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Craf t kits!

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I list my favourite things!



Your super-funny cringes!

Love heart cupcakes! Cover gifts and confectionery items may vary and may not be available in all countries. Competitions open to UK residents only, unless otherwise stated.

NZ $11.30,AU $9.40



Recall: R08-19-Feb-14



So much fun!

Red Face Ra tings So sh

ameful! No way! Major blush !

Rate these red-faced moments!

Mother’s Day Mishap

Last year I decided to make my mum a special breakfast for a Mother’s Day treat. As I tiptoed into her bedroom, I tripped on the edge of the carpet and the breakfast tray went flying, covering my mum in cornflakes and milk! I’m not surprised she’s asked me never to make her breakfast again!

Rhian, Fishguard Red Face Rating-

Wat-er Catastrophe!

My class was having a swimming lesson when the teacher told us to jump in the water. As I jumped in, my swimming costume got caught on a metal hook that holds up the lane ropes and it ripped a massive hole in my costume! Total cringe!

Sof ia, London Red Face Rating-

nder e were looking Bag Bwlitu h my friend and w

I was in a shop d opened it up to an ed lik I e on d te ot sp at the bags. I were sale items, ey th t gh ou th I s. se as find a pair of gl show my friend. to ed rn tu d an on so I tried on them being tapped on the as w I ew kn I g in th T he next use me, dear,” she xc “E … y d la er d ol an shoulder by g!” My face turned in ld ho e 'r ou y g ba y said. “T hat's m ! the colour of beetroot

Ocsian, Swindon

Red Face Rating-

Discover wha t Beauty loves by completing th e puzzles!

Solve the riddle to unlock this message!

My first is in list but not in fist My second is the last in mosquito My third is in vanish but not in banish My fourth is the third in chess


d the fourth in the 7 th box. Place the f irst letter in the 1st box an



Fill in the missing letter to reveal two words! Place the f irst in the 3rd box, the second in the 10th and 11th boxes, the 3rd in the 13th box, the fourth in the 8th box and the sixth in the 4th box.

We Craft!

Lots of lovely things to make and do! Super ! sewing box

£7.99, www.oct opusb £25, www .dotcomgif ts Store your bits & b obs!

Make yo own bunnur y. £12.95, £7, www.sophiea


PAGE BELOW MOVED TO P12 Around £5 from craft shops

m Around £9 fro ps o sh y craft & to Gorgeous s. sewing essential

£1.95-£4.95 from a range at


Wow! Create a cuckoo clock!

One lucky winner w year long with thes ill be kept busy all e amazing craf ty prizes! WO HOW TO EN OVERT H T Simply answer this ER: £10 R In Midnight, Violet mquestion: akes lots of little… 0! a) Fairies b) Cakes c) Clay mo del Send your name, ad s dress and answer to: k Craf t Competition, Issue 67 .u o .c s g in th e ic n J ry W e .v M ag £6, www 80 Kingsway East, Dundee, DD4 8SL Or email: comps@jw All entries should be

recieved by Wednes day 26th Feb, 2014.

Always ask an adult to help you order from a website.

Finish our story, your way! um, poor M d e t a r t s u l l I e InT h af ter taking l a t i p s o h n i s i Marigold olphin and D . e s r o w e h t a turn for Oliver are over the her friend they f inally f ind moon when d, Michael – but a Dolphin's real ed the kind of father he's not quit cted. T hen Star they expe ght that her cosy au appears, distsr to have come to life seem an end...

Will Star stay with Marigold and Dolphin for good?

Do you think Marigold will ever get another tattoo? If so, what kind of tattoo would it be an d what would it represent?

Dolphin, Star and Marigold could do with a little luck. Could something happen to turn their lives around? Oliver has been a good friend to Dolphin. Will they stay best friends forever?

Write your own ending to the story! Here are some questions to get you thinking: hey How will Michael's family react when t meet Dolphin for the f irst time? What will they think of her?

Will Marigold’s new medicine help? Do you think her behaviour will change for the better? live Where will they f inally when Marigold pital? gets out of hos k to Will they go bac look their old f lat, or ew? for someplace n

We ,d love t your end o see Send the ings! m usual add to the share the ress, or m on our websit www.jw-m e,

JW issue 67  
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