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A Message from the Editor By Bonnie Winter Fedak

Winter Weather Systems

and Technology Unite now and ice management has dominated the news, both in Canada and the United States, this winter. With talk of so-called “global warming” amidst swirling snow and frigid temperatures from coast to coast to coast, many are demanding, “Show me the heat!” Ottawa’s Dec. 9 storm; north-central Ontario’s Dec. 13 blizzard; the cold snap that gripped western Canada with temperatures hovering near the -40 C to -50 C range; and the Dec. 20 and early January storms that wreaked havoc throughout the Maritimes – these are but a few of the many storm systems and cold fronts that held cities and surrounding areas hostage across the land in 2009 and into 2010. Thanks to these systems, business is good for many of our country’s snow and ice removal specialists. I live 100 feet from the highway. But, as I peered out my living room window, I


couldn’t see it. The whiteout from the first blizzard to engulf southern Manitoba this winter didn’t permit so much as a glimpse of the provincial trunk highway. To the naked eye, even my driveway appeared lost in the swirling snow and wind gusts. I live in the country; I work in the city. If anyone relies on the massive snow clearing and ice management efforts of cities and municipalities in snowbound provinces across our land, I do. Part of my daily commute takes me over wide-open windswept highways and, during cold, snowy, wintry days, the black ice and snow wreak havoc for drivers. The treelined, forested sections of my route add to the challenges. Commuters find themselves navigating through snowdrifts, often piled high over hard-packed snow from previous flurries. The city environment, with snow-covered side roads, back

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lanes and parking lots, is yet another demanding task requiring its own set of driving skills. In the past, I rarely gave a thought to the type of equipment used when it came to snow removal. But I did think twice about it whenever I was stranded for more than a day, unable to make my way to the nearest town, village, or homestead down the highway. This latest storm brought that to mind, especially when I headed to work the very next morning. I was amazed at how clear the highways were; the city’s main arteries showed only small reminders of the previous day’s snowfall. It’s a testament to Public Works Departments in cities across the country, as well as the numerous municipalities in rural areas that see the need to keep up with ever-changing technology in the snow and ice management industry. It’s also a testament to the industry, itself – keeping up with demands to deliver clear, safe roadways and the high-tech machinery necessary to get the job done. Terminologies such as “joystick” and “GPS” were non-existent 30 years ago when some of today’s more experienced snow removal specialists first got their start in the industry. Since then, technology has ushered many of these pioneers into the 21st Century, with relative ease. Be sure to check out “Plowing Snow: Not what it used to be,” and our look into the benefits of a GPS fleet tracking system. And then … let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We encourage our readership to contact the editor – – with their latest in news and information, to share within the industry. ❄ WINTER 2010 | SNOW MANAGER

Upcoming Events, Training, and Webinars SNOW AND ICE MANAGEMENT FORUMS

UPCOMING WEBINAR Rethink Residential (April 7, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. EDT, 2:00 p.m. CDT, 1:00 p.m. MDT, 12:00 p.m. PDT) Residential snow removal is often regarded as secondary to more substantial commercial, retail, and other property work. From a customer service standpoint, it can be challenging. There are a growing number of skilled snow contractors who are using residential work as a strong supplement to their businesses. Source:

TRAINING MODULES Canada CSP™ Certified Snow Professional Information about training modules available at:

13th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium The Greatest Four Days in Snow Rhode Island Convention Center, June 23-26, 2010 Providence, Rhode Island, USA 2010 APWA North American Snow Conference Qwest Center, April 18-21, 2010 Omaha, Nebraska

Road Weather Information System A Passion for Precision

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Simply Genius

Plowing Snow: Not what it used to be By Bonnie Winter Fedak

ack in the day, when Ken Tourand was a young lad of 15, his career path directed him into snow clearing. Now, 36 years later, Tourand thinks back to the changes in equipment he’s seen over the years. “Snow clearing is the only job I’ve ever known,” says Tourand, and with his ex-


tensive experience, he really knows the ins and outs of the latest machinery. There has been considerable advancement in snow and ice management equipment over the years, he says, and the majority of those changes have helped to make snow clearing easier and more efficient. During the early days, Tourand operated straight-frame loaders and graders that didn’t articulate. Only their back wheels turned. Since the late ’60s, manufacturers have been producing articulated frames that boast a hinge in the frame behind the cab and in front of the rear tires and engine. This additional steering joint provides for a wider range of motion, and makes for a more versatile machine. Some grader models place the articulation joint in the rear of the cab, which allows the operator to know where the front half of the vehicle is, in relation to the back half. An articulated loader gives more control to the operator with respect to better working conditions for the bucket on the front, for example, going around corners and taking tighter turns around curves.

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ance Performnte e Guara


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Another added feature to today’s updated grader encompasses the use of a joystick. Tourand is the second person in Manitoba to operate a 140MAW1, a model that features a joystick. “It’s more comfortable and faster,” says Tourand. “Before, you had levers to pull to straighten out and not dig in your blade. You had to be an octopus. Now, you have a joystick and a button that puts you back from articulation.” Tourand takes care of snow clearing miles and miles of highway, as well as residential areas that are pocketed in and around the rural municipality where he works. During a usual Manitoba winter, snow can pile up within the sheltered sections of highways outlined in thick woods and shelterbelts. Other highway sections are wide open and occasionally blow clear. But regardless of the conditions, snow and ice are ever-present commodities requiring expert attention. With today’s updated equipment, along with operator knowledge and experience – like Tourand’s – snow and ice management is an ever-progressing industry. ❄



Communications Inc.



MAN OF STEEL You know keeping the competitive edge means never letting up. Never compromising. Especially when it comes to your equipment. And you didn’t choose the FISHER® XtremeV™ just because of its X-BRACING, or Trip-Edge Design, or Minute Mount® 2. You chose the XtremeV because FISHER knows — your reputation’s on the line.

Get the Edge

Benefits of a

GPS Fleet Tracking System

By Bonnie Winter Fedak

o GPS or not to GPS – that is the question, a question that some snow and ice management companies in today’s technologically wired world have yet to ask. And the reason for that? As Vince Arone, P.Eng., vicepresident, Business Development at PinPoint GPS Solutions believes, there are companies out there that are not aware of the numerous benefits a GPS Fleet Tracking System affords. “The big dilemma for an owner is, ‘I’d like to know where my team is,’” says Arone. “But drivers might fear they are being watched more closely, like ‘Big Brother watching,’ which could be a bit of a drawback.” Cost is another reason that arises when a new purchase is considered. Arone, however, sees a GPS system as an investment – an investment that saves money over the long term. “If you run a business and employ a supervisor in an office, you expedite workflow by having this person manage people and resources. If a worker is on the road, how are they being ‘supervised’ and how are problems or delays detected? A properly implemented GPS tracking system allows the supervisor visibility to the fleet from the comfort of his PC at home or the office. It allows the supervisor to manage his fleet without unnecessary travel.” A little “black box” is installed neatly under a vehicle’s dashboard and uses a GPS modem to connect to satellites in the sky, which gives the vehicles’ positional co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) in terms of where it is situated. But its capabilities reach far beyond mere location. “It checks for other details,” says Arone. “For instance, speed, direction of travel, whether a vehicle is idle, rapidly accelerating or breaking harshly. All this information is sent back to a server computer whereby you can see where your vehicles are, even if you are snowed in or at a remote location. You log in; a map shows you where your vehicles are at a given time.”



The following details provide information about other benefits: • Fuel Consumption – Owners can determine if vehicles are being run effectively or if there is excessive idling. • Tax Credits – In some areas of the country, tax credits are available, depending on the specified use of a vehicle, or whether auxiliary devices deem the vehicle for offroad use. • Optimum Maintenance Scheduling – Program a specified kilometre amount – say 5,000 – into the software, and the GPS will remind you when a vehicle requires its regular maintenance check. • Full-Trip Replay – Documents where a vehicle has been throughout the day. This can also help to choose the shortest and/or correct routes. • Slip and Fall Claims – When contracted to provide snow and ice management, documented proof of date, time and location is automatically available through the GPS records. GPS Fleet tacking is gaining more and more interest and continues to be embedded within commercial fleets. Companies that once said they couldn’t afford to deploy GPS tracking are now saying, “We can’t afford not to implement GPS tracking.” ❄ WINTER 2010 | SNOW MANAGER

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All NSC Minerals Inc. products are people and pet friendly and easy on the environment when applied in the approved manner. The natural pink colour will not stain surfaces and, as with any ice-melt product, following recommended use on packaging is always important. For further information on our products and services, please visit our website or call us at 306-934-6477 or toll free at 1-888-668-7258. ❄




135 cm

❅ ❄❆ Vancouver


75.5 cm

55 cm

❆ ❄❅ ❄

❄ ❅ ❆Calgary

126.7 cm


26 cm

11 cm

❆❄ ❅❆ 116 cm

❆ ❅ ❄ 110.6 cm

Canadian Snow Highlights: Lowest minimum air temperature Coldest month Greatest average annual snowfall Greatest snowfall in one season Greatest snowfall in one day


-63.9 C, February 3, 1947 — Snag, Yukon -47.9 C, February 1979 — Snag, Yukon // Eureka, N.W.T. 1,433 centimetres — Snag, Yukon // Glacier, Mt. Fidelity, B.C. 2,446.5 centimetres, 1971-1972 — Snag, Yukon // Revelstoke/Mont Copeland, B.C. 118.1 centimetres, Jan. 17, 1974 — Snag, Yukon // Lakelse Lake, B.C.



Corner Brook

422 cm

322.3 cm


210 cm


210 cm

❆❄ ❅❆

235 cm



In the Know with Snow

City of Winnipeg is not only clearing the way, but leading the way when it comes to snow clearing

Submitted by City of Winnipeg, Public Works Department

hen a big snowstorm hits the city of Winnipeg, our citizens know and appreciate that the snow and ice will be quickly cleared from our roads, sidewalks and back lanes, restoring vehicle and pedestrian accessibility throughout the city in a timely manner. This is due to the efforts of many dedicated “snow fighters” who clear the way for the rest of us after a big snowstorm. Winnipeg city council recognizes that we are indeed a “Winter City” and it is critical to ensure that our roads and sidewalks are kept clear of snow, improving the quality of life for citizens and visitors alike. As a result, council has provided the vision for how snow removal is handled in Winnipeg through the approval of the City’s Snow and Ice Control Policy, which sets the standards for the city’s extensive snow plowing and ice control activities and establishes a very high level of service for citizens. As a result, Winnipeg is one of the only cities in North America that would typically clear snow from all streets including main routes, bus routes and residential streets, as well as all back lanes,



sidewalks and active transportation pathways. Their leadership in carrying out the extensive snow and ice control activities in a safe, effective and efficient manner through the development and implementation of industry “best practices” led to the City of Winnipeg being recognized by the American Public Works Association (APWA) as one of the inaugural winners (and only one in Canada) of the Award of Excellence in Snow and Ice Control in 2008. Between November and March every year, crews work winter shifts 24/7, and plowing equipment and sanding trucks are available around-the-clock to address icy conditions and improve traction on the city’s roadways. Streets are cleared of snow and ice as quickly as possible to improve traffic flow, improve safety for the motoring public, and ensure emergency vehicles can travel the city quickly and safely. After a major snowfall, a force of up to 400 pieces of heavy equipment, ranging from graders, to front-end loaders, to sidewalk WINTER 2010 | SNOW MANAGER

plows and sanding trucks are mobilized for the required snow clearing activities that may be necessary on all or a portion of the City’s approximately 7200 lane-kilometres of roadway. Depending on what plowing activities are required, snow and ice control activities can cost up to approximately $6 million for a major plowing operation. It may be surprising to know that only 15 per cent of the equipment used during a big cleanup is comprised of City forces. The remaining equipment is provided by our partners in the private sector who play a significant role in any storm cleanup operation. “We take snow clearing seriously in Winnipeg,” says Manager of Streets Maintenance Bruce McPhail, “and we are always working to improve our methods and the way we communicate to the public about our plowing activities." As an example, a recently introduced service on the City of Winnipeg's website at, provides accurate and up-to-date information on precisely what residential streets will be plowed overnight during a major residential street plowing operation. This information is available to citizens on a coloured map that highlights the streets that are scheduled for plowing overnight. This groundbreaking enhancement to service demonstrates that when it comes to clearing snow, the City of Winnipeg is not only clearing the way, but leading the way by using technology to its fullest to provide an even better service to the public. The City's Public Works Department is monitoring weather and road conditions closely, and responding to those conditions with all the experience, equipment and technology at their disposal. ❄



Tiger Calcium Services

All About


or 45 years Tiger Calcium is one of the only companies in North America that mines, manufactures, supplies and applies calcium chloride. We specialize in anti-icing, deicing, dust control/stabilization, and oilfield fluids. Our head office is in Sherwood Park, Alta., and our plant operations are in Slave Lake, Alta. We have numerous storage and rail facilities located throughout North America. Tiger Calcium offers a wide variety of products that meet or exceed industry standards, and our modern grade plant enables us to formulate products to customers’ specifications. Handling all facets of product and service enables us to provide a consistently superior quality and competitive product in a timely manner. Tiger Calcium’s liquid anti-icing and de-icing products are PNS approved and are developed to work at extremely low temperatures, with the ability to aggressively melt snow and ice with freeze points below -45 C (-49 F). Our products are also less corrosive than salt and magnesium chloride, and are more environmentally friendly. We work with an outside consultant,


Customer Satisfaction

Dale Keep with Ice and Snow Technologies Inc., in educating our customers and their crews through seminars on how to fight ice and snow with liquids. From small businesses to distributors, cities to counties and municipalities, our customers are satisfied with the high-grade products we provide. Calcium chloride is one of the most commonly used dust control and road stabilization agents in Canada and the United States because of its low cost and high performance. Tiger Calcium offers a supply and apply dust control and road stabilization service, and our trucks are specially designed with a state of the art radar technology that will accurately and evenly spread our product onto your roadway. As an additional service, we will educate your company on proper road preparation for calcium chloride application. By using our products, road conditions like potholes and washboard can be eliminated, resulting in reduced overall costs. Users of Tiger’s Calcium Chloride consistently report that the total unpaved road maintenance cost is reduced by 30 to 35 per cent.

Quality & Service is our Priority Safety is our Commitment • Specializing in Winter De-Icer & Anti-Icer PNS approved Calcium Chloride Brines. Available with or without corrosion inhibitor with freeze points from -13˚ F (-25˚ C) to -49˚ F (-45˚ C). Cuts through snow and ice more quickly than salt or magnesium chloride, plus its better for the environment.

• Sandpile Freezeproofing • Dust Control & Road Stabilization Products • Supply Oilfield Drilling & Well Kill Chemicals • Application Services • Tank Truck Services • Vast network of terminal, storage and rail facilities throughout North America 2220 Broadmoor Boulevard | Sherwood Park, AB | T8H 1B4 P: 780.464.4871 | F: 780.464.0829 | Toll Free: 1.800.661.4298



Located in Alberta, we are in the heart of oil country, and manufacture the ever-important well kill fluids. Our experienced engineering team and flexible production facility can supply and modify oilfield chemicals, including calcium chloride, sodium chloride, and calcium nitrate. Calcium chloride brines can be customized and filtered by Tiger Calcium to create specific well kill fluids for customers. In stock at all times, the densities of the well kill fluids range from 1000kg/m3 to 1650kg/m3. At Tiger Calcium Services, we believe in TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Quality and service is our priority; safety is our commitment. We offer free consultation and quotes. For more information, visit And if you want to try calcium chloride for your company, give us a call toll free at 1-800-661-4298. ❄

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5’ V35 Power Vee Plow, narrows to 48”for sidewalks

12’ V48 Power Vee Plow

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Equipment Showcase Trecan Combustion Limited – Melting Snow with Snowmelters he name TRECAN is an acronym for Thermal Research and Engineering Canada, and the company’s history and origins are steeped in


combustion technology and thermal efficiency. Trecan Combustion is a Canadian company that has been designing and manufacturing Snowmelters for over 35

Snowlutions... Authorized Sales/ Service Centres: Thunder Bay: (807) 577-5724

1-800-465-5044 Winnipeg: (204) 632-8261

1-800-282-8044 Regina: (306) 757-5606

1-800-552-8044 Saskatoon: (306) 242-3465

1-800-772-4599 Calgary: (403) 236-5502

1-800-661-3126 Red Deer: (403) 343-1383

1-866-297-0022 Edmonton: (780) 454-4880

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years. To date, the company has delivered over 500 machines throughout the world with large numbers in the United States, Canada and Russia. Trecan is the only Snowmelter manufacturer that builds nine different models of Portable Snowmelters and more than 10 single/multiple burner models of Stationary Snowmelters. Presently, conventional Snowmelters generally fall into three categories: the most efficient are the Submerged Combustion Type Snowmelters that apply a fossil-fuel (diesel or natural gas) flame either directly to the deposited snow or to a water bath, which melts the snow; the less efficient Snowmelters use heat exchangers or boiler tubes, whereby deposited snow comes into contact with tubes carrying fluids heated by external boilers and melts; and the even less efficient resistance heater Snowmelters comprising resistance heaters powered by external electric generators or other electrical power source, whereby snow comes into contact with the heated plates and melts. Only Trecan Snowmelters use Submerged Combustion Technology. In 2002, Trecan Combustion became the only Snowmelter manufacturer in the world to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 certification, ISO's most widely known standard. ISO 9001:2000 has become an international reference for quality assurance requirements in business-tobusiness dealings all over the world. ISO 9001:2000 primarily ensures that our products and services satisfy the customer's quality requirements. What does it all mean? Having completed the ISO 9001:2000 registration, Trecan Combustion has ensured their customers that a strict quality assurance program has been formed and implemented. ISO Registered companies have had dramatic reductions in customer complaints, significant reductions in operating costs and increased demand for their products and services. ISO Registration is simply good business. WINTER 2010 | SNOW MANAGER

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The snow blade you’ve been asking for. Better sReduces Salt Use sCleans Lasts Longer s sQuieter sRecyclable Parts

For over 40 years Valley Blades Limited has manufactured high quality cutting edges for snow plows and heavy equipment.


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All new Trecan Portable and Stationary Snowmelters are available with a Remote Communications Package enabling Trecan to monitor operations and conduct diagnostic checks 24/7 on Trecan Snowmelters almost anywhere in the world. This unique capability also allows for remote troubleshooting and Snowmelter software upgrades (if required and when available). We also offer an optional integrated GPS module. Trecan is the only Snowmelter manufacturer that can produce and distribute an extensive customer referral list, which is available to anyone, and that, in itself, speaks volumes about the company’s reputation. The City of New York has been using Trecan Snowmelters for many years and recently ordered nine Trecan 60-PDs and seven Trecan 135-PDs. Trecan also supplied six Trecan 60-PDs and 10 Trecan 80-PDs to Moscow, Russia. Trecan Snowmelters are also being used at the 2010 Canada Winter Olympics in Whistler, B.C. Trecan is the only Snowmelter manufacturer that will guarantee the capacity of its Snowmelters. Trecan Snowmelters are the most thermally efficient Snowmelters available (approximately 98 per cent efficiency). This is due to the submerged combustion, direct contact method of heating and transferring the energy from the combustion process to the water and snow in the melting tank. With over 35 years of engineering, manufacturing and practical experience, Trecan Snowmelters are the most proven, tried and tested Snowmelters available with over 500 machines currently in operation throughout North America and Russia. Visit Trecan online at: ❄



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Equipment Showcase Mini Dictionary of Snow Plow Accessories hether you are new to the industry, or have been around a while, you should know about Machinability’s diverse product line. Read below to see what Machinability product is right for you. You can also call us directly, or check our website,, for more information. Power Vee Plow – The hydraulically powered moldboards can be positioned in the vee forward position as illustrated, veed back, straight, or angled to windrow left or right. Machinability offers a joystick controller to configure the plow with the touch of a button as demonstrated on our website. Vee Plows are available in a wide range of sizes for sidewalk applications, up to large open areas. The V35 series of plow are available in 5’ (which vees back to 48” for sidewalks), 6’, 8’, 9’, 10’, and 12’. The V48 series are available in 10’, 11’, 12’, 14’, and 16’. Power Side Wing Plow – Hydraulically powered wings can rotate 180 degrees allowing you to transform your plow from a straight pusher, to a pusher box plow, or even a back drag plow with the push of a button. The hydraulic cylinders on the moldboard allow you to position the plow to windrow. With plows ranging in size from our SW35 product line in 8’/13’ and 10’/15’ sizes, you can even mount onto smaller tractors. If you need a larger plow, the SW48 is available standard in 10’/17’, 12’/19’, and 14’/21’. With our new 5’ wings, you can also have 10’/20’, 12’/22’, and 14’/24’ configurations. There is also a short 5’ wing to allow you to scoop under trailers and dock doors. Box Plow – An economical plow suited to push large volumes of snow with ease. They can be hooked up to your bucket, or simply bolt on a quick coupler for any quick attach system or skid steer mount on the market. Available in the BP35 series is the 8’, 10’, 12’, and 14’ models. The BP48 series is available in 12’, 14’, and 16’. With replaceable bolt on wings and bolt on front braces, you can be rest assured that your plow will last you longer than conventional box plows.


V 48

SW 48

Box plow 26


STM 35


Straight Plow with Trip Moldboard – Another economical plow suited for straight pushing and windrowing. The trip moldboard style of snow plow relieves impacts by pivoting the entire plow forward. Straight Plow with Trip Edges – Typically used in sidewalk applications, these hydraulically powered blades can be run straight, or angled for windrowing and running down sidewalks. Available in 5’ and 6’ sizes with tripping edges for protection against obstructions. Extendable Plow – A rare, but extremely versatile plow that is capable of being configured to suit your needs on the fly. A joystick handle allows you to control all eight hydraulic cylinders to extend, angle, and even independently guillotine the side


Equipment Showcase plates. The plow can be windrowing, and still keep the wings pointing in the direction of travel. When you approach a laneway, then guillotine the end plates closed to halt the flow of snow. Multiple sized are available allowing you to alter the width of the plow from 8’ to 14’ or from 10’ to 17’ which allows you to travel down narrower roadways. Drop Salter – Standard three-point hitch drop salters are available in PTO driven, or hydraulically driven versions. These simple and compact units are excellent for reliable depositing controlled amounts of salt. Manually adjustable spring steel tensioners allow you to control the deposition rate based on your application. Tow Behind Salting Trailer – If you are required to carry a larger amount of salt, then a trailer allows you to carry one cubic yard with a single axle trailer or two cubic yards with a duel axle trailer. Fitted with electric brakes on each axle, you are assured that the load will slow down with you. Manually controlled hydraulics allows you to control the speed of the chain conveyor, and also the speed of the spinner independent of each other to control deposition rate and spread pattern. Pre-wet and anti-ice options are also available. Front or rear spinner configurations are available for sidewalk or broadcasting applications. Salt Boxes – If you need a dump box for your truck, Machinability offers most standard styles. Whether it is rear dump or side dump, you can ensure you will be getting the best product on the market. Contact us for Municipal references for 11-foot and 13-foot models.

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NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE FIELD OF COMPACT WEATHER STATIONS he WS-series made by G.Lufft Mess-und Regeltechnik GmbH (Germany) represents the newest development in the field of Compact Weather Stations. Its professional intelligent sensor technology is equipped with an interface for Environmental Monitoring Systems. The maintenance-free technology in combination with a multifunctional measurement approach sets new standards for application-oriented professional weather solutions. Based on Lufft's UMB-system (Universal Measurement Bus) environmental measurements are as flexible as never before, be it in stand alone solutions or in whole networks. The WS600-UMB represents a compact-meteo-station with integrated sensors measuring temperature, humidity, precipitation, air pressure, wind speed and wind direction in one system and with one digital interface (UMB protocol made by Lufft). The new WS600 with UMB technology stand for: Easy installation – due to a modular system, free firmware installation is as easy as never before (updates and data transmission via RS232, RS 485 or GPRS modem); Easy access – Lufft's UMB-Config-Tool makes configurations on sensors or the whole station an easy process; Maintenance-free application – Lufft's radar technology for precipitation measurement is not dependent on costly maintenance procedures. Flexibility with regards to a web-based visualisation and monitoring software (SmartView3) make the WS600-UMB by Lufft a trendsetter in meteo applications. ❄




The Last Page Editor’s note: Do you have an interesting “snow fact” to share with our readership? Send it to along with your name, province, and information source, if applicable. You could be published on our “Snow Trivia” page in an upcoming issue of Snow Manager Magazine.

Why is snow white? It’s a well-known fact that snow reflects beams of white light. Snow does not absorb light. Its complex structure actually prevents light from shining through its lattice formation. When a beam of white sunlight enters a snow bank, zillions of ice crystals and air pockets scatter the light and it comes bouncing back out of the snow bank. The bit of light that manages to be absorbed is done so equally over the wavelengths of visible light. Snow then appears white. Other natural objects get their colours – blue, red and yellow – from absorbing light. Snow, however, is white because it reflects light.

Did you know? Snow can be seen in different colours. If the air contains red dust particles during the snow formation, snow can be red. Snowflakes form around the tainted dust particles and take on a reddish colour. In parts of Europe, where dust particles from the red sands of the Sahara Desert fill the air, red snow can be found. Certain types of algae can stain snow, making its colour appear to be yellow, purple, orange, green, or red. Some people believe the red algae that taint snow red, actually looks and tastes like watermelon. The word “albedo” is derived from the Latin word for white. Albedo refers to the percentage/amount of light an object reflects. For example, water’s albedo is low; snow’s albedo is high.

Slang Snow Terms Death Cookies – Ice chips frozen to the snow left by grooming machines. Mashed Potato Snow – Wet, heavy snow you can stand a shovel in. Packed Powder – Powder snow packed down by traffic or grooming. Powder – Dry, cold snow best for winter sports. Sugar Snow – Crumbly ice crystals. White Asphalt – The layer of snow made by snow making machines under the natural snow. Other ways to describe snow: Ballroom, boiler pot, buffed snow, corn snow, champagne powder, chowder, cold smoke, corduroy, glop, wind slab, fluff, breakable crust, sierra cement, and crud. Source: Snowtastic Snow website



Snow Manager Issue #1 2010  
Snow Manager Issue #1 2010