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Cover gifts and confectionery items may vary and may not be available in all countries. Competitions open to UK residents only, unless otherwise stated.

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NZ $11 30, AU $9 40

Recall: R11-12-Mar-14






Ro ! w fe. The brilliant ne li to g in m co is omas, Hetty Feather et star Phoebe Th m e W ! il pr A in es stage show launch about it… e or who told us m






h a sense utiful character who has suc bea a ’s tty He d an ry sto al gic really a story of I have – I love them! It’s a ma d she doesn’t have that. It’s tol n bee ’s she ere wh rld wo l should read it. of self-worth within a and I think every young gir it ed lov I se. rpo pu of se sen determination and having a he r d n h I was watching ction – I shouted ‘yes’ as if rea ny fun a ite qu s wa it d vice morously standing in a ser I was really, really excited an gla un ry ve s wa I d an e on over the ph a football game. I was told station at the time!




so ead myself and there were -h red a am I – rt sta the ys with with Hetty from I felt like I had a connection rs, so the games that she pla the bro ee thr e hav I . ry sto r with he the story Thumbelina is a big o, Als t! many strange coincidences tha do to d use I , oh ger, I was, like, of the story. her siblings when she’s youn is the Russian interpretation me na le dd mi my d an l ita Hosp thing for her in the Foundling


All About The Show!


It runs from 5th — 19th April at Rose Theatre Kingston. Tickets cost from £13.00, with pit cushions for £5.00 (booking fee may apply). Visit for more details.

Two lucky readers will win three tickets each to the press night of Hetty Feather where they’ll be able to see the show, meet the cast and, most importantly… meet Jacky herself! THe Full PRIze! Three tickets (one for you, one for a friend and one for a parent or guardian) to see Hetty Feather at Rose Theatre Kingston at 7pm on Wednesday, 9th April 2014. Afterwards, you’ll meet the cast and Jacky, and have your photo taken to appear in JW Mag!

Do be n’t fo at going rget! ww the Ro on to The s w.jw se ur a how ft -ma w k eep er its ill m f che run or u ckin pda g tes !

TO ENTER Just answer th e following que stio your details to comps@jw-mag n and send .com

QuesTIon Who is Hetty’s elder foster b rother? A) Jem B) Ben C) Ken

YouR DeTAIls Your name, ag e and address Your parent or guardian’s cont act telephon

The competiti

on ends on We

dnesday 19th

e number

March 2014.

Terms and conditions: Prize does not include travel to and from event, or accommodation. Winners will be contacted the day after the competition ends with 24 hours to confirm their attendance. The Editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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Queenie Mabel

Answer: Queenie.


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h ck pair An old bla of shoes Black felt ver Gold or sil e glitter glu Chalk Glue

Lightly trace a cat face on the front of your shoes with ch alk. You can rub off any mistakes .

Make shoes in any colour you like! Just use a contrasting glitter glue so that it shows up!


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Cut out two black triangles from felt and paint each one with a triangle of glitter glue. Now glue them to the inside edges of shoes like this.

When you’r eh go over it ve appy with your design, ry glue. Leave it carefully with glitter to dry and th presto, you off icially ow en, hey nt shoes in the whole entire he cutest world!

Your shoes don’t have to be cute cats. Why not try designing a teddy bear face instead?

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JW Mag Issue 68