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Bo and Stacey Porter and State Rep. Sylvester Turner at Porter reception

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KCOH-AM sold Community reacts By ASWAD WALKER Defender

When 2013 rolls around, KCOH (1430 AM) as we know it will no longer occupy the airwaves, and Houston residents have already begun the grieving process. Known locally as the state’s oldest Black-owned, urban-formatted radio station, the history-making KCOH was sold recently to a Midland-based foundation that will re-launch the station as part of the Catholic-oriented Guadalupe Radio Network. “KCOH has and continues to play a unique role in Houston and especially the Black community,” said Rep. Sylvester Turner. “The previous owners and

employees of the station are family and the station’s presence on Almeda has been like home. I can think of no other station where you can call in or walk in and engage with talk radio seven days a week.” Cynthia Barton Nelson, director of FOR OVER 55 YEARS HISTORICALLY BLACK the Shrine CDC, has fond memories of the station. internship – are still there.”  “I was given my first internship So many Houstonians have very by Mike Petrizzo and KCOH, shadowed personal ties to KCOH, making the reality Alice Broussard on sales calls, made of its sale that much more difficult to grasp. voice-overs, and produced a community “My mother and father were owners announcement board with the help of [of KCOH] for a period of time – a very Michael Harris,” she said. small percentage,” said Judson Robinson “The station was a sense of pride for III, president & CEO of the Houston Area native Houstonians.  It says a lot when Urban League. “I’m proud to know that my family had someMichael Harris, Wash Allen, and Ralph Cooper – who were there when I did my Continued on Page 16

Employees saddened by sale of station By ASWAD WALKER Defender KCOH employees were as surprised as many other Houstonians to hear that the station had been sold to a group outside the Black community. The format change means longtime talk show hosts Michael Harris, Ralph Cooper, Don Samuel, Wash Allen and others will no longer appear on the station. “This is bigger than me; I’m just a fly on the Ralph Cooper wall,” said Cooper, the station’s longtime sports Wash Allen director. “It’s about what the station means producer of my show sent me the article,” said Allen, to our community. It’s equivalent to the white who was shocked by the final sale price. community losing KTRH [News Radio 740 AM].” According to Allen, the station sale price dropped from Allen, host of the nationally syndicated “Confes$11 million to $3.5 million, though the appraisal paid for by sions,” is also troubled by the sale. He said his son, McCall’s group asserted the station was worth less than $1 Michael McCall, was part of group of investors that had been in negotiations to purchase the iconic station, but million. “To the Black community we’re worth $10 to $20 milwas not given the opportunity to match the $2.1 million lion, but to the appraisers the value was considerably less,” final sale price.” said Allen, whose son’s group submitted an offer of $1.2 “I first heard of the sale online when the executive

million to purchase KCOH – a bid rejected by the broker. “My son inquired if he could make another offer; they said no. They never wanted to make the usual back-and-forth business negotiation with my son’s group. Previously, they told my son his was the only offer on the table. So he figured they would call back to negotiate further,” said Allen. “It’s almost like somebody conspired to not give KCOH to the Black community. My son talked to [the late owner Michael Petrizzo] before he passed, and he has in writing that he wanted to sell it to my son. So when the broker said no, it was a shock,” he added. Tom Petrizzo, executor of the Petrizzo estate, was not available for comment. In a message on its website, Guadalupe Radio Network, owned by the La Promesa Foundation, said it will begin programming KCOH in February. The network, which broadcasts in English and Spanish, says its purpose is “to lead souls back to Jesus Christ through His holy Catholic Church, through the use of the powerful medium of radio.” • Serving the Houston area for over 80 years | NOVEMBER 22 | 2012 | DEFENDER





Crime down, Black arrests up By FREDDIE ALLEN NNPA Washington Correspondent

Although crime is on the decline in the United States, the rate arrest of Blacks continues to exceed that of whites, according to a report by the Justice Policy Institute. The institute, a non-profit organization that advocates for reforms in the criminal justice system, examined the FBI’s 2011 Uniform Crime Report and found that Blacks accounted for 28.4 percent of arrests in 2011 compared to 69.2 percent for whites. The arrest rate is almost two and half times greater for Blacks. There were 3,525 arrests per 100,000 residents for white residents in 2011, compared to 8,618 per 100,000 for AfricanAmericans. At this point, researchers are unsure whether this trend will hold as crime continues to decline. Violent offenses fell 3.8 percent and property crime decreased 0.5 percent in 2011 compared to 2010. Drug arrests plummeted 6.57 percent, but still account for 1.5 million arrests. Criminal justice advocates

say that ending the war on drugs is critical to decreasing the number of arrests in the Black community. Major Neill Franklin, a 34-year veteran in law enforcement and executive director Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, said, “We have to focus on first contact.” “As a cop in Baltimore, as a cop in any city, I can walk up to you and in three words have probable cause: ‘I smell marijuana,’” said Franklin. “They use it all the time, all day long.” Franklin said young people

should know their rights and learn how to exercise those rights. During the State of the Black World Conference held recently in Washington, D.C., civil rights leaders and criminal justice advocates discussed strategies to get churches, law enforcement officials and civil rights organizations involved in fighting mass incarceration and reducing arrests in the Black community. Community policing, increased civic engagement to affect local public policy, and educating young people on their civil rights were listed as possible solutions.

U.S.briefs BLACK ACTIVISTS PONDERED their next move during a meeting organized at Howard University by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century. Panelists noted that African Americans were instrumental in the re-election of President Barack Obama and now it’s time for him to return the favor. “Every time we vote for any politician there is something that they owe to us,” said activist Mtangulizi Sanyika. “Our problem is that we get confused about what they owe us. There are things we need and we should fight for them.” Former Essence magazine editor Susan Taylor pushed panelists for a plan of action. “What is the organizing force? How do we move beyond the discussion, so that when we come back four years from now we’re not talking about the same issues?” Taylor asked……..MICHAEL STEELE, the first Black chairman of the Republican National Committee (2009-2011), hinted that he might take another shot at the chairmanship. Steele, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, also criticized Republican-run states that tried to institute voter ID laws during the most recent election. “The Republican effort was not a concerted grand cabal to go out and suppress the vote, but it was highly stupid,” he said…….. MOREHOUSE COLLEGE gets a new president in January. John S. Wilson, head of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, will take charge of the Atlanta institution. He is considered by many to be the ideal selection for the post. “Dr. Wilson has the vision, experience and passion to ensure that Morehouse continues to advance its aim of producing global leaders who will continue to make a difference in the world,” board chairman Robert C. Davidson Jr. said. “His record of academic excellence and public service is exemplary of the standard we hold for Morehouse Men.”

Secretary of state candidate defended NNPA

A dozen female members of the U.S. House of Representatives recently joined together to dismiss GOP charges that United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice is “not very bright” and is “unqualified” to be named secretary of state by President Barack Obama. Ohio U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge, the newlyelected chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, said comments made about Rice are racist, sexist and untrue. “All of the things [Republicans] have disliked about things that have gone on in the administration, they have never called a male unqualified, not bright, not trustworthy,” Fudge said during a news conference. “There is a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments being made by unfortunately


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Ambassador Susan Rice

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Marc Morial

Morial calls for economic equality Defender News Services Following the Nov. 6 election, National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial sent a letter to President Barack Obama, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Speaker John Boehner. Morial asked that the second term agenda of Congress and the president focus on the issues of economic opportunity and income inequality. “While we recognize that the country has been brought from the brink of economic disaster; and job growth has been steady and consistent, we believe that job creation, economic development and economic empowerment are the most important issues facing our great nation,” Morial said. The former New Orleans mayor outlined four areas that need attention. He said first, a comprehensive jobs program should be developed and executed between the government, private sector and the nation’s non-profit community. “Second, we urge an intense focus on children and youth,” Morial said. “We applaud your efforts and leadership when it comes to K-12 education, but we must do more. We need a national policy to move the nation

toward universal early childhood education.” Morial also encouraged the expansion of efforts to make college and higher education more affordable by including a new emphasis on job training, workforce development and skills retraining for those citizens who do not choose college or who did not complete high school on time. “Third, the scourge of gun violence cries out for a comprehensive new approach to community safety and crime reduction,” Morial said. “This requires stronger enforcement of existing gun laws, re-enactment of the assault weapons ban, and a thoughtful examination of criminal justice system disparities which have created an exploding prison population at great expense to the taxpayers at both the state and federal level.” Morial said finally, the Urban League supports a fair and sensible fiscal plan. “Like all Americans, we believe the nation must tackle deficit reduction,” he said. “Our approach must marry compassion for the most vulnerable Americans with protection for the nation’s jobs, and require sacrifice from every American, including those who have benefited the most.”

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opinion A post-election

mobilization agenda


As we continue to savor the feeling of sweet success that comes from President Barack Obama’s election, there is work to do. Most of us got the outcome that we both worked and hoped for, but we have to resist the temptation to exhale and get on with our work. Before the president takes the oath of office for a second time, African-Americans should mobilize around these issues: Sequestration. Unless the Democrats and Republicans can cut a deal during the lame-duck session of Congress, our budget will be cut automatically. While House Speaker John Boehner has softened his tone just a bit and indicated his willingness to compromise, he still has to herd his Tea Party colleagues into also agreeing on ways to avoid sequestration. The notion of cutting expenditures at a time of slow economic growth makes no sense. Neither does sequestration, a desperate move to avoid a compromise. What do we need to address the deficit? A long-term plan that Patrick Chappatte, The International Herald Tribune takes economic cycles into account. Poverty. Tavis Smiley and Cornel tion cedes your choices to others who are enWest spent much of this fall on a poverty tour, gaged. rising up the 27 percent of African Americans The housing crisis. Despite action at the who live in poverty. This contrasts with the national level, many banks are dragging their feet Middle Class Tax Force that President Obama rather than offering modifications for underwater has asked Vice President Biden to lead. mortgages. Just a fraction of those who qualify It would be great if the president would form for these mortgages have been offered them by a task force to reduce or eradicate poverty, and their banks. Congress probably can’t deal with he might do so if he were urged to. Meanwhile, this issue during a lame duck session, but it is as the holidays approach, keep the poor in your certainly time for people to get together to recommunity in mind, and find a local charity to verse this trend. sponsor. The problem: Too many of us are ashamed State & local elections. Presidential electo talk about our financial status, thinking it’s a tions seem to suck all of the air out of the politipersonal problem instead of a structural problem. cal landscape, and rightly so. We elect a presiThe solution: Consider involving a state legisladent only every four years, and his (maybe one tor or local leader in developing a workshop for day her) focus have long-term implications. But those who are under water. Get bankers there to so do city council, school board and mayoral explain why so many have not been offered loan elections. Many are held in off years so that lomortifications. Take the results to your congresscal candidates don’t get swallowed in the naperson and ask them to act on it. tional hype. Parent plus loans & other higher education It’s a great time to get involved in these elecissues. While the federal government provides tions or even consider running yourself. Voting an opportunity for students to have parents boris literally the least you can do, not the most you row for their tuition, the federal government has can do. Failing to engage in full civic participatightened requirements on the loan to the point

that nearly half of those who qualified last year do not qualify any more. The result? Thousands of student, especially at HBCUs have the choice to pay up or get out. Or, the other choice is for colleges to “carry” these students. This is a bad idea when regulators judge colleges, especially historically Black colleges, by fiscal stability. Speaking of education, this is a challenging time for HBCUs to experience cuts in Title III and other federally-sponsored programs. In a second Obama term, issues affecting HBCUs should be high on the list of things our president must pay attention to. The African-American community. AfricanAmericans have been President Obama’s most loyal supporters. When will we get the attention we deserve? We can’t meekly ask for it, we have to demand it. With high Black unemployment rates, challenged inner-city employment possibilities, and high dropout rates, our community is in desperate need of attention. The location of one federally funded new state-of-the-art high school, with both honors programs and job-training programs, can make a real difference in inner cities.

Constable Trevino faces prison, fines







Defender News Services


Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino could be behind bars following a 14-month investigation by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Division. The investigation resulted in four indictments issued against Trevino alleging misapplication of fiduciary property, abuse of official capacity and two charges of tampering with government records. He faces up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine on the misapplication case and six months to two years in the state jail and up to a $10,000 fine on the other charges if convicted of the offenses. The indictments allege Trevino used his elected position to Constable Treviño persuade duty uniformed deputy constables driving county vehicles to serve eviction and property vacate notices not related to their employment. The indictments also allege improprieties in the handling of funds relating to Trevino’s charity, CARE, and presenting campaign finance reports that failed to include mandatory contribution information, as required by law. Bill Moore, chief of the Public Integrity Division, said that during the investigation, prosecutors and DA investigators interviewed more than 165 people. He praised grand jury members for their time and attention. “This lengthy investigation produced dozens of witnesses and reams of records,” Moore said. “We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and diligence of the grand jurors. While I cannot discuss any information considered in the grand jury chambers, I can assure you that they were given all the applicable law and evidence that was available.” The cases have been assigned to the 351st District Court with Judge Mark Ellis presiding. A court date is expected to be set in the near future.






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Soledad O’Brien

Anchor explores ‘who is Black’ By KAM WILLIAMS Special to the Defender

Soledad O’Brien is the anchor for CNN morning show “Starting Point” and a special correspondent for CNN/U.S. Since joining the network in 2003, O’Brien has reported breaking news from around the globe and has produced award-winning, record-breaking and critically acclaimed documentaries on the most important stories facing the world today. In 2010, she wrote a critically-acclaimed memoir “The Next Big Story: My Journey through the Land of Possibilities.” O’Brien’s documentaries include the “Black in America” and “Latino in America” series; “Don’t Fail Me: Education in America,” a look at the crisis in public education; “Pictures Don’t Lie,” the story of the secret life of civil rights photographer Ernest Withers as a paid FBI informant; and “Gary and Tony Have a Baby,” chronicling the struggle of two gay men to have a child. O’Brien is a graduate of Harvard University and lives with her husband and four children in Manhattan. Here, she talks about her upcoming special “Who Is Black in America?” which premieres on CNN on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. KW: Where did you come up with the idea for “Who Is Black in America?” SO: We were thinking about universal themes for “Black in America” that really touch people, that

Soledad O’Brien

really matter to people, and one of the themes that we kept coming up with was colorism, discrimination based on skin tone. It was fascinating to hear the conversations that were happening between people who were lightskinned, people who were dark-skinned, and people somewhere in between. Just the hurt, the pain and anger on all sides was very interesting.

So, we thought we would explore that because it seemed like a very interesting story to tell, especially we were seeing a big change, generationally. The conversations I was having with men and women of my age group were very different from the conversations younger women were having with people of their age group. It’s fascinating to hear the take of girls that we feature in the doc, around 17, 18 and 19, as they kind of grapple with their identity and where America was today. KW: I suspect that the influx of immigrants from so many other countries, along with mixed marriage, is changing the definition of what is Black. SO: I think that’s true. I also think that there’s a real interesting conversation going on generationally. One of the young women we profile, who is biracial, very much has a hard time identifying as Black. And yet, she has a sister who would say the exact opposite. So, this isn’t a documentary where we come up with the right answer at the end. It really is much more a conversation about colorism because, ultimately, what is at the heart of all this is this sense that there’s some better skin color to be, and that people are discriminated against. So, it’s not just that people are grappling with identity but that there’s a lot of pain and shame and embarrassment and hurt and anger on account of colorism. And we wanted to understand what that was.

whats’up DENZEL WASHINGTON has some words of wisdom for his daughter Olivia, an aspiring actress and New York University student. During the Hollywood Reporter’s annual round table discussion, Washington said he told his daughter, “You’re Black, you’re a woman, and you’re dark-skinned at that. So you have to be a triple/ quadruple threat. You gotta learn how to act. You gotta learn how to dance, sing, move onstage. That’s the only place, in my humble opinion, you really learn how to act. Look at Viola Davis. That’s who you want to be. Forget about the little pretty girls; if you’re relying on that, when you hit 40, you’re out the door,” Washington said……..JAMIE FOXX will be a lot more visible next month. He hosts “Saturday Night Live” on Dec. 8, and the musical guest will be NE-YO. Foxx’s new movie,

“Django Unchained,” is in theaters on Christmas Day. Foxx portrays a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner……..CHRIS TUCKER enjoyed acting in the new movie “Silver Linings Playbook.” Tucker plays a patient in a psychiatric hospital. “My role was a smaller role, but there was so much depth to the character,” Tucker said. “Working with [director] David O’Russell, he brings so many things out of you, and he’s right there with you helping you along the way. This was one of the most important roles I’ve ever done because a lot of people haven’t seen me do dramatic roles a lot,” Tucker said…….. S. EPATHA MERKERSON, best known for her role as a New York police lieutenant in the long-running drama “Law & Order,” is finding success behind the camera.

A film she co-directed titled “The Contradictions of Fair Hope” won an award for Best Documentary at the third annual BronzeLens Film Festival held in Atlanta. Her film documents one of the last remaining Black benevolent societies located in Alabama. The docudrama “Colored My Mind: Diagnosis” was named Best Documentary Short and Best Overall Film, and features BLAIR UNDERWOOD and ARI NICOLE PARKER as parents of an autistic child........JORDIN SPARKS has launched a second fragrance called Ambition. The “American Idol” winner unveiled her first scent, Because of You, earlier this year. Sparks was recently photographed cuddling with her boyfriend, entertainer JASON DERULO, at the American Music Awards. The two have been dating for more than a year and planned to spend Thanksgiving at Sparks’ home. • Serving the Houston area for over 80 years


‘Rat Pack’ comes to Houston Defender News Services

A tribute to the talented stars of the 1960s known as “The Rat Pack” will ring in the holidays on Friday, Dec. 7, at 8 p.m. at Jones Hall. The musical event is presented by the Society for the Performing Arts. “The Rat Pack is Back!” transports the audience back through time and to a balmy night circa 1960 when four show business legends –Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Dean Martin – converged at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas for the first time.

The show features Mickey Joseph as Bishop, Drew Anthony as Martin, Kenny Jones as Davis and Brian Duprey as Sinatra. It recreates Bishop’s hilarious comedy and performances of such standards as Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young,” Martin’s “That’s Amoré” and Davis’s “Mr. Bojangles.” The performers are backed by a 12-piece live orchestra. Tickets range from $35 to $80 and can be purchased online at www., by phone at 713-2274772 or at the courtyard level ticket office at Jones Hall, located at 615


In “The Rat Pack is Back!” (l. to r.) Mickey Joseph is Joey Bishop, Brian Duprey is Frank Sinatra, Kenny Jones is Sammy Davis Jr. and Drew Anthony is Dean Martin.

Funches named to Radio Hall of Fame Defender News Services

versity and the Wharton School of Business Executive Leadership Program. She is affiliated with various professional organizations and was actively involved in efforts to help rebuild the city of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. She is a member of the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Missouri City Chapter of Links, Inc., the Family Life Center at Windsor Village UMC, the Mayor’s Independent Police Oversight and the Ensemble Theatre Board.

Muriel Funches

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Former radio executive Muriel Funches was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2012 during a recent ceremony in San Antonio. Funches has over 30 years of experience in advertising, sales and marketing and executive management. She currently serves as president of AdRehab Marketing, a multicultural marketing firm.

She is also executive director of advancement for the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University. Funches previously worked as station manager and general sales manager for KHJZFM Smooth Jazz, 95.7 The Wave. In addition, she served as a vice president for Clear Channel-New Orleans with oversight of seven stations. She has worked at radio stations in Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Falls Church, Va. Funches is a graduate of Howard Uni-




Holiday decision:

Shop digitally or not? By CHERYL PEARSON-MCNEIL Nielsen

Last year, when my favorite bookstore closed its doors forever, I actually sat in the car and shed a tear. Not as many tears when the record store closed. And I haven’t even stepped foot into a brick and mortar travel agency in more than 10 years. But, has anyone noticed that these once stable sources for browsing, longing and dreaming have gone by the wayside? What? You didn’t dream of saving 15 paychecks to take that trip to Tahiti when you were in a bookstore or travel agency? Or didn’t enjoy browsing through genres of music you’d never heard of before when you were in a record store, just because the choices were there and you could? These bastions of enterprise are now but all obsolete. Thanks in large part to e-commerce. How do you feel about that? According to Nielsen, online shopping for consumer packaged goods (CPG) – which are grocery related products, staples or health and beauty products – is the fastest-growing e-commerce option, and expected to grow 25 percent annually through 2015. Now that’s fast – especially considering digital shopping accounted for just two percent of total CPG sales in 2011, with less than four percent of Americans buying CPG products online in any given month. But, not to worry, while CPG e-commerce is growing fast, according to the findings of Nielsen’s newest in-depth analysis, Digital Shopping, What You Need to Consider, “clicks will not be replacing bricks” anytime soon, making it more of

an evolution than a revolution. Personally, other than buying books, I love shopping online because it requires minimal time and effort; and can be done in the comfort of my own home, car (while waiting for my son’s basketball practice to end) or wherever I might be. How about you? Do you prefer virtual shopping or brick-and-mortar? Both options fulfill these requisites in their own way and offer benefits and drawbacks. Research shows that most of the products we purchase online are nonfood items. It’s interesting to note that based on the analysis of 18 product categories, the mix of product sales in e-commerce is 60 percent non-food to 40 percent food; while the exact reverse is true of the total CPG picture, which is 60 percent food and 40 percent non-food. The leading categories in online sales are diapers; diet aids; vitamins; skin care products and pantry staples like coffee; cereal; dog food and toilet paper; with categories like carbonated beverages; dairy; liquor; beer; produce and frozen food having the smallest sales. Makes sense, as factors like refrigeration, perishables and weight come into play, making shipping cost-prohibitive. The opportunities for brick-and-mortar retailers to reach out to consumers online are rich, barely-mined territory. Many, who might have been skeptical of e-commerce, are now making it a strategic goal. For instance, some retailers are appealing to shoppers who don’t have time to make grocery trips and aren’t crazy about long lines or crowded parking lots. In some instances, consumers can order online or from an app on connected devices; then pick up the item(s) in-store at a convenient time.

E-commerce or in-store? Advantages of e-commerce include: • Easy price comparisons • Access to deals and coupons • Broader product range • Access to more retailers • Features like automatic replenishment • Ease of research • Readily available human online help Advantages of physically shopping include: • No waiting for delivery • Easy to address immediate or special needs • No shipping fees or stiff return policies • No inspection barriers (we can see, feel and smell our choices) • Exposure to promotions, sampling and signage • Ease of interacting with, evaluating and selecting products •Interaction with store associates

With our community’s projected purchasing power approaching $1.1 trillion by 2015, we are critical contributors to this growing shopping trend and marketers are responding accordingly. So, as you prepare to purchase items for your Thanksgiving dinner and other CPG items to make your holidays bright, remember you have the power – either online or in-person. Use it wisely.

Holiday marketing tips for small businesses Effective holiday marketing can contribute to business success. The SBA offers budget-friendly steps entrepreneurs can take to promote their small businesses while meeting the needs of customers this season. Host an open house. If you operate a retail business, restaurant or any gift-oriented business, plan an open house to showcase holiday season gifts, menus and merchandise. Throw in a special offer or coupon that customers can redeem anytime until Dec. 24. Cater to faithful customers. Think of ways to generate repeat holiday business from your existing customers. Special offers, sneak previews, free shipping, or secret sales are all great ways to make customers feel special without

breaking the bank. Offer gift certificates. Selling gift certificates, gift cards and e-certificates is a great way to give customers a convenient gift option. They also help you generate sales well into the New Year, with recipients often spending more than the value of the certificate. Partner with other businesses. Join forces with complementary stores or restaurants to cross-promote each other’s businesses. For example, a cosmetic store and a hair salon might develop a promotion that offers a time-limited discount off each other’s respective goods and services. Get involved. Supporting charities or participating in

community events is a great way to generate awareness for your business during the holidays. If you don’t have the budget to donate large sums of money, think of other ways to get involved, such as volunteering services, equipment or space. Use your website and social media. Your online presence, email marketing and social media networks are a great way to target and connect with local consumers through timely updates. Develop holiday themes for your email templates and update your website and Facebook profile picture with a festive look. Offer deals or events exclusively to your social media fans to help drive foot traffic and generate leads.



Holidays 101

Have a happy holiday gathering Family Features

The holiday season is all about gathering family and friends together. But hosting any kind of get-together means more to do during an already busy season, taking the fun out of the festivities. With a little planning and the right attitude, you can pull off a fantastic event and enjoy being the holiday host or hostess. Author and television host Katie Brown understands that when it comes to hosting a gathering success is in the details. Here she shares her tips to help you entertain with less stress and more holiday spirit. Make it easy on yourself. You don’t need to create an over-the-top, gourmet feast that keeps you slaving in the kitchen. Choose dishes that you can make several days in advance and then pace yourself. Soups, casseroles, marinated salads and some desserts taste even better when they’ve had time for

their flavors to fully blend. Add simple drama to your décor. You don’t need a total room makeover to create a holiday masterpiece. Just think color, pattern and texture. For example, fill vases or bowls with cranberries and sprigs of evergreen, or fill baskets with red apples, or jars with candy canes – the more sizes and shapes the better. Create an elegant tabletop. Decorating is all about editing what you already have. For a chic holiday centerpiece, look for trays, ribbons, books and ornaments, and even leaves and branches from the yard – they can all be used to help set a lovely table. Get the kids involved. Give your younger guests a hand-made souvenir. Set up a cookie station with sugar cookies, frosting, colorful sprinkles and toppings so they can decorate their own dessert. You can also set up a small craft table and let them make ornaments to take home and hang on their trees.

Picking gifts for gamers Family Features The holiday season is here, and with it comes a host of new video games on store shelves. Picking out the right video game for your kids – or any other family member or friend – can feel like a daunting task. To help lighten the load, here are three tips to make your holiday video game search easier: Check out the rating. Nearly every video game found in stores has rating information from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) on the box. This rating is similar to the Motion Picture Association of America’s (ratings for movies. Check the front of the box for a rating icon representing one of the following rating categories: • E (Everyone) • E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) • T (Teen) or M (Mature), meaning 17 or older Flip the box to find content descriptors, which offer more detail as to why the game earned a particular rating (via phrases like “Suggestive Themes” and “Fantasy Violence”). Go online. The ESRB website,, and their free mobile app offer game rating information along with more detailed rating summaries, which give a more in-depth explanation of the content that factored into the game’s rating. You can also visit for tips to help you be more aware of and involved in children’s gaming experiences. Tips include how to discuss gaming habits and online content, and how to activate game consoles’ parental controls.

Talk to experts. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 73 percent of all video games sold last year were rated E through T. Though the majority of titles are likely okay for most gamers, you may want to do additional research to find ones that best match your gamers’ particular interests and abilities.

Searching for the right video game gift can not only be easy, but fun, too, for kids and parents alike. Ask to try out a particular game or console, and see what you like best. After all, one of the best ways to make sure your children have a safe, enriching video game experience is to play along with them.



Holidays 101


Surviving the shopping seaso By TIFFANY L. WILLIAMS Defender

Whether you love or hate the holiday shopping season, one thing is certain; it is upon us. If you’re looking for the best deals and hottest trends, there are a few things you should keep in mind before hitting the store or clicking the “check-out” button on your computer screen.

Saving money

With holidays comes excess. Virtually everywhere you turn there’s more holiday cheer, more food and, of course, more shopping. But you don’t want to overdo it. When it comes to shopping, make a budget and stick to it. Before heading to the store, write down the name of everyone you plan to buy a gift for and how much you plan to spend on each person. It can be easy to overspend, but you should keep in mind that you are shopping for others and not yourself. Whether or not you like a gift should not matter. Ask yourself if the person you’re buying for would like it. Before heading to the store or buying online you should also search for coupons and promotional codes. Check your favorite retailers’ websites directly or visit popular coupon sites such as or These sites typically offer timely deals to consumers from a variety of retailers. You’ll want to check stores’ mobile apps and social media pages, too, for information on the latest discounts and sales. “Watch the specials, specifically on Black Friday on Facebook and our Macy’s app to find what you’re looking for,” said Macy’s spokesperson Melissa Goff. “You can search the best times to buy and the best deals anytime.”

Other options

Another way to save is by finding stores that will match the advertised prices of their competitors. This makes it easy to comparison-shop and helps you save time and gas because you don’t have to travel to several different stores looking for the lowest price. “We’ll match the price of any local competitor’s printed ads for an identical product right at the register,” said Walmart spokesperson Daniel Morales. “We’ll ensure customers get the lowest prices on toys and other items throughout the store. “The only thing Walmart’s ad match guarantee

doesn’t include is our online prices,” he said. Several stores also offer plans such as layaway, which gives customers the option to pay for their items in increments. This is a great way to save and plan ahead, especially for those with tight budgets. “We started layaway early this year because we see that customers are struggling as a result of the economy and high unemployment,” Morales said. “But they’ve shown that they’re resilient and committed to giving their families a memorable Christmas.”

Black Friday

Many people like to shop on days such as Black Friday that offer some of retailers’ lowest prices of the year. The term “Black Friday” has become virtually synonymous with shopping, deals and long lines. Stores across the country open as early as midnight on the Friday following Thanksgiving to offer consumers the lowest prices for their most popular items. “We opened at midnight for the first time last year and we got positive feedback from our customers,” Goff said. “They were able to get a head start on their holiday shopping.”

only if you know the party you’re doing business with.”

Shopping safety

You’ll also want to keep your safety in mind when shopping in store. Goff reminds shoppers to avoid keeping their purchases in plain view in their cars. Burglars could break in and steal the items. The National Crime Prevention Council also has some holiday safety tips: • Save all receipts. Print and save all confirmations from your online purchases.

• Wait until asked before taking card or checkbook. An enterprising to “shoulder surf” to get your accoun • To deter pickpockets, carry yo your body or your wallet inside a co pocket. • Have your keys in hand when your vehicle. Check the back seat an before getting in. • If you are shopping with child in case you are separated from each

Online shopping

Those wanting to skip the lines can also find deals online. With the overwhelming amount of discounts and offers that flood email inboxes, it is important to be safe when shopping online. According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers should research the company and the item they want to purchase before they spend any money. “Confirm the online seller’s physical address and phone number before you buy. It comes in handy if you have questions or problems later,” the website suggests. The FTC also recommends checking company’s privacy policies, keeping your anti-virus and antispyware software current, monitoring your financial accounts regularly and being “stingy with your personal information.” You should avoid making purchases over public WiFi networks and pay by credit or charge card whenever possible, the site said. Credit and charge cards “offer the best consumer protections,” the FTC said. “Buying online using cash equivalents — debit card, personal check, cashier’s check, or money order — can be risky. Use them • Serving the


ays 101 Stay healthy during the holidays


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They say everything’s bigger in Texas but your waistline doesn’t have to expand this holiday season. There are ways you and your family can cut calories, stay active and still enjoy the festivities. According to the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, altering recipes to reduce fat, sugar or sodium content is easy, and the difference in taste is not usually noticeable. Dr. Mary Bielamowicz, an AgriLife Extension nutrition specialist, said, “If a recipe calls for a cup of sugar, use two-thirds. If it calls for a half-cup of oil, shortening or other fat, use one-third cup. And if it says to use one-half teaspoon of salt, use one-quarter teaspoon, or leave it out entirely.” In addition, processed foods typically have a higher salt or sodium content, so you should make sure to read food labels carefully before you buy. Foods that make great healthful substitutes include wholegrain or bran flour instead of all-purpose flour; plain, low-fat

yogurt or applesauce in lieu of butter or margarine; fat-free, skim or low-fat milk instead of whole milk, and egg whites or an egg substitute for whole eggs. Eating fruits and vegetables and limiting your portion sizes can also help you fight off those extra holiday pounds. While watching what you eat can be helpful, you should also plan time for exercise. The Centers for Disease Control suggests adults be active for at least two and a half hours a week, and recommends kids and teens be active for at least one hour a day. For those with existing health conditions such as diabetes, the CDC suggests moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes five or more days a week. Moderate-intensity activities include walking briskly or bicycling. AgriLife also encourages those with diabetes to stay within the guidelines of their meal plans as prescribed by a physician or dietitian.

Teach children holiday values In the midst of shopping, eating and gift-wrapping, it’s often easy to forget the true meaning of the season. Dr. Janice Beal, a psychotherapist and lead counselor at Beal Counseling Associates in Houston, offers tips to help parents instill in their kids what’s important during the holidays.

you don’t really like doing, start your own so you’re creating memories for your child to pass down to their children,” Beal said. “For instance, if everyone doesn’t like going to Aunt Susie’s house because they always say mean things, invite people to your own house instead.”

Decrease stress

Beal said it is up to parents to instill the real meaning of the holidays in their children. “Whether it’s religious-based or the season to be with family or the season to give to others who are less fortunate, there are several values that can be taught during the holidays.” Having children express out loud why they’re thankful or doing volunteer work together as a family are great ways to show children what the holidays are all about, Beal said. “Have them go one morning to help at a soup kitchen so they can see there is a difference in how certain people live,” she said. “By giving your time, children can actually see you giving back.”

“Children usually mimic what they see in adults so if an adult is very stressed that usually trickles down to the child,” Beal said. “Find whatever is causing the stress – whether it’s finances or family traditions that you’re unhappy with or not being able to provide – and decrease it so it doesn’t create stress for the child.” Parents should also try not to take on too many responsibilities during the holidays, Beal suggests. “Don’t overbook yourself or have unrealistic expectations or discuss finances in front of children,” she said. “Try to make it a fun and enjoyable season.”

Establish traditions

Beal, who specializes in children and adolescent counseling, said another way parents can decrease stress and make the holidays more enjoyable is by creating their own traditions. “If there are certain family traditions that

Houston area for over 80 years

Help others

Holidays 101

Delight guests with holiday treats Family Features

You can host a holiday party that’s simple and festive with a combination of pre-made and homemade delights. For starters, a cookie pan does double duty for holidayshaped homemade Crispy Cheese Crackers. Serve these aromatic rosemary treats, made into Christmas trees, snowmen and stockings, alongside a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables and made-from-scratch fire-roasted jalapeño dip. “Guests will think you spent hours baking in the kitchen when you wow them with a seasonal selection of handdecorated gingerbreads,” says Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton, a leading food crafting company. Easy to assemble with all the trimmings included, there’s a ready-to-decorate gingerbread kit to fit any yuletide gathering. Complete with pre-baked gingerbread, each kit contains decorating accessories like candies and icings to personalize your own mini village, Christmas tree, gingerpop cookies and more. For another fun twist on a traditional gingerbread house, Siler recommends getting the kids involved. They’ll love the marshmallow-y Holiday House Treat made of cinnamon toasted oats cereal. Once the house is built, watch the kids decorate their yummy creation with a variety of gumdrops, licorice, icings and candies. To cater to a more sophisticated palate, Siler suggests Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups. A lavish blend of vanilla pudding, crisp-cooked bacon and whipped cream is flavored with caramel ice cream topping and piped into edible, dark cocoa Candy Melt cordial cups. They’re bite-sized holiday bliss. Don’t forget eggnog. This year, give your favorite prepared eggnog a chocolate kick and serve Eggnog Hot Chocolate garnished with peppermint Candy Curls. For more holiday recipe project and decorating ideas, or to purchase gingerbread kits, visit

Holiday House Treat 6 cups cinnamon-flavored toasted oats cereal 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter 1 bag (10 ounces) mini marshmallows 1-1/2 teaspoons ground ginger 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon Assorted tube icing, decorating gel, sprinkles, colored sugars, icing decorations and other favorite candy Prepare Wilton Stand-Up House Pan with vegetable pan spray. Place cereal in large bowl. In large saucepan, melt butter; add marshmallows, ginger and cinnamon. Cook and stir constantly until melted. Pour over cereal and mix well. Spread cereal mixture into prepared pan. When cool to touch, remove from pan; secure to foil-wrapped cake board with icing. Decorate as desired with icing, sprinkles, sugars, icing decorations and candy. Makes about 12 servings.

Crispy Cheese Crackers

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened 3/4 cup (about 2 ounces) finely grated Asiago cheese

1 ounce (about 1/4 cup) toasted pine nuts, finely chopped 1-1/2 teaspoons minced fresh rosemary 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare holiday cookie pan with vegetable pan spray. In medium bowl, beat butter, cheese, pine nuts, rosemary, garlic powder, salt and pepper with electric mixer until creamy and well combined. Add flour; beat until mixture looks sandy and holds together when squeezed in your hand. Press into prepared pan, filling cavities 1/2 full. Bake 13 to 15 minutes or until edges are light golden brown. Cool in pan 5 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely. Makes 16 to 20 crackers

Eggnog Hot Chocolate

2 cups milk 2 cups prepared eggnog 1 cup Dark Cocoa Candy Melts Candy 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Whipped cream Candy curls In large saucepan, cook milk and eggnog on medium heat until the mixture is hot; turn off heat. Whisk in Candy Melts candy and vanilla extract. Continue whisking until candy is melted and mixture is smooth. Pour into mugs; garnish with Candy Curls. Makes about 4 servings.

Fire Roasted Jalapeño Onion Dip 4 jalapeño peppers 1 package (5.7 ounces) onion soup mix

1 cup sour cream 1/2 cup mayonnaise Preheat broiler. Place peppers on non-stick cookie pan; broil, turning at least once, 6 to 7 minutes or until blackened. Let stand 10 minutes. Remove stem and seeds; coarsely chop. In large bowl, stir together onion soup mix, sour cream and mayonnaise. Fold in peppers. Refrigerate at least 2 hours. Serve with cucumber and zucchini slices, celery, carrot sticks, sliced bell peppers and other favorite vegetables. Note: For spicier dip, include seeds from peppers. Makes about 1-3/4 cups dip.

Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups

Makes about 24 filled cordial cups 1-1/2 cups Dark Cocoa Candy Melts Candy 3 containers (3.2 ounces each) vanilla prepared pudding 1/2 cup finely chopped crisp-cooked bacon 1 tablespoon caramel ice cream topping plus additional for drizzling 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped Sea salt Fill cordial cup candy mold 1/3 full with melted candy. Using a decorator brush, paint the candy up the sides of each mold to the top edge. Coat mold so that no light can be seen through the shell. Refrigerate until firm, about 5 minutes. Repeat if needed. Carefully remove shells from mold. In medium bowl, combine pudding, bacon and 1 tablespoon ice cream topping; mix until thoroughly combined. Fold in whipped cream. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. Using tip #33, pipe filling into candy cordial cups. Drizzle with additional ice cream topping and sprinkle with sea salt.





FCC has final word on sale The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has the last word on the sale of KCOH. “It’s still not a done deal,” said Judy Foston, KCOH personality Wash Allen’s executive producer and president of Foston International. “The sale is still not final until it’s approved by the FCC.” Allen holds out hope that all is not lost. “The community has a voice, and they can go to the FCC and complain,” Allen said. “The FCC doesn’t want to take stations out of our communities, especially since we have so few stations nationally. They told me that if someone can pay the same thing others are willing to pay, the FCC would prefer the station stay in the community.” A spokesperson for the FCC in Washington, D.C. said a deadline will soon be given for citizens who want to respond the sale.

In the meantime, the application for the sale of KCOH can be viewed online at Click on Application Search followed by Call Sign and enter KCOH. Go to Status Date 11/13/2012 and click on Application.

KCOH has rich history KCOH was the first Blackoriented radio station in Texas and has been a source of information and entertainment since 1953. The station’s original ownership team included Dr. John B. Coleman, Judson Robinson Jr., Travis Gardner, Skipper Lee Frazier, and General Manager/Owner Michael Petrizzo. KCOH evolved from limited broadcasting hours to a 24-hour station introducing the Houston community to on-air personalities such as Gladys “Gee Gee” Hill, Perry “Deep Throat” Caine and Clifton Smith. Current KCOH personalities include Michael Harris, Wash Allen, Ralph Cooper, Don Samuel, Lisa Berry Dockery, Tommy “D” Armstrong and

Vel Locks. KCOH is also the oldest Black station in the southern United States. The station began broadcasting from downtown Houston until relocating to Third Ward in 1963. Recognized as a forerunner in Black radio stations, KCOH was the first in the field to include talk show

programming, gospel and other types that catered to urban listeners. In the late ‘90s the station received Congressional Recognition for Broadcasting Excellence and Quality Community Programming.

At left, KCOH’s Michael Harris is joined by SHAPE Center’s Deloyd Parker. Above are (l. to r.) Councilman Louis Macey, an unidentified community leader, Dr. John B. Coleman and Wash Allen.

KCOH..Continued from page 2 thing to do with it for many years and it is unfortunate that times change. I would have loved to see someone step in and keep the tradition of this historic station going.” What was Robinson’s reaction when he learned the station had been sold? “I first thought of the people who worked at KCOH for so many years and how respected and well-liked they are and what they have meant to this city and the recording of our history,” Robinson said. “I am hopeful that they will be able to continue on in some capacity and continue the tradition that

we have come to expect all of these many years,” he said. Turner said the loss of KCOH will leave a void in Houston. “Many of us have grown up with KCOH, Michael Harris, Wash Allen, Ralph Cooper, and the list goes on and on, and for many of us our careers have been anchored by the station’s existence,” he said. “The sale of the station cannot eliminate its history and it most certainly will leave a gaping hole in how Black Houstonians communicate with one another,” Turner said.

“KCOH has and continues to play a unique role in Houston and especially the Black community.”



Integrated classrooms benefit white students Defender News Services

Research compiled by the National Coalition on School Diversity has found that white children in grades K-12 benefit significantly from integrated classrooms, a conclusion that mirrors previous findings that diverse schools also produce beneficial outcomes for lowincome students and children of color. In a recent research brief, Dr. Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, a member of the coalition’s research advisory panel, writes that diverse schools are linked to a series of positive learning outcomes for white students, including more robust classroom discussions, the promotion of critical thinking, improved problem-solving skills and higher academic achievement. “This brief presents clear evidence that diverse schools do benefit white school children, that

Benefits of classroom diversity • Wide-ranging and probing discussions occur in diverse classrooms that help generate creative, high-quality solutions to problems. • Racially integrated schools are associated with reduced prejudice among students of different backgrounds, a diminished likelihood of stereotyping, and more friendships across racial lines. • White graduates of diverse schools often seek out diverse colleges, work environments and neighborhoods. This cycle can also span generations. • White students who attend well-designed diverse high schools are also more likely to have a concrete understanding of racial and social injustices, which in turn can help contribute to constructive civic engagement.

those advantages accrue along multiple important dimensions, and that the skills gained in diverse settings are becoming ever more important in a rapidly changing society,” said SiegelHawley, an assistant professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education. The National Coalition on School Diversity is a network of civil rights and social justice organizations that advocate for a stronger commitment to integration in grades


The coalition works closely with the Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC), a Washington policy organization that provides research on inequality issues and designs strategies to fight poverty and improve race relations.

“These are very significant findings by the National Coalition on School Diversity,” said Phil Tegeler, PRRAC’s executive director. “The research sends a strong message to parents, as well as local and federal education officials, that we should be taking steps to ensure that there are more diverse classrooms in our communities. Siegel-Hawley noted that the country’s changing demographics underscore the importance of advocating for diverse classrooms. Last year, the Census found that for the first time white infants accounted for less than half of all births in the U.S. Moreover, in 1970, white students were roughly 80 percent of the national public school enrollment, but today are less than 54 percent.

SECRETARY..Continued from page 4 Senator [John] McCain and others.” Rice is under consideration to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state. McCain attacked Rice for saying in September that the deaths of four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was the outgrowth of spontaneous demonstrations protesting the release of an anti-Muslim film made in the U.S. rather than a planned attack by al-Qaeda, which turned out to be the case. “Susan Rice should have known better and if she didn’t know better, she is not qualified,” McCain said on “Fox and Friends.” He continued, “I will do everything in my power to block her from being the United States secretary of state.” McCain and other Republican senators, including Lindsey O. Graham of South Carolina, have been extremely critical of Rice’s initial comments. In a round of Sunday morning television interviews four days after the attack in Libya, Rice presented the administration’s official position on the tragedy. In each interview, she emphasized that her views were based on information that the administration had at the time and that an FBI investigation would

ultimately determine the facts. It was later disclosed that Rice was using talking points about the situation that had been supplied and approved by the CIA. McCain described Rice as “not very bright.” Yet Rice graduated from Stanford University with honors and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. at Oxford University. Rice previously served as senior director for African Affairs at the National Security Council and served as assistant secretary of state for African Affairs during President Bill Clinton’s second term. Obama said that he hasn’t made a decision on who will replace Hillary Clinton. But he made clear that if he decides to select Rice, he will not back down from a fight with Senate Republicans over the nomination. He also said Rice “has done exemplary work” as U.N. ambassador. “But for them to go after the U.N. Ambassador, who had nothing to do with Benghazi, and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received, and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous.”

Celebrate the 3rd Annual ‘Small Business Saturday’ Support small local businesses who offer a variety of unique gift ideas this holiday season .



How to choose the right daycare By RESHONDA TATE BILLINGSLEY Defender

Former daycare operator Jessica Tata has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for her role in the deaths of four children who were killed in a fire at her facility. The tragic case has put daycare centers in the spotlight and reminds parents that choosing the right facility is a serious decision. According to one news report, Tata had no education beyond high school and no formal training in child care, but was able to legally register as a home childcare provider in Texas, meaning she could care for as many as 12 children a day and could receive thousands of dollars in federal subsidies. Daycare officials say parents can prevent their child from being cared for in substandard facilities by making sure they only use regulated daycares. “Unregulated child care may be convenient and affordable, but it leaves parents and their children in the dark,”

said Sasha Rasco, Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) assistant commissioner for Child Care Licensing. “You really don’t know what you are getting.” Unregulated care means the facility does not have inspections, none of the staff is trained, no one is enforcing basic health and safety standards, and there’s no official inspection record for parents to check. All regulated day care staff must undergo background checks but regulation and state oversight increase with the size of the day care. Resource agencies like Collaborative for Children can assist in finding proper childcare. They can walk parents through childcare centers in their neighborhood and give them some details on each of the childcare centers. “Whether your child is in a day care center or in home-based care, you need to regularly talk to your child and your child’s caregiver and regularly visit the day care. Those are the best ways to get your child the care and attention he or she deserves,” Rasco added.

Tips on picking daycare The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) offers advice on selecting a daycare center. • Look at the caregiver’s education, experience, and training, as well as the size of the group and setting. • Research your options. Learn about licensed and registered child care at There you will find the results of inspections and details about the operation. • Check them out in person. Once you narrow your list, visit each child care operation while children are there. See what activities are done, how the caregiver interacts with children, and how the children like it there. • Meet the caregiver or director. Discuss your concerns and make sure you are happy with their answers. Return unannounced for a second look. There are also questions to ask the operator when choosing your day

care. • May I see your DFPS permit or letter to operate? • What do you like the most/least about caring for children? • What is the typical day like for a child in your care? • How much TV do you let children watch? • How do you discipline children? • How do you handle nap times? How do you handle diaper changing or toilet training? • What types of play or learning activities do you offer for my child? • Are you trained in CPR and First Aid? • What other training have you and your staff had? • How will you let me know about my child’s progress or concerns? • What types of foods do you serve for meals and snacks? • Are children ever transported? • Do you use seatbelts or car seats? • How do you handle weather or other emergencies?

Interested in doing business with the State of Texas?

Fort Bend ISD hosts forums Defender News Services

The Fort Bend Independent School District will host a series of community forums to gather the community’s input on the selection of a new superintendent. The person chosen will replace Dr. Tim Jenney, who will retire as superintendent in January. Jenney became the district’s eighth superintendent in 2006. Fort Bend ISD is the seventh largest school district in Texas with nearly 70,000 students. It has 74 campuses and 14 other sites, and is the largest employer in Fort Bend County. It is also ethnically diverse. Students speak more than 90 languages and dialects, and the most recent ethnic breakdown is 29.5 percent Black, 26.23 percent Hispanic, 21.82 percent Asian/ Pacific Islander, 19.48 percent white and 0.51 percent Native American. The search firm of Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates will conduct the

public meetings, which will help in identifying desired characteristics in a new superintendent. Public meeting dates, times and locations are: Tuesday, Nov. 27

• 7:30 a.m., Fort Bend ISD Administration Building Board Room, 16431 Lexington Blvd., Sugar Land • 7 p.m. – Sugar Land Middle School Commons, 321 Seventh St., Sugar Land


Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) and Small Businesses! Monday December 3, 2012 from 9:30am to 3:00pm (No registration required)

William P. Hobby Jr. Building 333 Guadalupe St., Austin,Texas78701

Wednesday, Nov. 28

• 1 p.m. – Fort Bend ISD Administration Building

Board Room • 7 p.m. – Elkins High School Auditorium, 7007 Knights Court, Missouri City, Community members are encouraged to complete a Superintendent Search Profile Survey by Dec. 3, which will provide the search firm with valuable input regarding the selection of a new superintendent. To access the survey visit The survey is offered in English and Spanish.

Free Workshops:

Free parking provided until full on the top floor only of Garage N located at San Antonio St. between 3rd and 4th St.- one block West of the Hobby Building

Sponsored by: The Texas Department of Insurance For information Contact: Linda at 512-305-8573 or Email:





The all-new ATS & XTS are backed by the most comprehensive suite of owner benefits offered by any luxury automaker in the world. Cadillac Shield includes impressive benefits like Premium Care Maintenance, which covers select routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations for 4 years or 50,000 miles. 1 Add in exceptional handling of ATS with the lightest chassis in its class, or next-generation technology of XTS with its revolutionary CUE 2 driver interface, and the ultimate ownership experience awaits.


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Sam Houston’s Tim Flanders

All-American makes a difference By MAX EDISON Defender

For any evolving college athletic program pursuing greatness there is a defining point in their evolution where they can point a person or circumstance that set the ball in motion. For the Sam Houston State Bearkats that person was running back Tim Flanders. The Bearkats football team is currently the No. 3 ranked FCS (formerly known Tim Flanders as Div 1AA) program in the nation with a record of 8-3, with two losses against Baylor and Texas A&M respectively. With Flanders (5-feet-9, 210 pounds), who transferred from Kansas State in 2010, the team is a combined 28-9, which includes a loss in the FCS National Championship game last season. The list of Flanders’ accomplishments since coming to Sam Houston is staggering. He was the Southland Conference Freshman of the Year in 2010 and the Southland Conference Player of the Year in 2011. He was first team All-Conference in both years. He was a first team All-American in 2011. He is virtually assured of all three accomplishments again this season. Flanders is the Bearkats all-time leading rusher with over 3500 yards in three seasons. In 2011 he set Southland Conference single season records for touchdowns (24), points (144) and rushing yards (1,644). With all of his accomplishments, the talented junior from Midwest City, Okla., never imagined he would ever

be playing college football in Texas, let alone Huntsville. “I was being heavily recruited by Oklahoma State and Tulsa,” Flanders recalled. “Late in the process Kansas State got involved. They had just brought back (out of retirement) the legendary head coach Bill Snyder and that was all I needed. I signed to go to K-State.” Flanders was redshirted his freshman year, stuck in a stable of talented Wildcat backs who included Daniel Thomas, the Miami Dolphins second round pick in 2011. With the prospect of very limited playing time looming ahead, Flanders made a major decision; he would leave Kansas State and go someplace where his chances of playing immediately would be enhanced. “It was kind of out of the question to transfer to another D1 school, that would have meant sitting out another year which I wasn’t about to do,” FlanFlanders has made a difference for Sam Houston State.

ders said. “I talked to my high school coach and we figured a FCS school would be best because I’d be eligible to play immediately.” The decision to go to Sam Houston State was coincidence at best. “The son of the head coach of my high school’s main rival was on the staff at Sam Houston as an assistant coach,” Flanders said. “My high school coach knew this and suggested Sam Houston. That’s how I happened to come to Huntsville. “I enrolled about three days before school started. I had been to Texas a few times as a little kid playing Little League, but never thought I’d be in school here.” Bearkat head coach Willie Fritz is glad Flanders arrived at Sam Houston regardless of the circumstances. Flanders’ arrival coincided with Fritz’s debut season as the school’s “top Kat” and the two have been making beautiful music ever since, catapulting the Sam Houston program to one of the top in the nation. “Tim is the best running back in the FCS,” Fritz said. “In the playoffs, everyone got the chance to see what we’ve all known for two years. There’s not another back like him.” As Southland conference champs for the second consecutive season, Flanders and his teammates are preparing for the FCS playoffs which are just around the corner, and the running back, for one, can’t wait. “It was a great experience making it to the finals last season, but losing to North Dakota State left a bad taste,” Flanders recalled. “I stayed on the field and watched them celebrate. That’s an experience I want for me and my teammates. “I have a picture of their championship ring on my phone to remind me of what our team goal is, to get back to the championship game and win it all,” he said. • Serving the Houston area for over 80 years



North Forest finishes perfect regular season By DARRELL K. ARDISON Defender

Apparently, nobody saw this coming, except the Bulldogs. Dave Campbell’s 2012 Texas Football Magazine, the so-called bible of Texas high school football literature, predicted North Forest would finish fifth in District 214A behind Sharpstown, Reagan, Wheatley and Waltrip. One of the leading daily newspapers in Texas agreed, and also selected North Forest to finish behind those same aforementioned schools. Some people didn’t even believe there would still be a North Forest Independent School District in existence at this point. So much for the naysayers! With victories over Jones, Yates, Reagan, Milby, Sharpstown, Austin, Lee, Waltrip, Davis and Wheatley, the North Forest High School varsity football squad completed the 2012 regular season unbeaten at 10-0. The Bulldogs opened the playoffs with a 41-23 bi-district win over Fort Bend Ridge Point and have advanced to the area round against Rosenberg Terry. “People are saying that we didn’t play anybody in the regular season and wait to see what happens to us in the playoffs,” said North Forest quarterback Darrell Julian, a four-year starter. “We say that we didn’t make the schedule. We just played the schedule that was given to us.” North Forest finished the 2011 season with a 4-6 record. There were a couple of swing games that could have gone either way. “We knew that we were going to have a pretty good football team,” said Plez Atkins, now in his second year as the North Forest head football coach. “We trained really hard in the spring

Bellaire has big news Bellaire High School head baseball coach Rocky Manuel had plenty to crow about on National Signing Day. Seven of his players agreed to attend various colleges and universities across Texas and as far away as an Ivy League school. Pitcher/outfielder Nathan Jackson signed with the University of Houston. Infielder Michael Page and pitcher Austin Perez both signed with Alvin Community College. Opting to head northwest of Houston, infielder Cameron Miller will reside in Waco for the next four years and attend Baylor. Pitcher Josh Satriano will also be in Waco at McLennan Community College. Pitcher/outfielder Jay Shniderson will attend St. Edward’s University in Austin. The Cardinals’ player farthest from home will be pitcher/outfielder Zach Sorenson, who signed to play at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Bellaire All-American basketball player A.J. Alix announced she will attend Texas Christian University next fall.

It’s a family affair Kacy Clemens of Memorial High School, the third son of seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, has signed a national letter-ofintent to play college baseball at the University of Texas. Clemens is a right-handed pitcher and first baseman. Right-handed pitcher Josh Pettitte, the oldest son of five-time World Series champion Andy Pettitte, is going to Baylor. Cavan Biggio, an all-state infielder at St. Thomas High School and son of former Astros great Craig Biggio, is committed to the University of Virginia.

The North Forest Bulldogs are ready for action.

and once we came back in the fall, it was about improving from week to week and not to worry about anybody else’s feelings. “Our kids realize that the best competition that we’re going to face is ahead of us,” Atkins said. “The 10-0 was a byproduct of improving one week at a time.” While the North Forest offense has gained much of the attention in 2012 with performances like the 81 points scored in the regular-season finale against Wheatley, the Bulldogs’ defense has been just as spectacular. The 14 points allowed to Wheatley were the most given up all season. Linebacker De Marcus Spurlock has been a key contributor to the Bulldogs’ defense. “We had to work hard every day,” said Spurlock, who scored 1,700 on his SAT college entrance examination. “Coach had us lifting in the weight room at 5 a.m. every Monday and Thursday mornings to keep ourselves disciplined. Now we have to be that


All-American Bowl Rosenberg Terry wide receiver Derrick Griffin, Sealy wideout Ricky Seals-Jones and Alief Taylor defensive lineman Torrodney Prevot have been selected to play in the 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

Rockets-White standoff North Forest playmakers include linebacker De Marcus Spurlock (10) and quarterback Darrell Julian (5).

way in the playoffs. “Coach had a boot camp at the beginning of practice to see who was going to stay with us through thick and thin,” Spurlock said. What remains has the North Forest faithful roaring their approval. “Spurlock is a tremendous leader and a really intelligent young man,” Atkins said. “He’s one of those kids that you really enjoy having on your team. “Julian has seen the good and he’s seen the bad at North Forest,” Atkins said. “He’s kind of relishing the good right now.”

Is there anyone else who is just feed up with this whole Rockets vs. Royce White war of words and allegations? We all know that first-round draft pick White suffers from a disorder that causes him anxiety when he flies, among other things. All of this info on his medical condition was available before the draft so no one was surprised. Now he’s saying the Rockets have not done enough to accommodate him and his illness. The Rockets claim they have been very accommodating, hence now the standoff. The draft was in late June. It’s late November now, the season has started and there is no resolution. Supposedly the Rockets were going to supply White with bus transportation as an alternative to flying for away-games. Really? If that’s the case what is White complaining about now? Meanwhile with all of this side show going on, we still don’t know for sure if the kid has NBA game. If he does, we need to see it on the court, because the Rockets certainly need players who can play. The opinion here is that it was a mistake to draft White in the first place. For a young team that needed immediate help, the Rockets could ill afford to have to contend with a young man with special needs. Now White is threatening to retire. Adios and best wishes! • Serving the Houston area for over 80 years



Law student crowned Miss Houston Defender News Services University of Houston Law Center student Zoe Cador has won the title of Miss Houston 2013. Cadore was also selected as Best Overall Interview. She will go on to compete in the Miss Texas Pageant in July 2013. “I’ve always wanted to be Miss Houston,” she said. “I love this city and the community. I’m so honored, blessed and excited to represent it this year. The win is still sinking in especially with school. I haven’t had a lot of time to celebrate. I went straight from the pageant to the library to finish my memo that was due the next day.” The Miss Houston/Miss Harris County Pageant is a preliminary pageant in the Miss America system. As the winner of the competition, Cadore was awarded sponsorships and cash scholarships. During her reign of service, she will make appearances across the state speaking and representing the city of Houston. “Now that I am Miss Houston, I know I have a long road ahead of me,” Cadore said. “Miss Houston

traditionally does very well at Miss Texas, and I definitely don’t plan to break that tradition. I’m hoping I will bring back the crown and go on to compete for Miss America.” A former intern for Congresswoman Sheila

classifieds Legal Notice NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETINGS

US 290 CORRIDOR FM 2920 to IH 610, Harris County, Texas The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in association with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), will conduct two Public Meetings to discuss a proposed interim design phase project for approved transportation improvements for the US 290 Corridor in Harris County, Texas. Two meetings are being held in order to accommodate the length of the corridor and those persons who would be interested in attending. The same material will be presented at both meetings. The US 290 Corridor project extends from Farm-to-Market (FM) 2920 to Interstate Highway (IH) 610 in Harris County, Texas. The proposed interim design phase project includes: 1) additional general-purpose lanes on US 290 and reconstruction of US 290 frontage roads, which were included as part of the Selected Alternative approved in the Record of Decision (ROD) (August 25, 2010) for the US 290 Corridor Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) (March 2010), and 2) the addition of an interim reversible managed lane/toll facility in the center of US 290 from the future Grand Parkway (SH 99) to IH 610. The proposed interim design phase project was developed to improve mobility in the corridor in the near future, as there is a lack of funding to construct the entire Selected Alternative at this time. The Harris County Toll Road Authority would partner with TxDOT to fund construction of the interim design, and would operate and maintain the reversible managed lane/toll facility. Minimal right-of-way would be required to incorporate the interim design phase project on US 290. An Open House will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to allow for questions and review of project exhibits. TxDOT staff will be available to answer questions during the Open House. A Formal Presentation will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m., followed by a public comment period. The Public Meetings will be held at these locations: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 Sheraton Brookhollow 3000 North Loop West Houston, Texas 77092

Caption here caption

J. Lee, Cadore is a graduate of Spelman College. She is a member of Christian Legal Society and is the 1L rep for the Black Law Student Association. She is also a member of the Mock Trial Team.

Thursday, December 13, 2012 Berry Center 8877 Barker Cypress Road Cypress, Texas 77433

The purpose of these Public Meetings is to discuss the proposed interim design, which would incorporate a reversible managed lane (toll) facility on US 290 from SH 99 to IH 610. The US 290 managed lane facility is expected to be in operation until the Hempstead Tollway portion of the Selected Alternative (identified in the ROD for the US 290 Corridor project) is constructed. FHWA and TxDOT are preparing an FEIS Re-evaluation to assess the potential impacts of the proposed interim design. Attendees are encouraged to view the displays and ask questions before the Formal Presentation. Representatives from TxDOT will be available to answer questions and provide information. The Formal Presentation will discuss the proposed interim project and the issues that will be evaluated in the FEIS Re-evaluation. These Public Meetings are being held in order to give interested persons an opportunity to express their views concerning the proposed interim design for the US 290 Corridor project. All interested persons are invited to attend this meeting to either speak or submit their comments in writing. Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status. Persons who require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or persons interested in attending the meetings who have special communication needs are encouraged to contact the TxDOT Houston District Public Information Officer at (713) 802-5072. The Public Meetings will be conducted in English. Any requests for language interpreters or other special communication needs should be made at least two (2) days prior to the Public Meetings. TxDOT will make every reasonable effort to accommodate these needs. Written and verbal comments from the public regarding the proposed interim design may be presented at the Public Meetings. Written comments will also be accepted via mail or email through January 2, 2013. Written comments may be mailed to TxDOT Houston District, Attention: Director of Project Development, P.O. Box 1386, Houston, TX 77251-1386. Comments will be accepted by e-mail at: Written comments submitted after the Public Meetings must be emailed or postmarked on or before Wednesday, January 2, 2013 to be included in the Public Meetings record. A digital version of the FEIS, ROD, and engineering schematics of the Selected Alternative and proposed interim design may be viewed and downloaded from the US 290 Program website at These items are also available for viewing at the US 290 Program Office located at Brookhollow Central III, 2950 North Loop West, Suite 1150, Houston, TX 77092 (713-354-1500). The US 290 Program Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding federal holidays. Copies are available for the cost of reproduction. Additional information about the project may be obtained by contacting the US 290 Program Office at (713) 354-1500.

On November 9, 2012, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released the 2012 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Continuum of Care (CoC) competition for the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Programs. This year's NOFA includes several focus areas and changes:

HUD is giving priority to the creation of new permanent supportive housing projects serving chronically homeless individuals and families, with priority on serving those with the longest histories of homelessness.

Continuums of Care are required to rank all new projects applying for grant funds.

New projects requesting funds for acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction are only eligible for a minimum of 3-year grant terms initially.

Recipients will be required to draw project funds, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis if funded in the FY2012 CoC program competition.

A MANDATORY webinar conference for all renewal applicants will be held at 9:00am on Thursday, November 29, 2012 by the Coalition for the Homeless Houston/Harris County. Agency attendance is required in order to be eligible to apply. A MANDATORY Conference for new applicants will be held between 2:oopm – 4:00pm on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at Coalition for the Homeless, 600 Jefferson, St, Houston, TX, 1st Floor Conference Room. If you need additional information or would like to attend either conference, please contact Pamela Wyatt at or Thuan V. Huynh at Please visit the Coalition for the Homeless web site at


The Houston Independent School District located in the Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center at 4400 West 18 th Street Houston, Texas 77092 will accept proposals, until the stated date and time deadlines, in the Board Services Office, Level C1

Project Number 12-11-06 – Request for Qualifications for Bond Underwriting Services with a deadline of 2 P.M. on November 27, There will not be a 2012 at the above stated address. pre-submission conference for this project.

RFP – Project 12-11-08 – Norm-Referenced Test – with a deadline of 3:00 PM CST, December 7, 2012. A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held at 10:00 AM CST at the Technical Support Services Center, 5827 Chimney Rock Rd., Houston, Texas 77081.

Project 12-10-05 – Project Title: RFP – Video Conferencing Warranty - E-Rate – with a deadline of 3:00 p.m. December 7, 2012. No Pre-Proposal Conference will be held for this project.

Project 12-10-06 – Project Title: RFP – Video Distribution Warranty - E-Rate – with a deadline of 3:00 p.m. December 7, 2012. No Pre-Proposal Conference will be held for this project.

Project 12-09-02 – Project Title: RFP – Video Conferencing - ERate – with a deadline of 3:00 p.m. December 7, 2012. No PreProposal Conference will be held for this project.

Project 12-09-03 – Project Title: RFP – Video Distribution - E-Rate – with a deadline of 3:00 p.m. December 7, 2012. No PreProposal Conference will be held for this project.

Proposals are available






The District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or, to accept the proposal that is most advantageous to the District. The District sells obsolete assets on-line at


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Juliea Nelson and Sheldon Nunn

Dr. D. Ivan Young and Michael Robertson


Bo and Stacey Porter, Sylvester Turner and Reagan and Laolu Davies-Yemitan

Riverside...Continued from page 3 Rev. Kenneth Levingston, Dr. Olethia Chisolm, Dr. Grace Butler and Dr. Victor Simms

Legal Legend Craig A. Washington

Dr. Grace Butler and Dr. Ronald Colman

Lee H. Willis and Craig Washington

HONORING BO PORTER…..As you may held their Ninth Annual Symposium at the already know, Bo Porter was recently named Junior League of Houston. The organization’s the new manager to lead the Astros beginning in mission is to eliminate colorectal cancer 2013. Bo has 18 years combined experience as through prevention and early detection. A a player, coach and manager in panel of experts, moderated the minor and major leagues. by Larry Payne, included Dr. Join Yvette Chargois He joined the Astro’s staff Ronald Colman, Diagnostic Events of the Week in 2011 to instruct the young Clinic of Houston, Claudia More photos on players in how to play the Rodas, government relations, See Events on KTRK Ch.13’s Crossroads game right, and in how to American Cancer Society, Dr. with Melanie Lawson Sunday Morning @ 11 a.m. win. A reception in his honor Ronald Cookston, executive was hosted by Dr. Reagan director, Gateway to Care and Flowers and State Representative Sylvester Sally Dwyer, president and benefit strategist, Turner at Americas. In attendance was his Jacobson Forensic Benefits discussed several lovely wife, Stacey as well as Laolu Daviestopics regarding Health Care Reform, the Yemitan, Juliea Nelson, Sheldon Nunn, Dr. Affordable Care Act and much more. The D. Ivan Young, Michael Robertson, Terry symposium also included testimonies by Aretha and Narlia Bruner, Kim Davis, Lloyd Gite, Johnson, Kimberly Beggs and Paul Quintero Max Edison and Councilman Jerry Davis, and was moderated by Dr. Olethia Chisolm. The inaugural “Hope Award” was established and to name a few. We wish you the best!..... presented to Dr. Ronald Colman in recognition SYMPOSIUM…….Hope Through Grace, Inc.

Kimberly Beggs, Paul Quintero and Aretha Johnson

Charles Livingston and Troy Pradia

for his years of outstanding and unrelenting dedication to serving the underserved. Attendees were encouraged to walk through a giant colon that was on display and view the various stages of the this disease. Continued Success!......A LEGAL LEGEND……Former Congressman, Attorney Craig A. Washington was recently inducted into the Texas Legal Legends at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Craig was honored because of his many contributions to the people of Texas and the United States. His passion for the profession and his compassion for folks shines bright as he gives his all in every case he represents. Program participants included former Governor Mark White, TSU’s First Lady Dr. Docia Rudley, SBA president Phillip Larmond, James “Wes” Christian, Jennifer Doan and Lee H. Willis. Continued success to you also!......From Chag’s Place to your place, have a blessed week! • Serving the Houston area for over 80 years



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Houston Defender: November 22, 2012  

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