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the of ECOwater.

Why settle for any old tap water when you can have extra special ECOwater.

Turn on water happiness all around your home

Luxuriously bubbly baths, beautifully smooth skin, super-soft laundry. You’ll feel the joy of EcoWater all around your home. It brings out the best in whatever it touches, adding shine and sparkle to everything from your best china to your bathroom shower cubicle (not to mention your washing machine and dishwasher). And, less time cleaning means more time for fun things. You’ll taste the difference too. Crystal clear EcoWater makes a heavenly change from ordinary tap water because there’s nothing to taint its flavour. And that means fresh vegetables, glasses of water and even your favourite cuppa taste exactly as they should. EcoWater is also surprisingly affordable. It will start to save energy from the very first drop and continue to pay for itself time and time again. So you can enjoy true water happiness for many years to come. With the added reassurance that EcoWater is the world’s largest domestic water treatment company. More time with your family, more taste for everything, complete peace-ofmind and money saving too. That’s the joy of EcoWater.

The joy of having EcoWater around the home A joy at bath time EcoWater puts the luxury back into your bathroom. Soaps, shampoos and shower gels create a rich lather in water that’s so soft and gentle, your skin will love you for using it. A joy for laundry Laundry feels fresh, clean and super soft when it’s washed in EcoWater. And because it’s gentle on your appliances, they’ll last longer too. A joy for cleaning EcoWater rinses clean away leaving no stubborn marks or stains. So you can spend more time soaking your cares away in the bath than scrubbing it clean. A joy for less detergent and soaps Bubbles are...well, bubblier in EcoWater. That means less detergent and soaps, which is kinder on your pocket and the planet. A joy for skin EcoWater loves soothing dry and flaky skin conditions like eczema with a luxurious feel that couldn’t be more soft and gentle on skin. A joy for drinking There’s nothing quite like the delicious pure taste of EcoWater, quenching your thirst and leaving you totally refreshed, straight from the tap. A joy for the environment EcoWater doesn’t just save energy around the home, it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and use of harsh chemical cleaning products. A joy for your bank balance EcoWater has the same feel-good factor on your appliances and plumbing. Because everything works beautifully efficiently, you save precious energy and money.

Seeing the smile on his face as he splashes in the bath, knowing it’s as gentle on him as you are.

EcoWater makes baby’s skin even softer, if that’s possible EcoWater is soft on everyone, but none more so than the baby. It’s gentle on all the other things that touch his skin too, like big fluffy towels and soft baby grows. And with lovely soft blankets in his cot at night, he’s more likely to sleep right through. It’s gentler on them than they are on your best china Everything EcoWater touches is so soft and lovely from the bath towels to the bed sheets. And it makes everything taste so nice, you won’t even have to disguise the vegetables. It helps with skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis too, so no-one gets out of helping with the washing up! EcoWater is an essential part of her beauty regime Bathing beauties love EcoWater because it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and absolutely gorgeous. Shampoo makes such a rich, luxurious lather you only need to use a tiny bit to give hair a salon shine. Plus there’s no need to buy expensive bottled water to re-hydrate at the gym.

Water happiness for the whole family Mums are soft on EcoWater too You can feel EcoWater pampering the family with super soft clothes, bath towels and bed linen. Laundry day goes with a breeze. And because EcoWater doesn’t leave nasty marks around sinks, baths and showers, you’ll spend less time cleaning and have a little more time to yourself. Dad’s even feel the difference in their wallets EcoWater is great for household appliances too. The washing machine, dishwasher and heating and plumbing systems all work far more efficiently because they don’t get furred up. That means they’ll last longer and need fewer repairs. And the more efficient they are, the lower the energy bills. And everyone agrees, it tastes great Straight out of the tap or the teapot, EcoWater tastes exactly as it should – pure, clean and 100% refreshing. So there’s no need to lug heavy bottled water back from the shops anymore to make a decent cuppa.

Making the installation man a nice cuppa, 100 per cent happy that he has done a great job.

Having EcoWater installed

One of the joys of choosing EcoWater is that we take care of everything for you. Because we’re the people behind the products we can explain all the features and benefits clearly and simply. Our team can guide you through all the choices and suggest which EcoWater option is the right one for you. Only when you’re ready to take the next step we’ll arrange for one of our experts to visit your home and carry out a site survey. That way we can provide a genuine fixed price quotation for you, rather than a guestimate so there are no unwelcome surprises. You’ll receive it by post along with other literature that explains about the EcoWater system in more detail. If you’re happy to go ahead we’ll then book a date to install EcoWater in your home. It should only take a couple of hours and you can rest assured that we’ll leave everything as spotless as we found it. Your installation engineer will explain how everything works before he leaves and we’ll call you after a few days to make sure you’re still 100% happy. That’s the joy of EcoWater.

Living with EcoWater

EcoWater isn’t something we fit and forget, it comes complete with everything you need to keep each drop as good as the first. And so, as well as taking care of installation, we provide a comprehensive 2 year warranty and the option of a 12 year Lifetime Care Plan with the added peace-of-mind that we check everything is in perfect working order every 3 years. All this is provided by EcoWater, the world leader for water treatment products for the home, to give you added assurance and the unique option to have everything covered. All of which means you’ll never have to go back to standard tap water – something you won’t want to contemplate once you’ve experienced the joy of EcoWater.

Breathing in the scent of freshly laundered sheets, certain that the tap water smells just as good.

Soaking your cares away, knowing it’s not just the quality of the water you can count on.

EcoWater products, and the advances in technology that have made them possible, are built on over 80 years’ of applied research and hundreds of patents worldwide. In fact, we set the standards for the entire industry. What’s more, because we design and manufacture all our products, we can guarantee they meet our unrivalled standards of quality. At EcoWater we’re committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified, testimony to the care and attention that we take to monitor the quality of our product management systems. And by continually improving it, we can safeguard excellence in all our products. EcoWater products are designed to perform better and perform optimally. Our unique, patented technology makes everything work like a dream, while using less water and consumables at the same time. We’ve also made our products easy to look after. No metal parts come into contact with water to rust or corrode. Sophisticated technology shows how much water is being used daily, the pattern of water usage, what is being removed and how well the systems are functioning. So you can be absolutely clear about just how much better your EcoWater is than standard tap water.

Designed to perform better

Which EcoWater package is right for your family? EcoWater to use and drink If you’d like cleaner, softer laundry, gorgeous hair and skin, a sparkling bathroom and kitchen and fresh tasting water on tap, choose EcoWater to use and drink. EcoWater will make a difference all around your home. Not only will your appliances last longer, you could also reduce your energy bills by up to 25%. You’ll notice plenty of other savings too. Shampoo, soap, washing detergents and cleaning products all go a lot further with EcoWater. And you’ll save on buying expensive bottled drinking water too. EcoWater to drink If you’re happy to put up with any old tap water for bathing, laundry and washing up, you can still enjoy deliciously fresh tasting EcoWater on tap. Simply choose EcoWater to drink. What’s included? Features

EcoWater to use and drink

EcoWater to drink

EcoWater system

Site survey

(convenient times available including Saturdays)

Allow 2 hours

Allow 1 hour

Consumable starter pack

Warranty cover

2 years parts and labour as standard with optional Lifetime Care Plan

12 year Lifetime Care Plan

(convenient times available including Saturdays)



5 years parts as standard

Consumable reminder service

Consumable replacement service



Refer a friend bonus

£30 for you and £30 for your friend

Re-usable drinking water bottle

 Subject to our Terms and Conditions

Drinking in pure peace of mind,

LOVE THE IDEA of ECOwater? Then get in touch with our helpful team. They can answer any questions you may have and chat you through your options. No pressure. No hard sell. Just genuinely nice people who want to help. To discover the joy of EcoWater simply call free on 0800 052 1120 or visit


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