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22/04/2014 10:02

This England's Desk Diary 2015 — Porth Cressa Beach, Isle of Scilly.


FRONT COVER: One of the may beautiful images included in our new

Dear Readers, ndow. r 2014 issue of Shop Wi and we are Welcome to the summe of the First World War ak bre out the of ary ten cen gland’s En the s is see Th r s. me gift This sum n of special asion with our collectio r with commemorating this occ First World War is already immensely popula es many the lud of inc ry CD sto r Hi d Wa ate rld str Illu Songs of the First Wo s ou Fam new . the tor and Edi our readers by our Music t time, carefully selected the World familiar tunes from tha ll team. Let’s hope that tba foo our g tin por sup ed a few be l par wil pre we e hav July We and . e In Jun memorable moments and ent item exc of lot a Cup will bring 9. featured on pages 8 and s time it football-related gifts hood books series, thi ild Ch ed lov ch mu the to series n ter itio Pos add to new ter a There is ume of the Pos 0s Britain. The latest vol uth-West. On So us rio Glo e will take us back to 194 Th to g railway journey — pired by the British promises another thrillin ing cross stitch kits ins rm cha e mers past som nd fi l wil page 13 you a nostalgic trip to the sum e new DVDs including coastline. We also hav ars and diaries. It’s in Weston-super-Mare. t our 2015 Annual, calend a lot of joy as well. sen pre to ted igh del are And finally we they will bring YOU duce them and we hope ted on pages 23-27. always a joy for us to pro special reader offers presen of age ant adv e tak to t time, Remember enjoy browsing! Until nex There is plenty more so luded post and packing is inc With kind regards, P.S. Remember that all ! pay you ce the pri — the price you see is )

Stephen Garnett (Editor

Famous Songs of the First World War


The Great War was a prolific time for new songs. Most were patriotic in a way it is difficult to imagine now, but love, in all its facets, never changes. With the benefit of hindsight we can share what our forebears heard and, with the benefit of modern recording techniques, Special we can also enjoy better sound quality than was available to them. Among the splendid offer: singers are Peter Dawson, John McCormack, See pages Murray Violet Loraine, George Robey Billy Murray, 14-15 and Harry Lauder — the last two receiving knighthoods for their wartime charity work. Track Listing: It’s a long way to Tipperary; Pack up your troubles in your old kitbag; The tanks that broke the ranks; Oh how I hate to get up in the morning; A bachelor gay; It’s time for every boy to be a soldier; There’s a long long trail a winding; If you were the only girl in the world; K-K-K-Katy; How ya gonna keep ‘em down on the farm?; Keep the home fires burning; The laddies who fought and won; For your country and my country; At the calico ball; When I send you a picture of Berlin; Goodbye Broadway, Hello France; My sweetheart is somewhere in France; Till we meet again; Goodbye and luck be with you laddie boy; Indianola; Over there; Roses of Picardy; Where do we go from here?; My dream of the big parade; Goodbye-ee.

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Code: C151

412817 22/04/2014 10:03


First World War

Many books are being published to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, but none will cover the subject with as much colour and variety as this lavish, 100-page collection of fascinating facts, evocative photographs (many not seen for a hundred years), wide-ranging articles on all sorts of subjects and poignant pieces of poetry written by soldiers at the front. The main events of the years 1914 to 1918 are chronicled, complemented by informative articles about the main battles and illustrated features on many different aspects of life both in the trenches and on the home front. These include an account of the famous Christmas Truce of 1914, the role played by women in the factories of Britain, and details of some of the music hall stars who entertained the troops. A series entitled “The First World War on Screen” shows how the war has been depicted in films "Thank you so much and on television, while for This England's “A Pilgrimage to Remember” Illustrated History of is one lady’s moving account the First World War. of her recent visit to the It is such an impressive battlefields. There is also and beautifully presented a useful section giving publication." — B. Mills, details of commemorative Staffordshire. events and exhibitions.


£5.99 to UK

overseas £8.25. US $17; Can $18; Aus $19; NZ $21. Code: TEWW1

Carefully and sensitively compiled by the editorial staff of This England, The Illustrated History of the First World War is sure to become a collector’s item. Part diary, part history, part voice from the past, it is also a stirring and worthy tribute to all those who, 100 years ago, fought and died for our freedom. Don’t miss out. Order your copy today.

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22/04/2014 10:03

First World War


A Tommy in the Family

The First World War was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, and one of the most far-reaching. As a result, almost everyone's family history has a Great War connection. In "A Tommy in the Family", family historian Keith Gregson explores the human stories behind the history of the war, from the heart-warming to the tearjerking. Full of handy research tips and useful background information, "A Tommy in the Family" will fascinate anyone with an interest in the First World War and help them to find out more about their ancestors who participated in one of the most troubled conflicts in the history of mankind. (192pp, hardback) Code: LTIM Just £12.99 to UK overseas £15.99. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.

The Final Whistle


WINNER OF THE BRITISH SPORT BOOK AWARDS — RUGBY BOOK OF THE YEAR This is the story of 15 men killed in the Great War. All played rugby for one London club; none lived to hear the final whistle. Rugby brought them together; rugby led the rush to war. They came from Britain and the Empire, among them a poet, playwright and perfumer. Cooper's meticulous research has uncovered the story of these men and captured their lives, from their vanished Edwardian youth and vigour, to the war they fought and how they died. (400pp, paperback) Code: LFW Just £10.95 to UK overseas £13.95. US $28; Can $30; Aus $31; NZ $36.

Mildred on the Marne


This is the story of 61-year-old Mildred Aldrich and her experiences of the Great War. She retired to a small hill-top house called La Creste in February 1914, little realising she would become embroiled in the first major battle of the war. Informed by journalist Mildred's unpublished journals and voices of those serving in the BEF, along with historical military background, this book examines events from the unique perspective of a remarkable woman who lived through them. (224pp, hardback) Code: LMOM Just £16.99 to UK overseas £19.99. US $40; Can $42; Aus $44; NZ $51.

'Blinker' Hall Spymaster

New 4

Admiral Sir Reginald 'Blinker' Hall, the Director of Naval Intelligence for most of the First World War, was one of the outstanding if largely unrecognized naval leaders of the conflict. His dynamic leadership, talent for lateral thinking and force of personality were essential in defeating the U-boats. Above all, he was endowed with the guile and ruthlessness which kept him one step ahead of a formidable and determined enemy and their widespread espionage and subversion operations. In "'Blinker' Hall: Spymaster", David Ramsay examines this fascinating man and his invaluable legacy. (320pp, paperback) Code: LBHS Just £18.99 to UK overseas £21.99. US $44; Can $46; Aus $49; NZ $56.

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First World War

Remembrance Sandcast

New This exquisite piece of art glass depicts a single poppy on a grey, sombre background. Size 110mm x 100mm UK DELIVERY ONLY Code: MRSC


£60 to UK

Caithness Glass is known throughout the world for high-quality paperweights and art glass. Each and every piece is a unique work of art, designed by talented designers and individually hand-crafted to the highest possible standards by skilled makers in the Crieff factory.


The Great War

The incredible stories of courage during the First World War (6 DVD Box Set).

It was more than just a war between nationals. It was a war between what was and what was to be. The “old world” was dying and the “new world” had yet to be born. When it was over, more than nine million men had died in the mud of the battlefields; the naïve dreams of progress, along with the innocence of the pre-war world, faith and hope in the future all died in the trenches of Europe. The set includes a DVD for every year of the war plus an additional one “Fighting Aircraft of WW1”. DVD Running time: 331 minutes Region code: 0 All regions

Code: DFWW6

Just £24.99 to UK (RRP £29.99)

overseas £29.99. US $60; Can $63; Aus $66; NZ $76.

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22/04/2014 10:17

Best of British

Best of British Aircraft

A look back at the greatest planes to be built & flown out of Britain 4 DVD box set


The DVDs salute the achievements of Red Arrows, Spitfire, Harrier and Vulcan aircraft. They feature fantastic archive footage and interviews with pilots and those who designed, built and tested these icons of British aviation. (Approx. 248 mins in total) Code: DBBA Just £14.95 to UK overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

Best Of British Heritage Railways 4 DVD box set

Vol. 1 and 2 are presented from the Great Central Railway at Loughborough. The DVDs take a look at former Great Western Railway 4-4-0 locomotives, Earl of Berkeley and City of Truro. Number 70013, Oliver Cromwell, is captured before entering the workshop for restoration. The DVDs also cover mainline activity from the Settle Carlisle route. Vol. 3 and 4 are presented from the North Norfolk Railway and feature the East Anglian costal line, Steam Galas at both the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway and the South Devon Railway. The concluding feature takes in the spectacular North Yorkshire Moors "Gresley 100" celebrations which included number 60800 Green Arrow, B1 number 61264 and a whole host of teak panelled coaching stock. (Approx. 285 mins in total) Code: DBBHR Just £14.95 to UK


overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

British Comedy Greats

4 DVD box set

Collection of British comedies starring legends of the genre including Barbara Windsor, Ronnie Barker, John Cleese and Peter Sellers. San Ferry Ann (1966) is a sound-effect comedy starring Windsor in which a group of Brits journey across to France on the ferry. The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (1970) stars Peter Cook as the eponymous social climber determined to reach the top by fair means or foul. Simon Simon (1970), another sound-effect comedy, features two dysfunctional handymen and their irate boss. Sellers, Eric Morecambe and Bob Monkhouse star. Finally, Futtock's End (1969) follows a weekend gathering at the decaying country home of General Futtock (Barker), which produces a series of saucy mishaps between staff and guests. (Approx. 230 mins in total) Code: DBCG Just £14.95 to UK


overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.


Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

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412817 22/04/2014 10:03


Union Jack Mug Fine bone china mug handcrafted in Stoke-on-Trent. Simply perfect for a morning cuppa!

Union Jack New

Size 10fl.oz (275ml)


Union Jack Mug

Comes in a presentation box

Code: MUJM

Just £15.95 to UK

overseas £18.95. US $38; Can $40; Aus $42; NZ $48.

Union Jack Mug and Fridge Magnet Code: MUJMF

Just £17.95 to UK

overseas £20.45. US $41; Can $43; Aus $45; NZ $52.

Union Jack Streamer Paperweight This paperweight with an abstract blue, red and white design inspired by the Union Jack flag looks like a raindrop suspended in the air. Handcrafted in the UK. Size 90mm x 60mm UK Delivery only Code: MUJSP



to UK

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22/04/2014 10:04

World Cup

Show your support for the English football team!

5ft x 3ft Flag

18" x 12" Car Flag

on a 17" plastic car mast. Just £6.95 to UK,

Code: PGCF

overseas £7.95. US $16; Can $17; Aus $18; NZ $21.

Complete with white headband and eyelets. Code: PNFB Just £9.95 to UK,

overseas £10.95. US $22; Can $23; Aus $25; NZ $28.

6" x 4" Table Flag with a gold style base. Code: PSGTF

Just £6.95 to UK,

overseas £8.95. US $18; Can $19; Aus $20; NZ $23.

Flag Cocktail Sticks (pack of 100)

Code: PFCS

Just £6.95 to UK, overseas £7.95.

US $16; Can $17; Aus $18; NZ $21.

Three Cheers for Beers Glass Gift Pack A selection of 3 glasses from Dartington chosen to help you get the best from a wide variety of beers. A perfect pint glass, a strong and stout glass and a lovely lager glass all made from lead-free crystal.


£24.95 to UK


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Cheer on England! UK DELIVERY ONLY Code: M3CB

New 22/04/2014 11:22

World Cup Legends ENGLAND

World Cup

England Player by Player Book & Bobby Charlton DVD The England football team is the oldest national football team in the world, playing their first official match against Scotland in 1872. England Player by Player book features the100 top English football players of all time with details of their careers and brief biographies. (144pp, hardback). Bobby Charlton World Cup Winner DVD: It can be said, without a shadow of a doubt, that Bobby Charlton is one of the best international footballers that the world has ever seen and one of the most talented English football players of all time. He holds England’s goal scoring record and was part of the victorious 1966 World Cup winning England team. (Approx. 50 mins, Region code: 0 All Regions). Code: DWCL Just £14.95 to UK


overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

FOOTBALL LEGENDS: Charlton — Best — Law — Brady

4 DVDs box set featuring football legends: Bobby Charlton, George Best, Denis Law and Liam Brady. (approx. 200 mins, Region Code: 0 All Regions)



Just £14.95 to UK

overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

The Lost World of Football

Great gift for all football fans nostalgic for the good old days of cloggers and comic-book heroes in the prePremier League era. "The Lost World of Football" is a big, beautifully designed book, lavished with almost a thousand images of memorabilia, guaranteed to whisk you back to the magical atmosphere of a more innocent era of football. (224pp, hardback) Code: LLWF Just £19.99 to UK overseas £23.99. US $48; Can $51; Aus $53; NZ $61.

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22/04/2014 10:18

Join us on a fascinating and often humorous journey to the decade of your childhood.


A 1940s Childhood From Bomb Sites to Children’s Hour


The 1940s was a time of great challenge for everyone who lived through it. From the hardships and fear of a World War, with Britain’s towns and cities being bombed on an almost nightly basis, to the trauma of being parted from one's parents and sent away to the country to live with complete strangers. For just over half of this decade the war continued, meaning food and clothing shortages became a way of life. Then there was the joy of the second half of the decade when fathers came home and fun things started up again. This trip down memory lane will take you through the most memorable and evocative experiences of growing up in the 1940s. (224pp, paperback) Code: LARC

Also available:

A 1950s Childhood From Tin Baths to Bread and Dripping (222pp, paperback) Code: LAFC

A 1960s Childhood From Thunderbirds to Beatlemania (238pp, paperback) Code: LASC

A 1970s Childhood From Glam Rock to Happy Days (192pp, paperback) Code: LAVC

Just £12 each to UK

overseas £15. US $30; Can $32; Aus $33; NZ $38.

You Made Me Late Again!



With more than fifty new poems from Britain’s favourite poet Pam Ayres, You Made Me Late Again! is a treat. From wishing your husband was more dashing to becoming a gran for the first time, Pam’s poems are observant, witty and poignant in equal measure. From exploding wardrobes, to knowing you must eat more fruit, to the dog being afraid of the toaster — the poems are beautifully crafted, and her subjects the everyday and the universal. Delightfully illustrated, most of the poems in You Made Me Late Again! are absolutely brand new, yet it also features several firm favourites from her stage shows. (176pp, hardback) Code: LYMLA Just £17.99 to UK overseas £20.99. US $42; Can $44; Aus $47; NZ $54.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

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412817 22/04/2014 10:04

The A-Z of Curious London


Spooky, gruesome, weird but true things about one of the world’s greatest cities come alive in "The A-Z of Curious London". Discover London’s tiniest house, a 4,000-year-old mouse made from Nile clay, and have a giggle at things people leave on London’s transport (including false teeth, a human skull and a park bench — yes, really.) Why did a dentist keep his dead wife on view in a shop window? Where did a shopkeeper murder 150 customers? Which Queen showed her bosom to an Ambassador? In the City proper, why is no thoroughfare called a road? To sum up, eccentrics, legends, folklore, murders, scandals, ghosts, incredible characters and oodles of wow factor, it’s all here! (160pp, paperback) Just £12.99 to UK Code: LAZCL overseas £15.99. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.


Unusual Railway Pubs

Refreshment Rooms and Ale Trains

Queen Victoria’s private waiting room, the setting for the film classic "Brief Encounter", a Lincolnshire signal cabin, a pre-war parcels van, a gas-lit ladies’ waiting room, and a wooden carriage of 1876 – these are just some of the locations that serve as station pubs with a difference. You can, quite literally, drink in Britain’s railway history (and dine too) in the world’s first purpose-built railwayman’s inn, or the Metropolitan Railway’s headquarters, or the terminus of the late lamented Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway. The author, Bob Barton, has spent five years visiting remarkable hostelries where cask ale and coffee are served along with generous portions of railway heritage, and now you can too with the help of this lavishly illustrated guide. (144pp, hardback, profusely illustrated in colour throughout) Code: LURP Just £17.95 to UK overseas £20.95. US $42; Can $44; Aus $47; NZ $54.

High Flying Women:

A World History of Female Pilots


In the early days of aviation, the decision to become a pilot was not one to be taken lightly. The women who embarked upon this adventurous career had to demonstrate boldness, dedication and patience. This lavishly illustrated book covers all areas of aviation and traces the careers of female pilots all over the world, from the first woman to board a plane in 1908 to present-day astronauts and pilots. (192pp, hardback) Code: LHFW Just £25 to UK overseas £30. US $60; Can $63; Aus $66; NZ $76.

The Little Book of the 1950s

An entertaining account of life in Britain during this extraordinary decade — fashion, technology, news, austerity, film and television in one handy, pocket-sized book. Even those who lived through the decade (and are therefore experts on the subject) will find plenty to remind, surprise, amuse and inform them on these pages. (192pp, hardback) Code: LB50 Just £10.95 to UK overseas £12.95. US $26; Can $28; Aus $29; NZ $33.

Buy Online 24hrs a day at

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22/04/2014 10:18


Railway Journeys in Art

Volume seven: The Glorious South-West



£44 to UK Overseas £70. US $139; Can $147; Aus $154; NZ $178.

Join us as we take a railway journey from Bristol through Somerset and Wiltshire before reaching the south coast in Dorset. Then it is to the West Country proper, to tour first Devon and then beautiful Cornwall. We finish the tour offshore in the playgrounds of the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands. • Over 250 pages of stunning images and informative text

• Over 380 regional posters from the Victorian era to modern times;

most published for the first time

• With a definitive poster database listing over 550 entries

Code: LPTP7

Other books still available in the series: Volume 1: Scotland Code: LPTP1 £35 to UK, overseas £60. US $119; Can $126; Aus $132; NZ $152. Volume 3: The Midlands & Wales Code: LPTP3 £35 to UK, overseas £60. US $119; Can $126; Aus $132; NZ $152. Volume 4: The Eastern Counties Code: LPTP4 £35 to UK, overseas £60. US $119; Can $126; Aus $132; NZ $152. Volume 5: London & the South-East Code: LPTP5 £38 to UK, overseas £63. US $125; Can $132; Aus $139; NZ $160. Volume 6: The British North West Code: LPTP6 £44 to UK, overseas £70. US $139; Can $147; Aus $154; NZ $178. 12

Buy Online 24hrs a day at

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Look out for the next volume: General & Foreign Posters 22/04/2014 10:04

Coastal Britain

Cross Stitch

Inspired by the beautiful British coastline this delightful collection of counted cross-stitch pictures are designed by Rose Swalwell in Cumbria. Choose your favourite scene from one of these charming designs or collect all four to complete the series. Size approx: 11½" x 11¾"


Secluded Port Code: MCSSP

Fishing Village Code: MCSFV

Storm Point Code: MCSSC

Fish Quay Code: MCSFQ

Each stitch kit contains all you need to complete your project: 14 count Aida, pre-sorted and carded thread, needle and easy-to-follow instructions.


£34.99 each to UK Overseas £40.98. US $82; Can $86; Aus $91; NZ $104.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795 sw su14.indd 13



22/04/2014 10:04

Nostalgic CDs

All exclusive to

Flanders and Swann: Initially Michael Flanders and

Donald Swann wrote songs for other people to perform but then rose to fame as a double act. Their most popular revue was At the Drop of a Hat, and here are some of their songs from that show including: Song of the Weather, Transport of Delight, I’m a Gnu, etc. Code: CL09

Shop Window

Peter Dawson: Equally at home at the Proms or variety stage Peter Dawson is still enjoyed today. Boots is his own arrangement of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, while Glorious Devon, Wandering the King’s Highway and The Fishermen of England were also firm favourites with his audiences. Marvellous stuff! Code: C124 Tommy Steele: Britain’s first rock and roll star who quickly

became an icon of entertainment. He is still going strong more than 50 years later and now you can hear all his early songs again. Remember Singing the Blues, Butterfingers, Shiralee, Little White Bull, What a Mouth? They are all here plus many more. Code: C123

On the Bonnie, Bonnie Banks: An easy-listening musical

tribute to Scotland opening with Sidney Torch’s Flying Scotsman hurtling from King’s Cross to Edinburgh. Alternate vocal and orchestral tracks include all the top singers and bands such as Kenneth McKellar, Andy Stewart, Jimmy Shand, Harry Davidson and Ian Wallace. Code: C126

Billy Neely “Belfast’s Own Boy Soprano”: Billy Neely is still remembered by those privileged to have heard him at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast. He made his radio debut in BBC Northern Ireland’s Children’s Hour and had a hugely successful career. The 42 tracks include many old favourites as well as traditional Irish ballads and masterpieces by Bach, Handel, Mozart and Mendelssohn. Great value — Double Album! Code: C125 Food and Drink: Ranging from Fats Waller, the Andrews

Sisters and Spike Jones to Henry Hall, Shirley Temple and Ted Heath, you are sure to recognise many of the 25 foot-tapping tracks on this new compilation. Watch out for some new, unusual ones as well. Code: C144

Just £9.95 each to UK overseas £12. US $24; Can $26; Aus $27; NZ $31. 14

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

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412817 23/04/2014 10:25

Nostalgic CDs

All xclusive to

Shop Window

Thomas Round: An outstanding singer with

the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company who played all the major tenor roles in every famous Gilbert and Sullivan opera. Listen to him as the wandering minstrel in The Mikado, a lovesick sailor in HMS Pinafore, a gallant Venetian paddling his boat in The Gondoliers, a condemned man in The Yeomen of the Guard, a peer from the House of Lords in Iolanthe, a dashing lover in Ruddigore and a wronged apprentice in the Pirates of Penzance, all with a full supporting cast. Code: C152


Bix Beiderbecke: Nobody has ever emulated the bell-like tone of self-taught cornet player Leon "Bix" Beiderbecke whose unique sound is as fresh today as it was back in the Twenties. Sadly, he died young at the age of only 28 but his brilliant reputation remains untarnished. Never heard him? Start now — you won't regret it! Code: C149 Country Gardens: We all like a nice garden and green fingers have provided the inspiration for many composers down the years. These 24 superb tracks include mention of Narcissus, Marigold, Hollyhock, Daisies, Bluebells, Roses, Amaryllis, Lavender and Apple Blossom, not to mention birds, trees and insects. A delightfully rural selection of music. Code: C150 Up in the Air: This final instalment of our highly successful Transport CDs, includes both vocal and orchestral numbers, some of which have never been heard in public before, especially the rare Airways Suite. You won't be able to stop your feet tapping. A worthy sequel to railways, road and sea transport. Code: COTF

On the Right Track: Listen again to the graceful, timeless

melodies of steam which recreated the charm of a personal service on rails. A unique treasure trove of both rare and wellknown tunes inspired by trains, including Coronation Scot, Flying Scotsman, Orient Express and many more. Between each piece of music is a separate section of railway sounds. Code: CTRC

Special Offer: Buy any 3 CDs — choose a fourth one FREE!

Buy Online 24hrs a day at

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22/04/2014 10:21



Dance bands occasionally recorded purely instrumental tracks but nobody has ever previously released a series devoted to them. We are therefore putting the matter right with this series of CDs.






Code: CDB01

Tracks include: Caravan; Limehouse Blues; Deep Henderson; Embassy Stomp; Plain Jane; Streamline Strut; Champagne Cocktail; When Day is Done; Early Morning Blues; Night Ride; Cotton Pickers' Congregation; Hors D'Oeuvres; Man About Town; Hick Stomp; Copenhagen; Hullabaloo, etc.


Code: CDB04

Tracks include: Japanese Sandman; Mad About the Boy; Jog Along; Blue Danube; Chinatown; Dinah; My Heart is Saying; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; Terribly Fond of You; Every Day Away From You; The Very Thought of You; Footprints in the Snow; California Here I Come, Tiger Rag, etc.


Code: CDB05

Tracks include: Bugle Call Rag; Casa Loma Stomp; Alexander’s Ragtime Band; Canadian Capers; Campesina; Black Panther; Down Home Rag; Jubilation Rag; Limehouse Blues; Piano Madness; Porcupine Rag; Spanish Shawl; Temptation Rag; Tiger Rag; Temperamental Blues; The Roy Rag, etc.


Code: CDB06

Tracks include: Chinatown; Dinah; Black & Blue Rhythm; Ellingtonia (Black & Tan Fantasy/It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing/Mood Indigo/ Bugle Call Rag); Hylton Stomp; Limehouse Blues; Tiger Rag; When Day is Done; My Melancholy Baby; Darktown Strutters Ball; The Selfish Giant, etc.


Code: CDB08

Tracks include: Jack Payne: Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby; Hot and Heavy; Hot Bricks; Lucky Me, Lovable You; An Old Italian Love Song; She’s My Slip of a Girl; Harmonica Harry; Choo Choo; Entrance of the Little Fauns, etc. Henry Hall: 5.15; East Wind; Wild Ride; Just Little Bits and Pieces; Thank You, Mr. Bach; Buffoon; Apple Blossoms; The Waltz in Swingtime, etc.

Just £9.95 each to UK overseas £12. US $24; Can $26; Aus $27; NZ $31.


Buy Online 24hrs a day at

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Special offer: Buy any 3 CDs — choose a fourth one FREE! 22/04/2014 10:05

New English Teas “Thank God for Tea! What would the world do without Tea!” William Gladstone,

British Prime Minister.

Caddy Gift Pack English Breakfast, Afternoon and Earl Grey loose tea caddies (3 x 100gms). Fine quality teas in attractive caddies in a clear presentation sleeve. Fine blends of Ceylon, Assam and Niligri. Teas are sourced, blended and packed in Sri Lanka and India. Code: METCG

Just £13.95 to UK overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

Breakfast Selection

Afternoon Tea Selection

English Breakfast Tea, and a traditional ‘1869 English Tea’ (the date when the Cutty Sark first sailed) with fine quality Seville orange marmalade. The perfect start to the day!

A gift pack with English Afternoon Tea, Earl Grey and a fine Strawberry Conserve. All you need to recreate the perfect afternoon tea! Code: METAS


Each selection pack contains 20 fine-quality individually wrapped and tagged teabags. Each Just £9.95 to UK overseas £10.95. US $22; Can $23; Aus $25; NZ $28.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795 sw su14.indd 17



22/04/2014 10:05


The Subterranean Railway

The dramatic story of the men who made the world's first, and still the largest, underground railway. Since Victorian times, London's underground railway has played a vital role in the daily life of generations of Londoners. This intriguing new documentary celebrates those pioneers who conceived this revolutionary transport system and the men who tunnelled to make the Tube. Based on the popular book by Christian Wolmar, and enhanced by stunning archive material and evocative film of London, this DVD reveals London's hidden wonder and shows how the railway beneath the streets helped create the city we know today. The story continues through two world wars, when the Tube provided the best shelters of all, and up to the present day, including the arrival of driverless trains. (70 minutes) Available in PAL format only Code: DTSR


Lost Villages

All over Britain, you may stumble across the remains of villages that were once busy and full of life but now lie silent and still. These are known as ‘lost villages' or even ‘ghost villages' and there are an estimated 3,000 of them. In this film we visit a number that disappeared during the 20th century, from the Outer Hebrides to the South West of England, and because of their diversity there are many reasons why they met their end. This enchanting new DVD is based on Henry Buckton's best-selling book, and is enhanced by evocative archive photographs, specially composed music and stunning location film. (105 minutes) Available in PAL format only Code: DLV1


Voices from the Battle of Britain

Based on the book of the same title by best-selling author Henry Buckton, this superbly illustrated account of the Battle of Britain is saturated with archive film, photos and maps, not to mention several eye-witness accounts of what it was like being a pilot, mechanic, radio operator and air raid warden in the thick of the action. At nearly 100 minutes in length it is terrific value, arguably the clearest and most concise account ever given of a world-defining period when history was being weighed in the balance. Fortunately, the Allies won through and visions of a new Dark Age proved unfounded but it was a close run thing. Just how close is brought out in this vivid high-quality disc which answers all the questions you could ask plus many more you never thought of. (97 minutes) Available in PAL format only Code: DVBB

Just £14.95 each to UK overseas £16.95. US $34; Can $36; Aus $38; NZ $43.


Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

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412817 22/04/2014 10:22


The Cotswold Way



The Cotswold Way meanders for almost 105 miles from Chipping Campden to Bath, through some of the most magnificent scenery and picturesque towns and villages in England. This delightful film explores the Cotswolds by following this footpath, making a few diversions along the way, to reveal the area's history and unmatched beauty. Over 60 locations are visited, including Chipping Campden, Broadway, Winchcombe, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham, Seven Springs, Devil's Chimney, Great Witcombe Roman Villa, Cooper's Hill, Painswick, Haresfield Beacon, Stroud, Dursley, North Nibley, the Tyndale Monument, Wotton-underEdge, Hawkesbury, Horton and Dyrham before the grand finale at Bath Abbey. The story of The Cotswold Way is further enhanced by aerial film, fascinating archive material and interviews with people in a variety of locations. (90 minutes) Available in PAL format only Code: DCOTS

The Life of Brunel


The life of one of the most famous engineers in British history, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is captured in this superb production. His prodigious output includes twenty-five railway lines, over a hundred bridges, including five suspension bridges, eight pier and dock systems and three ships. This film, produced by Digital Videox, is packed with fascinating archive images and modernday comparisons, and is narrated by the renowned actor Ian Richardson. As an extra feature, you can enjoy the spectacular firework display at the Brunel-designed Clifton Suspension Bridge, completed after his death in 1864, to commemorate the great engineer`s bicentenary. (90 minutes) Available in PAL format only Code: DBRUN

Weston-super-Mare: The History of Somerset's Seaside Gem


Do you have happy memories of a trip to the seaside at Westonsuper-Mare? Did you arrive by paddlesteamer from Wales, or look forward to that essential ride on a donkey? Then this presentation, filmed during the best summer in living memory, is for you. The DVD includes previously unreleased archive film from 1935 showing the naming of a new motor lifeboat by the Duke of Kent and there is also a fascinating glimpse of holidaymakers at leisure in the interwar period. An excerpt of colour archive film shows Weston in all its glory during the 1950s and 1960s, as the great British seaside holiday enjoyed a revival. Researched and presented by local historian and author Sharon Poole, this is a real treat for anyone with an interest in Weston-super-Mare. (70 minutes) Available in PAL format only Code: DWEST

Just ÂŁ17.95 each to UK overseas ÂŁ19.95. US $40; Can $42; Aus $44; NZ $51.

Buy Online 24hrs a day at

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22/04/2014 10:22

Railway Poster

Railway Poster Metal Signs

British railway posters have a fascinating and inspiring tale to tell — a tale of places they promote, railway companies, engineering triumphs and fabulous design. They are an important and colourful part of the history of one of the most wonderful British creations — the railway.

Here we present a collection of six wall metal signs featuring railway posters.


London Pride Metal Sign Code: MMS1

Northumberland Metal Sign Code: MMS2

Edinburgh Metal Sign Code: MMS3

Cornish Riviera Express Metal Sign Code: MMS4

Yorkshire Metal Sign Code: MMS5

Wales Metal Sign Code: MMS6

Just £14.95 each to UK

overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

Size approx. 11¾“ x 15¾“, easy wall mounting.

Made in England.


Buy Online 24hrs a day at

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Railway Poster

Authentic railway posters transformed into 1,000-piece De Luxe jigsaw puzzles.

Village scene, Kersey, Suffolk

Butlin’s in Skegness

Racing off Ryde, Isle of Wight

Code: MJRP1

Code: MJRP3

Code: MJRP5

A conversation in the park, Harrogate

London’s Hyde Park in Victorian Times

Feeding the Pigeons, Trafalgar Square, London

Code: MJRP7

Code: MJRP9

Code: MJRP10

Special offer:

Buy any 2 Railway Poster Jigsaws – choose a third one FREE! Trooping the Colour, Whitehall, London

A view towards Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Code: MJRP11

Code: MJRP13

After the show, Southport

An evening scene at Beachy Head, Sussex

Code: MJRP14

Just £13.95 each to UK

Code: MJRP15

overseas £17.95. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

The Forth Bridge, near Edinburgh Code: MJRP16

Size: 27” x 19¾“ when complete.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795 sw su14.indd 21



22/04/2014 10:06

This England's Annual


This England's As you travel through England, you can never be quite sure what pleasant surprise will greet you around the next bend in the road. It might be a view of beautiful English countryside, a stretch of coastline with blue sea beyond, a castle, a stately home, a village or a curiosity with a fascinating story to tell. The same is true as you turn the pages of the new This England's Annual 2015. All the articles, published here for the first time and illustrated with stunning photographs, have been carefully selected so that there will be something to interest everyone.

Some of the contents you can look forward to: Back to the Sixties for the Beach-going British: Light-hearted

snapshots of fun beside the sea, with deckchairs donkeys and a host of popular entertainers.

"Many congratulations to you and your team on the splendid production that is the Annual. The layouts and photography and quality of photographs make it a sheer joy to handle. It has to be one of the ďŹ nest of its kind on the market. Very many thanks to all concerned." — Maurice Fleming, Blairgowrie.


Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

sw su14.indd 22

412817 22/04/2014 10:06



This England's Annual

Annual 2015

In Search of Sherlock Holmes:

The great Victorian detective has been portrayed many times, but in recent years Jeremy Brett has made the role his own. The actor describes his own relationship with the famous resident of 221B Baker Street.

First to the Chequered Flag:

From Stirling Moss and Graham Hill to Jim Clark and Lewis Hamilton – a tribute to a galaxy of stars from the world of motor racing. "I recently treated myself to a copy of This England’s Annual. What a treat it is — so many interesting articles so beautifully written." — Beryl Williams, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.


From Bottle-Washer to Hotel Manager: The entertaining

£5.99 to UK

first-hand account of life in a top overseas £8.25. London hotel during the 1960s US $17; Can $18; and ’70s, and just what it took Aus $19; NZ $21. – including ironing ten-shilling Code: TEA15 notes! — to rise through the ranks.

With poems and quotations about England, a quiz, a comprehensive guide to the 40 traditional counties and a month-by-month diary of English customs and events, This England’s Annual 2015 has something for everyone, and would make the perfect gift. (Softback, 100 pages) (Order now for delivery in October)

Special offers: Two Annuals to one address

Just £10 to UK

Code: TEA152

overseas £14. US $28; Can $30; Aus $31; NZ $36.

Annual, Country Calendar and Desk Diary Code: TEPACK

Just £15.95 to UK

overseas £21.95. US $44; Can $46; Aus $49; NZ $56.

Buy Online 24hrs a day at sw su14.indd 23

Save nearly



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Country Calendar

“We were absolutely delighted to receive the This England Calendar. You have no idea how much happiness and joy it brings to us, all the beautiful photographs evoking memories of past days.” — Valda & Gordon


Buckton, Australia.

Exclusive to


This England's Country Calendar 2015

Celebrate the scenic splendour of our green and pleasant land with This England’s Country Calendar 2015. A selection of 15 stunning photographs takes you on a marvellous journey through the English counties. Each monthly section includes verses of poetry, and details of important events — saints’ days, anniversaries, bank holidays etc. There’s space beside each day for you to jot down your own appointments.


Buy Online 24hrs a day at

sw su14.indd 24

Actual size when open: 17" x 11" 22/04/2014 11:21

“As every year, the pictures and verses are beautiful.” — Mrs. H. Harrison, Bradford, Yorkshire.

Country Calendar

This England’s Country Calendar 2015 is the perfect gift to send to anyone who cherishes England, and one which will continue to give pleasure throughout the year. Please order early to avoid disappointment 1 copy: Code: TSD151 Just £5.45 to UK

Special Offer: Country Calendar and Desk Diary

overseas £6.95. US $14; Can $15; Aus $16; NZ $18.

3 copies to one address: Code: TSD153 Just £13.50 to UK

overseas £18. US $36; Can $38; Aus $40; NZ $46.

6 copies to one address: Code: TSD156 Just £24 to UK

overseas £36. US $72; Can $76; Aus $80; NZ $92.

10 copies to one address: Code: TSD15T Just £36 to UK

overseas £50. US $99; Can $105; Aus $110; NZ $127.

(Order now for delivery in August)

Save nearly


Just £12 to UK

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795 sw su14.indd 25

Code: TCD15

overseas £16. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.



22/04/2014 11:22

Desk Diary

This England Desk Diary 2015

All exclusive to


New Special offers:

See pages 23 & 25

"I have been putting notes each day in your lovely Desk Diary. It has the most beautiful photos and I enjoy reading the captions. I absolutely love it, and it's beautifully produced." —

The perfect companion to the Country Calendar is This England’s Desk Diary. Featuring more than 50 superb photographs representing every English traditional county, it means that you can look forward to a different view for every week of the year. Mrs. Bartholomew, Manchester. Handsomely presented, with a week-to-view, there’s plenty of space to fill in all those important dates and appointments, with a colourful ribbon marker making it ideal for the home or office.

1 Desk Diary: Code: DITE15 Just £10.45 to UK overseas £14.45. US $29; Can $31; Aus $32; NZ $37.

2 Desk Diaries to one address: Code: DIT152 Just £16 to UK Save nearly £5!

overseas £22. US $44; Can $46; Aus $49; NZ $56.


Measuring 63⁄4" x 81⁄4" Hardback, 114 pages (Order now for delivery in August)

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

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412817 23/04/2014 11:18

Calendar/Diary Hand-tinted Those Were The Days... Calendar 2015

All exclusive to

Pure nostalgia!


Revisit yesteryear with a wonderful selection of 14 highly evocative hand-tinted photographs capturing the essence of England. • Approx 121⁄2" x 91⁄2" • Board-backed • Spiral bound • Envelope included 1 Nostalgia Calendar: Code: CALN15

Just £6.95 to UK,

overseas £9.95. US $20; Can $21; Aus $22; NZ $26.

2 Nostalgia Calendars to one address:


Code: CLN152

Just £11 to UK,

overseas £16. US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.

(Order now for delivery in August)

Evergreen Pocket Diary 2015 This smart Evergreen pocket diary is perfect for keeping up-todate with appointments, birthdays and holidays. With its distinctive green cover, gilt foil lettering, and measuring 6" x 3¼", it fits neatly into a pocket or handbag. Contains a comprehensive diary section (two weeks to view with Sunday start), a detailed calendar and maps covering motorways and rail networks. A special section compiled by the Evergreen editorial team includes pages of words of wit and wisdom, jokes and a selection of perceptive proverbs. 1 Evergreen Diary: Code: VPD151 Just £4.75 to UK

overseas £6.25. US $13; Can $14; Aus $14; NZ $16.

2 Evergreen Diaries to one address: Code: VPD152 Just £7.95 to UK


overseas £10.45. US $21; Can $22; Aus $23; NZ $27.

3 Evergreen Diaries to one address: Code: VPD153 Just £9.95 to UK

overseas £14.00. US $28; Can $30; Aus $31; NZ $36.

Buy Online 24hrs a day at sw su14.indd 27

(Order now for delivery in August)


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Special Subscription Offer Subscribe to This England or Evergreen magazine and receive a free Shakespeare china mug by Aynsley worth £15.00.

Free Gift*

This England and Evergreen are delighted to offer all new subscribers a beautifully decorated mug by renowned Aynsley china. To commemorate the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, Aynsley have produced a range of china mugs with famous quotes from his most celebrated plays. Choose from ‘All the world's a stage’ or ‘To thine own self be true’ and enjoy an exquisite new Aynsley gift plus your favourite magazine delivered direct to your door.

Evergreen is a captivating and uplifting quarterly magazine that takes readers on regular trips down memory lane. Published since 1985, Evergreen has devoted readers worldwide who enjoy fascinating, nostalgic and informative features in each issue. A subscription lets you share poetry and stories with readers all over the world. One year £16.00 to UK Plus Aynsley gift overseas £21.25. US $40.50; Can $40.50; Aus $47.50; NZ $55. Two years £32.00 to UK Plus Aynsley gift and Evergreen Pocket Diary overseas £42.50. US $81; Can $81; Aus $95; NZ $110. 28

Buy Online 24hrs a day at

sw su14.indd 28 22/04/2014 10:07

Special Subscription Offer This England quarterly magazine takes readers on an exciting seasonal journey, with fascinating articles and beautiful photographs reflecting England’s heritage, countryside, people and places, both past and present. One year £19 to UK Plus Aynsley gift overseas £26. US $48.50; Can $48.50; Aus $53.50; NZ $63.50. Two years £36 to UK

Plus Aynsley gift and This England Calendar overseas £49.50. US $92; Can $92; Aus $101.50; NZ $120.50.

Subscribe to Evergreen or This England and enjoy:     

A unique perspective on Britain’s history and traditions Free Aynsley china mug worth £15.00! Receive your copy before it’s in the shops Never miss an issue of your favourite magazine! Take out two subscriptions at the same time and receive an additional free gift.

To claim your free gift with a subscription please quote the following: This England subscription with ‘All the world's a stage’ mug quote: TEALL This England subscription with ‘To thine own self be true’ mug quote: TETTO Evergreen subscription with ‘All the world's a stage’ mug quote: EVALL Evergreen subscription with ‘To thine own self be true’ mug quote: EVTTO

A subscription also makes a great gift at any time of year; every issue is a reminder of your good wishes! Terms and conditions: *Offer available on new subscriptions only. One year minimum term applies. For gift subscriptions free gift will be dispatched to bill payer. Please allow up to 28 days, from receipt of the order for gift to be dispatched. Should the gift pictured be unavailable, a replacement gift of similar value will be sent. Closing date: 31st August 2014.

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795 sw su14.indd 29



22/04/2014 10:07

Personal Address Labels These personal address labels continue to be immensely popular amongst our readers worldwide. We print your name and address, or any other slogan, plus one of the images below on an adhesive label, printed on A4 sheets. Available in two sizes: Mini labels: 11⁄2" x 4⁄5" Maxi labels: 21⁄2" x 11⁄4"

Shop Window P.O. Box 326 Sittingbourne Kent ME9 8BR

Shop Window P.O. Box 326 Sittingbourne Kent ME9 8BR (Mini label, actual size)

Butterfly Pillarbox Cats


Union Jack

N. Ireland

(Maxi label, actual size)



You can choose from either one of Colin Carr’s images, or for a patriotic flavour, one of the popular national flags.


New Zealand


Morris Dancer



Wales Scotland

South Africa


260 Mini Labels Code: MINL4 £6.50 to UK, overseas £8.50. or 96 Maxi Labels Code: MAXL4 US $17; Can $18; Aus $19; NZ $22. 520 Mini Labels Code: MINL8 £9 to UK, overseas £11. or 192 Maxi Labels Code: MAXL8 US $22; Can $23; Aus $25; NZ $28. 780 Mini Labels Code: MINL12 £11.50 to UK, overseas £13.50. or 288 Maxi Labels Code: MAXL12 US $27; Can $29; Aus $30; NZ $35. 1040 Mini Labels Code: MINL16 £14 to UK, overseas £16. or 384 Maxi Labels Code: MAXL16 US $32; Can $34; Aus $36; NZ $41.

When ordering please state which image you require, plus your name and address in capital letters. Maximum of 5 lines with up to 25 characters per line.

To avoid misspelling we would appreciate written orders. 30

Order by phone Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm 01795

sw su14.indd 30

412817 22/04/2014 10:07

How to order:

Phone: 01795 412817 (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-1pm) overseas: +44 1795 412817 Post: Complete the order form below and post with payment to: Shop Window, P.O. Box 326, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8BR. Online: PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS Please enter your name and address even if ordering for friends Your Title:

First name:

Last name:

Your Address: Postcode: Telephone: E-mail address: ITEM CODE ITEM DESCRIPTION


Continue on plain paper if necessary

P&P Included



First name:


Last name:



Continue on plain paper if necessary

P&P Included




o By cheque/Postal Order for: £/$ ……................….. Please make cheques payable to Shop Window (please note that we no longer accept Bankers Drafts or Money Orders made out in dollars) o Visa Credit o MasterCard o Maestro o American Express

o Please debit my o  Visa Debit

by the amount of £ …...….............…. Card No.: Expiry Date:


Start Date:


3 or 4-digit Security Number:

Name on Card: ………....….................….................…………....….

Date: …...…................…..……

This England Publishing Ltd, part of DC Thomson and Co. Ltd. may wish to contact you from time to time for marketing purposes, we may also share your information with third parties, please indicate if you DO NOT want to be contacted by post or telephone o by us or o by third parties. This England Publishing Ltd, part of DC Thomson and Co. Ltd. or relevant third parties may wish to contact you by email or SMS please indicate if you agree to be contacted o by us or o by third parties.

Please QUOTE: SWTES14 sw su14.indd 31

22/04/2014 10:24

Wall Frame Weather Station This elegant 3-in-1 Weather Station features an attractive floral and bird design and makes a practical addition to any garden or conservatory. It has a fully weatherproof design and integrated clock, thermometer (measuring Celsius and Fahrenheit) and hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity, while also keeping track of time while you are enjoying the garden. Constructed from steel for durability and supplied in rustic antique bronze and cream coloured finishes. Complete with wall fixings. Just UK DELIVERY ONLY

£34.95 to UK


Requires 1 AA battery


Overall size: L25¼" x W17½"

Clock face: approx. 7"

Wall Frame Sun Clock and Thermometer Requires 1 AA battery Overall size: L23" x W13½"


£32.95 to UK

Clock face: 7" UK DELIVERY ONLY Code: MWFSUN

Both decorative and functional, this wall frame clock and thermometer will look great on any wall in the garden. It is constructed using steel, and has been painted with an antique dark bronze finish to give it a timeless look. Supplied with wall fixings.

sw su14.indd 32

22/04/2014 10:07

Shop Window Catalogue Summer 2014  

The Shop Window Catalogue shows a selection of gifts from This England and Evergreen magazines.

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