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Communicator Summer 2016

Mr Robert Veitch has been appointed to the role of General Manager – Development and Community Robert has an extensive background in local government spanning some 25 years, having worked in both an outer metropolitan and rural setting with councils including Salisbury, Clare & Gilbert Valleys, Wakefield and, more recently, Playford Council. Robert brings with him a wealth of experience in all of the key fields of the newly created department including a strong understanding of the development and regulatory realm (policy and statutory). Rob has a Diploma in Built Environment and Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning

Ms Sheree Schenk has been appointed to the role of General Manager – People and Communications In what has been a relatively short period of time in local government, Sheree inherited perhaps the single biggest challenge that the District Council of Mallala had on its doorstep; correcting and advancing our governance platforms. Sheree has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (With Distinction). Following successful completion of her Laws and Legal Practice degree, and satisfying the admission requirements, she was admitted to practice as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of South Australia (mid-2015).

CEO Message James Miller I must firstly take this opportunity to express my heartfelt sympathy to all of our residents who were impacted as a result of the recent flood events that ravaged our community. The heavy and consistent rainfalls over the winter season wreaked havoc across our Council area with significant damage resulting from the Light and Gawler Rivers. In the face of adversity however there are always some wonderful stories to be told and it was heartening to witness the hundreds of men, women and children who assisted the SES and CFS over that challenging period. Council is now firmly in the recovery phase as we look to replenish our damaged infrastructure, notably our road networks, which amounts to approximately $1.05 million and we will target all avenues to ensure the monetary impact on our community to make good our assets is minimised. The preceding period has seen some significant change for the Council following the decision rebrand and amend the Council name. We are now Adelaide Plains Council; a symbolic move to connect all our communities together under the one umbrella which identifies the entire Council region. This initiative primarily seeks to build on a platform of reconnecting the community with one another as well as rebranding the Council as a place where people wish to live, work, recreate and invest. In mid-July Council adopted its budget for 2016/17; a conservative budget with a very conservative rate increase.

The 2016/17 financial year is one of consolidation for Council and the budget reflects this. From my perspective, an emphasis over the preceding period has been on rebuilding the organisation and establishing a management structure that will lead the organisation going forward. The past year has seen very much a depleted management structure, placing enormous strain on the moderate level of staffing resources we have available. However recruiting talented personnel in key areas of Governance, Planning, Infrastructure and Finance is key to Adelaide Plains’ long term sustainability and I have every confidence that from an administration perspective we are well positioned. Of course as with any organisation there are always areas for improvement and having attended a recent public meeting of the Ratepayers and Residents Association, I became aware of the immediate need to place a strong emphasis on our communications and responsiveness when interacting with our community. This will be a core area of focus for our organisation going forward. In closing, I wish all of our community a safe and joyous Christmas and look forward to a prosperous and rewarding 2017.

Your Councillors Mayor - Tony Flaherty

5 Germantown Rd, Two Wells SA 5501 Tel (08) 8520 3440 Mob 0456 939 376 Email

Lewiston Ward Cr Karen McColl

PO Box 18. Mallala 5502 Mob 0433 222 874 Email

Mr Carmine Di Troia

PO Box 18. Mallala 5502 Mob 0421 808 362 Email

Cr Anne Picard

PO Box 18, Mallala 5502 Tel (08) 8524 3186 Mob 0438 443 186 Email

Dublin Ward Cr Marcus Strudwicke

4 Dublin Rd, Mallala 5502 Tel (08) 8527 2046 Mob 0407 392 191 Email

Cr Terry-Anne Keen

PO Box 118, Dublin 5502 Tel (08) 8520 2049 Mob 0407 971 022 Email

Cr Steve Jones

C/- Post Office, Lower Light 5501 Mob 0447 947 577 Email

Two Wells Ward Cr P M (Joe) Daniele

8 Old Port Wakefield Rd, Two Wells 5501 Tel (08) 8520 2233 Email

Cr Mel Lawrence - Deputy Mayor

PO Box 634, Two Wells 5501 Mob 0432 939 446 Email

Cr Eddie Stubing

52 Smith Rd, Middle Beach 5501 Tel (08) 8520 3419 Mob 0428 824 712 Email

Citizenships Ceremony

Chelsea Broadhurst from RDA Barossa and Sean Murphy from Adelaide Plains pictured with Minister Geoff Brock and Deputy Mayor Cr Marcus Strudwicke

Career inspiration the focus for young Regional Trainees Young trainees from the councils of Mallala, Light and Gawler attended a networking and professional development event as part of the State Government’s $2 million Regional Youth Traineeship Program. The ‘Welcome to Local Government Induction’ event in Mallala is one of a series around the State designed specifically for program trainees and their supervisors. Participants met face-to-face with other trainees from the region, undertaking professional development and hearing from local role models.

‘‘These induction workshops are providing a wonderful opportunity for trainees supported by the program to build their knowledge and confidence for successful career opportunities in the future’’. ‘‘The workshops are also an ideal opportunity for each region to share and celebrate the successes of their own young people’’. The theme of the workshops is ‘educate, inspire, inform, network and share’, and the day builds on what the trainees have already gained from council workplace inductions, as well as offering ideas and guidance on career development.

Australian citizenship represents full and formal membership of the community of the Commonwealth of Australia. Australian citizenship is a common bond, involving reciprocal rights and obligations, uniting all Australians, while respecting their diversity whether they are the traditional inhabitants, first generation migrants or the descendants of our early settlers. Our rich heritage stems from the contributions made by us all. A citizenship ceremony was held in September as a part of Australian Citizenship Day. This special day was introduced to provide a formal occasion to celebrate and value Australian Citizenship and the peaceful, prosperous and inclusive society we share. Three new citizens made the pledge as the final step in becoming an Australian Citizen.

The speakers include Barossa-based business consultant Angela Pickett and Janine Harding, Community & Communications Officer at the Adelaide Plains Council. The Regional Youth Traineeship Program is a $2 million Regional Development initiative through the Jobs Accelerator Fund, delivered on behalf of the State Government by the Local Government Association.

New citizens - Emily Davenport, John Buckley and Jomar Galin

The 57 trainees from across South Australia are young people aged between 17 and 24 living in the regions who were either unemployed or didn’t have a full time job. Minister Geoff Brock said, “Strong regions mean a strong South Australia, and the Regional Youth Traineeship Program is a great example of the different levels of government working together to create vibrant, sustainable regional communities with a skilled workforce”.

Photo by Bec O’Brien, Two Wells Echo

Mosquito control on private land after floods and storms Mosquito numbers can increase after floods and storms as standing water from heavy rainfall provides the perfect conditions for mosquito breeding. Increased numbers of mosquitoes leads to an increased risk of being bitten and of contracting mosquito borne-diseases. You can protect yourself and your family by taking the following actions in and around your house.

Actions to take

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant fresh, salty, brackish and polluted water. When cleaning up your house and yard following a flood or storm, you can reduce the number of potential breeding sites around your home by: • removing any pools of water around your house and yard – this may involve clearing debris from ditches, cutting small channels to help pooling water drain, or filling in holes and vehicle wheel ruts • cleaning up debris deposited on your property by flood waters or storms, which may be half-buried but can contain enough water to breed large numbers of mosquitoes • emptying then covering or puncturing containers and other items or equipment that hold or collect water • increasing water movement in areas such as drains, dams and creeks by removing excess vegetation If you want to prepare for disasters, have experienced a disaster or are recovering from a disaster, Red Cross has a host of useful emergency management resources that can help

• appropriately disposing of rubbish that holds or collects water. Rain or floodwater may have collected in containers around your yard, so make sure you empty and store them in a dry place or throw them away. Common mosquito breeding sites include: • pot plants and bases • tyres • tarpaulins • buckets • cans, bottles and plastic containers • boats and trailers • roof gutters, particularly if blocked by debris. Rainwater tanks and septic tanks can also be potential breeding sites for mosquitoes.

You can reduce the risk by:

• checking valves on rainwater tanks (particularly in-ground tanks) by making sure the valves are still in place and by making any necessary repairs • ensuring rainwater and septic tank openings, wells or other large water containers are covered with wire mesh no coarser than 1mm. For more informationHealth Protection Programs

Capital Works Program

Wasleys Road Mallala street kerbing and seal renewal project was part of 2015/16 works program but is being finished during 16/17. Our 2016/17 major project being the Dublin Road Mallala kerb & seal renewal project will commence until Jan/Feb 2017.

Book Group 2017 Dates 1 February 1 March 5 April 3 May 7 June 5 July 2 August 6 September 4 October 1 November 6 December

More than just a Green Army by Warrick Barnes (Photos courtesy of Warrick Barnes) Through its planning process the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary has now settled on 4 focus areas to help the area realise its true potential. Over a number of years through a variety of programs and initiatives the Adelaide Natural Resource Management Board through its Seascapes Program have been contributing to these four focus areas in various ways such as targeted environmental works, employing local contractors, working with local communities, hosting community workshops, organising volunteer activities and even improving walking trails. Over this time strong partnerships with Local Councils, and interested not for profit organisations have developed. In June 2015 an opportunity was sought through the federally funded Green Army program to host a Samphire Coast Green Army Team further strengthening these the cross regional works and value adding to on-ground work already taking place. The Samphire Coast Green Army team has been active within the Bird Sanctuary area for the past 23 weeks and was only possible because of the good working partnerships developed between Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Plains Council, Pt Adelaide Enfield Council, Salisbury City Council and Playford City Council. The close working relationship between all four Councils and the NRM Board enabled the Green Army team to work in a coordinated way covering an area from Pt Adelaide to Parham undertaking a variety of works. The team was luck to be supervised by Conservation Volunteers Australia Team Leader Mark Webb who provided valuable local knowledge, unquestionable passion for the environment and important life and work skills that could be passed onto the participants. The program helps to provide young people with the skills and confidence to enhance their careers in environmental management and other related fields. During the program 2 participants were able to gain ongoing employment with other environmental organisations utilising contacts and skills developed through the program, further highlighting the importance of such programs for our local area. Some of the achievements during the program included;

Participants brush cutting around butterfly revegetation site

• • • • • •

Weed mapping from Parham to Pt Gawler which will assist in future coastal work prioritisation Fencing repairs and installations at Thompson beach and Pt Prime protecting rare and endangered plant species and shorebird habitat. Planting of over 11,000 seedlings in Pt Adelaide wetlands, coastal areas and Mutton Cove Propagated over 2,400 seedlings for the buffers to bushland program in Playford Council area. Endangered butterfly habitat maintenance in Salisbury Wetlands Significant amount of rubbish collection at Pt Gawler and Pt Prime

Programs such as this provide fantastic opportunities for young local people to further their skills, knowledge and confidence, whilst providing alternative avenues to gain employment. I would like to thank all those involved in the Samphire Coast Green Army Project particularly the participants who’s achievements area extremely valuable to all the land managers working in the area and their efforts have definitely been noticed by the broader community. A further application to host a Green Army team along our coastline was submitted in June 2016 with an announcement expected in the near future. Let’s hope we are successful so that such opportunities can continue within our region helping to provide the valuable opportunities that our young people need.

Caring for pets during fireworks Unfortunately many animals are terrified by fireworks displays, which can indirectly pose risks to animal safety by causing them to take flight and try to escape the noise.

What can I do for my dog? • Prepare early;

New signs at Thompson Beach Shorebirds Trail by Warrick Barnes – Northern Coast Estuary and Marine Officer From 2001 to 2005 a national Shorebird Conservation project was undertaken to develop the Thompson Beach shorebird trails. This project was a collaboration between the then Friends of Thompson Beach, World Wide Fund for Nature, Wetland Care Australia, Birds Australia, Australian Wader Studies Group and the District Council of Mallala, with funding from the Australian Government. The purpose of the trails was to provide two interpretative walks promoting the ecological significance of the coastline for migratory and resident shorebirds and to improve perceptions of the area. Since its development the southern walking trail has been fortunate to have local resident Lionel Miller keeping a watchful eye over the trail, helping to maintain it and re-stocking the shelter with the brochures for visitors benefit. Due to Lionel’s dedicated and often un-noticed efforts, the southern walking trail is and continues to be a fantastic place for all to visit and learn.

Over the past three and half years the trail and surrounding vegetation has benefited from further works funded through the NRM Lev and the federally funded Samphire Coast Icon project. Works have included the hardening of 700 meters of trail, revegetation to infill informal walking tracks, and weed control. In partnership with BirdLife Australia, District Council of Mallala, the NRM Board and Lionel Miller, new signage was developed and has finally been installed with assistance from the Northern Samphire Coast Green Army Team and Lionel. The message and relevance of the southern walking trail is just as important now as it was 12 years ago. Over that time there have been many changes and countless people have come and just as quickly disappeared, but Lionel has always been there in the background , keeping a watchful eye to ensure that your visit to the southern walking trail is enjoyable. The trail provides a great opportunity to experience the habitats of the proposed Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary is now being developed along the northern Adelaide Coast from St Kilda to Port Parham. So next time your in Thompson Beach check out the new signs enjoy the walk to Third Creek and say thanks to Lionel.

• Talk to your vet about the treatment options available for managing noise phobias – ask them about any new treatment options; • Exercise your dog before the fireworks start, e.g. take for a reasonably long walk, then after a couple of hours feed a meal. A tired and wellfed dog will be less anxious during the night. If you can, stay home to be with your pet; • Let your dog be with you and try to be calm and normal. Avoid fussing over your pet excessively but try to engage them in normal activities such as playing. Reward your dog for their calm behaviour, e.g. with treats or favourite toys; • Close the blinds/curtains, create a comfortable hiding place and allow your dog to go where they feel safe. Put on some music or the TV to help mask the noise outside, and distract your dog with games and food; • Dogs who panic can choke themselves on a collar or lead, so never tether your dog during these times and never use a choke chain for restraint; • Make sure your dog is microchipped and that your contact details are up to date on the microchip register. Also ensure they are wearing an ID tag so they can be easily returned if they escape; • Direct supervision is important to help prevent injury or escape. If you cannot supervise your dog on the night consider making alternative arrangements so they will be supervised by a responsible person directly, or consider boarding your dog so they will be safe.

3 days at Pt Gawler, the participants of Green Army achieved this, all this rubbish and 62 tyres.

The Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary now has a National Park! The Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park - Winaityinaityi Pangkara (pronounced Wee-nay-chi-nay-chi Pan-ker-a) has become the state’s first new national park in a decade. The national park is made up of 2457 hectares of land north-west of Adelaide and is guided by an Interim Management Statement which will be used as a guiding document by staff until a management plan is developed with the community later in the year. As well as creating a safe haven for shorebirds, the sanctuary will improve the quality of water entering the gulf, protect the coastline from climate change impacts and provide opportunities for local and international tourism. A copy of the Interim Management Statement or a map of the park can be found at sharedassets/public/park_management/ aibs-interim-management-statement.pdf or drop in to the Natural Resources Centre at 81 Waymouth Street Adelaide to pick up a copy. October was an incredibly busy month for the bird sanctuary initiative. Along with the Adelaide Shorebirds Festival we have taken a tour out to St Kilda, as part of the IAP2 (International Association for Public Participation) Australasia conference and also ran an event as part of Open State called CollabLab.

A new leaflet has been launched to encourage international and interstate visitors to the bird sanctuary, available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as well as a pocket visitor’s map of local attractions which is now available online from sharedassets/parks/parks/adelaide/ adelaide-international-bird-sanctuary/ adelaide-international-bird-sanctuarypocket-map-bro.pdf and in hard copy from tourist information centres in Adelaide and Port Adelaide.

Get involved and stay connected Follow the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary on Twitter @birdsanctuarySA or @SADEWNR Join us on our Official Facebook pages For more information about the new national park visit: parks/Find_a_Park/Browse_by_region/ Adelaide/adelaide-international-birdsanctuary-national-park

Thompson Beach

Map showing the new National Park as part of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary

Fired Danger Season 15 November 2016 till 30 April 2017 Permit Burning: Property Inspections:

1 March 2017 until 30th April 2017 From early October 2016 ongoing throughout the Fire Danger Season

Pursuant to the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005, the owner of private land in the country must take reasonable steps to protect property on the land from fire and to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through the land, and minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land. Council will be inspecting properties within the Council area to assess compliance with CFS requirements. Property owners issued with a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice are required to comply with the requirements of that notice within the required time indicated or Council may organise a contractor to perform the work required, at the owner’s expense, and may take further legal action against them. PLEASE NOTE, Council is able to issue an Expiation Notice for the offence of not complying with the requirements of a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice. Fee for non compliance $315. CFS Requirements: • Vacant town blocks are required to have all dry flammable material reduced to a maximum height of 10 cm by means of slashing or mowing or removing, and maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season. • House blocks are required to have all dry flammable grass material reduced to a maxi mum height of 10 cm by means of slashing or mowing or removing, and maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season. Larger blocks (more than 1 hectare) will require having a firebreak, slashed or mowed to a maximum height of 10cm, to a minimum width of 5 metres around property bounda ries, and with a minimum width of 20 metres around any building or asset on the property. This must also be maintained throughout the Fire Danger Season. (Note – The 5 metre boundary firebreak should be extended where necessary to ensure any building or asset on an adjoining property maintains a 20 metre firebreak). • All flammable material must be stored in a safe manner. Please have an ongoing maintenance program to keep your property fire safe. Council thanks property owners and occupiers for the attention they put towards fire safety. There is every chance it may be your own home you save.

CFS Hotline 1300 362 361 Our region is: MID NORTH

Toddler Read & Rhyme 2017 Dates 1 March 5 April 3 May 7 June 5 July 2 August 6 September 1 November 6 December

FUN in the SUN


Thursday 19th January Thompson Beach

As part of a successful grant through the South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants, Council will be organising a ‘Fun in the Sun’ activity at Thompson Beach. The day is part of Councils school holiday program and will be suitable for Primary aged children. So set the day aside as this will provide a great opportunity to explore one of Council’s most important recreational assets. Further details will be available closer to the date

Parades & Parties The Annual Two Wells Christmas Parade

The Annual Mallala Christmas Parade

Friday 16th December 2016 5pm to 9pm

Friday 8th December 2016 6pm to 9pm

For those who haven't experienced the Two Wells Christmas Parade, it's well worth a look.

The Lions Xmas Party and Market will be held at the Mallala Oval complex in the evening.

The main street is closed to traffic, there is a Christmas Parade, complete with Santa making an appearance, there are street stalls and plenty of Christmas cheer.

The Mallala Oval will be transformed with stalls of all sorts and rides for the kids with a Christmas party atmosphere. Come along and enjoy!

Adelaide Plains Council Australia Day Breakfast 2017 Australia Day is a special day for all Australians to come together and celebrate our community and what we love about the country we call home. It is a chance to celebrate our Australian Citizenship as the bond which unites us all, whether we are Australian by birth or by choice. This year the Adelaide Plains Council will celebrate its annual Australia Day Breakfast at the Mallala Oval on Thursday January 26 2017 with a fully cooked breakfast catered for by the Mallala & Districts Lions Club and sponsored by Council. Commencing at 8am, breakfast will be followed by a Citizenship Ceremony where Mallala will join in with towns and regions across the nation in welcoming our newest citizens as part of the celebrations. It’s a particularly significant occasion for those residents choosing to become Australian citizens, as they pledge their commitment to Australia and its people and accept the privileges and responsibilities of Australian citizenship. Following the ceremony, presentations will be made to the winners of the Australia Day Awards including the Citizen of the Year for 2017. Council encourages all Australians within our community, whether new or old, by birth or by choice, to join in Council’s Australia Day event and celebrate this great nation. Breakfast will be served from 8am, with formal proceedings set to commence at 9am and anticipated to conclude around 10am. Please bring a chair.

International Volunteer Day is celebrated each year on 5 December and was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. It provides volunteer organisations and individual volunteers with the opportunity to raise the public awareness of their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels.

Justice of the Peace Service

Justice of th Peace Servic

A Justice of the Peace (JP) is authorised to witness and attest many documents, such as Statutory Declarations, A Justice of the Peace (JP)Affidavits, is authorised to and attest many documents, Wills, Divorce, Power such of as statut declarations, affidavits, wills, divorce docum Attorney Advanced Care docum power ofand attorney and guardianship etc, asdocuments well as certify copies Directive etc, of asoriginal well doc as certify copies of original The District Council of Mallala offers the se of a JP documents. at:

The Adelaide Plains CouncilLibrar offers Two Wells the service of a JP at:

Saturdays 9am - 11a

Two Wells Library

For further information: Tel 8520

Saturdays 9am - 11am Walk in - No booking required For further information: Tel 8520 2100

On behalf of the Adelaide Plains Council, we would like to wish you and your families and Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

With Christmas is nearly upon us and while this time for most of us is a joyous time of giving and sharing happy times, unfortunately many children will not experience the receiving of a gift due to their family’s circumstances. The Adelaide Plains Library is participating in The Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal. The appeal is asking for toys and books, however, the Library staff would encourage the donation of books in that it is in line with the ethos of library services. Reading is fundamental to the learning and development of children who are the future of our society. Boxes taking donations will be placed in both the Two Wells and Mallala Libraries and two Council front offices. I ask that only new books are donated. Please, when you go home tonight and see or think about the bright, happy faces of the children you love, take a moment to think about those children who are not so fortunate.

The Communicator - Summer 2016  
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