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Delta Chi Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

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OUR FUTURE BEGAN IN 1890 Founders’ Day is a day for us as members of Delta Chi to look back and examine our history and plan for the future. We are fortunate to be provided with a fraternity of Founders who projected our future in 1890. Very often we get wrapped up in the complications of our lives, our membership in Delta Chi is no different. The International Fraternity, Chapters and Brothers often are forced to deal with conflicts that cloud the ideals on which we were founded. This past year an excellent book was written by Joseph J. Ellis entitled, The Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation. The book provided insight into the dayto-day struggles our nation’s Founders experienced and the magnificent way in which they created a framework for a new and growing nation. Although our Founders are not as recognized, they have played an important part in our lives as Delta Chis. It is amazing that eleven men sat down at Cornell and created an institution that has graced the lives of over 85,000 men for the past 112 years. Our future did begin in 1890 and it is

time once again to focus on why Delta Chi was created. At our convention in Orlando we were presented with the initial report of our Strategic Planning Committee. We as a Fraternity are devoting a great deal of personnel and economic assets to refocus on Delta Chi’s purpose in the future. It is very interesting to note the Strategic Planning process began with a simple evaluation of our Preamble. To forecast our future we essentially went back to 1890 at Cornell to grasp the fundamentals of our existence. Our core reasons for

quire a complicated effort combining successful implementations of numerous plans. To maximize the undergraduate experience we must as a Fraternity, from the undergraduate to the Executive Committee, do all we can to enhance rush and retention, alumni relations and housing for our chapters. These have been areas identified in the Strategic Planning Report as the core factors to secure our future growth and success. We will, with your help, strive to implement new programs and improve existing programs to reach these goals. We as Delta Chis are part of a greater picture. Individuals are part of a community and for us that projects from the Chapter level through the University level through our International Fraternity and into

“Our core reasons for being will be the same in the future as they are now and as they were in 1890.” being will be the same in the future as they are now and as they were in 1890. We are not here for alumni egos and we are not here to be reactive. Delta Chi is in existence to be proactive in providing an undergraduate experience for university men that will enable them to enjoy life, reach their goals and maximize their potential in today’s world. This end result will re-

society as a whole. If you succeed as a Delta Chi, you will have formatted a framework of success that you can build upon after graduation. Continued success after graduation often reflects on your adherence to our Fraternity’s founding principles. At events such as our convention you often have the opportunity to meet the active alumni who after twenty, thirty or even

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Charles A. Mancuso, “AA” fifty years still hold our founding principles to heart. These gentlemen are often successful in business, have wonderful families and are core members of their communities. I do not think this is a mere coincidence. They are the living examples of our Founders’ intent in creating our Fraternity. Simple life lessons facilitated by our Founding Fathers in 1890 have provided a road map for success in today’s world. Take advantage of what Delta Chi offers, take advantage of the opportunities that have proven themselves for more than 112 years. I wish you and your Chapter a prosperous new school year and continued growth within our Bond of Brotherhood. In The Bond,

Charles A. Mancuso, “AA”

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Orlando, Florida and Walt Disney World provided the setting for Delta Chi Fraternity’s 53rd Convention, which was held from July 31 through August 4. Over 400 undergraduates, alumni and guests made the journey to central Florida to experience five memorable days of becoming acquainted with brothers from across North America, attending educational sessions, and conducting fraternity business on behalf of their chapters or colonies. Wednesday, July 31 Most attendees arrived on Wednesday, gathered their registration materials and settled into the hotel. The convention body assembled for the first time that evening to listen to professional speaker John Spence discuss ways to make the most of the convention experience, and ultimately some of the steps we should take to change our lives and shape our futures. Attendees then gathered immediately after the presentation for a welcome reception in which brothers and

CONVENTION REVIEW guests established new friendships while renewing those of old.

Thursday, August 1 Convention attendees gathered early Thursday morning for a continental breakfast and to get prepared for a day of “getting down to business” which began promptly with the start of General Session I. The Session was called to order at 8:50 AM by the Sergeant at Arms Mark Shramka, Northwestern. Shortly after, the Convention sang “Fovens Mater” and recited the Preamble. After his welcoming comments, “AA” Bill Williams led the entire Convention in a stirring rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to Convention Coordinator Tony McClain. The Memorial Resolution was then presented by Greg Hauser, Michigan State ’77 in honor of those brothers who had passed away over the past biennium.

Executive Director Ray Galbreth recognized attendees based on the number of conventions attended, including George Obear, DePauw ’30 who has attended more than any other Delta Chi. The Convention showed its appreciation to George’s longtime dedication to the Fraternity by giving him a standing ovation on this his 26th Convention. The Convention was then honored by the presence of Judy Griffin, the niece of Founder Peter Schermerhorn Johnson. After sharing family stories about Founder Johnson, Mrs. Griffin surprised the convention by presenting Delta Chi with Founder Johnson’s badge. It is the first Founder’s badge to be included in the Fraternity’s archives. The badge was made available for the duration of the Convention and was a “must see” for all in attendance. Nominations were then accepted for Delta Chi Executive Committee posi-

tions. Nominated for “AA” were Chris Johnson, Kentucky ’77, Chuck Mancuso, Florida State ‘84, and John Shelby, Sacramento ‘86. Nominated for “CC” was Steve Bossart, Kent State ’90. The nominees for “DD” were John Dorner, Illinois State ‘91, and Mike Woolbright, Long Beach ‘86. Each candidate addressed the convention before General Session I was adjourned for the Educational Foundation Luncheon. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 3

Following the Foundation Luncheon, attendees gathered in front of the hotel for the convention photo. They then proceeded to Regional Caucuses where each Executive Committee candidate addressed their questions and concerns. General Session II began with elections. As a result, we are proud to welcome Chuck Mancuso as “AA”, Steve Bossart as “CC”, and Mike Woolbright as “DD”. Other legislative items of note included: expanding the eligibility requirements for the international offices, modifying how the elections are conducted, adding a clause to Delta Chi Law regarding the protection of our trademarks, revising the expulsion procedures and clarifying the term of office for undergraduate members of the standing committees. Upon the conclusion of General Session II, the undergraduates had a short break for dinner while Regents and ”BB”s, as well as ABT and House Corporation Presidents gathered for a recognition dinner that expressed the Fraternity’s appreciation for their work on behalf of Delta Chi. The evening was capped with an Alumni Ceremony, followed by a Ritual Exemplification. After a long and intense day of business, many Delta Chis chose to unwind at nearby Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island. Friday, August 2 Despite early rain, many Convention attendees risked the weather to compete in the 5th Biennial Kimball Open Golf Tournament which was played on Disney Palm, a favorite stop on the PGA Tour. The team of Reed Davis, Brian Gardner, Jennifer and MilesWashburn took the championship. The educational sessions also kicked off Friday morning with sessions on the Delta Chi Educational Foundation, Chapter Leadership, Warm Fuzzies/Cold Pricklies, and Becoming a Leadership Consultant. Attendees were then motivated by David Stollman, who presented on the ever-pertinent topic of recruitment and gave them ideas to take back to their chapters to help improve their ability to recruit the members they really want. 4 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

Early afternoon provided sessions on the topics of the Chartering Process, Managing Change, Time Management, Public Relations and How to Impress the Women in Your Life. Upon the conclusion of the sessions, the attendees were ready to take advantage of all Orlando and Disney had to offer. Some attendees spent the day poolside at the hotel, while others chose to hit up the Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios among other popular attractions. Saturday, August 3 On Saturday, the educational sessions continued to provide attendees with valuable information on a wide variety of topics. Some of the topics that morning included Working with Today’s College Man, Creating an Effective Executive Board, the Secrets of Interviewing Success, Designing a Member Development Program, and Writing an Impactful Resume. The middle of the day gave way to special sessions which gave all attendees tips for improving their lives. Greg Hauser gave a powerful speech reflecting on the preamble. His presentation discussed incorporating the preamble into our lives and how friendship, character, justice and education are all related and cannot effectively stand

alone. During lunch, Lorrie Bossart gave us all valuable tips on etiqette for business or social dining. It was clear from her presentation that “Manners Matter.” Paul Picciani, Connecticut ’86 captivated those in attendance with a presentation entitled “Movies, Lessons, Life”. This presentation discussed what it takes to be successful not only in business but life in general. Paul discussed the strategies of working smart, working with passion, working with energy and the importance of having balance. That evening, the Banquet was held in celebration of the many achievements of our fraternity and its members. Following dinner, George Obear began the “Handshake Across Time,” a tradition begun by Founder Monroe Marsh Sweetland to bridge future generations of Delta Chis with the Founders through this meaningful and inspiring tradition. The 2001 and 2002 Delta Chi of the Year Awards were then awarded to Chauncey “Tex” Cook, Texas ‘30, and James Webb, Southern California ‘67, respectively. The Certificates of Achievement, Most Improved Awards, Awards of Excellence, President’s Cups, John J. Kuhn Award and Valor Awards were also presented. A list of these and other awards is located on pages 20-21.

“There is nothing that can take the place of the Convention in inspiring loyalty to Delta Chi and bringing about a realization that this is a (Inter) National, not merely a local organization. Any man who can attend the Convention and fails to do so, will regret it.” -1911 Delta Chi Quarterly The banquet came to a close with an inspirational keynote address by Congressman John L. Mica, Florida ’67, which reflected on his involvement with Delta Chi over the years and how it has affected him personally and professionally. Brother Mica is a former Leadership Consultant with the fraternity and has served his district in Congress since 1992. After emotional closing remarks by outgoing “AA” Bill Williams, attendees joined together to sing the “Bond Song.” It was a fitting end to a special evening. Sunday, August 4 The only event on the agenda for Sunday was the Awards Brunch. The rest of the programming and individual awards were presented at that time. After the awards presentation, Tony McClain was presented with a Convention Coordinator plaque by Executive Director, Ray Galbreth, and Chris Johnson, Order of the White Carnation, generously presented his badge to the Fraternity to be worn as the official badge of the “CC”. The new International Officers were then sworn in and in his first act as “AA”, Chuck Mancuso decreed Marge Lee to be Delta Chi’s First Lady Emeritus. Marge has served the Fraternity loyally for thirty-eight years. It was a fitting token of the appreciation Delta Chi feels for her continued dedication and service. The 53rd Convention was then officially adjourned and the attendees said their farewells and parted with clear intent to see each other again in Washington, DC at the 2004 Convention. In review, the convention proved to be a rewarding experience shared by old and new friends alike. Billie Bride, Georgetown ’04, once said that “…if you have yet to attend a Delta Chi Convention, you have yet to have the time of your life.” Over 75 years later, those words ring just as true. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 5

Board of Regents Bill Williams, “AA” Mike Woolbright, “CC” John Shelby, “DD” Matt Johnson, Region I Jeff Albright, Region II Ratheen Damle, Reg. III Ham Henderson, Reg. IV Bill Humphrey, Reg. V Steve Bossart, Reg. VI Ken Sousa, Region VII Tommy Whitfield, Region VIII Jim Marascio, Reg. IX Paul Bohlman, Ret. “AA” Legal Advisor Chuck Mancuso Law Committee Don LaPlante Aaron Otto Housing Committee Jim Hoffheins Matt Jessup Risk Managment Chrm. Kevin Coyne Ritual Committee Brad Cole Justin Donnelly Trent Unterbrink Educational Foundation Fred Hammert, President Mike Carroll, V-President Bob Hendershot, Sec./ Treas. Paul Picciani Miles Washburn Dick McKaig, Schol. Adv. John Tunila, Legal Adv. Staff Ray Galbreth, Exec. Dir. Tony McClain, Dir. Chapter Services Joe Burak, Dir. Col. Dev. Matt Hamill, Dir. Chp. Dev. Karl Grindel, Dir. Chap. Dev. Designee Leadership Consultants: Marquez Brown, Mike Davy, Todd Levy, Matt Killingsworth, Jon Moore, and Dave Pohlman Interns: Elliott Chun, W. Ont.; Jim Curran, Reno; and Reed Davis, Appalachian State Office Mgr.: Marge Lee “BB”s Mark Adams- New Haven Pat Alderdice - Kansas Larry Audlehelm - Iowa Dr. Alan Brightman Kansas State Ryan Bujeker - Purdue Charles Cheatham LATECH John Holke - SCAL Tom Horowitz Duquesne Arnie Jimenez - TX A&M Monte Johnson - Denison Chris Kilroy - Huntsville Brian Martin - Ball State Randy Moss - S. Florida Kevin Pitchford - JMU Jose Rodas - Maryland Mark Schramka - NW CHAPTERS Alabama Brandon Hill Alberta Dan Bradley Paul Welke

CONVENTION ATTENDEES Roman Kotovych Davin Swenson John Anderson American Morgan Bradley-Jones Robert Moller Zachary Dresler Appalachian State Jonathan Stovall Chad Ray Jason Sparks Brian Gardner Arizona Sean Harding Dylan Metzner Auburn Charlie Elijah Jesse Marinelli Johnny Amari Jeff Gaddy Augusta Krischan Martin Joel Thompson

Pat Layton Matt Massey Dave Farley William Kerrigan Matt Grantham James R. Reynolds Jimmey Poteant

Kettering-B Adam Hergott Josh Lambacher Allen Vyvyan

Fredonia Matthew Fort Russell Burgstahler

Lake Forest Mark Marlbrough Kenny Dallmeyer Kristopher Fador

Fullerton Adam Rogers Gannon Jeremy McCullough Joseph Kondzer Ken Siegel David Rizzo Travis Baughman Ryan Flannigan Georgia Shawn Parker John Case

Ball State Mike Stumpe Jerry Ross

Georgia Tech Shaun Black Evan Wheeler Robert Stachow Rod Drews

Behrend Justin McVay Mike Mattich

Hayward Landon H. Baines Travis Sams

Bowling Green Adam Friend

Hobart Jack Gage Patrick Lee

Bryant Christopher Archer John Walsh Bryant Hamilton Justin Builes Dave Palmeri Josh Caron Michael Gamble Cal Poly Nick Gennock David Caillier Central Michigan Michael McDowell Brent Tuma Central Missouri Michael Loehring Chico Matt Williams Brent Vickers Clemson Joseph LoVallo Stewart Smallwood Connecticut Michael Simeone Brian Brown DePauw Steve Robinson Duquesne William Wuenschel Chris Conard Steve DiMiceli Dan Desko East Carolina Jeremy Barnett Craig Faircloth Eastern Illinois Jason Reinertsen Embry-Riddle Kinsey Bilyeu

6 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

Huntsville Michael Burleson Justin Scharber Justin McAteer Idaho Jamie Westberg David Church Matt Mosman Indiana James Thompson John Jeremiah Smith David King Timothy Ryder Iowa Doug Galbreth Jacksonville State Lance Smith Davey Hodo James Madison Michael Cronlund Adam Joseph Kansas Thomas Hammond Anthony Treu Kansas City Steve Bryan Kansas State Phillip Martin Jamie Yates Kenny Shear Kent State Dan Russell Mike Lippy Chris Gutman John Larger Kettering-A Mike Schlueter David Anderson

LSU Jared Smith

Livingston Clint Murphy John Garrett Long Beach Aaron Sanchez Darrell Stempke Josh Nettinga

James Bartelme Stuart Cogen Leo Lamontagne

Western Illinois Hank Fear Christian Terrado

Ohio State Shaun Pressly Bobby Kovey Ryan Frazee Chris Sohovich

Western Michigan Ric Mulligan Steve Yager

Penn State Evan Davis Rob Kazdan Purdue John D. Farrish Matt Skubiszewski Brent Becker Matt Baker Ben VanSlavens

Whitewater Jon MacDonald Nick Bradley Windsor Michael Morend Roland Bherava Wyoming Greg Gilmer Chad Smith COLONIES Abracadabra Matt Spence

Louisiana Tech Andrew Wong Chris Williams Casey Massel

Reno Michael Allerdyce Lang Fent Nick Horning David Slusher

Mankato David Cohen Patrick Felten David Wimmer

Sacramento Dan Bayla Wayne Cottle Chase Armer

Marquette Matthew Cichon Patrick Nelson

South Florida Andrew Feliciano James Perigno

Denison Kyle Brockett Blake Skogland

Maryland Justin Klein Peter Schoenbrodt

Southern California David Silva Christopher Fenolio Jim Hodgson

South Dakota State Ryan Dominiak

Miami Jason Brunie Matthew Yoke

Southwest Texas Jonathan Wilson

Minnesota Daron Korte Jon Hadden

Stephen F. Austin Austin Cosby Jason Hollis

Mississippi State John Hawkins Adam Rust

Tarleton John Croker Sean Perry

Missouri John Pancorvo

Texas Matt Mackowiak

Montclair Robert Baxter Mike Cafaro

Texas A&M William Price Mike Baird Matthew Wright

Montevallo Kyle Garmon Karl Schroeder

Tri-State James Eversole Thomas Griffin Steve Pelletier

New Haven Joe Cuzino Adam Silverstone Jason Klein

UNLV Dallas Fueston Drew Wilt

New Mexico State Andrew Haggerty Travis Covey

Virginia Tech Jason Heinrich Hunter Andrews

Northeast Missouri Bryon Liang Jeffrey Lowe Craig Hoehns

Washington Lucas Wunsch Parker Montgomery

Northern Arizona Colin Phipps Scott Willett

Washington State David Holm Jake Ward Joe Roberts Devin Wold Jarod Tanneberg

Northern Colorado Josh Drexler Northern Illinois Anthony Vitale Zachary Cole Northwestern Terrence Linz

West Chester Michael Rosen Alan Harber West Virginia Tech Chris Wood Jake Lease

Arizona State Joseph Kelly Klayton Roark Ryan Kelly Colorado State Tim Ulrich Chris Walters

Southwest Missouri Alec Lee Stony Brook Alex Hanna West Georgia Bo Moore Western Ontario Elliott Chun ALUMNI Tom Aldrich, LA Tech James Alex, Jr, Oregon St. Chase Armer, Sacramento Rod Arnold, Texas A&M Eddie Beaver, Louisville Newell Bentley III,Ket-B Jason Black, Arizona State Rod Batongbacal, HAYW Phillip Brooks, Ket-B Jason Butler, CEMO Chad Campanell, NH Tom Carroll, Hayward Dave Conklin, NWMO Robert Cortez, SW Texas Alan Cramer, New Haven Jacob Cross, EMBRID Jordan Cullifer, EMBRID Peter Dang, Alberta John Dorner, Illinois St. Russell Driscoll, Florida Kevin Emery, Cal-PA Ed Fusco, EMBRID Matt Engelmann, Florida Mike Gitzendanner, TRIST Max Goecker, Ball State Greg Hauser, Michigan St. Robert Hutchinson, Fl. St. Chris Johnson, Kentucky Shannon Johnson, CEMO Vicente Jordan, W. GA Bert Kelly, Troy State Eric Kerstetter, Auburn Richard Kruger, TRIST Jonathan Larson, Iowa Michael Lee, EMBRID Steve McCowan, EMBRID

Dr. E. Duane Meyer, HOB Dennis Miendersma, EMBRID George Obear, DePauw Pat Phelan, EMBRID Marc Povell, VA Tech Kirk Price, Embry-Riddle Stephen Puterski, N. Col. Amol Riswadker, Kettering-B Mike Sarow, Kansas St. Todd St Clair, SWTX Keith Shriver, Florida Andrew Signor, VA Tech JD Spangler, Minnesota Peter Swerdzewski, JMU Bill Tallman, EMBRID Bill Thomas, Georgia S. Jason Thomas, EMBRID Wally Tiedemann, EMBRID Dan Turner, EMBRID Alan Udell, Wisconsin Doc Underwood, Kansas Charles Valder, Augusta Rob Waltz, New Haven Gil Werntz, GA Southern Tom Wilber, Huntsville Chad Wolett, Arizona St Matt Yoder, Tri-State John Ziegler, LA Tech Guests Brian Bohlman Lorrie Bossart Judith Bunn Jaye Bunn Jerry Cebrenszki Brooke Cipriano Debbie Clason Chevy Eachus Mary Ann Freeman Janet Galbreth Sara Hamill Marian Hammert Richard Hinterleiter Mary Kay Hinterleiter Jacquelyn Hugel Trish Hutchinson Emily Johnson Allison Johnson Mary Jo Johnson Carolyn Johnson Abel Jordan Destiney Kimmerle Jo Lynn Mancuso Erica McCowan Jaimie McIntyre Erin Shelby Judy South Amy Sundermeier Drew Thomas Susan Tunila Emily Tunila Megan Tunila Stephanie Udel Maryann Valerio Jennifer Washburn Alice Werntz Banquet Only Jennifer Ator Ray Blacklidge, S. Illinois Matt Dorney, EMBRID Candy Driscoll Dr. Ingred Feder Christine Hardy Brian Harless,EMBRID Roman Heuczczyk, EMBRID David Kolodziej, EMBRID Terri Marascio Jim Messura, EMBRID Erik Meyer, EMBRID Hans Okerstrom, MN Rich Paulsen, EMBRID Kathie Pitchford Richard Sperling, WMI Nikki Turner



ast fall, the Headquarters received a call that it had given up hope of ever receiving. The caller introduced herself as Judy Griffin and said that she had the badge of one of our Founders, Peter Schermerhorn Johnson, and that she wished to give it to the Fraternity. She explained that, as a member of Alpha Chi Omega, she understood the importance of the badge to us. Judy went on to say that she was hesitant to send it for fear of it being lost in transit. When asked where she was living so that we could determine if a key alumnus was nearby to pick it up, she responded by saying that she lived just outside of Orlando, Florida. When asked if she would like to present the badge to the Fraternity at the convention, Judy said she would. The hardest thing to do at that point was not to tell everyone and keep the surprise among the few who needed to know. Arrangements were made and we waited. Finally, the convention came. After the opening protocols, Judy was introduced to the convention with the simple comment that she had a special presentation to make. Here are her remarks: “My name is Judy Griffin, and my great aunt, Clara vonGonten, was married to Peter Johnson, one of the founders of Delta Chi. Uncle Schem was the name that I always knew him by. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally, as he died before I was born. My mother, however, grew up in Sapulpa, OK which was ten miles away from Tulsa, where Aunt Clara and Uncle Schem lived, and she remembers him very well. My mother recalls that Uncle Schem was always very friendly to everyone and jolly and playful with children. One of her first

Founder Johnson’s badge.

memories was when she was five years old, and he entertained her and her brother at the dinner table by lining up his peas on his knife. I don’t know that my aunt found it amusing, but the kids loved it. Uncle Schem always called Aunt Clara ‘Lovey’, and they were very happily married. She always had a starched white shirt ready for him to wear every morning. Uncle Schem always dressed in a suit and was always a perfect gentleman. Uncle Schem and Aunt Clara were married for 33 years, until

his death in 1947. Aunt Clara passed on in 1972. As they had no children, my mother and her brothers were Aunt Clara’s closest relatives and heirs and divided up her household goods and personal items. Last fall I was helping my mother look for a particular piece of jewelry that she wanted to wear, and I came across a small square box. I opened it up to see what it contained and found something that totally surprised me, which is the reason that I am here today. I would like to present Peter Johnson’s badge to the Delta Chi Fraternity.” Needless to say, it was a big hit. During the rest of the convention, attendees were constantly asking to see and touch the badge. Judy and her husband Jim were invited to be the Fraternity’s special guests for the Alumni Banquet on Saturday night where once again, the brothers were able to show their excitement and appreciation for such a meaningful gift.

“AA” Bill Williams and Executive Director Ray Galbreth pictured with Judy Griffin, shortly after the “AA” presented her with a bouquet of flowers from the Fraternity in heartfelt appreciation of her gift of Founder Johnson’s badge. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 7

Brothers Answering the Call! Note: The following is a listing of donors for the 20012002 fiscal year.Any member who made a donation after June 30, 2002 will be listed in the ’02-’03 Report. Boldface indicates donations of $100-249; all capitals represents donations of $250-499; boldface and all capitals represents donations of $500- $999; boldface, all capitals, and underlined represent donations of $1,000$2,499; the addition of an * represents $2,500-$4,999; ** represents $5,000-$9,999 and *** represents $10,000 or more for the fiscal year. Donors to the Fraternity are in red.

ABRACADABRA Richard Bridgman ’51 (L) Fred R Brooks ’40 (K) Vincent Casalaina ’68 (L) Walter H Conser ’39 (R) G. Scott Cook ’68 (L) Arthur R. Cooper ’68 (F) Richard F Curtin ’60 (R) James K Dobey ’40 (P) Laurence E Feyh ’82 (R) Steven P. Freitas ’73 (P) Peter A. Fromm ’69 (K) Alan G George ’50 (R) Austin J Gerber ’49 (R) Richard Gottesman ’81 (L) Richard E Hall (P) R P Hatch ’50 (F) Jim S Hayashi ’83 (L) Marc G Hynes ’67 (F) Edward P Jepsen ’39 (R) Noel L Johnson ’79 (P) Bill Knoblauch ’68 (P) Dick M Landis (L) Steven G LaVoie ’82 (L) David B. Lyman ’70 (P) Arthur B McIntyre ’51 (L) James M Miller ’52 (R) F Davis Mills ’53 (L) Robert G Parker ’37 (R) Conrad F Pearson ’51 (L) William Peterson ’52 (L) Lawrence Poundstone ’34 (F) Tom Shellhammer ’36 (R) Larry S Tessler ’60 (P) Peter V Williams ’68 (L) F. Phil Yang ’80 (NF)

ALABAMA Gary S Andrasko ’75 (F) Jack Bailey ’54 Keith E Barze ’50 (R) James C Boyd ’77 (L) John Breckenridge ’67 Clarence W Brunner ’59 J Royce Bryant ’57 (F) H Nelson Camp ’52 William J Chesnut ’52 (R) Frederick Connell ’65 (R) Jim Stewart Corley ’43 Joe P Doughty ’48 Arthur B Fowler ’41 TommyGoodwin ’69 (F) Roy Gordon Graham ’50 Robert L Harris ’40 Thomas Hobson ’67 (R) Robert Hodgkins ’52 (R) Thomas L Johns ’49 (R) Robert W Johnson ’50 David B Kennamer ’80 William McGough ’70 (P) James M Merrell ’58 (L) John F Morgan ’84 Charles Murphree ’50 (P) Gary S Osborn ’64 (L) JAMES D PAGE ’53 (C) Robert M Parker ’51 (R) Robert C Patton ’58 Gilbert A Rhodes ’43 (L)

John C Savage ’82 William J Scott ’65 (P) DICK SHIFLETT ’51 (P) Robert H Sweat ’50 David A Tate ’82 John D Thomson ’50 William C Tucker ’70 (L) JON E VICE ’70 (K) Samuel H Wells ’55 (L) Richard C Wetzel ’71 Escar Gene Wood ’53 (R)

ALBERTA John Seo ’97

AMERICAN Michael A Galano ’94 (L) Neil Goodman Dane R Grams ’94 (R) Eric D Hassman ’92 Eric D Linkov (L) Evan G. Nolan ’01 Kenneth W Wile ’97

APPALACHIAN STATE Johnathan A Berry ’89 (L) Capt. George Brown ’95 (R) Robert B Burns ’90 (P) Edward G Capps ’86 (F) Doyle P Chambers ’95 (L) Robert W Chapin ’85 (P) Kevin L Dioquino ’93 (L) J Philip Fraley ’95 Chris Gardner ’97 (L) Stephen L Gore ’97 (R) Chad L Higgs ’97 Michael S Lingle ’95 (L) John H McPherson ’91 (P) Tracy E Miller ’94 JON SATTLER ’87 (K) Andrew L Schmidt ’89 (R) Christopher C Upton ’97 Randy D Yelton ’92 (R)

ARIZONA James P Aiello ’79 (R) G Barry Auten ’65 Peter Paul Barizon ’61 (R) Chad D Becker ’97 Jeffrey C Bell ’80 (P) Leland S Brake ’65 (R) William L Brandt ’67 (L) James M Bright ’57 (P) Salvatore Campagna ’56 (R) William Coombs ’87 (R) Don J Daniels ’52 Robert Ellis Davis ’48 (L) Timothy C Deegan ’74 Michael Dickerson ’78 (K) Bill Dinkmeyer ’52 (L) Fred A Dunsmore ’52 (L) Allan Eisenwinter ’59 (R) Howard L Enloe ’53 Thomas F Fassett ’78 (L) Henry W Felix ’50 (L) John B Groh ’90 (R) James W Growney ’56 (P) Blaine Gutmacher ’45 (L) Wilmer E Harper ’42 (L) R Larry Hawkins ’54 (R) Kenneth W Heist ’41 (F) Charlie Hong ’95 (P) Vaughn Hormann ’53 (P) Paul Dean Horn ’64 (F) Craig L Jennings ’92 Ely L Kahwaty ’90 (L) Robert D Kemner ’87 (L) Jim C Keogh ’50 David R Klotz ’78 (L) William H Long ’63 Michael P Lowpensky ’97 Kirk B Markland ’67 John R. McDonald ’55 (P) Fred B McLemore ’55 (L) Richard S Podgorski George A Ponsford ’34 (R) Jon F Rowley ’89 (R) Steven S Schuyler ’87 (R) B M Smiland ’40 (R)

Quarterly Fall/Winter Fall/Winter2002 2002 88 ∆∆XXQuarterly

Richard W Sprague ’37 Erick B Steffens ’67 (L) William G Stratton ’34 Thomas J Sutton ’66 Theodore Thuma ’43 (L) David W. Turner ’60 (P) Glen D Vondrick ’78 (F) J. Richard Wenker ’51 (R) Donald E Womack ’50 (P)

ARIZONA STATE Jason P Alberts ’97 Jason D Black ’94 John Paul Butler ’66 Albert J Catroppa ’55 (R) Michael Lindberg ’90 (R) Thomas L Mignano ’95 E John Pole ’49 (R) Douglas P. Todd ’51 (F) Charles D VanHyning ’96 CHAD WOLETT ’94 (C)

AUBURN Miles E Barnett ’56 (R) William C Bolen ’87 Fred L Bradford ’75 Olin C Brooks Joseph F Busta ’69 (R) *MIKE CARROLL ’71 (Sc) Ralph S Chabot ’59 Alex Charleston ’91 (L) Alexander Charleston (L) Richard I Chenoweth ’72 Ralph T Cleage ’70 (F) E Bryant Crutchfield ’59 (P) Robert W Dade ’68 (P) Kevin T DeLine ’94 Larry Allen Doss ’66 Alan F Drinkard ’71 (R) Cloyd T Dunn ’89 (R) Barry W Ellis ’65 Tim Fitzsimmons ’80 (L) Patrick L Fly ’86 (L) Sam Lou Ginn ’59 (R) Jimmie Ralph Hall ’54 Douglas Harding ’57 (R) Glenn E Harper ’91 (L) Michael R Harris ’69 (P) Henry Hartsfield ’54 (F) Lawrence L Hearn ’62 (L) Terry O Holloway ’78 Benjamin Howell ’62 (R) Thomas E Hurst ’76 (L) Scott E Johnson ’81 (F) Eric L. Kerstetter ’00 Thomas Lindsey ’66 (R) Rogers McCauley ’56 (P) Robert McKelvey ’66 (P) M. GARY MONK ’65 (Sc) Dolph F Nelson ’69 (F) Lawrence Norman ’58 (L) James Wallace Poe ’63 Cary F Poole ’80 (R) Derek S Roh ’94 (L) Richard A Roh (L) David F Rossman ’91 David C Schulz ’60 (R) Joel R Smith ’53 Ronald H Snow ’63 (P) C Alan Stanfield ’63 (P) Stephen Stanfield ’69 David L Steinberg ’78 Nicholas G Trial ’94 John G Walker ’55 (P) Richard B. Webb ’65 (P) Brian T Windsor ’94 K Dale Wingo ’59 (R) Dennis Woodling ’83 (F) KEN YOUNG ’69 (C)

AUGUSTA James D Aldridge ’92 Perry E Austin ’84 (L) Carlo Bracci Sr (R) Michael R Davenport ’97 Clint Edge ’97 Joseph B Harris ’82 (R) Leonard Manning Sr ’81 (P) Ronald D McCoy ’84 (K)

Steven W Thomas ’84 (P) Lawrence T Tingen CHARLES VALDER ’82 (K)

BALL STATE Dennis A Ault ’72 (P) Stephen R Baron ’71 James F Barrett ’66 (L) Donald J Bliss ’72 Chris R Bower ’91 (L) Carl R Brehmer ’60 (P) Keith Burkholder ’60 (L) Charles Chapman ’75 (L) Randall D Clark ’80 (L) Daniel G Courtney ’87 (R) Gregory J Dudley ’92 (L) Ross Bernard Flodder ’68 Max Goecker ’88 (K) Leslie H Gumbiner ’65 (P) Thomas E Habart ’67 (R) Jack M Harlos ’91 (R) Bruce R Hiday ’69 (P) Joseph F Hodge ’90 (P) Douglas S King ’84 (R) Jeff Kingsbury ’91 (P) Thomas S Kuntz ’80 (R) Robert R Lawrence Clifford C Lewis ’71 (P) Brian W Martin ’99 Richard McKaig ’66 (F) Brad Mendenhall ’86 (R) David C Moreno ’89 Douglas B Mueller ’81 (R) Robert E Myers ’92 (R) Daniel A Neeb ’81 JOE NEIRINCK ’63 (C) Philip B Nichols ’87 (R) John R Osborne ’59 (R) Michael L Pease ’86 (R) Kurt S Petry ’82 (F) Robert K Poyer ’73 (F) Phillip J Randazzo ’90 Jeffrey L Richardson ’89 Jeffrey J Ruff ’86 Michael J Schweitzer ’71 Simon A Short ’99 Charles K Smeltzer ’73 Randy J Smith ’76 (R) James T Starkey ’69 Robert Thornburg ’64 (P) Johnny E Trotter ’73 (L) Robert S. Van Zant ’80 (L) Keith A Waltz ’82 (K) Michael M Witte ’89 (L)

Paul R Fuchslin ’95 Humberto Graciano ’90 Victor Y Ho ’90 Daric A Holdaway ’93 (L) Sage A Howell ’93 (R) Alan C Ladrillono ’93 Mark C Manahan ’97 (L) Myron M Moya ’91 Steven C Nyholm ’97 Troy M Tossy ’91 (P) Matthew D Weal ’94

CALIFORNIA UNIV-PA William J Arey ’91 (L) David H Byers ’76 Craig A Carr ’94 Gary A Churella ’75 (L) Dino DiBernardi ’76 (P) Michael A Guerino ’79 (P) Edward A Hornyak ’85 Andrew T Kelley ’95 (L) Robert J Morgan ’75 Edward F Uhlman ’76

CENTRAL MICHIGAN Robert B Bennett ’90 (P) Timothy M Burke ’85 (R) Joseph J Butkovich ’85 (R) Brian C Closs ’84 (P) Mark S Dabran ’84 (P) Kenneth J Fortune ’86


James O Smith ’72

Ryan R Boozell ’98 Jason N. Butler ’99 Phillip H Cain ’76 Brian E Capps ’78 (P) Kelvin R Cole ’70 (K) Ron Cummings ’87 (R) Charles L Decker ’87 John B Dorgan ’70 (L) Jeffrey E Fields ’84 Raymond K. Grindel ’01 Jerry L Haney ’77 (L) Gary L Howland ’70 Stephen T Hudson ’84 Shannon Johnson ’88 (P) Andrew Klinghammer ’88 Gregory W Kranz ’78 Bruce A Loyd ’75 (P) Samuel L Meyer ’87 Thomas P Mullaney ’96 Paul H Niemann ’74 (R) Stanley Pinkham ’78 (R) Rodney A Prall ’84 (L) Charles D Rutt ’79 Michael B Satter ’98 Paul Strombeck ’70 (F) John P Thurmon ’89 (P) John L Unrein ’97 Glenn A Usery ’86 (R) Curtis J Wilhelmsen ’78



John M Biscotti ’92 Jeremiah Burnham ’95 John R Kennedy ’90 (R) Daryl F LaFiura ’91 JIM MARASCIO ’93 (K) Michael Mazzotta ’93 (R) Kevin D McCassey ’95 Robert C Morse ’93 Michael A Prestash ’95 KEN SOUSA, FAC. (P)

Jeffrey H Albright ’87 (F) Christopher P Collins ’90 Dale J. Faubert ’89 (R) Keith A Fields ’93 Mark E Foggiato ’87 Mark P Herberger ’95 (P) Steele A Kelly ’91 (R) Jack M Klosterman Henry M Lince ’89 Bryon McDougall ’89 (P) Michael J Oliver ’90 Thomas J Spadoni Todd A Zuvich ’97

BEHREND Alan G Cornell ’95 Robert J Duma ’90 (L) Erich J Sanchack ’92 (R)


BUFFALO Kyle M Bennett ’92 (R) Michael B Devine ’92 (R) James A Eaton ’81 (R) Howard Goldberg ’93 (L) John R Horwedel ’82 (L) Gregory J Mintz ’90 Wm H Mountain ’31 (F) James J Poltrone ’88 Douglas S Stoddart ’89 Eric R Voigt ’92

CAL POLY Gary W Caulkins ’68 (R)

CLARION Gregory A Fetcho ’88

CLEMSON Michael Alexander ’93 (L) Richard A Bender Michael L Brooks ’90 Christopher J Diak ’94 Jeremy R Erling ’94 (P) Clinton A Herring ’91 (L)

John C Rivers (P) Scott G Ruzycki ’92 (R) Jeffrey S Snell ’92 Grant S Steenrod ’94 (L) David Steinberg ’92 (P) James D Whorton ’91

COLORADO Patrick C Allen ’93 Jeffrey K Betzoldt ’85 (P) Richard W Davis ’89 Cory J Flohr ’94 (L) Gerard J Gietl ’97 Ian R Patrick ’91 (R) Douglas W Radtke ’87 (L) Jeffrey J Rickmeyer ’89 (L) John C Sullivan ’84 (R) Brian T Vick ’92 James N Weisberg ’85 (R) Adam Zax ’84 (F) K Spencer Zinn ’90 (R)

COLUMBIA Lee N Newcomer ’35 Harry O’Connor ’33 (P)

COLUMBUS Frank H Phillips ’84 (L)

CONNECTICUT Martin R Anastasio ’63 (F) Mark D Auletta ’89 (L) Walter S Bailey ’88 Eric J Bennett ’88 (P) Ronald P. Bugbee ’66 (R) Gerald F Conaty ’56 (L) Albert A Coppola ’55 (P) Vito D’Aiuto ’55 (R) Robert J DeMarini ’67 Bill Diefenbach ’83 (F) Orest Tadey Dubno ’62 GREG E ELLNER ’82 (R) Anthony Esposito ’65 (R) Daniel Esposito ’67 Gregory M Feduik ’78 (P) Mark Fitzgerald ’79 (F) James P Gareau ’93 (R) JAMES GARVEY ’84 (F) STEVEN GOLDBERG ’89 (F) Gregory J Gorski ’72 Leslie S Granow ’78 (L) Seth R Greenspan ’88 (R) Thomas J Hine ’83 (P) Wesley Hrynchuk ’59 (R) Gordon Hurlbert ’81 (R) James R Klase ’87 C A Krapels ’58 (R) Keith G LaRose ’84 (P) John K Leonard ’80 (R) JEFFREY I LEWIS ’83 (P) Richard E Madden ’69 Dennis J Maroney ’89 (R) Walter P Marschall ’59 (P) Charles E Martens ’59 Gerald J Martin ’62 (F) Earl E McCann ’58 (F) Brian D Mockler ’81 (L) Paul A Monaco ’59 (F) Robert L Moser ’77 (L) Timothy Murkett ’89 (L) Kevin M Murphy ’84 (R) Russell K Nash ’75 (F) Jeffrey C Nicholas ’83 (L) Jon L Norris ’63 (P) John A Novak ’75 (R) Fred H Page ’79 (P) Vincent R Petrecca ’62 (F) Gerard T Pfeiffer ’57 PAUL PICCIANI ’89 (C) Matthew L Rogalla ’58 (L) John H Schaefer ’66 (R) Jonathan Schofield ’62 (P) Guy R Scribner ’66 Duncan J Silver ’61 (F) Alexander C Sirios ’88 (L) Robert M Soltis ’88 Aaron J Spicker ’86 (R) Salvatore Spinola ’63 (P)

James A Stolfi ’86 (P) Richard Tarantino ’68 (R) Frank Tavera ’85 (R) Ronald T Topping ’58 (R) Domenick Treschitta ’63 (F) JOHN G TUNILA ’81 (C) Michael Velgouse ’62 (R) John J Walton ’65 (L) David A Wettstone ’84 (R) Craig R Wonson ’92 (L) Gerald J Zadroga ’90 (L)

CORNELL Harry L Ammerman Robert P Baird ’50 (R) Lee P Berlin ’58 (R) Donald August Boss ’43 (L) John G Canyock ’61 (L) John E Coleman ’29 (F) Clinton T Cooper ’54 David R Demming ’76 David On-Pong Eng ’75 Prentiss E Feagles ’73 Henry R Fechtman ’34 Walter T Foley ’53 (R) Benjamin Franklin ’50 (R) Robert T Garrett ’68 (R) Richard A Haggard ’58 Richard F Kauders ’69 (C) Seth A Klarman ’79 (P) Donald F Kruse ’52 (R) Thomas McEwan ’43 (R) Timothy C Metcalf ’74 (P) Alfred C Metz ’44 (R) George L Morrow ’43 (F) Michael D Nadler ’56 (F) Robert F Ogden ’37 (R) LtCol John Ohlsen ’62 (L) Richard C Oppelt ’75 (R) Roy R Payne ’52 (F) Arthur J Preller ’99 (L) Philip J Priore ’47 Richard E Schwab ’69 (R) James M Shaw ’45 (P) Eric G Sickels ’77 (F) Richard L Wagner ’42 (R) David K. Weber ’68 (F) Lawrence G Wright ’46

CREIGHTON Paul F Bazan ’90 (R) John W Hess ’75 (F) Michael D Kozlik ’75 (R) Daniel J Mages ’88 (R) Chris Sandquist ’94

DAVIS Derek M Smith ’91 Mark R Stewart ’95 Justin A Tucker ’94

DELAWARE Ivan J Gautier ’92 (R) Charles W Puls ’91 (L) Alan A Reuter ’93

DENISON David T Abbott ’74 Todd L Biegler ’82 (R) David Daugherty ’87 (L) J Christopher Lansburgh ’95 James McCracken ’90 (L) Robert W Munds ’89 Kenneth R Reeder ’74 (P) John Slade (P) Jackson E Winters ’88 (P) Kevin W Zeller ’71 (P)

DEPAUW Craig H Adams ’90 (P) Karl G Anderson ’51 (L) James W Armstrong ’50 John D Armstrong ’40 (P) William C Ashman ’52 Robert S Atcheson ’62 Charles L Baldwin ’47 James R Bartlett ’66 (R) James Oscar Baxter ’39 (P) Ben H Beck ’97

DAVID B BECKER ’75 (P) Lester E Beesley ’50 (P) Fredrick Bergmann, Fac. Robert Biddinger ’50 (L) Dan Richard Blunt ’63 (L) James S Bozzo ’87 (L) James S Briggs ’59 (L) Alan Richard Brill ’64 (P) Mark F Brower ’77 (P) Norman F H Buck ’40 (L) Howard L Bull ’64 (L) John M Burgett ’59 (L) Thomas E Burney ’40 (R) Cary D Bussema ’78 Gayle Lee Byers ’59 Richard T Carlin ’68 (R) Robert R Carpenter ’77 David J Carr ’81 (R) W Craig Chamberlin ’51 John A Chandler ’30 (R) James R Clark ’66 (L) Todd A Clark ’98 LAWRENCE CLARKSON ’60 (SH) Benjamin Cochran ’55 (L) Tommy L Collins ’70 Eric B Combs ’83 Michael L Coogan ’82 John L Cowan ’63 (R) Richard B Crandall ’49 George W Crane ’42 Michael J Cripe ’63 (L) Benjamin L Crue ’46 (L) Michael A Curtis ’93 (R) Joseph H. Danks ’65 (L) OWEN DAVISON ’37 (P) Geoffrey M Day ’85 (P) Delfino F De Leon ’77 M Keith DeArmond ’58 Donald Delves ’78 David R Dent ’63 Paul W Deppert ’47 (P) David M Dickens ’87 (P) Glenn D Dill ’87 George T Dodd ’59 (L) Raymond A Down ’65 (L) Don Driemeier ’60 (R) William F Edington ’43 DALE E ESPICH ’51 (K) Charles W Faust B Fiske Field ’47 (F) Ragnar V Flesvig ’89 (L) W Greg Fox ’88 (L) John R Giesecke ’60 (R) Michael J Giesecke ’92 MARK GOEBEL ’78 (K) Scott P Granger ’75 (L) Kent M Grathwohl ’85 (L) Frederick M Green ’66 Herbert E Grimes ’49 (R) John B Gross ’42 Larry K Hardin ’57 (R) C Bruce Hardy ’40 (R) David L Harlor ’78 (F) T Lyle Harlor ’48 (P) E Thomas Harnish ’44 (P) William G Hibbs ’44 (L) James A Hill ’83 Robert J Hill ’96 John E Hoadley ’50 (R) James M Holland ’54 (P) Richard C Holland ’52 (R) Phillip W Holstrom ’84 Carl Howard ’42 (P) Lawrence B Huston ’64 Gregory P Irwin ’97 E Edward Isaac ’29 (F) Ray S Jacobs ’47 David E Jones ’84 Rick J Jones ’91 Neal E Kitchell ’72 (F) Ryan M Knauff ’98 LELAND A LAHR ’52 (F) G Frederick Lambert ’40 (R) Thomas P Laskey ’83 Jack A Lawrence ’89 Jeffrey A Leinicke ’65 Kris T Ludington ’79 Richard A Lutes ’72 (P)

Jeffrey S Main ’89 (R) Robert D. Mann ’63 (R) Roger McAlister ’75 (P) Richard McCarty ’51 (P) Carl G McCollum ’90 (L) Charles McConnell ’61 (P) Kenneth Merrick ’48 (F) Andrew B Moline ’98 Larry Gene Moore ’61 (F) David J Morehead ’53 (F) Michael J Moskos ’85 (Sh) Max Ray Murphy ’56 (L) Michael J Neff ’77 Roger B Nelsen ’64 (L) David M Nelson ’64 (L) Russell E Newton ’99 GEORGE OBEAR ’30 (M) Carlos Ortiz ’92 (L) Jason R Pagels ’98 Parker Pengilly ’35 (L) Kirk D Perry ’91 Rex A Pittenger ’40 Bruce E Ploshay ’75 (R) Jerry D Pontius ’56 (R) Charles E Racine ’59 (R) Charles E. Ray ’58 (F) Steven M Ray ’88 (L) James C Roach ’97 Edward M Roob ’56 (P) James J Roscoe ’70 Adam F. Sandy ’01 John R Scatterday ’50 (R) Leroy J Schurmeier ’59 (P) Edward Schussler ’65 (F) G Walter Scott ’37 (F) James E Sergent ’89 (L) Carl K Shafer ’64 (L) Joseph A Sheridan ’59 (L) Ben P Shields ’70 (L) John T Siefert ’89 (P) James K Simonian ’86 Richard A Sit ’91 Michael L Slavkin ’93 David Andrew Smith ’81 Robert D Smith ’50 Robert P Snyder ’60 (L) Bryan D Sorge ’87 (P) Charles B Stafford ’58 Norman L Steffen ’50 Michael D Stehlik ’86 (L) Thomas L Stevens ’52 (F) John G. Stevenson ’89 (L) Paul N Stewart ’60 (R) MICHAEL STOUT ’78 (K) Norman Strasma ’55 (P) Gregory D Taylor ’86 (L) David P Thoresen ’91 Steven A Thorne ’74 (R) Norman F Tower ’34 (P) Kenneth S Tramel ’81 (R) B H Walters ’63 Robert D Walters ’80 (F) John R Warner ’43 (F) Harry Watts ’34 (L) Jonathan C Weed ’91 (R) Robert G Weideman ’45 George F Weikert ’51 (L) James L Wheeler ’82 (R) William White ’53 (R) Robert Wickersham ’61 (R) Randall Wilhelm ’86 (L) Richard H Williams ’41 William D Wilson ’75 (P) David E Winton ’56 (L) Carl F Woessner ’43 (P) DOUG WOOD ’74 (R) Lee Axtell Wood ’46 TIM WOODBURY ’62 (P) Robert S Wright ’48 Wendell S Wright ’38 (P) Adam L Yoder ’97 James D Young ’83 (R) John Harley Young ’44 Steven T Zimmerman ’65

DUQUESNE Christopher D Jordan ’95 Scott E Lacey ’95 (L) Shawn K Milano ’96

Philip T Stanton ’99 Christopher B Staub ’98

EAST CAROLINA Richard C Brown ’92 James E Downey ’94 Robert S Matheny ’93 (L) Michael R Nichols ’93 (L)

EAST TEXAS Sherman K Burns ’76 (P) Graham Dockery ’75 (R) David J Gillespie ’74

EASTERN ILLINOIS Daniel E Ahlgrim ’94 Jay R Anderson ’79 (P) STEPHEN ANDERSON ’72 (F) Michael H Ashby (L) Thomas J Baker ’76 Bruce E Beard ’81 Brian D Carlson ’75 Jeffrey M Cozzo ’97 Gary M Dean ’74 (R) James B Derwort ’70 John E. Derwort ’68 (F) CHRIS DESMOND ’94 (P) Robert E Dunn Steven P Evans ’92 Erik Hammerstrom ’89 (L) John A Harrer ’85 Larry C Heaton ’78 (P) Bernard J Jumbeck ’69 (R) Dwight H. Kensil ’80 (P) Timothy G King ’96 John E Koester ’92 Richard L Kraybill ’83 (R) Gunther Lichey Daniel Loftus ’90 (R) Mark E McKinney ’73 (R) J C Nashland ’68 Edward J Nollinger ’74 John T North, Faculty Michael Novotny ’76 (P) John P O’Reilly ’89 (P) Bradley L Overby ’93 Samuel E Overton ’80 Gary E Poskin ’75 (L) James D Price ’74 (P) CHRIS ROBERTS ’83 (F) Mark A Roberts ’90 (R) Arthur R Sandberg ’72 (P) Mark J Scheiper ’78 (L) James Robert Smith ’71 Eric S Stanton ’95 Tye J Swanson ’94 Robert L Urbance ’81 (R) Darren C White ’95 (L) Rev John D White ’77 (R) Terry Arthur White ’70 Kenneth J. Winter ’75 (P)

EASTERN WASHINGTON Glenn K Adams ’85 Philip J R Fruchtl Donald L Lindsey ’90 (R) Chris Pippard ’93 (L) Eric M Schneider ’85 (P)

EDINBORO Stephan M Summers ’98

ELMHURST Kevin P Klaibor ’90

EMBRY-RIDDLE PETER M BIX ’80 (F) David C Bizar ’87 (R) William H Bold ’76 (R) Ronald Brand ’94 Ronald S Cheshire ’76 J Lee Clements ’80 (F) Steven T Cloyd ’97 Jacob R. Cross ’02 Robert Denecke ’86 (R) Eugene M Dixon ’75 James F Dykes ’78 (P) RALPH FABOZZI ’73 (K) Scott M Fourre ’97

ED FUSCO ’73 (C) David R Gallagher ’78 (F) Michael W Gesicki ’83 Paul J Giacomuzzi ’78 (F) TONY GOCZALK ’77 (K) Brian C Harbert ’84 (R) Jeffrey M Harrington ’95 Roman Hluszczyk ’99 (L) Jeffrey S Hornyak ’90 (P) Boyd D Kelly ’92 (R) Gregory C Lawton ’72 (P) Michael E Lee ’97 (R) Ivan L Lind ’73 John McCarragher ’92 (P) Matthew McCloskey ’97 Steven McCowan ’98 (L) Dennis Miendersma ’72 (P) John E Noble ’84 (R) Paul Oehler ’87 (L) David S Paladino ’81 (P) Arthur M Parker ’76 Edward Pascavage ’96 Richard H Paulsen ’97 (R) Patrick J Phelan ’72 (F) Kirk S Price ’71 (K) Roger R Romaker ’82 Michael E Senn ’91 (L) BILL TALLMAN ’95 (F) Tyron F Tanner ’93 (L) Robert D Telep ’97 WALLY TIEDEMANN ’77 (K) Jorge A Toruno ’87 Daniel R Turner ’93 (R) Mark W Weiler ’82 (L) Edward J White ’80 (R) Paul G White ’78 DAVID WRIGHT ’78 (P)

Armand Mouw ’49 (P) Phillip L Noe ’92 (P) Kevin B Norr ’93 Kimbrough O’Haver ’61 (L) William Alan Pinto ’69 (R) Earl J Pounds ’68 Gregory C Rieder ’81 (L) David Rosenfeld ’83 (P) Robert Alan Rosof ’54 Richard R Schultz ’67 (P) John K Seeberger ’81 (R) Keith R Shriver ’79 (F) James H Swann ’82 (R) John C Trent ’72 Russell J Vara ’66 (L) Christopher Waite ’89 (R) Hugh C Waters III ’55 (L) William R Weis (L) Jim Zehentbauer ’84 (L)

FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL Sergio J Bonilla ’90 (R) Manuel L Nunez ’91 (R)


Jonathan L Dehring ’97 Keith F Siegmann ’96 (L) Todd T Stone ’96

B James Banks ’87 (L) Joseph W Blunk ’65 (R) Gregg A Conrad ’96 Stewart M Ebaugh ’88 (L) Andrew S Flint ’95 Jack L Herring ’65 (R) Robert E Hoerter ’63 (R) James E Hunziker ’85 (L) Jack C Isaacs ’89 Robert W Ludwig ’64 (R) William S Lutz ’64 (L) Charles Mancuso ’87 (P) Leslie McCallum ’65 (R) William T Osolin ’80 (R) Michael D Samitt ’89 (L) TOM WOODRUFF ’65 (F)



Anthony Albano ’75 (F) James Wylie Almand ’72 Robert H Bacchus ’87 (L) Edward W Bohm ’86 Martin A Brungard ’83 (R) James A. Caputo ’89 Carey Cavanaugh ’76 (L) Richard B DeGraff ’71 (F) Joseph A DeMarco ’56 (F) Conrad G Demro ’48 (R) Michael K Dresback ’95 Russell H Driscoll ’57 (P) Douglas K Eisenstein ’92 Barry A Eller ’71 (F) Richard Erickson ’71 (L) James M Fatigante ’91 John M Fickling ’50 (L) Dennis L. Fielder ’66 (F) Richard Fingerle ’76 (R) James R Fisher ’52 (R) Mark F Fisher ’85 Jason R Fusco ’96 Michael V Geary ’90 (P) R Ross Haeger ’40 James R Henderson ’69 Jay H Horton ’93 Dennis A Hoyt ’76 (L) Ronald C Jacobs ’84 James W Jones, Faculty Joseph Jurkowski ’70 (R) Gerald Lee Keenan ’69 Michael D Lafever ’81 (F) Herbert W Laird ’52 Warren H Lampert ’89 (P) Charles R Lee ’51 (R) Mark T Luttier ’77 (P) Robert R Lynch ’56 (P) Eero H Maki ’88 Chris Marois ’88 (L) Thomas Maroldy ’58 (R) Chuck M Martinez ’85 (R) Jason A Mesiarik ’97 David R Mica ’77 (L) John L Mica ’67 (K) Roger Ellis Miller ’42 (L) William A Miller ’74

Michael S Bleecher ’93 (L) Joseph J DeFazio ’92 Matthew Guffey ’94 (L) Leo R Klein ’94 (L) Jeffrey M Leone ’94 (L) Christopher M. Loss ’94 Daniel G. Richter ’00 James P Sturm (F) Kevin R Sullivan ’94


FROSTBURG John R Burgee ’91 H Eric Chadwick ’91 Andrew Fleischer ’90 (L)

FULLERTON Richard W Carson ’91 Danial A DeLaHunt ’92 Dale D Dimos ’87 Michael L. Greedy ’67 (P) Christopher Jennrich ’99 Michael E Johnson ’85 (R) Richard D Larsen ’67 Kenneth McCune ’69 (F) Dwight C Millard ’86 (R) Michael Morrissey ’82 (P) Branton R Nash ’79 (L) John C Nevin ’69 (F) Jerry D Nininger ’69 (P) Robert P Pledger ’70 RICHARD PRIOR ’87 (P) Reymundo O Rangel ’79

For the fiscal year 2001-2002, donations totalled $195,084.08

∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 9

Brothers Answering the Call! Thomas P Restelli ’72 (R) Bradley J Saunders ’82 (L) Timothy J Schlentz ’73 Thomas F Scully ’69 (R)

GANNON John E Assini ’74 John A Cannella ’70 Joseph J Cappetta ’70 Bradley P Colwell ’70 (L) Thomas N Costa ’73 (L) Kevin R Dieterle ’78 Randall B Heemer ’79 (F) Neal J Kelly ’71 Jonathan R Lasecki ’85 Thad Lewandowski ’76 (P) Peter J Meyer ’85 Paul M Modzelewski Robert J Newton ’90 Chad M Shields ’94 Carl J Stock ’80 (P) Jonathan J Vidal ’94 William A. J. Williams ’83

GEORGETOWN Albert T Gonzales ’39


GORHAM STATE William E Barker ’78 John D Cole ’76 SEAN CONRAD ’97 (P) Michael R Cormier ’71 (L) Donald R Cote ’77 James F Doughty ’78 (R) Dana L Dow ’73 (P) Mark R Gardner ’77 Kenneth J Goodrich ’93 Robert J Harmon ’76 (L) Edgar W Holcomb ’89 Randall L Judkins ’74 (L) Sean F Kilfoil ’87 (P) Peter S MacGregor ’92 Morgan S Marks ’84 Kenneth D Marston ’78 Robert A Morang ’69 James R Moses ’95 John L Richard ’77 Mark V Scarano ’91 Richard G Talbot ’69 (L) Steven T Weir ’75 (F) Andrew M Wheeler ’88


Brian E Flaherty ’85 (P) Ronald D Garrison ’72 (F) Joe D Jackson ’75 (R) Lance G Kern ’82 Thomas W Rymer ’70 (F) DAVID M THARP ’72 (F)

Dennis M Davis ’98 (L) Louis J Fresquez ’95 (L) Mark R Halfon ’91 Sunjay K Nair ’92 Richard W Post ’93 (P) Jerome L Sigua ’91 Benny Z Sun ’89 (R)



Richard N Deal Jeffrey A Thomas ’84 (L) William L Thomas ’87 (R) Gilbert H Werntz ’85 (F)

GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN Donald Housend (R) Eddie L Mizell ’83 (R)

GEORGIA TECH Brian D Blankenship ’98 MIKE BOUDREAU ’93 (P) David S Chellgren ’99 (R) Chi H. Chung ’98 Daniel J. DeCicco ’01 Richard delaGuardia ’95 (R) Brian P Esker ’93 David M Garrett ’99 Michael Johnson (L) Brian D Jones ’97 (R) Joseph V Joyce ’94 (L) James A Kenyon ’96 (L) S Weslee Knapp ’98 Craig J LaCava ’95 (L) *EDWARD PARK ’97 (K) Jeffrey J Peeler ’99 Andrew B Smith ’94 (F) Lyle E Sprinkle ’96 (P)

Robert O Banker ’60 (R) John A Booth ’89 (L) Robert H Brunner ’64 (L) Wayne H Butler ’79 (L) Roberto C Del Rosal ’89 Gary Jon Deys ’66 (P) Cortland D Field ’61 (R) Joseph B Fowler ’64 (L) Richard S Gates ’78 Timothy R George ’74 David F Gipner ’63 (L) Peter J Grant ’86 Edward H Hirsch ’56 (F) Stephen Johansen ’64 (R) Harold Jay Jones ’50 Robert R Lawrence ’50 (R) E Duane Meyer ’58 (P) James F Moriarty ’53 (R) Harry P Ruske ’50 Arthur S Spangler ’71 (P) Paul H Stearns ’51 (P) DAVID VOGEL ’87 (F) Timothy F Washburn ’68 Alvin I Yamashiro ’66 (R) Ludwig Ziegelmair ’57 (P)

HOUSTON John Alan Braden ’67 (R)

Ted J Davis ’74 Joe Winford Pyle ’61 (R)

HUNTSVILLE Brian D Godsy ’81 (K) Howard J Hall ’78 (R) Charles R Kelley ’80 (F) JEFFREY MCLAM ’97 (R) James D Nelson ’90 (R) Jeffrey Rakestraw ’92 (P) Andre J Roques ’96 (L) William C Sharples (R) David W Swinford ’82

IDAHO John L Aram ’36 (R) Michael J Arrillaga (L) Alan Bermensolo ’76 (R) Corwin C Biehl ’42 (L) Vernon Burklund ’48 (R) Michael S Burney ’70 John Douglas Bush ’72 (P) Kelly J Carper ’88 Timothy J Carper ’79 Clair Christianson ’46 (P) John Oren Cossel ’67 John L DiMicco ’84 Edward B Greef ’45 (R) Sam H Ham Claude Hart ’38 (R) John F Hayden ’33 David L Hoffman ’77 (L) Raymond Holmer ’82 (P) Max L Hoskins ’68 (P) Jerry Jacobson ’53 Edward R Johnson ’84 Donald E Jones ’55 Harry W Knox ’75 David C Koelsch ’69 (F) ERIC KOELSCH ’74 (F) Robert J Lamphere ’40 (P) Robert N. Lea ’63 (L) Dustin J Lee ’96 Fred N Locke ’40 Herbert S Malany ’63 William Marshall ’39 (F) William McGarry ’81 (R) Howard I Monks ’42 David M Moore ’68 (F) Larry Dean Moss ’58 (P) David Earl Nielsen ’66 (P) Charles D Otto ’59 (L) Noel C Randall ’61 James C Shaw ’62 (L) Addison W Stone ’43 (R) JOHN F TATE ’64 (K) Eugene Thompson ’46 (P) Don Duane Vogler ’60 (R) Shaun M Wardle ’98 Ellwood V Werry ’51 (R) John P White ’78 (L) Mark H Wolfe ’79 Richard Zimmerman ’49 William K Zink ’85

IDAHO STATE Martin J Beach ’75 Michael P. Dellos ’75 (L) Charles N Graham ’74 (R)

ILLINOIS CALVIN AGGER ’49 (F) Timothy Arenberg ’79 (F) Robert Todd Ball ’34 Stanley Bergbom ’37 (L) Bernard F Biegel ’78 (R) Wayne E. Binkley ’56 (P) Michael C Blaha ’84 (R) Mark R Borelli ’81 (P) Raymond F Borelli ’58 (C) Richard J Bowers ’51 (R) Kenneth A Buel ’57 (P) Terry Lee Carius ’70 John Merel Cazel ’56 (P) Philip W Chapman ’75 Michael J Cheaure ’86 Richard Chenoweth ’58 (F) Gary A Chessman ’66 (L) Ronald D Clayton ’54 (P)

10 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

Gary R Coffey ’53 (P) Craig B Crawford ’97 Earl Hazen Drew ’29 (Sh) Mark A Drinan ’73 (L) Philip H Flick ’53 (F) Jerrol Lee Flood ’51 George M Flynn ’77 (F) James E Friestad ’78 (L) James R Gaebe ’59 (F) Matthew D Garrett ’95 (L) Richard H Geiger ’78 (L) Richard Genovese ’67 (P) Tom Golaszewski ’85 (L) BOB GOLTERMANN ’55 (R) Thomas E Gordon ’74 (P) Delph A Gustitus ’84 (L) Eric I Haaga ’73 (R) Matt Hagemann ’85 (P) John M Hill ’82 William G Hillier ’81 (P) Frank Hinds, Faculty (P) Mark A Hinds ’80 James R Hodgson ’71 (P) William D Holmes ’51 (F) Henry R Hosman ’59 (P) Kenneth R Hughes ’70 (R) Frank Jantac ’30 (F) Robert J Jensen ’48 (L) Jeffrey T Jochims ’89 (L) Dan W. Kaspar ’69 (L) Kevin J Kell ’73 (P) MIKE KINKELAAR ’79 (F) Thomas Kirkenmeier ’77 Scott E Koves ’69 William J Koves ’66 (L) Frank J Lather ’40 Timothy J Leahy ’82 Robert Carl Liden ’67 (P) Ralph L Lindblad ’41 (L) John A Lindemann ’50 (F) JEFFREY LONG ’74 (K) William A Loutos ’79 Mark J Luginbill ’74 (R) Robert Magnusson ’55 (F) Troy D. Malmstrom ’00 Richard S Marsho ’62 (P) Ray Mathews ’76 (R) Timothy J McCarty ’89 (R) Douglas H McGown ’73 Bob Meinershagen ’68 (P) Richard Dean Mills ’51 Charles C Morris ’55 C Richard Nash ’55 (L) C Don Paulsell ’65 (P) Ellis E Pohlmann ’34 Scott A Reed ’81 (K) David H Rees ’79 (L) John M Russo ’77 Arthur Sackrison ’51 (F) Theodore Samuelson ’48 Paul A Sauer ’83 (L) James A Schaffner ’67 (P) John R Schroeder ’69 (R) Steven Schroeder ’77 (L) Paul B Smith ’40 (R) Daniel W Snyder ’50 (F) Kurt A Steger ’78 Donald F Sternard ’83 (L) Harold L Stoller ’66 (L) Jay R Sturm ’51 (P) Paul J Swanson ’55 (P) DONALD THORP ’85 (P) Thomas A Tingleff ’68 James E Trautman ’63 (F) Gerald Unks ’58 (R) William D Vedral ’65 Donald Vonnahme ’64 (L) FRANK K VORIS ’61 (K) Harold N Voss ’51 (F) Maurice F Walser ’31 Robert A Wilson ’58 (P)

ILLINOIS STATE J. Jeffrey Broderick ’81 Gary S Buck ’79 (F) Jock M Cameron ’83 Kevin P Deany ’91 (L) JOHN DORNER ’91 (K) Carl L Enchelmayer ’92

Steven J Freeman ’89 (R) Thomas J Gawlik ’77 Jai J Kalsy ’93 Todd P Klein ’98 Steven F Levin ’85 (P) Fred L Lotter ’76 (P) Dennis E Mendel ’92 (L) Terry Rosenberger ’74 (R) Anthony P Rowe ’98 Michael Welsh, Fac. (K)

INDIANA William B Baker ’57 Glen J Beams ’38 (F) Ralph W Bentle ’36 (P) Eric S Berwin ’93 Corbin E Bolinger ’52 (P) John M Cecere ’84 (R) John G Copeland ’49 (K) Jay E Coy ’84 (P) Dennis K Cuffel ’86 (F) Ralph W. Duckwall ’42 John M. Galvin ’54 (K) Theodore Garrison ’53 (R) Frederick Gehrke ’57 (L) Tom R Gilliam ’41 (R) Gary Max Hayes ’62 (L) BRIAN HEEREN ’86 (K) Bruce A Hewetson ’73 (P) Wayland R. Hicks ’65 (F) Maurice J Hill ’42 (F) John P Hooning ’57 (R) Thomas A Hoover ’80 Charles Hopkins ’47 (R) John E Hurt ’35 (K) Paul G Jasper ’32 (F) R Keith Johnson ’61 (P) Matthew J Kremke ’91 (L) Donald H Krueger ’46 Peter John Leets ’69 (F) Richard C Leopold Norman M Lewis ’69 (L) Gregory E Lindsay ’70 (R) Scott A McLachlan ’98 George F Miller ’39 (R) Walter J Miller ’51 Max E. Mohler ’60 (K) Gregory P Ness ’87 (R) Timothy G Nusbaum ’70 Charles O’Lessker ’85 (R) Derk R Osenberg ’88 (L) Martin D Overholser ’75 Matthew H Paine ’97 (L) Edwynn L Platt ’83 (L) F. Verne Powell ’74 (F) George M Powell ’79 (F) John W Richeson ’36 Donald E. Rodda ’69 (P) John A Rowady ’90 Connor K Salm ’48 (P) Guy E Sandberg ’50 Matthew L Smith ’90 (L) Walter E Stebing ’40 (R) Jeffrey B Sturgis ’81 (L) Paul P Szotek ’98 L Eugene Tanner ’55 (Sh) Douglas L Tate ’81 (L) Ryan R Vokac ’99 Henry E Wahl ’36 (F) David C Warren ’90 Thomas L Weintraut Eugene G Wilson ’72 Roger A Wolcott ’59 Joseph R Wozniak ’95

IOWA James W Anderlik ’66 (L) Donald M Angus ’40 (R) Glenn D Atkinson ’48 (R) Larry Audlehelm ’71 (K) Robert A Beardsley ’83 (F) Kenneth Bergman ’51 (R) Charles H Blunt ’59 (P) Irvin L Cirks ’51 (L) Richard D Eisenlauer ’75 Jon C Faber ’88 (L) Gregory W Fletcher ’78 Jeffrey W Glazer ’73 (L) Steven Goldstein ’82 (P)

Randall K Hadley ’77 (R) Thomas Halupnik ’70 (P) Robert J Hamlin ’86 (R) Thomas A Hansen ’62 (R) David A Hanson ’86 Daniel A Hedlund ’85 (L) TOM HILLMER ’84 (F) Brian K Johnson ’75 George W Keyes ’43 (P) Michael A Koh ’95 William L Kruger ’84 Dr Keith E Kucera ’82 (L) Michael K Lala ’82 Mark A Law ’97 (R) Kenneth R Lepley ’70 (R) Charles F Lockhart ’65 (P) LYLE A LYNN ’30 (K) Peter D Mackintosh ’65 Frederick R McLain ’66 Gary H Mears ’58 (P) Matthew Meiners ’93 (L) Hugh R Miles ’78 Robert J Nolan ’95 Kenneth Padgham ’65 (R) Mark A Pfeiler ’91 (L) Mark W Putney ’51 (K) David A Rewers ’88 Bob Schabacker ’59 (P) Mike Schiavoni ’65 (R) Christopher Schriever ’87 Jay D Shinkle ’86 Wallace T Shinkle ’57 (P) Robin D Shoop ’60 (L) Michael S Silver ’84 (R) Todd P Smith ’90 (R) David K Stacey ’90 James R Starr ’73 (P) David M Stout ’77 (L) TOM SULENTIC ’70 (F) D Mickey Thomas ’52 (R) Bruce L Walker ’68 Tim Wehr (P) Stanley E Williams ’42 David Norman Young ’50 Walter H Zukof (P)

IOWA STATE Gerald Estle Allen ’55 (P) Charles Anderson ’49 (F) Steven E Barton ’79 (R) Patrick N Benoit ’96 Robert E Benson Nathan T Bibus ’97 (L) Brice A Blank ’94 (L) Boyd W. Boehlje ’61 (C) Gary L Borkowski ’81 (R) William H Boust ’48 John W Bradley ’62 (R) Richard Buchanan ’58 (F) Clark Carmichael ’58 (R) Wayne A Christ ’79 (F) Don Christoffersen ’78 (P) Robert E Cochran ’32 (R) Thomas E Code ’53 (F) Donald J. Cowie ’69 (R) Lyle M Cressey ’34 (P) Philip B Crispell ’84 (R) Paul A Curtis ’79 (P) Bruce W Daker ’79 (R) Gary L Dodge ’79 Gerald J Driscoll Roland A Fagre ’43 (P) Stanley C Fagre ’40 (R) Ronald W Force ’63 (R) Max C Geise ’39 (R) JOHN GIOFFREDI ’78 (K) Warren E Hadley ’61 (F) Kenneth J Hagan ’34 (L) WILBUR HARDING ’42 (R) J Michael Hegarty ’97 Richard P Hise ’55 (P) George R Hooper ’85 (R) GEORGE HOPKINS ’61 (K) John W. Horch ’59 (F) Russel J Hunt ’83 (L) Gregory M Johnson ’72 Larry Kemmer ’63 (R) Charles M Killion Karl W King ’80 (L) Aaron W Koch ’90 (R)

B G Adam Koltz ’65 (P) Steven F Koob ’81 William J Kooistra ’79 (F) Terry L Larson ’78 (R) Gary Allen Lewis ’67 (P) Steven J Luppes ’73 (L) Charles T Manatt ’58 (P) H Paul McCorkle ’32 (L) William McGinnis ’43 (L) Walter D McKinley ’33 Michael J McLain ’78 (P) Robert L Mersch ’60 (P) Ronald L Mock ’72 (L) Travis J. Muff ’99 Brian J Newton ’94 Marc A. Nichols ’68 (F) William L. Nolan ’62 (P) Arloe W Paul ’33 (K) Ross L Peterson ’78 (L) Jeffrey E Philiph ’82 (F) Eric L Quee ’88 (R) William Rice Jr ’41 Steven J Safford Alex Sampson ’37 (R) Lynn E. Schade ’50 (L) Scott A Schaefer ’85 (R) Charles W Schott ’64 (L) John F Sefcik ’76 (L) Jan P Shoemaker ’67 (F) Doyle Simonsen ’40 (R) Randall R Slater ’79 (P) Howard Clark Smith ’41 Donald R Sobaski ’91 Sidney L Soldwish ’65 (L) ROLAND TESENE ’35 (P) John L Tuttle ’64 (R) John L. Valerius ’38 (R) Clarence Van Donselaar ’63 Barry B Whipple ’67 (R) R Kim Wilson ’77 (P) Robert R Winders ’44 (R) Charley H Wise ’48 (R) Benjamin C Wold ’66 (R)

JACKSONVILLE Clifford S Losen ’83 (P) James Mulholland ’81 (R)

JACKSONVILLE STATE Charles D Becraft ’78 Roger D Burton ’74 Robert B Butler ’82 (R) Stephen C Carlson ’68 William J Farrell ’70 Jeffrey A Finley ’91 DAVID F HALE ’70 (K) Mark L Hendrix ’94 Michael R Humphries ’76 John T Johnson ’75 William D Kinsaul ’70 (L) Timothy R Leicht ’89 T J Moore ’71 (P) Grantland W Rice ’84 Richard H Ring ’76 (L) Patrick H Ryan ’88 Daniel B Stephens ’92 James F Storey ’63 (K)

JOHNSON & WALES Joseph R Matters (R)

JOHNSTOWN James M Chamiok ’78 (L) Sean D. Doheny ’99 R Jeffrey Fear ’76 (R) William E Gittler ’75 (P) Brian C Gulick ’79 (L) Theodore J Harchick ’78 James R Hitchner ’78 Donald B Hovis ’85 PETER P KORCH ’84 (F) James A LeVan ’80 Bernard T Martin ’88 John E McKeehen ’83 (L) Thomas A Portante ’75 (L) John C Rafferty ’75 Chris Vitalos ’90 (L)

KANSAS Drew Craig Anderson ’69 William A Anderson ’64 James J Ascher ’52 (C) John C. Audlehelm ’01 Charles Babcock ’35 (P) George W Beck ’48 (L) Gary D Bernhardt ’76 (L) Larry Borcherding ’63 (R) William J Brady ’48 (P) James D Brenner ’67 (P) Alan H Brightman ’67 (P) William P Bunyan ’61 (F) Lynn S Chinn, Faculty (R) John W Clinger ’72 Leland Dean Cole ’61 (F) Douglas Crandall ’69 (L) Timothy A Crown ’86 (M) Forrest Lee Davis ’49 (P) Roderic E Deines ’58 (R) Dennis D Depew ’80 (P) Harold C Donley ’50 Jack C Dryden ’53 (F) William W Elliot ’71 (R) Andrew S Flower ’91 (L) Solon B Gilmore ’46 (P) Kirke Grutzmacher ’52 (F) Doyle C Haberly ’48 (P) Matthew J Hamill ’98 James R Hoefener ’55 (P) Barton M Hoglund ’55 (R) FORREST HOGLUND ’56 (SC) Timothy C Horvath ’79 John D Isaacs ’76 (P) Earl L Knauss ’55 (F) Roy R Krueger ’54 (R) Kevin D Lafferty ’97 Lee Laux ’81 (P) Michael E Lewis ’73 (L) ED MCCALLUM ’56 (C) Michael J Moriarty ’98 John C Neely ’51 (R) Richard E Nelson ’71 (P) Steven L Reed ’75 Theodore R Resnik ’67 (P) Derek E Rotha ’79 (L) George Seymour ’32 (R) Stephen Simonds ’68 (F) STEPHEN STAZEL ’63 (R) Ronald Lee Taff ’59 (R) Kenneth F Troup ’47 (L) J. J. Underwood ’51 (Sh) Bill Vollbracht ’60 (K) Matthew Weishaar ’91 (L) James E Wheat ’52 (P) Richard E White ’51 Charles Wright ’41 (P)

KANSAS CITY Gregory F Berger ’76 (R) Gary Dean Dunn ’74 N Wayne Dwight ’69 (P) Jerald E Elrod ’66 (L) Patrick W Emmett ’69 (R) Christopher D Gates ’87 James I. Greene ’04 Leo J Hirner ’84 (L) Billy B Johnston ’72 (P) Kevin R Kelley ’86 (R) Michael E. Leeper ’69 (R) Newman McAllister ’64 (R) Bruce H Moen ’72 John Ray Perry ’57 (F) L Elliot Shubert ’66 (F) William M Smith ’71 (R) James M Wilcher ’88

KANSAS STATE Gregory T Armon ’71 Steven L Bihlmaier ’70 Keith Cryderman ’63 (F) Michael K Dichiser ’95 (L) Christopher M Donaldson ’95 John Scott Foster ’76 (R) Bradley L Funk ’94 Travis B Githens ’96 Stephen L Guthrie ’67 William R Hartman ’79

Thomas W. Hunter ’69 Brandon M Konda ’99 Anthony S. McClain ’00 Daniel O Neal ’73 Michael C Ott ’01 Aaron A Otto ’98 (R) Stephen L Ross ’71 Michael E. Sarow ’00 (L) John A Southard ’75 NEIL E TUCKER ’73 (F) Larry K Turnbull ’66 (L) ROGER VASCONCELLS ’78 (F) Jonathon F Zwetzig ’95

KENT STATE Steven P Bossart ’90 (P) Anthony L Emery ’95 (L) Mitchell A Gruber ’89 (R) David R Mellor ’93 Kurt E Ruehr ’93

KENTUCKY CHRIS JOHNSON ’77 (K) Paul F Litz ’75 Frederic G McLean ’39 (L) Ralph O Wilson ’51 (L)


KETTERING-B Michael E Jeruzal Joel D Tantzer ’98

L.S.U. Robert Lee Branch ’49 (F) Quinn M Coco ’41 (R) Claude M Corbett ’44 John B Dunlap ’86 Edward N Engolio ’43 William A Gosnell ’87 (L) Christopher J Gray ’93 (L) Alvin B Kessler ’50 (F) Scott A King ’86 (R) David W. LaCour ’91 (R) Jimmy D Long ’86 (R) Ray Manning ’42 (F) James C Noble Arthur M Oustalet ’44 (K) Donald C Pitts ’44 (R) Courtney Ramsay ’87 (L) Martin W Richard ’49 John Cobb Terral ’43 (R) Karam J. Thomas ’50 (P) Ed Vandenburg ’85 (R) Glenn A Weiss ’84 (P) DREW WILKINSON ’97 (F) Kenneth R Zito ’91

Frederick B Johns ’90 (P) Eugene D Juba ’54 John L McDermott ’79 Gerald W Miller ’80 (P) Alan D Mosser ’82 (L) Walter H Nichols ’63 (L) Daniel A Nowicki ’91 Gregory L Ohl ’83 (R) Nicholas A Papson ’72 Paul J Prutzman ’66 (P) Richard C Reilly ’67 (P) Robert G Riddett ’74 (F) Thomas C Roberts ’64 (R) Allen D Roth ’78 (P) Rudy Schloesser ’78 (L) Robert Schuchart ’67 (R) Russell L Schuetz ’75 (P) Henry Steinkamp ’56 (L) Dale E Stevens ’66 John Stillo ’72 Thomas E Tyson ’64 (R) Alex Umanetz ’53 (P) Michael J Vitt ’99 Marshall Wenrich ’85 (L)

LIVINGSTON James E Bodiford ’87 SMITH D BOYD ’74 (C) Terry J Bunn ’76 Edward T Byrd ’72 (P) Gregory C Coe ’76 (L) Michael L Crawford ’88 Donald D Fuqua ’73 (R) Rodney Harris ’69 (P) Jerry L McGriff ’67 (P) Michael P Miles ’97 (L) Darrell E Morgan ’92 (L) Julian K Ptomey (R) Edmond J. Renaud ’69 Aubrey C Smelley ’80 (L) Terry O Walters ’77


Top Five Chapters By # of Donors 1. DePauw 75 2. Ohio State 38 3. Illinois 35 4. Penn State 32 5. Iowa State 31

Steven J Bizzell ’88 (P) Craig Harbsmeier ’89 (L) Joseph P Lutes ’88 (R) TIM RIEDLING ’89 (K) Malcolm Robertson ’92 (L) Chris E W Smith ’88 (P)

LOYOLA Nicholaos Halikias ’97

MARQUETTE Stephen A Cottini ’87 Matt DeMartini ’99 (L) Quinn E Eddins ’94 (P) Thomas M Farrelly ’87 (R) Michael C Gabrys ’99 John R Gerdes ’79 Warren Haeberle ’78 (K) Phillip Hutchinson ’90 (L) Michael K Koutecky ’81 BRIAN LOCICERO ’88 (K) Kevin M LoCicero ’90 (P) Gregory K Man ’75 (R) STEVE MICHELS ’87 (SH) David C Miller ’78 Michael B Murphy ’91 (R) Frank J Musbach Thomas Nelson (L) Robert J Novelli ’95 David A Schwabe ’85 Thomas W Tracy ’82 (R)

Alan Morris Bills ’61 John B Campbell ’49 (P) Allan G Freedman ’65 CorDell R Larkin ’97 Charles R Mann ’50 (P) Stephen E. Ruddell-Lopez ’00 Jack Schofield ’56 (P)

Alex A Accetta ’75 (P) Monta J Armstrong ’70 John P Braida ’81 Joy Earl Brown ’68 (R) Mark A Carlson ’86 Alvaro J Castillo ’97 (L) Robert R Coghlan ’88 (L) Steven R Cohn ’74 (P) Mark E Davis ’69 (L) Robert W Elliott ’64 (R) Thomas M. Johnson ’78 Edward Loseman ’72 (K) Robert U Martin ’69 Scott E Miller ’88 (R) John C Morgan ’93 Kevin K Morrison ’75 (F) Richard A Olsson ’75 (R) Donald C Petite ’75 (P) Tom Provencher ’81 (P) Ronnie P Samson ’00 Richard J Scott ’70 (P) Steven J Swaim ’85 Robert E Vos ’72 (L) Jerry J Way ’93 Mike Woolbright ’86 (R)



John M Smaha ’93 (P)

William H Roberts ’68 (L) Laurence Smetana ’67 (P)



Jonathan Ansbacher ’87 (R) Kenneth W Cale ’76 Jesse B Carll ’72 Daniel E Curriden ’90 Louis J DelJuidice ’93 (P) James M Dinneen ’64 (P) J Dixon Earley ’63 (P) ROBERT EASON ’75 (F) David Elmendorf ’84 (L) Larrimore B Emmons ’57 Michael H. Gage ’70 (R) Alan B Gilchrist ’63 William Glaser (F) James B Glass ’76 (P) Douglas J Grierson ’86 (L) Jan Eric Gustafson ’69 (L) James Hoffheins ’67 (R) James H Houston ’60

LOUISIANA TECH Charles Cheatham ’88 (L) Kenneth E. Eastin, Jr. ’-06 JOHN L ELFERVIG (C) Liston Gardebled Stephen Henson, Fac. (P) Kerry S Lehman ’88 Christopher Maxwell ’90 Kevin H Simmons ’87 (P) Robin D Sipes ’94 (P) *KEITH SNOOK ’96 (K) DEAN WILKERSON ’92 (K)

LOUISVILLE David M Ackerman ’91 C Edward Beavers ’85 (P)

MARYLAND Ronald Abramson ’90 (L) Edward M Boock ’94 Andrew J Forman ’91 (P) Joseph M Kekeris ’90 (L) Jose F Rodas ’95 (P) Paul Silberman Richard Wei ’92

Gregory A Drensky ’96 Richard C Dunn ’45 John H Eberle ’81 Gregory Esterman ’86 (L) David B Evans ’78 (P) Matthew J Focke ’79 Brian D Glatzel ’89 Kenneth J Griffo ’95 Ronald F Hacker ’63 (P) Charles L Hatfield ’68 John Carlton Hauck ’58 Clark J Hinkley ’63 Douglas F Jeddy ’72 Jeffrey D Kirby ’89 (R) William H Klein ’42 (P) Michael H Kuzyk ’38 (R) Kenneth E Laborie ’50 Owen D Larrison ’50 (R) William B Lush ’85 Randy S Markland ’86 John V Marstrell ’42 (P) Richard A McCreary ’65 Brian McLaughlin ’81 (R) Doug McLemore ’69 (R) James McNamee ’62 (F) James R Nesper ’57 (R) BOB O’BRIEN ’50 (P) Eugene Pembroke ’49 (P) Neal Reichelt ’66 (R) James H Rohrer ’63 (P) Gavin M Ryan ’82 (F) Cleo A Schemp ’50 (R) William H Schulte ’52 (P) Kenneth R Simon ’61 (R) Anthony J Spena ’68 (R) William C Stewart ’51 (P) Scott R Sward ’72 (P) Charles Timberlake ’54 (F) Eric S Trux ’90 Wayne R Watkins ’52 (L) Gregory T Weitzel ’93 Norman K Womer ’66 (P)

MASSACHUSETTS Michael Cusack ’74 (L) Neil F Fitzpatrick ’72 (P) Marc S Hildebrant ’71 Mitchel A Lass ’91 Guy C Morin ’82 (F) Lawrence E Moyer ’74 Adam J Reitman ’98 Jason E Rose ’97 James T Walsh ’71 MILES WASHBURN ’87 (SH) Howard Alan Young ’69


David W Apel ’57 Ronald S Beerman ’96 (F) Vernon F Beyer ’59 (P) Larry N Biddinger ’66 (L) John Alan Bishop ’56 (P) Edward H Bone ’72 (L) Michael Bowman ’98 (R) Fielding Braffett ’63 William S Brougher ’63 W Murray Bullis ’51 Paul Richard Byrd ’51 (L) Larry D Case ’79 Mark L Casner ’77 (P) Ralph Christiansen ’58 Keith A Conard ’83 James H Crawford ’84 James W Crecelius ’59 (R)

MICHIGAN Warren W Ament ’60 Stephen Earl Baird ’64 (R) Bruce B Bjorseth ’54 (L) Johannes J Buiteweg ’81 Joseph C Burak ’98 DAN CHRZCZONOWSKI ’01 (P) John C Conroy ’50 (P) Gordon L Cox ’59 (F) David G Cunnings ’50 (L) D Dick De Line ’49 (P) Walter B Dobbs ’51 (P) David G Falconer ’62 (R) Daniel A. Fanton ’2 Brad K Fayette ’79 (L) James P Fuger ’82 (L) Howard K Gandelot ’64 (R) Harold M Gibbons ’50 (R) David M Gormley ’87 (L) William F Gorton ’60 (R) H Keith Hellems ’62 (P) Ryan A Hindmarsh ’95 John W Holmes ’65 (P) LtC Richard Humes ’51 (P) James J Jamieson ’49 (L) Chris D Jensen ’95 (R) David S Karow ’94 Herbert E Koenig ’63 (R) Ernest W Lueder ’78 Charles MacGregor ’29 (K) James G McComb ’61 (F) Kenneth J Moll ’98

∆∆XXQuarterly Quarterly Fall/Winter Fall/Winter2002 2002 11 11

Brothers Answering the Call! Ralph E Norman ’49 William O’Keeffe ’52 (R) Arthur J A Peltier ’49 (F) James W Richhart ’64 (L) Jeffrey Schoenherr ’91 (F) Donald W Shaffer ’53 (R) William F Stricker ’50 Marvin W Teutsch ’56 (L) Charles A Waite ’59 Henry Winchester ’51 (R) Sheldon J. Wolberg ’67 (L) Kyle S Wolfe ’97 Barry C. Wood ’61 (R) Stanley Zimostrad ’52 (L)

MICHIGAN STATE Michael H Agnello ’81 (L) Corado P Agresti ’54 Robert T Alati ’94 (L) Sid Edward Anton ’50 (F) Kenneth Aschom ’76 (F) Lawrence Awwad ’91 (L) Robert S Baker ’92 (R) James A. Bannan ’64 (F) George D Bedell ’41 (P) David F Blunt ’68 (L) Mark A Bourdo ’84 (L) Tony Brouillet ’58 Stephen C Cagle ’82 (L) Richard J Celello ’70 George I Chesley ’64 (P) Scott F Clemons ’77 (L) Bruce T Colasanti ’79 (R) Robert L Colesar ’79 (R) Henry W Collier ’64 (L) Kirk W Cramer ’79 Richard Cunningham ’81 (L) Allen Frank Davis ’61 James A Dawson ’94 James B Dibble ’53 William Dittmore ’65 (L) Harold W Dunn ’35 (R) George E Edmunds ’83 Howard Emorey ’51 (R) Joseph Eveland ’47 (R) Clayton C Fenton ’43 (P) James V Ferrara ’81 (F) Martin E Flynn ’79 (P) Graydon R Forrer ’45 (R) Tom S Gable ’47 (F) Edward J Gaffney ’88 Thomas Glasgow ’68 (C) Thomas L Gregory ’54 Gerald E Gutowski ’63 James Harrington ’69 (L) Frederick W Harvey ’78 *GREG HAUSER ’75 (SH) R. Peers Henes ’79 (R) JOHN H HOBBS ’81 (R) Harold V Hoff ’43 Gordon W Hogle ’41 (P) Thomas Horowitz ’87 (P) Marvin E Howell ’51 (P) Marc A Janes ’85 Stuart P Jeffares ’84 (R) Jerry B Johnson ’50 John Paul Jones ’83 (P) Sheldon F Keenan ’57 (R) Jonathan W Keller ’81 (L) John F Kelly ’87 John A Kerber ’94 (R) John J Klein ’81 (L) Ken Klestinec ’86 (L) Howard Hall Larson ’57 John L Larson ’55 (R) Douglas Learmont ’88 (R) Richard J Lintner ’47 (P) Sean A Mentel ’95 (R) Bill Meuleman ’40 (P) George Meyer ’54 (P) Thomas Monroe ’47 (K) Walter R. Naas ’49 (P) Ernest T Nicotera ’51 (L) Albert M Paulger ’49 William M Peek ’48 (P) Thomas J Petitto ’93 (P)

Richard C Piranian ’84 John J Polakowski ’83 (F) Myron E Ranney ’56 (F) Joseph E Roe ’85 (P) Terry R Rombalski ’82 (L) Stephen W Rupe ’76 (R) Michael Sadlowski ’77 (L) Randall Schreiber ’92 (R) Jeffrey B Shull ’83 (R) Harry John Smith ’50 Michael E Smith ’92 (R) Rudolph Stuppnig ’55 (R) Jason C Trawick ’95 (L) Ralph G. Turnbull ’70 (L) Timothy J Udell ’87 (L) Richard Van Allsburg ’43 Louis A Vargha ’54 (R) Angelos Vlahakis ’51 (P) Thomas D Webber ’94 (R) Claesen Wyckoff ’69 (P) William C Zick ’55 Richard Zimmerman ’56 (R)

MILWAUKEE Lee P Bluske ’70 (L) Barry A Umbs ’70 (R)

MINNESOTA Richard R Allen ’71 (R) Craighton T Boates ’96 Kenneth Crandall ’71 (R) Clark H Cummins ’56 (P) David C Dahlgren ’83 (R) Stephen Desens ’70 (P) David S Doty ’52 (P) Matthew J Eich ’91 Bruce E Ellenson ’66 Douglas Gillespie ’63 (P) Ken Guetzke ’42 (L) George K Hansen ’66 (P) Douglas J Henry ’88 (P) Jerome M Johnson ’71 Frederick H Kela ’54 (R) Ronald Lee Kinney ’58 (L) David A Kist ’88 James J Leland ’56 Peter Livingston ’83 (P) Cmdr Don Mathiowetz ’62 (R) Donald C Paulson ’53 Richard M Sis ’73 (R) Norman G Sterner ’54 Christopher Tierney ’99 Joseph A Tufigno ’50 (R) David M Tuomala ’90 (P) E Leslie Young ’62 (R)

MISSISSIPPI STATE Stephen E Behr ’73 (F) James A Bennett ’76 (P) Jimmie D Cain ’88 (L) Jerry T Clark ’81 Michael T Corlew ’73 (F) Gerald D Denton ’86 (R) James C Eckert (L) David G Emerich ’80 (R) Douglas W Emerich ’73 Gary W Fordham ’76 (P) Charles J Foretich ’86 (F) John M Hairston ’87 (R) John W Hatmaker ’79 (P) Brett E Heitzmann ’96 Robert K Hubbard ’87 (R) Paul W Hutchison ’72 (F) BOBBY J. JOHNSON ’63 (F) Charles W Lewis ’87 (L) Gerald M Martin ’89 (L) J Tommy Overcash ’78 (F) Daniel J Recker ’81 (R) James A Simpson ’87 (P) Aaron J Smith ’94 William C Strohm ’85 (L)

MISSOURI Lyle J Austad Joseph L Bevirt ’53 (F) John Robt Byers ’69 (R) Rev James P Callahan (R)

12 ∆∆XXQuarterly Quarterly Fall/Winter Fall/Winter2002 2002 12

James M Cleary ’61 (P) James E Cleveland ’62 (L) Kenneth E Dover ’80 (F) Dale Alan Fiala ’69 Joseph E Follmer ’84 (R) Myrl E Forth ’67 (P) Dennis D Fowler ’79 (L) Raymond Galbreth ’69 (Sh) Bob E Goff ’57 (L) William Griffiths ’53 (P) Gregg A Hill ’90 Norman D Holst ’66 Armin A Kuhlman ’67 (P) Christopher LeGrand ’93 David W Marose ’60 (R) Alvin C McDaniel ’50 (R) Daniel C Metz ’92 Robert M Murrell ’68 (L) Ernest A Poppers ’67 Gary Schmedding ’61 (P) Scott M Schwane ’97 James P Sheahan ’79 (F) Phillip Richard Sheahan Philip M Short ’51 (R) Mark A Siebert ’89 (L) Scott Stotlemeyer ’90 (P) Thomas Thornton ’52 (P) Arthur R Tuhro Michael P Walsh ’89 (R) Alan Taylor Weaver ’61 Jeffrey L Woods ’89 (C)

NORTH CAROLINA STATE Stuart D Byrd ’93 Jerel L Causey ’93 (R) J Michael Kral ’96 (P) John K Mason ’91 (R) Robert A McKeel ’92 (L) Jonathan D Moore ’90 (P) Richard L Moore ’93 (L) Drew M Reavis ’95 (P) Charles B Rice ’96 (L) Samuel L Serad ’93 (L) Samuel Shapiro (L) William C Westbrook Michael R Young ’93

NORTH DAKOTA Craig A. Geier ’99

NORTH TEXAS Mark E Duval ’94 (R)



Thomas J Frantz ’92 (L) Joseph J Hauser Arthur F Humphrey (P) Richard J Krisinski ’92 James M. McGowan ’2 DAVID ORLOFSKY ’92 (P) Theodore A Pilas ’96

Larry D Brown ’83 Michael A Carpio ’89 David W Clithero ’82 (R) John W Daniel ’86 (P) Stephen M Davenport ’85 Ronald C Higgins John C Holke ’78 (R) Michael E Leech (L) Stuart Lindemann ’90 (L) William McCormick ’95 Jon D Morelock ’91 Larry K Nothnagel ’79 (F) Lawrence F Rupp ’91 (L) Gregory F Sharpe ’78 Donald J Westphal (R) Timothy Yochum ’83 (P)



MISSOURI WESTERN Stephen B Brewer ’77 (L) Stanley W Fletchall ’76 (P)


Timothy Asnip ’81 Collins Cameron ’76 (L) Brian A Collins ’85 (R) Stephen Condrey ’78 (R) Bryan A Elkins ’83 John R Fridley (L) Mark D Gore ’80 Richard C Haywood ’90 Tim Holcombe ’74 (L) Greg D Jackson ’79 Steven G Legg ’75 Herbert W Norton ’81 (P) John R Schnell ’92 William C Wood ’94

NEBRASKA Harry W Hayward ’51 (R)


A. Ken Bonanno ’71 (L) Gary R Vieira ’75 (F)

NORTHERN ARIZONA Frank M Colabella ’93 Brian M Coleman ’96 (L) Kevin T Cypert ’88 (R) Darrin N Hays ’91 Dana M Heuer William G Luckey ’89 (L) Robert R Marak ’75 Donald W Naught ’68 (P) Ray Prettyman ’65 (R) Paul B Rosales ’97 Parker F Sutton ’63 (P)


Russell W Martin ’93 (L) Dan McCormack ’89 (R) Mark T Reilly ’87 (R) Brent A Tingle ’88 (L) David M Wholley ’92

Walter J Bernaquez ’97 Kevin J Kostoff ’90 (L) Michael J. Meyers ’99 Mark A Propp ’85 (L) Gary A Romero ’87 (L) Andrew T Still ’98



Miguel A Betancourt Calvin W Brodie ’82 Frederick Brown ’81 (R) Paul A DiGrassi ’87 Scott Hatinen ’98 (L) Ronald J Martin ’87 (F) Robert C. Morey ’00 Peter R Redding ’97 Michael E Regan ’83 (F) Glenn F Sabine ’87 Paul C Varsanik ’91 (P) THOMAS VIOLA ’82 (F) Robert J Wynne ’82 (P)

NEW MEXICO STATE Jeffrey B. McAdoo ’00

Tom Blumenfeld ’95 (P) Leigh H Clark (L) Jason E Hammer ’96 Chris Janusz ’92 (R) Chris McTee ’96 (L) Daniel C Spangenberg ’96 Dave Umbenhower ’90 (L) Joseph E Virgilio ’98

NORTHERN IOWA Steven L Adams ’81 (P) Randy A Arneson ’80 (L) Anton E Check II ’92 Thomas A Davidson ’70 Daniel W Huebner ’72 (R) David Junkmann ’83 (R)

Scott T Klinefelter ’76 (C) Daniel J Kruse ’90 (R) Paul L Ladd ’76 Robert F Murphy ’98 Steven R Nessa ’75 Wade A Round ’90 Michael E Walker ’75

NORTHERN MICHIGAN Marc A Godman ’93 (L) Brian N Nygard ’98

NORTHWEST MISSOURI George H Allie ’85 Eddie L Ashlock ’83 Matthew T Ballain ’91 Thomas Carneal, Fac. (P) Jack E Collins ’86 Thomas M Colwell ’82 (R) David S Conklin ’88 (F) Mark W Cromley ’92 Michael C Fernandes ’91 Ronald C Fernandes (L) Mark R Hansen ’77 HAM HENDERSON, FAC (P) Arnold J Johnson ’77 Lawrence Jay Lehman Stephen D Linder ’92 (R) Wade S Long ’79 Nicholas McCormick ’75 William L Perkins ’79 (L) Lynn E Sheldon ’74 Kevin R Stonner ’79 (P) Michael J Vinson ’98 Joe L Wieslander ’85 Gregory S Wirtz ’87 (L) Michael J Wirtz ’84 (P) Scott M Wolf ’01

NORTHWESTERN Charles S Huffman ’97 (L) Michael D. McCarty ’02

NYU Reginald F Curtis ’31 (R) Richard S Hoffman ’41 (L) Kenneth LeQuier ’44 (L) Eric W Nelson ’37 (K) Gustave J Richter ’38

OHIO STATE John M Apple ’65 (L) Eric N Baklanoff ’49 Navy F Banvard ’80 (F) Lawrence Bidwell ’53 (L) Maj Lowren Bock ’55 (R) PAUL BOHLMAN ’70 (SH) Thomas Browand ’69 (R) William L Brown ’61 Jack P Burch ’40 (R)

Donald M Burney ’52 (F) Milan G Busta ’46 (P) Ed S Charles ’34 (P) Brian E Code ’80 (R) Ronald M Cohen ’77 (L) James Erwin Egger ’46 (F) Clarence E Engel ’48 (P) Andre Ezis ’66 (P) GEOFFREY FARMER ’71 (K) Sherwood Fawcett ’41 (K) Kevin M Gale ’98 (R) A Rod Garges ’70 (P) Samuel D Gee ’77 Russell E Geiger ’47 (P) Andrew Glaser ’89 (L) William R Goerges (L) Ray Gotshall ’52 (P) Stephen Grushetsky ’91 (L) DON HAEMMERLEIN ’47 (P) William E Harlor ’69 (F) Robert S Hatter ’94 Eric B Herchenroether ’94 Herbert W Heyse ’57 (R) John T. Hoover ’47 (R) Lester K Horn ’45 (P) Richard M Hunt ’78 (R) William L Johncox ’48 (R) MONTE JOHNSON ’69 (C) Charles Johnston ’68 (R) ROBERT KAISER ’51 (F) GUILFORD KATER ’51 (F) David A Keber ’94 (L) James H Kirkland ’49 (R) Alfred Leatherman ’50 (P) Dwayne Leininger ’71 (L) Albert H Leyerle ’54 (F) Jeffrey D Line ’93 (R) Joseph G Lucas ’37 (L) DONALD LUKENS ’54 (K) Joseph J Marchese ’51 (L) William Mattinson ’54 (P) George J McLauchlan ’82 John L. Melvin ’55 (K) Coleman Menyhert ’49 (P) Bruce R Miller ’94 John R Miller ’50 (F) Richard A Miner ’48 (R) Scott B Morrow ’87 (P) Robert L. Mouch ’49 (F) John R Nalley ’51 (F) James R Norris ’72 James Louis Orr ’49 (R) George M Palmer ’59 Louis E Patton ’52 (L) William K Peairs ’72 (R) Albert T Pitman ’41 (P) Peter Polites ’59 (P) Nicholas K Powell Donald H Reusch ’49 Donald Richardson ’48 Donald L Ritenour ’72 Robert G Rodell ’48 (L)

Top Ten Chapters By Dollars Donated 1. Oklahoma $38,905 2. DePauw $12,013 3. Purdue $11,361 4. Ohio State $8,070 5. Washington $6,461 6. Auburn $5,914 7. Embry-Riddle $5,305 8. Iowa $5,195 9. Michigan State $4,890 10. LA Tech $4,850

James A Sabovik ’93 Frank Schnorrenberg ’59 (R) Robert Secontine ’49 (R) James A Shealy ’49 (R) Paul D Siebert ’49 (R) David M Sleeth ’49 William B Streets ’87 W DEAN SWEET ’49 (K) Jess E Tarr ’52 (L) Richard J Taylor ’75 Richard L Tully ’57 (K) John A Turkopp ’45 (R) Richard I Ward ’47 Geoffrey E Webster ’70 (P) Jeffery L Welles ’75 (F) Charles A Wickert ’76 Richard E Wight ’50 Donald T Willke ’81 Ryan K Zinn ’96 (L)

OKLAHOMA George R Alford ’31 Douglas A Amyx ’86 James M Anderson ’89 (P) Bob Austin ’62 (P) Todd A Baum ’87 Royal T Brock ’41 David J Clark ’90 (L) Wayne M Clegern ’51 L Jeremy Cooperstein ’86 (R) David L Dobie ’41 (L) ***JAMES DODSON ’58 (NF) Henry C Easterling ’42 (P) John H Gaskill ’42 (R) Dean A Golley ’87 **FRED HAMMERT ’60 (NF) Walter S Hammert (F) J Mark Holder ’86 (L) Robert A Hoyt ’93 (L) Ben H McConnell ’39 John E McDaniels ’58 (F) James B. Reaves ’51 (R) CLIFF RUEMMLER ’87 (K) Jack W Shirley ’51 (F) G D Spradlin ’41 Fred C Stalder ’42 (L) John A Stewart Jr ’43 (L) Christopher J Tyler ’89 (R) Kevin C Wineinger ’88 (R)

OKLAHOMA STATE Frank W Aaron ’67 (R) Robert Andress ’64 (R) Rev John F Ashby ’52 STEVE H AUSTIN ’75 (F) Bill A Bates ’50 (R) Walter S Buffham ’85 (F) Robert G Cass ’84 (P) A C Chausse ’53 Wayne T Craney (R) Don Crump ’51 Stephen Cummings ’72 (L) Robert Dickinson ’56 (L) David W Downing ’80 (L) Duncan Edwards ’68 (P) Ross A Gregson ’76 (L) Kenn E Harding ’64 (L) Ken A Harper ’69 (L) Ralph D Haynes ’81 (R) Scott J Heinrich ’95 (R) STEVE HENSLEE ’75 (K) Scott M Hines ’93 (R) Benny H Hulsey ’76 John Wade Hurst ’63 (L) J Mark Kirkpatrick ’78 (R) Paul E Knapp ’79 (P) William J Lewis ’84 (R) Mike McFarland ’86 (F) Anthony Moreno ’88 (F) Alan P Niemann ’82 (C) William J Perkins ’68 (K) William B. Pruitt ’99 (R) Stephan W Reilley ’69 (L) Douglas Rohde ’69 (P) Timothy R Ryan ’84

Michael S Smith ’70 (L) Mike Stanford ’70 (P) Douglas J Tapp ’82 (P) CLAY THOMPSON ’82 (P) Jon D Wertz ’76 (P) Don A Wilkinson ’70 (R) Eric V Woodworth ’94 (R) Harold P Younger ’60 (L)

OLD DOMINION Robert L Hicks Adam C Smith ’95 (L)

OREGON Steven H. Wacker ’00

OREGON STATE James S Alex Jr. ’74 (C) Morris Barnett ’41 (F) Michael T Brinkley ’68 Carl G Carlson ’58 (R) Matthew C Davis ’92 (L) Vincent A Dhanens ’87 (L) Thomas A Ditri ’85 Andrew J Douglas ’77 (F) David E Duling ’58 Donald E Enright ’65 (P) Ashish M Gupta ’94 Mason C Haughton ’42 Bruce R Holoubek ’82 (L) Donald E Hopkins ’60 Richard R Hover ’68 (R) Richard Oren Hoyt ’50 Jerill F Johannes ’58 Warren D Johnson ’49 (R) David H Krumbein ’68 Gary M Kunz ’75 (R) Mark E Landstrom ’83 (L) Michael C Lanham ’56 Alfred L Leavitt ’57 (R) Allen R Littlefield ’76 Floyd J Lyne ’48 (L) Dale J Neuman ’66 (P) Ray M Northam ’53 Steven L Ott ’93 Donald L Peters ’42 (P) Jeffrey R. Peyton ’76 (R) Howard L Randall ’40 (P) Frank J Ribik ’67 Keith W Ritchie ’82 Clyde N Sedgwick ’57 (F) William A Shiley ’40 Timothy B Sullivan ’73 Dean C. Werst ’62 (L)

OSGOODE HALL Joseph A Beechie ’52 (R) Rev John E. Currey ’50 John M Dean ’67 (F) Hon John E Eberle ’55 (F) Thomas M Holden ’50 (P) David F Kent ’58 (F)

OSHKOSH Jeremy J. Dyken ’00 Ron Heidelbach ’73 (L) Michael C Horn ’68 (P) Horton S Johnson ’77 William D Kampa ’70 Timothy G Kelly ’76 Michael J Moriarty ’71 (F) Daniel C Roskom ’75 (R) Brian M Seifert ’70 Michael T Smith ’89 Todd W Wilson ’67 Alan Zuberbuehler ’73 (R)

PARSONS J David Brensinger ’68 (R) Robert C Jordan ’66 (P) Maurice J Keesey ’68 (P) Paul E Smith ’68 (P)

PENN STATE William J Agurkis ’69 (L)

Terence B Albright ’69 (R) Samuel Alexander ’66 (R) Timothy L Arcaro ’86 (R) Michael A Banks ’88 (L) Gerald E Benton ’64 (P) Mark A Blowers ’76 (R) Roger Bruce Bolon ’61 (L) C Scott Campbell ’86 Donald A Carlson ’49 (P) Mark T Chokran ’85 Richard J Chura ’64 (P) Douglas W Clark ’79 (P) Dean L Cross ’72 (R) Tom Dangerfield ’55 (R) David M Davidson ’80 John E Dereich ’45 (L) Jeffrey E Disend ’69 (P) Edward P Doherty ’81 (L) Allan E Dreeland ’69 (R) John T Dunn ’37 (F) Floyd S Eberts ’48 (P) Frank E Eckert ’49 (R) Charles J Eddinger ’68 (R) BOB EDGERLY ’43 (F) Charles M Evans ’32 (F) Dwayne C Fielder ’71 (R) Harold Jacob Frey ’46 (L) Milton Herchenrider ’48 (K) Edward J Hill ’54 (R) John E Hughes ’49 Sheldon Hughes ’47 (L) Robert R Hunter ’75 John A Iacocca ’90 (L) William A James ’49 (R) John C Johnson ’61 (R) Harold L Kaness ’35 Daniel M Karnuta ’85 (P) Eric H Keiter ’86 (L) George C Kelchner ’64 (R) William P Kenney ’74 Hiram King (R) David E Kinnan ’68 (P) Bruce N Kriebel ’67 Nadeem A Kureshi ’85 (P) Stephen C Landau ’88 (R) Ronald Fetter Lay ’58 (P) Eric J Linka ’94 (L) John H. Locklin ’63 (F) Stephen Loeffler ’68 (L) Kent A Lynch ’87 (R) Mark J Maier ’87 (R) Richard L Manser ’65 Robert McCloskey ’50 (L) David B McCobin ’79 (R) Mark McCullough ’80 (R) Shawn McGinley ’87 (R) Joseph G Meredith ’57 (P) John Moyer Mest ’51 (L) William K Metz ’55 (R) Douglas J Moore ’82 (R) Harold C Myers ’36 (K) Andrew Nachamie ’84 (R) Chris Nardo ’89 (R) Donald J Nelson ’72 (L) Delmer M Nicholls ’35 (P) James C Park ’55 (R) Gregory F Pecora ’85 (L) William Perbetsky ’49 (L) Charles J Petredis ’78 (R) Kenneth W Piper ’63 (R) FRANCIS PLUMLY ’46 (K) Richard A Pollard ’68 (P) Robert L Richards ’50 (R) Michael D Rimer ’86 (P) Brian D Runkle ’84 (R) Robert C Schiffner ’59 (R) Steven L Searer ’88 Victor J Sekelsky ’63 James B Shea ’48 Clifford E Shedd ’40 (R) Robert P Simon ’41 (L) John H Sloan ’49 (R) Charles R Sorber ’43 (L) Donald King Sorber ’50 John F Spangler ’58 (F) Stephen B Spencer ’54 (F)

Vance G Sprague ’63 (R) Mike Stollmeyer ’59 (P) Pat Strackhouse ’79 (L) William L Swartz ’83 (R) Charles N Teyssier ’55 (F) John H Thomas ’41 (R) Robert Thompson ’48 (L) Samuel Thornton ’66 (F) Jeffrey S Topley ’80 (F) Kenneth D Tracy ’64 (F) Scott R Turer ’89 (P) George J Vernau ’67 (P) Arthur H Weston ’30 (F) Laurence M White ’48 (L) Theodore Winkler ’39 (K) Thomas E Wooden ’81 John T Wozer ’50 Fred W Wright ’35 Merton S Yerger ’36 (F) William B Yorks ’40 (L) Douglas J Zook ’82

James Palmer Welch ’51 William S Wells ’87 (R) Carl L Westin ’45 (P) Christian B. Woods ’99 (L) Matthew C Woods ’97 (L) Charles Zergiebel ’53 (F) Ken Ziegenbusch ’81 (R)


Jack Grossman ’92 (P) Seth A Horowitz ’95 Matthew S Roche ’95

John W Croswell ’33 (P)

PITTSBURGH Robert F Klein ’74 (P)

RADFORD Todd Barrish ’98 Jon C Capps ’97 (L)

RENO Aaron P Covey ’96 Richard L Mosher ’93

ROLLINS Anthony Haarstick ’56 Preston C Hull ’57 Ralph L Pernice ’52 (P)


RUTGERS James M. Dunne ’99

PURDUE HARRY ALLGAUER ’52 (K) Jon B Anderson ’70 (P) Basil T Bauch (L) Morgan Lee Beatty ’67 (L) James D Beaulieu ’83 Robert L Bence ’28 (F) James C Boyd ’85 William K. Clark ’54 (R) Robert W Cox ’74 Daniel T DesForges ’73 Richard B Dow ’38 (R) I. Don Farrington ’52 (L) Michael Forde ’04 Albert W Froehde ’51 Craig M Gustin ’65 (P) James C Hajduk ’65 (P) James E Hanna ’62 (P) John C Hedderich ’60 (R) **ROBERT HENDERSHOT ’72 (SC) John P Hillebrandt ’48 (P) David G Howard ’88 (R) BILL HUMPHREY ’85 (F) Matthew Johnson ’95 (L) Marvin A Keller ’40 Robert L Kessler ’36 (K) Kenneth R Klutzke ’78 (P) Von E Mason ’60 (F) Tim McCaffery ’83 (L) John D McGregor ’94 (L) Walter F Meyers ’47 (P) Timothy M. O’Kane ’99 Clifford E Olszewski ’82 James A Pearson ’55 (R) Clarence H Perisho ’47 (L) Mark Rickabaugh ’62 (P) Ricky L Roberts ’76 (L) Thomas E Roberts ’72 William Paul Ross ’52 (K) Wayne T Sandefur ’36 William Sartoris ’65 (R) John W Sauer ’71 (P) Z Peter Sawicki ’71 (L) Don Schnedeker ’49 (P) Jeffrey R. Shirrell ’01 Donald R Sorensen ’56 (L) John T Stasny ’57 (L) Jeremy E Steelberg ’83 (R) Philip G Sutton ’58 (P) Walter C Taggart ’59 (P) Joseph G Temple ’51 (P) Gilbert Terlicher ’51 (R) James I Thomson ’86 (L) Raymond J Todd ’42 (L) Nicholson G Wade ’34 (F) Arthur K Warlow ’71 (P)

S.M.U. Eugene W Bailey ’40 (L) Jerry M Baldwin ’57 (L) Howard S Baulch ’76 (F) Carl R. Benson ’60 (K) John Biggers ’55 (P) Claud Boothman ’32 (P) Douglas Brandon ’85 (R) John F Caperton ’49 (K) Tom Chisholm ’47 (K) Lindsay Fleck ’52 (F) Robert B Ford ’50 John C Garvey ’63 (F) Michael C Gruber ’84 (R) Norman P Hines ’50 (P) William Janowski ’57 (F) Dewitt E Juul ’85 Vincent A Kline ’69 (L) Hugh W Lampman ’56 Charles Mauldin ’72 (R) William C Miller ’27 (F) William John Mork ’65 (F) Richard D Newton ’65 (L) James R Roach ’50 (R) Michael E Seitz ’84 (L) CHARLES SMITH ’44 (P) Ralph W Smith ’32 (C) Gordon P Wagner ’49 (P) John D Watkins ’62 (L) William Wood ’46 (L) James F Yeager ’77 (P) B Joe Youngblood ’51 (P)

SACRAMENTO JEFFREY BOONE ’86 (F) Richard L Chan ’87 (R) Ron A Dale ’85 Christopher Douville ’86 Peter C Dover ’85 Lance B Grosz ’84 (L) Michael Mitchell ’95 (L) James E Mohr ’88 Albert F Olivares ’88 (L) John M Shelby ’86 (F) Brian D St Martin ’88 (L)

SAN DIEGO STATE Lawrence Barouch ’83 (R) Peter C Brewer ’75 (R) Joel H Bryden ’79 (P) Robert Moreno ’92 John V Saric ’86 (L) Larry D Smith ’75 (R) Michael B Wheeler ’85 (R)


August J Koebbe ’78 Paul L Layman ’82 (L) Mark Patrick Lee ’85 Randall G Loftis ’82 (F) James D McCausland ’77 John R Miller ’97 Marty Montgomery ’79 (P) Paul T Myers ’92 (R) Larry J Pleimann ’85 (R) Robert J Topolski ’79 (F) Kris E Turnbull ’79 D Scott Whitworth ’90 (L) Jerry W Yeargain ’78 (L)

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Tod A Anton ’51 (F) Michael R Arciola ’92 (L) Bill Balbach ’37 (L) Hugh E Behny ’47 (K) R Gerry Belcher ’60 Alan C Bertelsen ’49 (L) Jimi Bingham ’79 (R) Paul H Brosche ’74 (L) Zeny Cieslikowski ’97 (L) Kevin J Dawson ’82 (R) Richard O Egan ’49 (P) Lawrence Graven ’56 (R) Wm H Hartman ’52 Donald E Herman ’52 Robert L Hertel ’52 (F) Harry P Holman ’57 (F) Gordon L Jones ’51 (C) Carey E Jue ’84 (L) Clark G Jue ’94 (R) Terence P Kahn ’65 (P) HERBERT KLEIN ’40 (F) John W Klock ’51 (L) Stephen F Knight ’73 (R) Robert L Knox ’62 (R) James N Lamhofer ’50 Matthew Lamont ’91 (L) Donald LaPlante , Fac. (P) Bill Lingenberg ’49 (L) David H Marks ’40 (R) Albert F Mejia ’53 (L) Ross J Miller ’36 Russell E Miller ’84 Philip M Mottola ’65 Michael Nangano ’82 (L) William N O’Brien ’61 (P) Harold O’Connor ’55 (P) Ronald R Pacini ’55 (P) Edward L Ripley ’54 (P) Burton W Roberts ’37 (F) Easton R Roberts ’34 (K) JOHN SAMORE ’67 (F) John Samore ’94 Corey Shigematsu ’97 (R) Gary A Silva ’93 D Stephen Slack ’71 (F) Cornelius C Smith ’37 (R) Douglas O Stewart ’62 Kevin B Strawn ’70 Paul B Taubman ’95 James R Theaker ’55 (R) Dan T Thomson ’51 (F) David Vaillancourt ’96 (L) Edward Vierheilig ’49 (L) Calvin R Whorton ’37 (R) Edwin L Willson ’64 (R) Howard S Yamaguchi ’82 Roderic Zalunardo ’78 (R)

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Brenton J Berdick ’88 Mark I Beynon ’77 (R) Ray Blacklidge ’82 (L) Paul K Bratton ’64 BRAD COLE ’93 (F) James E Dougherty ’69 Scott C Eder ’95 Brian A Farrell ’92 (R) Eugene J Harding ’78 (R) John K Henkhaus ’85 (R)

∆∆XXQuarterly Quarterly Fall/Winter Fall/Winter2002 2002 13 13

Brothers Answering the Call! Dale R Lunn ’89 (L) John H Price ’74 (P) Kenneth L Scott ’75 Vincent T Stansbury ’92

UCLA Robert Amstadter ’57 (P) Edgar S Bagley ’35 (P) Thomas T Caspary ’43 (R) H Richard Ginsberg ’53 (P) Merwin Hutchins ’51 (R) Leon W Miller ’42 (P) James W Huberty ’64 (R) Robert L Hull ’58 (P) Gerald Kouzmanoff ’63 (L) Andrew E Larson ’71 Horace H Look ’63 (F) Neil L Maxwell ’63 (R) Tom McClelland ’65 (R) William C Parks ’86 (L) Charles P Rahe ’65 (F) Phillip A Ruppel ’65 (C) George E Schau ’76 (F) Conrad W Schenck ’75 Tom Schonauer ’65 (R) Eric M Smith ’85 (P) Emil R Spees ’57 (F) Rodney L Steven ’94 (P) Gary W Visteen ’72 (R) Charles W Walter ’55 (L) William G Westberg ’66

SOUTHWEST MISSOURI Ray T Crane ’93 (P) Dewayne Kliethermes ’91 Anthony J Komer ’97 Gary S Liberty ’88 Brian A West ’92 Matt Wolniewicz ’88 (P)

TEXAS Robert E Anderson ’68 (F) John M Ashley ’43 (P) Leon J Berkovsky ’49 Robert D Blakley ’70 (P) FRANCIS BRADLEY ’89 (F) Fred Connally ’25 (F) Chauncey W. W. Cook ’30 (C) Newton Cunningham ’51 (R) Russell Day ’50 (P) Wm Edward Gonzalez ’54 Frank L Graves ’55 (F) Warren E Hancock ’69 (L) Curtis I Hayes Robert H Kinsey ’56 (R) Alan F Lippman ’49 (P) Gary H Mayer ’63 Connor W Patman ’42 (F) Charles M Pearre ’66 (R) James W Thokey ’41 (K) William A Weeks ’55 (F) Michael Zung ’92 (L)

TEXAS A&M Brian K Devaney ’96 (R) Adrian Gottschalk ’98 (R) Marcus A Salinas ’89 (L) Rajat Varma ’97



Robert L Boles ’97 Homer P Dear Marvin F Gilbreath Steven W Linde ’96 Chad L McCormick ’95

James C Beakey ’84 (L) J Brett Featherston ’89 (R) Jeffrey Hill ‘94 Mark L Stephens ’97 JOHN WHITE, FAC. (P)



Lloyd W Aubry ’48 (P) William Baldwin ’63 (F) Alexander Berger ’37 (R) Gale Blosser ’35 (R) William S Burtness ’54 (L) Walter J Farrell ’51 (P) Richard I Gillespie ’57 (P) Buster Goode ’47 (R) Harold J Hughes ’69 (R) Edmund B Lennig ’55 (P) William T Moran ’55 (R) DON PETIT ’36 (K) Monte C Pfyl ’38 William Schmidt ’49 (R) Lee James Sneller ’63 David R Swift ’68 (R) William H Woolf ’39 (R)

John C Ryon ’64 (L) Frank L Spittle ’65 (L)

SYRACUSE Jeremy B Coullard ’69 (F) James F Crawford ’69 (P)

TARLETON J Benton Glaze ’86 Brian Jackson ’92 Clinton W Myrick ’96 Curtis E Niederhaus ’90 Shawn D Oiler ’90 Luke P Stellakis ’92 Robert D Ziegelmair ’88

TEMPLE Michael E Tolassi ’92 (R)

TRI-STATE David V Bacehowski ’72 William G Boyer ’71 (P) Timothy L Campbell ’76 Charles P Durante ’73 (R) Robert K Edds ’72 (P) Stephen M Gary ’78 Robert M Golden ’82 (R) Richard Kruger, Fac. (F) C H R I S T O P H E R MIDDLETON ’92 (P) James W Rand ’75 (R) Barry J Roziewski ’80 Mack D Short (F) Donald J Shultz ’77 Ronald E Smith ’76 (P) Timothy P Smitley Donald L Stripling ’70 (F) Ronald D Suter ’69 Trent J Unterbrink ’98 (P) Walter W Wilson ’76 Dennis L Wood ’79 (L) Richard L Wood ’71 (P) Alan L Yoder ’69 (P) Stephen J Zvanya ’75 (P)

TROY STATE E Donald Crapps, Faculty (R) Bertram F Kelly ’89 (P) Larry W Livingston ’73

14 ∆∆XXQuarterly Quarterly Fall/Winter Fall/Winter2002 2002 14

UNION Ward H Bumpus ’33 (R) Robert A Hanley ’48 (P) Edward Langholz ’57 (R) John J Reilly ’83 (R) Robert A Rissell ’63 (P) Peter F Schmidt ’60 (P) Richard J Spence ’73 (L) Clayton L Williamson ’70

UNLV Luis F Valera ’97

VALDOSTA Clay L Caldwell ’92 (L) Michael James Conlan ’70 Steven A Corbett ’77 (P) James R Hines ’82 (L) David G McDougall ’92 Wayne C Mixon ’77 Lavan Robinson, Fac. James W Roquemore ’77 Luther M Shealy ’75 Francis M Stewart ’81 (R) William E Thomas ’78 Font J Tornabene ’88 (L) Geert L Van Engelen ’90 Cliff Whitehead ’82 (R) Hassell E Yates ’74 (P)

VIRGINIA Otis S Warr ’35 (P)


Robert F Myers ’50 Edward W Nelson ’41 James A Nelson ’68 (P) Edward P Rich ’58 (R) Emanuel Rouvelas ’65 (P) Paul W Savage ’80 (L) Craig D Smith ’78 (R) LAURENCE A SMITH ’43 (F) Michael A Stewart ’91 Donald M Stookey ’56 (P) Alan E Taylor ’47 Nick Thomopoulos ’53 (R) Kurtis C Tolliver ’89 (L) Michael A Trantow ’76 (R) Gregory P Weeks ’69 (R)

WASHINGTON STATE Albert L Ayars ’39 (R) Peter D Cook ’88 (R) Gail L Cramer ’63 (R) R Vernon Divers ’47 (R) Emil W Eriksson ’64 Roy W Eslick ’43 (L) Rorick L Graham ’69 (R) Daniel P Hagarty ’97 John D Hentges ’97 Robert C Hughes ’53 (R) Forrest W Johnson ’43 (R) Peter J Krebs ’96 (L) MIKE MAJESTIC ’90 (F) Ken McDermid ’66 (L) James H Mildes ’53 (L) H Thomas Norris ’56 (R) Matthew R Prater ’88 (L) Mark D. Schweitzer ’02 Greggory S Snyder ’91 LTC Robert Stump ’45 (P) Richard D Watson ’49 (P)

WAYNE STATE Robert J Closson ’62 (L) Peter B Henderson ’66 (R) Hiroshi Itoh ’61 (P) Richard G Kurche ’59 Michael R Papciak ’63 (R) Richard F Suhrheinrich ’58 (F)

Wm K Barkoskie ’94 (L) Burcin E Can ’98 (L) James K Clay ’95 Worthington E Cockey Robert K Cope ’93 (L) Stephen Grosman ’94 (F) Edward A. Martin ’92 (L) Thomas L Olson (R) Marc S. Povell ’00 Phillip M Sigler ’93 (R)




DOUGLAS ABEL ’55 (F) Neill W Andersen ’58 (R) Efrain Andrews ’66 (P) Greg L Barnett ’79 Bruce A Beatty ’55 Arnold B Carson ’70 (P) William R Cheney ’50 (R) Michael R Cowden ’78 (L) Robert M Craig ’44 (P) Donald G Edwards ’79 Carl Gustav Falk ’43 Richard Granquist ’51 Bruce H Hoeger ’72 JACK HOLLENBACK ’67 (F) Steve R Johnson ’68 (P) Robert G Judd ’40 (P) Richard C Kelly ’40 (L) Daniel H Knodel ’71 James M Kott ’85 Robert P LaBouy ’66 (P) Michael W Laing ’59 Kurt Lichtenberg ’69 Raymund McDermott ’49 Edmund Mihalski ’64 (P) John T Moran ’40 (P) David C Morse ’96 Michael S Mowrer ’69 (L)

William Arnold Kevin J Bright ’93 Paul M Farley ’90 (L) Chad E Hatfield ’96 (L) Kevin B Pitchford ’86 (P) Steven D Ross ’90 (R) Troy G Smith ’85 (R)

Martin L Borton Robert Brandstatter ’66 (P) Sherman M Carey ’70 (L) Vince F Desmond ’59 (L) Robert P Dubiel ’73 James E English ’89 (F) James M Gehrke ’67 (P) Robert C Gord ’66 Chris Harnack ’87 (R) Kurt E Hine ’91 Darwin L Johnson ’66 (L) Michael E Johnson ’72 William C King ’66 (P) Donald H Koch ’57 Roger D Kowalk ’66 Richard K LaGore ’64 (P) Steven M Lemm ’84 (P) Timothy J McCann ’69 Jack L McCauley ’60 Paul D McKinnis ’66 (F) Jimmy Neel Moore ’60 (L) BARRY J PETERS ’89 (F) Thomas J Rivard ’66 Gerald H Rowe ’63 (P) John J Sampanes ’64 (P) Brian K Schamp ’91 Stacy J Shelly ’90 Richard W Shumar ’57 (P) STEVEN SPARLING ’88 (C) RICHARD SPERLING ’65 (P) John Swander, Sr ’62 (L) Michael J Van Horn ’88 Kevin A Vought ’96 ROBERT WATHEN ’56 (R) JACK N WISMER ’68 (P) Philip H Zwergel ’59 (P)

WHITEWATER David E Cox ’89 (L) Piero Fioravanti ’92 (P) Richard E Gibbons ’72 (L) James E Hankes ’72 Paul R Hering ’71 Stuart K Lyngaas ’73 (R) Clifford R Maske ’73 (L) Steven L Pfeffer ’74 Brian T Schnier ’97 Dennis L Vlach ’80 Todd E Williams ’89 (R) William F Yull ’82 (F)

WINDSOR Ian Armstrong ’83 Robert McTeague ’86 (R) Norman Mero ’88 (L) Frank A Spadini ’92 (L) Gerhard W Wolf ’85

WISCONSIN Charles A Dieman ’37 (P) Frank John Durzo ’42 (P) Oscar O Egger ’32 (L) Carl Eggert ’31 (P) Paul C Hoeffer ’90 (P) Charles R Naeser ’31 (F) George S Robbins ’40 (P) Alois W Uek ’32 (P)

WYOMING James F Kagie ’97 (R) Karl D Mai ’96 (L) Stephen M Shea ’94 John T Vance ’92 (F)

YOUNGSTOWN WESTERN ONTARIO Clayton J Shen ’93 David E Sparling ’91 (R)

William G Hamlin ’74 (R) Henry T Nazdrowicz ’73 Mark M Seman ’73 (F)

Maurizio Corrado ’97 (R) Michael E Parish ’96

WEST LIBERTY Roger L Bell ’73 (L) Randy R Elliott ’82 Bruce C Kibby ’74 (R) Michael A Landers ’84 Clyde J Woods ’73 (L)

WESTERN CAROLINA E Bruce Jennings ’00 R. Wayne Phillips ’94 (P) Philip D Sudlow ’97 Russell E VanKuren ’97

WESTERN ILLINOIS Carson J Breed ’97 (L) Todd L Cline ’97 (L) Steve E Hall ’96 Anthony N. May ’94 Jeffery D Nielsen ’91 (L) Joseph J Petric ’92 (R) Daniel P Sellers ’91 Jeremy D. Shiliga ’99 (R) Scott P Stephenson ’94 (R)

WESTERN MICHIGAN James H Avrett ’68 (L) Aaron A Banach ’92 (L)

THE DELTA CHI POSTER A great holiday or birthday gift!

Delta Chi is pleased to present this beautiful and meaningful 18 x 24 poster suitable for matting and framing. Please send $15 and your address to Delta Chi, P.O. Box 1817, Iowa City, IA 52244, or call 1319-337-4811.

Lifelong Commitment Life to date giving club levels of living alumni New Founder — $100,000 and over Martlet Club (M) — $50,000 - $99,999 Order of the Scimitar (Sc) — $25,000 - $49,999 Order of the Shield (Sh) — $10,000 - $24,999 Sir Edward Coke Club (C) — $5,000 - $9,999 Kimball’s Club (K) — $2,500 - $4,999 Founders’ Circle (F) — $1,000 - $2,499 Note: Club members have either donated the funds necessary to achieve the indicated level or have signed a pledge to reach that level within a specified time period. The 672 loyal members in the President’s Club ($500-$999), the 1,126 loyal members in the Regents’ Club ($250-$499) and the 1,762 loyal Leges Club ($125-$249) members have not been printed here due to limited space. Those who gave this past fiscal year (July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002) may be identified by the (P), (R), or (L) designation after their names in the 2001-02 Contributors Listing. The complete listing of club members, both living and deceased, who have achieved at least the Founders’ Circle level may be found on the Foundation’s website at

NEW FOUNDER James D Dodson OK ‘58 Fredrick B Hammert OK ‘60 Fei Phil Yang A-CAL ‘80

John G Tunila CT ‘81 Chad M Wolett AZST ‘94 Jeffrey L Woods MO ‘89 Luther M Young AUB ‘69

MARTLET CLUB Timothy A Crown KS ‘86 George W Obear DEP ‘30

KIMBALL’S CLUB Harry G Allgauer PUR ‘52 Julius T Arenberg IL ‘47 Larry P Audlehelm IA ‘71 Carl R. Benson SMU ‘60 John F Caperton SMU ‘49 Thomas Chisholm SMU ‘47 Kelvin R Cole CEMO ‘70 Michael M Dickerson AZ ‘78 John D Dorner ILST ‘91 Arthur G Elliott MIST ‘38 Dale E Espich DEP ‘51 Ralph J Fabozzi EMBRID ‘73 Geoffrey L Farmer OHST ‘71 Sherwood Fawcett OHST ‘41 Peter A. Fromm A-CAL ‘69 John Miller Galvin IN ‘54 John M Gioffredi IAST ‘78 Anthony Goczalk EMBRID ‘77 Brian D Godsy HUNTS ‘81 Mark C Goebel DEP ‘78 Max Goecker BALST ‘88 Warren Haeberle MARQ ‘78 David F Hale JACKST ‘70 Brian C Heeren IN ‘86 Steven L Henslee OKST ‘75 Milton Herchenrider PAST ‘48 Lawrence Herkimer SMU ‘48 George L Hopkins IAST ‘61 John E Hurt IN ‘35 Christopher Johnson KY ‘77 Robert L Kessler PUR ‘36 Donald H Landis PAST ‘62 Brian P LoCicero MARQ ‘88 Jeffrey W Long IL ‘74 Edward Loseman LBEA ‘72 Donald E Lukens OHST ‘54 Lyle A Lynn IA ‘30 James M Marascio BRY ‘93 Charles Marshall IL ‘51 Ronald D McCoy AUG ‘84 John L. Melvin OHST ‘55 John L Mica FL ‘67 Max Edward Mohler IN ‘60

ORDER OF THE SCIMITAR Michael L Carroll AUB ‘71 Robert Hendershot PUR ‘72 Forrest E Hoglund KS ‘56 Marcus G Monk AUB ‘65 ORDER OF THE SHIELD Paul W Bohlman OHST ‘70 Lawrence Clarkson DEP ‘60 Raymond Galbreth MO ‘69 Gregory F Hauser MIST ‘75 Steven R Michels MARQ ‘87 Michael J Moskos DEP ‘85 L Eugene Tanner IN ‘55 Jimmie J Underwood KS ‘51 Miles C Washburn MA ‘87 SIR EDWARD COKE CLUB James S Alex Jr. ORST ‘74 James J Ascher KS ‘52 Boyd Boehlje IAST ‘61 Raymond F Borelli IL ‘58 Smith D Boyd LIV ‘74 Chauncey W W Cook TX ‘30 John Elfervig LATECH ASC Edward Fusco EMBRID ‘73 Thomas Glasgow MIST ‘68 Carl H Goltermann IL ‘50 Monte L Johnson OHST ‘69 Gordon L Jones SCA ‘51 Richard F Kauders COR ‘69 Scott T Klinefelter NIA ‘76 Edward F McCallum KS ‘56 Harold A Missimer PAST ‘66 Joseph Neirinck BALST ‘63 Alan P Niemann OKST ‘82 James D Page AL ‘53 Paul L Picciani CT ‘89 Phillip A Ruppel SIL ‘65 Marc A Solondz IN ‘88 G R Steven Sparling WMI ‘88

Thomas O Monroe MIST ‘47 Harold C Myers PAST ‘36 Eric W Nelson NYU ‘37 Roland Oberholtzer PAST ‘36 Edward J Park GATECH ‘97 Arloe W Paul IAST ‘33 William J Perkins OKST ‘68 Donald W Petit STAN ‘36 Francis L Plumly PAST ‘46 Kirk S Price EMBRID ‘71 Mark W Putney IA ‘51 Scott A Reed IL ‘81 Timothy S Riedling LOU ‘89 Easton R Roberts SCA ‘34 Clifford P Ruemmler OK ‘87 Jonathan K Sattler APST ‘87 Keith B Snook LATECH ‘96 James F Storey JACKST ‘63 Michael G Stout DEP ‘78 W Dean Sweet OHST ‘49 John F Tate ID ‘64 James W Thokey TX ‘41 Wally Tiedemann EMBRID ‘77 Charles B Valder AUG ‘82 Jon E Vice AL ‘70 William B Vollbracht KS ‘60 Frank K Voris IL ‘61 Keith A Waltz BALST ‘82 Michael J Welsh ILST FAC Dean Wilkerson LATECH ‘92 Theodore Winkler PAST ‘39 FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE Douglas H Abel WA ‘55 Calvin K Agger IL ‘49 Anthony W Albano FL ‘75 Jeffrey Albright CHICO ‘87 Martin R Anastasio CT ‘63 Charles Anderson IAST ‘49 Robert E Anderson TX ‘68 Stephen F Anderson EIL ‘72 Gary S Andrasko AL ‘75 Sid Edward Anton MIST ‘50 Tod A Anton SCA ‘51 Timothy P Arenberg IL ‘79 Kenneth Aschom MIST ‘76 Vernon E Askew OKST ‘56 Steve H Austin OKST ‘75 William Baldwin STAN ‘63 James A. Bannan MIST ‘64

Navy F Banvard OHST ‘80 Lindsay Fleck SMU ‘52 Morris Barnett ORST ‘41 Philip H Flick IL ‘53 Howard S Baulch SMU ‘76 George M Flynn IL ‘77 Glen J Beams IN ‘38 Charles J Foretich MSST ‘86 Robert A Beardsley IA ‘83 Robert R Frame PAST ‘53 Garth D Becker PAST ‘53 Tom S Gable MIST ‘47 Ronald Beerman MIAU ‘96 James R Gaebe IL ‘59 Stephen E Behr MSST ‘73 David Gallagher EMBRID ‘78 Joseph L Bevirt MO ‘53 Ronald D Garrison GA ‘72 Peter M Bix EMBRID ‘80 John C Garvey SMU ‘63 Jeffrey T Boone SAC ‘86 James M Garvey CT ‘84 Francis R Bradley TX ‘89 Paul Giacomuzzi EMBRID ‘78 Robert Lee Branch LSU ‘49 William A Glaser LEH ASC J Royce Bryant AL ‘57 Steven H Goldberg CT ‘89 Richard Buchanan IAST ‘58 Tommy L Goodwin AL ‘69 Gary S Buck ILST ‘79 Joseph F Gradisher MI ‘79 Walter S Buffham OKST ‘85 Frank L Graves TX ‘55 William P Bunyan KS ‘61 Steve Grosman VATECH ‘94 Donald M Burney OHST ‘52 David S Gunzel TX ASC Edward G Capps APST ‘86 Warren E Hadley IAST ‘61 John M Carpenter PAST ‘57 Walter S Hammert OK ASC Richard Chenoweth IL ‘58 William E Harlor OHST ‘69 Wayne A Christ IAST ‘79 David L Harlor DEP ‘78 Arthur Christman PAST ‘44 Thomas L Hart BALST ‘60 David M Clapper MIST ‘70 Henry Hartsfield AUB ‘54 Ralph T Cleage AUB ‘70 R P Hatch A-CAL ‘50 J Lee Clements EMBRID ‘80 Randall B Heemer GAN ‘79 Charles M Cole IA ‘37 Kenneth W Heist AZ ‘41 Leland Dean Cole KS ‘61 Robert L Hertel SCA ‘52 Brad Cole SIL ‘93 John W Hess CREIGH ‘75 John E Coleman COR ‘29 Wayland Ray Hicks IN ‘65 Carter Comaford STAN ‘58 Maurice J Hill IN ‘42 David S Conklin NWMO ‘88 Thomas D Hillmer IA ‘84 Frederick Connally TX ‘25 Edward H Hirsch HOB ‘56 Arthur R Cooper A-CAL ‘68 Harold Hitchins SMU ‘43 Michael T Corlew MSST ‘73 Jack T Hollenback WA ‘67 Kevin M Costner FULL ‘77 Harry Parl Holman SCA ‘57 Jeremy B Coullard SYR ‘69 William D Holmes IL ‘51 Gordon L Cox MI ‘59 John W. Horch IAST ‘59 Keith Cryderman KSST ‘63 Paul Dean Horn AZ ‘64 Dennis K Cuffel IN ‘86 Ken Housholder SMU ‘42 Parnell S Curry SCA ‘49 William Humphrey PUR ‘85 William Y Dabney SMU ‘44 Paul W Hutchison MSST ‘72 John M Dean OSHALL ‘67 Marc G Hynes A-CAL ‘67 Richard B DeGraff FL ‘71 E Edward Isaac DEP ‘29 Joseph A DeMarco FL ‘56 William Janowski SMU ‘57 John E. Derwort EIL ‘68 Andrew O Jensen SMU ‘41 William Diefenbach CT ‘83 Andrew J Douglas ORST ‘77 Bobby Joe Johnson MSST ‘63 Scott E Johnson AUB ‘81 Kenneth E Dover MO ‘80 Robert E Kaiser OHST ‘51 Jack C Dryden KS ‘53 Edward A Kangas KS ‘66 Robert J Eason LEH ‘75 Michael E Kasamis PUR ‘81 James D Eason LEH ‘84 Guilford C Kater OHST ‘51 Hon John E. Eberle Charles Kelley HUNTS ‘80 OSHALL ‘55 David F. Kent OSHALL ‘58 James E. Egger OHST ‘46 Alvin B Kessler LSU ‘50 Barry A Eller FL ‘71 Harold Elliott OSHALL ‘55 Michael J Kinkelaar IL ‘79 Neal E Kitchell DEP ‘72 James E English WMI ‘89 Herbert G Klein SCA ‘40 Gary Gene Eskew ID ‘68 Charles M Evans PAST ‘32 Earl L Knauss KS ‘55 David C Koelsch ID ‘69 Neil E Fackler DEN ‘76 Byron Lee Farrell PUR ‘62 Eric W Koelsch ID ‘74 William M Feldman IL ‘75 William J Kooistra IAST ‘79 Peter P Korch JOHN ‘84 James V Ferrara MIST ‘81 Richard Kruger TRIST FAC B Fiske Field DEP ‘47 Michael D Lafever FL ‘81 Dennis Lee Fielder FL ‘66 Leland A Lahr DEP ‘52 Mark Fitzgerald CT ‘79 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 15

Wayne Lavendusky HOU ‘65 F. Verne Powell IN ‘74 Peter John Leets IN ‘69 George M Powell IN ‘79 Leon L Lemaire CT ‘57 Robert K Poyer BALST ‘73 Albert H Leyerle OHST ‘54 Charles P Rahe SIL ‘65 John A Lindemann IL ‘50 Myron E Ranney MIST ‘56 John H. Locklin PAST ‘63 Charles E. Ray DEP ‘58 Randall G Loftis SEMO ‘82 Michael E Regan NH ‘83 Horace H Look SIL ‘63 Robert G Riddett LEH ‘74 Robert A Magnusson IL ‘55 Jack Mel Rider SCA ‘51 Michael Majestic WAST ‘90 Burton W Roberts SCA ‘37 Raymond Manning LSU ‘42 Christopher Roberts EIL ‘83 William D Marshall ID ‘39 Jon M Russo CT ‘89 Gerald J Martin CT ‘62 Gavin M Ryan MIAU ‘82 Ronald J Martin NH ‘87 Thomas W Rymer GA ‘70 Von E Mason PUR ‘60 Arthur W Sackrison IL ‘51 Earl E McCann CT ‘58 John Samore SCA ‘67 James G McComb MI ‘61 George E Schau SIL ‘76 Kenneth McCune FULL ‘69 Jeffrey A Schoenherr MI ‘91 John E McDaniels OK ‘58 Edward Schussler DEP ‘65 Michael McFarland OKST ‘86 G Walter Scott DEP ‘37 C Wade McGuffey GA ‘73 Clyde N Sedgwick ORST ‘57 Richard McKaig BALST ‘66 Mark M Seman YOU ‘73 Paul D McKinnis WMI ‘66 J Dean Semon SMU ‘82 James McNamee MIAU ‘62 James P Sheahan MO ‘79 Kenneth L Merrick DEP ‘48 John M Shelby SAC ‘86 Joseph Messerman PAST ‘54 William R Shelton ORST ‘44 William C Miller SMU ‘27 Jack W Shirley OK ‘51 John R Miller OHST ‘50 Jan P Shoemaker IAST ‘67 Paul A Monaco CT ‘59 Mack D Short TRIST Maurice L Moore FL ‘30 Keith R Shriver FL ‘79 Larry Gene Moore DEP ‘61 L Elliot Shubert KC ‘66 David M Moore ID ‘68 Eric G Sickels COR ‘77 David J Morehead DEP ‘53 Anthony Moreno OKST ‘88 Duncan J Silver CT ‘61 Michael Moriarty OSHK ‘71 Stephen H Simonds KS ‘68 D Stephen Slack SCA ‘71 Guy C Morin MA ‘82 William John Mork SMU ‘65 Laurence A Smith WA ‘43 Kevin K Morrison LBEA ‘75 Frederick C Smith MIAU ‘64 George L Morrow COR ‘43 Andrew Smith GATECH ‘94 Robert L. Mouch OHST ‘49 Alan H. Snyder SMU ‘44 Daniel W Snyder IL ‘50 Wm H Mountain BUF ‘31 Robert P Muratore LEH ‘79 John F Spangler PAST ‘58 Michael D Nadler COR ‘56 Emil R Spees SIL ‘57 Stephen B Spencer PAST ‘54 Charles R Naeser WI ‘31 Dennis E Stephens AUB ‘62 John R Nalley OHST ‘51 Thomas L Stevens DEP ‘52 Russell K Nash CT ‘75 Donald Stripling TRIST ‘70 Dolph F Nelson AUB ‘69 Kenneth W Nelson KS ‘72 Paul Strombeck CEMO ‘70 James P Sturm FRED ASC Martin O Nelson WA ‘71 Richard Suhrheinrich John C Nevin FULL ‘69 Marc Alan Nichols IAST ‘68 WAYST ‘58 Larry Nothnagel NEMO ‘79 Thomas R Sulentic IA ‘70 Charles R Sweeney COR ‘42 James D Olson TRIST ‘73 J Tommy Overcash MSST ‘78 Bill Tallman EMBRID ‘95 Charles N Teyssier PAST ‘55 Connor W Patman TX ‘42 David M Tharp GA ‘72 Roy R Payne COR ‘52 Dan T Thomson SCA ‘51 Arthur J A Peltier MI ‘49 Samuel Thornton PAST ‘66 John Ray Perry KC ‘57 Charles Timberlake MIAU ‘54 Barry J Peters WMI ‘89 John H Tinker PAST ‘64 Vincent R Petrecca CT ‘62 Douglas P. Todd AZST ‘51 Kurt S Petry BALST ‘82 Patrick J Phelan EMBRID ‘72 Jeffrey S Topley PAST ‘80 Robert J Topolski SEMO ‘79 Jeffrey E Philiph IAST ‘82 Joseph Pickett TROYST ‘66 James E Trautman IL ‘63 Domenick Treschitta CT ‘63 Herbert R Pohl SMU ‘49 John J Polakowski MIST ‘83 C S Trosper OKST ‘51 Neil E Tucker KSST ‘73 Lawrence Poundstone John T Vance WY ‘92 A-CAL ‘34 16 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

Roger Vasconcells KSST ‘78 Gary R Vieira NE ‘75 Thomas F Viola NH ‘82 David Vogel HOB ‘87 Glen D Vondrick AZ ‘78 Harold N Voss IL ‘51 Henry E Wahl IN ‘36 Robert D Walters DEP ‘80 John R Warner DEP ‘43 Glenn R Watson OK ‘39 David K. Weber COR ‘68 William A Weeks TX ‘55 Timothy A. Wehr IA Steven T Weir GOR ‘75 Jeffery L Welles OHST ‘75 Gilbert H Werntz GAS ‘85 Arthur H Weston PAST ‘30 John R Whitaker PAST ‘48 Melville B Wier OHST ‘53 Drew Wilkinson LSU ‘97 William Williams GAN ‘83 James A Wilson SMU ‘37 Dennis T Woodling AUB ‘83 Thomas Woodruff FLST ‘65 Theodore V Wright GOR ‘82 Merton S Yerger PAST ‘36 William F Yull WHITE ‘82 Adam Zax CO ‘84 Charles L Zergiebel PUR ‘53 Stephen J Zsolcsak LEH ‘72

From The Past The following is a list of departed brothers who, based on records since 1960, had reached at least the Kimball’s Club ($2,500-$4,999).

NEW FOUNDER Gene Johnson OKST ‘58 Clayton T Roberts FL ‘31 Bernhard Shaffer PAST ‘25 MARTLET CLUB Donald G Isett KS ‘28 LaVon P Linn NB ‘38 Francis Zwickey MIST ‘24 ORDER OF THE SCIMITAR Carl A Benson PUR ‘32 Victor T Johnson PUR ‘32 Marsh W White PAST ORDER OF THE SHIELD Clyde H Andrews IL ‘30 Philip L Barbour COR ‘20 Earl Hazen Drew IL ‘29 Douglas Holsclaw AZ ‘25 Henry M Jackson WA ‘34 Joe Lacchia NYU ’25 & MIST SIR EDWARD COKE CLUB Albin C Ahlberg C-K ‘20 John T Arens PAST ‘37

Oliver Christman PAST ‘20 Ivan W Davis IL ‘25 Charles C DeLong IL ‘26 Frank Granat WA ‘51 O Charles Honig TX ‘40 Luther W. Hoy PAST ‘38 Michael Jack Pucin IL ‘31 Milton J Rose IL ‘29 Ralph W Smith SMU ‘32 Kenneth M Snyder IL ‘30 KIMBALL’S CLUB Hugh E Behny SCA ‘47 Fred R Brooks A-CAL ‘40 Jefferson Coleman AL ‘29 John G Copeland IN ‘49 John C Cox SMU ‘42 R Charlton Johnson SCA ‘40 Charles MacGregor MI ‘29 George E Mack SCA ASC Claude McNorton AUB FAC William R Monroe MIST ‘43 Arthur M Oustalet LSU ‘44 D P Paiste PAST ‘31 William Paul Ross PUR ‘52 Joseph M Thompson IL ‘34 Richard L Tully OHST ‘57 M J van Loben Sels STAN ‘32 John D Woodward SMU ‘32

Trustee Society The Foundation has created a special society to recognize those who make a three-year commitment of $1,000 per year above their normal level of support. The first 100 members will be known as Charter Members of the Trustees Society. The generous support of these men will provide the resources necessary to support a professional development program, a quality development staff, and organized support systems. They will allow the Foundation to develop the infrastructure needed to pursue major gifts and to build a solid base upon which Delta Chi can grow. Charter members of the Trustees Society will receive a special lapel pin that designates them as members of the Society. They will also be listed in the fall issue of the Quarterly and on the Foundation’s website. If you would like more information about the Delta Chi Educational Foundation please contact Bob Hendershot, Treasurer, Educational Foundation, P. O. Box 2686, Iowa City, IA 52245. The following is a list of Charter members who, as of 6/30/02, have either completed their commitment (bold) or have signed a commitment to do so:

Harry G. Allgauer, PUR ’52 Paul W. Bohlman, OHST ’70 Smith D. Boyd, LIV ‘75 Michael Carroll, AUB ‘71 Leland D. Cole, KS ’61 James Dodson, OK ‘58 Robert J. Eason, LEH ’75 Geoffrey L. Farmer, OHST ’71 David F. Hale, JACKST ’70 Fredrick B. Hammert, OK ‘60 Robert Hendershot, PUR ‘72 Chris Johnson, KY ’77 Peter Korch, JOHNS ’84 Lyle A. Lynn, IA ’30 James Marascio, BRY ’93 Steven R. Michels, MARQ ’87 John L. Melvin, OHST ’55 M. Gary Monk, AUB ‘65

Michael Moskos, DEP ‘85 George W. Obear, DEP ’30 T. Shawn Riedling, LOU ‘89 Clifford Ruemmler, OK ’87 Phillip A. Ruppel, SIL ‘65 Jonathan K. Sattler, APST ’87 Ralph W. Smith, S.M.U. ‘32* Keith B. Snook, LATECH ’96 G. R. Steven Sparling, WMI ‘88 Neil E. Tucker, KSST ’73 John G. Tunila, CONN ’81 Miles Washburn, MASS ’87 W. Dean Wilkerson, LATECH ’92 C. Drew Wilkerson, LSU ’97 Chad M. Wolett, AZST ’94 F. Phil Yang, A-CAL ‘80 Luther M. Young, AUB ‘69 * deceased

∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 17


The State of the Chapters

18 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

Alabama Alberta American Appalachian State Arizona Auburn Augusta Ball State Behrend Bowling Green Bryant Cal Poly California Univ. - PA Central Michigan Central Missouri Chico Clemson Connecticut Cornell DePauw Duquesne Eastern Illinois Embry-Riddle Ferris State Fredonia Frostburg Fullerton Gannon Georgia Georgia Tech Gorham State Hayward Hobart Huntsville Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Jacksonville State James Madison Johnstown Kansas Kansas City Kansas State Kent State Kettering-A Kettering-B L.S.U. Lake Forest Livingston Long Beach Louisiana Tech Mankato Marquette Maryland Miami Michigan State


Total Initiates Enrolled

2000-01 Initiates Enrolled

2001-02 Initiates Enrolled

2001-02 Avg. Membership*

1927 1997 1992 1986 1925 1951 1983 1958 1990 1998 1990 1970 1974 1988 1971 1987 1990 1955 1890 1892 1993 1967 1972 1994 1991 1991 1967 1971 1996 1991 1969 1990 1948 1977 1924 1923 1925 1912 1968 1999 1972 1923 1956 1992 1990 1996 1996 1941 1950 1967 1968 1987 1992 1977 1990 1932 1935

1229 116 308 429 1766 1067 199 1040 174 60 212 307 305 298 761 605 302 766 1590 1257 147 960 549 123 244 226 677 379 367 293 574 268 746 285 1315 1824 1456 1451 556 94 424 1515 503 521 191 49 76 550 340 458 524 229 132 298 253 1389 1755

5 15 14 10 44 14 3 55 6 21 11 3 5 1 42 32 15 7 11 25 10 34 12 8 27 4 51 20 32 23 19 12 22 4 21 37 1 25 15 33 14 23 8 20 9 5 2 2 10 7 10 12 7 8 13 2 19

0 12 8 35 21 12 6 23 12 17 16 32 9 14 20 10 14 6 8 0 18 20 28 0 29 13 16 3 14 21 6 15 12 7 25 6 29 26 18 12 3 37 8 20 8 1 10 30 6 4 16 10 7 10 0 42 32

17 30 43 59 61 38 10 48 17 22 24 58 11 19 38 67 47 20 42 33 26 59 34 25 52 17 30 28 30 71 19 28 24 13 42 77 65 34 40 36 25 64 22 65 19 7 19 38 13 22 40 25 17 22 25 52 74

% of Bills Paid# 66 99 100 100 10 101 77 100 102 103 100 81 100 40 99 77 100 125 98 100 100 100 100 100 100 109 109 100 86 100 115 102 100 81 100 97 38 129 80 100 82 100 99 100 100 100 120 116 100 100 125 97 100 100 103 131 109

2001-2002 Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri Montclair Montevallo New Haven New Mexico State North Carolina State Northeast Missouri Northern Arizona Northern Colorado Northern Illinois Northern Iowa Northwest Missouri Northwestern Ohio State Oshkosh Penn State Purdue Radford Reno Rowan Rutgers Sacramento Stephen F. Austin South Florida Southeast Missouri Southern California Southwest Texas Tarleton Texas Texas A&M Tri-State Troy State UNLV Valdosta Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Tech Washington Washington State West Chester West Virginia Tech Western Illinois Western Michigan Whitewater Windsor Wyoming

1892 1964 1951 1990 1972 1981 1994 1990 1978 1959 1984 1989 1970 1971 1893 1902 1969 1929 1927 1994 1992 1992 1999 1971 1999 2000 1977 1910 1991 1988 1907 1988 1969 1966 1996 1968 1991 1992 1908 1943 1994 1983 1989 1955 1970 1971 1991

996 575 525 199 462 269 125 288 457 600 368 427 346 1022 238 1324 499 1571 1367 137 142 158 103 570 87 82 474 1193 195 259 819 287 361 708 174 693 188 355 1877 548 163 298 269 964 554 349 128

5 16 8 12 12 9 8 7 0 0 28 22 4 22 21 31 18 22 3 5 2 12 20 19 29 0 17 37 20 10 16 5 16 2 27 4 23 21 22 17 23 2 27 9 7 0 4

3 17 8 16 13 20 14 0 0 15 17 7 4 7 24 20 26 22 25 12 0 0 1 29 27 20 13 27 28 7 26 17 7 7 23 13 10 11 18 15 6 7 10 22 16 15 17

19 46 31 33 34 16 29 14 32 54 30 54 11 60 61 61 35 67 95 33 20 38 30 35 31 18 23 67 36 20 46 17 26 16 668 18 22 68 45 39 23 11 43 32 39 9 12

85 96 92 100 100 100 134 90 99 116 100 99 124 91 100 100 97 88 102 117 124 100 82 166 103 99 88 100 145 99 100 138 100 100 100 87 100 99 100 96 23 142 103 92 108 125 111

Colonies Abracadabra Arizona State Colorado State Denison South Dakota State Southwest Missouri Stony Brook Syracuse West Georgia Western Ontario

1910 1949 2001 2000 2002 2002 2000 2001 2002 1991

1019 466 21 364 29 404 13 269 19 238

0 0 NA NA NA NA 3 NA NA 0

12 27 21 4 29 21 0 14 19 44

27 18 16 29 30 21 8 14 22 25

110 100 100 100 100 100 71 100 99 113 97

* Does not include associate members/pledges. # Chapters with over 100% reduced a debt from previous years. NR = No Report; NA = Not Applicable.

Our strength is based on our members’ lifelong commitment

∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 19

2001-2002 Award Winners The Delta Chi Awards Program is designed to recognize and promote those areas that are critical to the success of the chapter. The “E” Key, the Fraternity’s oldest award, and the Outstanding “C” Award recognize the performance of two vital chapter officers. For the other awards, the Fraternity is divided into two divisions: Red and Buff. The Red Division contains those chapters with 19 or more fraternities on their campus or whose Greek systems have over 40 percent of the undergraduate student body. The remaining chapters make up the Buff Division.

In recognition of the chapter’s performance on campus and within the community, the Outstanding Campus Leadership, Outstanding Community Service Program, Outstanding Intramural Program, Outstanding Membership Recruitment Program, Outstanding Scholarship Program Awards, and Outstanding Financial Management Awards were presented. T h re e a w a rd s a d d re s s t h e important alumni programming areas of a chapter: the Outstanding A l u m n i B o a rd o f Tr u s t e e s , Outstanding Alumni Newsletter, and Outstanding “BB” Awards.

Chapters that have shown a marked improvement in their overall operations are given the Certificate of Achievement. The “AA” selects the winner of the Most Improved Chapter from the recipients of this award. The winners of the Award of Excellence show strength across the board. In most cases they are winners of several awards. When they are not, they show above average performance in all areas with no area of weakness. From the recipients of the Award of Excellence, the “AA” selects the President’s Cup winners. There is a maximum of three Cups in each Division.

PRESIDENT’S CUP Red Buff Kansas Idaho Georgia Tech Mississippi State Northwestern Tri-State

OUTSTANDING CAMPUS LEADERSHIP Alberta Kansas State Appalachian State Kettering B Bryant Louisiana Tech Cal Poly Maryland Duquesne Mississippi State East Carolina Montclair Embry-Riddle Northwestern Fredonia Tarleton Georgia Tech Texas Idaho Tri-State James Madison VA Commonwealth Kansas Virginia Tech

Bryant Cal Poly Colorado State Duquesne Georgia Tech Hayward Idaho James Madison Kansas

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Red Buff Georgia Tech Appalachian State Kansas Fredonia Kansas State Idaho Northwestern Oshkosh Virginia Tech Mississippi State Tri-State MOST IMPROVED CHAPTER Red Buff Texas Cal Poly CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Red Buff Texas Arizona State Washington Bryant Bowling Green Cal Poly Central Missouri Duquesne James Madison Montclair OUTSTANDING ABT Appalachian State Kansas State Arizona State Kent State Bowling Green Kettering B Bryant Louisiana Tech Duquesne Mississippi State East Carolina Montclair Embry-Riddle New Haven Fredonia Northwestern Georgia Tech Oshkosh Idaho Tarleton James Madison Texas Kansas Tri-State OUTSTANDING ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Arizona State Maryland Bryant Mississippi State Georgia Tech Tarleton Idaho Texas James Madison Tri-State Kansas Washington Kansas State 20 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP Georgia Tech Mississippi State Idaho Northwestern James Madison Texas Kansas Tri-State Kansas State Virginia Tech Maryland Washington OUTSTANDING FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Arizona State Louisiana Tech Bowling Green Maryland Bryant Mississippi State Central Missouri New Haven Embry-Riddle Northwestern Fredonia Oshkosh Georgia Tech Sacramento Hayward Texas Idaho Texas A&M James Madison Tri-State Kansas Virginia Tech Kansas State Washington OUTSTANDING INTRAMURALS Appalachian State Maryland Arizona State Mississippi State Cal Poly Montclair Duquesne Northwestern Embry-Riddle Texas Fredonia Tri-State Georgia Tech VA Commonwealth Idaho Virginia Tech Kansas Washington Kansas State West Chester OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE American Kansas State Appalachian State Kent State Arizona State Kettering B

Mississippi State New Haven Northwestern Tarleton Texas Tri-State Virginia Tech Washington

OUTSTANDING RECRUITMENT Alberta Kansas Appalachian State Kansas State Arizona State Maryland Bowling Green Mississippi State Bryant Montclair Cal Poly New Haven Duquesne Northwestern Embry-Riddle Oshkosh Fredonia Texas Georgia Tech Virginia Tech Idaho Washington James Madison West Chester OUTSTANDING “BB” AWARD Brian W. Martin - Ball State Trent J. Unterbrink - Bowling Green Kevin B. Pitchford - James Madison Dr. Alan H. Brightman - Kansas State Charles A. Cheatham - Louisiana Tech Arnaldo Jimenez - Texas A&M Ron J. Montgomery - Oshkosh OUTSTANDING “C” AWARD J. Reed Davis, Appalachian State Michael Loehring, Central Missouri Phillip Travis, Central Missouri Anthony Treu, Kansas Joshua Greene, Kent State Jason Klein, New Haven Andrew Weinrich, Northwestern Kevin Kroeger, Oshkosh Bret Duke, Tarleton Stephen Moody, Texas A&M Oliver Mereau, Tri-State “E” KEY AWARD Josh Barry, Appalachian State Shaun Black, Georgia Tech Chris Gutman, Kent State Shawn McCoy, New Haven Sean Perry, Tarleton Trevor Chipman, Kansas

Special Awards CONVENTION HONOREE Joseph F. Lacchia, NYU ’25 and Michigan State, was named as Convention Honoree. Joe served as “DD” from 1956 to 1958 as well as 1969 to 1970. He was “AA” from 1958 to 1960. He was an “AA” Emeritus and a member of the Order of the White Carnation. He was also a long-time Director of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. ORDER OF THE WHITE CARNATION At the 1975 Convention, Delta Chi established the Order of the White Carnation to honor those men who have displayed meritorious and inconspicuous service. Awards of the honor of membership in the Order of the White Car- Michael L. Carroll, Auburn ’71 nation are granted by a Convention only after the selection, recommendation and approval of the then members of the Order. At the 53rd International Convention, Mike was bestowed the honor of membership in the Order. Mike has served the Fraternity as “CC” from 1987 to 1990, “DD” from 1990 to 1992 and “AA” from 1992 to 1994. He has been a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors since 1994, has been its Secretary/Treasurer, and is currently serving as its Vice President. Mike has been a long time member of the Auburn Chapter’s Alumni Control Board and is also currently on the Georgia Tech Chapter’s House Corporation Board. MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD James Donald Adams, Miami ’69 For his service to the Miami Chapter. Jason N. Butler, Central Missouri’99 For service to The Delta Chi Fraternity as a Leadership Consultant and Director of Chapter Services. Edward Fusco, Embry-Riddle ’73 For his service on The Delta Chi Fraternity’s Alumni Awards Committee. Max Goecker, Ball State ’88 For service to The Delta Chi Fraternity’s Ritual Committee. Matthew J. Hamill, Kansas ’98 For service to The Delta Chi Fraternity as Director of Chapter Development. Thaddeus J. Herron, Radford ’01 For service to The Delta Chi Fraternity as a Leadership Consultant. Thomas S. Horowitz, Michigan State ’87 For service to the Duquesne Chapter. Monte L. Johnson, Ohio State ’69 For his service as The Delta Chi Fraternity’s Ritualist.

John R. Kruse, Missouri ’89 For outstanding service to the Missouri Chapter’s House Corporation. Charles A. Mancuso, Florida State ’87 For his 12 years of service to The Delta Chi Fraternity as its Legal Advisor. Jeffrey B. McAdoo, New Mexico State ’00 For service to The Delta Chi Fraternity as a Leadership Consultant. Ron J. Montgomery, Oshkosh ’88 For service to the Oshkosh Chapter. Aaron A. Otto, Kansas State ’98 For outstanding service to the Kansas State Chapter and its Educational Foundation. Brendan K. Puthoff, Texas ’01 For outstanding service to the Texas House Corporation. Amol A. Riswadkar, Kettering B ’00 For his service on The Delta Chi Fraternity’s Alumni Awards Committee.

Corey C. Shigematsu, Southern California ’97 For his efforts in developing the KEY Program and reformatting the Regional Leadership Conferences. Keith R. Shriver, Florida ’79 For his service as Regent, Region VIII. Chad M. Wolett, Arizona State ’94 For service to the Arizona State Colony. VALOR AWARD Robert J. Waltz, New Haven ’99 For his efforts in the World Trade Center rescue mission and the hundreds of lives he either directly or indirectly saved and impacted. J. William Cahill, Jr., Kent State ’02 For placing his life in danger to assure no other people were trapped in a deadly fire. Daniel P. Russell, Kent State ’02 For placing his life in danger to assure no other people were trapped in a deadly fire.

Jonathan Brant of Beta Theta Pi Receives John J. Kuhn Interfraternity Service Award The John J. Kuhn Award for Service to the Fraternity movement is named after former Delta Chi President and President of the National Interfraternity Conference, John J. Kuhn, Cornell 1898. It is presented every other year at our Convention to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Greek movement. The award, one of the most prestigious awards that Delta Chi offers, recognizes accomplishments and contributions of individuals within the fraternity and sorority world regardless of their affiliation. This year we are proud to present the John J Kuhn Award to Jonathan Brant. Jonathan is 1975 graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, where he received a degree in business and later his MBA. He served as Beta Theta Pi’s Administrative Secretary from 1977 through 1982, at which time he was selected as the executive vice president of the National Interfraternity Conference. In 1988, he was designated a Certified Association Executive by the American Society of Association Executives. He served as the 1993-94 President of the Indiana Society of Association Executives, a professional society that presented him with its Association Executive of the year award in 1995 and its Larry A. Conard Achievement in Volunteerism award in 1998. The crossroads of America Council of the Boy Scouts of America presented him the Silver Beaver award in January 1999. The Association of Fraternity Advisors honored him with the highest award to a person not employed by an institution of higher education with its 1998 Jack L. Anson Award. In 1999, Jonathan was named director of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, a position which he currently holds. Over the years, Jonathan has worked tirelessly to advance the fraternal movement.

He believes strongly in the value of fraternities and sororities and wants to ensure that future generations of college students have the opportunity to experience the brotherhood and sisterhood that each of us have had. His impact on the fraternity movement, via his involvement with his own fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, and the NIC makes Jonathan an outstanding and obvious recipient of the 2002 John J. Kuhn Award.

Jonathan Brant is pictured here holding the John J. Kuhn Award and the minutes from John J. Kuhn’s term as NIC president. On Jonathan’s left is Greg Hauser, Michigan State ’75 who served as one of the NIC’s presidents during Jonathan’s tenure as its administrative secretary. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 21


RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY REVISED 7/97 The Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. includes the provisions which follow and shall apply to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS The possession, sale, use or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, while on chapter premises, during a fraternity event, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or at any event an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education, and must comply with either the BYOB or Third Party Vendor Guidelines. 2. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of, or on behalf of, the chapter. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage, i.e., kegs or cases, is prohibited. 3. OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by nonmembers of the fraternity, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, shall be prohibited. 4. No members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under legal “drinking age”). 5. The possession, sale or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES while on chapter premises or during a fraternity event or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity, is strictly prohibited. 6. No chapter may co-sponsor an event with an alcoholic distributor, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present. 7. No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organizations. 8. All rush activities associated with any chapter will be a DRY rush function. 9. No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in “drinking games.” 10. No alcohol shall be present at any pledge/associate member/novice program, activity or ritual of the chapter. 1.

HAZING No chapter, colony, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside of the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution, or applicable state law.” SEXUAL ABUSE AND HARASSMENT The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions which are demeaning to women or men including, but not limited to, date rape, gang rape or verbal harassment. 22 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

1. 2.

3. 4.

FIRE, HEALTH AND SAFETY All chapter houses should meet all local fire and health codes and standards. All chapters should have posted by common phones, emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and should have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room. All chapters should comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company. The possession and/or use of firearms or explosive devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house is expressly forbidden.

EDUCATION Each fraternity shall annually instruct its students and alumni on the Risk Management Policy of FIPG, Inc. Additionally, all student and alumni members shall annually receive a copy of said Risk Management Policy. THIRD PARTY VENDOR CRITERIA THE VENDOR MUST: 1. Be properly licensed by the appropriate local and state authority. This may involve both a liquor license and a temporary license to sell on the premises where the function is to be held. 2. Be properly insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance, evidenced by a properly completed certificate of insurance prepared by the insurance provided. The certificate of insurance must also show evidence that the vendor has, as a part of his/her insurance coverage, “off premises liquor liability coverage and non-owned and hired auto coverage.” Named insureds included on the certificate of insurance must as a minimum include the local chapter hiring the vendor as well as the international fraternity that the local chapter is affiliated with. 3. Agree in writing to cash sales only, collected by the vendor during the function. 4. Assume in writing all the responsibilities that any other purveyor of alcoholic beverages would assume in the normal course of business, including but not limited to: a. Checking identification cards upon entry; b. Not serving minors; c. Not serving individuals that appear to be intoxicated; d. Maintaining absolute control of ALL alcoholic containers present; e. Collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of a function (no excess alcohol — opened or unopened — is to be given, sold or furnished to the chapter). Vendor MUST remove all alco hol from the premises. POLICY GUIDELINES As adopted by FIPG, Inc. December, 1992 1. Closed parties (meaning those events with alcohol present) should have a guest list prepared at least 24 hours in advance. Attendance should be limited to two guests per member. 2. “Non-alcoholic” keg beer is not permitted because it can contain up .05 percent alcohol. Therefore, serving it would be a violation of our policy.

* The membership of FIPG, Inc. now stands at 32 men’s groups and 13 women’s groups.

Chapter Situations Each year thousands of young men join fraternities, looking for the mystical “bond of brotherhood” and a sense of belonging that has so much to do with why Delta Chi was founded by eleven men on October 13, 1890 on the campus of Cornell University. Since then, Delta Chi has flourished. However, it has not always been easy for Delta Chi and other fraternities. Marsh W. White, “AA” Emeritus, may have said it best when he said, “The ability of the fraternity movement to survive and grow in spite of many negative circumstances, might be explained by the fact that it has two quite different sets of purposes and characteristics.” Marsh went on to explain that these different sets of purposes and characteristics could be described as spiritual and utilitarian. According to Marsh, the spiritual objectives “have remained rather constant since the inception of the fraternity idea” and would include concepts such as those described in the Preamble to Delta Chi’s Constitution.

What follows is a list of chapters that are on Corrective Action for violation of the Risk Management Policy as of October 15, 2002. Chapter American Arizona Ball State Central Michigan Cornell Ferris State Florida Indiana Iowa L.S.U. Michigan State

Violation Alcohol Hazing Alcohol/Hazing Alcohol/Hazing Alcohol Hazing Hazing Alcohol/Hazing Alcohol Hazing Hazing


*The Sacramento Chapter has lost university recognition and their operations have been ordered to cease, along with the inactivation of all student members by the chapter’s conservator, due to the hazing activities of the chapter.

Corrective Action Levels The utilitarian purposes and characteristics of the fraternity community, according to Marsh, “have changed in accordance with social trends and the demands of the times.” Marsh added, “Since each fraternity chapter must go before its supporting public to recruit new members at all too frequent intervals, its utilitarian purposes are kept continuously responsive to what the mercantile field called customer demands.” Unfortunately, problems occur when the actions associated with the utilitarian purposes run counter to those spiritual purposes. Ultimately one must give and one must win out. Naturally, one would assume the spiritual purpose would win out considering it has lasted the Fraternity since its founding and will likely be there for very many years to come. However, many members join primarily for reasons associated with those utilitarian purposes and understandably are not readily willing to give them up. So despite Delta Chi’s continuing efforts to educate its membership on sound Risk Management practices that would help ensure the safety of our members and guests, we continue to have chapters take risks that put people and Delta Chi in jeopardy. That is not to say the chapters on the following list are “bad” chapters. Likewise, it is unrealistic to assume that chapters that are not on this list are complying with every policy. The bottom line of this issue is that members of the Fraternity are engaging in dangerous activities and taking unnecessary risks with their future and the future of Delta Chi, because they believe this will help fill voids where their needs are not being met. Whatever the case, the solution remains the same. Each and every chapter needs the involvement of mature alumni who can help the Fraternity’s student members discover that there are alternatives that can meet both their long and short-term needs. Finally, each and every member of Delta Chi needs to periodically reflect on Delta Chi’s values as contained in our Preamble: Promote Friendship, Develop Character, Advance Justice, and Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education.

Level 1 — Level 1 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, ordering that the Chapter cease and desist from the conduct in the future and be in accordance with the requirements of Delta Chi Law and the Risk Management Policy of the Fraternity. The Chapter shall be required to submit to the Executive Director a written statement that all prohibited conduct has been stopped. The statement shall be signed by the “A”, “BB” and such other members of the Chapter, as specified in the report, who were involved with or had supervision over the conduct in the violation. Level 2 — Level 2 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Level 1, plus the Chapter shall submit a written plan of procedures and/or activities that comply with the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy covering the activities in the violation. The plan shall be updated at least twice per year for the period of corrective action. Level 3 — Level 3 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Levels 1 and 2, plus supervision of the activities of the Chapter that were involved in the violation by a person or persons acceptable to the Executive Director. Level 4 — Level 4 Corrective Action shall include, but is not limited to, all provisions of Levels 1, 2 and 3 plus the charter of the Chapter shall be suspended for the period of time of the corrective action. Chapters under Level 4 Corrective Action shall either be placed in conservatorship, as provided in Delta Chi Law, or shall operate under the direct supervision of the Executive Director. Level 5 — Level 5 Corrective Action shall require the suspension of the charter and the cessation of operation of the Chapter as it then exists. Re-establishment of the Chapter shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the Board of Regents after a minimum one-year period. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 23



“Tex” Cook, Texas ’30

James Webb,USC ’67

Chauncey W. W. “Tex” Cook, Texas ’30 served as chairman of General Foods Corporation from 1966 to June 1974. He was the company’s chief executive from 1965 to 1973 and president from 1962 to 1972. He also served on the Board of Directors of American Machine Foundry; Capital National Bank; Chase Manhattan Bank; Shell Oil Company; Texas Commerce Bancshares, Inc.; and Whirlpool Corporation. He also served on a wide variety of volunteer panels. He was named chairman of the panel on food processing and manufacturing for the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health in 1969 and was a trustee of the Committee for Economic Development from 1965 to 1974 and The Council of the Americas from 1965 to 1974. He was also national chairman of the United Community Campaigns of America and received honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws from Babson Institute of Business Administration, Long Island University, Iona College; Doctor of Humane Letters from Pace College; and Doctor of Engineering from Michigan Technological University. The list of his wide-ranging achievements and service goes on. In 1980, the Quarterly did a feature on “Tex,” and here are some excerpts from what he said at that time. “Having worked since age 10 (paper route, delivery boy, grocery clerk, dance orchestra), I have just taken for granted that responsible people work and get satisfaction from performing as well as they could. I feel sorry for those who do not take pride in being regarded by one’s fellowmen as capable, productive, responsible, effective.” “Commitment to my company was unlimited. We would go where the company needed me, take vacations when and as conditions permitted, and work whatever hours were necessary to do the job well.” “Ability to communicate effectively is a ‘must’. My most useful extracurricular activity in high school was the debating team. My most productive course in college was public speaking. . . . I am grateful my first boss put such emphasis on learning to write a good, one-page report on even a complex subject.” “By and large, those who emerge from the pack and gain recognition for their potential have familiar qualities – willingness to take responsibility, to work harder and longer, to lead others, to get results.” “Membership in Delta Chi was very helpful to me. . . . That was my first exposure to the problems of staying within an organization’s budget and competing with other groups for new members and providing a measure of leadership when elected head of the chapter for a period. Perhaps even more important was learning to live, work and study in the midst of a group of young men from different backgrounds, with different goals and values. . . . Those four years helped prepare me for the 50 years that have elapsed since then, and I shall ever be grateful.” It sounds like today’s business world is in need of more leaders like Chauncey W. W. “Tex” Cook. Brother Cook lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Frances. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Less than a year out of Annapolis, James H. Webb was sent to Vietnam, where he distinguished himself in combat. For exposing himself to enemy fire while saving a wounded Marine, he was awarded the Bronze Star. A few weeks later he won the Silver Star for repeatedly exposing himself to harm while retrieving casualties and leading a counterattack. Two months after he received his Silver Star, he led an attack on three enemy bunkers and used his own body to shield another Marine from a grenade blast. He then destroyed one bunker with his own grenade. For this, he was awarded the Navy Cross (the highest award bestowed by the Department of the Navy). He personally received two Purple Hearts with shrapnel lodged in his head, back, kidney, left arm and left leg. Following his service in Vietnam, Webb returned to attend Georgetown Law School. Webb was so disappointed with how his classmates looked at the war that he began to write the novel Fields of Fire. Webb has written six best-selling novels: Fields of Fire (l978), considered by many to be the classic novel of the Vietnam War, A Sense of Honor (l981), A Country Such As This (1983), Something To Die For (1991), The Emperor’s General (1999), and Lost Soldiers (2001). In 1987, his life took another turn when President Reagan appointed Webb Secretary of the Navy. As the CEO of the Department of the Navy, Webb was the civilian in charge of a 600-ship fleet with more than 400,000 Sailors and 200,000 Marines. At age 41, Webb was the youngest Navy Secretary since 1797, when the position was created. During Reagan’s last year in office, Webb resigned as Secretary of the Navy after refusing to agree to a reduction in the Navy’s force structure during congressionally mandated budget cuts. He then focused once again on writing books and public speaking. Now, three decades after leaving USC and the Naval Academy, Webb looks back on his time as an undergraduate Delta Chi as having better prepared him for the diverse leadership positions he has held. “The year of college I had before going to the Naval Academy, and the fraternity experience itself, broadened my horizons in a way that was helpful both while I was at Navy and later in life as well.” Whether as a student at USC in the 1960s, a Marine in Vietnam in the 1970s, Secretary of the Navy in the 1980s, or an author in the 1990s, James Webb has always held true to the founding beliefs of our fraternity. He has lived the principles of tradition and character to become a valuable link in the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. Editor’s Note: The full text of this story, which contains many of Brother Webb’s other achievements, may be found in the Winter/Spring ’02 issue of the Quarterly, or you may visit his web site at:

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Photo by Harry Gerwien


Capital Area Alumni Chapter In just two short years the Capital Area Delta Chi Alumni Chapter has grown to be one of the largest and most active alumni chapters with 100+ members from around the country. The initial group of eight interested brothers first met on October 1 st , 2000 to continue the traditions established by our founding fathers. The Washington, D.C. area is home to over 1,600 Delta Chi alumni, and we knew there would be a lot of brothers wishing to continue their lifelong commitment to the brotherhood. The first social function was held at the Shenandoah Brewing Company in Alexandria, VA. This event proved so popular that it is being repeated again this fall! But this was just a warm-up for what was to come.

In the spring of 2001, “Delta Chi Takes Over The Capitol” took place! Rep. Dan Miller, Florida ’64 and Rep. John Mica, Florida ’67 hosted this exclusive event, which drew 200+ brothers and their spouses, many of whom drove and flew in from out of state to attend. After a reception, the group entered the Capitol Rotunda for a group photo, followed by a guided tour of the Capitol, then was led into the House chamber for a question and answer period. Following this was another huge event! Former FBI Director William Sessions, Kansas ’51 spoke to a gathering of 40-50 alumni and their spouses at the Capital City Brew Pub in the Old Post Office in Washington, D.C. He discussed his career as a federal judge, FBI Director under

Presidents Reagan and Bush, and the bond of brotherhood as a Delta Chi. This past spring we teamed up with the Golden Triangle Alumni Chapter to host “A Day at the Races” in beautiful Middleburg, VA. This steeplechase event drew many alumni and their spouses and has been an annual event for many years. The current officers are: “A” Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98; “B” Michael Magri, Johnstown ’84; “C” Mark Povell, Virginia Tech ’00; and “D” Vincent DiCamillo, Duquesne ’95. Brothers in attendance at chapter meetings represent a wide range of Delta Chi chapters. The use of a listserv and development of a website was determined to be the most efficient and economical way to increase awareness among area alumni


EASTERN ILLINOIS Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeff Wong ’93, twins, a daughter, Emily, on February 19, 2002 and a son, Carter, on February 20, 2002.

elected to the Board of Directors of the Roaster Guild.

ARIZONA STATE Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Blake ’94, a daughter, Cassidy June, on June 18, 2002. Chad Wolett ’94, married to Nancy Butterworth on September 16, 2001. BEHREND Born to Brother and Mrs. Phil Petroff ’90, a son, Ryan Varivon, on October 2, 2002. BRYANT Born to Brother and Mrs. Larry Bitton ’92, a daughter, Jordyn, on June 23, 2002. CENTRAL MISSOURI Born to Brother and Mrs. Tracy Estes ’84, a daughter, Myleah Lorrene, on June 22, 2002. Shannon Johnson ’88, married to Tanya Morris on December 15, 2001. Shannon is a Professor of Theatre at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri. CHICO Born to Brother and Mrs. Ryan K. Charp ’93, a daughter, Piper Kate, on July 17, 2002. Michael Cody ’97, married to Jennifer Ankley on August 10, 2002. CLEMSON Jim Lomax ’99, married to Gretchen Golden on June 2, 2002.

EMBRY RIDDLE Born to Brother and Mrs. Michael Senn ’90, a daughter, Samantha Henny, on October 4, 2002. Born to Brother and Mrs. Allan Schwager ’91, a son, Aaron Daniel, on September 12, 2002. Born to Brother and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Harrington ’95, a son, Camden Jefferson, on August 15, 2002. FREDONIA Thomas Decker ’93, married to Beth Bennett on August 10, 2002. GEORGIA TECH Born to Brother and Mrs. Steven Smith ’92, a son, Gavin Sean, on July 12, 2002. Justin Morgalis ’98, married to Emily Fields on May 26, 2002. Steve Selfridge ’01, married to Jennifer Dykes on May 11, 2002. Steve Wicks ’01, married to Amanda Mason on August 3, 2002. Jeff Coon ’02, married to Priscilla Powers on May 18, 2002. Billy Lawder ’02, married to Heather MacLeod on June 1, 2002. IDAHO Born to Brother and Mrs. Marc Trivelpiece ’99, a son, Brandon Andru, on August 3, 2002. JOHNSON & WALES Spencer Turer ’89, was recently

KANSAS STATE Born to Brother and Mrs. Tim Kolling ’93, a son, Brett Everett, on December 26, 2001 Pat Titsworth ’95, married to Shonda Domme on May 4, 2002. Trice Alford ’96, married to Heather Townsend on June 7, 2002. Born to Brother and Mrs. Kevin Birdsell ’97, a daughter, Mia Fay, on June 10, 2002. Matt Howe ’98, married to Julie Kathryn Vavra on May 4, 2002. Charles Harriman ’99, married to Lana Ketchum on September 21, 2002. Born to Brother and Mrs. Andy Hanson ’99, a son, Andrew Dustin, on September 24, 2002. Tracey Mann ’00, married to Audrey Haynes on June 1, 2002. Justin Ricke ’01, married to Hollie Strevey on August 31, 2002. Cory Lafferty ’02, married to Amy Randolph on June 15, 2002. Jon Smajda ’02, married to Teresa Denk on June 22, 2002.

William Sessions, Kansas ’51 who are interested in continuing their commitment to brotherhood through Delta Chi. To sign up for our listserv please see: http://groups. group/DC_Delta_Chi_Alumni, or capitalarea_deltachi . You can also email us at mgmagri@ or ottomatic98@ A recent Capitol event was held in honor of Representatives Miller and Bob Stump, AZST ’51; who are both retiring from office. Born to Brother and Mrs. William Hubbard ’89, a son, Kyle Fleming, on May 30, 2002. NEW HAVEN Born to Brother and Mrs. Scott M. Lupo ’92, a son, Brian Scott, on July 29, 2002. NORTHERN ARIZONA Born to Brother and Mrs. Tim Heuer ’96, a daughter, Zoe Rae, on September 24, 2002. OHIO STATE Blake Huddleston ’00, married to Stephanie Norman on June 17, 2002. Jay Cunupp ’01, married to Lindsy Noble on May 28, 2002. Kent Johns ’01, married to Amy Elizabeth Lusk on April 6, 2002. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Gregory C. O’Brien ’67, has been elected president of the California Judges Association. Greg is a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, and his new presidency will entitle him to a seat on the State Judicial Council.

MICHIGAN STATE Born to Brother and Mrs. Robert Alati ’94, a son, Brandon Henry, on March 12, 2002.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS David M. Smith ’95, married to Heather Holtz on June 29, 2002.

MISSISSIPPI STATE Born to Brother and Mrs. Robert Hubbard ’87, a daughter, Elizabeth Anne, on June 4, 2002.

WINDSOR Born to Brother and Mrs. John Rozich ’88, a daughter, Sasha Christien, on November 19, 2001. ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 25

FAREWELL & PARTING These men have lived amongst us for a time, and we have been honored to call them Brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. ABRACADABRA




Harry A. Bruno ’30, April 3, 2002

Daniel D. Jones ’78

Vernon H. Gerhardt ’41, November 18, 2001

Robert Hicks, ASC, April 16, 2002



Arthur B. Fowler ’41 Dr. William L. Bellande ’50, August 18, 2002

John C. Trussell ’28, May 31, 2002

ARIZONA Raymond Goodspeed ’45, April 12, 2002 Fred Dunsmore ’52, July 12, 2001

AUBURN John Olen Ballard ’60 Walter McGarvy ’69, January 4, 2001 Charles H. Baker ’70

DEPAUW Gary Lee Blackson ’81, November 6, 2001

DUQUESNE Nicholas Isaacs ’03, June 27, 2002

FLORIDA Sherwood J. Hall ’46, September 15, 2002

GANNON Joseph J. Pecar ’82, June 2002



Melvin Huxtable ’48, July 23, 2002

John Peterson ’53, October 18, 2001



Frederic McLean ’39, July 6, 2002

Louis W. Schatz ’34, September 22, 2001

LEHIGH Ed Schaufler ’62, January 2002 Dale Stevens ’66, March 15, 2002

MISSOURI Henry B. Schowengerdt ’52 Charles W. Jackson ’53 Robert G. Smith ’56 William R. Humphreys ’57

PURDUE Don Schnedeker ’49, March 9, 2002

S.M.U. Hugh Lampman ’56, July 15, 2002

STANFORD George Sundby ’38 January 2002

DELTA CHI EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION BORELLI FAMILY LEADERSHIP AWARD The recipients of this award were chosen based on a combination of leadership activities and a minimum of a “B” average. This award was established to honor the memory of Pamela Anne Borelli (beloved daughter and sister) and Patricia Ann Borelli (beloved wife and mother) by Raymond Borelli, IL ’58 and Past “AA” and Mark Borelli, IL ’81. This year there are four recipients with two of these receiving the award “With Distinction.” Philip M. Travis, Central Missouri ’02 served as “A”, “C”, Chapter Assistant, Judicial Review Board, and Social Chairman. His other achievements include a 3.0 GPA, Order of Omega, member of IFC & Mace & Torch Honor Society and Recipient of the Irene Ruth Ryan Distinguished Theatre Artist. Michael P. Cafaro, Montclair ’04 served as “D”, “E”, Internet Chairman, Historian, Fundraising Chairman, and Rush Chairman. His other achievements include a 3.54 GPA and serving as Photography Editor of the campus newspaper. With Distinction (includes a $1,000 scholarship and a handsomely framed certificate): Andrew W. Florell, DePauw ’02 served as “C”, “E”, Asst. Rush Chair, “Relay for Life” committee and Alumni Relations Chairman; he earned a 3.13 GPA and was Co-President - Little 5 Steering Committee and recipient of the Dr. O. R. Raymond Senior Prize in Russian Studies. Zachary J. West, Tri-State ’01 served as “A”, “B”, Social Chairman, and Philanthropy Chairman; he also earned a 3.525 GPA and served as President of the Student Senate.

26 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002 27

28 ∆X Quarterly Fall/Winter 2002

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