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September 2013 FFF FFF Junior Feature

Cedar Top Ranch Purebred Outcross Genetics

Purebred Gelbvieh AMGV1248679 BD: 02-28-12 Homozygous Black Homozygous Polled BW: 88 lbs. Adj WW: 888 lbs. Adj YW: 1,416 lbs. Sire: Navaho 188X Dam: Davidson Ms Jim 61T CE BW WW YW MK TM CED YG CW RE MB FT CV FM

6 1.9 66 97 37 70 2 -0.11 29 0.23 -0.04 -0.05 15.63 33.94

• Dam & MGD combining proven calving ease and growth • Dam was Res. Grand Champion Female Gelbvieh at 2011 NILE in Billings, MT top 2% top 4%

top 15% top 20%

Semen inquiries welcome!

Consistent ∙ Maternal ∙ Profitable ∙ Solid Call us today to add CTR genetics to your herd.

Annual Production Sale 3rd Tuesday in February Selling All Coming 2-Year Old Bulls

Cedar Top Ranch

Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163 308-587-2293 • 308-530-3900 (C) email:

23rd Annual Judd Ranch

Cow Power Female Sale Saturday, October 12 • 12:00 noon • Pomona, Kansas Free Trucking in U.S. on Purchases of $15,000+

There are cows; then there are females like this beautiful Judd Ranch first calf heifer and her baby. The difference: fertility, maternal ability, performance, eye appeal, teat and udder structure. The list goes on and on, including 15 consecutive years as #1 Dam of Merit/Dam of Distinction breeder and owner. Plus cows that produced 227 bulls that sold in our March bull sale, with an 84 lb. average birth weight/863 lb. average weaning weight. Please join us on Saturday, Oct. 12, at the Ranch when 100–plus Judd Ranch (spring & fall/bred & open) females will be sold at auction. A vast majority of the offering will be homozygous polled and every female is Judd Ranch bred and raised.

Put a Judd Ranch Female to work in your herd and see the difference Call Cattlemen’s Connection Toll-Free 1-800-743-0026 for your sale catalog.

Judd Ranch Inc.

Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger Judd & Family Brent, Ashley Judd & Family 423 Hwy. K-68 • Pomona, KS 66076 785/ 566-8371 or 785/566-3770 Visit our web site:

September 2013, Volume 28, Number 2 Official Publication of the American Gelbvieh Association

September 2013 FFF FFF Junior Feature

Junior Feature 14

American Gelbvieh Junior Association Elects Board


Eagle Pass Ranch Continues All-Around Donation Heifer Award


AGJA Presents Inaugural Premier Breeder Award


Durham Tops Ticket Sales for 2013 AGJA Donation Heifer


American Gelbvieh Foundation Awards Annual Scholarships, Gives to Future Gelbvieh Leaders


Gelbvieh Juniors Experience the Northern Lights in National Show


Thank You AGJA Northern Lights Classic Award Sponsors


AGJA Skill-A-Thon Contest Prepares Future AGA Members


American Gelbvieh Junior Association Selects Ambassadors


AGJA Members Build Skills, Leadership through Educational Contests


Many Thanks to AGJA Northern Lights Classic Donors

This issue highlights the accomplishments of the junior Gelbvieh members at the 2013 Northern Lights Junior Classic. Cover designed by Lynn Valentine. EDITOR: Jennifer Scharpe Graphic Design: Lynn Valentine “Gelbvieh World” (ISSN 1084-5100), is published monthly except for February, June and October for $35 for one year. American Gelbvieh Association 10900 Dover St., Broomfield, Colorado 80021-3993.

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2 | September 2013

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Advancing Livestock Media Professionals

Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale VIII

& 5th Annual Customer Appreciation Sale

September 21, 2013 Kingsville Livestock Kingsville, Missouri



Elite Bred Heifers! Cow / Calf Pairs! Open Heifers! Show Prospects! Gelbvieh & Balancers!



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Contents Inside the Editorial 6

Shaping the Future of Gelbvieh

President’s View from Rob Arnold


Going Forward

Executive’s View from Jim Gibb

12 Memories Made at the Northern Lights Classic

Junior Voice from Nicole Mattison

34 Getting Ahead of the Curve - Plan Today for Your Bull Sale Genetic Testing

View of the Numbers from Kari Otteman

42 Leaving Your Mark

Breed Promotion Minute from Frank Padilla

48 Our Service is Free

Communication Note from Jennifer Scharpe

Executive Committee 10900 Dover Street F Westminster, CO 80021 Main phone: 303-465-2333 F Fax: 303-465-2339 F Facebook: American Gelbvieh Association

Association Staff Jim Gibb Executive Director

Frank Padilla Director of Breed Promotion (ex. 480)

Dianne Coffman Director of Administration (ex. 479)

Jennifer Scharpe Director of Communications (ex. 485)

Susan Willmon Director of Breed Improvement (ex. 484)

Lynn Valentine Gelbvieh Media Productions (ex. 486)

Kari Otteman Breed Improvement Data Analyst (ex. 483) Dolores Gravley Customer Services (ex. 481) Patti Showman Customer Services (ex. 478)

4 | September 2013

William McIntosh Eastern Area Coordinator 502-867-3132 Brian Rogers Central Area Coordinator 936-554-1600 Dana Stewart Director of Member Services (ex. 488)

Rob Arnold, President (2012) Minot, ND • 701-624-2051 Dan Warner, V. President (2013) Beaver City, NE • 308-962-6511

Brian Dunn, Secretary (2013) St. John, KS • 620-549-6516 Neal Pearson, Treasurer (2012) Lake City, SD • 605-448-5653

Directors Ken Flikkema (2011) Bozeman, MT • 406-586-6207 Bob Hart (2011) Kansas City, KS • 816-225-8530 John Huston (2011) New Carlisle, OH • 859-595-8680 Andy LeDoux (2012) Agenda, KS • 785-732-6564 David Martin (2011) Judsonia, AR • 501-728-4950 Bob Prosser (2012) Winslow, AZ • 928-289-2619

Ronnie Rogers (2013) Mendon, MO • 660-375-7266 rogers_valley_farm_feedlot@ Scott Starr (2013) Stapleton, NE • 308-587-2293 Duane Strider (2012) Asheboro, NC • 910-428-4568 Grant Thayer (2011) Ramah, CO • 303-621-2058 Gary Tilghman (2013) Glasgow, KY • 270-678-5695

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chenault Ag Center • Mt. Sterling, KY 1:00 p.m. (ET)

Spring 3-in-1 pairs


52 Lots

of outstanding quality Gelbvieh and Balancer® Seedstock

Fall Cow/Calf pairs

Fancy Bred Heifers

Spring 3–in–1 Pairs Fall Pairs Bred Heifers Embryo Packages Hersire Prospects Semen auction to benefit the Jimmy Christopher Scholarship Fund. Please bring your semen tank and support the Juniors. Some of the breed’s top AI sires will be offered. Plans are being made to offer three $1,000 scholarships in 2014! Sale managed by

Slaughter Sale Management For catalog or information contact:

David Slaughter

Powerful Balancer Cow/Calf pairs ®

162 Hastings Lane Fredonia, KY 42411 Phone: (270) 556-4259 E-mail:

President’s view

Shaping the Future of Gelbvieh FFA, school leadership programs, sports, and just being responsible for daily chores around the farm or ranch. AGJA members can build on this base to broaden their skills and experiences.

During the AGJA sponsored regional and national shows, members have the opportunity to compete in educational contests. These contests help build valuable life-long skills and more importantly help develop future leaders of the Gelbvieh breed. By Rob Arnold Shaping our future starts early. In developing the Impacting the Beef BusinessTM long-range strategic plan, the American Gelbvieh Association Board of Directors identified member education as a crucial step to the success of the Gelbvieh breed. What better place to start than with the American Gelbvieh Junior Association. Commitment, dedication, and a good work ethic are all important qualities that organizations need to be successful. Many associations along with the AGA recognize the importance of these qualities. In order to help build and refine these qualities with our junior members, the AGJA has incorporated several contests into their regional shows and the national Junior Classic. These contests are rewarding from an educational standpoint, serve as key lessons in building leadership qualities, and are entertaining and fun. Most, if not all, of the junior members have a solid base, which has been developed through 4-H, 6 | September 2013

Contests can sometimes be intimidating. The AGJA contests are designed to help everyone get involved and make new friends. In doing so, our juniors learn to exchange ideas and develop new skills that can be applied to the family business or maybe just enjoyed as a new hobby. There are many reasons why these contests are beneficial, but at the end of the day they are designed to give our junior members life-long lessons of working together, committing to a goal and completing the project. Exchanging ideas and communicating with fellow members is a key ingredient that makes these contests enjoyable and rewarding. I know I’ve heard it a number of times in my career, “Communication is the key to everyone’s success.” If you think about it, I do not know any leader that was not a good communicator.

Our junior program and the contests associated with it are a great framework at encouraging our younger members to practice and refine their skills. It is a great opportunity for this program to help shape leaders for the future. During the week-long Junior Classic event, junior members have the opportunity to compete in more than 20 contests and leadership activities to help develop these valuable skills. The list of contests is substantial and includes: video, graphic design, ambassador, showmanship, skillathon, creative writing, impromptu speaking, sales talk, photography, team fitting, premier breeder, herdsmanship, judging, poster, and quiz bowl. These contests allow our junior members to exercise their creativity, the opportunity to work together, and the gratification of solving problems and creating alternatives. The AGJA contests are structured to be educational and to develop skills that can be beneficial at promoting and marketing our businesses. It is my hope that these contests help our junior members recognize that they are a group of people with common interests that can accomplish more as a group than they can individually. So let’s get our juniors involved. It’s never too early to start! FFF


The Cows of Post Rock

At Post Rock, we take great pride in our cow herd and the many influential cows that have been produced. They reflect nearly 30 years of focused genetic selection and relentless culling pressure. Pictured in this ad are some of the elite females that have been sold in the last four years in our annual Cowman’s Kind Sale. POST ROCK GWEN 33P1 Former Post Rock donor and now a donor at Mathews Farms.

POST ROCK RHONDA 207M2 Former Post Rock donor and now a donor for Trans Pacific Genetics and Warner Beef Genetics. POST ROCK WILMA 253S8 Now at Hilltop Farms.

POST ROCK GLORIA 27M2 A donor for Wandering Meadows Farm.

THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH Always give 100%,

unless you’re giving blood.

POST ROCK BLKBIRD 6T8 Now at Scott Braddock’s Farm.

POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 • Email: “Where calving ease, performance and eye-appeal come together.”


Executive’s View

Going Forward Through accurate, affordable DNA testing for all known genetic abnormalities, breeders can manage potential risk and remain positive that Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics will continue to have increasing relevance in the beef business. By Jim Gibb

overlooked. Plus the condition is more difficult to detect visually as the animals get older.

I distinctly remember a conversation with my oldest brother about 25 years ago after he learned that yet another Angus AI sire he had used was reported to be a carrier of a deleterious genetic abnormality. This was the third different AI sire that turned out to be a carrier of genetic defect he had used in three years. That meant that over half of three consecutive calf crops of replacement females and yearling sale bulls were culled because he had no way of knowing which progeny were carriers.

The question then becomes, what options do you have? AGA staff has fielded a number of phone calls from members over the past 90 days and it has been interesting to note the different plans for handling the situation. Some are testing potential carrier cows and even if they are CAC, plan to keep and mate the cows to bulls that are CAF, either through pedigree or DNA testing, and then simply test the progeny. Given the high cost of developing replacement females, this may make good sense. Others have decided to test potential carrier replacement females and cows, move the carriers to their commercial herds or use them as ET recipient females, and then purchase CAF replacements for seedstock. Regardless of the chosen path, it’s important to have a plan.

Needless to say, it set brother Dave’s breeding program back. But, that was then and thank goodness we now have accurate, affordable DNA tests for nearly all the known genetic defects. Potential carrier females and bulls can be tested, eliminating the need to automatically discard them. The fact is that contractural arachnodactyly (CA) also known as “fawn calf ” has been discovered in the AGA purebred population. Through DNA testing, CA has been identified in pedigrees that have no obvious ties to Angus genetics, which is assumed to be the source of this genetic defect. The timing of the first reported case, well after CA first surfaced in the North American Angus breed in 2009, is not unusual given the very low frequency of CA in the Gelbvieh population. Mating carrier animals to each other will result in only 25 percent of the progeny being affected. And, CA is not lethal, meaning that CA calves are born alive with none of the obvious characteristics that often accompany genetic defects. Consequently, many affected calves have likely been 8 | September 2013

However, we do know that CA affected animals definitely underperform compared to their contemporaries, and are very likely to be culled early if kept for breeding stock. Those of you that have been following CA on the AGA website know that the lists of CA carriers (CAC) and CA tested free (CAF) have grown since the first CA notice was sent to the AGA membership in late May, 2013.

Going forward, several things will happen: 1) CA will be a temporary setback; 2) the AGA Board of Directors has studied the options and addressed changes to current genetic defect policy that is fair, appropriate and sets the course for the future; 3) Gelbvieh breeders have the opportunity to test for CA and will use the DNA test to retain genetics and market seedstock; 4) An enhanced automated search tool will soon be available on the AGA website, making it easier to locate CAC and CAF animals; and 5) By staying the course outlined in the AGA Impacting the Beef BusinessTM strategic plan, Gelbvieh and Balancer® will have increasing relevance in North American beef industry. Please check out the excellent genetic abnormality resources on the AGA website including fact sheets and frequently asked questions. FFF

Two Gelbvieh Hearts United

Janelle and Justin Taubenheim

TAUBENHEIM GELBVIEH 24th Annual Production Sale February 3, 2014 Amherst, NE

News ‘n Notes Sending DNA Samples in the Mail

Heifer Mart for Registered Heifers in the NWSS Yards

Protect your DNA samples and avoid delays with your results by making sure your samples arrive safe and sound at the lab. The best way to mail samples is through a commercial shipper such as UPS or FedEx. Make sure your samples are properly sealed in a sturdy envelope or box. Problems can occur when sending samples in a regular envelope or even a padded manila envelope via the United State Postal Service. Also, be sure to get a tracking number on your package so you can monitor its safe arrival.

The Heifer Mart is a new marketing opportunity for purebred cattle producers at the National Western Stock Show. Cattlemen can enter groups of three to five head of either heifer calves or bred yearlings. There will be a designated area in the Yards set up for the Heifer Mart where these cattle will be displayed on tie rails. Night tie outs will also be provided. There will not be a show associated with these cattle. These females are on display with the intention of selling them by private treaty or for breeders to have an opportunity to display their breeding program as a part of their overall marketing program.

Mitchell Marketing Service to Manage National Sale Mitchell Marketing Service will be the sale manager for the 2014 National Gelbvieh and Balancer® sale. The sale will be held Sunday, January 12 at the Livestock Center Auction Arena in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show. The manager of the National Sale is nominated by the National Sale committee and approved of by the AGA Board of Directors.

Similar to the NWSS Herd Sire displays, reservations for a spot in the Heifer Mart will be on a first come first serve basis made by contacting the NWSS Livestock Office at 303-299-5559. The Heifer Mart will accommodate cattle by breed during the same time periods that each respective breed arrives and is released from the Yards. Entry frees will be $100 per head payable at time of entry.

Create Your Future II The Dynamics of the Beef Business All Gelbvieh and Balancer® breeders are invited to attend the Create Your Future II - The Dynamics of the Beef Business. The first Create Your Future event was held in December of 2010 in Kansas City, Mo. This second educational seminar will be held on Monday, November 18 at the NAILE - Eastern National Gelbvieh Show in Louisville, Ky. All seminar activities will be held in a meeting room on the NAILE show grounds. This event is coordinated by the American Gelbvieh Association and hosted by the Kentucky Gelbvieh Association. For planning purposes, interested participants are encouraged to R.S.V.P. by contacting Frank Padilla, AGA director of breed promotion at 303465-2333 or

Schedule 8:00

Coffee and donuts

10:15 Break

8:30 Welcome-Introductions, Frank Padilla, AGA Director of Breed Promotion

10:30 “Refining Your Sales Prospecting Skills” Jay Carlson, BEEF Print and Digital Communications,

8:45 “Making Genetic Progress, What Tools are Required?” Darrh Bullock, University of Kentucky Genetics/Breeding Specialist

11:15 “DNA-Why is it Important?” Dr. Jim Gibb, AGA Executive Director 12:00 Questions & Answer session presenter’s panel

9:30 “What Feed Yards Want, The Profit Drivers” Dan Dorn, Decatur County Feed Yard, Oberlin, KS;

12:30 Adjourn

10 | September 2013

Bits ‘n Pieces Everyone Wins with Gelbvieh The South Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association is sponsoring a fundraiser for the 2014 AGJA Barnyard Classic to be held June 29 through July 4 in Sioux Falls, S.D. The fundraiser is a raffle for a grand prize payout of $5,000. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold. Tickets are $20.00 each and can be purchased from any South Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association member, or by contacting Rhonda Thull at 605-860-1237. Ticket sales began at the Northern Lights Classic and will continue throughout the year. The grand prize drawing will be held at the 2014 Barnyard Classic.

Gelbvieh Arrivals Brent and Ashley Judd of Pomona, Kan., would like to announce the birth of their son, Oliver Alan Judd. Oliver was born on April 25, 2013. He weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and was 21.25 inches long. Oliver Alan Judd

Did You Know? AGA was represented at the Texas A & M Beef Cattle Short Course which was held in College Station, Texas the first week of August with over 1,300 producers in attendance. AGA Area Coordinators Brian Rogers and William McIntosh hosted the new AGA booth and report great interest in Gelbvieh, Balancer® and Southern Balancer® genetics from those attending. Your non-member buyers receive a free subscription to the Gelbvieh World and The Profit Picture for one year when you transfer registration papers to them. The upcoming issue of The Profit Picture will mail to more than 40,000 producers making it the largest publication mailed to commercial producers. Contact GW staff by September 3 to reserve your space in this upcoming edition.

American Gelbvieh Association Area Coordinators “I have orders for pot loads of bred females and open heifers for immediate and October delivery. Contact me with cattle that you will be offering for sale, commercial or registered.” Brian Rogers

“The Kentucky Gelbvieh Association is hosting a Create Your Future seminar during the 2013 NAILE on November 18, 2013. Make plans to attend this educational conference as well all the Gelbvieh events in Louisville. ” William McIntosh

Central Region

Eastern Region

(936) 554-1600 (C)

(502) 867-3132 (C)

Western region Gelbvieh members and commercial producers should contact Frank Padilla at the American Gelbvieh Association office at 303-465-2333.


Junior voice

Memories Made at the Northern Lights Classic Cool Minnesota weather, competing in contests, making new friends, showing cattle, and great people made for an outstanding 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic. By Nicole Mattison It was another memorable national Junior Classic for AGJA members. The Northern Lights Classic held in Rochester, Minnesota was a cool and exciting week consisting of ice skating, bonfires, lake side fun, and you can’t forget about the great cattle and the great people. The benefits of attending a junior national show are a never ending list. Junior members get to see people from across the country, participate in many contests, meet new people, make memories, and expand their horizons. But my favorite benefit of attending a Junior Classic is learning something new and exciting and then applying what I’ve learned to the next show or contest. For example, this year the Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University held a clinic that covered showmanship, a little bit of daily hair care, and show day fitting. The Stock Show University professors are so educated about what they were demonstrating to the juniors. You could tell how much the juniors learned by how skilled they were in the showmanship and fitting contests that

followed the clinic. The juniors were so in tune with what they had just learned. The learning doesn’t stop there. The AGJA members had the chance, for the first time, to compete in the new skill-a-thon contest, which offered many learning opportunities for the participants. Another new contest for this year was the Premier Breeder award, sponsored by Emily Griffiths. This contest consisted of an application, an interview and a scoring of overall performance during the show. It’s so exciting to have new contests for the juniors to partake in and learn from. But as always, eventually the week comes to an end. As all the contests were concluded and the winners were announced, reality was sinking in for many, it was time to go home. Nothing seems worse than saying, “goodbye” to so many great friends and new friends that you’ve just made. It’s all such a bittersweet feeling and one thing that keeps you going is that there is another memorable junior national show in store in less than a year. On behalf of the Minnesota Gelbvieh Junior Association, I would like to thank all of our sponsors. Your contribution made the week possible and did not go unnoticed. Thanks to our sponsors AGJA members were able to make many memories at the Northern Lights Classic. We appreciate everything that everyone did to put on a fantastic show! FFF

Grace Hammer, President (2013) Wallace, KS • 785-728-7111 Michael Ring, Vice President (2012) Oregon, IL • 815-732-7583 Mike & Toni Shrewsbury, Adult Advisors Lathrop, MO • 816-528-3644 Al & Mary Knapp, Adult Advisors Bonner Springs, KS • 913-724-4105 Dana Stewart, Staff Advisor 303-465-2333 •

12 | September 2013

Justin Vehige, V.P. of Leadership (2012) Bonnots Mill, MO • 573-897-3303 Van Tucker, Secretary (2012) Portis, KS • 785-282-0544 Nicole Mattison, Treasurer (2012) Lamberton, MN • 507-752-7573

Dustin Aherin, Ex-Officio Phillipsburg, KS • 785-302-1252 Sydney Bigger (2013) Media, IL • 309-221-6262 Tiana Garcia (2013) Las Animas, CO • 719-691-9691 Carter Mitchell (2013) Appleton City, MO • 660-492-3966 Kelsey Sheeley (2013) Hillsbobo, OH • 937-403-3272

American Gelbvieh Junior Association Elects Board The American Gelbvieh Junior Association elected five members to serve on their Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 year. The elections took place at the AGJA national junior show held in early July in Rochester, Minn. By Jennifer Scharpe The AGJA Board of Directors consists of nine junior members and one ex-officio member. Directors serve two-year terms and must be 16 years of age as of January 1, and my not have reached his or her 20th birthday as of January 1.

Tenderize your beef with bulls from Rogers Valley Farm.

With our genetics, you can add tenderness without losing performance. Yearling bulls available, call for details.


Power Plus a 9 for Tenderness Ronald & Kathryne Rogers Visit us on the web at

(660) 272-3805 • cell (660) 375-7266

Mendon, MO • Email:

14 | SEPTEMBER 2013

(Seated from L to R) President Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan.; Vice President Michael Ring, Oregon, Ill.; Vice President of Leadership Development Justin Vehige, Bonnets Mill, Mo.; Secretary Van Tucker, Portis, Kan.; Treasurer Nicole Mattison, Lamberton, Minn.; (Standing from L to R) Carter Mitchell, Appleton City, Mo.; Kelsey Sheeley, Hillsboro, Ohio; Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill.; Tiana Garcia, Las Animas, Colo.; and Ex-Officio Dustin Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan.

Newly elected directors are: Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill., daughter of Barry and Jody Bigger; Tiana Garcia, Las Animas, Colo., daughter of Keith and Teresa Garcia; Carter Mitchell, Appleton City, Mo., son of Kevin and Debbie Mitchell; and Kelsey Sheeley, Hillsboro, Ohio, daughter of Tim and Karen Sheeley. Re-elected to a second term was Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan., the daughter of Lyle and Christy Hammer. Hammer was then elected the 31st president of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association. Serving as vice president for the 2013-2014 year is Michael Ring, Oregon, Ill., the nephew of Skylar and Annette Martin. Elected as vice president of leadership development is Justin Vehige, Bonnets Mill, Mo., the son of Tom and Stacy Vehige. Van Tucker, Portis, Kan., son of Gregg and Sandi Tucker, will serve as the Association’s secretary. Voted to the treasurer’s position is Nicole Mattison, Lamberton, Minn., daughter of Scott and Sonia Mattison. Dustin Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan., will continue to serve on the AGJA Board of Directors as ex-offico. Dustin is the son of Dennis and Joyce Aherin and recently completed two years as the AGJA president. FFF

Eagle Pass Ranch Continues All-Around Donation Heifer Award In a close race for the AGJA Northern Lights Classic All-Around champion title, Karsyn Youngblood of Columbus, Kan., took away the top honors. Karsyn is the daughter of K.C. and Courtney Youngblood. This year marked the third consecutive year that Eagle Pass Ranch of Highmore, S.D., has sponsored the All-Around individual award by donating a heifer to the recipient. The All-Around individual award is earned based on an exhibitor’s performance and participation in contests prior to and during the annual AGJA Junior Classic. Karsyn toped a strong field of competitors to win the honor. For her achievements, Eagle Pass Ranch will present Karsyn with a heifer during the 2014 National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo. As a part of the award

program, the heifer’s first calf will be sold with proceeds benefiting the American Gelbvieh Foundation. Thank you to Eagle Pass Ranch for their continued Karsyn Youngblood dedication to support the American Gelbvieh Junior Association as well as the American Gelbvieh Foundation. The award heifer program continues to recognize top achievement in skills contests with a competitive heifer that will no doubt make a lasting contribution to any AGJA member’s own herd. FFF

To our Green Hills Crew on their accomplishments! 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic

Justin Teeter – Senior Res Showmanship Garrett & Justin Teeter – Senior Res Team Fitting Austin Teeter – Junior/Int. Champion Team Fitting Garrett & Justin Teeter – Senior Champion Judging Team Garrett Teeter – Senior Res Judging Contest Individuals

Thank You

to the Minnesota Gelbvieh Junior Association for a wonderful week in Rochester, MN! PLA Zelda 20Z Congratulations Lucas with you selection of Rita from our fall heifers! Thank you for working with us!

GHGF Rita 252Z

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female Eastern Regionals • Lucas Waters

Supreme Balancer® Female 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic Sire: SAV Pioneer MGS: BAR GT Mach One 54L CE 9

BW WW YW 2 72 119

MK 27

TM CED YG CW RE MB FT CV FM 63 7 -0.06 43 0.69 0.28 0.01 60.37 49.87

Walter & Lee Teeter 1380 French Belk Rd. Mt. Ulla, NC 28125 (704) 664-5784 Lee’s Cell (704) 267-4638 Walter’s Cell (704) 236-7980


AGJA Presents Inaugural Premier Breeder Award for the 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic, AGJA presented the new Premier Breeder award. The Premier Breeder award honors an AGJA member for their achievements and goals within their own herd. The award consists of an application, interview, and achievements in the showring during the Junior Classic. The recipient was selected based on a total score of the three categories. Emily Griffiths, former AGJA member and current AGA member from Kendallville, Ind., generously helped establish this program and sponsored the award. Justin Taubenheim of Amherst, Neb., earned the awards highest scores and took home the Premier Breeder honors for 2013. Justin is a previous AGJA Board member and works closely with his family’s Gelbvieh and BalancerŽ operation, Taubenheim Gelbvieh. FFF

16 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Justin Taubenheim talks with judge Dan Hoge during the showmanship contest at the AGJA Northern Lights Classic.

Durham Tops Ticket Sales for 2013 AGJA Donation Heifer members who work hard to sell tickets that support AGJA programs and activities. The heifer drawing

takes place at the National Gelbvieh and Balancer® Sale at the National Western Stock Show. FFF

S tuecken B rothers Connor Durham

We will have daughters of both Revis Rock and All Business consigned to Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale September 21, 2013 • Kingsville, MO

Each year AGJA is the fortunate recipient of a donation heifer to be used as a fundraising project. The 2013 donation heifer came from Rippe Gelbvieh in Hubbell, Neb., and raised more than $12,000 to benefit AGJA. The success of the donation heifer depends largely on AGJA members who work diligently to sell tickets prior to the drawing and AGJA recognizes the top ticket salesperson annually for their efforts. To provide the salesperson more recognition as well as showcase the program throughout the year, the 2013 top salesperson was recognized at the AGJA awards banquet at the conclusion of the 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic. Connor Durham of Piedmont, S.C., was the top salesman, blowing away his competition with 150 tickets sold. For his efforts, Connor received a gift certificate for $150. This is the second consecutive year for Connor to receive this award. Thank you to all of the AGJA



50% Balancer® • AMGV 1126612 Homozygous Black • Homozygous Polled Semen available through Seedstock Plus Genetics.

88% Purebred • AMGV 1180118 Black • Homozygous Polled Semen available through owners.

Females offered in the Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale: TMGC SB Madonna 19A • AMGV1252348 • BD: 2-11-13 • PB • Sire: All Business CE 9

BW 2.2

WW 83

YW 119

MK 26

TM 67

CED YG 8 -0.23

CW 42

RE 0.53

MB FT CV FM -0.14 -0.08 13.03 43.77

TMGC SB Pearl 168Z • AMGV1235905 • BD: 8-30-12 • BA63 • Sire: Revis Rock CE 12

BW -1.1

WW 61

YW 105

MK 30

TM 64

CED YG 7 -0.16

CW 30

RE 0.52

MB 0.25

FT CV FM -0.03 48.91 43.53

Plus 5 additional quality females sell!

Stuecken Brothers are proud members of:

STUECKEN BROTHERS 600 W. Hwy P Freeburg, MO 65035 Owners: Maurice, Mark, Marlon Stuecken and Families

Contact: Derek Stuecken • 573.690.8543

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American Gelbvieh Foundation Awards Annual Scholarships, Gives to Future Gelbvieh Leaders Each year the American Gelbvieh Foundation awards deserving American Gelbvieh Junior Association members with scholarships from the Foundation’s scholarship program, as education is one of the key principals of the Foundation. By Dana Stewart

Five deserving AGJA members were selected to receive scholarships during the 2013 Northern Lights Classic, held June 30 through July 5 in Rochester, Minn. The Foundation awards two memorial scholarships that honor two of Gelbvieh’s founding fathers, Earl Buss and Leness Hall. Earl Buss was an original signor of the AGA’s articles of incorporation, served as AGA president and was instrumental in purchasing the current AGA building. As well, Buss is a member of the AGA Hall of Fame. Leness Hall was the director of International Marketing with Carnation Genetics and is responsible for leading the charge to bring Gelbvieh to the United States. Hall is also a member of the AGA’s Hall of Fame. Additionally, the Foundation offers three AGJA scholarships and the Rea Memorial Scholarship. Bob Rea, Sr., established the memorial scholarship after he judged scholarship applications during a Junior Classic event. Moved by the talent and promise of such deserving applicants, Bob returned home to create the scholarship and annually commits to his goal of helping a worthy AGJA member. AGA members wishing to contribute to the American Gelbvieh Foundation scholarship program may simply make any size donation to the Foundation by designating it for scholarship use. As well, those interested in creating a scholarship should contact Dana Stewart, AGA director of member services and AGJA youth advisor, for more information.

18 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Earl Buss Memorial Scholarship Grace Hammer of Wallace, Kan., is the daughter of Lyle and Christy Hammer. Grace will enroll this fall at Hutchinson Community College majoring in accounting and agribusiness. There, Grace will be a member of the livestock judging team. In addition to her recent election as American Gelbvieh Junior Association president, Grace has a list of awards earned through numerous AGJA junior classic events. She has served as president of the Wallace County 4-H Council, Wallace County High School class president, and is a member of various clubs and organizations including Nation Honor Society. Grace notes, “My involvement with the Gelbvieh breed has been life-long; raising and showing Gelbvieh cattle have always been a part of my livelihood. Being involved in our national junior organization has allowed me to find my passion in life – the agriculture industry.”

Leness Hall Memorial Scholarship Kaisha Jurgens of Miller, Neb., is the daughter of Brad and LeAnn Jurgens. Kaisha is a senior animal science and business major at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Kaisha has been active in 4-H, FFA, AGJA and numerous other organizations. Additionally, Kaisha is a member of the Beef Scholarship Program at UNL, an elite program that allows students to work closely with prominent figures at various levels of the beef industry. Kaisha’s experience with AGJA includes countless awards in various contests and shows. Kaisha plans to earn her master’s degree and work as a beef reproduction specialist. “The Gelbvieh breed has been one of the greatest influences on my life. I hope to watch it grow and to be a part of it in the future,” said Kaisha.

AGJA $750 Scholarship Courtney Spencer of Aurora, Mo., is the daughter of Jim and Janella Spencer. Courtney is a sophomore animal science major at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Courtney has a strong AGJA background and

experience with the Heart of American Gelbvieh Junior Association where she has served as an officer since 2008. Courtney is serving as the 2012-2013 Missouri FFA State 1st Vice President and is active in several collegiate organizations. She says, “The experiences I have had through my involvement with the Gelbvieh Association have been life changing for me and put me on a path that will always involve this breed of cattle.”

AGJA $750 scholarship Kristyne Thull of Oldham, S.D., is the daughter of Duane and Rhonda Thull. She studies media design technology at Southeast Technical Institute. Kristyne has an extensive list of activities, awards and volunteer work including FFA chapter president, 4-H club president and South Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association secretary. Kristyne plans to use her degree to work in agricultural

design and advertising, and hopes to expand her herd purchasing her own farm. “My cattle have made me want to stay involved in the agriculture industry,” Kristyne comments.

Rea Memorial Scholarship Kelsey Sheeley of Hillsboro, Ohio, is the daughter of Tim and Karen Sheeley. She is a sophomore agricultural education major at Wilmington College. Kelsey has a broad background successfully showing livestock. Kelsey’s lists of accomplishments include her recent election to the AGJA Board of Directors. She was active throughout 4-H and FFA and now serves as a 4-H advisor. Kelsey says, “I want to continue the family tradition of Gelbvieh promotion and start a Gelbvieh herd for each of my children.” FFF

Congratulations to the Juniors enjoying success at the Northern Lights Classic with M&P Gelbvieh genetics! PMG Zephyr 032 Shown by Tricia Goes Grand Champion Balancer Bull Bred & Owned

Rupp Showgirl 26Z2, sired by PMG X-Man 70X Shown by Tricia Goes Champion Gelbvieh Summer Yearling

PMG 30Z Shown by Brandon Oldenburg Champion Balancer Summer Yearling Heifer purchased at 2013 Olahoma Sooner Select Sale

SKSK Chickaboom 1Z Daughter of PMG Xena 64X ET Shown by Kaeden Schlake Champion Bred & Owned Balancer Winter Yearling

Also to: Jacob Barwick for exhibiting a 3rd place Balancer heifer with PMG 21Z ET And to: Courtney Lyon for her 6th place Balancer heifer CLKG Miss Zanadoo 07S 07Z a daughter of PMG Certain Serandipity 07.

Watch for M&P consignments this year or stop by to select your next champion.

Mark & Patty Goes 39414 SW 75th Rd. Odell, NE 68415 (402) 766-3627


Gelbvieh Juniors Experience the Northern

Supreme Champion Gelbvieh Female and Grand Champion Gelbvieh Heifer JCGR BAR GT PrettyWoman 529 Wyatt Taylor, Kiowa, Colo. Sire: RID R Collateral 2R

Supreme Champion Balancer Female and Grand Champion Gelbvieh Heifer PLA Miss Zelda 20Z Garrett Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C. Sire: S A V Pioneer 7301

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Heifer LRSF Elise Y153 David Larson, Clearbrook, Minn. Sire: JRI Prime Cut 406S30

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Heifer HSCF Gee Gee 218Z Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C. Sire: JHG Premonition 662S ET

Photos and results by Jennifer Scharpe MEMBERS OF THE American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) met in Rochester, Minn., for their annual junior national show held June 30 through July 5. Named each year after the host state, the 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic saw 253 Gelbvieh and Balancer® animals exhibited by more than 150 junior members from 16 states. The Minnesota Gelbvieh Junior Association hosted the week-long event which was filled with more than 20 leadership and skills contests and concluded with the cattle shows. “This event is more than a cattle show. Throughout 20 | SEPTEMBER 2013

the week, AGJA members are challenged in various contests designed to build their skills as future beef industry leaders. Just as important, AGJA members have an opportunity to meet other members from across the country and build lasting friendships and networks,” said Dana Stewart, AGJA staff advisor and American Gelbvieh Association director of member services. The national junior Gelbvieh show was held on Friday, July 5. Judge Jim Williams of Boling, Texas evaluated the 100 Gelbvieh heifers, 7 cow-calf pairs, and 12 bred and owned bulls. Mr. Williams also judged the 9 market steers. The national junior Balancer show was held a day earlier on Thursday. Dan Hoge, Cambridge, Ill., judged the 102 Balancer heifers, 11 cow-calf pairs,

Lights in National Show

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Heifer TTTT Damn Special ET Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan. Sire: JRI Enhancer 53U21

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Cow-Calf LRSF Rylee Y99 Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C. Sire: JRI Prime Cut 406S30

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Cow-Calf and Champion Bred and Owned TTTT Red Dawn Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan. Sire: JRI Extra Exposure 285L71 ET.

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Cow-Calf KKKC Better Yet Kale Kendrick, Palmyra, Mo. Sire: KAKC JPTK Hot Source

and 12 bred and owned bulls. Mr. Hoge also judged the showmanship contest. Video coverage of the show is available at www. The American Gelbvieh Junior Association serves more than 500 members nationally. The vision of the AGJA is to unify, educate, and develop leaders of the beef industry. To learn more about Gelbvieh or the American Gelbvieh Junior Association visit www. or call 303-465-2333. Grand Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Bull SYDB Garbanzo Bean Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill. Sire: SYDB Butter Bean


Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Bull PGGC Ameis 23A Cade Cameron, Danville, Iowa Sire: CIRS Decade 278U2

Reserve Champion Balancer Heifer ELC Miss Bella Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan. Sire: SIXM Red Six Mile Sakic 832S

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Heifer LCC Lady Di Chandler Ladner, Argonia, Kan. Sire: HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Heifer VTT Twisted Sister Van Tucker, Portis, Kan. Sire: TBP Ravishing Rob 113

Gelbvieh Spring Heifer Calves

Class 45

March 13 to March 27, 2013 1. TTTT Little Hottie, Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan.; 2. PLSN Lady Latte, Bailey Gaydo, Cherokee, Iowa

Class 46

February 7 to February 27, 2013 1. SVVG Decorah ET, Sam Riebel, Winona, Minn.; 2. PLSN Miss Mocha, Bailey

22 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Gaydo, Cherokee, Iowa; 3. SMBG WMF Miss Audrina 301A, Nicole Mattison, Lamberton, Minn.

Gelbvieh Senior Heifer Calves

Class 47

November 1 to November 28, 2012 1. AMT Virginia 27Z, Austin Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C.; 2. KKKC Getting Better, Kale Kendrick, Palmyra, Mo.

January 2 to January 26, 2013 1. BNC Miss Hojer A353, Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D.; 2. THUL Mercedes, Kristyne Thull, Oldham, S.D.; 3. JTHU Trinity, Jordan Thull, Olhdam, S.D.

Class 48

Class 49

October 11 to October 26, 2012 1. POST Foolish Pleasure 426Z8, Meredith Clark,

Barnard, Kan.; 2. KIT Grace Z63, Colton Kitley, Flora, Ill.; 3. CIRS 2006Z, John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Class 50

September 4 to September 27, 2012 1. HSCF Gee Gee 218Z, Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C.; 2. BDCG DC Arata 39Z8, Logan Beying, Easton, Kan.; 3. GHGF Serena 527Z, Brandon Hansen, Mt. Ulla, N.C.

Grand Champion Balancer Cow-Calf SVVG Rylee David Larson, Clearbrook, Minn. Sire: TC Rito 416

Reserve Champion Balancer Cow-Calf JCGR BAR GT Lee Ann 519U ET Grant Powell, Palmyra, Mo. Sire: RID R Collateral 2R

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Bull PMG Zephyr 03Z Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb. Sire: CRAN Final Answer W24 ET

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Bull CSCF Classic Alydar Legend Cameron Schwark, Herscher, Ill. Sire: BC Classic 385-7

Grand Champion Market Steer Tanner Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb. Steer weight: 1,365 pounds

Reserve Champion Market Steer John Shearer, Canton, Kan. Steer weight: 1,155 pounds


Gelbvieh Champion Junior Heifer Calf SVVG Decorah ET Sam Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: TAU Gunslinger 19U

Gelbvieh Reserve Junior Heifer Calf and Champion Bred and Owned TTTT Little Hottie Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan. Sire: TTTT Hott Papa ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Bred and Owned Junior Heifer Calf JTHU Trinity Jordan Thull, Oldham, S.D. Sire: DVE Davidson Krandall 174Y

Gelbvieh Reserve Senior Heifer Calf and Reserve Bred and Owned POST Foolish Pleasure 426Z8 Meredith Clark, Barnard, Kan. Sire: DCSF Post Rock FD 261S8 ET

Gelbvieh Champion Summer Yearling Heifer RUPP Showgirl 26Z2 Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb. Sire: PMG X-Man 70X

Gelbvieh Reserve Summer Yearling Heifer MDR Princess 200Z J W LeDoux, Agenda, Kan. Sire: BCFG Butlers Red Oak 908W

Gelbvieh Champion Bred and Owned Summer Yearling Heifer KKKC Pearl Kale Kendrick, Palmyra, Mo. Sire: KAKC JPTK Hot Source

Gelbvieh Reserve Bred and Owned Summer Yearling Heifer CBVF Ms Tapioca Cole Buffo, Lansing, Kan. Sire: CIRS Alternating Current

Class 56

Class 58

Gelbvieh Summer Yearling Heifers

Class 51

July 19 to August 24, 2012 1. CBVF Ms Tapioca, Cole Buffo, Lansing, Kan.; 2. TJB Velvet 107X 312Z, Abbie Ring, Oregon, Ill.; 3. JNCC GDN Hilda 242Z, Brooke Nowack, Owensville, Mo.

Class 52

May 4 to May 21, 2012 1. KKKC Pearl, Kale Kendrick, Palmyra, Mo.; 2. OGSG 2920Z, Lily Weber, Lamar, Mo.; 3. XDV Louis 17Z, Kristin Vogl, Walnut Grove, Minn.

Class 53

April 3 to April 29, 2012 1. RUPP Showgirl 206Z, Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb.; 2. MDR Princess 200Z, J W Ledoux, 24 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Agenda, Kan.; 3. BAG Miss Kelly 206Z, Anna Ring, Oregon, Ill. Gelbvieh Spring Yearling Heifers

Class 54

March 23 to March 26, 2012 1. BPGG Miss Marie, Bailey Gaydo, Cherokee, Iowa; 2. VLK Z215, Jake Lammers, Lexington, Neb.; 3. NMW Tess Z5, Nicole Welke, Osseo, Wis.

Class 55

March 11 to March 18, 2012 1. DCSF Post Rock Revel 183Z2, Meredith Clark, Barnard, Kan.; 2. SBMG WMF Miss Zoey, Brianna Mattison, Lamberton, Minn.; 3. SAMV Mango 32Z, Samuel Vogl, Walnut Grove, Minn.

March 1 to March 9, 2012 1. BEA 2000Z, Brooke Nowack, Bland, Mo.; 2. TBKN Whitney, Tyler Beenken, Buckingham, Iowa; 3. HTFG Ms Zina Z532, Benny McWilliams, Asbury, Mo. Gelbvieh Winter Yearling Heifers

Class 57

February 19 to February 28, 2012 1. DTKF Faith’s Seduction 411ZET, Willow Weber, Swisher, Iowa; 2. IFG Ivers Sophia 527Z, Samantha Ivers, Austin, Minn.; 3. XDV Lena 13Z, Summer Vogl, Walnut Grove, Minn.

February 9 to February 18, 2012 1. BAG Miss Passion 30Z, Tanner Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan.; 2. TTTT Damn Special ET, Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan.; 3. RSSL Ms Zakira 207Z ET, Girish Russell, Brooklyn, Wis.

Class 59

February 1 to February 6, 2012 1. JCGR Bar GT Cora 210Z, Wyatt Taylor, Kiowa, Colo.; TAU Ms Rainbow 277Z, Sydney Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb.; 3. DPFG Bar GP Lee Ann 519Z, Grant Powell, Palmyra, Mo.

Class 60

January 23 to January 28, 2012 1. DCSF Post Rock Wilma

No Photo Available

Gelbvieh Champion Spring Yearling Heifer BEA 2000Z Brooke Nowack, Bland, Mo. Sire: DLW Windsor 36W ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Spring Yearling Heifer and Champion Bred and Owned TBKN Whitney Tyler Beenken, Buckingham, Iowa Sire: JCB Lazy TV Beech Jet R052ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Bred and Owned Spring Yearling Heifer BPGG Miss Marie Bailey Gaydo, Cherokee, Iowa Sire: RTRT Solution

Gelbvieh Champion Winter Yearling Heifer BAG Miss Passion 30Z Tanner Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan. Sire: BEA Passion 001X ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Winter Yearling Heifer DCSF Post Rock Wilma 294Z8 ET Meredith Clark, Barnard, Kan. Sire: CTR Good Night 880U

Gelbvieh Reserve Bred and Owned Winter Yearling Heifer DPFG BAR GP Lee Ann 519Z Grant Powell, Palmyra, Mo. Sire: JCGR BAR GT 408T ET

Balancer Champion Junior Heifer Calf and Champion Bred and Owned SKSK Kuku-Ka-Choo 1A Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb. Sire: SKSG The Jazz X1

Balancer Reserve Junior Heifer Calf GDX 312A Anna Duxbury, Wessington, S.D. Sire: PLA Big Dog 101Y

294Z8 ET, Meredith Clark, Barnard, Kan.; 2. SVVG Tanqueray, Jackson Riebel, Winona, Minn.; 3. IFG Ivers Ziva 841Z, Tessa Ivers, Austin, Minn.

Class 61

January 1 to January 21, 2012 1. BNC Ms. Hojer Z212, Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D.; 2. CPLG 7319Z, Paige Lambert, Kiowa, Kan.; 3. JGPG Emma 236Z, Danielle Stock, Waukon, Iowa Gelbvieh Senior Females

Class 62

December 9 to December 21, 2011 1. BCFG Butlers Ms Code 549Y, Michael Ring, Oregon, Ill.; 2. RLKL RL Lady, Brooke Nowack, Bland, Mo.

26 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Class 63

August 25 to October 24, 2011 1. JCGR Bar GT PrettyWoman529, Wyatt Taylor, Kiowa, Colo.; 2. LRSF Elise Y153, David Larson, Clearbrook, Minn.; 3. GGGE 3GCowgirl Yanina 188Y, George Weber, Lamar, Mo. Gelbvieh Cow-Calves

Class 64

February 9 to March 30, 2011 1. LRSF Rylee Y99, Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C.; 2. TTTT Red Dawn, Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan.; 3. BAG Miss Gunn 193Y, Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb.

Class 65

October 21, 2010 1. KKKC Better Yet, Kale Kendrick, Palmyra, Mo.

Class 66

February 22, 2006 1. JNCC ELBA Hawk 613S, Brooke Nowack, Bland Mo. Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Bulls

Class 40

February 3 to March 5, 2013 1. PGGC Ameis 23A, Cade Cameron, Danville, Iowa; 2. LRSF Marshall A61, David Larson, Clearbrook, Minn.; 3. BROK Double Down 319A, Brooke Nowack, Bland, Mo.

Class 41

January 16 to January 19, 2013 1. RSSL Freedom’s Avalanche,

Girish Russell, Brooklyn, Wis.; 2. CCRK Power Pac, Duel Stock, Waukon, Iowa; 3. TPMG Adolph 01A, Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb.

Class 42

September 11 to September 22, 2012 1. SPEN Sterling Z35, Courtney Spencer, Aurora, Mo.; 2. SDCG Whodoo 202Z5 ET, Seth Beying, Leavenworth, Kan.; 3. CIRS 2901Z, John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Class 43

February 27 to March 2, 2012 1. SYDB Garbanzo Bean, Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill.; 2. EBIG Z88, Ethan Bigger, Media, Ill.

Thank You AGJA Northern Lights Classic Award Sponsors The annual junior national Gelbvieh and Balancer® show is the highlight of the summer for members of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association. This year’s show, the Northern Lights Junior Classic, was held June 30 to July 5 at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds in Rochester, Minn. The week-long event was hosted by the Minnesota Junior Gelbvieh Association. Thank you to all of our sponsors for the 2013 Northern Lights Junior Classic.

Supreme Gelbvieh Female Award Mitchell Marketing Service

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Heifer 3G Ranch

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Heifer

Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Gelbvieh Female Tony Hayek Memorial

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Gelbvieh Female Wandering Meadows Farm

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Cow-Calf Genetics West

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Cow-Calf Pearson Cattle Company

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Gelbvieh Bull Dawson Creek Gelbvieh

Supreme Balancer Female LeDoux Ranch

Grand Champion Balancer® Heifer Eagle Pass Ranch

Reserve Champion Balancer® Heifer Taubenheim Gelbvieh

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Balancer® Heifer TJB Gelbvieh

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Balancer® Heifer

Gelbvieh Division Sponsors

Wolf Gelbvieh Hill Top Farms Prairie Hills Gelbvieh North Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association (2) Grund Brother’s Livestock

Wolf Gelbvieh

Grand Champion Balancer® Cow-Calf Pearson Cattle Company

Reserve Champion Balancer® Cow-Calf

Balancer® Division Sponsors

Pearson Cattle Company

Grand Champion Bred & Owned Balancer Bull


Blackhawk Cattle Company

Gelbvieh Class Sponsors

Taubenheim Gelbvieh Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh Sienknecht Cattle Company Circle V Farm Sandy Knoll Farm Gelbvieh Gallaway Gelbvieh Bar None Gelbvieh Ranch Brian and Lonna Porter North Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association Cambern Cattle Company KKD Gelbvieh Volek Gelbvieh Pearson Cattle Company (3) Kansas Gelbvieh Junior Association

Balancer® Class Sponsors

Butler Creek Gelbvieh LeDoux Ranch Perkins County, Neb., FFA Chapter Hill Top Farms Lammers Gelbvieh Poker City Ranch Pearson Cattle Company (3) Kansas Gelbvieh Junior Association (2)

Wolf Gelbvieh Sauer Valley View Farms Bar TV Gelbvieh

Premier Breeder Award Emily Griffiths

Junior Showmanship M&P Gelbvieh

Senior Showmanship

Taubenheim Gelbvieh

Junior Ambassador CJ&L Livestock

Intermediate Ambassador Triple K Gelbvieh

Top Ten All-Around Wolf Gelbvieh

Rookie of the Year

Hidden Springs Farm

Sales Talk Gilly’s Gelbvieh

Judging Team

North Dakota Gelbvieh Junior Association


Balancer Reserve Bred and Owned Junior Heifer Calf KDV T Bar S Porshe 1A Kyle Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo. Sire: JBOB Carolina 5423P ET

Balancer Champion Senior Heifer Calf TTTT Kodak Moment ET Karsyn Youngblood, Columbus, Kan. Sire: HF Kodiak 5R

Balancer Reserve Senior Heifer Calf VER Lee Ann 314Z ET Quentin Clark, Barnard, Kan. Sire: S A V Brave 8320

Balancer Champion Bred and Owned Senior Heifer Calf KIT Lily Z46 Colton Kitley, Flora, Ill. Sire: PCC Vintage 305X

No Photo Available

Balancer Champion Summer Yearling Heifer PMG 30Z Brandon Oldenburg, Mulhall, Okla. Sire: CRAN Move’N On W16

Balancer Reserve Summer Yearling Heifer and Champion Bred and Owned CSCF Ideal Annie Z123 Cameron Schwark, Herscher, Ill. Sire: Siebrings Mandan S810

Balancer Reserve Bred and Owned Summer Yearling Heifer EPGG Ms. Prairie Sumertime64 Emily Cameron, Danville, Iowa Sire: CPGG Mr XTC 419X

Balancer Spring Heifer Calf Division

Mo.; 2. SEPT Promises XOXO A27 ET, Madalynn Welsh, Franklin, Neb.; 3. VTT Hoot N Nanny, Samantha Tucker, Portis, Kan. Balancer Senior Heifer Calf Division

Z46, Colton Kitley, Flora, Ill.

Class 5

March 6 to March 15, 2013 1. SKSK Kuku-Ka-Choo 1A, Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb.; 2. HILC Ms Lady Bug, Cody Moore, Deer Trail, Colo.; 3. SVVG Geneva, Reece Riebel, Winona, Minn.

Class 6

February 3 to February 27, 2013 1. GDX 312A, Anna Duxbury, Wessington, S.D.; 2. SDCG Ms Abigail 202A, Seth Beying, Leavenworth, Kan.; 3. IFG Ivers Kassidy A3 ET, Colton Ivers, Austin, Minn.

Class 7

January 3 to January 31, 2013 1. KDV T Bar S Porshe 1A, Kyle Vehige, Bonnots Mill, 28 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Class 8

November 30 to December 28, 2012 1. HFGC Miss Elsa 23Z39, Colton Spencer, Aurora, Mo.; 2. SEPT Sheza LBD Z273ET, Madalynn Welsh, Franklin, Neb.

Class 9

September 7 to October 9, 2012 1. TTTT Kodak Moment ET, Karsyn Youngblood, Columbus, Kan.; 2. VER Lee Ann 314Z ET, Quentin Clark, Barnard, Kan.; 3. KIT Lily

Balancer Summer Yearling Division

Class 10

July 3 to August 14, 2012 1. CSCF Ideal Annie Z123, Cameron Schwark, Herschell, Ill.; 2. HYBD Scharpe Flora Carol, Caleb Scharpe, Arlington, Minn.; 3. GDX 210Z, Logan Zemlicka, Wolsey, S.D.

Class 11

June 3 to June 30, 2012 1. PMG 30Z, Brandon Oldenburg, Mulhall, Okla.; 2. EPDD Ms. Prairie Sumertime64, Emily Cameron, Danville, Iowa; 3. PMG 21Z ET, Jacob Barwick, Orleans, Neb.

Class 12

May 1 to May 6, 2012

Balancer Champion Spring Yearling Heifer BABR 2213Z Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan. Sire: BEA 013X

1. BARG Lacey 212Z, Alex Barwick, Orleans, Neb.; 2. PMG 12Z ET, Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb. Balancer Spring Yearling Division

Class 13

April 1 to April 28, 2012 1. BABR 2213Z, Grace Hammer, Wallace, Kan.; 2. PCCI Ms 0125X 2144Z, Justin Ringkob, Lake City, S.D.; 3. SEPT Razzmatazz ET, Madalynn Welsh, Franklin, Neb.

Class 14

March 20 to March 31, 2012 1. DMRS Ms Outline 2197Z, Brian Krajewski, Venango, Neb.; 2. SARP Zinfandel, Seth Arp, Arlington, Wis.; 3. CJSD 1386Z, Halee Allen, Hillsboro, Ohio

Balancer Reserve Spring Yearling Heifer PCCI Ms 0125X 2144Z Justin Ringkob, Lake City, S.D. Sire: PCCI Apache 0125X

Balancer Reserve Bred and Owned Spring Yearling Heifer SARP Zinfandel Seth Arp, Arlington, Wisc. Sire: ARPS Cincha

Balancer Champion Bred and Owned Winter Yearling Heifer SKSK Chickaboom 1Z Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb. Sire: SKSG The Jazz X1

Balancer Reserve Bred and Owned Winter Yearling Heifer FGRG 204Z Wyatt Forbes, Arlington, S.D. Sire: S A V Bismarck 5682

Champion Group of 3 Balancer Heifers Kansas

Reserve Group of 3 Balancer Heifers North Carolina

No Photo Available

Balancer Champion Senior Female RID R Blackbird 1156Y ET Ariana De La Garza, Centennial, Colo. Sire: RID R Collateral 2R

Class 15

March 10 to March 19, 2012 1. EGL Missouri Gold Z123 ET, Callahan Grund, Wallace, Kan.; 2. HIGH Ms Skyler 14Z40 ET, Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C.; 3. BIGP Z718, Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill.

Class 16

March 1 to March 9, 2012 1. JCGR Mar GT Perri B 281Z, Wyatt Taylor, Kiowa, Colo.; 2. JACK Miss Penelope 12Z, Brooke Welke, Osseo, Wis.; 3. VTT Twisted Sister, Van Tucker, Portis, Kan. Balancer Winter Yearling Division

Class 17

February 23 to February 27, 2012 1. ELC Miss Bella, Grace

Balancer Reserve Bred and Owned Senior Female KJSG Ohio MV Arianna 403Y Kelsey Sheeley, Hillsboro, Ohio Sire: OSU Currency 8173

Hammer, Wallace, Kan.; 2. FGRG 204Z, Wyatt Forbes, Arlington, S.D.; 3. EHE Ms Royal Signature Z048, Anna Ring, Oregon, Ill

Class 18

February 18 to February 22, 2012 1. CPGG Ms. Prairie Zazzy, Melissa Attaway, Katy, Texas; 2. GRU Ms Front Girl, Grady Hammer, Sharon Springs, Kan.; 3. JCGR Bar GT Sterling 232Z, Wyatt Taylor, Kiowa, Colo.

Class 19

February 12 to February 16, 2012 1. PLA Miss Zelda 20Z, Garrett Teeter, Mt Ulla, N.C.; 2. LARM Bella 27Z5, Bejamin Harmon, Perry, Okla.; 3. GWBR Zee 239Z, George Weber, Lamar, Mo.

Class 20

February 1 to February 7, 2012 1. GDX 202Z, Anna Duxbury, Wessington, S.D.; 2. ROC Cookie 501Z, Kyle Cavalli, Lincoln, Kan.; 3. SKSK Chickaboom 1Z, Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb.

Class 21

January 22 to January 27, 2012 1. EGL Leilani Z045 ET, Kristen Longville, Lake Preston, S.D.; 2. LAMJ Queen of Spades 267Z ET, Jake Lammers, Lexington Neb.; 3. LAMJ Reflection 201Z ET, Jacob Barwick, Orleans, Neb.

Class 22

January 11 to January 17, 2012 1. AHL Eleanor, Justin Teeter,

Mt Ulla, N.C.; 2. BNC Ms. Hojer Z334, Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D.; 3. CCRK Drew Stock, Waukon, Iowa Balancer Senior Female Division

Class 23

November 1 to December 29, 2011 1. AHL Empress, Dustin Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan.; AMT Hera 127Y, Ryan Menius, Mt Ulla, N.C.; KJSG Ohio MV Arianna 403Y, Kelsey Sheeley, Hillsboro, Ohio

Class 24

September 21 to October 16, 2011 1. RID R Blackbird 1156Y ET, Ariana De La Garza, Centennial, Colo.; 2. LCC


Champion Group of 3 Market Steers South Dakota

Lady Di, Chandler Ladner, Argonia, Kan.; 3. VER Miss Prissy 247Y ET, J W Ledoux, Agenda, Kan.

Bar GT Lee Ann 519U ET, Grant Powell, Palmyra, Mo.; 3. CCRK 8232U, Duel Stock, Waukon, Iowa

Balancer Cow-Calves

Bred and Owned Balancer Bulls

Class 25

Cows born in 2011 1. TAU Miss Gridiron 131Y, Justin Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb.; 2. RSSL Sammy’s Yuengling 110Y, Girish Russell, Brooklyn, Wis.; 3. GGGE 3G Cowgirl Yolanda 106, George Weber, Lamar, Mo.

Class 26

Cows born in 2010 1. GDW Kruger Susie, Cade Cameron, Danville, Iowa

Class 27

Cows born in 2009 and older 1. SVVG Rylee, David Larson, Clearbrook, Minn.; 2. JCGR 30 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Tabor, Columbus, Kan.

Class 3

Class 1

May 7 to June 11, 2012 1. CSCF Classic Alydar Legend, Cameron Schwark, Herscher, Ill.; 2. HYBD Scharpe Hybrid Vigor, Caleb Scharpe, Arlington, Minn.

Class 2

February 2 to March 25, 2012 1. PMG Zephyr 03Z, Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb.; 2. LAMJ Ace of Spades 850Z, Jake Lammers, Lexington, Neb.; 3. CRLE Zucker 21Z, Carlee T Vavra, Nisland, S.D. Market Steers

January 14 to February 7, 2013 1. DPFG Bar GP La 519 A, Grant Powell, Palmyra, Mo.; 2. CJAM Wesley A75, Colton Spencer, Aurora, Mo.; 3. LAMJ Wingnut 1673A, Jake Lammers, Lexington, Neb. August 16 to September 11, 2012 1. TTTT Legendary ET, Chase Tabor, Columbus, Kan.; 2. GHGF Zeus 61Z, Austin Teeter, Mt. Ulla, N.C.; 3. TTTT Sugar Daddy ET, Chase

Class 4

Class 30

Steers weighing 1,000 pounds 1. CSCF 1210Z, Cameron Schwark, Herscher, Ill.

Class 31

Steers weighing 1,100 pounds 1. CIRS 2324Z, John Shearer, Canton, Kan.; 2. CERG Kahuna 2202Z, Tyler Cerroll, Sisseton, S.D.

Class 32

Steers weighing 1,200 pounds 1. Harold, Chisum Grund, Wallace, Kan.; 2. KNMG Jasper, Carter Mitchell, Appleton City. Mo.; 3. BCV Caramelz 256Z, Carlee Vavra, Nisland, S.D.

Class 33

Steers weighing 1,300 pounds 1. SI, Tanner Taubenheim, Amherst, Neb.; 2. SKSK Zavier 2Z, Kaeden Schlake, Cortland, Neb.; 3 BCV Marco 261Z, Taylor Vavra, Nisland, S.D.

J&D Kerstiens Gelbvieh Cream of the Crop Fall Bull Sale Saturday, October 5, 2013 At the farm, Huntingburg, IN • 1 mile north of Huntingburg 8 miles north of Interstate 64 on State Road 231

Selling 100 Gelbvieh & Balancer: 35 Bulls

• Viewing: October 4, 2013 • Sale: October 5, 2013 Open for bidding 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST Lunch provided during bidding time 11:00 – 3:00 Bidding closes at 3:00 p.m. EST

25 Open Heifers 20 First Calf Pairs 10 Sring Bred Cows & Heifers 10 Fall Bred Cows & Heifers

AI Sires represented:

Mytty In Focus AAA13880818

Carolina Fortune

JDKG Ruger 186P • AMGV896048 TMGC SB Arnold 225W • AMGV1126696


EGL Lock N Load X415 AMGV1168609

Catalog upon request. Please contact:

J&D Kerstiens Gelbvieh

Jerome Kerstiens 1345 Cobblestone Rd, Jasper, IN 47546 812-482-2688 Farm Manager: Duane Cassidy 812-661-8005



Scott & Sonia Mattison Brianna, Nicole, Josh & Kallie 15995 Harvest Ave Lamberton, MN 56152 507-430-0505 • email: Purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer® Cattle



Ridge Top Ranch


Neola, Iowa

Schafer Farms, Inc. SFI


Gelbvieh & Balancer Performance Genetics Bulls and Heifers for sale by private treaty



Private Treaty Bull Sale — Last Sat. in February Annually

Black & Polled Private Treaty Sales

SwenSon Gelbvieh

Kevin: 402-510-8103 Al: 402-676-5292

Dean Swenson

Ricky Linquist th Street inquist 1135 190 inquist

Fonda, IA 50540

arms (712) 288-5349 arms Gelbvieh & Red Angus

17513 Hwy 10 Little Falls, MN 56345 (h) 320.632.5848 • (c) 320.630-5536

Polled • Purebred • Red • Black

Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle Bulls • Heifers • Embryos • Semen

Jim & Barb Beastrom Brandy Ludemann, Brittney Spencer

Ph: 605-224-5789 • 605-280-7589 (Cell) •


LGONE OAK E L B V I E H Eric Ehresman (319) 489-2275 20963 30th St. (319) 480-1564 Mechanicsville, IA 52306

Martens Gelbvieh

Chimney Butte RanCh

Two Step Ranch



Pat and Jay McCabe

Julie Maude 605.381.2803 (C) Lori Maude 303.809.3789 (C)

Doug and Carol Hille 701/445-7383

3320 51st St., Mandan, ND 58554 Annual Production Sale 1st Friday in March Hermosa, SD Quality Gelbvieh & Balancer® Genetics from a Trusted Source

6700 County Rd. 19 S. Minot, ND 58701

Annual Bull and Female sale in March with the Southwest Iowa Gelbvieh Group

McCabe Cattle Co.

Brent & Eve Vavra Nisland, SD • 605/257-2407


Gary Martens 2126 500th St • Walnut, IA 51577 712.764.5007 (H) • 712.249.5744 (C)

Lacey McCabe

Gerald & Sarah Adkins

(605) 354-2428 Cell

41606 195th St., Carpenter, SD 57322

37740 240th Ave., Goodhue, MN 55027 Brian Schafer Lowell Schafer 1-888-226-9210 651-923-4587

Breed-leading Performance from Quality Genetics


(701) 624-2051 (H) (701) 720-8823 (C)

Rob Arnold


Registered Gelbvieh & Balancers®

Ellison Gelbvieh & Angus Ranch Gelbvieh & Angus & Balancers

Private Treaty Sales • Bulls (Yearling & 2-yr.-old) & Heifers

Mitchel & Edna Ellison

Jeff & Susie Ellison

9020 ND Hwy 49 Lemmon, SD 57638

9015 ND Hwy 49 Lemmon, SD 57638



Proven Genetics with Balanced Traits!

Gelbvieh Farley, Iowa Balancers Annual Spring Bull Sale 60-80 Bred Females Each Fall

(E-mail): (web):

Dwight and Christina Dockter Bailey, Cheyenne, Cierra and Dalton

4956 41st St. SE, Medina, ND 58467 701-486-3494 •



Brandywine Farm Tom Scarponcini

30474 Brandywine Road Rushford, MN 55971


32 | September 2013

34261 200th Street, Highmore, SD 57345

u Dennis, Sherry, Jessica, Katie and Sarah Al and Peggy

u Mandan, ND • 701/663-7266 email:

Steven A. Munger 605/380-0092 (cell) •

605/229-2802 (office) 605/229-2835 (fax)

Nate Munger 605/943-5690 (office) Cowherd Manager 605/380-2582 (cell)

AGJA Skill-A-Thon Contest Prepares Future AGA Members The AGJA skill-a-thon contest made its debut at the 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic. The contest was developed by the AGJA Board of Directors as a way to place educational emphasis on the ideas and goals of the AGA long-range strategic plan. It serves as a means of preparing AGJA members to be the future leaders of the American Gelbvieh Association. By providing AGJA members with opportunities to learn and practice skills now, as they grow and mature into AGA members they will already have the necessary knowledge and practice to become leaders and productive members in their adult membership. Skill-a-thon participants rotate through a series of six stations including carcass evaluation, meats identification, an EPD quiz, tools identification, udder scoring, and a registration paper quiz. Then, all contestants complete a written exam ranging from questions regarding AGA structure, policy and strategic plan goals. “AGJA members can be proud of the skill-a-thon’s goals and educational emphasis. This contest is an excellent way for AGJA members to gain an advantage down the road as they grow their own herd and then transition into adult members with the AGA,” said Dana Stewart, AGJA staff advisor and AGA director of member services. “The contest includes practical skills

Participants in the intermediate division of the skill-a-thon contest identify meat cuts during the Northern Lights Classic.

like udder scoring, which not only is a useful tool to be used within their own herd, but is also an important area of emphasis in the AGA’s strategic plan. The registration paper quiz highlights the registration paper’s value, and the EPD quiz is an essential foundation to understanding AGA’s EPDs. As well, the remaining stations each offer something very timely and important to AGJA members. This is an exciting contest that will pay dividends to its participants.” FFF

UPPER MIDWEST BREEDERS Keith, Janice, Dustin & Britney 605-852-2131

Thorstenson Gelbvieh

Selby, South Dakota Annual Bull Sale 1st Saturday in March Brian & Dee Dee Vaughn & Wendy 605-649-9927 605-649-6262

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View of the numbers

Getting Ahead of the Curve - Plan Today for Your Bull Sale Genetic Testing Starting to plan your genetic testing now for your upcoming sale will benefit your customers. Pulling hair samples at weaning can save time. Submitting DNA samples now will avoid the rush during the busy sale season and will help ensure results are available prior to sale catalog printing. By Kari Otteman The American Gelbvieh Association knows that bull sale season is a busy time for everyone. With everything to be done, it can often seem like there are not enough hours in the day. The good news is things can be done in advance, like planning for your genomic testing needs now. There are several reasons to consider genomic testing of sale animals. The most obvious reason is the benefit sale bulls can reap from genomic-enhanced EPDs (GE EPDs), via AGA’s Genomic Option #1 GGP-HD or Genomic Option #2 GGP-LD tests. GE EPDs have the potential to increase the accuracies of some traits, especially on young animals. Depending on the trait, genomic information can add the equivalent of several progeny records to an animal’s accuracies. This can be a huge asset in marketing your animals to both seedstock and commercial customers. Buying animals from your sale with GE EPDs is a low risk decision because increased accuracy translates to greater confidence in how your animals will perform. Another benefit to genomic testing sale animals and including sire and dam information on the testing form is to market them as 100 percent parent verified. Both genomic options 1 and 2 include parentage markers, which can be compared to markers on file for the parents. Avoid the complicated and costly parentage issues by parent verifying animals prior to the sale. This benefits you as well as your customers. Not only are 34 | September 2013

your customers sure to get the genetics they pay for, but the bulls are already parent verified in case they are being considered as a possible AI sire. Genomic testing can benefit female animals in the same way; having parentage markers on females is one less step to qualify them as a donor dam. Just a reminder that genomic testing takes two to three weeks, and is generally even longer during bull sale season due to the volume of samples submitted. Keeping that in mind, it is a good idea to start testing in September so you can take care of any parentage issues long before sale day.

Completing genomic testing early will ensure that all the genomic information can be incorporated into the November national cattle evaluation (NCE), before your sale catalog is printed, giving your customers the most up-to-date EPDs. Collect hair on all possible sale animals at weaning so you already have a sample for genomic testing – that way no extra trips through the chute are necessary. Also, completing genomic testing early will ensure that all the genomic information can be incorporated into the November national cattle evaluation (NCE), before your sale catalog is printed, giving your customers the most up-to-date EPDs. Remember that for both genomic options 1 and 2, coat color, defect testing, horned/polled testing, and a few other tests can be added at a discounted rate. Go to and visit the DNA testing page for more information and order forms, or call the office for more information at 303-465-2333. FFF


Mick Ainsworth

1613 Derby Road P.O. Box 154 Jackson Springs, NC 27281

Double Bar H Gelbvieh • Balancer • Angus


910-652-2233 Cell: 910-638-8436 Mick’s email: Grass Grown • Carcass Quality & Performance

Davis Holder Family 9595 Bugtussle Road, Gamaliel, KY 42140 270-457-BEEF 270-670-2499 Cell =H =H


Office (434) 376-3567 James D. Bennett Paul S. Bennett Jim G. Bennett Brian R. Bennett

102 Merlin Dr. Georgetown, KY 40234 Steve, Ashley, Jordan & Jason McIntosh 502-868-5726 Clifford & Faye McIntosh 502-863-1135 Breeding Gelbvieh since 1989

Looking for a sale or event? Check Places to Be on the website:

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Farms Doug & Sue Hughes


6916 Peppers Ferry Road Max Meadows, VA 24360 H 276/637-3916 C 276/620-4271


Dr. Daryl Wilson Tyler Wilson (276) 676-2242


Joe & Gwen Wilson (276) 628-4163

Registered (276) 614-0117 (C) Gelbvieh Cattle

17462 Fenton Dr., Abingdon, VA 24210 • Quality Gelbvieh & Balancer® Cattle

ClinCh Mountain Gelbvieh

John & Liz Loy (865) 687-1968 (865) 235-8869 (C)

7611 Dyer Rd. Luttrell, TN 37779

Bulls & Heifers for Sale



Fax (434) 376-7008 434/376-7299 434/376-5675 434/376-5760 434/376-5309

“Superior Gelbvieh and Balancer Cattle”

Chris & Jordan Hampton • Charles & Sue Hampton

Juniors! Check often for show information and results on regional shows and the Junior Classic!

839 Davistown Rd. Celina, TN 38551 931-243-3213 H 931-510-3213 C

Registered Bulls & Replacement Females


M & W Farms

Maryville, Tennessee

Quality Black Bulls & Heifers for sale Lynn Waters 3525 Tuckaleechee Pike Maryville, TN 37803



American Gelbvieh Junior Association Selects Ambassadors The AGJA Ambassadors represent AGJA at shows and events, and work to promote Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle. Carlee Vavra was named the AGJA Junior Ambassador. Jake Lammers was chosen as the AGJA Intermediate Ambassador. By Jennifer Scharpe

Two junior members were selected to represent the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) as ambassadors. Carlee Vavra, Nisland, S.D., was chosen as the 2013-2014 AGJA Junior Ambassador. Jake Lammers of Lexington, Neb., was named the 2013-2014 AGJA

Intermediate Ambassador of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association. Carlee is the 10 year old daughter of Eve and Brent Vavra and has a true passion and unique enthusiasm for the Gelbvieh breed, making her an outstanding ambassador of the breed. “I was born a third generation Gelbvieh breeder,” said Carlee. “My first heifer was waiting for me the day I came home. My grandparents gave every grandchild a heifer to start their own herd. I currently have two cow/ calf pairs, two heifers and a bull.” Carlee and her older sister Taylor, along with their parents own and operate BV Ranch, which consists of nearly 100 Gelbvieh and Balancer® cow-calf pairs. Jake is the 14 year old son of Rick and Karri Lammers. He is involved in his family’s diversified farm


ALABAMA Kittle Gelbvieh Farms Quality Black Gelbvieh Cattle Johnny D. Kittle 816 Co. Rd. 36 Geraldine, AL 35974 Cell (256) 996-4140



15702 Hodges Rd., Omaha, AR 72662

Jim & Pat Dromgoole 4403 Winding River Dr. • Richmond, TX 77469 Home


Eugene (870) 426-5333 Diana (870) 426-5334 Neal (870) 426-4469

Show Cattle Managers: James & Shannon Worrell • (325) 258-4656

BullS & HeiferS By Private treaty at tHe raNcH

Ed LeGrand

809 S. Redlands Rd. • Stillwater, OK 74074

405-747-6950 • Homo. Black, Homo. Polled • Breeding Stock Available

Gelbvieh & Balancer Bulls & Heifers Available Private Treaty Sales

Gonzales, Texas Noel SeNogleS • 281-635-3416 •

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36 | SEPTEMBER 2013

(281) 341-5686 • Ranch (979) 561-8144

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POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 Email:

Bar Arrow Cattle Company Stuar t Jar vis

26 E. Limestone Rd. • Phillipsburg, KS 67661 e-mail: • 785/543-5177

ROCKING GV GELBVIEH Polled Fullblood Gelbvieh Cattle

Purebred A.I. Seedstock Bulls and Heifers Available. Al, Mary & Nick Knapp Cell: (913) 219-6613 18291 158th Street H: (913) 724-4105 Bonner Springs, KS 66012 FAX: (913) 724-4107 e-mail:

“Where workin’ cattle & eye appeal come full circle”

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A Breed Leader in Tenderness & Marbling–

2815 Navajo Rd. Canton, KS 67428

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Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Wehner 22533 Spencer Lane Kirksville, MO 63501 660-665-7502

B/F Cattle Company

P.O. Box 51 Mendon, MO 64660 (660) 272-3805 (O) (660-375-7266 (C) Ronald & Kathryne Rogers email:

Gelbvieh SprinG Flood ranch balancer® Jim & Sherri Michaletz 1397 Spring Flood Rd Goodman, MO 64843 417-364-5297 (O) 479-366-1234 (C) Email:

Specializing in Forage Raised Balancer® Bulls on K-31

Culling practices on cows/bulls second to NONE! For information, contact:

Consistent Genetics Adding Pounds & Profit

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660 • 492 • 2808

417-753-3578(h) • 417-576-0687(c)


Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer® Fall Bred Heifers • SimAngus & Balancer®

Source for calving ease, docile, major economic traits, boostered with this heterosis, 18 mo old bulls for longevity

Timothy Mulroy • 785-640-6401 Mayetta, KS •

38 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Bob Harriman Genetics Montrose, MO 660-492-2504 Thanks to all for investing 50 years in this program from pasture to plate.


and livestock operation, and has been an active member of the AGJA and the Junior Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska (GAIN).

“The role of the AGJA ambassadors is to carry the Gelbvieh message to others and spread the word about our junior programs.” - Dana Stewart “Raising cattle is in my blood; that’s why I have always dreamed about owning my own herd of 100 head of cows. Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle have been a part of my whole life,” said Jake. Jake’s herd currently consists of 15 Gelbvieh and Balancer cows, both red and black genetics. By retaining most of the heifer calves born each year, he is able to

build towards that goal of owning 100 cows. The ambassador competition was held during the AGJA national junior show the “Northern Lights Classic” held June 30 through July 5 in Rochester, Minn. The AGJA ambassador program has two age divisions. The Junior Ambassador must be eight to 11 years of age. The Intermediate Ambassador must be 12 to 15 years old. The AGJA created the ambassador program to encourage youth involvement in the breed’s activities. The ambassadors represent the AGJA at Gelbvieh functions throughout the year including Gelbvieh and Balancer shows held at the North American International Livestock Exposition and the National Western Stock Show, along with many state fairs and other events. “The role of the AGJA ambassadors is to carry the Gelbvieh message to others and spread the word about our junior programs,” said Dana Stewart, AGJA staff advisor and American Gelbvieh Association director of member services.

MIDWEST BREEDERS Pope Farms Gelbvieh


J. J. Boehler

70948 L Rd. , Orleans, NE 68966 308-473-7342 • 308-999-0207

Jeff and Jeanne Pope 26075 Willow Rd., Ravenna, NE 68869 Phone & Fax: (308) 467-BEEF Cell: (308) 390-0657

Cedar Top Ranch Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163 (H): 308-587-2293 • (C): 308-530-3900

Jeff Swanson • 308/337-2235 10908 724 Road • Oxford, NE 68967 Annual Sale—Last Saturday in February

Eldon Starr: 1-800-535-6173 or Rich Johnson: 402-368-2209



Mark & Patty Goes 39414 SW 75th Rd. Odell, NE 68415 (402) 766-3627


The ambassador candidates are judged on their notebook, an oral interview, a speech given at the AGJA annual meeting and overall conduct during the annual junior national show. The notebook includes information and photographs on activities, awards and organizations as well as an essay on the candidate’s background and experiences with the Gelbvieh breed. A committee is appointed to conduct the interviews and select the AGJA Junior and Intermediate Ambassadors. Carlee is a member of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association, the American Legion Auxiliary, and Butte County 4-H. She attends Belle Fourche elementary where she has been on the honor roll, the student council, and has been named student of the month. “I started helping my grandparents at their annual bull sale by visiting with people about Gelbvieh. I really like to share what I know about the breed. I am not shy when it comes to promoting the Gelbvieh breed with everyone who is willing to listen and see for themselves,”

added Carlee. Jake has been very active within the state and national junior Gelbvieh associations since 2009. He has been a member of two champion junior quiz bowl teams at junior national shows. He won the 2009 GAIN rookie of the year, and in 2012 was named premier exhibitor at the Nebraska State Fair. “Being a member of the Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska has allowed me the opportunity to organize and hold four semen auctions. In the last four years, these semen auctions have raised over $10,000 to help fund programs and activities for our Nebraska junior Gelbvieh association,” Jake said. The American Gelbvieh Junior Association serves more than 500 members nationally. The vision of the AGJA is to unify, educate, and develop leaders of the beef industry. To learn more about Gelbvieh or the American Gelbvieh Junior Association visit www. or call 303-465-2333. FFF


OHIO “Realizing the Value”

Skyler Martin


1200 S. Blackhawk Rd. Oregon, IL 61061-9762 815•732•7583


3 G Ranch

Gelbvieh Cattle For Sale Carl, Rebecca & Emily Griffiths

1577 N 600 E • Kendallville, IN 46755

260/897-2160 •

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We sell Breeding Stock Bulls & Females Chester Yoder

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Seedstock Plus Fall Bull Sale

October 19, 2013 * 12 noon Joplin Regional Stockyards, Joplin, MO selling: 175 Gelbvieh & Balancer Bulls CALL TOLL FREE FOR YOUR CATALOG TODAY 877-486-1160

To view on-line catalogs and videos: Contact Seedstock Plus at: 877-486-1160 or email:

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Leaving Your Mark The junior members who competed in the AGJA Northern Lights Classic left their mark. By daring to compete, learning new skills, and making friends they demonstrate the willingness to succeed. We can all learn from the example they set. By Frank Padilla Attending the recent American Gelbvieh Junior Association Northern Lights Classic brought back a rush of memories. Watching the junior members participate in the contests, shows, and the awards banquet took me back in time to when I was doing what

2013 NILE Select Gelbvieh & Balancer® Female Sale and Big Sky Gelbvieh Female Futurity Billings, MT Sponsored by Montana Gelbvieh Association

NILE Gelbvieh Schedule: Friday, October 18, 2013

4:00 p.m. Big Sky Gelbvieh Female Futurity 5:00 p.m. NILE Select Gelbvieh & Balancer Female Sale

Saturday, October 19, 2013 10:00 a.m. Junior Show Open Show immediately follows Junior Show Bid online at:

Tommy Ayres, Auctioneer Cara Ayres, Marketing 406-531-6130 1229 Iron Cap Drive • Stevensville, MT 59870

42 | September 2013

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they are now. They were competing, making friends, learning. They were reaping the rewards of hard work and effort.

For some the reward will not be realized until later in life. Each didn’t win a trophy or award. But still, each was leaving their mark in some way by participating and competing. They were building character. They dared to compete. It’s the easy thing to not do because it comes with risk. One never fails if one never competes. My Dad once told me, “I don’t care if you are a street sweeper. Strive to become the best damn street sweeper that you can be.” I carry those words with me yet today. My Dad had expectations for those he truly cared about. He coached and mentored young people his entire life. His expectations were clear: “Do to the best of your ability; If it means enough to you then you will work to improve; Never say can’t; Don’t be afraid to fail; Don’t sweat the goofy stuff; Remember in the end it’s the man you see in the mirror that will have the most impact on if you are successful or not.” He didn’t demand respect from his players. He earned it. These principles drive me yet today. I see the parents of AGJA members instilling these principles into their children as they take part in AGJA activities. When we have expectations of young people it makes them better. Basic principles and fundamentals apply to everything we do. What changes is the reward that we seek. Now it is winning football games or garnering purple ribbons and trophies at cattle shows. In later years, breeding the best cattle possible that make your customers profitable may be seen as the reward. It could become striving for the best close-out of feedlot cattle when your data is benchmarked against others. Later in life it may be shooting your age on the golf course. It’s normal for the reward that we seek to change. The basic principles should not.

WESTERN BREEDERS Statistics show that a small percentage of the junior members who participate in a junior national show will remain in the cattle business. Few will remain active adult members. AGA is fortunate in that many who have grown through the AGJA have remained active Gelbvieh breeders, involved members and have risen into leadership positions within the AGA. Many have continued to breed Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle. They have served on or are currently serving on boards of state and regional associations, the AGA Board of Directors, or as AGA staff. They are indeed leaving their mark on the Gelbvieh breed.

ARIZONA The Prosser Family

928/289-2619 928/380-5149 cell Winslow, AZ •

RFI Tested Balancer , Gelbvieh & Angus Bulls Sell Annually in April at Yerington, NV ®

COLORADO NEVADA Dave & Dawn Bowman 55784 Holly Rd. • Olathe, CO 81425

(970) 323-6833

Dick & Jean Williams P.O. Box 156 Orovada, NV 89425 775•272•3442

Participating in programs such as the AGJA provides the opportunity for growth. Adults can learn from these young people...It’s about having the attitude and desire to succeed. Participating in programs such as the AGJA provides the opportunity for growth. Adults can learn from these young people. I do. It makes me better at what I do. It’s about having the attitude and desire to succeed. Harvey Fienstein was quoted as saying, “Accept no one’s definition of your life. Define yourself.” I now challenge you to go out and leave your mark in whatever you choose to do in life. One is never too young or too old to make it happen. FFF

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Four Color One Additional color

Photo scans:

To run as Black/white Color photos

JR Page 1/3 Page 1/6 Page

$525 $350 $200

$300 additional $150 additional

$10 each $20 each

Special production such as photo retouching is billed at cost at the rate of $60/hr. CLOSING DATE: Ad materials and editorial deadline is the 25th of the month two months prior to publication date. (December issue deadline is October 25th). Ads for sale dates prior to the 15th of the month of publication are discouraged. For Feb./Oct. (Commercial Editions) and June/July (Herd Reference Edition) please call for rate specials and deadline information.

Call today: 303/465-2333 ADVERTISING CONTENT: The Editor and/or the Director of Administration reserve the right to reject any or all advertising on any reasonable basis. Gelbvieh World and/or American Gelbvieh Association assumes no responsibility for the advertising content as submitted. Advertisers assume all responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of submitted advertising containing pedigrees or statements regarding performance. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless Gelbvieh World and American Gelbvieh Association for any claims concerning advertising content as submitted.

CD = 12/28

CD = 1/11

CD = 1/4






CD = 12/16


CD = 1/12

CD = 1/5

CD = 12/29

CD = 12/22





CD = 1/6

CD = 12/30

CD = 12/23






CD = 1/7

CD = 12/31

CD = 12/24

CD = 12/17






CD = 12/19





CD = 1/2


Production Sale Hometown, CO Gelbvieh & Balancer Bulls & Females View all sale lots on video 303-222-4444

Your Town Cattle Co.

Don’t Miss Our Sale Tomorrow!

CD = 12/26

CD = 1/3


Production Sale TODAY! Hometown, CO Gelbvieh & Balancer® Bulls & Females View all sale lots on video 303-222-4444

Your Town Cattle Co.





Advertisers Needed:

CD = 1/9

CD = 1/10

29 Individual dates still remain for the 2014 AGJA Calendar. These listings are $40 each and will be sold on a first-come, first-pay basis. Discounts are available – if you purchase 2-5 dates, the cost is $35 per ad or if you purchase 6 or more dates, the cost is $25 per ad.

CD = 1/8

Call Today! Spaces will fill up quickly. Don’t get left out!

Save That Date!!! Booking Deadline: October 7, 2013

CD = 1/1

CD = 12/25

CD = 12/27

CD = 12/20


Saturday CD = 12/13

Don’t miss this chance to advertise your sale, field day or other important events. Please contact Dana Stewart at the AGA office at (303)465-2333 to reserve your space today.

CD = 12/18

Take advantage of this great opportunity to advertise your program. The AGJA Calendar is distributed to all of the Gelbvieh World subscribers.


3 4 Calendar ociation Gelbvieh Junior Ass

CD = 12/15

CD = Calving Date


CD = 12/21

CD = 12/14


March 2014


Communication Note Production Schedule Gelbvieh World The Profit Picture

Our Service is Free Gelbvieh Media Productions offers services to members to help market their genetics. By using the knowledge, experience, and professionalism the GMP team provides, breeders can take advantage of market opportunities. By Jennifer Scharpe In early August, Lynn and I attended the annual Agricultural Media Summit, held this year in Buffalo, N.Y. This is the largest gathering of crop and livestock media professionals in the U.S. While Niagara Falls was breathtaking and majestic – what struck me most were two comments made by two session speakers. The first comment was, “Make the market, take the market, protect the market, or watch the market go away.” Jay Carlson from BEEF Print and Digital Communications referenced this comment when talking about selling your product. In these times of rebuilding of the nation’s cow herd and expected growth of the beef business, Gelbvieh and Balancer® breeders have tremendous opportunity to make, take, and protect the market for your genetics. The most likely alternative means a short future in the seedstock business as your customers will have gone away. Breeders can best market their product by using a multi-media platform. Magazines, newspapers, email, Internet, and video are all excellent venues and when combined together provides the greatest opportunity to sell to your current customers, bring in new customers and ultimately keep your customers coming back year after year. The other comment that resonated 46 | September 2013

with me is “Our service is free,” which was the take-home message from a presentation by Patrick D. Burk of Country Folks. Patrick is one of the top advertising sales representatives of this weekly farm paper serving the northeastern U.S. His point was as communications and sales professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to help clients market their products. Advertisers pay for the print space, Internet banner ad or email blast, but our service of helping you develop the marketing campaign, design the ad, work with other publications, is free. Gelbvieh Media Productions (GMP) is a service of the AGA to help members market their genetics. We are not here to sell your product for you, but we provide services and professional knowledge to help you make, take and protect your market. Through our venues of Gelbvieh World and The Profit Picture, GELBVIEH SALES email marketing, and ability to design additional projects, we can help you reach your customers. In another note, I would like to congratulate Frank Padilla for winning second place in the Editorial Column category of the Livestock Publications Council contest. The contest is a part of the Ag Media Summit and accepts entries from a diverse and wide-ranging group of livestock publications. FFF

January Breeding Reference Guide/AI Sires Early deadline: November 21 Ad deadline: November 28 February Profit Picture Commercial Issue Early deadline: December 8 Ad deadline: December 15 March Annual Gelbvieh Convention/NWSS Early deadline: January 20 Ad deadline: January 25 April Herd Management/AI Sires Early deadline: February 20 Ad deadline: February 27 May Herd Health/Nutrition & Feeding Early deadline: March 20 Ad deadline: March 26 June-July Herd Reference Edition Early deadline: May 11 Ad deadline: May 18 August Seedstock Marketing Early deadline: June 20 Ad deadline: June 25 September Junior Programs Early deadline: July 20 Ad deadline: July 25 October Profit Picture Commercial Issue Early deadline: August 20 Ad deadline: August 30 November The Gelbvieh Cow Early deadline: September 20 Ad deadline: September 25 December AGA Convention Preview Early deadline: October 19 Ad deadline: October 25

Gelbvieh in the

Sponsored by Tennessee Gelbvieh Association

FOOTHILLS Gelbvieh Female Sale

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2013 || 1:00 PM (CST) Athens Stockyards, Athens, Tennessee

SELLING 40 Gelbvieh and Balancer® Females Cow-Calf Pairs || Bred Cows and Heifers || Premier Open Heifers SALE MANAGEMENT BY: Mitchell Marketing Service

All cattle screened for quality on the ranch.

Chris Mitchell 334-695-1371 Randy Sienknecht 319-290-3763 2262 C Avenue • Gladbrook, IA 50635

COMMERCIAL FEMALE SALE Held in conjunction with “Gelbvieh in the Foothills” Gelbvieh Female Sale

Saturday, October 12, 2013 • 1:00 PM (CST) Athens Stockyard, Athens, Tennessee SELLING

50 GELBVIEH INFLUENCED FEMALES: Cow-Calf Pairs • Bred Females • Open Heifers



Mitchell Marketing Service WWW.MMS.BZ Chris Mitchell 334-695-1371 • Randy Sienknecht 319-290-3763

Tennessee Gelbvieh Association


AGJA Members Build Skills, Leadership

Junior Showmanship

(L to R) Karsyn Youngblood, Kan.; junior champion; Willow Weber, Iowa, junior reserve

Intermediate Showmanship

(L to R) Connor Durham, S.C., intermediate champion; Haley Ringkob, S.D., intermediate reserve

Skillathon Contest

(L to R) Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior champion; Madalynn Welsh, Neb., junior reserve; Samuel Vogl, Minn., intermediate champion; Cadrien Livingston, Neb., intermediate reserve; David Larson, Minn., senior champion; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., senior reserve

Junior Skillathon Contest Placings Girish Russell, Wis., third; Ashlyn Larman, Okla., fourth; J W LeDoux, Kan., fifth; Christa Sauer, Minn., sixth; Seth Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Karsyn Youngblood, Kan., eighth; Brooke Welke, Wis., ninth; Caleb Scharpe, Minn., tenth

Intermediate Skillathon Contest Placings

Senior Showmanship

(L to R) Grace Hammer, Kan., senior champion; Justin Teeter, N.C., senior reserve

Grady Hammer, Kan., third; Caleb Dowell, Ill., fourth; Austin Teeter, N.C., fifth; Sam Riebel, Minn., sixth; Jake Lammers, Neb., seventh; Connor Durham, S.C., eighth; Grace Vehige, Mo., ninth; Jacob Barwick, Neb., tenth

Senior Skillathon Contest Placings

PeeWee Showmanship

48 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Tyler Beenken, Iowa, third; Kevin Welke, Wis., fourth; Melissa Attaway, Texas, fifth; Courtney Spencer, Mo., sixth; Meredith Clark, Kan., seventh; Tanner Aherin, Kan., eighth; Callahan Grund, Kan., ninth; Sydney Taubenheim, Neb., tenth

Poster Contest

(L to R) Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior first; Jayden Carrier, S.D., junior second; Caleb Scharpe, Minn., junior third; Seth Beying, Kan., intermediate first; Jessica Nash, Neb., intermediate second; Mitch Garcia, Colo., intermediate third; Meredith Clark, Kan., senior first; Tyler Beenken, Iowa, senior second; Sydney Bigger, Ill., senior third

Junior Poster Contest Placings J W LeDoux, Kan., fourth; Karsyn Youngblood, Kan., fifth; Ethan Schafer, Minn., sixth; Seth Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Brooke Welke, Wis., eighth; Anika Schafer, Minn., ninth; Alex Barwick, Neb., tenth

Intermediate Poster Contest Placings Jacob Barwick, Neb., fourth; Chisum Grund, Kan., fifth; Connor Durham, S.C., sixth; Alyssa Beenken, Iowa, seventh; Kyle Cavalli, Kan., eighth; Quentin Clark, Kan., ninth; Nicole Welke, Wis., tenth

Senior Poster Contest Placings Kelsey Sheeley, Ohio, fourth; Elizabeth Krajewski, Neb., fifth; Tanner Aherin, Kan., sixth; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Melissa Attaway, Texas, eighth; Courtney Lyon, Neb., ninth; Aubree Beenken, Iowa, tenth

Sales Talk Contest

(L to R) Madalynn Welsh, Neb., junior champion; Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior reserve; Connor Durham, S.C., intermediate champion; Cody Forbes, S.D., intermediate champion; Callahan Grund, Kan., senior champion; Tyler Beenken, Iowa, senior reserve

Junior Sales Talk Placings Caleb Scharpe, Minn., third; Karsyn Youngblood, Kan., fourth; Jaycie Forbes, S.D., fifth; Brooke Nowack, Mo., sixth; Carlee Varva, S.D., seventh; Ashlyn Larman, Okla., eighth; Ciara Raithel, Mo., ninth; J W LeDoux, Kan., tenth

Intermediate Sales Talk Placings Quentin Clark, Kan., third; Grady Hammer, Kan., fourth; Chisum Grund, Kan., fifth; Grace Vehige, Mo., sixth; Anna Ring, Ill., seventh; Kaeden Schlake, Neb., eighth; Colton Spencer, Mo., ninth; Danielle Stock, Iowa, tenth

Senior Sales Talk Placings Justin Taubenheim, Neb., third; Meredith Clark, Kan., fourth; Courtney Spencer, Mo., fifth; Tanner Aherin, Kan., sixth; Tanner Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Kelsey Sheeley, Ohio, eighth; Madison Schafer, Minn., ninth; Jordan Thull, S.D., tenth

through Educational Contests

Junior Quiz Bowl

(L to R) Champion Team from Kansas: Gabrielle Hammer, Karsyn Younblood, Logan Beying, and Samantha Tucker; Reserve Team from Missouri: George Weber (not pictured), Lilly Weber (not pictured), Brooke Nowck, and Ciara Raithel

Photography Contest

(L to R) J W LeDoux, Kan., junior champion; Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior reserve; Connor Durham, S.C., intermediate champion and Editor’s Choice winner; Kyle Cavalli, Kan., intermediate reserve; Courtney Spencer, Mo., senior champion and reserve

Junior Judging Team

(L to R) Champion Team from Kansas: Gabrielle Hammer, Karsyn Youngblood, Logan Buffo, J W LeDoux; Reserve Team: Drew Stock, Iowa, Jaycie Forbes, S.D., Alexis Ceroll, S.D., Willow Weber, Iowa (not pictured)

Junior Photography Placings

Intermediate Quiz Bowl

(L to R) Champion Team from Minnesota: Sam Vogl, Sam Riebel, Reece Riebel, and Colton Ivers; Reserve Team: Grace Vehige, Mo., Connor Durham, S.C., Kaeden Schlake, Neb., and Austin Teeter, N.C.

Jaycie Forbes, S.D., third; Jayden Carrier, S.D., fourth; Anika Schafer, Minn., fifth; Caleb Scharpe, Minn., sixth; Seth Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Karsyn Youngblook, Kan., eighth and ninth; Ethan Schafer, Minn., tenth

Intermediate Photography Placings Connor Durham, S.C., third; Braxton Oldenburg, Okla., fourth; Colton Spencer, Mo., fifth and sixth; Alyssa Beenken, Iowa, seventh; Kajal Russell, Wis., eighth; Chisum Grund, Kan., ninth; Jacob Barwick, Neb., tenth

Senior Quiz Bowl

(L to R) Champion Team: Callahan Grund, Kan., Meredith Clark, Kan., Tanner Aherin, Kan., and Melissa Attaway, Texas; Reserve Team: Anna Duxbury, S.D., Kristyne Thull, S.D., Jordan Thull, S.D., and Madison Schafer, Minn.

(L to R) Brooke Nowack, Mo., junior champion; Karsyn Youngblood, Kan., junior reserve; Chisum Grund, Kan., intermediate champion; Brandon Oldenburg, Okla., intermediate reserve; Wyatt Taylor, Colo., senior champion (not pictured); Garrett Teeter, N.C., senior reserve

Junior Individual Judging Placings

Intermediate Judging Team

(L to R) Champion Team from Kansas: Chisum Grund, Grady Hammer, Quentin Clark, Kyle Cavalli; Reserve Team from Missouri: Luke Rash, Colton Spencer, Grace Vehige, Grant Powell

Senior Photography Placings Sydney Bigger, Ill., third; Kristyne Thull, S.D., fourth; Sydney Bigger, Ill., fifth; Garrett Teeter, N.C., sixth; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Aubree Beenken, Iowa, eighth; Melissa Attaway, Texas, ninth; Tanner Taubenheim, Neb., tenth

Judging Contest Individuals

Senior Judging Team

(L to R) Champion Team: Garrett Teeter, N.C., Justin Teeter, N.C., Wyatt Taylor, Colo. (not pictured), Justin Taubenhiem, Neb.; Reserve Team from Minnesota: Jackson Riebel, Madison Schafer, Kendrah Schafer, Sam Ivers

Logan Buffo, Kan., third; Drew Stock, Iowa, fourth; Christa Sauer, Minn., fifth; Jaycie Forbes, S.D., sixth; Seth Taubenheim, Neb., seventh; Brooke Welke, Wis., eighth; Samantha Tucker, Kan., ninth; Jayden Carrier, S.D., tenth

Intermediate Individual Judging Placings Sam Riebel, Minn., third; Colton Spencer, Mo., fourth; Jake Lammers, Neb., fifth; Caleb Dowell, Ill., sixth; Danielle Stock, Iowa, seventh; Justin Ringkob, S.D., eighth; Grady Hammer, Kan., ninth; Kaeden Schlake, Neb., tenth

Senior Individual Judging Placings Tanner Aherin, Kan., third; Cole Buffo, Kan., fourth; Jackson Riebel, Minn., fifth; Justin Teeter, N.C., sixth; Tessa Ivers, Minn., seventh; Kristyne Thull, S.D., eighth; Grace Hammer, Kan., ninth; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., tenth


Impromptu Speaking Contest Junior/Intermediate Champion Premier Breeder (L to R) Gabrielle Hammer, Justin Taubenheim, Neb. Team Fitting Kan., junior champion; Karsyn Youngblood, Kan., junior reserve; Quentin Clark, Kan., intermediate champion; Kyle Cavalli, Kan., intermediate reserve; Callahan Grund, Kan., senior champion; Courtney Spencer, Mo., senior reserve

Connor Durham, S.C., Madalynn Welsh, Neb., Austin Teeter, S.C.

Video Contest

(L to R) Caleb Scharpe, Minn., junior champion; Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior reserve; Chisum Grund, Kan., intermediate champion; Seth Beying, Kan., intermediate reserve; Sydney Bigger, Ill., senior champion; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., senior reserve

Junior Impromptu Speaking Placings Jaycie Forbes, S.D., third; Madalynn Welsh, Neb., fourth; Caleb Scharpe, Minn., fifth; Willow Weber, Iowa, sixth; Ethan Schafer, Minn., seventh; Kenny Schafer, Minn., eighth; Carlee Vavra, S.D., ninth; Jayden Carrier, S.D., tenth

Junior/Intermediate Reserve Ambassador Contest Team Fitting (L to R) Carlee Vavra, S.D., Justin Ringkob, S.D., Alexis Ceroll, S.D., Haley Ringkob, S.D.

Junior Ambassador; Jake Lammers, Neb., Intermediate Ambassador

Graphic Design Contest

(L to R) Caleb Scharpe, Minn., junior champion; Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior reserve; Seth Beying, Kan., intermediate champion; Connor Durham, S.C., intermediate reserve; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., senior champion; Halee Allen, Ohio, senior reserve

Intermediate Impromptu Speaking Placings Cadrien Livingston, Neb., third; Kaeden Schlake, Neb., fourth; Colton Spencer, Mo., fifth; Connor Durham, S.C., sixth; Chisum Grund, Kan., seventh; Mitch Garcia, Colo., eighth; Grace Vehige, Mo., ninth; Haley Ringkob, S.D., tenth

Senior Champion Team Fitting

Tanner Aherin, Kan., Dustin Aherin, Kan.

Creative Writing Contest

Senior Impromptu Speaking Placings Justin Taubenheim, Neb., third; Sydney Bigger, Ill., fourth; Tanner Aherin, Kan., fifth; Kristyne Thull, S.D., sixth; Madison Schafer, Minn., seventh; Tyler Beenken, Iowa, eighth; Sydney Taubenheim, Neb., ninth; Kendrah Schafer, Minn., tenth 50 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Senior Reserve Team Fitting Garrett Teeter, N.C., Justin Teeter, N.C.

(L to R) Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., junior champion; J W LeDoux, Kan., junior reserve; Seth Beying, Kan., intermediate champion; Grace Vehige, Mo., intermediate reserve; Sydney Bigger, Ill., senior champion; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., senior reserve

State Herdsmanship Less than 10 head Oklahoma

State Herdsmanship More than 10 head Kansas

State Challenge Cup Runner-Up Nebraska

Champion Intermediate Photo Connor Durham, S.C.

Editor’s Choice Winner Conner Durham, S.C.

Rookie of the Year

Madalynn Welsh, Neb.

Reserve Intermediate Photo Kyle Cavalli, Kan.

Top Ten All-Around

(Front Row L to R) Karsyn Youngblood, Kan., champion; Justin Taubenheim, Neb., second; Gabrielle Hammer, Kan., third; Connor Durham, S.C., fourth; Madalynn Welsh, Neb., fifth;

Champion Junior Photo

Gabrielle Hammer, Kan.

(Back Row L to R) Tanner Aherin, Kan., sixth; Grady Hammer, Kan., seventh; Tyler Beenken, Iowa, eighth; Callahan Grund, Kan., ninth; Caleb Scharpe, Minn., tenth

Champion Senior Photo Courtney Spencer, Mo.

State Challenge Cup Champion Reserve Junior Photo Kansas

First Place Junior Poster

J W LeDoux, Kan.

Gabrielle Hammer, Kan.

Reserve Senior Photo

Courtney Spencer, Mo.

First Place Intermediate Poster Seth Beying, Kan.


Second Place Senior Poster Tyler Beenken, Iowa

Champion Junior Graphic Design

First Place Senior Poster Meredith Clark, Kan.

Caleb Scharpe, Minn.

Reserve Intermediate Graphic Design Connor Durham, S.C.

Third Place Junior Poster Caleb Scharpe, Minn.

Reserve Junior Graphic Design

Second Place Junior Poster

Gabrielle Hammer, Kan.

Jayden Carrier, S.D.

Champion Senior Graphic Design Justin Taubenheim, Neb.

Third Place Intermediate Poster Mitch Garcia, Colo.

Second Place Intermediate Poster Jessica Nash, Neb.

52 | SEPTEMBER 2013

Third Place Senior Poster Sydney Bigger, Ill.

Champion Intermediate Graphic Design Seth Beying, Kan.

Reserve Senior Graphic Design Halee Allen, Ohio

Many Thanks to AGJA Northern Lights Classic Donors Thank you to the many sponsors, supporters, and friends who helped make the 2013 AGJA Northern Lights Classic a huge success. Many people fill many roles, all equally important. It wouldn’t be possible without this support. On behalf of the Minnesota Junior Gelbvieh Association, the AGJA members, and the Northern Lights Classic participants, their families, and AGA staff, we give you our sincere thanks.

Silent Auction Items Dontated By: Kevin Stanoch Minnesota Junior Gelbvieh Association Sauers Valley View Farms Junior Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska Oklahoha Gelbvieh Association Oklahoma Junior Gelbvieh Association 2013 Western Regional Show Hidden Springs Farm Circle S Ranch KKD Gelbvieh Gallaway Gelbvieh Wisconsin Junior Gelbvieh Association Ohio Valley Gelbvieh Association South Carolina Junior Gelbvieh Association Dawson Creek Gelbvieh Ethan Bigger South Dakota Gelbvieh Association South Dakota Junior Gelbvieh Association Green Hills Gelbvieh Grace Hammer Kansas Junior Gelbvieh Association

Silent Auction Items Purchased By: Sauers Valley View Farms Myrna Scharpe Carla Shearer Dusty Bode Brittney Spencer Cameron Cutler Carlee Vavra Chisum Grund Danielle LeDoux

Dylan Nash Eve Vavra Gina Welsh Jacky Leonhardt Jayden Carrier Jeanette Taubenheim Karen Sheeley Kim Allen Mark Goes Nowack Cattle Co Val Livingston

Show Sponsors AGJA JP Triple K Gelbvieh Minnesota Corn Growers Schafer Farms Inc. Ag Star Sullivan's Supply Zoetis Benson Farm Service Dairyland Beef Ag Partners ProFeeds LLC Vita Plus Corporation Justin Krell, Prairie View Cattle Co Rocky Hills Polled Gelbvieh, Paul and Patricia Specht Kwik Trip Jennie O Turkey Brandywine Gelbvieh Midwest Supply Wanda State Agency JBS Swift Road House Bar and Grill/Meat Mafia of Wabasso Central Livestock-Stockman Supply Kalmes Implement Eastwood Bank

Meal Sponsors Kitley Gelbvieh Circle S Ranch Oklahoma Gelbvieh Association Iowa Gelbvieh Junior Association Pearson Cattle Company BCV Ranch Hojer Ranch Beastrom Ranch/Spencer Ranch Leonhard Gelbvieh Forbes Ranch The Cattlemen's Connection Little Bull Farm Bar Arrow Cattle Company Minnesota Pork Producers Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska Wisconsin/Illnois Gelbvieh Association South Dakota Gelbvieh Association Emily & Joe Benes, West End Gelbvieh Ranch Schroeder Ranch, Inc. CJ & L Livestock and Marvin & Mae Maude Eagle's Pass Ranch LP

Northern Lights Classic Heifer Raffle Donors Wandering Meadows Farm Bar TV Gelbvieh Brandywine Farm Sauers Valley View Farms Schafer Farms, Inc.


Places to be September 2013 Sept. 13 Kansas State Fair Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, Hutchinson, KS Sept. 21 Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale VIII & 5th Annual Customer Appreciation Sale, Kingsville, MO Sept. 28 Fall Bluegrass Gelbvieh Invitational Sale, Mt. Sterling, KY

October 2013 Oct. 5 J&D Kerstiens Gelbvieh Cream of the Crop Fall Bull Sale, Huntingburg, IN Oct. 12 Judd Ranch 23rd Annual Cow Power Female Sale, Pomona, KS Oct. 18 NILE Select Gelbvieh & Balancer Female Sale, Billings, MT Oct. 19 Midwest Beef Alliance Bull and Female Sale, Marshal Junction, MO Oct. 19 Seedstock Plus Fall Bull Sale, Joplin, MO Oct. 25-26 Eagle Pass Ranch Angus Cow Herd Dispersal and Gelbvieh & Balancer Female Sale, Highmore, SD Oct. 26 Flying H Genetics 10th Grown On Grass Bull Sale, Lowry City, MO

Oct. 26 American Royal Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, Kansas City, KS Oct. 26 McNeill Farms Performance Bull & Female Sale, Seagrove, NC

November 2013 Nov. 9 C-Cross Cattle Co. Fall Bull & Female Sale, Biscoe, NC Nov. 11-16 Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK Nov. 17 NAILE Junior Gelbvieh Show, Louisville, KY Nov. 18 NAILE Eastern National Gelbvieh Sale, Louisville, KY Nov. 19 NAILE Eastern National Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, Louisville, KY Nov. 19 NAILE Eastern National Female Futurity, Louisville, KY

December 2013 Dec. 6 Knoll Crest Fall Bull & Commercial Heifer Sale, Red House, VA Dec. 7 SEGA Gelbvieh & Friends Female Sale, Pierce, CO

Ad Index 3 G Ranch.............................40 ABCS Gelbvieh....................32 Adkins Gelbvieh..................32 AGJA.....................................45 B/F Cattle Company............38 Bar Arrow Cattle Company.38 Bar IV Livestock..................35 Bar T Bar Ranch, Inc...........43 Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch..32 Blackhawk Cattle Company...40 Bluegrass Gelbvieh Sale........5 Boehler Gelbvieh.................39 Bow K Ranch.......................43 Brandywine Farm................32 BV Ranch..............................32 Canadian GV Assn..............56 Cattlemen’s Connection......44 C-Cross Cattle Company.. 13, 35 Cedar Top Ranch........IFC, 39 Chimney Butte Ranch.........32 Circle S Ranch......................38 CJ&L Livestock....................32 Clinch Mountain Gelbvieh.35 Cranview Gelbvieh..............32 Cunningham, Ronn............44 Danell Diamond Six Ranch.43 DDM Gelbvieh.....................40 Diamond L Farms...............36 Double Bar H.......................35 54 | September 2013

Dromgoole’s Heaven...........36 Eagle Pass Ranch.................32 Ellison Gelbvieh & Angus Ranch....................................32 Flying H Genetics........ 39, BC Gelbvieh Bull Barn..............44 Gelbvieh Guide....................44 GMP............................... 25, 55 Gelbvieh Profit Partners.....37 Goettlich Gelbvieh Ranch..43 Golden Buckle Gelbvieh.....32 Green Hills Gelbvieh...........15 GS Ridge Top Ranch...........32 Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh...32 Hampton Cattle Company.35 Harriman, Bob.....................38 Hart Farm Gelbvieh............38 Hartland Farm.....................38 Hill Top Haven Farm..........35 Hodges Ranch......................36 Hojer Gelbvieh Ranch.........33 J&D Kerstiens Gelbvieh......31 J & K Farms..........................40 J Bar M Gelbvieh.................38 Judd Ranch, Inc...............1, 38 Kicking Horse Ranch..........43 Kittle Gelbvieh Farms.........36 Knoll Crest Farm.................35 Lambert, Doak.....................44

Ledgerwood Gelbvieh.........43 LeDoux Ranch.....................38 Lemke Cattle........................39 Leonhardt Cattle Company.33 Linquist Farms.....................32 Little Windy Hill Farms......35 Lone Oak Gelbvieh..............32 Longleaf Station...................35 M&P Gelbvieh.............. 19, 39 M&W Farms........................35 Maple Hill Farm...................40 Markes Family Farms..........36 Martens Gelbvieh................32 Martin Cattle Company......36 Mattison Family Farm........32 McCabe Cattle/Two Step Ranch....................................32 McIntosh Farm....................35 Middle Creek Farms...........43 Miller Gelbvieh....................36 Million Ayres Management.42 Mitchell Marketing Service.44 MLM Gelbvieh.....................39 Mulroy Farms.......................38 National CUP Lab...............44 National Western.................16 NS Ranch..............................36 Oregon Pride Gelbvieh.......43 Plateau Gelbvieh..................43

Pope Farms Gelbvieh..........39 Post Rock Cattle Company.. 7, 38 Register Farms.....................35 Rocking GV Gelbvieh.........38 Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh......................... 14, 38 Sawtooth Gelbvieh Cattle & Hay.........................43 Schafer Farms, Inc...............32 Seedstock Plus Genetics.....44 Seedstock Plus..................3, 41 Spring Flood Ranch............38 Stuecken Brothers................17 Swanson Cattle Company..39 Swenson Gelbvieh...............32 Taubenheim Gelbvieh.....9, 39 The 88 Ranch........................38 Thorstenson Gelbvieh.........33 TJB Gelbvieh........................33 TN Gelbvieh Assn...............47 Treble W Ranch...................35 Triple K Gelbvieh.................38 Volek Ranch.........................33 Warner Beef Genetics .....IBC White Oak Farms................38 Wildwood Acres..................40 Wilkinson Gelbvieh............43 Yoder’s Prairie Acres...........40

Be sure to fill ALL the seats at your sale this fall!

Send a Gelbvieh Sales e-blast

Reserve your date for your GELBVIEH SALES email blast. Excellent way to promote productions sales, sale consignments and AI sires. • $350.00 if designing a new ad • $250.00 if using an existing ad Discounts available for multiple email blasts.

Contact us today to reserve your e-blast date. Lynn Valentine

Jennifer Scharpe


Never rebuild


Another HIGH CALIBER sire that makes up our ARSENAL...


























-0.02 56.94 46.61


50% Balancer® Herd Sire • AMGV1160029 SIRE: S A V Net Worth 4200 DAM: DLW Ms Hero 8862H

Worthy 338X is a maternal brother to DLW Stout and DLW Natural, two herd sires used in extensively in many purebred programs. The 8862H cow family has emerged as one of the top producing cow families in our program. Worthy 338X is producing exceptional replacement females that carry on the power of the maternal 8862H cow family. Look for his progeny selling in our 2014 production sale.


Please stop by... The 2014 sale offering is weaned and ready for inspection at anytime. WARNER BEEF GENETICS Dan and Kate Warner 42198 Road 721, Arapahoe, NE 68922 Dan Warner: 308.962.6511 Monte Warner: 308.962.6136 Darren Warner: 308.824.2950

Females at Flying H

FLYING H GENETICS ... Recognized for over three Decades as THE SOURCE for

Superior Performance & Carcass Genetics. If you are looking for something fresh and functional, stop by Convenient and check out our Locations Next Generation of Money Makin’ Mamas!


Be Sure to Check Out Our Fall Bull Sale Preview in Next Month’s Issue!

FLYING H GENETICS Dick & Bonnie Helms Missouri Nebraska Jared & Jill Wareham Kyle & Kayla Helms Cell: (417) 309-0062 Ph: (308) 962-6940


September 2013 Gelbvieh World  
September 2013 Gelbvieh World  

The September issue of Gelbvieh World is our annual junior feature issue. It highlights the accomplishments of the junior Gelbvieh members a...