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Delta Chi Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003

Pat Gillick, Southern California ’58, one of baseball’s most respected general managers to ever hold the position, steps down.


YOUR LIFE AS A DELTA CHI From the moment your initiation ceremony concluded and you entered into the Bond of our Brotherhood, your life as a Delta Chi began to evolve. As the “AA”, I appreciate, now more than ever, how our members’ lives are intertwined with our Fraternity. Obviously, our Brothers on staff at the Headquarters have made a decision to include Delta Chi in their professional careers, but I can assure you that their quality of work and dedication to duty far exceed the financial rewards of their respective positions. Their love of Delta Chi provides the impetus to excel in their tasks. The same could be said of the support staff as well. Our Fraternity hierarchy then descends to an all volunteer organization. This past year I have had the opportunity to work with volunteers at each level of our Fraternity. I have worked with local chapter officers, ABT members, House Corporation members, Delta Chi Standing and Ad Hoc Committee members, Regents, Vice Regents and my fellow members on the Executive Committee. Within this world of volunteers we have every type of

occupation represented. At the international, regional and chapter levels combined, we have volunteers who are millionaires and those who are concerned over how to pay the next month’s rent. Their ages range from eighteen to ninety-five and possibly beyond! The life experiences of these dedicated men have spanned the globe with actions and observances many of us will only read about in history books or see on the evening news. What is it that binds them together? What is it that compels them to help, guide

ety could realize this type of bond, a great thing would happen in our world today. Unfortunately, this will not occur on a global scale. So, as members of Delta Chi, we must utilize this intangible to assist those who we can help. In our world, those who we serve most are the college and university men across North America who proudly wear the badge of Delta Chi. It was our Founders’ intent, as set forth in our Preamble, to provide these men with a road map with which to succeed in the world as educated gentlemen, using the values prescribed by our Fraternity. Whether you are an undergraduate or an alumnus, you must look inward and ask yourself what comprises your life as a Delta Chi. We have something special. You may be wrapped up in your

“If the rest of society could realize this type of bond, a great thing would happen in our world today.” and assist a Fraternity that has been in their lives for months or even decades? These are questions without unified answers. From our 87,000 Brothers we could easily receive 87,000 different answers. A Bond, Brotherhood, Love, Duty - I am at a loss to adequately label it or to explain how we as men have achieved it. But I do know this. If the rest of soci-

own chapter or you may be very removed at the moment, but I can assure you that what we have in our Fraternity is special. It is my opinion, based on our growth, stability and future, that Delta Chi is the number one Fraternity in North America. The Greek world is not a small one. We are part of a large system that has seen better times. Thousands of

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Chapter Situations Keeping In Touch Farewell & Parting Burr, Patterson & Auld Campus Classics

Charles A. Mancuso, “AA” Greek chapters have closed over the past ten years, and many fraternities teeter on failure month by month. We are both strong and resilient, based on our history of management and the involvement of our volunteer members. We are different. We have proven this to the Greek world and our university and college partners. Your life as a Delta Chi can be as enriching and fulfilling as your involvement allows. What you receive in return far exceeds what you commit to supporting our Fraternity. A microcosm of what I am addressing occurred this past August at our Board of Regents meeting. This year we roughed it a bit and held our meeting at a cabin in North Carolina. The meeting space was a little different than in previous years, but it brought about interaction that we, as members of a board, had not experienced in the past. We took turns cooking three meals a day and cleaning, worked together all day, met for one evening session and spent the other time hanging out, playing cards, watching movies or just talking. Your Board and its advisors comprise an unpaid, volunteer group whose members took four to five days of their personal or vacation time to work for our Fraternity. Within this group we had lawyers, a police officer, teachers and an assortment of other professions repre-

sented. Their ages ranged from 20s to 70s. These dissimilar people were all there for one reason - Delta Chi. This was, for all practical purposes, a fraternity chapter house for four days. Our Board members serve term limits, and all must leave the Board at one time or another. One of our Regents lamented about his term expiring in the near future. He expressed the emotions of separation anxiety and the need to continue to serve. It was amazing, he said, looking out over the cabin at the interaction of the diverse Brotherhood on that Saturday afternoon, “This looks just like an undergraduate chapter house.” It was incredible and even renewing for these men to participate in what our undergraduates experience on a regular basis by just being together and socializing with a group of men we admire and respect, bound together with this unexplainable thing we call the Bond of Delta Chi. In many ways, our alumni chapters have been able to continue this interpersonal relationship. Unfortunately, many of our alumni have been unable or simply have yet to take the opportunity to rejoin the active fold of Brotherhood. Whether you are an undergraduate or an alumnus, you should become involved, if you are not already, and make Delta Chi a part of your life as a donor of time, money or social involvement. We will continue with our proactive administration into the future. The mandates regarding Strategic Planning as set forth at our 2002 Orlando Convention will be presented to the floor of the Washington D.C. Convention in August 2004. Please make an effort to attend the International Convention. As an undergraduate, you will experience the true grandeur of Delta Chi. It is far greater in scope than you could imagine. As an alumnus, you will rekindle the torch passed down to you from our Founders at your initiation. Thank you for allowing me the honor to serve this term as “AA”. I will continue to serve you, my Brothers, to my utmost ability. I wish upon you a joyous Founders’ Day and continued success.

In the Bond,

Charles A. Mancuso, “AA”, Florida State ’84

A Letter from Delta Chi’s Astronaut Addressing the Shuttle Disaster By Henry W . Hartsfield, Jr. ’54 On February 1, tragedy again struck our space program. I, as did many others around the world, watched with great sadness as the drama with Space Shuttle Columbia unfolded. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives in the pursuit of knowledge on Columbia, and I pray God grants them comfort, understanding, and finally, acceptance. I have always known that there is some risk in flying, especially flying in space. I accepted these risks because I believed in what I was doing. We should never forget that humans are not perfect nor are their machines. Despite our best efforts, failures in our machines and errors in our own actions will occur, sometimes with tragic results. There is always risk—to varying degrees—in all we do. I have often said, show me someone who is not taking risks and I will show you someone who is not accomplishing much. We are by nature an inquisitive people. We must ask why things occur, what is out there, what is it like, is there anything beyond? We are only satisfied when we begin to answer those questions by willingly accepting the risks and pushing our frontiers outward. Over the centuries, many have lost their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of our universe. History has recorded the names of many of these brave explorers. There are, however, many others who leave this world virtually unknown but, in their own way, have contributed to the understanding of our world. The thirst for knowledge is a major driving force in humans and many answer the call. I believe all contributions to our human knowledge base are valuable, even if the world does not long recall the names of the ones who put their hearts and souls into the quest. The results of their discoveries, however, remain for the benefit of all of us in some way. There are many people in all walks of life who contribute to our knowledge base and our well-being. The tragic events of 9/11 come to mind where the heroic firemen and police officers went in harm’s way to try to help their fellow human beings. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. There are also those from all walks of life who choose to risk themselves to help others or search for knowledge and understanding. They may be missionaries helping with education, medical personnel providing health care in disaster areas or areas with rampant disease, or researchers in high-risk areas.

When tragedy strikes in these cases, it may inspire nothing in the news media, or merely a footnote on the back page of a publication. Some events, such as 9/11 and the loss of Columbia, garner worldwide notice because they are out of the ordinary. It is important to remember that the contributions of the unheralded are often just as important for the human race. The loss of Columbia is a tragedy, but it is not a call for stopping all progress. Obviously, we would not have aerial accidents if we did not fly. Ships would not sink if they stayed in ports. We would not have devastating car crashes if we kept our cars in the garage. All of these machines are designed for purposes other than to be stationary monuments. There will always be setbacks in pushing outward and we must overcome them. These events will occur despite our best efforts. The most important thing now is for us not to allow the drive for knowledge to stop because of a crisis along the way. I believe we will find out the most likely cause of the loss of Columbia, correct any problems identified, and continue our space program. To do less would break faith with the memory of all those who have given their lives in the pursuit of knowledge in space flight—the crews of Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia. We will continue. We must continue. We will not be held down. We will not allow this setback to deter us from continuing our pursuit of knowledge or to quell our spirit. George C. Scott said it well, “The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” Reprinted with permission from the Auburn Magazine and Henry Hartsfield, Jr.

A Columbia veteran, Henry (Hank) Hartsfield, Jr. became an astronaut in 1969. He was a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 16 and later served as a member of the astronaut support crew for the Skylab 2, 3, and 4 missions. Hartsfield’s Space Shuttle missions included serving as backup pilot for STS-2 and STS-3, Columbia’s second and third orbital flight tests. A veteran of three space flights, Hartsfield has logged 483 hours in space. He served as the pilot on STS4 and was the spacecraft commander on STS-41D and STS-61A. Subsequent to his space flights, Hartsfield served in various senior management positions within NASA’s human space flight programs. In 1998, Hartsfield left government service to join Raytheon. He currently serves as vice president of Aerospace Engineering Services for Raytheon Technical Services Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003 3

PAT GILLICK, USC ’58 Steps Down in Seattle By Jim Street Courtesy of Photo Credit: Ben VanHouten


ews that Pat Gillick had resigned as the Mariners general manager came as a surprise to a pair of younger colleagues who have helped get their teams into the playoffs this season. “Wow, I didn’t see that coming,” said Theo Epstein, the Red Sox first-year GM. “Pat has been one of the best GMs in the game for a long, long time and he built a remarkable Mariners team that never quite got to where they wanted to go.” Gillick stepped away from a job that he initially rejected, but then accepted several weeks later, helping to build a team that enjoyed great success in the regular season, but never made it to the World Series. The Mariners came close in 2000 and 2001, losing in the American League Championship Series to the Yankees in six games both years. During his four-year regime, the Mariners won more regular season games (393) than any team in the Major Leagues and Gillick was selected as the league’s Executive of the Year in 2001 when Seattle tied the MLB record for wins in a season with 116. “After much thought, I’ve decided to step away from my current role with the Mariners,” Gillick said in a statement. “I’ve had four chances at the brass ring

here and think maybe it’s time for someone else to take a shot at taking this team to a higher level.” “I’m glad he’s out of the division,” said Athletics GM Billy Beane. Gillick will remain as the GM until a successor is found and then become a consultant, signing a series of three, one-year contracts. “Pat is one of the most respected general managers to ever hold the position,” Beane said. “For as much success he’s had, and as long as he’s being doing this, I don’t blame him for wanting to take some time off and spend it with his family.” “We will begin a (GM) search immediately, which will include both internal and external candidates,” Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln said. Benny Looper, the vice president of player personnel, is regarded as the leading in-house candidate. The Mariners hope to have the new GM on board by the end of October. “We thank Pat for the exceptional job he has done the past four years, and the professionalism he has brought to the Mariners. Finally, we are pleased he will still be connected with our organization,” Lincoln said. The Mariners have some difficult decisions looming. Eight players are eligible for

Pat Gillick and Mariner shortstop Mark McLemore at the batting cage. 4 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003

free agency and at least one coach must be replaced. Hitting coach Lamar Johnson departed via mutual agreement. Center fielder Mike Cameron, one of the eight potential free agents, said he isn’t sure if the GM change affects his situation one way or another. “There were a lot of crazy things written about him not making the right moves,” he said. “He built a great tradition of a winner in Seattle, but the bottom line is we didn’t bring any titles.” “I have nothing but good things to say about him,” said second baseman Bret Boone, one of the free agents Gillick signed. “At this point of his life, he has done it so long, doing it full-time is hard to do. He’s a hands-on guy and in my mind, he is a top- flight GM.” According to Gillick, whoGillick’s win-loss ever moves into record in Seattle the GM office at Year Record Safeco Field 2000 91-71 will have plenty 2001 116-46 of talent at his 2002 93-69 disposal. “I believe we 2003 93-69 have a core of Total 393-255 players in place, especially pitchers, that will allow the Mariners to contend for the next several years, at least, and I am looking forward to remaining involved with the Seattle organization,” he said. The Mariners won 93 games for the second consecutive season, but also failed to reach the postseason for the second straight time — the only 90-win team in MLB to miss out in the playoffs. During his 23 years as a Major League general manager Gillick’s teams compiled an overall mark of 2010-1773, including a 393-255 mark in Seattle. But he came under criticism the past two seasons when he couldn’t pull off a “major” trade prior to the July 31 trading deadline. Even so, Gillick probably will be remembered most in Seattle for trading center fielder Ken Griffey Jr., to the Cincinnati Reds for center fielder Mike Cameron, starting pitcher Brett Tomko and minor league in-

Pat Gillick in the Mariners’ dugout with Club President Chuck Armstrong (seated), CEO Howard Lincoln and Manager Bob Melvin. fielder Antonio Perez. The biggest deal in Series championships there is what he’ll be Jays on Aug. 16, 1976 as their Vice President club history occurred about three months remembered the most for,” Beane said. “He of Player Personnel. after Gillick replaced Woody Woodward as was the architect of a great Blue Jays team.” He was promoted to VP of Baseball OpEpstein will remember Gillick in another way. erations on Nov. 24, 1977 and named Exthe Mariners GM. “Pat is a very serious guy and he would ecutive VP-Baseball on Sept. 24, 1984. While His ability to sign free agents enabled the Mariners to overcome some major show up in the oddest places going after a in Toronto, he won five AL East titles (1985, personnel changes - - primarily Junior ’s player,” he said. “You would see him at a 1989, 1991-93) and back-to-back World titles departure in 2000 and All-Star shortstop high school game in the middle of nowhere in 1992 and 1993. Alex Rodriguez leaving prior to the looking at a kid he might draft. Gillick was named GM of the Orioles on 2001 season.The Mariners already had Nov. 27, 1995 and the Orioles advanced to lost left-hander Randy Johnson, the ALCS in 1996 and 1997. After leavt r a d e d t o t h e A s t ro s m i d w a y ing the Orioles at the conclusion of his During his four-year regime, the Mari- three-year contract in Nov., 1998, he through the 1998 season. ners won more regular season games was named Chair of 1999 Pan Am “To lose those three potential Hall of Fame players and still have the run (393) than any team in the Major Leagues Games baseball team steering committee in March of 1999. they had says a lot about Pat’s abiliand Gillick was selected as the league’s Gillick was born Aug. 22, 1937 in ties,” Epstein said. Executive of the Year in 2001. Chico, Calif., and graduated from Even without the Big Three, the USC in 1958 at the age of 20 with a Mariners set an AL record for most business degree. While at USC, he was wins in a season, a remarkable 116 “One time, I ran into him in Managua, victories in 2001. Gillick was selected as Nicaragua when we were both going after a member of the ’58 National Title baseball the Executive of the Year by The Sporting (Jose) Contreras and he was hiding in the team and a teammate of Mariners broadNews, Baseball America, the Boston bushes. Well, maybe not ‘hiding’ but there caster Ron Fairly. Gillick pitched five seaChapter of the BBWAA, Washington CEO was a bush between us. Pat was always sons in the Orioles minor league system, Magazine and The Negro Leagues Base- working hard and been a real scout’s guy reaching as high as Triple-A, before retiring ball Museum (Rube Foster Legacy who is very well respected in this business.” to accept the job in Houston. Gillick and his wife, Doris, have a daughAward). In addition, Baseball America Gillick began his front office career in named him Executive of the past 20 Years. 1963 as assistant farm director with the ter, Kimberley, who lives in Toronto. Gillick was added the Toronto Blue Jays Astros. He spent 10 years with Houston, “Level of Excellence”, the most prestigious working his way to Regional Scouting Coaward that the Jays bestow, in a pre-game ordinator and then Director of Scouting. He ceremony on Aug. 8, 2002 at the SkyDome. joined the Yankees in Sept. of 1974 as Coor- Jim Street is a reporter for This “I think building the expansion franchise dinator of Player Development and Scout- story was not subject to approval by Major in Toronto and eventually winning two World ing, a position he kept until joining the Blue League baseball or its clubs. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003 5

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LSU •Kenneth H Bowen ’53 •Robert E Calvert ’43 •David W LaCour ’91 •Alfred L Mathews ’52 •Niven Robert Nutt ’50 •Claude P Reynolds ’52 LAKE FOREST •Charles A Johnson ’52 •Phillip W Lauman ’55 •Stacey Lloyd, IV ’00 •John Richard Nash ’53 •Henry J Ullmann ’63 LEHIGH •Robert J Eason ’75 •John Harry Gehrke ’55 •Charles A Gorton ’67 •Allan E Granger ’55 •D Bruce Harrison ’59 •James E Hoffheins ’67 •Lynn Corson Scull ’57 •Alex Umanetz ’53 LIVINGSTON •Donald D Fuqua ’73 Darrell E Morgan ’92 LONG BEACH Carlos H Bejines, ’93 Alvaro J Castillo, ’97 Robert U Martin ’69

Life Loyal Delta Chi Program Each brother supporting Delta Chi Fraternity with a $295 (one time) contribution will be honored as a Life Loyal and will be afforded the following important benefits and privileges: • Special ribbon at international meetings • Permanent special recognition on the Delta Chi website • $100 off convention registration • Invitation to the Life Loyal Delta Chi reception at the Convention • Special Life Loyal lapel pin • Lifetime subscription to the Quarterly •David J Iverson ’56 Lyle Lynn ’34 •Gary H Mears ’58 •Orvan B Olerich ’28 •Richard F Parrish ’31 •Lafayette B Pritchett ’56 •Mark W Putney ’51 •Tom Rockwell ’81 •Frederick Rosebrook ’62 •Robert D Schabacker ’59 •Robin D Shoop ’60 •Neil Richard Slocum ’58 •+TIM WEHR, Alumnus •Francis H Zigrang ’61 IOWA STATE †† Nathan T Bibus, ’97 •Boyd Wayne Boehlje ’61 •Clark L Carmichael ’58 •Robert J Cochran ’63 •Stanley C Fagre ’40 •Alfred L Fiore ’47 •Ronald W Force ’63 •Charles R Forsen ’33 •Alfred J Gaskell ’58 •Max C Geise ’39 •John M Gioffredi ’78 •Duane G Haack ’63 •Rodney Earl Hall ’58 •Richard P Hise ’55 •Terry L Larson ’78 †† Philip A Martinson ’87 • Michael J McLain ’78 •Arloe W Paul ’33 •Alexander Sampson ’37 •Doyle W Simonsen ’40 •Merle W Simonsen ’44 •Reginald H Soldwish ’63

•George L MacCurdy ’48 •W Allen Mansfield ’39 •Edward F McCallum ’56 •Roger B Miller ’55 •Ernest M Moore ’31 •Warner H Sorensen ’58 •Stephen T Stazel ’63 •Gary C Stubbs ’64 •JIM UNDERWOOD ’51


KANSAS CITY †† Gregory F Berger, ’76 •Ramsey H Davis ’61 •John Ray Perry ’57

LOUISVILLE •David M Ackerman ’91 •Robert Werderitsch ’87

KANSAS STATE •Robert E Davies ’65 •Jim Demaree ’95 •Michael K Dichiser ’95 •Duane Frederick ’70 •+AARON A OTTO ’98 KENT STATE •+Steven P Bossart ’90 •Justin C Donnelly ’02 †† Ravi M Karnani ’93 •Steven E Kruper ’93 •Michael Milbrandt ’92 •Darren W Talbert ’91 KETTERING-B •Kevin J Beardsley ’01 •Newell F Bentley III ’01 •Phillip A Brooks ’02 •Benjamin E Creech ’05 •Michael McCleary ’98 KENTUCKY •Alexander Grech ’50 •Chris Johnson ’77

LOUISIANA TECH Thomas A Aldrich ’91 •John Lars Elfervig, Alumnus •Kevin H Simmons ’87 •Keith B Snook ’96

MANKATO •Michael R Davy ’01 MARQUETTE •Steven R Michels ’87 •Michael A Spica ’00 MARYLAND James L Mead ’96 MASSACHUSETTS Joseph R Goulet, ’83 James C Payne ’79 •Miles C Washburn ’87 MIAMI •Gordon Neil Braam ’57 •Carlton Conrad ’64 •David M Conrad ’51 Anthony V Cosentino ’83 Gregory A Drensky, ’96 •Robert E Lucas ’68 •Lee M Matthews ’58 •Douglas McLemore ’69 •James A Rosby ’77 •Cleo A Schemp ’50

•Robert E Stegemiller ’61 •James V Stepanich ’95 †† William C Stewart ’51 †† Charles Timberlake ’54 MICHIGAN •James G Armbruster ’92 •John C Conroy ’50 •William Cortright ’54 •Henry W de Koning ’33 •H L DeMeritt ’50 Walter B. Dobbs ’51 •Donald C Flowers ’51 •James J Jamieson ’49 • Kenneth J Moll ’98 •J Frederick Morrow ’48 •Charles C Murdoch ’58 •Jeffrey Schoenherr ’91 •Henry F Winchester ’51 MICHIGAN STATE •John J Albert ’49 •Terry J Bergstrom ’55 •Marvin Jay Brokaw ’60 •David M Clapper ’70 •William W Drudge ’48 •Richard J Frank ’63 •Tom S Gable ’47 •Charles W Goudie ’77 •Neil Harry Hanson ’35 •Jeremiah J Kenney ’47 •Charles R Korten ’49 •James A LaDu ’40 •James E Lammy ’55 •Robert J Lewis ’53 Douglas F Lipford ’92 •James F Lyman ’43 •Wilton N Melhorn ’42 •William L Myers ’43 •Paul F Nyquist ’55 •Robert W Reynolds ’50 •George J Royce ’60 •Rudolph H Stuppnig ’55 •Angelos J Vlahakis ’51 •Thomas D Webber ’94 •Frank W Zak ’38 MINNESOTA •Clarence Baudhuin ’52 Matthew J Dalton, ’94 †† Phillip E Decker ’86 •Eben F Gillespie ’53 •Douglas J Henry ’88 Jeffrey J Holm, ’93 •Robert R St John ’52 •Charles Lindekugel ’50 •Walter B Moe ’58 •James W Scheible ’61 •Richard Wallinder ’52 E Leslie Young ’62 MISSISSIPPI STATE •Mitchell M Asmar ’73 •Jimmie D Cain ’88 MISSOURI •Glen T Emmons ’53 •RAY GALBRETH ’69 •Jack M Jaworski ’82 •Alvin C McDaniel ’50 •F Joe Salmons ’63 •James P Sheahan ’79 •Henry Gale Thill ’53 MISSOURI WESTERN †† Fred McLeese ’76 NEBRASKA •Jack Christiansen ’49 •A L Naviaux ’50 •William L Stuckey ’29 NEW HAVEN †† Paul C Varsanik Jr. ’91 •Thomas F Viola ’82 NYU •Joseph Frank Bruno ’45 •Kenneth W LeQuier ’44

NORTH CAROLINA ST •Samuel Shapiro ASC •Thomas D Tichenor ’96 NORTH DAKOTA •Michael E Ross ’01 NORTHEAST MISSOURI •LARRY NOTHNAGEL ’79 NORTHEASTERN •Gary R Vieira ’76 NORTHERN ARIZONA • Matthew C Bagnall ’90 •Timothy K Heuer ’96 Parker F Sutton ’63 NORTHERN COLORADO Eric Peffer ’98 NORTHERN IOWA •Scott A Kvammen ’94 NORTHWEST MISSOURI •David S Conklin ’88 •Robert J Wissler ’75 NORTHWESTERN •+Mark P Schramka, Al OHIO (COLUMBUS) •Navy F Banvard ’80 •Thomas G Besenyodi ’62 •Paul W Bohlman ’70 •Richard Borror ’51 •IAN DONOVAN ’55 •Geoffrey L Farmer ’71 •Sherwood L Fawcett ’41 •Homer S Fry ’41 •Lester K Horn ’45 •Monte L Johnson ’69 •Guilford C Kater ’51 •Donald E Lukens ’54 •William Mattinson ’54 John Lewis Melvin ’55 •William B Merryman ’44 •Robert Lamar Mouch ’49 •H Dietmar Neumaier ’46 •James J Perris ’50 •Carl C Tucker ’32 •Geoffrey E Webster ’70 OKLAHOMA •Fred Bowman ’31 •Stanley G Childers ’42 •William A Clegern ’39 •James Barker Elder ’51 •John H Gaskill ’42 •Fredrick B Hammert ’60 •John E McDaniels ’58 •James K Mugg ’43 •George W Price ’51 •Isaac William Roe ’56 •Fred C Stalder ’42 OKLAHOMA STATE †† Robert B Buchanan, ’64 •Owen L Caskey ’64 •Robert Lee Comer ’50 •Steven L Henslee ’75 Michael C Johnston ’78 •Aurvil J Ketch ’48 •David T LaFollette ’51 • W Jerry Perkins ’68 OREGON •David P Andrieu ’65 •Robert W Marsden ’63 OREGON STATE •Allen S Bartu ’49 •Charles L Beckley ’46 •Gerald A Bergstrom ’54 •Edward D Cancilla ’47 •Carl G Carlson ’58 •Richard W Elliott ’64 •Wallace E Gordon ’41 •Roland A Hendricks ’50 •Wallace E High ’49 (Continued On Page 11)


The State of the Chapters

8 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003

Abracadabra Alabama Alberta American Appalachian State Arizona Arizona State Auburn Augusta Behrend Bowling Green Bryant Cal Poly California Univ. - PA Central Michigan Central Missouri Chico Clemson Connecticut DePauw Denison Duquesne Eastern Illinois Embry-Riddle Ferris State Fredonia Frostburg Fullerton Gannon Georgia Georgia Tech Gorham State Hayward Hobart Huntsville Idaho Illinois Iowa Jacksonville State James Madison Johnstown Kansas Kansas State Kent State Kettering-A Kettering-B Lake Forest Livingston Long Beach Louisiana Tech Mankato Marquette Maryland Miami Michigan State Minnesota


Total Initiates Enrolled

2001-02 Initiates Enrolled

2002-03 Initiates Enrolled

1910 1927 1997 1992 1986 1925 1949 1951 1983 1990 1998 1990 1970 1974 1988 1971 1987 1990 1955 1892 2000 1993 1967 1972 1994 1991 1991 1967 1971 1996 1991 1969 1990 1948 1977 1924 1923 1912 1968 1999 1972 1923 1992 1990 1996 1996 1950 1967 1968 1987 1992 1977 1990 1932 1935 1892

1033 1231 122 340 442 1776 503 1074 205 187 72 219 344 305 302 779 624 321 784 1276 383 163 960 549 146 248 232 687 391 370 307 583 283 748 294 1337 1824 1472 573 108 426 1548 546 200 68 86 364 467 536 247 138 311 275 1415 1793 1018

12 0 12 8 35 21 27 12 6 12 17 16 32 9 14 20 10 14 6 0 4 18 20 28 0 29 13 16 3 14 21 6 15 12 7 25 6 26 18 12 3 37 20 8 1 10 6 4 16 10 7 10 0 42 32 3

13 0 6 32 13 10 37 7 6 13 12 7 39 0 4 18 19 19 18 19 19 16 0 0 23 4 6 10 12 3 14 9 15 2 9 22 0 21 17 14 2 33 25 9 19 10 24 9 12 18 6 13 22 26 38 22

02-03 Avg. Membership*

37 17 30 43 59 61 18 38 10 17 22 24 58 11 19 38 67 47 20 33 29 26 59 34 25 52 17 30 28 30 71 19 28 24 13 42 77 34 40 36 25 64 65 19 7 19 13 22 40 25 17 22 25 52 74 19

% of Bills Paid# 102 71 100 98 100 21 97 100 75 97 100 100 116 76 119 101 108 90 46 73 100 100 104 100 88 100 102 67 100 67 100 108 105 100 117 100 104 114 99 100 36 100 100 100 100 101 93 101 75 103 93 92 99 100 100 115

2002-2003 Mississippi State Missouri Montclair Montevallo New Haven New Mexico State Northeast Missouri Northern Arizona Northern Colorado Northern Illinois Northwest Missouri Northwestern Ohio (Columbus) Oshkosh Penn State Purdue Radford Reno Rowan Rutgers Stephen F. Austin South Florida Southeast Missouri Southern California Tarleton Texas Texas A&M Texas State Tri-State Troy State UNLV Valdosta Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Tech Washington Washington State West Chester West Virginia Tech Western Illinois Western Michigan Whitewater Windsor

1964 1951 1990 1972 1981 1994 1978 1959 1984 1989 1971 1893 1902 1969 1929 1927 1994 1992 1992 1999 1999 2000 1977 1910 1988 1907 1988 1991 1969 1966 1996 1968 1991 1992 1908 1943 1994 1983 1989 1955 1970 1971

591 550 212 475 276 134 507 606 383 430 1047 266 1354 519 1591 1406 150 157 267 121 98 102 484 1217 262 834 303 199 366 725 197 693 206 394 1901 565 188 300 272 972 564 355

17 8 16 13 20 14 0 15 17 7 7 24 20 26 22 25 12 0 0 1 27 20 13 27 7 26 17 28 7 7 23 13 10 11 18 15 6 7 10 22 16 15

16 25 13 13 7 9 19 6 15 3 25 28 30 20 20 36 13 15 9 18 11 20 10 24 5 15 16 4 5 17 23 0 18 39 24 17 25 2 3 8 10 7

46 31 33 34 16 29 32 54 30 54 60 61 61 35 67 95 33 20 38 30 31 18 23 67 20 46 17 36 26 16 668 18 22 68 45 39 23 11 43 32 39 9

105 92 100 100 100 144 101 172 88 68 108 100 98 101 99 89 95 97 61 119 98 99 119 100 75 100 100 152 100 96 87 60 98 100 101 104 115 109 79 108 91 99

Colonies Colorado Colorado State Oregon State Rhode Island South Dakota State Southern Illinois Southwest Missouri St Syracuse Tampa West Georgia Western Ontario William & Mary

2002 2001 2003 2003 2002 2003 2002 2001 2002 2002 1991 2002

356 30 868 30 38 970 414 276 12 30 249 23

** 21 ** ** 29 ** 21 14 ** 19 44 **

30 9 19 30 9 18 13 7 12 11 12 23

22 16 18 30 27 17 23 14 12 22 25 18

100 100 30 100 87 87 100 100 96 100 98 89

Our strength is based on our members’ lifelong commitment

* Does not include associate members/pledges. # Chapters with over 100% reduced a debt from previous years. NR = No Report; NA = Not Applicable. A chapter could have additional initiates who are not enrolled due to non-payment of dues.

∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003 9

2002-2003 Award Winners The Delta Chi Awards Program is designed to recognize and promote those areas that are critical to the success of the chapter. The “E” Key, the Fraternity’s oldest award, and the Outstanding “C” Award recognize the performance of two vital chapter officers. For the other awards, the Fraternity is divided into two divisions: Red and Buff. The Red Division contains those chapters with 19 or more fraternities on their campus or whose Greek systems have over 40 percent of the undergraduate student body. The remaining chapters make up the Buff Division.

In recognition of the chapter’s performance on campus and within the community, the Outstanding Campus Leadership, Outstanding Community Service Program, Outstanding Intramural Program, Outstanding Membership Recruitment Program, Outstanding Scholarship Program, Outstanding Financial Management and Outstanding Chapter Website Awards were presented. T h re e a w a rd s a d d re s s t h e important alumni programming areas of a chapter: the Outstanding A l u m n i B o a rd o f Tr u s t e e s , Outstanding Alumni Newsletter, and Outstanding “BB” Awards.

Chapters that have shown a marked improvement in their overall operations are given the Certificate of Achievement. The “AA” selects the winner of the Most Improved Chapter from the recipients of this award. The winners of the Award of Excellence show strength across the board. In most cases they are winners of several awards. When they are not, they show above average performance in all areas with no area of weakness. From the recipients of the Award of Excellence, the “AA” selects the President’s Cup winners. There is a maximum of three Cups in each Division.

PRESIDENT’S CUP Red Buff Kansas Central Missouri Idaho Mississippi State Georgia Tech Tri-State

Georgia Tech Idaho Kansas

OUTSTANDING “BB” AWARD Chris Black - Cal Poly Chapter Tom Horowitz - Duquesne Chapter Chris Kilroy - Huntsville Chapter Kevin B. Pitchford - James Madison Chapter Ron J. Montgomery - Oshkosh Chapter Arnaldo Jimenez - Texas A&M Chapter José Rodas - Maryland Chapter Dr. Alan H. Brightman - Kansas State Chapter Mark Schramka - Northwestern Chapter Bernard Bossert - Central Missouri Chapter

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Red Buff Abracadabra Appalachian State Georgia Tech Central Missouri Idaho Cal Poly Kansas Mississippi State Northwestern Oshkosh Texas Tri-State MOST IMPROVED CHAPTER Red Buff (none presented) Louisiana Tech CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Red Buff (none presented) Louisiana Tech VA Commonwealth OUTSTANDING ABT Abracadabra James Madison Kansas Cal Poly Central Missouri Kettering-A Embry-Riddle Northwestern Georgia Tech Ohio (Columbus) Huntsville Tri-State Idaho VA Commonwealth OUTSTANDING ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Appalachian State Maryland Cal Poly Mississippi State Central Missouri Montevallo Duquesne Ohio (Columbus) Fredonia Texas Georgia Tech Texas A&M Idaho Tri-State Kansas OUTSTANDING CAMPUS LEADERSHIP Abracadabra Kansas State Alberta Kettering-A American Maryland Appalachian State Mississippi State Cal Poly Montevallo Central Missouri Northwestern Duquesne Ohio (Columbus) Embry-Riddle South Dakota State Fredonia South Florida 10 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003

Texas Tri-State VA Commonwealth

OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE Abracadabra Maryland Appalachian State Mississippi State Cal Poly New Haven Central Missouri Northwestern Duquesne Ohio (Columbus) Fredonia Texas Georgia Tech Tri-State Idaho VA Commonwealth Kansas Virginia Tech Kettering-A OUTSTANDING FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Abracadabra Kansas Arizona State Northwestern Cal Poly Oshkosh Central Missouri Tri-State Duquesne Virginia Tech Idaho Washington OUTSTANDING INTRAMURALS American Maryland Arizona State Mississippi State Cal Poly Montevallo Fredonia Northwestern Georgia Tech Texas A&M Idaho VA Commonwealth Kansas Virginia Tech Louisiana Tech OUTSTANDING RECRUITMENT Abracadabra Idaho American Kansas Appalachian State Kansas State Arizona State Kettering-A Cal Poly Louisiana Tech Central Missouri Northwestern Duquesne Oshkosh Fredonia South Florida Georgia Tech OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP Abracadabra Kettering-A American Northwestern Cal Poly Tri-State Georgia Tech VA Commonwealth Idaho Virginia Tech James Madison Washington Kansas

OUTSTANDING “C” AWARD Vadim A. Gorin, Abracadabra Colony Kevin A. Thorn, James Madison Chapter Neil E. Barnett, Kansas Chapter Robert J. Sanner, Tri-State Chapter Peter J. Berg, Washington Chapter “E” KEY AWARD Christian Guest, Appalachian State Mike Twilleager, Arizona State Pete Valotta, Duquesne Rodman Drews, Georgia Tech Matt Bihlmaier, Kansas Derrick Perry, Texas


Michael L. Barrett, Long Beach ’96 For service to the Long Beach Chapter. Joseph Burak, Michigan ’98 For service as Director of Colony Development for The Delta Chi Fraternity. Thomas L. Carroll III, Hayward ’98 For service to the Hayward Chapter. Dino J. DiBernardi, California Univ.–PA ’76 For service as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Recruitment and Retention Task Force. Russell H. Driscoll, Florida ’57 For service as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Governance Task Force and for service to the chapters in Florida. Thomas J. Frantz, Sr., Montclair, Alumnus For service to the Montclair Chapter. David F. Gipner, Hobart ’63 For service to the Hobart Chapter.

John C. Holke, Northeast Missouri ’78 For his service to the Southern California Chapter. Arnaldo Jimenez, Texas A&M ’92 For service to the Texas A&M Chapter. David W . LaCour, LSU ’91 For service to the LSU House Corporation. O. Michael Larson, Long Beach ’70 For service to the Long Beach Chapter. Jeffrey D. Line, Ohio State ’93 For service to the Ohio State Chapter. James M. Marascio, Bryant ’93 For service as a Regent of The Delta Chi Fraternity and also as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee. Anthony McClain, Kansas State ’00 For service as Director of Chapter Services for The Delta Chi Fraternity. Aaron A. Otto, Kansas State ’98 For service to the James Madison and Kansas State Chapters. Clifford F. Pim, Iowa ’87 For service to the Iowa Chapter. James W . “Bill” Riley, Auburn ’64 For service to the Auburn Chapter. John W. Rodican III, New Haven ’01 For service to the New Haven Chapter. Jeffrey A. Schoenherr, Michigan ’91 For service as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Alumni Relations Task Force. Mark P. Schramka, Northwestern, Alumnus For service to the Northwestern Chapter Todd P. Smith, Iowa ’90 For service to the Iowa Chapter. Alan C. Stanfield, Auburn ’63 For service to the Auburn Chapter. Dennis E. Stephens, Auburn ’62 For service to the Auburn Chapter. James F. Storey, Jacksonville State ’63 For service to the Auburn Chapter. Laurence E. Walker, Sr. Long Beach ’72 For service to the Long Beach Chapter. Terry O. Walters, Livingston ’77 For service to the Livingston Chapter. David K. Weber, Cornell ’68 For service to the Cornell Chapter.

Distinguished Delta Chi Award David T. Abbott, Denison ’74 In recognition of excellence in his endeavors as CEO of the Gund Foundation and chairman of the Cleveland Bicentennial. Sherwood L. Fawcett, Ohio State ’41 In recognition of excellence in his endeavors as former President & CEO of Battelle Memorial Institute as well as the current Chairman of the Transmet Corp. J. Calvin Barry, Windsor ’82 In recognition of his endeavors as Assistant Crown Attorney in Ontario, CA as well as his community service efforts.

Valor Award Luke R. Wimmer, Embry-Riddle ’05 For putting his life on the line and flying under very hazardous conditions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Brother Wimmer received a commendation from the Commander of the Fifth Fleet on behalf of the president of the United States.

(Cont. from page 7) •Henry R Krebs ’51 •Mark E Landstrom ’83 •Ernest E Lavier ’48 •Alfred L Leavitt ’57 •Robert L Munson ’67 •Ralph Evans Parker ’39 •Wesley G Poynter ’51 •Theodore B Rimpau ’49 •Frederick M Smith ’50 •Roger E Stenerson ’63 •Robert B Sullivan ’38 •James K Walgren ’59 •Byron S Warner ’27 OSGOODE HALL •Fraser M Fell ’53 •W Kenneth Robinson ’52 •David W Wright ’63 OSHKOSH •Donald G Bockin ’75 Stephen J Lukowicz, ’70 PARSONS Wynn R Juran, ’65 •Ralph H McElearney ’65 PENNSYLVANNIA •Thomas S Cretella ’39 PENN STATE •George Armbruster ’52 †† Jeffrey R Barrett ’70 •Donald W Blasche ’53 •Donald D Bowser ’50 •Arthur C Christman ’44 •John E Dereich ’45 •Robert R Frame ’53 •Charles A Freed ’65 •John F Furlong ’62 •Charles E Hughes ’59 •Sheldon W Hughes ’47 •Wallace S Hutcheon ’54 •William G Jack ’53 •George C Kelchner ’64 •Robert A Krayer ’51 Nadeem A Kureshi ’85 •Raymond C Lee ’46 •Stephen Loeffler ’68 •Donald N Luckenbill ’68 •Neville D McAfee ’60 •Herbert H Metz ’51 •Richard R Newton ’46 •Roland Oberholtzer ’36 †† Mark D Oleksa ’79 •James C Rendeiro ’48 •Alan D Rowland ’53 •John F Spangler ’58 •Stephen B Spencer ’54 •Robert L Staples ’52 •Frank F Steiner ’65 •Scott R Turer ’89 •F Thomas Ulrich ’57 •Arthur H Weston ’30 •John R Whitaker ’48 Theodore B Winkler ’39 •Merton S Yerger ’36 PURDUE •William H Baugh ’62 •Donald H Bowman ’45 •James Phillip Boyd ’61 •Andrew S Brennan ’59 •Ryan M Bujeker ’00 •George W Collins ’45 •John R Cripe ’50 •Bennie A Fiscus ’52 •Michael J Gritzer ’69 Christopher T Gurrie, ’01 •William P Hedderich ’57 •Paul B Heistand ’58 •Robert Hendershot ’72 •William Humphrey ’85 •Mahlon L Jacob ’50 •Donald R Johnson ’58 †† Von E Mason, ’60 •Edwin W McGuire ’51 •Walter F Meyers ’47 •William G Notz ’52

•Clarence H Perisho ’47 •Harry K Powell ’49 •Don Roelke ’65 Paul K Scholar ’80 •George Stalk ’49 •Wallace E Wood ’49 •William J Wood ’52 •Charles L Zergiebel ’53 ROLLINS •George Wills Crook ’60 •Joseph A Friedman ’49 •David K Kessel ’66 •Ralph L Pernice ’52 •Oliver H Smith ’52 ROWAN Chris Davenport, ’00 David A Fabricant ’02 SMU •Jerry M Baldwin ’57 •O Marcus Buchanan ’52 •Thomas H Chisholm ’47 •William Y Dabney ’44 †† Bobby Ray Drew ’58 •Barclay F Fox ’52 •Warren G Harding ’47 •William R Janowski ’57 •Homer J McGregor ’49 •Laurel L Miller ’51 •William C Miller ’27 •Staley W Mims ’53 •Robert F Mitchell ’41 •Bruce Baldwin Mohs ’55 •Tom F Reese ’50 •Jack Earl Sellers ’51 •Alan H Snyder ’44 •John G Summer ’63 •William M Tschudy ’58 SACRAMENTO •Jeffrey T Boone ’86 •Chris Douville ’86 •Anthony R Field ’04 •John M Shelby ’86 SAN DIEGO STATE •William C Green ’66 SOUTH FLORIDA •Glenn E Reese ’02 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI •John H Schulte ’80 Robert Topolski ’79 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA †† Tod A Anton ’51 • Jimi Bingham ’79 •Robert H Chappell ’53 •Sargent Eissler ’40 •John A Griffin ’50 •Clark G Jue ’94 •Herbert G Klein ’40 •Donald E LaPlante FAC •Henry K Mackel ’50 •Michael A Nangano ’82 •William N O’Brien ’61 •Claude L Ricks ’49 •Jack Mel Rider ’51 Paul B Taubman ’95 •Dan T Thomson ’51 •Eugene Zechmeister ’40 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS •Max Kay Atwood ’61 •Brad Cole ’93 •Jay O Knapp ’59 •Jerry Noles ’56 • Charles P Rahe ’65 •Jack Dean Turner ’56 STANFORD William M Baldwin, ’63 Alexander W Berger, ’37 •Ben B Cassinerio ’46 •Bryan A Ekren ’59 •Harold J Hughes ’69 •Donald P Krauss ’59 •Frank B La Brum ’50 •Phillip R Lowden ’57

•Dale T Morden ’64 •William H Schmidt ’49 •Coe T Swift ’33 •Frederick Weybret ’43 SYRACUSE James F Crawford, ’69 TARLETON †† Mark W Miller ’95 TEXAS †† Roger E Abernathy ’50 •Robert E Anderson ’68 •Jules B Billard ’38 •Harley H Brant ’50 •Jerome B Burling ’53 •David St Clair ’63 •Ratheen C Damle ’01 •William P Glade ’50 Charles M Pearre, ’66 •Parx F Shearer ’51 •William A Weeks ’55 TEXAS A&M •Charles L Martin ’93 •Scott M Miller ’91 •Michael V Morelius ’98 •Jeffrey J Putnam ’89 TEXAS WESTERN •Robert Paul Huston ’63 TRI-STATE •Michael Gitzendanner ’99 •Richard R Kruger FAC •Mack D Short ASC •Paul R Stevens ’73 •+Trent J Unterbrink ’98 TROY STATE •Bobby L Dewrell ’95 •Bertram F Kelly ’89 UCLA •Edgar S Bagley ’35 †† Robert E Carney ’49 •Thomas T Caspary ’43 •Karl Herlinger ’36 Richard Kimbrough, ’99 •Paul Arthur Rude ’55 UNION •Robert A Hanley ’48 •George A Hawk ’50 •Harold P Kaulfuss ’44 •William L Linker ’51 •Charles E Mills ’54 •Roger A Williams ’48 VALDOSTA •Steven A Corbett ’77

VIRGINIA TECH Robert E Jones ’92 •Michael A Shamblin ’92 WASHINGTON •Douglas H Abel ’55 •Ronald L Adolphi ’68 •Edward B Blackman ’43 •Charles D Burges ’57 •William A Chapman ’50 •David E Eaton ’72 •J Chris Edwardsen ’66 •Merlin R Gilbertson ’48 •George M Kepka ’50 •Robert P LaBouy ’66 •William R Lathrop ’80 •Willard S LeVan ’46 •Lyman O Louis ’56 •Warren F Margrath ’38 •William R Mitchell ’63 •Roger J Owley ’64 •Edward P Rich ’58 •Lawrence G Shelver ’63 •Laurence A Smith ’43 •Wayne A Streich ’65 WASHINGTON STATE •Jack D Barkley ’51 •Marvin R Carpenter ’59 †† Howard Clerf, ’51 •Fanning T Oakley ’53 •Richard D Watson ’49 WAYNE STATE Richard Suhrheinrich ’58 WEST VIRGINIA TECH •Kevin B Pitchford ’86 WESTERN CAROLINA •R Wayne Phillips II ’94 WESTERN ILLINOIS •Nicholas Rachowicz ’03 WESTERN MICHIGAN •Ronald A Gibbs ’59 •Barry J. Peters ’89 •G R STEVEN SPARLING ’88 WESTERN ONTARIO †† Martin Maczuszenko ’00 WHITEWATER • Stuart Lyngass ’73 WISCONSIN •Carl Eggert ’31 •Edward T Schele ’25 •+Alan J Udell ’91

List of Current Colonies as of October 25, 2003

Colorado* Colorado State Franklin & Marshall Georgia Southern* Illinois State* Michigan* Oklahoma* Oregon State* Pittsburgh Rhode Island South Dakota State Southern Illinois* Southwest Missouri* Syracuse* Tampa Texas Tech* West Georgia Western Ontario* William & Mary * = Site of former chapter

∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003 11

Educational Foundation Donors 1998-2003 Note: The following is a listing of donors from the last 5 years, spanning July 1, 1998 to June 30th, 2003. Any donations made after June 30th, 2003 will be listed in the ’03-’04 report. Donors that have achieved Lifetime Giving levels above the Founders’ Circle are listed at the end of this donor’s section. Abracadabra Richard D Bridgman ’51 Vincent F Casalaina ’68 Walter H Conser ’39 G. Scott Cook ’68 Arthur R. Cooper ’68 Richard F. Curtin ’60 James K. Dobey ’40 Laurence E. Feyh ’82 Steven P. Freitas ’73 Peter A. Fromm ’69 Alan G. George ’50 Richard Gottlesman ’81 Richard E. Hall R.P. Hatch ’50 Jim S. Hayashi ’83 Marc G. Hynes ’67 Edward P. Jepsen ’39 Noel L. Johnson ’79 Bill Knoblach ’68 Dick M. Landis Steven G. LaVoie ’82 David B. Lyman ’70 Arthur B. McIntyre ’51 James M. Miller ’ 52 F. Davis Mills ’53 Robert G. Parker ’37 Conrad F. Pearson ’51 Lawrence Poundstone ’34 Tom Shellhammer ’36 Larry S. Tessler ’60 Peter V. Williams ’68 F. Phil Yang ’80 Alabama Gary S Andrasko ’75 John T Bachmann Jack Bailey ’54 Keith E Barze ’50 James C Boyd ’77 Clarence W Brunner ’59 J Royce Bryant Jr ’57 H Nelson Camp ’52 William J Chesnut ’52 Frederick H Connell ’65 Jim Stewart Corley ’43 Joe P Doughty Jr ’48 Tommy L Goodwin ’69 Roy Gordon Graham ’50 Robert L Harris ’40 Thomas M Hobson ’67 Robert W Hodgkins ’52 Thomas L Johns ’49 Robert W Johnson Jr ’50 David B Kennamer ’80 Richard S Manley William M McGough’70 James M Merrell ’58 John F Morgan Jr ’84 Charles L Murphree ’50 Gary S Osborn ’64 James D Page ’53 Robert M Parker ’51 Robert C Patton ’58 Gilbert A Rhodes Jr ’43 John C Savage ’82 William J Scott ’65 Richard T Shiflett ’51 Robert H Sweat ’50 David A Tate ’82 John D Thomson ’50 William C Tucker Jr ’70 Jon E Vice ’70 Samuel H Wells ’55 Richard C Wetzel Jr ’71 Stantley Williams Escar Gene Wood ’53 Alberta John Seo ’97 American Michael A. Galano ’94 Neil Goodman

Dane R. Grams ’94 Eric D. Hassman ’92 Joseph C. Hawkins Douglas J. Levy Eric D. Linkov Evan G. Nolan ’01 Kenneth W. Wile ’97 Gregory W. Unfricht Appalachian State James D. Adams II Jonathan A. Berry ’89 George B. Brown ’95 Michael G. Burgess Robert B. Burns ’90 Edward G. Capps ’86 Doyle P. Chambers ’95 Robert W. Chapin ’85 W. Patrick Cobb Kevin L. Dioquino ’93 Jeffrey C. Durand J. Phillip Frakey Jr. ’95 Chris Gardner ’97 Stephen L. Gore ’97 D. Allen Helms Chad L. Higgs ’97 Michael S. Lingle ’95 John H. McPherson ’91 Tracy E. Miller ’94 Richard D. Robinson Andrew L. Schmidt ’89 Jonathan K. Sattler ’87 Christopher C. Upton ’97 Randy D. Yelton ’92 Arizona James P Aiello ’79 G Barry Auten ’65 Peter Paul Barizon ’61 Chad D Becker ’97 Jeffrey C Bell ’80 Leland S Brake ’65 William L Brandt ’67 James M Bright Jr ’57 Brad R Bruns Dean Buchanan Salvatore Campagna ’56 William M Coombs ’87 Don J Daniels ’52 Robert Ellis Davis ’48 Timothy C Deegan ’74 Michael M Dickerson ’78 Bill Dinkmeyer ’52 Allan Eisenwinter ’59 Howard L Enloe ’53 Thomas F Fassett ’78 Henry W Felix ’50 Matthew D Ferer Andrew C Gilligan Matthew W Gore John B Groh Sr ’90 Blaine Gutmacher ’45 R Larry Hawkins ’54 Kenneth W Heist ’41 Charlie Hong ’95 Vaughn A Hormann ’53 Paul Dean Horn ’64 John E Jeffries Craig L Jennings ’92 Ely L Kahwaty ’90 Robert D Kemner ’87 David R Klotz ’78 William H Long ’63 Michael P Lowpensky ’97 Kirk B Markland ’67 John Richard McDonald ’55 Fred B McLemore ’55 Louis C Mone Richard S Podgorski George A Ponsford ’34 Jon F Rowley ’89 Richard Ruden Steven S Schuyler ’87 Stephen W Smith Erick B Steffens ’67 Thomas J Sutton ’66 Theodore E Thuma ’43 Paul J Thuringer David Wade Turner ’60 Glen D Vondrick ’78 J. Richard Wenker ’51 William E Wheeler Donald E Womack ’50 Arizona State Jason P Alberts ’97 Jason D Black ’94 John Paul Butler ’66

Albert J Catroppa ’55 Michael A Lindberg ’90 J O Mains Jr Phd Jeffrey A Marion Thomas L Mignano ’95 E John Pole ’49 Douglas P Todd ’51 Charles D VanHyning ’96 Chad Wolett ’94 Auburn William Page Barnes Miles E Barnett ’56 William C Bolen ’87 Fred L Bradford ’75 Horace H Brady Jr Olin C Brooks Joseph F Busta Jr ’69 Michael L Carroll ’71 Ralph S Chabot ’59 Alexander Charleston Jr ’91 Alexander E Charleston Richard I Chenoweth ’72 Ralph T Cleage Jr ’70 William W Cox Jr E Bryant Crutchfield ’59 Robert W Dade ’68 Kevin T DeLine ’94 Thomas S Denney Jeffrey R Dixon Larry Allen Doss ’66 Christopher S Drescher Alan F Drinkard ’71 Cloyd T Dunn IV ’89 Barry W Ellis ’65 Timothy E Fitzsimmons ’80 Patrick L Fly Jr. ’86 Sam Lou Ginn ’59 James E Graves Jimmie Ralph Hall ’54 Douglas M Harding ’57 Glenn E Harper Jr. ’91 Henry W Hartsfield Jr ’54 William F Hayes Lawrence L Hearn ’62 Terry O Holloway ’78 Benjamin F Howell Jr. ’62 Thomas E Hurst Jr ’76 Scott E Johnson ’81 Eric L. Kerstetter ’00 Thomas M Lindsey ’66 Rogers C McCauley Jr ’56 Robert E McKelvey ’66 Robert D Meckes Marcus G Monk ’65 Michael V Mullen Dolph F Nelson Jr ’69 Lawrence L Norman ’58 James Wallace Poe ’63 Cary F Poole ’80 Bradley S Roberts Derek S Roh ’94 Joseph D Roh Richard A Roh David F Rossman ’91 David C Schulz ’60 Joel R Smith ’53 Ronald H Snow ’63 C Alan Stanfield ’63 Stephen Stanfield ’69 David L Steinberg ’78 Nicholas G Trial ’94 John G Walker Jr. ’55 Richard Bryan Webb ’65 John E Webster Jr. Brian T Windsor ’94 K Dale Wingo ’59 Dennis T Woodling ’83 Luther M Young Jr Ball State Alexander D Anton Dennis A Ault ’72 Stephen R Baron ’71 James F Barrett ’66 Paul Strattan Bell Donald J Bliss ’72 Chris R Bower ’91 Carl R Brehmer ’60 Keith E Burkholder ’60 Charles E Chapman ’75 Randall D Clark ’80 Scott D Clifford Daniel G Courtney ’87 Gregory J Dudley ’92 Ross Bernard Flodder ’68 Max Goecker ’88 Leslie H Gumbiner ’65

Thomas E Habart ’67 Jack M Harlos ’91 Thomas L Hart Bruce R Hiday II ’69 Joseph F Hodge ’90 John P Ingermann Douglas S King ’84 Jeff Kingsbury ’91 Thomas S Kuntz ’80 Robert R Lawrence Clifford C Lewis ’71 Brian W Martin ’99 Richard N McKaig ’66 Robert B McMath Bradley A Mendenhall ’86 David C Moreno ’89 Douglas B Mueller ’81 Robert E Myers ’92 Daniel A Neeb ’81 Joseph C Neirinck ’63 Philip B Nichols ’87 John R Osborne ’59 Michael L Pease ’86 Kurt S Petry ’82 Robert K Poyer ’73 Phillip J Randazzo ’90 Jeffrey L Richardson ’89 Jeffrey J Ruff ’86 Michael J Schweitzer ’71 Simon A Short ’99 Charles K Smeltzer ’73 Randy J Smith ’76 James T Starkey ’69 Robert D Thornburg ’64 Johnny E Trotter ’73 Robert Scott Van Zant ’80 Keith A Waltz ’82 Michael M Witte II ’89 Behrend Donald A Alpern Alan G Cornell ’95 Robert J Duma ’90 Erich J Sanchack ’92 Birmingham James O Smith Jr ’72 Bryant John M Biscotti ’92 Jeremiah A M Burnham ’95 Glen F Davis John R Kennedy ’90 Daryl F LaFiura ’91 James M Marascio ’93 Michael S Mazzotta ’93 Kevin D McCassey ’95 Scott A Mecca Robert C Morse ’93 Michael A Prestash ’95 William J Reilly III Mark F Sabatino Kenneth J Sousa, FAC. Buffalo Kyle M Bennett ’92 Michael B Devine ’92 James A Eaton ’81 Howard I Goldberg ’93 John R Horwedel ’82 Gregory J Mintz ’90 Wm H Mountain Jr ’31 James J Poltrone ’88 Douglas S Stoddart ’89 Eric R Voigt ’92 Cal Poly Gary W Caulkins ’68 Michael D. Demboski Paul R Fuchslin ’95 Humberto Graciano ’90 Victor Y Ho ’90 Daric A Holdaway ’93 Sage A Howell ’93 Alan C Ladrillono ’93 Mark C Manahan ’97 Myron M Moya ’91 Steven C Nyholm ’97 Troy M Tossy ’91 Matthew D Weal ’94 California Univ-PA William J Arey ’91 David H Byers ’76 Craig A Carr ’94 Gary A Churella ’75 Berardino J DiBernardi ’76 Michael A Guerino ’79

Edward A Hornyak ’85 Andrew T Kelley ’95 Vance S. Keslar Jr Bruce W Maquilken Robert J Morgan ’75 Michael L Seguin Edward F Uhlman III ’76 Central Michigan Robert B Bennett ’90 Timothy M. Burke ’85 Joseph J Butkovich ’85 Brian C Closs ’84 Mark S Dabran ’84 Kenneth J Fortune ’86 David A Grey Joseph C Hicks Central Missouri Michael B Bell Ryan R Boozell ’98 Jason N. Butler ’99 Phillip H Cain ’76 Brian E Capps ’78 Zachariah A Cherrington Stephen S Clark Kelvin R Cole ’70 Ronald B Cummings ’87 Jerry W Daugherty Charles L Decker ’87 John B Dorgan ’70 Bart A Etzenhouser Michael S Faulkner Jeffrey E Fields ’84 Raymond K. Grindel ’01 Jerry L Haney ’77 Gary L Howland ’70 Stephen T Hudson ’84 Shannon C Johnson ’88 Se-Bom Kim Jr Andrew J Klinghammer ’88 Gregory W Kranz ’78 Bruce A Loyd ’75 Thomas K McNeely Samuel L Meyer ’87 Thomas P Mullaney ’96 Paul H Niemann ’74 Stanley K Pinkham ’78 Rodney A Prall ’84 Charles D Rutt ’79 Michael B Satter ’98 Daniel L Strode Paul Strombeck ’70 John P Thurmon ’89 John L Unrein ’97 Glenn A Usery ’86 Curtis J Wilhelmsen ’78 Chico Jeffrey H Albright ’87 Christopher P Collins ’90 Michael A Evans Dale J. Faubert ’89 Matthew A. Ferris Keith A Fields ’93 Mark E Foggiato ’87 Mark P Herberger ’95 Steele A Kelly ’91 Jack M Klosterman Sr Bryan K Lasecke Henry M Lince ’89 Bryon L McDougall ’89 Michael J Oliver ’90 Joshua R Reikes Thomas J Spadoni Todd A Zuvich ’97 Clarion Gregory A Fetcho ’88 Clemson Michael J Alexander ’93 Richard A Bender Michael L Brooks ’90 Christopher J Diak ’94 Jeremy R Erling ’94 Clinton A Herring ’91 Carl M Lund III John C Rivers III Scott G Ruzycki ’92 T Mark Smith Jeffrey S Snell ’92 Grant S Steenrod ’94 David M Steinberg ’92 James D Whorton ’91 Colorado Patrick C Allen ’93

Jeffrey K Betzoldt ’85 Richard W. Davis ’89 Cory J Flohr ’94 Gerald J Gietl ’97 Robert W Huxell Jr William L Murakami Ian R Patrick ’91 Douglas W Radke ’87 Jeffrey J Rickmeyer ’89 John C Sullivan ’84 Brian T Vick ’92 James N Weisberg ’85 Adam Zax ’84 K Spencer Zinn ’90 Columbia Lee N Newcomer ’35 Harry O’ Connor ’33 Columbus Frank H Phillips ’84 Connecticut Martin R Anastasio ’63 Mark D Auletta ’89 Walter S Bailey ’88 Eric J Bennett ’88 Frank C Briganti Ronald Paul Bugbee ’66 Gerald F Conaty ’56 Albert A Coppola ’55 Kevin S Coyne Robert J DeMarini ’67 William R Diefenbach ’83 John B Dineen Orest Tadey Dubno ’62 Vito D’Aiuto Jr ’55 David A Edgar Greg E Ellner ’82 Anthony J Esposito ’65 Daniel Esposito Jr ’67 Gregory M Feduik ’78 Walter A Feldmann Mark Fitzgerald ’79 James P Gareau ’93 James M Garvey ’84 Steven H Goldberg ’89 Gregory J Gorski ’72 Leslie S Granow ’78 Seth R Greenspan ’88 Richard E Grenier James J Grimm Thomas J Hine ’83 Wesley D Hrynchuk ’59 Gordon C. Hurlbert III ’81 James R Klase ’87 C A Krapels ’58 Keith G LaRose ’84 John K Leonard ’80 Jeffrey I Lewis ’83 Richard E Madden ’69 Vincent S Maniscalco Dennis J Maroney ’89 Walter P Marschall ’59 Charles E Martens ’59 Gerald J Martin ’62 Earl E McCann ’58 Gregory A Michaud Brian D Mockler ’81 Paul A Monaco ’59 Robert L Moser Jr. ’77 Timothy P Murkett ’89 Kevin M Murphy ’84 Russell K Nash ’75 Jeffrey C Nicholas ’83 Jon L Norris ’63 John A Novak ’75 Philip W Ostapko Fred H Page III ’79 Vincent R Petrecca ’62 Gerard T Pfeiffer ’57 Paul L Picciani ’89 Dane Proctor Matthew L Rogalla ’58 Jon M Russo John H Schaefer ’66 Jonathan M Schofield ’62 Guy R Scribner ’66 Steven L Siegmund Duncan J Silver ’61 Alexander C Sirios ’88 Robert M Soltis ’88 Aaron J Spicker ’86 Salvatore Spinola Jr. ’63 James A Stolfi ’86 Richard P Tarantino ’68 Frank Tavera ’85 Ronald T Topping ’58

Denison David T Abbott ’74 Todd L Biegler ’82 David H Daugherty Jr ’87 J Christopher Lansburgh James W McCracken ’90 Robert W Munds ’89 Kenneth R Reeder ’74 John W Slade Mark A. Snider Jackson E Winters Jr ’88 Kevin W Zeller ’71

East Carolina Richard C Brown ’92 James E. Downey ’94 Robert S Matheny ’93 Michael R Nichols ’93 R. Brian Tuck




Eastern Illinois Daniel E Ahlgrim ’94

Embry-Riddle David L Alber Sr Peter M Bix ’80 David C Bizar ’87 Wolfgang S Boernert William H Bold Jr ’76 Ronald Brand ’94 Ronald S Cheshire ’76 J Lee Clements ’80 Steven T Cloyd ’97 Jacob R. Cross ’02 Robert W Denecke ’86 Eugene M Dixon ’75 Matthew T Dorney James F Dykes Jr ’78 Ralph J Fabozzi ’73 Scott M Fourre ’97 Daniel R Frattin Edward Fusco Jr ’73 David R Gallagher ’78 Michael W Gesicki ’83 Paul J Giacomuzzi ’78 Anthony C Goczalk ’77 Brian C Harbert ’84 Brian R Harless Jeffrey M Harrington ’95 Roman D Hluszczyk ’99 Jeffrey S Hornyak ’90 Boyd D Kelly ’92 David A Kolodziej Gregory C Lawton ’72 Michael E Lee ’97

East Texas Sherman K Burns ’76 Graham Dockrey ’75 David J Gillespie ’74

Elmhurst Kevin P Klaibor ’90

Florida Anthony W Albano ’75 James Wylie Almand ’72 Robert H Bacchus Jr ’87 Edward W Bohm ’86 Martin A Brungard ’83 Jeff Cain James A. Caputo ’89 Carey E Cavanaugh ’76 John David Cox Richard B DeGraff ’71 Joseph A DeMarco ’56 Conrad G Demro Jr ’48 Michael K Dresback ’95 Russell H Driscoll ’57 Charles W Durr Jr Douglas K Eisenstein ’92 Barry A Eller ’71 Keith W EnEarl Richard W Erickson ’71 Brian P Fahey James M Fatigante ’91 Dennis Lee Fielder ’66 Richard E Fingerle ’76 James R Fisher ’52 Mark F Fisher ’85 Jason R Fusco ’96 Michael V Geary ’90 R Ross Haeger ’40 James H Hardy Jr James R Henderson ’69 J Michael Hoepner Jr Jay H Horton ’93 Dennis A Hoyt ’76 Ronald C Jacobs ’84 James W Jones, Fac. Joseph Jurkowski Jr. ’70 Gerald Lee Keenan ’69 Michael D Lafever ’81 Herbert W Laird ’52 Warren H Lampert ’89 Charles R Lee ’51 Mark T Luttier ’77 Robert R Lynch Jr ’56 Eero H Maki ’88 Christopher P Marois ’88 Thomas M Maroldy ’58 Chuck M Martinez ’85 Jason A Mesiarik ’97 David R Mica ’77 John L Mica ’67 Roger Ellis Miller ’42 William A Miller Jr ’74


DePauw Craig H Adams ’90 Karl G Anderson Jr ’51 James W Armstrong ’50 John D Armstrong ’40 William C Ashman ’52 Robert S Atcheson ’62 Charles L Baldwin ’47 James R Bartlett ’66 James Oscar Baxter ’39 Ben H Beck ’97 David B Becker ’75 Lester E Beesley ’50 Fredrick L Bergmann Fac. Robert W Biddinger ’50 Dan Richard Blunt ’63 James S Bozzo ’87

Dusquesne Christoper D Jordan ’95 Scott E Lacey ’95 Shawn K Milano ’96 James R. Ostapchenko Jr. Phillip P. Stanton ’99 Christopher B. Staub ’98

Edinboro Stephen M Summers ’98

Ferris State Benjamin R. Byington Jonathan L Dehring ’97 KoeKen C. Ong, Jr. Keith F Siegmann ’96 Todd T Stone ’96


Delaware Ivan J Gautier ’92 Charles W Puls ’91 Alan A Reuter ’93

Eastern Washington Glenn K Adams ’85 Daren J Carstens Philip J R Fruchtl Donald L Lindsey ’90 Robert W Long Chris Pippard ’93 Eric M Schneider ’85

Dean A Lefebvre Ivan L Lind ’73 Courtney C Marshall John E McCarragher III ’92 Matthew L McCloskey ’97 Steven R McCowan ’98 Dennis L Miendersma ’72 Geoffrey C Murray John E Noble ’84 Richard B. Noel Paul Oehler ’87 David S Paladino ’81 Arthur M Parker ’76 Edward Pascavage III ’96 Richard H Paulsen ’97 Patrick J Phelan ’72 Kirk S Price ’71 Roger R Romaker ’82 Michael E Senn ’91 William R Tallman ’95 Tyron F Tanner ’93 Robert D Telep ’97 Waldemar D Tiedemann ’77 William H Toohey III Jorge A Toruno ’87 Daniel R Turner ’93 Mark W Weiler ’82 Edward J White IV ’80 Paul G White III ’78 David B Wright ’78


Davis Derek M Smith ’91 Mark R Stewart ’95 Justin A Tucker ’94

Jay R Anderson ’79 Stephen F Anderson ’72 Bruce W Angus Michael H Ashby Thomas J Baker ’76 Bruce E Beard ’81 David A Bogdan Peter S Brousil Brian D Carlson ’75 Adam F Carper Jeffrey M Cozzo ’97 Gary M Dean ’74 James B Derwort ’70 John Edward Derwort ’68 Christopher J Desmond ’94 Robert E Dunn Steven P Evans ’92 Erik D Hammerstrom ’89 John A Harrer ’85 Larry C Heaton II ’78 Bernard J Jumbeck ’69 Dwight H. Kensil ’80 Timothy G King ’96 John E Koester ’92 Richard L Kraybill ’83 Gunther Lichey Daniel Loftus ’90 Mark E McKinney ’73 J C Nashland ’68 Edward J Nollinger ’74 John T North, Fac. Michael Novotny ’76 John P O’Reilly ’89 Bradley L Overby ’93 Samuel E Overton Jr ’80 Gary E Poskin ’75 Christopher W Roberts ’83 Mark A Roberts ’90 Arthur R Sandberg ’77 Mark J Scheiper ’78 John L Shull James Robert Smith ’71 Eric S Stanton ’95 Tye J Swanson ’94 Robert L Urbance ’81 Darren C White ’95 Gene J White Rev John D White ’75 Terry Arthur White ’70 Kenneth J. Winter ’75




Creighton Paul F Bazan ’90 John W Hess ’75 Michael D Kozlik ’75 Daniel J Mages ’88 Chris Sandquist ’94

Michael J Moskos ’85 Max Ray Murphy ’56 Michael J Neff ’77 Roger B Nelsen ’64 Russell E Newton ’99 George W Obear ’30 Carlos Ortiz ’92 Jason R Pagels ’98 Parker Pengilly ’35 Kirk D Perry ’91 Bruce E Ploshay ’75 Jerry D Pontius ’56 John Leslie Rabb Charles E Racine ’59 Charles Edward Ray ’58 Steven M Ray ’88 James C Roach ’97 Edward M Roob ’56 James J Roscoe ’70 Adam F. Sandy ’01 John R Scatterday ’50 Leroy J Schurmeier ’59 Edward G Schussler ’65 G Walter Scott ’37 James E Sergent ’89 Carl K Shafer Jr ’64 Joseph A Sheridan ’59 Ben P Shields Jr ’70 William R Shinn John T Siefert ’89 James K Simonian ’86 Richard A Sit ’91 Michael L Slavkin ’93 David Andrew Smith ’81 Robert D Smith ’50 Robert P Snyder ’60 Bryan D Sorge ’87 Michael D Speer Charles B Stafford ’58 Norman L Steffen ’50 Michael D Stehlik ’86 Thomas L Stevens ’52 John Gardner Stevenson Jr ’89 Paul N Stewart ’60 Michael G Stout ’78 Norman E Strasma ’55 Gregory D Taylor ’86 David P Thoresen ’91 Steven A Thorne ’74 Larry N Tibbetts Norman F Tower ’34 Kenneth S Tramel ’81 James S Wade B H Walters ’63 Robert D Walters II ’80 John R Warner ’43 Harry Watts ’34 Jonathan C Weed ’91 George F Weikert ’51 James L Wheeler ’82 William White ’53 Robert Wickersham ’61 Randall H Wilhelm ’86 William D Wilson ’75 David E Winton ’56 Carl F Woessner ’43 Douglas B Wood ’74 Lee Axtell Wood Jr. ’46 Timothy M Woodbury ’62 Robert S Wright ’48 Wendell S Wright ’38 Adam L Yoder ’97 James D Young ’83 Robert C Zimmer Steven T Zimmerman ’65



Cornell Charles H Adams Harry L Ammerman Robert P Baird ’50 Lee P Berlin ’58 Donald August Boss ’43 John G Canyock ’61 John E Coleman ’29 Clinton T Cooper ’54 David R Demming ’76 David On-Pong Eng ’75 Prentiss E Feagles ’73 Henry R Fechtman ’34 Walter T Foley ’53 Benjamin Franklin ’50 Robert T Garrett ’68 Matthew S Ginsburg Richard A Haggard ’58 Robert V Hunter Richard F Kauders ’69 Seth A Klarman ’79 Donald F Kruse ’52 Richard W Lindsay Thomas S McEwan Jr ’43 Timothy C Metcalf ’74 Alfred C Metz Jr ’44 George L Morrow ’43 Michael D Nadler ’56 Robert F Ogden ’37 John W Ohlsen ’62 Richard C Oppelt ’75 Roy R Payne Jr ’52 Arthur J Preller ’99 Richard E Schwab ’69 Herbert K Shay Eric G Sickels ’77 Richard L Wagner ’42 David B Walmsley David Kershner Weber ’68 Lawrence G Wright ’46 William Zuk

James S Briggs Jr ’59 Alan Richard Brill ’64 Mark F Brower ’77 Norman F H Buck ’40 Howard L Bull ’64 John M Burgett ’59 Thomas E Burney ’40 Cary D Bussema ’78 Gayle Lee Byers ’59 Richard T Carlin ’68 Robert R Carpenter ’77 David J Carr ’81 W Craig Chamberlin ’51 Andrew A. Chauner James R Clark ’66 Todd A Clark ’98 Lawrence Clarkson ’60 Max E Coats Benjamin G Cochran ’55 Tommy L Collins ’70 Eric B Combs ’83 Michael L Coogan ’82 Dean L Cook John L Cowan ’63 Richard B Crandall ’49 George W Crane Jr ’42 Michael J Cripe ’63 Benjamin L Crue Jr. ’46 Michael A Curtis ’93 G Richard Danielson Joseph Henry Danks ’65 Owen R Davison ’37 Geoffrey M Day ’85 Delfino F De Leon ’77 M Keith DeArmond ’58 Donald Delves ’78 David R Dent ’63 Paul W Deppert ’47 David M Dickens ’87 Glenn D Dill ’87 George T Dodd ’59 Raymond A Down ’65 Donald H Driemeier ’60 William F Edington ’43 Aaron W. Ellis Dale E Espich ’51 Charles W Faust B Fiske Field Jr ’47 Ragnar V Flesvig III ’89 W Greg Fox ’88 John R Giesecke ’60 Michael J Giesecke ’92 Mark C Goebel ’78 Scott P Granger ’75 Kent M Grathwohl ’85 Frederick M Green ’66 Herbert E Grimes ’49 John B Gross ’42 Larry K Hardin ’57 C Bruce Hardy ’40 David L Harlor ’78 T Lyle Harlor ’48 E Thomas Harnish ’44 William G Hibbs ’44 James A Hill ’83 Robert J Hill ’96 John E Hoadley ’50 James M Holland Jr ’54 Richard C Holland ’52 Phillip W Holstrom ’84 Carl Howard ’42 Lawrence B Huston Jr. ’64 Gregory P Irwin ’97 E Edward Isaac ’29 Ray S Jacobs ’47 David E Jones ’84 Richard F Jones Jr Rick J Jones ’91 Neal E Kitchell ’72 Ryan M Knauff ’98 Leland A Lahr ’52 G Frederick Lambert ’40 Thomas P Laskey Jr ’83 Jack A Lawrence ’89 Jeffrey A Leinicke ’65 Kris T Ludington ’79 Richard A Lutes ’72 Jeffrey S Main ’89 Robert David Mann ’63 Roger K McAlister ’75 Richard H McCarty ’51 Carl G McCollum ’90 Charles W McConnell ’61 Kenneth L Merrick ’48 Andrew B Moline ’98 Larry Gene Moore ’61 Richard W Moore David J Morehead ’53


Domenick P Treschitta ’63 John G Tunila ’81 Michael Velgouse Jr. ’62 John J Walton ’65 David A Wettstone ’84 Craig R Wonson ’92 Gerald J Zadroga ’90 George Zettergren


Armand Mouw ’49 Phillip L Noe ’92 Kevin B Norr ’93 Kimbrough W O’Haver Jr ’61 Flake A Parker William Alan Pinto ’69 Earl J Pounds III ’68 Gregory C Rieder ’81 David Rosenfeld ’83 Robert Alan Rosof ’54 Adam J. Rutstein Marvin R Ryals Richard R Schultz ’67 John K Seeberger ’81 Keith R Shriver ’79 James H Swann ’82 John C Trent ’72 Robert R Turner Russell J Vara II ’66 Christopher F Waite ’89 Hugh C Waters III ’55 Steven P Watkins William R Weis James J Zehentbauer ’84 Florida International Sergio J Bonilla Jr. ’90 Manuel L Nunez ’91 Florida State B James Banks ’87 Joseph W Blunk ’65 Gregg A Conrad ’96 David F Dickey III Stewart M Ebaugh ’88 Andrew S Flint ’95 Jack L Herring ’65 Robert E Hoerter ’63 James E Hunziker ’85 Jack C Isaacs ’89 Robert W Ludwig ’64 William S Lutz ’64 Charles A Mancuso ’87 Leslie D McCallum Jr ’65 William T Osolin Jr ’80 Michael D Samitt ’89 Earl T Watkins III Thomas M Woodruff ’65 Fredonia Michael S Bleecher ’93 Joseph J DeFazio II ’92 Jeffrey M Geller Matthew M W Guffey ’94 Leo R Klein ’94 Jeffrey M Leone ’94 Christopher M. Loss ’94 Daniel G. Richter ’00 James P Sturm (F) Kevin R Sullivan ’94 Frostburg John R Burgee ’91 H Eric Chadwick ’91 Andrew C Fleischer ’90 Brian J Oettinger Steven A Stafford Dean J Wilkinson Fullerton Thomas Harris Black Richard W Carson ’91 Kevin H Dahlin Danial A DeLaHunt ’92 Frank J De Santis Jr Dale D Dimos ’87 Martin C Gibson Michael Lee Greedy ’67 Christopher M Jennrich ’99 Michael E Johnson ’85 Richard D Larsen ’67 Kenneth R McCune ’69 Dwight C Millard Jr ’86 Michael K Morrissey ’82 Branton R Nash ’79 John C Nevin Jr. ’69 Jerry D Nininger ’69 Robert P Pledger ’70 Richard P Prior ’87 Reymundo O Rangel ’79

Delta Chi Educational Foundation

Educational Foundation Donors 1998-2003 Thomas P Restelli Jr ’72 Bradley J Saunders ’82 David C Scarsone Timothy J Schlentz ’73 Thomas F Scully Jr ’69 Geary M Smith Wayne M Spicer Gannon John E Assini ’74 John A Cannella ’70 Joseph J Cappetta ’70 Bradley P Colwell ’70 Thomas N Costa ’73 Kevin R Dieterle ’78 Randall B Heemer ’79 Michael L Hosey Neal J Kelly ’71 James N Klein Jonathan R Lasecki ’85 Thaddeus Lewandowski ’76 James C Link Donald McAleer Peter J Meyer ’85 Paul M Modzelewski Robert J Newton ’90 Chad M Shields ’94 David M Smilek Carl J Stock ’80 Jonathan J Vidal ’94 William A Williams ’83 Georgetown Albert T Gonzales ’39 Georgia Brian E Flaherty ’85 Ronald D Garrison ’72 Joe D Jackson ’75 Lance G Kern ’82 C Wade McGuffey Jr Thomas W Rymer ’70 David M Tharp ’72 Georgia Southern Richard N Deal Jeffrey A Thomas ’84 William L Thomas ’87 Gilbert H Werntz III Georgia Southwestern Donald W Housend Eddie L Mizell ’83 Curtis L Overstreet Georgia Tech David A Bachmann Scott M Benedict Christopher J Beukenkamp Shaun K. Black Brian D Blankenship ’98 Michael K Boudreau ’93 David S Chellgren ’99 Chi H. Chung ’98 Daniel J. DeCicco ’01 Richard W delaGuardia ’95 Brian P Esker ’93 David M Garrett ’99 Michael G Johnson Brian D Jones ’97 Joseph V Joyce ’94 James A Kenyon ’96 S Weslee Knapp ’98 Craig J LaCava ’95 Larry H Lin Matthew S. Mason Edward J Park ’97 Jeffrey J Peeler ’99 Glenn A Sarigumba Gregory S. Scherrer Andrew B Smith ’94 Lyle E Sprinkle ’96 Gorham State Jeffrey C Allen William E Barker ’78 Gerard J Bernier John D Cole ’76 Sean W Conrad ’97 Patrick E Constantine Michael R Cormier ’71 Donald R Cote ’77 James F Doughty ’78 Dana L Dow ’73 Matthew R Ellis Mark R Gardner ’77 Kenneth J Goodrich ’93 Scott A Goodwin

Robert J Harmon Sr ’76 Willard Hibbard III Edgar W Holcomb ’89 Randall L Judkins ’74 Sean F Kilfoil ’87 Michael K Lee Peter S MacGregor ’92 Morgan S Marks ’84 Kenneth D Marston ’78 Robert A Morang ’69 James R Moses ’95 David T Ouellet John L Richard ’77 Mark V Scarano ’91 Richard G Talbot ’69 Steven T Weir ’75 Andrew M Wheeler ’88 Hayward Thomas L Carroll III Dennis M Davis Jr ’98 Louis J Fresquez Jr ’95 Mark R Halfon ’91 Terence W Judkins Kristoffer P. Kruse Sunjay K Nair ’92 Richard W Post Jr ’93 Ted W Ramos Jerome L Sigua ’91 Benny Z Sun ’89 Hobart Robert O Banker ’60 John A Booth III ’89 Robert H Brunner ’64 Wayne H Butler ’79 Roberto C Del Rosal ’89 Gary Jon Deys ’66 Cortland D Field ’61 Joseph B Fowler Jr ’64 John Z Gage Jr Richard S Gates ’78 Timothy R George ’74 David F Gipner ’63 Peter J Grant ’86 Laurence N Hale Edward H Hirsch ’56 Stephen C Johansen ’64 Harold Jay Jones ’50 John R Keith Robert R Lawrence ’50 E Duane Meyer ’58 James F Moriarty ’53 Harry P Ruske Jr ’50 Arthur S Spangler Jr ’71 Paul H Stearns ’51 David Vogel ’87 Timothy F Washburn ’68 Alvin I Yamashiro ’66 Ludwig Ziegelmair ’57 Houston John Alan Braden ’67 Ted J Davis Jr ’74 Joe Winford Pyle ’61 Huntsville Brian D Godsy ’81 Howard J Hall ’78 Charles R Kelley ’80 Christopher M. Kilroy Jeffrey S McLam ’97 James D Nelson ’90 Jeffrey M Rakestraw ’92 Andre J Roques III ’96 David W Swinford ’82 Thomas L. Wilber Idaho Michael J Arrillaga Sr. Alan T Bermensolo ’76 Corwin C Biehl ’42 Vernon D Burklund ’48 Michael S Burney ’70 John Douglas Bush ’72 Kelly J Carper ’88 Timothy J Carper ’79 Clair Christianson ’46 John Oren Cossel ’67 John L DiMicco ’84 Edward B Greef ’45 Sam H Ham Donald M Harris Claude Hart ’38 Reagon D Hatch John F Hayden ’33 David L Hoffman ’77 Raymond C Holmer ’82

Max L Hoskins ’68 Jerry Jacobson ’53 Edward R Johnson Jr ’84 Donald E Jones ’55 Harry W Knox ’75 David C Koelsch ’69 Eric W Koelsch ’74 Robert Norman Lea ’63 Dustin J Lee ’96 Fred N Locke ’40 Herbert S Malany ’63 William D Marshall ’39 William T McGarry ’81 Howard I Monks Jr ’42 David M Moore ’68 Larry Dean Moss ’58 David Earl Nielsen ’66 Charles D Otto ’59 Noel C Randall ’61 James C Shaw ’62 Addison W Stone ’43 John F Tate ’64 Eugene Thompson ’46 Lt Richard L Townsend ’46 Don Duane Vogler ’60 Shaun M Wardle ’98 Ellwood V Werry ’51 John P White ’78 Mark H Wolfe ’79 Richard Zimmerman ’49 William K Zink Jr. ’85 Idaho State Martin J Beach ’75 Michael P. Dellos ’75 Charles N Graham ’74 Illinois Calvin K Agger ’49 Timothy P Arenberg ’79 Robert Todd Ball ’34 Bernard F Biegel ’78 Wayne Earl Binkley ’56 Michael C Blaha ’84 Mark R Borelli ’81 Raymond F Borelli ’58 Richard J Bowers ’51 Kenneth A Buel ’57 Terry Lee Carius ’70 James G Carr John Merel Cazel ’56 Philip W Chapman ’75 Michael J Cheaure ’86 Richard Chenoweth ’58 Gary A Chessman ’66 Ronald D Clayton ’54 Gary R Coffey ’53 Craig B Crawford ’97 Mark A Drinan ’73 Joseph N Elliott Wesley F Fisher Philip H Flick ’53 Jerrol Lee Flood ’51 George M Flynn ’77 James E Friestad ’78 James R Gaebe ’59 Matthew D Garrett ’95 Richard H Geiger Jr ’78 Richard L Genovese ’67 Thomas G Golaszewski ’85 Robert Goltermann ’55 Thomas E Gordon ’74 Delph A Gustitus Jr ’84 Eric I Haaga ’73 Matthew A Hagemann ’85 Charles P Henness John M Hill ’82 William G Hillier ’81 Frank C Hinds Fac. Mark A Hinds ’80 James R Hodgson ’71 Corwin M Holmes William D Holmes ’51 Henry R Hosman ’59 Kenneth R Hughes ’70 Jeffrey T Jochims ’89 Dan Wilbert Kaspar ’69 Daniel W Katsion Kevin J Kell ’73 Michael J Kinkelaar ’79 Thomas E Kirkenmeier ’77 Gene J Kocian Robert F Kopale Scott E Koves ’69 William J Koves ’66 Frank J Lather ’40 Timothy J Leahy ’82 Robert Carl Liden ’67

Kenneth M Lies John A Lindemann ’50 Jeffrey W Long ’74 William A Loutos ’79 Mark J Luginbill ’74 Robert A Magnusson ’55 George M Maher Troy D. Malmstrom ’00 Arthur H Marlin Richard S Marsho ’62 Raymond A Mathews ’76 Timothy J McCarty ’89 Douglas H McGown ’73 Robert Meinershagen ’68 Richard Dean Mills ’51 Charles C Morris ’55 C Richard Nash ’55 Howard A Partch C Don Paulsell ’65 Kenneth R Pergrem Ellis E Pohlmann ’34 Michael M Pusich Scott A Reed ’81 David H Rees ’79 John M Russo ’77 Arthur W Sackrison ’51 John B Sargent Paul A Sauer ’83 James A Schaffner ’67 John R Schroeder ’69 Steven W Schroeder ’77 Roger A Serpe Paul B Smith ’40 Daniel W Snyder ’50 James F Spierling Kurt A Steger ’78 Donald F Sternard ’83 Harold L Stoller Jr ’66 Jay R Sturm ’51 Paul J Swanson Jr ’55 Jack C Thornton Jr Donald K Thorp ’85 Thomas A Tingleff ’68 James E Trautman ’63 Gerald Unks ’58 William D Vedral ’65 Donald R Vonnahme ’64 Frank K Voris ’61 Harold N Voss ’51 Maurice F Walser ’31 Michael J Welsh Robert A Wilson ’58 Illinois State Benjamin E Brewer J. Jeffrey Broderick ’81 Gary S Buck ’79 Jock M Cameron ’83 E Dan Dankoski Kevin P Deany ’91 John D Dorner ’91 Carl L Enchelmayer ’92 Steven J Freeman ’89 Richard K Gamlin Thomas J Gawlik ’77 Jai J Kalsy ’93 Todd P Klein ’98 Steven F Levin ’85 Fred L Lotter ’76 Dennis E Mendel ’92 William M Moser William D Plate Terrance J Rosenberger ’74 Anthony P Rowe ’98 Michael J Welsh Fac. Indiana William B Baker Jr ’57 Glen J Beams ’38 Ralph W Bentle ’36 Eric S Berwin ’93 Corbin E Bolinger ’52 John M Cecere ’84 Jay E Coy ’84 Dennis K Cuffel ’86 John Miller Galvin ’54 Theodore Garrison ’53 Frederick C Gehrke ’57 Tom R Gilliam Jr ’41 Gary Max Hayes ’62 Brian C Heeren ’86 Bruce A Hewetson ’73 Wayland Ray Hicks ’65 Maurice J Hill ’42 Stephen P Hoeferle Harry E Hoffman Jr John P Hooning ’57 Thomas A Hoover ’80

Charles D Hopkins ’47 John E Hurt ’35 R Keith Johnson ’61 Matthew J Kremke ’91 Donald H Krueger ’46 Peter John Leets ’69 Richard C Leopold Sr Norman M Lewis Jr ’69 Gregory E Lindsay ’70 Scott A McLachlan ’98 George F Miller ’39 Walter J Miller ’51 Max Edward Mohler ’60 Gregory P Ness ’87 Timothy G Nusbaum ’70 Charles S O’Lessker ’85 Derk R Osenberg ’88 Martin D Overholser ’75 Matthew H Paine ’97 Edwynn L Platt ’83 David J Plesac Andrew K Powell F. Verne Powell II ’74 George M Powell ’79 R. Spencer Allen Donald Edward Rodda ’69 John A Rowady ’90 Christopher D Rutherford Connor K Salm Jr ’48 Guy E Sandberg ’50 Matthew L Smith ’90 Jeffrey B Sturgis ’81 Paul P Szotek ’98 L Eugene Tanner ’55 V Keith Taranto Douglas L Tate ’81 Robert G Vendl Ryan R Vokac ’99 Henry E Wahl Jr ’36 David C Warren ’90 Thomas L Weintraut Eugene G Wilson ’72 Roger A Wolcott ’59 Joseph R Wozniak ’95 Iowa James W Anderlik ’66 Donald M Angus ’40 Glenn D Atkinson ’48 Larry P Audlehelm ’71 Robert A Beardsley ’83 Kenneth A Bergman ’51 Charles H Blunt ’59 Irvin L Cirks ’51 Robert L Currell Anthony J Eigen Richard D Eisenlauer ’75 Jon C Faber ’88 Gregory W Fletcher ’78 R Douglas Galbreth Jr Jeffrey W Glazer ’73 Steven D Goldstein ’82 Christopher T Gray Randall K Hadley ’77 Hugh D Hale John M Hale Thomas W Halupnik ’70 Robert J Hamlin ’86 Thomas A Hansen ’62 David A Hanson ’86 Daniel A Hedlund ’85 Thomas D Hillmer ’84 Brian K Johnson ’75 George W Keyes ’43 Paul E Koehneke Michael A Koh ’95 William L Kruger ’84 Michael K Lala ’82 Lars Erik Larson Paul Larson Mark A Law ’97 Kenneth R Lepley ’70 Charles F Lockhart ’65 Lyle A Lynn ’30 Peter D Mackintosh ’65 Alan H Malecha Frederick R McLain Jr ’66 Gary H Mears ’58 Matthew W Meiners ’93 Hugh R Miles ’78 Gregory J Myers Robert J Nolan ’95 Kenneth A Padgham ’65 Mark A Pfeiler ’91 Mark W Putney ’51 David A Rewers ’88 Robert D Schabacker ’59 Michael R Schiavoni ’65

Christopher A Schriever ’87 Jay D Shinkle ’86 Wallace T Shinkle ’57 Robin D Shoop Jr ’60 Michael S Silver ’84 Todd P Smith ’90 David K Stacey ’90 James R Starr ’73 David M Stout ’77 Thomas R Sulentic ’70 D Mickey Thomas ’52 Bruce L Walker ’68 Francis E Watts Timothy A Wehr Stanley E Williams ’42 Thomas L Williams David Norman Young ’50 Walter H Zukof Iowa State Gerald Estle Allen ’55 Charles F Anderson ’49 Steven E Barton ’79 Patrick N Benoit ’96 Robert E Benson Nathan T Bibus ’97 Brice A Blank ’94 Boyd Wayne Boehlje ’61 Gary L Borkowski ’81 William H Boust Jr ’48 Darrell M Bowman John W Bradley ’62 Mark L Bradley Richard H Buchanan ’58 Clark L Carmichael ’58 Wayne A Christ ’79 Donald D Christoffersen ’78 Robert E Cochran ’32 Francis D Coulthard Donald James Cowie ’69 Philip B Crispell ’84 Paul A Curtis ’79 Bruce W Daker ’79 Gary L Dodge ’79 Gerald J Driscoll Roland A Fagre ’43 Stanley C Fagre ’40 Chad N Farthing Ronald W Force ’63 Gaylord E Gary Max C Geise ’39 David W Geisinger John M Gioffredi ’78 Warren E Hadley ’61 Kenneth J Hagan ’34 Wilbur W Harding ’42 J Michael Hegarty ’97 Junior D Hensley Richard P Hise ’55 George R Hooper III ’85 George L Hopkins ’61 John W. Horch ’59 Russel J Hunt ’83 Gregory M Johnson ’72 Lawrence M Kemmer ’63 Charles M Killion Karl W King ’80 Aaron W Koch ’90 B G Adam Koltz ’65 Steven F Koob ’81 William J Kooistra ’79 Roger Lee Larson Terry L Larson ’78 James A Leong Gary Allen Lewis ’67 W Brian Little Steven J Luppes ’73 Charles T Manatt ’58 Ronald A Manning Peter A Martinson Philip A Martinson H Paul McCorkle ’32 William L McGinnis ’43 Walter D McKinley ’33 Michael J McLain ’78 Robert L Mersch ’60 Ronald L Mock ’72 Travis J. Muff ’99 Brian J Newton ’94 Marc Alan Nichols ’68 William Lyle Nolan ’62 Arloe W Paul ’33 Charles L Peterson Glenn Everett Saha Alexander E Sampson ’37 Lynn Ernest Schade ’50 Scott A Schaefer ’85 Charles W Schott ’64

Kent State Steven P Bossart ’90 Daniel R Dansberg Justin C. Donnelly Anthony L Emery ’95 Mitchell A Gruber ’89 Ravi M Karnani Steven E Kruper David R Mellor ’93 Kurt E Ruehr ’93 Darren W Talbert Jeffrey S Walter Kentucky Christopher W Johnson ’77 Paul F Litz ’75 Ralph O Wilson II ’51

Louisville David M Ackerman ’91 C Edward Beavers ’85 Steven J Bizzell ’88 Craig M Harbsmeier ’89 Joseph P Lutes ’88 Timothy S Riedling ’89 Malcolm W Robertson Jr ’92 Christopher E W Smith ’88 Robert G Werderitsch Loyola Nicholaos Halikias ’97




Marquette Stephen A Cottini ’87 Mario V Damiano Matthew J DeMartini ’99 Quinn E Eddins ’94 Thomas M Farrelly ’87 Michael C Gabrys ’99 John R Gerdes ’79 Warren K Haeberle ’78 Phillip M Hutchinson ’90 Michael K Koutecky ’81 Brian P LoCicero ’88 Kevin M LoCicero ’90 Gregory K Man ’75 Steven R Michels ’87 David C Miller ’78 Michael B Murphy ’91

Miami David W Apel ’57 James D Beeler Ronald S Beerman ’96 Vernon F Beyer ’59 Larry N Biddinger ’66 Edward H Bone Jr ’72 Michael B Bowman ’98 Fielding Braffett ’63 William S Brougher ’63 W Murray Bullis ’51 Paul Richard Byrd ’51 Larry D Case ’79 Mark L Casner ’77 Ralph Christiansen ’58 Keith A Conard ’83 Carlton Conrad Anthony V Cosentino James H Crawford ’84 James W Crecelius ’59 Gregory A Drensky ’96 Richard C Dunn ’45 John H Eberle ’81 Gregory F Esterman ’86 David B Evans ’78 Donald C Fitzsimmons Matthew J Focke ’79 Brian D Glatzel ’89 Kenneth J Griffo ’95 Ronald F Hacker ’63 Charles L Hatfield ’68 John Carlton Hauck ’58 Clark J Hinkley ’63 Douglas F Jeddy ’72 James M Jennings Jr Martin L Jervis Jeffrey D Kirby ’89 William H Klein ’42 Michael H Kuzyk ’38 Kenneth E Laborie ’50 Owen D Larrison ’50 William B Lush ’85 Randy S Markland ’86 John V Marstrell ’42 Richard A McCreary ’65 Brian J McLaughlin ’81 Douglas O McLemore 69 James W McNamee II ’62 Bruce C Mehollin Michael K Meyer James R Nesper ’57 Robert T O’Brien ’50

Kettering-B Kevin J. Beardsley

Livingston James E Bodiford ’87 Smith D Boyd ’74 Terry J Bunn ’76

Lousiana Tech Thomas A Aldrich Charles A Cheatham ’88 Kenneth E. Eastin Jr John L Elfervig Liston Gardebled Stephen D Henson Fac. Kerry S Lehman ’88 Christopher B Maxwell ’90 Gorden E Reger Kevin H Simmons ’87 Robin D Sipes ’94 Keith B Snook ’96 W Dean Wilkerson ’92 John S. Ziegler Jr

Memphis John M Smaha Jr ’93

Kettering-A Jonathan Schlueter ’01

Los Angeles William H Roberts ’68 Laurence D Smetana ’67

Massachusettes Michael L Alfieri Alexander Chan Michael Cusack ’74 Thomas P Fantozzi Gary E Fitzpatrick Neil F Fitzpatrick ’72 Joseph R Goulet Jr Marc S Hildebrant ’71 Mitchel A Lass ’91 Guy C Morin ’82 Lawrence E Moyer ’74 James C Payne Jr Adam J Reitman ’98 Jason E Rose ’97 James T Walsh ’71 Miles C Washburn ’87 Howard Alan Young ’69


Kansas Drew Craig Anderson ’69 James J Ascher ’52 John C. Audlehelm ’01 Charles W Babcock ’35 George W Beck ’48 Gary D Bernhardt ’76 Larry Borcherding ’63 James D Brenner ’67 Alan H Brightman ’67 William P Bunyan III ’61 Lynn S Chinn Fac. Daniel R Christians John W Clinger ’72 Leland Dean Cole ’61 Douglas G Crandall ’69 Timothy A Crown ’86 Forrest Lee Davis ’49 Aaron W DeGarmo Roderic E Deines ’58 Dennis D Depew ’80 Harold C Donley Jr ’50 Jack C Dryden ’53 William W Elliot ’71 Andrew S Flower ’91 Donald M Gates Solon B Gilmore ’46 Doyle C Haberly ’48 Matthew J Hamill ’98 James R Hoefener ’55

Kansas State Gregory T Armon ’71 Steven L Bihlmaier ’70 Keith R Cryderman ’63 Michael K Dichiser ’95 Christopher M Donaldson ’95 John Scott Foster ’76 Bradley L Funk ’94 Travis B Githens ’96 Stephen L Guthrie ’67 William R Hartman ’79 Thomas Warren Hunter ’69 Brandon M Konda ’99 Anthony S. McClain ’00 Daniel O Neal ’73 Michael C Ott ’01 Aaron A Otto ’98 Stephen L Ross ’71 Michael E Sarow ’00 John A Southard ’75 Neil E Tucker ’73 Larry K Turnbull ’66 Roger A Vasconcells ’78 Jonathon F Zwetzig ’95

Lehigh Jonathan E Ansbacher ’87 Charles F Bartlett Kenneth W Cale ’76 Jesse B Carll ’72 Daniel E Curriden ’90 Louis J DelJuidice ’93 James E Detwiler James M Dinneen ’64 David J Donnelly J Dixon Earley ’63 Robert J Eason ’75 David C Elmendorf ’84 Larrimore B Emmons ’57 Michael Henry Gage ’70 Alan B Gilchrist ’63 William A Glaser Jr James B Glass ’76 Douglas J Grierson ’86 Jan Eric Gustafson ’69 James E Hoffheins ’67 James H Houston Jr ’60 Federick B Johns ’90 Eugene D Juba ’54 John L McDermott Jr ’79 Gerald W Miller ’80 Blake G Morris Alan D Mosser ’82 Walter H Nichols ’63 Daniel A Nowicki ’91 Gregory L Ohl ’83 Nicholas A Papson ’72 Paul J Prutzman ’66 Richard C Reilly ’67 Robert G Riddett Jr ’74 Thomas C Roberts ’64 Allen D Roth ’78 Rudy Schloesser ’78 Lt William B Schneck Robert D Schuchart ’67 Russell L Schuetz ’75 Henry W Steinkamp Jr ’56 John F Stillo ’72 Thomas E Tyson ’64 Alex Umanetz Jr ’53 Michael J Vitt ’99 Marshall S Wenrich ’85 Paul H Zink

Aaron J Pearl Eugene K Pembroke ’49 Neal Reichelt ’66 James H Rohrer ’63 James A Rosby Gavin M Ryan ’82 Cleo A Schemp ’50 William H Schulte II ’52 David J Segmiller Kenneth R Simon ’61 Frederick C Smith III Anthony J Spena ’68 James V Stepanich William C Stewart Jr ’51 Scott R Sward ’72 Charles Timberlake ’54 Eric S Trux ’90 Gregory T Weitzel ’93 Norman K Womer ’66

Maryland Ronald M Abramson ’90 Edward M Boock ’94 Andrew J Forman ’91 Joseph M Kekeris ’90 James L Mead Jose F Rodas Jr ’95 Paul Silberman Richard Wei ’92


Johnstown James M Chamiok ’78 Sean D. Doheny ’99 R Jeffrey Fear ’76 William E Gittler ’75 Brian C Gulick ’79 Theodore J Harchick ’78 James R Hitchner ’78 Donald B Hovis II ’85 Peter P Korch III ’84 James A LeVan ’80 Michael G Magri Bernard T Martin ’88 John E McKeehen ’83 Thomas A Portante ’75 John C Rafferty Jr ’75 Anthony D Redding Christopher L Vitalos ’90

Lake Forest Alan Morris Bills ’61 John B Campbell ’49 Allan G Freedman ’65 CorDell R Larkin ’97 Ronald P Kalseim Charles R Mann ’50 Stephen E. Ruddell-Lopez ’00 Jack Schofield ’56

Long Beach Alex A Accetta ’75 Monta J Armstrong ’70 Carlos H Bejines John P Braida ’81 Joy Earl Brown Jr ’68 Mark A Carlson ’86 Alvaro J Castillo ’97 Robert R Coghlan ’88 Steven R Cohn ’74 Mark E Davis ’69 Robert W Elliott ’64 Wallace J Flores Mark T Hori Thomas M Johnson ’78 Edward A Loseman ’72 Robert U Martin ’69 Scott E Miller ’88 John C Morgan ’93 Kevin K Morrison ’75 Richard A Olsson Jr ’75 Donald C Petite ’75 Thomas J Provencher ’81 Edward M Ramos Ronnie P Samson ’00 Richard J Scott ’70 Steven J Swaim ’85 Steven M Urrutia Robert E Vos ’72 Jerry J Way ’93 Michael V Woolbright ’86

Frank J Musbach Thomas E Nelson Robert J Novelli II ’95 David A Schwabe ’85 Michael A. Spica Thomas W Tracy ’82


Johnson & Wales Joseph R Matters Sr Spencer R Turer

Kansas City Gregory F Berger ’76 Mark E Culver Gary Dean Dunn ’74 N Wayne Dwight Jr ’69 Jerald E Elrod ’66 Patrick W Emmett ’69 Christopher D Gates ’87 James I. Greene ’04 Leo J Hirner ’84 Billy B Johnston ’72 Kevin R Kelley ’86 Michael Ellis Leeper ’69 Newman E McAllister ’64 Bruce H Moen ’72 Thomas J O’Connell John Ray Perry ’57 L Elliot Shubert ’66 William M Smith ’71 James M Wilcher ’88

L.S.U. Tino F Bernal Robert Lee Branch ’49 Quinn M Coco ’41 Claude M Corbett Jr ’44 James V Ducote John B Dunlap III ’86 Edward N Engolio ’43 William A Gosnell ’87 Christopher J Gray ’93 Alvin B Kessler ’50 Scott A King ’86 David W. LaCour ’91 Jimmy D Long Jr ’86 Raymond E Manning ’42 James C Noble Sr Donald C Pitts Jr ’44 Courtney B Ramsay ’87 Claude P Reynolds Martin W Richard ’49 John Cobb Terral ’43 Karam John Thomas ’50 Edwin S Vandenburg ’85 Glenn A Weiss ’84 Drew Wilkinson Jr ’97 Kenneth R Zito ’91

Edward T Byrd ’72 Gregory C Coe ’76 Michael L Crawford ’88 Donald D Fuqua ’73 Rodney Harris ’69 Jerry L McGriff ’67 Michael P Miles ’97 Darrell E Morgan ’92 Michael S Presley Julian K Ptomey Jr Edmond Joseph Renaud ’69 Aubrey C Smelley Jr ’80 Terry O Walters ’77 Robert A Wilson




Jacksonville State Charles D Becraft ’78 Roger D Burton ’74 Robert B Butler ’82 Stephen C Carlson ’68 William J Farrell Jr ’70 Jeffrey A Finley ’91 David F Hale ’70 Mark L Hendrix ’94 Michael R Humphries ’76 John T Johnson ’75 William D Kinsaul ’70 Timothy R Leicht ’89 T J Moore ’71 Grantland W Rice ’84 Richard H Ring ’76 Patrick H Ryan ’88 Daniel B Stephens ’92 James F Storey ’63

Newell F. Bentley, Jr Newell F. Bentley III Phillip A. Brooks Benjamin E. Creech Michael E Jeruzal Michael M McCleary Joel D Tantzer ’98



Jacksonville Robert M Cerame Clifford S Losen ’83 James J Mulholland ’81

Barton M Hoglund ’55 Forrest E Hoglund ’56 Timothy C Horvath ’7 John D Isaacs ’76 Earl L Knauss Jr ’55 Roy R Krueger ’54 Kevin D Lafferty ’97 Lee Laux ’81 Michael E Lewis ’73 Edward F McCallum ’56 Michael J Moriarty ’98 John C Neely III ’51 Richard E Nelson III ’71 Steven L Reed ’75 Theodore R Resnik ’67 Derek E Rotha ’79 George M Seymour ’32 Stephen H Simonds ’68 Stephen T Stazel ’63 Robert S Svensen Ronald Lee Taff ’59 Kenneth F Troup ’47 Jimmie J Underwood ’51 William B Vollbracht ’60 Matthew J Weishaar ’91 Richard E White ’51 Charles Wright Jr ’41 Edward L York


John F Sefcik ’76 John D Seidel Jan P Shoemaker ’67 Doyle W Simonsen ’40 Randall R Slater ’79 Howard Clark Smith ’41 Donald R Sobaski ’91 Sidney L Soldwish’65 Roland H Tesene ’35 John L Tuttle ’64 John Ladd Valerius ’38 Clarence Van Donselaar Barry B Whipple ’67 Wallace W Wicks Nick Lynn Wilson R Kim Wilson ’77 Robert R Winders ’44 Charley H Wise ’48 Benjamin C Wold Jr ’66


Michigan Warren W Ament ’60 James G Armbruster Stephen Earl Baird ’64 Bruce B Bjorseth ’54 Johannes J Buiteweg ’81 Joseph C Burak ’98 Daniel J Chrzczonowski ’01 Robert E Cole John C Conroy ’50 Gordon L Cox ’59 David G Cunnings ’50 D Dick De Line ’49 Walter B Dobbs ’51 David G Falconer ’62 Daniel A. Fanton Brad K Fayette ’79 Robert Hollis Fear Robert M Fogler James P Fuger ’82 Howard K Gandelot Jr ’64 Harold M Gibbons ’50 David M Gormley ’87 William F Gorton ’60 H Keith Hellems Jr ’62 Ryan A Hindmarsh ’95 Eugene C Holcombe Jr John W Holmes ’65 Philip T Holt James J Jamieson ’49 Chris D Jensen ’95 David S Karow ’94 Jeffrey M Klaiman Herbert E Koenig Jr ’63 Scott H Leak John T Levinson Ernest W Lueder ’78 James G McComb ’61 Kenneth J Moll ’98 Ralph E Norman ’49 William H O’Keeffe ’52 Arthur J A Peltier ’49 James W Richhart ’64 Jeffrey A Schoenherr ’91 Donald W Shaffer ’53 William F Stricker ’50 Donald D Sweeney Marvin W Teutsch ’56 Charles A Waite ’59 Henry F Winchester Jr ’51 Sheldon Jay Wolberg ’67 Kyle S Wolfe ’97 Barry Charles Wood ’61 Stanley Zimostrad ’52 Henry W de Koning Michigan State Michael H Agnello ’81 Corado P Agresti ’54 Robert T Alati ’94 Sid Edward Anton ’50 Kenneth A Aschom ’76 Lawrence Awwad ’91 Robert S Baker ’92 James Alan Bannan ’64 Stephen C Barto Ronald C Baughman George D Bedell ’41 David F Blunt ’68 Peter L Bodycombe Mark A Bourdo ’84

Delta Chi Educational Foundation

Educational Foundation Donors 1998-2003 Tony Brouillet ’58 Stephen C Cagle ’82 Richard J Celello ’70 George I Chesley ’64 Scott F Clemons ’77 Bruce T Colasanti ’79 Robert L Colesar ’79 Henry W Collier ’64 Kirk W Cramer ’79 Richard L Cunningham Jr ’81 John P Daubenmeyer Allen Frank Davis ’61 James A Dawson ’94 James B Dibble ’53 William A Dittmore ’65 George E Edmunds ’83 Howard O Emorey ’51 Joseph Eveland ’47 Clayton C Fenton ’43 James V Ferrara ’81 Martin E Flynn ’79 Graydon R Forrer ’45 Tom S Gable ’47 Edward J Gaffney III ’88 Thomas W Glasgow Jr ’68 Charles W Goudie Jr Terrence R Gray Thomas L Gregory ’54 Gerald E Gutowski ’63 James R Harrington ’69 Frederick W Harvey ’78 Gregory F Hauser ’75 R. Peers Henes ’79 John H Hobbs III ’81 James W Holman Thomas S Horowitz ’87 Marvin E Howell ’51 Marc A Janes ’85 Stuart P Jeffares ’84 Jerry B Johnson ’50 John Paul Jones ’83 Sheldon F Keenan ’57 Jonathan W Keller ’81 John F Kelly ’87 John A Kerber ’94 John J Klein ’81 Kenneth V Klestinec ’86 William G Koepke Brian R Lance Howard Hall Larson ’57 John L Larson ’55 Douglas J Learmont ’88 Richard J Lintner ’47 Douglas F Lipford William S Martin Thomas A McLelland Sean A Mentel ’95 George Meyer ’54 David A Miller Thomas O Monroe ’47 Walter R. Naas ’49 Ernest T Nicotera ’51 Albert M Paulger ’49 William M Peek ’48 Thomas J Petitto ’93 Richard C Piranian ’84 John J Polakowski ’83 Myron E Ranney ’56 Joseph E Roe ’85 Terry R Rombalski ’82 Stephen W Rupe ’76 Michael V Sadlowski ’77 Randall W Schreiber ’92 Jeffrey B Shull ’83 Steven M Simerka Harry John Smith ’50 Michael E Smith ’92 Rudolph H Stuppnig ’55 Jason C Trawick ’95 Ralph Gary Turnbull ’70 Geoffrey C Udell Timothy J Udell ’87

Richard A Van Allsburg ’43 Louis A Vargha ’54 Philip P Vineyard Angelos J Vlahakis ’51 Thomas D Webber Jr ’94 Claesen D Wyckoff ’69 William C Zick ’55 Richard H Zimmerman ’56 Milwaukee Lee P Bluske ’70 Michael Regan Barry A Umbs ’70 Minnesota Richard R Allen ’71 Craighton T Boates ’96 Roy A Bogen Kenneth C Crandall ’71 Clark H Cummins ’56 David C Dahlgren ’83 Matthew J Dalton Phillip E Decker Stephen M Desens ’70 David S Doty ’52 Matthew J Eich ’91 Bruce E Ellenson ’66 Douglas Gillespie ’63 Ken Guetzke ’42 George K Hansen ’66 Douglas J Henry ’88 Jeffrey J Holm Jerome M Johnson ’71 Frederick H Kela ’54 Ronald Lee Kinney ’58 David A Kist ’88 James J Leland ’56 Peter W Livingston ’83 Cmdr Donald Mathiowetz ’62 Melvin C Osborn Donald C Paulson ’53 Dexter Carl Pehle Jeffrey C Severtson Richard M Sis ’73 Norman G Sterner ’54 Christopher M Tierney ’99 Joseph A Tufigno ’50 David M Tuomala ’90 E Leslie Young Jr ’62 Mississippi State Mitchell M Asmar Jr Stephen E Behr ’73 James A Bennett ’76 Jimmie D Cain Jr ’88 Jerry T Clark ’81 Michael T Corlew ’73 Gerald D Denton II ’86 James C Eckert David G Emerich ’80 Douglas W Emerich ’73 Gary W Fordham ’76 Charles J Foretich II ’86 John M Hairston ’87 John W Hatmaker Jr ’79 Brett E Heitzmann ’96 Robert K Hubbard III ’87 David R Hunt Paul W Hutchison Jr ’72 Dennis F Jackson Bobby Joe Johnson ’63 Charles W Lewis ’87 Kevin T Lott Gerald M Martin ’89 J Tommy Overcash ’78 Stephen F Overcash Daniel J Recker Jr ’81 Thomas A Rutledge Robert S Shepard Jr James A Simpson ’87 Aaron J Smith ’94 William C Strohm ’85 Robert L Wilson

Top 5 Chapter By Dollars Donated: 1. DePauw 2. Auburn 3. Purdue 4. Oklahoma 5. Connecticut

$21,036.44 $17,762.81 $16,895.64 $16,040.51 $10,109.87

Missouri Lyle J Austad Joseph L Bevirt ’53 John Robt Byers IV ’69 Rev James P Callahan James M Cleary ’61 James E Cleveland ’62 Kenneth E Dover ’80 Dale Alan Fiala ’69 Joseph E Follmer ’84 Myrl E Forth Jr ’67 Dennis D Fowler ’79 Raymond D Galbreth Sr ’69 George A Gladney Bob E Goff ’57 Gregg A Hill ’90 Norman D Holst ’66 Jack M Jaworski Armin A Kuhlman ’67 Christopher L LeGrand ’93 David W Marose ’60 Alvin C McDaniel ’50 Daniel C Metz ’92 Robert M Murrell ’68 Ernest A Poppers ’67 Douglas M Riley William E Royster Gary N Schmedding ’61 Scott M Schwane ’97 James P Sheahan ’79 Phillip Richard Sheahan Philip M Short ’51 Mark A Siebert ’89 Scott B Stotlemeyer ’90 Thomas E Thornton ’52 Arthur R Tuhro Michael P Walsh ’89 Alan Taylor Weaver ’61 Jeffrey L Woods ’89 Missouri Western Stephen B Brewer ’77 Stanley W Fletchall ’76 Frederick D McLeese Montclair Thomas J Frantz ’92 Arthur F Humphrey ’92 Richard J Krisinski ’92 James M. McGowan David S Orlofsky ’92 Theodore A Pilas ’96 Montevallo Timothy Asnip ’81 Collins Cameron II ’76 Brian A Collins ’85 Stephen E Condrey ’78 Kevin A Cox Bryan A Elkins ’83 John R Fridley Mark D Gore ’80 Vincent L Hawkins Richard C Haywood ’90 Timothy R Holcombe ’74 Greg D Jackson ’79 Steven G Legg ’75 Herbert W Norton Jr ’81 Mark H Pate John R Schnell ’92 William C Wood ’94 Nebraska Harry W Hayward ’51 New Hampshire Russell W Martin Jr ’93 Daniel J McCormack ’89 Mark T Reilly ’87 Brent A Tingle ’88 David M Wholley ’92 New Haven Miguel A Betancourt Calvin W Brodie ’82 Frederick Brown ’81 Paul A DiGrassi ’87 Scott Hatinen ’98 Ronald J Martin ’87 Robert C. Morey ’00 Peter R Redding ’97 Michael E Regan ’83 Glenn F Sabine ’87 Paul C Varsanik Jr ’91 Thomas F Viola III ’82 Robert J Wynne ’82

New Mexico State Jeffrey B McAdoo ’00 North Carolina State Stuart D Byrd ’93 Jerel L Causey ’93 J Michael Kral III ’96 John K Mason ’91 Robert A McKeel ’92 Jonathan D Moore ’90 Richard L Moore ’93 Drew M Reavis ’95 Charles B Rice ’96 Samuel L Serad ’93 Samuel Shapiro Thomas D Tichenor William C Westbrook II Michael R Young ’93 North Dakota Craig A. Geier ’99 Michael E Ross North Texas Mark E Duval ’94 Northeast Louisiana Damien DeVirgilio ’90 Northeast Missouri Larry D Brown ’83 David W Clithero ’82 John W Daniel ’86 Stephen M Davenport ’85 Ronald C Higgins John C Holke ’78 Michael E Leech Stuart R Lindemann ’90 William M McCormick III ’95 Lance C McNeil Jon D Morelock ’91 Larry K Nothnagel ’79 Lawrence F Rupp ’91 Gregory F Sharpe ’78 Donald J Westphal Timothy A Yochum ’83 Northeastern Stephen M Bianchi A Kenneth Bonanno ’71 Gary R Vieira ’75 Northern Arizona Frank M Colabella III ’93 Brian M Coleman ’96 Kevin Todd Cypert ’88 Joseph M Fornero Mark A Freeman Darrin N Hays ’91 Dana M Heuer Timothy K Heuer Mark S Hines William G Luckey ’89 Robert R Marak Jr ’75 Donald W Naught ’68 Raymond Prettyman II ’65 Paul B Rosales ’97 Parker F Sutton ’63 Northern Colorado Walter J Bernaquez ’97 Thomas D. Ellis Kevin J Kostoff ’90 Michael J Meyers Jr ’99 Mark A Propp ’85 Gary A Romero ’87 Andrew T Still ’98 Northern Illinois Thomas F Blumenfeld ’95 Leigh H Clark Jason E Hammer ’96 Christopher Janusz ’92 Steven W Johnson Jr Christopher J McTee ’96 Dale T Norris Jeffrey J Paul Richard C Paul Daniel C Spangenberg ’96 David E Umbenhower ’90 Joseph E Virgilio ’98 Northern Iowa Steven R Ackerson Steven L Adams ’81 Randy A Arneson ’80 Anton E Check II ’92 Thomas A Davidson ’70

Gregory A Dickinson Daniel W Huebner ’72 Todd R Hunemuller David A Junkmann ’83 Scott T Klinefelter ’76 Daniel J Kruse ’90 Scott A Kvammen Paul L Ladd ’76 Robert F Murphy ’98 Steven R Nessa ’75 Gregg D Petersen Wade A Round ’90 Michael E Walker ’75 Northern Michigan Marc A Godman ’93 Brian N Nygard ’98 Northwest Missouri George H Allie ’85 Eddie L Ashlock ’83 Matthew T Ballain ’91 Thomas W Carneal Fac. Jack E Collins ’86 Thomas M Colwell ’82 David S Conklin ’88 Mark W Cromley ’92 Larry D Dougherty Michael C Fernandes ’91 Ronald C Fernandes Mark R Hansen ’77 Hamilton B Henderson Fac. Arnold J Johnson ’77 Craig L Kelley Lawrence Jay Lehman Stephen D Linder ’92 Wade S Long ’79 Andrew D Loos Nicholas S McCormick ’75 Jay B Meacham William L Perkins ’79 Lynn E Sheldon ’74 Jeffrey P Soda Kevin R Stonner ’79 Michael J Vinson ’98 Joe L Wieslander ’85 Gregory S Wirtz ’87 Michael J Wirtz ’84 Robert J Wissler II Scott M Wolf ’01 Northwestern Stuart M. Cogen Charles S Huffman ’97 Michael D. McCarty ’02 Mark P. Schramka NYU Reginald F Curtis ’31 Richard S Hoffman ’41 Kenneth W LeQuier Jr ’44 Eric W Nelson ’37 Gustave J Richter ’38 Ohio (Columbus) John M Apple ’65 Eric N Baklanoff ’49 Navy F Banvard ’80 Lawrence R Bidwell ’53 Maj Lowren A Bock ’55 Paul W Bohlman ’70 Thomas D Browand ’69 William L Brown ’61 Brian A Bruder Donald M Burney ’52 Milan G Busta ’46 Ed S Charles ’34 Brian E Code ’80 Ronald M Cohen ’77 Ian E M Donovan James Erwin Egger ’46 Clarence E Engel ’48 Andre Ezis ’66 Geoffrey L Farmer ’71 Sherwood L Fawcett ’41 Kevin M Gale ’98 A Rod Garges ’70 Samuel D Gee ’77 Russell E Geiger ’47 Andrew Glaser ’89 William R Goerges Raymond E Gotshall ’52 Stephen C Grushetsky ’91 Don V Haemmerlein ’47 William E Harlor ’69 Robert S Hatter ’94 Eric B Herchenroether ’94 Herbert W Heyse ’57

John Thomas Hoover ’47 Lester K Horn ’45 Richard M Hunt ’78 William L Johncox ’48 Monte L Johnson ’69 Charles N Johnston ’68 Robert E Kaiser ’51 Guilford C Kater Jr ’51 David A Keber ’94 James H Kirkland ’49 Alfred F Leatherman ’50 Dwayne E Leininger ’71 Albert H Leyerle ’54 Jeffrey D Line ’93 George A Loewenthal Joseph G Lucas ’37 Donald E Lukens ’54 Joseph J Marchese ’51 William Mattinson ’54 George J McLauchlan ’82 John Lewis Melvin ’55 Coleman R Menyhert ’49 Bruce R Miller ’94 John R Miller ’50 Richard A Miner ’48 Scott B Morrow ’87 Robert Lamar Mouch ’49 James R Norris ’72 James Louis Orr ’49 Wayne E Page George M Palmer ’59 Louis E Patton ’52 William K Peairs ’72 Albert T Pitman ’41 Peter Polites ’59 Nicholas K Powell Donald H Reusch ’49 Jesse A Richards Donald Richardson ’48 Donald L Ritenour ’72 Robert G Rodell ’48 Patrick C Ryan James A Sabovik ’93 Frank T Schnorrenberg ’59 Charles W Schwartz Robert W Secontine ’49 Paul D Siebert ’49 David M Sleeth ’49 Dean C Stambolis William B Streets ’87 W Dean Sweet ’49 Jess E Tarr ’52 Richard J Taylor ’75 George H Walker Richard I Ward ’47 Geoffrey E Webster ’70 Jeffery L Welles ’75 Charles A Wickert ’76 Richard E Wight ’50 Donald T Willke ’81 Arthur W Yerty Jr Ryan K Zinn ’96 Oklahoma George R Alford ’31 Douglas A Amyx ’86 James M Anderson ’89 Bob Austin ’62 Todd A Baum ’87 David J Clark ’90 Wayne M Clegern ’51 L Jeremy Cooperstein ’86 David L Dobie ’41 James D Dodson ’58 Henry C Easterling ’42 John H Gaskill ’42 Dean A Golley ’87 Fredrick B Hammert ’60 Walter S Hammert Jr J Mark Holder ’86 Robert A Hoyt ’93 Ben H McConnell ’39 John E McDaniels ’58 Hubert L McIntyre James K Mugg Jr James Benny Reaves ’51 Clifford P Ruemmler Jr ’87 Jack W Shirley ’51 G D Spradlin ’41 Fred C Stalder ’42 John A Stewart Jr ’43 Christopher J Tyler ’89 Kevin C Wineinger ’88 Oklahoma State Frank W Aaron Jr ’67 Robert Andress ’64 Steve H Austin ’75

Reno Aaron P Covey ’96 Richard L Mosher ’93 Caine L Sussman Rollins Anthony Haarstick ’56 Preston C Hull Jr ’57 Ralph L Pernice ’52 Rowan Christoper L. Davenport David A. Fabricant Jack Grossman ’92 Seth A Horowitz ’95 Benjamin E Martin Andrew K Niethe Matthew S Roche ’95

Purdue Harry G Allgauer ’52 Jon B Anderson ’70 Basil T Bauch Morgan Lee Beatty ’67 James D Beaulieu ’83 Jeffrey S Boehm James C Boyd ’85 Ryan M. Bujeker William K. Clark ’54 Christopher J Cox Robert W Cox III ’74 Stephen P Dack Daniel T DesForges ’73 Milan J Dotlich II Richard B Dow ’38 I Donald Farrington Jr ’52 Michael Forde ’04 James R Froedge Albert W Froehde Jr ’51 Robert G Gibson Christopher T Gurrie Craig M Gustin ’65 James C Hajduk ’65 James E Hanna ’62 Phillip L Hazlett John C Hedderich ’60 Robert D Hendershot ’72 John P Hillebrandt Jr ’48 David G Howard ’88 William E Humphrey ’85 Matthew H Johnson ’95

S.M.U. Eugene W Bailey ’40 Jerry M Baldwin ’57 Howard S Baulch ’76 Carl Richard Benson ’60 John Biggers ’55 Douglas H Brandon ’85 John F Caperton Jr ’49 Thomas H Chisholm ’47 Bobby Ray Drew Lindsay Fleck ’52 Robert B Ford ’50 John C Garvey ’63 Michael C Gruber ’84 Norman P Hines Jr ’50 Harold Hitchins William R Janowski ’57 Andrew O Jensen Dewitt E Juul ’85 Vincent A Kline ’69 Hugh W Lampman ’56 Charles H Mauldin ’72 Richard A Mayes Gordon E Meek II William C Miller ’27 William John Mork ’65 Richard D Newton ’65 James R Roach III ’50 Michael E Seitz ’84 Charles Ray Smith ’44 Gordon P Wagner ’49 John D Watkins ’62

Southeast Missouri David E Greaves ’80 Ronald D Higgerson August J Koebbe Jr ’78 Paul L Layman ’82 Mark Patrick Lee ’85 Randall G Loftis ’82 James D McCausland ’77 John R Miller III ’97 Marty W Montgomery ’79 Paul T Myers ’92 Larry J Pleimann ’85 John H Schulte III Robert J Topolski Jr ’79 Kris E Turnbull ’79 Scott Whitworth ’90 Jerry W Yeargain ’78 Southern California Tod A Anton ’51 Michael R Arciola ’92 R Gerry Belcher ’60 Jimi Bingham ’79 Paul H Brosche ’74 Robert G Brown Gary C T Chen Zeny R Cieslikowski ’97 Parnell S Curry Kevin J Dawson ’82 Lawrence S Graven ’56 Wm H Hartman Jr ’52 Robert L Hertel ’52 Harry Parl Holman ’57 Oleg Jankovic Gordon L Jones Jr ’51 Carey E Jue ’84 Clark G Jue ’94 Terence P Kahn ’65 Herbert G Klein ’40 John W Klock ’51 Stephen F Knight ’73 Robert L Knox ’62 Donald E LaPlante Fac. ELTA C ED HI TH OLARSHI P CH

Rutgers James M. Dunne ’99

San Diego State Lawrence F Barouch ’83 Peter C Brewer ’75 Joel H Bryden ’79 Robert Moreno ’92 John V Saric ’86 Larry D Smith ’75 Michael B Wheeler ’85



Pittsburgh John M DeFazio Robert F Klein ’74

Sacremento Jeffrey T Boone ’86 Richard L Chan ’87 Paul A Cox Ron A Dale ’85 Christopher J Douville ’86 Peter C Dover ’85 Anthony R. Field Lance B Grosz ’84 Shane M Jackson Michael L Mitchell ’95 James E Mohr ’88 Albert F Olivares ’88 Steven F Rau John M Shelby ’86 Brian D St Martin ’88 Andrew B Vaca


Pennsylvania John W Croswell ’33

Radford Todd Barrish ’98

William Otto Wood ’46 James F Yeager ’77 B Joe Youngblood ’51

Penn State William John Agurkis ’69 Terence B Albright ’69 Samuel J Alexander ’66 Timothy L Arcaro ’86 Michael A Banks ’88 Jeffrey R Barrett Gerald E Benton ’64 Mark A Blowers ’76 Roger Bruce Bolon ’61 C Scott Campbell ’86 Dominic R Caputo Donald A Carlson ’49 John M Carpenter Mark T Chokran ’85 Arthur C Christman Jr Richard John Chura ’64 Douglas W Clark ’79 Brian D Clifford Jr Dean L Cross Jr ’72 Benjamin N Cuffin Thomas Dangerfield ’55 David M Davidson ’80 John E Dereich ’45 Jeffrey E Disend ’69 Edward P Doherty ’81 Jack T Doyle Allan E Dreeland ’69 Floyd S Eberts ’48 Frank E Eckert Jr ’49 Charles J Eddinger ’68 Charles M Evans ’32 Dwayne C Fielder ’71 Harold Jacob Frey ’46 Joseph A. Friedman John F Furlong Jr Addison Gerbracht Roy G Grube Milton W Herchenrider ’48 Edward J Hill ’54 John E Hughes Jr ’49 Sheldon W Hughes ’47 Robert R Hunter ’75 John A Iacocca ’90 William A James ’49 John C Johnson ’61 Harold L Kaness ’35 Daniel M Karnuta ’85 Eric H Keiter ’86 George C Kelchner ’64 William P Kenney ’74 Hiram King David Emery Kinnan ’68 Bruce N Kriebel ’67 Nadeem A Kureshi ’85 Stephen C Landau ’88 Eric J Linka ’94 John Henry Locklin ’63 Stephen Loeffler ’68 Kent A Lynch ’87 Mark J Maier ’87 Richard L Manser ’65 Robert R McCloskey ’50

1. DePauw 2. Iowa State 3. Ohio State 4. Penn State 5. Michigan State


Parsons J David Brensinger ’68 Robert C Jordan ’66 Wynn R Juran Maurice J Keesey ’68 Paul E Smith ’68

Top 5 Chapter By # of Donors:


Oregon State James S Alex Jr ’74 Bryan E Barber Morris Barnett Jr ’41 James L Beam Michael T Brinkley ’68 Carl G Carlson ’58 Matthew C Davis ’92 Vincent A Dhanens ’87 Thomas A Ditri ’85 Andrew J Douglas ’77 David E Duling ’58 Donald E Enright ’65 Ted G Fery Ashish M Gupta ’94 Mason C Haughton ’42 Bruce R Holoubek ’82 Donald E Hopkins ’60 Richard R Hover ’68 Richard Oren Hoyt ’50 Jerill F Johannes ’58 Warren D Johnson ’49 Paul B Kikel David H Krumbein ’68 Gary M Kunz ’75 Mark E Landstrom ’83 Michael C Lanham ’56 Alfred L Leavitt ’57 Allen R Littlefield ’76 Floyd J Lyne ’48 M Daniel McGill Dale J Neuman ’66 Ray M Northam ’53 Steven L Ott ’93 Donald L Peters ’42 Jeffrey Ralph Peyton ’76 Howard L Randall ’40 Frank J Ribik Jr ’67 Keith W Ritchie ’82 Clyde N Sedgwick ’57 William A Shiley ’40 Ralph F Smith

Oshkosh Donald G Bockin Jeremy J. Dyken ’00 Ronald H Heidelbach ’73 Michael Claire Horn ’68 Horton S Johnson ’77 William D Kampa ’70 Timothy G Kelly ’76 Stephen J Lukowicz Michael J Moriarty ’71 Daniel C Roskom ’75 Brian M Seifert ’70 Michael T Smith ’89 Todd W Wilson ’67 Alan S Zuberbuehler ’73

Marvin A Keller ’40 Kenneth R Klutzke ’78 Von E Mason ’60 Timothy J McCaffery ’83 John D McGregor ’94 Eric M Means Walter F Meyers Jr ’47 Alexander N Nall Timothy M. O’Kane ’99 Richard L Olson Clifford E Olszewski ’82 James A Pearson ’55 Clarence H Perisho ’47 Mark V Rickabaugh ’62 Ricky L Roberts ’76 Thomas E Roberts ’72 Wayne T Sandefur ’36 William Lee Sartoris ’65 John W Sauer ’71 Z Peter Sawicki ’71 Paul K Scholar John D Shaw Jeffrey R Shirrell ’01 Donald R Sorensen ’56 John T Stasny ’57 Jeremy E Steelberg ’83 Philip G Sutton Jr ’58 Walter C Taggart ’59 Joseph G Temple Jr ’51 Gilbert Oliver Terlicher ’51 James I Thomson ’86 Raymond J Todd ’42 Arthur K Warlow ’71 James Palmer Welch ’51 William S Wells ’87 Carl L Westin Jr ’45 Christian B. Woods ’99 Matthew C Woods ’97 Charles L Zergiebel ’53 Kenneth H Ziegenbusch Jr ’81




Oregon Steven H. Wacker ’00

Osgoode Hall Joseph A Beechie ’52 Rev John E Currey ’50 John M Dean ’67 Hon. John E. Eberle 55 (F) Thomas M Holden ’50 David Frederick Kent ’58

David B McCobin ’79 John F McCormick Jr Mark A McCullough ’80 Shawn P McGinley ’87 Joseph G Meredith ’57 John Moyer Mest ’51 William K Metz ’55 Harold A Missimer Douglas J Moore ’82 Harold C Myers ’36 Andrew S Nachamie ’84 Christopher A Nardo ’89 Donald J Nelson ’72 Delmer M Nicholls ’35 Mark D Oleksa James C Park ’55 Gary W Patterson Gregory F Pecora ’85 Milo Lesio Pepe William Perbetsky ’49 Stephen R Perry Charles J Petredis ’78 Kenneth W Piper ’63 Francis L Plumly Jr ’46 Richard A Pollard ’68 Robert L Richards ’50 Michael D Rimer ’86 Brian D Runkle ’84 Robert C Schiffner ’59 Alan Neil Schmidt Philip W Schumacher Steven L Searer Victor J Sekelsky ’63 James B Shea Jr ’48 Clifford E Shedd ’40 Robert P Simon ’41 Charles R Sorber ’43 Donald King Sorber ’50 John F Spangler ’58 Stephen B Spencer ’54 Vance G Sprague Jr ’63 Michael A Stollmeyer ’59 Patrick J Strackhouse Jr ’79 William L Swartz ’83 Charles N Teyssier ’55 Robert W Thompson ’48 Samuel A Thornton ’66 Jeffrey S Topley ’80 Scott R Turer ’89 George J Vernau ’67 Arthur H Weston ’30 Laurence M White ’48 Theodore B Winkler ’39 Thomas E Wooden Jr ’81 John T Wozer ’50 Merton S Yerger ’36 William B Yorks ’40 Douglas J Zook ’82



Old Dominion Robert L Hicks Jr Adam C Smith ’95

Timothy B Sullivan ’73 Dean C Werst ’62 Roger Allan Yorton


Bill A Bates’50 Paul M Bohannon Robert B Buchanan Walter S Buffham ’85 James A Buttram Robert G Cass ’84 A C Chausse ’53 Wayne T Craney Don Crump ’51 Stephen C Cummings ’72 Curtis B Davis Robert W Dickinson ’56 David W Downing ’80 Duncan W Edwards ’68 Ross A Gregson ’76 Kenn E Harding ’64 Ken A Harper ’69 Ralph D Haynes ’81 Scott J Heinrich ’95 Joe E Henrichsen Steven L Henslee ’75 Scott M Hines ’93 Benny H Hulsey ’76 John Wade Hurst ’63 John L Jacobson Michael C Johnston J Mark Kirkpatrick ’78 Paul E Knapp ’79 William J Lewis ’84 Michael B McFarland ’86 Anthony C Moreno ’88 Alan P Niemann ’82 William J Perkins ’68 William B. Pruitt ’99 Stephan W Reilley ’69 Edward M Reilly Douglas Rohde ’69 James A Ross Timothy R Ryan ’84 Charles F Scott Michael S Smith ’70 Mike Stanford ’70 Douglas J Tapp ’82 Clayton R Thompson ’82 Jon D Wertz ’76 Don A Wilkinson ’70 Eric V Woodworth ’94 Harold P Younger ’60


75 41 37 30 28

James N Lamhofer ’50 Matthew C Lamont ’91 William Lingenberg ’49 Albert F Mejia ’53 Ross J Miller ’36 Russell E Miller ’84 Philip M Mottola ’65 Michael A Nangano ’82 William N O’Brien ’61 Harold W O’Connor ’55 Ronald R Pacini ’55 Gregory J Parra Edward L Ripley ’54 Burton W Roberts ’37 Easton R Roberts ’34 John Samore III ’67 John Samore Jr ’94 George H Schwary Corey C Shigematsu ’97 Gary A Silva Jr ’93 D Stephen Slack ’71 Cornelius C Smith ’37 Douglas O Stewart ’62 Kevin B Strawn ’70 Paul B Taubman ’95 James R Theaker ’55 Dan T Thomson ’51 David R Vaillancourt ’96 Edward G Vierheilig ’49 Edwin L Willson Jr ’64 Howard S Yamaguchi ’82 Roderic R Zalunardo ’78 Southern Illinois Brenton J Berdick ’88 Mark I Beynon ’77 Raymond M Blacklidge ’82 Paul K Bratton ’64 Brad Cole ’93 James E Dougherty ’69 Scott C Eder ’95 Brian A Farrell ’92 Eugene J Harding III ’78 John K Henkhaus ’85 James W Huberty ’64 Robert L Hull ’58 Gerald Kouzmanoff ’63 Andrew E Larson ’71 Horace H Look ’63 Neil L Maxwell ’63 Thomas L McClelland ’65 William C Parks ’86 Charles P Rahe ’65 Phillip A Ruppel ’65 George E Schau ’76 Conrad W Schenck ’75 Thomas A Schonauer ’65 Eric M Smith ’85 Emil R Spees ’57 Rodney L Steven II ’94 Kevin C Tribout Gary W Visteen ’72 Charles W Walter ’55 Southwest Missouri Ray T Crane II ’93 Dewayne C Kliethermes ’91 Anthony J Komer ’97 Gary S Liberty ’88 Jeffrey J Maggi Kevin E Pate Mark D Sluss Brian A West ’92 Matthew J Wolniewicz ’92

Delta Chi Educational Foundation

Educational Foundation Donors 1998-2003 Southwest Texas Robert L Boles Jr ’97 Robert C Cortez Homer P Dear Marvin F Gilbreath Chad L McCormick ’95 Todd W St Clair Stanford Lloyd W Aubry ’48 William M Baldwin ’63 Alexander W Berger ’37 Gale Blosser ’35 William S Burtness ’54 Walter J Farrell ’51 Richard S Fixott Richard I Gillespie ’57 Buster Goode ’47 Gerald M Hay Harold J Hughes ’69 James Ade Kurfess Edmund B Lennig ’55 William T Moran ’55 Donald W Petit ’36 William H Schmidt ’49 Lee James Sneller ’63 David R Swift ’68 William H Woolf ’39 Syracuse Jeremy B Coullard ’69 James F Crawford ’69 John Rozsa Tarleton J Benton Glaze Jr ’86 Brian Jackson ’92 Mark W Miller Clinton W Myrick ’96 Curtis E Niederhaus ’90 Luke P Stellakis ’92 Jordan C. Stokes Victor W Tovar Robert D Ziegelmair ’88 Texas Roger E Abernathy Robert E Anderson ’68 John M Ashley Jr ’43 Leon J Berkovsky ’49 Robert D Blakley ’70 Lloyd M Borrett Francis R Bradley III ’89 Daniel M Cuellar Newton W Cunningham ’51 Ratheen C. Damle Russell Day ’50 Wm Edward Gonzalez ’54 Frank L Graves Jr ’55 Warren E Hancock Jr ’69 Curtis I Hayes Sr Robert H Kinsey ’56 Alan F Lippman ’49 James J Lorkowski Paul Mathews Gary H Mayer ’63 Eugene H McFaddin James C. Meek Connor W Patman ’42 Charles M Pearre III ’66 Brendan K. Puthoff Parx F Shearer Bradley R Staats James W Thokey ’41 Travis C Waid William A Weeks ’55 Michael Zung ’92 Texas A&M Rod E Arnold Brian K Devaney ’96 Adrian Gottschalk ’98 Charles L Martin Michael V. Morelius Marcus A Salinas ’89 Rajat Varma ’97 Texas Tech James C Beakey Jr ’84 Stephen D Chittenden David F Denbek J Brett Featherston ’89 Jeffrey D Hill ’94 Mark L Stephens ’97 John P White Fac.

Texas Western John C Ryon Jr ’64 Frank L Spittle ’65 Tri-State David V Bacehowski ’72 William G Boyer ’71 David T Braid Timothy L Campbell ’76 Charles P Durante ’73 Robert K Edds ’72 Stephen M Gary ’78 Michael J. Gitzendanner Robert M Golden ’82 David R Hermann Richard R Kruger Fac. William E Meyers Christopher M Middleton ’92 James W Rand ’75 Barry J Roziewski ’80 Steven S Seifert Mack D Short Donald J Shultz ’77 Ronald E Smith ’76 Timothy P Smitley Paul R Stevens Donald L Stripling ’70 Ronald D Suter ’69 Trent J Unterbrink ’98 Walter W Wilson ’76 Dennis L Wood ’79 Richard L Wood ’71 Alan L Yoder ’69 Stephen J Zvanya ’75 Troy State James W Allen E Donald Crapps Fac. Bertram F Kelly III ’89 Larry W Livingston ’73 Dale R Lunn ’89 Donald A Norrell Joseph C Pickett John H Price II ’74 Kenneth L Scott ’75 Vincent T Stansbury ’92 Gregory S White UCLA Robert L Amstadter ’57 Edgar S Bagley ’35 Robert E Carney Thomas T Caspary ’43 H Richard Ginsberg ’53 Merwin L Hutchins ’51 Leon W Miller ’42 Union Ward H Bumpus ’33 Robert A Hanley Jr ’48 Edward S Langholz ’57 John J Reilly ’83 Robert A Rissell ’63 Peter F Schmidt ’60 Richard J Spence ’73 Clayton L Williamson Jr ’70 UNLV Luis F Valera ’97 Valdosta Clay L Caldwell ’92 Michael James Conlan ’70 Steven A Corbett ’77 James R Hines Jr ’82 Gregory S McCrary David G McDougall ’92 Wayne C Mixon ’77 Lavan R Robinson Fac. James W Roquemore ’77 Luther M Shealy ’75 Francis M Stewart ’81 William E Thomas ’78 Font J Tornabene ’88 Geert L Van Engelen ’90 Clifford D Whitehead ’82 Hassell E Yates ’74 Virginia Otis S Warr ’35 Virginia Tech William K Barkoskie ’94 Burcin E Can ’98 James K Clay ’95 Worthington E Cockey David S Conklin

Robert K Cope ’93 Stephen M Grosman ’94 Robert E Jones III Edward A Martin ’92 Thomas L Olson Christian T Orlowski Marc S. Povell ’00 Phillip M Sigler ’93

Hiroshi Itoh ’61 Richard G Kurche ’59 Michael R Papciak ’63 Richard F Suhrheinrich ’58

Western Ontario Elliott Y. Chun Clayton J Shen ’93 David E Sparling ’91

West Chester Maurizio Corrado ’97 Michael E Parish ’96

Washington Don G Abel Jr Douglas H Abel ’55 Glenn K Adams Ronald L Adolphi Neill W Andersen’58 Efrain Andrews ’66 Allan A Banghart Greg L Barnett ’79 Bruce A Beatty ’55 William P Bonds Jr Dale M Carpenter Arnold Bruce Carson ’70 Daren J Carstens William Ray Cheney ’50 Michael R Cowden ’78 Robert M Craig ’44 Donald G Edwards ’79 Philip J R Fruchtl Richard Granquist ’51 Bruce H Hoeger ’72 Jack T Hollenback ’67 Steve Ronald Johnson ’68 Robert G Judd ’40 Richard C Kelly ’40 Daniel H Knodel ’71 James M Kott ’85 Robert P LaBouy Jr ’66 Michael W Laing ’59 William R Lathrop Jr Kurt Lichtenberg ’69 Donald L Lindsey Robert W Long Raymund G McDermott ’49 Edmund J Mihalski ’64 David C Morse III ’96 Michael S Mowrer ’69 Robert F Myers Jr ’50 Edward W Nelson ’41 James A Nelson ’68 Christopher J Pippard Edward P Rich ’58 Emanuel L Rouvelas ’65 Paul W Savage ’80 Eric M Schneider Richard G Schweikhardt Craig D Smith ’78 Laurence A Smith ’43 Michael A Stewart ’91 Donald M Stookey ’56 Alan E Taylor ’47 Nick T Thomopoulos ’53 Kurtis C Tolliver ’89 Michael A Trantow ’76 Nick G Vlahovich Gregory Paul Weeks ’69

West Liberty Roger L Bell ’73 Randy R Elliott ’82 Bruce C Kibby ’74 Michael A Landers ’84 Clyde J Woods III ’73

Whitewater Timothy A Cimaglio David E Cox ’89 Piero Fioravanti ’92 Richard E Gibbons ’72 James E Hankes ’72 Paul R Hering ’71 Jeffery D Kawleski Gregg D Lammi Steven D Langlais Stuart K Lyngaas ’73 Clifford R Maske ’73 William J Parker Steven L Pfeffer ’74 Paul J Salinas V Brian T Schnier ’97 Scott W Seering

Washington State James A Anderson Albert L Ayars ’39 Robert A Clapp Justin L Clary Howard Clerf Peter D Cook ’88 Gail L Cramer ’63 R Vernon Divers ’47 Emil W Eriksson Jr ’64 Roy W Eslick ’43 Rorick L Graham ’69 Daniel P Hagarty ’97 John D Hentges ’97 Robert C Hughes ’53 Forrest W Johnson ’43 Peter J Krebs ’96 Michael E Majestic ’90 Kenneth J McDermid ’66 James H Mildes ’53 H Thomas Norris ’56 Matthew R Prater ’88 Mark D. Schweitzer ’02 Greggory S Snyder ’91 LTC Robert M Stump ’45 M Haluk Taysi Richard D Watson ’49 Wayne State Robert J Closson ’62 Dennis Ertzbischoff Peter B Henderson ’66

West Virginia Tech William Arnold Jr Kevin J Bright ’93 Richard J Duckworth Paul M Farley ’90 James P Fedczak II Chad E Hatfield ’96 Lee W Maynus Kevin B Pitchford ’86 Steven D Ross ’90 Richard G Shrewsbury Troy G Smith ’85 Keith A Thompson Western Carolina Joshua A Apple E Bruce Jennings Jr ’00 Ronald Wayne Phillips II ’94 Philip D Sudlow ’97 Russell E VanKuren ’97 Western Illinois Carson J Breed ’97 Todd L Cline ’97 Steve E Hall ’96 Anthony N. May ’94 Jeffery D Nielsen ’91 Joseph J Petric ’92 Daniel P Sellers ’91 Jeremy D. Shiliga ’99 Scott P Stephenson ’94 Richard J Van Stell Jeffrey N Wallace Western Michigan James H Avrett ’68 Aaron A Banach ’92 Martin L Borton Robert J Brandstatter ’66 Sherman M Carey ’70 Paul G Cavalli Robert M Dernberger Vince F Desmond ’59 Robert P Dubiel ’73 James E English ’89 Stephen G Frisk Richard J Gault James M Gehrke ’67 Ronald A Gibbs Robert C Gord ’66 Christopher W Harnack ’87 Michael B Henley Kurt E Hine ’91 Darwin Lee Johnson ’66 Michael E Johnson ’72 Jason G Kaspzyk William C King ’66 Donald H Koch ’57 Roger D Kowalk ’66 Richard K LaGore ’64 Steven M Lemm ’84 Timothy J McCann ’69 Jack L McCauley ’60 Paul D McKinnis ’66 Jimmy Neel Moore ’60 Barry J Peters ’89 Thomas J Rivard ’66 Gerald H Rowe ’63 John J Sampanes ’64 Brian K Schamp ’91 George E Schau Stacy J Shelly ’90 Richard W Shumar ’57 G R Steven Sparling ’88 Richard A Sperling ’65 John R. Swander Sr ’62 Michael J Van Horn ’88 Kevin A Vought ’96 Robert Lee Wathen ’56 Jack N Wismer ’68 Philip H Zwergel ’59

Windsor Ian Armstrong ’83 Robert J McTeague ’86

From The Past

The following is a list of departed brothers who, based on records since 1960, had reached at least the Kimball’s Club Lifetime Level of giving. New Founder Gene Johnson OKST ’58 Clayton T Roberts FL ’31 Bernhard Shaffer PAST ’25 Martlet Club Donald G Isett KS ’28 LaVon P Linn NB ’38 Francis L Zwickey MIST ’24 Order of the Scimitar Carl A Benson PUR ’32 Victor T Johnson PUR ’32 Marsh W White PAS Order of the Shield Clyde H Andrews Jr IL ’30 Philip L Barbour COR ’20 Chauncey W W Cook Earl Hazen Drew IL ’29 Douglas S Holsclaw AZ ’25 Henry M Jackson WA ’34 Joseph F Lacchia NYU ’25

Dennis L Vlach ’80 Todd E Williams ’89 William F Yull III ’82 Norman Mero ’88 Frank A Spadini ’92 Gerhard W Wolf ’85 Wisconsin Oscar O Egger ’32 Carl Eggert ’31 Paul C Hoeffer ’90 Charles R Naeser ’31 George S Robbins ’40 Alan J Udell Alois W Uek ’32 Wyoming James F Kagie ’97 Karl D Mai ’96 Stephen M Shea ’94 John T Vance ’92 Youngstown William G Hamlin ’74 Henry T Nazdrowicz ’73 Mark M Seman ’73 Sir Edward Coke Club Albin C Ahlberg C-K ’20 John T Arens PAST ’37 Oliver L Christman PAST ’20 Ivan W Davis IL ’25 Charles C DeLong IL ’26 Frank Granat WA ’51 O Charles Honig TX ’41 Luther W Hoy PAST ’58 Michael J Pucin IL ’31 Milton J Rose IL ’29 Ralph W Smith Jr SMU ’32 Kenneth M Snyder IL ’30 Kimball’s Club Hugh E Behny SCA ’47 Fred R Brooks A-CAL ’40 Jefferson Coleman AL ’29 John G Copeland IN ’49 John C Cox Jr. SMU ’42 R Charlton Johnson SCA ’40 Robert L Kessler PUR ’33) Charles MacGregor MI ’49 George E Mack SCA ASC Claude McNorton AUB FAC William R Monroe MIST ’43 Arthur M Oustalet Jr LSU ’44 D P Paiste III PAST ’31 William Paul Ross PUR ’52 Joseph M Thompson IL ’34 Richard L Tully OHST ’57 MJ van Loben Sels STAN ’32 John D Woodward SMU ’32

Trustee Society The Foundation has created a special society to recognize those who make a three-year commitment of $1000.00 per year above their normal level of support. The first 100 members will be known as charter members of the Trustee Society. The generous support of these men will help provide the resources necessary to support a professional development program, a quality development staff, and organized support system. They will allow the Foundation to develop the infrastructure needed to pursue major gifts and to build a solid base upon which Delta Chi can grow. If you would like more information about the Trustee Society, please contact Robert Hendershot, Secretary/Treasurer, Delta Chi Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 383, Columbus, IN 47202. The following is a list of Charter Members of the Trustee Society who have either completed their committment or have signed a commitment to do so: Harry G Allgauer, PUR ’52 Paul W Bohlman, OHST ’70 Smith D Boyd, LIV ’75 Michael Carroll, AUB ’71 LeLand D Cole, KS ’61 James Dodson, OK ’58 Robert J Eason, LEH ’75 Geoffrey L Farmer, OHST ’71 David F Hale, JACKST ’70 Fredrick B Hammert, OK ’60 Robert D Hendershot, PUR ’72 Chris Johnson, KY ’77 Peter Korch, JOHNS ’84 Lyle A Lynn, IA ’30 James Marascio, BRY ’93 Steven R Michels, MARQ ’87 John L Melvin, OHST ’55 M Gary Monk, AUB ’65 Bold indicates fulfilled commitment.

Michael Moskos, DEP ’85 George W Obear DEP ’30 T Shawn Riedling, LOU ’89 Clifford Ruemmler, OK ’87 Phillip A Ruppel, SIL ’65 Jonathan K Sattler, APST ’87 Ralph W Smith, SMU ’32 Keith B Snook, LATECH ’96 G R Steven Sparling, WMI ’88 Neil E Tucker, KSST ’73 John G Tunila, CONN ’81 Miles Washburn, MASS ’87 W Dean Wilkerson, LATECH ’92 C Drew Wilkerson, LSU ’97 Chad M Wolett, AZST ’94 F Phil Yang, A-CAL ’80 Luther M Young, AUB ’69

Lifelong Commitment Life to date giving levels of living alumni: New Founder - $100,000 and over Martlet Club - $50,000 - $99,999 Order of the Scimitar - $25,000 - $49,999 Order of the Shield - $10,000 - $24,999 Sir Edward Coke Club - $5,000 - $9,999 Kimball’s Club - $2,500 - $4,999 Founders’ Circle - $1,000 - $2,499 New Founder James D Dodson OK ’58 Fredrick B Hammert OK ’60 Fei Phil Yang A-CAL ’80 Martlet Club Timothy A Crown KS ’86 George W Obear DEP ’30 Order of the Scimitar Michael L Carroll AUB ’71 Robert D Hendershot PUR ’72 Forrest E Hoglund KS ’56 Marcus G Monk AUB ’65 Order of the Shield Paul W Bohlman OHST ’70 Lawrence Clarkson DEP ’60 Raymond Galbreth Sr MO ’69 Gregory F Hauser MIST ’75 Steven R Michels MARQ ’87 Michael J Moskos DEP ’85 Paul L Picciani CON L Eugene Tanner IN ’55 Jimmie J Underwood KS ’51 Miles C Washburn MA ’87 Sir Edward Coke Club James S Alex Jr ORST ’74 James J Ascher KS ’52 Boyd Wayne Boehlje IAST ’61 Raymond F Borelli IL ’58 Smith D Boyd LIV ’74 John L Elfervig LATECH ASC Geoffrey L Farmer OHST ’71 Edward Fusco Jr EMBRID ’73 Thomas Glasgow Jr MIST ’68 Carl H Goltermann IL ’50 Steven L Henslee OKST ’75 Monte L Johnson OHST ’69 Gordon L Jones Jr SCA ’51 Richard F Kauders COR ’69 Scott T Klinefelter NIA ’76 Lyle A Lynn IA ’30 Edward F McCallum KS ’56 Harold A Missimer PAST ’66 Max Edward Mohler IN ’60 Joseph C Neirinck BALST ’63 Alan P Niemann OKST ’82 James D Page AL ’53 Barry J Peters WMI ’89 Phillip A Ruppel SIL ’65 Ralph W Smith Jr SMU ’32 Keith B Snook LATECH ’96 Marc A Solondz IN ’88 G R Steven Sparling WMI ’88 John G Tunila CONN ’81 W Dean Wilkerson LATECH ’92 Chad M Wolett AZST ’94 Jeffrey L Woods MO ’89 Luther M Young Jr AUB ’69 Kimball’s Club Harry G Allgauer PUR ’52 Robert E Anderson TX ’68 Julius T Arenberg Jr IL ’47 Larry P Audlehelm IA ’71 Carl Richard Benson SMU ’60 Peter M Bix EMBRID ’80 Francis R Bradley III TX ’89 John F Caperton Jr SMU ’49 Thomas H Chisholm SMU ’47 Kelvin R Cole CEMO ’70 Michael M Dickerson AZ ’78 John D Dorner ILST ’91 Arthur G Elliott MIST ’89 Dale E Espich DEP ’51 Ralph J Fabozzi EMBRID ’73 Sherwood L Fawcett OHST ’49 Peter A. Fromm A-CAL ’69

John Miller Galvin IN ’54 John M Gioffredi IAST ’78 Anthony Goczalk EMBRID ’77 Brian D Godsy HUNTS ’81 Mark C Goebel DEP ’78 Max Goecker BALST ’88 Warren K Haeberle MARQ ’78 David F Hale JACKST ’70 Brian C Heeren IN ’86 Milton Herchenrider PAST ’48 Lawrence R Herkimer SMU ’48 George L Hopkins IAST ’61 William E Humphrey PUR ’85 John E Hurt IN ’35 Christopher W Johnson KY ’77 Robert E Kaiser OHST ’51 Herbert G Klein USC ’40 Donald H Landis PAST ’62 Brian P LoCicero MARQ ’88 Jeffrey W Long IL ’74 Edward A Loseman LBEA ’72 Donald E Lukens OHST ’54 James M Marascio BRY ’93 Charles Marshall IL ’51 Von E Mason PUR ’60 Ronald D McCoy Jr AUG ’84 John Lewis Melvin OHST ’55 Kenneth L Merrick DEP ’48 John L Mica FL ’67 Thomas O Monroe MIST ’47 Harold C Myers PAST ’36 Russell K Nash CT ’75 Eric W Nelson NYU ’37 Roland Oberholtzer PAST ’36 Edward J Park GATECH ’97 Arloe W Paul IAST ’33 William J Perkins OKST ’68 Donald W Petit STAN ’36 Francis L Plumly Jr PAST ’46 Kirk S Price EMBRID ’71 Mark W Putney IA ’51 Scott A Reed IL ’81 Timothy S Riedling LOU ’89 Easton R Roberts SCA ’34 Clifford P Ruemmler Jr OK ’87 Jonathan K Sattler APST ’87 James F Storey JACKST ’63 Michael G Stout DEP ’78 W Dean Sweet OHST ’49 John F Tate ID ’64 James W Thokey TX ’41 Wally Tiedemann EMBRID ’77 Charles B Valder Jr AUG ’82 Jon E Vice AL ’70 William B Vollbracht KS ’60 Frank K Voris IL ’61 Keith A Waltz BALST ’82 Michael J Welsh ILST FAC Theodore B Winkler PAST ’39 Founders’ Circle Douglas H Abel WA ’55 Calvin K Agger IL ’49 Anthony W Albano FL ’75 Jeffrey H Albright CHICO ’87 Martin R Anastasio CT ’63 Charles F Anderson IAST ’49 Stephen F Anderson TX ’68 Gary S Andrasko AL ’75 Sid Edward Anton MIST ’50 Tod A Anton SCA ’51 Timothy P Arenberg IL ’79 Kenneth A Aschom MIST ’76 Vernon E Askew OKST ’56 Steve H Austin OKST ’75 William M Baldwin STAN ’63 James Alan Bannan MIST ’64 Navy F Banvard OHST ’80 Morris Barnett Jr ORST ’41 Howard S Baulch SMU ’76

Glen J Beams IN ’38 Robert A Beardsley IA ’83 Garth D Becker PAST ’53 Ronald S Beerman MIAU ’96 Stephen E Behr MSST ’73 Joseph L Bevirt MO ’53 Jeffrey T Boone SAC ’86 Robert Lee Branch LSU ’49 Carl R Brehmer BALST ’60 J Royce Bryant Jr AL ’57 Richard H Buchanan IAST ’58 Gary S Buck ILST ’79 Walter S Buffham OKST ’85 William P Bunyan III KS ’61 Donald M Burney OHST ’52 Edward G Capps APST ’86 John M Carpenter PAST ’57 Richard Chenoweth IL ’58 Wayne A Christ IAST ’79 Arthur C Christman Jr PAST ’44 David M Clapper MIST ’70 Ralph T Cleage Jr AUB ’70 J Lee Clements EMBRID ’80 Brad Cole SIL ’93 Charles M Cole IA ’57 Leland Dean Cole KS ’61 John E Coleman COR ’29 Carter M Comaford STAN ’58 David S Conklin NWMO ’88 Carlton Conrad MI Arthur Ray Cooper A-CAL ’68 Michael T Corlew MSST ’73 Kevin M Costner FULL ’77 Jeremy B Coullard SYR ’69 Gordon L Cox MI ’59 Keith R Cryderman KSST ’63 Dennis K Cuffel IN ’86 Parnell S Curry SCA ’49 William Y Dabney Jr SMU ’44 Owen R Davison DEP ’37 Richard B DeGraff FL ’71 Joseph A DeMarco FL ’56 John M Dean OSHALL ’67 John Edward Derwort EIL ’68 William R Diefenbach CT ’83 James K Dobey A-CAL ’40 Andrew J Douglas ORST ’77 Kenneth E Dover MO ’80 Jack C Dryden KS ’53 N Wayne Dwight Jr KC ’69 James D Eason LEH ’84 Robert J Eason LEH ’75 Hon John Eberle OSHALL ’55 James Erwin Egger OHST ’46 Barry A Eller FL ’71 Harold H Elliott OSHALL ’55 James E English WMI ’89 Gary Gene Eskew ID ’68 Charles M Evans PAST ’32 Neil E Fackler DEN ’76 Byron Lee Farrell PUR ’62 William M Feldman IL ’75 James V Ferrara MIST ’81 B Fiske Field Jr DEP ’47 Dennis Lee Fielder FL ’66 Mark Fitzgerald CT ’79 Lindsay Fleck SMU ’52 Philip H Flick IL ’53 George M Flynn IL ’77 Charles J Foretich II MSST ’86 Robert R Frame PAST ’53 Tom S Gable MIST ’47 James R Gaebe IL ’59 David R Gallagher EMBRID ’78 Ronald D Garrison FA ’72 James M Garvey CT ’84 John C Garvey CT ’84 Paul Giacomuzzi EMBRID ’78 William A Glaser Jr LEH ASC Steven H Goldberg CT ’89 Tommy L Goodwin AL ’69 Raymond E Gotshall OHST ’52 Joseph F Gradisher MI ’79 Frank L Graves Jr TX ’55 Stephen Grosman VATECH ’94 Michael A Guerino CAL-PA ’79 David S Gunzel TX ASC Warren E Hadley IAST ’61 Walter S Hammert Jr OK ASC David L Harlor DEP ’78 William E Harlor OHST ’69 Thomas L Hart BALST ’60 Henry W Hartsfield Jr AUB ’54

R P Hatch A-CAL ’50 William F Hayes AUB Randall B Heemer GAN ’79 Kenneth W Heist AZ ’41 Robert L Hertel SCA ’52 John W Hess CREIGH ’75 Wayland Ray Hicks IN ’65 Maurice J Hill IN ’42 Thomas D Hillmer IA ’84 Edward H Hirsch HOB ’56 Richard P Hise IAST ’55 Harold Hitchins SMU ’43 Jack T Hollenback WA ’67 Harry Parl Holman SCA ’57 John W Holmes MICH ’65 William D Holmes IL ’51 John W Horch IAST ’59 Lester K Horn OHST ’45 Michael Claire Horn OSH ’68 Paul Dean Horn AZ ’64 Kenneth Housholder SMU ’42 Paul W Hutchison Jr MSST ’72 Melvin J Huxtable Jr KS Marc G Hynes A-CAL ’67 E Edward Isaac DEP ’29 William R Janowski SMU ’57 Andrew O Jensen SMU ’41 Frederick B Johns LEH ’90 Bobby Joe Johnson MSST ’63 Scott E Johnson AUB ’81 Edward A Kangas KS ’66 Michael E Kasamis PUR ’81 Guilford C Kater Jr OHST ’51 Charles R Kelley HUNTS ’80 Dwight H Kensil EIL ’80 David F Kent OSHALL ’58 Alvin B Kessler LSU ’50 Jeff Kingsbury BALST ’91 Michael J Kinkelaar IL ’79 Neal E Kitchell DEP ’72 Seth A Klarman COR ’79 Robert F Klein PITT ’74 Earl L Knauss Jr KS ’55 David C Koelsch ID ’69 Eric W Koelsch ID ’74 William J Kooistra IAST ’79 Peter P Korch III JOHN ’84 Richard R Kruger TRIST FAC Nadeem A Kureshi PAST ’85 Michael D Lafever FL ’81 Leland A Lahr DEP ’52 Wayne A Lavendusky HOU ’65 Peter John Leets IN ’69 Leon L Lemaire CT ’57 Steven F Levin ILST ’85 Albert H Leyerle OHST ’54 John A Lindemann IL ’50 John Henry Locklin PAST ’63 Randall G Loftis SEMO ’82 Horace H Look SIL ’63 Robert A Magnusson IL ’55 Michael E Majestic WAST ’90 Charles A Mancuso FL ’84 Raymond E Manning LSU ’42 William D Marshall ID ’39 Gerald J Martin CT ’62 Ronald J Martin NH ’87 Roger K McAlister DEP ’75 Earl E McCann CT ’58 James G McComb MI ’61 Kenneth R McCuneFULL ’69 John E McDaniels OK ’58 Michael B McFarland OKST ’86 William M McGough Jr AL ’70 C Wade McGuffey Jr GA ’73 Richard N McKaig BALST ’66 Paul D McKinnis WMI ’66 James McNamee II MIAU ’62 John H McPherson Jr APST ’91 Joseph Messerman PAST ’54 John R Miller OHST ’50 William C Miller SMU ’27 Paul A Monaco CT ’59 David M Moore ID ’68 Larry Gene Moore DEP ’61 Maurice L Moore FL ’30 David J Morehead DEP ’53 Anthony C Moreno OKST ’88 Michael J Moriarty OSH ’71 Guy C Morin MA ’82 William John Mork SMU ’65 Kevin K Morrison LBEA ’75 George L Morrow COR ’43

Robert L. Mouch OHST ’49 Wm H Mountain Jr BUF ’31 Armand Mouw FL ’49 Robert P Muratore LEH ’79 Michael D Nadler COR ’56 Charles R Naeser WI ’31 Michael A Nangano USC ’82 Dolph F Nelson Jr AUB ’69 Kenneth W Nelson KS ’72 Martin O Nelson Jr WA ’71 John C Nevin Jr FULL ’69 Marc Alan Nichols IAST ’68 Larry K Nothnagel NEMO ’79 James D Olson TRIST ’73 J Tommy Overcash MSST ’78 Connor W Patman TX ’42 Roy R Payne Jr COR ’52 Arthur J A Peltier MI ’49 John Ray Perry KC ’57 Vincent R Petrecca CT ’62 Kurt S Petry BALST ’82 Patrick J Phelan EMBRID ’72 Jeffrey E Philiph IAST ’82 Ronald W Phillips II WCAR ’94 Joseph C Pickett TROYST ’66 Herbert R Pohl SMU ’49 John J Polakowski MIST ’83 Lawrence Poundstone A-CAL ’34 F. Verne Powell III IN ’74 George M Powell IN ’79 Robert K Poyer BALST ’73 Richard P Prior FULL ’87 Charles P Rahe SIL ’65 Myron E Ranney MIST ’56 Charles Edward Ray DEP ’58 Michael E Regan NH ’83 Robert G Riddett Jr LEH ’74 Jack Mel Rider SCA ’51 George S Robbins WIS ’40 Burton W Roberts SCA ’37 Christopher W Roberts EIL ’83 Jon M Russo CT ’89 Gavin M Ryan MIAU ’82 Thomas W Rymer GA ’70 Arthur W Sackrison IL ’51 John Samore Jr SCA ’67 George E Schau SIL ’76 Gregory S Scherrer GATECH Jeffrey A Schoenherr MI ’91 Edward G Schussler DEP ’65 G Walter Scott DEP ’37 Clyde N Sedgwick ORST ’57 Mark M Seman YOU ’73 J Dean Semon SMU ’82 James P Sheahan MO ’79 John M Shelby SAC ’86 William R Shelton ORST ’44 Jack W Shirley OK ’51 Jan P Shoemaker IAST ’67 Mack D Short TRIST Keith R Shriver FL ’79 L Elliot Shubert KC ’66 Eric G Sickels COR ’77 Duncan J Silver CT ’61 Kevin H Simmons LATECH ’87 Stephen H Simonds KS ’68

D Stephen Slack SCA ’71 Andrew B Smith GATECH ’94 Frederick C Smith III MIAU ’64 Laurence A Smith WA ’43 Alan H Snyder Jr SMU ’44 Daniel W Snyder IL ’50 John F Spangler PAST ’58 Emil R Spees SIL ’57 Stephen B Spencer PAST ’54 Dennis E Stephens AUB ’62 Thomas L Stevens DEP ’52 Donald L Stripling TRIST ’70 Paul Strombeck CEMO ’70 James P Sturm FRED ASC Richard Suhrheinrich WAST ’58 Thomas R Sulentic IA ’70 Charles R Sweeney COR ’42 Donald D Sweeney MI William R Tallman EMBRID ’95 Roland H Tesene IAST ’35 Charles N Teyssier PAST ’55 David M Tharp GA ’72 Dan T Thomson SCA ’51 Samuel A Thornton PAST ’66 Charles Timberlake MIAU ’54 John H Tinker PAST ’64 Douglas Payne Todd AZST ’51 Jeffrey S Topley PAST ’80 Robert J Topolski Jr SEMO ’79 James E Trautman IL ’63 Domenick P Treschitta CT ’63 C S Trosper OKST ’51 Neil E Tucker KSST ’73 Scott R Turer PAST ’89 John T Vance WY ’92 Roger A Vasconcells KSST ’78 Gary R Vieira NE ’75 Thomas F Viola III NH ’82 David Vogel HOB ’87 Glen D Vondrick AZ ’78 Harold N Voss IL ’51 Henry E Wahl Jr IN ’36 Robert D Walters II DEP ’80 John R Warner DEP ’43 Glenn R Watson OK ’39 David K Weber COR ’68 William A Weeks TX ’55 Timothy A. Wehr IA Steven T Weir GOR ’75 Jeffery L Welles OHST ’75 Gilbert H Werntz III GAS ’85 Arthur H Weston PAST ’30 John R Whitaker Jr PAST ’48 Melville B Wier OHST ’53 Drew Wilkinson Jr LSU ’97 William A Williams GAN ’83 James A Wilson SMU ’37 Nick Lynn Wilson IAST Dennis T Woodling AUB ’83 Thomas M Woodruff FLST ’65 David B Wright EMBRID ’78 Theodore V Wright GOR ’82 Merton S Yerger PAST ’36 William F Yull III WHITE ’82 Adam Zax CO ’84 Charles L Zergiebel PUR ’53 Stephen J Zsolcsak LEH ’72

Did you know... Delta Chi Brothers graduating and having a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher will receive the Senior Recognition Award; an academic cord to wear during their cap and gown ceremony. For more information, or to apply for the Senior Recognition Award, visit our website at:


RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY REVISED 7/97 The Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. includes the provisions which follow and shall apply to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS The possession, sale, use or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, while on chapter premises, during a fraternity event, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or at any event an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education, and must comply with either the BYOB or Third Party Vendor Guidelines. 2. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the chapter. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage, i.e., kegs or cases, is prohibited. 3. OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by nonmembers of the fraternity, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, shall be prohibited. 4. No members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under legal “drinking age”). 5. The possession, sale or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES while on chapter premises or during a fraternity event or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity, is strictly prohibited. 6. No chapter may co-sponsor an event with an alcoholic distributor, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present. 7. No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organizations. 8. All rush activities associated with any chapter will be a DRY rush function. 9. No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in “drinking games.” 10. No alcohol shall be present at any pledge/associate member/novice program, activity or ritual of the chapter. 1.

HAZING No chapter, colony, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside of the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution, or applicable state law.” SEXUAL ABUSE AND HARASSMENT The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions which are demeaning to women or men including, but not limited to, date rape, gang rape or verbal harassment. 20 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003

1. 2.

3. 4.

FIRE, HEALTH AND SAFETY All chapter houses should meet all local fire and health codes and standards. All chapters should have posted by common phones, emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and should have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room. All chapters should comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company. The possession and/or use of firearms or explosive devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house is expressly forbidden.

EDUCATION Each fraternity shall annually instruct its students and alumni on the Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. Additionally, all student and alumni members shall annually receive a copy of said Risk Management Policy. THIRD PARTY VENDOR CRITERIA THE VENDOR MUST: 1. Be properly licensed by the appropriate local and state authority. This may involve both a liquor license and a temporary license to sell on the premises where the function is to be held. 2. Be properly insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance, evidenced by a properly completed certificate of insurance prepared by the insurance provided. The certificate of insurance must also show evidence that the vendor has, as a part of his/her insurance coverage, “off premises liquor liability coverage and non-owned and hired auto coverage.” Named insureds included on the certificate of insurance must as a minimum include the local chapter hiring the vendor as well as the international fraternity that the local chapter is affiliated with. 3. Agree in writing to cash sales only, collected by the vendor during the function. 4. Assume in writing all the responsibilities that any other purveyor of alcoholic beverages would assume in the normal course of business, including but not limited to: a. Checking identification cards upon entry; b. Not serving minors; c. Not serving individuals that appear to be intoxicated; d. Maintaining absolute control of ALL alcoholic containers present; e. Collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of a function (no excess alcohol — opened or unopened — is to be given, sold or furnished to the chapter). Vendor MUST remove all alco hol from the premises. POLICY GUIDELINES As adopted by FIPG, Inc. December, 1992 1. Closed parties (meaning those events with alcohol present) should have a guest list prepared at least 24 hours in advance. Attendance should be limited to two guests per member. 2. “Non-alcoholic” keg beer is not permitted because it can contain up .05 percent alcohol. Therefore, serving it would be a violation of our policy.

* The membership of FIPG, Inc. now stands at 33 men’s groups and 13 women’s groups.

Chapter Situations What follows is a list of chapters that are on Corrective Action for violation of the Risk Management Policy as of October 20, 2003. Chapter Arizona Bowling Green East Carolina Frostburg Hayward Northern Illinois Northwest Missouri Ohio (Columbus, OH) Virginia Tech

Violation Hazing Alcohol Hazing Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol/Hazing Alcohol


*Currently seven (7) chapters/colonies are awaiting adjudication due to alleged violations of the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy.

Corrective Action Levels Level 1 — Level 1 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, ordering that the Chapter cease and desist from the conduct in the future and be in accordance with the requirements of Delta Chi Law and the Risk Management Policy of the Fraternity. The Chapter shall be required to submit to the Executive Director a written statement that all prohibited conduct has been stopped. The statement shall be signed by the “A”, “BB” and such other members of the Chapter, as specified in the report, who were involved with or had supervision over the conduct in the violation. Level 2 — Level 2 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Level 1, plus the Chapter shall submit a written plan of procedures and/or activities that comply with the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy covering the activities in the violation. The plan shall be updated at least twice per year for the period of corrective action. Level 3 — Level 3 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Levels 1 and 2, plus supervision of the activities of the Chapter that were involved in the violation by a person or persons acceptable to the Executive Director. Level 4 — Level 4 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Levels 1, 2 and 3 plus the charter of the Chapter shall be suspended for the period of time of the corrective action. Chapters under Level 4 Corrective Action shall either be placed in conservatorship, as provided in Delta Chi Law, or shall operate under the direct supervision of the Executive Director. Level 5 — Level 5 Corrective Action shall require the suspension of the charter and the cessation of operation of the Chapter as it then exists. Re-establishment of the Chapter shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Board of Regents after a minimum one-year period.

KEEPING IN TOUCH BEHREND Born to Brother and Mrs. Michael Szelinsky ’94, a daughter, Sophia Marie, on August 24, 2003. BRYANT David O’Brien ’93, married to Kristine Paquette on August 25, 2002. Joe Buckley ’99, married to Elizabeth Zinkewich on September 27, 2003. CHICO Born to Brother and Mrs. Ken Vargas ’97, a son, Nathan Kenneth, on April 21, 2003. EASTERN ILLINOIS Born to Brother and Mrs. Thomas Kochevar ’90, a daughter, Leah Michele, on June 21, 2003. GANNON Born to Brother and Mrs. Brian Daeschner ’99, a son, Lucas Michael, on August 17, 2003. GEORGIA TECH James F. Stovall IV ’01, married to Chrissy Prues on August 9, 2003. IOWA Jonathan B. Larson ’02, married to Merissa K. Martin on September 13, 2003 KANSAS STATE Born to Brother and Mrs. Kurt Schultz ’96, a daughter, Greta Elizabeth, on August 19, 2003. Dan Hammons ’98, married to Christine Crawford on March 29, 2003. James Carmody ’96, married to Amanda Smith on August 23, 2003. Russell Jelinek ’04, married to Melissa Murray on June 6, 2003. LIVINGSTON Born to Brother and Mrs. James Kerrell ’99, a daughter, Emily Grace, on August 28, 2003. MARYLAND Eric Babcock ’00, married to Christina Vieira on June 8, 2003. NORTHERN COLORADO Born to Brother and Mrs. Christopher Mischke ’95, a daughter, Julia, on August 6, 2003. OKLAHOMA STATE J. J. Nowlin ’99, married to Sheryl Lyn Reim on May 16, 2003. OSHKOSH Born to Brother and Mrs. Kyle Lentz ’99, a daughter, Isabela Monica, on June 13, 2003. SOUTHWEST MISSOURI Adopted by Brother and Mrs. Wayne Locklear ’88, a daughter, Emma Victronova, on July 22, 2003. Born to Brother and Mrs. Steve Spence ’93, a son, Benjamin David, on August 13, 2003. WESTERN MICHIGAN Born to Brother and Mrs. James English ’89, a son, Brockton Henry, on November 27, 2002. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003 21

FAREWELL & PARTING These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. ABRACADABRA Daniel S. Johnson ’38, June 20, 2003

Glen W. Wensch ’43, July 11, 2002 Robert G. Friday ’57

IOWA Henry Clark ’32, June 18, 2003

Don Angus ’40, February 18, 2003 Richard E. Logan ’69



James Boehm ’38, August 24, 2003 Walter Trenchard ’40, May 10, 2003

Ernest Stone, FAC


Karl Robert Eldridge ’52




Philip M. Short ’51, March 11, 2003 William D. Raine ’52, July 14, 2003

Athan Chamberas ’96, June 16, 2003




Lloyd S. Richardson ’89

MIAMI GANNON Raymond J. Frey ’82, September 9, 2003

David M. Sleeth ’49, June 2, 2003 William L. Brown ’61, July 15, 2003

Thomas Byron Price ’49 Gary M. Cook ’72


PURDUE Willis J. Resiner ’32, May 9, 2001 James R. Froedge ’43, December 17, 2002

S.M.U. Gerald Willingham ’53, June 1, 2002

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA John M. Brown ’43, May 2002

Charles H. Withers ’34, November 28, 2002 Mason C. Haughton ’42, February 18, 2003 Ray M. Northam ’53, July 5, 2003

John R. Seidel ’46, August 5, 2003 Donald Bering ’54, June 27, 2003


Anthony L. Richardson ’91, August 11, 2003


John Nicholas ’50, May 26, 2002

John W. Nichols ’45, May 26, 2002



Robert C. Jordan ’66

Maurice F. Walser ’31, August 5, 2003 Robert Todd Ball ’34, April 15, 2003 Charles Tuxhorn ’37, September 9, 2002

Melvin C. Osborn ’43, July 29, 2003


Douglas Baker ’39, May 19, 2003

Harold C. Myers ’36, July 26, 2003 Stanley V. Fowler ’38, September 9, 2001



MISSISSIPPI STATE Frank M. Sessums ’71, April 15, 2003



Thomas F. Gibson ’67, April 14, 2002

24 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2003

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