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Your cringes inside!


We banish your troubles!

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Worry dolls

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Sneak a peek at my photos!

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It’s a must– have!

R E T N E TO TO ENTER is not Which of these cats? one of Jacky’s

A. Jacob B. Missy C. Lily


Call 090 10

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Calls should co st Calls from mob no more than 51p. iles may cost m ore.

or text JWCOM space then the P followed by a question, along answer to the and address to with your name 63333. Texts cost 50p pl us your standa rd network co st.

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Remember to ask the bill payer’s permission before calling. Sorry, residents in Éire are not eligible to enter. This competition is open to UK residents only. Competition contact details: Premium Rate Telephone Services Department. DC Thomson & Co Ltd, 80 Kingsway East, Dundee DD4 8SL. Helpline 01382 575060. The winner will be announced on shortly after the closing date.

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T hese cute kitties are just what you need for Halloween!

Staple the two paper plates together and then paint them black. Leave them to dry and then cut into them to create two pointy ears. Tip: use the lines on th plate to guide yo e u!

Cut out two eyes, a nose, a mouth, pink ears, and whisk ers from coloured card or foam . Arrange them on your plat e and then stick down with g lue.

Two paper plates Coloured c ard or foam Paint Ribbon Scissors Glue Stapler

ibbon to the Tape a piece of r you can carry it paper plates, so l u just need to f il around. Now yo eeties! Hooray! your bag with sw


We went for a spooky bag can black cat, but your cat like. be whatever colour you t or ca t Model it on your own pe t tha e you could even make on b! co looks like Lily or Ja

Get creative! Use glitter y paper or glitter glue to make yo ur cat’s eyes really sparkle – yo u could also stick on cotton wo ol for extra fluffy fur!

! m u b l a o t o h p s cky’ a J t a k e e p k a e Take a sn I wish this was my T his is my very special Victorian doll. I’ve called her Mabel.

lovely staff ie! He’s called Haydn. I fell in love with him at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

me with Here’s Nick and T hey our mini-people. lliant bri were made by a Reid. uy sculptor called G

T his is a very serene Buddha in my back garden. Little Lily is fascinated by him.


hant Here’s my elep ay s aw clock that tick e. It piec on the mantle om t fr was a presen . my best friend

t n a i l l i r B r u Yo ! s g a B r e k a e B What’s your Tracy style?

The 2013 Beaker Bag was specially designed by reader Katie Mandis, who won our Beaker Bag Design Challenge.

The summery ic e cream theme. Clear design that was easy to colo customise. ur and Tracy loves knicke rb she’d be super-pl ocker glory sundaes, so eased to be nam ed after one!

Hi Jacky, T his is how I decorated my fantastic Beaker Bocker Glory Bag that I got with Issue 59. I love it. It really is Beaker Bocker Glorious! I love your magazine and I want to be an author like you when I grow up. Emma Jane, Strood

Hello Jacky, T his is my 10 year old daughter Charlotte with her Beaker Bag. She spent all af ternoon colouring it in and it's her new favourite bag. She's a huge fan of yours and her favourite book is My Sister Jodie.

Hi Jacky, r Bag T his is the Beake to nt e w I coloured in. I at t see Nick Sharrat ok the Edinburgh Bo d it e w o h s Festival and y m d to him. He sai eat! colouring was gr Lucy, Fife


Why we chose Katie’s design:

Dear Jacky, T his is a pictu re Glory bag! We of my sister Ruby holding o ur w coloured in th ere on our holiday down a Beaker Bocker e bag when it t the coast an was raining a d fun! We added nd w s I have. Hope y ome decoration to our pho e found it really to using an ap ou p Masie, by ema like it! il

iz for a fun Beaker Bag qu Go to and competition!

Jw mag62  

Jacqueline Wilson Magazine Issue 62

Jw mag62  

Jacqueline Wilson Magazine Issue 62