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Founding Father John Milton Gorham April 21, 1867 – March 18, 1943

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2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

Since 1990 when I joined the Fraternity staff, I have visited well over 150 college campuses and over 110 Delta Chi Chapters and Colonies. Additionally, I have been invited to speak at meetings of several other fraternities, have worked with student leaders at UIFI and other leadership programs, have been and continue to be an alumnus volunteer for my own chapter and others, and have personally experienced the best and worst of Fraternity life. In these 18 years, I have developed several conclusions as to what makes an outstanding fraternity chapter. As I am nearing the end of my time as “AA” and losing the power of the pen, I thought I had better share my thoughts on this subject.

long-term relationships that will permeate their own chapters and the campus as well. Year after year, these relationships will expect high achievement from your chapter, and if by chance you falter a little, these relationships will help pick you back up.

There is no doubt in my mind that when fraternity is good, it is very good. And when it is bad, it can be very, very bad. It is my hope that all Delta Chi chapters are in search of excellence. I know many are in varying stages of that journey, but the ones that have maintained a level of excellence for some time seem to have several traits in common, and it is those traits that I think all of our chapters should try to emulate.

Behind every successful chapter one often finds a committed group of alumni who enjoy working with the young men. That is because of how they are received by these members. Their advice is taken, they are respected, and their experience is valued. The result is one of the long-term relationships discussed earlier.

Following are six traits that I believe distinguish the most successful fraternity chapters from those that are less effective. Highly successful chapters:

6) Are fiscally responsible

1) Are driven by mission and values The best chapters value the things that make them the best – academics, gentlemanly conduct, anti-hazing behavior, and leadership. If your mission is to build a chapter of campus leaders, filled with gentlemen who strive to excel academically and treat each other and guests with respect, aren’t you going to be successful?

2) Do whatever it takes to be successful without compromising their values Those people aren’t just going to come to you, you have to reach out and find them. It takes effort to be successful, and the chapters that put forth the effort eventually reap the rewards. Yes, I believe it inevitably gets a little easier. When you get to be known for your values, people will come looking for you. Until then, you have to be relentless.

4) Empower others to lead Everyone knows what is expected of him. Committee chairs are trying to build on a high level of success passed on by their predecessors. The members are encouraged by the other members to excel, and they are given the tools to do just that.

5) Engage a core group of alumni advisors and take their advice

And finally, high achieving chapters

The approach is crucial to long-term success. Appropriate budgeting, saving money, collecting dues, and transparency are all things that high performing chapters do and do well. It all starts with people. The first item listed above is crucial. Inanimate objects don’t have missions and don’t have values – people do. It goes without saying that the chapters that emulate these six traits often have no problem recruiting more, likeminded individuals to take up the journey. As a result, solid recruitment becomes an outcome. The fall semester will soon be upon us, and now is a perfect time to do some soul-searching. How is your chapter doing on these six traits? If the answer is not very well and you are interested in becoming excellent and winning President’s Cups, then you know what you have to do. Delta Chi is ready to assist you in any way. Let’s get started. In the Bond,

3) Work to build long-term relationships throughout their campus communities Whether it be campus groups, the administration, potential members, local businesses, sororities, etc., the top performing chapters will develop

Steven P. Bossart, “AA” Kent State ’90

campus featurettes Appalachian State

banded together as a single entity with a common goal. Because we chartered in 1983, this fall will mark our 25th year on campus. Therefore, the Chapter will be hosting a White Carnation Formal celebrating 25 years of brotherhood. We are thrilled to host this once in a lifetime event in October.

BOWLING GREEN Chapter members at its V Foundation philanthropy event.

The Chapter’s experimental philanthropy project held in the fall was a great success. We had excellent participation from Greek and non-Greek organizations, and the University’s Chancellor was in attendance, accompanied by two national football championship trophies. We plan to host it again during the fall 2008 semester to assist The V Foundation. The Chapter also helped Watauga County in its efforts to raise money for the Special Olympics by participating in the 10th Annual Polar Plunge.

We were again blessed with a successful spring semester. The Region VI Leadership Conference was hosted in Bowling Green, with over one hundred members from the region attending, as well as attendance by “AA” Steve Bossart, “DD” Tom Horowitz, and Executive Director Ray Galbreth. It was a huge success. The Chapter also hosted the Alumni Ceremony, showing members’ commitment to continuous involvement even after graduation.

Arizona State Gentlemen, scholars, and athletes is our motto for the Chapter. We are currently most proud of our last aspiration, athletics. The Chapter participated and succeeded in tug of war, volleyball and basketball. In football we have been victorious, winning Kappa Kappa Gamma’s football competition in its philanthropy kickoff. We have also dominated in the intramural football program, sweeping the competition by not losing a single game and producing a win at the championship.


The Chapter was also honored to have our brother, Shane Lewis, “beheaded” as the University’s mascot, Freddie Falcon, in February. Shane has spent the entire school year going to sporting events and showing his school spirit as Freddie, while maintaining an excellent representation of the Chapter.

In the past few months our Chapter has shown tremendous growth in many areas. As a Chapter, we attribute much of our success to the leadership and guidance provided to us from our alumni. Our local alumni have been a great resource and

CLEMSON This spring semester the Chapter was successful in its campus involvement. The intramural teams were often victorious in their efforts; the indoor soccer and ultimate Frisbee teams represented us well, we fielded two playoff caliber flag football teams, and our sand volleyball and quickball teams made it to their championship games.

Colorado State The spring semester has been a time of self-reflection, for both the members and the Chapter. In February, the Chapter went through the “Recommitment Process” with Leadership Consultant Matt Presti. During this time the brothers were asked to define what fraternity meant to them and what it means to be a member. During this week, changes became noticeable overnight. The newfound commitments to both the Chapter and the brothers have continued past that week and through the semester. This commitment, along with the strengthening brotherhood, simply can’t be described. These are both positive and exciting signs of things to come for us.


Shane Lewis being “beheaded” as Freddie Falcon, the school’s mascot.

Chapter members and associate members gather for a photo.

professionally catered the food. The great turnout, food, and excitement for the event proved that this will be an essential philanthropic event in spring semesters to come.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN We have taken great strides this year, and everything just keeps getting better. Recently we hosted our first “Gourmet Sensation” dinner for The V Foundation, raising over $500 for cancer research. A brother’s parents’ catering company

The Chapter is extremely proud of the work its brothers have put into academics this past semester. Our dedication has paid off with the highest GPA of any fraternity on campus, and 25 brothers’ GPAs went up when compared to the previous semester. Also, we have the second highest GPA of any Greek organization on campus.

Davis This 2007-2008 academic year proved instrumental in the expansion of the Colony. With 20 new initiates over the last two quarters and the overall doubling of the membership from this time last year, our Colony has experienced a surge in philanthropic enthusiasm. The Colony has always prided itself on its interactions within the local Greek community. Here are some of the highlights from the half dozen events we have Continued on p.6

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008 3

A Founder...

campus cover story scene

Much of the life of John Milton Gorham is a very large mystery. After attending Cornell from 1887 and graduating in 1891 with an LL.B. and in 1892 a B.L., he served as the first International Vice President (later renamed “BB”) of the Fraternity from April 15, 1891 to the first convention in 1894 hosted by the Michigan Chapter. Gorham then broke all contact with the Fraternity. Throughout the 1910s and 1920s, the Quarterly printed numerous requests for information of Gorham, apparently without success. In the September 1928 issue of the Quarterly, Gorham was listed as “missing,” as O.K. Patton (“CC”) prepared information for the publication of a new Fraternity directory. According to the 1880 U.S. Census, Gorham was born in Canajoharie, New York on April 21, 1867, the son of James and Honora Gorham, who were Irish immigrants, and grew up in Washington County, New York. Following his time at Cornell, Gorham married Emma Catherine Fuller of Palantine Bridge, Montgomery County, New York at the Canajoharie Methodist Episcopal Church on June 27, 1894. Emma was born May 21, 1869. He was admitted to the bar in Utica in September 1893. In a 1906 Souvenir Book he was listed with a photo of Distinguished Alumni of Canajoharie’s Union High School, where he graduated in 1887. Gorham was also listed as practicing law in New York City.

Orphan’s home. His daughter Dorothy was 24 in 1930 and lived with her mother and worked as a clerk/electrical services. According to family sources, she married Eugene W. Ibs. He died on April 12, 1950, and she died on September 21, 1977 in Evanston, Illinois. They had a son named John Michael who was born on September 21, 1937 and died in October 1992. He never married. Gorham’s older daughter Ruth married Stanton Van Wie on May 15, 1920. She died from complications of childbirth on May 27, 1921 and is buried in Fort Plan Cemetery with a stillborn daughter, Ruth Ann. Stanton remarried and later died on April 14, 1975. Gorham’s wife Emma died on January 16, 1965 at Pembridget House, Evanston, Illinois at the age of 95. She was cremated, and her remains are interred at the Memorial Park. For several decades numerous efforts have been made to determine what happened to Gorham when it appears he left the country and, through this research, the following facts have come to surface to outline a rough sequence of events of his life when he separated from his family in the 1910s.

According to the next census following his graduation from Cornell (1900), Gorham was living in Westchester County, New York in Mt. Vernon. He and his wife had two daughters, Ruth Emma born on March 29, 1895 at Mt. Vernon, Westchester County, New York; and Dorothy Elizabeth born on November 28, 1906. According to the 1910 census the family had moved to Manhattan, New York, where Gorham continued to work as a lawyer. His sister-in-law, Harriet C. Fuller (Emma’s sister), was a stenographer for a law office and was living with the Gorham family, as was L. Peterson, who was listed on census records as a servant.

John Milton Gorham Circa 1890-1891 School Year

John M. Gorham does not appear to be listed in the 1920 census records. His family was living at 93 High St. in Orange, NJ (Essex County) and were boarders in this house. Edith Mead was listed as head of household and had a daughter named Ruth. Emma was still listed as being married according to the census information. In the 1930 census Emma and Dorothy were living at 23 Ridge Avenue in Evanston City, Illinois (Cook County). They were living in the Illinois Children’s Home. Gorham’s wife Emma was listed as a widow and worked as an Assistant Superintendent of the Cradle 4 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

In the 1910s Gorham moved with his family to East Orange, New Jersey. He left the United States for England in October 1913, residing on Abbyington Mans Road, Kensington. He received a passport from the London Embassy on June 9, 1915; it was approved on July 29, 1915. When asked on this 1915 submission when he would return to the United States, he answered “uncertain.” He requested the passport to visit the country of France for business and lists England as his temporary residence. There is no record of him returning to the United States including when his oldest daughter died in 1921.

On March 18, 1943, Gorham died of congestive heart failure at 62 Esmond Road Chiswick, Middlesex, England. He was cremated on March 24, 1943. On his death certificate, he is listed as a retired company director and as married. A person by the name of K. Forbes caused the body to be cremated. His cremation certificate adds that his remains were scattered at the Garden of Remembrance at Mortlake Crematorium on March 25, 1943. (In the spring of 2008 Delta Chi contacted the Mortlake Crematorium and placed John Milton Gorham’s name in the Book of Remembrance maintained by the Crematorium. The Book of Remembrance containing Gorham’s name may be viewed online at The application for the funeral was made by Kathleen Forbes of Balls Park, Hertford. It is unclear what her relationship was with Gorham. It is important to note that some alumni sources at the time have speculated that he was promoting his automobile interest while

Lost No More

cover story

overseas, but it is unknown why he would travel to France, which was in the middle of trench warfare fighting with the United Kingdom against Germany in World War I starting in 1914. Family sources of Emma Gorham believe John served overseas as an “undercover man” in World War I and never returned. No service records for Gorham have been located. Since he was the son of Irish immigrants, one could make the case that it was unlikely he was involved in the war in aiding the United Kingdom and the allies in fighting against the Germans, since England still controlled his family’s native Ireland until 1922. The United States was neutral in World War I until 1917. The 1916 Delta Chi Directory listed Gorham as living in Orange, N.J. and also in New York City as an automobile dealer. In the 1920 Directory he is listed in Orange, N.J. and no longer in New York City. Cornell University has no contact information for him as of 1926. That same year an 1874 Cornell alumnus, William N. Smith, had replied to the Registrar of Cornell stating that Gorham had disappeared, and his wife was living in Chicago. The letter incorrectly stated he had only one daughter who was married for five to six years and then died a year or two before.

In a September 23, 1936 letter to Delta Chi Executive Secretary O.K. Patton, Founder Frederick M. Whitney stated that Cornell has no record of where Gorham lived after he graduated. Whitney also said Gorham’s wife was last heard of in Chicago. Whitney also wrote to Bert H. Brower, a Cornell lawyer in Gorham’s hometown of Canajoharie, New York. Brower said that Gorham’s brother-in-law, William Fuller, stated that the Gorhams were divorced. Fuller also told Brower that he believed Gorham lived in London. Fuller added that Emma, Gorham’s wife, had a sister in Chicago, Mrs. Helen Grace Fuller Stuntz. In 1937, Bernhard Shaffer, Penn State ’25 Delta Chi alumnus connected O.K. Patton with the William J. Burns International Detective Agency Inc., which was headed by Delta Chi alumnus

Raymond Burns, to investigate the location of Gorham. In his February 24, 1937 letter to the detective agency, Shaffer said, “Apparently Brother Gorham’s life was saddened by being divorced from his wife and, apparently, he has dropped out of existence as far as the Fraternity is concerned.” In March 1937, an employee of Burns International Detective Agency traveled to the house of Mr. and Mrs. Stuntz. Mrs. Stuntz was Emma Gorham’s sister and had previously lived with the Gorham family during the 1910s according to census information. During this discussion, Mr. Stuntz did most of the talking but had a very limited amount of information. Mrs. Stuntz said, “No, the past is dead, and I would tell nothing that might get back to my sister and reawaken old memories that are not pleasant.” Mr. Stuntz said that in 1910 or 1911 Gorham was engaged in the automobile accessories business. He said that Gorham went to England in 1913, presumably London, to promote the sale of an auto truck. For a time he wrote to his wife Emma in New York, but the letters stopped. Mr. Stuntz said nothing had been heard from him in 10 or 15 years. This statement makes it appear the possibility exists he may have been heard from again since 1913, and the additional comment does not cover the span of time to 1937 when this discussion took place. When Mr. Burns tried to follow up on this discrepancy of time, Mrs. Stuntz said “His wife, my sister, thinks he is dead, and I will say noting that will bring back any thought of him in any way.” Mrs. Stuntz did say her sister was alive but would not say where she was living other than to say she was in New York City (1930 census had Emma Gorham living in Chicago, the same city as her sister, Mrs. Stuntz, at the time of this interview). Gorham had two brothers, but Mrs. Stuntz did not know anything about them. Mrs. Stuntz’s parting remark was that, “Gorham has been considered dead for many years, and it is best to continue in such belief.” Mrs. Stuntz denied that any family trouble caused Gorham’s departure from this country or caused him later to cut himself off from his wife here. The Fraternity is truly indebted to M. Frank Gilbreath, Texas State, and Stephen Henson, Louisiana Tech, for the extensive research on Founder Gorham’s life history. Information compiled by Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98.

Garden of Remembrance, site of where Founder Gorham’s ashes were spread in 1943 near London, England.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008 5

campus featurettes “A”, started the week off strong by blowing away the rest of the fraternities and sororities presidents in a trivia competition. The week ended in a similar fashion with a tug team that went undefeated in the tournament style bracket. We look forward to next year’s events and have our eyes set on the first place trophy. Colony Brothers volunteering to raise donations at the Yolo County Food Bank Pancake Breakfast.

participated in. The Colony raised money for the non-profit organization Service for Sight by participating in Delta Gamma’s dodgeball tournament and DeeGee Desserts. Recently more than half the brotherhood attended Chi Omega Cookies in support of breast cancer research. The crowning achievement for the involvement in other Greek philanthropies came in our participation in Pi Beta Phi’s Arrowjam dance medley competition for Links to Literacy. With a variety of songs ranging from “Sexual Healing” to the theme from the Lion King, the members performed to the cheers from an arena full of fellow Greeks. Our Colony achieved great success running its first Toys for Tots drive this winter. With donation boxes in nearly every Greek house, we were able to collect hundreds of toys to donate to the Sacramento area Toys for Tots Foundation, serving children in need during the holidays. More recently, 80% of the brotherhood helped to host a pancake breakfast in support of the Yolo County Food Bank. Along with acting as waiters to the hundreds of guests, the brothers canvassed the local area to advertise the event, which subsequently doubled the attendance from the previous year.


Kyle Flischel, Austin Meyers, Joe Trepal, Pedro Marrero, and Kevin Chen.

The Chapter is proud to announce a second place finish in Greek Week. The week was full of fun, excitement and first place finishes in the president event as well as the tug-of-war. Dwight De Carme, 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

FERRIS STATE Every January, our Chapter sponsors a rock concert called “January Jams.” The brothers are responsible for every aspect of the event including requesting funding, booking the band, creating advertising, setting up and tearing down the stage, and providing security. Nickelback, Bowling for Soup, Finger Eleven, The Verve Pipe, and Trapt are a few of the bands that have visited the Ferris campus. For our ninth annual “January Jams” we hosted the Chicago-based band Chevelle, with local band Unlisted as the opening act. The concert, which lasted about two hours, was one of our largest yet with over 1,500 guests from the campus community and surrounding areas. Our Chapter would also like to thank the brothers from Kettering-B for helping with the tear down after the concert. We anticipate our tenth concert to be an amazing event in January 2009.

GANNON We would like to announce the start of the Chapter’s House Corporation. Over the past few months Brothers Evan Gould and Kevin Caffrey have been putting much effort into getting this corporation started. An executive board has been established and consists of: Kiran Rajasenan, Eric Witchell, Jeremy Ballaro, Joe Rossi, and Evan Gould. The president of the House Corporation will be Brother Kevin Caffrey.

GEORGE MASON The Colony was proud to once again help the Sexual Assault Services organization on campus in its efforts to raise awareness of abuse of women and the problems that abuse continues to cause. Members spent 50 hours at the beginning of the semester promoting the organization’s February initiatives and programs. Sexual Assault Services continued to contact us for help with its events after we helped in the fall semester with the “Stop the Violence Week” program. We continue to be an active organization on campus, looking to take an active role in neutralizing violence against women and violence in general.


Members pose with the band Chevelle.

Fredonia Success was the most prominent theme of the fall 2007 semester. With hopes high and an abundance of positive attitudes, we contributed to the The V Foundation with thanks to alumnus Mike Inglut for his “Chance Draw” fundraiser. The “Chance Draw” fundraiser was an exciting way to have a winner almost daily. Students, parents, and alumni would purchase tickets and wait in anticipation to see if they won. We thank and look forward to the creative assistance of alumni in our future fundraisers.

In late January, the University experienced significant snowfall and was forced to close for a few days. It was perfect timing for the Chapter’s annual North vs. South game, a football game we play in the snow with the brothers from Northern Idaho and the brothers from Southern Idaho. The game was fun but slow going, considering there was close to three feet of snow on the ground. The game was a low scoring event, and the South came away with a 7-0 victory. A majority of the members played, and it was a fun way to get all the brothers together and play some football for a few hours.

Illinois State After another successful recruitment period, the Chapter continues to be successful. We have leaders like Dave Horstein, student body president, and strong development from the younger men in the Chapter in order to make things run smoothly. We signed twelve guys in the spring semester, tied for best on campus. Everything just

campus featurettes continues to grow. This spring we saw close to 20 members graduate, but there is very little worry with how things will continue. We have a great foundation in place, and the younger members will be there to take leadership positions. Things will only continue to be positive for the Chapter as we continue to prepare our members for the real world.


Chapter members and friend during Dance Marathon.

This spring the Chapter has been focused on giving back to the community. The members have participated in two major philanthropies here on campus. The first was the fourteenth annual Dance Marathon hosted by the University, which raises money for children with cancer. This year over $1,000,000 was raised, and a significant amount came from the Chapter. For the marathon the participating members stay on their feet for twentyfour hours straight. It was a small price to pay for this great cause. The Chapter also hosted a concert to benefit The V Foundation. The members brought in bands from around the Iowa City area to play a concert on the river terrace of the student union.

James Madison

The Chapter celebrating after winning Chapter of the Year for the second year in a row.

For the second year in a row Fraternity and Sorority life at the University named our Chapter the Chapter of the Year. The Chapter was honored with many designations, including being the only fraternity acknowledged as a Four-Star Chapter. Brothers Erik Ruiz and Sean

Allen were awarded for their efforts in community service and living the ritual respectively.

make this milestone possible; it was an enormous success.

Kennesaw Part of being a fraternity man is the recognition that one is part of something greater than the self. In following that commitment, the men of the Colony dedicated March to a month of service. Recently, Colony officers Jeremy Merrick, “A”, and Mark Hoerrner, “E”, led a week-long trip to New Orleans during spring break to partner with the National Wildlife Federation to do coastal wildlife habitat restoration in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Associate Members Phil Paris and Erik Graves participated by shaving their heads in support of the “Greeks Go Bald” event benefiting the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which works to cure cancer in children. Associate member Kyle Kennerly and brothers Patrick Maloney, Kevin Madden and Ryan Smith all participated in “Deepher Dudes,” a charity event hosted by the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority to raise awareness of anorexia nervosa.

Lake Forest

Chapter members and alumni at its 40th anniversary celebration.

Louisiana Tech This spring was a very exciting time for the Chapter! For the second time we hosted our Home Run Derby for the American Liver Foundation. Proceeds last year totaled more than $3,000! This event drew almost fifty participants last year from all around campus. In addition to the Home Run Derby, we also sponsored another Dixie league baseball team. For the past two years we have coached a 13-14 yearold division squad, and last year we won the championship! We also renewed an old tradition with our Percy the Pelican coloring books. These coloring books are anti-drug themed and will be taken into local elementary school classrooms where we will color with the kids.


Alex Honnet takes bids for Greg Reger as the ladies scream.

In February the Chapter and Alpha Kappa Alpha jointly hosted the 10th Annual Lake Forest College Date Auction. We enlisted over 30 volunteers willing to go on a date for a good cause. With nearly 200 people in attendance, the event tripled last year’s fundraising total with over $2,000 raised for The V Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. What a great success!

Long Beach In February the Chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary. Since chartering in 1968 the Chapter has committed itself to a lifelong brotherhood structured through the values and traditions of the Fraternity. Special thanks to everyone who helped

Members of the champion team gather around our new trophy.

Every year Alpha Sigma Phi hosts a soccer tournament, but most of our brothers do not play soccer and considered not spending the fee to enter the tournament. But a small contingent of soccer players pushed for the tournament, convincing the Colony to give soccer the “good old college try.” It was an open competition, and there were many open-league and club teams participating. In fact, some of the University’s varsity soccer players were on the opposing teams. Needless to Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008 7

campus featurettes say we were outmatched, but skill and talent is not the end all be all of sports, as most of us already know. Teamwork and strategy are just as vital to success as pure talent, and our brotherhood lent itself to forge a combination of teamwork and defense that eventually led to winning the tournament.

for our season this year as defending champions. We have now won Greek Week 13 of the 17 years we have competed.


In the end it was a good day for the Colony. Against all odds we won the soccer tournament and walked home that day with what is the first of many sports trophies to be displayed in the house. But more importantly, we gained a greater sense of what a true brotherhood can accomplish.


Brothers at the Penguin Plunge.

The past semester we are proud to have kicked-off our first 3-on-3 Jimmy V Basketball Tournament. The tournament, one of the best new philanthropies on campus, will be around for many years to come. Not only were we able to make a sizeable donation to fight against cancer, we also brought the University community together for a great time.

Missouri State This past semester we held our 5th annual Delta Chi Powder-Puff Philanthropy event. We raised over $1,000 with a total of 16 teams in attendance; most sororities had more than one team participate. We had a great turnout within the Chapter as well. Many members refereed games and coached teams to be more active in the annual philanthropy for The V Foundation.


2008 Greek Week Champions.

The Chapter is happy to announce that it is making strides towards improvement and moving forward. We are proud to proclaim ourselves as last year’s Greek week champions, and we trained intensely 8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

The brothers have been busy since semester break with community service events such as the penguin plunge to benefit the Special Olympics, benefit walks, and the spring portion of our Red Cross blood drive, in which we were again able to provide over one hundred usable pints from students and faculty (one of the best numbers in any drive). The quickly growing Chapter has done well to keep steaming ahead while still keeping everyone involved and active within the Chapter.

OHIO STATE Brother Kevin Uland recently arranged for the up-and-coming Madison, Wisconsin based band “We the Living” to play at the house. The Colony decided to make the event a semi-formal and to include as many other Greek organizations as possible. The brothers put a tremendous amount of effort into preparing the house and promoting attendance from the Greek community. Lead singer John Paul commented on the quality of the Reynolds Lodge, “This is the nicest fraternity house we’ve been to,” which was a sentiment echoed by our other guests. Attendance by the Greek community was outstanding, and the Colony continues to strive to become the leading Greek entity on campus. The night was so successful that IFC delegates in attendance noted how it would be great to have “We the Living” back to open Greek Week in the spring.

Oregon State Currently we have been focusing hard on improving our philanthropy and community service. Corey Hardy, a senior and recent executive officer, was elected as the philanthropy chair for the year. Our Monster Ball philanthropy during winter term proved to be quite successful and raised over $380 for The V Foundation. This has been our best philanthropy fundraiser since re-chartering in the spring of 2006. We have also made a strong push to sell V Foundation bracelets throughout the year to families, friends and other students on campus. We recently appointed one of our new members, Stephen Wall, to take over the community service chair. Since taking over, both membership participation and total hours committed has increased due to his dedication. Members have been actively involved in other fraternities’ and sororities’ philanthropies, fundraisers, soup kitchens, and donations. During our winter neighborhood cleanup we picked up over 75 pounds of trash! Both our philanthropy and community service has improved greatly since last year, and we’re looking forward to building on this improvement for the upcoming term.


Chapter brothers during THON.

This year has been a great year for the Chapter. One thing that we are especially proud of is THON. For those who are not familiar with THON, it is a 46-hour dance marathon hosted by University student organizations to raise money for children with cancer with help from the Four Diamonds Foundation. This year our dancers, Josh Wilkocz, Joe Massa, Pat Smith, and Chris Garft danced for 46 hours without sitting once. Through our fundraising efforts around the country and donations from alumni, the Chapter, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, we are

campus featurettes proud to announce our biggest total yet, $136,043. Thank you so much for helping make this happen, and we hope to raise even more money next year.


spring. Our Chapter membership now exceeds 150, making us one of the largest fraternities on campus, which is home to the third largest Greek community in the nation. We would like to thank Herbert Yu, “B”, and Director of Recruitment, Colin Regan, for their extra effort in this year’s recruitment.


have seven newly elected Senators, out of twenty seats. Several brothers will be applying for the at-large appointments for Senate as well. We also hold many other leadership roles around campus such as the Student Union Manager, Resident Advisors, Residence Hall Association, President of Chicanos in Action Club, President of Construction Management Club, and a City Council Member. Brothers will also be heading to Washington, D.C. for internships this summer.

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Brothers who attended the Region IX RLC.

The weekend of February 16th and 17th, 2008, was a great weekend for the Chapter. Ten members drove to James Madison University for the 2008 Region IX Regional Leadership Conference. This was an exceptional opportunity for the brothers who had never been to an RLC to get a much broader understanding of what the fraternity bond is about. Once at the RLC, the programming that was presented was exceptional and allowed all ten members to gain valuable knowledge on how to manage the Chapter, become better leaders, and most importantly become better men. Along with enjoying the beautiful campus, the members left with an enthusiasm that otherwise may not have been achieved. The consensus among those who attended was that Aaron Otto’s “History of the Ritual” was the most educational and interesting session, only because it allowed for the bond that we share to be better understood. The Chapter would like to thank the James Madison Chapter for hosting the RLC and showing us great hospitality.

PURDUE Recruitment was the major focus of our Chapter this year. By being proactive a year in advance, we took initiative and made this year’s recruitment program a banner year. We welcomed over 150 men through our doors during our fall recruitment and over 80 men during spring recruitment. These recruitment numbers far exceed the numbers from last year. The motto for recruitment this year was “Deriving Quality from Quantity.” In the fall, we initiated 35 new brothers and have 27 new associate members for the

The Chapter’s associate members.

We have relentlessly continued to improve our recruitment efforts, and the hard work has paid off. We had the most associate members at the University in the fall with 16, the most in our Chapter’s history. There are 12 men in the spring new member class as well. We credit our success to making recruitment a dynamic, year-round process involving the entire brotherhood. We had a great formal recruitment period, highlighted by a trip to New York City and a formal invite-only dinner. However, the real key to success was the constant informal recruitment that our brothers utilize every day. Our recently initiated brothers are already heavily involved in all aspects of the Chapter, with some even holding executive board positions. The increased quality and quantity of our associate members is something we are very proud of and is helping the Chapter rise to be the best on campus.

SOUTH DAKOTA STATE Our Chapter focuses on world travel and taking leadership opportunities. Since the Chapter started in 2002, we have held consecutive President and/or Vice-President positions in the Student Association. This last spring we have added a new VicePresident, Brother Eric Hanson, to that list. He will be succeeding Brothers Alex Brown and Chris Schaffer, the former President and Vice President. We also

Brothers David Dee and Andrew Weiss shocked the Chapter this year with nominations and eventually elections to the Interfraternity Council Executive Board. David, a former “A” and “B”, was elected to Vice-President of Recruitment and Retention. He will be helping fraternities by showing them proper techniques on recruitment and retaining members. Andrew, a second term “C”, was elected to VicePresident of Administration, where he will take care of the budget and administrative work for the IFC. With leaders like this we are looking forward to success ahead.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA We hosted our first Scholarship Dinner in recent semesters. Numerous University professors, staff members and alumni joined the Chapter for a gourmet meal, including a St. Honere cake, prepared by our new chef, that stole the show. After a three-semester hiatus, our Scholarship Dinner has returned as a way to help students get to know their professors outside the classroom. It was a great opportunity for many young alumni to reconnect with the Fraternity and the faculty who shaped them into who they are today. The event also gave us an opportunity to recognize a number of our brothers for various academic and extracurricular achievements. We plan on continuing this tradition in the upcoming fall semester.

TARLETON This spring semester was heavily focused on philanthropy. The Chapter has continued its tradition of the Easter egg hunt at the local foster home with Alpha Gamma Delta. In addition we planned an event with a local tattoo shop to hold a concert fundraiser for The V Foundation; we are Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008 9

campus featurettes calling it “Ink Out Cancer.” The fundraiser consisted of funds being raised from both the concert event as well as a portion of all tattoos from the day.

TEXAS This spring semester we worked on becoming more active with other Greek organizations on campus. We currently are working with the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega at the Ronald McDonald house on Saturdays, making breakfast for the families who stay there.

philanthropy on campus. We take great pride in throwing huge events and Kings Crown is our biggest event of the year. We have been planning this year’s event since the semester started in January. When talking to most of the sororities about what events they are most excited about during the semester, most of them were excited about Kings Crown. This philanthropy is what separates our Chapter from all the others on campus.

sides, drinks, and teal face-paint, but we also invited two local radio stations to come out and play music during the occasion. We were able to feed hundreds of students, parents and staff as well as a few alumni including ABT President Jason Wade and “BB” Doug Galbreth. The Colony will be using the money we raised from the barbeque to help send several of our brothers to Convention in Las Vegas this summer.

Chapter members gather for a group photo.

Colony members and friends at the Homecoming Pig Pickin’.

TEXAS STATE The Chapter had a wonderful Founders’ Day dinner in the fall semester. We decided to hold the celebration on the scenic San Antonio Riverwalk. It was a good experience for both the younger members and the alumni to swap stories. We would like to extend a special thanks to Ruben Ortega and Jacob Lee Salas for all their help to make the 2008 Founders’ Day a memorable one.

TEXAS TECH We have started to renovate our Chapter house. Our goal is to make the living quarters a more comfortable place for our members to live. The carpeting in the hallways and bedrooms will be removed and replaced with hardwood floors. We will also be making some changes with the landscaping and interior paint. We hope that the alumni will come out and support us on this exciting project.

Tri-State Early this spring we hosted an event for University freshmen called “Your First Impression.” With the help of local sorority Zeta Theta Epsilon, the Office of Student Life, and Career Services, our event showed freshmen the proper professional attire necessary for the workplace. We had various local professionals attend as guest speakers, with great tips on how to make a good impression with prospective employers. There was a great turnout, as well as positive feedback from those in attendance.

UNLV This semester our Chapter has been focusing on our annual philanthropy, Kings Crown, which is arguably the biggest 10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

Western Carolina We had a great fall semester during which the Colony took part in its first Adopt-A-Highway project as one of our community service events. We will continue to take part in this event in order to gain more recognition in the community for our volunteer work. Also, our brothers were successful in their work for the American Red Cross Blood Drive held at the University. We were able to help the American Red Cross by giving blood and providing our services to help conduct the blood drive.

WEST GEORGIA We held our second annual “Cook Out for Cancer” with the ladies of Delta Delta Delta, and the proceeds went to The V Foundation and St. Jude’s Hospital. There was a great turnout by other fraternities and sororities. Local stores donated most of the supplies. We raised nearly $1,500 for the cause.

WILMINGTON We kicked off the spring semester with two big events. First, our Colony put together a float to participate in the homecoming parade. We transformed a truck into a giant pig to advertise our main featured event, the First Annual Delta Chi Homecoming Pig Pickin’ that was held as a tailgate party before the basketball game. Not only did we provide two barbequed pigs,

WINDSOR On February 27th we celebrated our local Founders’ Day, which was a success. Many of our older alumni came by and reconnected with the younger generation. This local Founders’ Day was more significant, because we are on the verge of selling our current house and moving into something more sustainable. This new house will help us chart a new path for the Chapter, which we have been planning for a long time. Hopefully this successful local Founders’ Day will translate into a successful formal with many more alumni taking the time to come out and meet the newer members.

from the past

With Pride We Present a Brief Sketch About Our Brother in Delta Chi

The Man Who Taught “Scarface” Al Capone About Our Laws By Sexson E. Humphreys DePauw “E”

brought him the appointment as Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Illinois.

Not very long ago the fearlessness of the United States District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois in dealing with the most notorious criminal of the present day caused every lawbreaker in Chicago to wonder if he would not be the next to spend a term behind federal bars. Soon after his graduation from DePauw University with the class of 1889, Brother James H. Wilkerson went to Hastings, Nebraska, as principal of the high school there. He soon returned to DePauw, however, as instructor of elocution. According to yellowed files of the old DePauw Record, on October 5, 1892, he put on the red and buff ribbons of the Delta Chi Fraternity. Early in the next year he was initiated into the Bond, the first faculty member of the DePauw Chapter. When the law school of DePauw was moved to Northwestern, Brother Wilkerson went to Chicago to practice law. Nine years later he was a member of the IIlinois house of representatives, where he conducted the fight for a state civil service law and introduced and secured the passage of the constitutional amendment which gave the new charter to the City of Chicago. In 1903, Brother Wilkerson became the county attorney for Cook County and in that office conducted important litigation involving questions of taxation of the capital stock of corporations. From 1906 until 1911, Wilkerson was a special assistant to the attorney general of the United States. During the time he held that position he was active in cases involving violation of the interstate commerce and anti-trust acts. He conducted proceedings against the Standard Oil Company, Swift and Company, Armour and Company, and National Packing Company during these years. At the end of that time he became the district attorney for the court over which he now presides. After a brief interim of private practice, once more he became the chief assistant attorney general of his state and counsel for it in the Illinois rate cases of 1917 and 1918. His work in that capacity

In 1922, President Harding appointed Brother Wilkerson to the federal bench, where he has served with a dignity befitting that high rank. His fearless stand against organized crime in the Capone case has placed him at the forefront among American jurists today. To dare to tell the district attorney and gangland that he could not recognize any bargaining in regard to penalty was headline news in every daily in America. But when finally, after the long, tedious trial was over, and he had retired to his Glencoe home to decide upon the sentence, he returned to the federal building to give Alphonse Capone the most severe penalty that the law will allow, Judge Wilkerson struck a greater blow at gangland than all the grand juries in the history of Chicago.

Brother James H. Wilkerson Born December 1, 1869 • Died September 30, 1948

Federal Judge Service Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, 1922-1948

Education DePauw University, A.B., 1889

Professional Career – Private Practice, Chicago, Illinois, 1893-1922 – Member, Illinois House of Representatives, 1902 – County Attorney, Cook County, Illinois, 1903-1904 – Special Assistant to the Attorney General of USA, 1906-1911 – U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, 1911-1914 – Chairman, Public Utilities Commission, State of Illinois, 1919-1921

“From The Past” Taken from the January 1932 issue of The Delta Chi Quarterly

12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

delta chi loyalty fund

Delta Chi Loyalty Fund “Brothers Helping Brothers”

The Loyalty Fund is an important opportunity for our brothers to help ensure that Delta Chi not only remains competitive but a leader in the fraternity world. Your continued support, besides ensuring that you continue to receive your personal copy of the Quarterly, will help provide for:

• “A”s’ Academy • Leadership College • Recruitment assistance • Returning to campuses with closed chapters Life Loyal Lapel Pin • Expansion onto new campuses that share our values • Updating and expanding our website • Providing on-line resources for our student members • Ensuring that we continue to publish the Delta Chi Quarterly

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Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008 13

campus scene alumni Justin Knox, Colorado ’95 On April 27-May 1 PBS aired a 10-part mini-series about the USS Nimitz deployment to the Persian Gulf in 2005. Justin Knox was aboard the USS Nimitz at that time as an F-18 pilot with the Marines and was profiled for the documentary.Brother Knox gave several interviews on the ship for the production, one of which was a long discussion about fraternities and his Delta Chi experience (Knox served as Chapter “A”). Major Justin Knox has served in the Marines for 12 years and began his sixth deployment this spring. During the deployment featured in CARRIER, he served as a captain and F/A-18 pilot for Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 (VMFA-232), also known as “The Red Devils.” Currently, he is an executive officer and forward air controller, 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (1st ANGLICO).

Charles Manatt Iowa State ’58 The Distinguished Alumni Award, established in 1961, is the highest honor given to alumni by Iowa State University through the ISU Alumni Association. This award honors ISU alumni who are nationally and/ or internationally recognized for preeminent contributions to their professions or life’s work.

President Gregory Geoffroy, Charles Manatt, Jeff Johnson President of the Alumni Association

Ambassador Charles T. Manatt (’58 rural sociology) has committed his life to serving his country and promoting the causes of justice, philanthropy, and education.

An attorney who earned his J.D. from George Washington University in 1962, Manatt is the founder of the law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP. The firm started out specializing in legal services for the banking community but today has grown to offer international legal and consulting services for a variety of industries in 10 locations, including California; New York; Washington, D.C.; Mexico; and Brazil. Manatt founded First Los Angeles Bank and served as its chairman from 1973-1989. He entered politics at 15 and was chair of the California Democratic Party before being elected chair of the Democratic National Committee in 1981. In 1992, he was co-chair of the successful ClintonGore presidential campaign, and in 1999 President Clinton appointed Manatt as the U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Manatt’s distinguished career in law, business, and politics is not only highlighted by professional achievements. He has given widely of his time and talents to organizations such as the National Legal Center for Public Interest’s Board of Directors, the Mayo Clinic Foundation Board of Directors, and both of his alma maters: George Washington University and Iowa State. He recently served as chairman of George Washington’s Board of Trustees. An Emeritus Governor of the ISU Foundation, he is a national vice-chair of Iowa State’s Campaign Destiny and is now an executive committee member for Campaign Iowa State: With Pride and Purpose. Along with his wife, Kathleen (’58 home economics), longtime friend and business partner Thomas Phelps (’59 government), and Phelps’ wife, Elizabeth, Manatt established the Manatt-Phelps Lecture in Political Science at Iowa State in 2002. Manatt delivered the lecture in 2002, and since that time it has been delivered by such prominent figures as Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Ernesto Derbez (PhD ’80 economics), Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States Jan Eliasson, U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel, U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden, and Fed-Ex founder and CEO Fred Smith. The lecture is annually one of the university’s most prominent academic events and has brought honor and distinction to Iowa State. The Manatts live in Washington, D.C., and are also active in farming in Audubon and Cass Counties. They have three children: Michelle, Timothy, and Dan.

Erik Walker, Denison ’08 President’s Medalists 2008: Seven Students Named as Winners of Denison’s Highest Award On Friday, April 18, Denison University’s students, faculty, staff and trustees convened at the college’s 2008 Academic Awards Convocation in Swasey Chapel to recognize the academic achievements of its students, honor its outstanding faculty members, and present medals to seven outstanding graduating seniors. The President’s Medals were established in 1985 as Denison’s highest and most prestigious honor, recognizing students who have demonstrated not only intellectual achievement, but also have made some other significant contribution to the community in such areas as global awareness, athletic fitness, leadership and campus discourse. Presentation Remarks: “Erik, the portrait of you that emerges repeatedly in your letters of nomination exhibits commitment to excellence, perseverance, and risktaking. As a child when your family moved to Germany, you had the option of attending an English language school, but instead chose to attend a regular German school, even though you did not speak a word of the language. Four years later you were fluent, which served as the foundation for your double major in German and Political Science at Denison. But instead of basking in the satisfaction of knowing two languages, you threw yourself into a third one by attending the famously intensive language program in Mandarin Chinese at Middlebury College and continuing those studies at Denison. “A faculty member tells a story of your willingness to take risks. He

14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008

keeping in touch writes that one morning, after facing down a groundhog in his backyard and feeling pretty good about it, he arrived in his office, opened up an email from you, and learned that you were in the jungles of Malaysia tracking down a tiger. He remarked in his nomination letter that, ‘If you compare in proportions our two encounters — a 15-pound groundhog and a 250-pound tiger — you will begin to appreciate the heights that Erik will reach well beyond his mentors here at Denison.’ “Having served as an intern in the office of Senator Richard Lugar, you went on to achieve the pinnacle of your scholarly success recently when you were selected as one of only 75 participants in the highly competitive and much coveted Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program in Germany. In athletics you have been a consistent winner of awards in track and field, racking up nine All-NCAC awards. In service to the community you founded a German Club, taught math and English to local elementary students, and volunteered in the LEADS swimming program. “Eric, as you embark on the Youth Exchange Program in Germany, we salute you for having taken full advantage of all our College has to offer, at the same time that you have generously given back the best that you have to offer.” Student Achievements: Dean’s List: Honors Program; Mortar Board Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Department of Political Science - Fellow; Department of Modern Languages German Departmental Fellow; Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honorary); Delta Chi - Scholar of the Year; Denison Faculty Scholarship for Achievement; United States Senator Richard G. Lugar - Summer Intern; Department of Modern Languages - German Teaching Assistant; Indoor Varsity Track and Field - Three-Time All-North Coast Athletic Conference Athlete; Outdoor Varsity Track and Field - Three-Time All-North Coast Athletic Conference Athlete; Delta Chi Fraternity - Scholarship Chair, Secretary, Judicial Board Scholarship Chair; Denison Community Association - Vice President for Public Relations, LEADS Swimming Program for underprivileged children

Appalachian State

Ferris State

Long Beach

Born to Brother and Mrs. Josh Weaver ’94, a son and third child, Austin Cole, on July 2, 2007. Born to Brother Michael Lingle ’95, a daughter, Addyson Nichole, on August 5, 2007. Brother Christian Guest ’04, married to Kristin Phillips on September 22, 2007. Brother Douglas Thomson ’06, married to Lisa Petty on August 11, 2007.

Dan McGinnis ’99, married to Allison Nester on March 1st, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Hiran Fernando ’96, a daughter, Imari Volska, on April 30, 2008.


Jeremy Graham ’06, married to Danielle Heath on October 20, 2007.

Willie M. Saunders ’91, was appointed as a judge in the Augusta Circuit in 2007.

Cal Poly Born to Brother and Mrs. Hugh Graciano ’90, a daughter, Sofia Adeline, on December 17, 2007.

Chico Born to Brother and Mrs. Keith Fields ’93, a son, Kaleb Ashton, on April 17, 2008.

Clemson Born to Brother and Mrs. Jacob Higginbotham ’01, a daughter, Adalynn Powell, on December 30, 2007.

Colorado State Born to Brother and Mrs. Matthew Mulligan ’05, a son, Adyn Thomas, April 22, 2008

Embry Riddle Born to Brother and Mrs. Dan Stoffler ’92, a daughter, Corinna Lee, on March 20, 2008. Born to Brother and Mrs. Ismail Fayez ’98, a son, Kaain Mikail, on November 11, 2005.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Randy Inosencio ’00, a daughter, Olivia Kelly, on October 13, 2007.

New Haven

Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Hatcher ’02, a son, Tyler Austin, on February 7th, 2008.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Mark Adams ’03, a daughter, Lucy Violet, on April 25, 2008.

Andrew Rice ’00, married to Eileen Dalisay on November 3, 2007.

North Carolina

Georgia Southern

Hayward Born to Brother and Mrs. Tom Carroll ’98, a son, Thomas Lee, on March 31, 2008.

Kettering B Born to Brother and Mrs. John Linton, a son, Joseph Daniel, on February 19th, 2008.

Lake Forest Bob Felgen ’54, published Selling Secrets that Show You the Money (iUniverse, Inc, 2007). Heath Henry ’97, will be officially taking over as lead producer for the upcoming season of the award winning Baseball Tonight on ESPN. Eric Leninger ’06, won the 2007 Go Vertical Challenge by running up the Sears Tower’s 103 floors in 13 minutes and 42 seconds. He came in first out of 2000 people and was only 16 seconds off the all-time record for the event. The event was a benefit for the Damon Runyon Cancer Research foundation.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Anders Lundsberg, ’95, a son, Alexander Dane, December 4, 2007.

Southern Illinois Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Vought ’96, a son, Luke William, on December 26, 2007.

Western Michigan Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Vought ’96, a son, Luke William, on December 26, 2007.

Whitewater John Schulze, Jr. ’93, appointed by Governor Jim Doyle to the Wisconsin Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. The Commission will coordinate Wisconsin’s planning efforts to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday in February 2009. Let us know what’s new by “Keeping in Touch” Mail your information to: The Delta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters c/o: Keeping in Touch, PO Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244-1817 or e-mail:

farewell & parting These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. ALABAMA














Billy C. Martin ’48, April 15, 2008 Gerald D. Kindred ’71, April 10, 2008 Ray S. Jacobs ’47, March 31, 2008 Henry E. Wahl ’36, March 29, 2008 Harold D. Hatfield ’62, February 3, 2006

O. Michael Larson ’70, March 28, 2008 James E. Browning ’60, March 24, 2008 Ronald N. Kirby ’65, April 23, 2008

Parnell S. Curry ’49, March 1, 2008 Christopher L. Waites ’91, April 15, 2008 James A. McCain ’57, April 10, 2008

William P. Jackson ’76, February 2, 2008

Mark Z. Krzaczynski ’92, April 20, 2006

Samuel V. Colegrove ’43, February 1, 2008

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2008 15

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Bloomington, IN 47405

KENNESAW: Kennesaw State Univ - 1000 Chastain Rd #0501, Stu Ctr Bldg #5, Rm 274, Bx 170, Kennesaw, GA 30144

MARSHALL: Marshall Univ - 1440 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25755 NORTH ALABAMA: Univ of N Alabama - 1 Harrison Plaza, UNA Box 5383,

Florence, AL 35632

OHIO STATE: The Ohio State Univ - 191 E 15th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 OKLAHOMA: Univ of Oklahoma - PO Box 2722, Norman, OK 73070 USIP: Univ of Sciences in Philadelphia, Whitecar Hall Stu Actv Off,

600 S 43rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

WASHBURN: Washburn Univ of Topeka - Off Stdnt Act, 1700 SW College Ave, Topeka, KS 66621 WESTERN CAROLINA: Western Carolina Univ, 319 AK Hinds Univ Ctr, Cullowhee, NC 28723

WILIMINGTON: Univ of N Carolina - Wilmington - Student Act Off, 601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403

ALUMNI CHAPTERS (26) ARIZONA VALLEY: Pres Todd Nyberg-Mastrorilli, RAD ’97, BLUEGRASS: Pres Stephen Meyer, Jr, Louisville ’92, BOSTON AREA: Pres Stephen Bianchi, NE ’79, CAPE FEAR AREA: Pres Miles Washburn, Mass ’87, CAPITAL AREA: Pres Michael Magri, John ’84, CENTRAL NEW YORK: Pres Michael Tumolo, SYR ’07, CHARLOTTE AREA: Pres Jonathan Malone, Calif U-PA ’98, COLUMBUS: Pres Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70, DALLAS/FORT WORTH: Pres John Battaglia, TX ’94,

Carbondale, IL 62901

HAYWARD: California St Univ - Hayward - 1491 Roosevelt Ave,

Office, 320 Peance Union Bldg, Cheney, WA 99004-2463

EASTERN IOWA: Pres Karl Grindel, Cent MO ’01, GREAT LAKES: Pres Robert Little, Bow Gr ’03, GREATER WISCONSIN AREA: Pres Alan Udell, WISC ’91, ILLINOIS: Pres Ray Mathews, IL ’76, KANSAS CITY AREA: Pres John Hess, Creighton ’75, LOS ANGELES: Pres Ernest Bain, SoCal ’55, NEW HAVEN AREA: Pres Robert Morey, New Haven ’00, NEW ORLEANS AREA: Pres Brandon Sullivan, LSU ’07,

STEPHEN F AUSTIN: Stephen F Austin Univ - Stu Act Box 13021 SFA, Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3021

Gorham, ME 04038

200 Prospect St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Los Angeles, CA 90007

GEORGIA TECH: Georgia Institute of Tech - 170 Fifth Street NW, GORHAM STATE: Univ of Southern Maine - 23 Preble St,

DAVIS: Univ of California - Davis - PO Box 72432, Davis,CA 95617 EAST STROUDSBURG: East Stroudsburg Univ - Greek Life,

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Southern Illinois Univ - 606 W College,

GANNON: Gannon University - 507 Myrtle St, Erie, PA 16502 GEORGIA SOUTHERN: Georgia Southern University - 1510A Mike Atlanta, GA 30313-2512

CORPUS CHRISTI: TX A&M Univ - Corpus Christi - Univ Ctr & Student Act, 6300 Ocean Dr, Uit 5783, Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5783

State College, PA 16801-5714

PITTSBURGH: Univ of Pittsburgh - 255 N Dithridge St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 PURDUE: Purdue Univ - 501 Russell St, West Lafayette, IN 47906 RADFORD: Radford University - 600 Second Ave, Radford, VA 24141 RHODE ISLAND: Univ of Rhode Island-34 Lwr Clg Rd, Kingston, RI 02881 ROWAN: Rowan Univ - 13 E Eben St, Glassboro, NJ 08049 RUTGERS: Rutgers Univ - 49 Mine St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE: South Dakota St Univ - 213 W Hwy 14 Bypass,

Frostburg, MD 21532

Anne Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458

CINCINNATI: Univ of Cincinnati - Stratford Hgts, 2634 Stratford Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220

SYRACUSE: Syracuse Univ - 303 University Pl, 228E Schine Ctr, Syracuse, NY 13244

TARLETON: Tarleton State Univ - Box T-1557, Tarleton Station, TX 76402 TEXAS: U of Texas - 910 Poplar, Austin,TX 78705 TEXAS A&M: Texas A&M Univ - 11490 Walnut Rd, College Sta, TX 77845 TEXAS STATE: Texas State Univ - PO Box 1309, San Marcos, TX 78667 TEXAS TECH: Texas Tech Univ - 8 Greek Circle, Lubbock, TX 79416 TRI-STATE: Tri-State U - 112 S Darling, Angola, IN 46703 TROY STATE: Troy Univ - 408 Pell Ave, Troy, AL 36081 TRUMAN STATE: Truman State Univ - 904 S First St, Kirksville, MO 63501

UNLV: Univ of Nevada - Las Vegas - UNLV Box 452008, 4505 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154-2008

VALDOSTA: Valdosta State Col - PO Box 1112, Valdosta, GA 31603 VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH: VA Commonwealth Univ - c/o Omer Bokhari,

3201 Copper Mill Trace #A, Richmond, VA 23294

NORTHEAST OHIO AREA: Pres Steve Bossart, Kent St ’90, SACRAMENTO AREA: Pres John Shelby, Sac ’86, SEATTLE: Pres Robert LaBouy, WA ’66, SOUTH FLORIDA: Pres Michael Agnello, Mich St ’81, TAMPA BAY AREA: Pres Michael Shelton, FL ’98, TENNESSEE VALLEY: Pres T Michael Burleson, Hunts ’05, THREE RIVERS: Pres Tom Horowitz, Mich St ’87, TORONTO: Pres Elliott Chun, W Ontario ’03, TWIN CITIES AREA: Pres Matthew Johnson, Minn ’01,