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Rebuilding Fort McMurray

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2017 | Issue 1

coming out stronger

Fort McMurray residents are adjusting to a “new normal� as the community works to rebuild

industry icon remembered The life and career of Diane Slater

The black swan

How industry played a pivotal role in the biggest wildfire and urban interface emergency in Canadian history

745 Memorial Drive T 780-743-3822 F 780-743-5946 E

E Construction continues to support the following civil services in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo: • • • • •

Site grading and development Underground water, sewer and drainage installations Gravel production Granular base construction Asphalt paving

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Walk a Mile



Wood Buffalo

Heavy North is a proud supporter of these and other community programs.


tronger Heavy North Construction Ltd. partners, Steve Bolen and Raj Sawh.

Rebuilding A Community

Like so many of our neighbours, the Heavy North team is committed to ensuring Fort McMurray remains a vibrant and dynamic community. Through donations and the use of equipment in clean-up efforts we continue to assist in the rebuilding process.

# 9 , 4 0 0 Tai g a N o v a C re s c e n t , Fo r t M c M u r ra y, A B T 9 K 0 T 4 w w w. H ea v y N o r t h . c o m

Rebuilding Fort McMurray

CONTENTS Message from the President of the Fort McMurray Construction Association, Charles Iggulden................................................................... 10 Message from the Mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Melissa Blake....................................................................14 Message from the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, Brian Mason............................................................................................ 16 Message from Brian Jean, MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin and Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, and Tany Yao, MLA for Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo..............................................18 Message from the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee........................................ 20 Industry Update from the Alberta Construction Association.............................. 24 Impact of the Federal Budget..................................................................................................26 Building Construction Management Excellence with Gold Seal........................30 Coming out stronger: Fort McMurray residents are adjusting to a “new normal” as the community works to rebuild............................................32 Fort McMurray Hillview project................................................................................................ 38

42 The black swan:

How industry played a pivotal role in the biggest wildfire and urban interface emergency in Canadian history

Building up and onward: Heavy North supports the rebuild in Fort McMurray.................................................52 Cherrywood Homes helps rebuild homes and pride in Fort McMurray........ 54 Donations and volunteers: the backbone of the Wood Buffalo Food Bank in the battle against food insecurity......................... 58 Industry icon remembered: Diane Slater.......................................................................... 64 Social procurement: rebuilding our community, one contract at a time...... 72 Fort McMurray Construction Association membership.......................................... 73 Index to advertisers.........................................................................................................................78 8

Fort McMurray Construction Association

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(Re)Building Strong(er) Communities Sustainable. Positive. Impact.

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While our core business is delivering integrated engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction (EPFC) solutions for Clients, we also have an enduring commitment to help build strong communities - and in some instances, to help rebuild stronger communities. We view working in the community as a privilege and believe that it comes with great responsibility. And so, through our projects, our philanthropy and our employee volunteerism, we strive to create and maintain sustainable communities that leave a positive impact on the lives we touch. Š2017 Fluor. ADCA146617

Message from the President of the Fort McMurray Construction Association

Charles Iggulden Our true strength lies with our members. It is our members who drive the organization. It is our members who have made FMCA the success it has been for the past 30 years.

At the Fort McMurray Construction Association, we focus on the business of construction — everything we do seeks to enable the local construction industry to evolve and to grow to higher levels of excellence and productivity. We are here to provide each member with the resources necessary to thrive and to be an ever-improving employer. The last year will go down as one filled with some of the most difficult challenges we as a community have had to face. As our community continues to experience the volatility of an economic downturn, particularly in the oil and gas sector, and the challenging task of rebuilding our community after a devastating wildfire, I am convinced the construction industry will emerge stronger, more successful and better equipped to deal with the future prosperity in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and across Alberta. Our objective has always been to promote a strong and vigorous construction industry in Wood Buffalo. That is why the FMCA will continue to respond to the issues of the day and the ongoing needs of our members. During the year ahead, we intend to continue demonstrating the value of your FMCA membership with tangible and intangible benefits through our partnerships with key local stakeholders, various levels of government, education and networking events. Our true strength lies with our members. It is our members who drive the organization. It is our members who have made FMCA the success it has been for the past 30 years. Charles Iggulden President, Fort McMurray Construction Association

10 Fort McMurray Construction Association




Great reasons to belong to the FMCA: Building opportunities through the Fort McMurray Construction Association

COOLNet Alberta  plansroom:  

The p lansroom  provides  you  with  maximum  business  opportunities.  COOLNet   Alberta  gives  FMCA  full  m embers  electronic  access  to  a ll  plans,  specifications,   addenda  and  bidders  lists  24-­‐7.  

The voice  of  the  construction  industry:  

FMCA is  making  a  difference  for  your  business  through  advocacy  with  a  collective   voice.  Membership  in  the  FMCA  grants  automatic  m embership  into  the  Alberta   Construction  A ssociation  and  the  Canadian  Construction  Association  so  that  your   views  and  needs  are  r epresented  at  all  three  levels  of  government.  

Education —  tools  for  success:  

Enhance skill  sets  and  increase  productivity  for  your  business  by  taking  advantage   of  the  many  educational  seminars  offered  on  topics  ranging  from  an  introduction   to  the  construction  industry,  building  information  modeling  (BIM),  lien  legislation,   insurance  and  surety  to  that  of  construction  law.  

The Fort  McMurray  Construction   Association  (FMCA),  formed  in  1987,  i s  a   non-­‐‑profit  trade  association  that  provides   services  for  over  180  member  firms.    As   the  r egion’s  largest  construction   association,  we  continue  to  serve  the   construction  industry  through  our   comprehensive  construction  information   services,  advocacy  efforts,  and  educational   and  networking  opportunities.  

Standard contract  documents  and  construction  guides:  

Reduce risk  and  improve  your  bottom  line  by  utilizing  industry  standard  forms  of   contract  documents.  

Blueprint  reproduction:  

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Gold  Seal  Program:  

The p rogram  offers  the  leading-­‐edge  industry  standard  of  excellence  recognized   across  the  country.  Make  your  company  employees  the  b est  of  the  best  by   fostering  the  three  Es:  experience,  education  and  examination.  


Reasons to  keep  it  local   1. Local  prosperity   Communities  that  preserve  their  businesses   and  character  have  an  economic  a dvantage.  

Get connected  —  FMCA  provides  multiple  business  forums  and  social  activities   such  as  golf  tournaments,  b reakfast  m eetings  and  receptions  for  specific  events   to  broaden  networking  opportunities.  

2. Community well-­‐being  

Membership with  the  FMCA  allows  you  to  use  our  widely-­‐recognized  logo  on  your   company  website  o r  p romotional  materials.    

3. Job creation  

FMCA member  advertising:    

4. Product diversity  

FMCA  logo  usage:      

Membership with  the  FMCA  allows  you  to  advertise  free  in  t he  weekly  electronic   newsletter.    In  addition  we  offer  one  member  firm  the  ability  to  advertise  on  the   home  page  of  our  website.      

Construction Industry  Recognition  Awards:    

These a wards  p rovide  a  great  opportunity  to  showcase  our  local  firms  and  h elp   them  d istinguish  the  positive  work  they  are  doing  in  the  Regional  Municipality  of   Wood  Buffalo.    

More information  on  these  b enefits  can  b e  found  at  

Local businesses  build  strong  communities  by   sustaining  v ibrant  town  centres,  linking   neighbours  in  a  web  of  economic  a nd  social   relationships,  a nd  contributing  to  local  causes.   Locally-­‐o wned  businesses  create  more  jobs.   A  m ultitude  of  businesses  guarantees  a  m uch   broader  range  of  product  c hoices.  

5. Recycling of  local  dollars   Locally-­‐o wned  businesses  r ecycle  a  much   larger  share  of  their  r evenue  back  into  the   local  economy,  enriching  the  whole   community.  

6. Creation of  entrepreneurship   Entrepreneurship  fuels  economic  innovation   and  prosperity,  a nd  serves  a s  a  k ey  m eans  for   families  to  move  out  of  low-­‐wage  jobs  and   into  the  middle  c lass.  

340 Parent Way or Fort McMurray Airport


Message from the Mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

melissa blake Congratulations on the inaugural issue of Rebuilding

$5.3 billion will be re-invested in

Fort McMurray magazine!

Alberta during the recovery phase.

This exciting publication comes at a time when our region is entering a new phase in our recovery following the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history. In May 2016, the Horse River fire tore through our community, forcing the evacuation of approximately 88,000 residents and consuming thousands of homes and structures. When the threat to the community had finally subsided, 2,579 dwelling units had been destroyed,

This will provide tremendous opportunities across the construction industry and valuable local employment. The rebuilding effort is expected to produce thousands of jobs in the province, including over 5,000 in the Fort McMurray area. While this level of building activity brings positive economic effects, it also presents unique challenges. This incredible demand for building and repair services will essentially mean a return to the levels of construction experienced during the oil boom times when 800 to 1,000 homes a year were

including apartment buildings, condos, duplexes,

completed. However, this time, instead of starting

townhomes and single-family homes. Another 92

with greenfield communities and building entirely

non-residential structures, such as hotels, airport

new subdivisions, construction will take place in

facilities, storage areas and oil and gas industry

existing city neighbourhoods. As a result, a great

lodgings, were also lost.

deal of work will take place where residents are

Across our community, in the neighbourhoods of

already living, working and playing — all while

Abasand, Beacon Hill, Timberlea, Wood Buffalo

additional crews are working to re-open schools

and Waterways, as well as in the hamlets of Anzac, Draper, Gregoire Lake Estates and Saprae

and buildings, and re-landscape parks and green spaces.

Creek, there is high demand for a wide range of

The months ahead will be busy, productive ones

construction services. The Conference Board of

across our community. On behalf of council and

Canada expects more than 2,500 new homes to be

all residents, I want to congratulate the Fort

built, in addition to the work that will be required

McMurray Construction Association on Rebuilding

to repair partially damaged structures. In fact,

Fort McMurray magazine. Above all, as we continue

they put the cost of repairing both total loss and

to progress in the historic rebuilding of our

damaged structures at $2.4 billion.

community, I want to thank you for working so

For a community that has been deeply impacted by the sustained drop in oil prices, the rebuild

hard to help us rebuild a community that is better than ever.

will provide an important boost to the economy.

Melissa Blake

According to the Conference Board of Canada,


14 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Fast, risk-free estimating Guaranteed pricing and material quantity

Residential, Multi-Family & Commercial Building Solutions

Serving Fort McMurr ay

As a home buyer you want a quality home that reflects your lifestyle and a building process that is flexible and easy to follow. Viceroy’s integrated design, manufacturing and building practice provides you with a high quality home at an extremely competitive price.

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Build within your budget, on time and risk-free! Vancouver Sales Centre 12211 Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC V7A 4V4 Canada


Port Hope Sales Centre 414 Croft Street East Port Hope, BC L1A 4H1 Canada


Rebuilding of Fort McMurray 214-unit project in Hillview.

Design, engineering and manufacturing of panelized and pre-cut custom home packages.

Message from the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation

brian mason It was only a year ago that northeastern Alberta

Rebuilding Fort McMurray is helping to lead that

was engulfed by a wildfire of historic proportions.

growth, proving that Albertans have a resilience

From early May to mid-June 2016, the

that should never be underestimated.

Government of Alberta Ministry of

The promise of spring brings with it a sense of

Transportation was an integral part of the

renewal, perhaps more so in Fort McMurray than

provincial government’s response efforts. More

other places. We can look to renewal of the forest,

than 100 ministry staff members were directly engaged in response activities. The ministry’s management of the highway network was crucial to the safe movement of people and goods from

renewed economic activity, a renewed optimism and, as minister of both infrastructure and transportation, a renewed construction season.

the initial evacuations to the re-entry. We created

On the horizon, we continue to make progress

response strategies to manage the use of highways

on construction of the three new schools that

in the area to accommodate evacuations and

were impacted by the fire. We look forward to

eventually strategies to prepare for and manage

celebrating with students and communities at

re-entry. Opening all four lanes of Highway 63

the school openings, expected this September and

to traffic was a major milestone that enhanced highway safety and efficiency. Recently, our government officially named the King’s Street overpass at Highway 63 “Responders Way” to honour the hard work of all emergency responders during the wildfire and evacuation.

January. You can expect to see crews on Highway 63 again this summer applying second stage pavement to the newly twinned sections of the highway. North of Fort McMurray, crews will also continue work on the new truck staging area near Supertest Hill

Between the economy, wildfires and challenging

to support future economic growth while reducing

weather, people and businesses in Wood Buffalo

congestion and enhancing safety. These are just

faced more than their fair share of challenges

a few of the ways the Alberta Government is

in 2016. Looking ahead, Alberta’s economy is on the road to recovery and is expected to expand

helping to rebuild Fort McMurray.

in 2017, with real GDP forecast to increase by 2.6

Brian Mason

per cent — the highest such forecast in Canada.

Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation

16 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Offering the complete package of residential concrete construction services and materials Lafarge has served the community of Fort McMurray for over 40 years and is proud to remain a leading supplier of ready mix concretes. We are now pleased to offer complete concrete installation services including: base preparation, concrete forming, pumping, placing and finishing, all performed by our professional crews. We are committed to building quality homes that are a foundation for the residents of Fort McMurray to live, work, and raise their families. Using the quality materials, proven techniques, and skilled people we strive to streamline the construction process for homebuilders.

Contact Lafarge Construction Services for the complete concrete solution. 680 Memorial Drive, Fort McMurray, Alberta


Message from MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin and Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition

brian jean Message from MLA for Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

tany yao As we mark the one year anniversary of the Horse River

We know not all of our residents have returned, and some

wildfire that destroyed some of our neighbourhoods, our

never will.

residents are reacting in different ways. While we see countless stories on how much this disaster has Some hosted gatherings to celebrate while others chose to leave town for a few days.

cost in terms of insurance claims, there is little mention of the human costs; what it’s done to our emotional and mental

Whichever way people chose to mark the anniversary, it

wellbeing; it broke people. The fact that more than 28,000

remains one of the most painful chapters in Fort McMurray’s

people have sought mental health care tells you just how


much hurt there is. Then there are the financial circumstances

This has been a very human story and a tragedy. Lives

as we grapple with insurance and trying to make ends meet.

were ripped apart and some have not yet recovered. The

Some residents continue making mortgage payments while

uncertainty was difficult for many and remains so for some.

paying rent for a place to stay during the rebuild.

100 Royer Way Fort McMurray, AB 587-624-0010 After Eight Interiors Ltd., is a full service flooring centre that has established itself as an industry leader through exemplary customer service and ethical business practises. Established in 1993, After Eight Interiors was founded with the basic philosophy of dedication. We are dedicated to our clients, our products, our suppliers, our employees, our trades, and to our service providing Calgary and area homeowners with the right products for their homes and lifestyles. We are excited to bring this level of service and quality to Fort McMurray and introduce a new community to the After Eight advantage!

18 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Open Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm Saturdays 8am to 4pm

When re-entry began in June 2016, it was with mixed

Some families have returned home thanks to the delivery of

emotions. While it was great to be allowed home, there was

their newly manufactured homes, while once-vacant lots are

great trepidation on what we would find: homes destroyed,

now occupied with framed houses nearing completion. On

some declared unsafe for reoccupation due to contamination,

other lots, foundations are poured with stacks of wood and

and others untouched.

roof trusses waiting to be nailed into place.

It was a slow return to the new normal as air quality advisories were lifted and boil water advisories ended. Businesses and services began re-opening, then extending hours as people and staff returned. The flowers started blooming throughout our community and saplings could soon

While many have insurance to help fund the rebuild and remediation of homes, others were uninsured or underinsured and continue to face uncertainty. This is where NSUUR, the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee and the Recovery Task Force may be able to help. Homeowners needing assistance are encouraged to reach out to these resources.

be seen sprouting in burned out areas. The first baby was born in the Northern Lights Regional Hospital on June 17 after residents began their much anticipated return on June 1. It all speaks to regrowth. Signs that our community is coming closer to our new normal.

Rebuilding will take courage and strength — and it will take all of us working together to make our city better than ever. This rebuild, in many ways, will define our future as we once again establish ourselves as Canada’s economic engine. Brian Jean

Driving through some of the hardest hit neighbourhoods like

MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin

Abasand and Beacon Hill, it’s heartening to see just how much

Tany Yao

rebuild is underway.

MLA for Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

Locally Owned & Operated

Since 2004

We are here to support your rebuilding needs: Furnace Installation & Repair Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Humidity & Air Quality Specialists HRV Installation & Repair Direct Contact Duct Cleaning Service A division of:

Request your FREE ESTIMATE Today

(780) 743 2223 Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1


Message from the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee

jeanette bancarz On behalf of the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee

ensuring we emerge from the wildfire stronger and more

(WBRC), I’d like to welcome you to the inaugural edition of

resilient than ever before.

Rebuilding Fort McMurray.

There is no doubt that recovery from the wildfire is the

Community recovery from the costliest natural disaster

biggest challenge we have ever faced as a community.

in Canadian history takes everyone working together to

We also recognize that our neighbours are currently at

get the job done for our neighbours, families, friends and

different stages of the recovery process. We thank the

colleagues most impacted by the May 2016 wildfire.

FMCA and our construction industry for working hard

The Fort McMurray Construction Association (FMCA) and

every day in lockstep with residents, the WBRC and

its many members play a major role in recovery and the

Recovery Task Force, and other stakeholders to make our

WBRC would like to take this opportunity to thank the

recovery a reality.

FMCA and all its partners for delivering a rebuild that is safe, efficient and compliant.

As rebuilding takes shape in our neighbourhoods in Fort McMurray and across other affected areas in Wood

Overall, recovery is a comprehensive, community-

Buffalo, we are bolstered by the incredible resolve of our

driven effort that includes several factors, and the timely

residents and the can-do attitude that has always been the

rebuilding of our neighbourhoods is a key component in

foundation of our community’s success. We have gone from

PHOTOS Supplied by the WBRC.

Homes in the Stone Creek community under construction.

A project underway on Warren Road. S

20 Fort McMurray Construction Association

ALCOR & CLUB EMPLOY THE FOLLOWING MANUAL AND NON-MANUAL WORK FORCE; • Electrician & Master Electrician • Millwright • Equipment Operator • Carpenter • HVAC Technician • Automotive Mechanic • Locksmith • Superintendents / Foremen • Overhead Door Mechanic • Plumber • Building Operator • Sheet Metal Worker • Safety Advisor • Fitness Equipment Technician • Planner / Scheduler • Warehouse Technician • Project Manager SERVICES PROVIDED • Temporary facility installation (standard & blast proof) • Single unit office or multiple trailer complexes • Complete maintenance for permanent and temporary process and non-process facilities • Camp maintenance services front door to back door including kitchen • Commercial property management and transitional housing management • HVAC maintenance, commissioning, and installation both process & non-process • Light – medium vehicle fleet management • Plumbing system install and maintenance • Electrical • Millwright • Locksmith • Cement pouring and finishing • Fire water maintenance • Full carpentry services • Renovations ( Additions, finishing, special projects ) • Office services ( office set-up, office moves) • Special events organization and set-up • Site wide fueling • Supply Chain Professionals including Contract Management & Buyers • Materials Management and Warehouse Operations • Equipment preservation for short and long term storage • Support staff for turn around, unscheduled outage events, etc. • Labor pool for all the everyday needs not listed above – “one call does it all” CREATING ESSENTIAL SPACES Club offers a full range of modular facilities services for spaces of all shapes and sizes. We install, maintain, renovate and re-purpose, to fulfill any ESSENTIAL SPACE REQUIREMENT Modular units make anything possible including; • Remote workforce housing • Office space • Permit centers • Tool cribs • Dining halls/ kitchens • Training centers • Locker room and mine dry complexes • Lavatories • Warehousing / Storage • Medical centers • Artic corridors / covered walkways

w w w. A l c o r Fa c i l i t i e s . c o m

Above: A home being built on Beaverglen Close in Beacon Hill North. Inset: A multi-family building going up in Beacon Hill. PHOTOS Supplied by the WBRC.

This progress is because of our residents and local construction industry and we envision seeing hundreds of homes started and rebuilt in 2017. We are honoured and humbled to serve our community in providing policy recommendations and governance oversight for community recovery destruction to construction in our neighbourhoods and while there is no perfect in recovery, our collective progress is promising and inspiring.

to the mayor and council. We thank them for their support and for trusting us with this challenge. Once again, thank you and congratulations to the FMCA

We thank our residents for their drive, determination

on the publication of Rebuilding Fort McMurray. We are

and resiliency as we expect to see even more families

already looking forward to the next edition and continued

move into their rebuilt homes in the months ahead.

collaboration with the FMCA and our construction

Given the magnitude of the disaster as the third most


impactful wildland-urban interface fire in global history,

Jeanette Bancarz

the rebuilding of our community is ahead of schedule.

Chair, Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee

22 Fort McMurray Construction Association

With over 30 years of successful operations, we have a workforce in excess of 120 employees and a range of quality equipment. The consistent and strong annual growth the company has realized is largely attributed to the stewardship, business acumen and strong work ethics of the owners, Ed Tatum and Joanne Tatum. Consun has a comprehensive maintenance program and status reporting schedule for all of its equipment. Equipment undergoes regular maintenance and a rigorous inspection for deficiencies. The Corporate Equipment Maintenance Policy is enforced before, during and after a project is completed without exception. Consun goes to all lengths to meet safety regulations and enable environmentally responsible operations. We ensure that the safety of our employees and the public is one of the company’s core values. To ensure this, Consun implements a number of different training schemes which comply with Alberta OH&S Standards. Consun Contracting Ltd. is a leading provider of the following services: earthworks / excavation / site work / water and sewer installation / concrete works on-site maintenance / sand and gravel supply / cement stabilizing base / snow clearing services / highway maintenance.

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Industry Update from the

alberta construction association The Alberta Construction Association

about the government’s procurement

in a subsequent submission to the

(ACA) had a number of key actions for

policy review. The ACA reinforces


the first quarter in 2017:

the message that procurement

• The ACA equips members with

remains clear and transparent, and

speaking points to educate MLAs

that apprenticeship promotion is a

about the harm to businesses from

separate issue.

adding costs and administrative

• The Canadian Construction

ACA Retreat Charts Course for 2017-2018 The ACA’s board and the chief operating officers of Alberta’s local

complexity arising from potential

Association adopts ACA’s best

construction associations came

changes to the Workers’

practices approach in working with

together April 7, 2017 to fine-tune the

Compensation Board being

federal government on prompt pay.

ACA’s strategic plan for the next two

considered by government’s WCB

Paul Heyens and Chris Ambrozic lead



a proactive and influential Alberta

• The ACA lobbies Premier Rachel Notley for contractor compensation

group of CCA directors. • Alberta Economic Development

Dave Mowat, CEO for ATB Financial, laid out the challenge — to adapt to a new Alberta economy, and create the

for fixed-price contracts currently in

approves the ACA grant proposal to

place but awarded prior to the

quantify the impacts of non-standard

Jan. 1, 2017 imposition of the

contract language, adding credibility

ACA’s management committee

carbon levy.

to the ACA’s argument that

consisting of chair Paul Heyens, senior

government should adopt standard

vice-chair Chris Ambrozic, vice-chair


Ian Reid and past chair Paul Verhesen

• The ACA is the only vertical construction association invited by Alberta Finance and Alberta

• The ACA acts within hours to

future you want.

led the group to refocus the ACA on

Infrastructure to the budget speech.

equip members to respond to the

two key mandates — helping members

The provincial budget reflects ACA

Employment Standards Review. The

seize market opportunities and acting

recommendations with an increase of

ACA reiterated the challenges of

to reduce risks for members.

imposing new requirements on our

The group outlined strategies to

project-based industry at an April 3,

accomplish a number of goals:

2017 stakeholder consultation and

• Promote infrastructure investment

$1.4 billion over 2017-2021. • Alberta Infrastructure seeks ACA input on further considerations

• Advance the use of standardized


here for you!

contracts • Promote preferred clients • Minimize the risk of onerous regulation The ACA is excited about its plan for the next two years. Together with member construction associations, the association will share expertise and best practices to better serve you — the


here for you!

24 Fort McMurray Construction Association

members. n

Impact of the Federal Budget By Bill Ferreira, vice-president, government relations and public affairs, Canadian Construction Association

On March 22, the federal government presented its latest

with a municipal or private, not-for-profit partner; 50 per

budget which is more of a clarification rather than a new

cent for projects involving a provincial government; and 75

document. With so much uncertainty in the U.S., the

per cent for projects involving Indigenous communities or

federal government has decided to limit new initiatives.

the territories.

Changes to existing programs, while directional, have very little new money attached to them.

Innovation Budget 2017 also makes available $950 million to support

Deficit and debt

innovation across Canada in seven superclusters, including

The projected deficit will reach a peak of $28.6 billion in 2017-18 before falling slightly over the next five years.

infrastructure and transportation.

As a measure of debt-to-GDP, the federal government is

Skills development and training

expected to maintain a 31.6 per cent level for the next two

This year’s budget announced the creation of a new

years before the ratio begins to fall again to 30.9 per cent

organization that will work with the private sector,

by 2021-22.

educational institutions and the not-for-profit sector to identify employer-demanded skills, explore new

Infrastructure There was no new money announced in the budget, but a

approaches to delivery of skills training, and share

few additional details were released regarding the second

information and analysis to inform future training

phase of the infrastructure program. First, the new funds

investments. Budget 2017 will invest $1.8 billion over

will require the signing of new framework agreements

six years to expand the labour market development

with the provinces and territories. These are expected to be

agreements, plus an additional $900 million over six years

finalized by the fall of 2017. Second, the funding formula

to create new workforce development agreements which

for Phase II is changing, with the federal government now

will replace the previous labour market agreements (LMA)

only covering 40 per cent of estimated costs for projects

for EI-ineligible unemployment.

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26 Fort McMurray Construction Association

$ million




NBCF - Small Communities

Allocated Remaining Allocated Remaining Allocated Remaining Allocated Remaining





















































































































(CWWF) Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (PTIF) Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (NBCF) New Building Canada Fund (NBCF-Small Communities) Fewer than 100,000 residents

A $73-million co-op placement fund has also been

immigrants in high demand in Canada. The temporary

established to encourage employers to take on students

foreign worker program will also be amended to improve

studying in STEM fields. Mitacs will receive $221 million

the pathway for temporary workers to acquire permanent

over five years to help fund the placement of students in


post-secondary and graduate level studies to obtain work experience within the private sector.

These are but a few of the budget highlights. For more information, download CCA’s budget briefing PDF online

The budget also signals that further changes are coming

from n

to the express entry system to facilitate the entry of

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Building Construction Management Excellence with Gold Seal Gold Seal Certification is beginning to dominate the

online exams are in the process of launching this spring and

Canadian construction industry as one of or even the

fall. As of April, the new foreman designation created for

most recognized certification program for construction

construction foremen is underway.

management and safety professionals in Canada. Last year was an auspicious year for the Gold Seal Certification program, as it expanded its accomplishments and announced new additions to the program, including a recognition initiative called the Gold Seal Certification Success Stories.

The foreman designation will open doors for industry professionals who aspire to take the next step in their careers. The training provided by Gold Seal Certification will provide a new generation of workers with foundational knowledge of their role, providing them with education and

The stories premiered in April 2016, and have become a way

training, for successful future careers in top construction

to highlight the hard-working, motivated and inspirational

management positions.

construction professionals who continue to make up a

Accompanying the new designation addendum, are new

large percentage the Canadian construction industry.

online electronic exams expected to begin this fall. Not

These are stories of accomplishments, written about

only will these exams increase the rate at which exams are

willing participants looking to inspire others to push their

corrected and scored, but they are also eco-friendly.

careers forward. The Gold Seal Certification has proven to be a career milestone for many and an excellent tool for long-term career success. Once a year, one of the success story subjects is chosen for the Gold Seal Certification award. New success stories are available to read monthly at, where you can also find out how to participate in the Gold Seal Certification Success Stories.

This spring will also see changes to the credits needed to qualify for certification. Details on the changes to program elements are at Additional information regarding the student designation and program registration cost changes can be found online. If you are on social media, you can also follow Gold Seal Certification on Twitter (@goldsealcert), LinkedIn or Facebook for updates.

As of January 2017, the announced foreman designation,

As an exciting and constantly changing certification

intern registration cost changes, student designation and

program, it is worthwhile to follow. n

30 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Coming Out

Stronger By Bailey Hildebrand-Russell Fire approaching Fort McMurray, as seen from Four Seasons Power Sports, on May 3, 2016. SUPPLIED BY GENE OUELLETTE.

Fort McMurray residents are adjusting to a “new normal” as the community works to rebuild On May 3, 2016, Lance Bussieres was in downtown Fort McMurray with a few neighbours when he heard two explosions as wildfire crept closer to the community. That’s when he decided to return home. But the house he and his family had created a life in was engulfed in flames and past the point of being saved. “I just sat there and I cried,” Bussieres said. Firefighters work to save Lance Bussieres’ home May 3, 2016. SUPPLIED BY BLAKE BUSSIERES.

“The firemen were in the driveway doing whatever they had to do, but it was past the point. They weren’t saving anything. They were smart enough to do what they had to do to save the rest of the downtown.” Bussieres said the firemen told him his home was likely destroyed by embers from fire that ripped through the Abasand area behind his house on Crescent Heights. Bussieres, a councillor for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo since 2013 and a real estate agent since 1991, grew up in Fort McMurray. He said he wasn’t aware of how close the fire was until the day the evacuation was called.

32 Fort McMurray Construction Association

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Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1


“I’d only seen the fire that day when I

without relying on the first advance

came back from lunch to the office and

with the insurance proceeds. I’m trying

it was just burning the hill behind the

to find a new normal. We obviously

downtown RE/MAX office,” Bussieres

struggle once in a while with what we


went through.”

“I went into the office and I told

Bussieres said even those that didn’t

everyone to lock up and get out of

lose a property were impacted by the


fire and he hopes those in need will

Bussieres said his sister called Father Mercredi High School and asked staff to

A Local Surveyor, Here for You

Entrust your survey needs for rebuilding and other projects to our local Fort McMurray team of survey professionals.

seek help and that the community will step up to assist.

release their kids. Bussieres said those

When it comes to the business

at the school also weren’t aware of the

community, Bussieres said some places

situation and were reluctant, but his

are re-opening, but some business

sister was able to convince staff to let

owners can’t keep up with the economic

his two sons and her son out. He said

downturn that has impacted Alberta

his sons left town with his father, while

both before and after the fire.

his wife and oldest son were already away from home at the time. He stayed

“There’s a lot of variables. Some


business owners have been able to overcome them and some are still

“I never expected our house to burn to

struggling and some probably won’t

OUR SERVICES • Residential Survey Services • Construction & Grading Surveys • Precision Layout for Buildings • Real Property Reports • Site & Topographical Surveys • Underground Locating • Legal Subdivisions • Legal & BOMA Surveys • Condominium Plans • As-Builts • Right-of-Way Surveys • Machine Control Data Prep • Deformation Monitoring • Volume Surveys & Certified Reports • Bathymetry • Oil & Gas Surveys

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34 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Bussieres said. “My son was smart enough to take my mother’s ashes.

Gene Ouellette is one of the lucky ones

Besides that, we lost everything. We

back in business, but he’s in a different

were fortunate enough, when we

spot after the fire destroyed Four

returned back to the community a

Seasons Power Sports, the recreational

month later, that there were a bunch of

vehicle dealership he purchased in

pictures that were covered or protected

2007. He said the week of the fire

from the fire that we were able to

began fairly normal. He said some

salvage. We did manage to save 500 or

people were on guard, but he didn’t

600 pictures and memories that way.”

think fire would destroy a large portion

Bussieres said his family stayed in

of the community within two days.

hotels in different parts of Alberta as

“We knew the fire was there for three

well as a rental in Edmonton until they

days and didn’t see a lot of resource

could return to Fort McMurray in mid-

being put on it,” Ouellette said. “The

June as council meetings started up

wind was in such a manner on the

again. He says he and his wife found a

Monday that it didn’t really seem like

place to rent there until their house was

the fire was here. On Tuesday, on (May

rebuilt. As of April 2017, the family is

3), there was not smoke in the air. So

awaiting furniture and will be moving

obviously the wind was going in a

in around the anniversary of the fire.

direction that didn’t really give you any

“We’re fortunate enough that we

indication that it was that close.”

have a roof over our head,” he said.

Ouellette went to work as usual. Later,

“Obviously dealing with insurance has

a customer came in and said he was in a

been difficult. We’ve been fortunate

hurry to leave town because he thought

enough to proceed with the rebuild

the highway would close soon after.

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Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1


Above: Motorbikes in the Four Seasons lot taking on the appearance of skeletons after the May 2016 fire. Inset: Gene Ouellette found out his shop and yard were on fire when a local radio DJ called him. Ouellette returned after the fire to find burned machinery covered is ashes. photos sUPPLIED BY gene ouellette.

Ouellette had been monitoring the

“An hour later it was gridlock. It was

driving up the hill and he could see the

situation from his home for the past

absolutely gridlock. I couldn’t make it

business was on fire. That was my first

few days, so he decided to leave work

back to the shop if I wanted to. By the

knowledge of the business being on

to see what it looked like from there.

time I was finished gathering up some


He said the roads were a little busier

stuff and my family made it home

than they typically were at 1 p.m. on a

the evacuation was actually called.

weekday, but it didn’t seem like people

Everything was on fire by that time.”

were in a rush to leave.

Ouellette said the first thing that crossed his mind was the safety of his employees. He said all of them got out

That included Four Seasons Power

safely, although one completely lost her

But when he arrived at home, he knew

Sports. At the time, Ouellette didn’t


the situation was dire.

know whether his shop would survive,

“I could actually see flames coming up close to the house, so I called back to

until he received a phone call from a local radio DJ.

Ouellette couldn’t return to his home until early June, but he did take a tour of Fort McMurray with the Fort

the shop and just told everybody to get

“The DJ actually called me because

McMurray Construction Association in

out,” he said.

he’s a customer and he said he was


36 Fort McMurray Construction Association

“The tour actually took us right by the

115-291 MacAlpine Cres. in Fort

business and it was tough to see,” he



“I was handed an opportunity to make

“I had very few things survive in

some choices that would allow me to

our yard and I think it was just the

exit this business thanks to insurance,”

placement or possibly a helicopter

Ouellette said. “There was no hesitation

dumped some water on some specific

whatsoever. I knew I wanted to be back


investing in the community. It’s home.”

Ouellette said machinery and steel

Those calling Fort McMurray home,

structures were completely destroyed,

like Ouellette, are part of a resilient

either burning from the fire or bending

and strong community, according to

from the intense heat, while some


products with plastic or canvas tops were completely untouched.

“It’s been a challenging two years,” Bussieres said. “I lived here in the ‘80s,

“I had some cardboard boxes with products in them. You open up the boxes and whatever’s inside is melted.”

and obviously we had a downturn with oil then as well. Some troubling times, but we’ll get through it. We’ll be better

Even though the Four Seasons location

from it, but right now we’re seeing a lot

on Bulyea Avenue was destroyed,

of aches and pains in this community,

Ouellette said he knew he wanted to

both financial and emotional. It’s

stay running. He persisted and a few

tough, but if there’s a community

months later, he opened a temporary

that can rebuild, it’s Fort McMurray.

shop at the Gregoire Commercial Park.

We’ve been through it before. We’ll get

Now, Four Seasons is located at

through this one.” n


making a difference

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Fort McMurray Hillview Project

Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd. is helping to rebuild Fort

Association, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders

McMurray after devastating forest fires destroyed more

Association, BC Wood and the Building Industry and Land

than 2,000 homes in three communities last year.

Development Association (BILD). The company’s panel-built

“We are very proud to be part of this important project. It has been very difficult for the many people who lost their homes as a result of the wildfires. Our primary objective is

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to move families back into their new Viceroy homes where

Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd. is a leader in the design,

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custom home packages. Viceroy has built a reputation

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for superb design, outstanding products and excellent value. The company is dedicated to one purpose: helping customers build a custom home in the most affordable way. Viceroy custom home packages are available through a wide network of sales offices and independent distributors. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in both the east and west, Viceroy ships home packages to clients

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company has shipped home packages to more than 45

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waste, leaving the world a little bit greener. The quality is hugely important, and so is the fact that Viceroy homes are much quicker to build because much of the work is already completed in the factory. This means that in an area such as Fort McMurray, where the huge demand for home construction makes it difficult to find builders, Viceroy is ideally suited.” Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd. and Viceroy Construction Ltd. are members of the Fort McMurray Construction 38 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Viceroy Construction Ltd., the construction division of Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd, can build your home start to finish, or anything in between. Custom and turnkey packages for both single and multi-family homes are available from permit application to final inspection. For information on Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd., please visit, call head office at 604-639-3320 or email n


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Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1



Black Swan How industry played a pivotal role in the biggest wildfire and urban interface emergency in Canadian history


lark Esler, manager of regional emergency management (fire chief) for Suncor Energy Inc., was

in a training activity on the north side of Fort McMurray when a bunch of his colleagues started getting alarming text messages from family: “MANDATORY EVACUATION.” Up until then, the wildfires crackling at the edge of town had already been deemed dangerous enough to put some neighbourhoods on 30-minute evacuation notice. But on Tuesday, May 3, Fort McMurray was sent into upheaval when the wildfire, fuelled by strong wind, overwhelmed crews and sent its 80,000 inhabitants fleeing north and south.

By Carly Peters

receive the influx of displaced residents who had nowhere else to go but the oilsands’ camps. As traffic slowed to a crawl along the four-lane highway, Esler saw the mutual aid partners — Suncor, Horizon Oil Sands, Shell Albian Sands, and Syncrude — heading into town to support the regional fire department. According to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the emergency services mutual aid partnerships serving the area can be described as a natural outcome of the “neighbours helping neighbours” code that distinguishes remote residential and industrial communities of the north.

already set up a Stage 3 emergency operations centre, to

With the next major population area to Fort McMurray four hours south, when a significant fire, hazardous spill or major motor vehicle collision occurs, when lives are at stake and when residential properties or industrial sites are threatened, that’s when the mutual aid partners activate their resources and roll into action to reduce harm and minimize and mitigate the hazard. On this day, the risk was

assess the situation’s impact on their oilsands operation and

like no one had ever seen.

As people started to move up Alberta Highway 63, Esler’s first instinct was to ensure his three kids and wife were on their way out of town. Luckily, they had packed some items in two vehicles and were already heading north. His next priority was getting back to Suncor’s plant, which had

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Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1



ason Loy, manager of emergency services operations (deputy fire chief) for Suncor, on the other hand, had quickly become

aware of the situation. On the south side of town, he was already seated at the regional emergency operations centre (REOC) as a representative of Suncor. As part of the mutual aid agreement between Wood Buffalo and industry partners, each have a chair at the REOC table. Conditions on the south side of town were already deteriorating — fire had reached some neighbourhoods and the smoke was like nothing he’d seen before. All of deputy chief Loy’s family was in the community of Thickwood, one of the city’s largest residential areas. Like Loy, his wife, Carrie, a support clerk with regional emergency services (RES) for the city, was already well engaged in the emergency efforts, which left the couple’s four kids and three grandchildren to pack up their three homes. With three vehicles on the move, the group was split up — one daughter, one son and one grandchild were sent north, while his son-in-law, son and dog were sent south, along with his other daughter and two grandchildren. Loy was also trying to reach his elderly father who lives in the Lower Townsite area and was not answering his telephone.


Apparently, when his radio reception began to break up inside the house, his father went to listen to the news in his truck on the driveway and watch the fires. Loy’s wife ended up rushing over and bringing him back to the fire hall, which was already filling up with other RES family members. By the end of May 3, the mutual aid partnership was in charge of various parts of the city, and their efforts were focused on just keeping the fires at bay (Alberta Agriculture and Forestry firefighting staff were in charge of the actual wildfires). The industrial partners provided equipment pivotal to the urban interface fight. Suncor’s massive eight-wheeled aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) truck was just one of the unsung heroes, rolling along with a built-in 3,000-gallon water tank linked to a water cannon. In total, there were six ARFFs at Fort McMurray. Unlike a regular pumper truck, the ARFF, modified for mine response, had the ability spray and drive at the same time.



rian Cornforth, fire chief for Parkland County, was debriefing with his team about their county’s brushfires

from April when they got the call to aid in Fort McMurray. Armed with a list of requested resources, including a Type 6 engine and tanker truck, eight firefighters from Parkland made the five-hour trip with the Stony Plain Fire Department, arriving at the REOC just before 10 p.m.


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At their behest, the team quickly assembled a

estimated that 1,600 structures had burned.

staging area at MacDonald Island Park, the city’s

Wednesday morning, Cornforth did a recon flight

newly expanded leisure centre, with the Wood

over the city to determine how crews should be split

Buffalo team. Cornforth said even though the

up to fight the never-slowing fires. They decided to

situation was beyond any training activity the crew

split the city into south and north divisions, the area

had ever run, everyone fell back to the basics of the

in which Cornforth was tasked with co-ordinating.

Incident Command System, a standardized on-site

Their main points of focus were Timberlea,

fire management system. Staging managers ensured

Thickwood and some of the industrial structures

trucks were registered, fuelled up and out in the

along Highway 63.

field quickly.

“It is not a return to normal life and it’s not yet a celebration. There’s still a lot of work to recover and rebuild Wood Buffalo. This will be the work of years, not weeks,” Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Cornforth said he estimates there were 80 pieces of fire apparatuses and 300 firefighters split between the north and south divisions at the time. But, just as important, the staging areas had also become home to essential support elements such as a camp kitchen staffed by volunteers, a fuelling site and a fleet maintenance station with fire equipmenttrained mechanics. And, said Cornforth, since an army marches on their stomach, meal delivery

It was the beginning of an exhausting three days of

services were even put in place. A team would ride

24-hour shifts — not only for the fire departments

up with Leduc Fire Services to meet with front-

and mutual aid partners, but also the city’s

line firefighters and take over the efforts while the

police service and hospital staff who had already

tireless crews got a chance to have a meal.

evacuated 105 patients from Northern Lights Regional Health Centre during the mandatory evacuation.

The camaraderie on the fire lines was very apparent, according to Cornforth. The Wood Buffalo team, despite fighting for their home turf, never flinched

Through the evening and into the night, fire

and seemed to be strengthened by their industry

destroyed homes in Beacon Hill, Waterways,

partners who had come at a moment’s notice to

Abasand and Wood Buffalo. By dawn it was


46 Fort McMurray Construction Association

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Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1



t day three, small pockets of additional help began to arrive from the south, but the fire pushed on threatening

more areas of the city. The REOC itself was in danger, forcing the group to move from Fire Hall #5 to Nexen’s industrial facility further south. They regrouped in the facility’s large conference room, but since there was only one access road to the plant, essentially trapping the group if the fire spread, REOC uprooted itself for a second time and ended up in Lac La Biche.



eanwhile up north, oil and energy industry members were caring for the 25,000 people forced into their

camps; some would stay for up to three nights before being able to leave the area. Two days in, Suncor called upon their partnership with WestJet to provide planes. Several of the oilsands companies that operate out of the Fort McMurray area have private airstrips capable of handling commercial jet aircraft. Esler said it was like a well-oiled assembly line. Four or five planes would be waiting on the taxi apron. Then, buses full of people, pets and luggage would pull up on the airstrip, unload and get on the plane. The next bus would pull up and unload until the aircraft was full. The plane would take off and people would board the next one in line. He mused slightly at the memory of the exotic nature of some of the planes’ inhabitants. While media showed images of family dogs riding in first class, Esler said he heard of everything from lizards to tarantulas making their escape south on WestJet.



ith the fire threat to the REOC subsiding, Loy travelled back to Fire Hall #5. He said the south end of the

city looked like a scene from The Walking Dead — bushes still smouldering, while abandoned cars littered the side of the road. As the REOC group gaped at what they saw, they knew there was no time for despair. They had to continue on and work together, or there would be no homes to return to. Loy recalls many of the REOC group and firefighters on the ground had a front row seat to the destruction of homes — friends’, family’s and possibly their own. One event in particular saw a firefighter losing the battle to save his twin brother’s house — but everyone just had to push on. Some relief came with the arrival of Canada Task Force 2 (Can-TF2), which swiftly provided much needed relief at the REOC and set up a unified command of the regional emergency operations centre. Loy said the team’s arrival was a blessing. The local REOC group had been working three to four days and

LEHIGH HANSON Canada Region affiliated companies

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nights straight, and the magnitude of the situation was

destroyed 2,400 structures — nearly 10 per cent of the city.

taking a toll on the team. Some of those fighting the fire

Residents who had homes to come back to had gritty and

now had to grapple with the fact they’d lost their homes,

exhausting work ahead cleaning their mouldy refrigerators

while many still had their family in the back of their minds

and scrubbing down homes stained by soot and ash. One

and wondered where they had ended up in the evacuation.



analyst from the Bank of Montreal estimated insurance losses could exceed $9 billion.

ornforth and his team left Fort McMurray Sunday,

Esler said no could ever plan for something like this. It

May 8. No one really wanted to leave, but they knew

was a black swan event. The Fort McMurray fires tested

the job needed rested bodies and healthy minds. While many sat in the airport waiting to go home, the skies let forth a bit of rain as if to show them a touch of assurance.



the emergency processes put in place by industry and the mutual aid agreement, but the results spoke for themselves — no one perished in the fires, vast portions of the city were saved, major infrastructure was unharmed. It was

t its height, the fire spanned more than 500,000

the “neighbours helping neighbours” code, with everyone

hectares, an area larger than Prince Edward Island. It

participating to their max and beyond. n

helping you tell a new story



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Building up and onward

Heavy North supports the rebuild in Fort McMurray By Rebecca Dahl

“Together, we are stronger,” reads the banner stretching

Heavy North used what resources it had to help clean up

across Heavy North Construction Ltd.’s Fort McMurray

after the fire. The company was one of few local contractors


awarded work with the Regional Municipality of Wood

The words are a reminder of how Fort McMurray residents and businesses alike have come together to rebuild the community and surrounding area after the May 2016

Buffalo to perform demolition work throughout the rebuilding process. The company also conducted additional work post-fire with private condo boards.

wildfire that ripped through the region. The devastating

As a member of the Fort McMurray Construction

fire is considered the costliest natural disaster in Canadian

Association, Heavy North attends and supports networking


events, such as golf tournaments. This means Heavy North

Steve Bolen, president and CEO (left) and Raj Sawh, chief operating officer and vice-president of operations. SUPPLIED by heavy north.

Heavy North is a construction engineering-based company

is engaged in the local construction community, as the

specializing in oil and gas and civil infrastructure projects.

FMCA also shares industry and tender information for

Since the forest fires destroyed 2,400 homes and many

upcoming projects in the region with its members.

other buildings, Heavy North has been working hard to help pick up the pieces.

Heavy North prides itself on its staff, operational excellence and relationships with partners and clients, said Stewart.

The fire created uncertainty among Heavy North staff, said

She said the company is proud of its partnership with

marketing manager Karli Stewart. Several managers and

Mikisew North LP at Mikisew Cree First Nation. Heavy

other staff members lost their homes, as did many of the

North is a partner of the Indigenous-owned business, which

company’s clients.

has built a wide variety of projects in Fort Chipewyan

“Through diversification in other regions and markets,


we continued to grow and succeed post fire,” said Stewart.

It’s the “together we are stronger” philosophy that allows

“However, we continue to build projects in the region and

Heavy North to build successful partnerships with different

maintain an office in Fort McMurray.”

communities, and help build a stronger Fort McMurray. n

52 Fort McMurray Construction Association

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Cherrywood Homes

helps rebuild homes and pride

in Fort McMurray

By Bailey Hildebrand-Russell Even before residents could return

supplies. Closer to the return, a crew

to their homes after wildfire swept

came in.”

through Fort McMurray, some local businesses brought some employees back to town to begin cleaning up what the blaze left behind. One of those was Casman Building Solutions, a division of Casman Group of Companies and the parent branch

condominium complex at the time. A year later, Fort McMurray is

Work to rebuild the town came

starting to return to normal, but

shortly after that. Lance Johnson,

Johnson said it’s definitely not there

construction manager with Casman


Building Solutions, said he was with the crew that came into Fort McMurray in late May 2016.

“People are bearing down and getting it done,” he said. “People are gradually coming back. They’re still not all back,

of Cherrywood Homes Construction

“We started with restoration.

obviously because some don’t have

Group Ltd.

Working with insurance companies,

homes to come back to.”

Johnson said returning to town was eerie. He drove from Confederation Way to Thickwood Boulevard and didn’t see a single person.

But Cherrywood Homes has been helping some residents get back into town and back to their lives since the fire. Weston said Casman worked from Edmonton while employees and residents alike were displaced to help

“We brought in water tanks and

doing everything from cleaning the

supplies to people that worked in

people get back to Fort McMurray as

homes to rebuilding the homes, from

town,” said Jordan Weston, division

soon as possible, whether that’s in

one end to the other.”

a home like their previous one, or a

manager. “Because we’re in the

completely new concept.

construction industry, we knew a

Johnson said returning to town was

bunch of excavators and we had a

eerie. He drove from Confederation

“It’s not easy, what people are going

relationship with a few people in

Way to Thickwood Boulevard and

through, and we try to make it as

town. So, we came into town and

didn’t see a single person. He was

comfortable as possible,” Weston said.

we brought electric water tanks and

also the only person living in his

“If they want a new house plan we

54 Fort McMurray Construction Association

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Services include:

they want to.” Casman Group of Companies has been serving Fort McMurray since 1981.

•Fabricationofstainlesssteelandepoxy coatedreinforcingsteel

It was founded by Norm Castiglione,


projects out of his basement. The

•Supplyandinstallationofwiremeshand concreteaccessories

company eventually grew into what it

who began doing small renovation

•Auto-cadproduceddetailedplacingdrawings •Experiencedplacingsupervisionandlabour •Anchorboltassemblies

is now, building both single and multifamily dwellings as well as industrial and commercial projects. Weston said the company values are similar to the community’s as a whole


— everyone is proud to be from Fort McMurray.


#205, 427 Gregoire Drive T9H 4K7

P: 780.791.5900 F: 780.791.5969


#6613 - 44 Street T9E 7E5

P: 780.986.7055 F: 780.986.9011

“You can tell the people in McMurray now are people that pride themselves on being a local resident. We’re proud to be here. Proud to be Fort McMurray residents. You could see it when we moved back into town, the



11509 - 84 Avenue T8L 0G8

3208 - 52 Street S.E. T2B 1N2

F: 780.998.1036

F: 403.273.0841

P: 780.992.0777

P: 403.272.8801

pride in people. The rebuild process. Everybody’s really pitched in.” For more information on Cherrywood Homes and the company’s projects, visit n

56 Fort McMurray Construction Association

When the world looks to you Look to Petro-Canada Lubricants It’s operations like yours that make Fort McMurray an industry leader. And it’s lubricants like ours that help keep it that way. Petro-Canada and Cougar Fuels are proud to support the rebuilding efforts of the Fort McMurray community. We offer a full suite of products to help keep your operations running consistently and profitably. We believe that reducing downtime is more than a promise; it’s a commitment to delivering our Tangible Savings Solutions shift after shift. Call a Petro-Canada or Cougar Fuels representative today to discover how our top-performing lubricants will maximize uptime and productivity for your operations. Call 1-866-335-3369 or visit

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Donations and volunteers:

the backbone of the wood buffalo food bank in the battle against food insecurity By Anna Noble, Wood Buffalo Food Bank communications and development coordinator

This past year since the 2016 wildfire has been a remarkable one with many struggles and triumphs. As the team at the Wood Buffalo Food Bank (WBFB) reflects on the time elapsed, we are more than grateful to have been here to serve our community throughout it all. Thinking back to when we first returned to Fort McMurray at the end of May 2016 to prepare for reOver 400 volunteers gave 2,679 hours of their time the summer after the fire, handing out 7,894 weekly hampers to 14,111 people.

entry, we knew a considerable job lay ahead of us. Not only the clean-up process, but the sheer task of being able to feed a community that was in such a susceptible and distressed state. Over the course of two weeks, with incredible help from countless volunteers, everyone worked together to clean, sanitize and re-paint the warehouse, dispose of 53,257 possibly contaminated food items, wash 20 pallets of cans, and restock the shelves. The WBFB was finally able to open its doors and start serving the citizens of Fort McMurray on June 11, 2016. Our services were altered to a weekly format instead of the standard appointment-based monthly system,

Individuals and businesses in Fort McMurray and from across Canada have reached out to help the Wood Buffalo Food Bank either through monetary or food donations or by volunteering.

58 Fort McMurray Construction Association

and was lineup based for the threemonth re-entry phase until the end



The Wood Buffalo Food Bank (WBFB) distributed 7,894 weekly hampers to meet immediate needs. “The way our community pulled together was heartwarming and true to the giving nature of Albertans,” said Arianna Johnson, WBFB executive director. “We continue to be amazed at the support shown for our community during this trying time.” With the long-term recovery period for a disaster of this scope being five to ten years, the need is still there. “The 20,000 people who haven’t returned to Fort McMurray will need support when they do.

If there is any message I can send as we rebuild Fort McMurray, it is to give to the agencies and organizations that provide the kind of support needed to get us there.” As a proud supporter of the WBFB, Finning local employees continue to volunteer their time and our contribution of $125,000 directly supports longterm recovery programs, like re-entry packages for people who need help once they return home.

Please join us in feeding the need to help our community get back on its feet. Together we will rebuild.

of August 2016. Anyone with a Red Cross number could access us to receive assistance. It was an intense and demanding summer which brought our team and volunteers together more than ever before. Over 400 volunteers gave us 2,679 hours of their time, and it is no overstatement that we could not have pulled it off without them. That summer we handed out 7,894 weekly hampers, serving 14,111 people. Throughout this past year, we have received incredible support both from the community and from across Canada. Donations of food have come from as far east as Prince Edward Island, and groups of volunteers have travelled from different provinces to assist us for a few days. Local businesses and organizations have shown their support by hosting numerous fundraisers to raise money and food for us, and by sending groups of staff to volunteer and help in the warehouse. As well, we formed and maintained valuable partnerships with several local organizations such as the Fort McMurray SPCA to assist families with their pets, and the St. Aiden’s Society to deliver hampers to those seniors with limited accessibility. Peace of mind A good night’s sleep takes more than a comfortable bed, it takes knowing that your family is safe. That’s why, for more than a decade, the Enbridge Safe Community Program has granted over $10 million to local first responders in neighbourhoods across North America. We are proud to support these dedicated men and women who put their own lives on the line to ensure that ours are protected at all times. When the energy you invest in life meets the energy we fuel it with, safe communities happen.

With this amazing support we received, we have been able to get back to normal operations, with our regular programs back in full swing and new programs being developed. As our demand remains high and the community continues to rebuild, we know that we have the support we need to continue to provide the programs and services that offer the resources and education necessary to ensure food security for all citizens in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. n

60 Fort McMurray Construction Association

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114-103 C Powder Drive Fort McMurray, AB Tel: 780-804-7665 We are post construction and building maintenance professionals in the Wood Buffalo region. Cleaners of choice and on target for any size of a project. We helped with the post fire clean up and are ready and qualified the help with the reconstruction clean up. Call or email us as on the above contact.

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Diane Slater may not have set out to create a long and illustrious career in Fort McMurray but she certainly helped the community grow and prosper in the 35-plus years she called it home. She remained an active participant and strong advocate throughout that time, even in 2015 when she retired from her official duties. Unfortunately, Slater passed away only one year later. She was 66.

Diane Slater.

the activities at city hall, Slater is perhaps best known for her role as chief administrative officer of Fort McMurray’s Chamber of Commerce and FMCA. The two organizations shared office space and personnel at the time — a mutually beneficial arrangement that continued up until 2014. “I was the vice-president at the

Slater moved to Fort McMurray in

reins,” says Robert Gazzard, past

1980, with her first husband, Ross,

president of the Fort McMurray

and two children, Lana and Ryan.

Chamber of Commerce. “We

Both were under 10 at the time. As

convinced Diane to take on the

a newcomer to Fort McMurray, and

position. She was reluctant at first.

with both children in school, Slater

It took a while to convince her but it

sought out and soon found a position

really wasn’t that hard.”

management position and started her

Maloney remembers her mother’s concerns at the time.

on the road to managing non-profit

“The Chamber actually sought her out


for the position,” she says. “She wasn’t

“She wasn’t a traditional parent,” says her daughter Lana Maloney, executive director of the Fort McMurray Construction Association (FMCA). “She wasn’t a stay-at-home mom who cooked and cleaned. She barely cooked

sure she wanted to take it on. She didn’t know if she wanted to work full time and she knew that it would be a hard position to take on in that the group was little more than a social club back then.”

a day in her life. She was a values

Slater opted to take the chance and

person. She valued values.”

remained at the helm for the next 15

That focus on values served Slater

64 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Although heavily involved in

Chamber when Diane took over the

Tourism. This ultimately turned into a

Robert Gazzard, past president, Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce.

Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Home is where the heart is

as a receptionist with Fort McMurray

Melissa Blake, mayor, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

By Melanie Franner


well over the years, where she would

“It took her a bit of time but she

eventually serve as a two-time

soon changed things around at the

councillor, an assistant to Norm Weiss,

Chamber,” says Gazzard. “She started

MLA and acting mayor of the Regional

on re-directing the focus to become

Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1


more business oriented. She was a

an opinion and she certainly wasn’t

The FMCA was a 10-member

huge advocate of the community and

afraid to express it.”

association when Slater took over. It

started laying the foundation for her campaign to champion local business. In retrospect, her work proved very successful.” Seeing red One of the most significant of Slater’s achievements while at the Chamber was her work in creating the Regional Economic Development Link (RedLink), a local business initiative developed in conjunction with the FMCA and the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA). The procurement tool was designed to enable local businesses to express interest in contracts made

In addition to his involvement with the Chamber, Allen also served two

grew to include 400 companies at the time of her retirement.

terms on regional council and one

“Her big focus was to show value for

term as a provincial MLA.

membership,” states Iggulden. “She

“I was by Diane’s side on many

believed that the whole is stronger than the individual.”

occasions where she proved very passionate,” he says. “I was in

And although Iggulden admits that

governance at the time and she was

Slater could be a bit intense at times,

in a staff position. We would argue

he believes that it was just part of the

across the table but it was clear that

package — and rightfully so.

she was aware — at all times — of her

“If you got heck from Diane, you

role. I learnt a lot about governance

deserved it,” he jokes, adding he was

from her and I often sought out her

often on the receiving end himself.

advice many times during my tenure as an MLA.”

Ken Gibson, executive director of the Alberta Construction Association

available by companies involved in the

Another huge success for the FMCA,

(ACA), is another individual who


while under Slater’s direction, was

worked with Slater.

“I would say that RedLink was Diane’s main passion for the majority of her term with the Chamber,” says Mike Allen, past president of the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce. “She managed to pull together a small team of people to put it together. The program did achieve some success initially but it eventually grew and grew as those companies that began participating started putting pressure on others to join in.”

the creation of the Future Projects Summit, where oil companies and government procurement departments would engage with the local businesses to discuss upcoming work projects. The Summit provides

“My first impression of Diane arose out of some work that ACA was involved with concerning the administration of COOLNet, the online plansroom,” he recalls. “Diane called to let me know of FMCA’s concerns with the approach

the opportunity for valuable one-on-

that ACA had taken. For those that

one networking. It remains in effect

have been on the receiving end of


Diane’s displeasure, I’m sure they can

Boots on the ground

relate. Diane could be a formidable

“Diane had a lot of credibility at all levels of government and industry,”

personality but her facts were bang on, her analysis was sound, and she brooked no disagreement.”

RedLink remains a valuable

says Charles Iggulden, president of the

procurement tool in Fort McMurray to

FMCA. “She had a type-A personality

Despite this awkward introduction,

this day.

and didn’t pull any punches. And she

the two became strong associates.

was always fair. She never made it

“From there we became friends and,


despite being an extremely busy

According to Iggulden, Slater’s position

person, Diane would make the time

with the FMCA was a “pretty critical”

I requested of her to help me out,”

Allen remembers Slater fondly, describing her as a feisty and respected individual. “When I first joined the Chamber, I was running a small local business,” he recalls. “On occasion, I would attend the Chamber luncheons and it was there that I first met her. She had this

one as it involved a lot of government lobbying at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. He worked with Slater for about 15 years.

continues Gibson. “Diane was a good mentor, in particular, helping me out on some issues of proper governance and association operation, including a transparent process for the ACA board

huge smile on her face — at all times I

“She was a real go-getter,” Iggulden

to invest surplus funds to the benefit

would later discover. She always had

says. “She was a very active advocate.”

of members. Diane was extremely

66 Fort McMurray Construction Association


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plugged in to decision makers across

the years but we loved each other

It also won her many awards and

industry and governments at all levels

nonetheless. She was the type of

recognition, including the Queen

and she was always gracious to share

person who always got in the last

Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal,

her insights to ensure unity to the

word. But she was also highly

a commemorative award served to

benefit of industry.”


honour significant contributions and

Gibson is quick to add that although

Gazzard is quick to add that Slater was

Slater proved formidable in the

a very knowledgeable person.

business world, she was also caring at heart.

“She knew what the region was all about and was very concerned about

“My strongest impression of Diane

growing it and making sure that it

was her absolute fierce commitment

became self-sustainable,” he says. “She

to her family, to her members and to

was not egotistical in the least. For

her community of Fort McMurray

Diane, it was all about the community.”

and the RM of Wood Buffalo,” he says.

achievements made by Canadians. “Every time she won an award, we had to fight with her to go and accept it,” says Maloney. “That just wasn’t her. She didn’t want the recognition. She never bragged about her successes. Even after RedLink proved to be such a huge success, she didn’t want a pat on the back. She just said, ‘It was what

Maloney agrees.

needed to be done and we got it done.’”

to protect and reward the contractors

“A lot of people referred to Diane as

On the political scene

and suppliers who had put stakes

a bull in a china shop,” she says. “She

Wearing two hats as CAO for the

down and risked their businesses

didn’t have a filter. She said what she

Chamber of Commerce and the FMCA

making a go of it in her isolated

thought. Was blunt and to the point.

didn’t slow Slater down. She remained

community. She was very astute at

But everything she did, she did for the

a political animal throughout that

developing partnerships to enhance

local business community and for the

time — she even considered entering

business prospects for her members

community as a whole.”

the race for the upcoming mayoral

“Diane wore on her sleeve her desire

and their voice at the local, provincial and national levels.”

Maloney describes her mother as an “adrenalin junkie.” But one who was

Friendly foe

selfless at all times.

Slater is fondly remembered by all

“She would weigh the pros and cons of

who knew her, although many of

everything before deciding to take it to

these people are quick to note that

the board,” she explains. “She always

they did have their “run-ins” with the

wanted to make sure that whatever it


was would be helping the community,

“You didn’t want to get on her bad

not hindering it.”

election in October 2017 if her health had prevailed. Sadly, she wasn’t able to make a run for it. Slater’s two terms as councillor served her well. Her 1992 political campaign for councillor noted, even back then, her commitment to community. She promised to maintain the current cost of municipal government to taxpayers, encourage cost-effective

side,” Gazzard says jokingly. “We

The commitment to community

administration, encourage community

butted heads so many times over

served Slater well over the years.

involvement in the decision-making


68 Fort McMurray Construction Association

process, and encourage local user

experienced and very interested in the

of taking on monumental tasks and

groups’ input on development versus


delivering results.”

Mayor Blake says that first impression

Although Mayor Blake describes

proved correct.

her relationship with Slater as “up

spending thousands of dollars on consultant fees. She remained loyal to these strategies throughout her career. It was while working with council that Slater implemented My Community, My Voice, an online forum that

“Our conversations became longer and her passions more amplified but she always let me know what she thought,” she says.

brought potential voters and

Blake had occasion to connect with

political candidates together. It was

Slater and stay abreast of each

an initiative in which Slater took

other’s interest over lunches with the

particular pride in.

president of Chamber and municipal

“I met Diane the day after I was

chief administration officer.

and down over times”, she is quick to add that they remained friends throughout, with those periodic ups and downs occurring less often and more quickly forgotten. “Diane demonstrated lots of frustration over the years,” she says. “But understanding that her passion came from the desire to make life better for people, I would have to say

elected to council in 1998,” says

“I found Diane to be someone who

those challenges did indeed make for

Melissa Blake, mayor of the Regional

enjoyed ‘stirring the pot,’” continues

better outcomes.”

Municipality of Wood Buffalo. “She

Blake. “She had no trouble standing

called to congratulate me, warn me of

up for what she believed in. She

Reflecting on retirement

some things and offer her assistance

took pride in the work of young

Perhaps one of the most surprising

if I needed it. My first impression of

entrepreneurs and made sure they

things about Slater came when she

her was that she was very direct,

were recognized. And she was capable

announced her plans to retire.


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“She had kind of talked about retiring before she followed through on it,” says Iggulden. “We tried to talk her out of it, of course. But we weren’t able to convince her. Nonetheless, she continued to work with us after she retired.” Iggulden wasn’t the only one surprised to hear the news. “Diane was one of those people I believed would never retire,” says Allen. “I think she thought that she had put in a lot of years already and that it was time to move on. But she never stopped being active and was involved in a lot of community initiatives up until the day she died.” Being who she was, Slater started

And the rest, as they say, is history. Maloney would end up joining the Chamber of Commerce and FMCA full time. In all, she would work with the Chamber and FMCA for 10 years before moving on as executive director of the FMCA in 2015. “I was taught by my mother,” says Maloney. “She groomed me for the position.” Although Maloney admits that she never consciously thought about following in her mother’s footsteps, she is quick to add that she has benefitted from the close working relationship. “Fortunately, we had worked together

speaking to her on one occasion, she noted she was just like her mom: determined. I think Lana will benefit from embracing her mother’s best traits and leaving the less productive ones to someone else.” Maloney herself is quick to highlight the differences between herself and her mother. “I’d like to say that I am the same but I can’t,” she explains. “She would react very quickly to things and sometimes that would get her into trouble. I’m more likely to sit back and read the situation.” Another way in which the two differ is adapting to change.

for so long that by the time she retired,

“My goal is to continue to work with

we were able to conduct a seamless

the FMCA and to make it thrive,” says

transition,” says Maloney, who adds

Maloney. “This is our 30th anniversary

that the FMCA kept Slater on an as-

this year. I don’t want to destroy her

needed basis for the first year. “We

legacy but, at the same time, I need to

“Diane was also extremely tough

never hid the fact that she was my

be amenable to change. And I think I

mentally and had no illusions about

mother. She went to both boards to get

am more amenable than she was.”

her health,” says Gibson. “Like

their permission before hiring me.”

working on her retirement plan very early in the game. She had things well in hand by the time the official date came around in 2015.

everything else she did, she planned

But in some ways, adds Maloney, they

And permission was soon granted.

are like two peas in a pod.

of the FMCA would remain strong

“Lana was hired initially as a

“My mother was very circular in her

by developing Lana Maloney as her

receptionist,” says Iggulden. “She

thinking and I am the same way,” she

very capable successor. Diane truly

worked her way up through the

says. “When people come to me and

was a remarkable leader in serving

organization. There is no doubt that

want to partner with the FMCA, I

the members of the Fort McMurray

she was the right person for the job. It

always ask myself if this is the best

Construction Association.”

was a unanimous decision.”

thing for the construction industry

Maloney’s ascension to the position of

As to how much of Slater resides in

executive director of the FMCA was

Maloney, Iggulden says that the two

Even today, on her own, Maloney calls

one skillfully orchestrated.

are of the same stock.

upon her mother for advice.

“By the time my mother took on the

“Lana has her own personality but she

“There are some things that have

Chamber position, I was married

also has the same beliefs and values as

had to change,” she explains. “Like

and had moved to Edmonton,” recalls

Diane,” he says.

our Futures Projects Summit, for

and executed to ensure the leadership

Maloney. “My husband and I ended up moving back to Fort McMurray and at

Mayor Blake is a little less subtle.

and for the community.”

example. Over the last couple of years, the economic environment

that point, she needed some additional

“My connection to Lana really came

has necessitated that we make some

help. I ended up working with her part

from Diane and interfacing with her at

changes to it. But in my head, I am


a variety of events,” she states. “When

still asking myself whether my mom

70 Fort McMurray Construction Association

would be okay with the changes. She

Allen. “She embraced growth but, at

is still involved in the decision-making

the same time, didn’t want to lose that

process because she is still in my head

community feel. She strived to have a

— and my heart.”

growing, thriving community while

A stronger community

maintaining the very values at the

Slater remains in the minds and hearts

heart of that community. Fortunately

of many people throughout the Fort

for us, that community was Fort

McMurray business community and


the community itself. During her distinguished career, she spearheaded many initiatives that have paid huge

It’s been a tough year. But together we’re making progress.

But sadly, Slater never got a chance to fulfill the part of her life after retirement. She passed away on

dividends as a result. Upon her retirement, Slater spoke of championing the “I Love Oilsands” campaign. She was also on the board

Dec. 31, 2016. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo flew its flags at half-mast on the day of her

of Centre for Hope, the only daytime


drop-in centre for the homeless and

“The world is a lesser place without

near homeless in the municipality. “Diane embraced development,” says

her, especially Fort McMurray,” says Gazzard. n

As the community rebuilds, the path to recovery may be a long and challenging one.

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2017-04-19 10:40 AM

Rebuilding our community, one contract at a time (From left to right) Laurie Gaudet, certified public procurement officer and chartered manager, along with buyers Stephanie Rogers, Shaunnah Blackmore and Belinda Brunet.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is the first

jobs prosperity by awarding points for the number of

municipality in Alberta to develop and adopt a social

project-specific positions, and additional bonus points for

procurement framework. By transforming its method of

a commitment to full-time employment. The successful

purchasing goods and services, the RMWB is proactively

bidder committed to seven project specific positions and five

seeking social and economically sustainable benefits for

of those will become full-time employees.

the region. Social procurement is a growing practice that seeks to better leverage tax dollars to achieve positive

The RMWB is also rewarding and recognizing bidders

social outcomes to shape more equitable and healthy

for their commitments through a social audit which

communities. In 2013, social procurement became law

identifies diverse hiring practices, workforce development,

in the United Kingdom, then Europe, and is now rapidly

employment and income stability, and supporting the

moving across Canada.

community. The pilot process has identified this tool to be applied to the purchase of materials and equipment.

Adding social to procurement results in a powerful tool for improving lives and achieving goals. It supports

RMWB buyers, Stephanie Rogers, Belinda Brunet and

inclusive economic development, Indigenous economic

Shaunnah Blackmore, have emerged as strong internal

reconciliation, skills training and workforce development,

champions of social procurement.

youth employment, supportive employment, supply chain diversity, social enterprise capacity building, and improved small business access to public sector supply chains. Through a series of social procurement design labs, held in partnership with the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce, Fort McMurray Construction Association and the non-profit sector, RMWB’s procurement department has included the feedback obtained within the development of the social procurement policy.

“With a little education, we realized that it was only our own belief system that had to change, then we could start thinking strategically about ways to add social value to the procurement process,” they say. For them perhaps the biggest surprise was that no rules or laws had to change to make this new approach possible. Social procurement works within the guiding principles of a fair, open, transparent and competitive process that is trade agreement compliant.

Since September 2016, the procurement team has conducted a series of pilot bid opportunities focusing on jobs prosperity

Laurie Gaudet, certified public procurement officer and

and skills development. In the past eight months, seven

chartered manager, is the social procurement lead at the

opportunities were offered resulting in 12 job placements

RMWB where procurement processes have been re-

and three skills opportunities. Partnerships have been

designed to align and support the social and economic

developed with Choices Association of Fort McMurray

goals of recovery. Gaudet sees social procurement as an

and CAREERS: The Next Generation as the liaison for the

important paradigm shift; a best value approach to inclusive


economic development.

One of the bid opportunities was a requirement for drainage

“This has been an incredible opportunity for staff

improvements to several greenspaces in Timberlea. The

engagement and has resulted in a high level of

timeline to complete the work is June to September 2017.

empowerment amongst our buyers. Having the chance to

This is a great opportunity to include a social value for

improve lives is very rewarding.” n

72 Fort McMurray Construction Association

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Coverall Uniform Linen & Mat Ltd. 345 TaigaNova Cres Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 780-792-5217 / CQNetwork 204-52 Sioux Road Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 4X1 Tel: 780-449-5545 Creative Escapes Inc. 122 Brett Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 2H7 Tel: 780-972-4848 Crescent Electrical Services 104 Ward Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0X5 Tel: 587-723-1237 D&T Construction & Landscaping Ltd. 165 Huberman Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0Z9 Tel: 780-880-6022

DVD Masonry Ltd. 340 Circle Drive Edmonton, AB  T8N 7L5 Tel: 780-458-1203 E Construction Ltd. 745 Memorial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G3 Tel: 780-743-3822 Eagle Builders P.O. Box 1690 Blackfalds, AB  T0M 0J0 Tel: 403-885-5525 Eastern Infrastructure Inc. 4-69 Park Road Elmsdale, NS  B2S 2L3 Tel: 902-883-9685 Edwards Land Surveys Ltd. 33 Gregoire Lake Estates Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5S1 Tel: 780-334-9622

DC Wiring Ltd. 209 Wilson Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5B4 Tel: 780-715-7973

EMCO Waterworks 1-360 MacKenzie Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4C4 Tel: 780-713-2433

Dechant Construction Ltd. 10301 96 Street High Level, AB  T0H 1Z0 Tel: 780-926-4411

Enterprise Holdings Inc. 196 MacDonald Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4B3 Tel: 780-804-2166

Deep Foundations Contractors Inc. 6030-88 Street NW, Suite 224 Edmonton, AB  T6E 6G4 Tel: 780-469-7888

Fort Lakes Landscaping & Contracting Ltd. P.O. Box 6623 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5N4 Tel: 780-598-0569

Dene Sky Site Services Ltd. P.O. Box 34 Chard, AB  T0P 1G0 Tel: 780-559-2202 Denmax Energy Services Ltd. P.O. Box 2881 Wainwright, AB  T9W 1S7 Tel: 780-842-3661

Forthryte Services Inc. Bay 1-242 Macalpine Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4A6 Tel: 780-743-4811 Fuller Austin Inc. #1 Bay A-225 MacDonald Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4B5 Tel: 780-790-3424

Fort McMurray Construction Association MEMBERSHIP Genron Enterprises 2007 Ltd. 295 MacDonald Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4B7 Tel: 780-743-3445

Inland Concrete Ltd. 580 Memorial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4V9 Tel: 780-743-2180

LARR Management Corp. 14th Floor, 10665 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB  T5J 3S9 Tel: 587-334-4969

Geomatic Point Surveys Ltd. 146 Hilltop Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3V4 Tel: 780-743-3724

Inline Construction Surveys Ltd. 8 Eton Terrace St. Albert, AB  T8N 5K5 Tel: 780-307-3319

Ledcor Construction Ltd. 220 TaigaNova Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 250-491-2991

Insite Construction Surveys Inc. 22-240 Laffont Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 2W2 Tel: 780-742-8078

LetCar Mechanical Group Ltd. 8115 Fraser Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 1W5 Tel: 780-790-0757

INSPEK Crushing Ltd. 311 Woodward Lane Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5K8 Tel: 780-743-8862

Lexon Projects Inc. 2371 91 Avenue Edmonton, AB  T6P 1L1 Tel: 780-435-7476

H. Wilson Industries (2010) Ltd. 1045 Memorial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0K4 Tel: 780-743-1881 Hammerstone Corp. 500-4838 Richard Road SW Calgary, AB  T2R 0H8 Tel: 403-297-1680 Harris Steel Services Ltd. (Harris Rebar) 205-427 Gregoire Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4K7 Tel: 780-791-5900 Hatfield Consultants Partnership 10208 Centennial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 1Y5 Tel: 780-743-4290 Heavy North 9-400 TaigaNova Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 780-742-2094 Hedco Group Inc. P.O. Box 5635 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5C3 Tel: 780-750-2680 Hertz Car & Truck Rentals Fort McMurray - Young Motors (1971) Ltd. 315 Macalpine Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4Y4 Tel: 780-743-2894 Hertz Equipment Rental 105 MacKay Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4C9 Tel: 780-743-6233 Horizon North Logistics 5637-67 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB  T6B 2R8 Tel: 780-395-7340 HVAC Solutions Ltd. 300F MacLennan Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4G1 Tel: 780-792-0800

Janes Brother’s Contracting Ltd. 124 Westwood Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5C3 Tel: 780-743-5153 K Plowman Contracting Ltd. P.O. Box 534 Athabasca, AB  T9S 2A5 Tel: 780-370-8450 Kaycan 8025 127 Avenue Edmonton, AB  T5C 1R9 Tel: 780-468-4643 Ketek Group Inc. 270 MacLennan Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4G1 Tel: 780-714-5059 Lafarge Canada Inc. P.O. Box 5246 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G3 Tel: 780-743-8474 Laird Electric Inc. 225 MacDonald Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4B5 Tel: 780-715-3190 Lakeshore Contracting Ltd. 370 Snow Eagle Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 0H7 Tel: 780-714-3665 Landing Trail Petroleum Company Ltd. 14 Westpark Road Fort Saskatchewan, AB  T8L 3X2 Tel: 780-799-2772

Liam Construction Alberta Ltd. 17B-30 Riedel Street Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3E1 Tel: 780-791-1500 Live Better Homes Ltd. 20-3908 97 Street NW Edmonton, AB  T6E 6N2 Tel: 780-461-7599 Lucullan Properties Ltd. P.O. Box 3681 Station Terminal Vancouver, BC  V6B 3Y8 Tel: 1-888-753-5162 Marco Builders Inc. 9703 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2K1 Tel: 780-880-9524 Marvel Contracting Inc. P.O. Box 6189 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4W1 Tel: 780-791-7100 Mastertech Plumbing 269 Beaton Place Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 2B2 Tel: 780-715-6036 Midlite Construction Ltd. P.O. Box 25058 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5N8 Tel: 780-714-6559 Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. 702 Acheson Road Acheson, AB  T7X 5A7 Tel: 780-960-6966

Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1


Fort McMurray Construction Association MEMBERSHIP Nason Contracting Group Ltd. 25 Corriveau Avenue St. Albert, AB  T8N 5A3 Tel: 780-470-7100

P&R Concrete Ltd. 180 Grenfell Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2M5 Tel: 780-748-8412

Ripley Construction 146 Erindale Road Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4N5 Tel: 780-747-5530

NC Transport & Equipment (1258140 AB Ltd.) 101 Beardsley Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2T5 Tel: 780-713-1169

Park Derochie Inc. 11850 28 Street NE Edmonton, AB  T6S 1G6 Tel: 780-791-2205

NEC Construction Ltd. P.O. Box 2100 Lac La Biche, AB  T0A 2C0 Tel: 780-623-4643

Parsons Creek Resources P.O. Box 25085, RPO Signal Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5N8 Tel: 780-799-3817

RJ Rice Enterprises Ltd. o/a Fort McMurray Home Hardware Building Centre 7925 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2H5 Tel: 780-743-2271

Nedco 17-280 TaigaNova Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 780-743-3461

PCL Construction Management Inc. 5400 99 Street Edmonton, AB  T6E 3N7 Tel: 780-733-5855

Nilex Inc. 6810 8 Street NW Edmonton, AB  T6P 0C5 Tel: 780-463-9535

Pidherney’s Inc. P.O. Box 130 Blackfall, AB  T0M 0J0 Tel: 403-845-8959

Norbasca Homes Ltd. 112 Macrae Place Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0Z7 Tel: 780-799-2655

Powermax Contracting Ltd. 130-316 Dawson Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 3N6 Tel: 780-714-9690

NorthCor Construction Inc. 302-8706 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2J6 Tel: 780-756-9191 Northland Construction Supplies 111-190 Macalpine Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4A6 Tel: 780-278-4537 NWT Promotions 103-7 Boulder Boulevard Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 1V6 Tel: 780-743-8708 OCL Group Inc. 10014 Main Street Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2G5 Tel: 780-881-6399 One Rule Construction Ltd. P.O. Box 37, Eagle Ridge PO Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 2Y4 Tel: 780-381-8889/587-988-3734 Optics Engineering 112 Trillium Road Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0H5 Tel: 780-715-6767

76 Fort McMurray Construction Association

Prairie North Const. Ltd. 110 Hilltop Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3V4 Tel: 780-715-0636 Proserve Cleaning & Restoration Services DKI 300J Maclennan Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4G1 Tel: 780-791-3663 R.EX Contracting Ltd. P.O. Box 5057 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G2 Tel: 780-791-2867 Randy Smith Trucking (1190919 AB Ltd.) 176 Mustang Road Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5K4 Tel: 780-598-5822 Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo 9909 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2K4 Tel: 780-788-4311 Revel Contracting 1024584 Alberta Ltd. P.O. Box 5808 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4V9 Tel: 780-799-9652

Romeo’s Flooring & Stone 10203 Centennial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3K7 Tel: 780-743-9497 RONA Inc./HC Fort McMurray 8408 Manning Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5G2 Tel: 780-743-4666 Roofmart Alberta Inc. 394 Gregoire Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3R2 Tel: 780-790-3000 S.A.W.S General Contracting Inc. P.O. Box 607 Plamondon, AB  T0A 2T0 Tel: 780-212-1148 Savard Construction -1254916 AB Ltd. 189 Bird Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4T4 Tel: 780-799-3392 Scott Builders Inc. 3500 Saprae Creek Trail Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 0H6 Tel: 587-797-2804 SELECT Safety Communications 216 Carleton Street Borden-Carleton, PEI  C0B 1X0 Tel: 780-972-2357 SeNa Constructors Inc. 30 Freestone Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5B4 Tel: 780-799-0230 SNC - Lavalin O&M Logistics Inc. 300-640 5th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3G4 Tel: 403-776-7108

Fort McMurray Construction Association MEMBERSHIP Speedpro Signs Fort McMurray 505A-8600 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4G8 Tel: 587-536-6464

Surmont Sand & Gravel Ltd. 320 MacKenzie Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4C4 Tel: 780-598-9099

United Rentals Inc. 375 MacKenzie Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5E2 Tel: 780-790-2700

Stigg Security Inc. 143 Killdeer Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0P8 Tel: 780-972-3200

T&B’s Glass & Door Ltd. 5B-235 Macalpine Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4A5 Tel: 780-750-7195

Vallen 3-431 MacKenzie Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4C5 Tel: 780-743-4336

Stirling Electrical Contracting Inc. 201 Ash Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0E9 Tel: 780-799-9777

T.J’s Oilfield Contracting Ltd. P.O. Box 5537 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G5 Tel: 780-799-9592

Viceroy Construction Ltd. 12211 Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC  V7A 4V4 Tel: 604-639-3320

Tazi Electric Ltd. 16-170 MacLennan Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4E8 Tel: 780-714-3313

Vicky’s Homes Inc. 8-380 TaigaNova Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 780-705-0188

The Casman Group of Companies 330 MacKenzie Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4C4 Tel: 780-788-0578/780-788-0521

Voice Construction Ltd. 200 MacDonald Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4B2 Tel: 780-790-0990

The Driving Force Ltd. 340 Parent Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5E6 Tel: 780-791-0932

Westburne West Electrical Supply 205 MacKay Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4T5 Tel: 780-743-0378

Thompson Bros. ( Constr. ) LP 685 Memorial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5N4 Tel: 780-715-3422

Western Canadian Construction Company Ltd. 202-9908 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2K5 Tel: 587-258-0282

Stony Mountain Waste Management 171 Poplar Drive Conklin, AB  T0P 1H1 Tel: 403-460-1401 Stony Valley Contracting Ltd. 245 TaigaNova Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 780-598-2244 Stratford Contracting Ltd. P.O. Box 5626 Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 3G5 Tel: 780-713-5169 Streamline Mechanical LP 53113 Highway 21 Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 4T7 Tel: 780-598-9770 Strongco 205 Macalpine Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4A6 Tel: 780-799-4201 Sultan Management Corp. 10214 Centennial Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 1Y5 Tel: 587-539-1800 Summit Electric & Maintenance Ltd. P.O. Box 1317 Athabasca, AB  T9S 2B2 Tel: 780-675-3638 Summit Valve and Controls Inc. 5304 68 Avenue Edmonton, AB  T6B 3M4 Tel: 780-468-6900 Sureway Construction Group of Companies 7331 18 Street Edmonton, AB  T6P 1P9 Tel: 780-743-4789

Top Knotch Doors Ltd. 11-266 MacKay Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5C6 Tel: 780-881-4160 Tree Centre 10619 82 Street Edmonton, AB  T6A 3N2 Tel: 780-474-7729 Treit Holdings 8 Corp. o/a Radisson Hotel & Suites Fort McMurray 435 Gregoire Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4K7 Tel: 780-743-2400 ext. 632

Westward Electric Services 33-280 TaigaNova Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 0T4 Tel: 780-791-9378 Wilco Contracting Northwest Inc. 2D-380 MacKenzie Boulevard Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4C4 Tel: 780-790-2331 Wood Buffalo Building Supplies 100 Royer Way Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 0E1 Tel: 587-624-0010

Tri-Gen Construction Ltd. 128 Burton Place Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 1V4 Tel: 780-791-3662

Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corp. 9011-9915 Franklin Avenue Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 2K4 Tel: 780-799-4049

TS Signs Printing & Promo 195 MacKay Crescent Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 5E8 Tel: 780-790-1945

WSP Canada Inc. Bay 1-118 Millennium Drive Fort McMurray, AB  T9K 2S8 Tel: 780-790-0704 Rebuilding Fort McMurray 2017-1


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Harris Rebar.....................................................................................56

Advantage Learning Solutions................................................61

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Akron Engineering....................................................................... 43

Hertz Equipment Rentals............................................................ 11

Alberta Blue Cross.........................................................................61

HVAC Solutions Ltd......................................................................19

Alcor Facilities Management....................................................21


Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd................................................ 43

Inland Concrete Limited........................................................... 49

Alta 1 Drywall Ltd.....................................................................OBC

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ATB Financial................................................................................. 45

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Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd............................................................. 68 BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.....................................79 Boilermakers Lodge 146............................................................62 Brock White Construction Materials....................................27 Canadian Tire...................................................................................51 Canwest Concrete........................................................................28 Casman Building Solutions...................................................... 50 Challenger Geomatics................................................................ 34 Combined Concrete Pumping................................................47 Consun Contracting Ltd............................................................23 Curved Walls Inc............................................................................33 Design 21...........................................................................................39 Driving Force....................................................................................13 E Construction Ltd.....................................................................IFC Echo Promotions Inc...................................................................63 Edmonton Kubota Ltd................................................................53 Edwards Land Surveys Ltd.......................................................33 Eecol Electric Inc.......................................................................65

Mapei Inc..........................................................................................55 MasterTech Plumbing Inc..........................................................27 Midlite Construction Ltd........................................................... 49 Nedco.................................................................................................25 Nufloors.............................................................................................47 P-Ban Concrete Pumping Ltd.................................................63 Paintearth Terrain Development............................................63 Park Derochie...................................................................................31 Petro-Canada Lubricants..........................................................57 Romeo’s Flooring & Stone....................................................... 43 Rona Inc.............................................................................................29 S.A.W.S. General Contracting..................................................67 ScotiaBank...................................................................................... 69 Solcom Ltd.......................................................................................63 Speedpro Signs Fort Mcmurray.............................................28 Stony Mountain Waste Management..................................28 Streamline Mechanical................................................................39

Empire Drywall Ltd.......................................................................35

T&B’s Glass & Door Ltd..............................................................26

Enbridge........................................................................................... 60

Taurus Site Services Inc.............................................................33

Enterprise Holdings Incorporated...................................4 & 5

Tazi Electric Ltd.............................................................................26


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TS Signs Printing & Promo.......................................................24

Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd............................................... 9

United Rentals.................................................................................. 3

Fort Mac Cleaning Services......................................................61

Viceroy Houses (2015) Ltd........................................................15

Go Nissan..........................................................................................67

Wood Buffalo Building Supplies.............................................18

H. Wilson Industries (2010) Ltd..............................................35

YG Concrete Ltd............................................................................47

78 Fort McMurray Construction Association


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Rebuilding Fort McMurray Spring/Summer 2017  

This is the inaugural issue of the Fort McMurray publication for the Fort McMurray Construction Association.

Rebuilding Fort McMurray Spring/Summer 2017  

This is the inaugural issue of the Fort McMurray publication for the Fort McMurray Construction Association.