52246 JACKSONVILLE STATE: Jacksonville State Univ - PO Box 3062 JSU Jacksonville, AL 36265 JAMES MADISON: James Madison Univ - MSC 3518, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

JOHNSTOWN: Univ of Pittsburgh - Johnstown - Box 0288, UPJ, Johnstown, PA 15907 KANSAS: Univ of Kansas - 1245 W Campus Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044 KENT STATE: Kent St Univ - 312 E Main, Kent, OH 44240 KETTERING A: Kettering Univ - 1700 W 3rd Ave, Flint, MI 48504 KETTERING B: Kettering Univ - 1421 W 3rd Ave, Flint, MI 48504 LSU: Louisiana State Univ - Office of Greek Affairs, 137 Johnston Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803 LAKE FOREST: Lake Forest College - 555 N Sheridan Rd, Box D1, Lake Forest, IL 60045 LONG BEACH: CSU - Long Beach - 1067 Grand Ave #1 Long Beach, CA 90804 LOUISIANA TECH: LA Tech Univ - 201 Everett St, Ruston, LA 71270 MANKATO: Minnesota State Univ - Mankato - 173 CSU, Mankato, MN 56001 MARQUETTE: Marquette Univ - 845 N 16th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 MARSHALL: Marshall Univ - 1440 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25755 MARYLAND: Univ of Maryland - 6 Fraternity Row, College Park, MD 20742 MIAMI: Miami U - 131 E Withrow, Oxford, OH 45056 MICHIGAN: Univ of Michigan - 1705 Hill St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 MICHIGAN STATE: Michigan St Univ - 101 Woodmere Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 MINNESOTA: Univ of Minnesota - 1601 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 MISSISSIPPI STATE: Mississippi State Univ - Drawer GK, Mississippi State, MS 39762 MISSOURI: Univ of Missouri - PO Box 341, Columbia, MO 65201 MISSOURI STATE: Missouri St Univ, 1116 E Elm St, Springfield, MO 65806 MONTCLAIR: Montclair State Univ - Stu Ctr Box 103 SGA Off, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 MONTEVALLO: Univ of Montevallo - Drawer AC, Montevallo, Al 35115 NEW HAVEN: Univ of New Haven - PO Box 8937, New Haven, CT 06532 NORTHERN ARIZONA: Northern Arizona Univ - 318 S Humphreys, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 NORTHERN COLORADO: Univ of Nothern Colorado - 1803 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631 NORTHWEST MISSOURI: NW Missouri State Univ - 219 W Second St, Maryville, MO 64468 NORTHWESTERN: Northwestern Univ - 619 Colfax Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 OREGON STATE: Oregon State Univ - 203 NW 13th St, Corvallis, OR 97330 OSHKOSH: Univ of WI at Oshkosh - 911 Wisconsin St, Oshkosh, WI 54901 PENN STATE: Penn State Univ - 424 E Fairmount Ave, State College, PA 16801-5714 PITTSBURGH: Univ of Pittsburgh - 255 N Dithridge St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 PURDUE: Purdue Univ - 501 Russell St, West Lafayette, IN 47906 RADFORD: Radford University - 600 Second Ave, Radford, VA 24141 RHODE ISLAND: Univ of Rhode Island-34 Lwr Clg Rd, Kingston, RI 02881 ROWAN: Rowan Univ - 13 E Eben St, Glassboro, NJ 08049 RUTGERS: Rutgers Univ - 49 Mine St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE: South Dakota St Univ - 213 W Hwy 14 Bypass, Brookings, SD 57006 SOUTH FLORIDA: South Florida Univ - 4067 Greek Vlg, Tampa, FL 33620 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI: Southeast Missouri State Univ - 1000 Towers Cir, MS0040, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Univ of Southern California - 920 W 28th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Southern Illinois Univ - 606 W College, Carbondale, IL 62901 STEPHEN F AUSTIN: Stephen F Austin Univ - Stu Act Box 13021 SFA, Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3021 SYRACUSE: Syracuse Univ - 303 University Pl, 228E Schine Ctr, Syracuse, NY 13244 TARLETON: Tarleton State Univ - Box T-1557, Tarleton Station, TX 76402 TEXAS: U of Texas - 910 Poplar, Austin,TX 78705 TEXAS A&M: Texas A&M Univ - 11490 Walnut Rd, College Sta, TX 77845 TEXAS STATE: Texas State Univ - PO Box 1309, San Marcos, TX 78667 TEXAS TECH: Texas Tech Univ - 8 Greek Circle, Lubbock, TX 79416 TRI-STATE: Tri-State U - 112 S Darling, Angola, IN 46703 TROY STATE: Troy Univ - 408 Pell Ave, Troy, AL 36081 TRUMAN STATE: Truman State Univ - 904 S First St, Kirksville, MO 63501 UNLV: Univ of Nevada - Las Vegas - UNLV Box 452008, 4505 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154-2008 VALDOSTA: Valdosta State Col - PO Box 1112, Valdosta, GA 31603 VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH: VA Commonwealth Univ - c/o Omer Bokhari, 3201 Copper Mill Trace #A, Richmond, VA 23294 WASHBURN: Washburn Univ of Topeka - Off Stdnt Act, 1700 SW College Ave, Topeka, KS 66621 WASHINGTON: Univ of WA - 1819 NE 47th St, Seattle, WA 98105 WASHINGTON STATE: Washington State Univ - 800 NE Monroe St, Pullman, WA 99163

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New Address (Please Print) __ Home

WEST GEORGIA: St Univ of West Georgia - 228 Mandeville Ave, Carrollton, GA 30117 WEST VIRGINIA TECH: West Virginia Inst of Tech - 621 First Ave, Montgomery, WV 25136 WESTERN MICHIGAN: Western Michigan Univ - 1402 Fraternity Village Dr,

Kalamazoo, MI 49006

WILLIAM & MARY: College of William & Mary - c/o Jonathan DeLong, CSU 2461, PO Box 8793, Williamsburg, VA 23186 WINDSOR: Univ of Windsor - 408 Indian Rd, Windsor, ON, Canada N9C2M4

COLONIES (19) ALBANY: SUNY Albany -1400 Wash Ave, Campus Ctr 130, Albany, NY 12222

CINCINNATI: Univ of Cincinnati - Stratford Hgts, 2634 Stratford Ave,

Cincinnati, OH 45220

CORPUS CHRISTI: TX A&M Univ - Corpus Christi - Univ Ctr & Student Act, 6300 Ocean Dr, Unit 5783, Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5783 EAST STROUDSBURG: East Stroudsburg Univ - Greek Life, 200 Prospect St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 EASTERN ILLINOIS: Eastern Illinois Univ - Greek Life Office, 600 Lincoln Ave, Charlestone, IL 61920 EASTERN WASHINGTON: Eastern Washington Univ - Student Life Office, 320 Peance Union Bldg, Cheney, WA 99004-2463

HAMILTON: Hamilton College - c/o Anthony Bottini “A” 198 College Hill Rd Box 174, Clinton, NY 13323 KENNESAW: Kennesaw State Univ - 1000 Chastain Rd #0501, Stu Ctr Bldg #5, Rm 274, Bx 170, Kennesaw, GA 30144

LEHIGH: Lehigh Univ- 227-229 Warren Sq, Bethleham, PA 18015 LIVINGSTON: Univ of West Alabama - UWA Box 4100, Livingston, AL 35470 MASSACHUSETTS: Univ of Massachusetts - Box FS, 314, SU Bldg, 41

Campus Ctr Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9245

NORTH ALABAMA: Univ of N Alabama - 1 Harrison Plaza, UNA Box 5383, Florence, AL 35632 OHIO STATE: The Ohio State Univ - 191 E 15th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 OKLAHOMA: Univ of Oklahoma - PO Box 2722, Norman, OK 73070 SLIPPERY ROCK: Slippery Rock Univ-105 Univ Union,

Slippery Rock, PA 16057

USIP: Univ of Sciences in Philadelphia, Whitecar Hall Stu Actv Off, 600 S 43rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 WEST CHESTER: West Chester Univ - 218 Sykes Stu Union, 110 W Rosedale Ave, West Chester, PA 19383

WHITEWATER: Univ of WI-Whitewater, 800 W Main St, Whitewater, WI 53109

WILIMINGTON: Univ of N Carolina - Wilmington - Student Act Off, 601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

ALUMNI CHAPTERS (26) ARIZONA VALLEY: Pres Todd Nyberg-Mastrorilli, RAD ’97, BLUEGRASS: Pres Stephen Meyer, Jr, Louisville ’92,

BOSTON AREA: Pres Stephen Bianchi, NE ’79, CAPE FEAR AREA: Pres Miles Washburn, Mass ’87, CAPITAL AREA: Pres Michael Magri, John ’84, CENTRAL NEW YORK: Pres Michael Tumolo, SYR ’07, CHARLOTTE AREA: Pres Jonathan Malone, Calif U-PA ’98, COLUMBUS: Pres Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70, DALLAS/FORT WORTH: Pres John Battaglia, TX ’94,

EASTERN IOWA: Pres Karl Grindel, Cent MO ’01, GREAT LAKES: Pres Robert Little, Bow Gr ’03, GREATER WISCONSIN AREA: Pres Alan Udell, WISC ’91, ILLINOIS: Pres Ray Mathews, IL ’76, KANSAS CITY AREA: Pres John Hess, Creighton ’75, LOS ANGELES: Pres Brendan Shields-Shimizu, SoCal ’07, NEW HAVEN AREA: Pres Robert Morey, New Haven ’00, NEW ORLEANS AREA: Pres Brandon Sullivan, LSU ’07,

NORTHEAST OHIO AREA: Pres Steve Bossart, Kent St ’90, SACRAMENTO AREA: Pres John Shelby, Sac ’86, SEATTLE: Pres Robert LaBouy, WA ’66, SOUTH FLORIDA: Pres Michael Agnello, Mich St ’81, TAMPA BAY AREA: Pres Michael Shelton, FL ’98, TENNESSEE VALLEY: Pres T Michael Burleson, Hunts ’05, THREE RIVERS: Pres Tom Horowitz, Mich St ’87, TORONTO: Pres Elliott Chun, W Ontario ’03, TWIN CITIES AREA: Pres Matthew Johnson, Minn ’01,

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