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GONE CLUBBING How wineries keep up with membership


Single-serve wine packaging


FROM KITCHEN TO VINEYARD Two BC chefs crossover into winemaking

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24 Chefs to winemakers – Two chefs crossover into wine

30 Handling wastewater from wineries

highlight Canadian wine industry

By Rivercourt Engineering

10 Benefits of membership –

32 From vine to wine –

Wine clubs that offer more

New Research Winery

14 The refined six-pack –

investigates cool-climate growing

Single-serve beverages

18 Pricing decisions based on analysing margins By RHN Chartered Professional Accountants

20 SR&ED in the vineyard By Revenue Services Group

22 Are your seasonal workers trained?

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editor’s message


to summer

Hello and welcome the Summer 2019 edition of Crush, the Canadian vineyard and winery management magazine. With summer activities in full swing, the beverages accompanying those activities are in high demand. In this issue, we look at why Canada needs to catch up on producing more singleserve beverage options – besides the fact that they fit easily into your golf bag, back pack, or unicorn floaty. We talk with four wineries about how they keep up with their wine club memberships, and feature two winemakers whose culinary paths led them to trade in their chef hats and pursue winemaking (and whatever it is that winemakers wear). This issue also offers insights into innovations such as water treatment programs and bird control devices, as well as a research winery located in Nova Scotia. We hope you enjoy this issue and invite you to visit Crush online at crushmagazine.ca for year-round winery news and information. We also welcome your feedback or story ideas, so please say hello any time. We have a lot of exciting info coming your way in our winter edition, until then have a wonderful summer.


Smart fog humidity done right



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Above: Chardo vineyard. Inset: ICCVineyard.

International Symposium set to

highlight Canada’s wine industry

By Britt Dixon

Momentum is building as Canada gets ready to welcome the world to Brock University next summer for one of the most prestigious international wine conferences. It’s the first time the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS) has come to Canada. From July 12 to 17, 2020, leading researchers, winemakers, grape growers, educators and media from around the world will gather in Ontario at Brock University. Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is working alongside its research and industry partners across the country to plan the event, which will focus on how climate change is driving innovation in the grape and wine industry. “This is an issue that impacts all cool climate wine regions,” says CCOVI director Debbie Inglis. “The ICCWS will give researchers from diverse fields the chance to showcase the cutting-edge work they are doing and discuss innovative practices that can help ensure the vitality of cool climate grape growing and winemaking.” Conference sessions will include viticulture, oneology, wine business and grape and wine science communication. The opening keynote


Below: Westside winemakers: CCOVI senior oenologist Belinda Kemp, centre, pictured with the west side winemaking team, from left: Bruce Nicholson, Inniskillin Wines; Emma Garner, Thirty Bench Wine Makers; Angelo Pavan, Cave Spring Cellars; Shiraz Mottiar, Malivoire Wine Company; Sandrine Bourcier, Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery; and Arthur Harder, Westcott Vineyards; not present is Thomas Bachelder, Bachelder Wines.

Above: Eastside winemakers: CCOVI senior oenologist Belinda Kemp, in Brock shirt, is pictured with the east side winemaking team, from left, Fabien Reis, Ferox; Amelie Boury, Château des Charmes; J.L. Groux, Stratus Vineyards; Emma Garner, Thirty Bench Wine Makers; and Ann Sperling, Southbrook Vineyards.

speaker will be Nobel prize-winning

A unique feature of the conference

Winemakers will have free rein to craft

physicist Brian Schmidt, vice

will be the presentation of wines

their wines however they choose, all of

chancellor and president of the

from The Great Chardo Swap.

which being a part of a grand tasting

Australian National University, who

Organized by CCOVI oenologist

for attendees. The wines created

also owns a cool climate vineyard and

Belinda Kemp, the swap will

during The Great Chardo Swap will

winery. President of the International

showcase terroir and winemaker

be auctioned off, with the proceeds

Organisation of Vine and Wine,

ingenuity through Niagara

donated to the Karl J. Kaiser Memorial

Regina Vanderlinde, will speak about

Chardonnay. The activity will have

the global wine overview to climate

twelve winemakers using grapes

adaptation and the challenges of

from two well-established Niagara

adopting new technology in wineries.

vineyards to craft one-of-a-kind

Registration for the ICCWS opens in

Elizabeth Wolkovich from the

Chardonnays, with six winemakers

August 2019. Learn more at

University of British Columbia will

working with juice from each site.

iccws2020.ca. o

Fund to establish scholarships for students studying oenology and viticulture at Brock University.

share her research on how climate change affects different winegrape varieties and how shifting varieties may help growers. In addition to the conference sessions at Brock, located in the heart of the Niagara wine region, those attending will also have the opportunity to participate in pre- and post-

Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is dedicated to advancing the Canadian grape and wine industry through: Research

Targeting industry priorities in viticulture, oenology, wine business, policy and wine culture

Outreach Services

conference programming that will

Sharing information through industry conferences, workshops, lectures, events and analytical services

showcase Canada’s wine regions from

Continuing Education for wine, spirits and cider

coast to coast. “The ICCWS gives us an opportunity

Whether it’s for professional or personal growth, CCOVI has course opportunities available both in-class and online in wine, spirits and cider

to share the diversity of Canada’s award-winning wine regions, introduce international delegates to our wines and tell our cool climate

Learn more at


 instagram @CCOVIBrockU

wine story,” says Inglis.


Benefits of Membership


clubs offer

more W

ine club memberships may not be that new anymore, but as

membership numbers continue to rise, so too do the offerings because… they need to.

turned into an expansion of the entire

for delivery. But for those members

wine-club experience. “Consumers

who weren’t familiar enough with

are looking to align with supportable

the wines and were unsure of what

businesses and to be engaged as a

to order, Crush Pad created The

part of those businesses.”

Winemaker’s Club with set wine

Creating a connection with customers is just as important as providing them

releases. “This gives members the ability to get to know our wines before stepping into a self-customized club,”

“Every winery has a wine club now,”

with an incentive. Doré says holding

says Zola Doré, wine club and guest

wine tasting events, not only at their

experience manager at Okanagan

own stunning venue in Summerland,

Crush Pad Winery. “What sets you

but also at venues throughout the

apart, is the perks you offer to your

lower mainland, such as downtown

The Crush Pad recently added the


Vancouver, help to expand the Crush

Club House, a guest house featuring

Pad brand and the wine-tasting

two separate two-bedroom suites, to

experience outside of the Okanagan.

their list of perks available for rent to

Generally, wine clubs offer perks such as discounts, priority access


Harvest Dinner at Singletree Winery.

says Doré. “People enjoy the selections made by our winemakers because they go with the seasons.”

out-of-town club members.

to new releases, or wines produced

Using member feedback, they were

specifically for club members. While

also able to tailor their membership

At Blue Grouse Estate Winery on

it may seem that there could be no

to appeal to a wider audience.

Vancouver Island, their club offers

better perk than to have a case of

Their original club, The Founders’

three levels of membership. “The

wine delivered directly to your door

Club, is a modern-style club where

different levels give more people the

like a pizza, Doré says the trend has

members can select their own wines

opportunity to be a part of a wine

While it may seem that there could be no better perk than to have a case of wine delivered directly to your

Member event at Blue Grouse.

door like a pizza, Doré says the trend has turned into an expansion of the entire wine-club experience.

club,” says Melanie Watson, tasting room and wine club manager. At Blue Grouse, members have the choice to have three, four, or eight bottles delivered three times per year, with each level offering a selection of member-exclusive benefits. Throwing pick-up parties for club members when wine is ready for release is an opportunity for members to pick up their wine, meet other members, and enjoy some food and music. “Having a wine club is a way to engage our visitors, whether it is from nearby, the Island, the province, or the country,” says Watson. “We make it a community-building event.” Started in 2014, two years after the vineyard was purchased by the Brunner Family, Watson says the club membership is steadily growing. “We sell out of our wine each year.


Member event at Crush Pad.

“And for a winery, you definitely want those brand advocates out there. We want those champions talking about our wine.”

We are at a comfortable level now,

new releases,” says Debbie Etsell,

but as we expand the vineyard and

marketing coordinator of Singletree

increase wine production, we will

Winery. “It brings a real loyal body

also increase membership.”

of people who enjoy wine while

Creating member events is also one of the ways in which Singletree

exposing them to some different experiences.”

Winery has grown their membership

With vineyards located in the Fraser

base. “Our wine release parties

Valley and Penticton, Singletree

have been extended to two-day

offers member discounts, member-

events so members can try all of our

exclusive releases, and special offers to such events including the Harvest Dinner held each fall. Etsell says they are now working on committing

Sustainability North Inc.

personnel solely to support the wine club. “We need to be able to service our members and give them value for being our wine club members,” she says. “We are still growing, but each year we evolve to offer more to

Building sustainability Building sustainability into intoyour yourbusiness business

our members and it was very evident to us that it was time to create a

•• Assessment Assessmentofofvineyard vineyardand andwinery wineryoperations operations •• Sustainability planning, reporting Sustainability planning, reportingand andbranding branding •• Water, energy and waste management initiatives Water, energy and waste management initiatives •• Preparation Preparationfor forsustainability sustainabilitycertification certification

dedicated wine club staff.”

 403-695-7153  ron@sustainabilitynorth.ca

a growing number of visitors who

www.sustainabilitynorth.ca www.sustainabilitynorth.ca


Typically, the majority of members sign up while they are visiting a winery’s tasting room, but there is return home, enjoy the wine they purchased, then join the club online.

Member event at EVOLVE.

“This is important for those wineries whose products are not available in a government liquor store,” says Christa-Lee McWatters, director

ways. “The purpose of a wine club is to offer a benefit to the consumer and wine club member with memberonly benefits,” says McWatters. “And

for a winery, you definitely want those brand advocates out there. We want those champions talking about our wine.” o

of sales & marketing, ENCORE Vineyards Ltd. “It’s an added benefit of having wine shipped directly to your doorstep, rather than searching through private stores.” ENCORE Vineyards operates

Our unique, specialized tractors are available with:

two wineries; Evolve Cellars in

• • • • •

Summerland and Time Winery in Penticton. They offer a wine club at each winery plus a third, Club Encore, which is a selection from their three collections, Evolve, Time,

Impressive range of horsepower from 31-99 hp Standard or articulated chassis and swinging in all models Choice of transmissions: Hydrostatic or CVT & Mecanical Speed Speeds of up to 30 or 40 km/h Reversible driving position avalaible on some model

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and the McWatters Collection giving members the opportunity to choose their wine from all three brands. Each club offers different levels of pricing and commitment allowing more choice to the consumer while trying new wines. We may have heard a thing or two about membership having its privileges, and for those wineries developing and cultivating their client base, the benefits can go both


Antonio Carraro Canada


www.antoniocarraro.ca 819.626.0166


The Refined Six-Pack Single-serve Wine in Cans by Tammy Schuster


ans of sangria, tetra paks of rosé, and half-bottles of bubs. Single-serve wine containers are a new

to sell to customers,” says Leeann

exposure and a more memorable

Froese, co-owner of Town Hall Brands,

experience – everyone has pens and

a Vancouver-based marketing agency

tote bags.

that specializes in food, drink, and

convenience for the few souls who

hospitality. She says those customers

have trouble polishing off a full bottle

go beyond the party-goer or camping

of wine (they exist). But the small

enthusiast, and includes hotels (for

single-serve wine bottles, cans, and

mini bar fridges), airlines, and food

tetra paks are not necessarily about


portion-control. Single-serve wine

on serving sizes for public samples,

popularity as a marketing tool, create

Froese says a winery attending a

convenience for consumers, and open

trade show could potentially hand out

up new markets for producers.

preferred for portability and ease of service, and when you’re enjoying wine by yourself or want to remain responsible,” she says. Froese says that single-serve packaging offers

While rules differ between province

packaging has the potential to gain

“Smaller packaging options are

single-serving samples rather than

storage convenience for the Canadian households that are getting smaller and have fewer people and less space for storage, but why isn’t the market being flooded with more options?

“For producers making single serving

opening a 750 ml bottle and pouring.

“With a smaller package, the retail

packages, it provides an alternative

This could create greater brand

cost does not always go down

Transform your can into a multi-sensorial experience!


Silver Bullets

Printed Cans

1.519.760.5526 www.ftpackaging.ca • info@ftpackaging.ca


LOE Lids

935A Southgate Drive, Unit 2 Guelph, ON Canada N1L 0B9

It’s going to be a very good year

Thanks to warm sun-drenched days, cool nights and bottled gases from Praxair.

Winemaking isn’t just an art. It’s also a complex chemical process. And in today’s modern wineries, gases play an increasingly vital role in virtually every aspect of bottled wine. As a leader in the industrial gases industry, Praxair is actively working side-by-side with winemakers to explore and perfect new ways in which bottled gases can improve both efficiency and final product. Whether it’s dry ice (CO2) for cooling and sweetening grapes during crushing, nitrogen or argon for blanketing, or gas packaging options that enhance safety and efficiency,

Praxair has the bottled gases, equipment and expertise to make every year an excellent vintage. 800.225.8247



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A toast to the six-pack of wine: The View Winery produces Bling sparkling wines in cans. PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE VIEW WINERY.

proportionally, so there is the

include restaurants that carry the

“Packaging can be the most expensive

potential for a winery to have greater

six-packs because there’s less waste

aspect of the beverage market, and

profitability,” she says. “But Canadian

at brunch when mimosas are in high

one of the most important decisions

producers have not been fast to

demand. The cans have also made

a winery needs to make,” says


plenty of cameo appearances on social

Bernhardt. “We deliver significant

media pages.

value to brands by offering a large

Jennifer Molgat, president of The

The misconception that small-format

they began producing Bling, a single-

packing is more expensive or won’t

serve sparkling white wine sold in

be well-received is a misnomer that

cans, in 2012, citing convenience for

Bernhardt says they can deliver

could be behind the slow uptake.

customers. Hearing things such as

within five weeks so wineries

Molgat says funds were initially

‘my husband doesn’t drink sparkling

can have their product in cans

put into research and development

wine, so the bottle goes to waste’,

faster and cheaper, offering no-

surrounding wine aging in cans, but

cost embellishments to match the

and living in a high-recreation area with boaters, golfers, and horseback riders, she thought it might be time to give the six-pack option a try. “I was


array of premium packaging options

View Winery in Kelowna says that

other than that the cost to produce is nearly equivalent to producing a 750 ml bottle and label.

at industry-best prices.”

premium look of a paper, painted, or PSL wine label. “We consult with our customers from design through

a little nervous that wine snobbery

“The canned wine market in the USA

to delivery and provide a turn-key

would prevail, so we only produced

is massive,” says Austen Bernhardt

package concept that can help craft

five pallets,” says Molgat. “It sold out

of Fast Track Packaging. “With

wineries grow.”

within two months. So the following

such a rapidly growing industry for

year, we doubled production and it

canned wine, the Canadian market is

also sold out within two months.”

earmarked for this same growth.”

Molgat says since 2012, and with the

Located in Guelph, Ontario, Fast

great addition to a winery’s range of

introduction of sparkling rosé in 2013,

Track is Canada’s leading supplier of

products, it can also serve as a great

sales have increased 900 per cent over

printed and shrink-sleeved cans to the

marketing tool, and can add a little

six years. She says their customers

beverage industries.

sparkle to your social media stories. o

Adding another option for consumers, whether it’s a limited production or a year-round offering, can be a


Consumers seemed interested in the fact that we were using a screw-cap. We then educated them and let them know that aluminum closures can also be associated with higher-end wines. We choose STELVIN® to preserve the freshness and consistency with our wine and it always delivered what we required from a quality stand point.






Contact your STELVIN® expert at +1 877-783-5846 www.stelvin.com

STELVIN® - The original taste keeper since 1964

The largest range of capsules and closures for Wine, Sparkling Wine and Spirits.


CAPGARD Aluminium




The original wine aluminium closure


Tin Polylaminate

Margin Analysis for Effective

Pricing Decisions


s accountants, a component of our work focuses

It is important to look at cost of goods sold within the

on data analysis. Analytics provide the framework

construct of the contribution margin. Consider these

from which we can interpret information,

two sales examples: would you rather sell a bottle of

formulate scenarios to test options, draw

wine at $20.00 with a cost of $2.40, or a bottle of wine

meaningful conclusions, and support decision making.

at $40.00 with a cost of $6.20? Undoubtedly, one would

The primary goal is to discover useful information.

prefer the second sale as it puts $16.20 more in your

Most business owners are familiar with the financial

hands, even though in the second sales example the cost

statement terms of cost of goods sold (COGS) and gross

of goods sold is six per cent higher. The key is finding

profit. But many may not understand the impact of

a balance and understanding the relationship between

contribution margin.

sales volume and profit such that in some instances, the

CONTRIBUTION MARGIN is the gross profit from the sale of a bottle of wine and can be expressed as a dollar

margin may need to be sacrificed in order to achieve a higher overall net profit.

amount or as a percentage. The dollar amount relates

Use the example and create a graph that charts your

to the money you have available to cover general and

primary bottled wine sales in the month. You may wish

administrative expenses.

to separate your wine shop sales data from the total sales you have for these wines particularly if the margins are quite different between customer types (wine shop

Reconnect with your trusted accounting professionals

customers versus licensees). The vertical axis would be the number of bottles sold and the horizontal axis would be the contribution margin for each of your selected

Come visit us at booths 62 Reconnect & 63 at the with your trusted bottles of wine. Determine which wine has the highest accounting professionals. 18th Annual Enology & Viticulture Conference. sales volume; does it achieve a high or low contribution Come visit us at booths 62 & 63 at the margin? Do one of the bottled wines have low sales 18th Annual Enology & Viticulture Conference. Wineries & Vineyards • Farming Operations volume but a high contribution margin? Consider what

Inventory Management • Self-Employment the results imply. For example, a high contribution Small Business • Complex Tax Returns Wineries & Vineyards  Farming Operations

margin but a low sales volume may indicate that your Inventory Management  Self-Employment Small Business  Complex Tax Returns price is too high regardless of its cost. Monitor what happens if you lower the price on this bottle of wine. Do

Cher Wood, CPA, CGA

your sales volumes increase resulting in increased profit

even though your margin is reduced? Generally, you cwood@rhncpa.com Cher Wood, CPA, CGA o

cwood@rhncpa.com 8319 Main Street (2nd Floor) Osoyoos, BCStreet, Canada V0H 1V0 8507 Main Upper Suite Osoyoos, BC 250-495-3383 www.rhncpa.com 250-495-3383 www.rhncpa.com

want the graph to reflect a 45 line when charting wine

sales relative to their respective contribution margins. The results should reflect your higher sales volume wines achieving higher contribution margins, which should translate into greater profitability.

To learn more, contact RHN Chartered Professional Accountants at 250-495-3383 or visit rhncpa.com. o 18

PRINCETON WOOD PRESERVERS LTD. Pressure treating with CCA to meet both CSA and AWPA standards for over 40 years. For all of your trellising and fencing needs please contact: East: Greg Ardiel .............705-443-7613 West: Bill Everitt ..............250-295-7911 ext 102

Visit our website at www.pwppost.com for further information on PWP. 19

Stories of innovation

SR&ED in the vineyard and cellar by Carla Elm, Vice President RSG Regardless of the industry, technological innovations advance new and improved products and processes, including those in the vineyard and the cellar. Innovation drives competition and satisfies the detective in all of us. How else does an industry advance, but through a curiosity for what might work and what might work better? Although one person’s innovative brainstorm may be another person’s flash in the pan, the necessity to try, try again is key. Only through iterative experimentation, inevitable failures, and exciting successes are new processes established and new products born.

pest control systems, mussel shells under grape vines as a

New developments in viticulture and enology continue to crop up over time, including the use of pheromones in

domain nor from your colleagues. Scientific Research &

beetle deterrent, and new methods for micro-oxygenation in the barrel. What new innovations took place in your vineyard and your cellar this year? At RSG, we look forward to asking our clients what kept them searching for a solution well after the sun had gone down. We ask them what didn’t work and what worked unexpectedly. We invite you to tell us about the moment when you reached the end of your knowledge and could find no solution to your problem, neither in the public Experimental Development (SR&ED) always begins from that startling moment when you realize that you have no workaround to the obstacle at hand. We want to hear your story of how you tried to overcome this obstacle. From an SR&ED perspective, success or failure is not the concern; regardless of the outcome, you

Scientific ReSeaRch & expeRimental Development (SR&eD) in vineyaRDS & WineRieS We explore refunds in viticulture and oenology. let us determine your eligibility today!

spent time experimenting and searching for a solution. This is SR&ED – and some of the time spent on this experimental work will qualify for a refund, and a refund is your entitlement. Perhaps you attempted innovative pruning techniques as part of your canopy management, or utilized robotics, or attempted precision viticulture. Maybe you implemented innovative sustainability practices or attempted to reduce smoke taint. Perhaps your attempt to advance enology involved custom yeast or ML bacteria, or puncheons rather than traditional barrels. Whatever your innovation story, consider inviting RSG to be a part of it. We look forward to meeting with you, touring your facility, and learning about your attempts to advance science and technology in your vineyard and cellar. We aim to improve your R&D bottom line. Give us a call today at 604-800-4111 or visit our website revenueservices.ca. o


Get Your Brand Noticed


BRANDING | PUBLICITY | PACKAGING | DESIGN | EVENTS TOWNHALLBRANDS.COM @TOWNHALLBRANDS E2Uâ„¢, our new and innovative range of products has been created to facilitate and enhance your fermentation process. Less time and same quality. Fermentis, the obvious choice for beverage fermentation.

We stock all supplies, ingredients and equipment needed to make or test Wine, Beer, Cider and Spirits.


Serving the professionals and amateurs alike. WE SHIP ALL ACROSS CANADA.

EnartisUSA_Zenith tr.indd 1

06/06/19 11:50


Keep the training of your seasonal workers up to date


hen seasonal workers arrive at a farm site, employers are required to provide them with site-specific orientation and training before they begin work. Even if they are returning

workers, it’s still important to ensure they receive the same orientation and training as new workers, both as a reminder of health and safety procedures, and to answer questions or clarify issues from the previous year. The following items must be included in the orientation: 1. The name and contact information of each worker’s supervisor. 2. The rights and responsibilities for workers, employers, and supervisors under the Workers Compensation Act and the Regulation, for example:

• The worker has the right to be informed about workplace hazards.

isolation, such as check-in procedures. 7. How and when to report incidents of bullying, harassment, and violence. 8. What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for each task, where it is located, how to use it properly, and how to store and care for it. 9. How to report injuries and where to get first aid. 10. Emergency procedures, including locations of evacuation meeting points and fire extinguishers. 11. Details about your occupational health and safety (OHS) program. 12. Information about the chemicals and pesticides and how to protect themselves. This includes how and when

• The duty to report hazards.

to use the products, safe storage of products, and how

• The duty to refuse unsafe work.

to clean spills or treat accidental exposures.

• The right to participate in workplace health and safety activities.

3. The general rules and safety procedures of your workplace. 4. The hazards the worker will, or may be, exposed to in their job. 5. Instruction and demonstration of work tasks and processes.


6. The policies and procedures for working alone or in

13. How and where to get additional safety information or report health and safety concerns. As an employer, you want your workers to remain healthy and safe so that they can be productive. Keep records of all training and check in regularly with your workers to answer any questions and to ensure they are performing their work as trained. For more information and online resources, visit worksafebc.com/agriculture. o

An effective health and safety plan involves everyone. The planning decisions you make today can affect the health and safety of workers tomorrow.

Find resources to prevent injuries at worksafebc.com/agriculture

Chef to Winemaker

Graham Pierce by Tammy Schuster


s an award-winning winemaker in the Okanagan for over two decades, Graham Pierce, director of winemaking at ENCORE Vineyards Ltd., has come full circle in his career. But his entry into the world of culinary arts

happened out of sheer desperation. “As a child, my mom wouldn’t buy sweets, so I wondered how hard it would be to make this stuff myself,” he says. To a child this may have seemed like the harshest of realities, but it is what propelled Pierce into the art of gastronomy and eventually winemaking. “By the time I was eight or nine years old, I was following Julia Childs recipes and making messes.” Cooking professionally by the time he was in high school, Pierce says he had a good handle on flavours and cooking concepts. But before completing his winemaking and viticulture education at the Okanagan College, Pierce began as a chef at Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna. It was 1996 and he refers to it as landing an amazing dream job. “At the time there were only two other wineries with restaurants. There wasn’t much going on in the culinary scene here yet and the farm-to-table experience was just starting. We were successful right out of the gate.” He says the restaurant industry gave him the opportunity to figure out what people liked. “You get to know what the crowd pleasers are, what wine is good for certain demographics, and you recognize what the market is striving for.” After spending five years with Summerhill, where he lived on site, he noticed that as the restaurant slowed down after the summer, the wine side would pick up in the fall. “I came to the realization that winemaking is much like cooking,” he says. “It’s a dirty back-of-thehouse job, just on a bigger scale with bigger tools and no do-overs.” It wasn’t so much the romantic notion of making wine, although the connection became obvious. “The two crafts are so inter-related that it’s kind of part and parcel,” says Pierce. “So much of the food world comes back into the wine world. It all really appealed to me, even the rubber boots and the hoodies and working until four in the morning.” Once he completed his education, Pierce donned the glamourous attire of a winemaker and began his career. From 2000 to 2008, he began winemaking at Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery, and then spent


ten years at Black Hills Estate

you can do to remove anything or

and figuring out the best time for

Winery building out the brand until

change the composition of the fruit.”

picking.” And it’s a time of year that

the vineyard sold to Andrew Peller Estates.

he can once again don the rubber

Pierce is enjoying his current role

boots and hoodie. “Food and wine

which combines his experience of

Afterwards, Pierce was looking for

sales, marketing, and hospitality

has always had a huge connection,”

a different challenge that enabled

with winemaking, and says the

says Pierce. “I’ve always been in

him to combine his restaurant

best time of year for him is the fall

restaurants, throwing events, pairing

experience with winemaking, and in

when the grapes are ripening. “My

food and wine, designing wines to

2018 he found it when veteran wine

favourite winery days are strolling

go with foods, so it’s been a really

legend, Harry McWatters launched

through the vineyards eating grapes

interesting journey for me.” o

Time Winery with his daughter Christa-Lee. Taking a long-vacant theatre located in the heart of Penticton and transforming it into a fully-operational winery, restaurant,

Supplier to the Commercial Beverage Industry

and event space, which also produces wine from its sister winery Evolve Cellars in Summerland, the area was revitalized and garnered much interest. In his first year at Time, Pierce’s wines are just starting to hit the shelves and he looks forward to putting more time into his role and getting to know the growers and the vineyards. “It’s nice when you’ve been into it for a few years and understand what the highest and best use of the fruit is, which ties back into cooking,” he says.



We’ve got you covered and then some.

“If you have the perfectly ripened heirloom tomato just picked from the garden, you only need to slice it up, add a little Fleur de sel and some good olive oil, and you look like a genius. But if you have a barely ripened roma tomato that is still white on the ends with very little flavor, you really need to work at it more.” This is why Pierce prefers to be hands on during harvest, watching and sorting all the fruit to get a good



For more info: E: sales@cellartek.com Ph: 1.877.460.9463

sense of what is going into the tanks. “During harvest, you only have that one time to see the fruit. Once it goes into the tank, there’s nothing

Supplier to the Commercial Beverage Industry






By Tammy Schuster

Chef to Winemaker

bailey williamson


alking through a lush, sun-filled Cowichan Valley vineyard, Bailey Williamson carefully inspects and delicately picks rose petals

with his two young children. “I don’t think I was ever cut out to do anything that was mundane,” he says. “I love the whole aspect of creating and sharing something that people can consume and enjoy. I don’t want to make a widget for a computer.” Williamson, the winemaker at Blue Grouse Estate Winery on Vancouver Island, is passionate about food and the way it connects people. “The whole idea of breaking bread, sharing a meal, and what that means for relationship,” he says. “It’s community and that’s beautiful and important. I love that. I sit down with my family every night and have dinner.” Williamson came to the Island in 2012 to meet with Paul Brunner who had just purchased the Blue Grouse vineyard with his family. “I talked with Paul and he told me about his vision to expand production and I could sense he was serious about it.” Brunner’s vision included increasing the vineyard to approximately 35 acres with an eye on sustainability. “I met him and he was a down-to-earth fellow who wanted to invest in a passion project. There is just


no other way to describe it. I am in

all over the world, and to really have

months,” he says. “It was a fantastic

an incredibly lucky position.”

a sense of what others are doing you

experience but it was a grind. Plus,

need go and work with them. Seeing

I was probably the oldest temporary

what other winemakers are doing in

vintage worker that they had ever

other regions really helps to inform


Williamson, who lives with his family at the vineyard, came to viticulture after a whirlwind career as a chef which started in 1983.

your own personal ethos.”

After his return to Canada, a

He was working in Whistler at the

Williamson’s only regret was that he

chance encounter with a friend at

Vancouver-famous Umberto’s and

didn’t do it sooner, as he celebrated

the Bengal Lounge in the Empress

it was the first year the mountain

his 40th birthday while working in

Hotel in Victoria led him back to the

resort was open year round. He

Australia. “We worked 12 hour days,

Okanagan. Williamson was offered

tells an all too familiar tale about

seven days a week for about two

the assistant winemakers position

the experience. “I was young and impetuous, and after a year working in Whistler, I needed to move or I was going to have to replace my liver.” The next decade would see him perfecting and honing his craft in the restaurant scene in downtown Toronto for three years and then Victoria for another seven. He loved Toronto for its energy and diversity, and Victoria for its culture and beauty. Victoria was also on the verge of the farm-to-table movement. As he began seeing many of his friends transition out of the restaurant industry and into ‘normal’ jobs, Williamson decided to join a friend who had just begun working at Sumac Ridge in the Okanagan, and there he worked his first harvest and loved it. “It was so interesting, there were so many transferable concepts from cooking, and it was a great combination of physical work and creation.” So once he finished the season, he completed the winery assistant program, and soon after he earned a Viticulture Diploma from Okanagan College. Eventually taking leave for some educational travel, Williamson worked a harvest in Australia, citing experience in addition to traditional education makes a well-rounded

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vintner. “Winemaking will take you


Chef to Winemaker

bailey williamson


at Road 13 where he spent five

mentorships to help get you to the

the varieties he had planted were

years working under his friend and

next level and that was key for me. I

appropriate for the region,” he says.

mentor. At Road 13, he developed

worked with a great mentor.”

“The first thing that I ever learned in

the sparkling wine program which

viticulture was that you can’t impose

won many awards and he continued

Williamson moved back to the

to be challenged and pushed by

island in 2012 and says he had

his mentor. “You can gain a lot of

always known about the Blue Grouse

Drawing a connection between his

book learning but it only takes you

vineyard and the previous owner,

loves of cooking and winemaking,

so far. In this industry, you need

Dr. Hans Kiltz. “Hans had it right;

Williamson says he has always been

your will on Mother Nature.”

passionate about creating quality cuisine with a creative flair. And in particular, he speaks of his signature style. “I love braising meat because you start with a blank canvas, build up the flavours, layer them in, and then allow it to cook slowly in order to create something outstanding. It’s very similar to making wine,” he says. “You have to have a vision. Seeing the grape in the vineyard and shepherding it through the process of vine to bottle. It’s like building a great braised stew or coq au vain.” Williamson still has one hand in the cooking pot at Blue Grouse. A new element added to the winery for the summer is an event called Friday Night Flights. Guests can enjoy a flight of wine and a different epicurean offering each week. The first evening had Williamson preparing halibut ceviche with seaweed salad and fresh watercress which he harvested from the property. As for the harvested rose petals,

Providing Canadian Grapevine Solutions

Williamson’s vision was to make rose water which he and his children did, but the purpose was less clear. “We enjoy foraging around the property.


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I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do with the rose water but we made it, and it was fun.” o

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Aqua Wetland Systems handles wastewater from Niagara wineries

By Rivercourt Engineering

Treatment systems created by Aqua Treatment Technologies.


ric Rozema grew up helping with his family’s business, Aqua Treatment Technologies, which develops and installs the Aqua

it challenging to treat using aeration, and lagoons took up a lot of space. Grape growers became attracted to

Wetland System, a planted gravel

the natural processes used in the

trickle filter used to treat difficult

Aqua Wetland System as they were


already experts on plants, water, and

His interest in treatment wetlands grew through B.Sc. and Master degrees in Environmental Sciences. He also co-authored a 2016 paper in Ecological Engineering with Professor

soil. Winery washwater is dosed just under the surface near the roots of the plants to minimize odours and trickles down through limestone gravel, which neutralizes the acidity.

Youbin Zheng and his father, Lloyd

The large surface area of the roots

Rozema, highlighting six years of

and gravel sustains bacteria that

performance results from “a vertical

can tolerate swings in wastewater

flow constructed wetland for the

characteristics. Pumps are the only

treatment of winery process water”

moving parts, so the systems require

at Southbrook Winery in Niagara,

little maintenance or electricity.


Testing on early winery systems

Twenty years ago, Eric’s father Lloyd

established how much dissolved

was drawn into treating high-strength

organic matter could be removed

winery washwater since Niagara

per surface area of the wetland

winery operators were not happy

and this was found to be as high or

with the technology options available

higher than published results on

at the time. The seasonality and

recirculating gravel and sand filters.

Eric Rozema of Aqua Technologies.


variability of winery washwater made

Winery treatment systems of over 10,000 L/d included up to five cells in a series, with a recirculating supercharged cell to deal with high

The AQUA Wetland System’ “A constructed wetland for treatment of high strength winery waste water” Some notable

strength, one or two aerobic cells to continue treatment, a special wood media cell to reduce total nitrogen, and a final cell with sand to polish. The treated water was clear (tertiary or Level IV) and systems could use the smallest dispersal beds allowed in Ontario. A two-cell engineered pretreatment system was developed for smaller wineries (under 10,000 L/d wastewater) to produce the equivalent of domestic sewage strength. Building on his father’s work at Aqua Treatment Technologies, Eric now designs winery and brewery

The AQUA Wetland System or AWS was approved in 2012 by the Region winery projects include: of Niagara where the flow rates are less than 10,000 L/day. Approval is for pre treatment of high strength winery wash water prior to discharge • Treatment of sanitary into a Class 4 septic system. In Ontario properties on which the daily sewage at sewage flows exceeds 10,000 L/day must receive approval through Redstone the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The AWS has also Winery, received approvals through this ministry for use at wineries. This proprietary sub-surface, vertical flow constructed wetland consists of sand & gravel beds planted with moisture tolerant plant species. Water is pumped vertically from cell to cell. There is no open or standing water and the system is designed to operate winter and summer. Treatment of wastewater occurs through physical filtration & biological degradation. Plants shade & insulate the cells, preventing algae growth. We provide turn key systems, including design, permitting & installation or will partner with your chosen consulting/engineering company. Contact: Lloyd Rozema at 905-327-4571 or lrozema@aqua-tt.com Aqua Treatment Technologies Inc. 4250 Fly Road, Campden, Ontario L0R 1G0

wastewater treatment systems at Rivercourt Engineering. He has successfully used the Aqua Wetland


System for other applications


• Treatment of winery washwater at Greenlane Estates Winery, Beamsville • Ttreatment of winery washwater at Southbrook Winery, Niagar-OnThe-Lake

such as treating sewage and harvesting washwater at large cannabis greenhouses, treating cold temperature landfill leachate, and cleaning up fertilizer impacted runoff. Eric recognizes that vineyards tend to be small and it is difficult for owners to remove grape rows. Unfortunately, the tight soil generally desired for grape growing also makes the dispersal beds of on-site sewage systems large. Rivercourt is investigating best practices in water use at wineries to better predict the strength and volume of washwater, which could lead to a decreased size of dispersal beds. Ultimately, Rivercourt would like to turn the components of washwater into resources, for example using organics

ith over 15 years of experience in the Canadian Wine Grape industry as Euro Nursery, and continued experience in the California Wine Grape industry as Knights Grapevine Nursery, I know first-hand the importance of high-quality, virus tested vines for a healthy, growing vineyard. Therefore, I use the strictest test standards and processes available, testing each plant source according to our “Every Vine Tested” protocol. I then use the carefully selected, quality materials to produce healthy vigorous plants for my grapevine growing friends. Whether in Canada or in the U.S., I understand that protecting vines against viruses means nothing less than protecting a vineyard owner’s future. Sincerely,

Eckhard Kaesekamp Knights Grapevine Nursery

to generate electricity at a local biodigester and reusing disinfected washwater. o


From to



New research winery helping to ferment new interest in cool climate wines


s the lead scientist in a new research winery at Agriculture and AgriFood Canada’s Kentville

Dr. Harrison Wright is studying the impact of winter conditions in the vineyard at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Kentville Research and Development Centre.

MacKinnon’s colleague, plant

have the ears of the grape growers

physiologist Dr. Harrison Wright

making wine for a living. The

says his vineyard research, and his

researchers are part of a wine grape

fascination with the bacteria and

research program that is ramping up

Research and Development Centre in

fungi that can affect grape growth,

to help Canadian grape growers and

Kentville, Nova Scotia, Dr. Shawna

doesn’t generate quite the same

commercial wineries find success in

MacKinnon is used to being asked for

interest. “People at parties don’t want

the world’s most northern vineyards.

wine recommendations. “My family

to hear my stories about endophytes,”

and friends expect me to do the swirl

says Wright. “They just like the

and sniff,” she says. “They like having


The research centre is at the forefront of cool climate wine research, working with grape

me introduce them to new and

Their social experiences may differ,

growers, wine makers, universities,

different wines.”

but MacKinnon and Wright both

provincial governments, and the federal agriculture department’s research centre in Summerland, B.C.

Wine Testing Systems

Wine Testing Systems

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With its own vineyard and a sensory lab that will soon include sommeliers as panelists, MacKinnon says the official opening of the research winery last fall connects the work of Kentville’s eight-member wine grape research team. “Our winemaking industry in Nova Scotia and Canada is young compared to Europe,” she says. “We still have so much to learn about the variables that influence quality; from grape varieties and vineyard conditions to the way wine is made.” Bruce Ewert, owner of L’Acadie Vineyards in nearby Wolfville,


was consulted on the design of the winery, which will double as a lab for researchers and a space for collaborating with commercial winemakers. “The technology is beautiful,” he says. “The temperature and fermentation sensors in the equipment are state-of-the-art, which gives incredible control when conducting research.” Ewert, who introduced sparkling wine production to Nova Scotia nearly a decade ago, says the lab is a space made for innovation and

At the forefront of cool climate wine research: Dr. Shawna MacKinnon, lead scientist at the Kentville Research and Development Centre.

experimentation. The research winery is equipped

for growers and for us as well,” says

Wright says winemakers and

MacKinnon. “But we took it as an

researchers can build on the distinct

much as 500 litres. That flexibility

opportunity to study the impact of

wine characteristics that come

is also reflected in small-scale and

frost on bud hardiness and grape

from a cooler climate. “Some of the

large-scale crushers and presses.

quality and what we learn and share

Instrumentation on the tanks allows

will be invaluable to the industry

researchers and winemakers to play

when future frost events occur.”

to produce wine in volumes from as little as a quarter of a litre or as

with small changes in fermentation

world’s traditional wine regions are becoming too hot to grow grapes and they don’t have the volatiles and

The team also started an ice wine

flavours that you can get in a cooler

trial using Riesling and Vidal grapes

growing season,” he says. “When

The data will help researchers link a

from the centre’s vineyard, which

grapes ripen over months rather

whole host of factors to the quality

was caught by one of the coldest

of wine, from better disease and

Novembers on record.

temperatures and to evaluate different wine making techniques.

pest resistance in the vineyard to different grape varieties and the use

than weeks, I think you are going to get more complex flavours. That

Despite the weather challenges,

makes for some interesting wines.” o

of unique natural yeasts. Ewert, who also teaches students in the Cool Climate Viticulture Program at the Nova Scotia Community College, says he welcomes the centre’s vine-to-wine approach. “That

Our achievements

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to carefully crafted custom tanks,

kind of research is hugely important

to complex on-site fabrications,

for a relatively young industry like

clients of all sizes. We build every

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Last year was a reminder of the challenges of cool climate grape production. In Nova Scotia, early and late frosts lopped nearly 60 days off a growing season that was 171 days

Tanks in stainless steel of high quality, for wine, beer and food industries.

we have assisted North American tank we sell, ensuring their quality standards. Our post-sales service repeat customers.


110 Chemin Marieville, Rougemont, QC Canada J0L 1M0 lsoulard@raynoxinc.com

Telephone (450) 469-4822 Toll free 1-866-469-4181 www.raynoxinc.com

long the season before. “Last year was really unfortunate


Better Than Netting

Autonomic lasers for bird control


ineyard owners are giving great reviews about their experience using this sustainable and neighbour-friendly solution for bird control.

In 2019, Bird Control Group identified the vineyard regions around New York and Canada’s grape-growing regions in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula, the Okanagan, and regions east of Quebec as markets expressing strong economic losses related to birds. “We received many inquires weekly from around the world through our website, and many were from Canadians seeking more information about our agrilasers.” says Wayne Ackermann, director of business development for the company’s North American office. Bird Control Group continues to expand North American distribution of their successful Autonomic Agrilasers, which are already in wide distribution throughout the USA, Chile, and Australia.


Jim Besha, Clover Pond Vineyards Altamont, NY – May 2019

E n ou S o r Tr log bo top ad y ot by e & ha S h Vi t ow t i c t h e i n u ltu BC re !

“We have about eight acres of coolclimate grapes that we make wine from and plan to add an additional eight acres this next year. Before we bought the Autonomic device, we were debating whether to start netting. We had been using scarecrows, noise makers, and a variety of flashy devices. We bought this device last year and put it in service, and we have had virtually 100 per cent success with it. We have no bird issues at all once we operate the lasers. We operate the device during the day, just before dawn until just after dusk. It automatically sweeps the field, the entire eight acres, and keeps us bird free.”

Fred Bassette, Airy Acres Vineyard Interlaken, NY – May 2019 “Last year, 2018, was the first year I had grapes that needed to be protected as this is a relatively new vineyard. I explored the costs and benefits of using netting, then I learned about the laser from another vineyard owner. After looking at it, I decided to go with just the laser. The laser was installed about two weeks after the birds started feeding, but within about one week, there were no birds in the vineyard. I would go down to see my neighbour who has twelve acres, and he would have little birds popping out of the vineyard in different spots. I would come back to my property and find none. In total, I protected about ten acres of vineyards with one laser and rarely saw a bird. I am quite satisfied and would recommend it to anybody thinking about it.” Although results will vary by location, bird pressure, and farming geography, these stories are not uncommon for customers willing to try this new technology.

For more information and to arrange for a free online site evaluation visit www.birdcontrolgroup.com and visit the company’s YouTube page for testimonials. o

Robotic Laser Bird Solutions • Effective • Affordable • Neighbor Friendly

Wine Business Monthly‘s I+Q Innovation Award Winner!

birdcontrolgroup.com • 844-406-9280 35

Canadian Wineries & Vineyards British Columbia 1st R.O.W. Estate Winery Ltd. 104 - 2762 190th Street Surrey, BC  V3Z 3W6 www.1row.ca

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1500 Freeman Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L3 www.divinowine.ca

Covert Farms Family Estate Winery

Domaine Rochette Winery

300 Covert Place Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5 www.covertfarms.ca

10555 West Saanich Road North Saanich, BC  V8L 6A8 www.domainerochette.com

Crescent Hill Winery

Dragonfly Hill Vineyard

205 Spruce Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V8 www.crescenthillwinery.com

6130 Old West Saanich Road Victoria, BC  V9E 2G8 www.dragonflyhillvineyard.com

Crowsnest Vineyards

D’Vine Estate Winery

2035 Surprise Drive Cawston, BC  V0X 1C0 www.crowsnestvineyards.com

B2 - 15562 24th Avenue Surrey, BC  V4A 2J5 www.dvinewinery.com

Culmina Family Estate Winery

Earlco Vineyards Ltd.

PO Box 1829, 4790 Wild Rose Street Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.culmina.ca

1493 Todd Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6 www.earlco.com

Emandare Vineyard 6798 Norcross Road Duncan , BC  V9L 6C3 www.emandarevineyard.com

Emerald Coast Vineyards 5900 Albert Street Port Alberni, BC  V9Y 8R2 www.emeraldcoastvineyards.ca

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Forbidden Fruit Winery

Grizzli Winery Ltd.

Intersection Estate Winery

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Harper’s Trail Estate Winery

Intrigue Wines Ltd.

Lake Breeze Vineyards

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930 Sammet Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0 www.lakebreeze.ca

Fort Berens Estate Winery Ltd.

Hawks Vineyard

Isabella Winery Ltd.

Lang Vineyards

1881 Highway 99 N., PO Box 758 Lillooet, BC  V0K 1V0 www.fortberens.ca

2434 Oliver Ranch Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2 www.hawksvineyard.ca

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Heaven’s Gate Estate Winery

Isla de Lerena Vineyard

Larch Hills Winery

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8001 Happy Valley Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4 www.heavensgatewinery.com

1885 Central Road Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0 www.lerenavineyards.com

110 Timms Road Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 2P8 www.larchhillswinery.com

Frequency Wine and Sound

Hester Creek Estate Winery

3210 Gulley Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4E5 www.frequencywinery.com

877 Road 8, Box 1605 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.hestercreek.com

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate Winery

Ganton & Larsen Prospect Winery c/o Artisan Wine Co. Vancouver PO Box 474 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.artisanwineco.ca

Garry Oaks Estate Winery 1880 Fulford-Ganges Road Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2A6 www.garryoakswinery.com

Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery 876 Road 8 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.gehringerwines.ca

Giant Head Estate Winery 4307 Gartrell Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4 www.giantheadwinery.com

Glass House Estate Winery 23449 0 Avenue Langley, BC  V2Z 2X3 www.glasshouseestatewinery.com

Glenterra Vineyards 3897 Cobble Hill Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L5 www.glenterravineyards.com

Gold Hill Winery 3502 Fruitvale Way Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.goldhillwinery.com

Golden Age Meadery 1105 - 22091 Fraserwood Way Richmond, BC  V6W 0A8 www.goldenagemead.net


Hidden Chapel Winery 482 Pinehill Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5 www.hiddenchapelwinery.com

Hillside Winery & Bistro 1350 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6 www.hillsidewinery.ca

Hornby Island Estate Winery 7000 Anderson Drive Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0 www.hornbywine.com

House of Rose Winery 2270 Garner Road Kelowna, BC  V1P 1E2 www.houseofrose.ca

Howling Bluff Estate Winery 1086 Three Mile Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7 www.howlingbluff.ca

Howling Moon Cider House 7952 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5 www.howlingmoon.ca

Hugging Tree Winery 1002 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3 www.huggingtreewinery.com

Indigenous World Winery 2218 Horizon Drive Kelowna, BC  V1Z 3L4 www.indigenousworldwinery.com

Gray Monk Estate Winery

Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyard Inc. - Arterra Wines Canada

1055 Camp Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 2H4 www.graymonk.com

7857 Tucelnuit Drive, PO Box 1650 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2 www.inniskillin.comOkanagan


7857 Tucelnuit Drive Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2 www.jacksontriggswinery.com

Joie Farm Winery 2825 Naramata Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.joiefarm.com

Kalala Organic Estate Winery 3361 Glencoe Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1M1 www.kalala.ca

Kanazawa Wines 1465 McMillan Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8T4 www.kanazawawines.com

Kermode Wild Berry Winery 8457 River Road South Dewdney, BC  V0M 1H0 www.kermodewildberry.com

Kettle Valley Winery 2988 Hayman Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.kettlevalleywinery.com

Kismet Estate Winery 9580 Road 20 Oliver, BC  V0T 1T0 www.kismetestatewinery.com

Kitsch Wines 3330 Neid Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4H5 www.kitschwines.ca

Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery 6179 248th Street Langley, BC  V4W 1C3 www.krauseberryfarms.com

Kraze Legz Vineyard and Winery 141 Fir Avenue, PO Box 108 Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0 www.krazelegz.com

Lariana Cellars Estate Winery 8310 - 2nd Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V1 www.larianacellars.com

LaStella Winery 8123 148th Street Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2 www.lastella.ca

Laughing Stock Vineyards 1548 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7 www.laughingstock.ca

Lavina Estate Winery 5214 Clcahl Road Armstrong, BC  V0E 1B4 www.lavinaestatewinery.com

Sonora Desert Winery 10238 160th Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2 www.countrysidebb.ca

Le Vieux Pin Winery 5496 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.levieuxpin.ca

Ledlin Family Vineyards 1435 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6 www.ledlinfamilyvineyards.ca

Liber Farm and Winery 156 Sumac Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3 www.liberfarm.com

Liquidity Wines 4720 Allendale Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2 www.liquiditywines.com

Little Engine Winery 851 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1 www.littleenginewines.com

Little Farm Winery

Maverick Estate Winery

Moraine Estate Winery

Oliver Twist Estate Winery

2155 Newton Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C1 www.littlefarmwinery.ca

3974 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.maverickwine.ca

1865 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T9 www.morainewinery.com

398 Lupine Lane Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.olivertwistwinery.com

Little Straw Vineyards

Meadow Vista Artisan Farm Winery

Mount Lehman Winery

Orchard Hill Estate Cidery

2815 Ourtoland Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2H7 www.littlestraw.bc.ca

3975 June Springs Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4E4 www.meadowvista.ca

5094 Mount Lehman Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1Y3 www.mtlehmanwinery.com

3480 Fruitvale Way Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.orchardhillcidery.com

Little Tribune Farm and Winery

Meyer Family Vineyards

Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery

Origin Wines

6160 Central Road Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0 www.littletribunefarmandwinery.com

4287 McLean Creek Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R1 www.mfvwines.com

829 Douglas Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 1N9 www.mtboucheriewinery.com

1278 Riddle Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8X2 www.originwines.ca

Lock & Worth Winery

Middle Mountain Mead

Nagging Doubt Winery

Orofino Vineyard

1060 Poplar Grove Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6 www.lockandworth.com

3505 Euston Road Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0 www.middlemountainmead.com

4513 Sallows Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4C2 www.naggingdoubt.com

2152 Barcelo Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C2 www.orofinovineyards.com

Long Table Distillery Ltd.

Millstone Estate Winery

Niche Wine Company

O’Rourke Family Vineyards Ltd.

1451 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC  V6Z 1W8 www.longtabledistillery.com

2300 East Wellington Road Nanaimo, BC  V9R 6V7 www.millstonewinery.ca

1901 Bartley Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2M6 www.nichewinecompany.com

14551 Carrs Landing Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1C6

Lotusland Vineyards

Misconduct Wine Co.

Nichol Vineyards and Estate Winery

28450 King Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1B1 www.lotuslandvineyards.com

375 Upper Bench Road N. Penticton, BC  V2A 8T2 www.misconductwineco.com

1285 Smethurst Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.nicholvineyard.com

17808 103rd Street Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2 www.osoyooslarose.com

Lulu Island Winery

Mission Hill Family Estate

Nighthawk Vineyards

16880 Westminster Highway Richmond, BC  V6V 1A8 www.luluislandwinery.com

1730 Mission Hill Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 2E4 www.missionhillwinery.com

2735 Green Lake Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0 www.nighthawkvineyards.com

Lunessence Winery & Vineyard

Mocojo Winery

Nk’MIP Cellars

5716 Gartrell Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7 www.lunessencewinery.com

1202 Gawne Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.mocojowines.com

1400 Rancher Creek Road Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V6 www.nkmipcellars.com

Maan Farms Estate Winery

Monster Vineyards

Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery

790 McKenzie Road Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7N4 www.maanfarms.com

1010 Tupper Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6 www.monstervineyards.ca

2320 Oliver Ranch Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2 www.nobleridge.com

Malahat Estate Vineyard

Montagu Cellars Winery

Northern Lights Estate Winery Ltd.

1197 Aspen Road Malahat, BC  V0R 2L0

#29 1350 West 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC  V6H 1A7 www.montaguwines.com

745 P.G. Pulpmill Road Prince George, BC  V2K 5P4 www.northernlightswinery.ca

Montakarn Estate Winery

Off the Grid Organic Winery

5462 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.montakarn.ca

3623 Glencoe Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1L8 www.offthegridorganicwinery.com

Monte Creek Ranch Winery

Okanagan Crush Pad Winery

PO Box 11, 2420 Miner’s Bluff Road Monte Creek, BC  V0E 2M0 www.montecreekranchwinery.com

16576 Fosbery Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6 www.okanagancrushpad.com

Mooberry Winery

Okanagan Hills Estate Winery

403 Lowry’s Road Parksville, BC  V9P 2B5 www.mooberrywinery.com

29302 Simpson Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1H9 www.ohwinery.com

Moon Curser Vineyards

Okanagan Villa Estate Winery

Pipe Dreams Vineyard & Estate Winery

3628 Highway 3 E. Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V6 www.mooncurser.com

3240 Pooley Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4G7 www.okanaganvilla.com

168 Sportsmens Bowl Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5 www.pipedreamswinery.com

Maple Creek Winery Unit 105 - 16055 Fraser Highway Surrey, BC  V4N 0G3 www.maplecreekwines.com

Maple Leaf Spirits Inc. 948 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1 www.mapleleafspirits.ca

Marichel Vineyard and Winery 1016 Littlejohn Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0 www.marichel.ca

Marionette Winery 2540 40th Street NE Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 1Z3 www.marionettewinery.com

Martin’s Lane Winery

Osoyoos Larose Estate Winery

Ovino Winery 1577 Yankee Flats Road Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 3J4 www.ovinowinery.com

Pacific Breeze Winery 6 - 320 Stewardson Way New Westminster, BC  V3M 6C3 pacificbreezewinery.com

Painted Rock Estate Winery 400 Smyth Drive Penticton, BC  V2A 8W6 www.paintedrock.ca

Paradise Ranch Wines Suite 500, 525 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC  V6B 3H7 www.bench1775.com

Peller Estates Winery 1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6 www.peller.com

Pentage Winery 4551 Valley View Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8W8 www.pentage.com

Perseus Winery & Vineyards 134 Lower Bench Road Penticton, BC  V2A 1A8 www.perseuswinery.com

5437 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4S5 www.martinlanewinery.com



Planet Bee Honey Farm and Honeymoon Meadery 5011 Bella Vista Road Vernon, BC  V1H 1A1 www.planetbee.com

Platinum Bench Estate Winery & Artisan Bread Co. 4120 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.platinumbench.com

Play Estate Winery 507 Skaha Hills Drive Penticton, BC  V2A 0A9 www.playwinery.com

Poplar Grove Winery 425 Middle Bench Road N. Penticton, BC  V2A 8S5 www.poplargrove.ca

Privato Vineyard and Winery 5505 Westsyde Road Kamloops, BC  V2B 8N5 www.privato.ca

Quails’ Gate Vineyard Estate Winery 3303 Boucherie Road Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2H3 www.quailsgate.com

Quidni Estate Winery 1465 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8X2 www.quidniwine.com

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery 6094 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T8 www.quintaferreira.com

Ravenskill Orchards 1240 Coats Drive Gabriola Island, BC  V0R 1X4 www.ravenskill.com

Recline Ridge Vineyards and Winery Ltd. 2640 Skimikin Road West Tappen, BC  V0E 2X3 www.reclineridgewinery.com

Red Rooster Winery 891 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T5 www.redroosterwinery.com

Richmond County Farms and Vines 12900 Steveston Highway Richmond, BC  V6W 1A3 www.countryfarms.ca/country-vines-winery

Ripples Estate Winery 3387 Tolmie Road Abbotsford, BC  V3G 2T9 www.rippleswinery.com

River Stone Estate Winery 143 Buchanan Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2 www.riverstoneestatewinery.ca



Road 13 Vineyards

Saxon Estate Winery Ltd.

Sonoran Estate Winery

799 Ponderosa Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.road13vineyards.com

9819 Lumsden Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z8 www.saxonwinery.com

21606 Bridgeman Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6 www.sonoranestate.com

Robin Ridge Winery

Scorched Earth Vineyard and Winery

2686 Middle Bench Road Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N2 www.robinridgewinery.com

Rocky Creek Winery 1854 Myherst Road Cowichan Bay, BC  V0R 1N1 www.rockycreekwinery.ca

Rollingdale Winery 2306 Hayman Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 1Z5 www.rollingdale.ca

Ruby Blues Winery 917 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1 www.rubyblueswinery.ca

Rust Wine Co. 4444 Golden Mile Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.rustwine.com

Rustic Roots Winery 2238 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C2 www.rusticrootswinery.com

Sage Bush Winery 3045 Highway 3 Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N1

Sage Hills Vineyards 18555 Matsu Drive Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6 www.sagehillswine.com

Sagewood Winery 589 Meadow Lark Road Kamloops, BC  V2H 1S9 www.sagewoodwinery.ca

Salt Spring Vineyards and Winery 151 Lee Road Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2A5 www.saltspringvineyards.com

6006 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4J5 www.scorchedearthwinery.ca

Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyards 6621 Harbour Hill Drive Pender Island, BC  V0N 2M1 www.seastarvineyards.ca

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery 5290 Olund Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1V6 https://seasidepearlwinery.ca/

See Ya Later Ranch Box 480, 2575 Green Lake Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0 www.sylranch.com

Serendipity Estate Winery 990 Lower Debeck Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.serendipitywinery.com

Sawmill Creek Wines PO Box 1650 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.sawmillcreekwines.com

Squeezed Wines 7229 Tucelnuit Drive Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.squeezedwines.com

5225 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4J1 www.st-hubertus.bc.ca

Silkscarf Winery

St. Laszlo Vineyards

4917 Gartrell Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4 www.silkscarf-winery.com

2605 Highway 3 E. Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N5 www.stlaszlo.com

Silver Sage Winery

St. Urban Winery Ltd.

PO Box 293 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.silversagewinery.com

47189 Bailey Road Chilliwack, BC  V2R 4S8

Silverside Farm and Winery

2237 Sun Valley Way Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2 www.stagshollowwinery.com

3810 Cobble Hill Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L5 www.silversidefarm.com

Singletree Winery

Skimmerhorn Winery & Vineyard Ltd.

25200 Callan Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6 www.savardvines.ca

Spring Land Winery 6962 236 Street Langley, BC  V2Y 2H8 www.springlandwinery.com

1143 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3 www.sevenstones.ca

Sandhill Estate Vineyard

Savard Vines

Spierhead Winery 3950 Spiers Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4B3 www.spierheadwinery.com

St. Hubertus and Oak Bay Family Estate Winery

1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6 www.sandhillwines.ca

Sanduz Estate Wines Inc.

Sperling Vineyards 1405 Pioneer Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4M6 www.sperlingvineyards.com

Seven Stones Winery

5782 Mt. Lehman Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1V4 www.singletreewinery.com

12791 Blundell Road Richmond, BC  V6W 1B4 www.sanduzwines.com

SouthEnd Farm Vineyards 319 Sutil Road Quadra Island, BC  V0P 1N0 www.southend.ca

1218 - 27th Avenue S. Creston, BC  V0B 1G1 www.skimmerhorn.ca

Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery 6206 Canyon View Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7 www.sleepinggiantfruitwinery.ca

SOAHC Estate Wines PO Box 242, Fruitvale PO Fruitvale, BC  V0G 1L0 www.soahc.com

Stag’s Hollow Winery and Vineyard

Stoneboat Vineyards 356 Orchard Grove Lane Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.stoneboatvineyards.com

Stones Throw Vineyard and Estate Winery 1932 August Road Courtenay, BC  V9J 1Y3 www.stonesthrowwinery.ca

Sumac Ridge Estate Winery PO Box 307, 17403 Highway 97 N. Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z0 www.sumacridge.com

Summer Gate Winery 11612 Morrow Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z8 www.summergate.ca

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

The View Winery and Vineyard

4870 Chute Lake Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4M3 www.summerhill.bc.ca

#1 - 2287 Ward Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4R5 www.theviewwinery.com

Sunnybrae Vineyards & Winery

Therapy Vineyards

3849 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road Tappen, BC  V0E 2X0 www.sunnybraewinery.com

940 Debeck Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.therapyvineyards.com

Sunshine Coast Winery

Thetis Island Vineyards

5245 Selma Park Road Sechelt, BC  V0N 3A2

90 Pilkey Point Road Thetis Island, BC  V0R 2Y0

Upper Bench Estate Winery and Creamery 170 Upper Bench Road S. Penticton, BC  V2A 8T1 www.upperbench.ca

Van Westen Vineyards 2800 A Aikens Loop Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 www.vanwestenvineyards.com

Vancouver Urban Winery

Symphony Vineyard

Thornhaven Estate Winery

55 Dunlevy Avenue Vancouver, BC  V6A 3A3 www.vancouverurbanwinery.com

6409B Oldfield Road Saanichton, BC  V8M 1X8 www.symphonyvineyard.com

6816 Andrew Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7 www.thornhaven.com

Vanessa Vineyard Estate Winery Inc.

Synchromesh Wines

Three Sisters Winery

4220 McLean Creek Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0 www.synchromeshwines.ca

1250 Munson Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8S5 www.3sisterswinery.com

Tantalus Vineyards

Tightrope Winery

1670 Dehart Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4N6 www.tantalus.ca

1050 Fleet Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7 www.tightropewinery.ca

Terrabella Wineries Ltd.

Time Estate Winery

3191 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2G9 www.terrabella.ca

361 Martin Street Penticton, BC  V2A 5K4 www.encorevineyards.ca

Terravista Vineyards

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

1853 Sutherland Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T8 www.terravistavineyards.com

PO Box 2010, 537 Tinhorn Creek Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 www.tinhorn.com

TH Wines

Top Shelf Winery

Unit #1 - 9576 Cedar Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2 www.thwines.com

236 Linden Avenue Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0 www.topshelfwine.ca

The Chase Wines

Township 7 Vineyards & Winery

2290 Goldie Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1G5 www.thechasewines.com

21152 16th Avenue Langley, BC  V2Z 1K3 www.township7.com

The Fort Langley Wine Co.

Township 7 Vineyards & Winery

26151 - 84th Avenue Langley, BC  V1M 3M6 www.thefortwineco.com

1450 McMillan Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8T4 www.township7.com

The Hatch Winery

Trovao Estate Winery

3225 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 4E4 www.thehatchwines.com

1039 Debeck Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

The Roost Vineyard Bistro & Farm Bakery 9100 East Saanich Road North Saanich, BC  V8M 2B4 www.roostfarmcentre.com

The Vibrant Vine 3240 Pooley Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4G7 www.thevibrantvine.com

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm & Meadery 8750 West Coast Road Sooke, BC  V9Z 1H2 www.tugwellcreekfarm.com

Unsworth Vineyards 2915 Cameron Taggart Road #1 Mill Bay, BC  V0R 2P2 www.unsworthvineyards.com

1090 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3 www.vanessavineyard.com

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards 4235 Vineyard Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L5 www.venturischulze.com

Vigneti Zanatta

William Tell Family Estate PO Box 204 Creston, BC  V0B 1G0 www.williamtell.ca

Wynnwood Cellars Estate Winery 5566 Highway 3A Wynndel, BC  V0B 2N2 www.wynnwoodcellars.com

Young & Wyse Collection 9503 12th Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V1 www.youngandwysewine.com

ALBERTA, SASKATCHEWAN & MANITOBA Aspen Grove Cottage Winery Inc. PO Box 218 White City, SK  S0G 5B0

Banach Winery

5039 Marshall Road Duncan , BC  V9L 6S3 www.zanatta.ca

PO Box 1853, 341 - 22nd Street Battleford, SK  S0M 0E0

vinAmite Cellars Inc.

51526 RR 231 Sherwood Park, AB  T8B 1K9 www.barr.ca

5381 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 www.vinamitecellars.com

Vinoscenti Vineyards 15560 Colebrook Road Surrey, BC  V3Z 0L2 https://vinoscentivineyards.ca/

Vista D’oro Farms & Winery 20856 4th Avenue Langley, BC  V2Z 1T6 www.vistadoro.com

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery 2845 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2G6 www.volcanichillswinery.com

Waterside Winery 70 Waterside Road Enderby, BC  V0E 1V3 www.watersidewinery.com

Wayne Gretzky Okanagan

Barr Estate Winery Inc.

Birds & Bees Organic Winery and Meadery Box 110 Brosseau, AB  T0B 0P0 www.birdsandbeeswinery.com

Chinook Arch Meadery 386079 16th Street W., Box 12, Site 14, RR 1 Okotoks, AB  T1S 1A1 www.chinookhoney.com

Cypress Hills Vineyard and Winery Box 122 Maple Creek, SK  S0N 1N0 www.cypresshillswinery.com

Fallentimber Meadery PO Box 27 Water Valley, AB  T0M 2E0 www.fallentimbermeadery.ca

Field Stone Fruit Wines

1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6 www.gretzkyestateswines.com

Box 19, Site 6, RR 1, 251073A Township Road 232 Strathmore, AB  T1P 1J6 www.fieldstonefruitwines.com

Wellbrook Winery

Fireside Winery & Market Garden Inc.

4626 88th Street Delta, BC  V4K 3N3 www.wellbrookwinery.com

Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery 2145 Sun Valley Way Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2 www.wildgoosewinery.com

106 - 39368 RR 19-2 Stettler County, AB  T0C 2L0

Forest Fringe Orchards PO Box 472 Prince Albert, SK  S6V 5R8 www.forestfringeorchards.ca



Lake Saskatoon Winery & Distillery

Angels Gate Winery

RR 1 Wembley, AB  T0H 3S0 www.lakesaskatoonwinery.ca

4260 Mountainview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.angelsgatewinery.com

Living Sky Winery

Applewood Farm & Winery

Box 32 Perdue, SK  S0K 3C0 www.livingskywinery.com

12416 McCowan Road Stouffville, ON  L4A 7X5 www.applewoodfarmwinery.com

Rigby Orchards Estate Winery

Archibald Orchards Winery

Box 163 Killarney, MB  R0K 1G0 www.rigbyorchards.com

6275 Liberty Street North Bowmanville, ON  L1C 3K6 www.archibaldswinery.com

Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Arterra Wines Canada Constellation Brands

240183 2380 Drive West Millarville, AB  T0L 1K0 www.spirithillswinery.com

ONTARIO 13th Street Winery 1776 Fourth Avenue St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9 www.13thstreetwinery.com

16 Mile Cellar 3555 Eleventh Street, RR 1 St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7 www.16milecellar.com

20 Bees Winery 1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.20bees.com

Adamo Estate Winery 793366 3rd Line EHS Mono, ON  L9W 5X7 www.adamoestate.com

Aleksander Estate Winery 1542 County Road 34 Ruthven, ON  N0P 2G0 www.aleksanderestate.com

Alton Farms Estate Winery 5547 Aberarder Line Plympton-Wyoming, ON  N0N 1J5 www.altonfarmsestatewinery.com

Alvento Winery 3048 Second Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2E0 www.alvento.ca

Andrew Peller Limited 697 South Service Road Grimsby, ON  L3M 4E8 www.andrewpeller.com

Andrews’ Scenic Acres / Scotch Block Winery 9365 10th Sideroad Halton Hills, ON  L9T 2X9 www.andrewsscenicacres.com

4887 Dorchester Road Niagara Falls, ON  L2E 6N8 www.arterracanada.com

Arterra Wines Canada Constellation Brands 441 Courtneypark Drive E. Mississauga, ON  L5T 2V3 www.cbrands.com

Black Bear Farms of Ontario Estate Winery Inc. 1137 County Road 20 W. Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2E6 www.blackbearfarms.ca

Black Prince Winery Ltd. 13370 Loyalist Parkway Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.blackprincewinery.com

Blueberry Hill Estates Winery 1195 Front Street St. Williams, ON  N0E 1P0 www.blueberry-hill.ca

Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery 410 Concession 12 Townsend Road Waterford, ON  N0E 1Y0 www.bonnieheathestate.ca

Broken Stone Winery 524 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.brokenstonewinery.com

Atlantis Niagara Wines

Burning Kiln Winery

4524 John Street, Box 820 Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.atlantisniagara.com

1709 Front Road St. Williams, ON  N0E 1P0 www.burningkilnwinery.ca

Back 10 Cellars

Burnt Ship Bay Estate Winery

4101 King Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1 www.back10cellars.com

925 Line 2 - RR 2 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.burntshipbay.com

Barnyard Wine Co.

By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery and Vineyard

Box 388, 591 Christian Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Bellamere Winery & Event Centre 1260 Gainsborough Road London, ON  N6H 5K8 www.bellamere.com

Bell’s Winery 240 Graff Avenue Stratford, ON  N5A 6Y2 www.bellswinery.ca

17432 Loyalist Parkway Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.bychadseyscairns.com

Calamus Estate Winery 3100 Glen Road Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.calamuswines.com

Cape Vineyards

Bergeron Estate Winery

4203 County Road 8, RR 4 Prince Edward, ON  K0K 2T0 www.capevineyards.ca

9656 Loyalist Parkway Bath, ON  K0H 1G0 www.bergeronestatewinery.ca

Caroline Cellars Family Estate Winery

Between the Lines Family Estate Winery

1010 Line 2, PO Box 358 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1T0 www.carolinecellars.com

991 Four Mile Creek Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.betweenthelineswinery.com

Big Head Wines Inc. 304 Hunter Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.bigheadwines.ca

Casa Dea Estates Winery


Central Valley Winery 65 Milburn Road Hamilton, ON  L8E 3A3 www.centralvalleywinery.com

Chateau des Charmes Wines Ltd. 1025 York Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1P0 www.fromtheboscfamily.com

Cilento Wines 672 Chrislea Road Woodbridge, ON  L4L 8K9

Closson Chase Vineyards Inc. 629 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.clossonchase.com

Coffin Ridge Vineyard and Winery 599448 2nd Concession N., RR 1 Annan, ON  N0H 1B0 www.coffinridge.ca

Colaneri Estate Winery 348 Concession 6 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.colaneriwines.com

Colchester Ridge Estate Winery PO Box 609, 108 County Road 50 E. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.colchesterridge.com

Colio Estate Winery 1 Colio Drive, PO Box 372 Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.coliowinery.com

Contraband Sparkling Wine Labs 8 Briarsdale Drive St. Catharines, ON  L2T 2Z2 www.contrabandsparklingwine.ca

Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards 1425 Iler Road Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.coopershawk.ihubapp.ca

Cornerstone Estate Winery 4390 Tufford Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1 www.cornerstonewinery.com

Countryman’s Estate Winery

1186 Greer Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.casadeaestates.com

3608 County Road 2 Prescott, ON  K0E 1T0

Cattail Creek Family Estate Winery

7687 Wellington Road 22 Guelph, ON  N1H 6J2 www.coxcreekcellars.on.ca

Birchwood Estate Wines

1156 Concession 6 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.cattailcreek.ca

4679 Cherry Avenue Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Cave Springs Cellars 3836 Main Street Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.cavespring.ca


Cellaria Winery Inc. 3200 Fourteenth Avenue #1 Markham, ON  L3R 0H8 www.cellaria.com

Cox Creek Cellars

Coyote’s Run Estate Winery 485 Concession 5 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.coyotesrunwinery.com

Creekside Estate Winery

Domaine Vagners

G. Marquis Vineyards

Harbour Estates Winery

2170 Fourth Avenue Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.creeksidewine.com

1973 Four Mile Creek Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.domainevagners.com

4520 Ontario Street, PO Box 399 Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.gmarquis.com

4362 Jordan Road Lincoln, ON  L0R 1S0 www.hewwine.com

Crown Bench Estates

Downey’s Estate Winery Ltd.

Gallucci Winery Inc.

Harvest Estate Wines

3850 Aberdeen Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B6 www.crownbenchestates.com

13682 Heart Lake Road Brampton, ON  L7C 2J5 www.downeysfarm.com

13204 Ninth Line Stouffville, ON  L4A 3C7 www.gallucciwinery.com

1179 4th Avenue St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9 www.harvestwines.com

Dan Aykroyd Wines

Early Acres Estate Winery

Generations Wine Company Ltd.

Harwood Estate Vineyards

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.lakeviewwineco.com

9494 Pioneer Line Chatham, ON  N7M 5J7 www.earlyacresestatewinery.ca

178 St. George Street Toronto, ON  M5R 2M7 www.unionwines.com

18908 Loyalist Parkway Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.harwoodestatevineyards.com

Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery

Daniel Lenko Estate Winery

EastDell Estates Winery

Georgian Hills Vineyards Inc.

5246 King Street W. Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B3 www.daniellenko.com

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.eastdell.com

496350 Grey Road 2, PO Box 491 Blue Mountains, ON  N0H 1J0 www.georgianhillsvineyards.ca

Dark Horse Estate Winery

Erie Shore Vineyard

Golden Leaf Estate Winery

PO Box 460, 70665 B Line Grand Bend, ON  N0M 1T0 www.darkhorseestatewinery.com

410 County Road 50 W. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.erieshore.ca

2790 Norfolk County Road 45 Langton, ON  N0E 1G0 www.goldenleafwinery.ca

De Moura Winery Way

Exultet Estates

Good Earth Food and Wine Co.

545 Niagra Stone Road (Hwy #55) Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.thedemourawineryway.com

1106 - 1112 Royal Road Milford, ON  K0K 2P0 www.exultet.ca

4556 Lincoln Avenue Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1 www.goodearthfoodandwine.com

De Sousa Wine Cellars

Featherstone Estate Winery

3753 Quarry Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.lakeviewwineco.com

3678 Victoria Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.featherstonewinery.ca

Goulds Apple Orchard and Fruit Winery

Del-Gatto Estates Ltd., Bella Vigne

Fielding Estate Winery

3609 County Road 8 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.del-gattoestates.ca

4020 Locust Lane Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.fieldingwines.com

Devils Wishbone Winery

Five Rows Craft Wine and the Lowrey Vineyard

1014 County Road 7, RR 4 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.devilswishbone.com

Di Profio Wines 4055 Nineteenth Street Jordan Station, ON  L0R 1S0 www.diprofiowines.ca

Diamond Estates - The Winery 1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.lakeviewwineco.com

Domaine Darius

5551 Fifth Line, RR 3 Tottenham, ON  L0G 1W0

Grange of Prince Edward Estate Vineyard & Winery 990 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.grangeofprinceedward.com

1469 Pelham Road, RR 1 St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7 www.henryofpelham.com

Hernder Estate Wines 1607 Eighth Avenue Louth St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7 www.hernder.com

Hidden Bench Estate Winery 4152 Locust Lane Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.hiddenbench.com

Hillier Creek Estates Winery 46 Stapleton Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.hilliercreekwinery.com

Hinterbrook Estate Winery 1181 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.hinterbrook.com

Grape Tree Estate Winery

Hinterland Wine Company

361 Tanbark Road St. David’s, ON  L0S 1P0 www.fiverows.com

308 Mersea Road 3 Leamington, ON  N8H 3V5

1258 Closson Road, RR 1 Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.hinterlandwine.com

Flat Rock Cellars

567 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.gravelhillvineyards.ca

2727 Seventh Avenue Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.flatrockcellars.com

Foreign Affair Winery 4890 Victoria Avenue N. Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0 www.foreignaffairwinery.com


1316 Wilson Road Bloomfield, ON  K0K 1G0 www.princeedwardcountywine.ca/wineries/ domaine-darius/

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.lakeviewwineco.com

Domaine Perrault Winery

Frisky Beaver - Smoke & Gamble

1000 Perrault Road Navan, ON  K4B 0B2 www.domaineperrault.ca

138 Tisdale Road Port Dover, ON  N0A 1N2 www.friskybeaver.ca

Domaine Queylus

Frogpond Farm Organic Winery

3651 Sixteen Road St. Anns, ON  L0R 1Y0 www.queylus.com

1385 Larkin Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.frogpondfarm.ca

Gravel Hill Vineyards

Green Gables Vines 1600 Porter Road Oxford Station, ON  K0G 1T0 www.greengablesvines.ca

GreenLane Estate Winery 3751 King Street Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.greenlanewinery.com

Half Moon Bay Winery 3271 County Road 13, RR 3 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.hmbwinery.ca

Halpern Enterprises 400 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON  M5T 2G7 www.halpernwine.com

Hoity Toity Cellars 1723 Highway 9 Mildmay, ON  N0G 2V0 www.hoitytoitycellars.ca

Holland Marsh Wineries 18270 Keele Street Newmarket, ON  L3Y 4V9 www.hmwineries.ca

Hubbs Creek Vineyard 562 Danforth Road Hillier, ON  K0K 3L0 “www.hubbscreekvineyard.ca

Huff Estates Winery 2274 County Road 1, PO Box 300 Bloomfield, ON  K0K 1G0 www.huffestates.com

Icellars Estate Winery 615 Concession 5 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.icellars.ca



Inniskillin Niagara Estate Wines

Konzelmann Estate Winery

Maleta Estate Winery Ltd.

North 42 Degrees Estate Winery Inc.

1499 Line 3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.inniskillin.com

1096 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.konzelmann.ca

450 Queenston Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.maletawinery.com

130 County Road 50 E. Colchester, ON  N0R 1G0 www.north42degrees.com

Jabulani Vineyard and Winery

Lacey Estates Winery

Malivoire Wine Company

Nyarai Cellars

8005 Jock Trail Richmond, ON  K0A 2Z0 www.jabulani.ca

804 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.laceyestates.com

4260 King Street E. Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.malivoire.com

99448 Concession Road 2 N. Annan, ON  N0H 1B0 www.nyaraicellars.ca

Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery 2145 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.jacksontriggswinery.com

John Howard Cellars of Distinction 3930 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.megalomaniacwine.com

Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh 1074 Cranberry Road Bala, ON  P0C 1A0 www.cranberry.ca

Joseph’s Estate Wines Inc. 1811 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.josephsestatewines.com

Kacaba Vineyards & Winery 3550 King Street Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.kacaba.com

Karlo Estates Winery 561 Danforth Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.karloestates.com

Kawartha Country Wines 2452 County Road 36 Buckhorn, ON  K0L 1J0 www.kawarthacountrywines.ca

Keint-he Winery and Vineyards 49 Hubbs Creek Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.keint-he.ca

Kew Vineyards Estate Winery Ltd. 4696 King Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1 www.kewvineyards.com

Kin Vineyards PO Box 44, 3856 Loggers Way Kinburn, ON  K0A 2H0 www.kinvineyards.com

King’s Court Estate Winery 2083 Seventh Street St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9 www.ontario-wine.com

Kittling Ridge Wines & Spirits 271 Chrislea Road Vaughan, ON  L4L 8N6 www.kittlingridge.com



Lailey Winery

Maple Grove Estate Winery

Ocala Orchards Farm Winery Ltd.

15940 Niagara River Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.laileywinery.com

4063 North Service Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

971 High Point Road, RR 2 Port Perry, ON  L9L 1B3 www.ocalawinery.com

Lakeview Cellars

1208 Concession 1, RR 6 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.marynissen.com

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.lakeviewwineco.com

Leaning Post Wines 1491 Highway 8 Stoney Creek, ON  L8E 5K9 www.leaningpostwines.com

Leaskdale Winery PO Box 39, 12699 Durham Road #1 Uxbridge, ON  L9P 1M8

LeBlanc Estate Winery

Marynissen Estates Winery

Mastronardi Estate Winery 1193 Concession 3 E. Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2E5 www.mastronardiwines.com

McMichael Collection - Group of Seven Wines 1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.lakeviewwineco.com

Organized Crime Winery 4043 Mountainview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.organizedcrimewinery.com

Oxley Estate Winery 533 County Road 50 E. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.oxleyestatewinery.com

Paglione Estate Winery 724 County Road 50 E. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.paglioneestatewinery.com

Meadow Lane Winery

Palatine Hills Estate Winery

Legends Estates Winery

44892 Talbot Main Line St. Thomas, ON  N5P 3S7 www.meadowlanewinery.com

911 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.palatinehillsestatewinery.com

4888 Ontario Street N. Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B3 www.legendsestates.com

Megalomaniac John Howard Cellars of Distinction

4716 4th Concession Road Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

Lighthall Vineyards Inc. 308 Lighthall Road Milford, ON  K0K 2P0 www.lighthallvineyards.com

London Born Wine Co. 3749 Walker Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.londonbornwines.com

Long Dog Vineyard & Winery Inc. 104 Brewers Road Milford, ON  K0K 2P0 www.longdog.ca

Maelstrom Winery 78925 Sanctuary Line, RR 4 Seaforth, ON  N0K 1W0 www.maelstromwinery.ca

Magnotta Wineries 4520 Ontario Street, PO Box 399 Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.magnotta.com

Magnotta Winery Estates Ltd. 271 Chrislea Road Vaughan, ON  L4L 8N6 www.magnotta.com

Majestic Wine Cellars Inc. 271 Jevlan Drive, Unit 8 Woodbridge, ON  L4L 8A4 www.majesticwine.ca

3930 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.megalomaniacwine.com

Mike Weir Winery 4041 Locust Lane Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.mikeweirwine.com

Milan Wineries Inc. 6811 Steeles Avenue W. Etobicoke, ON  M9V 4R9 www.milanwineries.com

Mountain Road Wine Company 4016 Mountain Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B7 www.mountainroadwine.com

Munro Honey & Meadery 3115 River Street Alvinston, ON  N0N 1A0 www.munrohoney.com

Muscedere Vineyards Estate Winery 7457 County Road 18, RR 4 Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.muscederevineyards.com

Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard 1152 Greer Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.normanhardie.com

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery 3953 Jordan Road Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.pearlmorissette.com

Pelee Island Wine Pavillion 20 East West Road Pelee Island, ON  N0R 1M0 www.peleeisland.com

Pelee Island Winery 455 Seacliff Drive Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2K5 www.peleeisland.com

Peller Estates Winery & Restaurant 290 John Street E. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.peller.com

Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery 5600 King Street W., PO Box 550, Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.peninsularidge.com

Perridiso Estate Winery 176 Warner Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.perridiso.com

Philippe Dandurand Wines 10 Bay Street, Suite 814 Toronto, ON  M5J 2R8 www.vinsdandurand.com

Pillitteri Estates Winery

Ridgepoint Wines

Small Talk Vineyards

The Devil’s Wishbone Winery

1696 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.pillitteri.com

3900 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.ridgepointwines.com

1242 Irvine Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.shinyapplecider.com

1014 County Road 7, RR 4 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.devilswishbone.com

The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery

Pondview Estate Winery

Riverbend Inn and Vineyard

Smoke & Gamble Cellars

925 Line 2 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.pondviewwinery.com

PO Box 1560, 16104 Niagara River Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.riverbendinn.ca

138 Tisdale Road Port Dover, ON  N0A 1N2 www.smokeandgamble.com

Puddicombe Farm and Estate Winery 1468 #8 Highway Winona, Hamilton, ON  L8E 5K9 www.puddicombefarms.com

Quai Du Vin Estate Winery

Riverview Cellars Estate Winery

Smokie Ridge Vineyard

15376 Niagara Parkway, RR 1 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.riverviewcellars.com

10090 Cameron Road, RR 3 Mountain, ON  K0E 1S0 www.smokiesgrapes.com

Robert Thomas Estate Vineyards & Winery

Southbrook Vineyards 581 Niagara Stone Road, RR 4 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.southbrook.com

45811 Fruitridge Line, RR 5 St. Thomas, ON  N5P 3S9 www.quaiduvin.com

784 County Road 18, RR 1 Cherry Valley, ON  K0K 1P0

Rockway Vineyards

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

Rancourt Winery

3290 Ninth Street St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7 www.rockway.net

7258 County Road 50 W. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.sprucewoodshores.com

1829 Concession 4 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.rancourtwinery.com

Rancourt Winery Inc. 1829 Concession 4 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.rancourtwinery.com

Rapscallion Wine Company 138 Tisdale Road Port Dover, ON  N0A 1N2

Rosehall Run Vineyards Inc.

Stanners Vineyard

1243 Greer Road, RR 1 Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.rosehallrun.com

76 Station Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.stannersvineyard.ca

Rosewood Estates Winery

Stoney Ridge Estate Winery

4352 Mountainview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.rosewoodwine.com

3201 King Street Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.stoneyridge.com

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

Royal DeMaria Wines

Strathmore Orchard and Winery

1366 York Road St. David’s, ON  L0S 1P0 www.ravinevineyard.com

4551 Cherry Avenue Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1 www.royaldemaria.com

3977 Bender Road Monkland, ON  K0C 1V0

Redstone Winery

Rush Creek Wines

4245 King Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1 www.redstonewines.ca

48995 Jamestown Line, RR 2 Aylmer, ON  N5H 2R2 www.rushcreekwines.com

2059 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.stratuswines.com

Redtail Vineyard

Sandbanks Estate Winery

422 Partridge Hollow Road, RR 3 Consecon, ON  K0K 1T0 www.redtailvineyard.com

17598 Loyalist Parkway Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0 www.sandbankswinery.com

Reif Estate Winery

Sanson Estate Winery

15608 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.reifwinery.com

9238 Walker Road Amherstburg, ON  N0R 1J0 www.dsanson.mnsi.net

Reimer Vineyards Winery

Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery

1289 Line 3 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.reimervineyards.com

82 Bedford Street Westport, ON  K0G 1X0 www.scheuermannwinery.com

Rennie Estate Winery

Scotch Block Farm Winery

4260 King Street E. Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0 www.rennieestatewinery.com

9365 10th Sideroad Halton Hills / Milton, ON  L9T 2X9 www.scotchblockwinery.com

Ridge Road Estate Winery

Silver Bay Cellars

1205 Ridge Road Stoney Creek, ON  L8J 2X5 www.ridgeroadwinery.ca

1469 Pelham Road, RR 1 St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9 www.silverbaycellars.ca

Stratus Vineyards

990 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.grangeofprinceedward.com

The Hare Wine Company 769 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.theharewineco.com

The Ice House Winery 14778 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.theicehousewinery.com

The Old Third Vineyard 251 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.theoldthird.com

Thirty Bench Wine Makers 4281 Mountaview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.thirtybench.com

Three Dog Winery 1920 Fish Lake Road Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.threedogwine.com

Trail Estate Winery 416 Benway Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.trailestate.com

Trillium Hill Estate Winery 3420 Ninth Street S. St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

Strewn Winery 1339 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.strewnwinery.com

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery 3210 Staff Avenue Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.sue-annstaff.com

Sugarbush Vineyards 1286 Wilson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 www.sugarbushvineyards.ca

Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery 1425 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.sunnybrookwine.com

Tawse Winery Box 822, 3955 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.tawsewinery.ca

Terra Estate Winery Inc.

Trius Winery at Hillebrand 1249 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.triuswines.com

Twin Pines Orchards, Cider House, & Estate Winery 8169 Kennedy Line Thedford, ON  N0M 2N0 www.twinpinesorchards.com

Two Sisters Vineyards 240 John Street E. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.twosistersvineyards.com

Tzafona Cellars 1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.tzafona.com

Vankleek Hill Vineyard 3725 County Road 12 Champlain, ON  K0B 1R0 www.vankleekhillvineyard.com

896 Lakeside Drive, RR 2, Prince Edward County Consecon, ON  K0K 1T0 www.terraestatewinery.com



Vieni Estates Wine & Spirits

Cote St-Charles Winery

Domaine Ives Hill

12 Chemin Boyce Compton, QC  J0B 1L0 www.domaineiveshill.com

750 rue Cote St-Charles Papineaulle, QC  J0V 1R0 www.croquezoutaouais.com/en/locate/directory/ vignoble-de/

12 Chemin Boyce Compton, QC  J0B 1L0 www.domaineiveshill.com

Au Jardin D’Emmanuel

Domaine Bergeville

153 Rang Sainte-Sophie Oka, QC  J0N 1E0 www.aujardindemmanuel.ca

1030 chemin Sherbrooke Canton de Hatley, QC  J0B 2C0 www.domainebergeville.ca

565, Rang Saint Simon Saint-Isidore, QC  J0L 2A0 www.labranche.ca

Au Vignoble d’Orford

Domaine Bouchard-Champagne

337 Covert Hill Road RR 1 Warkworth, ON  K0K 3K0 www.villaconti.co

318 Chemin Bice Orford, QC  J1X 6X4 www.auvignobledorford.com

23, Chemin des Vingt Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC  J3N 1M2

Villa Nova Estate Winery

Avant-Garde Vins & Spiritueux

RR# 4, 1449 Concession 13 Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K3 www.villanovaestatewinery.ca

Suite 611, 1 McGill Montreal , QC  H2Y 4A3 www.agvs.ca

271, Rang St-Andre Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC  J0J 1V0 www.closstbernard.com

Vineland Estates Winery Ltd.

Cassis Monna & Filles

3620 Moyer Road Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0 www.vineland.com

1225 Chemin Royal Saint Pierre-Île-d’Orléans, QC  G0A 4E0 www.cassismonna.com

Vinoteca Inc.

Cava Spiliadis

527 Jevlan Drive Woodbridge, ON  L4L 8W1 www.vinotecawinery.ca

5357 Park Avenue Montreal, QC  H2V 4G9 www.cavaspiliadis.com

Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery

Centaure Winery

1222 Concession 8 W. (Lake Shore Road 103) Lake Shore, ON  N0R 1K0 www.wagnerorchards.com

3848 rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.vignoblecentaure.com

Waupoos Estates Winery

Chapelle Ste Agnes Vineyard

Domaine des Cotes d’Ardoise Vignoble

3016 County Road 8 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0 www.waupooswinery.com

2565 Chemin Scenic Sutton, QC  J0E 2K0 www.vindeglace.com

879 rue Bruce (Route 202), Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.cotesdardoise.com

615 Édouard VII Boulevard St-Jacques-Le-Mineur, QC  J0J 1Z0 www.domainest-jacques.com

Chateau de Cartes Winery

Domaine des Salamandres

1285 rue Bruce Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.chateaudecartes.com

196 Chemin Covey Hill Hemmingford, QC  J0L 1H0 www.salamandres.ca

Ecole du 3e rang Vignoble et Cidrerie

4553 Fly Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2 www.vieni.ca

Viewpointe Estate Winery 151 County Road 50 E. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 www.viewpointewinery.com

Villa Conti Oak Heights Estate Winery

Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery 1219 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.gretzkyestateswines.com

Westcott Vineyards 3180 Seventeenth Street Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 www.westcottvineyards.com

Willow Springs Winery 5572 Bethesda Road Stouffville, ON  L4A 7X3 www.willowspringswinery.com

Wooden Bear L Winery Inc. 801 Norfolk Street S. Simcoe, ON  N2Y 4K1 woodenbearlwinery.com

Ziraldo Estate Winery 15468 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 www.ziraldo.ca

quebec 46


Aperi-Fruits Compton / Domaine Ives Hill

Domaine Clos St-Bernard

Domaine de la source a Marguerite 2388 Chemin Royal Ste-Famille, QC  G0A 3P0 www.domainemarguerite.com

Domaine De Lavoie 100 rang de la Montagne Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0 www.de-lavoie.com

Domaine des 3 Moulins 1333, Route 138 Neuville , QC  G0A 2R0 www.domainedes3moulins.com

Chateau Taillefer Lafon

Domaine Des Duc

1500 Montee Champagne Laval, QC  H7X 4H9 www.chateautailleferlafon.ca

440, Route de l’Ile, Île du Collège Duhamel-Ouest, QC  J9V 1E7 www.domainedesduc.ca

Clos Saint. Denis Verger-Vignoble

Domaine du Fleuve Vignoble

1150 Chemin des Patriotes (Route 133) Saint-Denis-Sur-Richelieu, QC  J0H 1K0

1164 Marie Victorin Varennes, QC  J3X 0B8 www.domainedufleuve.ca

Clos Saragnat 100 chemin Richford Frelighsburg , QC  J0J 1C0 www.saragnat.com

Clos St-Ignace 756 Rang Saint Isidore Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola, QC  J0K 2P0

Cote des Limousins Winery 1980, boul. David-Bouchard Roxton Pond, QC  J0E 1Z0 www.cotedeslimousins.com

Domaine du Ridge 205 Chemin Ridge Saint-Armand, QC  J0J 1T0 www.domaineduridge.com

Domaine du Ridge Vignoble 205 chemin Ridge Saint Armand , QC  J0J 1T0 www.domaineduridge.com

Domaine Félibre 740 Bean Road Stanstead, QC  J0B 3E0 www.domainefelibre.com

Domaine Labranche

Domaine Le Cageot Vignoble 5455, chemin St-André Jonquière , QC  G7X 7V4 www.domainelecageot.com/accueil.html

Domaine Le Grand Saint-Charles Vignoble & Cidrerie 995, Grand Rang Saint-Charles Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford , QC  J0E 1A0 www.domainelegrandsaintcharles.com

Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte 30 Chemin de Marieville Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0 www.leduc-piedimonte.com

Domaine Les Brome 285 Chemin de Brome Lac-Brome, QC  J0E 1S0 www.leoncourville.com

Domaine Mont-Vézeau 365, Route 321 Ripon, QC  J0V 1V0 www.domainemont-vezeau.com

Domaine St-Jacques

511, 3e rang est St-Joachim-De-Shefford, QC  J0E 2G0 www.ecoledu3iemerang.com

Ferme Apicole Desrochers 113 rang 2 Gravel Ferme-Neuve, QC  J0W 1C0 www.desrochersd.com

La Cache a Maxime Vignoble 265, rue Drouin Scott, QC  G0S 3G0 www.lacacheamaxime.com

La Halte des Pèlerins Vignoble 693 Chemin du Sanctuaire Sherbrooke, QC  J1H 0E1 www.haltedespelerins.com

La Maison Des Futailles 1250 rue Nobel, Suite 275 Boucherville, QC  J4B 5H1 www.futailles.com

La Romance Du Vin Vignoble 108 Chemin du Bas de la Rivière Rigaud , QC  J0P 1P0 www.laromanceduvin.ca

Le Chat Botte Vignoble

Vignoble Bouche-Art

Vignoble des Pins

Vignoble Kobloth

633 Route 202 Hemmingford, QC  J0L 1H0 www.vignoblelechatbotte.ca

96 de la Chapelle Ile Bouchard, St Sulpice, QC  J5W 4C8 www.vignobleilebouchard.com

136 Grand Sabrevois Ste-Anne-de-Sabrevois, QC  J0J 2G0 www.sainte-anne-de-sabrevois.com/vignobledes-pins

905 Grand Boulevard Ouest Saint-Bruno, QC  J3V 0L8 www.vignoblekobloth.com

Vignoble Domaine Beauchemin

155, rue des Érables Brigham, QC  J2K 4E1 www.labauge.com

Le Domaine Acer

Vignoble Carone

145 Route du Vieux Moulin Auclair, QC  G0L 1A0 www.domaineacer.com

75 Rue Roy Lanoraie , QC  J0K 1E0 www.carone.ca

Le Mas des Patriotes Vignoble

Vignoble Carpinteri

1076 Chemin des Patriotes Ouest Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC  J2Y 1H4 www.lemasdespatriotes.com

3141 Chemin Du Pont Couvert Saint Ulric, QC  G0J 3H0 www.vignoblecarpinteri.com

Le Vignoble Du Clos Baillie

Vignoble Centaure

490 Chemin Baillie Gatineau, QC  J9J 3R5 www.quebecvino.com

3848 rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.vignoblecentaure.com

380 Rue Guerin-Lajoie Yamachiche, QC  G0X 3L0 www.vignobledomainebeauchemin.ca

Vignoble Domaine de l’Ardennais 158 Chemin Ridge Stanbridge East, QC  J0J 2H0 www.vignoblelardennais.ca

Vignoble Domaine l’Ange Gardien 6869 avenue Royale L’ange-Gardien, QC  G0A 2K0 www.vignoblelangegardien.com

Le Vignoble du Mitan

Vignoble Chapelle Ste Agnes

2608 Chemin Royal Sainte-Famille, Ile dOrleans, QC  G0A 3P0 www.vignobledumitan.com

2565 Chemin Scenic Sutton, QC  J0E 2K0 www.vindeglace.com

Le vignoble Mondor

Vignoble Chateau Fontaine

137, rang St-Henri Lanoraie, QC  J0K 1E0 www.vignoblemondor.com

4900, rue Martineau Saint-Hyacinthe, QC  J2S 7B8 www.vignoblechateaufontaine.ca

146, Chemin du Cap-Tourmente Saint-Joachim, QC  G0A 3X0

Leon Courville Vigneron

Vignoble Clos de la Montagne

Vignoble du Chemin de la Riviere

285 Chemin de Brome Lac-Brome, QC  J0E 1S0 www.leoncourville.com

330 de la Montagne Mont-Saint-Gregoire, QC  J0J 1K0

1087, Chemin de la Riviere Magog, QC  J1X 3W5 www.vignoblechdelariviere.com

Les 1001 vignes

663 rue Bissell Stanstead, QC  J0B 3E0

4395 Avenue des Perron Laval, QC  H7J 1G3

Vignoble Clos du Roc Noir

Vignoble Clos Lambert Négondos Vignoble Biologique 7100, rang Saint-Vincent Mirabel, QC  J7N 3N1 www.negondos.com

Philippe Dandurand Wines 1304 Greene Avenue Westmount, QC  H3Z 2B1 www.vinsdandurand.com

Societe De Vin Internationale, Ltd. 3838 Leman Blvd Laval, QC  H7E 1A1 www.groupegeloso.com

Union Libre cidre & vin 1047 Chemin Bruce Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.unionlibre.com

Verger Henryville 660, Route 133 Henryville, QC  J0J 1E0

690 route de la Rivière-Etchemin Levis (Saint-Jean-Chrysostome), QC  G6Z 2K9 www.closlambert.com

Vignoble Clos Ste-Croix de Dunham 3734 rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.closstecroix.ca

Vignoble aux Pieds des Noyers

Vignoble biologique du Domaine des Météores 203 Chemin du Lac Grosleau (Route 317) Ripon, QC  J0V 1V0 www.domainedesmeteores.com

285 Chemin Brome, C.P. 205 Ville de Lac-Brome, QC  J0E 1S0 www.leoncourville.com

Vignoble Domaine Royarnois

Vignoble du Coteau St. Paul 1595 rue Principale Est St. Paul d’Abbotsford, QC  J0E 1A0 www.coteau-st-paul.com

Vignoble du Faubourg 479 Rue des Bourgault Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC  G0R 3G0 www.vignobledufaubourg.com

Vignoble du Marathonien

Vignoble Cortellino 468, Rang Double Saint-Urbain Premier, QC  J0S 1Y0 www.vignoblecortellino.com

Vignoble et Cidrerie Coteau Rougemont

Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil 2692 Route Harwood Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC  J7V 8P2 www.cotedevaudreuil.com

Vignoble de la Sabliére 1050 Chemin Dutch (Route 235), Saint-Armand, QC  J0J 1T0

1086 rue Bruce, (Route 202), C.P. 339 Dunham, QC  J0M 1M0 www.orpailleur.ca

Vignoble de Sainte-Petronille 8705 Chemin Royal Sainte-Petronille, QC  G0A 4C0 www.vs-p.ca

Vignoble La Bullerie 2007 rue Principale Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, QC  J0N 1M0 www.labullerie.com

Vignoble La Grenouille 434, chemin Plouffe Cowansville , QC  J2K 3G6 www.vignoblelagrenouille.com

Vignoble La Marée Montante 568 Rang Saint-Charles Ouest Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, QC  G0L 2G0

Vignoble la Mission 1044 boulevard Pierre Laporte, (Route 241) Brigham, QC  J2K 4R3 www.vignoble-la-mission.business.site

Vignoble Lano d’Or Inc.

318 Route 202 Havelock, QC  J0S 2C0 www.marathonien.qc.ca

Vignoble de L’Orpailleur 71, Grande-Côte Est Lanoraie, QC  J0K 1E0 www.vignobleauxpiedsdesnoyers.com

Vignoble Domaine les Brome

Vignoble la Bauge

1105 La Petite Caroline Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0 www.coteaurougemont.com

Vignoble Gagliano 1046 rue Bruce Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.vignoblegagliano.com

Vignoble Isle de Bacchus 1335, Chemin Royal Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, QC  G0A 4E0 www.isledebacchus.com

Vignoble J.O. Montpetit et Fils 396 Chemin Saint-Louis / route 236 St-Etienne de Beauharnois , QC  J0S 1S0 www.vignoblejomontpetitetfils.com

1000, Grande-Côte Ouest Lanoraie, QC  J0K 1E0 www.vignoblelanodor.ca

Vignoble Le Cep d’Argent 1257 Chemin de la Riviére Magog, QC  J1X 3W5 www.cepdargent.com

Vignoble le Nordet 991 Chemin des Iles Pintendre Levis, QC  G6C 1B5 www.vignoblenordet.com

Vignoble Le Royer St-Pierre 182 route 221 Napierville , QC  J0J 1LO www.vignobleleroyer.com

Vignoble les Artisans du Terroir 1150 rang de la Montagne St-Paul-d’Abbotsford , QC  J0E 1A0 www.artisansduterroir.ca

Vignoble Les Coteaux du Tremblay 159 Chemin de Cochrane Compton, QC  J0B 1L0

Vignoble Les Cotes du Gavet 1690, chemin de l’Aqueduc Tingwick, QC  J0A 1L0 www.vignoblegavet.com

Vignoble les Murmures 2750 Chemin Noiseux Saint-Jean-Baptiste , QC  J0L 2B0 www.lesmurmures.ca

Vignoble les Pervenches 150 Chemin Boulais Farnham, QC  J2N 2P9 www.lespervenches.com



Vignoble Les Petits Cailloux

Annapolis Highland Vineyards

Honeydew Apiaries

Petite Rivière Vineyards

625 Rang de la Montagne Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford , QC  J0E 1A0 www.lespetitscailloux.com

2635 Clementsvale Road Bear River East, NS  B0S 1B0 www.annapolishighlandvineyards.com

6718 Route. 19 Canoe Cove , PEI  C0A 1H7

1300 Italy Cross Road Crousetown, NS  B4V 6R2 www.petiterivierevineyards.ca

Vignoble les Trois Clochers

Auk Island Winery

341 chemin Bruce, Route 202 Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.3clochers.com

29 Durrell Street Twillingate, NL  A0G 1Y0 www.aukislandwinery.com

48 Vintage Lane Malagash, NS  B0K 1E0 www.jostwine.ca

Vignoble Miltonia

Avondale Sky Winery

La Ferme Maury (St. Edouard Vineyard)

159, route 137 N. Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton, QC  J0E 2C0 www.vignoblemiltonia.com

80 Avondale Cross Road Newport Landing, NS  B0N 2A0 www.avondalesky.com

2021 Route 475 St. Edouard-De-Kent, NB  E4S 4W2 www.fermemaury.com

Vignoble Morou

Benjamin Bridge Vineyards

La Framboise Francoeur

238 Route 221 Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville, QC  J0J 1L0 www.vignoblemorou.com

1966 White Rock Road RR#1 Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1 www.benjaminbridge.com

696 Grand Riviere Street Notre Dame De Lourdes, NB  E7E 1W7

Vignoble Pigeon Hill

Blomidon Estate Winery

395 Chemin des Erables Saint-Armand, QC  J0J 1T0 www.vignoblepigeonhill.com

10318 Highway 221 Canning, NS  B0P 1H0 www.blomidonwine.ca

310 Slayter Road, Gaspereau RR 1 Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1 www.lacadievineyards.ca

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

Dark Cove Cottage Winery

807, Rivière Nord Saint-Eustache, QC  J7R 0J5 www.vignobleriviereduchene.ca

220 JR Smallwood Blvd. Gambo, NL  A0G 1T0 www.dccw.ca

Vignoble Saint Simon

Devonian Coast Wineries Ltd.

101 rue Martel Saint Simon de Bagot, QC  J0H 1Y0

48 Vintage Lane Malagash, NS  B0K 1E0 www.devoniancoast.ca

Vignoble Saint Thomas 1101 Rang South Saint-Thomas de Joliette, QC  J0K 3L0 www.vignoblesaintthomas.com

Vignoble Sainte-Eulalie 895 rang des Ormes Sainte-Eulalie, QC  G0Z 1E0 www.eulalie.ca

Vignoble Saint-Gabriel 2190 rang St-David St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, QC  J0K 2N0 www.vignoblesaintgabriel.com

Vignoble Val Caudalies 4921, Rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0 www.valcaudalies.com

Domaine de Grand Pré 11611 Highway 1, PO Box 105 Grand Pre, NS  B0P 1M0 www.grandprewines.ns.ca

Dunhams Run Estate Winery 35 Gorhams Bluff Road Kingston, NB  E5N 1A8 www.dunhamsrun.ca

Eileanan Breagha Vineyards 5349 Marble Mountain Road River Denys, NS  B0E 2Y0 www.eileananbreagha.ca

Flynn’s Winery & Distillery 19 Crawley Avenue Grand Falls-Windsor, NL  A2A 2X6

Vignoble Vents d’Ange

Gaspereau Vineyards

839 Chemin Principal St-Joseph-du-Lac, QC  J0N 1M0 www.vignobleventsdange.com

2239 White Rock Road Gaspereau, NS  B4P 2R1 www.gaspereauwine.ca

Vignobles Saint Rémi

Gillis of Belleisle Winery

2045 rang Notre Dame Saint Rémi, QC  J0L 2L0 www.saintremi.ca

1826 Route 124 Springfield , NB  E5T 2K2

maritimes Andrés Wines Atlantic Ltd. 491 Willow Street Truro, NS  B2N 6T3 www.andrewpeller.com


Jost Vineyards Ltd.


Goose Landing Vineyards 592 Highway 311 Truro, NS  B6L 6H2

Happy Knight Wines 59 Johnson Road Kingston, NB  E5N 1Z4 www.happyknightwines.com

L’Acadie Vineyards

Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards 11143 Evangeline Trail Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1 www.lightfootandwolfville.com

Luckett Vineyards 1293 Grand Pré Road Wallbrook, NS  B4P 2R3 www.luckettvineyards.com

Planters Ridge Vineyard and Winery 1441 Church Street Port Williams, NS  B0P 1T0 www.plantersridge.ca

Richibucto River Wine Estate 940 Route 495 Mundleville, NB  E4W 2N5 www.richibuctoriverwineestate.com

Rodrigues Winery & Distillery PO Box 98 Whitbourne, NL  A0B 3K0 www.rodrigueswinery.com

Rossignol Estate Winery 11147 Shore Road Murray River, PEI  COA 1WO www.rossignolwinery.com

Sainte Famille Wines Ltd. 11 Dudley Park Lane, RR 2 Falmouth, NS  B0P 1L0 www.st-famille.com

Telder Berry Wines 1251 Enfield Road Nine Mile River, NS  B2S 2T7

Lunenburg County Winery RR 3 Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County Newburne, NS  B0J 2E0 www.canada-wine.com

Magnetic Hill Winery 860 Front Mountain Road Moncton, NB  E1G 3H3 www.magnetichillwinery.com

Matos Winery & Vineyards 3156 West River Road (Route 9) St. Catherines, PEI  COA 1H1 www.matoswinery.com

Mercator Vineyards 88 Dyke Road Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1 www.devoniancoast.ca/mercator-vineyards

Motts Landing Vineyard and Winery 3506 Lower Cambridge Road, Route 715 Cambridge - Narrows, NB  E4C 1S6 www.mottslandingvineyard.com

Muwin Estate Wines Ltd. 7153 Highway 12, PO Box 85 New Ross, NS  B0J 2M0 www.muwinestate.com

Newman Estate Winery 2404 Gladstone Road Murray Harbour, PEI  C0A 1W0 www.newmanestatewinery.com

Tuddenham Farms PO Box 202 St. Stephen, NB  E3L 2X1 www.tuddenhamfarms.com

Verger Belliveau Orchard Pré-d’en-Haut, 1209, Principale Street Memramcook, NB  E4K 2S6 www.vergerbelliveauorchard.ca

Waterside Farms Cottage Winery 2008 Scenic Route 915 Waterside, NB  E4H 4M9 www.watersidewinery.ca

Williamsdale Winery Ltd. 1826 Wyvern Road Cumberland, Subd. B, NS  B0M 1E0

Winegarden Estate Ltd. 851 Route 970 Baie Verte, NB  E4M 1Z7 www.winegardenestate.com

Winery Association of Nova Scotia PO Box 2382 Wolfville, NS  B4P 2N5 www.winesofnovascotia.ca

Vineyard & Winery Suppliers A.O. Wilson Ltd.

BC Wine Grape Council

Bucher Vaslin North America

Central Fabricating & Welding

9597 17th Sideroad Erin, ON  N0B 1T0 customerservice@aowilson.ca

PO Box 1089 Station Main Penticton, BC  V2A 6J9 info@bcwgc.org

9001 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2 info@bin97.com

4669 Fretz Drive Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B4

A.O. Wilson Ltd.

Bellwyck Packaging Solutions

Buckerfield’s Country Stores

461 Trumpeter Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4L5 holiver@aowilson.ca

21 Finchdene Square Toronto, ON  M1X 1A7

31852 Marshall Place Abbotsford, BC  V2T 5Z9

255 Speedvale Avenue W. Guelph, ON  N1H 1C5 info@compusense.com

Bericap North America

Buckerfield’s Country Stores

Connoisseur Wines & Spirits

ABC Cork Co. 653 Wilton Grove Road London, ON  N6N 1N7

835 Syscon Court Burlington, ON  L7L 6C5 info.na@bericap.com

5410 Trans Canada Highway Duncan, BC  V9L 6W4

74 - 8 Townwood Drive Richmond Hill, ON  L4E 4Y3 sales@connoisseurwines.com

Acadian Seaplants Ltd.

Bin 97 Winery Equipment

30 Brown Avenue Dartmouth , NS  B3B 1X8 info@acadian.ca

9001 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2 info@bin97.com

4998 Langtry Duncan, BC  V9L 6R8

Compusense Inc.

Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.

ACR Research

Biofert Manufacturing Inc.

Suite 328, 101 - 1865 Dilworth Drive Kelowna, BC  V1Y 9T1 customerservice@acrsystems.com

464 Riverside Road Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7M1

Consumers Packaging Group Inc. 35 Valleywood Drive, Unit 2 Markham, ON  L3R 5L9

Canadian Oak Barrels Inc. PO Box 790 St. George, ON  N0E 1N0 harmony@canadianoak.com

Corby Distilleries Ltd. Suite 1100, 225 King Street W. Toronto, ON  M5V 3M2

Canadian Vintners Association

Corsica Equipment Inc.

Suite 200 – 440 Laurier Avenue W. Ottawa, ON  K1R 7X6 info@canadianvintners.com

6015 Fir Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4 neil@corsicaequipment.com

Bosagrape Winery Supplies Ltd.

Carleton Place Winery 20 Lake Avenue East Carleton Place, ON  K7C 4J1 carletonplacewinery@sympatico.ca

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

ADI Systems Inc.

6908 Palm Avenue Burnaby, BC  V5J 4M3 brew.bosagrape@gmail.com

370 Wilsey Road Fredericton, NB  E3B 6E9 systems@adi.ca

British Columbia Grapegrowers’ Association

ACS-Corp. Canada - Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (International) Inc. 60 International Boulevard Toronto, ON  M9W 6J2

AgSafe BC Suite 311, 9440 - 202 Street Langley, BC  V1M 4A6

Biofert Manufacturing Inc. 44444 Progress Way Chilliwack, BC  V2R 0L2

PO Box 1138 Penticton, BC  V2A 6J9 bcga@grapegrowers.bc.ca

British Columbia Wine Authority Anton Paar Canada 4920 Place Olivia Saint Laurent, QC  H4R 2Z8 info.ca@anton-paar.com

Artus Bottling Ltd.

888 Westminster Avenue W. Penticton, BC  V2A 8S2 info@bcvqa.ca

British Columbia Wine Institute

Cartier & Company CGA 103-347 Leon Avenue Kelowna, BC  V1Y 8C7 Lee Cartier

CCL Label 1315 rue René-Descartes Saint Bruno, QC  J3V 0B7 pdery@cclind.com

145 - 7391 Vantage Way Delta, BC  V4G 1M3 accounting@cetci.com

Criveller Group 6935 Oakwood Drive Niagara Falls, ON  L2G 0J3 info@criveller.com

CSI Labels (Custom Security Industries Inc.) 19 Ruggles Avenue Thornhill, ON  L3T 3S4

CCL Label 35 McLachlan Drive Etobicoke, ON  M9W 1E4 ccampisi@cclind.com

DBP Prime Label Technology

1375 Commercial Way Penticton, BC  V2A 3H4

Suite 107 - 1726 Dolphin Avenue Kelowna, BC  V1Y 9R9 info@winebc.com

Unit 11 - 14, 4085 Sladeview Crescent Mississauga, ON  L5L 5X3

ASL Print FX

Brittany Boxes

Cellar Dweller Mobile Filter Services Ltd.

Unit A, 1 Royal Gate Boulevard Vaughan, ON  L4L 8Z7 reachout@aslprintfx.com

2222 Centre Road Campbellville, ON  L0P 1B0 info@brittanyboxes.ca

153 Eastside Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R5 robert@cellardweller.ca

Association Canadienne des Oenologues / Canadian Association of Oenologists

Brock University - Analytical Services Laboratory

Cellar-Tek Commercial Winery Supply

896 Bell Boulevard W. Belleville, ON  K8N 4Z5

7500 rue Tellier Montreal, QC  H1N 3W5 info@acoe.ca

Inniskillin Hall, Room 215, 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3A1 ccovilab@brocku.ca

530 - 380 Vansickle Road St. Catharines, ON  L2P 0B5 info@cellartek.com

DJB Chartered Professional Accountants

Association des vignerons du Québec inc.

Brock University - Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute

Cellar-Tek Commercial Winery Supply

20 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 300 St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3W2 stcath@djb.com

216, rue Denison est Granby, QC  J2H 2R6 secretariat@vinsduquebec.com

500 Glenridge Avenue St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3A1

Deer Fence Canada Inc. 2470 Dunrobin Road Ottawa, ON  K0A 1T0 deerfencecanada@gmail.com

Deerhaven Farm and Garden Ltd.

1043 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K4 info@cellartek.com

Dubois Agrinovation PO Box 3550, 478 Notre Dame Saint-Remi, QC  J0L 2L0



Dubois Agrinovation

Gerard’s Equipment Ltd.

Hunter Bottling

M.B. Laboratories Ltd.

630 Ireland Road Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K2

5592 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 info@gerardsequiment.com

RR #3, 812 Twenty Road Fenwick, ON  L0S 1C0 glen@hunterbottling.com

PO Box 2103 Sidney, BC  V8L 3S6 info@mblabs.com

E.R. Vollans Ltd. 1682 City Road 20 Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2E6 jvollans@mnsi.net

Goodfellow Inc.

IDL Process Solutions Inc.

MacDay Label Systems Ltd.

225 Goodfellow Street Delson, QC  J5B 1V5 info@goodfellowinc.com

1164 Lee Street White Rock, BC  V4B 4P4 info@idlconsulting.com

102 Sports Field Court London, ON  N6K 4K2 info@macday.ca

MacDonald Steel Ltd. - Custom fabrication

Earlco Vineyards Ltd. 1493 Todd Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6 info@earlco.com

EA Viticulture & Enology Consulting 3986 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Elnova Ltd. 160 Chemin de la Montagne Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0 info@elnova.ca

Enocapsule Inc. 250 Rue Aime-Vincent Vaudreuil - Dorion, QC  J7V 5V5

ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. 2071C Malaview Avenue Sidney, BC  V8L 5X6 info@esica.com

Evergreen Liquid Plant Food Ltd. 790 St. Charles Street W., RR #1 Breslau, ON  N0B 1M0 info@evergreenliquidplantfood.com

Goodfellow Inc., Canbar Division

Intergraphics Decal Ltd.

PO Box 460, 9184 Twiss Road Campbellville, ON  L0P 1B0 info@goodfellowinc.com

180 De Baets Street Winnipeg, MB  R2J 3W6 contact@intergraphics.ca

Gould Stainless Products Ltd.

International Viticultural Services Inc.

1141, 6027, 79th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5P1 craig@gouldstainless.com

Grape Growers of Ontario Ironwood Steins and Wines

Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.

Grape To Wine Consulting

Jane’s Packaging Inc.

316 Adamson Drive Penticton, BC  V2A 7R6 christine.leroux@shaw.ca

Unit 1 - 3455 14th Avenue Markham, ON  L3R 0H4 info@janespackaging.com

202-2790 Gladwin Road Abbotsford, BC  V2T 4S7 infofv@madrone.ca

Growers Supply Co. Ltd.

Jet Label

2605 Acland Road Kelowna, BC  V1X 7J4 paul.schwinghamer@growerssupplybc.com

9445 - 49th Street NW Edmonton, AB  T6B 2L8

Gusmer Enterprises Inc.

3480 Carrington Road Westbank, BC  V4T 3C1

Jet Label

1420 Blueridge Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 3A7 eric@wineryconsulting.com

H & W Equipment for Vineyard & Winery

3361 Glencoe Road Westbank, BC  V4T 1M1 karnail@kalala.ca

RR#2, 827 Line 4 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 info@vineyardmachines.com

KJ Urban Winery & Craft Brewing Supplies

Halton Packaging Systems

Unit 6 - 199 Victoria Road S. Guelph, ON  N1E 6T9

1045 South Service Road W. Oakville, ON  L6L 6K3

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems

Forest Fringe Orchards PO Box 472 Prince Albert, SK  S6V 5R8 will.stafford@forestfringeorchards.ca

Fraser River Wines #8 - 32851 London Avenue Mission, BC  V2V 6M7 info@fraserriverwines.com

Fruition Agricultural Consultants RR #1, S7 C2 Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0 Valerie Tait

Hamilton Hops and Grapes 464A Burnside Road E. Victoria, BC  V8T 2X2 info@hamiltonhops.com

Harco Enterprises Ltd. 675 The Parkway Peterborough, ON  K9J 7K2 sales@harco.on.ca

Hilltop Cellars Inc. PO Box 149, 189 Davidson Road Roseneath, ON  K0K 2X0

G & H Wiley Ltd. 1175 Eighth Avenue St Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7 orders@wileysjuices.com

Garage Bigras Tracteur Inc. 785 Ch. Fresniere Saint-Eustache, QC  J7R 0E5 info@garagebigrastracteur.com


1081 Canada Avenue Duncan, BC  V9L 1V2 info@madrone.ca

11151 Horseshoe Way, Unit 1 Richmond, BC  V7A 4S5

EVK Winery Consulting Inc.

2069 Elm Road Oakville, ON  L6H 3K9 inquiry@flowmation.com

Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.

PO Box 100 Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0 info@grapegrowersofontario.com

81 M Street Fresno, CA  93721 sales@gusmerenterprises.com

Flowmation Systems


Box 156 Grimsby, ON  L3M 4G3 lschmidt@niagara.com

200 Avenue Road Cambridge, ON  N1R 8H5 sales@macdonaldsteel.com

Kalala Agriculture Contracting

1444 Bell Mill Side Road Tillsonburg, ON  N4G 4G9 info@kooljet.com

KWS - Kruger Wines & Spirits CoPacking 1250, rue Nobel, suite 275 Boucherville, QC  J4B 5H1 customerpo@futailles.ca

La Vigne Viticulture Services Inc. 1941 Water Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 1K8 lavignevit@hotmail.ca

Manubois 225 rue Liberte Candiac, QC  J5R 3X8

Markem - Imaje Inc., a Dover Company 2-7075 Edwards Boulevard Mississauga, ON  L5S 1Z2

Massload Technologies Inc. 301 - 47th Street E. Saskatoon, SK  S7K 5H2 contact@massload.com

Maximus Vineyard Management 8721 Palmer Place Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2 Morton Serbon

Meritage Viticulture Services Ltd. 1150 Corbishley Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8V3 Adam Spychalski

Minerva Enterprises Ltd. 430 El Camino Road Kelowna, BC  V1X 2R9

Mori Vines Inc. 1912 Concession 4, RR#3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 morivines@sympatico.ca

Mori Vines Inc. 232 Miller Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 rif@persona.ca

Hummingbird Aerial Surveys

Label Image Industries

1095 Nechako Ct. Kelowna, BC  V1V 2N9 David Metvedt

Unit 30, 5100 South Service Road Burlington, ON  L7L 6A5

Mosti Mondiale Inc.

Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc.

6865 Route 132 Sainte Catherine, QC  J5C 1B6

40 Lakeshore Road, RR #5 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 sales@lvequipment.ca

Mount Kobau Wine Services

Okanagan Fertilizer Ltd.

Presstime Design & Screenprint

Serigraphie Richford Inc.

4816 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 Lynn and John Bremmer

603 Vernon Street Enderby, BC  V0E 1V0

11 Pietz Avenue Welland, ON  L3C 1Z5 info@presstimedesign.com

Suite 101, 2001 Boul. Des Sources Pointe Claire, QC  H9R 5Z4

Munckhof Manufacturing Ltd.

5224 Paintbrush Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd. (PWP)

Suite 1, 2270 Argentina Road Mississauga, ON  L5N 6A6


1821 Highway 3 Princeton, BC  V0X 1W0 elizabeth@pwppost.com

Box 308 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0 office@munckhof.com

Naramata Bench Wineries Association #374, 113 - 437 Martin Street Penticton, BC  V2A 5L1 info@naramatabench.com

Neal Carter & Associates Ltd. (FarmSolutions.net) 12033 Loomer Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z8 info@farmsolutions.net

New Zealand Winegrowers

Okanagan Fertilizer Ltd.

5165 Sherbrooke Street W., Suite 420 Montreal, QC  H4A 1T6 opim@opim.ca

Orbis Manufacturing 39 Westmore Drive Rexdale, ON  M9V 3Y6 info@orbiscorporation.com

Origro Inc. 1135 Gallagher Road Burlington, ON  L7T 2M7 info@origro.com

74 Hurontario Street, Suite 206 Collingwood, ON  L9Y 2L8

P.J. Bosc Wind Machines & Vineyard Equipment

Niagara College Teaching Winery

RR4 995 Line 6 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 pjbosc@warm-breeze.com

135 Taylor Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 shopkins@niagaracollege.ca

Niagara College Teaching Winery - School of Horticulture and Agribusiness - Winery/Viticulture Program 135 Taylor Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 sgill@niagarac.on.ca

Niagara Orchard and Vineyard Corp. 1196 Irvine Road, RR#5 Niagara On The Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 info@niagaraorchard.com

Niagara Vintage Wine Tours 2205 Mewburn Road Niagara Falls, ON  L2E 6S4

Niagara Wine Tours International PO Box 1205 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 mail@niagaraworldwinetours.com

Richards Packaging Inc.

Packaging Technologies Inc.

6095 Ordan Drive Mississauga, ON  L5T 2M7

310 Courtland Avenue Concord, ON  L4K 4Y6 tim.boissinot@ptibox.com

Pascal Madevon Signature Ltd. 701 Nelson Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 2L6 P.Madevon@shaw.ca

Richards Packaging Inc.

Ripley Stainless Ltd. 9732 Lenzi Street Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2 tanks@ripleystainless.com

Robbinex Inc.

Signature Wine Cellars 2060 Guthrie Road Comox, BC  V9M 3P6

Similkameen Wineries Association PO Box 246 Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N0 info@SimilkameenWine.com

SiteOne Landscape Supply 9421 48th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2R1

SiteOne Landscape Supply 740 McCurdy Road, Unit 115 Kelowna, BC  V1X 2P7

SiteOne Landscape Supply 2504 37th Street Vernon, BC  V1T 6G4

Slimline Manufacturing Ltd. 559 Okanagan Avenue E. Penticton, BC  V2A 3K4 orders@slimlinemfg.com

Smart Net Systems 388 Lazo Road Comox, BC  V9M 3T9 smartnetsystems@gmail.com

Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box Canada Unit 1, 3550 Laird Road Mississauga, ON  L5L 5Z7


41 Stuart Street Hamilton, ON  L8L 1B5

St. Catharines Corrugated Containers

32 Main Street Kentville , NS  B4N 1J5

Rosehill Wine Cellars

1827 Allanport Road Allanburg, ON  L0S 1A0

Perennia 199 Dr. Bernie MacDonald Drive Bible Hill, NS  B6L 2H5

1686 Mattawa Avenue Mississauga, ON  L4X 1K2 info@rosehillwinecellars.com

Saeplast Americas Inc. Perennia

Phoenix Packaging International Corp.

Kingstec Campus - Library, 236 Belcher Street Kentville , NS  B4N 0A6 terri.milton@nscc.ca

Richards Packaging Inc. 1939 Onésime Gagnon Lachine, QC  H8T 3M5

#140 - 9200 Van Horne Way Vancouver, BC  V6X 1W3

4000 Jordan Road, PO Box 381 Jordan Station, ON  L0R 1S0 info@niagaraorchard.com

NSCC Cool Climate Wine and Viticulture Teaching Winery, Nova Scotia Community College

Red Trac International Ltd. PO Box 460 Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Pacific Flow Control Ltd.

173 Dr. Bernie MacDonald Drive Bible Hill, NS  B6L 2H5

8247 Davies Road, NW Edmonton, AB  T6E 4N1 sales@norwestcooling.com

Raynox 2000 Inc. 110 Chemin Marieville Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0 info@raynoxinc.com

PO Box 31039, RPO Thunderbird Langley, BC  V1M 0A9 tapping@pacificflowcontrol.ca

Niagra Orchard and Vineyard Corp.

Norwest Cooling Systems Inc.

Qualicum Village Winery 675 Fir Street Qualicum Beach, BC  V9K 1R1 info@qualicumvillagewinery.com

Serigraphie Richford Inc.

2530 Lapierre Street Montreal, QC  H8N 2W9 info@phoenixpackaging.com

Piazza Grape Juice Company Ltd. 2479 Haines Road Mississauga, ON  L4Y 1Y7

100 Industrial Drive Saint John, NB  E2R 1A5 sales.dalvik@promens.com

Saxco International 2360 Cornwall Road Oakville, ON  L6J 7T9 websales@saxco.com

Scott Laboratories Ltd. Unit 1, 950 Brock Road South Pickering, ON  L1W 2A1 info@scottlabsltd.com

Prairie Forest Products Ltd.

Seaside Paper Products Ltd.

PO Box 279 Neepawa, MB  R2R 0N9 info@prairieforest.com

9999 River Way Delta, BC  V4G 1M8 info@seasidepaper.com

StaVin Inc. PO Box 1693 Sausalito, CA  94966 info@stavin.com

Summerland Greenhouses 6711 Canyon View Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7 Dave deBoer

Sunpack Agro-Plastics Canada Ltd. 28 Stonegate Drive Grimsby, ON  L5M 5Y7

Superior Peat Inc. 1700 Carmi Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8V5 info@superiorpeat.com

Terres & vignes service-conseil 3518, rue Gertrude Verdun, QC  H4G 1R3 jfpeloquin@terres-vignes.ca



The Wine Cottage

Valley Welding & Machine Works

VineTech Canada

#312 - 130 Centennial Drive Courtenay, BC  V9N 6H5 info@thewinecottage.ca

PO Box 5214 Sussex, NB  E4E 5L3 jim@valleywelding.com/

278 Line 5, RR4 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 sales@vinetech.ca

TricorBraun Winepak

Veraison Viticulture and Enology Consulting

500 - 1650 Brigantine Drive Coquitlam, BC  V3K 7B5

United Bottles & Packaging

Vetrerie Bruni Glass

United Bottles & Packaging 1375 Kingsway Avenue Port Coquitlam, BC  V3C 1S2 info@unitedbottles.com

Universal Packaging

1449 46th Avenue Lachine, QC  H8T 3C5 info@BruniGlass.com

Vines to Vintages Inc. 1219 Commercial Way, Unit 103 Penticton, BC  V2A 3H4 shop@vinestovintages.ca

Suite 1601, One Yonge Street Toronto, ON  M5E 1E5 info@vqaontario.ca

VineTech Canada D&M Lightfoot Farms Ltd. Wolfville, NS  B0P 1B0 nssales@vinetech.ca

VineTech Canada

1400 Dagenais W. Laval, QC  H7L 5C7 info@unitedbottles.com

1810 Kosmina Road Vernon, BC  V1T 8T2 info@thinkuniversal.com

1095 Kelly Drive Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2T1 acmarks@gmx.com

Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario (VQA)

PO Box 216 Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0 bcsales@vinetech.ca

Vintner’s Services Wine Analysis Laboratory 4158 Highland Park Drive Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B7 coachsal@iee.vaxxine.com

Viti-Tech Nursery RR1, S56, C6 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Vinifera Custom Viticulture Ltd. PO Box 328 Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0 Dave Gill

Vines to Vintages Inc.

Vinstream - Membership Management & POS Software

991 Twenty Road Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0 shopvinestovintages@gmail.com

201 - 460 Doyle Avenue Kelowna, BC  V1Y 0C2 info@vinstream.co

Wendenburg Wine Consulting Ltd. 4203 Valleyview Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V8 mark@wendenburgwineconsulting.com

Wes-Tech Irrigation Systems Ltd. #5 - 625 Alpha Street Victoria, BC  V8Z 1B5 orders@irrigation.ca

White Kennedy LLP Chartered Professional Accountants #201-99 Padmore Avenue E. Penticton, BC  V2A 7H7 penticton@whitekennedy.com

Wine & Farm Systems Inc.

r.r #1 Windham Centre,

Ontario Canada N0E 2A0

Gintec Shade Technologies Inc.

Gintec ProGuard Grape Netting Wind, Hail, Deer and Bird Protection

Ph: (519) 443-4743 Toll Free: 1-877-443-4743 Fax: (519) 443-8120

www.gintec-shade.com gintec@gintec-shade.com

31 Lakeridge Boulevard, RR2 Lowbanks, ON  N0A 1K0 dr.tom@winefarmsystems.com

Wine Aspect – BC Bulk Wine Brokers Ltd. 4203 Valleyview Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V8 Mark & Jacqueline Wendenburg

Wine Marketing Association of Ontario 4890 Victoria Avenue N., PO Box 4000 Vineland, ON  L0R 2E0 info@winesofontario.org

Wine Plus + Education and Consulting 2155 Newton Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C1 Rhys Pender, MW

Winery and Growers Alliance of Ontario Suite 225, 4890 Victoria Avenue N., Box 4000 Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0 karen.loch@wgao.ca

WP Warehousing Inc. 35 Yale Crescent St. Catharines, ON  L2R 7T3


AAnew newOkanagan Okanaganvineyard vineyardand andwinery wineryconsulting consultingcompany company. Established Madevon Signature SignatureLtd. Ltd. isisaa EstablishedininJune June2016, 2016,Pascal Pascal Madevon vineyard vineyardand andwinery wineryconsultancy consultancybased basedin inPenticton, Penticton, BC. BC. Through the the venture, offers professional Through venture, Pascal PascalMadevon Madevon offers professional advicetotonew newand andemerging emerging wineries vineyard advice wineries onon vineyard management, management, wine and commercialization. wine production, andproduction, commercialization. Thisstep stepto tohelp help others others with with their their roles This roles in in wine winefollows follows more more than 30 years experience in wine, notably as winemaker head than 30 years experience in wine, notably as head winemaker of prestigious Bordeaux and Okanagan estates. of prestigious Bordeaux and Okanagan estates. For an appointment or more information please contact

For an appointment or more information please contact Pascal Madevon at Pascal Madevon at p.madevon@shaw.ca l 250.488.8497 l pascalmadevon.ca p.madevon@shaw.ca | 250.488.8497 | pascalmadevon.ca The first visit is free. The first visit is free.

24/7 – 365 Visit us at

crushmagazine.ca for more Canadian vineyard and winery management news.

Did we miss your winery in our summer 2019 directory listings? Visit us online at crushmagazine.ca to get in the next issue.


A.M.A. Plastics..............................................................................................19



Knights Grapevine Nursery...................................................................31

Antonio Carraro Canada.........................................................................13

Pascal Madevon Signature Ltd...........................................................53

Aqua Treatment Technologies.............................................................31

Praxair Canada Inc.....................................................................................15

Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equipment Ltd...................................11

Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd..........................................................19

Bird Control Group....................................................................................35 Bosagrape Winery & Brew Supplies.................................................21 Brock University............................................................................................ 9 Cellar-Tek Supplies Ltd...........................................................................25 Corsica Equipment Inc............................................................................29 Criveller Group............................................................................................... 3 Enartis...............................................................................................................21 ESG Filtration Ltd.......................................................................................52 Fast Track Packaging, Inc.......................................................................14

Raynox 2000 Inc........................................................................................33 Redden Net & Rope Ltd.........................................................................27 Revenue Services Group....................................................................... 20 RHN CPA..........................................................................................................18 Smart Fog........................................................................................................ 6 Southern Irrigation....................................................................................53 Sunridge Nurseries.....................................................................................19 Sustainability North Inc...........................................................................12

Fermentis............................................................................................ 21, OBC

Town Hall Brands.........................................................................................21

Fortis BC.......................................................................................................IFC

Unitech Scientific LLC..............................................................................32

Gintec Shade Technologies, Inc.........................................................33

VineTech Canada........................................................................................28

Great Little Box Company Ltd.............................................................. 5

Whatcom Manufacturing Inc...............................................................29

Gusmer Enterprises, Inc........................................................................... 7

WorkSafe BC................................................................................................23



DEL Communications Inc.

The key to success. We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of... • • • • • 54

Creative Design Advertising Sales Trade Publications Video Production & Editing Qualified Sales & Editorial Team

We’ve got On high-efficiency lighting, heating, irrigation and refrigeration equipment and more* for fruitful savings from growing vines to making wines. That’s energy at work. Start saving at fortisbc.com/businessrebates

*Terms and conditions apply. FortisBC may modify or cancel programs at any time. FortisBC Inc. and FortisBC Energy Inc. use the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (19-022.13.17 05/2019)

AN APP FOR EXPERTS, BY EXPERTS. FERMENTATION IS OUR BUSINESS. Whether you are winemakers, consultants or distributors, you will find tips and tools in our “Fermentis App” to optimize your fermentations accurately, control the aromatic profiles or secure your productions. Our own oenologists, engineers and technicians have created this app for you. Because between experts, we understand each other.

SERGIO ALOISIO Our commercial oenologist in South America. Winemaker for 30 years, who helped to create your app.


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Crush magazine, Summer 2019  

The summer 2019 issue of Crush magazine, Canada's vineyard and winery management publication, covers chefs turned winemakers, single-serve w...

Crush magazine, Summer 2019  

The summer 2019 issue of Crush magazine, Canada's vineyard and winery management publication, covers chefs turned winemakers, single-serve w...