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Our Expansion Continues by Welcoming Four New Colonies!

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As someone inherently interested in Delta Chi, I often find myself googling and otherwise searching the internet for information on our Fraternity. I recently came across a blog posted by a member of one of our chapters that contained a YouTube video of the happenings at the chapter. The video espoused the “virtues” of this particular group – hottest guys, fastest cars, drinking, flat screen TVs, etc. etc. It went on to show our members “shot gunning” beers, using profanity, flipping off the camera, and a host of other activities I would rather not mention in a family publication. “I will conduct myself with honor and as a gentleman so as to reflect credit upon myself and my associates.” There is nothing honorable depicted in this and many other blog postings and YouTube messages on the internet, and it is becoming a real problem. I thought of the creator of this particular video installment; let’s call him Adam because that is his name, and I wondered if, given the chance, I would hire him to join my team in the workplace. The only answer I could come up with was that I wouldn’t even INTERVIEW him. (Dismissed before he even had a chance. What a shame.) Listen, I like to have fun as much as the next guy. I spend a lot of time with college students and enjoy being around them. They have a zest for life that helps keep me young, and my interactions with them are almost always enjoyable and often enriching. But you have to question the judgment of someone who would post such behavior in public for all to see. And make no mistake, the internet is public domain. “There is a growing trend in the number of employers who are Googling candidates to research for additional information,” said Brian Krueger, President of, in an article posted last summer. “This trend has now spilled over to the use of internet social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook, for screening potential candidates.”

MySpace has become the most popular social networking site in the world, with more than 95 million members. It accounts for 80% of all visits to online social networking sites, according to Wikipedia. Facebook has the largest number of registered users among college-focused networking sites, also according to Wikipedia. “The thought of an employer reviewing your information can be a very scary thought to a candidate, especially in the case of a college student or recent grad,” commented Krueger. “But as long as the information is posted publicly, it is available to others and could potentially be a liability to you in your job search. It could keep you from getting the job. Or, worse yet, from even getting the interview in the first place—and usually you wouldn’t even know why.” Krueger advises college grad job seekers to beware of the image they project. “College grad job seekers should avoid anything that might cause a recruiter to say ‘Yikes!’ when they found you on the Web,” said Krueger. “Like it or not, MySpace and Facebook are public sites. Instead of posting information and photos from that all night party, job seekers can stand out from the crowd by using these sites as an opportunity to generate a positive first impression. If you wouldn’t put it in your résumé, don’t put it on the Web.” Prospective employers are looking at these postings. Use them as a chance to shine - to show pride in yourself and in the organizations of which you are a part. Use them to complement your résumé. I know in my heart that if a Delta Chi came to me looking for a job, he would have a leg up on the competition. I know one Delta Chi in particular who would lose that edge as soon as I looked at his blog postings. (What a shame indeed.) To make it even worse, his posting drags Delta Chi down with him, only compounding the shame. In the Bond,

Steven P. Bossart, “AA” Kent State ’90 2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007

“A”s’ Academy As Sebastian Mangiafico, Florida “A”, rolled into the registration area for the 2007 “A”s’ Academy with bags in hand, he could tell this wasn’t going to be a typical leadership program. “I really did not know what to expect from the whole situation,” recalled Sebastian. “The days leading up to the “A”s’ Academy definitely had me nervous.” The “A”s’ Academy, now in its second year, has become Delta Chi’s premiere leadership development program, with representatives

Beauty aside, the true core of the “A”s’ Academy program is the GAP, or Goal and Action Plan. Each attendee leaves the Academy with a written, S.M.A.R.T. list of action items focusing on one specific goal. Many GAPs focus on chapter issues, while a few focus on personal development. The important element is that all men who graduate from the Academy understand how to identify, develop, and execute a plan of action and then roll those skills over into leading Delta Chi.

2007 “A”s’ Academy from 117 of its chapters and colonies attending. One quite unique aspect of the Academy, though, is its location: Saint Meinrad Archabbey and School of Theology in Indiana. According to Sebastian, there is only one word that can describe St. Meinrad: “Secluded.” The Archabbey, located 60 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky, is home to two Fraternity brothers (also Benedictine monks): Father Anthony (Michael) Vinson, OSB, Northwest Missouri ’98, and Father Patrick (Michael) Cooney, OSB, Purdue ’81. It provides an environment where attendees can focus on the program and bonding with one another. Also housed at St. Meinrad is a full-service retreat and meeting facility, complete with private movie theatre, two gyms, a restaurant/pub and library. “Many of the Academy attendees show up not really knowing what to expect from the Archabbey,” said Matt Killingsworth, Kansas State ’02, Academy Coordinator and lead facilitator. “It’s fun to watch the guys walk in, eyes wide, in awe of the size and beauty of the facility.”

Sebastian’s GAP was focused on alumni relations for the Florida Colony. “We are lucky to have one of the highest number of total initiates in Delta Chi” admitted Sebastian. “Since I have gotten back, Antonio Perez, the “E”, and I have organized our first Alumni/Parent weekend in April.” “Antonio has also produced our first newsletter for alumni and parents. Titled The Scimitar, we can now inform alumni and parents as to what is going on in our Colony and what is going on with the alumni brothers from almost every generation dating back to the 1920s, when we were founded at Florida. The newsletter will also assist us in the renovations to our house that we will move back into this summer,” said Sebastian. “My GAP is in full force and I have used the GAP process in many other areas that our Colony must work on. It is a great way to accomplish something in a timely manner.” The Florida Colony truly has taken the GAP model to a whole new level. Now the Colony committee chairmen meet each semester to draft their own CAPs (Committee Action Plans). The chairmen review their short and long term goals, develop a budget, and then outline their activities for the semester.

The Archabbey

St. Meinrad, IN

January 12-15, 2007

During the semester, each chairman refers back to his CAP and evaluates his progress and then adjusts as needed. “Meeting brothers from all over North America and how they go about solving problems in their chapters was definitely one of the greatest things I got out of the Academy,” beamed Sebastian. “Being a relatively new “A” in a new colony, I come across many problems that I have not encountered before. At the “A”s’ Academy, I had the chance to speak to other “A”s about my problems and how they would have handled them. This gave me experienced suggestions on how I should handle problems when I returned back to Gainesville.” Continued on Page 13

The following chapters’ and colonies’ leaders are graduates of the 2007 Delta Chi “A”s’ Academy: Grant Liffmann - Abracadabra Robert Beasley - Alabama Bryan Rapati - Alberta Kevin Martyn - American Paul Pennell - Appalachian State Kevin Luckey - Arizona Brandon Grone - Arizona State Brandon Docken - Auburn Shayne Woodard - Augusta Bryan Muscia - Behrend Chris Frattini - Binghamton Shane Lewis - Bowling Green Josh Naphen - Bryant Ted Carrick - Cal Poly Dan Slattery - California Univ - PA R.J. Burr - Central Michigan Jesse McDaniel - Central Missouri Justin DiSabatino - Cincinnati Col. Mike Dickson - Clemson Dan Jolles - Coastal Carolina John Christensen - Colorado Tommy Miles - Colorado State Eric Lurie - Connecticut Bryan Ellerbrock - Cornell Mike Zitelli - Cortland Col. Chris D’Alo - Davis Col. Sam Rockman - Denison Joshua Perez - DePauw Larry Joseph - Duquesne Daniel Bricker - East Carolina Pat Doyle - East Stroudsburg Col. Cody Freeborn - E. Washington Col. Scott Cunningham - Embry-Riddle Tyler Senger - Ferris State Sebastian Mangiafico - Florida Col. Nick Bernardone - Fredonia Jeremy Malnar - Frostburg Gustavo Nu’no - Fullerton Joe Revnes - Georgia Anthony Tarantino - Georgia Southern Allen Dreschel - Georgia Tech David Grabowski - Gorham State Jason Qualls - Hayward Tommy Rood - Hobart Nino Caridi - Hofstra Col. Greg Bennett - Huntsville Brandon Aldecoa - Idaho Andrew Finn - Illinois Tom Krug - Illinois State Patrick Wood - Iowa Brian Walker - Iowa State Col. Shawn Keel - Jacksonville State Justin DeLockery - James Madison Levi Perry - Johnstown Jared Flott - Kansas State Ari Fleeman - Kent State Jesse Shore - Kentucky Col. Paul Elder - Kettering-A Max Nemeth - Kettering-B Brandon Sullivan - L.S.U. Kalani Man - Lake Forest

Derek Franklin - Long Beach Kyle Culver - Louisiana Tech Freddie Boyle - Mankato John Lienau - Marquette Brian King - Marshall Col. Andrew Maciey - Maryland Blake Schmidt - Miami Richard Mitteer - Michigan Col. Patrick Rawsthorne - Michigan State Alexander Schreiner - Minnesota Zane Wofford - Mississippi State Robert Berlin - Missouri Chester Kennedy - Missouri State Matthew Kelly - Montclair William Mccay - Montevallo Anthony Maisano - New Haven Neal Morgan - New Mexico State Scotty Rainwater - N. Alabama Col. Geoff Hooker - Northern Arizona Colin Oates - Northern Colorado Neal Pittman - Northwest Missouri Matthew Deutschman - Northwestern Travis Pennell - Ohio State Col. Christopher Wilson - Oklahoma Col. Kyle Waletich - Oregon State Thong Lo - Oshkosh Mark Venturino - Penn State Max Corchin - Pittsburgh Evan Hickey - Purdue Andrew Cahan - Radford Phillip Bowers - Rhode Island Bradley Burascano - Rowan Yan Lipovetskiy - Rutgers Ryan Brunner - South Dakota State David Dee - Southeast Missouri Craig Davis - Southern California John Perz - Southern Illinois John Battles - Stephen F Austin Jeremy McBroom - Tarleton Brett Martin - Texas Brett Vinson - Texas A&M Bradley Owens - Texas State Clark Daves - Texas Tech Craig Wiley - Tri-State Justin Seiwell - Truman State William Dykes - Valdosta Omer Bokhari - VA Commonwealth Patrick Muenks - Washburn Col. Connor Carroll - Washington Branden Daubel - Washington State Thomas Cox - West Virginia Tech Bryan Thomason - W. Carolina Col. Daniel Klein - Western Michigan Peter Bergen - William & Mary Wesley Dinsick - Wilmington Col. Clinton Smith - Windsor Did not atted: Chico, Gannon, Kansas, South Florida, Syracuse, Troy State, UNLV, Virginia Tech, West Georgia

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campus cover story scene

The University of North Alabama On September 9, 2006 the North Alabama Colony was established at The University of North Alabama in Florence. This was the first colonization since 1989 for the campus. The Huntsville Chapter initiated the 21 Founding Fathers on December 2. The “ It was a really Founding Fathers are involved in great experience a variety of activities outside of for all of the men Delta Chi, including the honors involved.” program, University housing and Rusty Williams, Director of Expansion its councils, orientation programs, and Colony Operations community service groups and much more. Across the country the Fraternity and its chapters have a high regard for academics and outstanding service, and this Colony is no exception. The 3.33 cumulative grade point average of the Colony members ranks them first among all fraternities. “It was a really great experience for all of the men involved,” said Rusty Williams, Director of Expansion and Colony Operations. The expansion team was lead by Williams, who sought out men who were not interested in the typical fraternity experience being offered on campus. He recruited men who, in many situations, never thought they would join a fraternity. From the start the men recruited were values-oriented, which provided them an avenue to become involved from the very beginning. “Many of the members can still vividly remember the first brotherhood retreat,” said Lance Morrow. “Twenty-one strangers were unsure of what the future held for the new fraternity. Now it is amazing to see that a group of men who had never met could come together and succeed with such a monumental task of starting a fraternity. For that, I am pleased that I could be a part of the founding of this Colony and will ultimately see it grow and accomplish everything it set out to become.” The Founding Fathers are: “A” Scotty Rainwater, “B” Winn Brewer, “C” Nicholas Lawrence, “D” Tyler Hudson, “E” Clint Quarles, “F” Steven Torbert, Lance Morrow, Bertug Can, Joseph Corrigan, Jeremy Crown, Tyler Haraway, Justin Low, Josh Murks, David Nau, Joe Powell, Adam Robertson, Chris Smith, Kyle Smith, Ahmet Tamkoc, and Dustin Williams. The Colony is very fortunate to be supported by a great group of alumni serving as advisors. Currently the ABT and alumni support are: “BB” Chris Kilroy, ABT President Bill Gullett, Faculty 4 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007

Advisor Matt Reed, Aaron Johnson, Josh Goldfin, Chip Clifft, and Tim Holcombe. Support for the Colony has been very strong on campus, especially from the University and the sororities. Recently the members won the People’s Choice Award at the annual Greek Sing, participated in Homecoming activities, and took part in the annual autumn celebration, “Cabin Fever”, with Alpha Delta Pi. The new Colony is focusing its efforts in several areas including intramurals; community service events like “Think Pink,” Habitat for Humanity,” and “Up ‘Till Dawn;” and recruiting its first associate member class. There is no doubt that the North Alabama Colony is well on its way to reaching every level of success it wants.

The University of Cincinnati The University of Cincinnati, known to natives of the Queen City as UC, has been on the move. Not only has the University experienced a jump in its ranking over the past decade but also in the physical appearance of the campus. Cincinnati is continually ranked as one of the best universities in America and is known for pioneering the Collegiate Co-op program over 100 years ago. Today 26 men are pioneering the way for Delta Chi at UC. The expansion effort began in Cincinnati on November 1st, 2007. Prior to the arrival of Fraternity Staff, the buzz had already begun. After a series of interviews, Justin DiSabitino became the first of the Founding Fathers to accept a bid. Soon after, many more followed. Athletes from the Crew and Rugby teams, Veterans, Honors Students, ROTC Cadets and other campus leaders are among the men who have taken up the banner, but these men are not on their own. They are advised by a team of men who come from across the United States and find themselves in the Cincinnati area: Adam P. Croweak, Kent State ’05; John Sullivan, Colorado ’84; Lyle Sprinkle, Georgia Tech ’96; Jeff Cornwell, Ball State ’01; and Alex Hamling, Pittsburg Alumni Initiate. These men prove that membership extends both beyond graduation and beyond one’s own chapter. The Founding Fathers are: Nathan Bechtel, Jay Boltz, Cameron Carter, Brian Crader, Martin Davis, Justin DiSabatino, Jathan Fink, Joel Finn, Brant Fischer, Devin Gibbons, Matthew Henrich, Jonathan Horn, Jason Jones, Aaron Klingshirn, Bryant Laris, Eric Lindhurst, “ The men have shown Francis Milbower, Ryan Mills, a dedication to Alexander Muff, Michael academics, obtaining Price, Andrew Rogers, Jeremy one of the highest Ross, Bryan Schoeppner, GPAs on campus.” Arthur Sobczak, and Johnathon Vasiliadis. Things are going well for the Colony. The men have shown a dedication to academics, obtaining one of the highest GPAs on campus.

cover story Their commitment to their community is evident in the requirement that each member complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service per quarter. Additionally, the Colony will be moving into a house in the Greek Village, Stratford Heights, this fall. This is one of the newest physical additions to the UC Community. Recently the Miami Chapter initiated the Cincinnati Founding Fathers in Oxford, Ohio. This was a day that the colony members will never forget. It was also made all the more special in that it was the last Founding Father initiation that our departed Brother, Chris Johnson, attended. Chris’ memory serves to inspire us all to remember what it means to be a Delta Chi. The men of the Cincinnati Colony are setting a new standard at UC. As they continue to grow, their impact will continue to be felt on their campus, in their community and for Delta Chi.

George Mason University As Delta Chi continues to grow, the members of its newest colony are ready and eager to accept the challenges and rewards of membership and living according to the values of Friendship, Character, Justice and Education. On February 22, 2007, Delta Chi officially colonized at George Mason University with the first pinning of the Founding Fathers. Leadership Consultants Jonathan Nichols and Ryan Roberts arrived in Fairfax, VA on February 10 and began an aggressive recruitment plan, seeking George Mason’s best and brightest men to become Founding Fathers. The University’s administration, in particular the Office of Student Activities, was incredibly supportive and eager to see the impact the new Colony would have on campus. The initial recruitment efforts involved advertising in the campus newspaper The Broadside, sorority presentations to seek referrals, open informational sessions, a leadership scholarship, and the use of “Facebook” to advertise the exciting opportunity to become a Founding Father. The response was great, and additional assistance came from Leadership Consultant Chad Davis and Director of Chapter Services Matt Killingsworth to help sort through the initial list of potential members. Staff conducted countless interviews, made numerous phone calls and began extending bids to the Founding Fathers. After three weeks, 36 Founding Fathers of the George Mason Colony were officially welcomed into the Fraternity. The Founding Fathers are: “A” Jose Ramos, “B” Elliot Kashner, “C” Curtis Seifert, “D” Tim Shifflet, “E” Scott McCarthy, “F” Peter Fallon, AMC Dustin Raines, Recruitment Chairman Carlos Urtecho, Ryan Welsh, Joe Jankovka, Kevin Coonce, Brian Gordon, Muhammad Ali Qizilbasa, John Stammler, Jonathan Hesley, Ryan Gearheart, Matt Keihl, Matt Alizio, Kellen Rosenfelder, Chris Hild, Mark Stokes, Logan Crawley, Steve Hand, William Domedion, Dave Mazzone, Kevin Fon, Brandon Shore, Brian Leary, Winfield Glascock, Scott Mason, Derek Bullington, Justin Mallette, Ryan Metzker, Mike Rafferty, Chas Johnson, and Broc Malone. The expansion marks the first time for Delta Chi at George Mason. With this being the case, there also was a big effort to recruit alumni from other chapters who lived in the area. An

alumni reception was “ The colony is off to held on February 24 a great start and has and was attended by planned an aggressive approximately 20 alumni. calendar of programs The alumni all committed for the remainder of to do what they could the semester.” to assist the Colony. Support advisors were also selected. The Colony “BB” is Mike Araj, Virginia Commonwealth ’04, and the ABT was formed with Chris Jaikaran, Syracuse ’04, serving as the ABT President. The Colony is off to a great start and has planned an aggressive calendar of programs for the remainder of the semester. The men are participating in Greek Week and have started to become active in the George Mason Interfraternity Council. Assistant Director of Student Activities Michelle Guobadia is excited about Delta Chi coming to campus and is looking forward to working with the Colony. Many of the Founding Fathers joined because they wanted something more out of a fraternity experience and wanted to make sure that starting a fraternity would not interfere with their education. The minimum grade point average to be a Founding Father of the colony was set at 2.7, and the Colony surpassed this by having an average GPA of 3.33. This is well above the all–men’s average of 2.75. In addition to being academically driven, the Founding Fathers are also very involved in other campus activities. Of the Founding Father Class, there are members who are presidents of other student organizations, leaders in the ROTC, Mason Ambassadors, leaders in student government and competitors on the George Mason Debate Team, which advanced to the National Championship. There are also members who are a part of the George Mason Swim and Diving Team. With George Mason University so close to Washington D.C., there are also members taking advantage of the opportunities for civic involvement in the nation’s capital. In fact, Colony “A”, Jose Ramos, was recently appointed by President George W. Bush to the newly formed Walter Reed Commission that is being chaired by former Senator Bob Dole. The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia: The USIP Colony was established after the production of the Winter/Spring 2007 Quarterly. Look for more news in future issues.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007 5

campus scene ALABAMA

Samuel Shuttlesworth, “E”, at the “Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger” food drive by the Alabama Chapter.

We were proud to initiate nine new members this past fall. The chapter also participated in the “Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger” food drive by donating canned goods and non-perishable food items to the West Alabama Food Bank. Members are enjoying meals in the new kitchen, which was installed last spring. The kitchen staff provided pre-game meals for the Hawaii, Florida International (homecoming), and Auburn football games this past fall.

ARIZONA STATE This year, we took many steps to further the excellence of the Chapter as well as the Arizona State Greek community. The most notable contribution was the success of our Delta X Games philanthropy. After careful and tedious planning, we feel that the second year of the philanthropy was a complete success. Through donations, sponsorships, and participation in the events, we were able to raise a significant amount of money for the V Foundation. Also, with careful planning and the support of our “BB” and the Chapter, our Executive Board has modified chapter meetings to be more efficient, and it has been a tremendous success. Our new system still encompasses all of the old features of a traditional meeting but also includes the entire Chapter participating in committees and has provided us with a muchneeded sense of accountability.


The Behrend Brothers take a break from billiards at this year’s semiformal.

We are proud to say that we are once again Greek Week Champions, this time winning the competition by nearly twice as many points as any other fraternity on campus. We also hold a majority of the votes on IFC. Philanthropy was a focus of the Chapter this semester as well. We were glad to help other volunteers set up for our community’s annual JDRF walk, which raises funds to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. During the Thanksgiving break, we volunteered at the local community 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007

center, setting up and serving a turkey dinner to all those in attendance. The biggest source of pride for the Chapter recently was the alumni weekend held last August. We worked with several alumni and their families to set up activities, including both a golf outing and a poker tournament. We ended the weekend with our annual picnic, which this year featured a Chinese auction that funded the whole event. The result was a great alumni turnout and a memorable weekend.

many of the fraternity graduate live-in advisors at the house during different points in the semester, which has opened up many new relationships for us around campus.


BOWLING GREEN The fall semester included philanthropy, community service, chapter growth, and alumni outreach. One highlight was the support of the The V Foundation. Through efforts on campus and in the community, we raised nearly $2,000. Shane Lewis and Leo Svoboda were both inducted into the Order of Omega. Additionally, BJ Johnson, Shane Lewis, and Leo Svoboda were initiated into the academic honors society, Gamma Sigma Alpha. To highlight Brother Lewis even more, Shane was appointed to direct the 2007 homecoming steering committee. Additionally, Tom Balicky was elected this year’s Homecoming King. Congratulations to all of our valuable brothers!

CENTRAL MICHIGAN This fall recruitment went very well. We had some new events, such as playing softball, grilling out with the brothers, poker night, and Monday night football on the projector. Through our recruitment process we pinned eight new members, who are now initiated brothers. Also this past fall, the student body voted our Chapter the best fraternity on campus. At Greek awards we were awarded the most improved scholarship program, thanks to the efforts of Matt Vercauteren.

COLORADO STATE Last fall marked the 5th anniversary of the Chapter. To celebrate we hosted parents and alumni for the University’s Alumni/Parent Weekend in October. Events kicked off on Friday night with a reception for alumni, parents, and friends. We had a great turnout for the event and were able to see some old faces again and to meet new people. Saturday we held an open house for parents of associate members to see the chapter house and meet the members of the Chapter. After the open house we held a tailgate event at Hughes Stadium, prior to the CSU vs. UNLV football game. It was a great day for football, BBQ, and friends. Sunday we concluded the weekend with our annual Founders Day Golf Outing. Despite the cold weather, a number of alumni, parents, and members had a great day on the golf course. Overall it was a great weekend for the Chapter as we had a great time! We welcomed our new graduate live-in advisor, Leigh Thiedemann, to the chapter house. Leigh has been a great resource for the chapter, serving as faculty advisor and calling on her own experiences as a Pi Beta Phi and Panhellenic Council President at Iowa State University. The Chapter was also able to host University administrators as well as

Connecticut alumni and undergraduates together before the Navy vs UConn football game.

With a renewed approach to recruitment, academics, and alumni relations, we have connected to the campus and reconnected with our distinguished alumni. This is truly an exciting time. We are very proud of our successful fall recruitment. Attention to detail and enthusiastic follow-up enabled us to initiate 18 new brothers. This is the highest number of new initiates in many years. As the new brothers add their energy and ideas to the Chapter, their diverse interests and backgrounds will serve us well in the future. For a chapter to be successful, one must think in regards to the past, present, and future. This was the first semester in several years that our active membership was truly dedicated to that ideal. It was a wonder to behold, as 40 alumni joined the Chapter for the UConn vs. Navy football game. The undergraduate brothers were honored to meet Patrick McGovern ’56, Ray Ambrose ’60, Mike Velgouse ’62, Tom Dubno ’68, Gus Kahramanidis ’68, Jack Losh ’71, Bruce Lindstrom ’82, and Gregory Gorski ’72, an enthusiastic corps of alumni from the late 1970s and 1980s, as well as additional alumni. This event allowed our Chapter to see and feel the “brotherhood of a lifetime.” There is a lot of work that goes into affecting change, but the rewards are well worth the time and effort. We are not resting as a chapter, but rather using our momentum to move forward in the right direction. The renewed connection with our alumni is heralding the return of past traditions. Older traditions, such as the return of our 24-hour softball tournament this April, will soon meet new traditions like Delta Chi’s partnership with the V Foundation. On another note, we are happy to announce the reorganization of our ABT. Congratulations to our new ABT president, Mark Fitzgerald ’79, secretary Mark Auletta ’89; “BB” Julian Miller ’04; as well as John Tunila ’81; Bruce Lindstrom ’82; Paul Picciani ’89; Kevin Coyne ’86; and Jim Garvey ’84. Additionally, our Faculty Advisor is Professor Craig Albert, Augusta ’01. The reestablishment of our ABT has favorably impacted the Chapter by infusing the members with a stronger feeling of support and connection to our past and to Delta Chi as a larger organization. We are proud of our recent accomplishments, but we look forward to attaining bigger and better things.

campus scene CORTLAND

was coordinated with the Delta Gamma Sorority. The Homecoming Dinner will become an annual event, as even more alumni are expected to attend next year.

In early October, tragedy struck our campus when several members of the University’s basketball team were injured in a shooting incident. Brother Jonathan Steele distinguished himself by giving his assistance in administering first aid at the scene. Brother Steele’s instantaneous reaction to the situation was credited with saving the lives of several of the team members.

Cortland brothers helping at the Halloween Festival.

Our Gamma Class was initiated on November 3rd and brought our active membership to 39. It has been only 19 months since our Founding Fathers were pinned, and we have brought a total of 48 men into the bond of Delta Chi. We were very active in the community this semester due to the hard work of our Community Service Chairman and incoming “B”, Ed Resier. We stained a fence at the Cortland Youth Bureau, ran a tent at the Cortland Halloween Festival, ran a park clean-up, and helped coach a youth football league. We feel our largest contribution as a Chapter this semester has been the amount of money we raised for cancer research. We had the responsibility of running the Homecoming Queen contest, and through this event we raised over $1,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation. Also, our school hosted an all night Relay for Life on November 17th. We formed a team, stayed up walking laps all night and ended up raising $1,126 for the American Cancer Society.

Denison’s sophomore class.

The Chapter was also very involved in philanthropy. We were named the co-winner of Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash philanthropy event; raising the most money for the coin competition, collecting the most eyeglasses and soup can labels, and purchasing the most ads for charity. The team also performed very well in the relays and synchronized swimming events. This was the second consecutive year that Delta Chi was victorious. All of the proceeds went to a center for the blind and visually impaired.


DAVIS DePauw Brothers Jarrod Johnson ’09, Lee Lahr ’52, Ryan Johnson ’09, and Chuck Ray ’58, at a ceremony for Delta Chi Educational Foundation scholarships.

A picture of the Davis Brothers.

The highlight of the Colony at this time is the successful formation of an ABT. We have always needed to work on alumni relations, and this is the first step towards achieving a strong relationship between the Colony and alumni. Chartering is the Colony’s first priority at this time, and success can be seen on the horizon. Fall quarter we pinned six associate members. We have participated in numerous Greek philanthropies, have been working on a canned food drive, and planned a crab feed during winter. We are in the process of creating a History Hallway, where we will display the previous Davis Chapter’s composites and our own.

DENISON The first annual Alumni Homecoming Dinner was a great success and was held at the Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio and coincided with Delta Chi’s Founders’ Day. Alumni were treated to dinner and a night of reminiscing. It was well attended and

We have certainly had one of the busiest and most successful semesters in recent memory. With just 20 men, we won both Greek God and Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, came in second place for Greek Week, and placed third in Alpha Chi Omega’s Ring Sing. Additionally, the events the Chapter sponsored (two Delta Chi grill outs, the Chapter’s main philanthropy event, and one alumnus speaker, Wallace J. Nichols ’85) received positive media attention, appearing in The DePauw. It is with great anticipation that we look towards the future. Projects include efforts to make the house more “green” and efforts to increase philanthropy and community service. We welcome all our alumni to stop by the chapter house and see the new improvements (especially the newly painted hallways and restored hardwood floor).

DUQUESNE The Chapter’s GPA outranked all other fraternities on campus in spring 2006, thanks in part to the 13 associate members and to our Scholarship plan. We were victorious at Carnival ’06, winning “Best in Show” with the help of the women of Delta Zeta. The Brothers left their mark as athletes, winning the intramural basketball and soccer championships.

Duquesne brothers celebrating their ’06 Greek Week win.

The fall was also filled with several faculty dinners hosted by the Chapter and intramural football and volleyball. The University’s Homecoming saw Student Government President and Brother Ralph Gigliotti crowned King. Brother Gigliotti was also the recipient of the Nick Isaacs Memorial Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to a brother of the Chapter who best exemplifies the qualities of Nick, who died tragically in a summer accident in his home in Alaska. We continued our dominance in Greek Life at Duquesne by celebrating our third consecutive Greek Week win. We won first prize in the human pyramid, swimming relay, and overall philanthropy. The Chapter was again recognized for its fraternal spirit throughout the week. Brother James Prosenjak led us to another Greek Sing victory. Chapter members brought in the holiday season with our 4th Annual Can the Van food drive and donated nearly 3,500 pounds of food to the Brashear Association, an out-reach center in the City of Pittsburgh.


East Carolina Brothers gather to celebrate the wedding of Brother Jason Wade to Ms. Jennifer Asher in Wilmington, North Carolina.

On October 21st, we welcomed our alumni back to Greenville for East Carolina’s Homecoming Weekend. The Brothers, both past and present, were in full force to cheer on our team as we defeated SMU, 38-21. Many thanks go to Brother Craig Faircloth, who cooked our tailgate feast. One of the most successful and rewarding philanthropies we took part in last semester was the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk, held at the Pitt County Fairgrounds. With the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi, we completed the 5K walk and raised over $500. In addition, the Chapter was recently approved to adopt three streets in the campus area. We also held our annual Can the Van Food Drive to collect food for the needy Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007 7

campus scene for the holidays. Finally, the Chapter adopted a family for the holiday season with the help of a sister of Alpha Delta Pi at North Carolina State. With the help of Josh Nelms, the Chapter has made huge strides in community involvement, and we look to continue to build upon it.

EAST STROUDSBURG Our first recruitment was a success. A strong bond has been created in Greek Life on campus between the other fraternities and sororities, and we are working together to achieve our goals in the community. Many alumni in the area are interested in developing a strong chapter right here in the Poconos. Their dedication, along with professors’ ties with the school and community, really benefit the Colony and future alumni. Our plans for a large recruitment in the spring will have us close to being the largest fraternity on campus. Keeping our goals in mind, we have the chance to excel through brotherhood, education, and special events. Thank you to all who are helping build a legacy at East Stroudsburg.

EASTERN WASHINGTON Fall quarter brought many changes. We continue to grow, with three new members bringing our total to sixteen. Also, on October 28th we had our first successful alumni reunion. We went to the Homecoming game and got to hear some great old stories.


CSUF community participates in D-Chi cup to raise money for a fallen Greek.

Last spring marked the successful completion of 2006’s D-Chi Cup. We held the event in mid-April as a sorority kickball tournament. All six sororities were invited and participated, including The University of LaVern’s Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. The primary purpose of the event this year was to raise money to cover the funeral expenses of a Lambda Chi Alpha member who tragically died in a car accident. Normally the money generated from this event goes to the Fullerton Boys’ and Girls’ Club, but we felt it necessary to make an exception last year. By doing so, we hoped to set an example and bring campus fraternity and sorority members closer together.

GEORGIA SOUTHERN This fall has been a huge success in many aspects. Our largest success was great recruitment. Recruitment Chairman Steven Haught and his committee planned three weeks of events leading up to formal recruitment, and due to his efforts, we initiated 12 men into the Bond, including our first legacy. This brings our total membership to 48. Only three men graduated this fall, and we hope to grow to a 60-man Chapter by the end of spring semester. Due to the efforts of Michael Sterling, we had our most successful Homecoming in our history, with over 15 alumni in attendance, three of whom had not been to an event since the late 60s. We already have plans for an annual Alumni Weekend to start this spring. We also had nine alumni initiates in the fall and have at least three for this spring. Parents’ Weekend was also a success with the first annual parents’ dinner, which over 30 people attended. Lastly, we are looking forward to the first annual Jimmy V. Hot Dog Fest. Adam Collins and Michael Sterling have been working very hard on this event to make it a huge success for the Chapter and The V Foundation. This week-long philanthropy event will kick off with a hot dog eating contest and include a hot dog sale, hot dog iron chef, hot dog sculpting, and will end with a basketball tournament.

GEORGIA TECH The fall was a new and interesting time for the Chapter, as we said goodbye to many old friends (graduating close to 30 brothers in the last two semesters), but we also brought 19 new associate members into the Chapter this semester. As always, the fall is a fun time with the excitement of home football games and visits from many of our illustrious alumni. Over 100 alumni showed up to mingle with others and the Chapter and to enjoy some of the finest barbecue in the South at our annual Homecoming Alumni Banquet. Many of the alumni and chapter members were happy to hear that we placed second in the annual IFC Homecoming competition, marking the third year in a row the chapter has placed in the top three. At the end of the semester we had a Chili cook-off which was a big hit, for parents, alumni, and brothers.


GANNON This year we have worked hard on alumni relations. We have monthly card tournaments and started an alumni newsletter. Alumni support is increasing, and the ABT is working on buying a new chapter house. This spring the Chapter is also developing an alumni golf tournament for the summer. 8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007

The Brothers of the Gorham State Chapter, old and new.

We held our annual street clean-up on Preble St. in Gorham. It was a good chance for us to give back to our neighbors and the community by raking leaves and picking up trash.

Brothers helped out at a charity event called “Concerts in the Park,” benefiting the Big Brother/ Big Sister organization. At the event we helped out in setting up music for a three on three basketball game. New windows were added to the front of the house in an effort to save heat and reduce the cost of oil. A new cobblestone walkway with inscribed delta and chi greets brothers now as they enter the house.


Huntsville chapter volunteers in a local event called “Lobster Fest” at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

During the weekend of September 22-24, we celebrated our Grand House Opening along with our Founders’ Day Banquet. The weekend was a success, as many alumni and distinguished guests attended the events and visited the new house. We deeply thank all the alumni who came out that weekend, and especially thanks to Ray Galbreth, Josh Redshaw, Chad Davis, and Rusty Williams for attending from the Headquarters staff. We hope next year’s events are even more exciting and successful. We also attended the annual Lobster Fest at St. Thomas Church in Huntsville. The event raises money each year for the Honduras Medical Mission and for Madison County Habitat for Humanity. The members volunteered to set up, work, and clean up the event for the parishioners all weekend. In total, we volunteered over 70 man-hours to help raise over $25,000 for the charity groups. We all had a great time, and, as usual, thoroughly enjoyed giving a helping hand at St. Thomas.

IDAHO We were very busy in the fall, participating in philanthropy events and working our way to winning the Chapter’s third consecutive intramural championship. In addition to carving pumpkins with local 2nd graders and putting on our 3rd annual Bowling for Breast Cancer philanthropy, we also helped put on a fall event for special needs children. Last year we raised $700 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, but this year we were able to top $1,000. As we once again compete for top honors in grades, we also hold the intramural titles in football, whiffleball, and dodgeball. Our Chapter has also been able to participate in philanthropy projects sponsored by the Delta Gamma and Alpha Gamma Delta sororities.

ILLINOIS This fall we had one of the largest pledge classes that our Chapter has ever seen. With 26 new associate members, we produced the third largest

campus scene new member class in the nation for the Fraternity. Constructing our homecoming decoration was quite a task. Our pledge class developed one of the largest emblems of school spirit to support our Homecoming.

with the children. It is a great event, which not only helps benefit underprivileged children, but also is a great event for the Chapter and Gamma Phi Beta. The Chapter hosted the Regional Conference for Region IV on Feb. 9-11. We were proud to host this event for the first time in several years.


Brothers and alumni enjoy a sunny day at Homecoming.

JACKSONVILLE STATE We have undergone a lot of changes this year. Recently we elected a new executive board, and with this election come a lot of new ideas on how to improve the Chapter. There are also a lot of new faces around the house, with a lot of the older members moving out and being replaced by newer members. Last spring and summer many renovations were done to improve the chapter house, using money that the Chapter raised during our fundraisers. These renovations include: fixing the brick wall behind the house, repainting some parts of the house, replacing broken windows, landscaping behind and in front of the house, and building a new deck. We have more fundraisers coming up to help us continue to improve the condition of the chapter house. At Greek Week, the chapter was awarded the Silver Cup, which is based on the overall performance of the Chapter. The chapter members have worked very hard to keep their grades up and to improve the condition of the house.

JOHNSTOWN We played our annual Delta Chi/Acacia football game on Halloween. We unfortunately lost14-0, but we are already getting prepared for next year.


This fall has been busy for the Chapter. We started out the fall focused on recruitment. Our recruitment chair, Jared Flott, spent hours on an extensive recruitment plan that was presented and embraced by the Chapter. Every week we have hosted at least one recruitment event and many times were able to have a second event that we combined with a brotherhood event. We benefited in increased recruitment and brotherhood! Our success was evident when we were able to have two associate member classes this fall. We were also proud to host a very successful Founders’ Day banquet. With our many new associate members, it was awesome to have recently retired K-State Head Football Coach Bill Snyder speak at our event. It was a great opportunity to show how well respected Delta Chi is on campus.


The associate members and brothers after the annual football game.

Congratulations to Steve Bossart for election to his second term of office as “AA”. Also congratulations to our new fall class. This fall we went out and found some of the best guys that Kent State has to offer, and we look forward to seeing what they can do in the future. This semester we continued our fundraising campaign and worked at Cedar Point. It was a blast and well worth it; we raised roughly $7,000. Keeping with tradition, we also held our annual skeet-shooting brotherhood event and annual Associate Member vs. Active football game.

KETTERING A Santa reads “The Night Before Christmas” to children from the Boys & Girls club at Kansas’ annual Christmas party with the women of Gamma Phi Beta.

This past December we hosted our annual Christmas party with the women of Gamma Phi Beta to benefit the Boys’ & Girls’ Club. One of our members dressed as Santa Claus and read The Night Before Christmas to the children and, with the help of another member dressed as an elf, handed out presents to each of the children. Before and after, hot chocolate and cookies were available, and the members spent time talking

Last summer’s list of philanthropy events consisted of “Thunder for Hunger,” aiding Habitat for Humanity, and passing out donuts at the annual Crim race. Brothers volunteered at the “Thunder for Hunger” event hosted by the Southeastern Michigan Food Bank. Brothers assisted with selling T-shirts, water, coffee, and donuts. All of the proceeds went directly to the food bank, where $1 buys 13 pounds of food for the less fortunate. We also ventured out in Flint to help with Habitat for Humanity. We spent a good portion of a day aiding in the framing of the house. In addition, several brothers and alumni woke up early to pass out 40 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for Flint’s annual Crim Race. The event was a great success.

KETTERING B Since returning to campus at the beginning of October, we have been keeping busy. Recruitment went very well, and four new members were initiated. The Chapter also participated in the “all Greek” cookout, and move-in weekend and has continued to keep a positive reputation. Eighty percent of the Chapter attended a retreat, which was held at the Headquarters Office in Iowa City. We had a chance to visit with the Iowa Chapter and received a tour of the Office from Ray Galbreth.

MANKATO Thank you to all of the alumni for their generous time and support over last summer and fall. Last semester we initiated six men. We have been busy on campus and want to congratulate John Borsenberger for winning the University’s Greek God title last spring. Our flag football team did well last fall and finished in second place. Our big plans for this spring include shopping for a new Chapter House!


The Marquette Chapter at Organization Fest.

We continue to build our alumni and active relations and recently hosted an alumni vs. active football game, which was very successful, and the alumni came out victorious. Also, we have teamed up with different organizations in the Milwaukee area to co-sponsor events that build children’s literacy.

MARYLAND Kettering-A helps out at Habitat for Humanity.

We took third place at the Greek Week Mock Rock Competition in McKinnon Theatre.

After several years of renting various apartments and houses, the Chapter will finally be moving to a campus-owned fraternity house on Fraternity Row. A vacancy occurred this summer, and with the hard work of the brothers and alumni, we applied and were accepted to move into the house in the Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007 9

campus scene fall of 2007 after renovations are complete. With this news we had a very successful recruitment, and our chapter’s GPA climbed to 3.30, second among all fraternities on campus. This fall, Michael Maile received the IFC Outstanding Recruitment Chair Award at the Greek Leadership Ball. With our dedicated ABT, led by Brad Borst, a recent graduate of East Carolina University, and the efforts of the brothers, we are planning a 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington D.C., tentatively set for October 13, 2007.

games against the other fraternities competing in the philanthropy. All of the proceeds were donated to benefit survivors of domestic violence. We took first place overall in this philanthropy and donated the most money of any other competing fraternity or organization.

invited the Delta Zeta Sorority to join us during the week’s events. We worked extremely hard on the float and banner competitions, taking first in the float competition and third in the banner contest. Along with the float and banner contests, we participated in other events that helped us to take third overall.

Missouri State Brothers at the Cleveland Indians game at the 55th International Convention.

Homecoming bonfire and hot chocolate with the Delta Zeta Sorority.



Miami brothers just before performing their dance with the Delta Gammas during Greek Week.

We have been one of the most active chapters in the local community. Brothers volunteer at a wide variety of locations including local schools, hospitals, and the animal shelter. We have participated in many other fraternity and sorority philanthropy events benefiting a number of good causes such as breast cancer research and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. This spring we are cohosting a philanthropy event with the Kappa Delta Sorority called the Shamrock Challenge, which will benefit Prevent Child Abuse America.

At the conclusion of the fall semester, our numbers are at an all-time high. Twelve associate members joined in the fall and pushed our membership over 45 men, making our Chapter the largest on campus. We also would like to congratulate our new Executive Board and thank our previous officers for a job well done. Our Chapter has also received the honor of having the highest GPA out of the six IFC fraternities on campus. We would also like to thank our ABT, especially Duane Meyer and Gregory Hauser, for their continuous support of our chapter.



The New Haven Chapter celebrating its 25th Anniversary White Carnation.

Some of the brothers of the Michigan State Chapter having a good time at Safe Halloween.

In September we held our Annual Alumni Tailgate, which took place during Homecoming Weekend, when Michigan State took on The University of Illinois. We would like to thank all of the alumni who attended, and we hope to have another great turnout again next year. In October, 40 members packed their bags and headed to West Virginia for our 11th annual white water rafting trip, and they had the time of their lives.

MISSOURI We participated in Alpha Chi Omega’s annual philanthropy, Most Extreme Greek Challenge, this past smester. The philanthropy consisted of a King’s Candidate, a banner, a t-shirt competition based on the number of t-shirts bought by each chapter, a money collection competition, and a series of 10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007

This semester started off strong and with a busy schedule. Members spread awareness about fraternities and sororities on campus, while helping freshmen move into the residence halls. In early October we held our annual blood drive, sponsored by the American Red Cross. We donated over 100 pints of blood. We recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary White Carnation and had a great turnout of alumni. This spring we hosted the Region VII Regional Leadership Conference and are planning a philanthropy event for the second straight year to benefit The V Foundation.

NORTHERN COLORADO We have been working very hard to make our name known on campus. Our main focus has been on a few key events, the first of which was Homecoming. Every year the University has competitive homecoming events that instill pride and enthusiasm on campus. A few of the events include a float building competition for the annual parade, a banner design competition, and various other fun social gatherings. This year we

We initiated twelve new men into our Chapter. We are proud of our new members and know that they will be great leaders in the future, both on campus and within Delta Chi.

NORTHWEST MISSOURI This semester started with the addition of another strong associate member class, and the new group is full of potential leaders. Our intramural program remains strong, and our dominance in flag football and softball was proven yet again this year. We won our fifth straight flag football championship and our fourth straight softball championship. We teamed up with the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority to produce the number one float for our homecoming parade. Once again the Chapter hosted a tailgate event for the football game against Pittsburg State that was played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The alumni turnout was excellent as it was an enjoyable day for everyone. Most recently we held our 19th annual Fall Fall, where we sold shirts to raise money for The V Foundation and the Epilepsy Foundation of Kansas. We raised nearly $1,500 to be donated to those organizations. At the end of this semester we will be graduating nine brothers. We wish them the best of luck in all their endeavors.

NORTHWESTERN We are proud to report success in several areas. Homecoming went extremely well this year, with our “Pirates of the Caribbean” float taking many honors, thanks to a large time investment by junior Brad Kolsky. We also had a widely attended alumni reunion at Pete Miller’s Steakhouse, hosted by our “BB”, Mark Schramka. We are once again proud to report that we have one of the highest house GPAs on campus. Led by the hard work and devotion of Tom Rooke, winter recruitment has gone extremely well. Also, each quarter we continue to give large contributions to The V Foundation.

PURDUE Ride for Life, our annual fall philanthropy, was again a huge success. In this event, we paired with Alpha Gamma Delta and set up a stationary bike on campus, and it was pedaled consistently for seventy-two hours straight. Members not riding the bike took donations from students passing by. Over the three-day period, we collected

campus scene thousands of dollars from students and faculty who passed by. Jamison Rickoff, the “B”, who oversees philanthropies, said, “I am glad that the house could build on last year’s accomplishments and make this such a huge success.” Alpha Gamma Delta’s share of the money went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and our share went towards The V Foundation for Cancer Research.


The 5th Annual Miss Radford Pageant hosted by the Radford Chapter.

On the weekend of October 6-8, we held our annual Parents’ Weekend. We had a great turnout of parents. The following weekend, October 13-15, we had our annual Founders’ Day celebration and Alumni Weekend. We had a very strong turnout from our alumni, and all had a good time. We participated in a golf tournament organized by our ABT. Active brothers played alongside alumni for a tournament that was enjoyed by all. We recently had our 5th annual Miss Radford Pageant to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This pageant is organized in memory of one of our founding fathers, John Capps, who died from this disease. Nearly every sorority on campus participated, and we raised over $400. This brings our total earnings for this charity to over $4,500.


South Dakota Brothers enjoy time together at their chapter retreat.

Hobo Week is a great time to get to know the associate members and to get them involved. This year our 18 associate members helped us reign supreme at SDSU. We topped all other Greek organizations by over 175 points, winning Hobo Week for the third time in four years. We also planned a polar run that took place in February. This run was over 50 miles and is our biggest fundraiser of the year, for Children’s Miracle Network. We asked all members to participate and run a mile or more if possible. Our members asked people to donate for each mile an individual runs. We also have a Truman Scholarship winner, Justin Goetz.



The Chapter was honored that James Webb, a 1964 initiate, was elected to the United States Senate, representing Virginia. Brother Webb was Delta Chi of the Year in 2002 and is a former Secretary of the Navy. Closer to home, Brother Andrew Skotzko was elected President of the Interfraternity Council. The Chapter has had many IFC officers in the past few years, but this is the first time in a quarter century that a Delta Chi has taken the top slot. In addition, Brother Paul Giuliano was elected Vice President for Communications for the IFC. Teaming with the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, the Chapter was able to win the entire Homecoming competition this fall by participating in various activities throughout the week. The Chapter was also very excited to see dozens of alumni attend the Homecoming celebration on campus before the Trojan football team defeated Oregon. Academically, the Chapter was also pleased to maintain its high standing with a 3.1 grade point average during the spring 2006 semester. Finally, in November, 13 associate members were initiated, bringing the total active membership up to 65, with the total number of initiates since 1910 now exceeding 1,300.


Greek Sing-Brothers and associate members of the SIU letting loose at the annual Greek Sing competition.

The Chapter kicked off the fall semester by moving into its new house. Our new place gives us a greater sense of “home” than ever before, and we look to build upon that to improve the Chapter as a whole. The Chapter has conducted over 250 hours of community service this semester and we lead the campus. Along with supporting community service, the Chapter has re-established its scholarship fund. With help from local alumnus Emil Spees ’57, it is our desire to encourage and reward academic standings within our community including both Chapter and non-Chapter members on campus. Homecoming was a huge boost for our social improvements. This was the first year the Chapter built a float since our re-colonization, and with help from the Sigma Kappa Sorority, the float placed third in the parade. Three of our eight newly initiated members were elected to officer positions. Finally, the Chapter is getting ready for the spring semester’s events such as recruitment and our second annual “Kimball Classic” alumni golf outing, where we raise money to help support Archway, a local Charity. The Chapter is sad to say good-bye to our graduating seniors, but welcomes them as alumni.

South Florida Brothers celebrate after winning Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash.

This fall has easily been one of the most successful semesters this Chapter has ever seen. The determination and drive of our members is phenomenal, and we have results to show it. The biggest improvement has been in our philanthropic efforts. So far we have won first place in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, which raises money for Service for Sight, among other organizations. Despite all this success, we were not done yet. Homecoming week was upon us, with Chi Omega as our partner. Together we were able to take home second place. We also came in first at Chi Omega’s “Spike it Up” Volleyball Tournament and placed in Sigma Delta Tau’s “Putting on the Hits,” which supports Prevent Child Abuse in America. This semester was also the beginning of our own philanthropy, the Red & Buff Cup. The Red & Buff Cup is a soccer tournament, with proceeds going to Dreamflight, a charity that provides ill and disabled children with vacations to Central Florida theme parks and attractions. It was a successful first philanthropy, as we raised approximately $700. Earlier in the semester, we had Florida’s first joint Founders’ Day, in conjunction with the Florida Colony and Embry-Riddle Chapter. The event was held at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando, with guest speaker Congressman John Mica, Florida ’67. This was a great success and represented a strong Fraternity presence in Florida. That same weekend we hosted our Parents’/Alumni Weekend, where we discussed our future plans and raised money for house improvements by selling Delta Chi Christmas ornaments. Over 50 guests were in attendance, which resulted in seven father initiates. Academically we are among the top, having one of the highest GPAs among fraternities. Also, we would like to congratulate our current “A”, Brandon Gogue, for being inducted into the Order of Omega. We would also like to recognize our “B”, Alex Oreta, and “C”, Mark Fifer, for joining the Student Government Senate. This semester has been a big step for us at USF, and we look to keep this drive going far into the future.


Southeast Missouri brothers enjoying an afternoon BBQ.

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007 11

campus scene Our fall semester has been one full of excitement. For the first time in over a decade, we have been living in an on-campus house, and because of the excitement among the current members, we are looking forward to many years there. We also initiated our Beta Omicron class of eight new men into the Bond, and all of them have contributed quite nicely to the Chapter. In addition to this, we placed in Homecoming this year and have participated in many philanthropies. We are looking forward to the spring and are in the midst of planning our 30th Anniversary banquet and our annual philanthropy, Delta Chi-esta, a kickball tournament.

though we are losing some great leaders at the end of this semester, we are confident that the next generation of men will be successful.


This semester has seen continued growth for the Chapter. We added 12 associate members and six fathers to the bond, a completed basement to the house, and had a cumulative chapter GPA of 3.0. Alumni involvement has only improved since the completion of the house. Our ABT is restructuring and growing stronger and more capable of helping the Chapter in the process.

This semester we have accomplished many things. We doubled the size of our Chapter and raised over $1,500 in fundraising, and Founders’ Day was a complete success. We held our annual trick or treat for canned goods with another sorority on campus, raising 2,000 pounds of food for the homeless, and we cleaned up our two-mile stretch of highway. The ABT has really stepped up for us, helping with our recruitment and dayto-day activities.

TEXAS A & M On September 30, 2006 undergraduate members reunited with an overwhelming number of alumni for the Alumni tailgate weekend before the Texas A&M v. Texas Tech football game. This was a very successful alumni event, and it is an activity we are looking forward to in the semesters to come. A big heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the alumni who continue to stay in contact and support the current Chapter.

TEXAS STATE After a long absence and hard work, our chapter is bouncing back. We have been active in the flag football tournaments. We are close to quadrupling our numbers from eight to 30. And, if all things go according to plan, we will be back on campus with a house by fall of 2007.

TRI-STATE We started off the year with a huge cookout that had over 50 potential new members in attendance! Not only is recruitment going well, but also, as a Chapter, we are starting to pull together more and accomplish a lot of goals. This semester we devoted more time to setting goals and planning ways to accomplish those goals. One big goal was to have 100% retention of our fall associate member class. Within that goal, we wanted to pin at least four men for the fall class. I’m proud to say that we now have five great men who will help lead the Chapter in doing great things for our future. Not only is recruitment going well, but philanthropy is up and brotherhood has increased dramatically with events such as a hockey game, curling with the Bowling Green Chapter, and various other in-house events. Thanks to the help of the six active members and four actively participating alumni members who went to Convention this summer, we have made many leaps and have made some real change. Even 12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007


This year’s competition drew participation from over twenty-five fraternities and sororities and included a series of Greek games, a Talent show, a Fundraising competition and a Greek unitypainting contest. We are honored to proclaim that Virginia Commonwealth University will be donating $832 to The V Foundation on behalf of our accomplishment.

Six Truman State Brothers are now proud to call their fathers “brother” as well.

Our Chapter held its first annual Parents’ Weekend, where lunch was provided at noon, a barbeque was enjoyed in the evening and an alumni initiation was held where six of our fathers joined the bond. Brother Kevin Andert, who was also recently elected as Second Vice President of IFC, organized the event that had an attendance of over 30 parents.

UNLV So far this fall has been one to be remembered. This year we have remained on top of the Greek intramural tournament by staying in first place in Rebel Cup. This spring we plan on taking back the trophy, which we have won three times prior in our ten years on campus. With key victories in golf, kickball, dodge ball, and sports trivia, we are well on our way. We also participated in the finals of indoor soccer and flag football. We were also the victors in the philanthropy organized by one of the sororities on campus. Through that victory we helped them raise money for the Ronald McDonald House, which benefits underprivileged children and their families. It also helped pay for several hundred hours of chemotherapy for children with cancer. It has been a good semester for chapter members in the student government. We managed to get eight of our brothers elected to the student senate, where only 25 students sit. As well as having eight senators, we also have a brother serving as student body vice president pro-tempore, along with two other brothers serving as directors for elections and entertainment and programming.

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH Fall 2006 proved to be one of our most exciting and successful semesters. Our Founders’ Day celebration drew a significant increase in alumni attendance compared to other years. Festivities included a golf tournament and cookout. Special thanks to Brother Tony Martinez, Sr. and Ms. Susan Martinez, who made the festivities possible and who continue to support our Chapter. We are the 2006 Fraternity Greek Week Champions!

VCU Brothers posing after a ritual meeting after their Greek Week win.

We would like to thank alumni Tom Doome, Dan Keopradit and Chris Gorgoroso for their endless contributions to the Chapter as they pursue their professional careers. The Chapter would like to recognize the University’s new Greek life coordinator, Cara Jenkins, who has been an absolute asset to us this semester. We would also like to thank our Brother and President, Ibrahim Jamal-Eddine, who graduated in December, for all of his hard work and contributions to the Chapter, including developing our new alumni forum and website at

WASHINGTON STATE Pirate Olympics was the theme of our philanthropy this year. We raised over $800 for the Paris White Foundation. The money that was raised was especially important to us, because the family of one of our associate members, Brian White, started the Paris White Foundation. Brian lost his two-year-old sister, Paris, to a drowning accident in the summer of 2005. Since then, the Whites have started the Paris White Foundation to install life vest kiosks for people to use near popular swimming destinations. Brian’s pledge class of 19 members is one of the biggest on campus and has filled the house to capacity. We are doing outstanding in all our intramural sports and just came off an amazing Homecoming week with Kappa Kappa Gamma.

WEST GEORGIA It has been a long yet eventful year for the Chapter. We did very well this year in flag football. We were proud of our fall recruitment and our continuing recruitment program throughout the semester. Our ABT is up and running, with local alumni of the Chapter donating countless hours for the foundation of the ABT. We are also initiating Charles Story, alumnus initiate, who has impacted our Chapter with his care and concern for the group. We welcomed The V Foundation by selling bracelets around campus, raising $200 for the cause. Finally, we hosted our 3rd annual Christmas-themed Date Night. It was a huge success with alumni, brothers, and dates all dressing like Santa Claus.

campus scene WESTERN MICHIGAN This fall semester we pinned 13 new members, making it one of the largest pledge classes on campus. We have been doing very well in intramural sports, making playoffs in football and soccer. Hopefully we can defend our title as outdoor soccer champions and become the new football champions. Also, we participated in Alpha Chi Omega’s “Crack the Bat” softball tournament. We took first place, recording seven runs let in and 33 runs scored! We also look forward to our 15th annual Philanthropic event, the Powder-Puff football tournament to benefit The V Foundation. This past Homecoming was a huge success. Alumni from all over came to participate in our events and were very pleased with our new house and our accomplishments. We hope to keep everyone impressed and continue to strengthen our bonds. If you were not able to make it to Homecoming but may be interested in checking out the new chapter house, please contact our “E”, Spencer Jowkar, at


Brothers made plans for a bright future during the catered White Carnation Formal held in November.

Brothers and alumni made plans for a bright future during the catered White Carnation Formal held

on November 10. It was great celebrating 23 years of history. It is always great for brothers to interact with alumni through tradition.


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“A”s’ Academy

“Though I never met any of the “A”s before, at the Academy I felt as if I knew them my whole life. The Delta Chi bond is definitely uncommon.” “The “A”s’ Academy is the greatest asset to my service as “A” to date. I believe that life as an “A” would be more difficult for me if I did not attend the Academy. I can now handle issues in a better manner because of what I learned.”

Brothers of the Windsor Chapter participating in Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer.

During the first week of class we held a recruitment BBQ and enjoyed playing beach volleyball on our court, which drew in many prospective members. This fall semester we held our annual Founders’ Day pig roast and alumni fundraiser. We initiated 11 men this semester as new members. House improvements included re-painting the balcony, renovating the kitchen, repairing and painting the upstairs walls, and putting the finishing touches on our deck. Weekly intramural floor hockey was played this semester, with many brothers from the Chapter participating on the team. We raised $1,000 for Shinerama and also cooked breakfast for all the volunteers. We also raised $400 for Breast Cancer Research and donated 25 gifts to Toys for Tots. Other philanthropic events we held were a haunted house for students from a local elementary school and a blood drive for the Canadian Red Cross. Finally, we had our annual Christmas party with alumni and the Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority.

Boldface, all caps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 – 2,500.00 boldface, all caps, italic, underline, @ . . . . . . $10,000 and up

Delta Chi Loyalty Fund “Brothers Helping Brothers” The gifts that were listed in the Fall/Winter 2006 Quarterly were for the 2005-2006 academic year. Gifts after September 30, 2006 will be recognized in the Fall/Winter 2007 issue of the Quarterly.

DON LAPLANTE Southern California FAC

A special thanks to two brothers who supported the Fraternity through Educational Foundation gifts directed specifically to be used for Fraternity programs.

STEVE MICHELS @ Marquette ’87

“You cannot put a price on the amount of valuable information that I learned at the “A”s’ Academy. If I could, I would do it again next year.” Delta Chi is extremely grateful for the wonderful facilitation team assembled for the “A”s’ Academy. Without them and their hard work, the program would not have been as successful or enjoyable as it was.

2007 “A”s’ Academy Facilitators: Matt Killingsworth (lead) - Kansas State Brian Brown - Connecticut Joe Burak - Michigan Elliott Chun - Western Ontario Reed Davis - Appalachian State Bobby Dewrell - Troy State Greg Hauser - Michigan State Jim Marascio - Bryant Brian Martin - Ball State Tony McClain - Kansas State Steven Meyer - Kansas Fr. Anthony Vinson - Northwest Missouri Noah Borton - Sigma Nu Coordinator of Greek Life, Eastern Michigan University Chris Bullins - KA Order Director of F/S Affairs, University of Florida Brian Clarke - Sigma Phi Epsilon Graduate Assistant, Eastern Illinois University Marlon Gibson - Kappa Alpha Psi Housing & Residence Life, Morehouse College Kathleen Gillan - Sigma Sigma Sigma Asst. Dir. of Greek Life, Mercer University M.L. Gough - Delta Zeta Asst. Dir. of Student Activities, Millsaps College Sara Jahansouz - Sigma Kappa Director of Greek Life, UNC-Pembroke Shelby Krebs - Alpha Xi Delta Former Leadership Consultant, Alpha Xi Delta Hqtrs. Jennifer Leung - Sigma Kappa Coordinator of F/S Programs, University of Arizona

Members of the Rutgers Chapter participated in the Jimmy V Classic Free Throw Tournament last fall where they made it to the finals and played during halftime of the Jimmy V Women’s Basketball Classic and won!

Kat Reed - Zeta Tau Alpha Coordinator for Fraternities, Baylor University Sarah Williamson - Phi Mu Coordinator of Greek Life, University of North Alabama

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007 13

campus In Keeping scene Touch Alabama



Northwest Missouri

Born to Brother and Mrs. Bill Gullett ’82, a daughter, Sarah Katherine, on October 3, 2006.

Paul F. Bazan ’90, married to Karyn S. Linn on May 7, 2005.

Todd Bryan ’02, married to Angelica Gonzalez on September 30, 2006.

East Carolina

Appalachian State

Robert S. Matheny, Jr. ’93, has been awarded an American Marshall Memorial Fellowship for 2007 by the German Marshall Fund. As one of the select few “young leaders” from the United States, he will travel to Europe for 23 days to help build transatlantic relationships. Born to Brother and Mrs. Marcellus Gainey ’94, a daughter, Zoe Abigail, on October 13, 2006. Craig Faircloth ’03, married to Summer Talley on June 17, 2006. Jason Wade ’03, married to Jennifer Asher on May 20, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Wade ’03, a son, Conner, on January 18, 2007.


Born to Brother and Mrs. Michael L. Tipton ’03, a daughter, Madalyn Elizabeth, on October 10, 2006.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Brett Hoge ’99, a daughter, Berkley Reese, on December 27, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Gresehover ’02, a son, Brooks Wight, on August 2, 2006.

Auburn Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin DeLine ’95, a son, Hudson Todd, on December 15, 2006.

Ball State Jeff Kingsbury ’91, married to Cheryl Sailors on January 24, 2007.

Bryant Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Simon ’92, a daughter, Norah Elaine, on February 7, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Don Corne ’97, a daughter, Leah Cassidy, on December 18, 2006.

Cal Poly Steve Urrutia ’94, married to Andrea Kirazian on August 20, 2006. James Albertoni ’04, married to Kristen Younger on July 2, 2006. Eric Booen ’05, married to Elizabeth Mejia on August 19, 2006. James R. Cahall ’05, married to Katrina N. Schiller on May 20, 2006.

Clemson Born to Brother and Mrs. Christopher Diak ’94, a daughter, Morgan Marie, on June 20, 2006.

Chico Born to Brother and Mrs. Ken Morris ’99, a son, Thomas Drake, on August 14, 2006.

Connecticut Will Diefenbach ’83, married to Alicia Haus on November 10, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Coyne ’86, a daughter, Molly McDonald.

Embry-Riddle Born to Brother and Mrs. Delphin Gantt ’94, a son, Broxton David, on July 12, 2006.

Ferris State Born to Brother and Mrs. Ken Ong ’99, twin sons, Bryce Charles and Owen Daniel, on March 18, 2006. Josh Fisher ’01, married to Sarah Stewart on October 21, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeremy Halligan ’01, a daughter, Marie Kathleen, on September 19, 2006.

Fredonia Born to Brother and Mrs. Robert Rogers II ’91, a daughter, Addison Caroline, on October 17, 2006.


James Johnson ’05, is currently serving in the US Eighth Army in South Korea. He is with the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade.


Northern Colorado Born to Brother and Mrs. Nikkel Nieto ’99, a daughter, Ashley Dian, on September 12, 2006.

New Mexico State

Mark A. Law ’97, married to Allison K. Gevock on August 8, 2005.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Greg Sand ’98, a son, Harrison Mark, on September 23, 2005.

James Madison

Southern California

Born to Brother and Mrs. Mathieu Campet ’03, a son, Benjamin Mathieu, on January 28, 2007.

Kansas State Born to Brother and Mrs. Jonathan Smajda ’02, a daughter, Chloe Jean, on January 21, 2007.

Kent State Born to Brother and Mrs. Reed Poderis ’93, a son, Jacob Joseph, on March 23, 2007.

Kettering A Bryan Murray ’03, married to Jamie Shampine on October 7, 2006.

Long Beach Born to Brother and Mrs. Alvaro Castillo ’97, a son, Diego Nicolas, on February 12, 2007.

Louisiana Tech Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Thompson ’94, a daughter, Alexis Elaine, on May 22, 2006.

Bill Brabazon ’80, has taken a position as the Deputy Defense Attaché in Kabul Afghanistan.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Maurice W. Davis ’99, a daughter, Sara Elizabeth, on October 2, 2006.

Georgia Tech

Missouri State

Born to Brother and Mrs. Andy Christian ’93, a son, Alexander Gentry, on July 12, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Craig LaCava ’95, a son, Connor Joseph, on July 28, 2006. Michael Langford ’03, married to Alexa Koby on November 4, 2006. Daniel Porter ’06, married to Lindsey Morgan on July 15, 2006.

Vincent Mancusi ’04, married to Sarah Orr on May 5, 2006. Jeremy Galloway ’05, married to Stacey Melton on June 17, 2006. Scott Fischer ’06, married to Susan Baumgarten on September 30, 2006. Paul Graham ’06, married to Julie Hoover on September 30, 2006.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Craig Wallace ’95, a son, Caiden Joseph, on October 4, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Mark Fingerhut ’98, a daughter, Paige Brianna, on November 13, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Paul R. Powell ’00, a son, Zachary Raymond, on October 14, 2006.

Texas A & M Born to Brother and Mrs. Robert J. Reilly ’88, a daughter, Patricia Marie, on September 27, 2006.

Troy State Jason Adams ’02, is currently a Captain in the USAF as an ICBM Combat Crew Flight Commander. Brother Adams is currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq.

Truman State Born to Brother and Mrs. Erik Moore ’98, a son, Everett, on March 12, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Shipp ’00, a son, Parker James, on October 14, 2006.

West Liberty John Dolan ’78, has been selected as the President and Chief Executive Officer of First Commonwealth Financial Corporation, a $6.1 billion bank holding company headquartered in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

West Virginia Tech Danny F. Scalise ’02, married to Patricia Gail Holmes on September 9, 2006.

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14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Winter/Spring 2007

farewell & parting

alumni Charlotte Area Alumni Chapter

Mark Sluss Misssouri State ’87

Think your fraternity experience ends upon graduation? The brothers from the Charlotte Alumni Chapter prove that to be a myth as they enjoy an evening with the ladies from the local Delta Zeta alumni chapter.

On February 7, 2007 The Right Reverend George Wayne Smith, Tenth Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri, ordained Mark D. Sluss to the Sacred Order of Deacons in Christ’s one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Reverend Mark Sluss has been assigned as the Deacon at Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral in St. Louis, Missouri.

Penn State Alumni Reunion The Penn State pledge classes initiated in 1957 got together to talk over old times and remember the great years they spent together. The 50th reunion was held in central Florida, where several of the attendees live year round and others are snowbirds. In the photo from left to right are, standing Bob Schiffner, Jack Spangler and Jake Engle. Seated are Chuck Hughes, Bob Muskas and Mike Stollmeyer.

Kevin Costner Fullerton ’77 Kevin Costner has been nominated to receive a star on the Anaheim/Orange County Walk of Stars. The Walk of Stars honors visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who have made a positive impact throughout Orange County. Previous honorees include Walt Disney, and Carl’s Jr. founder, Carl Karcher.

Jack Spangler Penn State ’54 The volunteers and staff of the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, located on The University of South Florida’s campus, for his volunteer service as President of the Moffitt Foundation, the fund raising arm of the Institute, recently honored Jack Spangler. He joined the Board in 1995 and has served as its President since 1998. During that time they have raised over $100 million. Jack has made a significant contribution to the community.

Sir Robert Worcester Kansas ’55 The University of Kansas does not grant honorary degrees instead awarding Distinguished Service Citations to three individuals each year.

One of the awardees in 2006 was Robert Worcester of London, England who graduated from KU in 1955. The honor was bestowed upon Worcester “For wisdom on the prevailing winds on public opinion in Great Britian, MPs, the prime minister and even the Royal Family turn to Robert Worcester. Worcester moved to England in 1969 and founded Market & Opinion Research International, the country’s leading polling research agency. A familiar figure in the British media, he has written four books and holds honorary degrees from six universities. In 2005, Queen Elizabeth recognized his work with the title of Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Last spring he became chancellor of T he University of Kent.”

These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.

Worcester was the recepient of the Kansas Chapter’s highest honor when given the Schnellbacher Award as a senior in 1955. Named after Otto Schnellbacher, one of the most distinguished Kansas Chapter alumni, this award is given to the chapter member most active in both the house and university.

Robert J. Harris ’65, November 29, 2005

Schnellbacher is also a previous receipient of the Distinguished Service Citation.



Howard W. Kerrigan ’38, October 2, 2005


William H. Arnold ’50, December 24, 2006 Keith E. Barze ’50, December 10, 2006


William Kilcullen ’50, April 1, 2006 Virgil E. Mercer ’50, October 25, 2006


John R. Duncan ’55, November 19, 2006


Randal R. McArthur ’77, February 20, 2007


Harry W. O’Connor ’33, August 27, 2006


Robert J. Beach ’42, May 24, 2006


Robert L. McGowan ’44, January 7, 2007


Wm J. Lucas ’38, May 19, 2005 Larry L. Bardsley ’62, January 7, 2005


David Lynn Barnes ’69, February 21, 2007


Wallace T. Shinkle ’57, November 3, 2006


John Ladd Valerius ’38, October 30, 2005 Ronald P. Negrey ’92, October 15, 2006


Albert L. Opdyke ’40, September 28, 2006 Elbert L. McClung ’47, February 5, 2007 Christopher W. Johnson ’77, March 8, 2007 Andrew M. Wagner ’07, November 25, 2006

Attending the reception at the University were fellow fraternity brothers (from left to right): Otto Schnellbacher, Roger Miller, Sir Robert Worcester, and Dr. Henry Wittenberg.


Enoch Rhoades ’33


Terrence W. Kelly ’73


Andrew T. Still ’98, March 5, 2007


Robert M. Wheeler ’49, April 10, 2005 Donald Ray Forry ’50, October 6, 2006

Christopher W. Johnson (1954-2007) Chris Johnson, Kentucky ’77, passed away on March 8, 2007. Chris joined the Fraternity in 1974 as a Founding Father of the Kentucky Chapter. He completed law school at the University of Louisville (where he helped to establish the Louisville Chapter) in 1980 and served the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the Attorney General’s Office, as legal officer for the Kentucky State Police, and as Assistant General Counsel in the Kentucky Justice Cabinet. In 1994 Chris was inducted into the Order of the White Carnation. He served

Delta Chi as Legal Advisor, Regent for Region VI, “BB”-at-Large; and served the Foundation as a board member, legal advisor, and secretary. He was a trusted friend and brother to so many. Chris was a mainstay at Conventions (attending 12) and Regional Leadership Conferences often offering advice and support for new colonies. During the 2002 Convention Chris donated his personal badge to be used as the official “CC” badge. The Kentucky House of Representatives adjourned its regular session early on March 26th in Chris’ honor. Delta Chi will truly miss Chris’ support and dedication to the ideals of the Fraternity.


Stanley G. Childers ’42, October 10, 2005

Donations made in Chris’ memory as of April 11th, 2007: Ray Galbreth Doug Galbreth Mark Schramka Jeff McAdoo Mark S Povell Monte L. Johnson C. Edward Beavers Bill Williams Brian W. Martin Andrew B. Smith Kansas State Chapter

Anthony S. McClain Karl Grindel Aaron A. Otto Donald E. LaPlante Ratheen C. Damle Claudia Jansenius Steve Bossart Charles Mancuso Marge Lee Matt Hamill Jimmie J. Underwood

Donations can be made in memory to:


Robert G. Balk ’50, March 26, 2006


William C. Miller ’27, November 6, 2006


Robert O. Hunter ’37, August 26, 2006

STANFORD Joseph Kohlbecher ’52, December 25, 2006


Donald J. Westphal AL, February 28, 2007 Mark R. Leacox ’82, January 30, 2007


Victor E. Odquist ’60, January 2, 2005

The Delta Chi Fraternity In Memory of Chris Johnson PO Box 1817 Iowa City, IA 52244


Jack Hubert Wilke ’50, November 2, 2006

Donations made after April 11th will be recorded in future issues of the Quarterly.


Bertel W. Leonardson ’31, August 4, 2006

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BLUEGRASS AREA: Pres Stephen Meyer, Jr, Louisville ’92,

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SOUTH FLORIDA AREA: Pres Michael Agnello, Mich St ’81,

TAMPA BAY AREA: Pres Michael Shelton, FL ’98,

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