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MANITOBA Mining Review 2018-2019

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Far Resources expands high-grade lithium projects


Eden Gold discovers Manitoba's potential Rockcliff Metals forges ahead

Also in this issue Manitoba Exploration Trends Government Mineral Development Protocol

January 28-31, 2019 Elements for Discovery

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MANITOBA Mining Review An Official Publication of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association Inc.

Message from the MPDA President Ken Klyne...................................................4 MPDA property profile: Pemmican Island Project.............................................. 5 MPDA property profile: Bryce Bay – Thompson East project.......................... 6 The Prospectors Fund keeping the north strong................................................ 8 Manitoba exploration trends................................................................................... 9 Fool’s gold for Manitoba Mining and Mineral Convention.............................. 11 Mineral development protocol..............................................................................12 Far Resources expands high-grade lithium projects in Manitoba and the NWT..................................................................................... 16 Eden Gold: A new discovery in Manitoba.......................................................... 18 The Lazy Miner....................................................................................................... 19 Rockcliff Metals: A major player in Canada’s most prolific mining belt................................................................. 20 Geologic All-Terrain (GAT) drill............................................................................ 24 UCN deals with a changing Northern Manitoba.............................................. 26 North Star Air is making a difference in the north........................................... 28 Saturn Industries revolves around you.............................................................. 30

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President’s message Ken Klyne, President, Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association

alarmists. It has been calculated that approximately seven per cent of Manitoba sits on economic mines. We just don’t know which seven per cent. This is why parks should not be created or expanded unless a metal potential survey has been completed. In Nopiming Provincial Park, a two-hour drive northeast of Winnipeg, sits an ever-expanding lithium deposit. Lithium is one of the new-age metals we need to build the batteries for the next generation of electric vehicles. One of the candidates for mayor of Winnipeg says all city buses should be battery powered electric buses. The metals for those batteries and buses can all be found in Manitoba.

Hello folks, You know, when times are booming, these letters are easy to

of millions of dollars into exploration and partnering with

write. Currently, the exploration industry in Manitoba is at a near

companies to develop new deposits. They are taking advantage of

standstill, with approximately $6 million spent this year, down from

the metals needed for the global electric-vehicle market.

a long-term average of $60 million being spent on exploration annually.

Cutting the incentive programs for the exploration industry is akin

There are many anti-resource-extraction environmentalists within

in the short run, but the long-term loss/cost is unquantifiable. This

the bureaucracy whispering in the ears of the ministers and

is the state of the exploration industry in Manitoba. The incentives

premier. These climate alarmists can cripple an economy and hurt

have been cut but at an unquantifiable cost. The exploration

many families in the process.

industry is but a link in a chain to the next major discovery.

MIT professor Richard Lindzen refers to the issues around climate

Everything is here, Mr. Premier. You can grow Manitoba’s mining

alarmism as “a profound immorality masquerading as virtue.”

industry by merging new metals production with the stratospheric

I urge anyone lacking information about climate alarmism to

global growth in electric-vehicle production, part of the green

watch Mr. Lindzen on YouTube (Richard Lindzen: “Climate Alarm”

revolution. The upside to the creation of jobs/wealth is immense.

[1:00:16] and “Climate I: Is the Debate Over?” − The Agenda with

We have a long history of exploration and mining in Manitoba; it’s

Steve Paiken [52:15]).

what we do, and we are darn good at it.

If you want to start a mine in Manitoba, an environmental impact

When I look down my membership list, I see PhDs, engineers,

study is triggered. If the government wants to create or expand

geologists, prospectors, and business people in the service

an existing park, then a metal potential survey should also be

industry − all highly skilled, hard-working people committed to the

triggered, to prevent creating a park over an area that might

exploration/mining industry. You have an open invitation to attend

contain a major metals deposit. Billions of dollars in future new

one of our monthly meetings and chat with these folks and listen

taxes/jobs are lost because of fearmongering by the climate

to their truth. Lunch, with all the trimmings, is on us. 6

MPDA Board of Directors 2018-2019 President – Ken Klyne Vice-President – Tom Lewis Secretary – Jim Bamburak Treasurer – Julia Singh Directors – Jim Campbell, Ed Heubert, Lori Stewart FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim campbell, jim bamburak, ken klyne, julia singh, tom lewis, and lori stewart. missing from photo: ed heubert.


One of our biggest rivals in mining, Australia, is pouring hundreds

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

to shutting down medical research in Winnipeg. You’ll save money


Pemmican Island Project

– Polymetallic -Ni/Zn/Co/Pb/Cu/Ag/Au

Electron microprobe analysis – discussion At least two phases of mineralization are recognizable in hand samples by the colour of the sulphides changing from brown to grey. These phases were confirmed by the different Ni and As contents as disclosed by electron probe analysis, as discussed above. This may indicate that mineralization at Pemmican Island is polymetallic.

ICP analyses Five small loose chip samples from the mineralized interval from DDH Klyne No. 3, sent for ICP-MS analysis, returned the following: Assays from the outcrop in the above picture • 1.18 per cent Nickel

• 0.76 per cent Zinc

• 1,400 ppm Lead

• 1,250 ppm Cobalt

• 120 ppb Gold A short angle hole under the outcrop above yielded 20 feet 0.61 per cent Zinc starting at 15 metres down hole. Within the 20 feet was six inches 4.59 per cent Zinc, 0.41 per cent Lead, .014 per cent Cu, 10.4 per cent Fe, 14.05 per cent Sulfur, 62 ppm Ag

Highlights of conclusions − geophysical survey The most positive outcome from the magnetic and large-loop transient EM surveys at the Pemmican Island property is that there appears to be an anomalous magnetic and conductive formation coincident with the inferred sulphide zone trending northeast under lake Winnipegosis from the island.

1. 95 per cent dolomite and five per cent sulphide − 6.04 per cent Zn and l.04 per cent Pb 2. 80 per cent dolomite and 20 per cent sulphide − 31.2 per cent Zn, 6882.6 ppm Pb, 62 ppm Ag 3. 75 per cent dolomite and 25 per cent sulphide − 5.66 per cent Zn and 1.04 per cent Pb 4. 100 per cent sulphide − 7.84 per cent Zn, 2753.6 ppm Pb, 23 ppm Ag 5. 95 per cent dolomite and five per cent sulphide − 0.98 per cent Zn and 1605.7 ppm Pb 6. From Cominco airborne geophysics completed in the 1990s, depth to bottom is 400 metres; there is an intrusive under pemmican island that is 300 metres to top and another a mile away which is 200 metres to top. The geophysical classification under pemmican island is Mafic-ultramafic flow. The Pemmican Island property is fully permitted and looking for financing for the upcoming 2018-19 winter drill season. Contact info, Ken at for more information. 6

Ph.: (204) 277-5218


Fax: (204) 277-5521

At the centre of the Rice Lake Greenstone Belt

Since 1911 The Best Place in Manitoba to Explore for Gold Bissett Community Council

Jackie Hallett / Mayor Doug McPherson / Deputy Mayor Norma Wood / Councillor Mark Wynne / Councillor


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019



Bryce Bay – Thompson East: Ni-Cu –Co- Pge Project Thompson Nickel Belt – Manitoba Project areas

Claims by Anglo American have intersected what is believed to be the Pipe Formation – the host formation for most of the nickel-

The project areas are located about 30 kilometres east of Thompson and are held in two blocks referred to as Bryce Bay,

rich deposits.

located north of Bryce Bay and Thompson-East claims which

Anglo American conducted exploration in the early 2000s in the

are directly east of Thompson. Access to the prospect area is

Grass River and Thompson –East area. This included an airborne

by four-wheel drive truck, all-terrain vehicle, boat and motor or

“spectrum” (magnetic, electro-magnetic, radiometric and terrain)


survey which delineated 27 EM conductor zones that warranted follow-up ground work. Follow-up exploration included ground

Geology and exploration

geophysical surveys and diamond drilling boreholes within the

Supracrustal (Proterozoic) Ospwagon Group rocks, including psammites, pelites, calcareous sediments and iron formation are

conductor zones.

intersected in the project area of the Thompson Nickel Belt (TNB).

Till geochemistry

The Ospwagon rocks are intruded by mafic and ultramafic dykes

Eight of these 27 conductor zones lie within the Thompson

and host the massive to disseminated nickel-rich sulphide bodies

East claims and because outcrop is limited, and to advance

of the Thompson mines. Boreholes drilled on the Thompson East

exploration, till geochemistry investigations have been undertaken

PO Box 457 O: 1-204-656-4989

Winnipegosis, MB

C: 1-204-572-6601

R0L 2G0

E: 6

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

within or directly down-ice direction on seven of the zones by the property owner. To date, over 200 boreholes have been augered, samples recovered, and till assay values recorded for the project area. The till assay data have been most useful in identifying preferred locations for additional borehole drilling.

Thompson Nickel Belt (TNB) The TNB is situated along the northwest margin of the

Thompson-East: High Ni values, 131.5 and 90.8 ppm have been

Archean Superior province. It contains several major

determined by assays for till samples collected from two of the

nickel sulphide deposits, most notably the world-class

boreholes augered on claim (MB 11598) which overlies the strong

Thompson deposit, associated with Paleoproterozoic

EM anomaly of conductor zone 23. These Ni concentrations are similar to some of the values from till deposits directly overlying or within 750 metres of Pipe Lake, Thompson C Pit, and Soab Lake mine (McClenaghan et al.). In addition, high Ag assay values of 771, 363 and 246 ppb were recorded for till samples recovered from boreholes sampled on this claim. To the north, but on strike with conductors on this claim, anomalously high concentrations of Ag (210 ppb) and Zn (95 ppm) are present in the till overlying conductor zones 10 and 12.

(1.88 Ga) ultramafic intrusions and lava flows within platformal sedimentary rocks along the rifted margin of the Archean craton. High-grade massive to semimassive nickel sulphidic sedimentary rocks were subjected to amphibolite-facies metamorphism and multiphase folding during the Trans-Hudson orogeny, resulting in extensive modification of primary textures and ore-host relationships. The Thompson, Birchtree and Pipe deposits have

Bryce Bay: Till of the Bryce Bay claims (MB 9514, MB10467,

produced more than 150 Mt of nickel sulphide ore

MB12045) north of EM conductor zones located from the

grading 2.32 per cent Ni. 0.16% Cu, 0.046% Co and 0.83

Spectrum survey have anomalous high As, Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, and Cr

g/t platinum group elements (PGE). Continued success

concentrations. Initial channel sampling of a massive sulphide

in near-mine exploration, as exemplifed by the 'T3-1D'

vertical dipping vein up-ice of the anomalous till concentrations

extension of the Thompson deposit, demonstrates the

provided Ag concentrations as high as 3.13 ppm, maximum Cu

exceptional potential of the TNB. Ongoing exploration is

values of 8,500 ppm and Co values up to 1,610 ppm. Ref: M.B. McClenaghan, S.A. Averill, I.M. Kjarsgaard, D. LaytonMathews, and G. Matile. Indicator mineral signatures of magmatic Ni-Cu deposits, Thompson Nick-el Belt, central Canada. Geological

targeting the spatial association of ultramafic intrusions and sulphidic metasedimentary rocks within marcoscale sites of structural thickening (fold hinges) or low mean stress (boudin necks).

Survey of Canada, Open file 7261. 6 Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


The Prospectors Fund Keeping the North Strong: Administered by the Winnipeg Foundation (Official tax receipts issued) 100 per cent of fund (interest) issued by Winnipeg Foundation is sent directly to UCN, Brandon University, and the University of Manitoba geology/prospecting departments. The fund must reach a minimum of $20,000 for the in-perpetuity clause to kick in. Basically, this means the fund will generate interest perpetually. The larger the fund grows, the stronger our industry gets: “more boots on the ground.” It’s about the future! You can gift to the Prospectors Fund by contacting the Winnipeg Foundation at 204-944-9474 or 1-877-974-3631 (outside of Winnipeg).


Best Western Thompson Hotel & Suites

205 Mystery Lake Road, Thompson Manitoba R8N 1Z8

Phone: 204-778-8887 Fax:204-778-8884

Recipient of the Directors Award for 2016. ❱ Complimentary Full HOT BUFFET Breakfast ❱ Free Parking, Free WiFi ❱ Fitness Centre with SAUNA ❱ MEETING FACILITIES

2008 LOGAN AVENUE 4 DOORS EAST OF KING EDWARD (204) 633-5648 1-877-723-2673


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Manitoba Exploration Trends From a presentation to the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association by Ed Huebert on July 4, 2018 Manitoba

The Canadian picture

Manitoba Exploration Exploration Trends Trends Manitoba

Historically, Manitoba has been a strong

All data is sourced from Natural Resources Canada 2018. Data is reported industry From From a a presentation presentation to to the the Manitoba Manitoba Prospectors Prospectors and and Developers Developers Association Association by by Ed Ed Huebert Huebert on on July July 4, 4, 2018 2018

exploration destination in Canada, with

intentions and is subject to revision.

The Canadian Picture Picture The Canadian

combined seniors and juniors accounting

All data is sourced from Natural Resources Canada 2018 data is reported industry intentions and is subject to revision All data is sourced from Natural Resources Canada 2018 data is reported industry intentions and is subject to revision

for over five per cent of Canada’s overall

Canadian Expenditures Canadian Mineral Mineral Exploration Exploration Expenditures ( (

exploration investment. In recent years, this amount has been reduced in half, with

$000,000 $000,000

5,000.00 5,000.00 4,500.00 4,500.00

the junior sector now accounting for 0.6 per cent of Canadas $1.025 billion junior

4,000.00 4,000.00 3,500.00 3,500.00


3,000.00 3,000.00 2,500.00 2,500.00

This past spring, the annual Fraser

4,350 4,350 2,000.00 3,913.10 2,000.00 3,710.00 3,913.10 3,710.00 1,500.00 2,847.00 2,800.00 1,500.00 2,847.00 2,800.00 2,326.60 2,238.20 2,326.60 2,017.40 1,824.40 1,000.00 2,000 2,238.20 1,900 2,017.40 1,000.00 1,900 1,625.80 2,000 1,824.40 1,625.80 500.00 500.00 0.00 0.00

2007 2007

2008 2008

2009 2009

2010 2010

2011 2011

2012 2012

2013 2013

2014 2014

2015 2015

2016 2016

2017 2017

2018 2018

Institute survey on mining investment reduced Manitoba’s rank to 18th from a previous top five position. The junior mining sector has witnessed the greatest drop in activity.

Canadian Junior Mining Exploration spending for 2018 Natural Resources Canadian Junior Mining Sector Sector Exploration spending intentions intentions for 2018 as as reported reported by by Natural Resources Canada Canada ( (

New Brunswick Nova ScoMa Newfound & Labrador Alberta Saskatchewan Nunavut NWT Yukon Quebec Ontario BC Manitoba 0










Manitoba Mineral Exploration Expenditures Seniors & Majors Manitoba Natural Resources Canada ( Historically, Manitoba has been a strong exploration destination in Canada, with combined seniors and juniors accounting for over five per cent of Canada’s overall exploration investment. In recent years, this amount has been reduced 160.00 in half, with the junior sector now accounting for 0.6 per cent of Canadas $1.025 billion junior sector. This past spring, the annual Fraser Institute survey on mining investment reduced Manitoba’s rank to 18th from a 140.00 top five position. The junior mining sector has witnessed the greatest drop in activity. previous Despite 3 per cent of 120.00 these findings, Manitoba is seeing a renewed interest in lithium accounting for more than 50 Manitoba’s junior exploration investment intentions. Lithium is now trading at a premium over nickel. 100.00

80.00 60.00 40.00

145.00 101.00

140 98




20.00 0.00

28 2007














Manitoba’s senior mining sector exploration expenditures For the $48.4 million of senior exploration intentions include: o Alamos Gold - for 2018 $8 million on developmental activities and $4 million on exploration o Hudbay Minerals - $15 million over multiple projects, goose lake being largest surface area



Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


These expenditures can include some development charges, provided they conform to criteria as specified under federal legislation. These expenditures can include some development charges, provided they conform to criteria as specified under federal legislation. Manitoba Mineral Exploration Expenditures Seniors Natural Resources Canada ( Manitoba Mineral Exploration Expenditures Seniors Natural Resources Canada (

100.00 90.00 100.00 80.00 90.00

Despite these findings, Manitoba is seeing a

70.00 80.00 60.00 70.00 50.00 60.00 40.00 50.00 30.00 40.00 20.00 30.00 10.00 20.00 0.00 10.00 0.00

renewed interest in lithium accounting for more than 50 per cent of Manitoba’s junior exploration investment intentions. Lithium is now trading at

88 44.00







a premium over nickel.





45 45






2015 2015








17.2 2014









48.4 27.8



27.8 2017





Manitoba’s senior mining sector exploration expenditures For the $48.4 million of senior exploration intentions include:

Manitoba Mineral Junior Exploration Expenditures Natural Resources Canada ( Manitoba Mineral Junior Exploration Expenditures Natural Resources Canada ( $000,000

80 70

• Alamos Gold - for 2018 $8 million on developmental activities and $4 million on




• Hudbay Minerals - $15 million over multiple

50 40 30

projects, goose lake being largest surface area


• Vale Canada – N/A



20 10

• Yamana Gold – N/A

39 27

0 • M. Monias 2007 Lithium 2008 Corp.2009 • Infinity

23 2010

16.3 2011



10.7 2014

• Anglo American – N/A





• Glencore – N/A





• Kinross – N/A

Manitoba Mineralinterests Exploration Expenditures a Percentage of Totalbase Canadian Exploration Expenditures Junior exploration in Manitoba include as gold, diamonds, uranium, metals, and particularly lithium. 2000 to 2018 Juniors in the lithium include: (source: Natural Resources Canada) • Equatorial Exploration, Cat Lake • Azincourt Energy • Quantum Resources Limited, Snow Lake 5.57 5.6 • Far Resources, Snow Lake Camp • Tanco, Bernic5.2 Lake 5 4.6 • New Age Metals, Cat 4.5 Lake • QMC, Cat Lake 3.9 • Grid Metals (formerly Mustang Minerals) 3.6 3.3 • W. C. Hood 3.1 3 2.9 2.8 2.7 2.6 • J. C. Campbell 2.5 2.4


These expenditures can include some development charges, provided they conform to criteria as specified under federal legislation. Junior exploration interests in Manitoba include gold, diamonds, uranium, base metals, and particularly lithium. Juniors in the lithium include:


• Equatorial Exploration, Cat Lake

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Conclusion Manitoba has great geological potential, and there is interest in both diamonds and lithium. In addition to its strong legacy in gold, copper, zinc, and nickel continue to find investment interest, particularly by the majors. However, Manitoba’s regulatory framework does require revisions to unlock the province’s full potential.

• Azincourt Energy • Quantum Resources Limited, Snow Lake • Far Resources, Snow Lake Camp • Tanco, Bernic Lake • New Age Metals, Cat Lake • Grid Metals (formerly Mustang Minerals) • Infinity Lithium Corp. • QMC, Cat Lake • W. C. Hood • J. C. Campbell • M. Monias

Celebrating years

20 Box 460 St. Theresa Point Manitoba R0B 1J0

Phone: Toll Free: Fax: Store:


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

(204) 462-2159 1-888-299-8307 (204) 462-2830 (204) 462-2283


Conclusion Manitoba has great geological potential, and there is interest in both diamonds and lithium. In addition to its strong legacy in gold, copper, zinc, and nickel continue to find investment interest, particularly by the majors. However, Manitoba’s regulatory framework does require revisions to unlock the province’s full potential. 6

Fool’s Gold for Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention By Lori Stewart, P.Geo, Orix Geoscience (Originally published in The Keystone Professional, Autumn 2018) Manitoba. Armed with the belief that Manitoba is an important mining

highlights occurring in the province. The Manitoba Mining and Minerals

jurisdiction that should be on the world

Convention has historically served as a

En route to the golden 50th anniversary of

gathering place for Manitoba’s mining

this annual mining community gathering,

community. The annual event welcomed

the Government of Manitoba announced

all Manitobans, connecting the public

that it will not be organizing the convention

with stakeholders from geoscience, the

for 2018.

exploration and mining industry, service

stage, the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association (MPDA) have engaged to develop an industry-led reincarnation as the Central Canada Mining Exploration Convention (CCMEC), to be held November 22, 2018 at

“Going forward, the department intends to

the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg. This event

host smaller representative gatherings that

aims to focus on promoting the potential

academia, and, principally, government.

allow our staff to share their geoscientific

of exploration opportunities in Manitoba

In the early years, an event known as

research and provide stakeholders the

through sessions directed toward

opportunity to come together and share

fostering the relationships amongst

their views directly with government to help

stakeholders. With rejuvenated support

shape a prosperous future for mining and

from the mining community, Manitoba

exploration in Manitoba.”2

can stimulate new projects, generate

and supply providers, Indigenous and northern communities, investment firms,

Meeting with Industry was presented by the Manitoba Geological Survey, conceived as a half-day presentation of the public release of the Annual Report

positive change, and develop the mineral

on Activities. In 1992, the event was

As the primary engagement opportunity

expanded into the Manitoba Mining and

for the mineral resources community,

Minerals Convention in effort to include

the forfeiture of this event presents an

industry representation. The Filmon

opportunity to the mineral resources

For more information on CC-MEC, please

industry to reinvigorate the sector in

contact the MPDA3 or CC-MEC4.

Progressive Conservative Government intended to create a platform to showcase new incentives to attract exploration and mining investment from around the world to Manitoba. Some of these incentives introduced included the New Mines Tax Holiday, the Mineral Exploration Incentive Program (later transitioned into Manitoba

industry of the province to become a world leader for exploration and mining.

ttp:// h and_mineral_convention_draws_250_delegates_from_industry.pdf 2 3 4 6 1

Exploration Assistance Program), and the Prospector’s Assistance Program1. Over the last 25 years, the convention has

Mapping Structure? Ask us about

hosted senior speakers from Canada’s

our proprietary Digital Matrix VLF-EM!

mining industry leaders, which attracted attendance and investment in Manitoba, leading to successes throughout the province. In recent years, the convention has developed into an opportunity for networking, professional development, and industry engagement, as well as a showcase of the ground-breaking geoscience activities and exploration

Horizontal Gradient Magnetics Tel: 905.477.2800

Digital Radiometrics

Digital Matrix VLF-EM


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Mineral Development Protocol Provided by Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade Earlier this year, the Manitoba Government released the Co-chairs’

The co-chairs’ report clearly outlines that improved relationships,

Report on the Manitoba-First Nations Mineral Development

earlier and more frequent communications with government and

Protocol, which puts forward recommendations on ways to

industry, a clearer understanding of the benefits that will accrue

advance mineral development projects in Manitoba.

and a more formalized role in the development of these projects is

Based on these recommendations, the Manitoba Government is working to develop a new mineral development protocol, which

The report includes a proposed Crown–Aboriginal consultation

will create certainty for all parties, including First Nations, industry,

process guide and matrix for mineral development and sets out

and government, and help ensure First Nations can be actively involved in all phases of mineral development to create and share in the benefits of growth in this sector. Ron Evans, former chief of Norway House Cree Nation, and Jim Downey, former Manitoba deputy premier and cabinet minister, provided their expertise as co-chairs on this initiative. The cochairs engaged First Nations leadership, industry representatives,


key for First Nations.

clear time frames. It also identifies opportunities to strengthen partnerships and better prepare First Nations to be active partners throughout the mineral development cycle. The report makes a number of other recommendations, including conducting an internal review of priority areas and supporting and increasing Indigenous participation in mineral development projects through program, policy, and regulatory changes.

and stakeholders to gather feedback and recommendations to

The Manitoba Government remains committed to advancing

define how consultations would occur during all phases of mineral

reconciliation by building respectful and productive partnerships

development, from initial exploration to mine development and

with First Nations to responsibly and sustainably develop our


natural resources.

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Active Mineral Dispositions Percentage by Number

Mineral Leases. 1% Mineral Exploration Licenses. 1% Mining Claims. 98%


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

The Look North Report and Action Plan − which presents opportunities for economic development in northern Manitoba − identifies the mining and exploration industries as the most likely source of long-term prosperity in the north. It is therefore imperative that all parties work together to develop and maintain strong lines of communication and transparency as we move forward in unlocking the tremendous economic potential found in the north to benefit all Manitobans.

Quality Advanced-Staged Exploration Projects in Manitoba and New Brunswick •  High-Grade Rice Island Ni-Cu-Co deposit, MB •  Kambalda-Style Nickel Island Property, MB •  5 Historical Zn-Pb-Ag deposits, Bathurst Mining Camp, NB

The development of this new protocol will contribute directly toward this goal, providing a strong basis for conducting clear and predictable consultation and engagement processes. This will enable new and existing operations a better understanding on what to expect, thereby enhancing public confidence in the mineral sector and providing the necessary assurance that Manitoba is the right place for business to invest, build, and grow. We look forward to sharing the response and next steps with First Nations, industry groups, and stakeholders. To view a copy of the co-chairs’ report, visit fnmdp.html. To learn more about the Look North initiative, visit www.

Providing Quality Analyses, Excellent Turnaround Time and Customer Service for the Exploration and Mining Industry. 6

DEL Communications Inc. and you,


Suite 300, 6 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 0G5 Toll Free:1.866.831.4744 | Toll Free Fax: 1.866.711.5282

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Far Resources expands high-grade lithium projects

in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories Far Resources Ltd. has been focusing recent exploration activities on two high-grade lithium projects, Zoro in the historic mining camp of Snow Lake, Manitoba and Hidden Lake in the Yellowknife District of the Northwest Territories. Exploration at the Zoro Lithium Project has included four phases of diamond drilling supported by ongoing programs of prospecting, geologic mapping, mineral chemistry, dronesupported airborne magnetic surveys, and innovative soil geochemical surveys based on Mobile Metal Ions Technology. This work has defined multiple new targets for drill testing and for Dyke 1, one of eight known spodumene-bearing pegmatite dykes on the property, a maiden base case inferred resource of 1,074,567 metric tonnes grading 0.91 per cent Li2O at a cut-off grade of 0.3 per cent. Deeper drilling below 150 metres on Dyke 1 produced the highest-grade intercept to date of 16 metres of 1.8 per cent Li2O indicating the deposit is open to depth. The company has recently filed a 43-101 technical report encapsulating all work done to date on the project.

during the summer of 2018, will examine the potential for using

A metallurgical study has been initiated on material from Dyke

pegmatites on the Zoro project. In conjunction with this study, the

1. This work will be completed by SGS Lakefield. The Zoro test

first geology map since the 1950s of a segment of the Zoro property

work will include sample preparation, mineralogy analysis, heavy

will be released in November of 2018, focusing on the lithologic and

liquid separation (HLS) testing, dense media separation (DMS)

structural characteristics of the geological environment hosting the

and flotation testing. Preliminary phase transformation, acid

Zoro pegmatites. Assays of drill core and outcrop samples were

roasting and water leaching for lithium extraction will lead to the

completed by Activation Laboratories (Ontario).

development of a concentrate production flowsheet. Ongoing exploration-supportive mineralogical studies at Zoro are being undertaken at the University of Western Ontario under the guidance of Professor Robert Linnen and Dr. Tania Martins of the Manitoba Geological Survey (Winnipeg). An M.Sc. study, initiated

the chemistry of select minerals for use in vectoring to additional

The Hidden Lake high-grade lithium project occurs approximately 45 kilometres east of Yellowknife and is focused on the exploration of multiple high-grade spodumene pegmatites exposed at surface. The project can be reached by the all-weather Ingraham Trail or by fixed and rotary air support from Yellowknife. Historic work on the Hidden Lake pegmatites included extensive channel sampling which defined the high-grade nature of the Li2O mineralization at surface with lithium assays of up to 1.75 per cent Li2O. Far Resources undertook the first ever drill program on these dykes to undercut the high-grade surface mineralization. Drill holes intersected Li2O concentrations between one and two per cent over intercepts of two to 9.2 metres in 197 core samples. Previous operators have undertaken metallurgical

Silver Falls & Bissett

204-367-2762 204-277-5536 16

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

studies indicating highly favourable recovery of lithium and tantalum. A second drill program to assess the vertical extent of the pegmatites at depth is planned. Hidden Lake assays of drill core were completed by SGS Mineral Services at its Lakefield facility (Ontario). Far Resources trades under the ticker symbol CSE: FAT. 6

Unlocking the

Far Resources’ mission

potential of

is to acquire and advance lithium

historic high-grade mining camps!

properties in mining friendly, safe, and economically-sound districts to capitalize on the fast-growing global demand for alternative energy. Stable Jurisdiction • Nearby historic mining


The Pas

Grand Rapids


community of Snow Lake.

• Recent 43-101 with maiden

resource of 1.07MT at 0.91% Li2O for Dyke 1, one of 8 known high-grade spodumene-bearing pegmatite dykes on the Zoro property.


• Aggressive drill program in 2018 testing multiple targets

American rare metal mines where Li has been produced.

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Eden Gold: A New Discovery in Manitoba on an earlier high-grade Ni-discovery

examined to date occur as native gold,

within the same property (e.g. 2.68 per

electrum and gold-silver tellurides. Gold

cent Ni, 0.09 per cent Cu, 0.08 per cent

is associated with a previously unknown

Co, 1.82 g/t Pt, 0.88 g/t Pd, 0.20 g/t Au

structural feature that contains zones

over 0.37 metres), by exploring a strong

of quartz-sulfide breccia, silicification,

VTEM response with a coincident multi-

and various other alterations of

metal biogeochemical anomaly in an area

metasedimentary host rocks. Diorite,

with no outcrop exposure. The zone was tested with a small drill (BQTK core) over a strike length of about 100 metres and

gabbro, ultramafic and granitic rocks intrude the metasediments along the belt.

to a maximum depth of approximately

Eden Gold conducted additional

Drilling at the Eden Gold project, northern Manitoba.

100 metres. Anomalous gold, along with

biogeochemical surveys this past

anomalous Cu, Pb and Ag were found

summer in order to help select future

A new discovery with belt-scale

near surface below approximately six

drill targets along the extensive VTEM-

metres of overburden in all eight holes

defined mineralized belt. At the time of

drilled into the zone. This unexpected find

writing, results of the latest geochemical

merely scratches the surface of a target

surveys were pending. Eden Gold

zone that is confirmed by geophysics

geologists recognize the great potential

(VTEM and magnetics) and geochemistry

of this discovery and look forward to

over an 11 kilometres strike length. Metal

continued drilling and other work. The

implications in your own backyard, with good access and wide-open potential does not happen very often. However, this is the case with the discovery of a gold-bearing formation in the Eden Deformation corridor, approximately 65 kilometres northeast of Leaf Rapids, with Provincial road 493 running right through the property. Eden Gold Resources − a

values over narrow widths reach up to 3.79 g/t Au, 112 g/t Ag, 1.19 per cent Pb, 0.19 per cent Cu and 0.11 g/t Pd. The goldbearing structure is widening at depth with

discovery is wide open in all directions, with multiple known targets along the belt.

consortium of Manitoba geologists

anomalous Au reported over intersections

Parties with a serious interest in further

and prospectors − made this recent

up to 38 metres in the deepest drill

exploring this belt may contact Eden Gold

discovery. The group was following up

hole. Gold and silver in the few samples

at 6

Gold mineralized drill core from the Eden Gold project, DDH MN-16-1 and MN-17-3: A-C) sulfide-rich breccia with quartz vein fragments, D) quartz-sulfide breccia.


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

The Lazy Miner Originally designed for the recreational

involved in the environmental impact

gold-panning market, this machine picks

business. Rivers can be tested upstream/

up all heavy metals. After having the

downstream of mines, hydro projects, or

concentrate analyzed, the gold machine would also be an excellent tool for the engineering firms/government agencies



• Floats • Scheduled Flights • Charters • Freight

any industrial process. For sales, contact 6


Surveying • Medivac •



Heli-Skiing • Fire Fighting •

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Rockcliff Metals: A Major Player in Canada's Most Prolific Mining Belt

Rockcliff Metals Corp. (TSX.V: RCLF)

to pick up quality properties within the

Lake Mining Camp. It presently controls

is a company built for success that

Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt in

almost 2,000 square kilometres of

starts with its board of directors,

central Manitoba. RCLF has invested over

properties, including eight of the highest-

an exceptional group that includes

CDN $25 million in Manitoba, completed

grade undeveloped VMS deposits rich

explorers, discoverers, mine finders,

over 80,000 metres of drilling, produced

in copper, gold, zinc, and silver and five

and financiers. President and CEO, Ken

four NI 43-101 Resource Estimates on

high-grade gold properties including

Lapierre is a seasoned exploration and

three volcanogenic massive sulphide

Manitoba’s first and highest-grade

mine geologist and financier. Chairman

(VMS) deposits, and generated two

former gold mine.

Bruce Durham is the co-discoverer of

future royalty opportunities. With a

two of the three Hemlo Gold Mines, while

solid treasury, outstanding assets, and

director Neil McMillan is a successful

future royalties, RCLF is in a position for

mining executive and past president and

continued growth in the years to come

CEO of gold miner Claude Resources and

and in finding the next big mine in Snow

past chairman of world-class uranium


miner Cameco.


Flin Flon-Snow Lake Greenstone Belt: A treasure chest of metals like no other The Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt is 250 kilometres long by 150 kilometres wide. It is world class and has a rich

RCLF is presently the largest junior

100-year-old history of production in

Management has not stood still over the

landholder in the belt centered within

base metals and gold. Grade is king

past 12 years, with an uncanny ability

and around the 100-year-old Snow

in this belt, with most VMS mines

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Largest Land Package in the World-Class Snow Lake Mining Camp

BASE METALS │ GOLD │ ROYALTIES HIGHLIGHTS • One of the highest-grade property portfolios in North America BASE METALS FOCUS

• Rail Copper Deposit: NI 43-101 Indicated Resource of +800,000 t @ ~4.0% CuEq • Bur Zinc-Copper Deposit 1.35 Mt @ 12.8% ZuEq GOLD FOCUS • Lucky Jack and past producer Laguna Gold: Optioned to Kinross who will spend $5.5M to earn 70% • SLG Gold Property: Widespread high-grade gold, near 3 former gold mines with 1.4M oz production • Berry Creek Gold Property: High-grade gold potential at surface FUTURE ROYALTIES • Tower Property, 2.3 Mt @ 3.5% CuEq: $1.5M/year over a 6-year life of mine

CONTACT Ken Lapierre P.Geo. President & CEO Mobile: 647 678 3879 Office: 416 644 1752

• Talbot Property, 4.2 Mt @ 3.4% CuEq: $2M/year over a 12-year life of mine after Norvista earns 90% interest

had over 100 years of success and is now into its second century of growth.

Rockcliff’s Operations RCLF’s is a diversified explorer with a base-metal division, a royalty division, and a gold division.

Base Metal Division RCLF’s base-metals division hosts 10 VMS properties hosting eight deposits in various stages of advancement. Collectively hosting over 10 Mt of highaveraging three per cent CuEq or better.

grade copper, gold, zinc and silver, most

With over 30 VMS mines and at least

deposits are open along strike and at depth

10 gold mines, the belt’s geology is

for additional growth. In 2019, drilling will

well endowed with a “treasure chest

focus on the Rail Copper Deposit which

of metals” for explorers and mine

hosts 822,000 tonnes grading 3.9 per cent

view the favourable geology below. RCLF

finders to strike it rich! The largest VMS

CuEq and is open at depth. The deposit is

is confident that with over 80 kilometres

mine − discovered 100 years ago −

delineated to approximately 250 metres

of favourable geology to explore and

was the famous Flin Flon VMS mine,

vertical and is coincident with a large

potentially drill, the SLS #1 and #2

and discovery of deposits in the belt

geophysical target identified to at least

continues to this day. Another attractive

1,000 metres vertical. Drilling will test the

feature of the belt is infrastructure.

target immediately below the deposit for

Highways, rail, low-cost electric power,

its economic potential. Recent acquisition


local mining expertise and labour,

of the SLS #1 and #2 properties totalling

several operating mines, mills, and a

over 1,000 square kilometres are in the

Royalty Division

stable government are all part of this

south half of the belt, where geology

prolific mining belt. There is no better

is buried below overburden. Recent

place to discover world-class deposits

advancement in technology has allowed

and mines than a mining belt that has

scientists to window out the overburden to

properties could become the company’s flagship VMS properties with potential for multiple VMS discoveries in the coming

RCLF’s royalty division is in its early stages but with two royalties in the pipeline, future royalty payments could generate millions of dollars of revenue to its treasury with positive production decisions. Rockcliff’s royalty payment at the Tower Deposit could generate approximately $1.5 million per year over a six-year mine life. The Talbot Deposit royalty could generate approximately $2 million per year over a 12-year mine life. Both deposits remain




260-4311 12TH STREET NE CALGARY, AB T2E 4P9 BUS: 1 403 250 9100 | FAX: 1 403 291 1303


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


open in all directions so the potential to expand the size of the mines and extend royalty payments are considered excellent.

Gold Division RCLF’s gold division, within its wholly owned subsidiary Goldpath Resources, has five highly-prospective lode-gold properties within the Snow Lake VMS Mining Camp, a camp that was originally a gold mining camp! Historic lode-gold production in the camp was approximately

C ont i nui ng t o grow wi t h our regi onal and gl ob al communi t i es!

1.5 million ounces and there exists a 2,000 tpd gold mill within trucking distances

Development of the site commenced 2018 and the new Air Terminal Building construction to begin late 2019.

from all of the gold properties. RCLF’s flagship Laguna Gold Property hosts the Laguna Gold Mine, Manitoba’s first and highest-grade gold mine. Kinross

w w w . t h o m p s o n a i r p o r t . c a 204.677.0720

Gold is presently spending $5.5M on expenditures to earn a 70 per cent interest at Laguna. Drilling is planned to begin in 2018 and will be the first drill program on the property since 1944! A five-kilometrelong gold horizon has been identified on the property with assays up to 600 g/t gold and numerous visible gold showings throughout the gold horizon. In summary, Rockcliff Metals is built for success in the world-famous Flin Flon-Snow Lake greenstone belt. Its experienced board of directors is motivated to find the next big mine in Manitoba. With cash in its treasury and drilling planned in 2018-19, the future looks bright for Rockcliff Metals in Canada’s most prolific mining belt! 6

Used Oil & Antifreeze


DEL Communications & You, the key to publishing success. We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of...

• Creative Design • Advertising Sales • Trade Publications • Video Production & Editing • Qualified Sales & Editorial Team


The Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (MARRC) manages the Used Oil & Antifreeze Recycling Programs. We are very much interested in assisting communities in the north with recycling their used oil, filters, containers as well as antifreeze and its containers.

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Geologic All-Terrain (GAT) Drill By Garry Thorne

It sure would be a lot easier to find

deep would require a drill with low rpm

ore bodies if all we had was outcrop.

and higher torque capability, while rock

However, that is not what we have. Large

coring would require less torque but

areas of the Canadian Shield are covered

higher rpm to be efficient. The drill also

with lakes, peat, and lacustrine clays

had to be reasonably lightweight, rugged,

and silts overlying a thin veneer of till.

reliable, and portable to be able to access

Most outcrop is only observable along

multiple sampling locations using an ATV

lake shores and river banks. Even this

in summer and a long-track snowmobile

exposure is significantly reduced during

in winter.

transported to my claim area of the

Research and development commenced,

Having prospected in the Thompson

sampling program. While the drill

and online searches failed to find any

Nickel Belt (TNB) for several years, I have

worked as per design and held up well,

commercially available drill rigs that

visited, sampled, and have assays for

the same could not be said about my

met the requirements. Work began

most of the mineralized rock samples

tent. A hungry black bear went through

with the drill platform or (carrier). The

collected in my prospect area. These

platform had to be able to stand up to

one side of the tent and out the other,

outcrop prospect areas cover only a

bush travel, be axleless and of suitable

small percentage of the total area.

dimensions. This was achieved, but the

periods of high water.

To advance prospecting, I needed a tool to allow me to core bedrock and complete sampling of the till directly overlying bedrock. Having worked with a wide variety of drills during my nearly 30 years in geoscience with Atomic Energy of Canada, I had some ideas of what might work.


platform had to be constructed of steel versus lighter-weight aluminum due to cost and strength considerations. The carrier has walking beams instead of axles, as axles would become hung up in the rough terrain. Mounted on the carrier are the components (fabricated from high-quality aluminum), such as the mast, hydraulic motor boxes, and

Required is a drill capable of augering

aluminum jack stands. Preferably, the

through the overburden deposits and

drill also had to be hydraulically operated

sampling the till above bedrock. Augering

and controlled and powered by a reliable

through clay and till up to 15 metres

primary hydraulic mover that would start

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

and operate in very cold conditions. After about two years of fabrication and assembling, a prototype drill was ready for testing. The first augered boreholes were in my backyard, and, happily, no buried cables were intersected. It was time for a real test, and the drill was TNB for a summer till (geochemistry)

stopping just long enough to devour all my fresh grub. Fortuitously, I happened

to return to camp to pick up a tool and

below was recovered from outcrop on

to be applied while augering in thicker

scared the bear off just as it started to

a remote claim area and plans are to

clays and allowing for a shear pin failure

taste my canned goods or it would have

complete additional diamond drilling next

been a long time between meals for the


if the auger string abruptly intersects


bedrock. This prevents inadvertent

The drill has been registered with and has

damage to couplers and hydraulic drive

Following summer testing, several winter

received both Canadian (Patent Number


period till sampling programs were

2,752,611) and United States of America

also undertaken to test the drill in -30 C

patents (Number 9016402).

stored in my workshop and is available

temperatures and auger and sample in swampy areas not accessible during the

While the prototype drill has worked

summer season.

well and will continue to be used for till exploration, a production version has

To date, over 200 boreholes have been augered and sampled as part of till geochemistry exploration on claims of the eastern extension of the TNB. I am happy to report that the assays from till sampling show elevated Ni concentrations of up to 135 ppm downice from high grade conductors located on one of my Thompson East Claims.

The production version is currently

been constructed that has incorporated a few changes based on the prototype

on short notice for a backyard demo while a “real� demo on the Canadian Shield will require a little more lead time. CAD drawings have been constructed so

testing. For example, additional gussets

a customized unit could be fabricated for

have been welded to stress points on

customers with a two- to three-month

the drill platform, and the span between

lead time.

jack stands has been increased for additional stability. Changes to the drive

For more information, contact Garry

shaft and hex coupler components have

at or

also been made to allow more torque

(204)-997-9087. 6

The till sampling on my Bryce Bay claims also showed very high As, (100 times background) and elevated to very high Au, Ag, and Pd concentrations. This led to additional exploration for sulphide showings up-ice on the claim area and a massive sulphide vein was uncovered. Channel sampling of this vein provided Cu concentrations of 8,500 ppm and Co concentrations of up to 1,610 ppm. Field testing has focused on overburden borehole augering and sampling, and only a few shallow cored holes have been drilled to date. The rock core shown Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


UCN Deals with a Changing

Northern Manitoba

By Jim Scott, Director of Communication, UCN University College of the North (UCN) is developing new

learning hub, working with the Information Communication

partnerships and programs as Manitoba’s north evolves into a

Technology Council of Canada, the Information and

stronger economic driver. In the summer of 2017, UCN appointed

Communications Technology Council of Manitoba, North Forge,

Doug Lauvstad as its new president and vice-chancellor, and

and others to ensure we have the capacity and tools to provide

new directions were put in place. The top challenge was to move

Indigenous and northern learners with the skills and knowledge

UCN toward increasing responsiveness to the education and

they need to participate in the new economy.

training needs of northern Manitoba.

As you are aware, all colleges in Manitoba were reviewed in the

UCN has reached out to local and regional sponsors to gain new

winter of 2017. Eleven recommendations were received by UCN

levels of understanding and partnership between the sponsors

which will lead to a “new” UCN that is focused on supporting

of our students and their requirements. And we’ve taken an active approach to student recruitment, as well as refocusing our registration and admissions area to better engage and support new and existing students. UCN is in the process of developing new programs to meet the needs of northern Manitoba. The Primary Care Paramedic certificate program was launched this month. Public Administration, Power Engineering and English as an Additional Language are also in the works, as well as Line Cook and Aboriginal and Northern Tourism. UCN is also working toward partnerships with other institutions to deliver a Community

northern Manitobans in social and economic development of our region. To that end, we have set four broad goals which are guiding our strategies and actions: 1. Student Success: Enrolment, retention, graduation, employment 2. Engagement: Engage with industry, communities, responsive, relevant, innovative 3. Indigenization: Content, relevance, increase scholarship 4. Governance: Governance, leadership, administrative systems

Economic and Social Development degree, Master of Education,

UCN is optimistic that the next years will characterized by

Network Communications Technology, and others.

more students, more programs, more partnerships and, more relevance to the needs of our Indigenous and northern students

UCN has created post-secondary access centres in two

and communities.

communities for students requiring access to pre-postsecondary education and training to respond to the reality of lower-than-average education levels, which act as a barrier to further education and job skills training. We believe we are well positioned to create pathways for adult learners into postsecondary education or into employment. UCN is also embarking on establishing ourselves as a digital


Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

With a mandate to serve northern and Aboriginal Manitobans, UCN has main campuses in The Pas and Thompson and operates 12 regional centres in communities throughout the province, nine of which are located within First Nations communities. UCN enrolls approximately 2,000 students per year in adult learning, certificate, diploma, and undergraduate degree programs. 6

ATR-72 loading cargo in Pickle Lake, ONtario.

North Star Air is Making a Difference in the North

Aviation plays a key role in supporting today’s mining industry in

competitiveness in the industry, including creating a separate cargo

Northern Manitoba, Northern Ontario and Canada’s remote north,

airline. Cargo North was the first operator in the world to use the

and not just in areas lacking roads. From transporting staff to

Basler BT-67 for high-frequency, short-distance freight runs.

and from operations in remote locations to transporting of key equipment to these locations, aviation is the answer. If you’re looking for an airline that provides safe, reliable service, look no further! North Star Air, with its head office in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has become a real game-changer when it comes to providing air service to remote and northern destinations in Ontario, Manitoba, and Nunavut. “Moving passengers, cargo and fuel is our business,” says vicepresident of commercial operations, Jeff Stout. “We’re proud of our on-time delivery performance and flexibility to remote destinations and the types of cargo we can accommodate. We’re the experts when it comes to ice-strips landings, making us unique in the services we can provide. We’re really into finding solutions for our customers.” Beginning their operations at Pickle Lake, Ontario in 1997 with

from Sioux Lookout, and Cargo North added a second Basler BT67 aircraft, and one year into operations, head office was relocated to Thunder Bay to facilitate their growth. In 2015, a third Basler BT-67 aircraft and two additional Pilatus PC-12 aircraft were added, and North Star Air was awarded the delivery contract for six North West Company (Northern) stores. A year later, North Star Air and Cargo North merged to create one airline capable of delivering both the passenger and cargo services required in the North. In June 2017, North Star Air was acquired by The North West Company, a Canadian retailer with a rich history of serving Canada's remote North for over 100 years. North Star Air was then able to add larger passenger aircraft to meet the growing demand of its partner communities, and the company expanded into Manitoba, opening a base in Thompson and adding ATR-72

two single-engine Beaver aircraft on floats, North Star Air and its


sister company, Canoe Frontier, flew paddlers and fishermen into

In August 2018, North Star Air opened their $5.5 million hangar

Ontario's Last Frontier north of Pickle Lake. Shortly thereafter, a DHC-3 Turbo-Otter and Cessna Caravan on floats joined the operation. In 2001, North Star Air moved from its water base on Pickle Lake to the Pickle Lake Airport. In 2005, North Star Air took over Canadadirect, a small airline flying

facility in Thompson. Operating out of the 15,000-square-foot facility, the base provides big and small cargo, fuel and charter services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the increased demand in passenger services, they’ve also added a second Dash8 schedule in Northern Ontario.

American fisherman into Northern Ontario, in the process providing

Today North Star Air services over 55 remote Northern Ontario,

North Star Air its first PC-12 aircraft. A Cessna Grand Caravan was

Northern Manitoba and Nunavut communities with its fleet of 17

added to address the growing demand for cargo movement out of

aircraft and 225+ dedicated employees. With additional bases in

Pickle Lake into northern communities.

Red Lake, Pickle Lake, Sioux Lookout and Kapuskasing, North Star

In 2012, Frank Kelner joined the North Star Air team, bringing over 40 years of aviation experience in the North. Identifying the need for another carrier in Northwest Ontario, Northstar embarked on an ambitious expansion plan to improve reliability and


In 2013, North Star’s Flex Flight passenger service was launched

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

Air can accommodate your passenger, charter and big and small cargo delivery needs. Most importantly, North Star Air has and continues to make a difference in the North. For more about North Star Air visit 6

Logistical challenges?







Our Freight Division is your trusted leader for cargo delivery in Northern Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Canada’s North and beyond. Big freight or small parcel, you can depend on our experience to deliver on-time!





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OIL & GAS, M INI NG , & WATE R / WA S TE WAT E R Trans-West Company is your industrial process automation company for all your

needs, be they troubleshooting, valve repair, or supply of process control systems and parts. The strength and experience of our technical sales force, engineering and service teams, combined with the quality products and resources of the many manufacturers we represent, Trans-West is equipped to meet your requirements.

TO DELIVER WHAT OTHERS SAY CAN’T BE DONE, AND TO DO THAT IN AN EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE MANNER Winnipeg Office 126 Bannister Rd. | Winnipeg, MB R2R 0S3 T (204) 783-0100 | F (204) 783-0060

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Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019


Saturn Industries revolves around you Trailers, rigging and lifting equipment wherever you are, whatever you need For customers in the heavy

specialty lifting devices to meet your

construction and mining industries,


Saturn Industries can provide a wide variety of products that will allow you to lift and move the product you need to.

manufacturing business is second to none and has been providing the best custom-built trailers since 1971. Our

on our commitment to providing the

team is ready and able to design and

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build any type of trailer or custom piece

the best product. Our staff have the

of equipment you need for any type of

capabilities, knowledge, facilities, and

job you have.

customers need to get the job done.

Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019

Our custom fabrication and trailer

At Saturn Industries, we pride ourselves

experience to provide the products our


Moving Requirements

Over the years, we have built several trailers specifically engineered and

Lifting Requirements

designed to meet the unique needs

We can provide a wide variety

of the mining industry. These trailers

and types of lifting products and

have ranged from trailers designed

accessories and can build and provide

to house portable electrical power

Over the years, we have built several trailers specifically engineered and designed to meet the unique needs of the mining industry. generators to custom-built, -designed

used in and around mines and heavy

wherever their operations are. This

and -engineered flat-bed trailers used

construction sites and even for the

footprint, along with our parent company

to move equipment and product in the

aerospace industry.

Ben-Mor, and its buying power, allows

confined tight spaces of a mine.

us to provide service and a wide variety

With our main operation in Winnipeg

Our fabricators have also had the

− combined with our two locations in

of products at competitive prices to our

privilege of building many other

Saskatchewan – we’re able to provide

customers wherever and whenever they

specific specialty pieces of equipment

the products and services to customers

need. 6

Custom Trailer Manufacturing • Constrution • Truck Decks • Custom Utility • Trailer Parts • Custom Aluminum & Steel Fabrication Full Services Rigging All products manufactured on-site incliding Synthetic, Wire Rope, Chain, Slings, Cargp Tile, Load Securement Straps, Lifting & Spreader, Beams, Tire Chains, Trailers and more, On-site Proof/Destructive Testing, along with Rigging Inspections & Training on our site or yours. Authorized Vehicle Inspection Station • C.S.A/C.W.B. Welding • Trailer Repairs • Leasing 2 0 4

Locations in Saskatoon and Regina


1-800-689-8744 • FAX 204-694-6532

37 Sylvan Way (In the West Logan Industrial Park) Manitoba Mining Review 2018-2019






Bell 407, Bell 206L3 and Bell 206B Helicopters When you need to get to some of Canada’s most remote areas, call Prairie Helicopters. Our diverse fleet of helicopters will gladly move your geophysical recording equipment, crews and drill rigs. Prairie Helicopters provides remote area access for environmental programs, wildlife telemetry surveys, geotechnical and engineering studies as well as aerial construction. We excel in maximizing productivity while maintaining a safety-oriented environment.


Prairie Helicopters own and operates Hudson Bay Helicopters based in Churchill Manitoba

PRAIRIEHELICOPTERS.COM Gimli Airport P.O. Box 153 Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, R0C 1B0 Office Phone: (204) 642-4841 Fax: (204) 642-4904