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04/03/2014 10:20

Dear Readers, Welcome to a special issue of Shop Window with a range of gifts commemorating The First World War and celebrating Great Britain. We have teamed up with The History Press and are delighted to present a selection of books showing the devastating conflict through the stories of some remarkable people from that time and objects that bore witness to the war. Look out for three Help for Heroes figurines from John Beswick representing the British Army, the Navy and the Air Force. Our very own “Famous Songs of the First World War” CD with many familiar tunes is bound to become another bestseller. The poppy, a potent symbol of remembrance, appears on a commemorative sandcast from Caithness Glass and cross stitch and embroidery kits. Finally, we bring you gifts from our Union Jack and railway posters collections. Enjoy browsing! With Kind Regards P.S. Remember that all post and packing is included — the price you see is the price you pay! Stephen Garnett (Editor)

Remembrance Sandcast Caithness Glass is known throughout the world for highquality paperweights and art glass. Each and every piece is a unique work of art, designed by talented designers and individually handcrafted to the highest possible standards by skilled makers in the Crieff factory. This exquisite piece of art glass depicts a single poppy on a grey, sombre background. Size 110mm x 100mm UK DELIVERY ONLY

Crafting Method Sandcasts are created in three stages. First a sand mould has to be prepared, shapes and textures pressed into the surface. Next the glass colours have to be added using templates and a sieve. The last stage is casting the glass, a graphite frame is placed around the sand mould and molten glass dropped in. Once the mould is full with glass it is left to cool for 3 minutes before the frame is removed and the sand and glass put into the kiln to cool slowly. The next day when they are cool, the sand is brushed off the back and the sandcast is finished. Remembrance Sandcast Code: MRSC Just £60.00 (UK DELIVERY ONLY) 2

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The First World War in 100 Objects

Objects allow us to reach out and touch the past and they play a living role in history today. They bear witness to the stories of men whose only morning comfort in the trenches was the rum ration, children who grew up with only one photograph of the father they would never get to know, women who would sacrifice their girlhood in hospitals just yards from the frontline, pinning a brooch on to remind themselves of a past life. New weapons that transformed the battlefield, planes that had barely learnt to be flown, German submarines that stalked shipping across the seas. Through these incredible artefacts, Peter Doyle tells the story of the First World War in a whole new light. (352pp, hardback) The First World War in 100 Objects Code: LWW1H Just £25 TO UK

Overseas £30. US $60; Can $63; Aus $66; NZ $76.

A Tommy in the Family

The First World War was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, and one of the most far-reaching. As a result, almost everyone’s family history has a Great War connection. In A Tommy in the Family, family historian Keith Gregson explores the human stories behind the history of the war, from the heart-warming to the tear-jerking. He encounters the mystery of the disappearance of the Norfolks; the story of a French girl’s note in a soldier’s pocket book; and the tragic tale of a group of morris dancers who paid the ultimate price while serving their country. Full of handy research tips and useful background information, A Tommy in the Family will fascinate anyone with an interest in the First World War and help them to find out more about their ancestors who participated in one of the most troubled conflicts in the history of mankind. (192pp, hardback) A Tommy in the Family Code: LTIM Just £12.99 TO UK

Overseas £15.99. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.

The Final Whistle


This is the story of 15 men killed in the Great War. All played rugby for one London club; none lived to hear the final whistle. Rugby brought them together; rugby led the rush to war. They came from Britain and the Empire to fight in every theatre and service, among them a poet, playwright and perfumer. Together their stories paint a portrait in miniature of the entire war. They came from diverse backgrounds but they were united by their love of the game and their courage in the face of war. From the mystery of a missing memorial, Cooper’s meticulous research has uncovered the story of these men and captured their lives, from their vanished Edwardian youth and vigour, to the war they fought and how they died. (400pp, paperback) The Final Whistle Code: LFW Just £10.95 TO UK

Overseas £13.95. US $28; Can $30; Aus $31; NZ $36.

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04/03/2014 10:21

'Blinker' Hall Spymaster

Admiral Sir Reginald ‘Blinker’ Hall, the Director of Naval Intelligence for most of the First World War, was one of the outstanding if largely unrecognized naval leaders of the conflict. Naval Intelligence’s ability to read and analyse German naval and diplomatic signals was a significant factor in the Allied victory. The interception and decrypting of the Zimmermann telegram was the catalyst that brought the United States into the war. Hall’s dynamic leadership, talent for lateral thinking and force of personality were essential in defeating the U-boats. Above all, he was endowed with the guile and ruthlessness which kept him one step ahead of a formidable and determined enemy and their widespread espionage and subversion operations. In “’Blinker’ Hall: Spymaster”, David Ramsay examines this fascinating man and his invaluable legacy. (320pp, paperback) ‘Blinker’ Hall Spymaster Code: LBHS Just £18.99 TO UK

Overseas £21.99. US $44; Can $46; Aus $49; NZ $56.

Mildred on the Marne

This is the story of 61-year-old Mildred Aldrich and her experiences of the Great War. She retired to a small hill-top house called La Creste in February 1914, with views across the Marne river and valley, little realising she would become embroiled in the first major battle of the war. In spite of the danger she decided to stay and help the British soldiers. Her home was for a few days behind German lines but the British pushed the Germans into retreat and La Creste remained in British territory for the duration. Informed by journalist Mildred’s unpublished journals and voices of those serving in the BEF, along with historical military background, this book examines events from the unique perspective of a remarkable woman who lived through them. (224pp, hardback) Mildred on the Marne Code: LMOM Just £16.99 TO UK

Overseas £19.99. US $40; Can $42; Aus $44; NZ $51.

They Did Not Grow Old

Teenage Conscripts on the Western Front 1918

In June 1918, 135 teenagers arrived in France as part of the thousands sent to reinforce the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front. The German spring offensive had failed, but it was far from over. The coming months would see some of the fiercest, bloodiest, yet least remembered fighting of the war as these young men finally broke the trench stalemate and forced the enemy into retreat. Looking beyond the war as portrayed by poets and playwrights, Tim Lynch tells the story of Britain’s true Unknown Soldiers – the teenage conscripts. For the first time, following the experiences of a typical reinforcement draft, this book explores what turned men so often dismissed as “shirkers” into a motivated, efficient and professional army, but it also reminds us that in the cemeteries of France and Flanders, behind every headstone is a personal story. (192pp, paperback) They Did Not Grow Old Code: LTDGO Just £12.99 TO UK

Overseas £15.99. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.


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Help for Heroes Bear Figurines We are delighted to present this wonderful collection of collectable figurines created by John Beswick especially for Help for Heroes.

Help for Heroes Air Force Bear

Help for Heroes Navy Personnel Bear

(pre-order now for delivery in May)


(pre-order now for delivery in May)



Help for Heroes Army Bear Code: MHHABF Size approx. 4¼" each


£24.99 each UK DELIVERY ONLY

6% from the sale of each Help for Heroes Bear Figurine will be contributed to Help for Heroes Trading Limited which gift aids all its taxable profits to Help for Heroes (Registered Charity Number 1120920). Our mission is to deliver an enduring national network of support for our wounded and their families. We will inspire and enable those who have made sacrifices on our behalf to achieve their full potential. The John Beswick collection represents the world’s finest tradition for ceramic gifts and animal sculptures. With a heritage stretching back to 1894 these hand crafted studies emulate the authentic style of the celebrated originals. Every piece is hand painted to reflect the natural glory of our favourite figures.

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04/03/2014 10:30

WWI Commemoration

The Great War DVD & The Concise History of WW1 Book On 28th June 1914 in Sarajevo, a Bosnian Serb student shot the heir to the throne of the AustroHungarian Empire. The assassination plunged the world into a global conflict that was to scar human history and redefine the meaning of the word war. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand provided the spark that ignited smouldering enmities, but World War I had been a long time coming. As time went on and the killing continued, all the world’s powers were drawn into battle and the war’s deadly influence touched every corner of the planet. More than seventy million military personnel were mobilised during World War I and more than nine million of them died. The grim figures also included twenty million wounded and eight million missing in action. When the war ended in 1918, four empires had ceased to exist, the map of Europe had been redrawn and a generation of young men had been lost. This book tells the story of the conflict dubbed the war to end wars. DVD Running Time: approx. 50 minutes

Region code: 0 All Regions

WW1 Commemoration DVD and Book Code: DFWWC Just £12.99 TO UK

Overseas £15.99. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.

The Great War

The incredible stories of courage during the First World War (6 DVD Box Set). It was more than just a war between nationals. It was a war between what was and what was to be. The “old world” was dying and the “new world” had yet to be born. When it was over, more than nine million men had died in the mud of the battlefields; the naïve dreams of progress, along with the innocence of the pre-war world, faith and hope in the future all died in the trenches of Europe. The set includes a DVD for every year of the war plus an additional one “Fighting Aircraft of WW1”.

The Great War 6 DVD Box Set Code: DFWW6 Just £24.99 TO UK (RRP £29.99)

DVD Running time: 331 minutes Region code: 0 All regions

Overseas £29.99. US $60; Can $63; Aus $66; NZ $76.


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Famous Songs of the First World War

The Great War was a prolific time for new songs, many of which became famous. Most were patriotic in a way it is difficult to imagine now, but love, in all its facets, never changes. With the benefit of hindsight, via their musical legacy, we can share what our forebears went through and, with the benefit of modern recording techniques, we can also enjoy better sound quality than was available to them. Among the splendid singers are Peter Dawson, John McCormack, Billy Murray, Violet Loraine, George Robey and Harry Lauder — the last two receiving knighthoods for their wartime charity work. Track Listing: It’s a long way to Tipperary; Pack up your troubles in your old kitbag; The tanks that broke the ranks; Oh how I hate to get up in the morning; A bachelor gay; It’s time for every boy to be a soldier; There’s a long long trail a winding; If you were the only girl in the world; K-K-K-Katy; How ya gonna keep ‘em down on the farm?; Keep the home fires burning; The laddies who fought and won; For your country and my country; At the calico ball; When I send you a picture of Berlin; Goodbye Broadway, Hello France; My sweetheart is somewhere in France; Till we meet again; Goodbye and luck be with Special you laddie boy; Indianola; Over there; Roses of Picardy; Where do we offer: go from here?; My dream of the big parade; Goodbye-ee. Buy any 3 CDs – Famous Songs of the First World War CD choose a fourth Code: C151 one FREE!

Some Corner of a Foreign Field Poetry and music of the Great War 1914-1918

The horrors of the Great War produced some of the finest British poetry of the century. Poignant readings are combined with music of great power in a moving album, full of humour, irony, and terror in equal measure. Some Corner of a Foreign Field CD Code: CCSCFF

Rule Britannia

Stirring songs & patriotic music From trumpets and drums to soaring choral voices, this programme has a “Last Night of the Proms” feel. It features the great and the good of English music of the past including Handel, Holst, Elgar and Walton. Rule Britannia CD Code: CCRR Just £9.95 each TO UK

Overseas £12 US $24; Can $26; Aus $27; NZ $31.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm WWI SW.indd 7

Beautiful Brass

24 familiar tunes played by the best bands in the business Some musical snobs think the golden age of brass bands has passed — it hasn’t and is very much alive and well! British brass bands are unique — and so is this specially created disc made with the special help of the current National and British champions, Fodens! Beautiful Brass CD Code: C147

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04/03/2014 10:21

Celebrate Great Britain with our

Union Jack Collection Union Jack Flags & Bunting Bunting 30 lightweight polyester flags (9" x 6") sewn onto polyester tape for hanging. Ideal for indoor displays or occasional outdoor use. Union Jack Bunting Code: PFUB Just £16.95 TO UK

Overseas £18.95. US $38; Can $40; Aus $42; NZ $48.

6" x 4" Table Flag with a gold style base. Union Jack Table Flag Code: PUJTF Just £6.95 TO UK

Overseas £8.95. US $18; Can $19; Aus $20; NZ $23.

5ft x 3ft Flag Complete with white headband and eyelets. Union Jack Flag Code: PFUF Just £9.95 TO UK

Overseas £10.95. US $22; Can $23; Aus $25; NZ $28.

18" x 12" Car Flag on a 17" plastic car mast. Union Jack Car Flag Code: PFUC Just £6.95 TO UK

Overseas £7.95. US $16; Can $17; Aus $18; NZ $21.

Lapel Pins Hard-enamel, gold-plated, with butterfly clutch on the rear.

Union Jack Lapel Pin Code: PUJLP Just £6.95 TO UK

Overseas £8.95. US $18; Can $19; Aus $20; NZ $23.

Union Jack


Union Jack and St. George Cross

Union Jack and St. George Cross Lapel Pin Code: PUGLP Just £7.95 TO UK

Overseas £9.95. US $20; Can $22; Aus $22; NZ $26.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm

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Union Jack Mug Fine bone china mug handcrafted in Stoke-on-Trent. Simply perfect for a morning cuppa! Size 10fl.oz (275ml)


Union Jack Mug Code: MUJM Just £15.95 TO UK

Comes in a presentation box

Overseas £18.95. US $38; Can $40; Aus $42; NZ $48.

Union Jack Mug and Fridge Magnet Code: MUJMF Just £17.95 TO UK

Overseas £20.45. US $41; Can $43; Aus $45; NZ $52.

Union Jack Streamer Paperweight This paperweight with an abstract blue, red and white design inspired by the Union Jack flag looks like a raindrop suspended in the air. Handcrafted in the UK. Size 90mm x 60mm UK DELIVERY ONLY

Union Jack Streamer Paperweight Code: MUJSP Just £35 (UK DELIVERY ONLY)

Buy Online 24hrs a day at WWI SW.indd 9


04/03/2014 10:22

Railway Poster Metal Signs British railway posters have a fascinating and inspiring tale to tell — a tale of places they promote, railway companies, engineering triumphs and fabulous design. They are an important and colourful part of the history of one of the most wonderful British creations — the railway.

Here we present a collection of six wall metal signs featuring railway posters.

London Pride Metal Sign Code: MMS1

Northumberland Metal Sign Code: MMS2

Edinburgh Metal Sign Code: MMS3

Cornish Riviera Express Metal Sign Code: MMS4

Yorkshire Metal Sign Code: MMS5

Wales Metal Sign Code: MMS6

Size approx. 11¾“ x 15¾“, easy wall mounting. Made in England. 10

WWI SW.indd 10

Just £14.95 each TO UK

Overseas £17.95 US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

Buy Online 24hrs a day at 04/03/2014 10:22

Railway Poster Jigsaws Authentic railway posters transformed into 1,000-piece DeLuxe jigsaw puzzles.

Village scene, Kersey, Suffolk Code: MJRP1

Butlin’s in Skegness Code: MJRP3

Racing off Ryde, Isle of Wight Code: MJRP5

A conversation in the park, Harrogate Code: MJRP7

London’s Hyde Park in Victorian Times Code: MJRP9

Feeding the Pigeons, Trafalgar Square, London Code: MJRP10

Special offer:

Buy any 2 Railway Poster Jigsaws – choose a third one FREE! Trooping the Colour, Whitehall, London Code: MJRP11

A view towards Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Code: MJRP13

After the show, Southport Code: MJRP14

An evening scene at Beachy Head, Sussex Code: MJRP15

Size: 27” x 19 ¾“ when complete.

Just £13.95 each TO UK

Overseas £17.95 US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm WWI SW.indd 11

The Forth Bridge, near Edinburgh Code: MJRP16

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Special subscription offer .... special subscript Subscribe to This England or Evergreen magazine and receive a FREE Tea caddy by New English Teas worth £5.99

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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One, This England and Evergreen are offering all new subscribers a creatively decorated tea rations book or “England Needs You” tea caddy by New English Teas. Relax with a refreshing cup of English Breakfast Tea and your favourite magazine with the peace of mind that each seasonal issue will be delivered directly to your home.

Evergreen is a heart-warming and fascinating quarterly magazine that has been taking its readers on a regular trip down memory lane since 1985. In spring, summer, autumn and winter we explore beautiful British countryside, call at ancient churches and unspoilt villages, uncover quaint customs and curiosities, and share stories and poetry with our readers all over the world. Amongst the 148 pages of Evergreen you really can escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life! One year £16.00 to UK Plus New English Teas gift overseas £21.25. US $40.50; Can $40.50; Aus $47.50; NZ $55.


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bscription offer.... Special subscription offer ....

This England quarterly magazine takes readers on an exciting seasonal journey, with fascinating articles and superb photographs reflecting England’s heritage, countryside, people and places, both past and present. Published since 1968, the magazine captures the true spirit and essence of England and has inspired a devoted readership worldwide. One year £18.40 to UK Plus New English Teas gift overseas £25.50. US $48; Can $48; Aus $53; NZ $63.

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Subscribe to Evergreen or This England and enjoy: Peace of mind that you will never miss an issue! Free tea caddy worth £5.99  Receive your copy before it’s in the shops  An engaging and entertaining magazine every quarter  Take out two subscriptions at the same time and receive an additional free gift.  

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Poppy Crafts Collection Poppies and Forget Me Nots Tablecloth and Runner

Our Poppies and Forget Me Nots design uses cross stitch and the stem stitch. The kits contain 100% pre-printed white cotton for easy stitching, 100% cotton DMC thread, needle and simple-tofollow instructions. Tablecloth 32" x 32" (80cm x 80cm) Code: MCPT Just £29.99 TO UK

Overseas £35.98 US $72; Can $76; Aus $80; NZ $92.

Runner 16" x 40" (40cm x 100cm) Code: MCPR Just £24.99 TO UK

Overseas £30.98 US $62; Can $65; Aus $69; NZ $79.

Tablecloth & Runner Set Code: MCPTR Just £49.98 TO UK

Overseas £55.97 US $111; Can $117; Aus $124; NZ $142.

Poppy Panel

This beautiful poppy surface embroidery panel in stranded cotton has been designed by Jean Coates. The panel measures a neat 9" x 4" (23cm x 10.5cm), is printed on Normandie fabric and contains pre-sorted and carded threads, needle and easy-to-follow instructions. Poppy Panel 9" x 4" (23cm x 10.5cm) Code: MSEPP Just £19.99 TO UK

Overseas £25.98 US $52; Can $55; Aus $58; NZ $66.

Poppy Long Stitch Kit on Blue Background

The kit contains 14 count printed canvas, tapestry wool, needle and easy-to-follow instructions. Poppy Long Stitch Kit 8" x 81⁄2" (20.5cm x 21.5cm) Code: MPLSK Just £29.99 TO UK Overseas £35.98 US $72; Can $76; Aus $80; NZ $92.


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4 Days from

£419 pp

Bruges, Ypres & the First World War Battlefields Departing April - September 2014 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War, so this is a unique time to visit poignant locations in the Ypres Salient to remember the courage and honour of all those who fought, as well as the men and women who followed in their footsteps to become today’s brave soldier.

q R eturn rail travel from train stations

To book or for a FREE brochure please call:

q A Battlefield Guide on days 2 and 3

throughout the UK

q R eturn Eurostar from London St. Pancras International to Lille

q T hree nights’ bed and continental breakfast in Bruges

q Visit to Tyne Cot Cemetery q Visit and entrance to Talbot House q Visit to Ypres and the Last Post Ceremony q Entrance to the In Flanders Fields Museum q Visit to Messines Ridge and Plugstreet q V isit and entrance to memorial Museum Passchendaele


0844 544 6588 This England WWI SW.indd 16

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Shop Window Catalogue WW1 2014  
Shop Window Catalogue WW1 2014  

The Shop Window Catalogue shows a selection of gifts from This England and Evergreen magazines.