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12 Gelbvieh Pride Found in a Family Pastime By Steve Peddicord

President’s Message View from the Office By Susan Willmon


14 Developing a Long-Range Marketing Plan

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Junior Regional Show Results

32 Star of the North Western Regional Show Albert Lea, Minn. 34 Muddy River Eastern Regional Show Warrenton, Mo.

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On the cover: One pasture of fall-calving Gelbvieh cows at Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh in Mendon, Mo. Watch for a feature story on Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh in a future issue of Gelbvieh World.

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Al Knapp

President’s Message president’s message

Leading Change to Improve the Beef Industry Welcome to the dog days of summer. Where I am from, August is my least favorite month as it’s usually hot and dry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not humid! In a couple of weeks it will be time to bring home the fall calving cows from summer pasture. Spring calves are weaned and those cows will be moved out to fall pastures. My wife says if there isn’t something that must be done, I will make something up. There is always something going on at Triple K Gelbvieh. There is always something going on in the beef industry. They say that change is inevitable. You can embrace change or be in denial. To take advantage of change you must lead. So it is with our industry group known as the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF). I had the opportunity to attend the 2010 BIF conference held in Columbia, Mo. There are changes taking place in our industry that will impact us for generations to come. Do you know what they are? Are you embracing these changes? Or, are you in denial? There were a number of excellent presentations made. Some of my favorites were: • Dr. Barry Dunn of South Dakota State talked about the “Mystery of Beef Improvement” and that technique and technology would lead the way. He said we need to develop a “systems approach to beef improvement.” • Dr. Matt Spangler of Nebraska talked about the differences in selecting genetics for profitability versus performance. He recommends “multitrait selection” working to “optimize rather than maximize” performance. • Dr. Eric DeVuyst of Oklahoma State talked about risk assessment strategies. He sighted: 1. Relative scale – How big compared to overall enterprise? 2. Perceived Risk – What are the risks? 3. Degree of reversibility – If we make this change can we go back easily? • My personal favorite (perhaps it was the only one I could truly understand) was Dr. Tom Field of NCBA, formerly with  | August 2010

Colorado State University. Dr. Field made a presentation entitled Raising Beef in a First World Country: Science, Media & Politics. In the last 23 years we have lost 250,000 cattle producing enterprises. Cow inventory is the lowest since WWII. Of the existing enterprises 80 percent are herds with less than 50 cows. These herds only total 28 percent of the cow inventory. Less than 15 percent of cow-calf operators depend on cattle as their only source of income. He said consumers, fueled by media have tech-phobia. They are confused, and animal activists are spreading fear. The beef industry has too much infighting and the market is in chaos due to poor agriculture policy. He spoke of the new GIPSA regulations that give Government unprecedented intrusion into private marketing contracts. How are we to survive – through knowledge and action. We need to educate ourselves, learn what’s going on around us. Lead change by being involved in your local cattlemen’s organization and breed association. And like never before, we need to engage family, friends, business associates, suppliers, customers and the every day person on the street about what we do. Tell your story! As seedstock producers, do you tell your story? Seedstock animals do not sell themselves. The AGA can’t sell them for you. It takes real effort and time to achieve success. You have to work hard at communicating with potential customers. Many of today’s customers demand more data than ever before−EPDs, ultrasound, DNA, offspring marketing opportunities. In my part of the country we are heavily populated with small cow-calf operators. Many will not pay more than $1,500 for a bull. They have no interest or understanding in EPDs or DNA. They have too few calves to worry about a marketing opportunity. When they need to make a farm payment they just load some up and take them to the sale barn. I have visited with several area breeders that tell me similar stories. Continued on page 10

AGA Executive Committee President Al Knapp 913/219-6613 (O) 18291 158th St. Bonner Springs, KS 66012 Vice President Jim Beastrom 605/224-5789 (H) 20453 Cendak Rd. • Pierre, SD 57501-6315 Secretary Randy Gallaway 405/649-2410 (H) 15182 N. Midwest Blvd. • Mulhall, OK 73063 Treasurer Mark Goes 402/766-3627 (H) S E Community College, 39414 SW 75th Rd, Odell, NE 68415 Legal Counsel E. Edd Pritchett 405/375-5516 (O) 114 N. Main St. • Ste. 101 Kingfisher, OK 73750

AGA Directors Rob Arnold 701/624-2051 (H) 6700 Cty Rd 19 S • Minot, ND 58701 Brian Dunn 620/549-6516 (H) 707 N Main • St. John, KS 67576 Ken Flikkema 406/586-6207 (H &O) 2 Mint Trail • Bozeman, MT 59718 Jerry Grund 785/891-3765 (H) 2690 Iron Horse Rd. • Wallace, KS 67761 Dick Helms 308/493-5411 (H) 42041 Dr. 728 • Arapahoe, NE 68922 John Huston Bob Prosser 928/289-2619 (O) PO Box 190 • Winslow, AZ 86047 Brian Schafer 888/226-9210 (O) 37740 240th Ave. • Goodhue, MN 55027 Gary Tilghman 270/678-5695 (H) 690 Lick Branch Rd • Glasgow, KY 42141-9409 Dan Warner 308/962-6511 (H) 71628 Rd 425 • Beaver City, NE 68926 Nancy Wilkinson 719/846-7910 (H) 23115 CR 111.3 • Model, CO 81059

All approved AGA Board minutes are available for inspection in the AGA office. Board meeting highlights are available upon request.


TJB 838H


6th ANNUAL Hartland Farm & J Bar M Gelbvieh




OCTOBER 9, 2010 • 1:00 p.m. (cst)


Extra 150D x Lady Granite 432S

Hartland Farm Donor. Top selling donor purchased in the TJB dispersal. Sells in her entirety. Also selling many 838H daughters.




HARTLAND FARM, Stella, Missouri



Selling five daughters of Lady Granite 838H sire by Master Plan, Govenor, Weaver Lester and a Helen B son Selling our last daughter of Helen B sired by Carolina Hero Selling two HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Trevor daughters sired by Top Brass Selling a daughter of JBOB 1373G sired by Ideal Direction


Selling a daughter of Vickie Vail X1 sired by Polled Gizmo Selling a Trevor daughter sired by TJB Masterpiece Selling choice of two HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Magic Muffin daughters sired by MAC 539M ET Selling a daughter of TWA 111M sired by Tabasco


Freedom 178F x JEB 31X

J Bar M Gelbvieh Donor. Selling a purebred Mississippi Gambler daughter and a 75% Balancer® daughter sired by Red Rock.


EGL F062

Robert & Mona Hart, owners • Mark McFarland, herd manager P.O. Box 134, Stella, MO 64867 (417) 628-3000 email:


Black Tie 123A x EGL D189 J Bar M Gelbvieh Donor. Selling a daughter sired by the ABS Global sire HYEK Black Impulse.

Jon E. & Edna Miller 28760 Norway Rd, Stark City, MO 64866 (417) 632-4925 home (417) 437-5250 cell Please no Sunday calls!

SALE MANAGEMENT BY: Mitchell Marketing Service

Chris Mitchell 334-695-1371 Randy Sienknecht 319-290-3763 2262 C Avenue • Gladbrook, IA 50635

Susan Willmon

View from the Office view from the office BIF: Questions, Answers, and More Questions in the Quest for Beef Improvement Answer, Question, Question, Answer, Question, Question and one last Question. For the last few years I have taken a list of questions to the annual Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) meeting in a quest for answers. This year was no exception. BIF brings together industry, academia, Extension, and both seedstock and commercial producers in a venue to ask questions and discuss issues that are at the forefront of beef improvement. Accompanying the answers is typically a raft of new topics that warrant some “windshield time” thinking and will more than likely generate the list of followup questions for next year. At the Range Beef Cow Symposium last December one of the sessions challenged the speakers to talk about the three best and worst decisions they have made on their operation. On the list of worst decisions was the lack of making time to review data generated in the operation and to think about what that data was telling them. In this day and age when we are constantly rushing from one “to do” to the next “to do”, do we step back and take an hour here and there “to think”? As such, below are some nuggets from BIF that made it to my thinking list for this coming year. Matt Spangler of the University of Nebraska gave a presentation focused on selection for profitable not just production genetics. He posed the question to the audience “How much time to you spend selecting for revenue traits versus cost traits?” Our tendency is to put much more emphasis on traits like weaning weight or marbling which translates to a measureable revenue stream. Probably the cost trait that most folks focus on is calving ease. But lurking behind the scenes are traits like udder quality, fertility, feet and leg soundness and others that contribute to cow longevity and economics. New measures of feed intake and efficiency will give us a better yardstick for that aspect, but managing the cost side may contribute as much or more to the bottom line as those traits we would traditionally put on the revenue side. Today’s consumers are the least knowledgeable about agriculture and food production in U.S. history. This statement

was part of the presentation by Tom Field, executive director of producer education at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. This coupled with the projection that over the next four to five decades the world’s population will increase to an equivalent population of two additional Chinas raises some interesting questions in light of our decreasing U.S. cow herd. What are the little things that each of us, who are involved in animal agriculture, can do to promote the fact that we are providing a safe and wholesome food source to the consuming public? Do we engage those family members, friends and business acquaintances that are off the farm in the cause or do we just assume they know what it really takes to get that great steak to the meat counter in the local grocery store? Do we as producers adopt the best practices that will allow us individually or as a U.S. beef industry to compete in the global beef economy?

Points for Gelbvieh breeders to think about: selecting for revenue traits verses costs traits; engaging the consuming public; and a systems approach to beef improvement. Finally Barry Dunn, formerly of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, now at South Dakota State University challenged us to take a more systems approach to our view of beef improvement – looking at beef improvement not solely as a puzzle to be solved with new technologies but as a mystery. The solutions to the mystery of beef improvement can be outside of our tradition of relying on genetic tools. Instead consider incorporating economic principles and other aspects that tie the system together. Additionally, the field Continued on page 10

 | August 2010

303/465-2333 Main Phone 303/465-2339 fax Director of Administration Dianne Coffman (ex. 479) Director of Breed Improvement Susan Willmon (ex. 484) Director of Breed Promotion Frank Padilla (ex. 480) Director of Communications Jennifer Scharpe (ex. 485) Director of Member Services Dana Stewart (ex. 488) Production Manager/Graphic Artist Katie Danneman (ex. 486) Area Coordinator Commercial Marketing Don Danell Area Coordinator Commercial Marketing Brandon McEndaffer Area Coordinator Commercial Marketing Steve Peddicord Customer Services Coleen Abplanalp (ex. 482) Dolores Gravley (ex. 481) Patti Showman (ex. 478) Teresa Wessels (ex. 477) Mailing address: 10900 Dover St., Westminster, CO 80021 General E-mail: Registration/Electronic Data Transfer: Website:


CWT1Tbc^U1^cWF^a[Sb THE CHOICE OF THE INDUSTRY The Post Rock Program offers Purebred and BalancerÂŽ Genetics for both the PUREBRED and COMMERCIAL industries.

THE GELBVIEH-ANGUS COW HOMOZYGOUS BLACK, HOMOZYGOUS POLLED PUREBRED For use on straight bred Angus cows to produce F1 progeny with exceptional heterosis and maternal traits.

THE SmartCross™

HOMOZYGOUS BLACK, HOMOZYGOUS POLLED BALANCERÂŽ For use on 1/2 blood cows to maintain the desired 50% Gelbvieh x Angus that are in demand and to retain most of the heterosis of the F1 cow.

THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH Heterosis is still free. POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 • Email: “Where calving ease, performance and eye-appeal come together.â€?

Beef Improvement Federation

President’s Message president’s message Continued from page 6

So here we go! We can just accept this as fact or we can lead change. Change this scenario – educate the customer, explain EPDs and DNA. Show them how a $2,500 bull can make them more money than a $1,500 bull. If you tell your story and deliver, you can make them a customer for life. No one else can tell your story for you! Next year, BIF will be in Bozeman, Mont. June 1-4. I hope to see you there! By the way, there were about 500 people at BIF this year. I made a list and counted over 30 people that I visited with that I had previously met. The amazing thing is I would not have met any of them had I not served on the AGA board for the last six years. You too can get involved, you can lead. The AGA will be looking for new Directors for the Board this fall. If you have an interest in learning and leading, contact Vaughn Thorstenson or one of the Nominating Committee members. May you wean all your calves. Al Al Knapp is the American Gelbvieh Association President. He owns and operates Triple K Gelbvieh in Bonner Springs, Kansas, with his wife, Mary, and son, Nick. Al can be reached at

View from the Office view from the office Continued from page 8

of epigenetics is causing us to look at animal differences from an alternative perspective. Epigenetics is the study of inherited changes in an animal’s appearance that are caused by mechanisms other than changes in the animals’ DNA. Fetal programming is one example of this. We have lots to learn as this field of study evolves. We can be proud that this year the Gelbvieh breed was well represented with over 15 AGA members in attendance. For the next three years both myself and Steve Munger will be serving on the BIF Board of Directors. As you sit back and formulate your plan for the next 12 months please “think” about joining us, June 1-4, at the 2011 BIF meeting in Bozeman, Montana. Susan Willmon is AGA Director of Breed Improvement. She can be reached by email at or by phone at the AGA office at 303-465-2333. 10 | August 2010

News ‘N Notes news ‘n notes Upcoming State Association Field Days Several state Gelbvieh associations will be hosting annual field days in the upcoming months. Attending field days are a great way to see what others in the Gelbvieh breed are doing, learn new things facing the beef industry, and meet new people. If your state is hosting a field day, consider attending and getting involved in your state association. Or think about making a trip to another state’s field day as a great way to allow for sharing of ideas and collaboration. Below are the details of three upcoming state field days. • Tennessee Field Day, August 7 in Crossville, Tenn. • Kansas Gelbvieh Association Annual Tour and Field Day, August 28 in northeast Kansas. • Kentucky Gelbvieh Association Field Day, Fredonia, Ky. Nominations sought for AGA honors Each year the American Gelbvieh Association presents the Member of the Year and the Hall of Fame awards at the annual convention. Nominations are currently being sought for the 2011 AGA Member of the Year and Hall of Fame inductee. Applications have been sent to state association officers and are due to the AGA office by August 15. If you have any questions, please contact Dianne Coffman at the AGA office. Elanco Names Pyatt Technical Consultant Elanco has announced the hiring of Dr. Nathan Pyatt as a beef technical consultant. In this role, he will work with Elanco’s marketing and sales team, providing technical support for the company’s feed-company outreach in the upper Midwest, while also working with nutritionists and producers. Pyatt will work from an office in Monticello, Ill. Most recently, Pyatt was manager of beef research for ADM, where he focused on research dedicated to innovative nutritional approaches for a variety of beef-production systems. A member of the Plains Nutrition Council and American Society of Animal

Tornado Leaves Behind Questions of Upcoming Events June 21, 2010 − In the wake of the June 20 tornado in Billings, it leaves behind a considerable amount of cleanup and repair as well as concern for upcoming events at MetraPark. At approximately 4:20 pm, a tornado touched down at MetraPark and hovered for several minutes over the Rimrock Auto Arena. The intensity of the storm ripped a substantial amount of the roof off the 10,000-seat arena, while destroying a majority of the trees around the facility. Montana Governor Brian Switzer toured the area and is expected to declare it an emergency, which will allow for access to funding for cleanup. “First we are thankful that there was no one hurt,” says NILE General Manager Justin Mills. “The NILE offices were untouched, but obviously we are concerned about the affects this will have on NILE in October as well as for our PBR event next spring, should the damage be that severe. At this time, we are planning to have the NILE in October since a majority of our events are in the other buildings. I know we are not the only promoter that is concerned about their future events, as is MetraPark regarding their own events, and I believe there is universal hope that the repair can be expedited.” At this time, there is still a considerable Science, he also has experience as a feed research scientist for ADM. Pyatt earned a doctorate and a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ill., and a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Illinois State University, Normal, Ill.

111th American Royal Livestock Show American Royal officials announce an expanded schedule for the 111th Livestock Show to be held Oct.22 through Oct. 31, 2010. With the rising number of exhibitors attending and animals exhibited at the Livestock Show each year it was necessary to find a bit more breathing room. Therefore, the show has been expanded to include two weekends of livestock excitement. With this expansion comes the opportunity to add a few new shows as well.

Bits ‘N Pieces bits ‘n pieces

amount of unknowns regarding the status of the arena. A building inspector is to be on the grounds today and determine the integrity of the building. This will begin to provide so direction for moving forward.  The NILE is the largest renter of MetraPark and holds its three largest events on the grounds: the NILE Stock Show, ProRodeo, and Western Expo is scheduled for October 11-16, 2010; the Montana AgriTrade Exposition (MATE Show) and Home & Health Expo will be February 17-19, 2011; and the PBR NILE Invitational which is tentatively slated for May of 2011. For updates and information go to or call 406.256.2495 Photos provided by NILE. The junior market shows which include: steers, hogs, lambs and goats; will be held on the first weekend, Oct. 22 – Oct. 24 with the Junior Premium Livestock Auction on Sunday, Oct. 24. Also included in the first weekend will be the return of a Pedigreed Breeding Gilt Show, the All Breed Fancy

Heifer & Prospect Steer Show & Sale, as well as the following breeding cattle open shows: Gelbvieh, Salers, American Lowline, Braunvieh and, new this year, Miniature Herefords. We have added two Boer Goat Shows to be held on Tuesday, Oct. 26 and Wednesday, Oct. 27. The second weekend, beginning on Thursday, Oct. 28 will include another great line up of breeding cattle open and junior shows: Angus, Limousin, Maine-Anjou, Shorthorn and Simmental. The American Royal will host the National Shows for the Charolais and Hereford breeds in 2010. A detailed schedule as well as the entire premium book, entry form and DNA kit order forms are posted online at www. DNA deadline is Aug.1 and the entry deadline is Sept.10, 2010. For further information please contact Karrie with the American Royal Livestock Department at (816) 569-4054. The American Royal Ring of Gold Gelbvieh and Balancer show will be Saturday, October 23 at 8:00 a.m. Travis Pembrook of Fairview, Okla. has been selected to judge the show. AGJA Member Finishes in Top 5 in Miss USA® Pageant Jessica Hartman, AGJA member from Pueblo, Colo., is the 2010 Miss Colorado USA. During the live NBC telecast of the 59th Annual Miss USA® Pageant on May 16, she finished in the top five. We congratulate Jessica for this outstanding achievement and for representing the rural community. She is the daughter of Gregg and Kris Hartman.

A m e r i c a n

G e l b v i e h

Advertise with the AGA Enews The American Gelbvieh Association sends an enewsletter every other Friday to approximately 1,500 AGA members and AGJA members. Banner advertisements on the enews are available for $100 on a first come, first serve basis. AGA will do the design. For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Dana Stewart, AGA director of member services, at 303-465-2333. Gelbvieh Farewells Howard Russell DeLano, 96, a cattle rancher and former range manager for the Bureau of Land Management, died in Oregon City on May 31, 2010. He was 96. Howard was born in Elmonica Station July 4, 1913. He moved with his family to a farm in the Redland area, east of Oregon City, in 1917. He was raising Gelbvieh cattle on that farm when he died. After retirement, he concentrated on developing a herd of registered beef cattle on the farm in Redland. He served as president of the Western Oregon Polled Hereford Association and of the Clackamas County Livestock Association. He was also president of the Oregon Gelbvieh Association. In 2003, he received the Public Land Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He is survived by his wife Pearl Langslet; his daughters, Sharon of New York City and Karen of Redland; and Karen’s partner, Rennie Squier. He is preceded in death by his first wife Margaret DeLano.

A s s o c i a t i o n

Area Coordinators—Commercial Marketing

Don Danell Western Region (406) 538-5622 (O)

“I look forward to assisting AGA members and commercial producers in the Western U.S. Please call me if I can assist you in locating or marketing seedstock and feeder cattle.”

“Producers are looking for quality Gelbvieh/ Balancer genetics. If you are looking for or have cattle for sale contact me.”

Steve Peddicord Eastern Region (606) 387-8579 (O) • (606) 688-4492 (C)

“Prepare now your marketing plan for fall and spring. Advertising in the Gelbvieh World and upcoming Profit Picture returns dollars on the investment. Let’s visit and develop a plan to get the word out about your program to potential buyers. If they don’t know about you they can’t buy from you!”

Brandon McEndaffer Midwest Region (970) 520-3020 (C)

Gelbvieh World | 11

Gelbvieh Pride Found in a Family Pastime By Steve Peddicord, AGA Area Coordinator-Eastern Region


s the aircraft from the U.S. Naval base in nearby Pensacola, Florida roared overhead, the docile cows of Larry and Marie Sullivan rested peacefully and enjoyed the warm, breezy, afternoon sun. It was another lazy day in the fertile coastal panhandle area of southern Alabama on the Clear Springs Gelbvieh farm. The Sullivan’s, along with their children Heather (28), Chris (27), and Katie (19), are actually first generation cattle producers despite the fact the land has been in the family since the early 1920’s. Marie’s mother was born on the property in 1924. At that time however, sugar cane, okra, corn, and other crops provided the primary means of agricultural production. However, in 1994 a new enterprise, Gelbvieh cattle, began to take shape and start replacing the crops.

12 | August 2010

With a total land base of only 50 acres, the Sullivan’s realized the importance of being efficient with how they would manage their herd of 40 purebred Gelbvieh cows. This meant grazing on all of the suitable pastureland while purchasing the hay they needed from outside sources. “We have a good supply of bermudagrass hay here locally,” says Larry. “The roll hay we buy is usually in the $30 range and is high quality. This allows us to graze every available inch of pasture land.” Clear Springs Gelbvieh prides itself on producing quality cattle while utilizing the most progressive technology to achieve this goal. “We use AI on our cows to increase our genetic base,” says Katie. “We do all of our own AI work right here on the farm. In addition, we recently started doing ET work on one of our cows that we own half interest in with Don Noel from Huntsville, Alabama.” As the Sullivan’s and I stepped slowly through the bermudagrass paddocks viewing cattle and snapping photos, it was hard not to notice the enthusiasm in Katie’s voice as she reeled off the “life history” of the cattle. It quickly became obvious the reason why Katie has been so successful in

Farm Name: Clear Springs Gelbvieh Prefix: CSGG Owners: Larry and Marie Sullivan, Heather, Chris, & Katie Operation type: Purebred cow-calf Forage type: Coastal bermudagrass including native seasonal grasses Average herd size: 40 head Gelbvieh cattle since: 1994 Other: Active in showing and AGJA

showing cattle as a hobby. Gelbvieh cattle are a passion to her. “Initially, Heather, Chris and I started showing cattle locally in the late 1990’s. But they were already aged out by the time we began attending junior classic shows and other shows like the N.A.I.L.E. and Dixie Nationals. We really didn’t get heavy into showing cattle until 2002. Since then we have attended many shows,” notes Katie. Inside the Sullivan house is a special area in the den devoted to the awards, ribbons, and plaques won by Katie, Heather, and Chris for showing Gelbvieh cattle. The hard work, dedication, and perseverance have paid off in recognition. Katie, who is also prepping for medical school this coming fall, plays an important role in the leadership of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA). She is currently the Vice-President of Leadership. She has also served as Senior Ambassador before being elected to the AGJA Board of Directors. Besides AGJA, she has served on the Alabama Junior Cattleman’s Association as VicePresident and has also been president of her FFA chapter. “The AGJA will help you develop leadership skills, allow you to travel to new places, meet other youth in the

From left: Christopher Sullivan, Justin Mahoney (Heather’s fiance), Heather Sullivan, Jesse Folmar (Katie’s boyfriend), Katie Sullivan, Marie Sullivan, Larry Sullivan, and Ida Grosbernd (Marie’s mom).

cattle industry, and let you challenge yourself. It has been a wonderful experience for me,” adds Katie. Clear Springs Gelbvieh is a small but proud Gelbvieh operation. The opportunity to travel with their children and show their finest Gelbvieh cattle has provided a blessing for Larry and Marie Sullivan. The gift of spending time together as a family and doing things you enjoy is priceless. “We are very passionate about our Gelbvieh cattle and take pride in our family pastime,” concludes Katie.

Gelbvieh World | 13

Seedstock Marketing

Feature feature

Developing a Long-Range Ma R

eceiving a premium price for purebred cattle means developing a market and planning ahead. To do so, you must market your cattle as well as your programs and services. Successful seedstock producers remember their livelihoods depend not only on the cattle they raise but on how well they are able to identify buyers, meet the needs of those buyers and sell them cattle that meet and exceed their quality expectations. Without a well-planned promotion and marketing strategy and campaign, you won’t receive proper compensation for your breeding and management efforts.

also analyze your competitors’ programs and customer bases. By answering the following questions, you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of their programs. 1) Who are my current and potential customers? 2) Where are my current and future customers located? 3) Where do I need to direct my promotional efforts? 4) What do my customers want? 5) What genetics are they seeking? 6) What are their goals? 7) How can my program help them meet their goals? 8) Is my breeding program in line with the needs of my current and potential buyers? 9) Do I have a quality product to offer? 10) How do my current and potential customers determine quality? (EPDs, pedigree, price, performance, visual appraisal, DNA) 11) How many potential customers are there? 12) Can my cattle compete for a share of the registered seedstock market, commercial bull market, or commercial replacement heifer market? 13) What do my fellow breeders think of my program and product? 14) What are my cattle worth? 15) How much are my customers willing to pay? 16) Who are my competitors? 17) Where are they located in relation to me and my target market areas? 18) How do my competitors’ services and cattle compare to mine? 19) What can they offer that I am not currently doing?

Successful purebred operations have three things in common:

1) Cattle that meet customers’ wants and needs. 2) Realistic production costs in relation to sales. 3) A well-planned, effective marketing program. To stake your claim in the purebred market, you must analyze your specific programs and customer bases. You must

The Marketing Plan

The traditional marketing plan consists of several steps: 1) Situational Analysis

a. Find out where your marketing program has been and its current status. b. Project where the program is headed with existing plans.

2) Goal Setting

While goals come in many different packages for seedstock producers, here are a few examples. The key is setting them early on, defining what they are and how long you want to take to accomplish them. Then, you must have definitive methods of monitoring your progress and measuring your results. Here are a few examples of definable and measureable goals: 14 | August 2010

a. I want to increase the percentage of new customers by 5% next year. b. I want to increase the percentage of repeat customers from 60% to 75%. c. I want to visit at least 20 of my customers this year.

Feature feature

rketing Plan

d. I want to gather and report 100% of my birth weights, 100% of my available weaning and yearling weights. e. I want to call at least three customers a week for the duration of the year.

When goal setting, producers should also look at the various market segments at their disposal. For example, you may not just be limited to selling bulls. There may be a market for your second-cut heifers, older cows, or for commercial replacements. You should also look at marketing alternatives, such as possible markets in other countries like Mexico or Canada. Many times, producers in other countries need outcross genetics to make their programs more competitive, but cannot find what they need within their own borders. This can take some research to determine what your best alternatives may be, but the dividends for your homework can be great. 3) Marketing Program

a. Develop the program’s marketing mix (controllable factors such as produce, price, and promotion). b. Develop a promotion philosophy that differentiates your program from others. c. Develop your marketing budget. d. Develop a budget for sale day.

4) Implementation Phase

a. Execute the marketing program by enacting all of the components, such as advertising, personal telephone calls, etc. that is going to get your cattle sold.

5) Evaluation Phase

a. Measure results and compare with your plan to identify successes and areas that need improvement.

Pick Up A Good Habit

Developing an effective marketing strategy is much like setting a New Year’s resolution. It takes time, effort and discipline. Marketing plans need to be developed and updated on an annual basis. Periodic check-ups should also be conducted to re-focus your promotional efforts or re-align your goals. Long-term goals also need to be evaluated on a continual basis. In return for your hard work and dedication, you will realize the potential of your cattle and receive that premium you’ve worked so hard to receive. This article was taken from the Gelbvieh Seedstock Marketing Handbook developed several years ago for the American Gelbvieh Association by Eric Grant. The Handbook includes other important information for marketing Gelbvieh cattle. Copies of the Handbook are available by contacting the American Gelbvieh Association at 303-465-2333 or

Building Value Into Your Cattle The long-term challenge for seedstock producers is identifying ways to build value into their cattle without going overboard on expenses. There are several general ways of doing so: 1) Register your cattle. That’s why breed associations exist. They’re built on the premise that registered cattle simply are worth more than their commercial counterparts. That premise has held true for centuries. 2) Keep good records on your cattle. Surveys of commercial producers show that 75% to 90% use EPDs to determine their bull-buying purchases. If you don’t like gathering and compiling records on your cattle, you will not compete with those producers who do. 3) Gather, compile, and evaluate economic information. You know how that set of feeder calves out of your bulls performed in the feedyard, but how much money did they make relative to other pens of cattle? 4) Take an active role in ensuring the profitability of your customers and their customers. Successful seedstock producers today are just as concerned about the profitability of their commercial customers as they are with their own operations. Seedstock producers must take into account a number of traits including carcass and beef quality traits, growth, feed efficiency fertility, etc. in their selection pressure. 5) Commercial producers don’t just buy bulls, they buy philosophy. Take a look at the most successful producers in the country, and you’ll see that they have one thing in common: they are able to articulate what they believe in (their philosophy) and what their program stands for. a. What do you believe in? b. How is it different from your competitors? c. How does your philosophy on beef production reflect in the cattle you sell? d. What guarantees do you make on your product? e.

How will you help potential producers become more profitable? In what ways will you help build value into your customers’ calves? Will you buy them back when they’re weaned or own a portion of them through the feedlot? Will you help cover the costs of gathering carcass data? This list goes on.

6) Promote your cattle. Keep in mind that marketing and promotion take many forms, such as advertising, direct mail, telephone calls, bull test stations or the show ring. What works best for you depends on your own individual situation and philosophy. 7) Build trust. People pay more for cattle from people they know operate their business with integrity. Gelbvieh World | 15

Association Update

News news Board of Directors Action points April 2010 1. Approved minutes from January 2010 meeting, March financial statement and March activity Report. 2. Approved changes to national sale rules. Increased scrotal circumference to 36 cm for 12 months, 38 cm for 15 months old and 40 cm for bulls 18 months and older. Eligibility for bulls calving from January 1, 2009 to April 15, 2010. Pick of the Herd lots must be DNA verified before transfer made after buyer makes selection. All donor dams must have a DNA profile on file before the sale. All sale lots must be registered in the AGA Herdbook before the sale. 3. Approved adding Clay County Fair in Iowa as a Ring of Gold show. 4. Moved to approve judges for the 2011 National Show as submitted by the National Show Committee. 5. Moved to request National Western to remove discrimination of color or markings from the 2011 premium book. 6. Moved to direct staff to develop a method for non-member buyers’ packet (first time

16 | August 2010

buyers) to include a personalized letter from the seller by the August Board. 7. Moved to spend up to $5,000 for the launch of the Southern Balancer™ such as press releases, informational meeting at Junior Classic, and development of a brochure. 8. Moved to add vets to mailing list to receive the Profit Picture, to have a presence at the Bovine Practitioners’ conference in August and to develop a mailing campaign to vets. 9. Moved to request a display pen in the 2011 Pen Bull Alley. 10. Moved to negotiate with Jerry Mettler for the implementation of the People’s Choice Gelbvieh Balancer Bull Futurity to be held in conjunction with the Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity during 2011 National Western. 11. Moved to accept the 40th Anniversary logo and theme for 2011 National Convention. 12. Moved to approve Gelbvieh World ad rate and deadline changes effective October 1, 2010. 13. Moved to approve change for Gelbvieh World contract advertisers who sign an 11Issue full page contract will receive a free 1inch Breeder Block ad for 11-Issues. 14. Moved to adopt the Aggregate Stayability

model from CSU for the Stayability EPD calculation as presented by Susan Willmon.   15. Moved to hire a design firm and spend up to $5,000 for an AGA web page make over. 16. Moved to hire Cattlemen’s Connection as the 2011 National Gelbvieh Sale manager. 17. Moved to ad verbiage to the Maternal Edge Sale recommendations and guidelines so consignors must provide breeding documentation for bred heifers and encourage the use of calving ease bulls. 18. Moved to develop a training/seminar sponsored by Gelbvieh producers for beginning producers to educate and promote responsible ranching/genetics improvement in marketing that included Gelbvieh/Balancer genetics. 19. Moved to direct staff to develop a program to facilitate and promote a commercial Gelbvieh and Balancer bred heifer placement program. 20. Moved to direct staff to continue to pursue a revenue stream from a Laura’s Lean or Myers Natural Beef contract. 21. Moved to set the next Board meeting for August 22, 23 and 24 at the AGA headquarters in Westminster.

News news

Six nominees for the prestigious “Commercial Producer of the Year” award, given each year by the Beef Improvement Federation, were honored at the 42nd Annual BIF Research Symposium and Meeting, June 28-July 1 in Columbia, Mo. These commercial producers were nominated by agricultural and livestock organizations and are all-important contributors of marketable and efficient cattle throughout the country. The nominees included G.W. Jones and Sons Farms. G.W. Jones and Sons Farms, located in Huntsville, Ala., is owned and operated by Raymond B. Jones, Elizabeth Jones Lowe and Carolyn Jones Blue. In 1804, the Jones ancestors moved from Tennessee to Alabama, and for the last 205 years, the family has operated more than 2,000 acres and a cattle herd that today consists of half Red Angus, half red Gelbvieh herd sires mated with about 450 fall-calving commercial cows. Calves are marketed in May and June. Steers are sold at about 650 pounds, while heifers are retained as replacements and sold to local cattlemen. The Jones family hopes to continue its commercial production success using improved genetics, expected progeny differences, intense record keeping and quality forage production. The Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association nominated G.W. Jones and Sons Farms. Other nominees included: Stan and Lisa Buzzard, Beecher City, Ill.; Downey Ranch, Inc., Wamego, Kan.; M&B Limousin, owned and operated by Mike and Betsy Cravens, Lee Summit, Mo.; Duane Martin Livestock, owned by the Duane Martin family, Ione, Calif.; Optimal Beef, LLC, owned by Alan Graybeal , Blacksburg, Va. The 2010 BIF Commercial Producer of the Year award went to Downey Ranch, Inc. Additionally, four individuals were honored for their pioneering methods in raising beef cattle at the 2010 Annual Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium and Meeting. The pioneer awards were presented at a luncheon June 30th. “When you think of a pioneer, you think about settlers moving west and overcoming obstacles,” said Ben Eggers, cochair for the BIF conference. “In the same way, these (pioneers) have led our beef industry through difficult times.” The first pioneer award was presented to Montrose, Mo. natives John and Bettie Rotert, who have raised cattle since 1956. What started out as one registered Angus heifer grew into a partnership with Bob Harriman and the development of Rotert/Harriman Full Service Genetic Providers. The farm currently has an Angus, Gelbvieh and Simmental crossbreeding system and sells about 300 bulls per year. Not only have the Roterts dedicated their lives to producing great cattle, they have also been active in the beef industry and have attended BIF meetings for more than 40 years. John Rotert has found much success and gained much admiration in the industry for his ability to know what it takes to raise cattle without the use of his

Industry Update

Gelbvieh Breeders Recognized at BIF Conference sight. John has been blind since age 21. “John served as an inspiration to many stockmen who are continually amazed at his ability to analyze conformation in cattle with the touch of his hands,” said Ben Eggers, who recognized the Roterts for the pioneer award. The three other pioneer awards were presented to Glen Klippenstein of Glenkirk Farms in Maysville, Mo.; Richard McClung, managing partner at Wehrmann Angus in New Market, Va.; and Dr. Daryl Strohbehn, state extension beef specialist at Iowa State University The Beef Improvement Federation has been a means to standardize programs and methodology and to create greater awareness, acceptance and usage of beef cattle performance concepts for more than 40 years. The 42nd Annual BIF Research Symposium and Meeting, held this year in Columbia, Mo., was hosted by the University of Missouri Extension and other cattle producers, organizations and leaders in the state. For more information about BIF and the conference, log on to or

What Can Bar Arrow Genetics do for YOU? Provide you assurance of profitability through calving ease, fertility, and docility. “The cattle are so easy to handle and don’t cause trouble, and they don’t make extra work for us.” Andrea Murray, Kingfisher, OK Bull and open heifer customer

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View from the Field view from the field Reflections from BIF Reported by Mark Goes, American Gelbvieh Association Treasurer

The following report is from Mark Goes, Odell, Neb., on his reflections from attending the 2010 Beef Improvement Federation “Gateway to Profit” 42nd Annual Research Symposium and Annual Meeting. Under the advisement and encouragement of several well respected beef professionals, I opted to attend the 2010 BIF Annual Symposium. I’ve had several opportunities to attend in the past but like many of you, felt that I had too many more important things to do, I couldn’t afford it or I didn’t think I would get enough out of it to justify my time and money to attend. Well, as usually is the case when I have those

kinds of thoughts, I was mistaken. The BIF Annual meeting begins with a pre-conference tour and ends with a post conference tour. These opportunities allow a producer to witness firsthand the implementation of cutting edge technologies in real world settings. This year’s tours demonstrated RFI technology, intensive grazing management on a large scale, and DNA analysis from tissue sample to diagnostic test, among other fun and exciting stops. The sessions at the conference are diverse and fulfilling. Topics discussed are not only timely but realistically futuristic.

This commercially-focused tabloid newspaper, published February and October, mails to 30,000 commercial cattle producers and Gelbvieh seedstock producers. A total of more than 30,000 producers!! Get the most bang for your advertising dollar and make sure you’re in the Profit Picture.

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24 | August 2010

Steve Peddicord

Presentations from the most elite of the beef industries academia and producers provide for education and awareness of issues and techniques that force producers to be current and forward thinking in their management plans affecting cow size and environmental impacts on efficiencies, maintenance, genetic selection and technologies, animal care and societal issues – and the list goes on. Motivational and inspirational presentations by renowned individuals such as Dr. Barry Dunn formerly of the King Ranch, now at SDSU, and Dr. Tom Field of NCBA stimulate producers to envision their roles in a rapidly changing industry and project their position in the industry of the future. Even as important, I found the camaraderie and fellowship with those attending and presenting to be most satisfying. From the opening honorary reception for Dr. Richard Quaas to the awards for Seedstock Producer of the Year and Commercial Producer of the Year, an attendee was able to rub shoulders with fellow cattlemen that are present for a common cause, enhancing beef production. Through all of this, the most important aspect to you is the presence of Gelbvieh. Several of the honored producers implement Gelbvieh genetics in their programs. Many of the speakers, including Dr. Larry Cundiff of the US MARC, made reference to Gelbvieh. Also, I was proud to be in attendance with many progressive AGA members that sought to place themselves and their programs on the cutting edge. I was even more proud to see that Steve Munger of Eagle Pass Ranch was elected to join Susan Willman, our Director of Breed Improvement, and others on the BIF Board of Directors. Perception is reality and the mere presence of these Gelbvieh producers establishes credence for our breed in a highly competitive industry. Leadership roles in industry events as highly regarded as the BIF solidifies the fact that Gelbvieh is surely in the race as a breed of choice. Your presence is needed and respected at functions such as the BIF, Range Beef Cow Symposium, NCBA Annual Convention and many others of this nature. You can stay home and complete the work that is always there or you can attend and complete the work that will help ensure that your operation will always be there. Please try to attend, wear your Gelbvieh ranch logo, join the other progressive professional producers and show the beef industry of tomorrow that Gelbvieh genetics are here to stay.

View from the Field view from the field

Mississippi Gelbvieh Association Field Day Reported by Steve Peddicord, AGA Area Coordinator

Dr. Jim Brett, Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, discussed herd heath and the importance of vaccinating for leptospirosis.

Dr. Carla Huston (left) hosted the Mississippi Field Day and Dr. Lowell Rogers (right), president of the Mississippi Gelbvieh Association welcomed producers to the field day. A silent auction was also held to benefit the Mississippi Gelbvieh Junior Association.

26 | August 2010

On a typical, early-summer hot and muggy afternoon on June 19 in the deep south, a fine crowd turned out for this year’s Mississippi Gelbvieh Association field day. CB Cattle Company, Dr. Carla Huston of Cedar Bluff, Miss. was the host for the day’s activities. The primary focus of this year’s program was the importance of herd health and genetics. Welcoming the crowd was Mississippi Gelbvieh Association President Dr. Lowell Rogers from Hattiesburg, Miss. Dr. Rogers has been breeding and raising cattle that fit the criteria for the new American Gelbvieh Association Southern Balancer™ hybrid. This composite breed made up of a minimum 25 percent Gelbvieh, is well adapted to the southern climate. These “Coolers” as Dr. Rogers refers to them, provide superior heat tolerance while maximizing hybrid vigor in a composite breed. The morning program featured two speakers representing different segments of the Gelbvieh breed. The first speaker was Steve Peddicord, American Gelbvieh Association area coordinator for the eastern region. Peddicord defined the new organizational structure for the AGA and the regions in which the area coordinators will be working across the country. Mississippi is included in the eastern area. He also gave an update on the current AGA policy for defects and testing, the value and importance in registering and transferring animals, and a preview of the Maternal Edge sale this fall in Cross Plains, Tenn. The next featured speaker was John Burbank, CEO of Seedstock Plus in St. Catherine, Mo. Burbank explained how Seedstock Plus works as a cooperative and the benefits it can provide to its customer base. Following on the heels of a very successful 20092010 fiscal year, Seedstock Plus is prepping for the current year with bull and female sales in several states across the country. Following the speakers on the morning program, the aroma of home cooked BBQ began drifting across the crowd and all agreed it was time for lunch. A wonderful catered meal was welcomed by all and tall glasses of southern sweet iced tea were in demand to rebuff the heat.

The afternoon program was kicked off by a very informative talk by Dr. Jim Brett from the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Brett enthusiastically spoke to the crowd about herd health specifically focusing on leptospirosis in cattle. According to Dr. Brett, lepto continues to be one of the primary problems in causing abortion in cattle herds throughout the South. “Prevention through regular herd vaccination is the best approach,” notes Dr. Brett. “The entire breeding herd should be vaccinated at least once a year. Be sure to vaccinate bulls and replacement heifers as well as mature cows.” Dr. Brett followed up his herd heath instruction by spending a few minutes touching on a very important industry concern – food animal welfare. This timely and important issue continues to garner respect because it affects all livestock producers across the country. “The vast majority of the U.S. wants red meat – demands red meat. We need to sell the producer, processor, hauler and their commitment to welfare in every stage of the system to win back consumer trust,” commented Dr. Brett. Following the speakers and the educational part of the program, the activities of the day turned to emphasizing the Mississippi Gelbvieh Junior Association. Everyone was invited to guess the weight of a pair of heifers and a pair of bulls brought to the field day from the Triple L Farm, Marty Langston in Oakland, Miss. Marty and his family have been very active over the years in support of the Gelbvieh juniors and their showing programs. Wrapping up the day’s program was a silent auction of donated items with all proceeds going to benefit the Mississippi Gelbvieh Junior Association. In addition, several straws of semen were donated by Triple L Farms for auction with those proceeds also going to the juniors. The Mississippi Gelbvieh Association continues to grow and be an important producer group for Gelbvieh cattleman throughout the state. The new Southern Balancer hybrid will also create more opportunities for southern cattlemen that want to utilize the Gelbvieh strengths in a composite, heat tolerant animal. The Mississippi Gelbvieh Association welcomes all new members to join and become an active part of exciting things happening in Gelbvieh in the South. If you would like to join, or need more information please contact Mrs. Rita Smith, Secretary/ Treasurer, at 601-269-3247 or email at

View from the Field view from the field

Montana Ranch Returns to Gelbvieh/Balancer By Don Danell, AGA Area Coordinator, Western Region

Maternal heterosis and cow herd productivity have earning power to commercial cowmen. Both result in more pounds weaned per cow exposed on a ranching operation. After allowing the cow herd to become predominately a one breed base after several years of using only Angus, Rumney Cattle Company located at Cascade, Montana decided that they couldn’t afford not to utilize hybrid vigor in their cow herd and purchased Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics to return their herd productivity to the level that it once was.

“We want to get that [weaning] weight back on the calves while not losing the maternal attributes and we feel that Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics will allow us to do that.” “If you had visited our ranch fourteen years ago you’d seen 600 red cows all with Gelbvieh influence,” said Bob Rumney. “That fall you would have seen all with black calves at their sides sired by Angus

John, John, and Bob Rumney of Rumney Cattle Company, Cascade, Montana.

bulls. After breeding with Angus bulls for many years our cow herd became a high percentage of that breed and we began noticing lower weaning weights and lower conception rates. We want to get that weight back on the calves while not losing the maternal attributes and we feel that Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics will allow

us to do that. Gelbvieh are known for their strong reproductive traits and stayability while still being able to wean off pounds. With our purchase of Gelbvieh influenced heifers and bulls to cover them as well as the cow herd we feel it will bring us back to the level of productivity that we want.”

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The American Gelbvieh Association is seeking Gelbvieh influenced females for the upcoming Maternal Edge Female Sale. November 6, 2010 • Cross Plains, TN • 12:00 p.m. CST • Minimum 25% Gelbvieh required • Nomination fee of only $10 • Bred females • Cow/Calf pairs • Open replacement heifers

Don’t miss this great opportunity to market your commercial Gelbvieh Females To consign call: Steve Peddicord: 606-688-4492 John Bartee Gary Tilghman 931-624-1173 270-678-5695

American Gelbvieh Association 10900 Dover Street Westminster, CO 80021 303-465-2333 I Gelbvieh World | 29

Junior Voice junior voice

Selecting Next Year’s Show Animal 2009-2010 AGJA Board of Directors

The following was taken from the American Gelbvieh Junior Association Showing Cattle brochure. Copies of the brochure are available by contacting the American Gelbvieh Association at 303-465-2333 or email

Getting Started Make sure you have the right facilities to handle your project. You’ll need a barn or shed to provide a clean, dry area during the summer and winter. This barn or shed will be where you’ll groom your calf daily, feed, and care for him. A shelter can be as small as 75 square feet of area per calf along with a quarter acre lot with shade. Smaller pastures will mean that you’ll need to lead your calf to ensure it is properly exercised. As you get started, think about the age of your calf when you plan to show it. Steers should be around 15 to 18 months of age at show time to ensure they reach a finished end point. Heifers are usually purchased between weaning and a year of age. In many shows, heifers can be shown until they calve. After calving they can compete as a cow-calf pair.

Market Steers A market steer project is a great start for someone not wanting a long-term commitment to owning an animal. A

Lone Star Classic Coverage Full coverage of the AGJA 2010 Lone Star Classic will be included in the September Junior Feature issue of Gelbvieh World. Results, photos and new releases are available at 30 | August 2010

market steer is usually a cross between two or more breeds. Those breeds give the animal the traits it needs to succeed. For example, a Balancer steer (Gelbvieh X Angus) combines the abilities to Quality Grade Choice and Yield Grade 1 or 2. Gelbvieh-cross animals also convert feed into pounds easily. That’s important when pounds count! Market steers are purchased around weaning age and are usually fed for 270 days and gain between 2 to 3.5 pounds per day.

What to Look For in a Steer Long neck Smooth shoulders Thick, strong, square top Deep fore rib Wide, level rump Deep, thick muscle Adequate bone Square feet and legs Width of base

Breeding Heifers A breeding heifer project can be very

rewarding and is a great way to start your own herd of animals or make a profit. When choosing a breeding heifer, don’t just judge how phenotypically good she is. Think about down the road, when she’s not a show heifer anymore, will she make a good cow? For instance, a Gelbvieh heifer will grow into a fertile cow that will provide milk and pounds to her progeny. Her daughters can be kept as show heifers or sold as replacement females for seedstock, Balancer®, or commercial producers. Her sons can be sold as highly sought after bulls for Angus-based cows or be fed for high yielding steers.

What to Look For in Females Femininity Long, lean neck Smooth shoulders Strong, level top Deep fore rib Spring of rib Level, square rump Smooth muscle Adequate bone Square feet and legs

Kyle Kendrick, President (2010) 6590 County Rd. 249, Palmyra, MO 63461 P: 573-735-4243 • C: 573-822-2952 Email: Andrew Lindgren, Vice President (2011) 1565 US Hwy. 136, Atlanta, IL 67123 P: 309-392-2054 • C: 309-825-0089 Email: Katie Sullivan, Vice President of Leadership (2010) 34850 Magnolia Farm Rd., Robertsdale, AL 36567 P: 251-931-3068 Email: Keaton Kendrick, Secretary (2010) 6590 County Rd. 249, Palmyra, MO 63461 P: 573-735-4243 • C: 573-822-2951 Email: Justin Taubeneheim, Treasurer (2010) 19035 Grand Island Rd., Amherst, NE 68812 P: 308-826-5185 Email: Seth Arp (2011) N551 Ramsey Rd., Arlington, WI 53911 P: 608-712-1186 Email: Dustin Aherin (2011) 309 Limestone Rd., Phillipsburg, KS 67661 P: 785-302-1253 Email: Janelle Hayek (2011) 2814 Hwy. E43, Clutier, IA 52217 P: 319-330-1647 Email: Britney Volek (2011) 19920 339th Ave., Highmore, SD 57345 P: 605-870-1008 Email: Nikki Hojer, Ex-Officio H: 43968 208th St., Lake Preston, SD 57249 P: 605-860-8723 Email: Adult Advisors: Mike & Toni Shrewsbury 1980 SE Wilson Road Lathrop, MO 64465 816-528-3644 Al & Mary Knapp 18291 158th Street Bonner Springs, KS 66012 913-724-4105 Staff Advisor: Dana Stewart 303-465-2333

KS-NE Hosts Another Excellent State Show Reported by Connie Tabor

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female Chandler Ladner

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female Seth Beying

Reserve Champion Balancer Female Tricia Goes

Reserve Champion Market Steer Kaycie Jurgens

Grand Champion Balancer Female Sydney Taubenheim

Grand Champion Market Steer Justin Taubenheim

Balancer Female Winners:

Gelbvieh Female Winners:

Jr. Heifer Calf – Champion Tricia Goes

Jr. Heifer Calf – Champion Cole Buffo Intermediate Yearling – Champion

Senior Heifer Calf – Champion Chandler

Ladner, Reserve Kyle Sasse Intermediate Yearling – Champion

Grady Hammer Spring Yearling – Champion Megan Berkley,

Reserve Gabrielle Hammer Winter Yearling – Champion Sydney Taubenheim, Reserve Seth Beying Senior Female – Champion Tricia Goes, Reserve Courtney Larson Cow/Calf – Champion Tricia Goes, Reserve Kyle Sasse Bred and Owned Balancer Female – Grand Champion Dustin Aherin, Reserve Champion Megan Berkley

Chandler Lander, Reserve Courtney Larson

Spring Yearling – Champion Kaisha Jurgens,

Reserve Van Tucker Winter Yearling – Champion Seth Beying, Reserve Chandler Ladner Senior Female – Champion Van Tucker Cow/Calf – Champion Collin Berkley, Reserve Cole Buffo Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Female – Grand Champion Chandler Ladner, Reserve Champion Kaisha Jurgens Gelbvieh Bull Winners: Grand Champion Cole Buffo, Reserve Champion Collin Berkley

A total of 33 Gelbvieh juniors participated in the KS-NE State Show.

Everyone enjoyed a sunny weekend on June 5-6 at the Midwest Gelbvieh State Show held in Smith Center, Kan. There were 33 exhibitors from Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri competing in showmanship, judging, and photo contest. The Gelbvieh and Balancer shows were judged by Ryan Breiner of Manhattan, Kan. Winners in the photography contest in the junior division were: 1st Logan Buffo, 2nd Chisum Grund. Intermediate division winners were 1st Callahan Grund, 2nd Kaycie Jurgens. Senior division winners were 1st Kaisha Jurgens, 2nd Cole Buffo. Judging contest winners in the junior division went to 1st Chisum Grund, 2nd Jake Lammers. Intermediate winners were 1st Tanner Taubenheim and 2nd Callahan Grund. Senior division winners were 1st Cole Buffo and 2nd Dustin Aherin. Junior showmanship grand champion winner was Courtney Larson, with reserve going to Grady Hammer. Intermediate grand champion was Chandler Ladner and reserve to Tanner Aherin. Senior grand champion went to Dustin Aherin and reserve to Van Tucker. The Kansas Gelbvieh Association Pick of the Herds Sale held in November each year holds a futurity for heifers and steers sold through the sale. The Kansas Gelbvieh Association Futurity winners for the Gelbvieh heifers were 1st Seth Beying, 2nd Van Tucker, 3rd Cole Buffo. Balancer Futurity Winners: 1st Matt Raile, 2nd Elizabeth Krajewski, 3rd Morgan Winchester. Steer Futurity Winners: 1st Collin Berkley, 2nd Van Tucker, 3rd Chase Tabor. Gelbvieh World | 31

Kansas & Nebraska Show Results

JuniorShows juniorshows

Western Regional Show Results

Champions Named in Western Regional Junior Gelbvieh Show G

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female SVVG Diddie W964 Sam Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: JDPD Astro 407S

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female ZASH Mississippi Secret 79W Ashley Zylstra, Milford, Iowa Sire: JRI Great Western 254N68ET

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Female BNC Miss Hojer U900 Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D Sire: KCF Bennett Landmark J377

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Female MWGV Wonder Woman 908W Mark Welle, Milford, Iowa Sire: RHRT Independence L19

elbvieh youth from four states exhibited 47 head of Gelbvieh and Balancer steers and females in the 2010 American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) Star of the North Western Regional show. The show was held June 11-13 at the Freeborn county fairgrounds in Albert Lea, Minn. Kelly Schmidt, Hardwick, Minn., evaluated the 28 Gelbvieh females, 16 Balancer females, and three market steers. The 33 Gelbvieh juniors represented Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. Besides the livestock show, the juniors competed in educational contests including quiz bowl, photography, poster design, team fitting and showmanship. The Star of the North Western Regional show was hosted by the Minnesota Junior Gelbvieh Association. Special thanks to the host committee which included Dave and Ann Riebel, Scott and Sonia Mattison, Jason and Tiffany Sauer and family, Clair and Lois Sauer, Don Vogl and family, and Brandon and Monica Schafer and family. Also, thank you to all of the sponsors of the western regional show for their generous donations. The sponsors for the show were Land O’Lakes-Purina Feeds, American Gelbvieh Junior Association, Schafer Farm, Inc., Brandywine Farm-Tom Scarponcini, Sauer Valley View Farms, Minnesota Gelbvieh Association, Form-A-Feed, QLF, Lextron Animal Health, Mattison Family Farm, Benson Farm Service, Pro Ag Co-Op, Kokett Farms, Circle V Farm-Don Vogl, Kriegh Family Farm, Dave and Ann Riebel Family, Kenyon Cattle, LLC., and Wendy’s Custom Creations.

Gelbvieh Female Divisions: Gelbvieh Champion Junior Heifer Calf KJA 53X Exhibited by Katie Ackerman, Sibley, Iowa Sire: ACKG 6T

Gelbvieh Reserve Junior Heifer Calf

Grand Champion Balancer Female PLA Angel Emma Cowan, Fort Pierre, S.D. Sire: EGL Pablo R014ET

Reserve Champion Balancer Female BNC Miss Hojer U902 Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D. Sire: LJC Mission Statement P2

MMH 6X Exhibited by Adam Ackerman, Sibley, Iowa Sire: ACKG 6T

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Heifer Calf DCSF Post Rock Blkbird 282W1 Exhibited by Kristin Vogl, Tracy, Minn. Sire: JRI Great Western 254N68 ET

Gelbvieh Champion Intermediate Yearling SVVG Diddie W964 Exhibited by Sam Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: JDPD Astro 407S

Gelbvieh Reserve Intermediate Yearling IFG Ivers Storm 411W Exhibited by Colton Ivers, Austin, Minn. Sire: JRI Secret Weapon 164T5

Grand Champion Market Steer Mark Welle, Milford, Iowa Sire: JRI Heavy Equipment 125M3

32 | August 2010

Reserve Champion Market Steer Samantha Ivers, Austin, Minn. Sire: JRI Extra Beep 37P6

Gelbvieh Champion Spring Yearling

ZASH Mississippi Secret 79W Exhibited by Ashley Zylstra, Milford, Iowa Sire: JRI Top Secret 253M75 ET

Quiz Bowl

Junior/Intermediate Team Fitting

(L to R) Reserve Champion: Cade Cameron and Tyler Raimann (not pictured) Champion: Kaeden Schlake, Max Schafer and Corbin Vogl

Gelbvieh Reserve Spring Yearling

SVVG Dasha ET Exhibited by Jackson Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: JBOB Carolina Fortune 2564JE

Gelbvieh Champion Winter Yearling

SFIG MS SFI 051P 9207W Exhibited by Max Schafer, Goodhue, Minn. Sire: FHG Flying H Landmark 051P

Junior Quiz Bowl

Gelbvieh Reserve Winter Yearling

SVVG Donnatella ET W904 Exhibited by Sam Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: JBOB Carolina Fortune 2564JE

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Female

BNC Miss Hojer U900 Exhibited by Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D. Sire: KCF Bennett Landmark J377

(L to R) Reserve Champion: Tyler Raimann, Madison Schafer and Summer Vogl Champion: Jackson Riebel, Kendrah Schafer and Reece Riebel

Gelbvieh Reserve Senior Female

RHRT U50A Exhibited by Tori Raimann, New Richland, Minn. Sire: DCSF Post Rock Top Brass ET

Intermediate Quiz Bowl

Gelbvieh Champion Cow-Calf

IFG Ivers Miss Red Pepper 416 Exhibited by Samantha Ivers, Austin, Minn. Sire: JRI PD Grand Primo 43G5

Gelbvieh Reserve Cow-Calf

PCCI MS Maxim 5063R Exhibited by Katie Ackerman, Sibley, Iowa Sire: BEA Maxim

Balancer Female Divisions:

Senior Team Fitting

(L to R) Reserve Champion: Adam Ackerman, Alyssa Beenken and Tori Raimann (not pictured) Champion: Samuel Vogl, Madison Schafer, Sam Riebel and Josh Mattison

(L to R) Reserve Champion: Tyler Beenken and Mark Welle Champion: Christian Hojer and Brianna Mattison


Balancer Champion Senior Heifer Calf

SVVG Emma W966 Exhibited by Creighton Sauer, Winona, Minn. Sire: Silveiras El Capitan 651

Senior Quiz Bowl

(L to R) Reserve Champion: Brianna Mattison, Mark Welle, Tyler Beenken, and Ashley Zylstra Champion: Gatlin Schlake, Christian Hojer, and Katie Ackerman

Balancer Champion Intermediate Yearling SVVG Poppy W965 Exhibited by Reece Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: HARB Pendleton 765 J H

Balancer Reserve Intermediate Yearling

Champion Junior Showmanship Emma Cowan, Fort Pierre, S.D.

Reserve Junior Showmanship Max Schafer, Goodhue, Minn.

Poster Contest

GLM W73 Exhibited by Katie Ackerman, Sibley, Iowa Sire: DCSF Post Rock Midland 51T1

Balancer Champion Spring Yearling

SVVG Electra W922 Exhibited by Jackson Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: Silveiras El Capitan 651

Balancer Reserve Spring Yearling

SVVG Layla ET W941 Exhibited by Jackson Riebel, Winona, Minn. Sire: B C Lookout 7024

Champion Intermediate Reserve Intermediate Showmanship Showmanship Kendrah Schafer, Goodhue, Minn.

Elizabeth Krajewski, Venego, Neb.

Balancer Champion Winter Yearling

(L to R) Jr. Reserve Emma Cowan, Jr. Champion Kaeden Schlake, Int. Reserve Alyssa Beenken, Int. Champion Adam Ackerman

Photo Contest

PLA Angel Exhibited by Emma Cowan, Fort Pierre, S.D. Sire: EGL Pablo R014ET

Balancer Reserve Winter Yearling

CPGG Ms Prairie Winnie Exhibited by Emily Cameron, Danville, Iowa Sire: SVVG Skyler ET

Balancer Champion Senior Yearling

BNC Miss Hojer U902 Exhibited by Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D. Sire: LJC Mission Statement P2

Champion Senior Showmanship

Christian Hojer, Lake Preston, S.D.

Reserve Senior Showmanship

Tyler Beenken, Buckingham, Iowa

(L to R) Jr. Reserve Emma Cowan, Jr. Champion Kaeden Schlake, Int. Reserve Jackson Riebel, Int. Champion Alyssa Beenken, Sr. Reserve Katie Ackerman, Sr. Champion Tyler Beenken

Gelbvieh World | 33

Western Regional Show Results

Team Fitting

Region al River

Eastern Regional Show Results

M ud dy

Gelbvieh Juniors Exhibit Cha


elbvieh juniors gathered in Warrenton, Mo. for the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) 2010 Muddy River Eastern Regional show. The regional show was held June 18-20 at the Warren County fairgrounds. A total of 25 youth from Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee exhibited 42 animals and participated in several educational contests. Judge Chip Kemp of Columbia, Mo. evaluated the 28 Gelbvieh females, three Gelbvieh bulls, eight Balancer females and three Balancer bulls. Animal photos taken by Rural Route Creations, Cassie Bacon,

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female and Grand Champion B&O Female

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Female

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Female

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Female

MYFM Tootsie 21W Kali Myers, Oak Ridge, Mo Sire: JBOB Carolina 5003N ET

ELYB Mrs Ginger Snap 1X Elysia Bushey, Mountain Home, Ark. Sire: SLC Freedom 178F ET

Grand Champion Balancer Female AHL Hott Damm 19W Matthew Davidson, Duncan, S.C. Sire: Mytty In Focus

34 | August 2010

TON Renae’s Starr 183W Renae Gordon, Batesville, Miss Sire: AHLG Hope’s Heartbreaker

AMT Jenna 27W Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: RTRT Solution

Reserve Champion Balancer Female GHGF 004 Tess 310W Justin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: S A V 004 Density 4336

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Bull SYDB Butter Bean W414 Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill. Sire: JEB Polled Gizmo 17Z

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Gelbvieh Bull CBVF Dirty Max W2C6 Cole Buffo, Lansing, Kan Sire: RIR R Collateral 2R

Grand Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Bull GHGF Gin 98W Justin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: B C Matrix 4132

Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Balancer Bull SPEN Renegade W21 Courtney Spencer, Aurora, Mo. Sire: HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET

Gelbvieh Female Divisions: Gelbvieh Champion Junior Heifer Calf ELYB Mrs Ginger Snap 1X Exhibited by Elysia Bushey, Mountain Home, Ark. Sire: SLC Freedom 178F ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Junior Heifer Calf LVFG Prides New Beginning 9X Exhibited by Colby James, Lebanon, Tenn. Sire: JHP Premonition 662S ET

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Heifer Calf MYFM Tootsie 21W Exhibited by Kali Myers, Oak Ridge, Mo. Sire: JBOB Carolina 5003N ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Senior Heifer Calf MYFM Starr 12W Exhibited by Brynn Myers, Oak Ridge, Mo. Sire: JBOB Carolina 5003N ET

Gelbvieh Champion Intermediate Yearling TON Renae’s Starr 183W Exhibited by Renae Gordon, Batesville, Miss. Sire: AHLG Hope’s Heartbreaker

Gelbvieh Reserve Intermediate Yearling

Balancer Champion Intermediate Yearling GMP Jenni 16W Exhibited by Courtney Spencer, Aurora, Mo. Sire: O C C Magnitude 805M

Team Fitting

Balancer Champion Spring Yearling NORD Pebbles W421N Exhibited by Sarah Hixson, Gower, Mo. Sire: S A V Bismarck 5682

Balancer Reserve Spring Yearling TON Delta Dawn 147W Exhibited by Daniel Gaines, Courtland, Miss. Sire: Prairie Creek Regulator

Balancer Champion Winter Yearling AHL Hott Damm 19W Exhibited by Matthew Davidson, Duncan, S.C. Sire: Mytty In Focus


(L to R) Reserve: Caleb Dowell, Ethan Bigger, Logan Buffo, and Sydney Bigger Champion: Kyle Vehige, Grace Vehige, Colton Spencer, and Justin Vehige (not pictured)

Balancer Champion Senior Female HFGC Miss Audrie 125U37 ET Exhibited by Colton Spencer, Aurora, Mo. Sire: BUF BFCK Cherokee CNYN 4912


GHGF Journey 58W Exhibited by Erika Scott, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: GHGF Odysseus 84T3 ET


(L to R) Reserve Champion: Carson Hall and Garrett Teeter, Champion: Kale Kendrick and Courtney Spencer

Sales Talk

Gelbvieh Champion Spring Yearling KLBF Olivia 83W Exhibited by Carson Hall, Cleveland, N.C. Sire: GHGF Zepplin 03S3 ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Spring Yearling EBIG Duchess W612 Exhibited by Ethan Bigger, Media, Ill. Sire: JEB Polled Gizmo 17Z

Champion Junior Showmanship

Grace Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo.

Reserve Junior Showmanship Colton Spencer, Aurora, Mo.

Gelbvieh Champion Winter Yearling JCGR BAR GT Integrity 120W ET Exhibited by Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: JCGR BAR GT Gravitas 158S ET

Poster Contest

Gelbvieh Reserve Winter Yearling DBLR Ms Bartles Secret Lady 285W1 Exhibited by Emma McDonald, Rolla, Mo. Sire: JRI Top Secret 253M75 ET

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Female TON Dixie 22U Exhibited Daniel Gaines, Courtland, Miss. Sire: RAW Mississippi Gambler

Champion Intermediate Reserve Intermediate Showmanship Showmanship Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C.

Sydney Bigger, Media, Ill.

(L to R) Jr. Reserve Grace Vehige, Jr. Champion Brynn Myers, Int. Reserve Sydney Bigger, Int. Champion Austin Teeter, Sr. Champion Garrett Teeter, Sr. Champion Justin Teeter

Gelbvieh Champion Cow-Calf TON Hilda 16T Exhibited by Daniel Gaines, Courtland, Miss. Sire: MYFM Lonestar 2P

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Cow-Calf JTV Kaitlyn 38S Exhibited by Kyle Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo. Sire: Flying H Express 97F

Balancer Female Divisions:

(L to R) Jr. Reserve Colton Spencer, Jr. Champion Grace Vehige, Int. Reserve Kyle Vehige, Int. Champion Justin Vehige (not pictured), Sr. Reserve Garrett Teeter, Sr. Champion Courtney Spencer

Photo Contest Champion Senior Showmanship Colby James, Lebanon, Tenn.

Reserve Senior Showmanship

Courtney Spencer, Aurora, Mo.

Balancer Champion Senior Heifer Calf GHGF 004 Tess 310W Exhibited by Justin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: S A V 004 Density 4336

Balancer Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf AMT Jenna 27W Exhibited by Austin Teeter, Mount Ulla, N.C. Sire: RTRT Solution

Pee Wee Showmanship Jayme Gordon, Batesville, Miss.

(L to R) Jr. Reserve Grace Vehige, Jr. Champion Colton Spencer, Int. Reserve Sydney Bigger, Int. Champion Austin Teeter, Sr. Reserve Justin Teeter, Sr. Champion Kali Myers

Gelbvieh World | 35

Eastern Regional Show Results

mpions in Eastern Regional Show

Places to Be places to be August 2010

November 2010

Aug. 1 Data due for Dam of Merit/Dam of Distinction Aug. 7 Tennessee Field Day, Crossville, TN Aug. 17 DEADLINE: October Profit Picture Aug. 28 KGA Annual Tour and Field Day, NE Kansas

Nov. 6 Maternal Edge Female Sale, Cross Plains, TN Nov. 13 C-Cross Cattle Company Fall Bull and Female Sale, Biscoe, NC Nov. 14 NAILE Junior Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, Louisville, KY Nov. 17 NAILE Eastern National Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, Louisville, KY Nov. 24 DEADLINE: January Gelbvieh World Nov. 27 KS/NE Gelbvieh Association’s “Pick of the Herds” Female Sale, Salina, KS Nov. 27 Rea Family Complete Gelbvieh Dispersal Sale (in conjunction with KS/NE sale), Salina, KS

September 2010 Sept. 18 Bluegrass Gelbvieh Invitational Sale, Mt. Sterling, KY Sept. 20 DEADLINE: November Gelbvieh World Sept. 25 Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale V & Complete Dispersal of White Bros. Gelbvieh, Lathrop, MO

October 2010 Oct. 2 Jumping Cow Gelbvieh Spirit of the West Sale, Ramah, CO Oct. 9 Flying H Genetics Missouri Fall Bull Sale Oct. 9 KY Gelbvieh Association Field Day, Fredonia, KY Oct. 9 Ozark Pride Production Sale, Stella, MO Oct. 10 Judd Ranch 20th Annual Cow Power Female Sale, Pomona, KS Oct. 16 Seedstock Plus Fall Bull Sale, Carthage, MO Oct. 19 Data due for fall EPD run DEADLINE: December Gelbvieh World Oct. 20 Oct. 20-23 National FFA Convention, Indianapolis, Ind. Oct. 23 American Royal Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, MO Oct. 23 KY/TN Fall Gelbvieh Classic, Bowling Green, KY Please email event/sale information to

December 2011 Dec. 4 Eagle Pass Ranch “Save the Date” Female Sale, Highmore, SD

January 2011 Jan. 7-8 AGA Annual Convention and 40th Anniversary Celebration, Denver, CO Jan. 29 Lemke Cattle Bull Sale, Lawrence, NE

February 2011 Feb. 1 Warner Beef Genetics Annual Bull & Female Sale, Arapahoe, NE Feb. 7 Taubenheim Gelbvieh 21st Annual Production Sale, Amherst, NE Feb. 15 Cedar Top Ranch Annual Production Sale, Burwell, NE

New Members new members New Adult Members Minnesota Jill C. Louters, Hollandale New Mexico Apache Gap Ranch, Truth/Consequences Tennessee Patriot Hill Farm LLC, Pulaski

New Junior Members Colorado Clayton Liss, Elbert Kansas Gabrielle Hammer, Wallace Minnesota Tori Lee Raimann, New Richland Tyler T Raimann, New Richland Missouri George Weber, Lamar

“Sure, maybe the Cow-Mel can go up to 2 weeks without water,...The question is,...Can it go fer 4 years?” 36 | August 2010

Wisconsin Girish C Russell, Brooklyn

Ad Index ad index R-2B Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Diamod L Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Kicking Horse Ranch. . . . . . . . . . 20

3 G Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Dromgoole’s Heaven . . . . . . . . . . 22

Kleinschmidt Farms Gelbvieh . . . 20

Adkins Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Eagle Pass Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Knoll Crest Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

AGJA Calendar ad space . . . . . . . 28

Ellison Gelbvieh & Angus Ranch. 21

Lambert, Doak. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

B/F Cattle Company. . . . . . . . . . 19

Flying H Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

Laura’s Lean Beef. . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Bar Arrow Cattle Company. . 17, 19

Gelbvieh Bull Barn. . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Ledgerwood Gelbvieh . . . . . . . . . 22

Bar IV Livestock. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Gelbvieh Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Lemke Cattle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Bar T Bar Ranch, Inc. . . . . . . . . . 18

Gelbvieh Profit Partners. . . . . . . . 25

Leonhardt Cattle Company. . . . . 22

Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch . . . . . . 21

Goettlich Gelbvieh Ranch . . . . . . 20

Linquist Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Blackhawk Cattle Company. . . . . 37

Golden Buckle Gelbvieh . . . . . . . 21

Little Windy Hill Farms. . . . . . . . 22

Boehler Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Green Hills Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . 21

Lone Oak Gelbvieh . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Bow K Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

GS Ridge Top Ranch. . . . . . . . . . 18

Longleaf Station. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Brandywine Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

H & H Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

M&P Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Cattlemen’s Connection. . . . . . . . 23

Handel Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Maple Hill Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

C-Cross Cattle Company. . . . . . . 20

Hart Farm Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . 19

Markes Family Farms. . . . . . . . . . 21

Cedar Top Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Hartland Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . 7, 19

Chimney Butte Ranch. . . . . . . . . 21

Hickory Hill Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Martin Cattle Company. . . . . . . . 18

Circle S Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . 19, 29

Hill Top Haven Farm. . . . . . . . . . 22

CJ&L Livestock. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Hojer Gelbvieh Ranch. . . . . . . . . 21

McCabe Cattle Co./ Two Step Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Clinch Mountain Gelbvieh . . . . . 22

H-Squared Genetics. . . . . . . . . . . 19

Middle Creek Farms. . . . . . . . . . . 20

Cranview Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . 21

J & K Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Miller Gelbvieh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Cunningham, Ronn. . . . . . . . . . . 23

J Bar M Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . 7, 19

Mitchell Marketing Service . . . 7, 23

D&W Farms, LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Judd Ranch Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

MLM Gelbvieh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Danell Diamond Six Ranch. . . . . 20

Jumping Cow Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . 39

National CUP Lab. . . . . . . . . . . . 23

DDM Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Kansas Gelbvieh Association . . . . 27

NN Bar Ranch, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . 22

Maternal Edge Sale. . . . . . . . . . . . 29

NS Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Oswald Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Ozark Pride Sale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Pearson Cattle Company. . . . . . . 22 Plateau Gelbvieh . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Pope Farms Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . 20 Post Rock Cattle Company . . . . . . 9 Pritchard Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Register Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh. . . . 20 Rotert/Harriman . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Schafer Farms, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Schroeder Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Seedstock Plus Genetics. . . . . . . . 23 Seedstock Plus, LLC. . . . . . . . . . . 38 Swanson Cattle Company . . . . . . 20 Taubenheim Gelbvieh . . . . . . . . . 20 The 88 Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 The Profit Picture. . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Thorstenson Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . 22 Treble W Ranch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Triple K Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Warner Beef Genetics. . . . . . . . . . 20 White Brothers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Wildwood Acres. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Wilkinson Gelbvieh. . . . . . . . . . . 18

Gelbvieh World | 37



BTI 2002R SIRE: New Design 878 DAM: BTI 2009N Selling a flush opportunity from donor BTI 2009N. She is the dam of BTI 2002R (pictured above), the high selling female in the 2008 Ozark Pride Sale and the dam of JCGR 155W, a high selling female in our 2009 sale.


A 50% Balancer® donor sired by New Design 878. Selling choice of two Collateral daughters that are full sibs to JCGR Cobalt.



2009 National Champion Female. Watch for her calves sired by Belgrad in our Fall 2010 Spirit of the West Sale.

JBOB 5053N

SIRE: Partisover Anchor DAM: JBOB 3472K (Echo/JBOB 573E) She sells! A 50% Balancer® female that has been a top producing female that we purchased in the J-Bob Farms dispersal.

Selling select donors, bred heifers, fall and spring show heifers. Ramah, Colorado

SALE MANAGEMENT BY: Mitchell Marketing Service

Grant Thayer, Owner

303-621-2058 E-mail:

Brad Ridinger, Manager

* ( / % 9 , ( +

Office: 719-764-2327 • Cell: 303-810-0582 E-mail:

Chris Mitchell 334-695-1371 Randy Sienknecht 319-290-3763 2262 C Avenue • Gladbrook, IA 50635

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August 2010 Gelbvieh World  

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