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The new Sunwood® Collection has been designed to showcase wood venetians for all individual styles and preferences.

We are excited to be launching a selection of new colours within Santa fe® Shutters Hampton & Nevada ranges.

Providing the best in transparent solar shading solutions, Uniview® fabrics are durable, washable and will not fray.


elcome to the Summer edition of the View. Here at Decora, we are happy to see the sun shining & we can’t wait to tell you about our year so far and what’s still to come. We have attended some exciting events this year already with the high points being Stuttgart & The Lisburn Business Award's. The second half of 2018 packed with new product launches & the upcoming BBSA show. The first of these new product launches was the enhanced Santa Fe Shutters Hampton collection, with new colours, blade sizes and frame options, which

was followed by the new Sunwood collection. This View delves into all things colour, from pastels to brights, focusing on interior trends to suit those Summer themes, as well as colourful food trends to get your mouth’s watering. On a more serious note… who does it better, the women or the men? It’s The Man Cave vs. The She Shed. We hope to give you some Summer inspiration for that ideal room in your home or garden for when you need some me-time! Visual Impulse brings you The Fabric Box Summer Garden Party. We would love for you

to get creative and add some summer vibes to your store windows, inside and out. Lastly, we can’t forget about all the adventures we want to plan. We explore Italy on a stylish Vespa, enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Sicily, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. We hope you enjoy this edition of the View and continue to have an amazing and busy 2018 as we plan to do. And of course, don’t forget to save the date for the BBSA showcase exhibition on the 21st - 23rd October, we look forward to seeing you there!

06 SUNWOOD NEW collection At the heart of the Sunwood brand is a focus on continual development, ensuring every wood colour and finish is in tune with interior trends.

12 The Vespa Trip 03

Experience some of the most beautiful locations in Italy, on an original Vespa

WELCOME Welcome to this absolutely packed Summer Edition of The View.

10 BEYOND THE PALE From the colours on designer catwalks to the new trends that update our homes

14 Visual Impulse 04 DECORA NEWS Updating you on all the latest developments & product info from Decora

A few different ways you can really make your displays stand out by following some simple rules

26 In the Shade The correct choice of Window blinds can tap into the modern-day consumer's price savvy mentality

18 COLOUR me tastefully


A dash of colour makes for captivating food so artsy you can’t help but drool in awe.

We all scream for ice cream Here at Decora HQ, we have been dreaming about our summer holidays & the delightful treats that come along with it.

30 ROOFTOP CINEMA CLUB From classics like Dirty Dancing and Clueless to recent releases such as Marvel’s Black Panther and Blade Runner 2049, the variety is endless!

20 Colour pop your life Be brave, embrace the change from neutral to brights, it could change your life!

24 man cave vs she shed We all need a little moment of escape, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy world


" Updating you on a l l th e l ate s t d ev elopme n ts from De c ora "

1. Santa Fe New Colours

2. Uniview

We are excited to be launching a selection of new colours within our Hampton & Nevada ranges.

Uniview was the focus of attention this spring with the 3000 & 3100 ranges being revamped with new colours, in addition to the introduction of 2 Uniview 1% ranges 1300 & 1100.

Nevada now boasts 4 new grey colours: Phantom, Moonlit, Lunar and Armory. Hampton shutters are now available in 18 colours; 2 whites and a range of 16 carefully selected, dusky tones which will include greens, blues and pinks to enhance the beauty of your interior. Both Hampton & Nevada also have a new 76mm blade option & contemporary frame options.

The Uniview collection now offers 26 colours across 3 openness levels and is supported with a suite of technical information, perfect for contract specifications.

3. Lisburn Business Awards This year at the Lisburn Business Awards, Decora proudly accepted The Winners of the Business Growth Award. Decora where also finalists in the Best Family Business Award and Excellence in Manufacturing.

5. HSBC league table Decora ranked in the Top 200 of the HSBC International league table. The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 ranks Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales, measured over their latest two years

6. SUNWoOD NEW COLOURS Introducing the newly updated Sunwood collection. 11 new wood grain effects & colours ensures Sunwood continues to be the most aspirational wood venetian on the market.

4. Top 1000 companies Decora has been recognised in the fifth edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain Report, which showcases the UK’s most inspiring and fastest growing companies. 1000 Companies to Inspire is London Stock Exchange Group’s is a celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Europe.

7. R+T Stuttgart 2018 Taking place from 27th February to 3rd March 2018 the Stuttgart Messe welcomed 1,024 exhibitors showcasing the latest in design and technology for the window blind trade. We would like to once again thank all those customers who visited us and helping to make it the biggest Decora Stuttgart show to date.

At the heart of the Sunwood brand we strive to continually develop our collection, ensuring every wood colour and finish is in tune with interior trends. The Sunwood updated collection aims to

transform wood interior trends through to wood venetians. Incorporating 24 woods through 5 ranges, all bringing the natural beauty of wood to life; available in a choice 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat widths.


Expressing personal style is most commonly met through colour choice. Whites wood venetians primarily enhance brightness into a room, creating a tranquillity of calm with an airy scheme; Sunwood Pure and Polar offer a bright and soft white, whilst new Morena presents a soft neutral that adds warmth and character.

Dark, moody and mysterious greys and black inject drama to any interior, these design-led tones become the talking point of the Essential collection, two new greys, Kalm and Khol complete the spectrum from light grey to a dramatic dark charcoal, whilst Carbon, a sumptuous black completes the painted wood selection.


The beauty of wood grain is epitomised through the Soft Grain Collection, the distinctive natural grain and subtle texture creates style that unifies a space without over empowering it. The refined palette of colours presents

an understated modern elegance presenting 4 rich tones merging rich the wood tones of Tuscan Oak and Fired Walnut with warm greys of Acacia and the darker Tanza.


Pure sophistication and simple clean grain brings the revamped Perfect Grain Collection to life with a range of Scandinavian inspired wood tones. This artisan collection effortlessly captures the look of wood grain perfected with consistent grain and colour. The subtle

white washed finish on each of the 5 new colours presents a contemporary finish. Nordic, a natural wood tone, whilst the smoky grey tones enable a seamless transition of traditional wood grain to urban minimalism.

BEYOND THE PALE From the colours on designer catwalks to the new trends that update our homes. GELATO SHADES EMBRACE A SOFTER SIDE OF LIFE. THE CATWALKS ARE FULL OF PALER HUES WITH VICTORIA BECKHAM, GUCCI AND CELINE ALL SHOWCASING THIS TREND. PASTELS ARE BACK IN A BIG WAY, HARKING BACK TO THE 80’S, THE 50’S AND EVEN THE 20’S ART DECO PERIOD. Colour in softer shades are light and light is energy; colour effects our moods; it can make us happy, it can be uplifting, it can calm us down and even depress us. As we counterbalance our hectic busy lives, we embrace mindfulness, yoga; we create zen spaces

and use essential oils to chill out. We talk about positivity, we drink wellness cocktails and may go on ‘fitcations’. So not only should we embrace these mood enhancing, uplifting icecream shades in our wardrobe, we definitely need to update our living spaces by adding


Pastel shades in powder pinks, muted blues, duck-egg butter yellows and soft greens are all key colours

chair, a small table, a cushion or throw. Add pale shades to walls and add accents through window blinds or shutters. For grander statements paint the walls, change all the window blinds to lighter hues and add embellishment to them. Either choose uncomplicated pure pastels of the 80’s such as Splash Blush or more muted designs, redolent of the Art Deco period in more muted complex colours and patterns.

Add pale shades to walls and add accents through window blinds or shutters.


paler accents to our homes, offices, and even our workout and meditation spaces; who wouldn’t want some calm and feminine colour therapy?


Pastel shades can replace some of our neutral shades that we have been embracing the last few years. They may update some of the moody dark walls that have added deep colour accents to our homes, we may choose lighter and brighter hues to open our spaces and our minds. Pastel shades in powder pinks, muted blues, duckegg butter yellows and soft greens are all key colours. If you find pastels too feminine or if you are creating a more androgynous spaces then it may be an option to choose accents; a

No matter what historic reference you choose or which catwalk collection inspires you, take time to update your home, let in the light and choose a lighter hue to update your space this Summer.



Looking for something different to do this Summer? We have the answer! Choosing from three of the most beautiful regions in Italy, you can ride with style through the most beautiful Italian villages on an original Vespa. Whether you want to take a day trip or a weeklong holiday, this will be an experience you won’t want to miss. Take in the breath-taking scenery and enjoy the perfect selection of Italian delicacies. Travel with a group on a guided tour or travel on your own, making your own decisions along the way. You will find so much to do as you have the freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want, feeling the warm air breeze as you go. You won’t have to worry about sorting accommodation as that will all be done for you. Your luggage will get taken to and from each destination, so you can pack to your hearts content, enjoy your breakfast each morning, and set of on your daily day journeys with ease as you enjoy your Vespa Trip adventure.



You will start your Vespa journey in either Pisa or Florence, cruising through the winding roads of Tuscany to your different destinations. San Gimignano, Vinci & Lucca are just a few of the places you will travel though. Activities include swimming on a hidden spot in the Lima River, and wine tasting at a local vineyard. With so much to see and do on your travels you won’t want it to end!

KNOW ? 1

Over four fifths of the land in Sicily is made up of hills and mountains, & the island is also home to several volcanoes, including Europe’s largest active volcano, Mount Etna.


The story of Pinocchio actually originated in Tuscany before it became a hit Disney film. Carlo Collodi, a Florence man, hand wrote ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ in 1833. A local puppeteer then decided to bring the character to life, and a wooden puppet version of Pinocchio was created.


The art of ceramics is one of the most ancient activities in Italy. The earth is rich in volcanic and clay content, which has been used to create beautiful pieces of art for thousands of years.


Due to its beauty & luxurious lifestyle, the Amalfi Coast often featured films and tv shows, most recently the film Wonder Woman.


The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful Mediterranean landscape, filled with rich culture. Its sparkling blue sea and its calming effect will have you hooked to its breath-taking views. You will come across some beautiful natural parks on this adventure, such as; The Parco Regionale dei Monte Picentini, while visiting Mount Vesuvius and the historic city of Pompei, scenery you will want to look at forever.


The gorgeous island of Sicily is certainly a must see for any traveller’s bucket list. With its striking diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures, we are certain you will enjoy discovering this island’s hidden gems. You will come away with many highlights from this tour such as experiencing the world-famous salt mills of Trapani. Travelling through the forgotten Sicilian countryside, you will reach the beautiful coastline in Cefalu. On your way back, you will also visit the natural park of Zingaro.






THIS SUMMER VISUAL IMPULSE LOOKS INTO SOME OF THE TECHNIQUES YOU CAN USE TO MAKE YOUR DISPLAYS STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD, THESE CAN BE APPLIED TO ANY WINDOW DISPLAY OR IN YOUR SHOWROOM. THE RULE OF THREE The rule of three is perfect when deciding what colours to go for. You’re more likely to capture a customer’s attention when their brain is triggered by imbalance. This can really be applied to all odd numbers. Pick a patterned fabric and go from there, keep to the same 3 colours for your other fabrics you would like to display and keep similar colours for props & signage. REMEMBER THAT COLOUR IS KING! Working off the rule of 3, focus on a colour theme to create your colour story. Try and use a variety of fabrics to showcase different colours of styles, plains and textures. Decide on your focal fabric and work from there. THE PYRAMID PRINCIPLE The ‘Pyramid Principle’ can be very effective and applies to a triangular merchandise display. You want to place the largest item at the center and have the smaller products on the outside, stepping down from the focal point, like a pyramid. This principle also ensures that there’s a variety of heights and sizes, which adds dept to your display. SOME HELPFUL TIPS Bold colours can help catch the eye of passersby, however if you notice your neighbour’s window is full of vibrant reds and oranges, go with a darker palette to create a stark contrast. Why not use repeating elements in store to create a powerful display and showcase a variation of products. You should aim to update your display at least once a month with your most current fabrics to keep attracting customers to your store.



The exquisite range of Hampton colours now enables you to discover the perfect shutter, in an array of 18 colours.

Santa Fe Nevada has recently seen the range increase with the introduction of four new colourways, a new blade size, new profiles as well as the availability of shaped shutters.



In addition to Vivid White & Silk White a carefully selected variety of colours has been meticulously chosen. Four subtle colour palettes cover contemporary neutrals, modern greys, tonal greens which blend effortlessly into dusky blues through to soft pinks & purples.

The four new grey tones ensure the Nevada range of shutters meets the increasing consumer demand for grey without having premium colour matching costs.

These beautifully crafted coloured shutters are available with a 4-week production lead time, whilst the two whites can be hand crafted within 3 weeks. Hampton shutters has also increased its offering with a 76mm blade size & a new contemporary profile.

SHAPED FOR SUCCESS Nevada’s choice of shaped shutters allows shutters to amplify the wow factor of a statement window adding further drama as well as optimum light control & privacy.

BLADENTLY OBVIOUS CUSTOMISED Should the palette of Hampton colours not meet the requirements of your customers, a custom colour service is available with a 6-week production lead time.

The new 76mm blade option is proving popular in the UK market, this blade size is available across all 9 Nevada colourways.

Natural injection of colour can be sought using various herbs, spices, fruits and veg from the kitchen cupboards. Spices such as turmeric invite intense colour to the cooking process whilst spinach and beetroot can be pureed into mash or hummus for vibrant hues of green or fuchsia. Berry juices liven a sweet dessert with a kick of colour; puree strawberries into cheesecake batter or blend blueberries with pancake syrup for a mouth-watering sight. Alternatively, add some character with some matcha powder for a dessert which intrigues & delights in equal measure.

A SPRINKLE OF CREATIVITY, A FLOW OF FLAVOUR AND A DASH OF COLOUR MAKES FOR IMAGE CAPTIVATING FOOD SO ARTSY YOU CAN’T HELP BUT DROOL IN AWE. Tasteful trends use colour in a variety of ways to add some flare to the dinner table. Complementary colours team together to make any dish look irresistible, whilst natural juices and spices are used to dye certain elements for a quirky touch.

Classic dishes can be spruced up with harmonising colours to add some interest; pop some red pomegranate seeds on top of a green salad or introduce some red onion or aubergine to your sweet potato side. Take it a step further and create your own dual coloured recipe; mix purple cabbage with yellow pepper for some decorative coleslaw or mix pineapple juice with chunks of watermelon and lime for a Summer Sangria.

Smoothies and fruit juices are the perfect place to add colour in the kitchen. Whether you are creating a fruity pick me up, a postexercise juice or a breakfast smoothie these healthy juices can entice your taste buds with wonderful colours. Sunshine smoothies with a mix of pineapple, bananas, carrots and lime give a taste of the tropics while a blend of frozen fruits, strawberry yoghurt and porridge oats makes for a bright and colourful breakfast smoothie!


e have talked about the return of colour for the last few years now and yet neutral and muted colours inspired by nature’s lightest tones and the minimal aesthetic has become the beacon of good taste. But at some point neutral becomes so neutral and minimal becomes so minimal that is says nothing.

As we know we are in the midst of a self branding age, of Instagram and Pinterest and a younger generation of selfie obsessed self promoters. The way we look at the space we create around us says a lot about who we are, our personality and our beliefs. With a Scandinavian neutral clean lined aesthetic, it is hard to differentiate ourselves from everyone else.

Our interest in travel, ethnic cultures, art, fashion and the world around us can inspire our colour choices but for the time being in terms of current trends avoid pure primaries in quantity. Choose instead mixed hues from an artists palette. Colours with hints of depth, less naive and more sophisticated hues.

POPS OF COLOUR, LITTLE HIGHLIGHTS IN A ROOM OF CLASSIC CALM SHADES. This can be a few accessories, vases, lamps, a rug or a brightly coloured blind. A few bright accents will immediately update a neutrally toned room. Alternatively go all out. Creating a room in rainbow shades. Be inspired by a Mexican rug or an Indian embroidery. When selecting a palette be bold and brave.

MAXIMALISM IS A NEW CONCEPT IN DESIGN. It is the complete opposite of architect Mies Van Der Rohe philosophy of “less is more� it is the antithesis of more is more. Fill your space with colour and patterns, floral and stripes. Collection of treasured possessions & an eccentric eclectic aesthetic abounds!

FILL YOUR SPACE WITH COLOUR & PATTERNS, FLORAL & STRIPES So whether you love just a touch of colour or you are going with the all out pattern on pattern trend, it is time to start adding colour to your life. Put some of the neutrals aside & embrace a brave new colourful world.




We all love ice cream. It’s the perfect treat on a warm sunny day, cooling those tastebuds with colourful favourites like bubblegum and strawberry or a plain vanilla add a few toppings and you cant go wrong. But, maybe its time to be a bit more adventourus with our ice cream choices and go for something with a bit more‌. Zaz!!

Well let us try and sway those predictable decisions with some interesting flavours that caught our eyes.



Basically a pumpkin flavoured ice cream with little pieces of chocolate throughout, maybe we will keep this one for a halloween treat.

If you like your ice cream with a mixture of flavours and textures then this is the one for you. Full of nuts, chocolate candies & raisins, delicious!

White Chocolate Cream: • 1/4 cup heavy cream • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter • 1 tablespoon light corn syrup • 4-ounce bar white chocolate Caramel Sauce: • 1/4 cup sugar • 2 tablespoons corn syrup • 1 tablespoon honey • 3/4 cup heavy cream Salted Pecans: • 1 cup pecan halves • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt • 32 ounces of vanilla ice cream • 2 tablespoons dark creme de cacao • 6 to 8 ice cream cones

FEAR THE TURTLE ICE CREAM We would get this one just for the name alone! Combining white chocolate ice cream, carmel sauce, salted pecans and some crème de cacao, sounds good to us!

CURRY & MINT WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS Worth a try if you enjoy the thought of a minty curry and if there is chocolate in it, we are game!

For the White Chocolate Cream: Simmer 1 inch of water in a medium pot. Mix cream, butter, corn syrup & white chocolate in a bowl that will sit on top of the pot (don't let the bottom of the bowl touch the water). Stir, until melted & smooth. Let it cool. For the Caramel Sauce: Stir sugar, corn syrup & honey with 1/2 cup water in a pot. Boil, without stirring. Cook until amber in colour, swirling the pot a few times once it starts to brown for 15 minutes. Pour in the cream & when the bubbling subsides, whisk until smooth. Let it cool. For the Pecans: Preheat the oven to 180oC. Add pecans, oil & salt to a small, rimmed baking sheet. Bake, stirring once or twice, until toasted, 8 minutes. Cool & then finely chop. Soften the ice cream at room temperature until workable but not melting. Scrape into a large metal bowl. Add the white chocolate cream & the pecans and work into the ice cream until well distributed.

ROSE & RHUBARB ICE CREAM Combining Roses and Rhubarb, maybe some rhubarb sauce to make it extra rhubarby? You can make the decision on that one, but just think of the delightful rose filled smell!

SWEET CORN ICE CREAM, POPCORN & CARAMEL CANDIED BACON Now this one we can get on board with, the caramel candied bacon is questionable, but its definitely something we are willing to try.

Drizzle with the dark creme de cacao. If needed, return the ice cream to the freezer until firm enough to stir without melting. Drop a spoonful of the caramel over the ice cream & stir once or twice to create a chunky ribbon. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the freezer until firm, at least 3 hours or overnight. Serve in a cone or a dish.

Taking escapism back to nature, the She-shed offers a serene backyard retreat created by mixing a dash of creativity, a hue of colour and a hint of you with a traditional garden shed! Whatever your hobby and personal style, a shed creates the perfect canvas for creating your customized space.

The traditional man-cave is an area where the man of the house can retreat to enjoy a gaming sesh, watch a movie on the big screen or entertain friends with a game of snooker. Whether the man-cave be in the basement, attic, spare room or garage, the designated maleonly zone can be designed to suit any personal desire.



Framed photos of sportsmen and glowing signs are all well and good, but if you’re an understated person, don’t push your man cave to be something you’re not. If you just want to enjoy a few drinks, watch television and occasionally entertain, keep it simple, chilled and include just touches of yourself in the decoration and furniture.

"Mix up the décor to incorporate all your genre loves"



Pick an object (pool table, jukebox, picture) that you like and will make part of the room as your inspiration in choosing the overall look and color of your man cave.



Make tribute to your ultimate muse in a space where you can enjoy your favourite tunes. Mix up the décor to incorporate all your genre loves and complete with an aluminium venetian or a grained wood venetian to add privacy to your cultured style. TERESTS


Chill with the guys in a unique space that caters to your interests, whether this be sports, cars or travel. Incorporate comfy seating, bright, contrasting colours and quirky patterns for a room they’ll love.

"Incorporate comfy seating, bright, contrasting colours & quirky patterns"

"Relax In An Earthy Space With Soft Botanicals And A Pretty Palette"


Relax in an earthy space with soft botanicals and a pretty palette. Mix dusky tones with brighter hues for a versatile snug where you can meditate your mind in the evening dusk or have the girls round for a chirpy cuppa. Don’t forget to add blockout blinds so you can ‘dim the lights’ for your mid-week pamper treat! LY YOU


Why not go totally wild? Your she-shed is yours, so let your imagination run free for a design that’s completely unique to you.



Plumped cushions & a neutral palette creates a tranquil space to help clear your mind for a whirl-wind vacay in a good book. Control the sun’s rays for happy reading with a wood venetian blind. UR


Use colours & patterns you love to create your own inspirational getaway where creativity can flourish. Complete the look with a dimout blind in any rainbow shade to conceal your statement piece until you’re ready for its big reveal.

We live in a world where as consumers, we have the ability to compare prices, change suppliers and negotiate better deals than any other time in history. This new mindset of how to save money encourages us consumers to look at energy suppliers, insurance providers, gas companies, broadband and telecoms supply line. This more astute mindset can also stretch to how we can save money by our actions and applications we have in our internal environments.

There needs to be an overall shift in consumer perceptions towards window blinds, starting at the point of purchase through to how the product is effectively operated.

It’s time to educate the consumer on benefits of window blinds

This shift is one that we as a trade must drive not only for the benefit of the end consumer but for our industry as a whole.

The correct choice of Window blinds can tap into the modern-day consumer's price savvy mentality

Selection of the right window blind can manage the light levels of the room, controlling heat & glare but also retaining the ability to maintain an external view, while not requiring additional indoor lighting. We as a trade need to start educating the consumer from the point of purchase, not only on the selection of the correct product but also on how to use it effectively! Not all window coverings can be controlled, but of those that are, one study found that 75% of residential window coverings remain the same position every day.

Often window blinds are an after-thought rather than leading the interior design of both domestic & commercial premises. Yet the selection of the right window covering solution can contribute savings of up to 25% on energy bills, helping to keep your interior cool during Summer months, while retaining heat during Winter months. With this Summer already breaking records, our internal environment needs turn to the control of light filtration, glare & the need for cooling. As we better insulate our homes, heat which as entered the room cannot escape, consequently causing a build-up of heat. The introduction of a window blind can control the level of light, glare and heat entering the room, while reducing the need for cooling devices.

The choice of a screen product such as Uniview offers the opportunity to control the flow of heat and light while continuing to retain the exterior view and eliminate the need for additional lighting during Summer months.

75% of Residential Window Coverings remain in the same position every day

NEW LOOK UNIVIEW Uniview® 1% & 3% fabrics are designed to satisfy the highest technical & aesthetic standards as demanded by today’s residential, commercial, educational & healthcare applications. Providing the best in transparent solar shading

solutions, Uniview® fabrics are durable, washable and

will not fray. Achieving the BS5867: 2008 Part 2 Type B standard for flammability standard, Uniview is also non-toxic, UV and bacteria resistant.

COLLECTION Finer gauge

Colour matched to Uniview 3% 14 colours across 2 ranges

New contract card RCU447

COLLECTION New colours added

20 colours across 3 ranges

New contract card RCU446

3200 offers a superfine option


W W W. D E C O R A .C O.UK

THERE'S MORE TO BALMY SUMMER NIGHTS THAN STANDING OUTSIDE THE PUB AFTER WORK. TAKE CINEMA TO A NEW LEVEL & CATCH A MOVIE UNDER THE STARS WITH ROOFTOP CINEMA CLUB. From classics like Dirty Dancing and Clueless to recent releases such as Marvel’s Black Panther and Blade Runner 2049, the variety is endless!



Iconic movies and great dialogue deserve to be heard properly. Ever missed that key plot line because the guy behind you is eating his popcorn too loudly? The rooftop has the solution, with state-of-the-art wireless headphones to avoid disruptions or amplified speakers so you can feel every single moment.

Looking for the perfect movie? The programmes are hand-picked with a personal touch, to ensure each night is an unforgettable movie experience from cult classics to brand new releases. Movie themes are a must, whether its double bills or celebrations, make sure to look out for the Rooftop’s Recommendations.

COMFY DECKCHAIRS SPECTACULAR VIEWS Great films deserve great locations, & the rooftop’s venues are set alongside some of the most iconic backdrop’s in the world. With panoramic views & stunning sunsets, movies have never looked so great.

Outdoor cinema is about embracing the world around us, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. At the rooftop cinema club comfy deckchairs with adjustable seat heights creates an experience where you can lean back and breathe in those city views under the stars.

W W W. D E C O R A . C O . U K




The View - Summer 2018  

The Summer edition of The View is now available. Expect product updates & all things colourful

The View - Summer 2018  

The Summer edition of The View is now available. Expect product updates & all things colourful