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The Azores Ponta Delgada, SĂŁo Miguel

9-11 October 2017

Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

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Exploring The Next Chapter Together On behalf of ABTA, it will be my pleasure to welcome you to The Travel Convention 2017. The event will take place in Ponta Delgada, the capital of São Miguel in the Azores. The largest of the

As the must-attend travel event, this year’s Travel Convention will aim to future-proof our industry, courtesy of an excellent lineup of guest speakers and an exhilarating social programme, which will afford you the opportunity to network with a wide range of decision makers, influencers and opinion formers from across the mainstream and specialist travel sector, as well as with travel media. Whether at The Travel Convention’s business sessions,

nine Portuguese islands that form the remarkable

social events or the many optional activities that we’ve

and beautiful archipelago will be a new destination

lined up, I’m confident that your stay in the Azores will

for many delegates, and I can assure you that this

be time well spent.

charming island, with its diversity of experiences and a deep-rooted heritage, provides the perfect setting for our annual meeting.

Mark Tanzer Chief Executive ABTA

The Travel Convention was conceived to provide ABTA Members and the wider audience with a unique opportunity to understand what lies ahead for our industry and to be able to shape tomorrow’s world of travel.

Lead Partner

This year’s theme of The Next Chapter offers us a chance to take stock and debate – and anticipate – the issues affecting our industry. From political upheaval and security concerns to technological advances, Brexit and more, we all have much to

Trade Media Partner

consider, and preparing for an uncertain future is more important than ever. @ABTAtravel

Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

Photograph by José António Rodrigues

Join us in The Azores On behalf of the Azores Regional Government, I would like to thank ABTA for providing us with the opportunity to welcome the prestigious Travel Convention to São Miguel, the largest and most populous island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.

The perfect symbiosis between nature and sustainable

I am truly honoured that ABTA has chosen the

I look forward to hosting you over the course of a

Azores to host its annual Convention. The UK is

successful and rewarding Convention this October.

one of our most important markets, and the event

When it comes to the challenge of promoting our

offers us a valuable opportunity to promote our

region, rest assured that you will always find a

wonderful archipelago of nine islands to you, the

partner in the Azores Government.

British travel industry.

Ms. Marta Isabel Vieira Guerreiro

Because of nature and for nature, tourism has come

Regional Secretary for Energy,

to play an increasingly important part in the Azorean

Environment and Tourism

economy. Named the second best islands in the

The Azores Regional Government

world for sustainable tourism by National Geographic Traveller and as the number one sustainable destination in the world by the Green Destinations Organisation, the Azores are an authentic paradise on earth for all of those who love nature, boasting lush, green landscapes throughout the year, a mild climate and an intense relationship with the sea. @visitingazores

tourism sees the Azores offer all our visitors idyllic conditions and unforgettable experiences. The Convention will offer you the opportunity to discover our islands when indulging in some of the world’s very best holiday activities. From whale watching, diving, trekking, geo-tourism and sailing to bird watching, fishing, canyoning and kayaking, horse riding, diving, cycling and mountain biking, surfing, sailing, paragliding and golf, there is so much to see and do in the Azores.


Apavt As President of APAVT, the counterpart of ABTA in Portugal, it is with great joy that I invite you to visit the Azores in October to attend this year’s Travel Convention.

Authentic, unspoilt, sustainable, charming and astonishingly beautiful - nature offers you a palette of green and blue colours you surely won’t forget, and this, together with genuinely welcoming people, who will always greet you with a smile, makes the Azorean difference. Just four hours from the UK, in the middle of the Atlantic, these volcanic islands remain one of Portugal’s best kept secrets which we’d love you to get to know, and, we’re sure, to fall in love with.

We are well aware of the importance of the British market

Should you consider, after your visit, to develop business with

for Portugal, as a tourism destination. The UK market has

the Azores or any other areas in Portugal, please bear in mind

historically led the ranking in terms of the number of tourists,

that APAVT members are your best and most reliable options.

room nights and income. But we are also aware that the

Our members abide by our own Code of Conduct, they are

overwhelming majority of Britons still don’t know much of what

committed to offering your clients the highest quality of

our country has to offer. This was our motivation to invite ABTA

services, and they’re eager to develop solid and long lasting

to hold its Convention in Portugal, and then, with the support of

business partnerships with you, the British travel industry.

the Regional Government of the Azores, to realise this dream in

Having had the opportunity to previously attend The Travel

Ponta Delgada, on the beautiful island of São Miguel.

Convention, I am sure you will have the best of both worlds.

Together with the Regional Secretary for Tourism, we have been

A great opportunity to learn and debate the future of travel in a

able to bring together the entire tourism industry of the Azores

destination that has everything necessary to become the ‘must

in support of this event. SATA Azores Airlines, Hotels, Incoming

visit’ destination for UK holidaymakers.

Agencies and Venues; everyone is absolutely delighted to host

See you in the Azores!

this event and to have a chance to show you this hidden gem. Pedro Costa Ferreira President Apavt @apavt

Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

About the Event ABTA’s annual Convention has evolved with the industry and continues to develop each year to ensure its value and relevance for delegates.


The Travel Convention is the UK travel industry’s flagship event, providing

tour operators and cruise lines as well as a number of hotels and airlines.

inspiration to delegates through an outstanding programme of thought-provoking

It is also attended by travel industry specialists such as: accountants, lawyers,

content to challenge the way you think and approach your business. The

insurance companies and those providing business knowledge and advice to the

Convention also provides time for delegates to network constructively with peers

industry, from technology providers to marketing experts.

and experts working with the industry, helping ABTA’s Members to develop and maintain sustainable and successful travel businesses.

The Travel Convention is attended by senior professionals spanning the full breadth of the mainstream and specialist travel sector, including all forms of travel retailer,

The Travel Convention attracts around 30 travel journalists from the UK national, consumer and travel trade media – more than any other UK travel industry

Having established its identity as the travel industry’s forward-looking event, The

conference held overseas. In 2016, this included journalists from The Telegraph,

Travel Convention provides the opportunity for ABTA’s Members, Partners and the

The Times, The Guardian, The Sun, The Mirror, The Independent, Metro, The Express,

wider industry to understand what lies ahead and to design the travel industry of

Travel Weekly and more.

tomorrow, rather than be shaped by it. Optional activities will also enable delegates to visit and enjoy the beautiful host destination of São Miguel, the largest of the nine Azores Islands, the Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Numbers for this year’s Convention are capped at 500, to provide delegates with the optimum event and networking experience.

Format The Travel Convention takes place over three days, with this year’s event incorporating two days of plenary and workshop sessions; two lunches; two evening parties and three late night bars. Optional activities include a football match, golf tournament and local excursions, which will showcase the natural beauty of the Azores and some of the activities available for holidaymakers.



Venue The Azores Regional Government and the APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) will host the 2017 Travel Convention in São Miguel’s capital city of Ponta Delgada. Accommodation is available for delegates at three hotels: the Hotel Azor, the nearby Hotel Marina Atlântico and the Royal Garden Hotel, all of which are within walking distance of the historic Teatro Micaelense, where the business sessions will take place. (Transfers will also be provided).

Destination Considered to be ‘one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit’ according to National Geographic, ‘The Green Island’ is also the administrative capital of the Azores. Ponta Delgada is a charming location with some wonderful old-world buildings and restaurants offering the very best in Portuguese cuisine. The Azores, along with the archipelagos of Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde, constitute the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, a name which means “fortunate islands” for those who live there and visit them. We feel sure that delegates will feel fortunate to attend this year’s Travel Convention and look forward to welcoming you to the Azores – the first time the Convention has taken place here.


Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October Ocotober2017 2017

Programme of Events Monday 9 October We recommend delegates take the Convention flight with Azores Airlines on Sunday 8 October to make the most of the opportunities available on the first day of the Convention.

Excursions Delegates will be able to experience the island of São Miguel on Monday 9 We are the Azores

October through four special excursions, which will be operated and subsidised by Turangra. • Whale watching (half day) • Lagoa Do Fogo (Fire Lake) and Caldeira Velha nature reserve (half day) • Sete Cidades volcanic crater, one of the seven Wonders of Portugal (half day) • Furnas Valley, with its lake, hot springs and famous Terra Nostra garden (full day including lunch)


Convention Golf Tournament Following its success last year, the 2017 Convention Golf Tournament will take place at the renowned Batalha Golf Course on the north coast of São Miguel, just 10 minutes from Ponta Delgada. Situated on a hilly 300-acre site with sweeping views to the Atlantic Ocean, the 27-hole course has a rustic, natural feel, with large flowing greens, wide, generous fairways and old stone walls incorporated into the design. MORE »



Programme of Events Monday 9 October

Monday 9 October

Ride for your LifeLine

08:00 -15:30

Convention Golf Tournament,

Join ABTA LifeLine and enjoy a lovely coastal bike ride taking in some of

Batalha Golf Course

08:30 -16:30

Furnas Excursion with Lunch

refreshments before cycling back. Ride for your Lifeline is sponsored by

08:30 -12:00

Whale Watching Excursion

Avis Budget. MORE »

09:00 -19:30

Private Events (see note below)

Football Match

09:00 -12:30

Lagoa do Fogo Excursion

The annual Convention Football Match will see a White Hart Associates team

10:00 -12:00

Ride for your LifeLine –

once again take on a Travel Trade Consultancy team. The match will take place

Coastal Bike Ride

at the Santa Clara Stadium, the UEFA-approved stadium that is home to the

13:30 -17:00

Sete Cidades Excursion

13:30 -16:00

Lead Partner Lunch*

16:30 -19:30

Convention Football Match,

Welcome Party

Santa Clara Stadium

The Welcome Party, hosted by The Azores Regional Government will take

20:00 -22:30

Welcome Party,

place in the Sea Pavilion at Portas do Mar, located in the centre of the Marina

Sea Pavilion, Portas do Mar

From 22:45

Convention Bar,

An opportunity to taste delicious Azorean food, in a relaxed atmosphere with

Lobby Market and Casino Bars,

musical entertainment. Be prepared to dance and enjoy an unforgettable

Azor Hotel

the Azores beautiful landscapes. Delegates will ride from Ponta Delgada, along the southern coast, to Populo Beach where they will stop for

Azorean regional football team and occasional host to the Portuguese national team for friendly matches. MORE »

and within easy walking distance of the Azor and Marina Atlantico hotels.

evening! * By invitation only

Convention Bar

Private Events

Following the Welcome Party, continue networking into the small hours at the

ABTA welcomes private events during the Convention, but

Convention Bar in the Lobby Market and Casino Bars at the Azor Hotel.

they must only take place at the times indicated in the official Programme for private events.


Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

The Theme

2016 was an eventful year in so many ways and will go down in history as a year of surprises. First there was the shock of the EU referendum result and the start of planning for life after Brexit, followed by the equally, if not more surprising, victory of Donald Trump in the US election. These momentous events and their fall-out have caused much uncertainty globally, and the economic markets have been volatile in their wake.

But at a time of change, people still yearn for certainty

The political upheaval of the last 12 months has

Against a background of rapid change in the world,

redrawn the social and political map in the UK and

and in the travel industry, this year’s Travel Convention

the United States. Traditional party loyalties have

will uncover the challenges and opportunities that lie

been replaced by new political groupings, based on

ahead, building on the ‘known knowns’ that will guide

age, geography, attitude and issues. The growth of

us as we move into The Next Chapter.

social media has allowed new structures to evolve, and understanding the mentalities and behaviours of the Millennial generation will be crucial in preparing for the future.


and simplicity in their lives, and particularly in their travel choices. What travellers want today is essentially the same as it has always been – safety, comfort, value for money and memorable experiences. However, with the introduction of new, sophisticated technologies and techniques, the importance of focusing on the simple things can be forgotten. How will the travel industry cope with complexity in a world that desires simplicity?


Business Sessions The business programme is built on four pillars: Our World, Our Industry, Your Business and Your Network. These have been designed to help delegates understand the current world situation, how this will impact the travel industry and how best to prepare their businesses for what lies ahead.

what’s going on and what lies ahead? the issues and emerging trends affecting the industry best business practice and innovations coming down the line quality networking with fellow delegates

The range of topics addressed on the main stage will provide a broad vision of the future and a host of tips and insights, with specialist topics explored within the choice of four workshop sessions.

Convention Moderator Broadcast journalist Chris Ship, Royal Editor at ITV News, will return to moderate the Convention’s business sessions after an assured debut last year. He joined the Royal bureau after many successful years as the channel’s Deputy Political Editor at Westminster. In that role, he covered two general elections, interviewed all four recently sitting prime ministers and covered the EU Referendum and the fallout from Brexit. Just as at home in the studio, Chris often presents ITV News programmes at the weekend and has anchored network news bulletins live on location.


Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

Programme of Events Tuesday 10 October Opening Ceremony In this short ceremony, the 2017 Travel Convention will be formally opened by representatives from The Azores Regional Government and APAVT.

Business Sessions The business sessions will take place at the historic Teatro Micaelense, which hosts congresses as well as numerous professional, cultural and social events. Located in the old town of Ponta Delgada, the plenary sessions will be staged in the venue’s Auditorium. On Tuesday, plenary sessions exploring the next chapter for Our World and Our Industry will be punctuated with a mid-morning coffee break and lunch for all delegates in an adjacent marquee. MORE »

Meet with ABTA Would you like to know more about ABTA? ABTA provides a variety of services from free legal advice, financial protection solutions, crisis management guidance to providing marketing materials to increase your profile and sales. The ABTA team will be available during the Convention to meet delegates. MORE »

“I thought it was a brilliant Convention this year and we all felt that we got lots out of it. ” Rachel O’Reilly – Kuoni



Programme of Events Tuesday 10 October

Tuesday 10 October

Late Afternoon


Travel Weekly

Following the business sessions, delegates will have plenty

Breakfast Briefing*

of free time for informal networking and to catch up on business.

Teatro Micaelense

Meet the Media Reception Delegates who work with the media have an opportunity to meet, engage and network with the UK’s consumer, national and travel trade travel journalists attending this year’s Travel Convention at the Meet the Media


ABTA Press Briefing**

Royal Garden Hotel


Opening Ceremony

Teatro Micaelense

Reception. This ticketed event is limited to just 40 places, and will take place


Business Sessions

at the São Pedro Hotel opposite the Marina. MORE »

12:45 -14:00

Delegate Lunch

and Meet with ABTA


Business Sessions


Free Time / Private Events


Meet The Media Reception*


Travelport Party

From 23:15

Convention Bar

Lobby Market and Casino Bars,

Travelport Party Travelport is set to entertain delegates with a live band, an Azorean feast and another Convention night to remember!

Convention Bar After the Host Party, head back to the Convention Bar in the Lobby Market and Casino Bars of the Azor Hotel, for an entertaining end to the evening.

Azor Hotel * By invitation/ticket holders only ** Press delegates only


Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

“It’s a great opportunity to learn from industry experts. It’s a fantastic networking event and you never know what that might lead to in the future.” Caroline Brown – Shearings Holidays


Programme of Events Wednesday 11 October

Wednesday 11 October

LBC Breakfast Briefing, brought to you by Global


Before the Wednesday morning business sessions commence, there will be the

Teatro Micaelense

opportunity for 100 delegates to attend an exclusive LBC Breakfast, brought to you by Global. Delegates will have a unique opportunity to take part in Leading Britain’s Conversation, hosted by a famous LBC presenter. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register now to avoid disappointment!


Breakfast Briefing*

Business Sessions and

Specialist Workshops Teatro Micaelense 13:00-14:00

Delegate Lunch

Business Sessions

and Meet with ABTA

For day two, the business sessions will focus on Your Business, providing


Business Sessions and

insights into best business practice and innovations coming down the line.

Convention close

The programme will also include a choice of four specialist workshops.

From 15:30

Free Time / Private Events /

In the afternoon delegates will enjoy an inspiring closing session and the

Evening at Leisure

announcement of where we shall be heading for next year’s Convention, before the event draws to a close.

* By invitation only

As before, there will be a mid-morning coffee break, opportunities to

ABTA reserves the right to change the published programme,

Meet with ABTA and lunch available for all delegates in an adjacent marquee.

venues and speakers outlined in this publication.

Evening Following the business sessions, delegates will have time for informal networking and to explore Ponta Delgada and the surrounding areas before returning home.

“It was an excellent Convention; being my first I was very impressed.”

Farewell Convention Bar

Dan Jackson – Exodus Travels

All delegates are invited to enjoy their final evening in the Azores at the Farewell Bar at the Hotel Azor. 15

Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

Registration Information


Visit to register

Azores Airlines is providing direct flights for

Early Bird Registration Fees

Standard Registration Fees

UNTIL 24 MAY 2017

FROM 25 MAY 2017





ABTA Member




First ABTA Partner*



Additional ABTA Partner**



Other Delegate







the Convention from its main gateway in the UK – Gatwick Airport to João Paulo II Airport in Ponta Delgada. Exclusively available to delegates,




ABTA Member





First ABTA Partner*





Additional ABTA Partner**





Other Delegate









return airfares on the direct four-hour flights cost just £238.02 in Economy and £448.02 in Business, including taxes. Convention flights will operate on the following dates/times. To Ponta Delgada

* Portuguese VAT at 18% is chargeable on all event fees and local activities. For information on reclaiming VAT paid in other countries in the EU, please visit HM Revenue and Customs. ** The ABTA Partner scheme is a B2B scheme enabling suppliers to the travel industry to attend the Convention at a reduced rate. If you are interested in obtaining this discount, and accessing the many other benefits that come from being an ABTA Partner, please contact Stephen Barnes on 020 3117 0503 for further information. *** Anyone accompanying a registered delegate must register as a companion (if not attending as a delegate), regardless of whether they are attending any part of the Convention.

Sunday 8 October

Dep: 14:00

Arr: 17:00

Monday 9 October

Dep: 07:30

Arr: 10:30

Wednesday 11 October

Dep: 17:50

Arr: 22:35

Thursday 12 October

Dep: 15:10

Arr: 19:55

To London Gatwick

Azores Airlines is also offering preferential airfares from Lisbon to/from Ponta Delgada for those who wish to travel before or after the above flights, or from outside of London. Details of how to book the reduced airfares with Azores Airlines will be provided to delegates in their registration

When registering, delegates have the opportunity to help others by making a donation to ABTA LifeLine. Every pound donated will be used to help travel colleagues and their families in need. MORE INFO »


confirmation document.


Accomodation The official accommodation provider for this year’s Travel Convention is Sunvil. Once registered, delegates will receive an accommodation booking link within their confirmation email.

Azor Hotel

Royal Garden Hotel

Hotel Marina Atlântico

Offering stunning views of the sea, the Azor Hotel

The Royal Garden Hotel offers comfort and tranquillity.

The nautically-themed Hotel Marina Atlântico

is a vibrant and cosmopolitan hotel with a roof-top

Natural light floods the hotel, which comprises a

overlooks the marina and public outdoor swimming

outdoor swimming pool. This hotel will be the social

central Zen garden, ample lounge areas, indoor and

pool. The hotel’s large glass windows make this a

hub of the Convention, with the Convention Bar taking

outdoor swimming pools, the relaxing Lotus Spa,

naturally light and ideal place to watch the Ponta

place on the ground floor bars. There is also a roof-top

a gym and tennis court.

Delgada world go by.

bar for those who prefer a quieter place to relax and network. Single Occupancy

£86 per night

Double/Twin Occupancy

£86 per night

Single Occupancy

£57 per night

Single Occupancy

£83 per night

Double/Twin Occupancy

£63 per night

Double/Twin Occupancy

£90 per night

Upgrades available from

£79 per night

Note: Each room is subject to a booking fee of £15.80 plus Portuguese VAT.

Transfers Complimentary airport transfers provided by

Delegates arriving/departing on other dates

Turangra will operate between João Paulo II Airport

should make their own transfer arrangements.

and the Convention hotels for delegates arriving on Sunday 8 and Monday 9 October and departing on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 October.

You can book your transfers at the time of registration or email your flight information to

We are the Azores 17

Ponta Delgada, The Azores // 9 -11 October 2017

Lead Partner

Telegraph Travel is your passport to a better audience. With more readers, more advertisers and more editorial, we are proud to be the UK’s No 1 travel publisher. Half the UK population, many of whom are active purchasers, turn to Telegraph Travel for ideas when researching destinations, making our platforms a hugely important source of inspiration when it comes to finding the ideal holiday. To help, we have 10 Telegraph platforms dedicated to travel – across print, desktop, mobile, apps and events. We believe our Travel website, inspired by user testing and research among our readers, and centred around intuitive search functionality and inspiration from 30,000 articles is the best travel portal in the market. With so many opportunities to talk about, we look forward to meeting you at The Travel Convention. If you would like to get in touch before then, please feel free to contact me, Paul Taplin, on 020 7931 3090 or via



Headline Partners

Avis has been the longest-standing supporter of ABTA’s Convention, and are delighted to be a Headline Sponsor this year. Avis is a trusted and award-winning brand with a long history of

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Promotional Opportunities The Travel Convention offers a wide range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities to help your organisation reach delegates before, during and after the Convention.

For general information, please contact: Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi // 10-12 October 2016


email: tel: 01920 444830

View the Promotional Opportunities brochure. For further information, please contact Matt Turton on 0203 693 0194 or email:

Promotional Opportunities Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi //10-12 October 2016

twitter: @TheTravelConv // #ABTA17

The Travel Convention 2017 Registration Brochure  
The Travel Convention 2017 Registration Brochure