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March 2013


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LOTHIAN BUILDING SUPPLIES DIY project in mind ? Time for a new patio or deck ? New doors maybe ? Did you know…

Everything you need is only a phone call away..





01875 615522



Email :



Y D R I V E WAS PAV I O R We happily accept

Macmerry Industrial Estate EH33 1RD (behind Arctic Spas)

Proud to be an independent, locally owned business


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WELCOME TO MARCH 2013 Welcome to the March Issue of The Dell Directory. It’s nice to see the sunshine again and hopefully it will continue to get warmer for the start of Spring. At this time of year we all look forward to the evenings getting lighter so we can spend more time in the garden or doing outdoor hobbies/activities. There are some really good discounts in the magazine just now take a look through and take advantage of the offers available to you! Congratulations to Miss K McCarrison who wins a £30.00 beauty voucher to spend at Carole’s Beauty in Moodz Hairdressing, well done Karen! Finally some key dates for your diary this month, ‘Mother’s Day’ is on 10th March and remember clocks go forward on 31st March as officially ‘British Summer Time’ begins!

Thank you for reading The Dell Directory and supporting our local businesses. Ann, Editor Why not visit our website or if you would like to advertise Tel: 07843 449 441 or Email:

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The Dell Directory is distributed in the following areas:Colinton Mains, Dreghorn, Redford, Bonaly, Campbell Park, Woodhall, Torphin, Spylaw, Pentland and Craiglockhart. Copies will also be available at our local Libraries Colinton and Oxgangs and some local shops. If you would like to receive a copy please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also view the magazine online at www. Whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsible for loss, damage oromission caused by error in the printing of an advertisement. The Dell Directory does not endorse any advertising material that appears in this publication. Adverts are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate. All material is accepted for publication on the understanding that it is copyright free. The Dell Directory accepts no liability for any subsequent copyright issues. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Publisher: The Dell Directory. Editor: Ann Brydon. Please think of the environment when you have finished reading the magazine and recycle.

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All About Brows - How To Pluck Like A Professional eyebrow hair is often quite long. A little trimming is essential for allowing the hair to lie nicely and fall into shape easily.

There’s a quick, simple and easy way to look years younger and all you’ll need is a pair of tweezers. Eyebrows serve as a frame for your eyes and by creating the right shape you can instantly lift your face, draw attention to your eyes and look altogether more beautiful. The wrong shape, size or even colour eyebrows can have a dramatically different effect however and leave you looking permanently surprised, confused or angry so it’s very important to think before you pluck.

Work With What You Have

The key is to work with your natural brow shape - whatever that may be. Some people are lucky enough to have brows that naturally sweep up to an arch, whereas others are born with much straighter eyebrows and need to do a little more work to create the desired look.


You might not think it, but


Remove any hair that grows beyond your upper brow line - do this by brushing your eyebrows up - with a brow brush - and snipping off the long ends. Next, brush the hair downwards in the opposite direction and cut the hairs that extend past the lower brow line. To finish, brush the hair into place. Your eyebrows should already be looking much better.

Time To Tweeze

Tweezing can be a little painful at first, so it’s a good idea to open up your pores before you start by holding a warm facecloth over your brows. Ensure that you’re working in good natural light and determine where to begin. It’s good to start by holding a pencil vertically against the side of your nose and observe where it meets the brow - this gives a guide to where your eyebrows should begin. Pluck any hair away that grows before this point. Take a few hairs at a time and do the

same on your other brow. Looking straight ahead, hold the pencil against your nostril and move it diagonally across the outer half of the iris of your eye - the point at which the pencil is lying is where the arch of your brow should peak. To create the best shape for your brow, gradually tweeze a line that tapers when you reach the peak of your arch. Concentrate on keeping them looking even. To finish, place your pencil back against your nostril and this time extend it diagonally to the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should be at its thinnest. Pluck from the arch to this point, tapering the line gradually, so that it is at its thinnest at the far corner. Remember that the fuller your brows are, the more youthful you’ll look so work slowly and steadily, tweezing one hair at a time. Stand back from the mirror regularly to check how the shape is progressing.

Define Your New Shape

You can enhance your new shape by applying a little colour to make your eyebrows really stand out. If your hair is fair, choose either a brow powder or pencil that’s a shade lighter than your hair colour. For dark hair, choose one that’s a shade darker. Gently sweep the product over the brow hair and set using a clear eyebrow gel.. By Helen Taylor

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worth ÂŁ61*

Choose 3 free super size essentials. Available from 21March - 6 April 2013. BEAUTY ESSENTIALS

Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club, Kirknewton, Edinburgh EH27 8EB Tel: 0131 335 3992 Yours when you buy two or more recommended products, one to be skin care. A choice of 3 different products per customer while stocks last. Not to be used in conjunction with any other Clarins offer. *Based on average retail value of standard size products. LOC1051_CLA166_BeautyEssentials_DellDirect_180Hx120W_Ins1Mar13.indd 1

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19/02/2013 16:15



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24 Bridge Road Colinton EH13 0LQ

It works, but is it safe? 10% oCff osts Labonopruesrentation t en

vertisem of this ad

Be Safe, Stay Safe, use D.Sykes Electrical for all your Electrical Maintenance and Repairs We are an Approved Certifier of Construction, certified to carry out work requiring a building warrant

24 Bridge Road Colinton EH13 0LQ

Tel: 0131 477 7447 or Freephone: 0800 953 0356 Fax: 0131 477 7448 Email: Web:

Computer Help!

& DUSTED It works, butDONE is it safe? let me do the hard work for you

30% Off PIR SE tio HOU n presenta on vertisem of this ad


• POLICE CHECKED • FULLY INSURED Now is your chance to check, and have peace of mind HELD • REFERENCES AVAILABLE knowing, that your house is• DISCLOSURE electrically safe. With our fantastic offer receive 30% off an Electrical Inspection & FRIENDLY &known PROFESSIONAL Test of your House Wiring Installation LOCAL, (otherwise as PIR) DOMESTIC CLEANER PROVIDING A RANGE

OFConstruction, CLEANING SERVICES INCLUDING:We are an Approved Certifier of Your Local Friendly Computer Expert certified to carry out work requiring a building warrant • Weekly Housework

£30 for 1st hour, then • Bed Making PC running slow? £15 per half hour for Computer won’t start?Tel: 0131 477 7447 or Freephone: 0800 953•0356 Oven Cleaning Repairs. Think you have a virus? • One Off Deep Cleans Fax: 0131 477 7448 Need some hardware or Many jobs charged at software installed? Email: Personalised to suit fixed rate, just call for  Problems with your WiFi? your individual needs. a quote. Web:  Data recovery Offer available for a limited period only. Offer ends 31st January 2011  Web design For further details/prices contact NO FIX - NO FEE!  Tutoring Please call for info on LINSEY.GOODWIN@BTINTERNET.COM Web design and 0131623 2218 / 07815 591 298 Tutoring Call Colin on:    

0131 441 7764 or 07948 350 577


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Scouts @ Greenbank 

Professional Life Coaching Helping you reach your full potential Aiding with: Work / Life Balance Self Confidence Time Management Stress Management Returning to Work Changing Career For a free initial consultation please contact:

Heloise Dempster

ICF Accredited Coach Mobile: 07762910101 Email:

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Finance How to Holiday for Less in 2013 As winter draws to a close, conversations about where to go for summer holidays are on the increase and the difference between what we can afford and what we would ideally like often represents something of a discrepancy. However, there are steps which can be taken to bridge the gap and help us afford a summer holiday which may otherwise be financially out of reach. Book Early or Book Late As far as saving money is concerned, there are two choices on the table and they are booking either late or early. Whether you book far ahead using low-cost airlines and advance bookings for accommodation or snag a last-minute bargain from a package holiday company, either of these approaches can work wonders for your budget. The key is to decide which suits you best and to plan your holiday around that. Indecisiveness will cost you money, so take the time to make a clean decision on your strategy. For advance accommodation bookings, websites such as are fantastic and when booking


flights, try or to track down the cheapest ones. If you’re flexible about both when and where to go and are just looking to find a great deal, then companies such as, kuoni. and all offer fantastic higherend packages for less money when you book at the last minute. Plan Your Budget While it’s a nice idea to lounge around in the luxury of a five-star hotel, your accommodation is really only a place to sleep and store your luggage. This is a good example of how stripping some aspects down to the bare necessities can save you money. Do some research into the restaurants and other holiday expenditures in the area you’re visiting to track down ways to eat, sleep, drink and sightsee for less money rather than just turning up and paying for what you find. You really will save a fortune. Travel Light Airlines these days charge a great deal for excess baggage. This is especially true for the low-cost airlines and this represents another area

where some advance planning can save you cash. Take some time to put together a packing list which will make the most efficient and effective use of space so you don’t have to take any extra or unnecessary items that will bump up your budget. Be Prepared to Travel Out Of Season While summer may be a mere figment of our imagination here in the UK, other countries do see sunny weather in May and June as well as into September and October. July and August are peak seasons for UK holidaymakers so if you’re not bound by school holidays, travel either earlier or later in the year to avoid peak season and its associated costs. Consider a House Exchange A house exchange is a great way to get some decent accommodation at a very minimal cost. This is especially true if you have a family as exchanging a nice home in the UK can go a long way when travelling to countries where things are a bit more affordable. Websites such as are trusted, reputable and have been running for a great deal of time.

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Gordon Macdonald MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Edinburgh Pentlands Constituency

Pentlands MSP - ADVICE SURGERIES Wester Hailes Library

1st Monday of the Month at 6.30pm

Carrickvale Community Centre

2nd Monday of the Month at 6.30pm

Currie Library

3rd Monday of the Month at 6.30pm

Pentland Community Centre

4th Monday of the Month at 6.30pm

Ratho Community Centre

5th Monday of the Month at 6.30pm

See details @

When you feel like shouting, try calling instead. Your very own I T expert is just one phone call away. Making sure your PC is on it’s best behaviour is a lot easier when you have someone on hand who’ll come out to your home or office. We won’t bamboozle you with techy jargon, we will just get down to the job in hand at fixing your PC. We are a local and friendly business. In fact using us is a bit like having your very own IT expert, that’s just one phone call away. Get sorted now at sortmypc.

sortmypc Keeping IT simple

Getting IT sorted

Tel 0131 477 2644

0pening times Mon-Fri 9am till 6pm. Saturday till 1pm.

N call o char out ge.

Visit Email

sortmypc, 302 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0LE VAT No : 947 5279 77 Comp No : SC 356870 sortmypc 125mmx90mm CMYK.indd 1

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29/09/2011 18:00


Seed Sowing on the Cheap by Pippa Greenwood If you want your garden full of colour, interest, perfume and perhaps even tasty crops, there’s no doubt that the least expensive way to do it is to raise your plants from seed. But what can be done to ensure the results in the garden are just as impressive? Start with a little self-restraint. It’s all too easy to buy enough seed to fill a tennis court when you have an averagesized garden. Make a list of what you actually need and put a limit on how many unplanned purchases you’ll allow yourself. Think about sharing. Each packet of seed often contains tens or even hundreds of seeds, so why not agree to swap a few with friends and relatives. This will not only save you money, but will also maximise the range of plants you can grow without increasing your outlay. Don’t be tempted to sow too many seeds at one time. By sowing little and often you’ll maximise flower time of annual flowers and cropping time for vegetables and herbs. It also means that if the conditions are not right for germination on one occasion, all is not lost.


You may not need to buy what you want. Collect seed from your garden or from gardens of friends and neighbours, making sure that the plants are healthy and that they’re ready and ripe or they won’t germinate. Seeds labelled as ‘F1’ will produce flowers whose seeds will not ‘come true’, meaning that the offspring will not be the same as the original plant and will often be less productive. Try to harvest the seed when the plants and the weather are dry, remove any bits of plant debris and allow them to dry off naturally, not becoming too warm or cold. If you can’t sow the seeds immediately, make sure you store them, well labelled, in a cool, dry place. A small heated or even un-heated propagator can help you reliably raise a far wider range of plants from seed. Choose one which is sturdily built and has proper ventilation in the clear plastic lid, otherwise seedlings may die on hot days. We stock some of the lovely UK-made Stewart propagators at www. Seeds do best if not sown too closely, and by sowing thinly you’ll also save yourself time

and money. Wider spacing makes for less thinning out but if you do have to thin out a bit, remember that most seedlings will perform well if looked after properly. Many herbaceous perennials can successfully be divided into several new plants. Indeed most herbaceous plants do better when occasionally divided as the plant does not become so congested and you can dispose of the grotty bits and plant the good sections into fresh soil. Many plants are also easily propagated from cuttings, and over the next few weeks, you could get some great cuttings from summer favourites such as fuchsias for virtually no cost at all. They’ll be flowering later this year too. Visit www.pippagreenwood. com and sign up for ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ where you can choose from a fantastic selection of vegetables for planting AND receive an email each week telling you all you need to know to ensure great results – from just £29. You can also sign up for Pippa’s newsletter and receive a free ebook on organic gardening, and buy Nemaslug and other garden products.

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          

 To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441

   



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Colinton Building Services

Colinton Building Services carries out all aspects of general building and renovation work OUR SERVICES Our company provides the following services. • House Extensions • Conservatories • Brick and Stone Walls • Attic Conversions • Garages • Driveways • Renovation work • Kitchens • Slabbing • L  andscaping • Decking • Decoration Quality work at a Reasonable Price Call for a FREE estimate or advice 0131 478 9359, 07714 951 810 Or email at

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In these financially difficult times, why not take the opportunity to enhance your current property and add value? As local architects, we pride ourselves on our professional but friendly services for all sizes of residential and commercial projects, be them refurbishments, alterations, extentions or new-build. Why not drop-in to our studio to informally discuss your project with no obligation?

We are a small family run business who can meet all your cleaning requirements however big or small. At SPC, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and friendly service. The service provided will be tailored to your specific needs. Our rates are highly competitive, starting at £10 an hour for a domestic clean. • Domestic Cleans • Small Retail & Office Cleans • Special Occasion/One-off cleans • Ironing Service We are fully insured. Contact us on: Mobile 07526 530586 or via

Scott’s Premier Cleaning – we value your custom.


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New store now open at: 1st Floor, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441


• Specialists in cutting, colouring, hair up and bridal hair • A caring and friendly highly trained team that go that extra mile • With soothing colours and a tailored lighting system our newly built bespoke salon you will help you feel relaxed • 40 minute appointment times • FREE client Consultations • Gift vouchers available



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Weir Plumbing ~ Heating ~ Gas Services ( Former Scottish Gas Engineer )


07981 366 988

Central Heating Gas Fires, Cookers, Hobs General Plumbing Garden Taps……

* * *

Service, Breakdown Repairs Installations & Repairs Maintenance & Repairs

Washing Machines……


Landlord Safety Inspections which includes a boiler service. ~

For an Honest, Reliable and Friendly Service


Email :

Colinton Country Cattery 5 STAR ACCOMMODATION

• 1st Class purpose built boarding cattery • Special Dietary needs catered for • Indoor and external runs • Individually heated chalets • Pre-viewing welcome • Close to Edinburgh bypass (A720) • 15 mins from airport

Reservations: 0131 441 9099 164 Woodhall Road, Edinburgh EH13 OPJ To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441



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To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441



HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE! Finally, spring is upon us and with lighter evenings and hopefully milder days, it can only mean one thing, time to get out of hibernation and venture out!

ON YOUR DOORSTEP Colinton Local History Society - Annual General Meeting. 18th March. 8pm Dreghorn Loan Hall Colinton Amenity Association - Executive Committee meeting. 19th March. 7pm. Venue: Merchiston Castle School TBC. Water of Leith Visitor Centre Geological Walk Slateford and the Dells with Beverly Bergman, Edinburgh Geological Society. 24th March 2pm. Meet at the Water of Leith Visitor Centre at 2.00pm. Booking Essential £2 member / £4 non members. River Clean Up Join our volunteer team for this river clean up day, wear old clothes. Meet at 10.00am at the Water of Leith Visitor Centre 7th April. FREE. Braids Hill Hotel - Spring Wedding Fayre 17th March 12-4pm. Comiston Suite . Come along and meet the experts. Tel: 0131 447 8888 for more details. Colinton Garden Club- Talks - Scottish Rock Garden 25th March. 8pm. Dreghorn Loan Church Hall March Farmers’ Market- Juniper Green Location: Kinleith Arms, Lanark Road Date and time: 23rd March 09:00 - 13:00 You’ll find here a range of superb local produce direct from growers, bakers and producers. Edinburgh International Harp Festival 5th- 10th April. The 32nd Festival will feature a wonderfully diverse group of performers drawn from around the globe.

Brilliant concerts, fascinating workshops and stimulating courses are guaranteed! Merchiston Castle School. 294 Colinton Road. Visit

CLOSE TO HOME Edinburgh International Science Festival 23rd March- 7th April 2013: Get Ready for the Future To celebrate the 25th Festival, the theme is looking to the future with a special series of events that sees scientists, technologists, artists, designers and futurists ask what the next 25 years might have in store. Visit: Jack and Jill Market 17th March 10.30am- 1.30pm- Meadow Bank Stadium Where smart mums buy. Nearly new stalls of clothes, toys, nursery equipment and all you will ever need for your growing youngsters. People’s Postcode Edible Garden Tours Royal Botanic Garden 17th March. 12-1pm. Meet in the John Hope Gateway- Demonstration Garden. Visit the the edible gardening project, fruit area and vegetable plot for advice and inspiration. Easter Treasure Hunt - Lauriston Castle 30th March- 10am- 12.30pm. Set in the beautiful grounds at Lauriston Castle join this very special Easter event with games, stories, crafts and a fantastic easter egg hunt. Tel 0131 529 3963. 2a Cramond Road South.

FURTHER AFIELD Scottish Opera Tour 7-23rd March 2013 - All over Scotland Verdi- La Traviata- Celebrating 50 years of Scottish Opera. Chamber orchestra accompanied. The Scottish Golf Show At the SECC Glasgow. 22nd- 24th March Driving ranges, golf shops, golfing challenges and golfing holiday tips- golfing fanatics should not miss this! Door Prices: Pre booked tickets. £15 per adult. Free concessions and juniors. Visit:

*All events and details have been printed in good faith and as supplied, The Dell Directory cannot be held responsible for any alterations or misprinted details


Please mention the DELL DIRECTORY when responding to adverts

CLUBS & CLASSES EXERCISE & FITNESS AND CHILDRENS GROUPS Colinton Tennis Lawn Association 10 Westgarth Avenue. Tel: 0131 476 0996 or 07989 437059 Colinton Bowling Club. 49a Redford Road. Contact: 0131 441 2964 Colinton Mains Bowling Club 221 Oxgangs Road North (next to Colinton Mains Park). Outdoor bowling, adults and juniors (age 9-16), April-September. Dominoes and Whist off-season. Contact: 0131-477 4400 Badminton Club Monday 8pm-10pm. Sept- March. Contact: Archie Clark on 0131 449 4703. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Scottish Dancing Alternate Thursdays. 7.45pm- 9.15pm Sept- March Contact: Ann Dean on 0131 441 3729. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Jolly Babies (up to 14mths) & Music with Mummy (14mths-3 yrs) Pentland Community Centre Mondays (JBs) 1pm, (MwM) 1.40pm. Book places. Tel 07971 045384. StableRoom Playgroups Happy and stimulating playgroups from 2-5 years old. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Colinton Parish Church. 9.15am- 11.45am. Term Time. Contact: 0131 477 9494 Email: Zumba Fitness Classes Sun 10.30am and Thurs 9.30am. Dreghorn Loan Hall. Further details: Freestyle Fitness Yoga Classes Sun 11.40am Dreghorn Loan Hall. Tues 9.30am in St Cuthbert’s Church Hall. Further details:

SOCIAL, LOCAL INTEREST & OTHER Friendly Bridge Colinton Cottage Homes. Every Tuesday. 2-4pm. Tel 0131 4412962 Colinton Garden Club Meets 4th Monday of every month. Dreghorn Loan Hall 8.00pm. September to April. Email: Colinton Amateur Orchestral Society Meets Tuesday 7.30pm- 9.30pm. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Email:

Colinton Townswomen Meets 2nd Thursday of every month from 2-4pm Location: St. Cuthberts Church, Westgarth Avenue. Contact: 0131 441 6643. Colinton Local History Society Meets 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 8pm. Amusing and Educational Speaker Programme. Location: Dreghorn Loan Hall Contact: Derek Douglas: 0131 441 3335 Colinton Community Conservation Trust A registered charity aiming to preserve the natural and cultural heritage in and around Colinton. For membership details write to the Treasurer. 42 Pentland Avenue EH13 OHY Colinton Literary Society The “Lit” meet Wednesdays (Oct-Mar) at 8pm. Location: Dreghorn Loan Hall Contact: Ann-Marie West 0131 446 0150 Morningside & Newington Floral Art Meet 1st Monday of the month 7.30pm-9.15pm. Boroughmuir Rugby Club (off Colinton Road.) Contact Joyce Rutherford on 0131 443 2536 The Colinton Merchiston Choir £25.00 for a years subscription. Tel 0131 312 2200. Email

COLINTON & OXGANGS LIBRARIES Colinton Library – Tel: 0131 529 5603 COLINTON LIBRARY REFURBISHMENT THE REFURBISHMENT OF COLINTON LIBRARY STARTED ON MONDAY 25TH FEBRUARY AND IS ANTICIPATED TO BE COMPLETED BY THE BEGINNING OF APRIL. THE TIMES THAT THE LIBRARY VAN WILL BE AT COLINTON WILL BE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY FROM 10:00 - 12:30 AND ON SATURDAY FROM 10:00 TO 12 NOON. PLEASE PHONE FOR MORE INFORMATION. Oxgangs Library – Tel: 0131 529 5549 Chatterbooks 8-11yrs. 1st Mon of Month 4pm-5pm Share a Story Children 2-5 years. Wed 10.30- 11.00am Childrens Arts and Crafts Friday 2.30-3.30pm Book Bug! 0-3 yrs. Fridays 11.00am & 11.30am. Book Group 1st Wed of every month 10.15am- 11.00am, 6.30pm-7.30pm Yap &Yarn Every Tuesday 10.30-12.00. Phone for dates.

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Hidden Algarve Long ago in the Algarve, says the legend, a Nordic princess pined for her frozen homeland until her husband, the King of the Moors, planted thousands of almond trees. The snow-white blossom soon brought a smile to her lips and to this day almost every house in the Algarve looks out to an almond tree. In the lush rolling hills of the interior, the trees herald the first days of spring, flowering among vineyards, orange groves, fig and carob trees. Just a stone’s throw away from the coast, it’s a quiet land of orchards and meadows, meandering lanes and forests and red-roofed villages tucked in the greenery, their whitewashed houses topped by filigree chimney pots, in Moorish style, and rooftop terraces where laundry and fruit dry side by side. Goats wander across the road and sometimes a donkey and cart rattle along the cobbled streets. Up there, the cool wooded slopes of the Serra de Monchique are dotted with rivers and lakes, moors and dark forests where rosemary and oleander splash colour in the clearings. The fragrance of eucalyptus and pine follows you along the trails but you find swathes of chestnut and oak and ‘strawberry trees’ whose innocent-looking berries are eagerly collected to make the local firewater. It’s a paradise for ramblers


and birdwatchers hoping to spot goshawks and royal eagles. With a subtropical micro-climate, mountain and sea all in one, the Serra claims over 1000 species of plants but now and then a church bell chiming in the distance betrays the presence of an isolated village, perched on a terraced slope where vegetables and fruit compete for space. The road to the top winds past the spa resort of Caldas de Monchique, once the site of Roman baths and the place where King Joao II came to take the waters in search of a cure, in the late 15th century. Now the emphasis is on beauty and well being, pampering and relaxation. In a deep wooded glen, quaint buildings gather around a shaded square and you are welcome to stroll in the park, quench your thirst and best of all, make a wish at the Fountain of Youth. Beyond this charming watering place, you reach the rustic hill town of Monchique, once a prosperous weaving centre for wool and cloth,

still famous today for a wide range of craft, linen, wicker baskets, tree sculptures, wooden spoons, dried flowers and scissor chairs, invented, some say, by the Romans and so-named because of the way they fold up. All sorts of goods spill out on the pavements but step inside and you may find the shopkeeper quietly nursing her baby while grandma is shelling peas for the family’s supper. Then follow the lanes climbing up to the square and the whole town is at your feet, tumbling down the hillside among camellias, hydrangeas and fruit trees. The panorama is superb but anyone with a head for heights and twisty roads will also enjoy the drive up to Foia, just five miles away and the highest point at nearly 3,000 feet. Standing on the summit, battling with the wind, you feel like the knights of yore surveying the wild rolling lands of the Algarve, from the verdant slopes of the Serra to the coastal plain and the Atlantic glistening like silver on the horizon. Solange Hando

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Wednesday Morning Exercise at St Cuthbert's Church Hall, Colinton

9.30 - 10.30am - Pilates 10.30 - 11.15am - Seated Exercise Contact Judi on 0771 683 0905 or

LOOKING FOR A SMALLER ADVERT? Advertise here from only £18.00 per month, mono and colour options available.

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The Life List The best things about being retired

Society has it all wrong. At eighteen, you’re given the key to the door; and when you retire, they give you a clock. But when you’re eighteen you need help getting up. And when you retire, the door leads to a whole new life... • Being able to spend a whole day shopping with no need to buy anything. • Taking your work clothes to a charity shop to help those less fortunate – i.e. people still working. • Seeing your grandchildren when they want to see you and not just when you can fit them in. • Enjoying new hobbies, such as glamping or extreme ironing. • Driving in rush-hour traffic, while listening to a decent audio book, just to offer commuters a smile. • Feeling liberated when you compare yourself with your next-door neighbours. • The novelty of actually being home when a parcel is delivered or abandoned on your doorstep. • Turning up to your local Neighbourhood Watch meeting in body armour, a balaclava and night-vision goggles, to show them that you’re serious. • Focusing on your abilities and aspirations, instead of just your responsibilities. • Giving something back to the community, like eccentricity. • Starting the business you’ve always dreamed of and buying that drum kit. • A second adolescence with lie-ins, spontaneous sex, junk food for breakfast and all-day bike rides. • Having the time to make sure your financial advisor is really earning their fee.

© Derek Thompson

alasdair morrison joinery Bespoke Joinery Services 42 Braid Road Edinburgh EH10 6AD

Welcome to alasdair morrison Joinery

Telephone: 0131 452 9642 Email: All types of domestic joinery work New fitted kitchens Bespoke joinery work Built-in wardrobes and bookcases Replacement stairparts Doors and locks Decking Spiral stair installation

LOOKING FOR A JOINERY BUSINESS YOU CAN TRUST? alasdair morrison joinery offers a friendly domestic joinery service to our local clients. With over 25 years’ experience, we provide a personal joinery service to many satisfied customers. We will discuss your job with you and offer the best solution and design for the job. Our tidy, reliable and trustworthy team will arrive at an agreed time, carry out and complete the work, keeping you informed at all times as the work progresses. Our services include: • Complete domestic joinery • Kitchens • Bespoke doors • Bespoke wardrobes, bookcases and desks • Window seats • Decking • Replacement stair parts.(Spindles, newel posts and handrails) • New and replacement locks • Spiral stair installation • Window ropes • Free estimates • If unsure just ask! We offer a key collection/drop off service if you need to get to work early. Registered member of the Federation of Master Builders for over 20 years.

Telephone: 0131 452 9642

42 Braid Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6AD

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decorators Established 1986

20 Campbell Park Crescent Edinburgh EH13 0HT Please contact Robert on

013 1 4 4 1 3 1 9 4 07733008796

• Painting & Decorating • Wallpaper Hanging • Interior & External Painting • Cornice & Coving • Plastering & Ames Taping • Fire & Flood Works • All Joinery Works • All Trades Supplied • Free Estimates

Plus 10% DISCOUNT with this advert 26

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Nearly New Sale Polwarth Church, Polwarth Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 1LU

Saturday 27th April 2013 11am-1pm All ages of Children’s Clothes & Toys, Nursery Equipment, Maternity Wear, High Chairs, Buggies, Pushchairs, Garden Toys ... and much more! Over 5000 items for sale. Raising money for both Polwarth Parish Church and the Pregnancy and Parents Centre

@PolwarthNNS Polwarth Nearly New Sales Donations of items to sell are most welcome. Polwarth Nearly New Sales have been taking place since 2002 to raise money for charity and to recycle quality childrens’ items.

Church of Scotland Reference 010115. Registered Scottish Charity SC004183. The vision of the Church of Scotland is to be a church which seeks to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing and serving communities.

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Creature Comforts

War Horse Michael Morpurgo Based on the true story of a horse named ‘Warrior’, War Horse follows the tale of Joey, a young mount who is sold to the cavalry for service in the First World War and the attempts of his previous owner Albert to bring him home safely. It’s an amazing story of bravery and friendship, set against the bloodiest of backdrops and you can’t help but gallop alongside the intrepid pair. White Fang Jack London Set in Canada during the gold rush at the end of the 1800s, White Fang is the story of a half dog-half wolf hybrid puppy and his attempts to find his place in the world. It’s an epic story of survival, with White Fang struggling against the violent backdrop of the Yukon Territory before he’s adopted by American Indian Grey Beaver and attempts to live as a domesticated canine. White Fang’s new life is just as brutal, as he fails to be accepted by other young dogs and so reverts to being the ‘lone wolf’, detached and isolated in the frozen wastelands.


‘Hang spring –cleaning!’ cries Mole in Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows. The critters are emerging from hibernation, and so are we. We’ve picked a selection of the best novels where animals are calling the shots. What better way to welcome in the warmer weather, than with some tales from the riverbank… and beyond?

Watership Down Richard Adams Fiver can sense impending doom. Something very bad is coming to the rabbit warren and fleeing is the only way to save the clan. He and his brother Hazel embark on the journey of a lifetime to find sanctuary at Watership Down. Crammed full of amazing rabbit folklore, myths, legends and even their own language of ‘Lapine’, we become totally immersed in Fiver and Hazel’s world, carried along on this amazing and perilous journey across southern England. Animal Farm George Orwell Originally subtitled ‘A Fairy Story’, this was Orwell’s allegory for events leading up to the Russian Revolution. Rebellion is in the air at Manor Farm when the drunken layabout of a farmer, Mr Jones, forgets to feed his animals. Pigs Napoleon and Snowball lead the revolt and bring power to all those on four legs. But in time, the uprising takes an unexpected downturn. Remember: ‘All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than other.

Charlotte’s Web E.B. White Bashful and whimsical Wilbur the Pig is horrified to learn that he’s facing the chop. His human protector, Fern, might not be able to save him all on her own and it looks like it’s up to the barn’s resident arachnid to save his bacon. Can Charlotte convince the farmer that Wilbur really is worth hanging onto? Ok, so the clue is in the title but this is a thoroughly charming tale that will have you laying off the sausages, and letting the cobwebs hang around a bit longer, way after you’ve put the book down. The Art of Racing in the Rain Garth Stein Another dog has his day now and this time it’s Enzo who wants to be reincarnated as a human. Enzo already feels human - he watches television and listens carefully to everything his master tells him. Through watching and listening, Enzo has gleaned that his human family is in trouble and he must do everything in his power to fix them. ‘Heartwarming’ doesn’t come close.

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Opening soon: the latest in care home living When Cairdean House opens in Spring 2013 it will redefine care home living by ensuring that fresh thinking and luxury go hand in hand with the latest in expert, tailored elderly care. Our residents will love the village-style design of the home, with its coffee shop, hair salon and cinema as well as the many fun activities we’ll have planned each day. Our chefs are busy planning delicious meals, and the finishing touches are being put to the bedrooms – each of which will have en-suite facilities and luxurious décor.

Above all, the compassionate and expert care team at Cairdean House will provide residents with the highest standard of tailored, round-the-clock support, from nursing and residential care, through to specialist dementia and respite care. Cairdean House is one of a selection of new, purpose-built homes being unveiled by award-winning care provider Care UK, each specially designed to enable older people to continue enjoying fulfilling, independent lives. If you’re looking for the very best in luxury care for your loved one, come and visit us.

Now open for viewings by appointment. Cairdean House, 185 Redford Road, Colinton, Edinburgh EH13 9PN 0333 321 1920

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• Prevention & Oral Hygiene • Cosmetic Dentistry • Crowns • Bridges • Dental Implants • Veneers • Tooth Whitening • Dentures DENPLAN CARE PAYMENTS OPTIONS AVAILABLE


TELEPHONE: 0131 441 2999 Opening Hours – Mon: 8.30am - 7.30pm. Tues: 8.30am - 5.15pm. Wed: 8.30am - 7pm. Thur: 8.30am - 5.15pm. Fri: 8.30am - 4.30pm.

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Colinton Private Nursery for children aged 3 months to 5 years Government funded pre–school places available. Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Part and full-time places available Experienced and Qualified staff Private garden and secure outdoor play area, well equiped to provide a stimulating and play learning environment For further information or to arrange a visit please telephone Judith McGuigan on 0131 477 7330 We also have nurseries in Colinton Village & Grange please contact...

For further information on prices call Ann on 07843 449 441

Zoe Webster Colinton Village Nursery 0131 477 4518

Andrea Melville Grange Private Nursery 0131 477 4504

22 Dreghorn Loan, Edinburgh EH13 0DE

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Weatherproof have been providing roofing services in and around the Edinburgh area for many years and between them, our tradesmen have more than 30 years’ experience. When approaching a project Weatherproof does so in a highly professional manner, employing only the most experienced tradesmen and with a determination to always produce quality work that is fully guaranteed and something you will be proud of for years to come. Weatherproof’s goal is to: • Maximise the value of your home • Help you to avoid long term damage • Provide a reliable and expert service to every customer • Offer unbeatable value for money • Avoid expensive scaffolding costs • Ensure your home is weatherproof What’s more, our staff are incredibly proud to be a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (a claim not many other similar firms in Edinburgh can make) our staff are qualified on project management. We are confident that any project we take on will be completed on time and on budget. We can’t wait to work for you...

“We would like to say what a great job Weatherproof did when they re-harled the back of our house. Whenever we had a question or decision to make they were very helpful in informing us of our options and giving us the benefit of their experience. For what is obviously a very messy job they took great care to keep the site and house as clean as possible. They also coped brilliantly with the difficulties of access to the site. We got an excellent service and product for a very competitive price. Thank you.” – Sarah and Iain Rennie


• All work guaranteed • 30+ Years’ Experience • Free Photographic Reports and Quotations • No VAT for a limited period • Available 365 days a year






• Chimney Removal & Repair • Extensive Roofing Services • Tile & Slate Repairs and Replacement • 24 Hour Emergency Repairs Service • Structural Alterations • Guttering • Pointing • Leadwork • Roof Coating


77 Bonaly Wester, Edinburgh, EH1 1LL. T: 0131 629 1215 or 07954550560

SMC Joinery 07884203957 Telephone 0131 466 3494 ...............................................................................

Supply and fit kitchens Maintenance/ letting work All joinery work undertaken ●Kitchens ●Windows ●Doors ●Skirting ●Facings ●Ceilings ●Roofs ●Decking ●Fencing ●Double Glazing ........................................................ Free estimate All trades supplied Fully Insured Oxgangs Farm Loan Edinburgh EH13 9QD

RKB Home & Garden All internal & external work carried out, Including Painting & Decorating Plumbing, Electrical & Joinery repairs Silicon showers & worktops etc Fencing, Decking & Garden Maintenance and more... Free Estimates Based in Colinton over 10 years

Call Ross Thomson Mobile: 07732 183 461 Tel: 0131 441 5971


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Lemon Chicken with Tabbouleh Ready in 45 minutes

Serves 4

This is a great way to turn simple and very economical chicken portions into a delicious Mediterranean-style supper. If you have time, make the tabbouleh a few hours in advance to let the flavours fully develop.

Ingredients: • 1 lemon, thinly sliced • 4 large chicken thigh portions (or 8 small thigh portions) • 4 tbsp olive oil • 3 tbsp lemon juice • 2 tbsp clear honey, warmed • 225g bulgar wheat (see tip) • � cucumber, finely diced • 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely chopped • 2 tbsp fresh chopped mint • 2 tbsp fresh chopped coriander • Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Bulgar wheat is a type of wheat grain that has been parboiled, dried then finely crushed. It is similar to couscous but has more texture and bite. You’ll find it in most large supermarkets or health food shops.

Preheat the oven to 190C, 375F, Gas 5. Push a lemon slice under the skin of each chicken thigh. Heat 1 tbsp of the oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken over a medium-high heat until golden brown all over. Transfer to a shallow roasting tin and arrange the rest of the lemon slices around the chicken. Mix together 1 tbsp of the lemon juice with the honey and pour over the chicken. Roast for 20-25 minutes until cooked through. Meanwhile, place the bulgar wheat into a bowl and pour over enough boiling water to cover. Leave for 30 minutes until grains are soft. Stir well and drain off any excess water. Stir in the rest of the olive oil and lemon juice and season with plenty of salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add the cucumber, spring onions, mint and coriander and mix well. Serve the hot roast chicken on the tabbouleh with any juices from the roasting tin poured over.

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ABSOLUTE UPHOLSTERY Traditional and Modern Upholstery Service


0131 662 6644 07727 224 072 Email :

50 Relugas Place, Edinburgh, EH9 2PY

With over 20 years experience Liberton Joinery specialises in all types of carpentry and joinery in and around Edinburgh Sash windows ~Decking Loft Conversions ~ Kitchen Fitting Skirtings ~ Wood Flooring ...and much more

Liberton Joinery Call Nick

Tel: 0131 258 1486 Mob: 0781 061 2793

Domestic and Commercial Clients

We provide excellent standards of work and are committed to providing customer satisfaction that is second to none

30 Carnbee Park, Edinburgh, EH16 8BG

orstorphine Backsmiths

Ronnie Scott 07917 355 877




• 35 years experience • Balustrades • Handrails • Structural Steelwork • Gate and Railing repairs also welcome

BABYZONE PILATES Prenatal classes and Postnatal classes with creche. Contact Rhona for more information on 0773 232 8656 or visit our website: W W W. B A B Y Z O N E P I L AT E S . M O O N F RU I T. C O M

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      

   

    

  


   

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Support your No1 Local Roofer Building







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Flat Roofing Leadwork Pointing Slating, Tiling, Felting, Harling Specialists Velux Windows Supplied And Fitted Gutters Repaired And Building Work Under taken Emergency Roof Ser vice Insurance Work

ROOF CHECK 0131 516 2876 / 0800 959 6677 07837 628 654, 16 Buckstone Row EH10 6TP, EDINBURGH To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441


PUZZLE PAGE Quick Crossword Across 1. Outermost (7) 5. Six sided objects (5) 8. Turn (5) 9. Woman’s holdall (7) 10. Media notice (13) 11. Relaxed (6) 12. Idiotic (6) 15. Exhibition (13) 18. Not quietest (7) 19. Very angry (5) 20. Perfume (5) 21. Meals (7) Down 1. Additional (5) 2. Robbers (7) 3. Amusement (13) 4. Racial group (6) 5. Deep thought (13) 6. Religious text (5) 7. Seen (7) 11. Hugs (7) 13. Not public (7) 14. Commented (6) 16. Small rodent (5) 17. Requirements (5)


PRIZE CROSSWORD Enter and win a £20 cinema voucher – closing date 2nd April 2013. 2












14 15







Please complete and send your full name, address and telephone number to: 7 Firrhill Crescent, Edinburgh EH13 9DT. Closing date for entries: 1st March 2013.

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USEFUL INFORMATION COMMUNITY REPRESENTATION Edinburgh City Council Local Councillors: Colinton/Fairmilehead Elaine Aitken - Conservative – 0131 529 4282 Buckstone Primary, 3rd Monday Term Time 6.30pm Jason Rust - Conservative – 0131 529 4953 Colinton Library, 1st Monday 7.30pm Eric Barry - Labour – 0131 529 3265 Colinton Mains Communtiy Centre 3rd Thursday 6-6.30pm Term Time Colinton Amenity Association Firrhill Community Council – Pentland Community Centre – 0131 445 287 LEISURE Edinburgh Leisure – 0131 458 2100 MEDICAL Colinton Pharmacy – 0131 441 2352 Mon-Fri: 9-1pm & 2-5.45pm. Sat: 9-5pm Colinton Mains Pharmacy – 0131 441 3388 Mon-Fri: 9-1pm & 2-6pm. Sat: 9-5pm Colinton Surgery – 0131 441 4555 Mon- Fri 8am- 6pm Firrhill Medical Centre – 0131 441 3119 Mon- Fri 8am- 6pm Royal Infirmary – 0131 536 1000 Sick Kids Hospital – 0131 536 0000 NHS 24 – 08454 24 24 24 POST OFFICES & LIBRARIES Colinton Post Office – 0131 441 1003 Mon- Fri 9am- 5.30pm. Sat 9am- 12.30pm Colinton Mains Post Office – 0131 441 2657 Mon- Fri 9am- 5.30pm. Sat 9am- 12.30pm Colinton Library – 0131 629 5603 Mon, Wed: 1pm-8pm, Tue, Thur, Fri 10am-5pm, Sat: 9am-1pm

Oxgangs Library – 0131 529 5549 Mon-Thur 10am-8pm, Fri: 10am-5pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun 1pm-5pm PROPERTY ESPC – 0131 624 8000 SAFETY Association of Scottish Neighbourhood Watches – 01786 450 145, Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111 SCHOOLS Bonaly Primary School – 0131 441 7211 Colinton Primary School – 0131 441 1946 Firrhill High School – 0131 441 4501 Merchiston Castle School – 0131 312 2200 Oxgangs Primary School – 0131 441 3649 St Marks RC Primary School – Tel 0131 441 2948 UTILITIES Electricity Power Loss – 0845 27 27 999 Gas Emergency – 0800 111 999 Scottish Water 24 hours – 0845 600 8855 Cleansing & Special Uplifts – 0131 666 2623 (environmental health) TRAVEL & TRANSPORT Train Times and Enquiries – 0845 748 49 50 Edinburgh Airport – 0870 040 0007 Traveline Scotland – 0871 200 22 33 Lothian Buses – 0131 555 6363

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INDEX OF ADVERTISERS A quick and easy reference guide to all services in The Dell Directory ARIEL & SATELLITE SERVICE Douglas S Mackay


ARCHITECT Andy Ross Novo Design MDA Studio

34 16 14

BEAUTY Beauty Essentials


BLACKSMITHS Corstorphine Blacksmiths


BUILDER Colinton Building Services J M Builders Lothian Building Supplies

15 30 2

CARPENTER/JOINER Alasdair Morrison SMC Joinery Liberton Joinery

25 34 36

CARPETS James Erskine


CHIROPODIST Colinton Chiropody


CLEANING SERVICES Scott’s Premier Cleaning Done & Dusted Fiona’s House Cleaning

16 8 30

COMPUTER SERVICES Colinton PC Solutions Capital PC Repairs Sortmy PC

8 26 11

DECORATORS James Erskine Kenneth Bayne Lamb Heritage Decorators Ian Hodgson & Co

17 13 26 37

DENTIST Colinton Dental Practice


ELECTRICIAN D Sykes Electrical


FISH MERCHANT Marc Horsburgh



GARDENING Capitla Gardening RKB Home & Garden

13 34

GAS HEATING & SERVICING Geoff Lennie Les Weir GOLF CLUB Swanston Golf Swanston Brasserie

37 19 43 43





LIFE COACHING Heloise Dempster


NURSERY Colinton Village Nursery


OVEN CLEANING Alba Oven Cleaning


PET SERVICES Colinton Country Cattery (Boarding)




PILATES CLASSES Judith Rintoull Babyzone Pilates

25 36

PLUMBING & DRAINS Shandon Plumbing


RESIDENTIAL CARE Lindemann Healthcare Care UK

6&7 29

RE-UPHOLSTERY Absolute Upholstery ROOFING & BUILDING SERVICES Stormshield 24HR Roofing & Building Weatherproof Edinburgh Quality Builders

36 38&39 20&21 32&33 44

TREE SURGEON Delisle Tree Solutions

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2013 Membership Offer At Swanston we have seen a dramatic growth in our club over the last 7 years. New investment in the course and clubhouse gives Swanston a strong and secure future, with no need for a members annual levy. We now have a new clubhouse, a par-68 18 hole course, a 9 hole par-3 course, driving range, 3 practice greens and to hone your skills the assistance of 2 fulltime and 2 assistant PGA professionals. While other clubs seem to be cutting back, Swanston is continuing to invest in the future and in 2013, new machinery arrives that will further improve our playing surfaces.

To join or for more information, call us on 0131 445 2239 or visit

Join now for the 2013 / 2014 season

Direct Debit payment options available

Fresh reasons to celebrate It’s been five years since we opened our doors. To mark the occasion and reflect our popular all-day service, we’re introducing the Swanston Brasserie a new name for the same high standards, the same warm welcome and the same relaxed, informal atmosphere.

To book your table, call us on 0131 445 2239 or for more information visit our website



Offer is for Sun to Thu after 4pm and expires on the 31st March 2013. Offer excludes Mother’s day. To receive this offer, please bring this ad with you.

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Edinburgh Quality Builders Ltd

0131 441 6655 07547 925 974

Edinburgh’s roofing people! We undertake all roofing works from minor slate repairs to full roof refurbishments on all types of residential properties from big tenements to small bungalows

Fixed quotes at reasonable prices. All work guaranteed We only employ trusted time served tradesmen assisted by accredited skilled operatives

EDINBURGH QUALITY BUILDERS All slating and tiling, flat roofs, valleys, ridges, lead and zinc work repaired or replaced Full four storey ladder equipment for minor works Rainwater and guttering pipework repaired or replaced Full public liability insurance 44

Registered office 32 Spylaw Bank Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0JG

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