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More Pounds Weaned

Feedlot Performance

Gelbvieh and Balancer® females offer moderate mature cow size, added fertility, increased longevity, and quiet dispositions.

Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle are known for their heavier weaning weights and superior growth. Gelbvieh and Balancer mother cows wean more pounds of calf per cow exposed.

Balancer cattle make the grade, add the pounds, and deliver the value all while providing increased efficiency in the feedlot and high percent retail yield on the rail.

Crossbreeding with Gelbvieh and Balancer puts more money in your pocket. “At Spade Ranch, we use Balancer females because of their tremendous stayability and maternal traits, which allows those females to thrive on limited resources. We believe in the advantages of crossbreeding to capitalize on hybrid vigor.” -Wesley Welch, Spade Ranches, Lubbock, TX

JRI Secret Powers 254C821

JRI Optimizer 148A24

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Purebred

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Balancer

BW: 78 lbs. 205 Day Weight: 819 lbs. 365 Day Weight: 1,342 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 38.8 cm.

BW: 72 lbs. 205 Day Weight: 851 lbs. 365 Day Weight: 1,316 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 40.3 cm.

Top 15% Calving Ease EPD strength. 2017 Dam of Merit Dam.

Top 2% Calving Ease EPD strength. 2017 Dam of Merit Dam.

Judd Ranch Sire Power is Just a Phone Call Away– Order your JRI Sire Power Today through Cattlemen’s Connection 1-800-743-0026

JRI Pop A Top 2 ETN

Homozygous Polled Purebred Clone BW: 74 lbs. 205 Day Weight: 705 lbs. 365 Day Weight: 1,219 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 40.1 cm. Top 3% Calving Ease EPD strength. JRI Pop A Top 197T83 (clone).

JUDD RANCH INC. Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger Judd & Family Brent & Ashley Judd & Family 423 Hwy K-68 Pomona, KS 66076 Ph: 785/566-8371 or 785/566-3770

JRI Secret Link 214D98

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Purebred BW: 71 lbs. 205 Day Weight: 744 lbs. 365 Day Weight: 1,238 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 41.6 cm. Top 10% Calving Ease EPD strength. 2017 Dam of Distinction Dam.

MCCA Capitol Hill 516C

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Balancer BW: 84 lbs. 205 Day Weight: 738 lbs. 365 Day Weight: 1,274 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 38.9 cm. Top 20% Calving Ease EPD strength. 2017 Dam of Merit Dam.

Judd Ranch — Home of the “Complete Package” — Calving Ease • Growth • Carcass • Fertility













Over the Fence with Bobby Hendrickson and Julie Kunz, National Farmers Organization

The AGA sat down with the team at the National Farmers Organization location in St. Cloud, Minnesota, to talk cattle buying, risk management, and packer negotiation. By Rebecca Mettler







May 2018, Volume 32, Number 8

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16 Colorado to Host BIF Annual Meeting and Research Symposium 20 AGJA Spring/Summer Newsletter

ATTENTION JUNIORS: We have your summer activities covered to add some excitement to your calendar.

22 Big Picture View of the Beef Industry

A look into the cattle markets. By Rebecca Mettler

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38 AGA Board of Directors Action Points

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See what decisions were made by the AGA Board during their spring board meeting.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Lynn Valentine

On the cover: Photo taken by Angela Vesco

EDITOR: Rebecca Mettler “GELBVIEH WORLD” (ISSN 1084-5100), is published monthly except for February, June and September for $35 for one year. American Gelbvieh Association 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200, Broomfield, Colorado 80021-3993. Periodicals postage paid at Broomfield, Colorado and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER send address changes to: Gelbvieh World, 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200, Broomfield, Colorado 80021

2 | MAY 2018

Advancing Livestock Media Professionals

Midwest Breeders

30-31 34 36-37 41

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Remove the hassle from AI season by ordering all your semen from one place: Cattlemen's Connection. We take sire selection and customer service to a New level!



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Cattlemen’s Connection HWe are the largest supplier of Gelbvieh & Balancer genetics (100+ Sires)H Unlimited supply of top Angus and Red Angus sires for your Balancer® needs.

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Commercial Producers:

Call Cattlemen’s Connection: 1-800-743-0026

Roger & Peggy Gatz • P.O. Box 156 • Hiawatha, KS 66434 • 785-742-3163

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Visit our website: For a complete listing of AI Sires, their stats, DNA, pedigrees and EPDs

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Knowing What’s Important in Life and in the Cattle Business

View from the Board by President Scott Starr

12 Raised in a Barn

Junior Voice by Callahan Grund

14 Making the Transfer of Ownership a Priority

Registry Tips ‘N Tricks by AGA Staff

17 The Value of DNA Information in the Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation powered by BOLT

Data Bulletin by Mahdi Saatchi, Rohan L. Fernando, Lauren Hyde, Jackie Atkins, Steve McGuire, Wade Shafer, Matt L. Spangler, and Bruce Golden, IGS Genetic Evaluation Team and Consultants.

350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200 • Broomfield, CO 80021 Main phone: 303-465-2333 • Fax: 303-465-2339 • Facebook: American Gelbvieh Association Instagram: americangelbvieh ASSOCIATION STAFF Megan Slater Director of Operations and Public Relations (ex. 485)

Lynn Valentine Gelbvieh Media Productions Coordinator/Graphic Design (ex. 486)

Angela Vesco Director of Breed Growth (ex. 484)

Rebecca Mettler Editorial Content Coordinator 940-255-5471

Tom Strahm Commercial Marketing Director 785-547-7999

Kelsi Christian Mulitmedia Coordinator (ex. 479)

Taylor Evans Member and Youth Programs Coordinator (ex. 481)

18 What’s your Philosophy?

Out in the Field by Angela Vesco

24 Five Tips to Improve Your Business on Facebook

Communication Message by Kelsi Christian

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Scott Starr, President (2016) Stapleton, NE • 308-530-3900 John Carrel, Vice President (2017) Columbus, MT • 406-322-5991


Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Show and Sale


23rd Annual Central Montana Gelbvieh and Angus Genetics Bull Sale


Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale

Walter Teeter, Treasurer (2017) Mt. Ulla, NC • 704-236-7980

DIRECTORS Dustin Aherin (2018) Phillipsburg, KS • 785-302-1252

Dan McCarty (2018) Rifle, CO • 970-481-5217

Leland Clark (2017) Barnard, KS • 785-792-6244

Andrea Murray (2016) Kingfisher, OK • 405-368-9601

Dennis Gustin (2016) Mandan, ND • 701-663-7266

Lowell Rogers (2015) Seminary, MS • 601-270-4152

Doug Hughes (2017) Max Meadows, VA • 276-620-4271

Randy Sienknecht (2016) Gladbrook, IA • 319-290-3763

Jeff Loveless (2018) Spanish Fork, UT • 801-623-8308

Jeff Swanson (2016) Oxford, NE • 308-290-3763

Derek Martin (2018) Bucklin, KS • 620-397-6752

4 | MAY 2018

Klint Sickler, Secretary (2017) Gladstone, ND • 701-483-5250

GW view from the board

Knowing What’s Important in Life and in the Cattle Business By Scott Starr


s I write this article our family just went through a rough weekend, which started on Friday the 13th as we prepared cattle for a major winter storm. Little did we know the storm was going to be the magnitude it was, but that seems minor to what played out over the next few hours. After we had most of the cattle settled behind the best hills we could find, I went on one last run through the heifers as visibility neared whiteout conditions with thunderstorms. All of a sudden everything went a bright orange-yellow color, I felt like I was on fire, my heart felt like it was going to explode and my Ranger died. Lightning had apparently struck very close to me! After I got my bearings together I got the Ranger started back up and made a beeline to the house. After a few hours, my heart settled down, but a headache continued and lasted several days. That seemed big at the time, but then about 5:30 that evening my wife came running downstairs and told me that our son, Austin, and his fiancé, Ellie, were in a wreck. Now my heart stopped for a bit, but they were alive and waiting for an ambulance. We tried to leave to go to them but as we cleared the tree row we couldn’t even see the bug visor on our vehicle. All I said as I stopped is that we ALL don’t need to die. My parents were trying to come home and were only 20 miles from the accident so they went, however they had to take gravel roads because of other accidents on the same road. They made it to the hospital and had to stay there with the kids until the next afternoon when they got released. Time stood still as we waited for news and the outcome of all involved because we also knew the other couple in the head-on collision. This had me really thinking about what is important in life and how we need to keep the real perspective of our importance. Also of importance are the breeding decisions we are making this year. Many are already done, but there are several yet to get done. First and foremost, we must know our goals. Many of us want to make bulls that sell well,

6 | MAY 2018

and that is where many seem to stop thinking. I want them to sell well, too, but my main concern is for the progeny of the bulls I sell to top markets for our customers. What makes the progeny sell well? It’s because they are uniform and they are leaders in the feedlot and on the rail. We must always think about the entire chain of results that our mating decisions make. These decisions actually influence the worldwide market and since Gelbvieh and Balancer® is one of the largest breeds in the U.S., the decisions we make must keep the U.S. as the worldwide leader in high-quality beef. If Brazil ever puts a solid infrastructure in place, this dominance in the realm of high quality beef could be lost to equal resources and much cheaper labor. So, the importance of your matings this and every year is much more than your bottom line; the decisions impact the very fabric that makes and keeps the U.S. the worldwide beef the leader. Seedstock producers are responsible for supplying the genetics to the beef industry, which ultimately affects the quality U.S beef. The feedyard is another major player in beef quality. The feedyard managers are masters at taking cattle of different biological types and getting them close to the same end-product value. Feedyards are also some of the best information venues for understanding efficiency, which is another trait we must select and breed for to keep our cattle at the front end of high-quality feeding cattle. Although the feeding industry is very numbers driven, the need for high-quality cattle does exist. We have all heard about the Mexican, and Canadian cattle that can be bought $17 back of the market and shipped for $3 to $4/cwt, so why would feeders want Central Plains quality cattle at a starting point of $14/cwt more? The answer is because those Central Plains cattle are bred to be more efficient at the bunk and on the rail due to their quality breeding from breeders who understand breed complementarity. Without data, you are just another person with an opinion. We must keep collecting data to give to the feedyards a reason to buy our high-quality cattle. We want these breeding decisions to make them breed, feed, and eat like no other bovine in the world. Always remember, a dead calf has no growth rate, a bad cow eats just as much (or more) as a good cow, and quality will always sell at a premium. I’ll end with my life lesson for the day: there are two things in life we have complete control over— effort and attitude. D

“You can’t expect to hit the JACKPOT...

if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine.”


JACKPOT 7551B ET our first JACKPot CALVEs ArE on THE GRounD anD THEY Look PHEnoMEnAL!

AMGV1306681 • Purebred 88% Gelbvieh Bull • BD: 9/2/2014 Homozygous Black • Homozygous Polled CED 9 50%

BW 1.2 50%

WW 80 15%

YW 122 10%

MK 43 2%

TM 83 1%

JBoB Carolina fortune 2564J Et GLAG ADKins JACKPot 906W GLAG Adkins Miss Dixie 672s DLW Mr Kingston 106P DLW Ms MAtron 802u DLW Miss RT 338 703S ET

A Sincere Thank You!

CEM 2 85%

YG -0.46 50%

CW 44 10%

REA 0.61 15%

MB 0.64 1%

FPI 94.26 1%

JBoB Carolina CPr 1451G JBoB Miss 92C oZZ EXt Govenor 3n oZZ ideal sara 72P KCf Bennett Kingpin K403 DLW 1070M Hyline Right Time 338 DLW Ms Hero 8862H

This elite carcass sire with exceptional growth and phenotype was the Futurity Runner-Up in 2016 and a Reserve Division Champion in Denver 2016. If you want to add carcass, growth and “look” in a calving-ease package then get in, bulls like Jackpot only come along once in awhile! OwneD wITh waRneR BeeF GeneTICs

60 units for $2,500 or 25 units for $1,250. Give us a call today to order your Jackpot semen!

To all who attended and purchased Cranview Gelbvieh genetics in our annual Progress and Performance sale! we thank you for your trust in our program and wish you great success!

RobeRt and bill aRnold • esmond, nd PH: 701.720.8823 or 701.624.2051 •

GW over the fence

Over the Fence with Bobby Hendrickson and Julie Kunz, National Farmers Organization By Rebecca Mettler

and services for members to help market their cattle, grain, and milk. The St. Cloud location has an on-site livestock facility that markets 12,000 head annually. The location also coordinates direct shipping of 8,000 head of beef cattle annually from area ranches to farmer-feeders in the region. The beauty of a group like National Farmers Organization is that member producers market their commodities in pooled groups and thus reap the benefits of volume marketing.

What is National Farmers St. Cloud known for?

obby Hendrickson has worked for National Farmers Organization for 27 years and is currently the regional representative. He works out of the St. Cloud, Minnesota facility. Hendrickson does it all; he places feeder cattle in feedyards, markets fat cattle and works with the risk management programs offered by National Farmers Organization, as well as negotiating prices and forward contracting with packers. He even deals in bred heifers and cows from time to time.


Each National Farmers Organization facility finds its specialty, which is understandable since each location has different operators, different feeders and a variety of production practices and cattle types. The St. Cloud facility has a reputation for being a pioneer in new programs and niche marketing. They currently are in the process of placing more focus on non-hormone treated cattle (NHTC) and are working to grow the program, according to Kunz.

“The beef industry is growing, and it’s our gravy train,” Hendrickson said.

What type of feeder calf is preferred?

Hendrickson’s work philosophy is to get out of the office and into the country and to get cow manure on his boots. He can better understand the producers he works with and what they have, along with what their needs and operation goals are if he’s out on the farm or in the feedyard with them. Julie Kunz is the National Farmers St. Cloud location’s office manager. She has worked with the organization for 17 years, and along with her office duties, she assists Hendrickson out in the barn with the cattle, coordinates the trucking and completes the paperwork needed for specialty programs. National Farmers St. Cloud location is also currently training two new staff members to assist with niche marketing programs and to provide support to increase the number of placements of Gelbvieh-influenced cattle.

Tell us a little National Farmers Organization history. National Farmers Organization is a non-profit organization that is funded by its membership, which stretches nationwide. The organization provides programs

8 | MAY 2018

“The number one priority, because you’re spending over $1,000 on a calf, is pre-vaccination. We don’t want that $1,000 bill tipping over and dying,” Hendrickson said. The cattle feeders love Gelbvieh-influenced cattle coming from American Gelbvieh Association members and their customers because of low death loss rates. National Farmers Association members are progressive cattlemen and women who pride themselves on managing high-quality, properly managed feeder cattle. Before they are loaded up to send to the feedyard, calves are treated for shipping fever and have a vaccination history. “Bottom line, they know when they put our calves in the feedyard, they are going to have less problems with ranch fresh calves,” Hendrickson. As a point of emphasis, Hendrickson believes it’s important for producers to understand that buyers are willing to pay money for a healthy calf. Another significant factor that directly relates calf health and performance throughout an animal’s life is

over the fence GW docility. “Docile cattle stay healthy and docile cattle grow, scared cattle don’t grow,” Hendrickson said.

How important is a good reputation in the beef industry? Ranchers and feedyards know National Farmers Organization is looking out for them. They are known as very farmer friendly and have a lot of repeat customers. “We have the same calves going to the same feedyard year after year. I’m getting older, lazier, and smarter. I want repeat business,” Hendrickson said. One aspect that the rancher loves is that National Farmers Organization is willing to gather and share information back to the cow-calf producer. It’s not uncommon for feedyard closeout and carcass data to be passed back down the supply chain. Hendrickson also enjoys spending his time touring the feedyards with cowcalf producers to view their cattle on feed. “They need to know if they’ve made good or poor genetic decisions and it’s fun to work with them to do that, plus it helps us all do a better job,” Hendrickson said. Because the beef industry is currently such a volatile business, it’s important for industry partners to come together and share information for success throughout the beef supply chain. “We sit down with the feed distributor and the banker, not just the farmer. There needs to be understanding from the top to the bottom because we are investing a lot of money these days,” Hendrickson said. With the likelihood of tighter margins with higher priced corn and export markets in limbo, problems aren’t likely to go away any time soon. “There will be stress this year and a lot of stress next year because of the elements that we are dealing with,” Hendrickson said.

Where do Gelbvieh-influenced cattle fit into the feedyard scenario?

easy to convert over to the Gelbvieh-influenced cattle. There are a lot of farmer-feeders that Hendrickson works with that are smaller producers; therefore they sometimes need to feed cattle longer to make a full semi-load headed to the packing plant. Gelbviehinfluenced cattle can handle more days on feed and can be pushed to heavier weights without sacrificing feed efficiency and yield grade due to their ability to minimize the number of Yield Grade 4’s and 5’s. Also, crossbred cattle, like Balancers, make for a more versatile calf that fit several packing plants needs, which gives feedlots the opportunity to competitively market those calves. Many of the finished cattle that they sell are sold on a grid. The cattle earn premiums for beating the thresholds for quality grade and Yield Grades 1’s and 2’s. Some feedyards market their cattle on flat bids, therefore they are leaving premiums on the table and not in their checkbook.

What are your suggestions for producers? The future for ranchers is changing. While it may be hard for some farm operations to keep better records and data, it is a critical component of source and age markets, NHTC, and other programs. “Producers must be flexible and willing to accept change. They need to be open-minded and not afraid of change,” Kunz said. Hendrickson suggests operators focus on producing a calf with increased performance and versatility. “Our new challenge is to prepare these cattle for export markets that provide premiums for quality calves. The Gelbvieh-influenced calf meets these requirements,” according to Hendrickson. D

Gelbvieh-influenced feeder cattle work very well for National Farmers Organization members and have seen success in NHTC programs as well. “NHTC don’t get the performance benefit of the implant but you do see a benefit of increased performance with Continental-influenced cattle,” Hendrickson explained. Hendrickson works with a lot of retired dairy farmers whose bins are full of corn and are familiar with feeding high-energy diets to their dairy cattle. It’s GELBVIEH WORLD |


GW information exchange DNA Herd Sires

Grund Wins Prestigious Livestock Judging Award at KSU

Don’t forget to collect a DNA sample on walking sires that don’t already have a GGP-LD test result on file with the AGA. The best time to collect samples is ahead of bull turnout for breeding. Each walking sire is required to have the minimum of a GGP-LD test result in order to register progeny. GPP-LD testing must be completed through the AGA Online Registry Service and submitted to the GeneSeek lab in order to meet this requirement.

Congratulations to AGJA President Callahan Grund for receiving the FW Bell award at Kansas State University for excellence in livestock judging. Callahan won the award 26 years after his father, Jerry Grund, won it. They are the first father and son to win the award in school history.

Herd Assessments Can Still Be Completed Thank you to everyone who has completed their 2018 herd assessments. Although the deadline for annual herd assessments has passed, assessments still need to be completed in order for the herd to be in good standing with the Association. All females 13 months of age and older should either be assessed or disposed of, as part of the total herd reporting process. One assessment is tied to one registration credit to register the female’s progeny. This credit also allows members to transfer the animal(s) as well as report performance information. Herd assessments received after March 15, 2018, will be charged a late penalty according to the following fees schedule: 1-30 days = 5 percent late penalty 31-60 days = 10 percent late penalty 60+ days = 15 percent late penalty Contact the AGA office at 303-465-2333 or email info@ to complete your 2018 herd assessment.

Please Direct DNA Testing Questions to the AGA Office Please contact the AGA office for all DNA testing related questions and/or concerns. We understand that DNA samples are sent directly to GeneSeek’s lab; however, all DNA related questions must be directed to the AGA office in order to keep the DNA ordering and testing process as efficient as possible. Please call the AGA office at 303-465-2333.

For assistance in marketing or purchasing Gelbvieh, Balancer ® or Southern Balancer ® bulls, females and feeder cattle, contact:

Angela Vesco Director of Breed Growth (775) 421-9894 (C)

10 | MAY 2018

Tom Strahm Commercial Marketing Director (785) 547-7999 (C)

information exchange GW Donate to the AGF Through the Culls for the Future Program Taking an animal to the sale barn? Donate a cull animal to the American Gelbvieh Foundation (AGF) and help grow the Gelbvieh future! Simply fill out the Gift of Livestock form found on the Foundation page under the Giving to the Foundation tab at and have the proceeds of the sale be sent directly to the AGF. For more information about Culls for the Future or the American Gelbvieh Foundation, contact the AGA office at 303-465-2333 or visit

Sale Reports Did you know the AGA publishes sale reports in Gelbvieh World and on Be sure to send your sale report to Rebecca Mettler, Gelbvieh World editor at

We are Here to Help For help with the AGA Online Registry Service, including completing herd assessments, registering calves, ordering DNA tests, sale catalog data pulls, and more, contact the AGA office at (303) 465-2333 or email

Follow the AGA and AGJA on Social Media The AGA Facebook page and Instagram can be used as another resource to keep up with all things AGA. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages for association reminders, news, and Gelbvieh and Balancer® facts and photos. Keep up with the American Gelbvieh Junior Association on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what the Gelbvieh leaders of tomorrow are up to.

Also, make sure to check out Kelsi Christian’s Facebook tips article on page 24 of this issue of Gelbvieh World! She’s put together some great information for cattle producers to take their Facebook pages to the next level.

New Members The AGA and AGJA would like to welcome the following new members to the Gelbvieh associations in March 2018. AGA Members: Golden Acres, Bald Knob, Ark. John Forsythe, Princeton, Ky. Gillespie Family Farms, Rogersville, Tenn. Shady Creek Farms, Monterey, Tenn. Forrester Gelbvieh Farm, Geraldine, Ala. Lonesome Dove Ranch, Ponteix, SK, Canada B & C Genetics LLC, Vienna, Mo. Whiskey River Farm, Celina, Tenn. Koivisto Farms, Cromwell, Minn. Pirtle Farms, Atlanta, Kan. Red Cedar Ranch LLC, El Dorado Springs, Mo. Lucky Cross Ranch, Atwood, Kan. Stewart Farms, Linden, N.C. A B Ranch, Oklahoma City, Okla. K & J Cattle, Chesterfield, S.C. Seiler Cattle LLC, Wichita, Kan. AGJA Member: Lane Fulkerson, Leitchfield, Ky.



GW junior connection

Raised in a Barn By Callahan Grund


o me, one of the best parts of summer is practically living in the barn. As farm kids we’ve all experienced the long summer days and nights in the comfort of our barns. The daily prep it takes to care for your cattle is a grueling job, but one of the most rewarding. Of course, the culmination of your work at junior nationals is sure rewarding, but the time in the barn may be the most important. In a society that’s filled with entitlement and moral conflict, our juniors are learning much larger life lessons than preparing an animal for competition.

Taylor Evans Member & Youth Program Coordinator 303-465-2333 • Emily Schilling, Adult Advisor Kendallville, IN • 260-242-1552 Andrea Murray, Adult Advisor Kingfisher, OK • 405-368-9601 Mike & Toni Shrewsbury, Adult Advisors Lathrop, MO • 816-528-3644

12 | MAY 2018

Our juniors are learning the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of an animal’s life. I think we would all agree that some of our leaders in this country could use this lesson. However, perhaps the most valuable aspect is the time spent with family. Caring for and getting an animal to junior nationals is truly a family effort and you spend countless hours together. Many of the best life lessons are learned in the barn during these summer months. So, as you get ready for junior nationals, remember to take a moment and thank your family members. Reflect on this time spent together and know that you are truly being raised the best way possible—in a barn. D

Callahan Grund, President (2017) Wallace, KS • Kyle Vehige, Vice President (2016) Bonnots Mill, MO • Jesse Henson, V.P. of Leadership (2016) Canton, NC • Grace Vehige, Secretary (2017) Bonnots Mille, MO • Caitlin Griffin, Treasurer (2016) Westminster, SC •

Wyatt Forbes (2017) DeSmet, SD • Grady Hammer (2017) Wallace, KS • Kallie Mattison (2017) Lamberton, MN • Anna Ring (2017) Oregon, IL • Aubree Beenken, Ex-Officio (2017) Buckingham, IA •


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Dunlap, Iowa • 1-800-475-5902 | Hillsboro, Texas • 1-800-588-7096 Lodi, California • 1-888-914-5972 •

GW registry tips ‘n tricks

Making the Transfer of Ownership a Priority By AGA Staff


he transfer of registration and ownership of an animal is a main link between the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) and the commercial cattle producers who purchase Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics. As a breeder, if you haven’t already completed the transfer process for this year’s spring sale season, we encourage you to consider the points below.

Access to Data: Buyers receive an authenticated pedigree, performance and genetic information. Behind the registration paper is a host of resources available on the AGA’s Online Registry System, including updated expected progeny differences (EPDs) and performance information with each National Cattle Evaluation (NCE). This keeps their bull batteries current, which in turn, results in more informed breeding decisions and future bull purchases. They are also able to track pedigree information to maximize heterosis and manage inbreeding.

14 | MAY 2018

Access to AGA Programs: Transferring ownership completes the connection of customer service. Let AGA help you help your customers succeed with programs and services provided by the AGA. Producers receive access to marketing services through the AGA, which can add value to their herd. These services include the Smart Select Service, which is a data management system designed for the commercial cow-calf producer and Feeder Finder. The AGA’s Feeder Finder service assists producers in marketing load lots of Gelbvieh and Balancer-influenced feeder cattle regardless if they are being sold through private treaty, video auction, or at the local livestock market. Each listing sent is presented to over 250 feedyards via an email blast and is placed on the AGA’s website.

A Year of Gelbvieh and Balancer Information: Along with the aforementioned programs and services, your customer receives a one-year free subscription to the Gelbvieh World and Profit Picture publications. It provides them with a wealth of knowledge regarding Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle as well as additional beef industry information. It delivers a monthly connection to Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle. Customer lists are never released or sold and are only used for official AGA communications. If you need help learning about how to transfer registration papers, please call the AGA office at 303-465-2333 and we will be happy to help you. D


from J Bar M Gelbvieh

JEMG J BAR M E616 ET 75% Gelbvieh Homozygous Polled Dam: JEMG Lee Ann 650U Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8 Buyer: Cedar Top Ranch, Stapleton, NE

JEMG J BAR M E626 50% Balancer Homozygous Polled Dam: JEMG Wilma Z626 Sire: SINK DLW Titleist 504C Buyer: C J & L Livestock, Hermosa, SD

JEMG J BAR M E735 ET 75% Gelbvieh Homozygous Polled Dam: JEMG Lee Ann 650U Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8 Buyer: Merlin Elcher, Sarcoxie, MO JEMG LEE ANN 650U 75% Gelbvieh Donor Homozygous Polled Dam: VER Lee Ann 650R Sire: RUP Lazy TV Hotfudge J357 Watch for sons selling in our 2019 Genetic Power Production sale sired by SINK Resistol 390A, DLW Arapahoe and BGGR Gravity 803A

Thank you to all buyers who purchased J Bar M Gelbvieh Bulls at the 2018 Genetic Power Bull Sale: Todd Lawson Jon Walker

Phil Schlabach Dallas McGill

Jim Senters Wallace Coblentz


Jon & Edna Miller 28760 Norway Rd., Stark City, MO 64866 417-632-4925 home • 417-437-5250 cell Please no Sunday calls!

Kerry Harrill Kenneth Morelan Rickey Lovan Tim Hudson Cedar Top Ranch Merlin Elcher Kevin Miller Yano Family Farms

Earl Sanderson Jason Blackwell Randy Henderson C J & L Livestock James Palmer Manie Brubaker Jody Sharp

GW news

Colorado to Host 50th BIF Annual Meeting and Research Symposium


egistration is now open for the 2018 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Annual Meeting and Research Symposium. This year’s event themed 50th Anniversary in the Rockies, will be June 20 to June 23 at the Embassy Suites Convention Center Hotel in Loveland, Colorado. Early registration deadline is May 31. Attendees can save $80 by pre-registering. Online registration is available at

This year’s BIF symposium features two and a half days of educational programming and a full day of tours. The first morning’s general session — “Positioning for the Future of Beef Production” — will feature Dave Weaber, EMI Analytics vice president beef analysis; Mark McCully, Certified Angus Beef vice president; Dr. Sara Place, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association senior director of sustainable beef

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16 | MAY 2018

production research; Dr. Dorian Garrick, Massey University professor and chief scientist; and Dr. John Pollak, Cornell University emeritus professor. The second day’s general session, “Decision Time: Who will own our industry?” will include presentation by Wade Small, Agri Beef Inc. livestock division president; Marty Ropp, Allied Genetic Resources; Dr. Matt Cleveland, Genus ABS global beef product development director; Dan Moser, Angus Genetics Inc. president; Wade Shafer, American Simmental Association executive vice president; Larry Benyshek, Benyshek and Hough Consulting Services; and John Genho, Livestock Genetic Services LLC. The afternoon breakout sessions both days will focus on a range of beef-production and geneticimprovement topics. The conference also features a Young Producer Symposium on Wednesday afternoon, designed to network and equip young cattle producers with essential knowledge as they grow their role in the business. Wednesday evening attendees will also enjoy an opening reception. For more conference details, including registration information, complete schedule and lodging information visit Each year the BIF symposium draws a large group of leading seedstock and commercial beef producers, academics and allied industry partners. The attendance list is a “who’s who” of the beef value chain, offering great networking opportunities and conversations about the issues of the day. Program topics focus on how the beef industry can enhance value through genetic improvement across a range of attributes that affect the value chain. D

data bulletin GW The Value of DNA Information in the Multibreed Genetic Evaluation powered by BOLT By Mahdi Saatchi, Rohan L. Fernando, Lauren Hyde, Jackie Atkins, Steve McGuire, Wade Shafer, Matt L. Spangler, and Bruce Golden, IGS Genetic Evaluation Team and Consultants.


NA profiles provide additional information about the genetic merit of a DNA tested animal and increase the accuracy of EPDs, which are called Genomic Enhanced EPD or GE-EPDs. In the IGS Single-step process, the DNA marker genotypes are directly incorporated into the genetic evaluation along with the phenotypes (performance data) and the pedigree. As a result, the DNA information has an impact not only on the genotyped individual, but also on all the relatives of that genotyped individual. This allows for the DNA information to improve the accuracy of non-genotyped relatives. To measure the impact of DNA information on accuracies of GE-EPDs in the IGS Single-step genetic evaluations, we compared the average BIF accuracies of GEEPDs of DNA tested young

The Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation powered by BOLT is a breakthrough in GE-EPD accuracy improvement. Enabling technologies such as BOLT software allow for even faster genetic progress with more accurate EPDs earlier in an animal’s life.

animals (born in 2016 with no progeny) to the average BIF accuracies of non-genotyped sires born in 20102014. Only sires with non-genotyped calves were used for this comparison. We found that the average BIF accuracy of GE-EPD for a DNA tested young animal is equivalent to the average BIF accuracy of a non-genotyped sire with 21, 22 and 24 calves with observed phenotypes for birth, weaning and yearling weights, respectively (Figure 1, where a horizontal line cross a curve for a specific trait (e.g. red line and blue curve cross each other at the data point correspond to y(accuracy)=0.46) and x(progeny)=21 for birth weight)). The progeny equivalent (PE) for direct calving ease was 15 and it was only 3 for total maternal calving ease due to limited genotypes on cows. The PE for milk and stayability were 18 and 25, respectively (Figure 1).

We (IGS) are dedicated to using the best available technology to deliver more accurate GE-EPDs to our members so they have the best tools available for their selection decisions. D



GW out in the field

What’s your Philosophy? By Angela Vesco


s I travel the country attending bull sales, visiting commercial producers, and meeting fellow industry professionals, I get to see how different people raise different cattle. Everyone has a different philosophy on how they raise cattle and ranch and/ or farm. It is very evident that philosophy has been shaped by what their environment does and doesn’t allow for, how they were taught by family, friends, or mentors, and what they believe in. As I write this, Tom Strahm and I are in the middle of a weeklong trip in Arizona visiting commercial producers and filming for our upcoming “The American Rancher” episode in October. One of the questions I like to ask the producer is, “What is your ranching philosophy?” This is one of my favorite questions to ask because it’s when a producer really shows their passion for what they do. Their answer tells me why they do what they do; why they live a life full of physical labor, battles with Mother Nature, and consistent persistence to make the next year better instead of giving it up to live a more comfortable life in the suburbs. In a way they are telling me about the code they live their life

18 | MAY 2018

by and I love hearing that. Although we share the same love of raising cattle, don’t forget that not everyone does it the same. There is so much value in the diversity we have within the beef industry. It would be a shame if we didn’t allow that to be one of our strengths. It would be very boring if everyone raised cattle the same way. I think that one of the most valuable things beef producers can do for a successful future for their operation is to visit other operations in different regions of the country to see how they raise cattle. There is so much to learn from people and you never know what you will find and want to implement back home on your own place. Knowing why you do what you do will make a tremendous difference in terms of your happiness and success. I am sure you have heard the quote by Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Are you doing what you love? Have you thought about what your philosophy is for ranching and raising cattle? Once you have thought of it, use it to your advantage. Share that with your customers, with your family, and with your network. Show people what ranching is all about to you and people will be drawn to it because they can relate to it. So, let me ask you, what is your philosophy for ranching? Why do you do what you do? D


Support the AGJA and become a sponsor for the 2018 AGJA Corn Fed Classic! Sponsorship opportunities include champions, divisions, classes and contest winners. All sponsors will be recognized during the show at the banquet, on the AGA website and in the August Gelbvieh World Sponsorship deadline is May 15, 2018.

Contact Taylor Evans at the AGA Office • 303-465-2333 or e-mail or any AGJA Board Member.



Seeking Applicants for the AGJA Board of Directors: Are you 16 or older as of January 1, 2018, and interested in being more involved in the AGJA? Do you have a strong work ethic and a passion for helping develop leaders in the beef industry? Applications are now available for the AGJA Board of Directors and we want you to apply. Voting will occur during the annual meeting at the Corn Fed Classic. There will be four two-year terms available this year. If you have any questions about what the AGJA Board of Director responsibilities are, please contact Taylor Evans, AGA member and youth programs coordinator, or a current AGJA Board Member.

Regional Shows: The AGJA Eastern Regional will be on May 25-27, 2018, at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Palmyra, Missouri. Entries are due May 1, and forms can be found online under the Juniors tab. The AGJA Western Regional will be held in Concordia, Kansas, on June 1-2, 2018. Entries are due May 15. A huge thanks goes out to the host states for all their hard work in organizing these shows!

A Date to Remember: May 25, 2018

• Corn Fed Classic Entries Due • Ownership Deadline for Corn Fed Classic • Scholarship Application Postmark Deadline • Creative Writing Postmark Deadline • Video Contest Postmark Deadline • Graphic Design Postmark Deadline • Ambassador Notebook Postmark Deadline • Board of Directors Application Postmark Deadline • Premier Breeder Application Postmark Deadline

Entry forms and all supporting documents, including the general information and rules packet can be found on the Jr. Classic page under the Juniors tab on www.

The Summit

Scholarships: Every year members of the AGJA are encouraged to apply for scholarships to help them further their education. Many of the scholarships available were established in honor of people who saw a large value in our junior programs. This year, there will be up to $5,000 in scholarship money awarded through six scholarships. Applications are available online under the Jr. Classic tab on and must be postmarked by May 25, 2018. Please submit scholarship applications to: American Gelbvieh Association Attn: Taylor Evans 350 Interlocken Blvd., Suite #200 Broomfield, Colorado 80021. Winners will be announced during the banquet at the 2018 Corn Fed Classic in Waterloo, Iowa.

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association will once again team up with the American Junior Simmental Association and the American Junior Shorthorn Association to host the second annual multi-breed youth leadership conference called The Summit. The Summit is taking place July 19-22, 2018, in Fort Worth, Texas, and is open to all youth in the beef industry ages 14-22. Registration for The Summit can be completed online at by going to the Juniors tab on the homepage and then clicking on The Summit page.

Spring/Summer 2018 • AGJA Newsletter



2018 AGJA Corn Fed Classic July 1-6, 2018 • Waterloo, Iowa Wednesday, July 4

Sunday, July 1

8:00 a.m. Cattle allowed in barns 11:00 a.m. Church Service Noon Cattle must be in barns 1-3:00 p.m. Come and go cattle/contest check-in and steer weigh-in 4:00 p.m. Opening Ceremonies with Mentor/ Protégé Orientation to follow 5:00 p.m. Dinner

Monday, July 2 8:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m. Noon 1:00 p.m. 3:30-5:30 6:00 p.m. TBD

Breakfast, provided Sales Talk Contest Lunch, provided Quiz Bowl Preliminary Rounds “Stock Show University”Hands-on Fitting Clinic Dinner, provided and Quiz Bowl Finals Ambassador Interviews

Tuesday, July 3 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 8:30 a.m. Noon 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.

Breakfast, provided Team Fitting Set-up Team Fitting Contest- Senior division followed by Junior/Inter. Lunch, provided Skill-a-thon orientation Skill-a-thon: Carcass Portion Intermediate/Senior Skill-a-thon Junior Impromptu Sr./Int. Impromptu Junior Skill-a-thon Dinner, provided and Board Candidate Interviews

7:00 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 12:45 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Breakfast, provided Judging Contest Registration Judging Contest Scott Gemar Memorial Golf Outing & Adult Education Tour (no junior members may attend) Lunch, provided Official AGJA Photo—Wear Official Blue Polo AGJA Fun Day Dinner, provided AGJA Annual Meeting and Board Election

Thursday, July 5 7:00 a.m. Breakfast, provided 8:00 a.m. AGJA National Showmanship Contest (Senior, Int., Jr., PeeWee) AGJA National Balancer Bred & Owned Bull Show, & AGJA National Balancer Female Show Noon Lunch, provided (grab n’ go) Sullivan’s Bootcamp – 30 mins after show Dinner On your own- A night on the town in Waterloo

Friday, July 6 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. Noon 7:00 p.m. 9:30 p.m.

Breakfast, provided AGJA National Steer Show AGJA National Gelbvieh Bred & Owned Bull Show, & AGJA National Gelbvieh Female Show Lunch, provided (grab n’ go) Banquet at the Electric Park Ballroom at National Cattle Congress Dance

Spring/Summer 2018 • AGJA Newsletter

GW news

A Big Picture View of the Beef Industry By Rebecca Mettler


eef industry profitability in 2017 was the second highest in history and better than most expected. Both domestic and export demand was phenomenal, which had a lot to do with the success seen in 2017, according to Randy Blach, CattleFax CEO. “The industry was current and everyone was making money,” Blach said. “The market was in sync and we were pulling cattle forward, and marketing cattle at lighter weights.” It’s not often that everyone is making money. As a generalization, the cow-calf producer averaged roughly $200 profit per cow while stocker operators and packers were making about the same in 2017. “That’s what strong demand will do. However, don’t expect 2018 to be as profitable, but still good,” Blach explained during his presentation at Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers (TSCRA) annual convention and tradeshow held March 23-25, 2018. The American Gelbvieh Association had the honor of being invited to hold its spring board of directors meeting during the TSCRA event. During that time, AGA board members and staff had the opportunity to attend several educational sessions held at the convention. One of the top-attended sessions was the cattle industry outlook given by Blach.

What do the cattle numbers tell us? The inventory has bounced back from when it was at the cycle lows. Blach reminded producers that the industry would have never taken the cowherd numbers to such low levels if it weren’t for the magnitude of the historic drought a few years ago. If it wasn’t for the drought, Blach believes that the industry wouldn’t have dropped below 31.5 to 32 million head. “The reason we’ve responded the way we have since is because of green grass and profitability. We responded with one of the fastest expansion rates in our history.”

22 | MAY 2018

In 2018 and 2019 it’s expected that the expansion rate will flatten. The bulk of the expansion will be over at the end of this decade and is expected to peak at 32 million head of beef cows. On the feeder cattle side, supply outside of the feedyards on January 1, 2018, was 600,000 head fewer because they had to be placed in the feedyards earlier than expected because of decreased wheat grazing in the Southern Plains this winter. The March 23, 2018, on feed report showed a 9 percent increase in cattle on feed than a year ago. And while the markets have done a good job of absorbing that increase and moving cattle in a timely manner, moving forward towards summer we will see an increase in harvest activity.

Where are we in the cattle cycle? “Everyone is too complacent. After coming through what we did, and then with the profitability seen in 2017, everyone got too comfortable,” Blach said. “We have to remember where we are in the cycle. We are in big numbers and we can’t afford any hiccups and we can’t afford any loss of access to export markets, or packing capacity.” The industry needs the packing plants to stay profitable for two specific reasons, according to Blach. First, they need the incentive to harvest the larger number of fat cattle between now and August. Secondly, packer sector profitability is what needs to happen if companies are going to become incentivized to build additional plants, which is what has happened in the pork and poultry industries in recent history. In 2017, an average of 12 pounds lighter carcass weights offset approximately 450,000 head of a 1.3 million head increase in total head harvested. “What’s going on this year with the trend in weights is that they are going back the other direction even though we aren’t going to have to harvest that big of an increase,” Blach said. “With weights we are going to add 250,000-300,000 head equivalent onto the overall total.” For future reference, Blach told producers to watch two numbers when reading the CattleFax update. First look at the currentness index and then carcass weights. “As we move later into the spring and early summer, that’s where we are going to have challenges and that’s where it’s going to show up.”

news GW What’s up with trade? Exports have increased in the last three to four years and CattleFax is projecting another increase in 2018. To put into prospective the importance of exports, Blach shared the impact that exports have on the value of beef and beef byproducts. Roughly $345 per head value can be attributed to exports. When breaking that down to the calf level, CattleFax estimates that exports add $60 cwt to the value of a 550-pound calf with the average of $1.60 per pound. “That’s why we should be worried when we are on the Twitter feed every day. Having access to export markets is a big deal.” Blach explained that markets are worried because of large supplies coming up in the near future plus unknown demand due to export uncertainties. Blach warned producers to be cautious of high volatility in the markets with the possibility of incredible swings.

stay within the $130 to $160/cwt and fed cattle to range from $100 to $130/cwt. Producers should also expect the markets to follow seasonal trends with price breaks in the fall, which was something that didn’t happen last year. In 2017, fall prices held together because all of the segments were profitable. “Keep in mind that we got a nice coupon in the last half of 2017, but I wouldn’t expect that for 2018,” Blach said. However, don’t get too discouraged. While 2018 might not be as profitable as last year, there still should be profitability throughout the industry. Producers just might have to consider risk management, become more margin focused and implement more business practices going into the future. D

As a far a price ranges, CattleFax expects the calf market (550-pound steer) to stay within the range of $135 to $185/cwt, feeder cattle (750-pound steer) to

SBSF BEE LICK GRANITE YALE Homozygous Black • Homozygous Polled Purebred BW: 84 • 205 Day Wt: 852 • YW: 1,407 Top 15% Marbling EPD Strength Semen available through Cattlemen’s Connection 1-800-743-0026 To date Granite Yale progeny has averaged 77.4 lbs. on birth weight. Producing an excellent blend of low birth, growth, maternal, carcass & phenotype! Granite Yale’s cow power dam is currently the leading donor at Reynolds Bee Lick Gelbvieh. Her three natural born sons posted the following averages: 85 lbs. BW • 745 lbs. 205 Day Wt. • 1,280 lbs. YW

REYNOLDS BEE LICK GELBVIEH Eddie Reynolds Crab Orchard, KY 40419 606-379-2281 (H) • 606-305-1972 (C)



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Five Tips to Improve Your Business on Facebook By Kelsi Christian


t’s free, you can increase your business exposure to over 2 billion users, and it’s a great spot to build brand loyalty. That’s right; I’m talking about Facebook. It is currently the most popular social media site, and it’s relatively simple for businesses small or large to take advantage of connecting with their current customers and building new relationships. Your customers and target audiences have gone digital, so if you’re not

already there, it’s time for your farm or ranch to join them. Cattlemen and women aren’t widely known for being social media marketing experts, so here are five simple steps to improve your business presence on Facebook.

Step 1: Post Consistently At this point, you may feel on top of the game because you created a Facebook back in 2009. Unfortunately, if you have only posted on it a handful of times, it’s doing you no good. To maximize your business on Facebook, you must post consistently, which equates to at least three times a week. This will increase your visibility with your target audience. But who has time to take out of their busy schedules to post on Facebook? Don’t worry, Facebook has an awesome feature that allows you to schedule posts to be sent out automatically in the future. Write up your post and add any attachments to it just like you would create any other post; now, instead of clicking publish, you will click the blue arrow next to the publish button. This is a drop-down menu with the option to schedule your post to be automatically sent out at whatever time you pick. Now your business can be posting consistently, but you only have to sit down once to schedule all your posts for the week or even month in one sitting.

Step 2: Post a Variety of Content Keep your Facebook page interesting by posting a variety of content. Followers are less likely to get involved and read your posts if you always post a status update with no attachment or if you only ever post videos. Your page is more likely to reach maximum engagement if you post a mixture of videos, pictures, text, and links. One of the most popular ways to interact with your audience on Facebook right now is by going live. So next time you have a bull sale, why not broadcast it live on Facebook?

Step 3: Provide Value to your Customers One common reason why people dislike Facebook today is because they are continually being advertised to and sold stuff through this popular social media platform. This is also a reason why people will unfollow your business page. Using Facebook for

24 | MAY 2018

communication message GW industry leaders by commenting and getting involved in the conversation.

Step 5: Explore Facebook Insights Facebook is on your side, and they want your business page to be successful. Utilize the Insights tab that is on your business Facebook page to get customized details that will improve your exposure. For example, Facebook tracks your followers and knows when they are online. So next time you have an awesome post make sure to post it during the time of day that your audience is online. How do you find out this information? Go to your Facebook business page; the Insights tab located at the top of the page. Next you will click Post and When Fans Are Online. You can also explore the Insights tab to find things out such as the most popular types of posts that you have, and the demographics of your followers. With these five simple steps, your business Facebook page could be on its way to reaching the full potential of exposure. D

more than just advertising and selling is essential. To be favored by your audience you must provide them value on Facebook. While yes, you should be using it to advertise and sell, you should still be providing value. A good rule of thumb is for every four posts to a business page, only one should be trying to sell something to your audience. Posting a picture to introduce someone who plays a vital role in your operation, or asking a question to start a conversation would be examples of non-sale Facebook posts. You could even spotlight your favorite herd bull. None of these posts are directly selling a product to your audience, but instead, are building relationships and making the business more authentic.

Step 4: Engage with your Audience Engagement is key. Engagement is what keeps a page relevant and gains exposure to new people. To stay engaged on Facebook simply like others posts and comment back when people interact with your posts. Your goal should be to start conversations and keep them going. Use this platform to interact with other businesses, customers, organizations, and

Southwest Iowa

Gelbviehand BalancerÂŽBull & Female Sale

Thanks to all the buyers and to everyone else that showed interest in our 2018 Production Sale. Watch for details on next year’s March sale in Creston, Iowa Consignors: Michael Bauer MJBC Gelbvieh Aububon, IA Gary Martens Martens Gelbvieh Walnut, IA Joel & Linda Shumate Shumate Cattle Bloomfield, IA Jim & Ed McCreary McCreary & McCreary Mt. Ayr, IA

A special Thank You to all who made the Rafter R Gelbvieh Herd Reduction Sale a success!

Carl Reiste Rafter R Gelbvieh Adel, IA



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Management Matters: Clostridial Disease Education By Rebecca Mettler


lostridial diseases like blackleg, tetanus, malignant edema, and redwater disease aren’t new, but it’s a grouping of diseases that are lesser understood at the ranch level, according to Victor Cortese, DVM, Ph.D., director cattle-equine immunology and biologics with Zoetis. “There’s a lot of misunderstanding with clostridials and there’s a lot of misunderstanding on how to control clostridials,” Cortese said. Clostridial diseases aren’t contagious and will only affect cattle when ingested and presented with the perfect environment once inside the animal. “Clostridials can’t grow in a healthy animal because they need to have a source of disrupted blood flow to flourish since they are anaerobic bacteria,” according to Cortese. In nature, clostridial bacteria are present to break down organic material, which is why they grow without oxygen. “They are nature’s garbage disposals.” Clostridial diseases can be considered diseases of opportunity. When the environment is favorable, the bacteria produces spores, which are how the disease survives in the soil. Spores are resistant to cleaning and disinfectants and are capable of surviving environmental conditions. Animals pick up the spores as they graze and the spores circulate throughout the animals’ body. As long as there is no disruption of blood flow, the spores pass through the animal with no cause for concern. However, if a calf has clostridial spores circulating through its body when injured, e.g., a bruise, the spore transforms out of spore form, and the bacteria start releasing toxins at the site of the bruise. It only takes an extremely small amount of clostridial bacteria to impact an animal. “That’s why sudden death is most common with

26 | MAY 2018

clostridials. That’s why you don’t have a chance to treat these bacteria, except sometimes in very young calves.” To make matters worse, clostridial diseases are very resistant to environmental conditions and can survive for decades on the farm. However, locations farther north do see a decreased number of clostridial spores since cold, harsh winters will weaken spores. On the flip side, drought can increase the risk of clostridial infections. During a drought, the soil is worked up when overgrazed and increases the risk of exposing the bacteria from within the soil. Clostridial diseases can be broken down into three types and are classified by the type of toxins they release: enterotoxins, histotoxins, and neurotoxins. Enterotoxins are toxic in the digestive tract and include clostridial perfringens C and D, which affect young calves. Examples of histotoxins include blackleg, malignant edema, gangrene, and redwater disease. Neurotoxins affect the nervous system and include tetanus and botulism.

Decrease the Risk “For most of us our way to decrease risk is by vaccination only, but there are some things we can do.” First, consistency in feed intake can make a big difference, according to Cortese. Next, minimize overcrowding, bulling and rough trucking/hauling because that is the biggest opportunity for deep bruising of muscle tissue. “Next, minimize overgrazing. Cattle tend to pick up more spores and work up the soil to bring to the surface more spores when overgrazing occurs.” Again, vaccination is the most significant way to decrease the risk of clostridial diseases. Clostridial disease vaccinations come in a lot of combinations. Producers can purchase vaccines with histophilus somni or pasteurella, and small or large combinations of clostridial vaccinations. In the young calf, the main thing to be worried about is clostridial perfringens, which cause GI tract infections. “The first way we can contain clostridial perfringens in young calves is by vaccinating the cow. There is an adequate transfer of clostridial perfringens antibodies in the colostrum.” The timing for cow vaccination is critical. The

news GW vaccine needs to be given 4-11 weeks before calving to transmit antibodies to the colostrum. “The optimum is 6-9 weeks; that’s primetime and goes along with your scours agents.”

When moving into older calves producers have the options to give the larger 7-way and 8-way combinations, but beware of the decrease in intakes, Cortese said.

If the timing isn’t right, there are other choices for newborns. The day of birth a producer can give a clostridial perfringen C and D vaccination and tetanus if banding is going to occur.

“I would much rather give a clostridial during preweaning when they are still on the cow and not give one when I wean,” Cortese said. “ The calf won’t want to eat when I’m weaning him. What are we trying to do? Get the calf off of mom and up to the bunk.”

“However, you don’t want to use 7-way and 8-way vaccinations the day of birth because you not only lessen the clostridial perfringen performance but also decrease the calf ’s intake. What’s the worst thing I can do to a newborn calf; tell him he doesn’t want to drink any colostrum. ” Older calves can also be affected by any of the clostridial diseases. It’s important to give boosters if using vaccines that require boosters. The booster should be no closer than 14 to 21 days apart and no farther than 90 days. “Most of you give the first shot as you go onto grass and then booster preweaning, but you are pushing the 90 days. You are going to have to give another dose because you’ve never given that booster dose close enough together.”

For calves arriving at the feedyard, Cortese suggests administering clostridial vaccines at revaccination after arrival and not upon arrival because the calves might not know how to already eat from a bunk. Even in well-vaccinated animals, studies have proved that clostridial vaccines can decrease feed intake. As with any disease and vaccination program, it’s important for producers to consult with their local veterinarian with any questions they might have. And remember, vaccination is the best way to decrease clostridial disease risk. D

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Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Show and Sale February 22, 2018 Auctioneer: Tracy Harl of Loup City, Nebraska Judge: Curtis Doubet of Sterling, Colorado Reported by Ronette Bush-Heinrich Sale Averages: 7 Gelbvieh and Balancer® Bulls $4,393 ® 5 Gelbvieh and Balancer Heifers $4,450 12 Total Average $4,417 High Selling Bull: Lot 4, XXB Primo 541E ET sold for $8,750, Seller: JJ Boehler of Orleans, Nebraska, Buyer: Robert Anderson, Jamestown, Kansas High Selling Heifer: Lot 12, SEPT RCO No Tan Lines sold for $8,000, Seller: September Farms of Franklin, Nebraska, Buyer: David Sasse of Athol, Kansas

28 | MAY 2018

The champion Gelbvieh heifer was Lot 10, SFGI Ms Stella, consigned by Steinkruger Farms of Upland, Nebraska and sold to Kevin Davis of Osceola, Iowa. Lot 12, SEPT RCO No Tan Lines, consigned by September Farms of Franklin, Nebraska, was reserve champion and sold to Sasse Family of Athol, Kansas. Lot 12 was the high selling heifer. The champion Gelbvieh bull was Lot 4, XXB Primo 541E ET, consigned by JJ Boehler of Orleans, Nebraska. Lot 4 sold to Robert Anderson of Jamestown, Kansas, and was the high selling Gelbvieh bull. Lot 2, XXB Lifeline 56D, consigned by JJ Boehler of Orleans, Nebraska, was reserve champion and sold to Jason Bose of Orleans, Nebraska. The champion Gelbvieh bull consigned by JJ Boehler of Orleans was crowned the 2018 supreme champion bull. The Gelbvieh bull was also the supreme champion bull at the 2017 Classic and was also exhibited by JJ Boehler of Orleans.

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RFI Tested Balancer®, Gelbvieh & Angus Bulls Sell Annually in April at the Ranch

Ridge Top Ranch


Neola, Iowa

Black & Polled Private Treaty Sales

Breed-leading Performance from Quality Genetics

Kevin: 402-510-8103 Al: 402-676-5292

COLORADO Ricky Linquist th Street inquist 1135 190 inquist


Dave & Dawn Bowman

Fonda, IA 50540

arms (712) 288-5349 arms

55784 Holly Rd. • Olathe, CO 81425

(970) 323-6833

Gelbvieh & Red Angus


Dick & Jean Williams

Jim Roelle 38330 CR 49 Peetz, CO 80747

(C): 970-520-1224

P.O. Box 156 Orovada, NV 89425 775•272•3442

“Pounds Make Profit in Your Pocket” Bulls & Heifers Private Treaty



Eric Ehresman 20963 30th St. Mechanicsville, IA 52306

(319) 489-2275 (319) 480-1564

LEDGERWOOD GELBVIEH Gelbvieh • Red Angus • Balancer® Pete & Samee Charriere


2633 Hwy 12 East • Clarkston, WA 99403

509-566-8805 • “Seedstock that work for the commercial cattleman

Martens Gelbvieh

Gary Martens 2126 500th St • Walnut, IA 51577 712.764.5007 (H) • 712.249.5744 (C) Annual Bull and Female sale in March with the Southwest Iowa Gelbvieh Group

MONTANA Quality livestock that Work for you Gelbvieh Carcass Quality Calving Ease Tenderness Docility

Quarter Horses Want to Please Strong Bone Intelligent Athletic

1496 Goose Creek Rd. • Raynesford, MT 59469 Ranch Phone: 406.738.4220 •

30 | MAY 2018

Looking for a sale or event?

Check Places to Be on the website:


Triple H Farms Roy & Nancy Holste 3113 260th Street Clarinda, IA 51632

712-303-0263 • 712-303-1947

Bulls and Heifers for sale Private Treaty

breeders corner GW


u Brandywine Farm


Dennis & Sherry Gustin Family Al and Peggy Gustin Mandan, ND • 701/663-7266

Tom Scarponcini

Richie & Sarah Heinrich 701/320-6484 (cell) email:

Thorstenson Gelbvieh

Selby, South Dakota Annual Bull Sale 1st Saturday in March

Brian & Dee Dee 605-649-9927

Vaughn & Wendy 605-649-6262

30474 Brandywine Road Rushford, MN 55971



SFI Schafer Farms, Inc.


37740 240th Ave., Goodhue, MN 55027 Brian Schafer Lowell Schafer 1-888-226-9210 651-923-4587 Private Treaty Bull Sale — Last Sat. in February Annually

SwenSon Gelbvieh

Dean Swenson

17513 Hwy 10 Little Falls, MN 56345 (h) 320.632.5848 • (c) 320.630-5536

Polled • Purebred • Red • Black

SOUTH DAKOTA Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle Bulls • Heifers • Embryos • Semen

Jim & Barb Beastrom Brandy Ludemann, Brittney Spencer

Hermosa, SD

Annual Bull Sale 3rd Saturday in December.

Chimney Butte RanCh 34261 200th Street, Highmore, SD 57345 AJ Munger 605-521-4468 Commercial Sales Andy LeDoux 785-527-3188 Registered Sales 1-855-303-BULL •

Doug & Carol Hille

3320 51st Street, Mandan, ND 58554 701-445-7383 or 701-220-2083 Email: Website:


Ph: 605-224-5789 • 605-280-7589 (Cell) •

Lori Maude 303.809.3789 (C) Julie Maude 605.381.2803 (C)


Keith, Janice, Dustin & Britney

We want to Keep up with AGA members. Please send in information to be included in the Gelbvieh World and on our website: • Items for Events of Interest • News for Information Exchange • Dates for upcoming shows and field days. • State Association news Plus, add us to your mailing lists when sending out sale catalogs. Send all items to: Gelbvieh World 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200 Broomfield, CO 80021

Annual Production Sale 1st Friday in March

6700 County Rd. 19 S. Minot, ND 58701 (701) 624-2051 (H) (701) 720-8823 (C)

Rob Arnold


Registered Gelbvieh & Balancers®

Get ready for upcoming sales! Advertise in Gelbvieh World or the Profit Picture



GW sales

23rd Annual Central Montana Gelbvieh and Angus Genetics Bull Sale March 17, 2018 Lewistown Livestock Auction Lewistown, Montana Consignors: Danell Diamond Six Ranch, Bolton Double B Ranch, and Linhart Angus Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe Reported by Omie Danell Sale Averages: 5 Purebred Gelbvieh Yearling Bulls 20 Balancer® Yearling Bulls 7 Purebred Angus Yearling Bulls 32 Overall Average

$5,450 $4,400 $4,286 $4,539


lthough the forecast threatened winter storms, sale day came in with warmer temperatures and only a heavy fog in the area. What a blessing for our customers for calving and for traveling! Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, friends, neighbors, and family for your help in bringing this offering of Gelbvieh, Balancer, and Angus seedstock. Bulls were sold locally, statewide, and into Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Sale Highlights: Lot 35, JOB DANELL John Glenn 22E, topped the sale at $9,000, selling to Dan Warner, Warner Beef Genetics of Arapahoe, Nebraska. John Glenn is a homozygous polled, black purebred Gelbvieh son of DLW New Frontier 33A ET out of a MLLC M/L Encore daughter, JOB DANELL Jojo 13Y ET, the granddam of the up and coming AI sire, BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C! John Glenn covers all bases, from top EPDs for birth and calving, growth, and carcass to personal performance – actual birthweight of 80 pounds, sale day weight of 1305, and scrotal of 40.5! Watch for semen sales on this future AI sire. Lot 7, M L Wide Open 7299, at $8,250, was the high selling purebred Angus bull. Gary and Kathryn Jenni of Lewistown, Montana, went home with this

32 | MAY 2018

high-performance son of Hilltop Wide Open 4215 that weaned off his dam, a Sitz Upward 307R daughter, at 925 pounds! With an actual birthweight of 80 pounds and growth ratios – WW 120, YW 110, and ADG 109 – it is easy to see why this bull was sought after! Lot 40, JOB DANELL Paygrade 68E, was the high selling Balancer, selling to Austin and Raelynn Genereux of Big Sandy, Montana, for $6,500. Paygrade is a homozygous polled and homozygous black BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C son from an AAR Ten X daughter, and boasts well-rounded EPDs and outstanding performance! Lot 36, JOB DANELL Gambler 34E, sold locally to Paul and Jen Jensen for $6,000. Gambler is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of BTBR Nevada 1170Y from a JOB DANELL TD Chico Loco 28Y daughter with good calving ease, growth, and carcass! Lot 37, JOB DANELL Dandy 39E, at $6,000, goes to Kyle and Jade Salveson of Malta, Montana. Dandy is a black, homozygous polled Balancer son of JOB DANELL A.J. 12A ET from a daughter of one of our most productive donor dams, Monarch Sandy Pride S132, and Dandy boasts a tenderness score of 10! Lot 2, M L Resource 7072, sold for $5,750 to Mike Thom of Moore, Montana. This purebred Angus son of S A V Resource 1441 comes from a strong maternal cow family that continues to perform with high weaning and yearling ratios! Lot 34, JOB DANELL Reinvented 13E, at $5,750, sold locally to Fred and Leslie Colver. Reinvented is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of Sitz Reinvested 636A with a low birth weight, high gain, and a tenderness of 9! Fred and Leslie also take home Lot 21, BBDM Bolton Big Hunk 128E, a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C and Lot 25, BBDM Bolton 20/20 143E, a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of Thomas Top Hand 0536. Lot 18, BBDM Bolton Peyton 118E, sold for $5,500 to Kevin Guldborg, Guldborg Bros. Inc. of Brockway, Montana. Peyton is a homozygous polled, homozygous

sales GW black Gelbvieh Balancer son of V A R Discovery 2240 with low birth and high gain EPDs backed by performance - an actual birth weight of 74 pounds and one of the highest gain ratios! He also has a .76 MB EPD, a tenderness score of 7, and a docility score of 7! Kevin also takes Lot 31, JOB DANELL Liberty 03E and Lot 41, JOB DANELL Twilight 71E. Lot 30, JOB DANELL Napoleon 01E, was picked up by Dave and Dawn Bowman, Bow K Ranch, of Olathe, Colorado, for $5,500. Napoleon is a homozygous polled, homozygous black purebred Gelbvieh son of BBDM Bolton Pay Day 45C with an actual birth weight of 79 pounds, a sale day weight of 1325, a scrotal of 41.4, an REA of .52, an MB of .06, and a tenderness score of 6! Watch for semen sales on this future AI sire.

picked up purebred Gelbvieh - Lot 29, BBDM Bolton Rip Tide 192E. Lot 24, BBDM Bolton Titanium 141E, went home locally with Elton and Jill Owens for $5,000. Titanium is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Balancer son of TMGC SB Arnold 225W with calving ease, carcass value, and outstanding performance!

Lot 32, JOB DANELL Security 04E, and Lot 33, JOB DANELL Oz 08E, two Balancers, go to Roger Eissinger of Brockway, Montana, for $5,500 each. Roger also

Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale EGL Expo E7194 – Griswold Cattle, Stillwater, Oklahoma, bought the top-selling Red Angus bull by RED U-2 Riff 1213C for $9,500. Rob Farlee, Dupree, South Dakota, bought EGL Equator E7149, the next high-selling Red Angus bull by AHL Flashback 446B for $8,500.

March 21, 2018 Highmore, South Dakota Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar Reported by AJ Munger Sale Averages: 105 Balancer® Bulls 37 SimAngus Bulls 20 Red Angus Bulls 41 Angus Bulls

$3,885 $4,445 $3,825 $3,311


GL Enterprise E080 – Raile Gelbvieh, St. Francis, Kansas, purchased the top-selling red Balancer bull by H2R Profitbuilder B403 for $10,500.

EGL Express 7042 – Schurrtop Ranch, Farnham, Nebraska, bought the top Angus bull by T C A Visionary 158 for $9,500. EGL Encore E7166 – Green Hills Gelbvieh, Mt. Ulla, North Carolina, purchased the top Gelbvieh bull by Danell TD Chico Loco 28Y for $8,500. EGL Endeavor 08E – D Bar C Ranch, Belgrade, Montana, bought the top SimAngus bull by Hook’s Beacon 56B for $8,500.

EGL Echelon E065 – Alta Genetics, Watertown, Wisconsin, purchased the high-selling black Balancer bull by EGL Lock and Load X415 for $9,750. Hamilton Farms, Hitchcock, South Dakota, purchased a full brother, EGL Echelon E066 for $9,000.



GW breeders corner


KENTUCKY Coles Bend Cattle Company

Raising registered Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle since 2000. Trent Jones Smith Grove, KY • 270.590.5266

TENNESSEE Quality Gelbvieh & Balancer® Cattle

ClinCh Mountain Gelbvieh

John & Liz Loy (865) 687-1968 (865) 235-8869 (C)

7611 Dyer Rd. Luttrell, TN 37779

Bulls & Heifers for Sale

Transfer the registration on the bulls you sell and give your customers the tools to become more profitable. • Provides access to value added marketing services for customer’s calves


“Superior Gelbvieh and Balancer Cattle”

Chris & Jordan Hampton • Charles & Sue Hampton

Quality Gelbvieh, Angus & Balancer Cattle

Send his credentials with him...

839 Davistown Rd. Celina, TN 38551 931-243-3213 H 931-510-3213 C

Registered Bulls & Replacement Females

• Commercial customers receive a free 1-year subscription to Gelbvieh World and the Profit Picture • Allows customers to track pedigree information to manage inbreeding and maximize heterosis


(336) 964-6277 •






Private Treaty Sales Available Year Round.

Roger Morris • C.W. Moss 928 Morris Road Appomattox, VA 24522 434.574.6592 Roger Morris C.W. Moss 434.315.4294 434.391.4458

Producing Black, Polled Genetics for Today & Tomorrow.

Walter & Lee Teeter 1380 French Belk Rd. • Mt. Ulla, NC 28125 (704) 664-5784

Promote Your Operation Advertise with a State Round-up ad in the the two issues of the Profit Picture and the Herd Reference issue of Gelbvieh World Call Lynn at the AGA office • 303.465.2333

34 | MAY 2018 Office (434) 376-3567 Fax (434) 376-7008 James D. Bennett 434/376-7299 Paul S. Bennett 434/941-8245 Jim G. Bennett 434/664-7935 Brian R. Bennett 434/664-8309 Dalton G. Bennett 434/664-7946 PO Box 117 • Red House, VA • 23963 Total Performance Bull Sale • Dec. 01, 2017






Farms Doug & Sue Hughes 6916 Peppers Ferry Road Max Meadows, VA 24360 C 276/620-4271

350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200 Broomfield, CO 80021 303-465-2333


V 40 BRED FALL COWS V All ages available priced from $1500 to $2500 These will start calving August 18, 2018




Birth Date



18 months

Sept./Oct. 2016



14 months

Feb./March 2017



8 months

Sept./Oct. 2017


A great selection of Registered Purebred Gelbvieh Bulls We price our cattle to sell quickly!


We are sold out of heifers but will have more available in September. Our 200+ purebred Gelbvieh cows produce an excellent set of cattle that we can offer to you. Our herd is the product of 40 years of careful Gelbvieh breeding and we invite you to come take a look. We price our cattle to sell quickly and we look forward to your phone call.


Whenever you think of Gelbvieh Cattle, think of

Markes Family Farms Oklahoma’s Largest Gelbvieh Breeder

GW breeders corner



Bar Arrow Cattle Company

Harriman Santa fe

LIZ OSWALD 620.662.0862 (h) ANDY OSWALD 620.662.5489 (o) 620.664.4692 (c)


CORY HOFFMAN Herdsman 620.960.1189 (c)

Stuar t Jar vis


bv Gel


“Where workin’ cattle and eye appeal come full circle”

#1 Active Balancer Sire “B006” Marb & Feeder Profit Index (feedlot performance, carcass merit)

Balancer & SimAngus Bulls & Females

Bob Harriman (660) 492-2504

Private Treaty Listing

26 E. Limestone Rd. • Phillipsburg, KS 67661

e-mail: • 785/543-5177

Top of the breed sales (every day)

Timothy Mulroy • 785-640-6401 Mayetta, KS •

POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 Email:

Committed to raising quality seestock Registered Gelbvieh and Balancer® Cattle Elmer, Brenda, Brad & Benny McWilliams Asbury, MO 64832 • 417-842-3225 • 417-529-0081(cell)

John & Carla Shearer 2815 Navajo Rd. • Canton, KS 67428 620.628.4621

620.654.6507 (John Cell) • 620.654.6731 (Johnny Cell)

Annual Production Sale 1st Saturday in April

Purebred A.I. Seedstock Bulls and Heifers Available. Al & Mary Knapp Cell: (913) 219-6613 18291 158th Street H: (913) 724-4105 Basehor, KS 66007 e-mail:

diamond v gelbvieh Randy odle

1210 G Rd. Stockton, ks 67669 785.737.3319 Building Gelbvieh Genetics since 1989

If you’re not here, how does your customer find you?


Cattle Company Owensville, MO

Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle

Jared, Caisie, Brooke & Cameron

Gilbert & Debra

573.280.4633 573.646.3477 Bulls marketed through Seedstock Plus Go to for sale dates, catalogs & videos


B/F Cattle Company

Specializing in Forage Raised

Balancer® Bulls on K-31

Judd Ranch Inc.

Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger Judd & Family Brent & Ashley Judd 423 Hwy. K-68 • Pomona, KS 66076 785/ 566-8371

36 | MAY 2018

Culling practices on cows/bulls second to NONE! For information, contact:

Route 1, Box 407 • Butler, MO 64730

660 • 492 • 2808

Promote for Success! Upcoming Advertising Deadlines: July Gelbvieh World Ad deadline: May 30

Call 303-465-2333 today!

breeders corner GW



Mark & Patty Goes

Polled Fullblood Gelbvieh Cattle

39414 SW 75th Rd. Odell, NE 68415 (402) 766-3627

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Wehner 22533 Spencer Lane Kirksville, MO 63501 660-665-7502

RogeRs Valley FaRm gelbVieh


Private Treaty Bull & Heifer Sales • Orchard, NE Val Livingston • • 402-655-2288

Gelbvieh Bulls Black

Breed for Tomorrow’s Cattle Today!

A Breed Leader in Tenderness & Marbling–

Kyle & Lori Kuker Shubert, NE

Balancer Females Red


402-883-2366 402-245-7512 P.O. Box 51 Mendon, MO 64660 (660-375-7266 (C)

Squeakin’ By-LK Farms

J. J. Boehler

Ronald RogeRs email:

70948 L Rd. , Orleans, NE 68966 308-473-7342 • 308-999-0207

Jeff Swanson • 308/991-0727 10908 724 Road • Oxford, NE 68967

Gelbvieh SprinG Flood ranch balancer® Jim & Sherri Michaletz 1397 Spring Flood Rd Goodman, MO 64843 417-364-5297 (O) 479-366-1234 (C) Email:

Cedar Top Ranch

Annual Sale—Last Saturday in February



Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163 (H): 308-587-2293 • (C): 308-530-3900 Eldon Starr: 1-800-535-6173 or Rich Johnson: 402-368-2209

Consistent Genetics Adding Pounds & Profit

Myron & Valerie Bahm 4375 White Oak Rd Fordland, MO 65652

417-753-3578(h) • 417-576-0687(c)


Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer®


Nebraska & Missouri Kyle Helms – NE Cody Helms – NE/MO 308-962-6940 303-842-9071 Missouri Office 417-309-0062

Visit us at– Flying H Genetics

Stay Connected!

Keep up to date with shows, sales and other events by visiting

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Bulls For The BeeF Business Gelbvieh F Balancer F Red Angus F Angus F Angus Hybrids Randy & Leslie Lemke 1757 Road 2500, (H) 402-756-7090 Lawrence, NE 68957 (C) 402-469-2284

We want to Keep up with AGA members. Please send in information to be included in the Gelbvieh World and on our website: • Items for Events of Interest • News for Information Exchange • Dates for upcoming shows and field days. • State Association news Plus, add us to your mailing lists when sending out sale catalogs. Send all items to: Gelbvieh World 350 Interlocken Blvd., Ste. 200 Broomfield, CO 80021



GW news

AGA Board of Directors Action Points


he American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) Board of Directors met March 22-23, 2018 at the Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown, in Fort Worth, Texas.

3. Replace the words “parentage markers” in Rule II G 2. B with the words “parent verification” in the first sentence in the Gelbvieh rules.

The AGA Board was invited by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) to host the board meeting in conjunction with the TSCRA Cattle Raisers Convention. Also during that time in Fort Worth, Scott Starr, AGA President was featured on “Superior Sunrise,” which is Superior Livestock Auction’s 30-minute television program that airs directly before each video cattle auction.

4. Remove the word “computed” from Rule II B 3 and Rule 2 C3 in the Gelbvieh rules.

The following is a list of action points approved by the board during this meeting: 1. Consent the agenda with additions. 2. Accept the minutes as presented with corrections.

5. Allow for the female to have a calf observation with birthdate recorded if the dam has available herd assessment credit for that year without having to register a calf. 6. Move forward with the Integrity Beef Alliance proposal. 7. AGA to cost share 50 percent of the DNA tests of the 2018 American Gelbvieh Foundation Steer Challenge and Scale and Rail contest. 8. Approve financial report as presented. D

6 TH ANNUAL MIDDLE TENNESSEE GELBVIEH/ANGUS INVITATIONAL Hosted by Armstrong Cattle Co. Saturday, May 12, 2018 • 1:00 PM CT • Centerville, TN SELLING: v 35+ Registered Gelbvieh & Angus Females 25+ Commercial Gelbvieh & Angus v Influenced Females v 10+ Gelbvieh & Balancer® Service Age Bulls

Armstrong Cattle Company

Steven & Anita Armstrong 4874 Hwy 50 • Centerville, TN 37033 615•418•2124

38 | MAY 2018

Selling a full sister to Ms Astro 246A with a Renegade heifer at side bred back to Lazy TV Sam

Selling several granddaughters of Ms Fortune 63X

For catalog or information, contact:

Slaughter Sale Management David Slaughter 270•556•4259 •

GW events of interest May 2018

October 2018

May 12 6 Annual Middle Tennessee Gelbvieh & Angus Invitational, Centerville, TN May 12 Kittle Farms Building A Legacy Spring Bull Sale, Rainsville, AL May 20 TJB Gelbvieh Show Heifer Sale May 25-27 AGJA Eastern Regional, Palmyra, MO May 25 AGA office closed for Memorial Day May 28 AGA office closed for Memorial Day th

June 2018 June 1-2 AGJA Western Regional, Concordia, KS June 24 TJB Gelbvieh Bred Heifer Sale

July 2018 July 1-6 AGJA Corn Fed Classic, Waterloo, IA July 4 AGA office closed for Independence Day July 19-22 The Summit, IGS Youth Leadership Conference Fort Worth, TX

40 | MAY 2018

Oct. 27

Warner Beef Genetics Fall Female Production Sale, Arapahoe, NE

November 2018 Nov. 17 Red River Bull Sale, Wichita Falls, TX

March 2019 Mar. 5

Warner Beef Genetics Nebraska Bull Sale, Arapahoe, NE

Visit the online version of Places to Be at for additional dates on upcoming sales and more information on each event. Editor’s Note: If you have sale or event information for this listing, please email the information to This includes tours, expos, field days and other Gelbvieh events. Places to Be at contains additional contact information for each event.

breeders corner GW

SERVICE CENTER All your A.I. needs!!

Bull Barn Genetics 35 Years in business

• Gelbvieh • Angus • Red Angus • Simmental • Club Calf • Salers • Shorthorn • Dairy • Charolais • Hereford

• Sheaths • Gloves • Cito Thaw Units • Tanks • A.I. Kits • Arm Service

Ronn Cunningham AUCTIONEER P.O. Box 146 • Rose, OK 74364 918-629-9382 cellular

Eldon & Kathy Starr

210 Starr Dr • Stapleton, NE 69163 800-535-6173

Dan McCarty • Auctioneer • • Professional Ring Service • 970-481-5217

Cattlemen’s Connection

Specializing in

• Gelbvieh Semen Sales • Consulting • Order Buying (all purchases guaranteed) Roger & Peg Gatz (785) 742-3163 Call Toll-Free:1-800-743-0026

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Gelbvieh World Advertising Rates

CLOSING DATE: Ad materials and editorial deadline is the 25th of the month two months prior to publication date. (December issue deadline is October 25th). Ads for sale dates prior to the 15th of the month of publication are discouraged.

Full Page $780 1/3 Page $392 Column inch $30

For Feb./Sept. (Commercial Editions) and June/ July (Herd Reference Edition) please call for deadline information.

STANDARD ISSUES: Full Page $717 1/2 Page $454 1/3 Page $347 Column inch $30

2/3 Page 1/2 Page Isand 1/4 Page

$562 $482 $268

Feb./Sept. Commercial Profit Picture 1/2 Page 1/4 Page

Color: Four Color $300 additional One Additional color $150 additional

$504 $309

ADVERTISING CONTENT: The Graphic Designer and/or the Director of Administration reserve the right to reject any or all advertising on any reasonable basis. Gelbvieh World and/or American Gelbvieh Association assumes no responsibility for the advertising content as submitted. Advertisers assume all responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of submitted advertising containing pedigrees or statements regarding performance. Advertisers shall indemnify and hold harmless Gelbvieh World and American Gelbvieh Association for any claims concerning advertising content as submitted.

Call today: 303/465-2333



GW ad index 3 G Ranch......................................... 27 ABCS Gelbvieh................................ 30 AGA......................................... IFC, 40 AGJA................................................. 19 B/F Cattle Company........................ 36 Bar Arrow Cattle Company........... 36 Bar JR Gelbvieh..........................24, 30 Bar T Bar Ranch, Inc....................... 30 Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch.............. 31 Boehler Gelbvieh............................. 37 Bolton Cattle Ranch........................ 30 Bow K Ranch................................... 30 Brandywine Farm............................ 31 Bull Barn Genetics.....................16, 41 Canadian GV Assn.......................... 41 Cattlemen’s Connection.............. 3, 41 C-Cross Cattle Company............... 34 Cedar Top Ranch......................37, BC Chimney Butte Ranch..................... 31 C.H. Morris & Sons, LLC............... 34 Circle S Ranch.................................. 36 CJ&L Livestock................................ 31 Clinch Mountain Gelbvieh............. 34 Coles Bend Cattle Company.......... 34 Cranview Gelbvieh...................... 7, 31

42 | MAY 2018

Cunningham, Ronn........................ 41 Danell Diamond Six Ranch............ 30 Diamond L Farms........................... 29 Diamond V Gelbvieh...................... 36 Dromgoole’s Heaven....................... 29 Eagle Pass Ranch............................. 31 Flying H Genetics............................ 37 43 Gelbvieh World................................ 44 Green Hills Gelbvieh....................... 34 GS Ridge Top Ranch....................... 30 Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh....... 31 Hampton Cattle Company............. 34 Harriman Santa Fe.......................... 36 Hart Farm Gelbvieh........................ 36 Hilltop Farms................................... 36 Hodges Ranch.................................. 29 Hojer Gelbvieh Ranch..................... 31 IGS Youth Leadership Conference...28 J&K Farm.......................................... 27 J Bar M Gelbvieh.......................15, 36 Judd Ranch, Inc........................... 1, 36 Kicking Horse Ranch...................... 30 Kittle Gelbvieh Farms...............29, 39 Knoll Crest Farm............................. 34

Koehn Cattle Co.............................. 29 Land of Oz/ John C Oswald........... 36 Lambert, Doak................................. 41 Ledgerwood Gelbvieh..................... 30 Lemke Cattle.................................... 37 Linquist Farms................................. 30 Little Windy Hill Farms.................. 34 Lone Oak Cattle............................... 30 Lost River Livestock........................ 48 M&P Gelbvieh................................. 37 Markes Family Farms................29, 35 Martens Gelbvieh............................ 30 Martin Cattle Company.................. 29 McCarty, Dan................................... 41 Middle TN Invitational................... 38 Miller Gelbvieh................................ 29 Mitchell Marketing Service............ 41 MLM Gelbvieh................................. 37 Mulroy Farms................................... 36 Nine Bar Nine Gelbvieh.................. 30 Nowack Cattle Company................ 36 Plateau Gelbvieh.............................. 30 Post Rock Cattle Company............ 36 Prairie Hills Gelbvieh...................... 31 Reynolds Bee Lick Gelbvieh........... 23 Rocking GV Gelbvieh..................... 37 Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh......... 37 Sawtooth Gelbvieh Cattle & Hay... 30 Schafer Farms, Inc........................... 31 Seedstock Plus Genetics................. 41 Seedstock Plus.................................. 41 Southwest Iowa Bull Sale................ 25 Spring Flood Ranch........................ 37 Squeakin’ By-LK Farms.................. 37 Sullivan Supply................................. 13 Swanson Cattle Company.............. 37 Swenson Gelbvieh........................... 31 Taubenheim Gelbvieh..................... 37 The 88 Ranch.................................... 37 Thorstenson Gelbvieh..................... 31 Thull Gelbvieh Farm....................... 31 TJB Gelbvieh & Balancer.................. 5 Triple H Farms................................. 30 Triple K Gelbvieh............................. 36 Volek Ranch..................................... 31 Warner Beef Genetics ................. IBC White Oak Farms............................ 37 Wildwood Acres.............................. 27 Wilkinson Gelbvieh........................ 30

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Early ad discount deadline: May 22 Final ad deadline: May 30

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Building Better Beef one mating at a time! CED 10

BW 0.8

WW 77 20%

YW 122 15%

MK 30 20%

TM 68 5%



HP 10.84 3%

PG30 0.83

ST 14 15%

DMI 0.04

YG -0.37

CW 43 15%

REA 0.70 10%

MB 0.33 35%

$COW 120.82 10%

FPI 84.03 20%

EPI 183.21 5%

Semen available through Warner Beef Genetics and Bull Barn Genetics. With May being Beef month we express our appreciation to all of our customers, fellow breeders, and anyone else involved in the cattle business. WARNER BEEF GENETICS is involved in every production segment of the cattle business and fully understand the importance of the end product. With every mating we build them from the ground up into profitable, productive individuals that make a positive contribution to the supply chain.

Your partner in the Beef Business:

FALL FEMALE PRODUCTION SALE: October 27, 2018 RED RIVER BULL SALE: November 17, 2018 NEBRASKA BULL SALE : March 5,2019 Semen and Embryos available anytime Dan and Kate Warner 42198 Road 721, Arapahoe, NE 68922 Dan Warner • 308-962-6511 Monte Warner • 308-268-6020 Darren Warner • 308-268-2031

Cedar Top Ranch offers a LIFELINE for your breeding needs



AMGV 1298079 • BA50 • Homozyougs Black • Homozygous Polled CED 14 30%

BW -1.0 35%

WW 79 15%

YW 117 20%

MK 16

TM 56

CEM 7 35%

HP 5.34 45%

PG30 0.42

ST 12 25%

DMI 0.08

YG -0.46 25%

CW 37 30%

REA 0.75 5%

MB $Cow FPI EPI 0.06 100.78 80.28 146.47 30% 35% 15%

2016 National Western Stock Show Grand Champion Balancer Bull Co-owned with Eagle Pass Ranch and LeDoux Ranch Semen available through Bull Barn Genetics 800-535-6173

Cedar Top Ranch

Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163 308-587-2293 • 308-530-3900 (C) email:

May 2018 Gelbvieh World  

This month's issue of Gelbvieh World focuses on beef month and features the AGJA Spring/Summer newsletter.

May 2018 Gelbvieh World  

This month's issue of Gelbvieh World focuses on beef month and features the AGJA Spring/Summer newsletter.