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Resilience and growth: Tracing the history of the GPRC

A look back at the 2023 GPRC Business Awards of Distinction

The GPRC’s Indigenous Business Committee is breaking down stereotypes and fostering economic prosperity in the heart of the community

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A message from the executive director of the GPRC NORMAN LEACH

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you within the pages of our publication, dedicated to unveiling the vibrant tapestry of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber. My name is Norman Leach and I am your guide through the dynamic world of advocacy, networking, and services that form the sturdy legs of our chamber stool.

As the executive director, I take immense pride in showcasing the heart and soul of our chamber—a diverse community of businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity in the Greater Parkland region. Our commitment to advocacy stands tall, championing the interests and concerns of our members to create a thriving business environment.

Networking is the lifeblood of any successful community, and within


these pages, you will discover the myriad of opportunities we provide for meaningful connections. Whether through events, collaborations, or shared resources, the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber serves as a hub for forging lasting relationships that propel businesses to new heights.

The third leg of our chamber stool is services—tailored offerings designed to empower our members with the tools and support they need. From educational programs to exclusive perks, we strive to be a valuable resource in every aspect of your professional journey.

Join us on this exciting exploration of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber, where camaraderie, growth, and success converge. Here’s to a journey filled with possibilities and prosperity!


6 GPRC Connect 2024
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What the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


By actively engaging with the GPRC, you not only contribute to the collective strength of the local business community, but also position your business for sustained success and growth.

Welcome to the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce! We’re delighted to share the exciting news that by combining the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Wabamun & District Chambers of Commerce, we have all created a stronger, more vibrant business community.

At the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce, we’re not just a collective voice for local businesses; we are your proactive advocates, dedicated to addressing key issues and creating a positive impact on the conditions (economic and government) that affect your business. Our mission is to foster economic growth in the region by offering a wide array of benefits, services, resources, and networking opportunities.

Being the fourth largest chamber of commerce in the province, there is an immense opportunity and responsibility that comes with our role. As your advocate on the provincial and national stage, we promise to represent you with integrity, ensuring that your voice is heard accurately and honestly.

Joining the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce means being part of a dynamic network that is committed to your success. We take pride in serving our members and providing the support you need to thrive in today’s business landscape.


1 Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional circle and build valuable connections within the local business community. Networking opens doors to potential clients, collaborators, and resources that can contribute to your business growth.

10 GPRC Connect 2024

2 Business Visibility

Increase your brand exposure and market presence by participating in chamber events and initiatives. Enhance your business’ visibility among potential customers and position yourself as a key player in the local business landscape.

3 Educational Resources

Stay ahead of industry trends and business best practices through exclusive access to seminars, workshops, and training sessions. Continuous learning equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate a rapidly evolving business environment.

4 Advocacy and Representation

Benefit from a strong collective voice that advocates for the interests of local businesses. The chamber represents your concerns at governmental levels, ensuring a favourable business environment and addressing regulatory challenges.

5 Marketing Opportunities

Leverage chamber marketing channels to promote your products or services. Benefit from joint marketing efforts that amplify your reach and reinforce your brand message to a broader audience.

6 Cost-Effective Advertising

Access affordable advertising options, including sponsorship opportunities at chamber events and in chamber publications. Maximize your marketing budget by tapping into targeted promotional avenues.

7 Business Development Support

Receive assistance in navigating business challenges and accessing resources for growth. The chamber offers guidance, mentorship, and valuable connections to foster the development of your business.

8 Community Engagement

Demonstrate your commitment to the local community through chamber involvement. Participate in community service initiatives, contributing to a positive corporate image and fostering goodwill among residents.

9 Exclusive Member Benefits

Enjoy exclusive perks, discounts, and special offers available only to chamber members. These benefits enhance the overall value of your membership and provide tangible returns on your investment.

10 Business Advocacy

Influence local policies and regulations that impact your business. As a chamber member, you play a crucial role in shaping the business environment and ensuring it aligns with your interests and those of the broader community.

Should you have any questions or if you’d like to explore the many advantages of becoming a member, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the chamber office at (780) 963-4545. We look forward to you being a part of our community and working together with you for the prosperity of your business!

11 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
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As the heartbeat of our vibrant business community, the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber is thrilled to extend an invitation to both our esteemed members and non-members to seize a golden opportunity – sponsoring our diverse array of events. Wondering how event sponsorship can turbocharge your networking and boost your profits?

By aligning your brand with our dynamic events, you gain access to a powerful network of influencers, decision-makers, and potential collaborators. Our events provide the perfect stage for forging connections and building relationships that transcend the ordinary. Elevate your business profile, increase visibility, and position yourself as a key player in the local marketplace.

Studies consistently affirm that businesses actively engaged in community events experience substantial growth. Sponsorship with the chamber is not merely an investment; it’s a strategic move that propels your brand into the spotlight, fostering customer loyalty and recognition.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Reach out to our manager of events and memberships, Gayle Head, at

Join us in creating memorable experiences, expanding your network, and driving unprecedented success for your business.

12 GPRC Connect 2024
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13 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce



Are you ready to take your business visibility to new heights? Look no further than the power of Member-to-Member Deals offered by the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber! This unique initiative empowers members, both existing and potential, to directly connect with one another, fostering a strong sense of community and propelling businesses to unprecedented heights.

Member-to-Member Deals are more than just discounts; they are a strategic avenue for showcasing your products and services to a highly engaged local audience. By collaborating with fellow chamber members, you not only enhance your visibility within the community but also open doors to new business opportunities.

Imagine the impact of your business gaining exposure through exclusive offers and partnerships with other dynamic enterprises in our network! Whether you’re a seasoned chamber member or considering joining our community, these deals are a game-changer for establishing your presence and increasing your business footprint.

For more information on how to leverage the benefits of Member-toMember Deals, we encourage you to contact our dedicated manager of communications, Tracy Zuk, at

Elevate your business, build lasting connections, and let’s embark on a journey of mutual success together!

14 GPRC Connect 2024
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Honouring the community

For many years, the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards of Distinction has been a celebration of the area’s business community.

The chamber has continued to recognize the high standards that local entrepreneurs have brought to the area. The 2023 Awards Program—which took place at the Elks Hall in Spruce Grove on October 18, 2023— acknowledged local excellence during Small Business Week.

“This is one of the most fundamental things we do during Small Business Week. People look forward to this event,” says Norman Leach, executive director of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber (GPRC).


A look back at the 2023 GPRC Business Awards of Distinction

Nominations were called in last May by an anonymous committee known only by the executive director and friends.

“Typically, there are three nominees that could win each award,” says Leach.

The GPRC Business Awards of Distinction judging panel follows a strict judging process. Judges are selected on an annual basis, have no relationship with any of the nominees, do not hold any volunteer or paid positions with the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce, and will declare any conflict of interest prior to judging. The decision of the judging panel is final.

The information submitted is strictly confidential. All persons who may come in contact with a nomination— such as the awards coordinator and judges—are all bound by a confidentiality agreement.

“On the awards night, we held a gala, which is certainly a big deal,” says Leach. “People come dressed up and nominees bring their cheering squads. The awards are then handed out and photos are taken. A total of 201 people attended.”

There are two categories of awards: the 2023 Business Awards of Distinction and the 2023 Municipal Awards. Criteria for these awards are as follows:

16 GPRC Connect 2024
The 2023 GPRC Business Awards of Distinction took place at the Elks Hall in Spruce Grove on October 18, 2023.


This award is new for 2023. All businesses are eligible and not just members of the GPRC. They must also:

• Have a valid business license or development permit;

• Be operational for a minimum of three fiscal years, unless otherwise stated.


Business of the Year: Small Business, sponsored by Main Street Law LLP

• Must be at least 51 per cent Alberta owned and operated.

• Awarded in recognition of exceptional customer service, ingenuity, and leadership on a smaller scale. The Outstanding Small Business Award is given to a business with less than 10 employees. This business has transformed an idea into a successful, sustainable business by understanding their market’s key challenges, customers, and the competitive landscape.

Business of the Year: Medium/Large Business, sponsored by Zender Ford Sales Ltd.

• Must be at least 51 per cent Alberta owned and operated.

• Awarded to a medium/large business that offers significant economic stability within any


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through the



17 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
one of the largest
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Small Business of the Year winners, Pretzel Shack Ltd.

given community often becoming a major employer and supporter to various community groups and initiatives. The business focus continues to be on supporting its customers, colleagues, and the wider community.

Indigenous Business Award of Distinction, sponsored by Enoch Training and Development

• This award honours excellence and focuses on the success of an Indigenous business or entrepreneur. The award showcases achievements and builds bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous economies.

18 GPRC Connect 2024
Legacy Award of Distinction winner, RJ Thompson. Community Spirit Award winner, Zender Ford.

Most Promising New Business Award of Distinction, sponsored by EQUS

• Given to a new business less than three years old that excels in their corporate practices, exemplifies leadership, and exhibits a promising future in the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, or Parkland County business community.

Trail Blazer Award of Distinction (Culture & Diversity)

• An organization that champions diversity, equity, and promotes inclusion in their workforce, their customers, and any community outreach. This business puts wellbeing at the forefront of what they do in all aspects of the organization.

The Rapid Riser Award of Distinction

• An organization that can demonstrate exceptional levels of growth and a strong plan for sustainable financial performance. This award is open to businesses/ organizations of all sizes and recognizes businesses that have experienced exceptional growth in sales, profit, market share, jobs, or international trade.

Global Player Award of Distinction

• A business which has demonstrated significant international growth through a clear understanding of overseas markets, proving that borders are not a barrier to trade. Outstanding growth plans in the export market and exceptional diversification to reach foreign markets and capture valuable opportunities in the market.

Legacy Award of Distinction

• The Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Legacy Award is a highly distinguished award that recognizes an individual(s) organization that has gone above and beyond over a span of years to serve the community and help others. The re cipient is decided by the Greater

Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce. There is no nomination process.


For the Municipal Awards, Leach says Parkland County, Stony Plain, and Spruce Grove each sponsored a category. The categories include the following:

19 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Parkland County Award of Excellence Small-Medium Business

• A business that grosses under $1 million in top-line revenue.

• Development of business through innovation.

• Demonstrates resiliency, strategic thinking, and initiative that brought the business through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year, whether through products, ventures or campaigns.

Parkland County Award of Excellence Large Business

• A business that grosses over $1 million in top-line revenue.

• Development of business through innovation.

• Demonstrates resiliency, strategic thinking, and initiative that brought the business through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year whether through products ventures or campaigns.

Ambassador of Action Business Award, presented by the Town of Stony Plain

• The Ambassador of Action Business Award is presented annually to a local business that has demonstrated growth through improvement and expansion. This award is an opportunity to profile a business that has made a significant investment not only in their business but also in the community through a new or expanded building, increase in jobs, new or improved products or services, or profile for the community.

Award of Creative Excellence, presented by the Town of Stony Plain

• This Award of Creative Excellence is presented annually. Eligible nominees for this distinguished award can be individuals, organizations, non-profits, or businesses that contribute to the growth of culture and tourism in our community.

20 GPRC Connect 2024
Fabco Plastics was awarded the Parkland County Award of Excellence – Large Business. Seen here are Tyler Riel and Mark Strauss from Fabco.
Homegrown Foods – Your Organic Grocery and Supplement Store 19 Granite Drive #10, Stony Plain, AB | 780-963-5305 |
For over 25 years our friendly and knowledgeable staff have been serving the community with the highest quality organic and health products. We carry a wide range of supplements, personal care items, fresh organic produce, Alberta meats and more!


One of the winners is Fabco Plastics, who was awarded the Parkland County Award of Excellence – Large Business. A chamber member since 2018, Fabco Plastics is a familyfocused business that is committed to the community.

“Each year there are several not-for-profit organizations that benefit from the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce by way of monetary contributions, food donations, and toy donations generated at local events,” says Tyler Reil, manager at Fabco Plastics.

A first-time award winner, when asked what this Award of Excellence means to the company, Reil simply says “community”.

“This is the first time Fabco Plastics has been recognized. We couldn’t be prouder of the community and culture created by the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce.”

Pretzel Shack was ecstatic to be awarded the Business of Year Award – Small Business.

“Winning the award meant the world to us!” says owner Anna Leucke. “We are still fairly new in business, as well as new to the area and to Canada in general. We came over from Germany in 2018. Since we just opened our business in 2021, we have never won an award and couldn’t be more grateful and humbled to receive this amazing award.”

A chamber member since 2022, Leucke says the three biggest benefits Pretzel Shack has received

so far has been getting connections to other businesses in the area, being able to offer health benefits for its valued employees, and receiving huge support in promoting their business.

“Every morning we get up and try our best to offer quality products and support this beautiful community that welcomed us with

open arms from day one. There’s been times we have struggled and there are times we’ve asked ourselves, ‘Are we capable of doing this?’ By winning the Business of the Year Award, we got our answer. Yes, we can!”

Lea-Der Coatings—a chamber member since 2015—was awarded the Global Player Award.

21 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Winning the Global Player Award was an amazing achievement. Being recognized by the region for all the hard work we do is greatly appreciated,” says Darrell Demers, president of Lea-Der Coatings. “This news was exceptionally well received by our international and domestic clients and they are honoured to be affiliated to our branded name.”

Another winner was Zender Ford, which was presented with the Community Spirit Award. A long-time chamber member, Chad Zender, president of Zender Ford, says this award is a big deal to not just himself, but his business partners and other Zender Ford members.

“It means we are achieving one of our company goals of making an impact in the community beyond the products that we sell and service. One of our core values is community, and we strive to make sure that our business is an integral part of our local community,” says Zender.

This isn’t the first time Zender Ford has won an award. Just recently, the company was presented with the Associate Business of the Year Award from the Acheson Business Association. And in 2018, the company was presented with the Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award.

“This was very special. By winning these awards, it shows us that the community is listening and watching and is appreciative of our efforts,” Zender says. “It motivates us all to continue what we are doing.”

Leach adds that he was extremely pleased with the awards this year.

“It was a great event. We congratulate the winners and look forward to next year’s awards ceremony.”

22 GPRC Connect 2024
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The 2023 GPRC Business Distinction Award Recipients

Town of Stony Plain Award Ambassador of Action


Town of Stony Plain Award of Creative Excellence


Community Spirit Award, presented by the City of Spruce Grove


Parkland County Award of Excellence Small-Medium Business


Parkland County Award of Excellence Large Business


Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Trail Blazer Award


(Sponsored by TransAlta)

Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award – Small PRETZEL SHACK INC.

(Sponsored by Main Street Law LLP)

Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award – Medium/Large


(Sponsored by Zender Ford Sales Ltd.)

Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Most Promising New Business Award


(Sponsored by Equs)

Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Global Player Award


(Sponsored by NexGen Transportation)

Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Rapid Riser Award


(Sponsored by Decker Properties Group Inc. & Decker Properties Management Ltd.)

Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

Indigenous Award of Distinction


(Sponsored by Enoch Cree Nation)

The Legacy Award


23 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
Othe r Loc ation s : LITIGATION SERVICES OFFICE 203 Church Road Spruce Grove, AB T7X 4H2 DRAYTON VALLEY OFFICE 780.621.0123 Box 7835, 4905 – 52 Avenue Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1S9 EDMONTON OFFICE 780.454.5581 11450 – 124 Street Edmonton AB T5M 0K3 A D V I C E A C T I O N R E S U L T S S ERVI CES OF F E RE D : • Personal Injury • Estate Litigation • Wills and Estates • Real Estate • Business Law • Civil Litigation • Family Law M A I N STREET L AW L L P Of f ic e Loc ation s : SPRUCE GROVE - MAIN OFFICE #12, 119 – First Avenue Spruce Grove AB T7X 2H4 Contact us at 780.960.8100

Cultivating unity

In the heart of Alberta, the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber (GRPC) has emerged as a pivotal force in promoting economic growth, community development, and business advocacy between the communities of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland County. At the forefront of this mission is the Indigenous Business Committee, a dynamic initiative aimed at fostering collaboration, understanding, and economic opportunities between the Indigenous communities and the broader business landscape.

The committee was formed in late 2020 and its purpose is to build effective and positive relationships, assisting with the introduction of private sector projects, in a way that meets businesses’ competitive priorities while respecting the rights, cultures, and aspirations of

Tipi teachings as part of Small Business Week. From L to R: Philip Campiou, Paulla Adamitz, and Rik Kaminski.

The GPRC’s Indigenous Business Committee is breaking down stereotypes and fostering economic prosperity in the heart of the community

Indigenous peoples. This committee serves as a bridge between the Indigenous communities that call the region home, as well as the wider business community, working to create harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships, while improving economic benefits to everyone in the region.

Paulla Adamitz, the former chair of the committee for three years, is a financial advisor and the owner of Adamitz Financial Solutions Inc. Hailing from the Cree community of Sucker Creek First Nation in Treaty 8 Territory, Adamitz vividly recalls a time when the representation of Indigenous businesses within the chamber was limited.

In those early days, Indigenous businesses were scarcely seen at events, within the board, and other key platforms, underscoring a glaring disconnect that pointed to the undervaluation of the Indigenous community’s contributions.

Recognizing this gap, the Indigenous Business Committee was born, with the mission of enhancing participation among Indigenous

peoples, and elevating economic interaction between communities.

The committee’s inception was timely, aligning with the prevailing political landscape in Canada concerning Indigenous people.

“Indigenous people are the fastestgrowing segment in the population of Canada. According to Statistics Canada, over 1.6 million people identified as Aboriginal identity in 2016, and of course that number is growing,” says Adamitz. “So, the intention of the committee is to be able to provide the board with clear recommendations and bring background information, perspective, options, and rationales for facilitating business relationships or projects in order to develop a strong business relationship with our Indigenous neighbours.”

The Indigenous Business Committee operates with a set of clear and ambitious goals. Primarily, it aims to promote membership of Indigenous businesses within the chamber.

Adamitz says that according to Statistics Canada, Indigenous people are five times more likely to start a business in Alberta, and

24 GPRC Connect 2024

it’s a growing demographic. Given that one of the primary objectives of any chamber is to expand its membership base, the committee is dedicated to cultivating a diverse membership, specifically focusing on Indigenous businesses on this committee. This strategic approach aims to foster inclusivity, ensuring that the chamber can extend meaningful support to Indigenous entrepreneurs, mirroring the assistance provided to businesses across all sectors.

Another pivotal aspect of the committee’s mission lies in fostering collaboration with non-Indigenous businesses engaged in partnerships with Indigenous enterprises.

“We have several businesses that happen to work with a lot of Indigenous communities for their own business. One of them already had an Indigenous initiative

within their company and they were already asking themselves such things as ‘we work in these communities, what more can we do?’ Or ‘let’s participate in something that furthers our understanding of the communities that we are already involved in, and see if we can do something that would help’,” says Adamitz. “People can see that there is a need and people can see that some communities struggle. So, what can we do to help people get ahead?”

One of the primary focuses of the committee is to create a platform for Indigenous entrepreneurs to thrive. This involves establishing connections with local businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions to open doors for collaboration, investment, and skill development. By providing a supportive ecosystem, the

committee aims to empower Indigenous businesses to contribute significantly to the regional economy. Furthermore, the committee actively participates in significant events such as National Indigenous Peoples Day, extending their engagement to include community-focused initiatives. At the committee’s inception, a prominent emphasis was placed on educating residents, business owners, and politicians, seeking to elucidate the historical context and the imperative need for assistance in Indigenous communities.

“They can recognize that there has been an historical inequality and a lot of people, especially since the [unmarked graves of Indigenous residential school students were found, people are asking about what they can do to help the situation,” says Adamitz. “They will say, ‘well

25 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
780-962-9775 Since 2012

maybe I can attend a half-day workshop on something’ where they can get some learning and education. They are finding that kind of programming is really important… Systemic racism still does exist. People don’t recognize it because they don’t experience it so they don’t see how badly other people can be treated in certain situations or certain institutions, so having an awareness of a lot of it is really good. It’s a slow process building up awareness and changing perceptions.”

To establish a strong foundation for the committee, they initiated a series of four sweat ceremonies, a culturally significant practice that pays homage to Indigenous ancestors and traditions. These were tailored for local politicians and members from the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. The overwhelmingly positive reception and perceived value of these ceremonies prompted their inclusion as essential components of the committee’s ongoing initiatives.

The committee has also held a number of events related to Indigenous issues and culture, such as workshops about the background of Indigenous history in Canada and the generational traumas that has come with it; job fairs in partnership with Enoch Cree Nation; workshops featuring the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, and workshops on tourism from Indigenous Tourism Alberta. Adamitz says those events have always been well attended and received, and it’s a chance for business owners to find out a little more background and to understand the issues facing Indigenous business owners today.

A significant event stemming directly from this committee and the relationships it has developed is having participation from neighbouring chiefs and Métis leaders at the chamber’s State of the Region event. Adamitz says that many long-time community leaders have taken the time to tell her how much they appreciate the participation of Indigenous leaders,

and that this inclusion “was a long time coming”, in the words of many.

Another remarkable achievement of the committee was the signing of the Declaration of Working Together Towards a Shared Prosperity, in August 2023 between the GPRC and AKSIS, Edmonton’s Indigenous Business and Professional Association. This document serves to acknowledge and formalize the intent of the two organizations to move forward together to foster economic growth and shared prosperity by collaborating through meetings, events, educational opportunities, and other partnerships.

Rik Kaminsky, business development professional and community builder, is the former business engagement specialist with the GPRC. He says that they were one of the first chambers to come up with an Indigenous Business Committee and after seeing the success of the initiative, they put together some protocols and started sharing them

26 GPRC Connect 2024
Unveiling of Indigenous mural commissioned for the GPRC Visitor Centre. The signing of the Joint Declaration by AKSIS Chair Rocky Sinclair. In the background is GPRC Chair Matt Schellenberger and Indigenous Business Committee Chair Paulla Adamitz.

with other chambers provincially and federally. He adds that they have seen great success not only with the businesses involved, but also with the Indigenous Nations and coordinators.

“They see value in it and are happy to participate. When people do show up they are truly grateful for it and they see the benefit in being part of something,” says Kaminsky, who is also Métis. “It

also allows us to connect those entities with other businesses in our membership. I used to do that as a business engagement specialist; if a company wanted to partner or do a joint venture with a First Nations’ business, because I have a lot of those contacts, I would make the introductions. We have made some great partnerships [from it].”

Amanda Conklin-Ward, a master aesthetician and the owner of

whipLASH Aesthetics Ltd., brought her expertise to the committee during an 18-month tenure. Hailing as a proud Métis business owner in Stony Plain, she was invited to join the committee to provide valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by small Indigenous-owned businesses in the community and offer constructive feedback.

Conklin-Ward’s journey as a Métis business owner was marked by

27 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
2023 Truth and Reconciliation Day. From L to R: Stirling John (emcee), Paulla Adamitz, Mayor Jeff Acker, Knowledge Keeper Barbara Scott, and community supporters.
Proudly serving the communities of Spruce Grove and Stony Plain #60, 210 McLeod Ave, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2K5 780-962-6606 Hon. Searle Turton, MLA Spruce Grove-Stony Plain Serving Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and the Greater Parkland Region since 1991. Parkland Moving is here to help with your home and office moving needs. Contact Parkland Moving today at 780-962-9544 for all your moving needs! Parkland Moving is proud to offer the following moving services: • Residential • Commercial • Senior’s services • Packing services • Moving supplies • Long distance, coast-to-coast, USA
Amanda Conklin-Ward, a master aesthetician and the owner of whipLASH Aesthetics Ltd., is a proud Métis business owner in Stony Plain.

Now that the committee has been around for over three years, the feedback from the community, both Indigenous and not, has been overwhelmingly positive.

significant support from the Métis Nation of Alberta, who played a pivotal role in her business’ early stages. They assisted her in crafting a robust business plan and facilitated grants to cover initial overhead expenses for her studio. Recognizing her firsthand experience, the Indigenous Business Committee sought her guidance on the realities of being an Indigenous business owner and initiating a business from the ground up.

She says that the committee was a long time coming since there are so

many talented Indigenous business owners in the community and it’s about time they get recognized for what they are doing.

“Helping other young Indigenous people who have the drive for that and to have that success and wanting to create their own business is a benefit to all of us,” says ConklinWard. “Because of being on that committee, other organizations have also reached out to me to help mentor other Indigenous small business owners and aestheticians as well and to help guide them in starting out fresh and jumping through the hurdles we go through.”

Now that the committee has been around for over three years, the feedback from the community, both Indigenous and not, has been overwhelmingly positive. Kaminsky says that the Nations and coordinators who have worked with them have seen value in the committee and are happy to participate in the programming,


as well as provide sponsorships for events. It also helps to connect those Indigenous entities with member businesses.

Supporting the Indigenous Business Committee is a crucial step towards fostering unity within the community. Addressing the historical isolation of Indigenous people, who have often been excluded from economic prosperity in the region, is paramount.

“For far too long, [Indigenous people] have not been given the chance and were often overlooked since there are still a lot of awful stereotypes,” says Kaminsky. “The Indigenous Business Committee cuts down a lot of those stereotypes and is showing non-Indigenous businesses that there is an awful lot of value in working with them. There are personal rewards from that, as well as accessing a labour base that hasn’t been tapped. There are a lot of people who are ready, willing, and able, they just need the chance.”

GFL Environmental’s portable toilets are delivered clean, on time and serviced on schedule. Amenities include hand sanitizer, mirrors, heated toilets, and mobilityimpaired access.


• Large inventory for every scope or need

• Great for community events, parties, work events, industrial yards, worksites etc.

• Custom services, maintenance, and scheduling to suit your business needs

• Local dispatch to handle service issues promptly

• Best-in-class safety ratings and fully compliant

For more information, contact us at 780.444.8805 or at

28 GPRC Connect 2024
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Rolling strong

All Trailer Repair’s 15-year journey of excellence in trailer maintenance and customization.

Formed in 2008 by Landis Vanthuyne and his father, Jerry, All Trailer Repair has been going strong for more than 15 years.

Located in Stony Plain, the company specializes in the maintenance and repair of light- and medium-duty trailers which includes bearings, brakes, suspension, axles and

alignments, lights and wiring, tires and wheels, roofing, and paneling.

“We also install hitches and other towing products, from bumper hitches on cars, trucks, and RVs, fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches, and towbars and baseplates for towing a vehicle behind a motorhome,” says Vanthuyne. “And we manufacture

32 GPRC Connect 2024
Landis Vanthuyne formed All Trailer Repair in Stony Plain in 2008 with his father Jerry Vanthuyne. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALL TRAILER REPAIR.

well-built light-duty trailers for customers who want to make their product mobile.”

The company currently employs 14 team members at its shop that spans an impressive 8,000 square feet. With its clientele that essentially includes anyone or company that tows a trailer, Vanthuyne says, “We work with companies large and small, and individuals with trailers such as RVs, horse trailers, dump trailers, enclosed/snowmobile trailers, and more.”

When asked what he likes most about running All Trailer Repair, he doesn’t miss a beat.

“I enjoy solving our customers’ problems. We apply our knowledge from past experience, other industries, and experts to help deliver to our customers’ expectations,” says Vanthuyne. “Some customers want peace of mind to tow their trailer down the road, while others want to upgrade, modify, or even build something suited to their own needs.”


As for the challenges that his company regularly encounters, Vanthuyne says that being a niche company can make it difficult to find off-the-shelf technicians to work on the floor.

“We have welders, heavy-duty trailer technicians, RV technicians, automotive technicians, and more. Skillsets from multiple trades are needed to deliver all of our offered services,” he says. “This makes

“Some customers want piece of mind to tow their trailer down the road, while others want to upgrade, modify, or even build something suited to their own needs.”

— Landis Vanthuyne

scaling the business challenging. We have moved towards a strategy of hiring good apprentices and individuals who want to learn and training them in all that we do.”


A member of the Stony Plain Chamber of Commerce since 2008, All Trailer Repair has continued its membership with the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber since its amalgamation between the Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Wabamun chambers.

“Our reason back then [for joining] was because that is what we thought you did when you opened a business in Stony Plain,” Vanthuyne recalls. “First, a business licence and then a chamber membership.

Talking to other business owners, it felt like the culture of Stony Plain business was to support the chamber. We are happy to support our local businesses, the community, and to contribute to the voice of business in our area.”

The main benefits his company derives from being a member includes exposure at chamber events, and opportunities to network and connect with like-minded individuals.

“Also, advocacy support on issues and connections to government and other local decision makers,” he adds.

Vanthuyne strongly believes that companies should join the chamber for a variety of reasons.

“The chamber stands for local business. We need local businesses to join and engage to truly be a voice for businesses. From exposure at events and marketing— to the opportunities to meet with other business owners—the chamber is here to do the things we cannot do or don’t have the time to do on our own as business owners.”

Well said.

33 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
#18, 4708 Lac Ste Anne Trail N Box 248 Onoway, AB T0E 1V0 780-967-0760
Lac Ste Anne – Parkland
MLA Shane Getson
Home is where your horse is...
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Resilience and growth

Tracing the evolution of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber (GPRC)

The story of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber (GPRC) is not the story of one organization, but that of three communities: Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, and Wabamun (Parkland County).

These municipalities may have started separately, but their prosperity would be linked through the decades. All three communities have origins that go back over a century, and all three owe a debt to the early organizations that helped them grow.

These three communities did not spring up out of nowhere. The land they sit on today is the traditional territory of the Cree people, who have inhabited the area for thousands of years.

Today, all three communities sit on Treaty 6 land.


In the 1880s, John McPherson and Alex McNabb homesteaded on land near to where Stony Plain now sits. At the time, the area was known as Dog Rump Creek, in reference to the bend in the creek through Stony Plain that looks like a dog’s rump.

Trust me, every child growing up in town knows the original name of the community.

In those early settlement years, the area was heavily wooded with some open prairie. In 1892, John McDonald applied to create a post office, believing that there was potential for creating a community. He wanted to call the post office Stony Plain, but was told the area was called Spruce Grove, so he could not use the name. McDonald pleaded his case and stated only bachelors lived in Spruce Grove, while Stony Plain was a place for families.

36 GPRC Connect 2024
Stony Plain in 1912. PHOTO CREDIT: ALONG THE FIFTH: A HISTORY OF STONY PLAIN AND DISTRICT. Railroad crew in Spruce Grove in 1908. PHOTO CREDIT: ALONG THE FIFTH: A HISTORY OF STONY PLAIN AND DISTRICT. John McPherson and Alice McNabb who homesteaded on land near to where Stony Plain now sits. PHOTO CREDIT: ALONG THE FIFTH: A HISTORY OF STONY PLAIN AND DISTRICT.

Eventually, he succeeded through his persistence, and was allowed to call the new community Stony Plain. Over time, the ‘e’ was dropped from the name.

When McDonald donated land for the townsite of Stony Plain, he believed that the railroad would be built through it. There was good reason to think this. By 1905, his townsite had a general store, blacksmith shop, and hardware store.

The railroad wanted to make money on its own townsite, so it decided not to build through McDonald’s townsite. The railroad instead established their own townsite nearby near the end of 1905. The company built a station and connected it to the telegraph line.

The days for Old Stony Plain were numbered.

During the winter of 1905-06, the buildings of Old Stony Plain moved over the frozen ground with the help of teams of 20 horses.

In the new Stony Plain, the board of trade

37 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce

did not take long to be established in the community. Board of trades were the early precursor to the modern chamber of commerce.

In 1911, the board of trade was mentioned in the Edmonton Journal in a story related to the unsatisfactory conditions for marketing hogs. At the time, the organization held meetings every Thursday at the town hall.

In 1915, R. Roberts was serving as the president of the organization, with I. Wright as vice-president and C.W. Rossell as the secretary-treasurer.

The Stony Plain Board of Trade existed for several years in Stony Plain. There is reference to it in the 1930s when the organization sponsored a boy scout troop in the community. The board of trade disappeared briefly but reemerged in April 1946 when S. Comisaron became the first president. The first meeting was held on May 7, 1946. That same year, the board of trade sent a telegram to Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King to urge him to establish a fact-finding board on farm prices.


In the first decade of the 20th century, settlers arrived in the area and settled north of present-day Spruce Grove. There was no railroad at the time, and all goods were transported by wagon over the prairie.

Around 1903, near present-day Century Road and Highway 16, a Roman Catholic Church was built. Other buildings were soon built there as well, including a hotel, bar, general store, and several homes.

In 1906, near to this small settlement, another community sprang up named Spruce Grove Centre. This community existed only briefly before it disappeared.

The population of that original settlement around the church continued to grow and on March 14, 1907, it was incorporated into a village.

In 1912, the railway was built north and west of the church community. The residents of the old community realized they needed to move if they wanted to take advantage of the railway. With the railway surveying the location of Spruce Grove, the move was on.

The community was originally going to be named Stony Plain East, but this was denied, and Spruce Grove was used instead.

On July 26, 1912, the hotel was moved to the town location. Soon after, several other buildings moved. New buildings popped up, and with those buildings came the Spruce Grove Board of Trade.

The Spruce Grove Board of Trade was holding regular meetings as early as 1917. These meetings were held in the old Fairview Hotel.

In the 1920s, the board of trade continued to operate. On May 5, 1920, a news bulletin in the Edmonton Journal stated, “This is a real live organization, and many matters of local importance are being dealt with. Many of the members are interested in the formation of an automobile club in the district.”

As the 1920s moved into the difficult 1930s, the board of trade began to fade before it disappeared. But the business community was not to be without an organization for long.

38 GPRC Connect 2024
Journeyman 1986


The community of Wabamun sprang up a bit later than Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, but like those two communities, it owes its existence to the railroad.

The first post office was established at Wabamun Lake in 1903, and when the railroad arrived a few years later, homesteaders got off the train and began to put down roots. By 1910, enough people were living in the area that a church was built using logs local to the region.

On July 18, 1912, Wabamun was incorporated as a village. Within a few years, Wabamun Lake was a favourite destination for people coming from Edmonton, Stony Plain, and Spruce Grove. Dances every Saturday night were held in the open-air pavilion in the community.

The Wabamun Board of Trade sponsored those dances, as well as fishing derbies. As early as 1913, the Wabamun Board of Trade was doing what it could to promote the community.

In the Edmonton Journal on Dec. 5, 1913, it was stated of the Wabamun Board of Trade, “The president made a speech dealing with matters generally of interest to the town’s welfare, after which the meeting resolved itself into a committee of the whole to discuss the most important of these.”


Every community begins with boards of trade. These organizations are the early boosters for the

community as they try to entice people to homestead. More people meant more business and growing prosperity for a community.

Along with taking out advertisements to promote their community in other newspapers, a board of trade also did what it could to improve the community itself. This included building playgrounds, raising funds for schools, and improving the business infrastructure of the municipality.

Eventually, in most communities, the board of trade morphed into a chamber of commerce. In some cases, the board of trade was long gone, and a new chamber was formed instead.

Wabamun was one of the first places in the area to start a chamber of commerce. Its chamber was formed in the Wabamun Community Hall in the mid-1940s. John Boos was chosen as the first president of the

organization, and a banquet was held after the first meeting.

Stony Plain started looking at forming its own chamber of commerce for the Stony Plain and Spruce Grove Districts in 1955. This led to the formation of the Hi-Way 16 West Chamber of Commerce.

This chamber served Winterburn, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Carvel, and Duffield. Murray Byers of Stony Plain was the first president of this chamber.

Covering such a large area made it difficult to manage the needs of all the communities that were part of the chamber during this era.

This led to the formation of individual chambers so that communities could focus more on themselves.

Henry McLeod was instrumental in the formation of the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce in September 1963. The first

39 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
Licensed Insolvency Trustee 8706 Meadowlark Road, Edmonton, AB T5R 5W4 780.444.3939

The Greater Parkland Region loves the Chamber Plan

I, like many others, will always remember the day the world underwent a profound shift. Reflecting back, the week before holds a distinct memory – it was my birthday. My wife and I strolled through the grocery store, and I remember expressing, “You know, things have been going so well at work lately; I feel like something just

has to happen.” Little did I know, fate had its own plans. Fast forward to me, sitting at my desk, absorbing the news that all non-essential businesses needed to cease operations with the public. The directive was clear: everyone had to isolate and await further instructions.

As a benefits advisor, my initial assumption was that businesses

would cut back staff to a bare minimum, slash expenditures, and endure this unforeseen challenge. I braced myself, expecting a barrage of calls from business owners wanting to halt benefits immediately. What was meant to be a two-week isolation stretched into two years. Surprisingly, the feared calls were rare. Less than

42 GPRC Connect 2024

eight per cent of our clientele had cancelled their benefit plans during the entire two-year lockdown. It was an eye-opener – business owners showcased incredible resilience, and the services I provided held genuine significance. Across the board, employees favoured taking pay cuts over losing their benefits.

When business owners inquire about the right benefits for their staff, I don’t believe there’s a onesize-fits-all answer. As long as your benefits align with your industry, are effectively communicated to the staff, and there’s a reliable point of contact for inquiries, you have a solid plan. This is precisely why we wholeheartedly endorse the Chamber Benefit Plan.

For most small businesses, particularly those with under 50 staff, lacking an HR department is common. Often, the responsibility of managing the plan falls on the business owner. The Chamber Plan is tailored for precisely this scenario. It offers a straightforward solution with options to meet diverse employee needs and an administration portal that is not only easy to log into but also quick to grasp. Enrolling staff is a breeze with just a click of a button. Unlike many other plans, where rate increases are often tied to usage, the Chamber’s Plan offers a fully-pooled option for companies with less than 10 employees where increases are mainly linked to inflation. This ensures that your bottom line won’t be significantly impacted, offering

As long as your benefits align with your industry, are effectively communicated to the staff, and there’s a reliable point of contact for inquiries, you have a solid plan.

peace of mind as you plan for the future.

There are nearly 150 businesses in the Parkland region opting for the Chamber Benefit Plan, with several being loyal participants for over 20 years. We take pride in promoting the plan and contributing to this resilient community. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you soon!

43 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
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Embark on equestrian elegance at Excella Equine Estates

Unveiling a pinnacle of equine living in Stony Plain, Alta.

Introducing Excella Equine Estates, a captivating addition to Stony Plain, Alta., redefining the concept of living with horses. Unveiling a novel experience in Canada inspired by the popular equestrian community model flourishing in the United States, Excella Equine Estates promises an array of benefits that transcend expectations.

An equestrian community is more than just a living space; it’s a lifestyle tailored for everyone, from families to

retirees and active adults of all ages. Picture a securely gated subdivision with breathtaking countryside views, providing horse enthusiasts with swift access to stables, riding trails, and a spectrum of equestrian activities, all while embracing a serene and secure way of life.

With a legacy of over 25 years immersed in the world of horses, owner Lisa Levasseur seamlessly blends her extensive equine expertise with her upbringing in

44 GPRC Connect 2024

the real estate business alongside her father, Gerry Levasseur. Excella Equine Estates embodies this fusion, offering a haven for those who share Lisa’s passion.

At Excella, indulge in a state-of-theart indoor riding facility, an outdoor arena, a welcoming clubhouse, a community greenhouse, outdoor entertainment areas, and picnic and BBQ spots. The offerings extend to horse training, riding lessons, and extensive scenic riding trails right in your backyard. Opt for their full-care

Left: Unveiling a novel experience in Canada inspired by the popular equestrian community model flourishing in the United States, Excella Equine Estates promises an array of benefits that transcend expectations.


Below: Excella Equine Estates seamlessly marries luxury and convenience, presenting an unparalleled choice for those seeking to reside in a quality environment harmonizing with nature and their equestrian companions.

Choose a unique home from their esteemed list of builders, each resting on over two acres of land, complete with a small barn/shelter, a paddock, and lush pastures.

barn facility, where residents can unwind after riding, leaving the horse care to professionals. Sharpen your equestrian skills through riding clinics and lessons, supported by their knowledgeable staff always ready to assist.

Choose a unique home from their esteemed list of builders, each resting on over two acres of land, complete with a small barn/shelter, a paddock, and lush pastures. Residents have the option to personally care for their horses or

explore indoor/outdoor boarding choices, complemented by an on-site feed and tack store, and on-call vet/ farrier services.

Excella Equine Estates seamlessly marries luxury and convenience, presenting an unparalleled choice for those seeking to reside in a quality environment harmonizing with nature and their equestrian companions. Discover the epitome of a happy place at Excella because, after all, home is where your horse is!

45 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
At Excella, indulge in a state-of-the-art indoor riding facility, an outdoor arena, a welcoming clubhouse, a community greenhouse, outdoor entertainment areas, and picnic and BBQ spots.



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Mira Timber Frame

T: (780) 968-0330

Seljax Int’l Inc.

T: (780) 960-9515


Crock A Doodle

T: (780) 960-5151

Faulkner Fine Art Gallery

T: (587) 936-1055

Magic Pixie Brush Entertainment

T: (780) 707-1373

Parkland Potters Guild

T: (780) 963-9573

Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering Society

T: (780) 718-5379


Kinette Club of Spruce Grove

T: (780) 906-7893

Kinsmen Club of Stony Plain

T: (780) 915-6934

MADD Parkland Chapter

T: (780) 292-0898

Parkland Bingo Association

T: (780) 962-4040

Pit Bulls For Life Foundation of Alberta

T: (780) 968-7757

47 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256, Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-9232

Skydancer Indigenous Cultural Centre


skydancerindigenousculturalcentre. com

Spruce Grove Golden Age Club

T: (780) 962-5020


Rainbow Liquidators & Auctions

T: (780) 968-1000


Cardon Auto Repair Services

T: (780) 963-8288

CSR Performance & Off-Road Ltd.

T: (780) 968-8552

DK Heavy Truck & Trailer (1992) Repair Ltd.

T: (780) 340-1677


T: (780) 962-1117

Fix Auto Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-3456

Fountain Tire

T: (780) 962-2225

Grove Collision Repairs Ltd.

T: (780) 962-3755

Kal Tire Spruce Grove

T: (780) 948-1538

Khaos Diesel Performance & Repair

T: (780) 968-5004

LJB Auto Inc.

T: (780) 962-0881

Lube City - Express Oil Change

T: (780) 963-0863

m.h. repairs

T: (780) 405-1898

Mewassin Automotive Ltd.

T: (780) 963-4061

Ron’s Hot Rod and Repair

T: (780) 721-7149

Silver Mechanical Services (2013) Ltd.

T: (780) 962-8030

Speedy Collision

T: (780) 960-6612 sprucegrove

816165 Alberta Ltd.

T: (780) 962-6777


Competition Chevrolet

T: (780) 963-6121

Parkland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

T: (780) 962-0000

Spruce Grove Nissan

T: (780) 948-1800

Stony Plain Chrysler Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2236

Town & Country Motors

T: (780) 394-2411

Zender Ford Sales Ltd.

T: (780) 962-3000


3D’s Detailing & Metal Polishing Ltd.

T: (780) 405-9969

49th Avenue Carwash

T: (780) 963-6751


T: (587) 737-4628

Hughes Petroleum Ltd.

T: (780) 962-4144

Suds Up

T: (780) 962-1542


Fox-Miles & Associates/ Licensed Insolvency Trustee

T: (780) 444-3939


d’Fy Hair Studio

T: (780) 968-1984

Elegance Hair Design

T: (780) 962-9364

Impact Salon Sales Inc.

T: (780) 963-5412

John Kenneth Hair Studio

T: (587) 461-0159

Karolina’s Beauty Salon

T: (780) 963-4435

Vanity Collective Salon and Spa Inc.

T: (780) 571-0098

Wildflower Hair Salon

T: (587) 286-2444

48 GPRC Connect 2024


Crave Beauty + Wellness Lab

T: (780) 948-6662

Eyelash Addict

T: (780) 963-3473

Mary Kay Cosmetics/Susie Leakvold

T: (780) 691-0052

Mary Kay Cosmetics/Cheryl Seppola

T: (780) 963-0107

Mary Kay Cosmetics/Evelyn Ramanauskas

T: (780) 458-1125

Skin Tribe

T: (780) 910-5794

Sole Works

T: (780) 945-6352 alp/_?exp=1731581&bc=0&gclid= EAIaIQobChMIibug-Muf3QIVlIhCh2HNg7OEAAYASAAEgIQlfD_BwE

Stay Beautiful

T: (780) 222-9836

whipLASH Aesthetics Ltd.

T: (780) 266-6930


J.W. All Season Bobcat & Trucking

T: (780) 963-0354

Paul’s Bobcat Services Ltd.

T: (780) 916-0140


All Seasons Bottle Depot

T: (780) 892-3350

Stony Plain Bottle Depot

T: (780) 963-2164



2039735 Alberta Ltd. O/A Canada Fastener & Supply

T: (780) 720-3377

Golden Spike Lumber

T: (780) 962-3160

Guy’s Overhead Door Services Ltd.

T: (780) 963-0477

McLeod Home Building Centre

T: (780) 962-2575

North Central Co-op Association Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2272


Absolute Records Management

T: (780) 999-0869

Apex Onsite

T: (587) 987-9896

BadaB Consulting Inc.

T: (780) 709-5228

BDM Construction Consulting

T: (780) 803-3948

Canadian Institute for International Trade

T: (780) 718-9004

D & D Business Consulting

T: (587) 785-7155

Dianne Pilla Training & Executive Coaching

T: (780) 719-9741


Emerge Solutions Inc.

T: (780) 718-7328

George B. Cuff & Associates Ltd.

T: (780) 960-3637

Ideal Consulting Ltd.

T: (780) 983-8591


T: (780) 984-4264

Larr Management Corp.

T: (587) 334-4969

Penny Gould Consulting Ltd.

T: (780) 719-8895

Shop Local Company

T: (780) 953-SHOP (7467)

Sicurica, Inc.

T: (780) 740-1047

SJE Consulting Ltd.

T: (780) 710-1522

Stacey Berger Speaking & Coaching

T: (587) 983-3911

The Alternative Board (TAB)Edmonton North West

T: (780) 220-3152

Tri-F Consulting Inc./ The Norcan Group

T: (780) 968-4665



T: (780) 962-6240

Dewey’s Deli

T: (780) 591-4301

SandyView Farms

T: (780) 962-0067

49 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Wilhauk Beef Jerky Ltd. –Spruce Grove

T: (780) 571-1515


RDS Custom Woodworking Ltd.

T: (780) 963-4480

Rodina Cabinets Ltd.

T: (780) 591-1101


Camp’n Class RV Park

T: (780) 963-2299

Diamond Grove RV Campground

T: (780) 962-8003

Glowing Embers RV Park & Travel Centre Inc.

T: (780) 962-8100

Hubbles Lake RV Resort

T: (780) 963-2845

Mink Lake Resort & Campground

T: (780) 963-8264

Spring Lake RV Resort

T: (780) 963-3993

Stony Plain Lions RV Park & Campground

T: (780) 963-4505 stonyplainca/page-9.php


Cake Affair

T: (780) 292-1577

Gather Bakery

T: (587) 410-1270

Kick Ass Caramels

T: (780) 919-5284

Pretzel Shack Inc.

T: (780) 968-4729


Mind-Full The Cannabis Store

T: (780) 244-2837


United Carpet Care & Furniture Cleaning

T: (780) 962-4000


unitedcarpetcareandfurniturecleaning. com


P K Catering

T: (780) 901-8830


ABC Child Development Centre

T: (780) 434-9261

Kepler Academy Early Learning and Childcare Westwind

T: (780) 566-0238

Kids@Play Daycare and OSC

T: (780) 968-0440

Little Steps Development

T: (780) 580-2293

Parkland Family Day Home Agency

T: (780) 962-5919

Sunnyside Daycare & OSC

T: (780) 444-3977


360 Wellness

T: (780) 962-4646

Back on Track Chiropractic

T: (780) 962-2423

Chiropractic Spinal Care Centre

T: (780) 963-7090

Shiloh Chiropractic

T: (780) 963-3466

Spruce Grove Chiropractic Centre

T: (780) 960-8327


Immanuel Lutheran Church of Rosenthal

T: (780) 963-4048

Muslim Community of Edmonton (MCE) Mosque

T: (780) 432-0208

St. Matthew Lutheran Church & SML Christian Academy

T: (780) 963-2416


B&M Junk Removal and Demolition

T: (825) 967-3867

House Elf Cleaning Services

T: (780) 604-3519

Maid in Alberta

T: (780) 668-6480

Marcella’s Cleaning

T: (587) 588-7517

Polish & Sparkle Cleaning Service

T: (780) 962-4659

Queendom Cleaning Ltd.

T: (780) 819-0118

50 GPRC Connect 2024

TBC Window Washing + Hydra Jetting

T: (780) 974-6999

WF Cleaning

T: (780) 893-3532


Boutique On Your Street

T: (780) 913-3657

BZ Bodys Dance & Athletic Wear Inc.

T: (780) 962-5308

Caprice Consignment

T: (780) 488-0240

Dani + Madi

T: (780) 717-7781

Knighton & Co.

T: (780) 571-3434

MARK’S Commercial (Clothing & Workwear)

T: (780) 862-0564

Noble Rise Clothing

T: (780) 292-1474

Romantic Notions Inc.

T: (780) 962-4944


Mavericks Donuts

T: (780) 591-0155

Perks Coffee House

T: (587) 461-7968

The Cove Tea Company

T: (780) 893-4080



Generation Technology Solutions

T: (780) 413-9908

Industrial Networks

T: (780) 437-1798

TRINUS Technologies

T: (780) 968-1333


Alberta Precast Products (A Division of RJ Enterprises)

T: (780) 719-0355

Assinger Concrete

T: (780) 963-2062

Projack Canada Corp.

T: (780) 444-4278


Armour Galvanizing Ltd.

T: (780) 823-1232

Formula Alberta Ltd.

T: (780) 968-1102

JEN COL Construction Ltd.

T: (780) 963-6523

Pipeworx Ltd.

T: (780) 960-2730

RJ Enterprises Inc.

Rogo Holdings Ltd.

T: (780) 962-9209

Silverstone Contracting Ltd.

T: (780) 962-6625

Source Automation Inc.

T: (780) 468-1880

Surface Transformation

T: (825) 440-8925

Thompson Bros Construction LP

T: (780) 962-1030


A.B.S. Bros Construction Ltd.

T: (780) 999-0031

AK Contracting

T: (780) 903-7241

Bi-Design Inc.

T: (780) 948-0295

Construction Solutions Ltd.

T: (780) 690-9964

Crossfire Contracting Ltd.

T: (780) 952-7287

Custom Stone Creations Ltd.

T: (780) 962-6886

Ginger Man Mechanical Ltd.

T: (780) 893-8227

Glen Oaks Construction & Mgmt. Ltd.

T: (780) 960-5299

H & P Kosik Construction Ltd.

T: (780) 892-3532

JB Cork Solutions

T: (780) 241-4356

L. Kosik Construction Ltd.

T: (780) 913-2698

Lakeman Construction

T: (780) 962-8404

OSD Group

T: (780) 977-2428

RPB Industries Inc.

T: (780) 690-7805

51 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Silver Bullet Cable Installations Inc.

T: (780) 616-3538

Sparklean Restoration

T: (780) 932-8006

Tyschuk Construction Ltd.

T: (780) 967-5360


Dave’s Railings

T: (780) 217-4950

Doug the Carpenter

T: (780) 962-9752

Kyle’s Carpentry

T: (587) 989-5572 KyleBaileyCarpentry


T: (780) 554-1200

Triple Helix Homes

T: (780) 231-6608

Wood Inc.

T: (780) 469-9994


Bath Solutions

T: (780) 628-2027 edmonton-ab

Downright Demolition Ltd.

T: (780) 906-3366

MLW Contracting Ltd.

T: (780) 963-5125

Off the Wall Painting & Decorating

T: (780) 908-0521

PuroClean Property Restoration Professionals

T: (780) 968-1070

Repka Installation Inc.

T: (780) 962-5494

S & B Renovations

T: (780) 868-9389


Dochas Psychological Services

T: (780) 446-0300


Braces4All Orthodontics

T: (780) 960-1910

Cera-Tech 3D Dental Lab Inc.

T: (780) 948-0771

Dentistry by Dekterov

T: (780) 963-4885

Fairway Dental Hygiene

T: (587) 990-4867

Garden Dental and Orthodontics

T: (780) 962-3414

KARO Dental Care

T: (780) 962-6670

Lobay Dental Group

T: (780) 963-6000

Our Dentist

T: (780) 823-1555

Parkland Dental

T: (780) 963-2973

Precision Dental Hygiene

T: (780) 446-6399

Signature Orthodontics

T: (780) 456-1511

Spruce Grove Dental Clinic

T: (780) 962-3600

Stony Plain Dental Centre

T: (780) 963-4626


Rizzoli Denture & Implant Clinic

T: (780) 591-1800

Spruce Grove Denture Clinic

T: (780) 962-6505

Stony Plain Denture Clinic (2000) Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2426


1773536 Alberta Ltd.

T: (780) 807-4004

Cantiro Communities Pioneer Ltd.

T: (780) 484-4389

Wind Dancer Properties Ltd.

T: (780) 487-2345

JAGR Land Developments

T: (780) 909-4924

Melcor Developments Ltd.

T: (780) 423-6931

Qualico Communities

T: (780) 490-2510

www.qualicocommunitiesedmonton. com

Three Robins Stony Plain

T: (780) 707-3324

Vanan Group

T: (780) 591-0710


Grove Fashion Cleaners

T: (780) 962-0777

52 GPRC Connect 2024


Gratzfeld Eavestroughing & Tinsmithing Ltd.

T: (780) 963-5907

Great White Contracting (1050475 AB Ltd.)

T: (780) 910-9616


Bredin Centre for Career Advancement

T: (780) 960-4861

Canadian Institute for International Trade

T: (780) 718-9004

Careers: Next Generation

T: (780) 504-1044

Code Ninjas

T: (587) 735-1588

College of Alberta Denturists

T: (780) 429-7330

Edmonton Flying Club

T: (780) 800-9639, ext.5

Expert Driving School Ltd.

T: (780) 962-3191

Tri Community Adult Learning Association

T: (780) 591-3355


Acheson Electrical Services

T: (780) 948-0355

Beach Electrical Services Ltd.

T: (780) 963-6028


Blue J Electric Ltd.

T: (780) 968-2893

C’s Electrical Services Ltd.

T: (780) 940-7800

Carvel Electric Ltd.

T: (587) 520-1872

CORE Electric Ltd.

T: (780) 962-5177

Fox Electrical

T: (780) 850-2624

Monarch Electrical Solutions Ltd.

T: (780) 271-9643

Power Works Electrical Ltd.

T: (780) 960-8771

Stinger Electrical & Contracting Services Ltd.

T: (780) 668-8312



Stony Plain Electric Ltd.

T: (780) 963-7236

Summit Services Ltd.

T: (780) 916-1680

Token Electric & Controls Ltd.

T: (780) 447-4460


The Source/D.B. Stereo & Electronics Ltd.

T: (780) 963-9231


1277063 Alberta Ltd.

T: (780) 975-2837

TeckEra Consulting Ltd.

T: (780) 250-0899

Tri-F Consulting Inc./ The Norcan Group

T: (780) 968-4665


Alberta International Airshow

T: (780) 718-8454

Blueberry Bluegrass & Country Music Society

T: (888) 915-4973

Hourglass Games

T: (780) 951-9549

Pyrowest Fireworks

T: (780) 499-2075


Black Fly Environmental Ltd.

T: (780) 977-0646

DMJ Environmental Consulting

T: (780) 218-6251

Expanding Edge Permaculture Inc.

T: (780) 236-3630

Nelson Environmental Remediation

T: (780) 960-3660

Shanked Computer Recycling Inc.

T: (780) 914-0412

Zell Industries Inc.

T: (780) 962-8753


Bigfoot Enterprises

T: (780) 289-3668

53 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Crawler Sales Ltd.

T: (780) 962-8586

Westvac Industrial Ltd.

T: (866) 962-1218


Encore Global

T: (780) 401-1000

National Vendor Events

T: (587) 336-7664

Sparrow Lane Events Inc.

T: (780) 292-6678


Alberta Parenting for the Future Association

T: (780) 963-0549

Camp Health Hope & Happiness

T: (780) 429-3277

Community Aim - Empowering Citizens with Disabilities Society

T: (780) 960-0593

I Have A Chance Support Services Ltd.

T: (780) 962-0433

MOMS Canada

T: (780) 960-1554

Parkland Food Bank

T: (780) 962-4565

Parkland Pregnancy Support Centre

T: (780) 962-5505

Rehoboth Christian Ministries Association

T: (780) 963-4044

Westview Health Centre Foundation

T: (780) 221-4189


Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta. Ltd.

T: (780) 962-6446

Prairie Fence Inc.

T: (780) 963-6175


ATB Financial Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-6000

RBC Royal Bank

T: (780) 514-5972

Scotiabank Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-6666

Scotiabank Stony Plain

T: (780) 968-4500

Servus Credit Union Ltd.

T: (780) 638-8450

Wabamun ATB Financial Agency

T: (780) 892-7927 source=google&utm_ medium=lpm&utm_ campaign=ATBfinancial


Adamitz Financial Solutions Inc.

T: (587) 402-8590

BDC Edmonton West

T: (780) 442-7312

Community Futures Capital Region

T: (780) 968-7013

Goth & Company Ltd.

T: (780) 435-5110

Lifestyles Financial Services Ltd.

T: (866) 967-4760


Woodman Firewood Ltd.

T: (780) 454-5291


Empowered Defence Centre

T: (416) 951-0048

F45 Training

T: (780) 405-0919 home

Karar Performing Arts

T: (780) 968-8737

MVMT+ Yoga Collective

T: (780) 960-9488

Orangetheory Fitness Spruce Grove

T: (780) 800-5765


Spinfinite Indoor Cycling

T: (780) 515-1575

TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

T: (780) 960-5080

Ward School of Dance Ltd.

T: (780) 962-3283


Majestic Flooring & Design Centre

T: (780) 968-4440

www.majesticflooringdesigncentre. com


3B’s Flowers Ltd.

T: (780) 968-6938

54 GPRC Connect 2024

Good Land Farms

T: (780) 292-5290

Hypnotic Bloom Spruce Grove

T: (587) 461-2414

Lady Bugs Flowers

T: (780) 591-2211

Pretty Little Flowers

T: (780) 962-4771


TM Spice Company Ltd.

T: (780) 962-4604

West Country Smokers & Grills

T: (780) 991-8822


DJ’S Grill

T: (780) 999-8019


Canadian Tire Gas Bar

T: (780) 960-8481

Cornerstone Petroleum Equipment Ltd.

T: (780) 968-0722

West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd.

T: (780) 963-3311


Parkland Funeral Services

T: (780) 963-2520

Serenity Funeral Service

T: (780) 962-2749


Stony Plain Furnace & Ventilation Cleaning

T: (780) 963-2488



H and E Upholstery

T: (780) 962-3048


T: (780) 915-9635


S.C.M. Contracting Ltd.

T: (780) 699-8319

Waste Connections of Canada Inc.

T: (780) 464-9400


Clearly Superior Glass

T: (780) 960-3566

Crystal Glass Canada Ltd.

T: (780) 968-1922


Cougar Creek Golf Resort

T: (780) 892-4545

Pineridge Golf Resort

T: (780) 797-4653

Silver Sands Golf Resort

T: (780) 797-2683

The Links Golf Course

T: (780) 962-4653

The Ranch Golf & Country Club

T: (780) 470-4700

Trestle Creek Golf Resort

T: (780) 727-4575

Weatherwood Ranch Inc. (Glacier Greens Par 3 Golf Course)

T: (780) 968-7654


Edmonton Global

T: (780) 996-3107


Dog Rump Designs

T: (780) 968-1626

Keen Designs

T: (780) 886-6131

The Limon Tree Design Studio

T: (780) 934-2616


Aspen Grove Nurseries

T: (780) 962-3148

Buds To Blooms

T: (780) 951-9499

Kiwi Nurseries Ltd.

T: (780) 962-9297

Local Nursery Ltd.

T: (780) 987-9133

The Big Greenhouse Ltd.

T: (780) 960-4769

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

T: (780) 492-3050


Canada Safeway Limited

T: (780) 963-2330

Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. #1112

T: (780) 341-2810

Freson Bros. Fresh Market

T: (780) 963-2613

55 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Ray’s Market

T: (780) 892-2230


T: (780) 962-0847

Steve’s No Frills

T: (866) 987-6453


Holborn Community Hall

T: (780) 963-7077

Rosenthal Community Association

T: (780) 963-7984


Home Instead

T: (587) 686-8211

Westgrove Clinic

T: (780) 962-9888

Zia Medical Cosmetics and Wellness

T: (780) 963-7800


Homegrown Foods Ltd.

T: (780) 963-5305


1-2-3 Team Wellness

T: (780) 983-3581

Elements Health Inc.

T: (780) 571-3536

Family Foot Care & Reflexology

T: (780) 984-9774

Family Life Psychology and Wellness

T: (587) 590-6108

Pretty Little Scars

T: (780) 499-9180

Remuda Horsemanship Program

T: (780) 994-2859

Risen Health

T: (780) 988-5462

Simply Health

T: (780) 962-9710

The Gym Boxing Strength & Fitness

T: (780) 233-7534


T: (780) 298-9642


Audiology Clinic of Northern Alberta

T: (780) 433-4441

Stony Plain Hearing

T: (780) 968-7747


H and B Homes

T: (780) 963-3101

H.R.D. Homes –Home Reflections Design Inc.

T: (587) 597-3205

Nxgen Construction Ltd.

T: (780) 963-0157

Rococo Homes Inc.

T: (780) 960-4608

Stellar Homes Inc.

T: (780) 968-3127

T-chuk Homes

T: (780) 909-2035

Westerly Homes

T: (587) 982-1242


Ashly-Lane Interiors

T: (780) 963-5563

Budget Blinds of Spruce Grove

T: (780) 920-0627

Country Charms

T: (780) 782-0690

Laberge Engraving

T: (780) 962-2408

Spruce Park Ranch Country Store

T: (780) 963-5235

Suzanne Allard Licensed Interior Design

T: (780) 719-5497

That DeCor

T: (780) 298-6304


Eco Glass Solutions

T: (780) 915-0669

Epicure, Erika Teixeira Independent Epicure Consultant

T: (780) 901-9541

Heart of the Home

T: (780) 705-4928

Keep It Neat

T: (780) 554-9484

Spa Tech

T: (780) 901-7872


Best Western - Sunrise Inn & Suites

T: (780) 968-1716

56 GPRC Connect 2024

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Spruce Grove - Stony Plain

T: (780) 571-1101

Motel 6 Stony Plain

T: (780) 968-5123

Nova Inn Acheson

T: (780) 962-9234

Shoreside Inn & Suites

T: (780) 892-4773

Stony Plain Hotel

T: (780) 963-2545

Stony Plain Inn & Suites

T: (780) 963-0222

Super 8

T: (780) 962-5000

www.wyndhamhotels.comsuper-8/ spruce-grove-alberta/super-8spruce-grove/overview

Travelodge - Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-1161 travelodge-travelodge-by-wyndhamstony-plain

Travelodge Inn & Suites Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-6050

Wabamun Hotel

T: (780) 903-7414


1174751 Ab Ltd.

o/a BKD Mechanical Services

T: (780) 777-8612

Stony Plain Hydraulics Inc.

T: (780) 915-9419


Express Lane Immigration

T: (780) 982-9548



KCB Services

T: (403) 748-3747

Western Repair

T: (780) 690-1186


A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

T: (780) 907-5119

Canadian Residential Inspection Services

T: (780) 910-2857


Access Insurance Group Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2554

Acera Insurance Broker Network –A-Win Insurance

T: (780) 571-1144

BrokerLink Insurance

T: (833) 998-3798 greater-parkland-chamber

Desjardins Insurance

T: (780) 962-9502

Drayden Insurance Ltd.

T: (780) 962-5900

Drayden Insurance Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2000

Frontline Benefits Inc.

T: (780) 628-2090

Getzinger Insurance and Financial Services Inc. o/a Desjardins

T: (780) 968-1112

HJB Financial Services Inc.

T: (780) 591-2401

It’s Essential

T: (780) 907-4672

LMI Financial Group

T: (780) 220-1674

MKM Insurance Inc.

T: (780) 974-0867

NorthStar Insurance GroupCooperators

T: (780) 963-2602

ProBenefits Inc.

T: (780) 963-5230

SL Insurance Brokers Ltd. dba

Spruceland Insurance

T: (780) 962-3377

The Co-operators/Ashdon Agency Inc.

T: (780) 960-5980


Clearwave Broadband Networks Inc.

T: (780) 669-9283


Abacus Wealth Mgmt. Group/G. Wilvers

T: (780) 445-0634

Adamitz Financial Solutions Inc.

T: (587) 402-8590

Donz Investments

T: (780) 470-0196

Edward Jones - Jennifer Parker

T: (780) 962-4437

Edward Jones/John Bennett, CFP

T: (780) 962-4437

57 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Main Street Financial

T: (780) 963-5230

Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada Ltd./PFSL Investments Canada Ltd.

T: (780) 960-9664


Blue Diamond Jewellers

T: (780) 968-0040


Alberta Rock Products Ltd.

T: (780) 451-2260

BKD Outdoor Services

T: (780) 777-8612

Downunder Landscaping Ltd.

T: (780) 818-0988

Eco Contracting Services Ltd.

T: (780) 217-3534

Green Tree Pruning

T: (780) 909-7995

Land Tec Landscape Contractors Ltd.

T: (780) 457-5751

Landscape FX Ltd.

T: (780) 446-2173

Northern Landscaping Ltd.

T: (780) 963-0868

Richard’s Carefree Landscaping

T: (780) 984-8744

Ron’s Seasonal Services

T: (780) 905-5677

The Black Dirt Company Ltd.

T: (780) 962-8220

Verbeek Sand & Gravel Inc.

T: (780) 459-3383


BARLIS Document Services

T: (587) 937-5192

Birdsell Grant LLP

T: (780) 963-8181

Field Law

T: (780) 423-3003

Glenn G. McAllister Barrister & Solicitor

T: (780) 968-2900

Hub Legal

T: (780) 571-3111


T: (780) 962-9500

Main Street Law LLP

T: (780) 960-8100

McLennan Ross LLP

T: (780) 482-9200

Patriot Law

T: (780) 967-2550

Robinson Brenneis LLP

T: (780) 962-0660

Sinclair Law Office

T: (780) 963-4867


Friends of the Stony Plain Public Library

T: (780) 983-8591

Spruce Grove Public Library

T: (780) 962-4423


Stony Plain Registries

T: (780) 968-2050


Anohka Distillery

T: (780) 965-1515

Country Stone Distillery

T: (780) 394-2411

Liquor on McLeod Ltd.

T: (780) 962-9463

The Beer Shak

T: (780) 962-3992


Caprice MachineWorks Ltd.

T: (780) 916-4896

Fabco Plastics Western Ltd.

T: (780) 451-0238

Infinity Belting Ltd.

T: (780) 963-3084

OMNISport Inc.

T: (780) 968-2344

Surplec Inc.

T: (780) 328-1317


360 Wellness

T: (780) 962-4646

Body Renewal Massage Therapy Clinic (2008) Inc.

T: (780) 963-8909

Bussey Lisa Certified Massage Therapist

T: (780) 231-1271

58 GPRC Connect 2024

FM Serenity Massage Inc.

T: (780) 591-0090

Lavender Lilly Massage & Healing Inc.

T: (780) 823-0770

Massage Addict Spruce Grove (2228912 Alberta Ltd.)

T: (780) 974-1947

Massage On Main

T: (780) 963-1160

The One Massage & Wellness Centre

T: (780) 756-9997


Price Wise Modular Home Sales

T: (780) 219-5555

ATB Financial Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-6000

Hutch Mortgages

T: (780) 340-0668

Michelle Coates - Paragon Mortgage

T: (780) 782-5261

Mike Brandsma - Mortgage Broker

T: (780) 960-5897

Real Mortgage Solutions

T: (780) 940-0604

Tracy Regier Mortgages, Powered by The Mortgage Minds Inc.

T: (780) 340-1482


Parkland Moving

T: (780) 962-9544



Multicultural Heritage Centre

T: (780) 963-2777

Stony Plain and Parkland Pioneer Museum Society

T: (780) 963-1234


Ricoh Canada Inc.

T: (780) 930-7100


T: (780) 960-5760


Battle River Enterprizes Ltd.

T: (780) 916-8429

C & L Pipeline Equipment (A Division of Provincial Rentals Ltd.)

T: (780) 962-3388

Drill Tek MWD

T: (780) 410-0491

Lea-der Coatings/Lea-der International Inc.

T: (780) 962-5060

Pic Industrial Equipment 2014 Ltd.

T: (780) 470-0385

Prairie Creek Energy Services Ltd.

T: (780) 984-1164

R & D Management

T: (780) 962-6868

Trans Mountain Canada Inc.

T: (866) 514-6700


i-CARE Family Vision & Eye Care

T: (780) 968-3030

Spruce Grove Vision Care Ltd.

T: (780) 962-3370

Stony Plain Eye Centre Ltd.

T: (780) 963-5416

The Grove Optometry

T: (780) 571-2553

Westland Eye Care

T: (780) 962-3320


Bruins Painting

T: (780) 722-7810

Cloverdale Paint Inc.

T: (780) 962-8133

Grove Decorating Centre/ Benjamin Moore

T: (780) 960-0039

Unlimited Chrome Inc.

T: (780) 458-0154


Border Paving Ltd.

T: (780) 967-3330

Thompson Bros Const LP

T: (780) 962-1030


Abitt Like Home Kennels

T: (780) 963-0011


Pet Foods Etc. Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-6212

Pet Foods Etc. Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-2147

59 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Tail Blazers

T: (825) 220-9424

The Barkstreet Market

T: (780) 963-2119 thebarkstreetmarket


Mint Health + Drugs Mainstreet

T: (780) 963-3728

Mint Health + Drugs Meridian

T: (780) 963-9792

Shoppers Drug Mart Westland

T: (780) 962-5202

Shoppers Drug Mart Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-6946

www.stores.shoppersdrugmart. ca/en/store/2402/?utm_ source=G&utm_medium=lpm&utm_ campaign=LPM%20_SDM

The Medicine Shoppe #404

T: (780) 968-9646 alberta/stony-plain/medicineshoppe-404-7038640

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #410

T: (780) 760-7621


3rd Eye Studio

T: (780) 280-5566

Korena Paradis Photography

T: (780) 916-1933

Mode LaVan Photography

T: (780) 940-6580

Penkee Productions

T: (780) 288-6292

Pretty As A Picture Photography

T: (780) 920-0934


360 Wellness

T: (780) 962-4646

Leading Edge Physiotherapy

T: (780) 948-8118

LifeMark Health: Stony Plain Physical Therapy

T: (780) 963-5118

Sunrise Physical Therapy

T: (780) 960-8711


Handi-Can Portables Ltd.

T: (780) 962-9400

RC Hennig Ltd.

T: (780) 916-0214


Beyond Graphics

T: (780) 962-1744

Dynamic Printing & Promotions Inc.

T: (780) 962-6488

Mprint Sign and Print Solutions Inc.

T: (587) 597-1310


Capital Business Development Inc.

T: (780) 231-8102


Brandz Marketing Inc.

T: (780) 591-5222

Chris Hansen Marketing

T: (780) 968-5108

NWT Promotions

T: (780) 962-1778

Spruce It Up Promotions

T: (780) 962-9775


Decker Properties Group Inc.

T: (780) 963-2512

Decker Properties Management Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2512

Mobile City Estates

T: (780) 962-2969


Altawest Real Estate

T: (780) 554-8284

Barclay Street Real Estate –Aline Schoepp

T: (780) 463-3332

Carson Beier (REALTOR)

T: (780) 960-3948

Century 21 Leading

T: (780) 962-9696

Century 21 Masters

T: (780) 963-2285

CG Five Holdings Inc. –Operating as The Gaboury Team

T: (780) 982-5969

eXp REALTY - Jill Turgeon

T: (780) 218-7444

Meridian Meadows

T: (780) 968-2218

Pat Hansard, Realtor Royal LePage

Noralta Real Estate

T: (780) 886-4168

60 GPRC Connect 2024

RE/MAX Preferred Choice –Loralee Johnson

T: (780) 932-7678

Re/Max Preferred Choice

T: (780) 962-8580

RE/MAX Real Estate

T: (780) 963-4004

REALTORS Association of Edmonton

T: (780) 451-6666

Royal Lepage Noralta Real Estate

T: (780) 962-4950

Tammy Colbow - Realtor –Royal LePage

T: (780) 235-8660

The Ian & Chantel Group –

RE/MAX Preferred Choice

T: (780) 977-8222

Yorkton Equity Group Inc.

T: (780) 409-8228


Tournament Ski & Marine

T: (780) 962-1201


Edmonton Equipment Rentals & Sales Ltd.

T: (780) 571-0023, ext 2


edmontonequipmentrentalsandsales. com

Envoy Rentals Ltd.

T: (780) 962-1003

High Reach Rentals Inc.

T: (780) 901-6276


Legacy Equipment

T: (780) 989-2662

Power Equipment Centre Inc.

T: (587) 286-2277

Standard Rentals Ltd.

T: (780) 962-4298

The Myshak Sales and Rentals

T: (780) 960-9255

Wabamun Marina Ltd.

T: (780) 907-6209


A & W Restaurant

T: (780) 963-5554

Atomic Pizza & Donair

T: (780) 968-1115

Bing’s #1 Restaurant

T: (780) 963-2609

Bing’s Family Restaurant & Lounge

T: (780) 962-3997

Boston Pizza Calahoo Road

T: (780) 962-0224

Boston Pizza Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-5006

Butter Chicken Hut/ Chatters Pizza & Cafe

T: (780) 591-3337

Chopped Leaf – Spruce Grove

T: (780) 948-5323

Cosmic Pizza – Stony Plain

T: (780) 591-3001

Edo Japan Stony Plain

T: (780) 591-2010

Famous Chicken (2288435 Alberta Ltd.)

T: (780) 999-8356

Fresh Grill Kitchen Stony Plain

T: (780) 940-5206

Jack’s Drive-In

T: (780) 962-2727

K C’s Restaurant & Lounge

T: (780) 963-7943

McDonald’s Restaurant

T: (780) 960-8367

Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse

T: (780) 591-0999

Pizza 73

T: (780) 473-7373

RavenWolf Brewing Co. Ltd.

T: (780) 718-4783

Sam’s 2 For 1 Pizza & Pasta

T: (780) 960-1525

Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House

T: 780) 465-4499, ext. 246

Shotz Family Sports Lounge

T: (780) 960-6869

Sorrentino’s Stony Plain

T: (780) 591-2121

Subway Century Crossing

T: (780) 962-9865

Tasty Vietnamese Restaurant Ltd.

T: (780) 571-3825

The Canadian Brewhouse

T: (780) 962-8460

The Grape & Olive

T: (587) 286-2129

61 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Tim Hortons Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-8946

Twenty Eight Urban Kitchen

T: (780) 968-9789


A Gift of Faith

T: (780) 963-1216

Backyard Birds Nature Shop

T: (780) 948-8597

Canadian Tire

T: (780) 962-1444

Classic Replay/ Blue Bongs Smoke & Vape

T: (780) 591-2224

Crown & Fox Boutique

T: (780) 968-4621

Crystal Culture Ltd.

T: (780) 964-5358

Dara’s Luxury Décor and Coffee Bar

T: (780) 963-9668

Derby’s General Store

T: (403) 680-5188

Earth Management

T: (780) 915-3546

Grove Camera & Pawn Inc.

T: (780) 257-1741 GroveCameraandpawn

Jo’s Yarn Garden

T: (780) 963-1559

Kiwi Nurseries Ltd.

T: (780) 962-9297

Laberge Engraving

T: (780) 962-2408

Louilla 1916

T: (780) 915-1612

Mattress Mattress

T: (780) 948-9800

Modern Farmhouse Inc.

T: (780) 968-9225

My Grandma’s Attic Ltd.

T: (780) 757-1887

Nantucket Antiques and Collectibles

T: (780) 916-5133

One Man’s Treasure

T: (780) 963-7776

Parkland Coins

T: (587) 988-5623

Pawnsters Inc.

T: (587) 461-1798

Pretty Little Flowers

T: (780) 962-4771

Rescue Flats

T: (780) 235-7285

Retail Revolt

T: (780) 699-8530

Rocket & Roo Boutique

T: (780) 591-5153

Spring Lake Naturals

T: (780) 918-8582

Stony Tackle Shack

T: (780) 968-6094

Sunny 1.5 Wild Bird Store

T: (780) 862-9869

Supplement King Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-0022

The Barn Owl

T: (780) 591-0097

Wags Cookies Ltd.

Whimsical Vintage Creations Ltd.

T: (780) 298-9446


Middleton’s Bitters

T: (780) 862-7860

TM Spice Company Ltd.

T: (780) 962-4604

West Country Smokers & Grills

T: (780) 991-8822


Stony Plain Games & Collectables

T: (780) 968-5666


Mud, Sweat and Gears

T: (780) 571-2855


Cover Me Roofing

T: (780) 700-8825

Hiebert Roofing Ltd.

T: (780) 963-1803

J J’s Roofing

T: (780) 968-7777

Kayan Contracting Ltd.

T: (780) 984-0221

Red Leaf Roofing Inc.

T: (780) 884-8785

62 GPRC Connect 2024


Grove RV and Leisure

T: (780) 962-6099

No Bull RV Sales

Redneck RV Inc.

T: (780) 963-4233

RV Mobile Edmonton

T: (587) 989-1271


4 Points Safety Parkland Inc.

T: (780) 571-4445

Job Safety Skills Society

T: (780) 413-6876

Kings Safety Consulting Ltd.

T: (403) 830-0579

Streamline Fire Protection

T: (780) 246-6515

Tamarack Safety Services

T: (780) 962-0166

TST Canada Inc.

T: (780) 960-1883


Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division

T: (780) 962-5627

Living Waters Christian Academy

T: (780) 962-3331

Parkland School Division

T: (780) 963-4010

St. Matthew Lutheran Church & SML Christian Academy

T: (780) 963-2416



Backwoods Security

T: (780) 850-6473

Generation 365 Security Agency

T: (587) 986-8544

Habu Wireless & Security

T: (587) 983-4228

Hometech Security Inc.

T: (780) 963-8923


Good Samaritan Society - Stony Plain Care Centre

T: (780) 963-2261

Meridian Housing Foundation

T: (780) 963-2149

PJ Elite Services Ltd.

T: (780) 920-2284

Serving Hands Senior Care

T: (780) 963-1516

St. Michael’s Grove Manor

T: (780) 962-6672


CB Max Excavating Ltd.

T: (780) 691-5543

Dagwood’s Vac Services

T: (780) 914-0551

Hennig Septic Service Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2055

SepTech Solutions Canada Inc.

T: (780) 278-0837

Wastewater Solutions Ltd.

T: (780) 963-1949


All-Star Signs Ltd.

T: (780) 963-1694

Beyond Graphics

T: (780) 962-1744

Image West Graphics

T: (780) 962-1317

Impact Vinyl Signs

T: (780) 720-4945

Magnetsigns Spruce Grove

T: (780) 920-1614

Mirror Image Decals & Signs

T: (780) 447-9001

Sign Fab

T: (587) 286-2272

Sign Source Signs and Graphics

T: (780) 421-1451

TrimLine of Parkland Inc.

T: (780) 962-8746


Parkland Cycle & Lawn Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2790


Ashby Lawn & Snow

T: (780) 901-6511

JPS Construction Group Ltd.

T: (587) 317-3380


Broadport Canada Inc.

T: (780) 960-5201

63 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Computer Insights Inc.

T: (780) 965-0258

Panda Rose Consulting Studios Inc.

T: (780) 652-1190

Straight-Up Digital Marketing

T: (780) 722-9537


Edmonton Prospects Baseball Club

T: (780) 777-9665

On Par Indoor Golf & Lounge

T: (587) 286-4653

Parkland Dragon Boat Racing Club

T: (780) 963-6108

Parkland Shotokan Karate Association

T: (780) 972-9368

Silent River Kung Fu

T: (780) 963-8744

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

T: (780) 962-5350


Boundary RV & Auto Storage Ltd.

T: (780) 405-0700

Diamond Storage

T: (780) 960-0771

Iron Gate Storage (Outdoor RV, Boat & Trailer)

T: (780) 232-9116

Lock-It Mini Storage

T: (780) 963-4078

Meridian Creek RV Storage

T: (780) 960-1110

Meridian Self Storage

T: (780) 963-2366


T: (587) 340-7044


M&M’Z Taxi Inc.

T: (780) 962-3256

White Cabs

T: (780) 203-8000


Innexus Technical Services Ltd.

T: (780) 293-0173

Maximum Mobility Campsite Road

T: (780) 960-6678

Sunco Communication & Installation Ltd.

T: (780) 809-1786


T: (780) 305-3823


Goodwill Industries of Alberta

T: (780) 960-4061

Parkland Ventures Thrift Store

T: (780) 963-1376

St. Andrew’s United Church

Thrift Shop

T: (780) 962-9703


Integra Tire & Auto

T: (780) 963-8229

OK Tire & Auto Service

Spruce Grove

T: (780) 962-6063

OK Tire - Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-0080

Parkland Mobile Tireworks

T: (780) 691-0554

Tirecraft Stony Plain

T: (780) 963-5540



A-1 Economy Towing

T: (780) 908-8396

Tuber Towing & Recovery

T: (587) 598-8237


All Trailer Repair

T: (780) 968-5433

Trailers Unlimited Inc.

T: (780) 968-1190


Albrecht Bros. Transportation

Jansen Family Holdings

T: (780) 399-4200

NexGen Transportation

T: (780) 717-2293

Rental Bus Lines

T: (780) 948-9160

VanGenderen Canada Inc.

T: (780) 715-5321


Sun Touch Travel

T: (780) 405-8501

Timberwolf Tours Ltd.

T: (780) 470-4966

64 GPRC Connect 2024

Travel Tickets To Go Ltd.

T: (780) 591-2242

Travel Your World International Ltd.

T: (780) 908-6521


Bassani Transportation Service Inc.

T: (780) 488-4888

Doug Kandt Enterprises

T: (780) 963-9329

Long Road Logistics Ltd.

T: (780) 265-4903

Parker Truck Line Ltd.

T: (780) 967-2093

XLT Transport Ltd.

T: (780) 446-0854



T: 310-EQUS


T: 310-WIRE


T: (877) 636-7822

West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd.

T: (780) 963-3311


Meridian Veterinary Clinic

T: (780) 968-0700

Parkland Veterinary Services

T: (780) 962-6300

Spruce Grove Veterinary Clinic

T: (780) 962-3233


Stony Plain Veterinary Clinic

T: (780) 963-2258

Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic

T: (780) 571-3200

Westhills Equine Veterinary Services

T: (780) 898-9267

Yellowhead Veterinary Clinic Ltd.

T: (780) 963-9478


Calibre Drilling Ltd.

T: (780) 960-2992

Columbia Ice

T: (780) 960-7161

Joffre’s Water

T: (780) 968-7420


Calibre Drilling Ltd.

T: (780) 960-2992

Elk Point Drilling Corp.

T: (780) 962-3594

Gerald McGinn Holdings and Management Ltd.

T: (780) 963-2508

Hydrotech Water Well & Septic

T: (780) 999-6257

L & B Water Services Ltd.

T: (780) 963-8134

Summers Drilling Inc.

T: (780) 963-1282 html


Keen Designs

T: (780) 886-6131

Panda Rose Consulting Studios Inc.

T: (780) 652-1190


Iron Fury Fabrication

T: (780) 915-8746

Parkland Welding Ltd.

T: (780) 962-3390

R.T. Ironworks

T: (780) 966-1612

Versa-Tech Welding

T: (780) 721-1189


Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. #1112

T: (780) 341-2810

Tsunami Sales Ltd.

T: (780) 887-1019

Valuemed Professional Products Ltd.

T: (780) 454-1899


Knight Doors and Windows

T: (780) 457-3667

65 Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
66 GPRC Connect 2024 Index to advertisers A-Win Insurance 17 Andrew Boitchenko, MLA, Drayton Valley/Devon 11 Apex Onsite 37 Best Western Sunrise Inn & Suites 37 Boundary RV & Auto Storage Ltd. 22 Brandz Marketing Inc. ....................................................................... 19 Bredin Centre For Career Advancement ............................... 13 Cross Country Mechanical Ltd. ................................................... 15 Dane Lloyd, MP Sturgeon River-Parkland ............................ 30 Decker Properties Management Ltd. ...................................... 12 Doug the Carpenter ........................................................................... 38 Economic Development City of Spruce Grove ................ IFC Edmonton Global 7 ENMAX Corporation 3 Family Footcare & Reflexology 14 Fix It Right Plumbing and Heating Ltd. 7 Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. 39 GFL Environmental Inc. 28 HJB Financial Services Inc. 8 Holiday Inn Express & Suites ...........................................................9 Homegrown Foods Ltd. ................................................................... 20 Horizon Orthodontics / Braces4All .......................................... 31 Hyperspace Comics & Games ...................................................... 11 Main Street Law LLP .......................................................................... 23 North Central Co-operative Association Ltd. ........................ 7 NWT Group of Companies Ltd. ................................................... 15 Parkland County 21 Parkland Moving 27 Penkee Productions Inc. 8 Pit Bulls For Life Foundation of Alberta 25 Qualico Communities .......................................................................... 5 Raven Wolf Brewing Co. Ltd. ........................................................ 38 RJ Enterprises Inc. .............................................................................. 14 RPB Industries ....................................................................................... 41 SandyView Farms 41 Searle Turton, MLA 27 Serving Hands Senior Care 22 Shane Getson, MLA, Lac Ste Anne/Parkland 33 Sierra Solutions Inc. ........................................................................... 15 Silver Sands Golf Resort ................................................................. 13 Sinclair Law Office .............................................................................. 30 Sorrentino’s Stony Plain................................................................... 41 Spruce Grove Golden Age Club 12 Spruce It Up Promotions 25 Stony Plain Veterinary Clinic 9 Subway Acheson 30 Summer Village of Yellowstone ................................................... 8 Summers Drilling Inc. ....................................................................... 29 Sunrise International, INN Hotels, LJL Galleries, Excella Equine Estates, Power Plant Grill, Stony Plain Inn & Suites ........................................................ 34 & 35 Tirecraft Stony Plain 29 Town & Country Premium Carpet Care 30 Town of Onoway 29 Transalta Tri Leisure Centre 22 Wilhauk Beef Jerky ....................................................................... OBC Suite 300, 6 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 0G5 Toll Free:1 866 831 4744 | Toll Free Fax: 1 866 711 5282 www delcommunications com We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of: CREATIVE DESIGN | ADVERTISING SALES TRADE PUBLICATIONS | QUALIFIED SALES & EDITORIAL TEAM DEL Communications Inc and you, THE KEY TO SUCCESS
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