Annual Report - 2022

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Dear friends – we are pleased to present our 2022 annual report highlighting the mission and services of your Community Foundation. Be sure to read our ‘2022 Community Impact Highlights’ on page 3!

Working with our Estate Planning Advisory Committee (EPAC) we launched a page on our website dedicated solely to charitable planning/estate giving. Life is busy. You live, you work, you play, you save, you plan, and you grow older. At some point, we slow down and begin to think about our life story, the legacy we want to leave, and what impact it will have on future generations.

In our 30 years of service to DeKalb County, we have been honored to be entrusted with estate gifts directed by nearly one hundred people. Their generosity and desire to continue supporting DeKalb County’s quality of life by partnering with us has benefited thousands and will continue to make an impact for generations to come through the power of endowment. We created the Dinontas Society (pronounced deen-ohn-tas) – Greek for ‘Giving Society’ – as a way to honor and highlight the people whose completed gifts to the Foundation paved the road of local generosity that our community enjoys today. See pages 4-5 to learn more.

We invite you to become a part of the Foundation….by seeking a grant to help you serve DeKalb County, through a contribution to one of our existing Funds that matches your charitable interests, or by starting your own Fund. We truly live in a great community which has benefitted from Generosity Across Generations of caring people. Thank you for entrusting your gifts to us and for putting your giving where your heart is.

Message to the Community
G. Joseph Mitchell 2021-2022 Board President Daniel P. Templin Executive Director Christine J. Johnson Incoming 2023 Board President

2022 Community Impact Highlights

2022 Community Impact Highlights

Highlighting Generosity Across Generations

Thank you to the many generous donors of all ages who have given over the years to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County!

One excellent example of generational generosity is the story on page 22, featuring the legacy of Joan Hoffman. Joan’s estate created two Funds providing educational support for students at DeKalb and Sycamore St. Mary’s Catholic Schools. The Funds are a lasting tribute to Miss Hoffman and the past, present, and future lives she impacts.

Planned Giving

Over the last 30 years, we have witnessed an inspiring amount of generosity throughout DeKalb County. Some generosity came as a planned gift from a will or trust. Other times it was mailed as a memorial or in honor of a loved one. Still other times it was walked into our door in the hands of a small child. The best part, we know EACH GIFT comes from a desire to help others.

In 2022 we focused on donors who wanted to leave a legacy of love and support for generations to come. Generosity across generations is powerful and can impact entire communities.

A new webpage was created in 2022 to detail options for planned giving. In addition, it discusses how the Foundation partners with donors and professional advisors to help donors express their legacy and achieve their goals. Planned giving options include bequests, life insurance policies, IRA/401K plans, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder trusts.


Leaving a Legacy of Love and Support
more at planned-giving

DeKalb County Transfer of Wealth

As we furthered our examination of planned giving, we contributed funding to a 2021 Transfer of Wealth Study conducted for the State of Illinois. The study details the potential for generosity across generations within the next 10 and 50 years.

In DeKalb County specifically, the study estimates that $2.5 billion will transfer over the next 10 years and $19 billion will transfer over the next 50 years. Retaining a portion of this wealth for the betterment of our local communities has the potential to produce even more economic vitality and opportunities for all in DeKalb County. Full study results are found on the Foundation’s planned giving webpage.

Dinontas Society

Many donors have already left a legacy of love and support through a planned or memorial designation to the Community Foundation. To honor these individuals, we created the Dinontas Society and launched a special website in 2022 to tell their stories. There are nearly 100 members in the Dinontas Society.

Leaving a Legacy of Love and Support
Learn more at
Donors of all ages give to causes they care about.

Finances at a Glance

Thank you donors!

The Finance Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors oversees the investment of our assets as well as expenses. The following information is available upon request from our office: names of investment managers and fees charged, full audited financial statements, IRS Form 990, governing documents, and conflict of interest policy.

Due to a down market, we ended 2022 with significant unrealized losses in our investment portfolio.

Revenues and Support Contributions $ 3,928,603 Investment income 720,384 Realized net gain on sale of investments 1,825,741 Unrealized net gains (losses) on investments -14,224,140 Administrative fees 583,468 Membership dues 21,507 Other revenue 17,954 Total Revenues and Support $ -7,126,483 Expenses Grants and scholarships $ 8,226,320 Grants and scholarships, future payable 390,245 Administrative fees 584,901 Salaries and support services 1,049,619 Depreciation 50,980 Total Expenses $ 10,302,065 Total Assets Change in net assets $ -17,428,548 Total assets – Beginning of year 69,911,999 Total Assets – End of Year $ 52,483,451
Statement of Financial Activities
Total Assets (Millions) 2022 2018201920202021 $52.5 $49.9 $56.4 $63.3 $69.5

Grants and Distributions

Nonpro t Capacity Building & Give DeKalb County


Health & Human Services


Additional Distributions Designated and Field of Interest Funds provided $348,749 for administration costs associated with Community Foundation operations and initiatives including the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, Youth Engaged in Philanthropy, and CommunityWorks.

The Rochelle Area Community Foundation started numerous non-endowed Agency Funds with the DeKalb County Community Foundation since 2005. In 2022 they closed those Funds, requesting their full distribution totaling $3,423,502.

Arts & Culture Environment & Animal Welfare

$514,114 $55,699

Community Development

Grants awarded during 2022

$8.6 million

Grants at a Glance Grants awarded since 1993 $49.7 million

Grants and Distributions

1% 40%
13% 12%
$455,628 $1,063,923

Continuing Purpose, One Brick at a Time

Thank you, donors, for making grants like these possible!

A building was constructed in 1878 that recognized the harmony of day-to-day community operations and the arts. The beautiful brickand-mortar construction was home to the Sandwich City Hall and the Sandwich Opera House. The City Hall occupied the first floor, while the Opera House operated and performed on the second floor.

Over the years, the building began to experience a decline in usage as outside facilities took over many of the activities held at the Opera House, and the city departments grew into new locations. In 1979, a need to save the building arose. Residents created the Association to Restore City Hall (ARCH) and immediately went to work. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and extensive restoration and renovation began.

The historic landmark re-opened on April 12, 1986, and the building operated once again as a community-

oriented facility. With the restoration came a return of the community theatre and various performances and other uses.

As expected with a 144-year-old historic building, the exterior brick is deteriorating. In early 2022, Sandwich Opera House (ARCH) applied for both a Community Needs Grant and a Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund Grant from the DeKalb County Community Foundation. The requests produced a combined $17,500 in support from the two grant programs.


The brick restoration and replacement was completed in November 2022. What was once crumbling and cracked is now smooth and safe, allowing patrons to enter and leave the building safely.

“Without support from organizations such as the Community Foundation and their supporters, the Sandwich Opera House and similar facilities would not be able to continue to provide arts and entertainment to the Sandwich area.”

Grants in Action – Community Impact Fund

Thanks to donor generosity to Community Impact Funds and the Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund, the Sandwich Opera House (ARCH) has received over $140,000 in grants since 2000. Grants supported a variety of purposes and projects, including:

l Replacement of the damaged or outdated lightboard and audio equipment ($4,350)

l Repair and restoration of theatre seating ($15,000)

l Replacement and restoration of windows ($15,000)

l Assistance with updating restroom facilities ($8,000)

l Replacement of stage curtains and addition of water heaters to areas ($10,000)

l And more!

Grants in Action – Community Impact Fund

The Sandwich City Hall and Opera House is a beautiful historic landmark in DeKalb County.

Technology Provides Safe Lifting During Emergency Response

With steady growth in Kirkland and surrounding communities, the call volume for emergency responses has grown. With increased calls comes the need to lift and safely load more patients on cots than ever before.

The mission of the Kirkland Community Fire District (KCFD) is to protect the lives and property of people in Kirkland and surrounding communities. The department’s district covers approximately 82 square miles, the largest in DeKalb County. Their area includes four towns: Kirkland, Clare, Esmond, and Fairdale.

The KCFD embraces and practices the concepts of safe lifting and proper body mechanics through ongoing training. However, upgrading to powered patient transport equipment allows EMS

providers to focus on life-saving patient care rather than worrying about the possibility of injury to themselves or the patient during the manual lift. In addition, the responders could respond to calls and reduce the need for extra manpower (needed on 95% of calls) to lift the cot into the ambulance. Powered equipment is easy and intuitive to use, exchanging the coordination of levers and strategic lifting with the ease of pushing a button.

In 2022, the Kirkland Community Fire District applied for a Community Needs Grant and received $10,400 in funding to purchase a Stryker’s Power Load lift. The KCFD raised the additional dollars through alternative sources, including a community fundraiser.

Funding for Community Needs Grants is made possible through donor generosity to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation. Thank you donors!

Upgrading transport equipment benefits both providers and patients.

Grants in Action – Community Impact Fund

Creating A Welcoming Environment for Food Security

According to the Barb Food Mart, more than 60 percent of DeKalb’s students live in low-income families and qualify for free and reduced school meals. Starting in March 2020, the number of clients increased threefold. By February 2022, Barb Food Mart saw as many as 200-230 families each week.

Barb Food Mart is a food pantry that serves students and families in DeKalb School District 428. Their mission is to promote dignity, equity, and choice while reducing food insecurity and increasing access to community resources.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Barb Food Mart shifted to an online ordering system and developed an entirely new pickup process outdoors. This new process was highly successful and kept in place despite the pandemic waning. With year-round outdoor food distribution events, the need arose for a permanent structure to serve as the starting point for food pickup.

“Barb Food Mart is run primarily with volunteer support. Having the welcome center be a safe and dry location for volunteers to greet families allows us to continue to operate the drive-thru year-round.”

~ Joey Moore, Director, Barb Food Mart

A cheerful place for greeting families, answering questions, and sheltering volunteers against the sun, wind, rain, and snow.

Barb Food Mart applied for a Community Needs Grant in the fall of 2022 and received a $10,000 grant for the welcome center. Installation occurred in November 2022, and the welcome center became operational a few days later.

Funding for Community Needs Grants is made possible through donor generosity to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation. Thank you donors!

Grants in Action – Community Impact Fund
The welcome center brings purpose and cheer to distribution events.

Grants Focus on Economic Development for Communities

In 2016, the Foundation created a $300,000 grant program to support each DeKalb County municipality’s creation of an economic development plan for future growth and opportunities.

Now that each community has an economic development plan, the Foundation committed an additional $300,000 to launch an Implementation Grant program in 2022. This new program allows up to $20,000 per community to put plans into action. Four communities received grants in year one of the three-year program.

Implementation Grants:



Revitalize a master plan to guide future actions and strategic growth in the community.



Hire a marketing assistant to carry out a defined marketing strategy.



Assist in developing a main street parking lot into a vibrant downtown space to host community events.



Update the master plan to guide future actions of the community.

Implementation projects are a preferred use of grants, although additional necessary planning may be considered as demonstrated by Genoa and Waterman.


The Village of Hinckley’s economic development plan recommended the creation of a marketing strategy to represent the village and business community. Hinckley used their new grant dollars to hire a marketing assistant to develop and implement their newly created marketing plan. An update from the Village of Hinckley included, “Our marketing

assistant has reactivated the website, updated it with information about Hinckley businesses and attractions, and built interest and excitement for major community events through social media and conventional media channels.”

Economic Development Grants

The Village of Hinckley used Implementation Grant funds to focus on increasing community interest and business relationships.

Economic Development Grants

DeKalb County Nonpro t Partnership


The DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) is a membershipbased program of the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Members access wide-ranging benefits, such as training, professional development, networking, and many different opportunities such as Give DeKalb County.


DCNP membership grew for the 10th consecutive year. Including new members in Genoa, Kirkland, Shabbona, and Waterman. Thank you, DCNP members!

Program Impact

Held in September, this conference convened expert presenters and DCNP members for a full day of networking and education.

MasterClass & MicroGrants

DCNP partnered with MasterClass in 2022 to offer 75 members free yearlong subscriptions to MasterClass’ educational streaming platform.

DCNP’s Professional Development MicroGrant Program nearly doubled in 2022, awarding 13 grants to support the professional growth of members.

“Our membership in DCNP has improved our operations, helped make connections, and increased our fundraising. DCNP has helped us achieve our mission and add value to our community.”

~ Bob Pritchard, President, Hinckley Historical Society

Community Initiatives – DCNP
DCNP offers training year-round to strengthen nonprofit organizations. Across all 2022 programs, 95% said DCNP training increased their knowledge and skills and 97% will implement strategies learned at DCNP training. more at
Nonprofit Day

2022 Highlights:

l 170 members

l Offered 60+ professional development opportunities

l Give DeKalb County set a record with more than $1.57 million raised in April-May

l DCNP’s annual conference, Nonprofit Day, returned with 100+ attendees

l Internship Program connected students with DCNP members–235 interns have completed 28,200+ service hours since the program’s creation in 2014

Thank you Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation!

Community Initiatives – DCNP
DCNP Steering Committee

Give DeKalb County–A Community Giving Event

Thank you, Give DeKalb County donors! Your generosity makes a lasting impact among local nonpro ts.


2022 Highlights:

l $1,579,859 raised an all-time high!

l 2,780 donors

l 7,626 donations

l 140 participating nonprofits and Funds

l Gifts from donors in all 50 states for the first time ever and 4 different countries

l Record Bonus Pool of $186,000

Since 2014, donors gave $6.8+ million through Give DeKalb County—an annual fundraising event to support nonprofit organizations in DeKalb County.

Give DeKalb County offers donors multiple ways to support their favorite nonprofit organizations.

Community Initiatives – Give DeKalb County
Give DeKalb County 2022 benefitted from generous Community Partners who donated to the Bonus Pool and Media Sponsors who made in-kind donations to raise awareness about the event. Thank you Community Partners and Media Sponsors! more at

Donor Comments:

“This is a tremendous event for DeKalb County and an exciting way to give back.”

“An absolutely wonderful community fundraising service. Thank you!”

“Give DeKalb County makes donating fun.”

“I LOVE Give DeKalb County. Keep it up!”

Nonprofit Comments:

“Give DeKalb County is vital for our success.”

“At the heart of DeKalb County is community. The same could be said about Give DeKalb County!”

“It is our largest fundraiser of the year, and it connects us with the community.”

“Give DeKalb County creates added awareness of our organization.”

17 Community Initiatives – Give DeKalb County

Kindergarten Readiness – Early Care and Education

Thank you to the CommunityWorks Fund donors for their continued support of early care and education throughout DeKalb County!

The Community Foundation partners with the DeKalb County Collaborative for Young Children, led by the DeKalb County Regional Office of Education. The Collaborative works to support early learning and better prepare DeKalb County children for kindergarten.

2022 Highlights:

l The Collaborative began working with the State of Illinois Birth to Five Initiative to address early childhood needs in each region.

l The Community Foundation provided $47,500 in grants for Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits, and to support DeKalb County ROE’s coordination of the Collaborative and the Basics DeKalb County program.

l Distribution of 1,150 Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits to help prepare incoming students and their families for kindergarten in the fall.

l A local business generously sponsored 200 of the 1,150 Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits. Thank you, Brian Bemis Toyota of DeKalb!

Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits

Since 2018, the Foundation has provided over 5,000 Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits to children throughout DeKalb County. Community partners include School Tool Box (DeKalb) for sourcing items, packing and distributing toolkits, and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau for donating and including the Farm Matching Game.

Early learning is encouraged through play time at Basics toddler gardens and exploration of readiness toolkits.

“My child was so excited about this toolkit and loved getting it out and doing the activities. It also helped me feel I was helping my child with kindergarten preparation.”

Community Initiatives – Early Care and Education

Watershed Planning – Land Use

Thank you, donors! Funding for watershed planning is made possible by donor generosity to CommunityWorks Funds at the Foundation.

The Community Foundation stands committed to watershed planning as part of its land use strategy in DeKalb County. In collaboration with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation District, and community stakeholders, watershed planning has been underway for nearly a decade in DeKalb County.

Progress over the years has resulted in three completed watershed plans for the county. There are 12 subwatersheds total. Completed watershed plans encompass the City of DeKalb (including Northern Illinois University), City of Sycamore, City of Sandwich, and surrounding areas.

Central South Branch Kishwaukee

Lower Little Rock (2022)

Upper South Branch Kishwaukee (2020)

East/South Branch Kishwaukee (2014)

DeKalb County Watersheds

More information at

2022 Highlights:

l The Foundation’s Land Use Committee met with county representatives and municipalities to discuss watershed planning, improved water quality, and sound land use decisions.

l Provided a $25,000 grant for watershed planning coordination activities.

l Granted $4,220 to create and install signage along the Central South Branch of the Kishwaukee River Watershed.

l Submitted an IEPA Section 319 grant application to complete a watershed-based plan for the Central South Branch planning area.

Community Initiatives – Land Use
DeKalb County Watershed Planning Area Map

Youth Engaged in Philanthropy

Learn more at

2022-23 Highlights:

l 88 members

l 10 high schools represented across DeKalb County

l $14,725 in grants awarded to 13 organizations for youth serving programs and projects

l $500 proactive grant to Somonauk Middle School Community Action Club for facilitation and a community service project (enhancing youth involvement in the community)

l $2,000 in proactive grants awarded to Barb Food Mart and the Spartan Food Pantry for purchasing hygiene products (addressing anxiety in youth)

l 196 volunteer hours completed by members at seven volunteer opportunities in the community

l $1,000 inaugural YEP Changemakers Scholarship awarded to a deserving YEP member (Youth-led idea and creation, donor funded)

Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) began its 14th year as a youth-led committee of the Community Foundation in the fall of 2022. A focus this year was to increase membership from DeKalb, Hinckley-Big Rock, Sandwich, and Somonauk high schools.

Sub-Committee Highlights

YEP 2.Pro Committee

The proactive grants committee continued their work to address youth issues in DeKalb County. Focus was once again on “youth involvement in the community” and “anxiety.” The committee granted a total of $2,500.

Fundraising Committee

The youth-led committee completed two donor asks and focused on YEP’s participation in Give DeKalb County. Dollars raised supported the YEP Changemakers Scholarship, programming, operations, meeting materials, leadership opportunities, grantmaking efforts, and more.

Thank you donors!

Community Initiatives – YEP
Community Initiatives – YEP
The 2022 YEP committee had many opportunities to give of their time, talent, and treasure.

Honoring the Life and Legacy of “Miss Ho man”

Miss Hoffman taught first grade there for 28 years before retiring in 1991. Even in retirement, she was a reading tutor for St. Mary Catholic School (Sycamore) students.

In April 2014, Joan was awarded the Saints and Scholars Award for her years of faithful dedication to the first-grade students of St. Mary’s DeKalb. This special recognition was a proud moment for Joan and a true testament to her teaching career.

Joan Hoffman was born in August of 1927 and was a resident of Sycamore, IL, for most of her life. She was an active member at the Church of St. Mary Sycamore and attended grade school there. She went on to graduate from Sycamore High School and Western Michigan University.

Miss Hoffman, as she was known to her students, began teaching in 1952 at St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Grand Rapids, MI. She taught at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Albuquerque, NM, before returning to Sycamore in 1963 to teach at St. Mary Catholic School (DeKalb).

“We as teachers must develop each child’s potential to its fullest. I pray that I did.”

Joan Hoffman passed away in 2020. In 2022, through her estate, the Joan L. Hoffman St. Mary DeKalb Scholarship Fund and the John J. and Katherine M. Hoffman Family St. Mary Sycamore Scholarship Fund came into existence.

The Designated Funds are a lasting tribute to Miss Hoffman and the past, present, and future lives she impacts. The endowed Funds will support generations of St. Mary’s students for many years to come.

Donor and Fund Stories
Joan Hoffman had a heart for children and teaching.

Kirkland-Fairdale Fund – Better Together

It began as a generous thank-you gift from Kirkland resident Don Banks for the Community Foundation’s role with the Fairdale tornado recovery. It turned into a Fund dedicated to the communities of Kirkland and Fairdale. Kirkland representatives from the Foundation Board, past and present, led a series of fundraising efforts to increase the Fund size and recognize those who became charter donors with a $1,000 minimum contribution. An official Kirkland-Fairdale Community Endowment Fund agreement signing event occurred on May 12, 2022. Charter donors signed the agreement and commemorated the Fund at this event.

The Fund made its first grant to the Kirkland Recreation League in 2022. This $1,000 grant partially supported the field repair and improvement project of the ballpark.

As a Field of Interest Fund, the Kirkland-Fairdale Community Endowment Fund creates a way for the people of Kirkland and Fairdale to give back and invest in their community for generations.

“Kirkland and Fairdale may be small, but together, we can do great things here that will leave a lasting impression for generations. I’m proud of the people here and the commitment I’ve seen to supporting public and nonpro t entities that directly bene t Kirkland and Fairdale residents.”

Kris Aves, Kirkland Representative, Community Foundation Board

Fund founders and charter donors signed the agreement and commemorated the Fund at the May event.

and Fund

Giving Back to the Community!

How Do I Create a Fund?

We connect people who care with causes that matter. Funds represent gifts from individuals, families, corporations, trusts, private foundations, and other nonprofit organizations.

Decide When to Give

Create your Fund now, in the future, or establish it in your will.

Decide What to Give

Almost any kind of asset can be used to start your Fund.

Choose the Name for Your Fund

Most Funds are named for the donor, donor’s family, or as a memorial to someone special.

Choose a Type of Fund

We offer a variety of Funds that are flexible to meet your charitable interests. See the following pages for a listing of Fund types and donors.

How Do I Donate?

Donations of any size can be made online at, in person, or by mail to DeKalb County Community Foundation – 475 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore, IL 60178. Please make checks out to DeKalb County Community Foundation and memo any gift direction.

Donors and Funds


The broadest giving option. Supports the greatest needs in the community.

Giving Back to the Community!
1 2 3 4


Support a particular eld or geographic area.

Giving Back to the Community!

Donors and Funds


Support three identi ed interest areas; early care and education, land use, and workforce development.


Donor makes grant recommendations to eligible organizations.

Giving Back to the Community!


Provide scholarship awards to students for continuing education.

Giving Back to the Community!

Donors and Funds

Giving Back to the Community!
Giving Back to the Community!

Donors and Funds


Provide support to speci c and eligible organizations in the community.

Giving Back to the Community!
Giving Back to the Community!

Donors and Funds


Created by nonpro t organizations to provide stable income to support their work.

Giving Back to the Community!


Provide support to projects with the principal of the Fund eventually used up for the intended purpose.


Giving Back to the Community!

2022 Board of Directors

Jim Stoddard Sycamore Justin Wegener Sandwich Mohammed Labadi DeKalb Dahlia Roman DeKalb Karen Grush DeKalb Lisa Gudmunson Somonauk Michael Haines Kingston Jason Goode Cortland Brenda D. Jergens Malta Todd Hughes Genoa Christine Johnson Vice President, Shabbona Ann Lehan DeKalb G. Joseph Mitchell President, DeKalb Regina Parker Sycamore Manny Peña Sycamore Photine Liakos, MD Sycamore Incoming Board Members for 2023 David B. Castle Treasurer, DeKalb Michael Constant Hinckley Kris Aves Kirkland Shawn Blobaum Waterman

Marc Hooks, Grants & Community Initiatives Manager; Alison Harris, Grants Manager; Becky Zantout, Grants & Scholarships Manager; Barb King, Database & Special Projects Manager; Jolene Willis, Grants Director; Ben Bingle, DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) Director; Dan Templin, Executive Director, Board Secretary; Teri Spartz, Community Engagement Director; Sara Nickels, Administrative Manager; Kay Riley, Finance Director; Noah Nordbrock, Donor Services & Marketing Director, YEP Staff Advisor

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County by addressing community needs and expanding, managing, and distributing philanthropic resources.

Our vision is to be a philanthropic leader throughout DeKalb County as we partner to build strong communities for all.

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