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People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity ®


January 12, 2019

Stadium Arena • 10:00 AM National Western Stock Show Denver, Colorado

People’s Choice Balancer® Bull Futurity

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Futurity Manager: David Slaughter Fredonia, KY • (270) 556-4259 People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity Show - 10:00 AM Saturday, January 12, in the Stadium Arena National Gelbvieh & Balancer Show Monday, January 14, 8:00 AM

SAMPLE BALLOT (NOT OFFICIAL) 2019 People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity National Western Stock Show Denver, Colorado January 12, 2019 __________________________________ FIRST CHOICE (Bull’s Entry Number)

(Bull’s Name)

__________________________________ SECOND CHOICE (Bull’s Entry Number)

(Bull’s Name)

__________________________________ THIRD CHOICE (Bull’s Entry Number)

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Ballots which do not contain votes for all three positions and different bulls in First, Second and Third place positions will be considered “Spoiled” and will not be considered in the calculations.

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BABR Revenant 8308F

Birth Date: 3/1/2018 Tattoo: BABR 8308F Sex: Bull GV %: BA63 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 80 Adj. WW: 789 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1431492

BEA 941W BABR VIGILANTE 2101Z BABR BABR 0091X ET S A V BRUISER 9164 BABR 6200D ET AHL HOTT DAMN 31L CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI EPI 9 1 70 103 23 57 5 2.06 0.64 12.7 -0.18 22 0.4 0.3 -0.04 87.01 75.98 77.51 To say we are excited about this bull would be a great understatement, for us he checks all the boxes and we plan to utilize his genetics heavily within our program. He is an attractive profiling bull that combines masculinity, depth of rib and muscle mass with structural correctness. When viewed from behind this bull has plenty of thickness that carries from front to back and travels with a soft flexible step and a big foot. Revenant’s dam is a first calf heifer ET daughter of Hott Damn sired by SAV Bruiser that maintained her body condition while nursing a high weaning weight bull calf and sticking to her original AI breeding date. His sire BABR Vigilatee 2101Z will add extra bone, length of spine and eye appeal to his progeny and has stamped his 2018 calf crop with the same make up as our Futurity candidate BABR Revenant 8308F. Thank you for your consideration.




Birth Date: 2/27/2018 Tattoo: HTFG F885 Sex: Bull GV %: BA63 HPS: HP Color: Red GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 80 Adj. WW: 960 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1426376

MCFG 94X BABR BRANDED MAN 3400A BABR 7062T ET MYTTY IN FOCUS HTFG MS MYTTY WILMA Y404 DCSF WILMA 178W1 CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI EPI 14 -0.1 79 122 26 66 7 3.26 0.23 17.1 -0.14 23 0.3 0.04 -0.04 111.94 78.48 117.1 HTFG Firecracker is our red 2019 People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity entry. Without question Firecracker was a standout at an early age and sure did not disappoint at weaning time and he was the heaviest bull calf to wean off at Hilltop Farms at 960 lbs. This homozygous polled 63% Balancer stems from our senior herd sire BABR Branded Man 3400A who consistently stamps his progeny with added look from the side, and length of body. There is no doubt Firecracker is backed by a powerful maternal pedigree going back to the great DCSF Post Rock Wilma 147H ET and the famous Mytty In Focus Angus AI sire. On paper, Firecracker is sure to impress as he ranks in the top 2% of the breed for weaning weight and yearling weight. He is sure to add some pounds to your calf crop. Wow did I mention the Branded Man calves have topped our bull sales the last couple years and Firecracker is sure to be right up there this year. Be sure to look him up at our stall in Denver, he’s sure to impress. Thank you for your consideration. Hilltop Farms is committed to raising quality seedstock.




Birth Date: 2/25/2018 Tattoo: HTFB F841 Sex: Bull GV %: BA50 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 84 Adj. WW: 817 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1426762

CTR CTR SANDHILLS 0065X BGGR BGGR GRAVITY 803A BGGR MS FRONTPAGE 803U S A V NET WORTH 4200 MLG MEADOWLARK TWILA 389Y ET DCSF POST ROCK TWILA 223M2 CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI EPI 12 1.5 72 108 10 46 7 4.35 1.12 13.5 -0.11 37 0.68 0.28 0 94.35 75.63 123.35 Hilltop Farms is proud to introduce HTFB Frontline F841 ET as our 2019 People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity entry. This Homozygous black, Homozygous polled 50% Balancer BGGR Gravity 803A son, certainly catches your eye from the profile as he is a stout made big barreled, smooth patterned herd sire candidate. Frontline stood out in our ET program this summer and he had several full siblings grazing the same pasture. There is no doubt Frontline’s dam MLG Meadowlark Twila 389Y ET knows how to raise the good ones as she already has a standout young herd sire backing up our AI program, and we certainly believe Frontline is the complete package, for when you get in behind him you can’t help but notice his strong top and overall power, in which he sure to pass on to his progeny. Hilltop Farms thanks you for your consideration and invites you to come by our stall in Denver to checkout Frontline in person. Hilltop Farms is committed to raising quality seedstock.




Birth Date: 2/22/2018 Tattoo: RAIL 80F Sex: Bull GV %: BA38 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 81 Adj. WW: 660 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1429615

DMRS YA MAN 138Y RAIL KING JAMES 3127A TAU FINAL ANSWER 9143W EGL FREIGHTLINER X137 ET RAIL MS FREIGHTLINER M 3228A DMRS MS OUTLINE 005X CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 73.28 14 1.3 63 92 18 49 6 6.8 -0.38 23.4 -0.2 0 0.41 0.32 -0.01


Founding Father could be another dawning and stepping stone for Balancers. He is wide based, square hipped, has loads of capacity and moves freely on his feet and legs. His sire, King James, was a division winner in Denver in 2014 and 2015 and has done a tremendous job in our herd. He weaned off with a very respectable weaning ratio of 108. Let’s don’t forget he is Homo Polled and Homo Black.



SEPT RCO rifleman f29 ET

Birth Date: 2/22/2018 Tattoo: SEPT F29 Sex: Bull GV %: BA63 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: N

Birth Wt.: 78 Adj. WW: 589 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1434365


SEPT RCO the Rifleman is a Homozygous Black Homozygous Polled Balancer sired by the 2017 Reserve National Champion Balancer Bull VLK Young Gun out of our Donor Cow, SEPT Razzmatazz. She is the mother of SEPT Copperfield, 2016 Senior Bull calf Champion NWSS and now a herd sire for Warner Beef Genetics. Rifleman is a thick topped, big bellied herd sire prospect with style and eye appeal.



JRI CEO 254F38

Birth Date: 2/19/2018 Tattoo: JRI 254F38 Sex: Bull GV %: BA63 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: N

Birth Wt.: 94 Adj. WW: 746 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1417709

S A V BRILLIANCE 8077 MCCA CAPITOL HILL 516C MCCA YASMINE Y16 JRI POP A TOP 197T83 JRI CLEMENTINE 254Z8 JRI MS EXTRA SUGAR 254N72 ET CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 69.14 14 0.4 60 86 26 55 4 6.22 0.53 14 -0.18 20 0.58 0.18 -0.02


JRI CEO 254F38 would be a maternal brother to JRI Probity 254D28, the 2017 People’s Choice Balancer Bull Futurity champion and oh man, you talk about a cow power dam. JRI Clementine 254Z8 has been honored as a Dam of Merit female in every year of eligibility (2016 thru 2018) and that factor comes as no surprise as CEO posted a whopping 930 pound actual weaning weight. Now pencil in CEO’s 15-year-old maternal granddam, JRI Ms Extra Sugar 254N72, who weaned off her fall 2017 bull calf at 1,075 pounds. You might also note JRI Ms Extra Sugar 254N72 is the incredible dam of Judd Ranch’s Multi-trait leading herd sire JRI Secret Instinct 254U83.



Birth Date: 2/17/2018 Tattoo: PLA 15F Sex: Bull GV %: BA38 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

PLA JOLT 15F Birth Wt.: 82 Adj. WW: 731 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1432395

BASIN PAYWEIGHT 1682 JRI PROBITY 254D28 JRI CLEMENTINE 254Z8 CONNEALY LEAD ON PLA MISS LEAD ON 611S MHOG MARK’S ECHO CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 81.78 15 -0.3 66 102 20 54 8 5.03 -1 14.6 -0.11 25 0.47 0.49 -0.01


Sired by the popular Probity bull, PLA Jolt’s dam is also our #1 donor female the last couple of years. This female produces our top end bulls in our annual bull sale as well as high quality replacement females. This bull offers plenty of middle and capacity to go along with a strong top and a super square hind quarter. Soft shouldered and long fronted add to his attractive design. He’s built to stand the test of time in structure with good bone and flexible joints making his movement effortless. Homozygous black and homozygous polled just add to his resume. We greatly appreciate your consideration of this outstanding young herd sire!




Birth Date: 2/14/2018 Tattoo: DLW 1010F Sex: Bull GV %: BA38 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 82 Adj. WW: 672 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1432782

CONNEALY EARNAN 076E BROOKING BANK NOTE 4040 E A ROSE 918 KCF BENNETT U271 DLW MS U271 3048A ET DLW MS MATRON 802U CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 81.85 11 0.2 70 105 15 50 6 5.65 0.65 14.4 -0.08 45 0.62 0.51 -0.01


Federal needs no introduction once seen in person. The son of Ms U271 3048A, the high selling donor female in the 2018 Warner Beef female sale to Black Gold Cattle Co. and sired by Brookings Bank Note this bull brings new branches to the Balancer gene pool. His dam is a full sister to DLW Alumni a past Gelbvieh Futurity champion. His full sisters topped the heifer calf division of our 2017 sale and the bred heifer division of our 2018 sale. His full brothers were a sought after sire group in our 2018 bull sale and I believe Federal is the best of the litter. Breed leading performance epd’s and carcass numbers by this powerhouse with usable calving ease allows him to maintain the acceleration of breed acceptance in the feeding industry. Balancer bulls of this caliber will be considered a crime at the FEDERAL level by other breeds!




Birth Date: 2/7/2018 Tattoo: GMT F423 Sex: Bull GV %: BA38 HPS: HP Color: Red GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 82 Adj. WW: 788 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1418184

LACY LACY GOLD BAR 8123 RAB BIEBER HARD DRIVE Y120 RAB BIEBER LAURA 158W JRI TRUMP 270W13B VRT LAZY TV LAINEY B004 KRT LAZY TV LAINEY Z483 CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI EPI 13 -0.7 80 121 22 62 6 2.82 0.68 16.3 -0.08 37 0.49 0.45 -0.02 108.44 88.88 129.51

Jump start your breeding program with Lazy TV Jump Drive. He is out of the breedleading, proven performance sire – Bieber Hard Drive Y120, who also sires feed efficiency. Jump Drive is proving himself on test and following in those footsteps. Jump Drive’s RFI was -1.48. His dam is a maternal sister to Lazy TV Big Bud and Lazy TV Big Drive, two of our top-selling bulls from the past two years. She offers easy-fleshing, high volume progeny, with great teats and udder. Jump Drive has jumped through every hoop so far and should sire excellent replacement females.




Birth Date: 2/3/2018 Tattoo: MDR 8031F Sex: Bull GV %: BA50 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 83 Adj. WW: 740 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1424933

DAMERON FIRST CLASS DOBSON AFTERSHOCK 5500C K/F BELLA IMPACT 5032 ELK CK CRAZY HORSE 138P ELK CK PRINCESS 031X ELK CK JULIE 709T CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 71.88 11 1.2 65 97 16 49 4 5.79 0.32 11.6 -0.27 21 0.65 0.24 -0.04


We are pleased to bring you MDR C. H. Aftershock 8031F as our 2019 Futurity entry. Out of a proven pedigree on both sides, 8031F has a lot to offer in big time growth genetics and outstanding phenotype. He stands on a huge foot and bone structure with a big top and capacity to promote easy doing type replacement heifers in his future calf crops.



BARG Outlaw 57F

Birth Date: 02/02/18 Tattoo: BARG 57F Sex: Bull GV %: BA50 HPS: HP Color: Black (not Homo - D) GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 84 Adj. WW: 751 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1418933

CTR SANDMAN 6523S CTR CTR SANDHILLS 0065X CTR 198L JHG PREMONITION 662S ET PMG PMG YOLANDA 57Y M & P DIXIE ERICA 01T CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 69.75 11.2 1.8 62 89 11 42 6 7.26 1.72 12.7 -0.16 16 0.5 0.3 -0.01


BARG Outlaw 57F has been outstanding from the start. He has always been one that has stood out for his unique style, performance, and muscle structure. Sired by the well known CTR Sandhills and crossed with PMG Yolanda 57Y. Yolanda continuously produces outstanding calves that have a unique body structure and style, while remaining sound and fluent from the ground up. She will be our newest addition to the donor pen this spring. This combination has produced quite an outstanding bull and we look forward to your evaluation.




Birth Date: 2/1/2018 Tattoo: DLW 020F Sex: Bull GV %: BA38 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 78 Adj. WW: 604 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1430199

GGGE 3G SMOKE N’ MIRRORS SEPT COPPERFIELD ET SEPT RAZZMATAZZ ET EGL TENDERLOIN N407 XXB MISS TENDERLOIN 020X XXB HYPNOTIQ CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI EPI 12 -0.9 62 97 17 48 8 6.95 2.21 19.8 -0.08 13 0.32 0.4 0 131.89 76.28 153.95 Fox News has been on the radar since birth at Warner Beef. The natural calf of an elite female in production and pedigree. Miss Tenderloin 020X was a featured heifer calf in the 2011 National Sale whom we teamed up with great partners Cedar Top and Boehler Gelbvieh to acquire. Since then her production has been outstanding sons that have been retained by Warner Beef and Cedar Top Ranch. To date she has never produced a daughter but Fox News may be the more effective maternal influence to the breed. Posting excellent Calving Ease stats along with realistic Growth and Breed Leading Maternal values he quickly becomes a sire to build a breed around. Top 2% Stayablity and Top 4% $Cow, this bull reassures us what this breed is built for! Sired by Copperfield adds another level of pedigree confidence. Once you see Fox News 020F you will understand the meaning of FAIR and BALANCED.




Birth Date: 1/17/2018 Tattoo: GGGE 829F Sex: Bull GV %: BA50 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 80 Adj. WW: 866 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1420886

S A V BISMARCK 5682 GGGE 3G AGUSTUS 317A GGGE 3G COWGIRL PEBBLES 430P GGGE 3G TIME MACHINE 758T ET GGGE 3G COWGIRL ADDIE 349A GGGE 3G COWGIRL YAYA 104Y CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 76.57 17 -0.3 70 106 16 52 10 4.2 1.07 16.3 -0.25 14 0.66 0.16 -0.02


Our futurity entries are always the kind of bulls we would use in our own herd. In fact, 3G Frontier Justice is sired by our 2014 Futurity bull, 3G Agustus 317A and his dam is a full sib to our 2015 Top 5 Futurity bull, 3G Bandoleer, who is the $22K valued bull and lead sire for S & S Gelbvieh and Padon Farms. 3G Frontier Justice 829F offers a unique birth-to-grow spread; double digit CE that ranks him in the top 10%, WW & YW that puts him among the heaviest top 20%. His dam, 3G Cowgirl Addie posts three 3G Agustus calves with WW ratios of 103, and YR ratio of 114, IMF of 115. While you research this bull in Digital Beef you’ll also find his pedigree tallies 8 Dams of Merit and 8 Dams of Distinction over 4 generations of 3G bred cattle as well as the Pathfinder Angus Sire SAV Bismarck 5682. Just a side note, he was the 2018 NAILE Grand Champion Balancer Bull.




Birth Date: 1/16/2018 Tattoo: TAU 34F Sex: Bull GV %: BA50 HPS: HP Color: HB GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 79 Adj. WW: 699 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1429290

TAU TAU MR IN FOCUS 22Z TAU INFINITY 47C TAU TAU MIA 363A TC GRIDIRON 782 TAU MISS GRIDIRON 131Y TAU MISS GUNNISON 106R 8101U CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 69.95 9 1.4 68 102 19 53 5 -0.48 0.09 18.6 -0.06 18 0.46 0.15 0.02


TAU Limitless 34F is a Homo black and Homo polled son of our 2016 sale topper, and all time high seller TAU Infinity 47C. He’s also backed by one of the best females in our herd, TAU Miss Gridiron 131Y. 34F’s phenotype is something to be desired, he is extremely striking from the profile. He is good fronted, long and level spined, and he brings a ton of mass and power to the table as well. He’s also built for longevity as he is big footed and takes a long and fault free stride when on the move. When you combine his look and power with his balanced EPD profile its not hard to be impressed. We feel that Limitless is a calf that will definitely leave a mark on any calf crop, and we are truly excited to see what the future brings for him. Come see him in the yards in Denver, we promise you won’t regret it.




Birth Date: 12/15/2017 Tattoo: BGGR 8063E Sex: Bull GV %: BA63 HPS: HP Color: Red GE EPD: Y

Birth Wt.: 80 Adj. WW: 643 Adj. YW: AGA#: AMGV1433346

CTR CTR SANDHILLS 0065X BGGR BGGR BLK GOLD PAYLOAD 6152 BGGR MS MARBLING 56Y CTR ABOUT TIME 5548R BGGR 96U BGGR BLK GOLD HIGHLIGHT 706T CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM HP PG30 ST YG CW REA MB FT $COW FPI 14 0.1 58 87 18 47 8 3.71 2.87 13.7 -0.19 16 0.48 0.24 -0.03 96.26 69.91

EPI 73.8

High Definition is a maternal masterpiece. I truly believe the great breeding bulls come from a great cow family. This bull’s maternal grandsire is an About Time son of the Breed’s Top Purebred Cow Cedar Top 198L. About Time females are my best females in production. His sire is the syndicated powerhouse BGGR Payload 6152E. This is the first crop and boy are they living up to the expectations. This is the first chance to get a piece of a breed changing red Balancer son. I am very excited to see the impact High Definition will have on the breed.


PAST FUTURITY RESULTS Champions 2011: SDCG X-Factor 202X (Dawson Creek Gelbvieh) 2012: DLW Edison 6718X (Warner Beef Genetics) 2013: BABR Secret Brand 2100Z ET (Jim & Barb Beastrom Gelbvieh) 2014: BGGR Gravity 803A (Black Gold Cattle Co.) 2015: TAU Unanimous 11B ET (Taubenheim Gelbvieh) 2016: TTTT Mighty Hot ET (4T Ranch) 2017: JRI Probity 254D28 (Judd Ranch, Inc) 2018: TAU Weigh Up 98E (Taubenheim Gelbvieh)

Runners UP

2011: SGRI Sledgehammer X600 and JCGR GT Crossfire 500W ET 2012: EGL Liberty Y079 ET and LWHF Premium Balance 462Y 2013: SGRI Jacked Up Z704 and TAU Fine Tuned 30Z 2014: EGL Remuda Z339 and TAU Jackie 42A 2015: EGL Roundhouse B019 ET and BABR 4248B 2016: TAU Royal 2C ET and AHL First Class 493B ET 2017: BABR 6307D and HTFG Mr Denver D634 ET 2018: BABR 7326E and JRI Scale Buster 164E2

Who will the membership select as the Champion and Runners Up for the 2019 Balancer Futurity??

2018 champion

tau weigh up 98a

Owner: Taubenheim Gelbvieh

2018 runner-up babr 7326e

Owner: Jim & Barb Beastrom Gelbvieh

2018 runner-up jri scale buster Owner: Judd Ranch, Inc.

Ninth Annual People's Choice Balancer Bull Futurity  

January 12, 2019, NWSS Stadium Arena

Ninth Annual People's Choice Balancer Bull Futurity  

January 12, 2019, NWSS Stadium Arena