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2 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

Are you pushing people, or are you leading them? Whether you are in the business world or in a fraternity chapter, community organization or other arena where people respond to people, we are all striving to get others to do something to better the organizations we care about. I recently attended a very interesting seminar put on by the Ruby Group ( at which the presenters talked about traditional management and a new system of management. In the traditional management system, we bring in someone new, we MIGHT train him, we spend a great deal of time trying to develop him and the employees have him running ragged. He is working for them instead of them working for him, and that is backwards. As a result, the employees mislead him (“I am so busy…”), they delegate things to him as the manager, there are a lot of excuses, they end up in a foxhole (where they are quiet and he doesn’t see them) and eventually they leave.” Not only did that sound like a lot of workplaces I have seen, but it also described a lot of fraternity chapters with which I have interacted. Think of the “A” trying to get the “B” to get the committees doing something. Think of recruitment as sales - I have been to many ABT meetings where the chapter reports on recruitment, talks about how busy it is recruiting, and then comes back with a three-man associate member class. There are no bad employees [members], there are only bad managers. As a leader, wouldn’t it be much better to first build a solid team? In the Jim Collins book Good to Great, he says you must first get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off. Boy is that true in a fraternity chapter! Second, as a leader, once you get the right people on the bus, you must develop them through training,

coaching and mentoring. Third, you can begin planning for the future of the chapter or your business. Fourth, come up with strategies to get you from point A to point B. Take a look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your team. Fifth, LEAD THEM! Don’t run around ragged. Delegate to your team. Don’t let them delegate to you. Sixth, manage the growth and have fun. This is where your company will start to take off, or your chapter will start to win awards. Finally, take stock of where you are and measure results. And then start over. In the interest of giving proper credit, the trainer leading this session called this the Sandler System. It is designed to help managers lead sales teams. The correlations between high performing sales teams and high performing chapters should not be overlooked. I think if a chapter “A” could implement this kind of system at the chapter level effectively, he would quickly see himself at the helm of a high performing chapter, and he would have developed just the type of skills that will serve him well in the business world. Additionally, he will have a case study to share with prospective employers, rather than inappropriate photos from Facebook that we talked about in the last issue of the Quarterly. As was so eloquently stated in the May issue of the InBRIEF, championships are won in the off-season. I hope you are all getting ready for the upcoming season, and Delta Chi will be better because of your efforts. In the Bond,

Steven P. Bossart, “AA” Kent State ’90

NIC Annual Meeting


NIC Annual Meeting The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) was established in 1909 as the National Interfraternity Conference, and later assumed its current name in 1999. The NIC exists today with 69 member organizations with approximately 5,500 chapters. Its mission is threefold; to be an advocate, to advance the growth of the fraternity community and to enhance the educational mission of host institutions. There are numerous programs offered by the NIC such as Futures Quest, UIFI, the IFC Academy, and the Alumni Academy. Each year the leaders from the NIC’s member fraternities gather to discuss the issues facing our fraternity community, attend educational programming, review the legislative agenda, elect new board members, and host the Congressional Reception. It is important to remember that the NIC is not a governing or regulatory board but rather a trade association. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the respective member fraternities. The men elected are usually past international presidents of their organizations and are willing to dedicate their time to advance the fraternal movement by leading the highest body and advocacy unit of the fraternity community. Delta Chi has had numerous brothers elected to the Board of Directors of the NIC, five of whom have served as the Chairman/ President of the Board. No other fraternity has had more, and only two other fraternities have had five. The most recent brother to serve is Greg Hauser, MIST ’75, who was NIC President in 1999. This year’s meeting was held on April 15, and Delta Chi’s presence was noticed. In attendance at the annual meeting were Executive Director Ray Galbreth, “AA” Steve Bossart, “CC” Ratheen Damle, “DD” Tom Horowitz, Retiring “AA” Chuck Mancuso, Greg Hauser, Patrick Alderdice, Jonathan Nichols and undergraduates Mike Tumolo and Zach Hauser. In addition, Matt Brunner, along with five brothers of the Kansas Chapter, were in attendance to accept the NIC Award of Distinction (see story on page 4 for more information). What has become a major part of the NIC meeting is the opportunity to lobby the United States Congress on the legislative priorities that are held by the NIC. The Capital Fraternal Caucus (CFC) is made up of men and women from Greek organizations that work to stay abreast of the issues that are facing our Greek community. The Policy Development Committee of the CFC plays a major role in helping to develop legislative proposals. The two crucial pieces of legislation that have been introduced to the 108th Congress are the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act and the Collegiate Fire Prevention Act (visit the CFC’s website at to see how you can help). Fraternity officers, staff members, and undergraduates were able to play a key role in advocating these proposed pieces

By Jonathan Nichols, NMSU ’05

of legislation by lobbying their respective representatives. Over 50 students from member organizations all across the country were on Capital Hill advancing the Greek community and helping gain support for the two proposals. Both Mike Tumolo and Zach Hauser were able to take part in this opportunity as undergraduate lobbyists to further the interests of Delta Chi and the Greek community. For more information on how undergraduates can take part in this opportunity next year, please watch for future issues of the InBRIEF for details.

In addition to the lobbying efforts, there has been even more political activism occurring on the grassroots level. This past year a massive congressional letter writing campaign began. In fact all undergraduate members and alumni who attended the 2006 Delta Chi Convention were able to participate when they each sent a letter to their respective Congressmen and Senators during registration and check-in. The hard work of this coordinated effort did not go unrecognized at the NIC meeting, when Delta Chi was recognized at that time for leading all Greek-lettered organizations in the number of letters written. Way to go brothers! A high point of the NIC meeting is the awards banquet and Congressional Reception. At the awards banquet the NIC Awards of Distinction are presented, along with the NIC Gold and Silver Medals. During the Congressional reception attendees are able to mingle with members from other organizations and various legislators, many of whom are members of fraternities and sororities. The 2007 NIC meeting was quite an experience, and as Patrick Alderdice mentioned afterward, “It felt good to be a Delta Chi”, in regard to how well our Fraternity was represented. If you would like more information on the NIC and the programs offered, you can check out its website at

Brothers currently serving in Congress

Brothers who are past NIC Chairman/President*

NIC Standards

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, Idaho ’67 Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, Alabama ’57 Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming, Wyoming Alumnus* Senator James Webb of Virginia, Southern California ’67 Congressman John Mica of Florida 7th District, Florida ’67 Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas 3rd District, SMU ’51

John J. Kuhn, COR ’98, Chairman 1923 Dr. Charles W. Gerstenberg, NYU ’04, Chairman 1930 Russell C. MacFall, NYU ’22, Chairman 1938 Lewis S. Armstrong, WA ’39, President 1972 Greg Hauser, MIST ’75, President 1999

Academic Success for Chapters Active Faculty Advisors Alcohol Free New Member Programs Alcohol Free Recruitment Activities All Fraternities Insured Campus Assistance w/Financial Management Educational Programming Effective/Enforced Risk Management Policies

* Senator Craig Thomas died on June 4, 2007; he had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia just before the 2006 election. Further information will be provided in the Summer/Fall issue of the Quarterly.

*In 1961 the title of Chairman was changed to President.

Leadership Development Programs Maximum 12-Week New Member Programs Minimum GPAs for Joining No Little Sister Programs Ritual Education Support Open Expansion Policies Support Open Recruitment Practices

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007 3

XX cover story

Kansas Chapter Wins Prestigious NIC Award of Distinction Kansas Chapter Statistics Founded: 1923 Current Membership: 84 Total Initiates: 1,646 Fall 2006 GPA: 3.05 Order of the White Carnation Members Donald G. Isett ’28 Jimmie J. “Doc” Underwood ’51 “BB” Emeritus Recipients Dr. Alan H. Brightman ’67 Jimmie J. “Doc” Underwood ’51

4 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

Delta Chis of the Year William S. Sessions ’51 (1990) Edward A. Kangas ’66 (1992) Forrest E. Hoglund ’56 (1996)


Cover Story

The Kansas Chapter was recognized on April 16, 2007 with the North-American Interfraternity Conference’s Award of Distinction. Of the 5,500 North American fraternity chapters, Kansas, and Alpha Tau Omega’s Chapter at Baylor University are the two recipients of the NIC’s Award of Distinction in the chapter category this year.

Cup, seven times (currently on a streak of five straight years) and has received the Award of Excellence nine times. The Chapter has received numerous programming and individual awards and has truly displayed the fraternal spirit.

Since the award was established in 2002, the Kansas Chapter is the second in Delta Chi to receive the honor; the Georgia Tech Chapter was an Award of Distinction recipient in 2004. Delta Chi is the first fraternity chapter to win the award at The University of Kansas.

The Award of Distinction was presented to the Kansas Chapter during the awards banquet at the NIC’s annual meeting in Washington D.C. (more information on the NIC’s annual meeting can be found on page 3). On hand to accept the award were six chapter members; Matt Brunner, Alex Hanish, Andrew Langford, Lance Mall, Andrew Mitchell, and Josh Stewart. Also present at the awards banquet were ten alumni and undergraduates including: Steve Bossart, “AA”; Ratheen Damle, “CC”; Tom Horowitz, “DD”; Chuck Mancuso, Retiring “AA”; Ray Galbreth, Executive Director; Greg Hauser, Past “AA” and former President of the North-American Interfraternity Conference; Patrick Alderdice, former Kansas “BB”; Jonathan Nichols, Leadership Consultant; Zach Hauser, Kansas State ’07; and Mike Tumolo, Syracuse ’07.

The award, as described by the NIC, is presented to chapters that, “care about the greater good... are motivated by the success of others…identify the needs of the community…value service to and for others…represent the diversity of their campus…stand firm in the face of adversity… provide assistance to others, before being asked…are cutting edge and different from the rest…and carry the flag of the interfraternal spirit.” Delta Chi nominated the Kansas Chapter for the award based on its long history of success. As stated in Ray Galbreth’s nomination letter to the NIC, “If the measure of an organization is the caliber and success of the men it produces as alumni, the Kansas Chapter with its pedigree is one of the best fraternities in North America.” The Chapter boasts a long list of successful and dedicated alumni, including: Paul Beardslee, former Assistant Secretary of Defense; Clyde Coffman, 1932 Olympic Track Team Member; Jerry Colangelo, NCAA Basketball Player; Tim Crown, Founder of Insight Distribution Network; Harold Donley, Rear Admiral, US Navy (Ret.); Richard Harkness, former radio and TV correspondent for NBC; Forrest Hoglund, Investor and Venture Capitalist; Edward Kangas, former VP and Managing Director of Deloitte & Touche; Michael Levitz, actor/performer; Ray Pierce, former Professional Baseball Player; Otto Schnellenbacher, former Professional Football Player; William Sessions, former Director of the FBI; Thomas Swale, Television Screenwriter: Hart to Hart, The Fall Guy, The Love Boat; Dick Tomlinson, former Professional Football Player; and Raymond Wheeler, Author. These men, along with the other 1,600+ initiates, have set the path that the Kansas Chapter continues to blaze. Delta Chi and The University of Kansas consistently recognize Kansas as an outstanding chapter. Over the past ten years, the Chapter has received the Fraternity’s top award, the President’s

Chapter members are leaders in the Rock Chalk Review, a campus-wide philanthropic project; recently hosted the 2007 Region IV Leadership Conference; are continually strong in their academic and recruitment success; and have a unique strength in the success of their parents’ club, a role model for all chapters to follow.

Upon receiving the Award of Distinction Matt Brunner, Chapter “A”, said, “Our Chapter is honored and grateful to be recognized by the NIC. The award recognizes the hard work and commitment of the men who have contributed as students as well as alumni to our Chapter. It is indicative of the entire Greek community’s commitment to excellence at The University of Kansas.” Since the founding of the Kansas Chapter in 1923, members have focused on promoting friendship, developing character, striving for academic success, and encouraging a life-long bond among its members. The chapter house has had several renovations over the past 80 years. One of the major renovations took place in 1991, when Forrest Hoglund, George Tiller, and Ed Kangas started the Chapter II Challenge. Their contributions and commitment inspired alumni to give, resulting in a successful renovation of the chapter house. The living room is dedicated in their honor. The chapter house underwent another renovation in 1999, when Rick Lucas raised over three million dollars from alumni to start the Chapter III project. The project included a new library, computer lab, and over fifteen study rooms. The character, leadership, and overall success of the Kansas Chapter make it an excellent recipient for the Award of Distinction. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007 5

campus featurettes Alabama Membership We initiated nine new members in the fall and had a spring associate member class for the second consecutive year. We initiated the three spring associate members at the end of the semester. The Chapter also recently had two members elected as senators in the Student Government Association, Michael Dodson and Todd Smitherman.


Filling the cracks in the walls, repainting the floor, and touching up the “brother wall,” which had worn with age, have repaired the basement. New trim and carpets have been placed in the upstairs hallways, while most of the upstairs, including bedrooms, has been repainted and repaired. The members are currently drawing the family trees of the Chapter dating back to the founding fathers on the upstairs hallway walls.


Alumni gather for a group photo.

This year has marked an exciting rebirth for the Chapter in many respects. In particular, alumni have again started to play an increasingly significant role in chapter affairs; whether personally attending events, interacting with the active Chapter, or shaping its growth through involvement with the Alumni Board of Trustees. Alumni and actives alike have rediscovered their roots in Delta Chi. The Chapter is pleased to note that this mutual reawakening of fraternal spirit has gone beyond mere nostalgia and has visibly transformed the Chapter with renewed vigor in all areas, including two highly successful recruitment events and highly productive, indepth budgetary reviews. In November the Chapter hosted an unprecedented Alumni Weekend, and it was universally considered a major highlight of the year, bringing together members from the past twelve years for three days of activities. Many thanks are owed to Bennett Polack, the ABT, and the many attendees for making the weekend such an unbridled success. All in attendance expressed their appreciation for this unique opportunity to reconnect with one another.

BEHREND House Upgrade As the spring semester unfolded, the Chapter made a huge turn under the leadership of the “A”, Bryan Muscia, and “B”, Garrett Culver. With their combined efforts and determination, the chapter house underwent major remodeling. In 1994, the house caught fire, which destroyed its once glorious appearance. Many members have since tried to improve the house, but under the guidance of our “BB”, Matthew Taylor, the Chapter is again dedicated to house maintenance. 6 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

The 15th annual Kimball Classic was the biggest alumni event of the year for the Chapter. We rented out a local golf course for the day and had a four-man scramble. The long drive and closest to the pin challenges really brought out the winning spirit in everyone. The winners of the challenges received trophies, while the winners of the classic received their names on a plaque in our trophy case and bragging rights for the year.

CLEMSON We are attempting to take the national stage by setting up a philanthropy event for the record books, literally. Plans are currently under way for setting a Guinness World Record. We are looking to possibly include members from other chapters in the area to join us in playing the longest basketball game ever. The game must last 58 straight hours, and all donations will go to The V Foundation. In preliminary discussions, it appears that the entire campus will be in support. Participants must remain in the gym for the entire 58 hours, taking naps in between substitutions. Such an event has been very successful at other universities; therefore, we have high hopes for the amount of money we can raise. Donations from chapters throughout the nation would be greatly appreciated. We hope to bring home this world record and continue to improve the national image of Delta Chi.

COASTAL CAROLINA We were proud to hold the 2007 Region VIII Regional Leadership Conference in Myrtle Beach. Being asked to host this year’s RLC meant a lot to us, because we are still a relatively young Chapter. Regent Eric Kerstetter and our “BB”, Dr. John Stamey, were big reasons the RLC was a success. Guest speaking at the conference were our Dean of Students, Dr. Lloyd Holmes; CCU Head Football Coach David Bennett; and the President of the Cape Fear Alumni Chapter, Miles Washburn. Brothers from all over the Southeast were able to meet with one another, exchange ideas and have a good time. We would like to thank all of the brothers and alumni who attended this year’s RLC.

COLORADO Keeps Growing It has been quite an eventful year for us in Boulder. In the fall, we welcomed seven new men into membership. This strong new class was a key asset to spring recruitment, where we placed second out of 15 fraternities for the most accepted bids, with a total of 13 associate members. Brothers Joe Reidy and Nick Heguy were also voted onto the Interfraternity Council (IFC). With a rapidly growing Chapter and a new class of 13 unique gentlemen, we’re hoping to make 2007 one of the most successful years yet.

COLORADO STATE We are proud of receiving the Outstanding Campus Outreach for Region IV and are pleased to announce our first annual Sleepless 24-Hour Softball Tournament. All proceeds will benefit The V Foundation for Cancer Research. The brothers are extremely excited to support The V Foundation and add to the $15,000 already raised by Delta Chi in support of this great cause.

CONNECTICUT Pulls Together

Chapter members at the 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

We are proud of the work that all of our brothers have put into various charity events throughout the year. We are also proud to announce the success of our newest philanthropy. Partnered with The V Foundation, our threeon-three basketball tournament showed how the students at The University of Connecticut and the surrounding community could come together to support a cause that affects almost everyone. The brothers have contributed countless hours to the event and have obtained many donations from surrounding businesses and students. Previously many of the brothers of the Chapter had very little or no exposure to cancer, but now we have all recently been touched. One of the active brothers was diagnosed with cancer in December of last year. This has affected our chapter immensely, but at the same time, this put a face to cancer for us and sparked the Chapter to take action. With one of our own being diagnosed, we banded together to raise over $30,000 to help with the expense of combating his illness. Mike Brothwell, Nick Wright and others helped

campus featurettes to organize the event and make it a huge success. This assistance and caring illustrates the commitment to brotherhood this Chapter and this Fraternity prides itself on. We are also proud to announce that our brother is continuing his fight against cancer and has even returned to school to finish his degree. His perseverance has inspired us all and has given us a renewed commitment to helping those in need. While we helped to raise money for one of our own, we understood that we could not rest there. From the event’s huge success, we realized how many more people we would be able to help. Through hard work, the brothers ensured that the money raised from the basketball tournament, one of the biggest events we have organized in the last couple of years, is going to help many others battle cancer. Along with donations from businesses, we have had help from the University and many different student organizations. While our philanthropy was a great success, we know that we cannot stop there and therefore have already been planning for next year’s event. We have started to set in motion a twenty-four hour softball tournament and barbeque that looks to be even larger than our event this year. However, even with events getting bigger, we know that we cannot rest on past achievements and will always be planning for a better future. With one of our own being affected by cancer, we know that it is our responsibility to help those in need. This hardship has renewed our dedication to help others and helped us exemplify what it means to be a Delta Chi.

Davis Colony Here to Stay Throughout the last few years, we saw many rough times. Despite the hardships, we have overcome all obstacles and have established ourselves as respectable members of the Greek community. Through participation in school activities like Student Government, IFC, and other Greek organizations, we have shown that we are here to stay on campus.

active in the Greek community through philanthropy events; the most recent being Pi Beta Phi’s annual Arrow Jam, which benefits the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and helps promote their philanthropy, Links to Literacy. Arrow Jam is the largest Greek event on campus and is a lip-syncing competition that sells out every year. We were discouraged from participating at first because of time conflicts, but we worked hard to show that we were going to participate and do well. We practiced daily, and we went on stage with the other fraternities and sororities. Although this was our first time at this event, we proved to ourselves, as well as the Greek community, that we will be a competitor.

DePauw Brother Wallace J. Nichols ’89, President of the International Sea Turtle Society, gave a series of lectures at DePauw, co-sponsored by the Chapter, on Sea Turtles and Ocean and Coastal Ecology. In his first lecture, Nichols said the problem facing the ocean is, “We take too much out of the ocean, we put too much into the ocean, and we are living on the edge.” Nichols challenged the audience to think about the Earth’s interconnectedness. He demonstrated this point when he recalled that in 1997 he used satellite tracking to track a turtle across the Pacific Ocean from California to Japan. What happens in California affects what happens in Japan. It was also the first time an animal had been tracked across the entire ocean. Students all around the world logged on to the internet to watch the turtle’s progress across the ocean. Nichols recalled that when the idea to put the tracking on the web in 1997 was suggested to him, his first response was, “What is a webpage?” Nichols also fondly recalled his DePauw days, joking in another lecture that Bowman pond was the best snorkeling on campus in his day. Nichols challenged the audiences with a call to action to save our seas and coastal areas. “We need to put less in, take less, and protect the edge,” he implored. The brothers were thrilled to have dinner with Brother Nichols and give him a tour of the house after his lectures.

Duquesne Carnival Victory Repeat

Davis brothers enjoying a social event.

Recently, we have moved out of the new organization transition and are moving forward with our duties in the hope of being chartered soon. In addition, we have been increasingly

Princess Toadstool, a scenario that brought laughter and cheers from the audience. Featuring other popular Nintendo characters such as Link and Donkey Kong, the talented cast and crew secured the awards of “Best Scenery,” “Best Costumes,” “Best in Show” for the general category, and the “James F. O’Day Award” for overall performance, making the Chapter the victor of the event. Brother James Prosenjak received the award for “Best Actor,” an honor well deserved for his performance as Mario. The show, directed by brothers Andrew May and Mario Seneca, brought the chapter numerous compliments from students and faculty.

The Chapter clinched its second consecutive Carnival victory this past spring semester. The Greek Carnival, benefiting the Greek Life Endowed Book Fund, features original scripts by paired fraternities and sororities. Chapter members and the sisters of Alpha Phi teamed up against nine other shows to perform “When the Nintendo Turns Off,” a fun spin on everyone’s favorite Nintendo games. Mario and Luigi squared off for the love of

Brothers James Prosenjak, Adam Weller and Justin Maffei open the show with the tune Nintendo Heroes.

EASTERN WASHINGTON This year brought many changes to the Colony, the biggest of which occurred in the fall when we had an alumni reunion event over homecoming weekend. We had several alumni come and tell old stories and give good ideas for recruitment. They all had a great time getting together with old friends and catching up with one another. It was great fun getting to know the alumni and to see that they still have a passion for Delta Chi.

Embry-Riddle Initiates Two New Alumni We would like to announce the initiation of two prominent men as alumni. These men have been associated with the Chapter for many years and have shown us unrelenting dedication. We would first like to recognize Hewitt J. Dupont. Mr. Dupont is a CPA and has been our Chapter’s accountant since our chartering in 1972. Over the past 35 years, Mr. Dupont has done a terrific job keeping our Chapter’s financial records year after year without error. Next, we would like to recognize Mark Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds is a professor of physical sciences at Embry-Riddle, in addition to being our own Faculty Advisor. Mr. Reynolds has done an exceptional job serving as a resource for the Chapter and representing us with the faculty and administration. He is always available to any of the members who seek assistance or advice in academic matters. The initiation of Mr. Dupont and Mr. Reynolds took place in a special ceremony during our annual faculty/ alumni dinner during the spring semester. The brothers would like to thank Mr. Dupont and Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007 7

campus featurettes Mr. Reynolds for their continued support and all the superb work they have done for the Chapter and Fraternity.


hours since January; this is more than we did all of 2006. Lastly, we are updating our “Statesboro Nightlights” shirts, which have raised over $3,000 for our local philanthropy and our housing fund in the past year.


A few brothers with the Earthball Atlas Cup Champions, Delta Zeta.

This spring semester was full of events for the men of the Colony. We focused our efforts on getting involved in various campus organizations and hosting our first philanthropy. The first annual Earthball tournament ran marvelously; we had over 160 participants from fourteen different sororities. At the end of the day, despite some bumps and bruises, the ladies of Delta Zeta won the physical competition, but the ladies of Phi Mu won the Delta Chi Earthball World Cup by having the most spirit points. Not only are we excited about the progress we have made in one year, we are working hard to make Florida the great Chapter it once was. This summer we will be moving back into our house and are looking forward to many promising years.

GEORGIA The past fall saw the Chapter have a great change in our grade rankings. Our associate member class jumped to the number one spot out of all of the fraternities on campus. The Chapter, as a whole, placed number four out of over twenty-five fraternities on campus. The required study hours for our associate members and the involvement of our brothers with the library have no doubt helped our overall GPA. As the semester came to a close, we were close to obtaining more potential members due to our grades. This is an important selling point when it comes to the Chapter. We will continue study hours for our associate members and encourage interested men to come study with us as well.

Georgia Southern Huge Steps in Service So far this spring, we have been heavily involved in fundraising, philanthropy, and service hours. Due to the efforts of the brothers and our new Philanthropy Chairman, Christian Craig, we raised $288 in only one week of selling The V Foundation wristbands. We have also completed more then 140 community service 8 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

Making a stir lately at the Chapter is the recently created and newly invigorated Parents Relations Program. former “E”, Eric Southard, has taken over as the Chairman of the Parents Relations Committee and has started a lot of interesting programs to endear parents to our Chapter. Besides communicating the activities of the Chapter to parents, the Parent Relations Program has had multiple outings inviting parents to come and spend time with the brothers, ranging from Chili-making and eating contests to Skeet Shooting. As we continue to grow, we look forward to keeping parents involved in what we do to further build our uncommon Bond.

out in Spokane for a while before heading back to Moscow. All of our in-house guys attended the event, as well as a majority of the out-of-house guys. Overall it was a very fun and successful brotherhood event, and we all look forward to next year’s trip!

ILLINOIS This has been a banner year for the Chapter. We had the fortunate opportunity to host the Region V Regional Leadership Conference. The festivities were from February 23 to February 25, and we had a great showing, with over 100 attendees. Everything went well and we enjoyed conversing with our fellow brothers, old and young. We would like to give special thanks to Brett Olson and Regent Mark Schramka for organizing the event and to Ray Galbreth, R.C. Damle, and Tom Horowitz for attending. Hopefully everyone benefited from the conference and enjoyed the Chapter and campus.


Iowa Forging Partnership with Alumni


While it is common for fraternities to speak of the importance of alumni relations, we are trying to take the concept to another level. On February 3, the Chapter’s executive board and 11 alumni from the Alumni Board of Trustees and House Corporation met to develop plans and objectives for 2007. Sharing common goals and interests is the foundation of any partnership, and the planning meeting was an important step in building a stronger relationship. Specific goals were established, and alumni/member teams were formed to take actions in the areas of recruitment and alumni communications and involvement.

One of the few days members actually saw snow in Alabama, so they decided to build a snowman.

Following one of the busiest semesters in the Chapter’s history, we settled into the new house and started to concentrate our efforts on more outward goals. United behind the newly elected officers, we plan to build the Chapter into something great. Fresh off another very successful brotherhood retreat, we set out to win the UAH President’s Cup for the third year in a row. However, our main focus is to pull closer together as a growing Chapter and address the recurring complacency to become the best chapter in the region. We implemented stricter standards for incoming associate members to achieve our goals. Although our associate member class is only seven men strong, these seven men are the cream of the crop, and we foresee them doing wonders.

IDAHO Early in the spring semester, we took a trip to Spokane for a brotherhood event. We normally attend a Spokane Chiefs Hockey game, but this year we decided to see the Spokane Shock, last year’s Arena Cup Champions in the arena football league. It was the Shock’s home opener and after an enjoyable bus ride to Spokane, we were able to witness a great football game. Following the game we hung

One team is developing a new scholarship program that can be an effective recruiting tool. Alumni will be involved in hosting summer recruitment events, facilitating a recruitment workshop and participating in formal recruitment. They will demonstrate to potential members that the Chapter has the support of its alumni and that brotherhood is a lifelong experience. Another team is focused on re-engaging alumni and rekindling their interest in the success of the Chapter. E-mail updates to alumni and a current newsletter will keep alumni better informed. Open houses before home football games will give alumni a chance to reconnect with one another and meet current undergraduate members. A mentoring program is matching alumni with current members and working on an alumni speakers’ series. There is an old saying that you are more committed to the success of something you helped create. Through discussions, such

campus featurettes as those held at the February planning meeting, the alumni are helping to create the Chapter’s future, a future that looks bright and promising.

JACKSONVILLE STATE We spent many hours working the Alabama High School Basketball Regional Tournament held at Pete Mathews Coliseum on the campus of Jacksonville State University in an effort to raise money for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. The teams and their fans attending throughout the week were respectful and courteous towards the cause. All the members of the chapter volunteered three or more hours of their time towards raising money. It was a good experience for not only the new members but also potential new members to see our involvement in the community and university.


Chapter members celebrate bid extension with the James Madison statue.

Chapter of the Year, Best New Member, and Fraternity Man of the Year are just some of the awards we received this year. The Chapter is on the rise after celebrating its fifth chartering anniversary, and we look forward to hosting the Region IX Regional Leadership Conference in 2008. We planned an entire week dedicated to raising money for The V Foundation, held a pig roast, and had an alumni vs. brothers football game that had incredible alumni participation. The Chapter did well in recruitment too and saw seven new members join.

Johnstown Striving for Excellence The Chapter recognizes six philanthropy projects in the area that involve the environment, youth, elderly, health issues, women’s needs and the disadvantaged. We have set a goal to complete projects benefiting all six areas. So far we have completed three and are currently working on the fourth. These projects include a canned food drive (disadvantaged), a “Light the Night” event for Cerebral Palsy (health issues), a Dance Competition to raise money for and promote Breast Cancer Awareness (women’s needs), and we are currently conducting a raffle ticket fundraiser to contribute a portion of

the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Johnstown (youth).

Scholastics Award with a 2.814 GPA (which is above the all-men’s average).



This spring we hosted the Region IV Regional Leadership Conference. The Conference was a great success. Regent Aaron Otto and Josh Stewart, former “A”, did an excellent job in coordinating the Conference, and all those involved had an excellent time and learned a lot. Speakers at the conference included Judge Joe Johnson, State Representative Barbara Ballard, and former Chapter Advisor Bart Eisfelder.

The Chapter will be having its 20th Anniversary and Founders’ Day celebration on October 13, 2007 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. The Chapter has managed to survive and prosper over the years despite some difficult times. After many attempts throughout the years, the Chapter finally obtained an on-campus fraternity house located at 6 Fraternity Row. We are set to move in this summer.


Chapter members during the February lock-in.

In February, we began a new tradition of brotherhood through an all-chapter lock-in. The lock-in came from the idea of a chapter retreat we held the previous year when all members spent a Friday night out in a country camp. This year we began the night by hosting a threeon-three basketball tournament, followed by an outdoor cookout. The rest of the evening we played games of pool, Halo, and poker. The purpose of this event was to strengthen our brotherhood, recruit new members, and raise our members’ spirits, all of which were accomplished. The members had a great time hanging out and getting to know old and new members. A positive change in attitudes has been seen throughout the Chapter. Due to this event’s success, we will be planning a high school lock-in in the future.

KENT STATE Earlier this spring, we had our first annual kickball tournament to help raise money for The V Foundation. The kickball tournament was on April 14, and we had a great turnout from other Greeks as well as other students on campus.


Scholarship winners clockwise from top right: Pete Busciglio, Ryo Fujiwara, Kevin King, Frank Wozny, and David Sargent.

On February 13, the Chapter held its annual Scholarship Dinner. On that night, five members were recognized for their dedication shown to the Chapter throughout their college careers. The first scholarship handed out was the Jeffares Scholarship in Business, worth $1,200 over two semesters, awarded to Kevin King. The next scholarships awarded were the Lacchia Merit Scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to those who excel academically and are actively involved in both the Chapter and the community. The Lacchia Merit Scholarship winners are selected by the Building Corporation Board and are worth $1,000 each. This year there were four members who received the award: Ryo Fujiwara, Frank Wozny, David Sargent, and Pete Busciglio. The Scholarship Dinner is a great way to acknowledge the people in the Chapter who have continued to give back year after year.

Minnesota Our Largest AM Class

LOUISIANA TECH Our chapter hosted the 2007 Region III Leadership Conference this year, and we proudly received some awards and nominations. Our “A”, Kyle Culver, was nominated for the Fraternity’s Ritual Committee. Alan Katzenmeyer was nominated for the Delta Chi Housing Committee, and Brother Robert Waterwall was nominated for the Delta Chi Law Committee. Also at the Region III RLC, our Chapter received the Outstanding

New associate member class.

Despite a large number of recent graduates, the Chapter has recovered quite well, with its largest associate member class in recent Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007 9

campus featurettes history. We have used a combination of informal recruitment and a formal recruitment week to cap off the process, with some fun events and a nice catered dinner. We have a total of ten associate members for our spring class. With this large boost, and plans for an even more successful fall recruitment, we will soon be larger and stronger than ever.

to enjoy. This event has had huge success in the past, and the alumni and parents look forward to it every year.

Northwest Missouri Golf Tournament

MONTEVALLO We are about to begin construction on our first custom-built fraternity house. In addition to the house we already have, we will be adding on five more bedrooms, a social room and renovating the existing house. Not only will we have the nicest fraternity house on campus, we will have the nicest house in Montevallo! We would like to thank our alumni for their help with this project, which will be under way very soon.

New Haven Plays Softball The Chapter held its annual Active vs. Alumni softball game in April. We had a large number of alumni come from all over the area for the event. This year we held it in Milford, Connecticut. We hope to return to the tradition of using the park in West Haven next year after construction is complete. After the game, we had a BBQ in the park. We enjoyed talking and reconnecting with those brothers who came before us. It also gave the new brothers the chance to meet a large group of our alumni, so they can keep in touch through their college and professional careers.

Northern Arizona Clean Slate The Chapter is happy to report that it finally paid off its debt to the Fraternity. This debt has made it difficult for the Chapter to function over the past few years. The older members have seen the Chapter at its all-time low and have fought tenaciously to bring it back to its current standing. We would like to thank the alumni who gave their support over the years to help us resolve our debt. Our Chapter is now more prosperous than ever thanks to everyone who pitched in. Funds are now being allocated towards events that keep recruitment high and also towards events that improve our reputation on campus. Stagnation is no longer a fear of this Chapter, and we hope to constantly improve our situation in the community.

NORTHERN COLORADO In April, the Chapter held its annual Delta Days, an event that included alumni, actives, and parents in the activities. It consisted of a barbeque, softball tournament, chili cook-off, silent auction, and a video yearbook for all 10 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

worked extremely hard decorating and making sure the house was spotless. A special group of brothers (who can only be described as culinary geniuses) came up with an amazing menu. We are proud of the event because it gives us a chance to do something different on our campus, and our guests often leave commenting on how we are gentlemen. A special thank you to all alumni who were able to attend!

RADFORD Alumni at the annual golf tournament.

Every summer, alumni from Kansas City host a golf tournament that brings members from all over together again. Last year, the tournament attracted over 140 alumni and raised over $8,000 for improvements on the chapter house. This year, the 27th annual Kimball-Penton Golf Tournament was held on June 2nd and was bigger than ever. As always, the weekend started off on Friday at the Levee in Kansas City, where food and drinks were served, and the big event took place at the Royal Meadows Golf Course. This event has consistently been a great chance for alumni to catch up with old buddies and meet younger brothers.

Northwestern Holds Retreat This year the Chapter held a brotherhood retreat at Illinois State Park. While there, the members spoke about their favorite moments in the Chapter and reasons why they joined. Additionally, the Chapter set goals for the coming year. The members grew much closer through the retreat and realized what makes the brotherhood so special. It also gave the Chapter a unified vision for the future. We fully intend to have this experience every year so that we will continue to succeed.


The chapter house decorated for the holiday.

One of our favorite events of the year has become the Christmas Dinner Date Party. We celebrated the dinner for the fourth year, and it was agreed that this year was the best yet. All of the brothers

The Alpha Beta Pledge Class.

The Chapter has recently completed its best recruitment in its history. We have successfully recruited sixteen new associate members. Our Chapter completely reworked the recruitment process, and the result is an associate member class for which we have great expectations.

South Dakota State Six Years in a Row Brother Alex Brown was recently elected Student Body President here at SDSU. This will be the sixth year for Delta Chi to hold an executive leadership position within the University’s Students’ Association. In response to his new position, Brown, a two-year student senator and political science senior, said, “I want to continue on, and try to give back a little bit for what this University has given me.”

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Polar Plunge One of the most memorable events of this spring semester was the Polar Bear Plunge. On a frigid day in January, there were a few brave souls who jumped into below freezing water to raise money for the Special Olympics of Southeast Missouri. We were able to raise over $225 for the Special Olympics, being one of two Greek organizations to participate, and it entitled us to send some jumpers. Even those who went to watch and support were freezing, as they got a good laugh out of those who took the plunge.

SYRACUSE This spring, the Chapter turned over a new leaf. With the election of a young, energetic, and ambitious new executive board, rapid progress has been made within the Chapter.

campus featurettes

Members at a brotherhood dinner.

One sign of progress is our new website, The Chapter also prides itself on its new associate member class of ten. This is astounding considering the Chapter’s past circumstances. The new associate members are quality men and will be the future leaders. The Chapter focused on personal recruitment through friendship and campus leadership organizations and it paid off. The Chapter is also asking for support in funding its “Restoring the Past” project to help reframe and restore composites from the 1960s and early 1970s so that they can be displayed properly and respectfully in the Chapter house.


Brothers volunteer time at the Children’s Foster Home in Stephenville.

This semester we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt, held for the past ten years, with Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. It is held at the Children’s Foster Home in Stephenville. We set up a big Easter egg hunt for the children, and it is a wonderful event for them. The children always get excited when we come out and spend the day with them. They really get excited to meet new people and make new friends.


billiard green, took down the recessed ceiling and clear coated the rafters, hung hand cut tin with custom flame burnet hand rails, replaced the old table, custom wired the pool table light and surrounding lighting, ran satellite cable and replaced the old flooring with a wood floor. For the study, we plan on retexturing the walls, hanging shelving for the library, adding tables, adding wireless connections and adding some wood flooring. We take great pride in doing these remodeling projects ourselves.

The Chapter’s newly renovated game room.



Actives and alumni at our local founder’s day reunion.

Newly initiated fathers in front of the house.

Last semester, our Chapter held its first Parents’ Weekend, where lunch was provided, a barbeque was enjoyed in the evening and an initiation was held. This was no ordinary initiation though, because that evening six fathers of active brothers joined the bond. Gregory Anderson, Robert DiGerolamo, Dennis Pogue, Dennis Dail, Randy Kempf and Steven Clark can all now call their sons brothers as well.

WESTERN CAROLINA The V Foundation has been a great charity with which to work; it has helped us put together an annual philanthropy event of which we can be proud. In return, we will be able to provide a large donation every spring semester. The annual event is called Bowl-for-the-Cure. We are expecting attendance from the majority of Greeks and some student organizations as well.

West Georgia Academic Excellence

This past spring, the Chapter worked hard on renovations to its lodge. We have completed the upstairs and are currently working on a study room. We received gracious donations from alumni and fathers, which funded our construction, pool table and TVs. For the game room we textured the walls and repainted them

very depleted in color and life. We have taken on a project to revive them by adding new plants, topsoil, and mulch. To finalize this project, we plan on having a plaque made with our Colony name on it and the date the project was completed. The library project is just one of the many tasks we have set in motion to help us continue to have the most community service hours of all the fraternities on campus.

Last semester we put great effort into our scholarship program. We went from having one of the lowest GPAs on campus to having the second highest out of all the fraternities, beaten only by two one hundredths of a point. We would like to congratulate our brothers for all of their hard work.

Wilmington The Library Project The Colony has recently centered a great deal of its community service hours on a project with the University. The large flowerbeds outside of Randall Library had become desolate and

We held our local Founders’ Day on February 27, and the night was a tribute to those men who got together and started our Chapter. There was a good turnout of alumni, representing the classes throughout our Chapter’s existence from the early 1970s until the present. Together we shared stories, and alumni were able to reminisce about their undergraduate years. It was also good for the active members to meet many alumni who they normally wouldn’t meet. The entire event was a great success and we are looking forward to building on this for next year.

Western Michigan

Chapter members in front of their house.

Our chapter acquired 12 new brothers from the fall semester and has eight more new members from the spring. The initiation of these new members into our bond has brought our numbers to almost double what they were a year ago. Slowly, but with a steady pace, the Chapter has picked up momentum and is beginning to realize its full potential. The Chapter has used the new chapter house as motivation to turn things around. With proper planning and a new energy from members, the Chapter has been able to overcome the issues it once had and focus on what is important. It no longer has to succumb to the reputation of past years but can now make its own future. Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007 11

Florida Chapter returns XX iversity of Florida’s ter house on The Un returning to its chap is t five years and las ter ap the Ch of a s rid The Flo With the exception w. Ro y nit ter since 1926. Fra us 6 Gainesville camp campus this fall at Chi has been on the lta De II, r Wa rld during Wo w colony members will welcome the ne ng chapter alumni livi 00 great news for every 1,4 is s er thi ov e ile Th Wh ter house this fall. ap ch the y up past eight decades, cc as they reo a Chapter over the rid Flo the inder to ild bu to d sure should be a rem member who worke apter’s previous clo Ch h the the wit m es fro elv d ms rne the the lessons lea to always conduct , the entire mbers of the need few me a te by ua t ad en rgr gm de jud all un lack of good s. Because of the highest of standard . Fraternity suffered sc rut iny ers is un de r clo se an d so ror ity me mb y nit of De lta ter e fra ag im of t e uc Th To da y the co nd ren ts an d cri tic s. pa n, tio tra nis the ir mi of us ad n of the co nd uc t by the me dia , ca mp ay s be a ref lec tio alw ll wi ies nit ter Ch i an d oth er fra . ind ivi du al me mb ers always produced onal Fraternity have ati ern Int the d an of the great tional leaders. One The Florida Chapter unity, state and na mm lifetimes. co , an us sp t mp ca tha g outstandin bonds of friendship the en be s ha hip legacies of members as thousands rida Campus, and ce back on the Flo pla its pe that every es ho tak my i is Ch it So, as Delta and universities, s ge lle co of ns ir individual ze to do r how important the of members return mber will remembe me us mn alu d an i. undergraduate d future of Delta Ch th the reputation an actions will be to bo , fraternal vastly in population hools have grown sc ary periences nd ex co se life stive Today, as our po of belonging, posit alumni e a needed sense for vid ed pro ne n r ca ate ns gre tio a organiza fore has there been be r ve Ne . ips sh and lifelong friend ion efforts. ter life and expans involvement in chap cceed and prosper, Chi chapters will su lta De er oth d an e rolling up his mni. With everyon The Florida Chapter and support of alu ce tan r Fraternity has sis ou as y the nit h rtu but only wit same great oppo the ers oth ow all l wil sleeves, Delta Chi come. for many years to provided each of us at school year… ter and colony a gre Wishing every chap In the Bond, John L. Mica, FL ’67 s Member of Congres

Congressman Mica was first elected to Congress in 1992. He represents Florida’s 7th Congressional District. The Congressman serves on the House Government Reform Committee, the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Committee on House Administration. Brother Mica was initiated into The Delta Chi Fraternity in 1962 at The University of Florida and has served as Chapter “A”. After graduating from Florida, Brother Mica held the position of Assistant to the National Director and Editor of the Delta Chi Quarterly. The current fraternity magazine is still published in the format developed by Brother Mica. He was recognized during the 2006 Convention as the 2005 Delta Chi of the Year. Florida Statistics Founded: 1926 Re-Colonized: Spring 2006 Current Members: 34 Total Initiates: 1,724 Spring 2007 GPA: 3.36 Prominent Alumni B.K. Roberts ’28 Former Supreme Court Justice, FL Dr. F. Kenneth Brasted ’35 First President of The University of Dallas; Past DC Exec. Director Jack S. Clark ’37 NCAA Baseball Player Dr. Stephen Spurr ’38 Former President of The University of Texas at Austin Craig E. Craig ’56 All-American Swimmer (Diving) Dan Miller ’64 Former U.S. Representative, FL John Mica ’67 U.S. Representative, FL Douglas Drake ’86 TV Colorist for Warner Brothers

12 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

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alumni Smith BoyD

Fr. Anthony Vinson Northwest Missouri ’98

William V. Eaton

Livingston ’74 The Livingston Chapter Alumni Association honored Smith Boyd for his many years of dedicated service to the Livingston Chapter. The Association paid tribute to him by bestowing upon him the status of Honorary Past President.

Fr. Anthony Vinson, OSB, has been named to a two-year term on the National Religious Vocation Conference Board, based in Chicago, IL. NRVC is a professional organization of men and women committed to vocation awareness, invitation, and discernment to consecrated life as brothers, sisters and priests. The two-year term begins in August and is renewable for up to six years.

William V. Eaton has been elected to the Cornell University Board of Trustees. He will serve a four-year term, beginning July 1. Eaton, a principal and former president and chief operating officer of Cini-Little International, a global hospitality-consulting firm, has been active for many years with Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development, the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network in the Baltimore-Washington area, the Cornell Council’s Sustainable Development and Environmental Committee and the Cornell Hotel Society. In 2001 he was awarded the Frank H. T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Award.

Smith Boyd was initiated in 1973 and has served the Livingston Chapter for nearly 30 years on the executive boards of the local House Corporation, the Alumni Board of Trustees, and as “BB” of the Chapter. Boyd is a recipient of the Meritorious Service Award, a member of the Kimball Foundation (established for the construction and purchase of the Livingston chapter house), and has supported the Delta Chi Educational Foundation as a charter member of the Trustee Society and has reached the Sir Edward Coke Club giving level. The brothers of the Livingston Alumni Association are very proud of Smith Boyd and appreciate his continued commitment to Delta Chi. His example of leadership, service, and giving has been one of inspiration to many brothers.

14 Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007

Fr. Anthony, a monk of Saint Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, IN, is associate director of monastery vocations for Saint Meinrad Archabbey and director of the Office of Vocational Development at Saint Meinrad School of Theology.


Honoree, Smith Boyd ’73, stands with other past presidents Don Fuqua ’70, Dennis Booen ’93, David Myers ’98, and Lynn Pace ’95.

Keeping In Touch Alberta


Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Lorenz ’99, a son, Edward Kenneth (Teddy), on April 6, 2007.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Costner ’77, a son, Cayden Wyatt, on May 6, 2007.

Colorado State

Georgia Southern

Matthew Mulligan ’05, married to Nicole Kramer on March 10, 2007. Andrew Wong ’06, married to Uni Leong on April 8, 2007.

Born to Brother and Mrs. David McCollum ’05, a son, Landon, on December 4, 2006. Born to Brother and Mrs. Thomas Miller ’05, a son, Thomas Hayden, on May 3, 2007.


Georgia Tech


Richard Peck ’56, has released his latest children’s book, On the Wings of Heroes, which covers the life of a boy just before and during WWII. Joe Sheridan ’59, has released his book, Jesus was a Liberal, which investigates how Jesus would likely have supported liberal Democrats because of their social programs.

Embry-Riddle Born to Brother and Mrs. Doyle Cooper ’95, a son, Cade Allen, on March 15, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Nate Smith ’01, a son, Eri Kai, on August 22, 2006.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Drewman Smith ’94, a son, Preston Lee, on January 29, 2007.

Iowa Ted Stephany ’99, married to Allison Paumen on February 10, 2007.

Kansas State Trice Alford ’96, was promoted to General Manager of Vance Publishing in Lenexa, KS. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jake Arnett ’98, a daughter, Allison Salle, on December 16, 2006. Adopted by Brother and Mrs. Brent Gill ’99, a son, Samuel Esteban and

a daughter, Anna Carolina, from Guatemala on February 15, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Justin Ricke ’01, a son, Benjamin Robert, on March 31, 2007. Matt Troup ’04, married to Jayme Markey on January 5, 2007.

Kent State Born to Brother and Mrs. Kenneth J. Weiss ’92, a daughter, Ella Grace, on May 10, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Eric Hancsak ’96, a son, Luc Robb, on June 20, 2007.


LSU Born to Brother and Mrs. Charles A. Wilkinson, Jr. ’97, a daughter, Virginia Grace, on February 14, 2007.

Michigan State Born to Brother and Mrs. Jim Ferrara ’81, a son, Alex, and a daughter, Ava, on February 21, 2007. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jason Pociask ’03, a son, Kylan Michael, on August 19, 2006.

Mississippi State Born to Brother and Mrs. David Pace, Jr. ’96, a daughter, Sarah Ann, on April 24, 2007.

Darrell Morgan ’92, married to Lani Dollar on February 7, 2007. W. Cody Sellers ’06, married to Ashley Marroy on February 17, 2007.

Ohio State

Long Beach


Born to Brother and Mrs. Michael Barrett ’96, a son, Bradan Michael, on May 11, 2007.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Kyle Klimek ’00, a son, Korey Jonathan, on January 25, 2007.

Louisiana Tech

Southern Illinois William Rongey ’96, married to Christina McArthur on September 3, 2006.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Thomas A. Aldrich ’92, a daughter, Cara Angelina, on October 20, 2006.

Born to Brother and Mrs. Patrick Ryan ’92, a son, Lucas Patrick, on March 2, 2007.

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farewell & parting These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting.






Robert T. Brier ’40, August 16, 2005 James M. Colville ’44, July 17, 2006 Stephen C. Bransdorfer ’51, March 15, 2007 John P. Burleigh ’54 James G. Bahna ’56, October 26, 2005 Joseph Korcyl ’56, March 19, 2005 David D. Cunningham ’57, March 10, 2006 Norman W. Day ’61

Richard D. Bridgman ’51


Allan A. Filek ’28, January 9, 2007


James S. Sweet ’40, May 8, 2007 John R. Scatterday ’40, March 23, 2007


Joseph A. Fitzgerald ’74, March 18, 2005


Jack Broeker ’53


Robert E. Cochran ’32, July 28, 2006 H. Ralph Naffziger ’34, January 10, 2007 Lawrence M. Kemmer ’63, February 9, 2007


George L. Christen ’50, March 11, 2007

Christopher L. Reilly ’70, February 17, 2006 Donald Roy Trim ’49, March 17, 2005



James M. Putman ’64, December 22, 2006


David A. Foster ’04, April 7, 2007


Fred J. Weaver ’53, December 29, 2006


Vance T. Peak ’59, May 20, 2007


Kile G. West ’05, 1983-2007

Floyd S. Eberts ’48, March 10, 2007

Submitted by Ryan Sowards, Stephen F. Austin ’03

Thomas H. Chisholm ’47, February 6, 2007 (Former VP of MONY Financial Services and Former Fieldman for Delta Chi, August 1, 1948 to August 1, 1949) Joseph R. Bily ’48, August 27, 2005


Kile G. West ’05, May 28, 2007


Frank L. Moore ’92, April 18, 2007


Senator Craig Thomas, June 4, 2007

Before becoming an officer in the United States Army, Lieutenant Kile West joined Delta Chi’s eternal bond of brotherhood and was initiated by the Stephen F. Austin Chapter. Kile enrolled at Stephen F. Austin State University in the fall of 2001 and joined the Chapter in the fall of 2002. Kile graduated in 2005 and during his time at S.F.A. held three active roles and was a leader for the Chapter. Kile served as Recruitment Chairman, “F” and “B”. Kile was a man of character, dedication and honor; he was a leader to many. Kile will be remembered most by his brothers as a man who took action and gave everything he had to the pursuit of excellence. Kile lost his life protecting ours and in an act of heroism died in combat May 28, 2007, Memorial Day. He was an amazing man who we all should be proud to call a brother; Kile loved his family, his friends, his country and his Fraternity and will always be remembered as a hero!

Norman G. Wright ’50, January 21, 2006

Delta Chi | Quarterly | Spring/Summer 2007 15

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CHAPTERS ABRACADABRA: Univ of Calif - Berkeley - 2721 Channing Way,

Berkeley, CA 94704 ALABAMA: Univ of Alabama - Tuscaloosa - PO Box 11127, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 ALBERTA: Univ of Alberta - Box 165 SUB, Univ of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7 AMERICAN: American Univ - 4400 Mass Ave NW, Box 18, Washington, DC 20016 APPALACHIAN STATE: Appalachian St Univ - Box 9084, Boone, NC 28607 ARIZONA: U of Ariz - 1701 E 1st St, Tucson, AZ 85719 ARIZONA STATE: Arizona St Univ - Sun Devil Inv Ctr, PO Box 873001, Tempe, AZ 85287 AUBURN: Auburn U - 530 Biggio Dr, Auburn, AL 36830 AUGUSTA: Augusta State Univ - 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904 BEHREND: Behrend Col - 3316 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510 BINGHAMTON: Binghamton Univ of SUNY - 5 Main St, Binghamton, NY 13902 BOWLING GREEN: Bowling Green St Univ - 1217 E Wooster, Bowling Green, OH 43403 BRYANT: Bryant Col - Box 3289, 1150 Douglas Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917 CAL POLY: Cal Polytechnic State Univ - PO Box 15633, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 CALIFORNIA UNIV - PA: California Univ of PA - PO Box 516, California, PA 15419-0516 CENTRAL MICHIGAN: Central Michigan Univ - 1007 S Main St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858 CENTRAL MISSOURI: Central Missouri State Univ - Unit D, Fraternity Complex, Warrensburg, MO 64093 CHICO: California State Univ - Chico - PO Box 4932, Chico, CA 95927-4932 CLEMSON: Clemson Univ - 10174 Univ Station, Clemson, SC 29632 COASTAL CAROLINA: Coastal Carolina Univ - PO Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528-6054 COLORADO: Univ of Colorado - 1135 11th St, Boulder,CO 80302 COLORADO STATE: Colorado St Univ - 321 W Myrtle St, Ft Collins, CO 80521 CONNECTICUT: Univ of Conn - PO Box 806, Storrs, CT 06269 CORNELL: Cornell Univ - 114 South Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850 CORTLAND: State Univ College - Cortland, %Mike Zitelli, 15 1/2 Owego St, Cortland, NY 13045 DENISON: Denison Univ - PO Box 0594, Granville, OH 43023 DEPAUW: DePauw Univ - 912 S Locust St, Greencastle, IN 46135 DUQUESNE: Duquesne University - 600 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15282 EAST CAROLINA: East Carolina Univ - 109 Mendenhall Student Center, Greenville, NC 27858 EMBRY-RIDDLE: Embry-Riddle Aeron Univ-PO Box 950, Daytona Beach, FL 32115 FERRIS STATE: Ferris State Univ - 805 Campus Dr, Rankin Ctr Rm 233, Box 155, Big Rapids, MI 49307-2226 FREDONIA: SUNY - Fredonia - SA Office Stu Ctr - SUNY, Fredonia, NY 14063 FROSTBURG: Frostburg St Univ - Box 213 Lane Ctr, FSU Frostburg, MD 21532 FULLERTON: California State Univ - Fullerton - 2100 Associated Rd, Fullerton, CA 92631 GANNON: Gannon University - 901 Walnut, Erie, PA 16502 GEORGIA: Univ of Georgia - Grk Life Office - 216 Memorial Hall, U of Georgia, Athens, GA 30606 GEORGIA SOUTHERN: Georgia Southern University - 100 Olympic Blvd, Statesboro, GA 30458 GEORGIA TECH: Georgia Institute of Tech - 170 Fifth Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313-2512 GORHAM STATE: Univ of Southern Maine - 23 Preble St, Gorham, ME 04038 HAYWARD: California St Univ - Hayward - 1491 Roosevelt Ave, Hayward, CA 94544 HOBART: Hobart College - 574 S Main, Geneva, NY 14456 HUNTSVILLE: Univ of AL - Huntsville - 510 Fraternity & Sorority Row, Huntsville, AL 35805 IDAHO: Univ of Idaho - PO Box 3076, Moscow, ID 83843 ILLINOIS: Univ of IL - 1111 S First St, Champaign, IL 61820 ILLINOIS STATE: llinois State Univ - 603 S Broadway, Normal, IL 61761 IOWA: Univ of Iowa - 308 Ridgeland, Iowa City, IA 52246 JACKSONVILLE STATE: Jacksonville State Univ - PO Box 3062 JSU Jacksonville, AL 36265 JAMES MADISON: James Madison Univ - MSC 3518, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 JOHNSTOWN: Univ of Pittsburgh - Johnstown - Box 0288, UPJ, Johnstown, PA 15907 KANSAS: Univ of Kansas - 1245 W Campus Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044 KANSAS STATE: Kansas St Univ - 214 KSU Student Union, Manhattan, KS 66506

KENT STATE: Kent St Univ - 312 E Main, Kent, OH 44240 KETTERING A: Kettering Univ - 1700 W 3rd Ave, Flint, MI 48504 KETTERING B: Kettering Univ - 1421 W 3rd Ave, Flint, MI 48504 LSU: Louisiana State Univ - Office of Greek Affairs, 137 Johnston Hall,

Baton Rouge, LA 70803 LAKE FOREST: Lake Forest College - 555 N Sheridan Rd, Box D1, Lake Forest, IL 60045 LONG BEACH: CSU - Long Beach - 1067 Grand Ave #1 Long Beach, CA 90804 LOUISIANA TECH: LA Tech Univ - 201 Everett St, Ruston, LA 71270 MANKATO: Minnesota State Univ - Mankato - 173 CSU, Mankato, MN 56001 MARQUETTE: Marquette Univ - 845 N 16th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 MARYLAND: Univ of Maryland - 4603 College Ave, College Park, MD 20740 MIAMI: Miami U - 131 E Withrow, Oxford, OH 45056 MICHIGAN: Univ of Michigan - 1705 Hill St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 MICHIGAN STATE: Michigan St Univ - 101 Woodmere Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823 MINNESOTA: Univ of Minnesota - 1601 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 MISSISSIPPI STATE: Mississippi State Univ - Drawer GK, Mississippi State, MS 39762 MISSOURI: Univ of Missouri - 111 E Stewart Rd, Columbia, MO 65203 MISSOURI STATE: Missouri St Univ, 1116 E Elm St, Springfield, MO 65806 MONTCLAIR: Montclair State Univ - Stu Ctr Box 103 SGA Off, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 MONTEVALLO: Univ of Montevallo - Drawer AC, Montevallo, Al 35115 NEW HAVEN: Univ of New Haven - PO Box 8937, West Haven, CT 06532 NEW MEXICO STATE: New Mexico St Univ - 1250 Plain St, Las Cruces, NM 88001 NORTHERN ARIZONA: Northern Arizona Univ - 318 S Humphreys, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 NORTHERN COLORADO: Univ of Nothern Colorado - 1803 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631 NORTHWEST MISSOURI: NW Missouri State Univ - 219 W Second St, Maryville, MO 64468 NORTHWESTERN: Northwestern Univ - 619 Colfax Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 OREGON STATE: Oregon State Univ - 203 NW 13th St, Corvallis, OR 97330 OSHKOSH: Univ of WI at Oshkosh - 911 Wisconsin St, Oshkosh, WI 54901 PENN STATE: Penn State Univ - 424 E Fairmount Ave, State College, PA 16801-5714 PITTSBURGH: Univ of Pittsburgh - 255 N Dithridge St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 PURDUE: Purdue Univ - 501 Russell St, West Lafayette, IN 47906 RADFORD: Radford University - 609-A E Main St, Radford, VA 24141 RHODE ISLAND: Univ of Rhode Island - PO Box 1941, Kingston, RI 02881 ROWAN: Rowan Univ - 311 Ellis St, Glassboro, NJ 08028 RUTGERS: Rutgers Univ - 4 Mine St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE: South Dakota St Univ - 213 W Hwy 14 Bypass, Brookings, SD 57006 SOUTH FLORIDA: South Florida Univ - 4071 Greek Village, Tampa, FL 33620 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI: Southeast Missouri State Univ - One Univ Plaza, MS0040, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Univ of Southern California - 920 W 28th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Southern Illinois Univ - 606 W College, Carbondale, IL 62901 STEPHEN F AUSTIN: Stephen F Austin Univ - Stu Act Box 13021 SFA, Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962-3021 SYRACUSE: Syracuse Univ - 303 University Pl, 228E Schine Ctr, Syracuse, NY 13244 TARLETON: Tarleton State Univ - Box T-1557, Tarleton Station, TX 76402 TEXAS: U of Texas - 910 Poplar, Austin,TX 78705 TEXAS A&M: Texas A&M Univ - 11490 Walnut Rd, College Sta, TX 77845 TEXAS STATE: Texas State Univ - PO Box 2500, San Marcos, TX 78666 TEXAS TECH: Texas Tech Univ - 8 Greek Circle, Lubbock, TX 79416 TRI-STATE: Tri-State U - 112 S Darling, Angola, IN 46703 TROY STATE: Troy Univ - 408 Pell Ave, Troy, AL 36081 TRUMAN STATE: Truman State Univ - 904 S First St, Kirksville, MO 63501 UNLV: Univ of Nevada - Las Vegas - 4505 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154-2008 VALDOSTA: Valdosta State Col - PO Box 1112, Valdosta, GA 31603 VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH: VA Commonwealth Univ - 7 S Addison, Richmond, VA 23220 VIRGINIA TECH: Virginia Polytech Inst and State Univ - 560 Cinnabar Rd, Christiansburg, VA 20473 WASHINGTON: Univ of WA - 1819 NE 47th St, Seattle, WA 98105 WASHINGTON STATE: Washington State Univ - 800 NE Monroe St, Pullman, WA 99163 WEST GEORGIA: St Univ of West Georgia - 415 N Cliff St, Carrollton, GA 30117

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WEST VIRGINIA TECH: West Virginia Inst of Tech - 621 First Ave, Montgomery, WV 25136 WESTERN MICHIGAN: Western Michigan Univ - 1402 Fraternity Village Dr, Kalamazoo, MI 49006

WILLIAM & MARY: College of William & Mary - % Jonathan DeLong, CSU 2461, PO Box 8793, Williamsburg, VA 23186 WINDSOR: Univ of Windsor - 408 Indian Rd, Windsor, ON, Canada N9C2M4

COLONIES CINCINNATI: Univ of Cincinnati - Stratford Hgts, 2634 Stratford Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220 DAVIS: Univ of California - Davis - PO Box 72432, Davis,CA 95617 EAST STROUDSBURG: East Stroudsburg Univ - Greek Life, 200 Prospect St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 EASTERN WASHINGTON: Eastern Washington Univ - Student Life Office, 320 Peance Union Bldg, Cheney, WA 99004-2463

FLORIDA: Univ of Florida - 310 J Wayne Reitz Union, Gainesville, FL 32611 GEORGE MASON: George Mason Univ - 4400 Univ Dr, MS 2D6, Fairfax, VA 22030

HOFSTRA: Hosfstra University - 260 Stu Ctr, 200 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549-2000

MARSHALL: Marshall Univ - 1440 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25701 NORTH ALABAMA: Univ of N Alabama - 1 Harrison Plaza, UNA Box 5383, Florence, AL 35632 OHIO STATE: The Ohio State Univ - 191 E 15th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210 OKLAHOMA: Univ of Oklahoma - PO Box 2722, Norman, OK 73070 USIP: Univ of Sciences in Philadelphia, Whitecar Hall Stu Actv Off, 600 S 43rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 WASHBURN: Washburn Univ of Topeka - Off Stdnt Act, 1700 SW College Ave, Topeka, KS 66621 WESTERN CAROLINA: Western Carolina Univ, 319 AK Hinds Univ Ctr, Cullowhee, NC 28723

WILIMINGTON: Univ of N Carolina - Wilmington - Student Act Off, 601 S College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28403


BLUEGRASS AREA: Pres Stephen Meyer, Jr, Louisville ’92,

BOSTON AREA: Pres Stephen Bianchi, NE ’79, CAPE FEAR AREA: Pres Miles Washburn, Mass ’87,

CAPITAL AREA: Pres Michael Magri, John ’84, CHARLOTTE AREA: Pres James Marascio, Bryant ’93,

COLUMBUS AREA: Pres Paul Bohlman, Ohio State ’70,

DALLAS/FORT WORTH AREA: Pres John Gioffredi, IA St ’78,

EASTERN IOWA: Pres Karl Grindel, Cent MO ’01, GREAT LAKES AREA: Pres Barry Aronson, NW AL, GREATER WISCONSIN AREA: Pres Alan Udell, WISC ’91,

ILLINOIS: Pres Ray Mathews, IL ’76, KANSAS CITY AREA: Pres John Hess, Creighton ’75, LOS ANGELES AREA: Pres Ernest Bain, SoCal ’55, NEW HAVEN AREA: Pres Robert Morey, New Haven ’00, NORTHEAST OHIO AREA: Pres Steve Bossart, Kent St ’90, SACRAMENTO AREA: Pres John Shelby, Sac ’86,

SOUTH FLORIDA AREA: Pres Michael Agnello, Mich St ’81,

TAMPA BAY AREA: Pres Michael Shelton, FL ’98,

TENNESSEE VALLEY: Pres Joe Pickett, Troy St ’66, THREE RIVERS AREA: Pres Tom Horowitz, Mich St ’87, TORONTO AREA: Pres Elliott Chun, W Ontario ’03, TWIN CITIES: Sean McTaggart, Minn ’00

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