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Commercial Female Sale Saturday, December 21, 2013 @ 3:00 PM CST Kearney Livestock • Kearney, NE Sponsored by the Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska • Over 250 head sell! • Selling 175 Gelbvieh-influenced Breds • Selling 90 Open Replacement females

Nebraska Maternal Edge Sale Welcome to the 2013 Maternal Edge sale in Kearney, Neb. The Gelbvieh breed attracted the most progressive cattlemen and women in the beef industry with the early U.S. Meat Animal Research Center data. Gelbvieh-sired females topped the charts on fertility, age at puberty and pounds weaned per cow exposed. Gelbvieh cattle have 40 years of U.S. history for having explosive growth, high fertility and superior milking ability. The Gelbvieh breed has not lost sight of the need to produce functional, structurally sound, and commercially-focused females with stayability and the versatility to work in any program and environment. They perform in the toughest of environments by getting bred and continuing to do so year after year while weaning more pounds. This offering is the top cut from each of these consignors. The Balancer® bred females combine the strengths of Gelbvieh and Angus or Red Angus. All polled, Balancer cattle combine the growth, muscle, retail yield, fertility and unequaled pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed of Gelbvieh with the marbling of Angus or Red Angus. Take advantage of the maternal heterosis that they provide in making your cattle more efficient and more profitable. Auctioneer: Rod Week, Kearney Livestock, 308-440-3810 Sale Day Phones: Frank Padilla 308-350-3323 Dan Warner 308-962-6511

Brian Rogers 936-554-1600 Scott Starr 308-530-3900

Terms: Terms of sale are cash or good check. Settlement must be made immediately after the sale. No animals shall leave the sale facility until settlements have been made. Insurance of Purchases and Risk: All animals are at the owner’s risk and become the property of the purchaser when declared sold by the auctioneer. Accidents: All precautions possible will be taken to protect the safety of buyers and others attending the sale. Nevertheless, no responsibility will be assumed by the Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska, American Gelbvieh Association, or Kearney Livestock. Health Terms: All females sold are considered to be calfhood vaccinated for brucellosis unless otherwise stated in the catalog. Verification of vaccination will be documented on health certificate. Vaccinated and boostered for IBR, BVD, P13, BRSV, lepto, Heamophilus Somnus, 7-Way Clostridial, and dewormed according to BQA standards. Supplement Sheet: A supplement sheet and sale order will be available on sale day. Any information on the supplement sheet or announced from the block will take precedence over the catalog. General Female Requirements: Heifers will be weaned a minimum 30 days prior to sale. Pregnancy status and projected calving date must be stated on the health paper. All bred heifers will be bred to calving ease bulls based on their EPDs for calving ease (CE) and birth weight (BW). Bulls of known ID and breed will be reported in catalog. Breeding Guarantees: Open Heifers will be guaranteed open and stated on health papers by local vet. If buyer purchases heifer that happens to be bred, the producer agrees to refund the full purchase price. This is subject to a veterinarian’s certificate that the heifer is pregnant and the returned ear tag verifying the farm of origin. The heifer’s ownership then reverts back to the producer and the producer must negotiate with the buyer as how you can get the heifer marketed or the producer can make arrangements to have her retuned. Bred Heifers/Cows are guaranteed safe in calf for up to 15 days following the sale date. If a heifer is proven open by veterinary exam within 30 days after the sale, the Consignor will replace the heifer or make financial settlement with the buyer

BRED FEMALES C Bar Cattle 98 Black Bred Heifers and 2nd Calf Heifers

C Bar is offering an outstanding set of well developed Balancer速 influenced females. These females were put together from of the best cow herds walking the central Nebraska Sandhills. The base genetics are comprised of Angus cow herds with Balancer genetics infused from reputable seedstock operations in central Nebraska. These females have been culled rigorously and developed with longevity and soundness in mind. Every 2nd calf heifer weaned a calf in 2013. Take advantage of the efforts put forth to AI and ultrasound sort these females into tight calving intervals. Health: Had all calfhood vaccinations, back poured and first round of ScourGuard

Bred Heifers 26 hd 23 hd

AI Bred only Due Feb 15, 2014 Bred to DJS Derringer 96X Bred to TAU In Focus 22Z

Red tags #1-27 Red tags #38-69

2nd Calf Cows AI Bred only Due March 1, 2014 23 hd Bred to CTR Good Night 715T Red tags #170-193 15 hd Bred to TAU Top Gun 292Y Red tags #129-144 6 hd Bred to DCSF Highly Focused Red tags # 110-115 5 hd Bred to DJS Derringer 96X Red tags # 100-104 All bulls registered Balancer sires....... resulting calves will be @ 75% Angus 25% GV EPDs of sires








Derringer 96X In Focus 22Z Good Night 715T Top Gun 292Y

16 18 15 10

-2.7 -1.2 -1.7 1.0

55 69 66 69

83 112 96 100

29 25 27 18

1.61 84.84 14.15 34.02

27.63 44.99 32.53 34.96

Highly Focused 15 breed average 10

-1.0 0.6

75 62

120 97

30 24

66.43 42.39

48.66 36.1

BRED FEMALES LeDoux Ranch 30 head Bred Heifers Angus bred heifers bred to Calving ease Balancer bull, DJS Derringer 96X. All one ownership females with no brands. Heifers are sired by Benoit Angus bulls. This fancy set of quiet disposition females are the top cut of females selected by LeDoux Ranch every year for this program. Build a cowherd around the foundation and hard work put forth by the LeDoux outfit. Heifers syncronized and AI to DJS Derringer 96X to calve Feb 5, 2014 then cleaned up with DJS Derringer 96X and SAV Final Answer son for 40 days Health: All calfhood vaccinations, Vibrio/ Lepto and first round scourgaurd

30 hd Bred to DJS Derringer 96X due Feb 5,2014 EPD's of sire Derringer 96X

CE 16

BW -2.7

WW 55

YW 83

M 29

CV 1.61

FM 27.63

“Through aggressive selection pressure by Gelbvieh breeders, Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle have improved calving ease, added carcass weight, while producing more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed.”

Frank Padilla, American Gelbvieh Association, CO

BRED FEMALES Boehler Gelbvieh 11 head Bred Heifers All registered Balancer bred heifers out of the Boehler replacement females. A reputation group of females that have consistantly topped the NE Maternal Edge sale held annually. Heifers are AI bred to the EGL Tenderloin sire known for calving ease and carcass quality and then cleaned up with a Tenderloin son. Due to start calving February 15 for 30 days. The Boehler program needs little introduction and has a long time reputation for being one of the most successful herds in the nation for Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle.

11 Bred heifers AI bred to EGL Tenderloin and PE to Tenderloin son Start calving Feb 15,2014 for 30 days EPD's of sire CE EGL Tenderloin N407 15

BW -0.1

WW 78

YW 139

M 14

CV 131.96

FM 65.05


Steve & Connie Witte 20 head Red Open Heifers Here are the sisters to the high selling open females from the past Maternal Edge Sale. This fancy set of multi-generation Balancer heifer calves are built to produce. Last year’s females successfully went through an aggressive development program and have traded well this past fall. The Witte cow herd has been a mainstay of efficiency screened for you. Sired by red Balancer bulls that trace back to the “go to” Red Angus bulls in the industry. March 2013 born heifers weaned in August. Health: No implants, All pre-weaning and weaning shots and OCV vaccinated, back poured


Crippled W Cattle Co 40 head Black Balancer Heifers This fancy set of replacements come from Dan Wahlmeier, Clayton KS. The Crippled W cowherd has been successfully culled and managed to peak performance and efficiency. This is a data oriented cowherd that has excellent individual records on every calf born. Coming out of Angus based cows and sired by Flying H Balancer bulls. Every heifer has been pelvic measured and weaned on the ranch on September 29, 2013 February born heifers weaned in September. Herd Health: No implants, All pre-weaning and weaning shots and OCV vaccinated, back poured


Steve Hunt 20 head of Red Open Heifers Here is an outstanding set of red heifer calves. The Hunt family runs some of the nicest Red Angus based cows in Furnas County Nebraska. Quality runs deep in terms of uniformity and consistancy within this herd. Sorted off the very front end of the female calf crop. Sired by top red Balancer bulls out of the Warner Beef Genetics production sale and out of Red Angus and Red Balancer cows. Seeing is believing, but rest assured that this group will make awesome cows. March born heifer calves weaned in August Herd Health: No Implants All calfhood shots, Calfhood vaccinated and back

2013 Gain Maternal Edge Catalog  

Commercial Female Sale Saturday, December 21, 2013 @ 3:00 PM CST Kearney Livestock • Kearney, NE Sponsored by the Gelbvieh Association in Ne...