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December 2011

Season’s Greetings

Selling February 21, 2012 • Burwell, Neb.


Incredible Quality ... selected from a continual AI program since 1965. You won’t find a better set Guaranteed! Guaranteed? You Bet! We are ranchers and cattlemen. You get the same service we expect ... anything goes wrong we replace them. Our only family income is from cattle ... they better be right and work for You! We run a large commercial herd and we know what works; forage developed ... these bulls will be business all season long. Buy Cedar Top Range Developed Bulls with CONFIDENCE!

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Cedar Top Ranch

Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163 (H): 308-587-2293 • (C): 308-530-3900 Eldon Starr: 1-800-535-6173 or Rich Johnson: 402-368-2209

JRI Journey 207S74

JRI Extra Exposure 285L71 ET

BW: 65 lbs. WW: 714 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 40.8 cm.

BW: 94 lbs. WW: 814 lbs. YW: 1,390 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 41.5 cm.

Journey hails from genetically superior parentage, with his dam, grandam and great grandam honored as highly productive Dam of Merit females. Journey features top 1% calving ease and low birth weight EPD strength, and his calving ease deluxe sons averaged $4,100 in the spring bull sale.

If great cow families with perfect teat/udder systems are a necessity in your program, this ‘02 National Champion is the way to go. Extra Exposure is a Breed Trait Leader for Carcass Weight and Scrotal Circumference, and his meat machine sons averaged $5,094 in the spring bull sale.

Homozygous Polled Purebred

Homozygous Polled Purebred

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JRI Pop A Top 197T83

Homozygous Polled Purebred

BW: 74 lbs. WW: 787 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 39.1 cm. Pop A Top’s incredible birth-to-growth spread, coupled with unmatched fertility is indeed impressive. The Pop A Top sons feature that same incredible low-birth-to-super-growth spread and they averaged $4,778 in the spring bull sale.

JRI Cowboy Cut 213S67

Homozygous Polled Purebred

Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger Judd & Family Brent & Ashley Judd 423 Hwy K-68 Pomona, KS 66076 Ph: 785/566-8371

JRI Profit Agent 46N

Homozygous Polled Balancer

BW: 91 lbs. WW: 747 lbs. YW: 1,362 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 41.7 cm.

BW: 77 lbs. WW: 746 lbs. YW: 1,252 lbs. Ylg Scrotal: 39.1 cm.

This beef machine is flat loaded with beef, butt and guts. His super dam is a Judd Ranch donor and is a four-time Dam of Merit female, and his powerhouse sons averaged $4,883 in the spring bull sale.

Breed Trait Leader for Calving Ease, low Birth Weight, Scrotal Circumference and Feedlot Merit. His sons averaged $4,915 in the spring bull sale and his daughters are tremendous females.

Judd Ranch — Home of the “Complete Package” — Calving Ease • Growth • Carcass • Fertility

December 2011, Vol. 26, No. 4

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14 Roger Gatz, Mark Goes to Receive AGA Honors Get a preview of the accomplishments of members

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On the cover: Season’s greetings from all the staff at the American Gelbvieh Association. This month’s cover photo was submitted by Kendra Thorstenson, Selby, S.D., in the Editor’s Choice category of the 2011 AGJA Twister Classic photo contest. Use this photo on your holiday cards using Gelbvieh Media Productions YouDesign service. EDITOR: Jennifer Scharpe E-mail: Graphic Design: Lynn Valentine E-mail:

2 | December 2011

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Pick of Breeders’ 2011 Calf Crops

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ht CAttle Co.

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Judd rANCh iNC

beAstrom Gelbvieh

stArliGht lANd & livestoCk

JumpiNG Cow Gelbvieh

boehler Gelbviehs

thorsteNsoN Gelbvieh

CedAr top rANCh

little wiNdy hill FArm

wArNer beeF GeNetiCs

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lost river livestoCk

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wes & brittNey beAstrom speNCer

Jim Beastrom

President’s Message president’s message AGA Executive Committee

Celebrating Our Accomplishments Another year is drawing to a close and so is my time as a member and president of the American Gelbvieh Association Board of Directors. Throughout the past six years as a board member and one year as president, I am proud of the progress and accomplishments we have made as an association and breed. The programs that have been started and expanded upon will keep the AGA and Gelbvieh breed heading in a positive direction for many years to come. Some who know me would say I’m not one to say a whole lot. However there are times like these when I think it’s important to celebrate our accomplishments and brag a little on our progress. It’s been said before that the success of an association is dependent on the success of the membership and vice versa. This is very much true with the AGA and Gelbvieh members. We rely on each other and by working together we can both succeed and accomplish our goals. The conversion of the registry and the move to the online system is a great accomplishment. Converting 40 years’ worth of data is not an easy task. Members have embraced the online registry system. Members are reporting they like the convenience and ease of use, as well as the control it gives them to better manage their cow herds. Within the last three years we have reestablished our field staff and now have two full-time, highly capable representatives in the country. The Board saw the need to have field staff and made it a priority. Brandon and William are doing a great job of promoting and marketing Gelbvieh. Added to that, we now have a director of breed promotion in Frank Padilla. Event travel between the area coordinators and Frank exceeds 300 visits to seedstock breeders, commercial visits, industry events, state association activities, and many other events for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. We have also expanded our advertising and promotion efforts. We now have The Profit Picture, a commercial tabloid publication that reaches more than 4 | December 2011

38,000 commercial cow-calf producers and seedstock breeders. At the close of fiscal year 2010-2011, overall combined advertising dollars for Gelbvieh World and The Profit Picture were up by more than 10 percent. We have increased the national advertising budget and shifted the focus of our advertising to the two “Add Pounds. Add Profit.” inserts and web banner advertising. This shift better promotes the many great traits of the Gelbvieh breed, while reaching a larger audience and having a greater impact for the dollars spent. The launch of the new website has been critical in serving the needs of the membership and as a marketing tool for those looking for Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics. The return on investment for our combined advertising and promotion efforts has been huge. From a marketing standpoint, the association started the Maternal Edge commercial female sales. What began as an in-part AGA coordinated program with the sale in Tennessee in 2007, has evolved to a state association driven program with five sales planned for the 2011-2012 year. State associations have embraced the concept of a Maternal Edge sale as a way to increase demand for Gelbviehinfluenced females in their area, add value for their commercial customers and overall, strengthen their state association. As I reflect back on my six years, there are many other accomplishments and successes that come to mind – too many to include in this brief column. I want to thank the membership for standing behind and supporting the American Gelbvieh Association. These accomplishments would not have been possible without you. We have a lot to be proud of and to look forward to. I want to wish you all a very blessed Merry Christmas. I look forward to see you in a couple of weeks at the AGA “Blazing New Trails” Annual Convention and National Western Stock Show. Jim Beastrom is the president of the American Gelbvieh Association and owns and operates Beastrom Ranch in Pierre, S.D., with his family. He can be reached at 605-224-5789.

President Jim Beastrom 605/224-5789 (H) 20453 Cendak Rd. • Pierre, SD 57501

Vice President Mark Goes 402/766-3627 (H) S E Community College, 39414 SW 75th Rd, Odell, NE 68415 Secretary Brian Dunn 620/549-6516 (H) 707 N Main • St. John, KS 67576 Treasurer Rob Arnold 701/624-2051 (H) 6700 Cty Rd 19 S • Minot, ND 58701 Legal Counsel E. Edd Pritchett 405/375-5516 (O) 114 N. Main St. • Ste. 101 Kingfisher, OK 73750

AGA Directors Ken Flikkema 406/586-6207 (H & O) 2 Mint Trail • Bozeman, MT 59718 Bob Hart 913/375-1422 (H) 4330 Shawnee Mission Pkwy • Ste. 105 Fairway, KS 66205 Dick Helms 308/493-5411 (H) 42041 Dr. 728 • Arapahoe, NE 68922 John Huston 859/595-8680 10254 Marquart Rd • New Carlisle, OH 45344 David Martin 501/728-4950 (H) 256 Boyce Rd • Judsonia, AR 72081 Bob Prosser 928/289-2619 (O) PO Box 190 • Winslow, AZ 86047 Brian Schafer 888/226-9210 (O) 37740 240th Ave. • Goodhue, MN 55027 Grant Thayer 303/621-2058 (H) 24063 Cty. Rd 122 • Ramah, CO 80832-9705 Gary Tilghman 270/678-5695 (H) 690 Lick Branch Rd • Glasgow, KY 42141-9409 Dan Warner 308/962-6511 (H) 71628 Rd 425 • Beaver City, NE 68926 Nancy Wilkinson 719/846-7910 (H) 23115 CR 111.3 • Model, CO 81059 All approved AGA Board minutes are available for inspection in the AGA office. Board meeting highlights are available upon request.

Frank Padilla

View from the Office view from the office

303/465-2333 Main Phone 303/465-2339 fax

Opportunities Qoheleth once summed up the living world as “a time to give birth, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant. A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to tear down, and a time to build.” During the week of November 7, the fed cattle market posted new record highs. Southern feedyards sold at $124 to $125, while northern cattle traded at $125 to $127. Dressed trade in the North was at $200, with instances of $202. That would bring back to the feeder $1,651.00 for a finished animal that weighed 1,300 pounds. Obviously tight seasonal fed cattle supplies are helping to push the market. Those attending conferences and meetings this fall have heard many successful and very innovative owners or managers of operations in the cattle business share their philosophies about the future of the cattle business. Let me share that it is not gloom and doom. Virtually all the speakers’ weather they were economists or producers agreed that the current market conditions are unlike any we have ever seen before. They say that with current supply and demand the stars are aligned for a once in a lifetime opportunity for producers. This is not coffee shop talk but reputable people with statistics and trends that serve as a resource to their beliefs. Does this mean that everyone and anyone that has cows will be extremely profitable? Costs of production are high, including ever-rising feed costs. Drought will not allow producers in many areas to have the stocking capacity that they have had in the past. Fewer cows to breed means fewer bulls needed. The answer to the question is no. It will continue to be a very competitive market in which to sell bulls. Look at successful seedstock operations and there are common factors that exist, including, but not limited to the following six factors. 1) They consider the success of their customers equal to that of their own. They strive to provide the product, tools and support that will make their customer 6 | December 2011

profitable. 2) They raise a product sought by all in the production chain be it a commercial cow-calf producer, another seedstock producer, a feeder, a packer and the consumer. 3) They quantify the merit of their product with documented pedigrees, performance measures and they embrace technologies. 4) They are visible through advertising; and are active in and support local, state, regional and national organizations. 5) They are positive in the way they approach others and their business. People gravitate to them because of their positive “get it done” attitude. 6) They hold themselves accountable for their success. They are students and lifelong learners. Breed associations have evolved over the past 25 years. Those that are successful will continue to do so over the next 25 years. The AGA has and will continue to evolve as well, to better serve its members and the breed. The Genomic Pioneers project is an example of one program that will give members and commercial users of Gelbvieh genetics information that will help them make more accurate decisions when making genetic selections. I encourage you to be an active participant in this program by submitting samples and monetary contributions, and by encouraging others to do so as well. Being involved and active begins in 2012 with the AGA Annual Convention during the National Western Stock Show. There will be business conducted and educational opportunities. The national show and sale will be held, allowing for those attending to evaluate and purchase some of the best that the breed has to offer. The pen show in the yards is always a favorite for those in attendance. When 2011 comes to an end and 2012 begins, I encourage you to make a list of your New Year’s resolutions. As well, make a list of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you in your programs. You may be surprised how many opportunities are available to you.

Director of Administration Dianne Coffman (ex. 479) Director of Breed Improvement Susan Willmon (ex. 484) Director of Breed Promotion Frank Padilla (ex. 480) Director of Communications Jennifer Scharpe (ex. 485) Director of Member Services Dana Stewart (ex. 488) Gelbvieh Media Productions Lynn Valentine (ex. 486)

Area Coordinator Brandon McEndaffer (970) 520-3020 Area Coordinator William McIntosh (502) 867-3132 Customer Services Dolores Gravley (ex. 481) Patti Showman (ex. 478) Teresa Wessels (ex. 477) Mailing address: 10900 Dover St., Westminster, CO 80021 General E-mail: Registration/Electronic Data Transfer: Website:


Breeding Tools for Program Success HIS CREDENTIALS • • • • •

Black, Polled Top 2% Carcass Value EPDs Incredible donor dam Sires real pounds you can measure and sell Combines two of the heaviest muscled animals in the breed


Carcass Performance Maternal Eye Appeal Muscle


Pictured is POST ROCK STAR POWER ET winning Senior Champion at last year’s National Show in Denver. He’s proving to be a real breeding gem in the pasture as his first calf crop of 21 head posted an average 87 lb. BW and 715 lb. WW average; all calves keepers and no culls. When compared to 243 other spring born calves in legitimate contemporary groups his progeny ratio’d an almost unbelievable 112 WW ratio. To put that into perspective, Star Power, like all unproven bulls at Post Rock, are mated to 1/3 top end cows, 1/3 middle cut cows and 1/3 lower end cows for their initial calf crop. Of equal importance, is that they are absolutely the right kind of cattle, real muscle, extra rib, low six frame size with the extra eye appeal you would expect. Star Power has earned the majority of the fall calving herd in 2011 and his sons, both black and red, will highlight the 2012 “Cowman’s Kind” Sale. Semen interest owned by Summit Gelbvieh Stud, Western Australia.

• •

Inject the maternal greatness of his dam deep into our genetic base Can be used to an advantage on almost any mating Can produce breed leading red cattle

POST ROCK WILMA 147H2 Dam of Star Power. One of the all time great females in the Gelbvieh breed and a flush sister to the ABS sire Post Rock Top Brass.

MIDDLE CREEK STAR 10S Sire of Star Power. Recognized as a sire of extra muscle and performance. He dominated the Midland Bull test as an individual and sires cattle that have natural fleshing ability with pounds that pay.


Just because you have a sharp tongue doesn’t mean you have a keen mind.

POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 • Email: “Where calving ease, performance and eye-appeal come together.”


Blazing New Trails

Feature feature Meet the Candidates The American Gelbvieh Association nominating committee recommends the following eight candidates to fill the five open positions on the AGA Board of Directors. Other nominations may be accepted from the floor during the annual meeting. The election for Board of Directors will take place during the annual meeting on Saturday, January 7 at 3:00 p.m., during the AGA annual convention. A member who is unable to attend the annual meeting may

request an absentee ballot by phone, email, mail or fax for election of directors. To obtain an absentee ballot, a member must submit his or her application to the AGA office not more than 60 days (November 8, 2011) nor less than 10 days (December 29, 2011) prior to the annual meeting, and must be in good standing with the association at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting. Ballots must be returned to the AGA office by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 6, 2012 to be counted.

Rob Arnold, North Dakota

serve as the secretary/treasurer of the People’s Choice Balancer® Bull Futurity and co-chair for the National Show committee. Last year I ran as a write-in candidate for the board. This allowed me to see firsthand the time and dedication required for this position. It is time for our breed to become a front runner in the beef industry. Looking ahead we must sell our breed to the industry based on our strengths. I believe we need to do what is best for the breed and not just our own operations. My ultimate goal if elected is to explore ways to promote efficiently and create new memberships for this breed. We must remain dedicated as breeders and agree to keep moving forward. Remember what makes us strong is our membership. I ask you to please take the time to vote in person or by the absentee process. I would be honored to serve you on the board. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Let’s keep the Gelbvieh Breed the Continental Breed of Choice!

It is an honor to be nominated for a second term on the AGA Board of Directors. Together with my family, my brother Bill’s family, and my mom and dad we own and operate Cranview Gelbvieh. Our operation is located in north central North Dakota, approximately 60 miles from the Canadian border. Along with our registered cattle operation, Cranview Gelbvieh is a diversified grain operation where we raise canola, wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, and dry edible beans. Our genetic improvement is managed through AI and embryo transfer. Our cull animals are finished in our feedlot for carcass evaluation. I have been involved in the Gelbvieh breed since 1992. I served two terms on our North Dakota Gelbvieh Association Board; I served four years on the Northern Pulse Growers Board; and I served on the Central Dakota Processing Board. I have been employed with BASF (in marketing and sales) for 27 years, and currently serve as the treasurer on your AGA Board. As I stated before, it is an honor to be invited back to serve on this board. We have many challenges ahead of us, but, we have initiated several projects to tackle these challenges. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue as a director for another three years. We are a small breed with a number of challenges and I will do my part if elected.

Andy LeDoux, Kansas I would like to thank you for the opportunity to run for the AGA Board. My wife Danielle and I operate LeDoux Ranch. We raise Gelbvieh, Balancer®, and Red Angus seedstock, along with a commercial cow herd. We are also engaged in our family farming operation. It consists of both dry land and irrigated cropland. My wife and I have been blessed with two great kids JW and Jady. This past summer we had the great pleasure of introducing the third generation of LeDouxs to the Gelbvieh breed. It is great to have the kids involved and helping run the operation. I graduated from Kansas State University were I received a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. I am involved with the Republic County Livestock Association and serve as a deacon for the Central Christian Church in Belleville, Kan. In addition, I 8 | December 2011

Pat McCabe, Iowa I look forward to the opportunity to join with the present Board members and the newly elected members to serve you - the membership of the AGA. Over the years, since my first involvement with Gelbvieh cattle in 1988, it’s exciting to have been extensively involved with programs, events and the people. Included would be the Junior association, being a state officer, participation and leadership in sales, field days, and events for numerous state associations, as well as being part of national events and committees. Like I mentioned, my first involvement with Gelbvieh cattle was in 1988 and I became an AGA member in 1990. Since then our herd of Gelbvieh cattle has grown, been reduced, upgraded, regrown, changed direction, etc. Through it all a couple great things evolved. First of all is the reward to have the next generation acquire a passion for the beef industry. And the next that comes to mind is after trying new things and chasing some others, that our goals and reasons for being in the seedstock business became very clear - focus on the needs of our commercial customers and the entire beef industry. We feel the continued success of our annual bull sale and the acceptance of Gelbvieh genetics in our area remind us where to stay focused. Thank you for considering me to serve you and I look forward to visiting with you anytime. I feel YOUR input and support are essential for a successful Board and Association. Continued on page 10

Getting our cattle ready for Denver This heifer sells in the National Sale! JDPD 7114Y Sire: JDPD Akin 140W Dam: EBY Great Western 7114T This is the first JDPD Akin female ever sold

Proud home to these great Sires.

JDPD Akin 140W

JHG Premonition 662S ET

EBY Great Western 7114T 2009 Champion Balancer速 Female Junior Show

Western Hauler

Jim & Pat Dromgoole Richmond, TX 77469 (281)341-5686

JDPD Astro 407S

Show Cattle Managers:

James & Shannon Worrell (352)258-4656

RTRM Headline

Blazing New Trails

Feature feature

Continued from page 8

Neal Pearson, South Dakota This will be the second time I have been a candidate for the American Gelbvieh Association Board of Directors. Previously, I served for six years, so when recently approached by the nominating committee, I took some time to make a decision. After consulting with family and other AGA members, I decided to run for the Board. I do so with an open mind and no personal causes to pursue. My goals are to maintain the integrity of the AGA and hopefully bring ideas that will move the association forward. I was born in 1951, attended Britton High School and graduated from South Dakota State University in 1973. In August of 1971, I married my wife, Jan. God has blessed us with three wonderful children: a daughter, Jennifer, and two sons, Levi and Lucas. At the present time, we have seven grandchildren, two boys and five girls. We are also very excited as Jennifer along with her husband, Chuck and three children, Justin, Haley and Regan, have recently moved back to help with the operation of Pearson Cattle Company, Inc. Pearson Cattle Company, Inc. was established in the late 1970s by my parents and older brother, Kermit and his wife, Peggy, Jan and I. We added Gelbvieh to the operation in 1983 and held our first production sale in 1986. At present, we run 400 cows, of which 250 are registered Gelbvieh. In our annual sale, we sell 50 bulls. We are very proud of the fact that we have produced two national champion females and three champion pen of three bulls and one champion pen of five bulls. Time and other interests have limited our showing of late, but with the kids home, we’re hoping to be more active on the show circuit. The grandkids really enjoy working with the cattle and showing throughout the Midwest and attending national junior shows. I would appreciate your support of my nomination and feel that together we can move the AGA forward. The Gelbvieh breed has a lot to offer, and we need to get that message out to the industry.

Bob Prosser, Arizona Bob Prosser, a Colorado native, graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Agricultural Industries Management. After several years working for the Charolais Journal, he and his wife, Judy, started a purebred cattle sales management business in Colorado. They purchased their first Gelbvieh in 1983. That same year they moved to Arizona to manage the purebred operations for Judy’s family ranch, the Bar T Bar. Currently they own and operate that same ranch in Happy Jack, and Winslow, Ariz. Bar T Bar runs about 400 purebred Angus, Gelbvieh, and Balancer® cattle, and maintains a commercial herd of approximately 700 commercial Balancer females. Bob has worked hard to develop a cow herd that is very productive under adverse, dry, southwest conditions. 10 | December 2011

They sell around 200 head of bulls each year and 200-400 head of commercial bred heifers. Bob is the western regional coordinator for Seedstock Plus. Bar T Bar bulls, along with other Seedstock Plus cooperator bulls are RFI tested and sold in an April sale at Snyder’s Livestock Co. in Yerington, Nev. Bar T Bar has fed cattle through Gelbvieh Profit Partners and Country Natural Beef. Bob was chairman of the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Federal Lands Committee for ten years, and served as the president of the ACGA from 2003-2005. He recently served on the JBS Producer Advisory Board for two years. He has served on the American Gelbvieh Association Board for the past three years. In an effort to represent Western ranches on the AGA Board, Bob has agreed to run for a second term. He believes that the Gelbvieh breed’s number one goal should be to always consider the commercial cattlemen’s needs. The success of any breed is ultimately dependent on the success of the commercial cattlemen using that breed. If elected to the Board, he will listen to breeders’ concerns. He will be a continued voice for the commercial cattlemen and western ranching needs.

Lowell Rogers, DVM, Mississippi My wife Karen and I are veterinarians in southeast Mississippi and I am a fifth generation livestock producer in the Gulf South. Together with our son Lincoln and daughter Lillian, we have a herd of about 40 Gelbvieh cows. They are the result of two decades of AI, using Gelbvieh bulls on a base herd of heat tolerant cows. I am also a charter member of the Mississippi Gelbvieh Association, but deserve no credit for the early success of this organization as I was inactive for the first decade while Karen and I were building our veterinary practice. Since the late 1990s, I have been involved with the organization and have served as board member, vice president, and the immediate past president. My work with this group of seedstock producers has been very rewarding and is the reason that I have agreed to be nominated for the office of AGA director. The Southeast is in a unique position in the U.S. cattle industry both in terms of challenges and opportunity. I am looking forward with great anticipation to see the Gelbvieh breed take advantage of this opportunity. First, the Gelbvieh breed is not the predominant breed in the Gulf South and therefore has a huge potential for growth. Second, the primary commercial cows are Angus, Brangus and Beefmaster type. Gelbvieh, Balancer®, and Southern Balancer™ bulls are excellent choices for use on these cows. The AGA has been supportive of the heat tolerant Gelbvieh cross even before it received its name, the Southern Balancer. I would like to encourage the organization to continue its support and remind everyone that we have a long way to go. Thanks again for the nomination and I hope to see you in Colorado in January.

Continued on page 12

Watch for Maverick progeny in Denver at the 2012 NWSS. BW: Scan this QR code with your smartphone. Give it a try!

Maverick 70T

88 lbs.

Adj. WW:

726 lbs.

Adj. YW:

1,223 lbs.

Adj SC:

41.5 cm

- Owners: Gelbvieh Bar None Ranch, Larry Clark, Pleasant Meadows Farm & S&S Gelbvieh Semen available through Cattlemen’s Connection or owners.


Ms Maverick 97X topped the open heifers at the 2011 Spring Bluegrass Gelbvieh Invitational at $2,900.

ALS 866X

ALS 866X is a powerful bred, homozygous black Maverick daughter topped the 2011 Fall Bluegrass Gelbvieh Invitational at $3,900.

ALS Mason 14W

Mason 14W topped the 2010 KY/TN Fall Gelbvieh Classic at $15,250 for possession and 50% semen interest For semen contact:

Slaughter Sale Management David Slaughter

Phone: (270) 556-4259 E-mail:

Cattlemen’s Connection

Phone: 1 (800) 743-0026

Maverick Owners:

PMFG Layleigh X022 PMFG Layleigh X022 is an October, 2010 daughter of Maverick.


PMFG Remy X024 is a November, 2010 daughter of Maverick.

Gelbvieh Bar None Ranch Pleasant Meadow Farm Don Estes Gary Tilghman Sapphire, NC Glasgow, KY 270-646-7124 Larry P & Sunny D Farms Larry Clark Greensburg, KY 270-299-5167

S&S Gelbvieh Arthur Slaughter Fredonia, KY 270-545-3455

Sharing a Program It is a pleasure to offer these exciting genetics at the 2012 National Western 138Y - A sweetheart H DLW March daughter of the very

popular “715T” sire. This girl is ultra complete and will be our consignment to the National Sale.


DLW Edison 6718X - Here’s the BEEF! This “715T” son is our Balancer® Futurity entry and is a true breeding bull. Be sure to look him up.

CTR Good NiGhT 715T


DLW Investment 422Y - The purebred pick at Warner Beef in 2012. This Granite son is our Purebred Futurity bull. A tremendous prospect backed by a super cow family. Look him up he’s a contributer to the future of our breed.

PosT RoCk GRaNiTe 200P2 Take advantage of the opportunity see what direction Warner Beef is headed. Stop by the display “On the Hill” or “In the Yards” in Denver.

GENETICS Dan and Kate Warner 42198 Road 721, Arapahoe, NE 68922 (H) 308-962-5485 Monte Warner: 308-268-6020 Darren Warner: 308-268-2031

12 | December 2011

Feature feature

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John Shearer, Kansas Hello from Kansas! First of all, I would like to thank all of the people that have asked me to consider serving on the AGA Board of Directors. I consider this an honor and a great opportunity to give something back to the AGA members. I have been raising purebred Gelbvieh cattle for over 15 years with my family. We started our seedstock operation from “scratch” in the late 1980s and we have grown the operation from 12 Gelbvieh-influenced commercial cows to over 125 purebred Gelbvieh cows. Over the years, I have provided leadership and direction to the Kansas Gelbvieh Association, the National Gelbvieh Sale committee and I am currently serving as president of the Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity. My “real job” or background has been in sales and marketing and I feel this is something that can also benefit the AGA as I can easily think outside the box and create new revenue streams for the Association while maintaining the value of the AGA membership for all. I have had the opportunity to meet many people and have enjoyed learning about their operations as I have traveled with Gelbvieh cattle to various shows across the United States. Having sold Gelbvieh semen and genetics to Australia, Canada, and South America, I have enjoyed learning from my international customers as well. My passion and focus through the years has been on breeding for sound and profitable purebred Gelbvieh cattle. I have a great understanding of the marketability and need to maintain solid Gelbvieh genetics to compliment commercial and purebred programs. I have had the opportunity to host our own annual production sale with fellow Gelbvieh breeders Dan and Linda Brooks, Al and Mary Knapp, Kevin McClayland and Doug Sanford. Together, we have grown the sale to a huge event that has turned into a great Gelbvieh weekend, with awesome customers, Gelbvieh cattle and a junior show. If elected to the AGA Board, I am committed to serve the entire membership as well as the Association in its business plan for the future. I would hope to see many of you “Blazing New Trails” at the Annual Meeting in January. If not, please participate in your association by exercising your right to vote with an absentee ballot. I would appreciate your vote and support.

Duane Strider, North Carolina It is an honor to be considered to serve as an AGA Director. I have had commercial or registered cattle since high school and it has always been my passion. My wife of 24 years, Wendy, and I own C-Cross Cattle Co., and have been producing Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle for eight years. We have three children ages 6, 9, and 20 -  Evelyn, Emily and Shelton. After 28 years, I retired from a management position in the poultry industry this past spring to devote my full time interest to our operation. I am passionate about the future of our breed and truly believe that Gelbvieh genetics are a staple in the cattle industry. C-Cross Cattle Co. operates from the J-Bob Farms location in Biscoe N.C., where we have an Annual Bull and Female Sale each November and offer private treaty sales year-round. Our herd consists of over 330 registered females, all of which are Gelbvieh, Balancer and Angus. I believe that the cattle industry is now facing challenging times but yet is poised to capitalize on the lowest herd numbers we have seen in decades. We as seedstock producers, enthusiasts, commercial cattlemen and breed leaders must meet these needs and rise to the occasion to promote Gelbvieh as the Continental Breed of Choice. I also believe we must look to our customers, the commercial cattlemen, feedyards, packers and consumers, as we make our decisions if we are to advance in the next decade.    I certainly seek your consideration and would be honored to serve the membership in this capacity. I also encourage each member to vote for and support this well qualified group of candidates and get involved in your local associations as our future depends on it.

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Production Schedule Gelbvieh World The Profit Picture January

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Commercial Issue Early deadline: December 8 Ad deadline: December 15


National Gelbvieh Convention/NWSS Early deadline: January 20 Ad deadline: January 25


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Herd Health/Nutrition & Feeding Early deadline: March 20 Ad deadline: March 26


Herd Reference Edition Early deadline: May 11 Ad deadline: May 18


Seedstock Marketing Early deadline: June 20 Ad deadline: June 25


Junior Programs Early deadline: July 20 Ad deadline: July 25

October Profit Picture Commercial Issue Early deadline: August 10 Ad deadline: August 17


The Gelbvieh Cow Early deadline: September 20 Ad deadline: September 25


AGA Convention Preview Early deadline: October 19 Ad deadline: October 25

Popping up all over the place are funny looking, square-shaped, bar code type things. They’re everywhere, in the store at Macy’s®, in print ads, on product labels, on clothing, in sale catalogs, and there are even several scattered throughout this issue of Gelbvieh World. Just what the heck are these things? They’re QR codes. Simply put, a QR code is an exciting and innovative way to connect print with online web marketing. A QR code is a 2-D barcode that can be scanned using any smartphone with a camera and a QR code reader app. QR codes can be used for anything. They can link directly to websites, YouTube videos, Google maps, surveys, they can even make a phone call, send an email, or be used to send a Tweet on Twitter or get likes on Facebook. A QR code is very easy to use. All you need is a mobile device with a camera phone and QR reader software. There are many QR reader apps available to download on your smartphone, most are even free. Once you have the app, open the app on your phone then hold your camera over the QR code. Your phone will automatically read the app and take you to wherever the QR code was designed for. There are many uses for QR codes in livestock marketing. Put a QR code on your business cards to direct traffic to your website or Facebook page. Start putting QR codes in your sale or bull ads to take readers to more information than what the ad has space for such as supporting photos, performance information, or even link directly to their EPDs on the AGA Animal Search page. Probably the most common use for QR codes in livestock today is

Jennifer Scharpe

QR Codes – A Great New Marketing and Communications Tool links directly to videos of sale animals – connecting print to the web. The benefit of QR codes is immediate access to more information about whatever you are trying to promote. Print ads are needed to get your customers’ attention. However they are limited in space and how much information you can present without overwhelming the reader. Once you have your customers’ attention, you rely on the fact that they will go to their personal computer to access your web page or videos. A QR code provides easy, instant access to that information from a mobile device and immediate gratification for your customers – making them a great marketing tool. Surveys have shown that farmers and ranchers are using their mobile devices to access the Internet more than a personal computer. The limited availability of high-speed Internet in rural areas and the flexibility to access the Internet anywhere have increased the usage of the Internet using a mobile device by those in production agriculture. There are many websites available to generate the QR code. Doing a quick Internet search will yield lots of results for websites with free QR code generators. There is even a variety of designs to choose from as well as the ability to make slight customizations to the QR code. Scan the QR code above, or any of the others in this issue to check it out. You’ll be surprised at how fun and easy it is. Jennifer Scharpe is the director of communications for the American Gelbvieh Association. She can be reached at jennifers@ or 303-465-2333.

AGA Web Marketing Have you seen any of the four banner ads that make up a part of AGA’s promotional campaign? Click on each of the four QR codes to be linked directly to the sites where the ad appears. The AGA ad shares space with other ads so you may have to wait a few moments for the ad to appear.

Cattle Today

High Plains Journal

Cattle Business Weekly

Western Livestock Journal Gelbvieh World | 13

Blazing New Trails

Feature feature Roger Gatz, Mark Goes to Receive AGA Honors The American Gelbvieh Association will recognize Roger Gatz of Cattlemen’s Connection in Hiawatha, Kan., as the 2012 Hall of Fame inductee and Mark Goes, M & P Gelbvieh, Odell, Neb., as the 2012 Member of the Year. The award presentations will take place on Saturday, January 7 at 6:30 p.m. during the AGA annual convention. Gatz is an avid promoter of the Gelbvieh breed and boosts a distinguished list of accomplishments qualifying him for the Hall of Fame honors. Roger started promoting the breed in October, 1983 with a Gelbvieh publication targeted towards commercial cattlemen. In 1986, Roger joined the AGA as a fieldman and helped produce the first issue of the first in-house, AGA owned publication, Gelbvieh World. Seeing a need for sales management, Roger started Cattlemen’s Connection in 1988, promoting and managing only Gelbvieh sales across the country. The first sale he managed was for Pearson Cattle Company, Lake City, S.D. Cattlemen’s Connection then entered the semen sales business in 1993 and remains today one of the top sources of breed-leading Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics. Among others, Roger has provided his expertise and management services for Judd Ranch, Inc., the “Pick of the Herds” sale, many Gelbvieh breeders’ dispersal sales, and is the current sale manager for the National Gelbvieh Sale held during the National Western Stock Show.

Mark Goes has been very active in the Gelbvieh breed and the livestock industry. He has been a member of the Gelbvieh Association of Nebraska since 1987 and the American Gelbvieh Association since 1988, serving on both director boards. Currently, Mark is serving his second term on the AGA Board and is the vice president. He has chaired numerous AGA committees including productivity, finance and national show. Mark also teaches beef production at Southeast Community College (SCC) in Odell, Neb. He has used his connections to promote Gelbvieh cattle by holding tours of the school’s Gelbvieh herd, and exposing over 240 students annually to the breed. He has also had six articles published in Gelbvieh World. A strong supporter of junior programs, Mark and his wife, Patti, are advisors for the Junior Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska. Mark spearheads the carcass contest at the annual national junior Gelbvieh show. This past year he was on the host committee for the 2011 AGJA Twister Classic and was instrumental in the planning and success of the show. These are just a few of the accomplishments that qualify both Roger and Mark to receive these prestigious awards. Congratulations to these two outstanding individuals.

2012 Bree de r’s Ch oic e Bu ll Fu tu rit y Entr y rcle Ci h

IGenity Results:

Ten REA 4 5

MB YG PC 8 6 8

FT 5

ST MCE HPR Doc ADG RFI 8 5 5 7 3 2

R aS h c bvie



DNA Tested Homozygous Polled!


The bull that will drive your progeny to the next Decade!

“Driven’s” EPDs:

- Powerful! - Fluent! - BIG Square Hip!





14 | December 2011


CE 103/I

BW 2.2/I+

WW 43/I


H S RANC Annual Production Sale 1st Saturday in April!

John and Carla Shearer • 2815 Navajo Road • Canton, KS 67428 • 620.654.6507

YW 74/I

MK 17/I

Participate in the AGA Committee Meetings The American Gelbvieh Association committee meetings are open to all AGA members. An active committee process is one of the core grassroots values of the AGA. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings and add input to help the development and direction of the breed. All committee meetings will be held at the Red Lion Hotel, the AGA convention headquarters hotel. To add an item to the agenda for discussion during the meeting, contact a committee chair, a core committee member, or AGA staff liaison. Participating in the committee process is vital to the success and future direction of the AGA.

Productivity Committee Friday, January 6 • 3:15 p.m. Committee Co-Chairs: Brian Schafer, 651-923-5415 Dan Warner, 308-962-6511 Staff Liaisons: Susan Willmon and William McIntosh Core Committee Members: Steve Fiolkoski

Jay Heetland Dan McCarty Steve Munger Bob Prosser Tom Scarponcini Butch Stucky Vaughn Thorstenson

The productivity committee reviews and evaluates the standards used in the Association’s recording and registration programs, and recommends changes to the Board of Directors. The duty of this committee is to encourage and promote Association performance testing programs. The committee looks at breed improvement objectives by evaluating AGA data in relationship to current beef industry standards. The evaluation includes review of current EPDs, new performance traits and technology and how they can be incorporated into the AGA data.

National Show Committee Wednesday, January 4 • 7:30 p.m. Committee Co-Chairs: Mark Goes, 402-239-3038 Andy LeDoux, 785-732-6564 Staff Liaisons: Brandon McEndaffer and Dana Stewart Core Committee Members: Bob Beying Michael Butler Leland Clark

Carl Griffiths Ted Ladner Ricky Linquist Brad Ridinger John Shearer Brittney Spencer Gary Tilghman Cory Voss Shannon Worrell

The national show committee recommends rules and show policy for the National Gelbvieh and Balancer® shows and reviews the AGA recommended judges list, proposing the addition or removal of names to the Board of Directors. This committee also oversees the Ring of Gold program and reviews requests for shows to be added as a Ring of Gold show. The core committee selects judges for the NWSS for Board of Director approval. The national show rules developed by the committee are distributed to state and regional shows as guidelines for Gelbvieh and Balancer shows. Continued on page 16

Bar Arrow Cattle Company 6 Champion or Reserve Champion pens in the last 6 years!

Marketing and Member Education Committee Friday, January 6 • 1:00 p.m. Committee Co-Chairs: Bob Hart, 816-225-8530 David Martin, 501-728-4950 Staff Liaisons: Frank Padilla and Jennifer Scharpe Core Committee Members: Paul Bennett Mark Crane

Christina Dockter Gary Felger Dave Judd Pat McCabe Dustin Rippe Jim Roelle Duane Strider Gary Tilghman John Wohl

The purpose of the marketing and member education committee is to provide direction for promotion of the breed and for education of AGA members. The marketing committee discusses potential marketing programs for the breed and members, as well as reviews AGA promotional efforts. From an education standpoint, the committee reviews methods and efforts of educating AGA members with tools to use, ranging from marketing and promotion to AGA programs.

2011 Champion Pen of 3 Balancer®

Find your next herd bull at the Bar Arrow Bull Sale Tuesday, March 13, 2012!

“We Are Qualified Seedstock Suppliers”

Stuar t Jar vis 26 E. Limestone Rd. • Phillipsburg, KS 67661

e-mail: • 785/543-5177 We welcome visitors to our program and would love to show you our operation.

Gelbvieh World | 15

Blazing New Trails

Feature feature

Blazing New Trails

Feature feature National Sale Committee Wednesday, January 4 6:30 p.m. Committee Co-Chairs: Ken Flikkema, 406-586-6207 Vaughn Thorstenson, 605-8480421 Staff Liaisons: Frank Padilla and Brandon McEndaffer Core Committee Members: Roger Gatz William McIntosh Chris Mitchell David Slaughter Scott Starr The national sale committee is responsible for assisting in coordinating the national sale and making recommendations including hiring of sale manager, any changes to National Sale rules, and date, time, and location of the next year’s National Sale.

16 | December 2011

Finance Committee Thursday, January 5 2:30 p.m. Committee Co-Chairs: Rob Arnold, 701-7250-8823 Grant Thayer, 303-324-6955 Staff Liaison: Dianne Coffman Core Committee Members: Brian Dunn Mark Goes Al Knapp Shad Ludemann Skyler Martin Neal Pearson Max Porter Dustin Rippe Ron Rogers Klint Sickler The finance committee works with staff to develop a current year budget with a recommendation to the Board of Directors. During the meeting at the national convention, the committee reviews the annual AGA audit.

Foundation Committee Thursday, January 5 4:30 p.m.

Rules & Bylaws Committee Thursday, January 5 1:00 p.m.

Committee Co-Chairs: Dick Helms, 308 -962-6500 Dr. Glenn Wehner, 660-7854576

Committee Co-Chairs: Randy Gallaway, 405-649-2410 E. Edd Pritchett, 405-375-5516 Staff Liaison: Dianne Coffman Core Committee Members: James Milani Max Porter Linda Reiste Duane Rippe Dan Snodgrass Rick Soelzer Nancy Wilkinson

Staff Liaisons: Dana Stewart and Jennifer Scharpe Core Committee Members: Bill Clark Roger Emigh Doug Hille John Huston Mary Knapp Kathleen Rankin Derek Stuecken Nancy Wilkinson The primary function is to generate funds and awareness for the Foundation, making recommendations to the Foundation Board. The committee will review plans for the upcoming semen auction.

The rules and bylaws committee has the responsibility for interpreting all of AGA Bylaws, Rules and Policies. This committee also makes recommendations to the AGA Board of Directors for changes to the current rules and bylaws.

What Role Can AGJA Members Play in Promoting Positive Animal Welfare? By Sydney Bigger, Intermediate Creative Writing Champion

American Gelbvieh Junior Association members play a key role in promoting positive animal welfare. The most important thing members can do is lead by example at home and in public. They can provide the proper care for their cattle and try to educate people about the breed. This will hopefully promote a positive image for the beef industry and the Gelbvieh breed.

The most important thing members can do is lead by example at home and in public. They can provide the proper care for their cattle and try to educate people about the breed. Members can lead by example on their farm and in public at shows. At home, they can provide the proper care for their animals. AGJA members can check their herd daily to ensure that every single cow, calf, and bull is in the best health. Checking the herd also reassures the producer that their animals look their best, which looks good for the business, and the beef industry as a whole. Along with checking the cows daily, members can also check their fences. It is important to keep your herd in their designated pasture to keep them in the best health. Your neighbors may not treat contagious illnesses like pink eye, or they may not spray weeds that may make your cows sick. American Gelbvieh Junior Association members also need to provide the necessary food, water, and shelter for their animals. Nutrition is important to maintain the proper condition on the cow. Cows that are fed well, milk better, offering a possibility for an increased weaning weight average. This can bring more profit into the herd. Cattle should also always have access to a clean water source. Water acts as a cooling agent and the animal’s cells require water to metabolize, divide, and carry out all functions needed to survive. Lastly, cows need to have appropriate shelter for the weather conditions. If it is sunny, they need to be able to get in the shade. Likewise, if it is snowing, raining, hailing, or sleeting, they need to be able to get into a building and out of the harsh elements. Proper shelter reduces the stress on the cattle. On the farm, members can also promote positive animal welfare by vaccinating and providing the correct medical attention as needed. At our farm, we vaccinate our cows, calves, and bulls. In the spring, we give our calves Nasogen, implant our steers and give them vitamin shots. Our cows get a pink eye vaccination, MultiMin, Bovi-Gold 5VL5HB, injectable Ivomec and Vitamin A D E and Selenium. We also give our cows and calves shots when we wean the calves. It is important for members to let people know that vaccinations are humane if administered properly. This keeps the animal in the best health possible. Along with promoting positive animal welfare on the farm, members can also set a good example when they are in public. Many AGJA members travel to shows to exhibit their animals. This

is a prime time to promote positive animal welfare and educate the public on the breed. The cattle should be fed and watered regularly and their stalls should be kept clean. It is important to keep the bedding clean to keep the fly population down. Flies are attracted to feces and urine, and when they bite, it causes stress for the animal. Therefore, members should try to keep the flies away as much as possible. Calves should also be kept cool. If necessary, they should be rinsed and have fans put on them to maintain a stable internal temperature. On show day, as well as any other day, members should refrain from showing aggression towards their animals. Even though we know that it is not abuse, some people beg to differ. American Gelbvieh Junior Association members can promote positive animal welfare at home and while in public. They can check their herds daily, and provide proper food, water, and shelter. Members can also vaccinate their cattle to promote their wellbeing. At shows, they can keep their stalls clean and control the fly population. American Gelbvieh Junior Association members play a key role in promoting positive animal welfare. Editor’s Note: Sydney Bigger is an AGJA member from Media, Ill. This is her champion entry in the 2011 AGJA Twister Classic creative writing contest. This entry is published as submitted for the contest.

Tenderize your beef with bulls from Rogers Valley Farm.

With our genetics, you can add tenderness without losing performance. Yearling bulls available, call for details.


Power Plus a 9 for Tenderness Ronald & Kathryne Rogers Visit us on the web at

(660) 272-3805 • cell (660) 375-7266

Mendon, MO • Email:

Gelbvieh World | 17

AGJA Creative Writing

News news

News ‘N Notes news ‘n notes Calling all Gelbvieh hybrids Every year more and more breeders discover or re-discover the power of Gelbvieh genetics in crosses with other breeds. The challenge for seedstock producers who use multiple breeds is finding a home where those crossed calves can have performance data recorded and registration certificate can be produced. The answer for those producers is the Gelbvieh hybrid registry. Originally the hybrid registry provided the structure and foundation for the Balancer® program. More recently, the Southern Balancer™ program originated from this registry. However, the hybrid registry and subsequent analysis can accommodate and provide EPDs for calves produced from registered dam or sires of almost any other recognized breed registry. Using the hybrid registry is straightforward. Simply provide the AGA with the animal’s registration number and either a paper or electronic copy of the animals registration certificate with current EPDs. The AGA will then build a two, possibly three, generation pedigree. Periodically we query the database to find and enhance pedigree ties in older generations. When entering cattle, such as Sim-Angus, the AGA uses the native (American Simmental) registration number to provide ties to common pedigrees within the hybrid population. The value for producers with multiple breeds is that EPDs can be compared across bulls with varying breed percentages. For example, three sons out of a purebred Gelbvieh sire, one being a PB94, one a BA50 and one a hybrid Gelbvieh with 50GV, 25AN and 25HH (Hereford), can all be compared and selected based on the desired mating outcome or breed composition of the calf crop. The next time you sell a bull or group of females to a producer with ties to other breeds mention the Gelbvieh hybrid registry and the options available for them as an AGA member.

AGA office closed for holidays The American Gelbvieh Association office will be closed three days during the holiday season. The dates the office will be closed are: Friday, December 23; Monday, December 26; and Monday, January 2. The office will be open December 27-30.

A m e r i c a n

Reach 38,000 cattle producers with the February Profit Picture The Profit Picture publication is fast-becoming “the source” for quality information for cattle producers. With the expanded mailing list, this publication has a circulation of over 38,000 commercial cow-calf producers, cattlemen who use Gelbvieh genetics, and Gelbvieh seedstock breeders. The Profit Picture gives you the most value for your advertising dollar. The advertising deadline for the February issue of The Profit Picture is December 15. To receive the breeder early deadline discount, submit all ad copy by December 8. For smaller advertising budgets, get a State Round Up ad for only $75. Contact Brandon, William or Lynn today to reserve your advertising space and submit your ad copy.

New edition of veterinarian Johne’s disease handbooks available Beef producers and their veterinarians who want to help prevent or control Johne’s disease in their herds often ask where they should start with the process. The answer: Begin by conducting an on-farm risk assessment, then develop and follow a management plan specific to a farm or ranch. Two recently updated handbooks—“Handbook for Veterinarians and Beef Producers” and “How to do Risk Assessments and Develop Management Plans for Johne’s Disease”—are available for beef producers and their veterinarians who are serious about addressing Johne’s disease and stopping the financial drain of this devastating disease. This fourth edition of the handbooks reflect the USDA’s updated Program Standards for the Voluntary Bovine Johne’s Disease Control Program and are significantly more user friendly. PDF copies of the beef veterinarian handbooks and the “How to do Risk Assessments and Develop Management Plans for Johne’s Disease” are online at Please contact your State Designated Johne’s Disease Coordinator for specific information related to your state.

G e l b v i e h

A s s o c i a t i o n

Area Coordinators “Your marketing program should be top priority at this time. I can help you get yours front and center. If you have interest in locating bulls or females give me a call.”

Brandon McEndaffer

“Do not miss out on the upcoming issue of the Profit Picture to advertise your program. Exposure of your program can help to expand your number of buyers and dollars generated. I can assist you and answer questions.”

William McIntosh

Central Region

Eastern Region

(970) 520-3020 (C)

(502) 867-3132 (C)

Western region Gelbvieh members and commercial producers should contact Frank Padilla at the American Gelbvieh Association office at 303-465-2333.

18 | December 2011

Bits ‘N Pieces bits n’pieces Gelbvieh Arrivals

Lillian Belle Helms

Flying H Genetics, Arapahoe, Neb., would like to announce the arrival of two new members to our crew. Lillian Belle Helms was born September 20, 2011. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. She was welcomed home her parents Kyle and Kayla Helms, and grandparents Dick and Bonnie Helms.

Jared and Jill Wareham, Deepwater, Mo., added Sawyer Mae Wareham to their family on July 20, 2011. She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Sawyer was welcomed home by siblings Mikah and Rhett Wareham.

Gelbvieh Departures

Sawyer Mae Wareham

James Mitchell “Mitch” Dobson, 66, Kaw City, Okla., was taken before his time on Sunday, November 6, 2011. He was a rancher, proud father, grandfather, and a beloved fiancé to his Nancy. All that knew and loved Mitch can take comfort knowing that he was living

the happiest years of his life doing the things he loved the most. Mitch loved Oklahoma State football and was a fixture on the Pistol Pete homecoming parade float every year. He loved being with his children and was never shy about bragging about them. Mitch was a lifelong Rancher and was the driving force and a founding member of the American Gelbvieh Association in 1971. The Mitch Dobson Dobson Ranch in Kaw City, Okla., still carries the AGA membership number one. Mitch was inducted into the AGA Hall of Fame in 1992. He always enjoyed traveling to Denver for the AGA Annual Convention in January. Mitch is survived by his fiancé Nancy; his children Jim Dobson, John and Lindsey Dobson, Katie (Dobson) and Brad Liston, and Jay Dobson; his six grandchildren; his siblings; and numerous nieces and nephews. The family has established a memorial in honor of Mitch with the Oklahoma Junior Gelbvieh Association, 15182 N. Midwest Blvd., Mulhall, OK 73063. Mitch’s plaque in the AGA Hall of Fame reads as such: “Mitch Dobson has the distinction of holding AGA membership number one and providing the Association with its first $500. Mitch, an original AGA incorporator and the AGA’s first vice president, had the revelation, knowledge about where the Association should go regarding its ethics, goals, and nationwide leadership. He provided the stability and cohesiveness that was so essential in the Association’s formative years.”

Gelbvieh World | 19

Lemke CattLe BuLL SaLe Saturday, January 28, 2012 at the Ranch • Lawrence, NE



Registered Balancer®, Angus, Red Angus and Gelbvieh Bulls


Fancy Registered Balancer® and Red Angus Open Heifers


elling an outstanding group of quality, thick made, balanced trait bulls sired by Breed Leading A.I. sires or Top Quality Herd JRI Top Wrangler 213T76 Bulls and from (Gelbvieh Herd Sire) the Lemke cow herd that runs generations deep in fertility, maternal, performance and carcass traits.


eaturing groups of E.T. brothers sired by Iron Mountain and Grid Topper, and several herd bull prospects by Predominant and Silver.

LEM Maximus 971 (Red Angus Herd Sire)

C MR Goldrush U303 (Angus Herd Sire)

attle sell with all the quality, numbers, measurements, data, health programs, tests, customer service and guarantees you can count on at Lemke Cattle.

Randy and Leslie Lemke

Phone: 402-756-7090 • 1757 Road 2500 Cell: 402-469-2284 • Lawrence, NE 68957

20 | December 2011

News news Samples Arriving Daily for Genomic Pioneers Research Samples and financial contributions for the Genomic Pioneers research project have been arriving at a steady pace at the AGA office since midOctober. We are excited to report that several groups of samples have already been sent to the lab for typing on the 50K SNP panel. Our goal is to obtain 800 samples by the end of December to submit as part of the discovery population. While this may sound like a lofty goal, if every AGA member or family entity would submit 1-2 samples for this project we would easily exceed the number of samples needed for this project. What should a member do if the animal listed on the sample request form is deceased and DNA is not available in the form of either a hair or semen sample? Simply choose a daughter of the requested animal that may also have a couple of daughters in your herd. An alternative is to submit a donor female from your program, a herd sire that has sired a decent number of calves in your 2011 and 2012 calf crops, or a female that is a matriarch in your herd where you have either kept or sold daughters into other AGA member herds. Research to date on these genomic panels has shown their predictive power increases when the discovery population includes genetics from a broad sample of both new and old genetics within a breed. The beauty of this project is that the end result will benefit breeders with any size Gelbvieh cow herd. It is just as likely that next great Gelbvieh or Balancer® sire or donor female could come from a herd with 25 cows as from a herd with 300 cows.  Thank you to the Gelbvieh breeders who have submitted samples and financial contributions to the Genomic Pioneers research project. Because samples are arriving on a daily basis, the list of members who have contributed to this project is posted and regularly updated on the Genomic Pioneers page on www.gelbvieh. org. As we get closer to completing this project, we will run the entire list in a future issue of Gelbvieh World. Your support of this research is greatly appreciated and will have a long-lasting impact on the Gelbvieh breed. If you need additional information regarding this project or forms, visit or call the AGA office at 303-465-2333. Again, thank you to those AGA members who have already contributed to this project. Don’t risk having your herd’s genetics left out of this discovery population. Submit your samples today.

Scan this QR code with your smartphone to access more information on the Genomic Pioneers program, including the most current list of members who have contributed to this project.

Shows shows South Dakota State Fair ROG Show September 2, 2011 • Huron, S.D.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female BABR 0003X Volek Ranch, Highmore, S.D.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female BNC X184 Hojer Ranch, Lake Preston, S.D.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull VDH Y005 Thull Gelbvieh, Oldham, S.D.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull KTHV Y004 Thull Gelbvieh, Oldham, S.D.

Grand Champion Balancer Female BEA Scarlett 0008X Beastrom Ranch, Pierre, S.D.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female BVLK X018 Volek Ranch, Highmore, S.D.

Grand Champion Balancer Bull SGRI Sledgehammer X600 Volek Ranch & Schroeder Ranch, Highmore, S.D.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull BEA Teddy 941W Cerroll Gelbvieh, Sisseton, S.D.

Kansas State Fair ROG Show

September 17, 2011 • Hutchinson, Kan. • Photos provided by Purple Haven Enterprises, LLC and Kansas State Fair

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female CIRS Buttons 6BX ET John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female CIRS 12MY ET John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Grand Champion Balancer Female EBY Miss 7294T 9229W Chandler Ladner, Argonia, Kan.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull CIRS 39RY John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female ABL X-Girlfriend Dustin Aherin, Phillipsburg, Kan.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull CIRS 60UX John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Grand Champion Balancer Bull ELC Mr. Pinpoint Ron Cooper, Burdett, Kan.

Gelbvieh World | 21

Shows shows Clay County Fair ROG Show

September 17, 2011 • Spencer, Iowa

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female CIRS 28X Kenyon Cattle LLC, Milford, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Wandering Meadows, Lamberton, Minn.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female American Honey L & L Fitting, Hartley, Iowa

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull Dually L & L Fitting, Hartley, Iowa

Not Pictured Grand Champion Balancer Female Lady Focus Taylor Gelbvieh, Milford, Iowa

Grand Champion Balancer Bull JTB Mr. K Taylor Family Gelbvieh, Milford, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female LSG Yo-Ella 109Y Little Sioux Gelbvieh Ranch, Milford, Iowa

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull Wandering Meadows, Lamberton, Minn.

Tulsa State Fair ROG Show

September 30, 2011 • Tulsa, Okla.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female RTRD 290X Dylan Enyart, Vinita, Okla.

Grand Champion Balancer Female VOS Miss Unusually Fast 118X Benny McWilliams, Asbury, Mo.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female CIRS Buttons 6BX ET John Shearer, Canton, Kan.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female HTFB Ms Candy Y803 Brad McWilliams, Asbury, Mo.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull JERG 5X9 Chandler Ladner, Argonia, Kan.

Grand Champion Balancer Bull JDPD 450X Dromgoole’s Heaven, Mason, Texas

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull JDPD 251Y Dromgoole’s Heaven, Mason, Texas

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull DMC New Edition 037Y1 Martin Cattle Company, Judsonia, Ark.

22 | December 2011

Shows shows World Beef Expo Open Show

September 23, 2011 • West Allis, Wisc.

No Photo Available

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female RSSL Matrix’s Xclamation Lydia Russell, Brooklyn, Wisc.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female Trixie’s Yalena 14Y Lydia Russell, Brooklyn, Wisc.

Grand Champion Balancer Female You Are My Sunshine Seth Arp, Arlington, Wisc.

South Carolina State Fair Open Show October 20, 2011 • Columbia, S.C.

Grand Champion Female VER Kristina Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C.

Reserve Grand Champion Female CCF Zena Cameron Burns, Pendleton, S.C.

Grand Champion Bull CCF Southern Hauler Cameron Burns, Pendleton, S.C.

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Tank Justin Ridenhour, Salisbury, N.C.

NILE Open Show

October 20, 2011 • Billings, Mont.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female JLSL Radiant Crystal Samee Ledgerwood, Clarkston, Wash.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female DVE Davidson Ms Jim 61T Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull DVE Davidson Ynot 37Y Davidson Gelbvieh, Ponteix, SK

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull JLSL Young Gun Samee Ledgerwood, Clarkston, Wash.

Grand Champion Balancer Female TMLG Cascade 200X Ty & Brook Kliewer, Klamath Falls, Ore.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female MHD 3X1 M Heart D Gelbvieh, Stevensville, Mont.

Grand Champion Balancer Bull ISAC Northern Dancer 1115 Lance Issacson, Mulino, Ore.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull YJMR Full Tilt YJ Mountain Ranch, Redmond, Utah

Gelbvieh World | 23

Breeder's corner



• Polled Purebreds • Red • Black

Dave & Dawn Bowman 55784 Holly Rd. • Olathe, CO 81425

Kittle Gelbvieh Farms

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Skyler Martin

9937 Warren Rd. Winslow, IL 61089

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Johnny D. Kittle 816 Co. Rd. 36 Geraldine, AL 35974 Cell (256) 996-4140

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24 | December 2011

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Ridge Top Ranch


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Ricky Linquist th Street inquist 1135 190 inquist Fonda, IA 50540

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LGone O ak e l b v i e h Eric Ehresman (319) 489-2275 20963 30th St. (319) 480-1564 Mechanicsville, IA 52306

Judd Ranch Inc.

Dave & Cindy Judd Nick, Ginger Judd & Family Brent & Ashley Judd 423 Hwy. K-68 • Pomona, KS 66076 785/ 566-8371

Minnesota Brandywine Farm

LeDoux Ranch

Tom Scarponcini

30474 Brandywine Road Rushford, MN 55971

Andy, Danielle JW and Jady LeDoux 365 Agenda Lane • Agenda, KS 66930 H:785-732-6564 • C: 785-527-3188 Offering value from Heterosis



McCabe Cattle Co.

Two Step Ranch



Lacey McCabe

Pat and Jay McCabe

Gelbvieh Farley, Iowa Balancers Annual Spring Bull Sale 60-80 Bred Females Each Fall

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POST ROCK CATTLE COMPANY 3041 E. Hwy. 284, Barnard, KS 67418 Bill Clark: 785.792.6244 Leland Clark: 785.792.6208 Fax: 785.792.6250 Email:

SFI Schafer Farms, Inc.


37740 240th Ave., Goodhue, MN 55027 Brian Schafer Lowell Schafer 1-888-226-9210 651-923-4587 Private Treaty Bull Sale — Last Sat. in February Annually

Mattison Family Farm


Purebred A.I. Seedstock Bulls and Heifers Available. Al, Mary & Nick Knapp Cell: (913) 219-6613 18291 158th Street H: (913) 724-4105 Bonner Springs, KS 66012 FAX: (913) 724-4107 e-mail:

Bar Arrow Cattle Company Stuar t Jar vis



Scott & Sonia Mattison Brianna, Nicole, Josh & Kallie 15995 Harvest Ave Lamberton, MN 56152 507-430-0505 • email: Purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer® Cattle


26 E. Limestone Rd. • Phillipsburg, KS 67661 e-mail: • 785/543-5177

“Where workin’ cattle & eye appeal come full circle”

John & Carla Shearer (620) 628-4621 (620) 654-6507 (John Cell)

2815 Navajo Rd. Canton, KS 67428

Annual Production Sale 1st Saturday in April

Purebred Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle High Quality Genetics for Every Cattleman. Owners: David Butts Wayne Butts

Contact David Butts: 270-365-3715 (H) 270-625-4700 (C)

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B/F Cattle Company

Specializing in Forage Raised Balancer® Bulls on K-31

Culling practices on cows/bulls second to NONE! For information, contact:

Route 1, Box 407 • Butler, MO 64730

660 • 492 • 2808 Gelbvieh World | 25

Breeder's corner Fall calving, Balancer®, SimAngus bred heifers, pairs, superior genetics. Balancer, SimAngus bulls, 18 mo old forage developed, calving ease, guaranteed. Bob Harriman/Rotert Montrose, MO 660-492-2504

Nebraska Mark & Patty Goes 39414 SW 75th Rd. Odell, NE 68415 (402) 766-3627

Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh Breed for Tomorrow’s Cattle Today!

A Breed Leader in Tenderness & Marbling–

Pope Farms Gelbvieh

Jeff and Jeanne Pope


26075 Willow Rd., Ravenna, NE 68869 Phone & Fax: (308) 467-BEEF Cell: (308) 390-0657

P.O. Box 51 Mendon, MO 64660 (660) 272-3805 (O) (660-375-7266 (C) Ronald & Kathryne Rogers email:


J. J. Boehler

70948 L Rd. , Orleans, NE 68966 308-473-7342 • 308-999-0207 Jeff Swanson • 308/337-2235 72408 I Road • Oxford, NE 68967 Annual Sale—Last Saturday in February

Cedar Top Ranch



Scott & Raberta Starr 212 Starr Drive • Stapleton, NE 69163 (H): 308-587-2293 • (C): 308-530-3900 Eldon Starr: 1-800-535-6173 or Rich Johnson: 402-368-2209

D Bar L Land and Livestock Doug Sanford 680 Beaver Valley Rd • Chadron, NE 69337 Commercial and Registered Gelbvieh and Balancer® Cattle for sale Cell: 620-546-4563 Email: Call for semen packages

26 | December 2011

Home of CIRS Direct Current 1LU

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N. Dakota


Chimney Butte Ranch Dick & Jean Williams P.O. Box 156 Orovada, NV 89425 775•272•3442

“Pounds Make Profit in Your Pocket” Bulls & Heifers Private Treaty

Doug and Carol Hille 701/445-7383

3320 51st St., Mandan, ND 58554 Annual Production Sale 1st Friday in March

N. Carolina

6700 County Rd. 19 S. Minot, ND 58701 (701) 624-2051 (H) (701) 720-8823 (C)

Rob Arnold


Registered Gelbvieh & Balancers®

Dwight and Christina Dockter Bailey, Cheyenne, Cierra and Dalton

4956 41st St. SE, Medina, ND 58467 701-486-3494 • Visit

Producing Black, Polled Genetics for Today & Tomorrow.


Maple Lake Livestock Company Madras, Oregon

M /L

High Desert Red & Black Gelbvieh & Balancer® Cattle

541 - 475 - 9335

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Gelbvieh & Balancer Performance Genetics Blacks & Reds A select group of heifers available each fall Bulls available year around

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Oklahoma LeGRAND Ed LeGrand

809 S. Redlands Rd. • Stillwater, OK 74074

405-747-6950 • Homo. Black, Homo. Polled • Breeding Stock Available

(605) 354-2428 Cell (605) 546-2058 Home 402 4th Ave., Iroquois, SD 57353

Gerald Adkins

Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch Registered Gelbvieh & Balancer Cattle Bulls • Heifers • Embryos • Semen

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Ph: 605-224-5789 • 605-280-7589 (Cell) •

Grass Grown • Carcass Quality & Performance

Exceptional BULLS & HEIFERS


Julie Maude 605.381.2803 (C) Lori Maude 303.809.3789 (C) Hermosa, SD Quality Gelbvieh & Balancer® Genetics from a Trusted Source

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John & Liz Loy 7611 Dyer Rd. (865) 687-1968 Luttrell, TN 37779 (865) 235-8869 (C)

Bulls & Heifers for Sale

34261 200th Street, Highmore, SD 57345

Steven A. Munger 605/229-2802 (office) 605/380-0092 (cell) • 605/229-2835 (fax)


Nate Munger 605/943-5690 (office) Cowherd Manager 605/380-2582 (cell)

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Office (434) 376-3567 Fax (434) 376-7008 James D. Bennett 434/376-7299 Paul S. Bennett 434/376-5675 Jim G. Bennett 434/376-5760 Brian R. Bennett 434/376-5309


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(281) 341-5686 • Ranch (979) 561-8144 Show Cattle Managers: James & Shannon Worrell • (325) 258-4656

Proven Genetics with Balanced Traits!

NN Bar Ranch, Inc. Registered Angus, Gelbvieh and Balancers®


Kris, Dawn and Laren Nelson 21200 Watson Road East Creston, WA 99117

G Gelbvieh elbvieh R Ranch anch


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Selby, South Dakota Annual Bull Sale 1st Saturday in March Brian & Dee Dee Vaughn & Wendy 605-649-9927 605-649-6262

28 | December 2011






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Gelbvieh World | 29

Sales sales Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale VI & 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Sale September 24, 2011 Lathrop, Mo. Auctioneer: Phil Schooley Reported by: Laurie Burbank 3 Bulls



Donor cow


3 Flushes




Embryo packages

27 Spring breds


24 Fall breds/pairs


18 Fall opens




Spring opens

An absolutely gorgeous day was the setting for the Seedstock Plus Showcase Sale VI. Topping the offering for the day was Lot 2, TMGC SB Arnold 225W. Consigned by Stuecken Brothers of Freeburg, Mo., he was purchased for $10,000 by the partnership of JGP Gelbvieh, Lathrop, Mo., and Burbank Cattle Company, St. Catharine, Mo. Lot 1 was the next high selling bull at $6,250. He was consigned by Hart Farm, Kansas City, Kan., and was purchased by MLM Gelbvieh, Chester, Ill. Hart Farm retained an interest and will continue to show the bull this fall. Lot 3 rounded out the bull offering, selling for $4,250 and going to the partnership of The Two Step Ranch, Farley, Iowa and Prairie Grove Gelbvieh, Danville, Iowa. He was consigned by Rumfelt Gelbvieh, Springfield, Mo. The top selling female of the day was the Lot 4 donor dam at $5,000. The Balancer® daughter of Black Cross 3002N was also consigned by Rumfelt Gelbvieh, and was purchased by a partnership of South Texas Gelbvieh, Castroville, Texas and Bar T Bar Ranch, Winslow, Ariz. Rumfelt Gelbvieh retained half embryo interest. A purebred red daughter of JRI PD Resource 197E51 with a fancy red heifer calf at side by Brandywine Winthrop was the top selling fall pair at $4,100. Lot 58 was consigned by Burbank Cattle Company, St. Catharine, Mo., and sold to VanWinkle Farms, Neosho, Mo. Another red purebred fall pair was the next high selling lot at $3,900. The Lot 39 pair with a bull calf at side by HFGC Extra Hot P60 was consigned by Hart Farm, Kansas City, Kan., and was also purchased by VanWinkle Farms, Neosho, Mo. A homozygous black Balancer heifer topped the spring breds at $2,600. The Lot 25 daughter of RBMS SCC Just Right 122P ET was consigned by AB Farms, Lathrop, Mo., and was purchased by Nelson Ranch, Soldier, Kan. Another Mr Krugerrand daughter topped the open heifers at $2,700. Consigned by Burbank Cattle Company, St. Catharine, Mo., she was purchased by South Texas Gelbvieh, Castroville, Texas. 30 | December 2011

KY-TN Fall Gelbvieh Classic September 24, 2011 Lebanon, Tenn. Sale Management: Slaughter Sale Management Reported by: David Slaughter

5 Bulls


10 Cow/calf pairs


20 Bred heifers



Open heifers


Sale Average


The third annual KY-TN Fall Gelbvieh Classic was held September 24 in Lebanon, Tenn., at the James Ward Ag Center. This year’s event saw one of the largest crowds attending the sale.  Topping the sale at $6,550 was Lot 6/6A consigned by C-Cross Cattle Company. JBOB 5071N, a homozygous black and homozygous polled RJ daughter, sold with her heifer calf by Post Rock Silver, CCRO 1142Y.  Green Hills Gelbvieh outlasted several bidders for this outstanding Balancer® pair.  Lot 17/17A consigned by Bar None Ranch came in at $3,000. This two-year old Maverick daughter and her Trendsetter bull calf caught the eye of Bear Creek Gelbvieh.  Topping the bred heifers was Lot 28 from Miller Gelbvieh. Black Diamond 54X was a popular homozygous black, homozygous polled daughter of 200P2 selling to Robert Hart for $3,200. Lot 22, 2 Dollar Pistol 9756WET, was the choice of Circle M Gelbvieh at $3,050. This fancy, bred RJ Balancer female was consigned by C-Cross Cattle Company.  Floyd Farms added Lot 3 to their program. Miller Gelbvieh Farm consigned Lot 3, a homozygous polled and homozygous black son of Post Rock 200P2. He was top selling bull at $3,400.

2011 NILE Gelbvieh Sale October 20, 2011 Billings, Mont. Sale Manager: Million Ayres Management Auctioneer:  Tommy Ayres Reported by:  Tommy Ayres 18 Gelbvieh/Balancer® Females $2,480

Beautiful weather, great consignors, and outstanding cattle were evident at the 2011 NILE Gelbvieh Sale. Strong demand for quality cattle with balanced EPDs and phenotypic merit highlighted the event. Topping the sale was LOT 7, DVE Davidson MS Red Wrap 16Y, a 2/1/11 daughter of DVE Davidson Red Wrap. M Heart D Ranch in Stevensville, Mont., out-lasted several bidders at $6,200. Lot 2, TMKG Miss Cascade 201X, a 3/1/10 BC Lookout bred heifer consigned by Starlight Land and Levestock, Klamath Falls, Ore., demanded a $3,500 bid from M Heart D. She later went on to be crowned champion Balancer® female in the open show. Quality not quantity sums up the 2011 NILE Gelbvieh event. Three of the four female champions went through the sale. Champion Futurity Heifer was from Danell Diamond Six, and won by the Davidsons.

Sales sales Judd Ranch 21st Annual Cow Power Female Sale October 8, 2011 Pomona, Kan. Sale Management: Cattlemen’s Connection Reported by: Roger Gatz

JRI 27S6 sold for $4,500

JRI 406S36 sold for $4,200

Seedstock Plus Fall Bull & Female Sale October 15, 2011 Carthage, Mo. Auctioneer: Curt Rodgers Reported by: Laurie Burbank 57 Balancer® bulls


45 Gelbvieh bulls



Angus bull


103 Bulls average




Fall breds/pairs

35 Spring breds 4

Open heifers

Read more detailed and additional sale reports online at www.gelbvieh. org/exchange/salereports. Or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

$1,493 $975

12 Purebred Bred Heifers



Red Angus Spring Bred Cow


Balancer® Bred Heifers



Purebred Spring Open Heifer $2,680



Red Angus Bred Heifers



Balancer® Spring Open Heifer $2,650

11 Purebred Fall Bred Females



Red Angus Spring Open Heifer $1,800


Balancer® Fall Bred Females


30 Purebred Fall Open Heifers



Red Angus Fall Bred Females




19 Purebred Spring Bred Cows


107 Total Lots Average



Balancer® Spring Bred Cows

Balancer® Fall Open Heifers


Judd Ranch’s 21st Annual Cow Power Female Sale was loaded with cow power genetics. Ninety-eight percent of the sale offering was sired by breed leading AI sires and 99 percent of the females featured Judd Ranch Dam of Merit cow families. Numerous volume purchasers were in attendance and cattle sold into 14 states and Canada. JRI Ms Free Agent 68R71 ET topped the sale offering at $5,100 to Riverbend Ranch in Days Creek, Ore. This powerful 2011 Dam of Merit female sold safe in calf to JRI Pop A Top 197T83. JRI Lucky Stars 254X7 was the second high selling female at $5,000 to Chad and Catherine Murphy in Arlington, S.D. This homozygous black, homozygous polled purebred spring bred heifer had donor potential written all over her. She was due in January to Mytty in Focus. Rick Wester, Centuria, Wisc., purchased three fall bred females and one spring bred

female. JRI Ms Fancy Fixing 27S6 was Rick’s pick of the spring bred females. This 2011 Dam of Merit sold for $4,500. JRI Ms Valuable Asset 254P87 topped Rick’s fall bred female selection. This double black, homozygous polled purebred Black N Stacked daughter sold for $4,400. Scott Bachman, Chillicothe, Mo., added five proven producers to his program and JRI Ms Candy Cane 253S21 was his top choice at $4,250. This double polled purebred JRI Stock Option 285P84B daughter sold safe in calf for a February JRI Pop A Top 197T83 baby; her son sold in the spring bull sale for $5,700. Hilltop Farms, Asbury, Mo., always buys the great producers and their top purchase this year was JRI Ms Mabell 406S36 for $4,200. This big time black, homozygous polled purebred JRI Black N Stacked 270M78 daughter sold safe in calf to Mytty In Focus for a February baby.

A big crowd was on hand October 15, 2011 for the Seedstock Plus Fall Bull & Female Sale in Carthage, Mo. Active bidding sent bulls and females into 12 states! The top selling bull of the day was the red Balancer® bull, Lot 603 at $5,800. The 18-month-old son of KRT Lazy TV Flat Iron U225 was raised by VanWinkle Farms, Neosho, Mo., and purchased by Greg Lee of Iberia, Mo. A homozygous black Balancer bull was the next high seller at $5,000. The Lot 592 son of TAU Mr Krugerrand 70M 130P was raised by Probert Gelbvieh, Mansfield, Mo., and was purchased by Sorrells Gelbvieh, Petersburg, Tenn. Lot 616, another red Balancer bull sired by Flat Iron U225, was the next high selling bull at $4,700. He was also raised by VanWinkle Farms, Neosho,

Mo., and sold to Greg Lee, Iberia, Mo. The top selling Gelbvieh bull of the day and the next high selling bull was Lot 682. The red purebred son of LOWE Flying H Action 1605S was raised by Double V Farms, Warrensburg, Mo., and sold to JS Farms in Harmon, Okla. The Lot 672, a purebred, homozygous black son of OZZ EXT Govenor 3N and was raised by Rockin U Ranch, Richmond, Mo., was another high seller. He was purchased by Ann Gregory, Edna, Kan., for $4,300. The high selling female was Lot 752. A homozygous black, homozygous polled Balancer bred heifer sired by OZZ EXT Govenor 3N. Consigned by J & D Kerstiens Gelbvieh, Jasper, Ind., she was purchased by Tomy Black, Edgar Springs, Mo., for $2,300. Gelbvieh World | 31

Shows shows American Royal

American Royal Ring of Gold Gelbvieh & Balancer® Show October 22, 2011 • Kansas City, Mo. Judge: Brandon Callis, Washington, Texas • Entries: 61 animals

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female 3G X Factor 014X Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: 3G Time Machine 758T ET

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull CIRS 39RY Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: CIRS Decade 278U2

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female 3G Yes Please 183Y Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: 3G Time Machine 758T ET

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull HFGC HART 35W34 Hart Farm, Kansas City, Kan. Sire: HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET

Gelbvieh Spring Heifer Calf Reserve Champion CIRS 122TY Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: CIRS 278RT

32 | December 2011

Gelbvieh Junior Heifer Calf Champion 3G Cowgirl Yasmin 103Y Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: 3G Time Machine 758T

Gelbvieh Junior Heifer Calf Reserve Champion CIRS 12MY ET Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: CIRS King

Gelbvieh Senior Heifer Calf Champion BDCG DC Ms Impact 32X10 Dawson Creek Gelbvieh, Easton, Kan. Sire: HYEK Black Impact 3960N

American Royal

Shows shows

Grand Champion Balancer Female 3G Cowgirl Wisdom 951W Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors

Grand Champion Balancer Bull 3G Warlock 928W Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Female AHL Forever Lady 114X LeDoux Ranch, Agenda, Kan. Sire: XXB Wingman 639T

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull T BAR S Flintstone 10X Justin Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo. Sire: Gerloff Newsline 6233

Gelbvieh Senior Heifer Calf Reserve Champion DLLL Direct Image W934X D Bar L Land and Livestock, Chadron, Neb. Sire: CIRS Direct Current 1LU

Gelbvieh Intermediate Heifer Calf Champion KWHG Ms Lillian 8X34 HT Cattle Co., Lacygne, Kan. Sire: MR Krugerrand 70M 13P

Gelbvieh Intermediate Heifer Calf Reserve Champion PMG Xena 72X Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb. Sire: Back to the Future ET

Gelbvieh Junior Heifer Reserve Champion DTKF Black Betty DTK Cattle Co., Janesville, Iowa Sire: JHG Premonition 662S ET Continued on page 34

Gelbvieh World | 33

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American Royal

Shows shows

Gelbvieh Spring Bull Calf Champion CIRS 141Y Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: CIRS Decade 278U2

Gelbvieh Spring Bull Calf Reserve Champion OGSG Young Gun 444Y Overmiller Gelbvieh, Smith Center, Kan. Sire: BABR Who Done It

Gelbvieh Junior Bull Calf Reserve Champion DLLL Currency U21Y D Bar L Land and Livestock, Chadron, Neb. Sire: CIRS Direct Current 1LU

Gelbvieh Senior Bull Calf Champion HFGC Hart 10X41 Hart Farm, Kansas City, Kan. Sire: HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59ET

Gelbvieh Senior Bull Calf Reserve Champion RL Mr Power Ricky Linquist, Fonda, Iowa Sire: Davidson Powerhouse 134

Gelbvieh Intermediate Bull Champion KKKG Red Bull 285X Triple K Gelbvieh, Bonner Springs, Kan. Sire: GKT Boo Boo 155E

Gelbvieh Junior Bull Champion 3G Excalibur 055X ET Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: SLC Freedom 178F

Gelbvieh Junior Bull Reserve Champion JERG 5X9 Ladner Cattle Co., Argonia, Kan. Sire: RUPP Apollo

Balancer Spring Heifer Calf Champion BNW Prairie Gal 1063Y Wilkinson Gelbvieh Ranch, Model, Colo. Sire: GDW BLK Krugers Goldman

Balancer Spring Heifer Calf Reserve Champion DTKF Lucy DTK Cattle Co., Janesville, Iowa Sire: JBOB J-Bob 4665M ET

Balancer Junior Heifer Calf Champion 3G Cowgirl Yolanda 106Y Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind. Sire: BR Midland

Balancer Senior Heifer Calf Champion KKKG Ms Titillating 300X Triple K Gelbvieh, Bonner Springs, Kan. Sire: XXB King George 918S ET

Balancer Intermediate Heifer Calf Champion LCC Barbie Doll X67 Jacinda Dickenson, Glasco, Kan. Sire: Redgreen

Balancer Intermediate Heifer Calf Reserve Champion TPMG Xana Lady Tricia Goes, Odell, Neb. Sire: R Collateral 2R

Balancer Junior Yearling Heifer Reserve Champion SLCB Miss Granite 327X D Bar L Land and Livestock, Chadron, Neb. Sire: Post Rock Granite 200P2

No Photo Available

Balancer Senior Heifer Calf Reserve Champion BNW Prairie Gal 0084X Wilkinson Gelbvieh Ranch, Model, Colo. Sire: DB New Total 469

34 | December 2011

American Royal

Shows shows

Balancer Senior Female Champion EBY Miss 7294T 9229W Ladner Cattle Co., Argonia, Kan. Sire: SAV Bismark

Balancer Senior Female Reserve Champion STG Ms Yancey 36W3 Mitch Garcia, Las Animas, Colo. Sire: GMRA Larami 5110

Balancer Cow-Calf Reserve Champion BNW Prairie Gal Stamp 9069W Wilkinson Gelbvieh Ranch, Model, Colo. Sire: SYD Stampede 6122S ET

Balancer Spring Bull Calf Champion BDCG DC Houdini S56Y2 ET Dawson Creek Gelbvieh, Easton, Kan. Sire: EGL Northern Dancer U659

No Photo Available

Balancer Spring Bull Calf Reserve Champion CIRS 918Y Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan. Sire: LCC Major League A502M

Balancer Senior Bull Calf Champion GGGE 3G Xpediter Overmiller Gelbvieh, Smith Center, Kan. Sire: GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors

Balancer Senior Bull Calf Reserve Champion HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET Hart Farm, Kansas City, Kan. Sire: HFGC HF Roscoe 34P59 ET

Balancer Intermediate Bull Champion KKKG AMP 284X Triple K Gelbvieh, Bonner Springs, Kan. Sire: RTRT Solution

JuniorShows juniorshows World Beef Expo Junior Show

South Carolina State Fair Junior Show

September 25, 2011 • West Allis, Wisc.

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female RSSL Matrix’s Xclamation Lydia Russell, Brooklyn, Wisc.

October 22, 2011 • Columbia, S.C.

Reserve Grand Champion Gelbvieh Female SARP Miss Yuma Seth Arp, Arlington, Wisc.

Grand Champion Female CCF Zena Cameron Burns, Pendleton, S.C.

Reserve Grand Champion Female VER Kristina Connor Durham, Piedmont, S.C.

NILE Junior Show

October 20, 2011 • Billings, Mont.

Grand Champion Female Flying H Lacey ET Trevor Carlisle, Redmond, Utah

Reserve Grand Champion Female YJMR Clara Trevor Carlisle, Redmond, Utah Gelbvieh World | 35

Garrett Teeter

Junior Voice junior voice

Capitalize on the Markets by Promoting Gelbvieh With the year winding down and the holiday season upon us, now is everyone’s favorite time for reflection on the past year’s events. With the last year’s weather troubles behind us, and eventful show and sports seasons winding to a close now is a perfect time for everyone to take a collective breath before the Christmas rush hits. But just what has happened this past year, not just within the breed but nationwide. The biggest and best news nationally has been the dramatic rally of our stock markets, hopefully showing signs of a much needed economic recovery. Stock gains in the last quarter have been much greater than anything seen since before the housing crisis of 2008, which left the nation’s economy crippled. With stocks booming, and corporations seeing gains, Main Street will hopefully begin to see an increase in revenue that the country so desperately needs. Along with a boom in the stock markets, there has been a dramatic increase in meat prices in the last year with the USDA reporting record setting highs of $4.44 per pound in April. Higher meat prices mean higher prices for steers and some analysts are predicting an 8.3 percent increase in spot market steer prices by year’s end. With these major positive outlooks Troy Vetterkind, Vetterkind Cattle Brokerage, believes that the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year will be an extremely supplier friendly market for fed cattle. This should be music to most everyone in the seedstock and terminal growing businesses ears. With all of these positives most would be thinking where is the downside? The down fall will be soaring corn prices, the proverbial elephant in the room. Prices are expected to rise tremendously in the coming few months due largely to the mixture of floods and droughts that struck the Midwest this spring and summer. While prices are going to rise most experts are predicting corn plantings in 2012 to be the highest 36 | December 2011

since post WWII, which should help alleviate the pinch that most people are worried about. The important question now to us as breeders and as juniors is where are we going to fit into this market, how are we as a breed going to rise to the changes of the upcoming year? As a member of the Junior Board, and breeder myself, I see the potential for growth in our breed not only in cattle numbers but in membership as well. MARC data supporting the maternal superiority, the modernization of our cow herds, and subsequent feed efficiency gives us an edge not only in the feedlots but with our customers as well. Meaning as a breed we should fit quite well into a market stressing efficiency and low cost production.

Now as juniors is one of our best opportunities to recruit new members into the great family we have as a breed. So how do we as juniors capitalize, on this opening provided by the turn in the markets and the ability of our cattle to fit the bill for the type of product demanded? In my opinion we can best utilize this moment to spread the word to fellow juniors who don’t own Gelbvieh. Now is the best time for us to push the advantages of our cattle to our peers in other breeds and get them involved. Bring them to association field days, let them see that our cattle work and will work with less. Now as juniors is one of our best opportunities to recruit new members into the great family we have as a breed. Don’t waste this chance and let’s have a great new year together. Garrett Teeter is a member of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association Board of Directors. He can be reached at

2011-2012 AGJA Board of Directors

Dustin Aherin, President (2013) 191 11th St., Phillipsburg, KS 67661 P: 785-302-1253 Email: Justin Taubeneheim, Vice President (2012) 19035 Grand Island Rd., Amherst, NE 68812 P: 308-826-5185 Email: Seth Arp, V.P. of Leadership (2013) N551 Ramsey Rd., Arlington, WI 53911 P: 608-712-1186 Email: John Shearer, Secretary (2012) PO Box 239, Canton, KS 67428 P: 620-628-4621 Email: Van Tucker, Treasurer (2012) 24022 250th Rd., Portis, KS 67474 P: 785-282-0544 Cole Buffo (2012) 1006 S Main St., Lansing, KS 66043 P: 913-683-0034 Email: Grace Hammer (2013) 220 Clark St., Wallace, KS 67761 P: 785-728-7111 Email: Christian Hojer (2013) 43968 208th St., Lake Preston, SD 57249 P: 605-860-8635 Email: Garrett Teeter (2013) 1380 French Belk Rd., Mt. Ulla, NC 28125 P: 704-267-4060 Email: Janelle Hayek, Ex-Officio 2814 Hwy. E43, Clutier, IA 52217 P: 319-330-1647 Email: Adult Advisors: Mike & Toni Shrewsbury 1980 SE Wilson Road Lathrop, MO 64465 816-528-3644 Al & Mary Knapp 18291 158th Street Bonner Springs, KS 66012 913-724-4105 Staff Advisor: Dana Stewart 303-465-2333

AGJA Members Can Earn Prizes While Fundraising AGA National Gelbvieh Sale on Sunday, January 8, at the 2012 National Western Stock Show. The winner does not need to be present to win. The top two ticket sellers will be awarded prizes from AGJA and anyone selling more than 10 tickets is eligible for additional prizes such as AGJA caps and notebooks. As an added incentive, State Challenge Cup points will go to the states selling the most donation heifer tickets. The state selling the most tickets earns 20 points, second high seller 15 points and the state selling the third largest amount earns 10 points.

Each year the American Gelbvieh Junior Association holds a raffle to raise critical funds for the association. These funds are used to help cover costs at the AGJA Junior Classic, promote Gelbvieh and AGJA at events like the National FFA Convention, and provide everyday services to its members. The heifer raffle is the AGJA’s largest and most important fundraiser of the year. A special thanks to Beastrom Ranch, Pierre, S.D., for donating this year’s heifer. Help is needed from AGJA members to sell raffle tickets. All members received a sheet of tickets in the mail with the Fall/ Winter 2011 AGJA Newsletter. Copies of this sheet can be made or download additional sheets from http://www. html. Tickets and money should be returned to the AGJA before January 2, 2012. The drawing will take place and the winner will be announced during the

Bull Futurity Scholarship Available The Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity is pleased to announce a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded in conjunction with the 2012 Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity during the National Western Stock Show. Applications are available online or can be requested by emailing Eligible AGJA members are encouraged to apply. Applications are due December 31, 2011.

Get your ticket for the 2012 AGJA Donation Heifer

BEA Ms Black and Gold Classic 1062Y Enter now for a chance to win this outstanding heifer prospect. Thank you to Beastrom Ranch for donating one of their best to benefit AGJA in 2012.

BEA 1062Y

Registration #1195680

For your chance to win, see any AGJA member or clip and return the coupon below to the AGA office by January 2, 2012.

Donation Heifer tickets Please send me ______ tickets on the 2012 Donation Heifer. (1 ticket for $10.00 or 6 tickets for $50.00)


Danell Absolute 21U ET


BEA 7100T


March 20, 2011

Name _________________________________________________


83 lbs.

Address _______________________________________________


600 lbs.

Town/State/Zip _______________________________________

Get your tickets today for your chance to win this long-fronted, beautifully profiled female with lots of body!

Phone ________________________________________________ Make checks payable to AGJA. Clip and mail this coupon with payment to: AGJA, 10900 Dover St., Westminster, CO 80021

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Blazing New Trails

Junior News junior news

AGJA Creative Writing

News news What Role Can AGJA Members Play in Promoting Positive Animal Welfare? By Kaeden Schlake, Intermediate Creative Writing Reserve Champion

Animal welfare has existed, for better or worse, since the time man first domesticated animals. Today in the United States people are growing aware of the issues surrounding animal welfare. It is becoming more important that

animal owners treat their animals kindly and humanely as people may question whether animals are being treated right. As a part of the livestock industry, American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) members have a responsibility

Does thinking about doing design work make you want to jump off a cliff? Let us do the work for you!

Gelbvieh Media Productions

is available to help you with all your marketing and promotion design needs. Through our two new services, Design Services and YouDesign, you can create attractive and professional looking marketing materials to promote your breeding program.

Design Services

Work with our staff to create one-of-a-kind projects. • Brochures • Logos • Business Cards • Flyers • Small Herd Sire or Donor Dam Directories


Using our web-based tool, design your own projects by customizing provided templates with your own photos, logos and text. • Maternally-Focused Brochure Crea te • Crossbreeding-Focused Brochure own Hol your Card iday • Save the Date Postcards s YouD with esign • Greeting Cards ! • State Association Membership Brochures • State Junior Association Membership Brochures Contact us today to start your quote. Lynn Valentine


38 | December 2011

Jennifer Scharpe

and the opportunity to demonstrate positive animal treatment to the public. When raising or showing cattle, there are opportunities to practice humane treatment every day on the farm or ranch every time there is interaction with animals. Animals should be treated kindly whether they are slaughter or breeding animals. Some other opportunities that AGJA members have to demonstrate positive behavior towards their animals are at AGJA sponsored cattle shows, local cattle sales and shows, county and state fairs, and larger events like the Denver stock show. At the larger events there is a greater chance for the outside world to see how the animals are being treated since more of the public comes to these events. It is important for the public to get a positive impression about the livestock industry and about the American Gelbvieh Junior Association.

When raising or showing cattle, there are opportunities to practice humane treatment every day on the farm or ranch every time there is interaction with animals. Whether it is on the farm or at a cattle show, there are a number of ways to treat animals humanely. Some basic care practices include providing clean fresh water to animals every day as dirty water can contain diseases and harmful bacteria. Clean water is also more appealing. Provide adequate amounts of feed and minerals to the animals so they get enough nutrients. This is important for bred and lactating cows and for keeping bulls in breeding condition. Adequate amounts of feed are also important for proper growth and development of younger animals.

Heifers breed sooner when fed properly over the first year of their life. Keep animals as comfortable as possible in hot and cold conditions. Don’t over crowd animals in a pen and keep the pens clean and dry with good bedding available. Comfortable animals gain better, which means less time on feed. Always handle animals with patience, especially when sorting or loading onto a mode of transport. Don’t use electric prods as they can cause additional stress. Remember to not purposely stress the animals. Less stress makes healthier animals, which have less sickness and less vet costs. Work with a veterinarian if there are any questions regarding the health care of the animals or if additional professional medical care is needed. Remember to follow instructions for drug and feed withdrawals. When showing cattle, there are some additional things that can be done to handle the animals in a positive manner. Again, patience will be important when halter breaking, combing, clipping, leading, and setting up the calf in the show ring. Use show sticks properly and gently. If possible, halter break calves at a younger age to reduce the level of stress on the animal. When tying the animal, do not leave the calf unsupervised and be careful to not leave it tied out in the sun on hot days. Provide shade and preferably turn on a fan for the animal in warm weather. Keep the calf, the pen, and the stall bedding clean at home on the farm and at the show. Clean animals are considered to be healthy animals. Finally, it is less stressful for the show calves to be fed on a routine schedule daily. Basic care practices and positive animal welfare behaviors are really the same thing and are important for keeping the farm or ranch profitable. In addition to setting a good example, AGJA members can promote positive animal welfare by helping to educate others on the proper ways to care for animals. Treating all animals kindly and humanely is not only good practice in the public eye, but it is the right thing to do. Editor’s Note: Kaeden Schlake is an AGJA member from Cortland, Neb. This is his reserve champion entry in the 2011 AGJA Twister Classic creative writing contest. This entry is published as submitted for the contest.

Building a Solid Foundation American Gelbvieh Foundation 2012 “Solid Foundation” Online Semen Auction The American Gelbvieh Foundation is hosting an online semen auction to raise funds for the foundation. The American Gelbvieh Foundation actively promotes research and education for AGA and AGJA members. This auction will be hosted at starting on Friday, January 13 at 8:00 a.m., MST, and will close on January 23 at 8:00 a.m., using the last bid standing format. The Foundation is currently seeking and accepting donations from AGA members for semen lots for this auction. Requested lots are 10 unit minimums from current A.I. qualified bulls with desirable genetics. The Foundation would also appreciate semen on foundation or deceased sires with unusual yet valuable genetics.

Payments by the successful bidder will be made to the American Gelbvieh Foundation. Semen will not be shipped to a central storage location prior to the auction. Winning bidders will be responsible for coordinating and paying for shipping arrangements directly with the donor or the donor’s semen shipper once settlement is complete. If you would like to donate semen for this auction please contact Dana Stewart at or 303465-2333x488 by January 11. Please provide the AMGV number of bull being donated, number of units to be donated, current location where semen is stored and contact who will assist in arranging shipping once auction is complete. We appreciate your support of the American Gelbvieh Foundation.

Looking for a Christmas Gift? Give “Living the Gelbvieh Passion” A limited number of the American Gelbvieh Foundation 40th anniversary commemorative print, “Living the Gelbvieh Passion” are still available for purchase. Order your print today by contacting the AGA at 303-465-2333 or email Prints are $75, plus shipping and handling.

Painted by well-known livestock artist CJ Brown, this print depicts a culmination of Gelbvieh cattle from herds of various American Gelbvieh Association members across the United States and illustrates hardworking Gelbvieh cattle.

Gelbvieh World | 39

AGA Update

News news

Slim Cook

From fromthe theShipping shipping Pen pen Fall Market Runs Sees Delivery of 4,000 Feeder Cattle As fall progress, Gelbvieh Profit Partners (GPP) has been busy taking delivery on the 4,000 plus feeder cattle that GPP contracted over the past nine months for late fall delivery. These cattle have ranged from Oklahoma in the South to northern Minnesota. We’ve also traded cattle in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska. It has been a good fall run for GPP! It is amazing to see the difference in weaning weights across different areas of the West. In Montana and Wyoming most of the calves that we have taken delivery on have been under the base weight, some considerably. In Colorado and Idaho, most of the calves that we’ve received have been heavy, some as much as 69 pounds. This always makes for some anxiety when it comes time to call in the weights and figures. One thing that has remained constant, however, is the cattle market. I think everyone has to be awed by the strength of the cattle market and the perseverance of the uptrend. The economic headwinds that are present have created many instances to stall the market, or even reverse the trend. Yet as I write this we have April LC futures pushing $130 and August FC futures over $150. It is hard to accept these figures with nine percent unemployment, the Eurozone in jeopardy, and the super committee on deficit reduction still searching for an agreement.

However the market is always right. The subsequent strength of the cattle market in the face of these headwinds illustrates just how tight the supply dynamics are, and just how strong the export market is for U.S. beef. Japan’s recent announcement to accept U.S. beef in up to 30 months should just add to this strength. On a separate note, I recently learned that since the year 2000 the global population grew from 6 billion to 7 billion people, a 17 percent increase. That’s a lot of extra mouths that will have to be fed. The next several years should be a good time for agriculture. As we go into 2012 enjoying a strong cattle market, let us not forget our fellow producers in the drought stricken southern plains. Many of these producers have had to either liquidate their herds, or purchase hay that will cost in excess of $200/ton delivered. For them, 2011 has been anything but a banner year. Also, I would like to invite all GPP stockholders to the annual stockholders meeting. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 6 at 5:15 p.m., held in conjunction with the AGA Annual Convention at the Red Lion Hotel. Editor’s note: Slim Cook is the chief operating officer of Gelbvieh Profit Partners. He can be reached at 307-272-2024 or by email at

Maternal Edge Female Sales Gelbvieh Influenced Females - Working Hard for your Bottom Line

Kearney Livestock Market, Kearney, NE

Iowa Maternal Edge Sale

North Carolina Maternal Edge Sale

December 9, 2011 • 1:00 p.m.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sponsored byGelbvieh Breeders of Iowa Location: Bloomfield Livestock Market, Bloomfield, IA

Sponsored by Gelbvieh Breeders of North Carolina Location: Upton Sale Arena, Sampson Co. Livestock Facility, Clinton, NC

Sponsored by Nebraska & Kansas Gelbvieh Associations Over 600 head sell! Selling 300-400 Gelbvieh influenced commercial females Also selling an additional 300 commercial females For information contact Brandon McEndaffer: 970-520-3020 Scott Starr: 308-587-2293 Dan Warner: 308-962-5485 Rod Weeks: 308-440-3810

40 | December 2011

Contact for consignments and information: Matt Cibula • 641-751-0069 • Eric Ehresman • 319-480-1564 Frank Hayek • 319-269-8633 • Brandon McEndaffer Central Area Coordinator • American Gelbvieh Association 970-520-3020

Accepting nominations now! Contact: Mick Ainsworth • 910-652-2233 William McIntosh Eastern Area Coordinator • American Gelbvieh Association 502-867-3132

Contact Gelbvieh Profit Partners for marketing your Gelbvieh and Balancer® Feeder Cattle

Contact Slim Cook at (307) 272-2024 for further information.

Barry “Slim” Cook Chief Operating Officer P.O. Box 3025, Cody, WY 82414 307-272-2024

Places to Be places to be December 2011 Dec. 2 Knoll Crest Farm Performance Bull Sale, Red House, VA Dec. 3 SEGA & Friends Fall Female Sale, Pierce, CO Dec. 10 Prairie Gelbvieh Alliance 11th Annual Female Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Dec. 15 February Profit Picture Advertising Deadline Dec. 17 Southern Belle’s-Verner Farms & Randall Farms Gelbvieh/ Balancer Bull and Female Sale, Colbert, GA Dec. 22 Iowa Maternal Edge Sale, Bloomfield, IA Dec. 23-26 AGA office closed

January 2012 Jan. 2 AGA office closed Jan. 7 NWSS Junior Gelbvieh Show, Denver, CO Jan. 7 Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity & People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity, Denver, CO Jan. 7 American Gelbvieh Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO Jan. 8 NWSS Gelbvieh & Balancer Pen Bull Show, Denver, CO Jan. 8 National Gelbvieh Sale, NWSS LCAA, Denver, CO Jan. 9 National Gelbvieh & Balancer Show, Denver, CO Jan. 25 March Gelbvieh World Advertising Deadline Jan. 28 Lemke Cattle Bull Sale, Lawrence, NE Jan. 30 North Dakota “Golden Rule” Sale, Bismark, ND

February 2012 Feb. 4 LeDoux Ranch Annual Production Sale, Agenda, KS Feb. 6 Taubenheim Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale, Amherst, NE Feb. 14 Iowa Beef Expo Gelbvieh, Des Moines, IA Feb. 18 Overmiller Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale, Amherst, NE Feb. 21 Cedar Top Ranch Annual Production Sale, Burwell, NE

Feb. 24 21st Annual “Pot of Gold” Gelbvieh, Angus & Balancer Bull Sale, Olathe, CO Feb. 25 Swanson Cattle Company Annual Production Sale, Oxford, NE Feb. 27 April Gelbvieh World Advertising Deadline Feb. 29 Grund Beef Genetics Annual Bulls Sale, Oakley, KS

March 2012 Mar. 3 Davidson Gelbvieh & Lonesome Dove Ranch 23rd Annual Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar. 3 Judd Ranch 34th Gelbvieh, Balancer & Red Angus Bull Sale, Pomona, KS Mar. 3 Thorstenson Gelbvieh & Angus Annual Bull Sale, Mobridge, SD Mar. 5 Hojer Ranch Annual Production Sale, Lake Preston, SD Mar. 5 MLM Gelbvieh/Great River Ranch Open House and Private Treaty Kickoff Sale, Superior, NE Mar. 6 Warner Beef Genetics Annual Production Sale, Arapahoe, NE Mar. 10 Midwest Beef Alliance Bull Sale, Tina, MO Mar. 10 J Bar M Gelbvieh/J &K Farms Gelbvieh/Balancer Bull Sale, Springfield, MO Mar. 13 Bar Arrow Cattle Co. 22nd Annual Production Sale, Phillipsburg, KS Mar. 17 Post Rock Cattle Company “Cowman’s Kind” Bull & Female Production Sale, Barnard, KS Mar. 17 Pearson Cattle Company Annual Bull Sale, Lake City, SD Mar. 17 2nd Annual North Carolina Maternal Edge Sale, Clinton, NC Mar. 21 Eagle Pass Ranch Annual Bull Sale, Highmore, SD Mar. 26 May Gelbvieh World Advertising Deadline Mar. 31 Jumping Cow Gelbvieh Bull & Female Sale, Brush, CO

April 2012 Apr. 4 Apr. 6 Apr. 7 Apr. 13

Midland Bull Test Sale, Columbus, MT Midwest Performance Bull Sale, Bloomfield, IA Circle S Ranch Going to Grass Sale, Canton, KS Midwest Performance Bull Sale, Bloomfield, IA

July 2012 July 2-6 AGJA 2012 Black & Gold Classic, Chillicothe, MO July 28 Davidson Gelbvieh & Lonesome Dove Ranch Tour and Customer Appreciation Day, Ponteix, SK Editor’s Note: If you have sale or event information for this listing, please email the information to This includes tours, expos, field days and other Gelbvieh events.

Visit the online version of Places to Be at www.gelbvieh. org or scan this QR code for additional dates on upcoming sales and more information on each event. 42 | December 2011

Ad Index ad index 2R-2B Gelbvieh........................... 27 3 G Ranch.................................... 24 Adkins Gelbvieh........................... 27 American Gelbvieh Assn............... 43 Area Coordinators........................ 18 B/F Cattle Company.................... 25 Bar Arrow Cattle Company..... 15, 25 Bar IV Livestock........................... 25 Bar T Bar Ranch, Inc................... 24 Beastrom Gelbvieh Ranch............ 27 Blackhawk Cattle Company......... 24 Boehler Gelbvieh.......................... 26 Bow K Ranch............................... 24 Brandywine Farm......................... 25 Cattlemen’s Connection..... 3, 11, 29 C-Cross Cattle Company............. 27 Cedar Top Ranch.................IFC, 26 Chimney Butte Ranch.................. 27 Circle S Ranch....................... 14, 25 CJ&L Livestock........................... 27 Clinch Mountain Gelbvieh.......... 28 Cranview Gelbvieh....................... 27 Cunningham, Ronn..................... 29 D Bar L Land and Livestock......... 26 D & W Farms, LLC..................... 25 Danell Diamond Six Ranch.......... 26

DDM Gelbvieh............................ 24 Diamond L Farms........................ 27 Dromgoole’s Heaven................ 9, 28 Eagle Pass Ranch.......................... 28 Ellison Gelbvieh & Angus Ranch....28 Flying H Genetics.................26, BC Gelbvieh Bar None ...................... 11 Gelbvieh Bull Barn....................... 29 Gelbvieh Guide............................ 29 Gelbvieh Media Productions........ 38 Gelbvieh Profit Partners............... 41 Goettlich Gelbvieh Ranch............ 26 Golden Buckle Gelbvieh.............. 27 Green Hills Gelbvieh.................... 27 GS Ridge Top Ranch.................... 24 H & H Farms.............................. 28 Harriman, Bob............................. 26 Hart Farm Gelbvieh..................... 25 Hartland Farm............................. 25 Hill Top Haven Farm................... 28 Hodges Ranch.............................. 24 Hojer Gelbvieh Ranch.................. 28 J & K Farms................................. 24 J Bar M Gelbvieh......................... 26 Judd Ranch, Inc....................... 1, 25 Jumping Cow Gelbvieh....... 24, IBC

Kicking Horse Ranch................... 26 Kittle Gelbvieh Farms.................. 24 Knoll Crest Farm.......................... 28 Lambert, Doak............................. 29 Larry P & Sunny D Farms........... 11 Ledgerwood Gelbvieh.................. 28 LeDoux Ranch............................. 25 Lemke Cattle.......................... 20, 26 Leonhardt Cattle Company.......... 28 Linquist Farms............................. 25 Little Windy Hill Farms............... 28 Lone Oak Gelbvieh...................... 25 Longleaf Station........................... 27 M&P Gelbvieh............................ 26 Maple Hill Farm.......................... 24 Maple Lake Livestock Company.... 27 Markes Family Farms................... 27 Martin Cattle Company............... 24 Maternal Edge Sales..................... 40 Mattison Family Farm.................. 25 McCabe Cattle Co./Two Step Ranch.. 25 Middle Creek Farms..................... 26 Miller Gelbvieh............................ 24 Mitchell Marketing Service.......... 29 MLM Gelbvieh............................ 26 National CUP Lab....................... 29

NN Bar Ranch, Inc...................... 28 NS Ranch.................................... 28 Pfizer Animal Genetics................... 5 Plateau Gelbvieh.......................... 24 Pleasant Meadow Farm................. 11 Pope Farms Gelbvieh.................... 26 Post Rock Cattle Company...... 7, 25 Prairie Hills Gelbvieh................... 16 Register Farms.............................. 27 Rogers Valley Farm Gelbvieh......17, 26 S&S Gelbvieh.................................... 11 Sawtooth Gelbvieh Cattle & Hay.......27 Schafer Farms, Inc........................ 25 Seedstock Plus Genetics................ 19 Seedstock Plus.............................. 29 Slaughter Sale Management.... 11, 25 Swanson Cattle Company............ 26 Taubenheim Gelbvieh.................. 26 The 88 Ranch............................... 26 Thorstenson Gelbvieh................... 28 Triple K Gelbvieh......................... 25 Warner Beef Genetics................... 12 Wildwood Acres........................... 27 Wilkinson Gelbvieh..................... 24

Season Greetings from the AGA Staff

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season! Gelbvieh World | 43

2012 National Western Stock Show & AGA Convention Schedule Tuesday, January 3 8:00 a.m. Cattle begin arriving – NWSS GROUNDS Wednesday, January 4 11:00 a.m. AGA Executive Committee meeting – HOTEL Noon AGA Board of Directors meeting – HOTEL 6:30 p.m. National Sale Committee meeting – HOTEL 7:30 p.m. National Show Committee meeting – HOTEL 7:00 p.m. Cattle in place on the Hill and in the Yards – NWSS GROUNDS Thursday, January 5 8:00 a.m. Check-in Yard and Hill cattle – NWSS GROUNDS 1:00 p.m. Rules and By-laws Committee meeting – HOTEL 2:30 p.m. AGA Finance Committee meeting – HOTEL 4:30 p.m. AGA Foundation Committee meeting – HOTEL Friday, January 6 7:00 a.m. State Association Officers Breakfast – HOTEL Morning Free to attend NWSS 1:00 p.m. Marketing Committee meeting – HOTEL 3:15 p.m. Productivity Committee meeting – HOTEL 5:15 p.m. GPP Annual Stockholders meeting – HOTEL 7:00 p.m. Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity & People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity meetings – HOTEL

Saturday, January 7 7:30 a.m. Gelbvieh and Balancer Junior Heifer Show – NWSS STADIUM ARENA 10:00 a.m. Breeder’s Choice Gelbvieh Bull Futurity & People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity – NWSS STADIUM ARENA 3:00 p.m. AGA Annual Membership Meeting – HOTEL 5:15 p.m. AGA Board of Directors meeting & photo – HOTEL 6:30 p.m. Awards Presentation and Futurity Social – HOTEL Sunday, January 8 8:00 a.m. National Pen Bull Show – NWSS LIVESTOCK CENTER Noon Lunch – NWSS LIVESTOCK CENTER 1:00 p.m. National Gelbvieh Sale – NWSS LIVESTOCK CENTER 5:00 p.m. Board of Directors meeting – Hotel Monday, January 9 8:00 a.m. National Gelbvieh and Balancer Show – NWSS STADIUM ARENA 7:00 p.m. Begin release of Hill cattle (out by 10:00 p.m.) Tuesday, January 10 7:00 a.m. Begin release of Yard cattle (out by 4:00 p.m.)

Headquarters Hotel:

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Red Lion Hotel on Quebec Street All Convention Activities 303-321-6666 $77 plus tax Request the Gelbvieh block before Dec. 10

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2012 AGA Annual Convention Registration Registration to the American Gelbvieh Association annual convention is free of charge. Membership participation and input during committee meetings and the annual membership meeting is vital to future success of the AGA. Start planning now for “Blazing New Trails” at the 2012 AGA annual convention and NWSS January 4-9.

To assist in planning, please submit the convention registration form to the AGA office. Convention registrations may also be submitted online by visiting the 2012 AGA Annual Convention page at www.gelbvieh. org. All convention attendees should pick up name tags and convention booklets at the AGA convention registration desk.

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March 31, 2012 High Plains Livestock Exchange • Brush, CO


for sale at the ranch Show Heifer Prospects • Purebred & Balancer® Bred Females



of the Jumping Cow Gelbvieh Show String in the 2012 National Sale in Denver. Complete listing of the Jumping Cow Gelbvieh Show String with photos and videos can be found at


SIRE: RID R Collateral 2R DAM: JCGR Bar GT Crossover 166S Cross Fire was sold to “Caught in the Crossfire” Group as the top selling animal in the 2011 National Sale. He went on to become the 2011 National Champion Balancer® Bull.

BREEDER’S CHOICE BULL FUTURITY ENTRY JCGR Bar GT Justified 2Y Red Purebred Bull • Homozygous Polled

JBOB 84Y 1411G “CAP” x JCGR Bar GT 905K7 548U ET


SIRE: RID R Collateral 2R DAM: BTI Ms Perri B 2010R Jumping Cow also sold a second choice in our 2011 Show String with 536W selling to Green Hills Gelbvieh.

BEA Surshock 705T x GKG MS Nothern 402N

JUMPING COW GELBVIEH IS BLAZING TRAILS IN DENVER! We look forward to seeing you there with another

impressive display of Jumping Cow Gelbvieh Genetics.


Grant Thayer, Owner

303-621-2058 E-mail:

Brad Ridinger, Manager


Office: 719-764-2327 • Cell: 303-810-0582 E-mail:

Generation Next Genetics BW -0.6/.64 YW 88.4/.56 MWW 26.5/.27 CW 14.9/.45 MB .53/.27 REA -0.03/.26 GW Lucky Man 644N X Bon View New Design 878 API 123.0

Flying H Bases Loaded

ASA #: 2439161 • SimAngus DOB: 12/22/2007 • Ho. Black, Ho. Polled

WW 40.7/.55 MK 6.2/.25 STAY na YG .19/.29 BF 0.05/.37 Shr -0.48/.13 TI 77.9

Great genetics available at any Flying H location Fall 2010 Top Seller

Spring 2011 Top Seller

Flying H Direct Hit 126X

Flying H Director 33S X Flying H Exclusive GV #: 1145558 • Purebred Gelbvieh DOB: 2/05/10 • Ho. Black, Ho. Polled

Flying H Legendary 83X

Ideal Legacy 56R X Traveler 0907K GV #: 1145527 • Balancer DOB: 1/26/10 • Hetero. Black, Ho. Polled

CE 105/.19 BW 1.8/.35 WW 50/.29 YW 99/.22 MK 19/.12 TM 44 GL .3/.31 CD 103/.09 SC 1.3/.27 ST NA CW 22/.21 REA .37/.19 MB .09/.16 DtF 3.3/.16 CV $35.72 FM $33.34 PERFORMANCE BTH WT: 96 Adj. WNG WT: 647 Adj. YLG WT: 1,237

CE 101/.18 BW 3.0/.35 WW 46/.24 YW 88/.17 MK 15/.12 TM 38 GL -1.3/.29 CD 102/.08 SC .6/I ST NA CW 24/.20 REA .27/.17 MB .16/.15 DtF .5/.14 CV $41.12 FM $21.85 PERFORMANCE BTH WT: 96 Adj. WNG WT: 702 Adj. YLG WT: 1,401

Flying H Wish Maker 921W

BW -3.7/.26 YW 60.5/.30 MWW 16.0/.25 CW -6.5/.24 MB 0.58/.27 REA 0.13/.26 API 136.6

WW 28.1/.28 MK 2.0/.23 STAY na YG 0.07/.25 BF 0.06/.36 Shr -0.37/.04 TI 77.6

In Focus X Dream On L 186 ASA #: 2526818 • SimAngus DOB: 8/25/09 • Ho. Black, Ho. Polled Owned with Stewart Family Farms

LACY FHG Legacy 6097

Make Mimi X Cherokee Canyon RA #: 1148231 • ID: 6097 Purebred Red Angus DOB: 09/09/2006

CED 8/39 WW 38/56 MK 15/35 ME 2 CEM -3/35 MB .20/30 CW 32/45 FAT -0.01/39

BW -0.1/63 YW 55/56 TM 34 HPG 8/13 ST 12/18 YG -0.20/31 REA .44/28

FLYING H GENETICS Jared & Jill Wareham Dick & Bonnie Helms Kyle & Kayla Helms Missouri Regional Affiliate Nebraska Headquarters Cell: (417) 309-0062 Ph: (308) 493-5411 Ph: (308) 962-6940 GELBVIEH | BALANCER | ANGUS | SIMANGUS | SIMMENTAL

2011 December Gelbvieh World  
2011 December Gelbvieh World  

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