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WELCOME Hello, and welcome to the freshers’ edition of The Student Bible! While you’ve been spending your summer gearing up for the biggest adventure of your life, we’ve been digging out all the details to make sure your first year at uni is one to remember. We’ve got city guides to make sure you’re checking out the coolest places, plus advice from the experts to help you stay safe while you have fun. Most of us only get to do first year once, so make the most of it! You’ve got new friends to make, massive nights out to have, romantic mistakes to encounter, brushes with food poisoning to fend off, freshers’ flu to battle, and the odd class to go to too. It’s going to be amazing – have the best year!


Lindsay Cochrane, Editor


DC Publishing Ltd, 198 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HG Tel: 0844 249 9007 ©DC Publishing Ltd 2017. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any way without prior written permission from the publisher. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of DC Publishing Ltd. The publisher takes no responsibility for claims made by advertisers within the publication. Every effort has been made to ensure that information is accurate; while dates and prices are correct at time of going to print, DC Publishing Ltd takes no responsibility for omissions and errors.

CONTENTS CITY GUIDES Before classes kick off (and even after), you’ve got a whole new city to get exploring! We’ve taken a look at the hottest places to check out across Scotland.

06 Glasgow 09 Edinburgh 12 Aberdeen 15 Dundee 17 Stirling and St Andrews


04 The 5 people you’ll meet during freshers’ week Warning: not all of them are entirely normal.

18 Top marks for freshers’ week If you’re planning on consuming your body weight

in alcohol, we’ve got some advice to help you survive the night before AND the morning after.

21 Get involved! You’ll meet some of your best pals ever at uni – so where do you find them? 30 Useful contacts Don’t get caught short this year at uni.


25 Drink spiking We’ve got some very good reasons to keep an eye on your drink this freshers’.


28 Let’s talk about sex, baby How to make sure sexy time isn’t just fun, but safe too. THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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There’s always one. No matter how much you try to coax them out, inviting them on nights out or through to the kitchen for a flat meal, they resist. Either they’re lazy, antisocial or just plain rude, but it’s best just to leave them to it. Some people find moving away from home tough and cope by isolating themselves. As long as they know you’re around if they need you, that’s all you can do.

DURING FRESHERS’ WEEK While most of the people you meet during freshers’ week will be amazing, it should also be noted that you will come across some rather unusual characters. Saskia Harper rounds up some of the most interesting people you’ll meet during this year’s freshers’



The one who always has her boyfriend over

Probably one of the worst kinds of flatmate: she’s not interested in getting to know the rest of the flat because she spends all of her time in her room with her boyfriend, which is a blessing really, because when they come out to make dinner together or watch TV, it’s a never-ending PDA. Best to remind yourself that it’s only nine more months…


You’ll recognise this guy because he’s always had a better time than everyone else on campus. You’ve been interrailing? He spent the last year travelling round Asia. You spent your summer working? He spent his volunteering with penguins in Antarctica. The gap year means he’s a year older, and therefore, a year wiser, so obviously he’s far superior. 4

The leech at the bar

Whether he’s bought you a drink and won’t let you escape, or she’s asked you to dance and is slyly trying to get you to walk her home, this person will be hard to get rid of. You give them your number out of sympathy, or desperation to be rid of them, and suddenly it’s three texts in a row, asking how you are, where you are and their parents are in town next weekend, do you want to meet them? Even worse if you walk into class on the first day and see them sitting there beaming at you.


The gap year guy

The one that never leaves their room

Your future best friend Whether you spend months sitting next to them in class making small talk, or instantly click with a flatmate, you’re bound to meet this person at university. You’ll bond over a shared love of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and soon enough you know each other’s deepest secrets. This friendship is for life, or you’d better hope it is, because they know a heck of a lot about you…


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142 Renfield Street Take day into night in one of Glasgow’s best-kept secrets, The Flying Duck. This popular student haunt is perfect if you’re a fan of quirky décor, pub quizzes, film screenings and tasty vegan dishes. Take your cool new mates to The Flying Duck and impress them with the wide selection of gigs, late-night dancing and all the other good stuff on offer.

w is The party city to rival the rest – Glasgo e her is city Edinburgh’s edgy sister, and the wild to bring out your inner night owl. Go ets in the pubs and clubs that call the stre ll and alleyways of Glasgow home, or chi dy out in one of the many parks as you stu r Dea (recover). A city like no other, the Green Place has a lot going on…


17 Vinicombe Street Students, this is a book club you’re definitely going to want to join. Forget the classics of Brontë and Shakespeare – this is an altogether different book club. Ease in your uni return or celebrate your freshers’ freedom with Hillhead Bookclub, who will be serving free, yes FREE, burgers all week. Burgers are limited to 250 per day so get your wee skates on.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Comic book lovers, rejoice! The Art of Comics will be at the world-famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum until October – giving you plenty of time to get your geek on. DC or Marvel, or not that bothered about comics tbh, this is a great day out for anyone looking for a change of scenery. Tickets only cost a fiver with your student card too. 6


421 Sauchiehall Street A mixture of tasty Mexican food and live music makes for a cocktail of

epic proportions at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy. Fill yourself with the spicy delights of Mexican street food before heading to one of the clubs, many live gigs or club nights. Expect to see beards, tattoos, hipsters and arty types – ideal for Glasgow School of Art folks, or if you’re feeling a little bit funky.


866 Govan Road You’re hungover and you’re skint. Standard. Go get some history down you – this little lot is pretty cool. Take a free boat ride down the Clyde – try not to whitey – and get dropped off at The Govan Stones in style. These ancient relics are pretty nifty and have an interesting back-story. Even if it’s not your thing, the stones look like something out of Game of Thrones and your Insta followers will love that moody angled snap.


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banging playlist. Expect reggae, R&B, hip-hop and dancehall to shake your glittery, multi-coloured unicorn hair to.


Vertigo, 90 John Street If you’ve ever worn the same jeans for four days (guilty), go watch the Dundee dons of Scottish rock at Strathclyde Uni’s freshers’ finale on Saturday 16 September. Free for those with a Strathclyde freshers’ pass or a tenner without, you know this is going to be a belter. The View, The View, The View are on fire! Other gems on offer from Strathclyde include the one and only Honey G, and Alyssa Edwards for you RuPaul fans out there.




SWG3, 100 Eastvale Place Enjoy the experience of 90s dance culture with the biggest rave in town. SWG3 is Glasgow’s arty warehouse, offering a whole host of interesting and quirky events. Get the strobe lights bouncing off your neon Kappa tracksuit as you rave the night away in the coolest warehouse you’ll ever find yourself in.


373 Sauchiehall Street Celebrate Scotland’s national animal with the night of recognition it deserves. Mango are launching their new weekly club night, Born to be a Bad Ass Unicorn, during freshers’ week with £1 drinks (love a bargain) and a

332 Sauchiehall Street Get your fix of American-themed fun during your Glasgow pub crawl at Campus. Offering cocktails in over-thetop jugs, semi-famous celebrities in their regular club night appearances and chart-topping tunes, this one’s a crowd-pleaser. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to sip a sugary cocktail whilst hanging from Love Island’s polar bear Chris in a sweaty club night photo? See you there.


18 Candleriggs Get your fill of new experiences this freshers’ week – why not head to a wee tongue-in-cheek cabaret? Get your flapper dress on or don your braces and bow tie, and go wild with a show that will mimic the glitz and glam of Chicago, Burlesque and Moulin Rouge – all in the heart of Glasgow. Mix it up one night and see what local talent is on offer (not like that, dirty minds), or try and catch a glamorous superstar from across the pond. Oh so chic. THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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549 Castlehill Get trippy with your mates at Camera Obsucra and experience one of the best attractions in the capital. Bright lights, small boxes, panorama and more, Camera Obscura is one way to get your mind working overtime. Get yourself up to the Victorian rooftop and see how a mirror can show you a whole new world. If Derren Brown is a fan, you know you shouldn’t miss this one.

Arts and culture, quirky boutiques, and festivals flying all over the place, Edinburgh brings a touch of class to uni life. Who are we kidding? You’re here for the buzz! Auld Reekie has more than enough side streets to tempt you into a little mischief – Edinburgh, we salute you ARTHUR’S SEAT


10 Melville Place A touch of South Africa in Edinburgh’s West End, The Caffeine Drip is your new favourite place. Went a little too hard at the flat party last night? Bring yourself to life with the vast array of caffeinated drinks on offer, or have a nostalgic moment as you enjoy an ice cream float. Vegans rejoice – this little gem caters for you too, so you can munch down on tasty treats as you recover – sorry, as you study.

Edinburgh Smashed it in the club last night? Well done. Now smash that hangover today and get your butt up Arthur’s Seat! There is no excuse not to climb this big ol’ hill and appreciate the stunning views your new home has to offer. Free and lots of fun, drag your mates out of their pits and let the fresh air kill off that bloody annoying sore head.


16 Bank Street Escape the tourists and the tartan overdose to get your study on down at the watering hole. Not far from the Royal Mile, this city centre hub offers a selection of coffee and tasty cakes to help you get that pesky assignment finished. Nobody said there would be this much work to do! Coffee helps. THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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Various locations across Edinburgh Over the last weekend in September, round your freshers’ experience off with all the culture you can fit into two days. Get your Instagram account bursting with Auld Reekie’s hills, meadows and historic buildings, and get the brain cells working by visiting one of the many museums involved. Doors Open Day does exactly what it says on the tin – free all weekend, meaning you can grab the sights and still have enough for a pint when you’re finished.


30-34 Candlemaker Row Clearly you didn’t get that letter to Hogwarts – never mind. You can enter the secret wizarding world right in the heart of Edinburgh! Grab your wand and follow a robed guide – seriously, this tour has it all – and discover more about the boy wizard, or maybe dabble in the Dark Arts. Find out where Lord Voldemort is buried, where the first book was written and so much more – it’ll make you feel all magical inside. Muggles welcome.


Missed the big night? This venue is amazing for club nights and live music, so check it out.

MESSENGER SOUND SYSTEM The Bongo Club, 66 Cowgate Reggae lovers, come and bask in the smooth sounds of the bass as The Bongo Club re-opens after their summer break. Refreshed and ready to bring the night to life, Messenger Sound System is gearing up to bring a mixture of dub, reggae and everything in between to help you shake what your mama gave you. Running for the last 20 years, you’re guaranteed a crowd-pleasing night.


The Liquid Room, 9C Victoria Street The Liquid Room is one of Edinburgh’s most famous haunts, and this year they’re bringing you the ultimate freshers’ party. THIS IS FRESHERS is the biggest night (12 September) for your calendar during freshers’ week. Bringing you the best drink deals, banging tunes, and a night out you’ll never forget with your brand new uni mates, this’ll give you a welcome to Edinburgh like no other. Tickets are selling like hot cakes for this one troops, get yours now or miss out.


Underground, Teviot Row House UV and 90s, what’s not to love? Get your neon paint on and cut some shapes all night long as a permanent Snapchat filter on 13 September at Edinburgh Uni’s student union. Blasting some classic 90s tunes, this one is sure to spice up your life, filled with LED foam sticks, glow in the dark straws and glow stick bracelets. Photobooth included, you and your new pals can remember your first night out together in true florescent style. Don’t miss out.


Potterrow, 5/2 Bristo Place On 11 September, the white walkers and their army of the dead descend upon Edinburgh. Party the night away like a true fresher with the mighty Hodor, who will be supplying the soundtrack to a Rave of Thrones. Show your allegiance to the Stark family as Hodor carries the party to dragon-esque proportions. You know this is not one to be missed, GoT fans – entry is free with Welcome Week wristbands or a tenner without. Deal.


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[day] MELT

58 Holburn Street Melt is easily one of the best places to eat in Aberdeen, especially if you’re a fan of the humble cheese toastie. With options ranging from the Classic Melt to the Mac Da Pig (A BACON MACARONI CHEESE TOASTIE), or the Chocolate Fondue Melt, this place truly has it all, and it’s very budget-friendly. We’re not saying your jeans will thank you for the visit but you can’t whack a cheese coma.

Heading away up north? Aberdeen has got a lot more to offer than oil and an incredibly chilly climate – seriously, what is with the weather up there? Mix up your time with relaxing in the country and partying in the toon. The Granite City has a lot to offer you rowdy lot


50-52 Rosemount Viaduct That hangover is getting a bit much and you’ve got your first assignment to finish – what are you supposed to do? This café, bakery and charity in Aberdeen’s city centre offers a calm atmosphere amongst the carnage to get on with some ACTUAL uni work – what is that again? There’s also freshly prepared sandwiches and cakes for sustinance. If you’re an aspiring Paul Hollywood (or, eh, self-proclaimed tubby goth Noel Fielding) you can even enrol yourself onto one of the café’s breadmaking courses. GBBO awaits! 12

5 Bridge Place What freshers’ week is all about – frat (eh, flat) party! Go USA and get your pom poms oot, cowboy boots and short shorts on for this all-American house party in the heart of Aberdeen. Institute will turn red, white and blue on 21 September with partners Budweiser so you can drink to Uncle Sam all night long. There may or may not be jokes about Trump.


5 West North Street www.aberdeenperforming A great venue for music lovers hitting up the Granite City, The Lemon Tree is the place to see your favourite band, comedian or play. Although it’s one of the smaller venues in town, it makes up for this with its wild energy and top performers. Don’t miss out

on this little lot coming soon – The Pigeon Detectives, Daniel Sloss, Lucy Spraggan, Newton Faulkner and Ian Stirling. Bye bye, SAAS.


17 Gallowgate aberdeen The original Brewdog is nestled in the Gallowgate in the city centre. This cool pub caters for all tastes – from those who want a quiet pint on a weeknight to those who fancy attending a weekly sewing class (yes, really), there is literally something for everyone. Get your hipster mates together for a craft beer and some crafts, because being alternative is so in right now.


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If you’re interested in inspiring and leading the next generation – and want to build your own leadership and team working skills – why not take a look at the Army Cadets. If you’ve got the potential we’ll provide all the training you need (and cover your expenses for attending training, annual camp and for a number of other duties). Find out more at

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OeFs F 30o% rs ur cou ode

with c



Learn how to teach English as a foreign language with a course from TEFL Org UK • No experience necessary • Online and classroom courses available • 100s of teaching vacancies available worldwide Call 01349 800 600 or visit for more information

Interested in Whisky?

Why not get in touch and take advantage of our expert knowledge and our 175 years experience. As Scotland’s oldest independent bottler we cherry pick the best casks for bottling and offer fun and informative tastings. Email us to receive our stock list or bring this advert into the shop for a quick lesson (with dram). 172 Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH8 8DF Tel: 0131 556 5864 Email:

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Setting up shop in the city that brought us party animals The View? You must be up for a wild one! As you read up on your Dundonian slang, we’ll get the night oot sorted – it’ll be ‘teckle, eh’



Various locations across Dundee We’re not saying drinking games, pub crawls and questionable outfits are going to be beneficial for your time at uni – but it will be a hell of a lot of fun! That’s where the biggest initiation test of all time comes in. Hailed as the number one freshers’ week event for six years running (they must be doing something right) find a pal with a spare ticket to this sold-out event and show Dundee what you’re made of! Vodka Red Bull probably.


Bonar Hall, Dundee Victory rolls, winged eyeliner, dad jeans and Dr Martens – vintage is so hot right now. For lovers of all things retro – or bargain hunters – pop along to the Dundee Preloved Vintage event. Grab an Adidas retro jacket to look fresh for your evening activities. Advance tickets can be bought through Skiddle for only £1.50, or pay on the door on 16 September.



152 Nethergate For the art lovers/hipsters out there, get some culture mixed in with your freshers’ week. Dundee’s local arts centre has its own cinema showcasing the latest big-name blockbusters and smaller independent films – because you’re, like, so alternative now you’re a student.

36 Nethergate The Big Apple comes to Dundee. Pretend you’re a member of the Friends gang and grab a cuppa Joe before heading to your morning lecture – or to help the oncoming hangover after last night’s sesh. Boasting a menu including the usual baguettes, cakes and scones, Empire State Coffee also do their own take on the classic New York pizza. Yum!


Balgray Works, Balgray Place Escape rooms have quickly shot up across the country and for good reason too – the teamwork games can make or break relationships. Get your thinking cap on, round up your new best mates and try and figure out all the pesky clues to… well, you get the idea. With a BYOB policy, this is sure to be a belter of a night.


Club Tropicana, 31 South Ward Road www.tropicana Freshers’ is all about meeting new pals and going to ridiculously themed parties. Two birds, one stone with this one. Club Tropicana are hosting the ultimate theme night. Do the Chandler dance or bring out your best Joey pickup lines during this Friends club night. How you doin’? THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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50 awe-inspiring nights 1 December 2017 - 25 February 2018

Join us for a festival of giant Chinese lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo this winter. Tickets now available. #giantlanterns Book online and save! In partnership with the VYA Creative Lantern Company and DDM Entertainment and Events Inc. Registered charity no. SC004064.

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St Andrews and Stirling are often overlooked, but with royal flings (*cough* Kate and Wills) and Lord of the Rings-style castles, they really do have a certain spark. Ditch the bright lights of the party cities and discover nightlife with a touch of class

st andrews


The Atrium, University of Stirling Freshers’ week can be hard on the liver and the purse; maybe you’ve been a bit too flirtatious with your hot new flatmate (winched them) and need some cheering up. Well, alpacas and mini golf are here to save the day. Chill out with some fuzzy animals and play a round of the most infuriating game in history on 15 September – friendships will be tested. If that doesn’t help the flatmate situation, move.


3 McRae Crescent, Bruntisland No denying it, that Wallace Monument has the look of Eye of Sauron – Lord of the Rings fans, you’ll get the connection. If you don’t, no harm, it’ll still be a fun wee jaunt. Get the creeps and try not to scream during a ghost walk around all the historic sites this town has to offer. Boo!


The Union To me, to you! Get your fill of 90s cheese as Paul and Barry get you chuckling throughout the night on 12 September. Dance the night away AND meet two national treasures! Oh dear, oh dear, this could be a messy one.



St Andrews Students Association The party well and truly hits St Andrews when the worldfamous Hot Dub Time Machine comes to town on 14 September. Dance your little socks off with some of the biggest beats about, mixed in with pounding dub tracks. If you want your new uni mates to think you’re the mutt’s nuts, then this is not to be missed.


St Andrews, Fife Forget no carbs before Marbs, ‘cause St Andrews has its very own Instagrammable beach – weather not guaranteed. Impress your missus/man crush with a wee romantic stroll on the beach (throw in a picnic for extra brownie points) or get taps aff whenever the sun finally arrives to the party.


1 St Mary’s Place Your new local, and the place to be seen for students. With trendy wallpaper and that stone-wall effect, this beats the Vic down in Albert Square. Choose food from the extensive menu, burn some calories with their Wii, join in with the Sunday pub quiz or just head down for a cocktail. Or two. Or three. Or four. THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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W s r e h s e Fr


o you know your limit? Have you brought extra cash in case of an emergency? Will you make sure everyone gets home safely? We don’t mean to sound like nagging parents but – nah, we do. Only because we want to make sure you have an absolute blast.

ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT You’re young and ready to make the most of your freshers’ week. During the day, you’re heading off to lectures for the first time before bouncing along to fairs and joining societies. Evening comes and you’re predrinking in your new pal’s flat before heading out to yet another club night. Wake up and repeat. That sounds like exhausting work. There’s no point pretending freshers’ week doesn’t involve a lot of alcohol, and with clubs promoting £1.50 mixers, it can be hard to resist. Yes, this is your first freshers’ but there will be three more rounds – depending on the length of your course. Meaning you don’t have to make an appearance at every single event taking place during freshers’ this year. There are many reasons not to overdo it. Two biggies include money (that old chestnut) and your health. Remember your first lot of SAAS is supposed to cover the entire month, not just a week. As tempting as it might be to blast all your money in the club or on £45 wristbands for events, remember you still have a month of rent, food, books and bills to pay for. Welcome to adulthood. Then there’s freshers’ flu – drinking all day and all night will only weaken your immune system and then, boom – bogies and hot flushes as you sweat 18

your first semester away, stuck in your bed and missing all the fun. Gutted. KEEP IT SAFE Although when you do get yourself ready to hit the clubs and pubs, keeping safe is important. There are simple ways to ensure you, and your mates, have the best time possible when you’re hitting the toon.

Grabbing a bite to eat before drinking is a must as it lines your stomach and makes sure you don’t get too ‘merry’ too quickly. You don’t want to end the night puking outside the club – not a good look – or getting into a fight. Make sure you look after your mates when heading out, as well as looking after yourself. There’s guaranteed to be someone who gets


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You’re out in the world with your newfound independence, uni mates and two-for-one drink vouchers for that club everyone keeps chattering about. Belter of a night ahead, troops – let’s make sure everyone has a good one...

HANGOVER CURES Going from vodka, to gin, to tequila – to mistakes and a bloody killer hangover. We’ve all been there, and we will all be there again – so stop kidding yourself you’re aff the drink. What you really need to know is how to cure that horror of a hangover. We’re here to help.

Pint of water and two paracetamol

Ideally before you call it a night and pass out in bed/on the sofa/ kitchen floor. After drinking a fair amount of booze, your body will be crying out for some water, and even a pint before bed will do some serious damage control. The paracetamol is just a preventative measure.


‘You, but on a good day’ is this little tablet’s slogan of choice. If you went hard last night, this might not cut it but if you only a little bit carried away. If you or your pal gets a little too wasted, there’s no shame in drinking water for a bit. Grab some much-needed H2O and get hydrated – there’s no point spending money on a night out if you don’t even get to enjoy it. This may sound obvious but try to remember where you live. You’ve moved into halls and spent the night

dancing away in a new part of town, it’s easy to get lost – especially after a shot or two (or 12). Take a note of your new address so you can show it to the taxi driver, or make sure you always leave with one of your flatmates. If you do decide to go it alone, get a taxi from a licenced rank or get an Uber instead of walking home. That’s asking for trouble.

indulged in a vodka or four, pop this into your water and you’ll be as sharp as a tack. Probably.

Milk thistle

Your liver will have taken a beating so help it recover with some natural remedies. Take two tablets before heading out and then another two when you wake up and boom! Hangover mended.

Irn-Bru and a bacon buttie

Tried and tested and then tested some more, this is a failsafe cure – if your stomach can handle food. We’re not quite sure how Irn-Bru can cure almost any situation – some call it magic – but paired with a nice greasy bacon sarnie or roll and slice, it truly makes for a miracle cure.

Hair of the Dog

Prevent the hangover and keep drinking! Not the wisest move, because you will have to admit defeat at some point… Stay strong. Your first week of uni is going to be filled with excitement and activity. Meeting new pals, experiencing new sights and sounds, revelling in your newfound independence – this uni malarkey ain’t half bad. Don’t let it turn sour by drinking too much or getting into trouble on a night out – mistakes will be made, but make sure they’re mistakes you can laugh about. THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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04/09/2017 14:33

get involved! You’ve rocked up to halls, your entire life in suitcases and bin bags, and you’re ready to take on the world. And then it dawns on you – you don’t know anyone here. And you haven’t had to make friends since primary school. Where the hell do you start? Check out our top tips for making pals in your new flat, class, and beyond

in halls


f you’re living in halls, you’ve got a bit of a head start – there are lots of people in one building in the same situation. They’re probably going to be just as keen to make friends as you are. Once you’ve all moved in, be the brave one to suggest a night out. Freshers’ week is all about flatmate bonding, so see what’s on, pick your event, and prepare to get messy. Nothing bonds a flat quite like too much cheap vodka and possibly a splash of vomit! Constant boozing isn’t the only

way to get friendly. Rather than hiding in your room alone with Netflix on your laptop, ask your flatmates if they fancy joining in. Pick a box set to do together so you have time set aside each week to just hang out, eat rubbish and moan about deadlines. Uni life is so much easier when you have people in the same situation who understand on your side. Our one piece of advice? Try avoid sleeping with one of your immediate flatmates straight away – if it all goes pear shaped? It’s pretty awkward for the others in your flat. THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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There’s something for everyone…


When it comes to university clubs and societies, it really does take all sorts. The weird, wonderful, quirky and obscure are all catered for on campuses across the country – if you thought your interests were weird, wait till you see this lot… A Capella (Edinburgh) Make like Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick and get singing with Edinburgh Uni’s a capella society. Acamazing!

in class


f you’re not staying in halls, or you simply can’t stand the people you’ve been thrown in with, it’s good to get to know your classmates – after all, who else is going to give you their notes when you’re too hungover for that dreaded 9am tutorial? This one is simple – you already have something in common! Just introduce yourself to whoever you’re

sitting next to. Ask them where they’re from. What other classes they’re doing. See if your timetables overlap. In a world where we communicate via Snapchat and WhatsApp, it sounds terrifying, but honestly – once the ice is broken, you’re golden. And then you can ask for their number so you can get help with essays, and arrange to grab a coffee before class.

Outside of uni


f you’re just not gelling with your roomies or your classmates, don’t despair – there are plenty of other ways to make friends. Luckily, first year timetables tend to be quiet, so you have lots of spare time to get sociable. Head to your student union and see what’s going on – from events to clubs and societies, there’s something for everyone. While some activities are a bit weird (see right), there’s plenty of normal stuff too, like sports clubs, the student newspaper or radio station, or religious or community groups. Keep and eye out for details of your uni’s freshers’ fair, where you’ll get to meet the people behind all of these organisations – then take the plunge and sign up. When it comes to making friends, you’re off to a head start here – you automatically know that you have something in common with your fellow society members.



If you’re just not into the whole joining in thing, look into volunteering opportunities. Your union will have listings of opportunities, both within the union and further afield, or check out your local volunteer centre. You can head to the Volunteer Scotland site too ( and search for anything that tickles your fancy. You’ll get to meet folk from all walks of life, gain some important life skills, and maybe even make some pals.

Part-time jobs

Part-time work is another great option – and comes with the bonus of getting paid! From retail to restaurants, call centres to cafes, there are employers out there desperate for eager young things to get to work. You might even find yourself getting on with your colleagues. Post-work drinks are always a yes.

Quidditch (St Andrews) If you reckon you could take on a Bludger, St Andrews students are in luck. Argentine tango (Strathclyde) Strictly fan? Join this lot at Strathy for a lazy ocho (we googled it). Doctor Who (Stirling) In Stirling, bond with fellow Whovians over who the best assistant ever is. Disney (Glasgow Caledonian) If you find yourself humming Hakuna Matata when you step out of bed in the morning, we’ve found your people. Circus (Aberdeen) Don’t say they don’t know how to have a good time up in Aberdeen – you can learn how to breathe fire between classes. Acroyoga (Heriot-Watt) Combine yoga and acrobatics and you’ve got your new favourite hobby. Kitten heels (Glasgow) The Kitten Heel Society are all about having fun – while wearing kitten heels. Really. Space (Abertay) The Abertay Space Agency don’t just love what lies out in space, they send things out into it. Knitting (RGU) At Robert Gordon, you can knit one, purl one and walk away with new pals and a scarf for your nan’s Christmas. Beer Appreciation (UWS) The gang at the University of the West of Scotland have gone and made their love for beer formal.

Cosplay (Dundee) From film to comic books, anime to TV, don’t leave your fancy dress collection at home if you’re off to the ‘Dee.


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Glasgow & Strathclyde Universities’ Officer’s Training Corps

GSUOTC offer leadership development through military and adventurous training, in addition to cultural education and social events.

0141 339 6611 079211 89344

If you’re interested, come along to one of our open nights or contact us for more information. WHEN: 20th & 27th September @ 1830hrs to 2030hrs WHERE: 95 University Place, Glasgow, G12 8SU

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Glasgow and Strathclyde UOTC


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Want to change the World?

We can help!

The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) creates opportunities for students to be innovative. Through our free Scotland-wide activities, we provide a safe space to explore ideas and develop useful enterprise skills. Since 2000, we have helped thousands of students in Scotland fulfil their potential and make a difference.

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WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? Getting ready for a night out with your mates, a few in the pub and then off to the club – drinking is going to be a big part of university life. But how often have you left your drink unsupervised? A dangerous game to play, especially when drink spiking is on the rise


rom clubs to house parties, going out is often the driving force behind a cracking time at university. Watching what you drink so you don’t end up rolling around the street in your bare feet is crucial for a good night out – but watching someone doesn’t put a substance into your drink is also essential. ON THE RISE It’s a sad fact that drink spiking is on the rise. Either you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being the victim of drink spiking or you know someone who has

been in the past, it’s out there. But what does it all mean? To spike a drink, simply, means putting a substance into someone’s drink without their knowledge. More often than not, drinks are spiked with illegal drugs including ketamine or gammahydroxybutyrate – GHB to you and me. The drugs take around 15 to 30 minutes to react and can have a pretty nasty effect on your night out – and your senses. A sinister game, drinks are usually spiked as a cruel joke or, more worryingly, for sexual assault and robbery. That’s why

staying safe is so important when you’re after a good night out. Police Scotland Detective Constable Sara Heath says: “As a student, you will have lots of new friends to socialise with. Having a few drinks may well be on the cards, but with all substance use there are risks. “Drinks can be easily spiked with unknown substances that can be dangerous and leave you extremely vulnerable. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy a night out, but be extra careful and never leave your drink unattended. Never accept a drink from a THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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stranger – even turning away for a few seconds could be enough time to be spiked.” WHAT TO DO? Drink spiking is a very serious crime and more needs to be done to understand what to do if you are a victim. Realising that drink spiking is a big problem in the UK, one woman created an innovative method of making sure drinks are safe. Katie Burrington created the Check Your Drink (CYD) test, which detects GHB or ketamine. The idea came about after Katie’s husband, a barrister, saw an increase of spiking cases going through the courts. Currently there is not much on the market to help you if your drink has been spiked; CYD is there to help. “To carry out a test, all you do is dip your finger into your drink and pop a drop of the drink onto the two squares on the tester stick. If one or both of the squares change colour, as indicated on the packet, then the drink has been spiked,” explains Amanda Friend, who works with CYD. Due to the nature of drink spiking, it’s extremely hard to prove that it happened and bring people to justice. It’s important to know that this is a very serious crime and if you, or one of your mates, has been spiked, then reporting the incident is vital – and the sooner the better. “Make sure you know the symptoms and signs so you can help yourself and

We want you to be able to relax and enjoy a night out, but be extra careful and never leave your drink unattended. Never accept a drink from a stranger – even turning away for a few seconds could be enough time DC Sara Heath to your nearest hospital where others. If you think your they can carry out tests and drink has been spiked, Going out is you can get the correct seek medical attention all about having a good time. Police Scotland’s medical attention to make immediately, then Choices for Life campaign sure your night doesn’t get contact the police and is there to make sure you any worse. Results from provide them with as always have a good one, a blood and urine test much information as alongside CCTV footage of possible to help with choices-for-life the club or pub can help the enquiries,” continues DC police to get more justice for Heath. victims of drink spiking. “Until more people report A second is all it takes for drinks to it and more people use the tests, we be tampered with and your night to go cannot really get to see how big this down the wrong path. Don’t take the risk problem really is, which in turn means – university is all about having a good it’s difficult to stop it,” adds Amanda. time, but there are chancers everywhere. “One thing to keep in mind is that, Stay with your mates and, if in doubt, whatever happened, it’s most definitely order a new drink. not your fault. The fact that you may not remember is also not your fault. You are a victim and it is a crime.” Purchase a drink spiking test Drugs used to spike people will stay in your system for up to 72 hours so if kit for only £4.99 from CYD, you think you have been spiked, head

KNOW THE SIGNS Do you know what to look out for when it comes to getting spiked? Make sure you know the signs. Different substances will result in different effects on the body, but symptoms can include: n Hot and cold flushes n Nausea or vomiting

n Paranoia n Memory loss or blackouts from the night n Feeling confused or disorientated

n Lowered inhibitions

n Unconsciousness

n Difficulty concentrating or speaking

If you are worried you have been spiked, contact the emergency services on 999 or have someone you trust take you to A&E.

n Loss of balance and finding it hard to move


n Vision problems, blurred vision, hallucinations or the feeling of having an “out of body” experience


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Most types of contraception can be provided by your own doctor and we recommend the website for more information. FREE condoms can also be accessed from various sites in and around Grampian (more information on Emergency contraception is available FREE from most local pharmacies up to 5 days after unprotected sex. If you’ve had unprotected sex over 5 days ago there may still be emergency contraceptive options available and you should call your GP or local sexual health clinic as soon as possible.

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K L ’ A T S T E L


e sure you est ways to mak si ea e th f o or e n portant too. O nned pregnancy im la p is n u fe sa ce u g d in re p ee ptions to hall… lot of fun, but k from down the about all your o p ck u Ja ed r u o Sex – a hell of a cl y t n n ge Je bed with al health is to re jumping into o have great sexu ef b s n io ct fe itted in sexually transm 28


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reshers’ is amazing for so many reasons. The drink, the nights out, the freebies at the freshers’ fair, hanging with your new flatmates and course mates... But perhaps best of all is all the gorgeous new faces roaming the streets that you’ve never seen before. The new term is just a big old horn-fest – sexual health clinics report that September and October are their busiest months – with beautiful strangers hooking up for a bit of a fumble before, in many cases, parting ways and never speaking again. Which is why it’s so important to stay safe. Sex, while good fun, comes with a few risks beyond a potential broken heart… some that can last way beyond your funfilled uni or college years. So how can this be avoided? Contraception is your friend. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS There are lots of different methods of contraception on the market – and in Scotland, you can get access to all of it completely free of charge. “You can have a chat and get contraception from your GP, sexual health clinic and many local pharmacies,” says Katie Henderson, a sexual health nurse with NHS Grampian. “Lots of people still think there will be negative attitudes when they come in to talk about sexual health and contraception, but things have moved on.” So what options have you got? Katie would recommend that everyone considers a method of contraception that can be used alongside condoms. While condoms are the only form of contraception that can protect you against STIs (vaginally, orally and analy), incorrect and inconsistent use may result in condom failures – and while opting for

TOP TIP If you’re drinking, remember – you’ll be making decisions that sober you would not be into. Buddy up on a night out and make a pact with your pals that you won’t let anyone stroll off with a random that they wouldn’t normally give a second glance. Try to avoid sex if you’re under the influence of drink or drugs – you’ll thank yourself for it the next day.

the pill or intrauterine contraception (coil), for instance, is great, they won’t protect against infections on their own. “There are different types of contraceptives and we are here to help you to choose the one that suits you,” says Katie. “We have pills, patches, intrauterine contraception, rings, contraceptive injections as well as male and female condoms. Each of them have different benefits. Some however take a little getting used to. For example, with pills, you need to remember to take them at the same time each day, and if you’re sick they may not work as well. Likewise, if you choose an injectable contraceptive, you need to come back for follow-up every three months.” OPTIONS “We like to promote what’s called LARC – long acting reversible contraception,” Katie adds. “For instance, an implant or an intrauterine device – it’s in and it’s fitted. An implant lasts for three years, and during that time you don’t need to do anything. It’s not affected by general illness like sickness or diarrhoea – you just need to remember when it needs to be replaced with a new one. Same goes for intrauterine contraception, which will last either five or ten years.” If you’re in a relationship (in other words – you’re not messing about with other people), and you’ve both been tested for STIs, you might decide to stop using condoms. “We know many people make the decision to stop using condoms at some point, which is down to individual choice,” Katie advises. “But to truly protect yourself and others, we would encourage using condoms as well as a method of contraception, particularly if you have more than one partner.” So book yourself into your local sexual health clinic and go see what options are out there for you. Trust us – sex is so much more fun if you know you’re not getting any surprises out of it further down the line…


The Ins and Outs

Sexual Health Scotland


Emergency contraception works best if taken ASAP. It’s available free from most local pharmacies up to five days after unprotected sex. If you’ve had unprotected sex over five days ago, there may still be options available and you should call your GP or local sexual health service as soon as possible.

KNOW YOUR STIs You can pick up all kinds of

infections during sex, so it pays to know the symptoms to look out for. CHLAMYDIA Most people with chlamydia don’t experience any symptoms, so if you’ve had unprotected sex? Get tested. If symptoms are present, they can include discharge, a burning sensation when peeing, and women may experience pain during sex or bleeding between periods. GENITAL WARTS As the name suggests, look out for warts on your bits. GONORRHOEA You might not develop any symptoms, but if you do, it can involve yellow or green fluid coming out of the penis and burning when peeing for guys, while ladies can experience increased discharge and pain in the abdomen. HPV The most common STI, this one is also symptom-free. SYPHILIS Early-stage syphilis signs include a small sore called a chancre. In the secondary stages, you might experience a rash, small skin growths, swollen glands or flu symptoms.

Family Planning Association THE STUDENT BIBLE // AUTUMN 2017

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USEFUL ers phone numb d n a s e s s re d eb ad ency ry of handy w lp in an emerg to e c e h r ir d fo i k in s e m d your Rip out this idge or above fr r u o y n o it and stick nonymous ergencies General em Alcoholics A 0 65 999 0800 9177 a flatmate’s NUS k fety’s at risk, oholics-anon .u sa lc rg .a ur .o w yo w us If in w .n e w fir ts ww en getting out of ere’s a Union of Stud re party habit is n unwell or th y ur ke nc yo ta If ge uld be er The National tu em fu to talk. AA co ing the – call the od n ap go sh he ’s tc ut it ki o , ur ab nd l y yo ha lem. are al got an to your prob at. – so if you’ve the solution g, get services st of education in n ar le ur out yo concerns ab nt issues core Non-emerge Know the S h. uc to in 79 101 0800 587 58 uk tland.police. e ic co v .s d w A w s w www.knowth nen no r Citiz fo k 1 drug charity .u 10 rg sadvice.o nd’s national the police on la l ed ot al ss C Sc need ne it w www.citizen ed rmation you – if you’ve ce have train on have all the info ce emergencies here vi w d ad Citizens Advi n offer words of an ed – t or you ne ca substances en d ho al ci w . eg ac rs ill ce se to an an on t vi d st an it’s ad deb d issue, for in you’re using ything from a crime-relate to get help if wisdom on an consumer. t of control. a ting to get ou ar st your rights as s er Crimestopp 0800 555 111 rg toppers-uk.o www.crimes ? gs lin ea d e Service gy od oney Advic M Shelter Witnessed d s estopper .uk 0300 500 5000 0808 800 4444 Contact Crim k .u rg .o y. er sl lt he ou .moneyadvic w ym w ? w on w www.s d an ar flo d sh h your ca rd? Substan Problems wit Dodgy landlo ned tland blems paying co ro S P s Service’s trai n? si io ri ce C at vi e Money Ad ation accommod advice. Rap rm er fo off in n e th ca 02 l r elte rs have al k 08088 01 03 se .u vi rg ad .o your bills? Sh nd la isisscot www.rapecr y for you need. tional charit na ’s nd e th Scotla ll ca , ce xual violen SAAS victims of se im of u’ve been vict yo if 0300 300 3137 helpline en sault – op as or e us ab e www.saas.go t your sexual Nightlin t. gh to SAAS abou er ni uk k id c. ea m a sp e. to lin to m d ht 6p ig , ee ly N .n dai www t the numb tion ow you’ve go across the na N s ? ie it an rs lo ve ni ed U staff k us later. line service – to hand. Than have a Night and y ad re e ar who by volunteers NHS 24 to your woes. n te lis to g in will i’s un ur 111 lem eb for yo medical prob Check the w If you have a ng hours ki . or er w b ’s m P nu G ur If phone outside of yo er with a re you regist e got ’v su u e ak yo m nd (a pace S 24. H lem at b N ll ro p ca a Breathing S i), GP at un ’t suffer 87 n o 85 d uni – 0800 83 t co .s eak ce pa d gs n in cotla in silence! Sgept www.breath 6pm-2am, Sexual Health S ay d rs d hu an -T p ay u Open Mond m, this 0800 22 44 88 uk help. m-Monday 6a and Friday 6p line lp .sexualhealt w he w d th w fin al s, he l ta ur symptom Scottish men ation Check out yo clinic, or ce and inform d vi ad er sexual health off t n es ca an ar lly ne ta ur en yo ggling m adviser. if you’re stru speak with an . lly na io emot

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Get up and yGTruO st with Falkirk Communit

Our new concessionary scheme is out now – sign up today and start getting discounts when using our facilities – and FREE swimming. If you are 65+, Full Time Student, or receiving certain benefits, you could be eligible. Find us on Facebook – Falkirk Community Trust Follow us on Twitter @FCTrust Falkirk Community Trust gratefully acknowledges the support of Falkirk Council. 031_StuBible_Au17_ADV.indd 8

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SPACE SPACE Accountancy career opportunity:

Accountancy career opportunity:


Millions of opportunities. One global qualification.

Millions opportunities. global qualification. Becomeof a finance professionalOne in any industry, in over 181 countries withinthe Qualification. Become a finance professional anyACCA industry, in over 181 countries with the ACCA Qualification. 032_StuBible_Au17_ADV.indd 32

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Student Bible - Freshers 2017